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I read a disturbing article recently by Lee Penn on Opus Dei. Knowing of its Spanish roots and allegedly "mixed bag" character, reported to me by Protestants and Catholics alike, I have been watching as warned. I discovered an article claiming Federico Mayor, a former UNESCO head and present co-chair of the Alliance of Civilizations was, inter alia, Opus Dei. Knowing that a former Benjamin Creme/Lucis Trust follower, Robert Muller, had headed UNESCO, and knowing of Federico Mayor's Alliance of Civilizations activities (Alliance of Civilisations to our British and Canadian readers), I decided to see if there was any evidence that Federico Mayor had links to Benjamin Creme and his "Share International" vehicle for promoting a "Maitreya the Christ." As the above pictures show, there are. In fact, it is the current story for SHARE INTERNATIONAL'S "Maitreya the Christ" current issue. Karen Armstrong was featured in an earlier issue.

These people claim to be knowledgeable about world religions. They both had at least earlier professed Catholic ties -- Federico Mayor still professes his, to the best of my current knowledge. They claim they are working for "peace." They are obviously in circles working very hard to marginalize and even eliminate monotheistic world religions.

I will have much, much more to say about this very soon, but I decided you were entitled to this critical evidence of where these folks were really coming from -- most of us already knew, but for the rest of you, here is more disturbing evidence. As a picture is worth a thousand words, links are in the headlines for both the translated and Spanish versions of the Federico Mayor story. You may click on the pictures also for a full page view -- the first picture is the Spanish language version and the second is the second half of the story which you clearly need to view, if English is your primary language, in English to fully appreciate.
Stay tuned!

I went skiing today. I did not crash and land on my head, but after reading this, you might think I had. I’ve decided to impose on you all by taking up a whole lot of space here and share the findings of my study of the occult symbolism surrounding the AOC Conference meeting place in Madrid. It seems to tie in pretty well with Constance's latest post.

Indeed, over the last few days I’ve come to the realization that I may have discovered what the mark of the Beast is and will actually look like. Now you might think that is an overly bold statement, one clearly demonstrating a lack of judgment.

Oh well, now that I’ve got your attention, I trust you will read on. But first, I would like to recap my earlier posts, and thank Rudi and a couple of others out there for your thoughtful responses and for providing info that has kept my interest piqued.

This particular rant got it’s start when I thought I recognized some similarities to Masonic design in the architectural floor plans of the Madrid Municipal Conference Centre, which as you all know by now, is the host site for the 2008 Alliance of Civilizations group think symposium. (Links to that and other sites were posted earlier, so I will not repeat them here.) Intrigued, I spent some time comparing the floor plan to well known Masonic symbols, the Compass and Pillars, the Compass and Eye, The Pyramid and the Eye of Horus, etc., designs which are imbedded in every Masonic Temple around the world. Keep in mind, that to a “brother in the craft”, every Masonic temple is a representation of Solomon’s Temple, the ancient Jewish Temple where Levite priests offered sacrifices in the presence of Almighty God.

Then I took a look at the conference location using Google maps. Shades of DC! Out popped more Masonic symbolism, including the Masonic Compass and the Thaumaturgic Triangle, which to those familiar with the occult, represents an open door to the demonic world. Hmmm, so let’s add this up… We have a group of the world’s elite holding a major conference with global implications in a modern building rife with Masonic symbolism centered in a Thaumaturgic Triangle. Coincidence? Not if the Beast is about to emerge!

I then spent some time looking at a host of other buildings and monuments nearby. The Parque Juan Carlos right next door to the AOC meeting place was most intriguing since the shape itself was reminiscent of the AOC’s own circular yin/yang logo. On the ground the park is chock full of Masonic/occult artwork and imagery, including such things as the Point in the Center, Emergent Hands, the Square, and at least one Pyramid. I also found the exact same Masonic design features in other nearby buildings, the most notable being the Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I Exhibition Hall.

Then my journey led me out of Spain to some rather far-flung regions around the globe. Of course I did all this traveling on the World Wide Web from the comfort of my own home. I just don’t have the financial freedom, not to mention the time, to travel all over the world like say, a Nicholas Cage, or a Javier Solana. But thanks to Google Earth and a couple of good search engines, I was able to gain a bird’s eye view of many diverse places, see some rather unique images, and read through a host of web pages dedicated to investigating the alleged “Masonic” designs of such well known locale’s as Britain’s Hyde Park as well as our own nation’s capital city. Nothing I discovered is anything new of course. There’s absolutely tons of well documented information gathered by much more dedicated researchers than I who have spent a lot more time out there looking at Freemasonry ties to the Global order. Needless to say, a study of Masonic/occult symbology in architecture and design can be overwhelming! In short, one can find Masonic symbolism just about everywhere. At the risk of making a bad pun, it is truly an all en-compassing subject! Yeah, maybe some people are already saying, “what gibberish, what nonsense!” But then why read any further? If what I have shared so far were nothing more than a fairy tale, than nothing else I write matters. But if you have a sense that what I am sharing is truth, than read on. For if the truth be told, our beloved Lady Liberty is nothing more than an effigy of the Egyptian goddess Isis; holding aloft the Eye of Horus,"enlightening the world" to the tenants of democracy and freedom. She does not so much say to the world “give us your poor and wretched”, but rather calls out, as Alistair Crowley defined long ago while channeling a demonic entity in Egypt, we are free to “DO WHAT THOU WILT!”

And here I must remind the reader that our most revered founding fathers actually HATED democracy, and warned us about the excesses of unrestrained libertarianism.

Regardless, at the celebration of the Statue of Liberty’s 50th Anniversary in 1936, President, Franklin D. Roosevelt (a Mason himself) said:

“It was the hope of those who gave us this statue and the hope of the American people in receiving it, that the Goddess of Liberty and the Goddess of Peace were the same.”

Not much later, FDR, the author of the Great Society, led us out of the Depression and into WW II.

Attached to The Statue of Liberty’s base is a plaque commemorating the one hundred year anniversary of the placing of the cornerstone of her pedestal by William A. Brodie, Grand Master of the Masons of New York. The plaque attached to her base speaks for itself.

A photo of the plaque can be viewed here:

Further documentation on Liberty’s Masonic history can be found here:

I do feel the need to excerpt one section of the history of “Lady Liberty” because the last sentence regarding “ignorance and tyranny” is highly relevant to AOC policy documents describing “fundamentalism and extremism”:

“Although the ceremonies were accompanied by heavy rain, led by New York's Grand Master William A. Brodie, a delegation of over 100 Masons watched as he posed the pedestal cornerstone August 5th, 1884, together with a copper time capsule containing objects of Masonic significance. The Deputy Grand Master and Grand Wardens then conducted appropriate Masonic consecration ceremonies. The Grand Master made brief remarks and the Deputy Grand Master, R. W. Prank W. Lawrence, gave stirring remarks extolling the concept of liberty. When asked why the Masonic Fraternity should be called upon to lay the cornerstone of such a structure, Grand Master Brodie replied: No institution has done more to promote liberty and to free men from the trammels and chains of ignorance and tyranny than has Freemasonry.”

But this posting is getting way too long, for that I do apologize. I have nowhere else to publish my findings. Anyway, I said at the outset that all this “research” led me to conclude what the mark of the Beast will actually be. The rest, as they say, is water off a ducks back. Now research is all about traipsing through where others have gone before, uncovering what others have already discovered, following your own or somebody else’s train of thought as far as you want to go with it, climbing the mountain of valuable information previously compiled and made available by people like Constance on websites like this, including all those who contribute and provide links to vast storehouses of knowledge, which no one can completely wade through let alone comprehend. One also has to recognize when to turn around in an obvious dead end. But everything I found points to one symbol, one peculiar mark above any other.

The unholy trinity is comprised of the beast, the woman who rides the beast, and the Antichrist. These are three separate demonic entities, each uniquely manifested, but of one mind. Demonic entities have been universally represented in occult writings down through the ages as emerging from the Thaumaturgic Triangle. It is this design, or one of it’s many variations, which I believe will be used to signify man’s allegiance to the manifest tripartite devil. The Thaumaturgic Triangle is the classic composite representation of “body, mind, spirit”…. the three fold clasped hands…. “666” in design and function. It is in essence the Masonic Compass complete with the all seeing Eye of Horus, the Seal of the Great Pyramid.

Now, let’s get real folks, we’re not going to walk around with dollar bills stuck to our foreheads! But the mark of the Beast cannot merely be a pin number, a microchip, or a bar code with a “666” stamped on it either! It must be a symbol representing the “universal” concept of man’s completeness. It will be a very real and very open doorway to the spiritual realm. It will mark one’s eternal identification with the manifest physical entity known as Lucifer. Its purpose is not just so the Beast can identify us, but rather it will denote our identification with him! It is primarily a sign of worship. Therefore, it cannot be hidden or implanted beneath the skin. It must be prominently displayed for all to see.
If you notice in the spanish version of the article there is a picture of a RED planet. I believe that may be a depiction of NIBIRU, or "planet X" and apperently it is returning to our solar system. It is rumoured to be visible in the southern hemesphere.
Currently it is being called "McNaught Comet".--
Nibiru or "the crossing planet" was depicted in ancient sumerian carvings that also depict the sun at the center of the solar system.

Appently the planet is suposed to pass inbetween Earth and the Sun some time early 2013. Nibiru is aprox. 8 times the size of earth.
Here is an interesting video about the planet Nibiru and the cult/satanic teachings that go along with it.
Microsoft seeks patent for office 'spy' software
Anon 9:31 a.m. - I guess many people will not have jobs if employers go by computer readings. Especially if one has a stressful job to begin with and they work for a hostile employer. One could expect a high turnover rate in those situations.
To all

oldmanoftheski's posting was so compelling, it deserved space as an article in and of itself. But, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, read the preceding two articles as they are critical information about what is now transpiring!

Thanks to oldmanoftheski, Dorothy, RichofMedford, Rudi, Dawn, Farmer, Johnny, and the rest of you who have made this the critical forum it is turning out to be. Your research and comments are CRITICAL!


Federico Mayor's true Earth worship, Sea worship, universe worship rather than Jesus Christ worship can be glimpsed here in this essay he composed about "our relationship with the sea."

I commend to all the clear divide and warnings of Revelation chapter 14: "Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of His judgment is come. Worship God who created the heaven, the earth, the seas and the fountains of waters."

It appears these folks, including (but not limited to) claimed Opus Dei / Alliance of Civilizations initiate Federico Mayor is worshipping everything but God who created all!

Mayor is a VERY important figure in the arena of research being explored here. He has ties to all the major UN folks. I became aware of him when I was reseaching the background of a Washington state member of the Legislature who was mentored by Mayor. That is where it became clear that what the peace activities were about. If you google up Larry Seaquist and Frederico Mayor you get a globalist group that includes Bob Muller. Seaquist, the state legislator, was a former US Navy commander. Seaquist is heavily supported by the radical leftist Progressive Party, strangely enough. SEAQUIST HAS LONG BEEN NEW AGE AS IS HIS WIFE. He masquerades as a moderate Democrat, ex-military type in a conservative district. His voting is decidedly radical.
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