Saturday, January 26, 2008

Javier Solana's family tree revisionism?

Friends, I was questioning my own sanity and memory for awhile. I have carefully followed news on Javier Solana since November 22, 1995. Concurrent with that time, he was described in the various Spanish and world presses as being the grandson of a famous Spanish diplomat, Salvador de Madariaga. His own published bio was silent about any family ties apart from his wife (which I subsequently, per the European Voice, learned was estranged) and two children. Spanish sources subsequently furnished me with photographs of Nieves Mathews, the daughter of Salvador de Madariaga, said by my always reliable Spanish sources to be Javier Solana's mother.

Sometime after the commencement of what I term "the editing wars" on Wikipedia vis a vis, "the good doctor" Javier Solana (he has a doctorate in physics), a strange article was posted by the person known as "Squeakbox" on Wikipedia. He rewrote history and claimed that Javier Solana's mother was "the Obdulia Madariaga."

Above all, I wanted to be accurate and not guilty of passing on false information. I researched this "Obdulia Madariaga" and put the series of articles I was doing on this blogspot on hold until I could verify which was right. I went to Spanish stories and read that Solana was the "nieto" meaning "grandson" of Salvador de Madariaga, Nieves Mathew's father. Nieves' Italian language obituary included information that during World War II she had been married with two sons. It also revealed her to be a correspondent with New Age activist Fritjof Capra as well as her fascination with Sir Francis Bacon and "the invisible college." I obtained her Yale University published book and learned from her "Acknowledgments" that Osho, better known to Americans, as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh had been her "teacher." Perhaps a better translation would be "guru." Nieves Mathews was in her old age a "sannyasin" of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Perhaps this was from loneliness. Interestingly, he (Rajneesh/Osho) told her she was "pregnant with God."

After doing my own checking, as to the Spanish sources using the word "Nieto," I concluded that Salvador de Madariaga was the grandpa and Nieves Mathews had to be mom. I edited the article with the footnote that the Spanish source "Cidob" used the word Nieto and they were positioned to know.

A few short months ago, I again noticed that Nieves Mathews and Salvador de Madariaga had been distanced, again by Squeakbox, as immediate family to Javier Solana and his elder brother, Luis. This time, Squeakbox claimed his authority was the Spanish organization CIDOB. I went over there and sure enough that was what it was saying in an article sounding very much like the writing style of Squeakbox who lives in a Latin American country and has solid Spanish writing skills.

Well, today my office was visited by an elderly gentleman who once heard me speak and didn't have great computer skills. He wanted to view information I had archived on Javier Solana. I was busy with a client in my inner office, but I brought out my large notebook binders of hardcopied articles for him to peruse. Turning to a few things that I thought would interest him, I was dumbfounded to find my 2001 CIDOB archived articles. They clearly said, both in Spanish and their English translations that Salvador de Madariaga was Javier Solana's grandfather!

What kind of a man would disavow his own mother? What kind of a man would condone those who would write his own mother out of the history books?

If, in fact we all have the facts wrong on the parentage of Javier Solana, I submit that his current powers and planned future powers for "global governance" are such that we deserve to know about those aspiring to be at the helm, such as appears to be the case with Dr. Solana.

Or should we suspect the "lupus" ancestry of Damian? Only those who viewed "The Omen" might guess?

My educated guess. Javier Solana is the son of Nieves Mathews and the grandson of Salvador de Madariaga and his Scottish born wife, Constance Archibald. Why he might want to downplay such distinguished lineage is anybody's guess!

Stay tuned!


björn said...

looks the powers are not finished with him yet and the 1.1.9 with the EU treaty into force is appearing very fast...thanks Constance!

David J. Butterfield said...

whoa. I need to revise "watch - part 3", I forgot about this. thanks!

David J. Butterfield said...

it's funny that his real first name (Francisco) has been removed from Wikipedia as well. without that, his name doesen't equal 666, but with that and his last name, it might...

Anonymous said...


Don't forget when JS received the Charlemagne award his speech referred (implied) his connection to Salvador de Madariaga,

"I was privileged to be born into a family with a long-standing commitment to Europe. Naturally it
gives me great satisfaction to note that, along with Salvador de Madariaga, two members of this
family have now received this eminent distinction."

It's not a slam dunk, but it helps make the case.


Anonymous said...

I am sure you have seen these, but just in case, I thought I would pass them along.


Anonymous said...

ok, the last link did not go through, here is a tiny url


Anonymous said...

News Flash: The EU is seeking, as is the USA, increased data on all passengers and plans to store same for 15 years. Read all about it HERE:

Anonymous said...

Javier Solana translated into Hebrew definitely does equal 666.

I suspect Francisco is not really part of his name and his full name is Javier Solana de Madariaga with the last being his mother's lineage per Spanish naming conventions: "de Madariaga" (of Madariaga)

Constance Cumbey said...


THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! I had never seen this before. I note that the date: June 21, 1977 is a little less than a month before Benjamin Creme said: "Since July 19, 1977, the Christ has been among us." Coincidence? time and events will tell.

Now, what he said to her is terribly significant: "Prabhu means god and Praveeta means pregnant - pregnant with god. And you are pregnant with god; that has been your search for many lives. You have been groping in the dark but the search has been there. And unless god is born in you, you will never feel contented, you will never feel satisfied. Nothing less than god will help, nothing less will do... and that can happen!"

Again, maybe a coincidence, maybe not.

I notice that she was told to FORGET HER PAST. Tongue in cheek, if I were the mother of one failing to acknowledge I even exist, I would probably want to forget my past too.

That poor, poor, poor deceived woman!

Constance Cumbey said...

Significance of Osho as Solana's mum's guru:

From Rajneesh book, I AM THE GATE (note, he didn't say TO WHERE!)

"This whole movement was created by the nine adepts of Ashoka. They are still working. In
so many ways, they go on working. And there is a history behind our so-called history of
which you will not even be able to conceive. History has a deeper base. The periphery which
we know as history is not of real events. Behind our so-called history continues another, a
deeper one, about which we know nothing.
For example, we all have heard about Hitler, his fascism, his whole movement, his
desperate efforts to do something. But no one knows that there is something behind which is
hidden. Hitler was just a vehicle for other forces. Now there are glimpses that he was not the
real actor in the drama. He was just a means; he was used. Someone else was behind him
Some other forces were working. For example, the choice of the swastika, the symbol of
Adolf Hitler's party: this swastika is the oldest, the most ancient symbol of a particular school
of adepts.
In India, one of the most ancient groups is that of the Jains. The swastika is their symbol,
but not exactly as it was with Hitler. Hitler's swastika design was in reverse order. The Jains'
swastika is clockwise; Hitler's is anticlockwise. This anticlockwise swastika is a destructive
symbol. The clockwise swastika is a great creative symbol. So they searched for three years
continuously to choose a symbol, because a symbol is not just a symbol. If you can take a
symbol from a deeper tradition, then the symbol becomes a link. So persons were sent to Tibet
to discover one of the most ancient symbols of the Aryan race, because with that symbol much
that is hidden can be contacted. The swastika was chosen, but in reverse order. And the person
who found the symbol, Hessenhoff, convinced Adolf Hitler that the symbol should be in
reverse order. He was one of the persons who was in contact with many esoteric groups, but
he was confused. He was searching for two things: firstly, for a symbol which was very
ancient, and secondly, for a symbol which could also be made new. Because of this, the
swastika was chosen and was made in reverse order. It had never existed in this way before,
but due to this, events took altogether a new shape.
And with this reverse symbol, it was known all over the world to those who were in
contact with any esoteric knowledge that Hitler was going to destroy himself. He was going to
become mad; he would be in contact with suicidal forces.
The entire concept of Hitler's philosophy was given by some hidden schools. They used
him just as Krishnamurti was going to be used by the theosophists and the hidden groups. So
you may be surprised that Hitler continued winning up to a certain extent, up to a certain
moment. He was just winning; there was no defeat. The thing was phenomenal; he could just
win anything. It looked as if he was undefeatable. But beyond a certain time, everything
begins to go in reverse. Why did this happen?
Forces which were against Nazism defeated Hitler, but that is not the real history. That
was just an outward phenomenon. Hitler was used by an esoteric group. This was one of the
most desperate efforts, because this esoteric group was working for centuries but could not
help humanity as they desired to help. This was a desperate effort to help humanity before
humanity destroys itself on this earth. So they had tried through saints, through persons who
were powerless, who were poor in spirit. They tried through Adolf Hitler to win the whole
world before it is destroyed and to give a certain teaching to humanity.
But just like Krishnamurti became independent at the last moment, Hitler also became
independent. He began to go down.

Anonymous said...

Are they, er, uh, duh, trying again with Nieves Mathews little boy?

"This Master K. H., one of the most ancient adepts of Ashoka's circle of nine, created the
whole movement of theosophy. They were trying to create a situation in which Buddha's
coming incarnation could be possible, because Buddha had said that after twenty-five
centuries he would again be born and his name will be Maitreya. And an enlightened person
like Gautam Buddha is capable of knowing about who is going to be enlightened twenty-five
centuries later. So Buddha predicted, and for this happening Ashoka's circle of nine has been
working for centuries. Now the time is near, so the theosophy movement was just a
It failed; the experiment failed. They experimented with three or four people to be made
vehicles for Maitreya to descend, but the experiment failed. Something or other missed.
Sometimes the thing was just on the brim of success, and something happened. Krishnamurti
was ready, completely ready, to be made a vehicle. Everything was ready. He came on the
pulpit to surrender himself and to become so empty that Maitreya could come in. But at the
last moment he denied surrender. No one around him could think that this was going to
happen. Not even a hint was given that Krishnamurti, in the last step, will fail and come back.
And that is why, after that phenomenon, after that happening of coming back, for his whole
life, continuously for forty years, he has been emphasizing individuality: "Be an individual!"
This has a meaning. The whole preparation was to lose one's individuality, otherwise one
cannot become a vehicle: "Be as if you are not! Surrender totally to forces beyond you!" He
denied surrender just on the brink of jumping. Everything was ready. One step and Maitreya
would have been in the world.
But the last step could not be taken. He came back. He said, "I am myself." That is why his
whole philosophy became, "Do not surrender, do not follow, do not believe, do not be a
disciple." The whole thing is just an outcome; it is just rationalization and consolation.
He has been working for forty years continuously out of that step that could not be taken.
Still he is not out of it. The repentance is there, the wound is there. He could not surrender at
the last moment. So theosophy failed with Krishnamurti and became a dead movement,
because the movement existed only for the materialization of this happening. It became
meaningless. The house had been built, but the master never came to reside in it. So after
Krishnamurti's denial to be a vehicle for Maitreya, theosophy became meaningless. But it still
continues, just like a hangover. Nothing substantial exists now. . .

From Rajneesh's book I AM THE GATE which you can download and read for free by going to this link:

Anonymous said...

I just found this on an Obdulia Madariaga search. This is Solana's claimed older brother Luis -- is it possible that "Nieves" and "Obdulia Madariaga" are one and the same?

Prensa de 16-diciembre-1934: Han casado en Madrid (Covadonga) don Luis Solana San Martín, Doctor en Ciencias; y Obdulia Madariaga.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is this the Luis Solana that you are talking about? Here is a biography posted at his site, although not sure it ties him to JS, it does connect the name Solana to Madariaga



Anonymous said...

Fascinatingly, Nieves Mathews (aka Obdulia Madariaga?) claims to have "been a sufi all her life" before taking Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) as her religious master. Her mother (Constance Archibald de Madariaga) was very close, per Nieves/Obdulia/Hayat/Prabhu
Praveeta, and any other names she may have held in her lifespan from 1917-2003 -- her mother was VERY CLOSE to My mother was very close to the man who first brought Sufism to the west in our century-Hazrat Inayat Khan. I didn’t know him but as a child of eight, I was given my first Sufi named’ Hayat’ by him. Interestingly, she writes of having a daughter. Per her Italian language obituary, she was married during the war years and the mother of TWO SONS. What seems possible, even likely, here is that she later married another with the last name of Mathews. Salvador de Madariaga did run in literary circles with a man with this last name -- there is much more to learn here. What is obvious is that the de Madariaga family which was Javier Solana's primary mentoring source (he is currently the president of the Salvador de Madariaga foundation) was totally and thoroughly enmeshed in the occult from the word "go."

I am suspecting that Javier Solana was groomed for "global governance" and considered it as a birthright all of his life!


Anonymous said...

From Nieves Osho interview:

Maneesha: Where you living in England at this time? (This confirms my suspicion that she was very much "a free spirit" and most likely Solana was raised by other relatives and Grandpa Madariaga took an active role in his mentoring.

Prabhu Praveeta: Oh! Don’t ask me! I was living all over the place. I lived in Geneva-working for 18 years with the United Nations’ FAO‘, being responsible for the Latin American of side grants and scholarships to people from underdeveloped countries-in England, In Spain, in France. Then after the war was over I went to Mexico and then travelling South America. Finally I went to Italy and there I’ve lived the longest period of my life.


Rudi said...

Excellent research Leana! What a find!!


As a point of interest and clarification, in your comment above following Leana's, you've quoted Benjamin Creme saying,

"Since July 19, 1977, the Christ has been among us."

Not sure whether or not this adds anything significant but according to Creme the actual date of his "christs" "manifestation" into a body was completed, was 7/7/77.

"Maitreya's Manifestion was Complete"
"On July 7th 1977, Maitreya himself informed us that his body of manifestation ― the Mayavirupa ― was totally complete, that he had "donned" it, and that his Body of Light (his Ascended Body) was now at rest in his mountain Centre in the Himalayas. On July 8th, we were told, the Descent had begun. On Tuesday, July 19th, my Master told me that Maitreya had now arrived in his "point of focus," a well-known modern country. I had a lecture meeting that night at Friends' House, but was told to keep the information to myself, as yet. During our Friday Transmission session, the Master told me that Maitreya had been resting, acclimatising himself, for three days, and that on that day, July 22nd, his Mission had begun. This information I could share with the group."

I still believe the date
of July 7, 2007 as the date chosen for the Live Earth concert this past summer is in some way connected to this whole mess. (See March 15, 2007 comments) Can I prove it? NOT YET!!! -Rudi

Constance Cumbey said...
For information on Salvador de Madariaga's sufism and theosophical contacts.

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