Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Javier Solana donated a kidney for loved one

According to this Romanian news story I just finished reading, Javier Solana, age 70, has donated one of his kidneys for the sake and health of "a loved one."  The donee remains anonymous.  Javier Solana reportedly has since recovered sufficiently to participate in a "transplantation run."

There is nothing bad I can say about that.

Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

Can't help but recall the allegations of organ sales from Serbians where it was alleged that JS and Wesley Clark were involved.


Anonymous said...

We may someday prove to be wrong in our supposition that JS has fulfilled the prerequisites for the AC.
In the meantime this alleged kidney donation to an unrevealed recipient might be the first step toward sainthood. It is in the secular world one of the most lauded acts of valor. Some over history have lost a kingdom for a horse while many others have paid the purchase price of a kingdom with their eternal soul. One kidney would be a small price to pay if it saved a life and obtained a kingdom. IF we someday find that a small lovely child was the recipient then the kidney will have bought front page praise. Why did we ever need to know of this "private" act of love and courage?

Anonymous said...


If in our acts of charity the right hand is not to know what the left hand doeth then why do we need to know what the right or left kidney is doing?

zolisz said...


you can read Romanian?!

This is a suprise!