Sunday, November 29, 2009

Expliquer, S'il vous plait?

Click on the images:

"Javier Solana" = 268,000 hits
"Javier Solana" -Cumbey =39,700,000

Another google search
"Javier Solana" +Cumbey =8,960

Why is he so FAR MORE minus
Cumbey, minus Margraf, minus Dennis Cuddy?

Interesting Google "new math!"

I rather suspect Javier Solana is not going fishing -- he is now "low profiling"!

Stay tuned!


Hey Constance, it's interesting to compare these stats with the Google results I got based here in the UK.

"Javier Solana" = 2,310,000

"Javier Solana"-Cumbey = 1,300,000

"Javier Solana"+Cumbey = 1,780

My search settings are 'worldwide web, any language, do not filter results'.



November 29,2009

Sorry about the length of the link. I wasn't able to "tiny-url" it.

Something fishy IS going on with Google.

Check out the following.

Not trying to minimize this, but looks like Google just has "Goofy" logic. Try any word with and without a minus.

Try it with anything but I used disney for example:

"31,700,000 for disney"

disney -world
"90,300,000 for disney -world"

disney world
"about 36,100,000 for disney world"

disney world -mickey
"44,400,000 for disney world -mickey"

disney world -mouse
"44,100,000 for disney world -mouse"

disney world -sandy
"43,100,000 for disney world -sandy"

God Bless!
Dear Susan,

This is so scary considering the postings recently. On the Kremlin website you can download a draft of the proposed European Security Treaty by Medvedev.

Apparently, this comes hot on the heals of discussions between the Russians and Germans.

God bless and protect us all,

Rob in London.
Correction. Based on ~K~'s research it looks localized to the U.S. for everything from Google.

Susanna, SORRY! A member of my close family is called Susan. Forgive me please for my mistake here!!

Also, it looks as though things are speeding up since the stuff about Ashton has come out.

God bless, and sorry once again for missing the last 2 letters off your name.

Rob in London.

I just tried 'cli' and climategate was the first thing in my auto-complete (searching from Charlotte, NC)

Where are you searching from or was this just from the freerepublic article?

Dear Susanna, this is a link form the link you put up. It is frightening if orchestrated by Russian Govt., which I suspect it is!

'Europe Needs to Cast USA Aside Before It Is Too Late'.

Rob in London.
Hey Constance,

Have you or anyone heard of Pastor Lindsey Williams? I have heard an interview with him and also heard his name brought up on several websites I podcasts in the past couple of weeks. Would like to get your thoughts. Pastor Williams seems to have inside info on what the globalists have planned for the next 2 years. I find it interesting but need to get a pulse on what you folks think. His stuff can be found on YouTube.

Thanks and God Bless!
Well, these are the results I got for Javier Solana (without double quotation marks)

From 1)

Search: the web (not just U.K.)

WebHide optionsShow options...

Results 1 - 10 of about 468,000 for Javier Solana. (0.10 seconds)

From 2)

Search: the web pages from the UK

WebHide optionsShow options...

Results 1 - 10 of about 47,700 for Javier Solana. (0.30 seconds)

Then searching with double quotation marks, i.e., "Javier Solana" I got the following:


Search: the web pages from the UK

WebHide optionsShow options...

Results 1 - 10 of about 46,300 for "Javier Solana". (0.24 seconds)


Search: the web pages (not just UK)

WebHide optionsShow options...

Results 1 - 10 of about 267,000 for "Javier Solana". (0.10 seconds)

Perhaps you're using a Government sactioned computer, K. lol.

Sorry, it's just you're name and intrigingly different results from mine made me think of Q in James Bond.

God bless,

Rob in London.
There's something really strange happening, it is true. I have just typed, Solana Cumbey, and got only 136,000 results from the World wide web, and only 617 form the UK only webpages. Yet last week I checked and there were several million results from the World wide web-search I did, I'm certain. This is really strange and scary. I can't wait till Jesus Christ comes back and stops all this.

May God protect us,

Rob in London.
Do you know, I have just found a new-age 'holistic' medicine and witchcraft site that has the domain

That is freaky.

Rob in London.
This is a doc from Solana congratulating Medvedev on his re-election.

Brussels 3rd March 2008.


Javier SOLANA,
EU High Representative for the CFSP,
congratulates Dmitriy Anatolyevich MEDVEDEV
on the victory in the Presidential elections in Russia

Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy
(CFSP) sent today a message to congratulate Dmitriy Anatolyevich MEDVEDEV on his election as President of Russia.

The High Representative expressed his belief that his Presidency will see a further
BROADENING AND STRENGTHENING of the strategic partnership between Russia and the European


Rob in London.
Rob - you're too funny - moi!!! Q!!! ... in my dreams maybe. :)

I've had a little nosey around and Google are in the throws of rolling out their new search criteria system called 'Caffeine'. There was a 'sandbox' available for techies to test it out with their own SEO optimization to see how results varied but Caffeine went live at one Google data centre for 50% of the time last night (I believe) and the 'sandbox' is no longer available. The word from Google is that Caffeine will roll out fully in the new year.

I've searched again and am now receiving the same results as you ... 267,000. IF you see my marbles rolling around the streets of London could you send them back home to me please????

I will do K, once I've found mine, lol.

God bless you,

Rob in London.
I am seriously concerned about Russia.

According to the highest ranking Russian defector to America from the GRU (Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye, which is the acronym for the foreign military intelligence directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation), Russia plans war against America. Please see the wikipedia article and research this further.

This guy is not the only credible military source I've found warning this.

We must spread the word of God and warn people to repent and prepare. I do not want to scare anyone, but this is on my mind, and I must share it.

God bless and protect us all beloved,

Your brother in Christ,

Rob (London).
Constance I remember back to 16 months ago i typed in Javier Solana the Antichrist and came up to 4mill. hits. I see now there is is less than 500,000 it seems he is disappearing all together. It is very strange indeed.
Ahhh, good man Rob, that's the spirit! :)

If anyone's interested in Google Caffeine here's a link to a useful page from back in August, includes YouTube vid with Matt Cutts from Google;

Also a link to a forum where folks have been discussing Caffeine ... useful links for further info from here too;

or tiny;

My settings are:

worldwide web, any language, 'mild filtering.

I'm certain that google immediately adjusted as soon as I got this up there -- they always do. That's why I took screen shots so you would know it had existed when I captured it.

I would definitely NOT buy a used car from Lindsey Williams, a superb player of the New Age game, "watch the fundamentalists run."

Ask me on the air why! I'll be happy to explain.

He might well know what's happening -- from his vantage point INSIDE.

Hello Constance,

This is Rob (London) here,

I sent two emails to you. The first sent contains my and Pavel's details respectively. The second has an attachment of the EUSSR book by Bukovsky and Pavel Stroilov. Pavel also edited the books of Alexander Litvinenko.

I believe Solana and Putin, via his puppet Medvedev, may be planning something
(Please see the links in my posts here at 8:55 PM, and, 10:06 PM)

It's nearly 5:30 in the morning here. I haven't been able to sleep at all with this. I shall try and grab a few hours now though.

God bless,

Rob in London.

I know you are going to say on air why, but at some other point practical for you I would like to know what makes Lindsay Willams so boldly arrogant to say such a thing.

Rob in London
Yes, Lindsey Williams is a favourite with Alex Jones - certainly in recent times.
He did accurately predict oil dropping in price from $140 to below $50 a barrel months if not a rear in advance. He did accurately predict this was in order to wreck the economies of the UAE and in particular Dubai which is now happening.
He says he was a pastor to the workers camps working on the Alaskan oil pipelines and gained favour with the top people there. So much so that he still has contact with those calling the shots. That in itself doesn't make a lot of sense but hey, so what?
Pls fill us in Constane as not all of us have the time to listen to your radio show or even the time to find out where it is.

Thanks, Rob of London! Get some sleep now, we're all going to need some of same.

Lindsay Williams has talked openly about his belief in ley lines and force fields (New Age "science" concepts), how he uses hypnosis to increase his book sales to gullible Christian audiences on the road. He and his friend Eustace Mullins are both deeply anti-Semitic occultists who have played an interesting game. Unfortunately, they have been aided by Gary Kah and Texe Marrs with whom I have well documented quarrels.

Constance, you think Lindsey Williams a New Ager, on the inside? I have listened to him, and I find your conclusion shocking. Please elaborate, just an overview or something would be helpful.

I posted my question (above) before reading all the comments, I see you addressed the Linsdey Williams question. it's still hard for me to believe. Do you have an links or quotes from him?
Results on search now:

"Javier Solana" = 268,000
"Javier Solana" -Cumbey =5,440,000
"Javier Solana" -"Fulfilledprophecy"=5,430,000
"Javier Solana" -"Dennis Cuddy" = 5,430,000
"Javier Solana" -Margraf = 5,440,000
("Margraf" = our "Dorothy")
"Javier Solana" -"Bjorn Freiberg" = 5,440,000
"Javier Solana" -"Carol Jones" =1,310,000 [Carol Jones is a name I made up as a random control name]
"Javier Solana" -"anyone at all" = 1,310,000

JAVIER SOLANA, all hits, all languages = ONLY 268,000


Pastor Lindsey Williams is just like all the rest of the satanists who formed the new age movement to dis inform the lost sheep...

it is best if you get a king james bible and read it~! dont let these rascals wear out any more saints~!
ok ... so solana is not the antichrist so what do all of you do?

why google solana/cumby and compare numbers of course~!

slow news day?

or have ye become addicted to the adrenalin of freaking out over these things?

what did Jesus say again?
oh yeah,
Demjanjuk had "no choice" but to kill Jews:
anon 8:48

I don't remember Jesus ever being
snide, sarcastic or smarmy.

If you don't understand the significance of
the obvously manipulated Google
results as they pertain to J.S., just
say " I don't understand the significance
of this."
Also when you paraphrase someone
and reduce their words to a soundbite,
as in "fear not", it would help if you
threw in some background info,
such as who he said it to, and what the
situation was when he said it.
The bottom line is, if you think this
blog is foolishness, just surf away
Personally J.S. becomes more and more
suspect to me.
Dear Paul, I agree totally. These last couple of days have shown Solana to be more suspect than ever. We must remember that there will be scoffers in the last days. I believe, and how found out personally, that sadly all too often such mocking dismissal those sounding th warning comes from others who claim to be part of the Church.

God bless,

Rob in London.
I'm not sure where to start with this posting. I spent almost six months unemployed and it scared me to death. I cashed in all of my retirement accounts just to live and pay my house payment. At the end of it, my wife and I were on food stamps.

I haven't missed a day of work in 14 years because I take a biblical perspective on my work ethic...also on my marriage, which has lasted a little more than 18 years and is still healthy and strong. Finding a job was never a problem for me until recently. Thing really are bad. I'm working now...finally.

Times have changed though. I remember Ronald Reagan and I remember the relative safety we felt under him. His speaches were tremendous.

I also remember my grandfather, who was a farmer, a survivor of the Great Depression, frugal, hard working and brilliant. I remember as a child going to the grocery store with him while he bought hundreds of dollars worth of groceries. Then we drove around the countryside of South East Missouri dropping off bags of groceries to poor farmers, mechanics, salvage yard owners and fishermen who could hardly afford to live.

Their homes smelled and were often full of cats and dogs. My grandfather was blessed with a work ethic that wouldn't quit and he had a great life. But he sat on their worn out dirty furniture and took time to visit with them. He did it once a month and drove miles and miles to give to and visit with the people he knew were in need. I only got the blessing of going with him one or two times. Most times he did it by himself and he did it privately.

And he was unsaved until a few weeks prior to the time he died of cancer. In fact, he would not believe that Jesus was born of a virgin and would not consider that anything beyond the goodness of man himself would save him.

That was more than thirty years ago and I look around me now. How things have changed. We have raised a generation of youth that are selfish, ungodly, disobedient. Not all are that way but most I think are. They are products of an educational system and of a society that could have been changed by a politician like Ronald Reagan. He didn't.

The values are gone though. People don't take care of one another anymore. Not even godly people. And it isn't about politics. It's about a shift that has taken place. We aren't who we were 20 years ago. We certainly aren't who we were 50-60 years ago.

My biggest concern is for what we are willing to accept now. Our focus seems to be on the future and the hope that lies there. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this except that we make the assumption that we can't prayerfully change what is happening now.

Maybe it isn't too late for a revival. Maybe we can still choose not to accept the political winds that blow our way. It's boring to think about, admittedly. I'd like to believe catastrophe will soon come upon us and bring about the end of this age. It's a fascinating thought.

But is it too late to choose not to accept the forced and legislated changes in what we consider to be a family (a man and a woman with children)? Is it too late to choose not to accept pornography, to teach our children differently or to rebel against the system of education they are exposed to? Do we really have to accept a form of government that we don't agree with or that does not accept the God that we worship?

I know that what I'm saying is utopian thinking. But our utopia has been quickly replaced by theirs. I'm not talking about politics, I'm talking about prayer. Somehow we are accepting a version of civilization that hasn't existed for a very long time. And we're giving up all that we know is good. To me, the world looks like one of those yellowed out old films we saw in the old days. I just wonder if it isn't too late to add full color.
Dorothy, (repost from last thread in case you missed it)

Must have missed your initial post regarding Critical Race Theory and Critical Social Theory. Unfortunately issues such as this are far spread through out universities in this country. A few months ago I posted a link to a documentary titled Indoctrinate U, which covered campuses across the nation that promoted this type of ideology. It also showed how conservative students are failed for voicing contrary ideals in classes or papers. I am posting another link for those who have not seen it.
Dear P., at 7:32 AM. These accurate 'predictions' you speak of, only convince me that Constance is absolutely right about the guy.

The markets are manipulated deliberately, they can make the figues show up any way they want to. I don't think you realise how far we are in all this, and the depths of deception to which these men will go. My strong suspicion is, therefore, that Lindsay Williams had insider knowledge of this and the question as to why he would have such, only enhances my suspicions of him and his agenda.

God bless all here,

Rob in London.
For those following Climategate

Climate change data dumped

SCIENTISTS at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based.

It means that other academics are not able to check basic calculations said to show a long-term rise in temperature over the past 150 years.

The UEA’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) was forced to reveal the loss following requests for the data under Freedom of Information legislation.

The data were gathered from weather stations around the world and then adjusted to take account of variables in the way they were collected. The revised figures were kept, but the originals — stored on paper and magnetic tape — were dumped to save space when the CRU moved to a new building.

The fact that any one will believe the excuses they are coming up with (and people will) is beyond me. Sorry you can't double check our work, we didn't think you would want to so we threw it out!
15,400,000 for Javier Solona.

Doing the misspelling is also telling.
‘The Family’ behind proposed Ugandan law that would execute HIV+ men

The African nation of Uganda is weighing a bill that would impose the death penalty on HIV positive men who have committed what it calls "aggravated homosexuality."

As if that were not shocking enough, a U.S. author is claiming that a secretive group of American politicians appear to be a driving force in seeing the proposal become law.

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009, heavily supported by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, was first read in October, triggering a wave of condemnation. According to the gay blog Queerty, Joann Lockard, public affairs officer at the Kampala, Uganda embassy, said the law would "constitute a significant step backwards for the protection of human rights in Uganda."

She added: "We urge states to take all necessary measures to ensure that sexual orientation or gender identity may under no circumstances be the basis for criminal penalties, in particular executions, arrests, or detention."

While that condemnation by a U.S. official would seem reflexive, others in U.S. political circles are providing financial and political support for the bill's sponsors, according to author Jeff Sharlet

more at link
467,000 for Javier Solana
spelled correctly

the misspelled name greater then spelled correctly...hmm.

Don't worry about calling me "Susan" instead of "Susanna."

The only reason it would even matter is because I wouldn't want my screen name to be confused with someone else's.....but since there is no other "Susan" posting here that I know of, it is not at all a problem.

LOL As my mother would say, just as long as you don't call me "Late-For-Supper" you will remain in good standing with moi.

checking bing
Javier Solana= 1,150,000
Javier Solona= 565

Solona= 8,640,000- states include solana results
Solana= 6,990,000

Solana- 227,000
Solona- 169,000
"Climategate" shows how many worldly scholars and scientists are so focused on examining one theory to explain melting glaciers and seemingly more frequent el ninos, they refuse to consider other possibilities. How about increased solar activity, geo-thermal activity, or something totally unknown? This is why I always consider weather God's domain. Us humans just don't have as much control like we like to think. How about the simple notion that the climate always changes because our air and atmosphere are fluid? Believe it or not the Rocky mountains are slowly eroding away. We better do something. Oh, that's right! The earth always changes.

Of course, it's much easier to get a global consensus on an issue if you keep it to one theory and make it sound like a crisis. We all know it's really an attempt to build a one world government.

Rob, I believe you are right about Russia. I think we are especially vulnerable because our guard is down. All they would have to do is launch their missles unexpectantly. Would we have enough time to respond with our nukes? Since I believe that we are allegorically referred to as Babylon in Revelation 18, it wouldn't surprize.
Sandy, Rob and ~K~

Sandy, to reply to your question, I was searching from Free Republic, but I subsequently searched from AOL and found the following. I do not want to try to interpret it. I am merely reporting it.

In all honesty, I won't know what to make of it until I have further data. Otherwise, I don't want to assume anything I don't have any right to assume.

Here is what I found from an AOL search.

This goes back to 2002.

October 23, 2002 8:55 PM PDT

Google excluding controversial sites
By Declan McCullagh
Staff Writer, CNET News

There are several different points of view in the comments that are attached to the following link.

Open QuestionShow me another »

Why doesn't google suggest "climate gate" when you are typing "climate ga"?

I think google does not want you to search for the climate hoax and therefor does not suggest climate gate. What do you think of this? And what is the reason behind this? more...


November 24, 2009

Climate Emails: Don't Google It

The Google search function comes with a handy helper. Typically, when you begin to type in search terms, a drop down window will appear to provide helpful suggestions, based on the search terms Google users are typing in most often.

I mention this, because a couple of days ago, typing the word "climate" into the window resulted in "climate hack" and "climate emails" popping up near the top of the handy helper suggestion list.

Today, Google's handy helper seems to have had a change of heart.


I don't always agree with Alex Jones, but the Google flap is being reported at Prison Planet.


Watts Up With That?
Sunday, Nov 29th, 2009

Note: title suffix – “autosuggest still blocked” has been removed, see update2 at bottom of story.

We’ve had the term “global warming” in the lexicon since well before the Internet became a household tool, certainly well before Google itself.

So it is with amazement that I report the rise of a new term, “Climategate” in just a little over 1 week in the Google search engine.

Here’s our old friend “global warming”: more...

Now that the cat has been let out of the bag, it probably behooved Google's "handy helper" to have a "change of heart" lest the word "BOYCOTT!" surpass ALL Google lexicons.....with no apologies to Rupert Murdoch for beating him to the punch!

The data dumped by those thieves disguised as "scientists" at the University of East Anglia was financed at the taxpayers' expense and was therefore not theirs to "dump."

Moreover, it is reportedly a criminal offense to dump data after it has been requested under Britain's Freedom of Information Act.

I wonder what would happen if anyone just "happened" to save or back up the information that has been so cavalierly "dumped?"

I am listening to Rush Limbaugh who has just said now that the "Scientists are looking for "upfront money" right now because the wheels are coming off their lying, thieving scam and they can't wait any longer before trying to shake down the "developed countries" ( i.e. the United States!)

I think we need to go viral with this Climategate information and send it to every person on our e-mail lists and post it to every blog we can as often as we can.

As one wag put it...."WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN GOOGLE!"
Hello Dave in Battle Creek,

I understand and agree that in the West, especially America, which in this point of danger is the only Western country truly powerful enough to stop the Russians, we have let our guard down.

Russia the bear has realised that the best way to devour us is to follow the wolf's example and dress up in a sheepskin and play Grandmother for when Little not so Red Riding-hood calls round and sees her, with her display of fangs disguised in a smile.

On the point of launching missiles, I think they would do this, but only after they have set off suit-case nuclear devices in the US, and probably London. During the chaos, which will initially be, no doubt, blamed on unknown terrorists. Then during the ensuing chaos Russia will seize its chance.

We really must wake up in the West and realise that Russia is more dangerous than before, this is in God's hands though, and the only thing which can bring our nations out of their delusion is by our repentance and spreading the Gospel whole-heartedly. Then, it may be that God holds back His anger for our nations' spiritual harlotry and awakens our people to the danger in time to prevent its occurrence.

God bless,

Rob in London.
Paul suggested that if we don't understand this thread to just say so.
I do not understand it. Probably because I am not computer savvy like most of you.

I do know that some things can't be found by Googling, or some peripheral thing will be found, which is not the real subject of inquiry. This is especially true if you google, as I used to do, the weird theories of the racial descent of the Grail carriers, or whatever you want to call them--a concept based on the ever-popular Dan Brown fascination with race, which is a red herring all the way, in my opinion.

As for Solana, I am simply not able to understand him as THE Power That Is. I think that Power is hidden already. It does not need to go into hiding. And it is not one person. It is a group in league with forces. I do not understand the motivation of these people, as they will all die soon, very soon if they are elders like Solana. I was told by David Bay that they believe in reincarnation, and that is what they expect to get out of their efforts, reincarnation as something very good and wonderful.

I am about out of understanding of the subjects of this blog. I think something bad is coming but I don't have a cotton pickin' clue whether it is Russia or Solanistas, or what.
It seems to be totally out of control. Chaos. From chaos, order?
I guess that's the gig.

Reformed (10:39 AM), this is a personally courageous and a just post. I agree with you that it needn't be too late. This can only be done if there is a nation-wide repentance, both in your country and mine, I believe, however, that we must at this late hour be prepared for what at present is happening. We can only do that ourselves by sounding the horn, and preaching the Gospel in the Love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, and remaining true to His teachings, obeying His Commandments. I don't always do so well at this personally, as recent posts have shown, but I trust God to continue His Work in me, in helping me to be dead to self and alive in Him.

God bless, and peace be with you,

Rob in London.

By Michael Schrage

Published: November 27 2009

....The malice, mischief and Machiavellian manoeuvrings revealed in the illegally hacked megabytes of emails from the University of East Anglia’s prestigious Climate Research Unit, for example, offers a useful paradigm of contemporary scientific conflict. Science may be objective; scientists emphatically are not. This episode illustrates what too many universities, professional societies, and research funders have irresponsibly allowed their scientists to become. Shame on them all.

The source of that shame is a toxic mix of institutional laziness and complacency. Too many scientists in academia, industry and government are allowed to get away with concealing or withholding vital information about their data, research methodologies and results. That is unacceptable and must change.

Only recently in America, for example, have academic pharmaceutical researchers been required to disclose certain financial conflicts of interest they might have. On issues of the greatest importance for public policy, science researchers less transparent than they should be. That behaviour undermines science, policy and public trust.

Dubbed “climate-gate” by global warming sceptics, the most outrageous East Anglia email excerpts appear to suggest respected scientists misleadingly manipulated data and suppressed legitimate argument in peer-reviewed journals.

These claims are forcefully denied, but the correspondents do little to enhance confidence in either the integrity or the professionalism of the university’s climatologists. What is more, there are no denials around the researchers’ repeated efforts to avoid meaningful compliance with several requests under the UK Freedom of Information Act to gain access to their working methods. Indeed, researchers were asked to delete and destroy emails. Secrecy, not privacy, is at the rotten heart of this bad behavior by ostensibly good scientists.

Why should research funding institutions and taxpayers fund scientists who deliberately delay, obfuscate and deny open access to their research? Why should scientific journals publish peer-reviewed research where the submitting scientists have not made every reasonable effort to make their work – from raw data to sophisticated computer simulations – as transparent and accessible as possible? Why should responsible policymakers in America, Europe, Asia and Latin America make decisions affecting people’s health, wealth and future based on opaque and inaccessible science?.. entire article....

One is reminded of the "secret research" of rogue scientists at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Nazi Germany - i.e. experimenting on the brains of murdered children.

These rogue "scientists" were working hand in glove with the Nazi leadership by manipulating and adjusting their "science" to conform to Nazi ideology.

Due to the bad reputation it acquired, the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute morphed into the Max Planck Society - some of whose branches currently have ties to the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Fetzer Institute.

Recently, a branch of the Max Planck Society was allowed to set up shop in Florida - on the taxpayers dime!!!

I wonder how transparent THEIR research is going to be???
Dear Susanna (11:47 AM) LOL, You have so made me laugh with your last comments here. Thank you.

God bless you my Sister,

Rob in London. (still laughing..)
Unique identity project (UIP) may get World Bank funding:

Dear Rob,

Glad to be able to provide you with a matter for mirth.

Some of those aphoristic gems so often repeated by my mother ( dubbed "momilies"), often have me roaring with laughter as well....especially when they happen to be relevant to any given discussion - which makes them even funnier! :-)

God Bless You as Well
Climate-cult con is hard to 'bear'

Andrea Peyser
November 30, 2009

When did global warming turn into a forced religion?

My daughter came home from school recently with a spring in her step and a song on her lips. With no foreshadowing -- or time to call an exorcist -- out came this chilling refrain:

" . . . You can hear the warning -- GLOBAL WARMING . . . "

By the time her father and I removed our jaws from the floor, we had learned that:

A) All the kids had been coerced into singing this catchy ditty, which we called "The Warming Song," at a concert for parents.

B) Further song lyrics scolded selfish adults (that would be us) for polluting our planet and causing a warming scourge that would, in no short order, kill all the polar bears and threaten the birds and bees.

C) There was no deprogramming session on the menu. And no arguing allowed.

The international "Climategate" scandal is now moving into its third week. And reaction from folks on the scientific and political left -- or is that redundant? -- who treat global warming as a cult in which naysayers must be crushed has been depressing:

Total denial.

The scandal began when someone hacked into the server at the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, England, and uncovered a cache of messages between leading warming gurus. These e-mails revealed guys deeply frustrated by planetary temperatures that, stubbornly, had refused to rise in some time. Were they afraid of losing their scientific juice? Or their funding?

So, as the e-mails prove, the scientists did something about it. They cooked the books to exaggerate global warming.

Of course! How can you scare the bejeezus out of little kids and small animals if you can't make the mercury move a millimeter? Simple. You lie.

But while one rival scientist predicted the shocking revelations would blast a "mushroom cloud" over theories of climate change, that has not come to pass.

The Obama administration's "climate adviser," Carol Browner, totally ignored the smoking e-mails, and attributed the scandal to "a very small group of people who continue to say this isn't a real problem, that we don't need to do anything."

"What am I going to do?" asked Browner. "Side with the couple of naysayers out there, or the 2,500 scientists?" -- who've drunk the Kool-Aid. "I'm sticking with the 2,500 scientists."

No less an authority than The New York Times sought to explain away the most damning e-mail, sent by scientist Phil Jones, who said he employed a "trick" to make temps appear higher than they were.

Producer Laurie David told Publisher's Weekly that she wrote the kids' book, "Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming," because "kids also are the Number 1influence on their parents, so if you want to reach the parents, go to the kids." She knows of which she speaks.

It may come to pass that global warming is real. Or not.

But your children won't get the truth from Al Gore, the president or the scientific community. Or sadly, from school.

Neither will you.

Another argument in favor of Home Schooling......
The only way in which most of the looters are "going green" is in terms of the color of the $$$ they are trying to steal from us!!!

Read on.......


November 29, 2009

Any celebrity flying the green flag needs glittering eco-credentials. But how do they justify the fleet of customised planes, the luxury homes and the posse of servants?
In the event you are still interested, the particular set of posts on Critical Social Theory and Critical Race Theory they appear at
11:51 pm on the thread with 241 posts, November 21.

In the November 27 post, in the thread at 11:02 pm you will find the information from World Net Daily.

One can always use CTRL F on most pages to find key words on that page. In this case putting in "113" the District number, will take you right to the information I posted.

Recently I found that another woman who was slandered in emails sent out by the district sued them.

Those looking at the Soviet Union might find additional valuable information at this global museum on communism and in particular in this thread on communism and religion. or
What school was like when I was young:

We had in my grade school Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, Jews and no-religion kids. We had shared values which came from these religions, and even the no-religion kids were coasting on the handed-down values of their ex-Christian and ex-Jewish parents. My parents were still teaching Christian values although they eschewed church and had no Bible in the house. This made our public school a vibrant, learning place, in my opinion. Because we shared basic values, we didn't have to question them at length; we could
proceed to learn the basics of reading, writing, arithmatic, geography, history, art, and music.
It was a paradise which has drifted away in many places, I presume.

High school was pretty much the same, with the ethnic mix beefed up to 40% Jewish, a few blacks, a few orientals. We were the high school which produced Jimi Hendrix and Quincy Jones, plus a long string of lesser known artists who actually made good livings at that. This too was paradise compared to what we have now, although I do think the grammar studies were none too good (I went to Stanford using bad grammar and spelling, wahoo!)

We didn't need home schooling to cringe from the PC teachings in schools today. I became a teacher and I had some liberal views in my earlier years, and I was welcome to state them, but I never inflicted them and always listened to students' opposing beliefs. I learned from my students. I pray for them often, that they were not influenced by my liberal beliefs, or New Age literature I brought into the curriculum; but because I still had those "shared values" from childhood, I don't think I really tore anyone down. In many cases I built them up and instilled a belief not only in values, but in God. One could do that, in the old days.

I am really mourning for what happened to our education. I hope that if we have jobs in the Millenium I can be a teacher again, with Jesus' help. Maybe a dancing teacher as well as the academic teacher I was. Here's a tear shed for our schools.

JD, SV, Rob, Suzanna, Dawn, and others I may be missing, I don't know who you are as you are anonymous, but there is a strong link between all of us. We are people who are willing to take the time and make the effort to care about others and make the world a place with more freedom. I want to thank you for every effort you make even though I don't say it every time you post.

Dorothy, and All

I don't post much at all but I, I thank God for you as do all the others here on this blog for the great research and input you spread around to make us all aware of the current goings on.

I don't feel I can give any contribution to this blog like the way you all do. I'm not putting myself down but you all are great and Dorothy I/others see's your heart, most of all, so Does God.

Can I say, we are all precious in the sight of God and His love carries us on and on...

I give praise and Glory to Jesus, and the rest of you... U get hugs
(((((hugs))))) .....

Simple!! Now Guys get back to work... lol
Dorothy said,

'JD, SV, Rob, Suzanna, Dawn, and others I may be missing, I don't know who you are as you are anonymous, but there is a strong link between all of us. We are people who are willing to take the time and make the effort to care about others and make the world a place with more freedom. I want to thank you for every effort you make even though I don't say it every time you post.'


10:25 PM;

Thank you for your kind words here, and I pray God blesses you mightily, Dorothy.

I find your posts very informative too, and second everything you've said here.

All these wonderful things you've said about others in your thread here, are things which certainly pertain to you too.

You Dorothy, like Constance, Susanna, JD, SV, Peacebringer7, and yep you too Aussie girl (this winging pom' always feels a little less wingey whenever you're about, lol) and many others here bring a warm and dedicated approach to this blog.

Thank you for your kindness here, it is much appreciated and is a further expression of your love and care for others.

Aussie girl, loadsa hugs to you too, and I'm sure there are a great many bloggers here that second my sentiment. You are a gentle and kindhearted person, whose words I have known only to always carry the olive branch with them.

God bless everyone here and peace be with you all.

Rob in London. : )
CNN Spreads Detention Camp Disinfo

December 1, 2009

In a new CNN report deeply rooted in Department of Homeland Security propaganda, CNN’s John Acosta says that the Federal government is not building detention camps around the country and that there is absolutely no proof of these kinds of activities. However, a highly controversial documentary released a couple of months ago offers the viewers almost 90 minutes of heart-stopping proof that plans for martial law and FEMA camps are indeed very real.

For the rest of this article, click on URL:
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