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I think all of our worst fears about the Obama presidency are materializing with his speech in Egypt. He could not give this speech unless the public had been sufficiently brain-washed into believing the propaganda about the so-called occupation.

Those of us who still believe that God's Word does not change realize that we are entering into times of real spiritual peril for the US, as US begins to turn its back on Israel. Trying to make Israel with draw from Judea and Samaria, its biblical homeland will not win the US favor in the eyes of God:

Joel 3:2 I will agather all the nations And bring them down to the bvalley of 1Jehoshaphat. Then I will center into judgment with them there On behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, Whom they have scattered among the nations; And they have edivided up My land.

Obama's speech was PURE Alliance of Civilizations stuff. He even mentioned it in the speech. Some of it sounded like Karen Armstrong herself. There are more than 85 "Friends" which mean COUNTRIES which have IMPLEMENTATION PLANS which mean nothing but trouble for us in the days to come. Extremes are going to be carefully watched and I would caution all to watch the rhetoric because they are going to be watching for excuses to regulate the internet and/or charge us with "incitement."

Joyce, I stopped reading this blog regularly because you tore at my heart. Not because of your gift knowledge - I would love to converse with you - but the severe misuse of that gift. It is a blessing from our holy G-d, not a push broom.
We must let the Holy Spirit do the heart work. Our continued pushing of our words only creates offense.
I am like you. I understand the drive. But the Lord has softened my heart in many trials - to let Him tell me when to speak and when to shut-up.
That said - I am in total agreement with your information here. This is a great post. We could be headed for Ezekiel 38 & 39.
I'm asking you, for Yeshua's sake, let Him control your excitement for what He shows you & ask Him to make you sensitive to only what others can handle at the time.
We must be salt and light. Not a tank. The Holy Spirit is gentle.
I love you dear sister. Can't wait to chat with you in the new Israel.

Here is an important little history lesson:


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Commerce Department has lost 1,137 laptop computers since 2001, most of them assigned to the Census Bureau, officials said Thursday more....

CENSUS BUREAU POSTS 63,000 SS#'s ONLINE - April 24, 2007

It seems like losing our private data, or in this case publicly displaying it on a website, has become standard operating procedure for government agencies. Recent examples include the Social Security Administration, the Department of Energy (which included potentially losing nuclear secrets), and the Veteran’s Administration—to name just a few.

Now the U.S. Census Bureau joins the ranks of “data losers.” According to an April 21st article in the Washington Post, for more than a decade the U.S. Census Bureau had posted the Social Security numbers of 63,000 people who received Agriculture Department grants to a public website.

How was the breach discovered?

This “apparent violation of federal privacy law,” according to the article, was finally flagged not by the FBI or a cyber watchdog group, but by an individual farmer in Illinois. According to ABC News, Marsha Bergmeier was bored and decided to run an Internet search for her farm’s name. To her amazement, she discovered a loan document that included her Social Security number. Her information, along with that of thousands of others farmers, had been posted to, a publicly viewable website run by a non-profit group that tracks federal expenditures.

The next morning, Friday the 13th, she called the U.S. Department of Agriculture, her congressional representative, and the Census Bureau, which immediately removed the sensitive information....
read entire article...


Updated June 4, 2009


Now I ask you... how "secure" do you really think we are in our "persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures???"

Inquiring minds want to know. :-)
As we all discussed prior to his choosing - and prior to his election - Obama seems to be a "john the baptist" type. When Bush gave him the reigns wjen he intorduced him at the poduim - Bush said "he will lead us to the new age" (not "a" new age "the" new age / side note: old masonic publication called the new age magazine)- the AOC seems to be his center platform with speeches within the past year. But then again, a major portion of his entire cabinet are CFR and recycles from previous administrations that have shown thier intent before. So there is a "puppet" factor at play - of course.

Could the "comments" be posted at the start of the original post rather than at the end. It would help especially when they tend to get lengthy.
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