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I am nearly speechless. It was one thing to report about New Age boasts that they would employ holographic technology to project images. It is quite another to view it via television in action as I just witnessed on CNN tonight. Anderson Cooper promised there would be "many more"!

As I write this, Barack Obama was just projected President-Elect of the USA. I heard one of the commentators proclaim him not just "president-elect" but a "Planetary Leader."

Do I believe Barack Obama to be the antichrist? No. He does not fit the prophetic specification of "a vile person shall arise to whom they SHALL NOT GIVE THE HONOR OF THE KINGDOM." Clearly Barack Obama has been given the honor of the Kingdom. The prophecy clearly refers to another. But is it possible that Barack Obama could help usher in whoever the actual antichrist is. The Jews were biblically instructed to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Likewise, we should pray for the peace of our country.

May the Lord help us all through these obviously perilous times.
Stay tuned!

Who did they project as a hologram?

I just made a post about that myself. Talk about eerie!

According to the Air Force the holographic projectors capabilities are:

* Precision projection of 3-D visual images into a selected area
* Supports PSYOP and strategic deception management
* Provides deception and cloaking against optical sensor

The Pentagon listed the holographic projections project openly on the Air Force site as part of it's "non-lethal" weapons program. Air Force Hologram Project
Excerpt from: INSS Occasional Paper 15, USAF Institute for National Security Studies, USAF Academy, Colorado
INSS First look for publications, then occasional papers, then occasional paper fifteen, then find section K.

Section "K: Holograms"

"Hologram, Death: Hologram used to scare a target individual to death. Example, a drug lord with a weak heart sees the ghost of his dead rival appearing at his bedside and dies of fright."

How can they say Nonlethal weapon and then say they plan to use it to scare an individual to death? I don't know what you think, but to me "dies of fright" sounds lethal. Does it not?

"Hologram, Prophet: The projection of the image of an ancient god over an enemy capitol whose public communications have been seized and used against it in a massive psychological operation."

"Hologram, Soldiers-Forces: The projection of soldier-force images which make an opponent think more allied forces exist than actually do, make an opponent believe that allied forces are located in a region where none actually exist, and/or provide false targets for his weapons to fire upon."

I am reminded of a phrase Obama has used in his speeches:
"WE are the ones we have been waiting for" -which goes back to the core belief of the New Age philosophy: "I am God; you are God" (denying the divinity of Jesus Christ).
I think I missed the hologram.... where was it?
In response to the Obama victory, one blogger quipped:

"It takes a Jimmy Carter to get a Ronald Reagan."
"It takes a Jimmy Carter to get a Ronald Reagan."

I was thinking the same thing.

In my mind I think McCain didn't run like he really wanted to win. I think Palin showed more...er...gumption. But we know that God is still in charge and how it will all pan out in the end, even if we argue about some of the fine details.
Here is where to view the hologram

To Anonymous (1:41 AM):

I tried to view the hologram and I received a message back stating:
"Page not found"

I was able to go into www.cnn.com
and click on "Reporting via hologram" to view Wolfe Blitzer "beam in" (transmit) reporter, Jessica Yellin by hologram to talk to him right there in CNN's studio.

She was in Chicago and he was in Atlanta. All of a sudden, there she was "appearing to be" standing directly across from him while chatting with him.

She looked somewhat "artificial" though - not completely life size. So, they have a long way to go before perfecting this technology.
Dear Mac,

In response to your comment:

In my mind I think McCain didn't run like he really wanted to win. I think Palin showed more...er...gumption. But we know that God is still in charge and how it will all pan out in the end, even if we argue about some of the fine details.

I totally agree!
Watch for a big jump in oil prices.
Here's the hologram interview on Youtube so you can watch it for yourself.


"a vile person will arise who will not be given the honor of the kingdom", from Daniel 11:21, refers to Antiochus IV Ephiphanes, not to the antichrist.

Your readers need to interpret scripture through prayer and through the Holy Spirit, and not through what you are telling them, since you are not ordained.
Wow! It's like "Star Wars", this hologram thing. I really didn't think Obama would win, but he did. But, I think some people, including myself, underestimated the machine of people Obama brought. McCain tried to copy this effort, a little too late.

I'm not going to panic, though. This may all be part of God's plan. Who here is good at writing lamentations for the U.S.A.?
anonymous 8:41

Ordination has nothing to do with interpretation of scripture. It is simply the application of an approval process, by which individuals are presented as having met certain criteria "according to the requirements and expectations of the ordinating body".
For you to presume to have the 'final word' on such matters is crass presumption, and reveals your bias.
Had you stopped at "interpret through prayer and the Holy Spirit" and perhaps added "and through scrirture irself" you may have made a point.

As it is you have set yourself apart from many who ARE led by the Holy Spirit and have done extensive study of eschatology and pray continuously.

We need no priest "for there is one mediator between God and man, the Man Jesus Christ".
To suppose Constance need be ordained before discussing such thing is egoistic.

All the edifices of man are destined to crumble. This includes the haughty canons of church tradition.

These are the last days Jesus spoke of and He warned us about looking deeper than the appearance of the sheep and especially the Judas goats.

Keep your ordinations. But please do feel free to express your 'opinions'. That's what we do here. That's what I have just done.

Just curious about the symbolism with Michelle Obama's dress last night. I got the image of a black widow immediately upon seeing it. Struck me as an odd choice. Not a very soft, warm look for a future First Lady.
Link (black widow)-

Link (Michelle Obama's dress)-

Anonymous 2:34,

The technology, and more, will be here very quickly:

To anonymous 8:41:

I guess time and events will tell, won't they?

A reminder about personal sanctity during these times (From the Angelqueen website--apologies to the non-Catholics here, there is no offence intended, the overarching theme is meant for all):

Now that it appears certain that Obama will be the next President, what do we do?

1. First of all, be comforted in remembering that our Lord Jesus Christ has already defeated Obama from before all the ages.

2. Thank the ineffable mercy of God who has given us this sign and warning of the imminent end of the world.

3. We MUST take this warning to heart and transform our lives. If we will not be moved, even after an event of this magnitude, we court perdition.

This is a most urgent call to holiness. We need to withdraw from every worldly pursuit, and concentrate on the salvation of our souls. What this means, among other things, is daily Mass, weekly confession, prayer, continual fasting, and austere penances.

Above all else, we must love one another. Every act of love is a dagger in the heart of the Enemy.

I humbly beg forgiveness for every uncharitable remark I have directed to anyone on this board.

We are at a moment in history when God is calling us to heroic sanctity. We shall either answer the call or be damned. Remember the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste. Remember the one who renounced his faith. That man suffered more for the Faith than most likely any of us have. But the man was being called to greater suffering, and he chose not to endure it.

Who will be able to endure such trials in the future, if he does not put himself on the path to heroic sanctity NOW.

We have been given a stern warning from God. Woe to any of us who does not awaken from his worldly slumber.

As regards Michelle Obama's dress last night, personally, I thought it was appropriate -- but then I like red and black combinations myself as I wear them relatively well. I will point out, out of fairness, that the family is obviously in mourning for Barack Obama's grandmother who died two days before the election and they are most likely facing an immediate funeral.

To Anonymous (@ 12:53 PM):

Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts and words from a Catholic perspective.

All of us, who post regularly on this board, should take the time to apologize to each other for any unnecessary harsh words spoken (out of pride) in the past.

I would like to add my sincere apologies to anyone whom I may have offended in the past.

After all, we are all God's children.
According to Gearlog.com:
The CNN "holograms". weren't.

"One of the most talked-about features of last night's election coverage was CNN's supposedly-holographic projections of correspondent Jessica Yellin and musician Will.I.Am onto the CNN studio floor. But CNN's name for the tech was misleading. As Gizmodo explains, the anchors on the studio floor couldn't see 3D images of the correspondents - there was no "hologram" being projected.
Rather, the correspondents were being shot by 35 HD cameras simultaneously to create a 3D image which was then digitally composited into CNN's broadcast image of their studio. There was no live, glowing, 3D picture that people could walk around. The "image" of Jessica Yellin and Wolf Blitzer standing in the same room existed only on TV screens.

If you want to be really pedantic (oh, and I do), Merriam-Webster describes a "hologram" as "a three-dimensional image reproduced from a pattern of interference produced by a split coherent beam of radiation." The CNN shots weren't three-dimensional images - they existed only on two-D TV screens. And they weren't produced from a pattern of interference, etc etc. They were produced by meshing live feeds from 35 cameras pointing in different angles.

It was movie magic, folks, similar to what we all remember from The Matrix. Given that it was done live without a hitch, it was extremely way cool. But it wasn't a hologram, and no amount of wishing will make it so."

This site explains the techno-trickery

my comments:

The PTB (powers that be) are conditioning the populace to accept 'possibilities' just as BHO has done and will continue to do.
'We are all gods' after all so 'angels of light'. or even the "appearance" of "Jesus Christ Himself" is just ordinary everyday application of "our" own powers.

Pavlov!. Skinner!. Resistance is futile!

Thank God for His faithfulness and His Word. Thank God for the promises He has made. For the revelation and propehcies of Jesus.

As I watched the network coverage of Obama's acceptance speech, and ths shots of celebritys (Oprah and many other's) with eyes brimming with tears of joy, and looks of absolute exuberance, I was grateful for the ability to detach from the hypnotic mantra they all chanted "Yes WE can".
I instead quietly declared "HE is able".

Obama cunningly capped his speech with "God Bless" either as a bone tossed to fence sitting christians, to ease their anxieties, or a deliberate obfuscation of his new age perspective.
When I read of his reliance on 'luck' and it's 'charms' I had no doubts about the forces he was open to.

I have my own grasp on 'luck'
L_iving U_nder C_hrist's K_ingship

That principal makes me the luckiest man in the world.

I can know each and every moment that "All things work together for good, to those who Love the Lord and are called according to His purpose".

Be of good courage my friends. Whatever the course ahead He IS the captain of our souls. He knows the waters, and the hidden dangers. We are in good hands.

Real hands.

Not chintzy phoney holograms.

Anonymous 12:10

This is also a NA catchphrase the Oprah often uses. Also, her close friend Maria Shriver used a comment close to that in wording in an interview on national TV. I'm sorry I can't remember when or to whom; but it was no more than a month ago.
I guess having read Iceberg Slim's (aka Robert Beck) book Mama Black Widow -film coming out with Angela Bassett, possibly the pop star Rhianna, Macy Gray, Brian J. White,Anthony Anderson and many others- review on wikimedia and here: http://www.sohh.com/2008/10/mos_def_rihanna_star_in_i.html - in which the setting of the book is the slums of Chicago, Illinois, came to mind when I saw her particular dress.
Interesting Quote from Beck:
“—I guarantee all you need to do is tell your story like it is to prove a thousand points about this black hell and the poisonous pus of double standard justice, racial bigotry and criminal economic freeze-out, infecting and grotesquely bloating the hideous underbelly of white America’s shining façade of democracy and freedom and opportunity for all.”
It's a compelling book.
Just an observation of the event.
I am feeling very sad today.

I am really going to miss Sarah Palin (and her family - especially her darling daughter, Piper).
To Primegood 1:27,
"Be of good courage my friends. Whatever the course ahead He IS the captain of our souls. He knows the waters, and the hidden dangers. We are in good hands."


This a quote from a "Black Southern Mother on Obama".

"My God bless Barack Obama and my God Bless America!"


Unless the quoter got it wrong, she is saying "MY" God and not "MAY".

Her website sheds no light on it.

There is only one God, not a multitude of private personal Gods.
One name under heaven. One God, Who says "I will bless whom I will bless".

*The book came to my mind when seeing her dress, not the slums.
*I don't own the book and it's been about a million years since I read it.
*I bring it up solely because I found it to be along the lines of the hypnosis techniques/manipulative methodology being used throughout the campaign that have been discussed.
*Just like the term: "Never Forget" will always trigger emotionally the moments and events of 9/11 for me, thereby the two elements will always be interlocked; this is what I see with the elements at play here with the dress, the term Mama Black Widow, and the strong emotions evoked by the horrible conditions and events describing Otis Tilson's life, thereby bonding these elements with the new administration in a soci-emotional sense.
*Or...I could just need a mini-vacation after this highly charged election in order to stop anticipating the underlying in every single thing... :-)
I'm thinking maybe some skiing.
Dear Constance,

You seem like a very nice person, but maybe you should think about fixing the HTML error at the top of your Web site and getting some counseling instead of claiming Wolf Blitzer is part of the End Times?
To Anonymous (@ 3:28 PM):

Please explain yourself. Just when did Constance EVER "claim Wolf Blitzer is part of the End Times"?

You should remove the spam @3:28
Sv, I thought that the symbolism was amazing. I like the color combination, but the comparison is amazing still. Nature can be frightfully beautiful.
More on the Michele Obama dress:



Hate to disagree with you Constance, but that is not the kind of dress I would wear if I were in mourning!

The significance of the color red is aggression- that's why bullfighter's use it to rile up the bull. soccer players do the same with opponents.

No way this dress means anything other than in your face aggression.
Dear Primegood:

Interesting information -- but I am rather suspecting that the type of projection deception might be employed to project images might involve similar camera crews and projections. It looked eerily like the person was really there with Cooper Anderson.

Well 3:28 when you go for YOUR counseling and remedial reading session, you might note that the session I watched was Cooper Anderson interviewing a "hologram" beamed in from Chicago.

After reading some of the beautiful sentiments expressed, I too am compelled to offer apologies to anyone who may have found anything I have stated offensive.

Anon 4:29

Not to be to technical, but the color red concerning bulls is actually an all to often made misconception. As cattle for the most part are color blind. Again I hate to be technical, but this happens to be an area of my expertise. As a cowboy so are equine and most other livestock. Sorry but I wouldn't be much of a hand if I didn't share what I know.


I suspect like most things NA, they are 'priming the pump'.
While the Television feed transmitted was the result of digital compositing, the fact that they promoted it as 'holgraphic' indicates they are seeking to inculcate an acceptance and anticipation of such 'technology' in the viewing public.

'Compositing' refers to the 'superimposing' of one image on top of or into another. So called 'green screen' or 'blue screen' videography creates a 'mask' which can be manipulated to allow a 2nd image to be seamlessly added to the first.

With regards to true holgraphic imaging which consists of 'interference patterning' developed on a 'translucent matrix'.
This is often achieved in night clubs with the use of 'fog machines'. It requires a suspended mist or other substrate to reflect the laser light projected on it.
You can be sure that much research IS being done vis-a-vis true holographic projection via satellite mounted lasers.

I suspect some of the UFO activity reported is a dirct consequence of this 'secret' technology.
The existance of high powered laser devices on military satellites is well documented.

NOAA uses them to quantify many geological and oceanlogical factors. Many scientists suspect they have also been used to trigger geological and oceanlogical events.

The entertainment industry, including the pyrotechnic industry, has developed elaborate high speed 'sketchings' simulating a large variety of objects which appear suspended in mid air and which can been moved around at amazing speeds. The smoke which remains suspended after fireworks are functioned provides a useful 'screen' or matrix to reflect the projected images.
You can see how this technology could serve to project an image of Christ descending from heaven to a transfixed world.

Was about as impressed with CNN's "hologram" technology as with the U.S. presidential election results (not).
Hi Primegood,
I'm afraid I can't quite agree with the Gearlog.com
assessment of last night's techno event when they say it wasn't a hologram. I realize there are several techie sources giving basically the same synopsis, but the end result was still a projected 3-D image. It's still unclear to me why the network would make the claim if that isn't what they were doing.
Holographic projection technology is not a distant future technology. I say this because from what I've read the technology to project "live" holographic images is being used regularly by numerous companies in the field.
Or then again, maybe the words used to discribe the technology continually change. Maybe what they call it now is a 3-D Projection System. One thing we all know for certain is, they are not transporting the person from one area to another - just the image of a person. If I'm understanding what I've read about this technology it can be accomplished using either pre-recorded projections or "live" projections of images. I believe Al Gore's virtual "appearance" via hologram during the Live Earth event July 7, 2007, as well as Prince Charles' holographic appearance at the International Energy summit in Abu Dhabi (January 08) were pre-recorded.
Unless I've mis-understood, the following is an example of a "live"
image transmission using a complex holographic projection system called "Musion Eyeliner" (CISCO).
There are some other good video examples of "live" real time holographic image transmissions here also.



Anyway, please tell me what your thoughts are after viewing the links. I appreciate all your insightful comments Primegood.
If anyone wants to read further about the technology, here are several highly informative sites to look at. -Rudi





Just a thought, maybe the reason this sketchy display is being proclaimed a hologram would be so when a actual hologram used for the purpose of deceiving the masses occurs the general populace won't believe it when some of us say it was a holographic image. This would be because their preconceived notion of where the technology is in development (ie what was seen via cnn), won't match up against the realistic image viewed by the unsuspecting masses whether it be UFO, or a second coming type display. As I stated in a previous post, it may be more about influencing public perception (see my comment regarding Obama and the police) as opposed to actually showing off a new technology. I could be wrong, it just seems that Obama and those who dole out our news are very concerned with perception as opposed to fact as has been witnessed through this whole election process. Again just my thoughts but it seems the most common method of deception used by these folks is to influence the publics view of reality in a sort of bait and switch type manner.


The difference between a 'real' holgram and a composited image is the hologram requires a 'substrate'. In order for the photons of light to have 'persistance', and therefore the illusion of substance, there must be a 'surface' which reflects the light. Clear air lacks such surfaces, hence the need for a substrate. Part of the problem with the present technology is this requirement. Any artificially generated substrate would also show up as a mist or haziness in the studio illumination like dust motes in a beam of sunlight through a window into a dim room.
There appears to be no such haziness in the video, only a 'sparkly' edgyness to the image such as is typical of 'green screen compositing'.
Whatever their motives in 'selling' such a display would seem to be more in line with creating a sense of expectation, or anticipation.

That they generated the image overlay from a 'matrix' of video inputs allowed the panning around the image we saw, but I am sure there was no image hanging in the air in that studio. The 'anchor' was viewing the scene as we were, on a video monitor, just as the TV weatherman does when he stands in front of what seems to be an everchanging screen of images, but is in fact a pure green screen which is recognized by the digital video mixers as such and allows the software to 'substitute' another video source wherever it finds the specific background colour.
That is why you will never see such anchors wearing certain colours, as the composited video would appear in their tie or shirt or whatever if it was the same color as the greenscreen.
I work in the theater industry and extensively with studio lighting. I am well aquainted with this technology.
That said, I am also aware of the extensive research being done with holographic projections, and know advances in substrate generation is high priority. Nano-particles with specific polarization factors are being hotly pursued.

If anyone has watched the televison series 'Bones', the holgraphic system used there is pretty much 'state of the art'.

The Militry is eager to have an easily dispered spectral-specific substrate to use for various covert purposes such as detailed by Tracie at the start of this thread.

Unless a camera can record and transmit the 'hologram' or it can be seen by all present and not just on a video monitor, it is simply a very convincing 3D compositing effect. The video information used to create the illusion can be used live or stored digitally. The complexity of multi-camera matrices simply demands more processing power, easily accomplished these days.

sorry to be pedantic

Thanks for the feedback. You make some great points and I agree with your insight regarding perception vs fact.
Have you ever read L.A. Marzulli’s “Politics Prophecy & The Supernatural-
The Coming Great Deception And The Luciferian Endgame”?
Although I don’t share Marzulli’s enthusiasm for The Book of Enoch
his theory about the use of holographic technology to cause a worldwide deception involving UFO’s falls within the realm of a real possibility. IMHO.
I won’t pretend to understand all of what you wrote but I appreciate
Your effort at trying to explain the technology to me. There is only one point
I do want to clarify. I do know, generally speaking what a hologram is. Nothing deep, I've just seen them, find the topic interesting, and have read up about them over the years. The way I interpret your first two sentences...

“The difference between a 'real' holgram and a composited image is the hologram requires a 'substrate'. In order for the photons of light to have 'persistance', and therefore the illusion of substance, there must be a 'surface' which reflects the light.”

...you are saying a “real” hologram requires a 'substrate' … has to have a surface on
which to reflect the light. Where my confusion comes in, is that the
image transmission using a complex holographic projection system called Musion Eyeliner, IS exactly that. The Eyeliner™ Foil is a screen/surface.
Please see this link so you know where I’m getting my information.



The reason I’m not getting “it” is because the people who use the technology as well as those who invented
MUSION EYELINER HOLOGRAMS are calling them holograms when they in fact are not. :~) -Rudi
I looked at the Musion stuff and stand by my analysis.

Even CBC.ca says not holographic.

The company which supplied the technogy says: (emphasis mine):

Vizrt Ltd has announced that 4 US networks will use Vizrt during the November 4th Presidential elections.

Bjarne Berg, CEO for Vizrt, stated, "The Primaries have shown how important it is for broadcasters to enhance their coverage in order to obtain market share. Information on live TV has greatly benefited from the ability to visualize and Vizrt has achieved great success in this field. Special events are an important showcase for us and we continue to improve our clients' ability to capture their audiences."

here is a typical comment from a blogger:

"What many of you seem to miss in discussing the technology, is that it's not the technology that's the story, but about journalists lying to their viewership. And how future technology will be misused to convey falsehoods.

Hypothetical example. A man is viewed on the news shooting another man. Did it occur, or is it staged, or computer generated? This will happen more in the future, and we may not know better. This is frightening."

My comments:
I'm sure we can see the potential for a 'planned deception'.

CNN is only doing what the Whitehouse has done for 8 years. Tell the public what they want us to beleive.

If you watch the WILL.I.AM video, notice the people way in the background. Notice the guy with the laptop. If there had been a 'REAL' holographic image hanging in mid-air they would have been totally transfixed, eyes toward the studio and focussed on the image itself not the illusion as displayed on a monitor.
It would have been such an amazing experience, they would not have been able to help themselves.

CNN remains mute on the issue which in itself is telling. If they had truly acheived such a monumentous accomplishment, they would be issuing re-assurances and proofs. They are not because they didn't. Also the suppliers of the tech would be all over themselves in self congratulation.

If ordinary people believe the technology exists to remotely capture and re-display a 3-D representation of an event they will be inclined to suspend disbelief. We are not the sharpest tacks in the box as a matter of course.

I have always been a 'ghost-buster', even as a kid standing outside a midway tent yelling how I can see the mirror the stage magician was using to create the illusion of sawing someone in half.

I was a 'spoiler'. They hated me then. Some things don't change.

To Primegood (@ 12:29 PM):

No one hates you for being a "spoiler." Many of us do appreciate your lengthy explanation and analysis of this relatively new technology that most of us know very little about.

We need to be educated to know what to look for in the future for any "trickery" that may be planned for presentation on the world stage.

Even Jay Leno made fun of CNN's hologram presentation last night.

I have not read the book you refrenced but may see if I can find it. My commentary is based on the way I have witnessed this deception unfold. I am glad to see I am not alone as others see the possibilities unfolding. Day by day their methods of deceit become more clear and since we are not privy to all their inner workings all we can do is speculate on many aspects. I have just begun to see patterns within the way they operate, all of which seem to directly coincide with what new agers claim to be their end goal. If we can identify the method of deceit than maybe we can get ahead of the curve. This alone could be invaluable in showing others what is going down.


I see the validity of your analysis of info. I see a slight twist here though. By CNN not answering the detractors they are essentialy using the same method Barack did in his campaign. In other words by not answering the questions arising they will sweep the detractors under the rug. By not answering they won't validate the argument because with out giving attention to it, they won't have anyone question and dig deeper. I saw this happen through the campaign and must admit it was a rather effective way for Obama to dismiss allegations and irregularities.

David Bohrman, CNN's Senior Vice President explains how the "hologram" was done. He said it was a complicated technology 12 years in the making and included a trip to Israel.

CNN used 40 fixed cameras on a transporter rig in a special green room.

He said that every day interviews using this technology are still 5, 10, or 20 years in the future.

Next to the election itself, CNN's "hologram" interview was the second top story on the Internet.

For David Bohrman's explanation, check out web sit below:

I am doing a re-read of the Lucis publication "Serving Humanity".

This book written in 1972 is the guidebook for the unfolding of their plan.
The editor (undeclared) presents excerpts from numerous Alice A. Bailey writings and lays out the elaborate scenario by which the entire population of the world (minus the 'spoilers') will be conditioned to embrace and construct the necessary mindset to welcome the "returning Christ".

I intend to then use these details to interweave with elements of Barry's speeches to show where we are in the process.

I hate reading these books. They pull at my reason and entice me to mistrust my faith. Constance I'm sure will tell you just how corruptive they are, as will Rudi and Young Grasshopper.

I think it's important to see the subtlety and cunning which played such a major role in the "the best political campaign, I think, in the history of the United States of America."(to quote BHO).

The call to serve humanity is so deceptive, because Jesus came to serve. He called us to serve. So why wouldn't we serve?

It's because no one can serve 2 masters.
It's the role of the Holy Spirit speaking into our hearts from the throne room of Grace where Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father and we are seated IN Him, to direct our service.

If we lend our God given strength and resources to further the work of preparing the world to accept the anti-christ, we are by default enemies of the cross.
Yes we are to serve, but to serve "in order to further the 'Kingdom of God', not the kingdom of 'my god'."

It will take me some time to complete this task. I ask for your prayers for protection as I do so. I know my own vulnerabilities.
I also believe it's important to have a clear parallel between the words BHO used and their occult significance.
In this book, AAB is quoted as saying their are 2 classes of workers; those who receive esoteric and occult information and those who do not.
The vast majority involved today, are of the 2nd order. They truly believe they are working for a good cause. If you read many blogs today they are full of people who insist we stop being negative towards BHO. That's why this book is important because it's the 'tie-point' between the 2 groups.

Many who will not see that serving humanity could possibly be wrong MAY be persuaded to change their perspective if given a different vantage point.

I will post my detailed analysis here (somewhere) and also on my blog.

Thank you for your prayers, esp. Rudi. They do make a difference.
and please remember to keep Constance in your prayers. She is a lightning rod for what are about to become virulent assaults on us 'spoilers'.

HBO said "To those -- to those who would tear the world down: We will defeat you.".

Most would conclude he meant Al Quaida etc. I think it will become apparent he meant any who won't go along with 'the plan'.


Isn't that what all politicians do?
" Primegood said...
I am doing a re-read of the Lucis publication "Serving Humanity".

Two thoughts occurred to me while reading your posts: “To Serve Man” was a twilight Zone episode where the aliens brought with them the promise of a verdant earth, food for all and health care for all; they had a mysterious book written in their alien language which they gave to humanity as proof that they were there to serve. The cover was in English: “To Serve Man.” So the foolish people all loved the aliens. Humans began going on vacation to the alien world, but they never returned! The book was a cook book!

We must be content with the fragrance of the Lily in the cesspool of a corrupt world. This comes from a very real miracle out of Cuba, but I’ll leave that for another time. I did want this to mean that what ever arguments appearing as good, pleasant, and “desired to make one wise”, but doesn’t have the fragrance of the “Lily of The Valley” nor stands the test of scripture (the whole of God’s Word) we turn from it. “In Him is no darkness at ALL.” The devil could find nothing in Christ, and we are in Him; “To the praise of the glory of His Grace.”

Be assured that my prayers are with you as well, as they are for all my brothers and sisters in this fight.


To an extent all political figures do this. In this case it happens to be the predominant way our future president handles disenting views. He seems to want to reach out to all to unite, except those who have fact based questions, then I guess he just sees fit to ignore us.
Primegood-I sure will be praying and anticipate reading your commentary when you finish.

Setterman- I remember that Twilight Zone episode. Shades of Soylent Green! -Rudi

"And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work" - 2 Corinthians 9:8
Oh! Obama! Who did you bring into our bed?

The wedding celebration has not yet dimmed. The whole world shook with joy, wept with expectancy, and prepared to consummate this scared union.

From one end of the United States to the other, Republican as well as Democrat, willing offered up their tender souls, galvanized by a renewed confidence that there really was something to hope for, someone still worth believing in.

Swept off their feet, charmed, seduced and disrobed, we climbed into our bed of adoration expecting to be accepted and cherished for our trust.

Like a wholesome bride, Americans and most others, sublimely awaited our newly wed groom who was to satisfy our longing for truth and integrity and hope.

Then in a moment, a barely audible word spoken, a word which set our heads spinning, our minds churning 100 miles an hour.


What did you say we asked?
Rahm, came the answer.
Rahm, we asked again, not sure we heard right?
But there it was.

There he was.
Right there beside our naked vulnerability.

The most feared man in the entire Democratic party.

A man about whom such things had been written to make the most hardened heart shudder.
A man reputed to have not just pronounced death to his former master’s enemies but physically inflicted a vicarious assault with a steak knife into a table top, at the expressed mention of each one’s name, surrounded by astonished guests.

A man widely known as a bully, determined to have his own way, no matter the cost.

Unapologetic, overbearing, cunning and determined.

This is who we find ourselves in bed with.

Rahm Emanuel.

Rahm Emanuel - Rolling Stone

More Rahm Emanuel - Wikipedia

Yet More Rahm Emanuel - Foreign Policy

As Obama’s Chief of Staff, he is the one who will not only influence the choice of the rest of the administration, but will be responsible for 'managing' their service to the Commander in Chief. For ensuring their compliance to the policies imposed.
And 'we the people' are left to slowly come to our senses, pull the covers up around our necks as we sit up in bed, stunned that a wedding of such promise, such magnificent possibilities could have been so coldly hijacked.

Raped, shared, swapped.

If anyone fails to see the irony of this "ménage-a-trois", I’m sure the morning which must follow this most unwholesome night will bring a deepening awareness around the world as country after country weighs in on what it means to have the son of a former Israeli “freedom fighter”, a man who according to Bruce Reed who served with Rahm in the Clinton Whitehouse, “Takes no prisoners, and only plays to win”. A man who has been compared to “The Godfather”. A man who according to Jose Cerda, a veteran staffer, "We joke that someone should open a special trauma ward in Washington for people who've worked for Rahm", as the 2nd most powerful man in the world.
Obama's Enforcer!
A man likened to a Chicago mobster.

Expect to be traumatized America. Expect to be seized and taken by force.
Whatever it takes.
Whatever he wants.

Rahm is our bedmate. Here and around the world.

I saw a blog which said “Impeach Obama”. I laughed!

I’m not laughing now.

Further Observations from the media on CNN's holographica

Poynter Online

Michelle looked like a "pomba-gira" an African she-devil from Afro-Brazilian religions Umbanda, Quimbanda and Candomblé.
I'm sure she would not wear that combination of colors if she was in Brazil, it's very derrogatory to look like a pomba-gira.
If she ever comes to BRazil I hope she chooses the color she will be wearing more wisely.
Another definitive word on CNN's use of the word Hologram

Time Business and Tech - A brief History - Holograms

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