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Solana's November Presents - Vintage 2008?

Click on the picture to see it full page -- it is from the plan presented Thursday, Nov. 20th at the Brookings Institution event.

This just in from Javier Solana's website as posted by his spokeswoman, Cristina Gallach.

Javier SOLANA, European Union High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), will visit the US from Wednesday, 19 November to Saturday, 22 November 2008 to meet US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and to take part in the event at the Brookings Institution "Managing Global Insecurity".

"Mr SOLANA will meet US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Washington on Thursday afternoon. On Thursday morning, in Washington, " Mr Solana will take part in the launch of "A Plan for Action: A New Era of International Cooperation for a Changed World, Managing Global Insecurity" at theBrookings Institution. Mr SOLANA will meet UN Secretary-General BanKi-Moon in New York on Friday afternoon. Further details of the programme for the High Representative's visit will be published at

The site will be updated on a daily basis."

Notice particularly that Javier Solana is participating "in the launch of 'A Plan for Action: A New Era of International Cooperation for a Changed World . . ."

Stay tuned!

This was part of an extremely telling article posted to the last article on Sarah Leslie. It concerns European proposals to boost Solana's powers. I have been monitoring Javier Solana for precisely 13 years effective November 22. He signed the treaty with Israel on behalf of the EU and WEU on November 20, 1995 and I discovered Solana on the night of the huge, underreported Israeli earthquake: November 22, 1995:

"Boosting EU defence policy

Finally, Lebranchu called on France and the UK to give up their seats in the United Nations Security Council, which would allow EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana to take a seat on behalf of the entire bloc instead."

Constance I wanted to post same thing today ("MGI PLAN", Brookings link:

..., but someone was faster :) so thanks a lot! Me of course curious about the updates there...Do I hear right Strobe could become part of Obamas cabinet? Björn
for the sake of record: the Good Doctor's 2007 speech on MGI:
I wonder how this will play out about mid 2010 vis a vis the European Neighbourhood Policy?

"Javier SOLA9A,
EU High Representative for the CFSP,
extremely concerned
at the situation in and around Gaza
Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP),
Issued the following statement today expressing his concern at the situation in and around Gaza:
"I am extremely concerned about the violence that has recently returned to Gaza and the
surrounding area and threatens to end the truce. The truce has allowed Israel and the Palestinian
Authority to make progress in negotiations and Egypt to seek to broker Palestinian reconciliation.
A return to violence is a step back for all concerned. I therefore appeal to all parties to exercise
restraint and to respect the truce that has held since June. It is imperative for calm to be restored." and this site might have some clues:
Looks like breaking the treaty vis a vis Israel is moving in that direction from the tone of the Aretz Sheva article:

"( The European Union's Parliament has conditioned continued Israeli participation in EU programs on the boycott of Israeli companies and organizations based in Judea, Samaria or eastern Jerusalem.

Israel was the first of 16 countries involved in the EU's European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) to request to take part in the European-led research and development programs. Over 600 research projects in the ENP framework have thus far benefited from Israeli involvement.

The EU Parliament's resolution on Israel's place in EU development programs, adopted last week, said, "Companies and organisations based in the settlements in the occupied territories must not be eligible to take part." The reason put forward in the resolution for barring the participation of entities from Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem is that doing so "complies with EU law and policies." To that end, the resolution calls for "tightening up checks on Israeli products imported into the EU under preferential trade rules. ...Infringement proceedings should be started if products from the occupied Palestinian territories bearing Israeli labels are exported to the Union."

The EU resolution was drafted by Belgian Socialist MEP Véronique De Keyser.

The other ENP countries are Algeria, Armenia, the Palestinian Authority, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Morocco, Moldova, Syria, Tunisia and Ukraine. These nations have an unfettered right to take part in EU programs, despite serious human rights violations common in several of them. "
I'll bet for right now that Solana probably plays "good cop" with the Israelis and lets the powerless European Parliament play "bad cop" -- since there is NO POWER in the EU Parliament and unlimited power with the EU Council of Ministers which Solana obviously controls, this is truly fascinating to watch play out . . .

He likes to give himself a little diplomatic anniversary present every year in November around this time. I wonder what he will give himself this year....
I will try to find more, but in the meantime I had to swallow hard...

"In one month of legislation and one diplomatic meeting, the United States has unilaterally abdicated all the gains for the concept of free markets won by the Reagan administration and surrendered, in total, to the Western European model of socialism, stagnation, and excessive government regulation."

I feel like we're jumping from one fire to the next --


Meanwhile, bear with me. Beware the super liberal peace talk. It's intended to sound good enough to fool, especially Jews and
Israelis. I added bold letters to the real points. Ladies And
Gentleman, the real plot for Jerusalem:

Slide3 : Scientific Analysis (Forecast) and Divine Revelations
(Prophecies) – Scenarios of the Future of Humanity, A New Heaven and A New Earth: Creating a New Civilization; Misuse and Positive Application of Scriptures and Divine Revelations in Middle East Conflict: Religion as because of conflict and means of resolution; Disconnecting Religion and Politics in the Middle East; The Religious Roots of the Conflict about Jerusalem and the Temple Mount; 5) The Significance of Jerusalem (and the Temple Mount) for Jews, Christians and Muslims according to the Prophecies
and Divine Revelations of the Bible and the Qur’an 6) The Concept of Redemption (in Judaism, Christianity, Islam), Eschatology and Divine Revelations: Israel/Jerusalem and the Plan of God with Humanity and the
Nations 7) Specific (central and highly charged) Religious Mysteries and Symbols (Holy Sites) and their Significance and Spiritual Impact in the
three Abrahamic Religions: Golgatha, God’s Covenant, the Sh’khinah, Mount Moriah/Haram ash-Sharif, the Holy Arc and its Abode (the Holy of Holies) in the Temple), the Holy Grail, the Ka’aba in Mecca … their meaning and
spiritual impact. 8) Convergence and Divergence of Religious Traditions (and its Salvation) 3

Someone just called this to my attention.

President-elect Obama's zip code in the Chicago area was 60606.
I wonder if this new oversight
of the American Treasury might
perhaps possibly be Islamic ?
Maybe they forgot to mention
After all, it's been that way
in the UK for a while
(couple years ?) now.
Has the World Bank been
hijacked ? 'Guess so.
I mean they've highjacked a
loaded supertanker and
they're holding it for
What the heck, huh?

And Anon 12:43,
Okey yes, the world
has gone officially
And I noticed that the
steering committee didn't
include any basic Christians.
Of course not.
Thank you Jesus.
Here is the global aotion plan presented by Senor Solana, Mr. Strobe Talbott and company this morning:

Briefly, it includes:

1. 4 Tracks:
a. USA adjustments
b. "Revitalizing" international institutions
c. "Tackling shared threats"
d. 'Internationalizing shared threats' with special emphasis ON MIDDLE EAST

A 2009-2012 sequencing of events for all of these tracks to "converge" and for "the dude" to "emerge"?
Former top (U.S.) officials urge stronger ties to UN:


(Add in U.S. Vice-Pre. Elect Joe Biden's comment re. "Solana for president," and the fact that Mr. Biden will soon travel to Madrid, Spain to meet with P.M. Zapatero, co-sponsor of the AoC, Socialislt, and close friend of Dr. Solana.)

Re. visit to Spain:

Re. "close friend:"

Thank you for that very informative article. As much as I distrust Dick Morris, I've got to admit that this is probably true. I also suspected that Obama was deliberately and seemingly being kept out of these meetings, though obviously that's not really true. So Bush will take the heat (as he should) for turning control of our finances and sovereignty over to the EU, and Obama the One can have had the appearance of keeping his hands clean when AMericans finally get wind of this and start gnashing their teeth over this.

Sarah, did you post anonymous 12:43 as well? Do you know if in fact whether or not Obama actually authored that power point presentation? It seems very possible based on the way the site looks and the other PP documents on it.

I literally had chills running down my spine as I read it.

If ever we doubted we were in the end times before, these two links are proof of it.

Here's who helped finance the Brookings/Solana escapades today:

"Financial support for the MGI project has also been
robustly international. In addition to the Bertelsmann
Stiftung, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Ditchley
Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation,
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and
UN Foundation, MGI has received funding and in-kind
support from the Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
Norway, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and
the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. A number of
think tanks and other institutions in Japan, China and
India hosted workshops to debate the Project’s findings.
MGI is indebted to its diverse supporters."

From the MGI report unveiled today.

I'm reasonably certain Bush himself was an active participant in this apparent "Armageddon Script" scenario. I won't shed too many tears for him taking blame.

So let's see now, if this 2008 Jerusalem Inter-Faith council is successful and an inter faith temple is built to house everyone- Christians, Jews, Muslims, Druids, buddhas, Hindus, Pagans,Hari Krishnans, etc, etc.
who will be appointed head over this International House of Joy and peace and rapture and hope?

Will it be the pope? the Dalai Lama?

Maitreya? Todd Bentley?

Anyone taking bets?

According to this translation, Solana made the presentation today of the MGI (Managing Global Insecurity) Plan! Here's the translation text:

"A day later he will meet with UN Secretary General in New York

El Alto Representante de Política Exterior y de Seguridad Común de la Unión Europea, Javier Solana, se entrevistará hoy con la secretaria de Estado estadounidense, Condoleezza Rice, en la que será su "última visita oficial" al Departamento de Estado bajo dirección de ésta. The High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union, Javier Solana, will meet today with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in what will be his "last official visit" to the State Department under the direction of it. El jefe de la diplomacia europea se reunirá, un día después en Nueva York, con el secretario general de la ONU, Ban Ki Moon. The head of European diplomacy will meet a day later in New York with UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon.

En encuentro entre Solana y Rice, previsto a las 13.30 horas, servirá a modo de "despedida", aunque, según informaron fuentes de la oficina de Solana, "probablemente" no será el último encuentro que ambos mantengan, antes de que Rice abandone el próximo 20 de enero su cargo, por la apretada agenda internacional que, en este sentido, ambos comparten, precisaron. In the meeting between Solana and Rice, scheduled at 1330 hours, will serve as a "farewell", although, according to sources from Solana's office, "probably" will not be the last meeting that both remain before they left the Rice near his office on January 20, for the busy international agenda, in this sense, both share, said.

Previamente, el jefe de la diplomacia europea intervendrá en una conferencia organizada por el prestigioso Instituto Brookings en torno al lema 'Gestionar la Inseguridad Global", donde Solana expondrá la visión de la Unión Europea de "cómo evolucionarán las relaciones trasatlánticas con la nueva administración" estadounidense del presidente electo, Barack Obama, según precisaron fuentes de su oficina que subrayaron la importancia de su intervención en un foro que se encargará de "aconsejar y sugerir políticas en materia de Política Exterior a la nueva administración". Earlier, the head of European diplomacy will speak at a conference organized by the prestigious Brookings Institute on the theme "Managing Global Insecurity", where Solana will present the vision of the European Union of "how to develop transatlantic relations with the new administration" U.S. president-elect Barack Obama, according to sources clarified that his office stressed the importance of his speech at a forum that will be in charge of "advise and suggest policies for foreign policy to the new administration."

Solana cenará el jueves en Washington, invitado por el Instituto de Estudios de Seguridad de la Unión Europea (EUISS por sus siglas en inglés), con sede en París. Solana dining on Thursday in Washington, invited by the Institute for Security Studies of the European Union (EUISS by its acronym in Spanish), based in Paris.

El Alto Representante se desplazará asimismo a Nueva York para reunirse el viernes por la tarde (16.00 hora local) con el secretario general de la ONU, Ban Ki Moon, para repasar, previsiblemente, los principales temas de la actualidad internacional que preocupan a ambos, incluidos Kosovo, la situación en República Democrática del Congo y los esfuerzos a los que está contribuyendo la UE para luchar contra la piratería en aguas próximas a Somalia, en cumplimiento de la resolución del Consejo de Seguridad 1816. The High Representative also will move to New York for a meeting on Friday afternoon (1600 local time) with UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, to review, predictably, the main topics of current international events that concern them, including Kosovo, the situation in Democratic Republic of Congo and the efforts to which the EU is helping to combat piracy in the waters near Somalia, in compliance with Security Council resolution 1816.

En el caso de Kosovo, Ban prosigue sus negociaciones con las autoridades kosovares para que acepten su propuesta para transferir competencias desde la misión de la ONU en Kosovo (MINUK) a EULEX, la misión de policías y jueces que la Unión Europea acordó enviar a Kosovo el pasado febrero para contribuir a consolidar instituciones de poder democráticas en el territorio, después de que éste declarara su independencia unilateral de Serbia el pasado 18 de febrero. In the case of Kosovo, Ban is continuing its negotiations with the Kosovo authorities to accept its proposal to transfer powers from the UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) to EULEX, the mission of police and judges that the European Union agreed to send to Kosovo last February to help consolidate democratic institutions of power in the territory after it declared its unilateral independence from Serbia on February 18.

A pesar de que Serbia ya ha dado su visto bueno al plan, Prístina lo rechaza por considerar que llevaría a la partición de facto del territorio de las zonas de mayoría albano-kosovar de las serbias. Despite the fact that Serbia has already given his approval to the plan, Pristina rejects it as it would lead to the de facto partition of the territory of the Albanian-majority areas of Kosovo Serbs. De acuerdo con este plan, se crearían dos cadenas separadas de mando para las Policías albana y serbia en Kosovo. According to this plan would create two chains of command for separate Albanian and Serb police in Kosovo. Así, de la seguridad en las áreas de mayoría albana se encargaría la UE, mientras en la zona de mayoría serbia la labor correría a cargo en última instancia de Naciones Unidas. Thus, security in the Albanian-majority areas would be the EU, while in the Serb-majority area of the work be borne ultimately by the United Nations.


My guess -- an atheist who regards himself above everything named as God -- won't name names but initials are


The wording on 12:43 came from an article Barry Chamish sent out on 11/13. If you remember back in July I did an entire piece on the Jerusalem Academy aka Jerusalem Peace Academy. This was an offshoot of work Bjorn did about the European cult leader. At the time I sent out the same information to my email list.

Chamish surmised this was a goal of the recent religious summit, but I was unable to see where work was in progress to see it being implemented.

Hi YG,

No, I wasn't the 12:43 post, someone else has that credit. I don't know if I am that astute to read 'tween the lines' as well as others here :[

Thank you for the heads-up on Dick Morris, too. I don't know the players as well as everyone else, so much to keep track of, sometimes I get numb trying to figure it all out. And keeping straight who to trust and who to keep clear of, I'm still learning!


I had found this site earlier this year, and found it interesting, but I don't know enough about the Jewish aspects discussed to make much of a comment.

I read several of the pages within the site, but again, I am no scholar in these matters. But the closing statement from this page -

I found very interesting: "And lastly, there is a point in remembering who was the "Messiah" who gave the order to build the Second Temple: the Persian emperor Cyrus (who saw himself as given "all the kingdoms of the earth" by the Lord God of heaven who chose Jerusalem). When all the peoples, including the Moslems, understand the global benefit for building the temple in Jerusalem, they will ask Israel to build it."

It looks like I've tripped over the Jerusalem Academy Dorothy mentioned above...

Thanks Dorothy,

I think I was just coming on board ship about then. Need to go back and check.

I have trouble with a lot of the info here, too, probably because I have a serious case of ADD. I do my best to learn, but it's hard.

At any rate, Dick Morris was in tight with the Clintons in the 1990's. He's best remembered for his toe-sucking antics during Clinton's Monicagate.



From The Independent (11/19/08)

The American security company Blackwater is planning to cash in on the rising threat of piracy on the high seas by launching a flotilla of gunboats for hire by the shipping companies.

The firm, which gained international notoriety when its staff killed civilians in Iraq, has already equipped one vessel, called The McArthur, which will carry up to 40 armed guards and have a landing pad for an attack helicopter.

The McArthur, a former survey ship, arrives in the Gulf of Aden, the scene of the recent high-profile hijackings and shootouts with Somali pirates, at the end of the year. It is to be joined by three or four similar vessels over next year to form the company’s private navy.
Uhhh, Paul I hate to break it to you, but I think that you're lumping about 3 different posters into one . . . but try not to get too paranoid.
I wonder, the false prophet is the guy who actually places the Mark of the Beast on the masses. In essence the false prophet leads to the antichrist. So, it's possible the number 666 may help to identify this false prophet. I think it's freaky that the Illinois lottery hit 666 the day after the election. Javier Solana has more associations with this number, but Obama's Zip Code. I'm a little tired writing this, so I apologize if I'm meandering.

As for this insult from Al-Qaeda, I don't think they realize who they are dealing with. Could Obama lead Muslims to believe he is the Imam Mahdi? The president of Iran apparently is a big believer in this guy. I'm not all that educated about the Muslim faith. Could the false prophet fill the role of the New Age Christ more than the antichrist? Either way, I think Obama could persuade the Muslim world to stike out against Al-Qaeda.

Okay, I'm going to bed and hopefully I'll make more sense later.
There was a meeting with high-level leaders of EU and Arab world in Monaco this Summer called Crans-Montana Forum. H.E.Benedikt was there talking to the Saudi Prince. He is half Jewish and half German. His plan fits with the plan of the Theosophists and the UN for that matter, to make Jerusalem an international capital of the religions. He says the 3 Abrahamic faiths.. The difficulty with his plan is that religious Jews believe the Holy of Holies is under the Al Aqsa mosque and the Temple Mount is also defiled.

A plan along these lines could be accepted. The one stumbling block in all of the negotiations is Jerusalem. In fact the Bible indicates that this would be the case. A plan to split Jerusalem would be very difficult to get through, but a plan to unite Jerusalem into some kind of ecumenic capital is much more feasible. The groundwork is being laid with all the interfaith initiatives. I personally believe the missing "glue" is mysticism. Kabbalah, sufism and Christian mysticism which are all increasing in popularity will open the demonic doors to allow this unity.

If you notice, more and more Jews, Christians and Muslims are visiting one anothers holy places. There was just an article yesterday about simultaneous prayer between Muslims and Jews.

There are any number of interfaith initiatives that have sprung up in the last year or so, from AoC, to Tony Blair's, Karen Armstrong's latest, but these are just the big ones. There are probably thousands of them.

One very important Torah concept is one of separation. God was constantly saying to Ancient Israel not to worship the nations gods. The reason for this is that when we worship false gods we open spiritual doors. It's like spiritual prostitution. This notion of being a "set apart people" is very foreign to a lot of people today.

Sacred music is another route being used, contemplative prayer, meditation, yoga etc, etc,. All of these practices open spiritual doors in the life of a person that bring a spirit of confusion. Babel, means "confusion". God wants His called out assembly, to be "kadosh" which means holy and set apart.

Today, there are two things going on, one the relentless effort to find a political solution to the Mideast conflict, the other on the spiritual side is to break down barriers between people. Actually there is a third which is economic...which is being done through this New Economic Order, where we harmonize our rules, markets, etc.. Out of the crisis of the economy comes this order. There are those that realize, as long as you have monotheists who stubbornly hold to their faith, the NWO cannot go forward.

Alice Bailey realized this a long time ago and had a plan to infiltrate the religious organizations.. She understood that if you could get people to engage in whatever occult practice you had them... This is why the Torah really is God's loving instructions to His children for all time. It's not something that disappeared with Yeshua. Yeshua taught the Torah, properly. Torah means teaching or instructions, ( not law, which is not the best translation of the word Torah) and while much of it doesn't apply to us today, because we are not Levitical priests, we don't live in the Land of Israel, etc. much of it as Paul said in the book of Corinthians is for our instruction upon who has come the end of the age.

Benedikt is a big deceiver as are so many others...but if we don't eat of the bad fruit...the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we will avoid these pitfalls.. I think today, people have been put to sleep by the culture and don't realize that God has not changed. He is kadosh. The fact that Yeshua came and died for us doesn't mean we should be less holy, on the contrary, all the more reason to walk according to His instructions since we have been forgiven much.

The delusion coming over the society is the idea that we can restore the Garden without Yeshua. All the efforts toward the environment, AIDs, poverty, etc, etc, this idea that we human beings can somehow create paradise and have world peace is just another version of the same old lie "you can be gods" we don't need God Himself to bail us out.

When the Jews are standing in Jerusalem saying "blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord" then and only then will we see Yeshua come back to Jerusalem. In the meantime we'll have the H.E.B.s of the world proposing their version of the false peace. One of them will actually be the antimessiah, another the false prophet, but it will become clear that those shepherds have come to rob, steal and destroy. The Good Shepherd knows His sheep..and they know Him.. We know who the Good Shepherd is:

A Psalm of David.
Psa. 23 The LORD is my shepherd,
I shall not want. He makes me lie down in agreen pastures;
He leads me beside quiet waters. He arestores my soul; He bguides me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil, for You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil;
My cup overflows. Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life, And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

Shabbat shalom,
Dear Joyce,

A very good and informative post!


If we see this attempt at a mutt of all faiths put where the holy of holies was, I believe we will certainly have witnessed an abomination if not the abomination that makes desolate. Also it is interesting that Solana's treaty and the Union that has followed as a result may make all of this possible.
Hi Joyce,

I loved your post.

I want to add to the part about mysticism being the means by which the differences in religion will be smoothed out. Lighthouse Trails blog has a lot about this and carries Caryl Mastriana's Out of India book. But even nonChristian sites know this to be true.

The Esalen Institute has been running a series of conferences entitled "Beyond Fundamentalism" and part of that is the "Abrahamic Faily Reunion Focus Group". At one of these meetings, a young attendee told his story:

"Yau was raised as a literalistic Christian in Hong Kong. He said that even as a child he knew that something was wrong with the exclusive spiritual message that he was being taught-namely that only Christians could attain salvation. But how could this be, Yau thought as a child, if so many millions of Chinese have never and will never even be exposed to Christianity? Many years later in his life as an adult, Yau was on a Buddhist meditation retreat at which time he had a vivid personal experience that led him to see a deeper unity between the Buddhist and Christian teachings. In one special moment of grace, Yau said he was reconciled to Christianity. Yau mentioned that contemplative practices from both East and West can reveal the great spiritual truths of love, healing, and oneness. Yau said that in Christianity the Catholic Father Thomas Keating has revived the contemplative practice called centering prayer as a meditative discipline. In fact, all of the great Abrahamic faiths contain rich contemplative traditions. Overall, Yau emphasized the need to revive the mystical seed within each tradition to help effect healing and reconciliation."

Mysticism is the key.

To Anonymous (10:32 PM):

Re: Obama's zip code

I did post that message (@ 1:34 PM) more "tongue in cheek."

However there is an indirect link ("six degrees of separation"?) between Obama and Solana.

Colin Powell is very close to Solana (both politically and personally). When Republican Colin Powell endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for President . . . the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up. It just gave me chills!!!
To Joyce (12:26 AM)

Please explain why you think that "Benedict is a big deceiver".
One last post before I head to Lemuria,

“If we want to change the future, we have to change the rules.”

In a May 2007 article, Global Initiatives contributor Timothy Wirth wrote, “If we want to change the future, we have to change the rules.”

And changing the rules is something the ex-Senator from Colorado and former Undersecretary of State, Timothy Wirth, has a lot of experience with. In the early stages of the global warming push which began during the Bush I administration, then Sen. Wirth manipulated the 1988 Senate hearings to make the “environment” in the Senate chambers appear much warmer. After checking to make sure the hearing was scheduled for the day predicted to be the hottest of the year, Wirth admitted in a PBS interview that he tampered with the conditions:

... “What we did it was went in the night before and opened all the windows, I will admit, right? So that the air conditioning wasn’t working inside the room and so when the, when the hearing occurred there was not only bliss, which is television cameras in double figures, but it was really hot.”

Wirth, is well known as a longtime population reduction advocate. Wirth was known for keeping a “condom tree” in his State Department office while advocating for population reduction by any means. When asked about the abortion issue by a reporter, Wirth responded that abortion is just one of the many “technologies” that can be used to achieve population reduction.

In 1997, the proponents for Negative Population Growth lavished praise on Wirth, calling him, ``the best Deputy Secretary of State for Population and Environment we've had in a long time.''

As head of Turner’s United Nations “Billion Dollar” Fund, and as a major contributor to the Brookings, "A Plan for Action: A New Era of International Cooperation for a Changed World, Managing Global Insecurity", Wirth is another strategically placed piece for exerting maximum negative influence on the future of mankind.
HI Deannie,
It just makes sense that if Mystery Babylon is going to be rebuilt, it will be with mysticism. Mysticism is the thing that allows one to bypass the mind and subsequently opens doors to the occult. There is some kind of demonic intervention that takes place when people open themselves up to spirits.

If you really want to understand why H.E. Benedict is a deceiver read Farmer's post which gives a bit of biographical information. He led a cult and one of the former members talks about his level of control and deception over the members...but besides that all you have to do is look at Jerusalem Academy website. He is trying to be all things to all people talking about "Jesus" "the Quran" "the Torah" etc., etc. He's actually intelligent enough to have enough knowledge about these religions to sound convincing to someone who doesn't have the knowledge. I don't think fundamentalist Muslims will really buy into what he says, nor will Torah observant Jews or believers in Yeshua. His proposal will only fool those that have superficial knowledge of these faiths, but that happens to be a pretty good number of people and perhaps enough to buy into a proposal of that nature.

I don't think H.E.B. is the antimessiah or false prophet, but I do think he has the same spirit that will lead many astray...He is also involved with the New Agers like Laszlo, sheikhs, sufis, etc. If he is really a Jew, then he would follow Torah, Talmud, etc. If he is really a German Christian, he would probably follow Luther or the Pope or someone like that. As it stands he acknowledges everyone, and in doing so negates everyone...if that makes any sense...

A Jew knows that you cannot rebuild the Temple with a mosque on Temple Mount.. The holiest site in the Torah where the glory of God manifest is right next to a mosque. A real Jew who knows Torah, and believers in it would never accept the rebuilding of the Temple any other way, but the way it is specified in Scripture. This is why the Temple Institute is going through such careful pains to make sure all the details of the utensils and the priests garments are to specifications..

H.E.B. is neither a real Jew, nor a Christian, nor a Messianic, nor a Muslim.. He's a New Ager disguised as a Jew.

Hope that helps.

Hi Constance,
Hope you got your car situation taken care of. Maybe you mentioned it and I missed it.
Dear Anon 8:32AM,
Here is a link to a Heinrich Elijahu Benedikt article that Bjorn Farmer wrote on a July 7,2008
post. It's an extensive article, but it's excellent information. I'm pretty sure that this is the Benedikt that Joyce is referring to. (Sorry, Joyce, I don't mean to put words in your mouth. Just thought I'd pass along the Bjorn article.)

Hope that this is helpful to you.
Have a good day!
To Joyce & SV:

Thanks for clarifying. I just now noticed the spelling as "Benedikt."

I had read through the post too quickly and thought you were referring to Pope Benedict. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Dear Joyce,

Thank you for taking the time to explain the roots of the Interfaith Jerusalem initiative and the connection to Benedickt (not the pope!).

Your clear and thoughtful explanation of how everything seems to be playing out is definitely the Holy Spirit speaking through you.

Thank-you for helping me (and others here as well) to see the situation with more clarity.

To anonymous 10:32 PM

There is much more significant information linking Obama to 666 than just his zip code. There was a young man who was evidently a mathematics student who did an incredible Youtube video that broke down the letters of Obama's name and connected it to 666 in a number of different ways. I posted the video on my old blog quite a while back.

Unfortunately, the youtube video (which was totally suppressed by Youtube by the way) as well as his blog has been taken down. I checked the link on my blog but it no longer works, and I then tried to email the man, but his email address no longer works. Obviously he has gone underground.

Basically what he did was this:

First, he arranged the alphabet horizontally, assigning numbers from 1 to 26 to each letter with a=1, Z=26, etc. He then assigned the numbers to the letters in Barack Hussein Obama’s name and added them together. Next, he repeated the process horizontally only this time he reversed it making A=26 and Z=1. Next he ran the numbers vertically under the prime numbers of 1 to 9 , lining up the letters of the alphabet in 3 rows underneath the prime numbers, assigning the letters numbers, and then adding them all together according the letters in Obama's name. Next, he reversed the letters of the alphabet in this vertical position starting with Z instead of A and repeated the process. Adding them forward and backward horizontally and then again vertically forward and backward came to a sum of 666. Amazingly, he even flipped the numbers on the vertical section, starting with 9 and going down to 1 and assigning the alphabet both from a to z, and then z to a, and it still came out to 666.

The person who did this work claims to have taken a course in statistics, and he said it was statistically impossible for these calculations to have occurred. He did a few more amazing coincidences with his name within the youtube video but I don't remember them now.

The first time I watched the video, I was a little overwhelmed. Then I went back and paused the sections in between to study the process the poster had used. Next, I sat with pencil and paper and went through the whole process myself to make sure the poster wasn’t lying. Next I tried doing it with my own name- not even close!!!

I have often thought that Obama fits the false prophet scenario as well, in view of his amazing popularity on the world stage and his multiple religious and cultural affiliations.

Only time will tell however, and there's plenty of other characters to fit the bill as well, though none so well known as him, IMHO.
Just happened to look at Anders post ( the link is on Bjorn's blog) and found the subject matter similar to what we've been discussing here:

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