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I have a mandatory meeting out of the office Tuesday night from 7 to 9 pm which will make it difficult, if not impossible to personally do my themicroeffect show.  Sarah Leslie, owner of the popular and well read blogspot Herescope, and editor of Conscience Magazine has agreed to guest host the program for me tomorrow night.  She has been a popular, well-received guest in the past.  Sarah informs me she will probably do the program on an obscure but growing in popularity New Age subject of "Fractals."  I will be picking up the mp3 version on line later.  Sarah is very talented and it should be a greatly entertaining as well as educational program.

Stay tuned!

Biblically Breakings News From Israel
brough to you by Aviad Cohen


Maariv Newspaper announces Israel will be first to
implement mandatory RFID chips in hands of it's citizens

Before we get into this latest late breaking news, I would like to share this quote:

"On October 3, 1940, the Vichy government of France passed the first Statut des Juifs (Jewish Statute). The law was modeled on the German Nuremberg Laws. Jews living in Vichy France were required to have their identification cards stamped with the word Juif (Jew). Moreover, they were not permitted to change residences, and they had to inform the police about any changes in marital status. The laws effectively enabled the regime to keep tabs on the Jews."
Source: http://www.holocaustchronicle.org/StaticPages/204.html

Dear friends, it's Aviad Cohen reporting from Israel. Here is the scenario: I am standing in the living room of a Jewish friend's home in Israel this evening. He is sitting down reading Maariv newspaper's "Sof Shavua (End of The Week). He starts to translate some Hebrew to me about how an article from the 11.14.08 newspaper is stating how the Israeli government is passing (or has passed) a law where all citizens will be required to have RFID chips implanted into their hand. Keep in mind this lengthy article is "six" pages long (666 get a hint). I started to explain to him about how the Bible prophesies about this. He also mentions that in the article it states that Israel will be the first country to implement the RFID chip as mandatory for all citizens. I was not shocked when I received this news since the Bible prophesies this happening, as mentioned in the Brit Chadasha (New Testament) in the book of Revelation. I just did not think that it would happen this fast and first out of all places, in Israel?. Keeping "tabs on Jews" is a red flag of something bad that is coming up ahead. For Israel to claim that they will be the first to establish the mark of the beast (mark on the hand) is a shock. How would Holocaust victims with tattoos on their arms from concentration camps react to the RFID chip implant? This is disgusting and even more disgusting is how many Jews will blindly/ignorantly take it in the name of "countering terrorism." Who are the real terrorists? That remains to be the "big brother" question. I think the only ones who need to have tabs kept on them are the psychos who are coming up with "chipping people." They are the real terrorists.

For most Israeli citizens hearing this news does not make that much sense since they do not read the Brit Chadasha and do not understand that what is going on today has been prophesied about in the Bible, but to a Yehudi Meshichi (Messianic Jew) like me, it makes total sense since I am "Scripturally Informed." Here is an excerpt from the Brit Chadasha:

Revelation 14:9-11

9 Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, 10 he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. 11 And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.”

Now in Hebrew:

?????????????? ?????? ??

9 ???????? ?????, ??????????, ???? ?????????? ??????? ??????? ???????: "???? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????? ?????????? ???? ??? ??????? ??? ??? ?????, 10 ???? ???? ????????? ??????? ?????? ???????? ????????? ??????? ??????? ??????????? ??????; ????????? ??????? ?????????? ??????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????? ??????. 11 ?????? ????????? ??????? ?????????? ????????? ????? ???????? ????? ???????? ?????? ????????? ?????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ??????? ???????????? ??? ???? ???????."

Revelation 13:16-18

16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or[f] the name of the beast, or the number of his name.18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

Now in Hebrew:

?????????????? ?????? ??

16 ?????? ????????? ?????? ?????????, ???????????? ??????????????, ???????????? ?????????????, ?????????????? ????????????, ????????? ????? ???? ??? ??? ???????? ??? ??? ???????, 17 ?????? ??????? ?????? ????? ???????? ??? ???????? - ?????? ??? ???????? ??? ??????, ???? ???????? ??? ???????? ???????. 18 ??????? ?????????. ??? ?????????? ???, ????????? ??? ??? ???????? ????????, ???? ???????? ????? ???? ???????????? ????? ?????? ??????????? ???????.

Will I take this "mark" on my forehead or hand? No. Might it be that not conforming to this strange mandatory forceful request by the Israeli government will cost me my life? Possibly. How will the Orthodox Jews, secular or Messianic Jews in Israel respond to such a strange request which forcibly violates their privacy to the extreme level? Will they take it? Will even the Messianic Jews in Israel take it? As I get more of this article somehow translated, I will do my best to make it available to the public online. If you have a copy of this online in English, please link me to it. You can contact me here.

I would like to thank everyone who has written in with nice comments. At this point I am not able to respond to most emails since I am super busy and doing what I can to get more situated here in Israel, but I do read your comments and thank you for taking the time to write me back. Brief comments sent in are preferred. Please understand if I do not comment back. I have limited internet access at this point. Having to re-establish my life here is a challenge but with Adonai, all things are possible. Funds are also limited and I am working on finding a job here and at the same time I am spending money on food, transportation and even clothes, since I did not prepare for Israel to have cold weather. Thank you to those of you who have decided to financially help out the best way that you can. It's difficult to find an apartment, redo my resume, re-learn the language, find a job and handle all necessary re-entry in the country paperwork including health insurance, etc - all at the same time. If you would like to send in support, you can do so here. It is definitely helpful.

If not for Yeshua the Messiah I would still be a wandering and uninformed Jew. By Yeshua's stripes I am healed and so are you! Even during such uncertain and chaotic times like the ones we are living in right now, I know that if I want to know what is going on and the promises that Adonai has given to me, I just have to read His Word. It's also nice to know that I have "eternal life insurance" thanks to Yeshua Messiah. Do you? If not, you should get some. Read the Bible and you will find out how. Hint: Salvation is free. It's now just more of the case of if you want it or not.

I find it to be rather interesting that there are many Israeli Jews in Israel who are not followers of Yeshua Messiah, yet they love to listen to my music and are intrigued when I share the Scriptures with them. If only I got settled enough and in a better financial situation to be able to make another album in Israel. Making an album is expensive. People have asked me before to sing in Hebrew. Since I am now living in Israel, perhaps I will. That would be interesting. At this point I am not able to do this for many reasons (time, finances and circumstances) but maybe one day I will when I get more of my ducks in order. I hope to land a full time job working for a company here and hopefully during some free time (if I have any) I will eventually be in more of a position to record more music and distribute it online for free.

In closing, regarding this new late breaking news about big brother conducting a "severe digital census" in Israel, I see that on the article's first two pages, the top half of two of the pages have a large spread of a pixelated eye looking at the reader in black and white. Never in my entire life have I ever lived during a time of such turmoil and chaos. Adonai is making it clear to people that His Word is TRUTH and to heed to His commandments. The world as we know it is changing and this "change" is not good. Would I still tell Jews to return to Israel? Absolutely. Irregardless of what happens here, at least I know I am in the land where Adonai wants all Jews to be.

In all honesty I prefer that this article was not real, but unfortunately it is. I am staring at it sitting on the chair next to me. I looked at the cover of the newspaper and it has an illustration of a man in the dark but standing in a yellow spot light, being chased by a giant green robotic hand with red sensors on it's finger tips. On the top left it mentions something about the book "1984" and below it says in Hebrew "Ha Ach HaGadol" which translated into English means "The Big Brother."

Here is some information on the RFID chip:

About RFID:

The Atlantic: Hitler's Willing Business Partners
A shocking account of IBM's complicity with the Nazis is a reminder that people bear moral responsibility for the actions of the corporation & mdasha point that critics have failed to grasp.

IBM, Verichip and The Fourth Reich

IBM & The Holocaust

Video of an RFID chip being inserted into a human:

This is how IBM is hyping RFID chips to manipulate people into thinking that getting "chipped" is cool and convenient:

FreeMasons "Chip" Children At Fair (SHOCKING)

DisneyThumbscanning It's "Sheep"

Kids Being Indoctrinated To Accept Biometric ID's At School

FDA Approves Implanted RFID Chip For Humans

"Tangent Break" :)

I spoke to the son of a father who is in charge of a leading Messianic Jewish ministry in Israel and told him that RFID chips can be found in passports. He kinda laughed at me and thought I was being paranoid when I mentioned this. What was once considered conspiracy is now revealing itself as hard reality. Some people are seriously lacking discernment. It has been rather interesting for me to see more Orthodox and Secular Jews more in tune with what is going on today than some Messianic Jews who were raised up as Messianic Jews or in the Messianic Movement and "live in a bubble." It has been interesting though to find Messianic Jews in Israel, the USA and abroad who are not "living in a bubble" and who get it. Unfortuantely, many don't and I have met people who have chosen to be "spoiled by their salvation" and sit on their butts and just claim to be saved and don't witness to non-believers (especially to non-believing Jews).

Living in a Messianic Shtetl is not always the best idea. It's impossible to witness to Jews who do not know Yeshua when you huddle up in a corner with other Jewish believers and try to "act out your Jewishness" attempting to justify your faith in a Messiah who most Jews think is a false prophet. My name is Aviad Cohen, I am a Jew and I don't have to prove my "Jewishness" to anyone nor to myself. If not for Yeshua Messiah, I would not care to be a Jew, would not care to read the Tanakh or even the Brit Chadasha, would not keep Adonai's commandments, would have changed my Jewish name to some goyisha name, would still be eating porn n shrimp and who knows what else, would not be keeping Shabbat or the Biblical feasts, would be dating a bunch of girls..., would be involved in crazy New Age occultism and other cults, but because of Yeshua Messiah, He's made me a real Torah keeping Jew and I don't do that other messed up stuff anymore. We are called to go out and share the Good News and make disciples, not "be under the authority of severely overprotective and in everyone's business kind of people" keeping away from non-believers and remaining in a Messianic Shtetl. How will anyone know about Yeshua if you stick to hiding in a Messianic Shtetl? I prefer to be around non-believing Jews. I get to share the Truth with them and boy are they listening. Adonai uses me to inspire them to open up the Tanakh and start to read it. Once they gain that foundation, they will be interested in opening up the Brit Chadasha. I did. Please note that I am not saying that we are to not have fellowship with believers, but just make sure not to get "sucked into the bubble." If you do, you won't be any different than the Haredi Jews. Be Set-Apart. Part of that involves "going out" and sharing the Truth, not just doing some Davidic Dancing each "Saturday" in a Messianic Congregation in the "USA" while your non-beleiving Jewish neighbors are currently going to hell because sharing the Good News with them is inconvenient and you are afraid of rejection or if they might beat you because you tell them the Truth. If Shaul (Paul) huddled up in a Messianic Shtetl all day long (the same goes with the other emmisaries of Yeshua Messiah) nobody would have ever known the Truth. Break out of the Messianic Shtetl and start sharing the Truth, unless you prefer that your neighbor's go to hell. Part of Adonai's commandments is to love your neighbor. I can't see loving my neighbor as being someone who refuses to share the Good News with them because it will bring upon persecution.

Now back to our main topic....

Was I the first person to report this news about Israel getting ready to be the first nation to be "chipped"? I hope not, because this is MASSIVE news. Can somebody find the English translation of this article in Maariv online? If I was not in Israel, how would I have ever known this and then shared it with you?

What will happen with the Israelis who refuse to take the mark of the beast (RFID chip in their hand)? Will they be fined, jailed, killed? What if I did not enter the living room and my friend did not show me this article? I would never have known about this one world government technology tsunami which is about to violate the rights of every Israeli citizen living in Israel. If you hear any more news about this specifically pertaining to Israel, please let me know.

Aviad Cohen

This is from WND, regarding a horrible incident in San Francisco.
I looked but didn't see it posted, so if it already has been sorry.


Avaid -
so where did you get the info regarding announces Israel will be first to
implement mandatory RFID chips in hands of it's citizens ?
I do not see a link or the article - please forgive me if I missing am something?

I'm not sure that I'm buying this Cohen story. If you go to the Barack Obama Antichrist blog, the blog owner posted this story on 11/7/2008.

see here:


I've been suspicious of that antichrist blog for a while anyway, but how could the story come out in the Maariv newspaper a week after he posts the story?

I am hoping the story is false, anyway!

young grasshopper
Perhaps someone here who knows someone who can translate Hebrew can translate the article?



This is very disturbing but I am hoping it's a hoax.

I do not mean to be disrespectful to Aviad, -I just can't believe this would happen and know one knows anything about it.

Aviad, I hope I didn't offend you. I am sorry. Too much coffee. Please forgive me.

I need to pray in the morning before I read this blog!


Here's a different link to the article from Aviad Cohen-


I think this is definitely not a true story. If it was true other papers like The Jerusalem Post would also have stories about it. On the link that SV just posted, this person Aviad asks for donations. I am very leery about this, and think it's probably dis-information.

Young Grasshopper
Constance -
Are you going to be on TruNews today?

Trunews.com for those who do not have the sight -

Thanks for the sight for the article SV

Off subject but,
Did anyone else besides me ever feel like
tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
creeps in this petty pace from day to day
and all our yesterdays have lighted fools
the way to dusty death ?
I mean, Out ! Out brief candle. Life is like
a walking shadow; a tale told by an idiot;
full of sound and fury, but signifying
nothing, y'know what I mean ?

I'd rather be the candle. (lol)


The folks over at the Guardian have an article up that states Hillary will indeed accept the Secretary of State. It also mentions how Obama has reached out to McCain in an effort to further his agenda. My question would be, if someone were so opposed to Obama's aquaintences,going so far as to call them dangerous, why then would they be willing to support that persons goals? This, at least to me, would be a moral conflict of interest. Funny how now that the election is over, Obama's only viable opposition during his campaign, have now become his closest confidants.



Sounds like a Jesuit plot- control both sides to ensure that you maintain control.

According to the following article, it's the Jesuits who worship Lucifer,that control the Vatican and everything else, and who wrote the Protocols of Zion, so the real Jews would be despised. They are the real Zionists, and responsible for Nazism and every war throughout the ages. First 33 pages are boring, last 6 are more relevant and would explain the link between Farrakhan and Karen Armstrong which someone noticed in an earlier thread.


Also explains why the Clintons are back. Remember Jesuit Carroll Quigley of Georgetown and his mentoring of Clinton?

Fits together. Also helps answer another question that was asked here recently: Why the Book of Enoch was removed from Canon. The book contained too much info about the roots of these other-dimensional "deceivers" and minions of Lucifer.

The following link has more , linking the Jesuits with the Illuminati:

Check out the tiny url #.

An accident?

Mike H.
It isn’t clear to me whether the Aviad Cohen in the first comment is 50 Shekel a former Jewish rapper from New York City, who converted to Christianity in 2004 or another Aviad Cohen. We’ve got no way to confirm it for sure unless he himself would say so.The information may have been copied and pasted by another person for us to evaluate.
According to a write-up I found this morning, the “original article in Hebrew states the technology is 'available' to implant RFID chips but it DOES NOT SAY as is being claimed that 'The Israeli government is passing (or has passed) a law where all citizens will be required to have RFID chips implanted into their hand.' “

Joyce, Are you able to confirm the translation given at this site? Thanks for your input.



The above site links to this Hebrew language article and says the translation is not accurate.



For anyone interested, here is a video featuring Aviad Cohen
and the 50 Shekel website. –Rudi



To JD (3:52 PM):

Re: Obama's only viable opposition during his campaign, have now become his closest confidants.

Yes, because they are all "players on the world stage" . . . waiting for the curtain to rise.

All of the presidential candidates belong to at least one (if not all three) of the New World Order organizations: the Bilderberg group, Trilateral Commission, or the Council on Foreign Relations.

They are all "on the same page."
Wasn't Adam Weishaup a Jesuit, before he
invented the Illuminati out of thin air ?
To Paul (8:59 PM)

Re: Adam Weishaup

He was born and raised in Ingolstadt, where he attained the rank of Professor of Canon Law in 1772. Though he was educated by Jesuits and was clearly influenced by the discretion, loyalty and the hierarchic obedience of the Society of Jesus and was for a time a member of their order, his appointment as Professor of Natural and Canon Law at the University of Ingoldstadt in 1775 offended them. He broke with them and became increasingly liberal in his religious and political views, favoring deism and a kind of millennial natural order that swept aside states and organized religion.
On September 12, 2008, Terry Melanson wrote in his "Illuminati Conspiracy Part Two: Exegesis on the Available Evidence" --

"Weishaupt was only educated by the Jesuits, had never been one himself, and was in fact pathologically hostile toward the Jesuits or Jesuitism - anything to do with monasticism, religious absolutism, or 'superstitious folly' and obscurantism. Before and after the suppression of the Society of Jesus in 1773, his quarrels with the Jesuit staff at the University of Ingolstadt were legendary. Another interesting fact - as opposed to the made up ones - is that the feeling was mutual. So much so, that the real persecuting hand behind the suppression of the Illuminati in Bavaria descended from the fanatic 'ex'-Jesuit and court confessor, Ignaz Franck. The latter also happened to be the head of the Munich Circle of the Golden and Rosy Cross (Gold - und Rosenkreuzer) - thus the rumours of a joint Rosicrucian-Jesuit plot to destroy the Illuminati doesn't seem so far fetched.* The Rosicrucians at that time had adhered to a zealous type of mystical conservatism. Hence the basic dialectic of the Enlightenment was this: Philosophes + Freemasonry + Illuminati (opposing) Jesuits + the Church + Rosicrucians. Anything challenging this basic analysis - easily apprehended even to a newbie of 18th century European history - and you'd better come armed with incredibly persuasive evidence."
—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Avi ben Mordechai
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2008 4:26:21 AM
Subject: Israeli Citizens To Receive RFID Chips?
"I met with Aviad personally to discuss the matter that he presented to the public and to also have a physical look at the article in the paper. Also, Dina studied it. The gist of the 5 page article, as it appears in the Hebrew edition of the paper is this: the story is in fact about a new regulation that is going to require that RFID chips be carried by Israelis; however, the chip will be put into our Israeli National ID, NOT IMPLANTED INTO THE HAND. Aviad misunderstood the information in the article and he feels very bad about circulating his original story and deeply apologizes for creating such a stir. It was an innocent oversight on his part and he wants everyone to know that he will try to be more careful the next time.
In any case, the RFID chip is in fact going to be built into all new Israeli National IDs (the Teudat Zehut) and I am assuming that all existing National IDs will be eventually retrofitted with the new RFID chip that is going to be mandatory for all Israeli citizens. Regardless, this is really nothing new considering that the USA is already issuing passports and drivers’ licenses with RFID chips in them. Other countries are also doing similar things. Okay, so the next logical step for Israel is obviously to obey its masters (Deuteronomy 28:43-44) because we are a rebellious nation that refuses to repent and obey the written Torah of Moshe. As a result, we must bear our punishment as we are being led down a path that requires us to step into line, serve the laws of our masters (Ezekiel 20:23-25), and obey the NWO bosses and their plans for global control of the world and its populations. Furthermore, keep in mind that Israel is ready for the RFID chip because we already have and are required to carry on our person at all times our National ID anyway! So, it’s a simple matter of putting the chip into an already existing document that we need for everyday life here..."

Link to entire email-

I received an email from a Messianic believer in Israel about this subject. He said that Israeli government is implementing National I.D. cards with RFID technology. This is a first step towards an implanted chip. It appears that Aviad made a mistake, but unfortunately, we will all be facing some form of this some day.

For those who are reading this blog, I suppose most of you are aware, but when the time comes that you are offered "a mark" it would be better that you cannot buy and sell than to take the mark which will condemn you eternally. I have always wondered if the mark was some kind of device that would force people to "worship the beast". In Scientific American this month there was an interesting article about electronic mind control being developed. I'm sure the technology already exists..

Just read your comments and those were the same comments that I saw.

I believe some history and clarification is in order here:

The word "illuminati" is a Greek word meaning "illumination" and was ORIGINALLY given to those who submitted to Christian baptism.

Later, groups such as Alumbrados (a mystical 16th century Spanish sect) were among those who adopted the name "illuminati" and used it for their own agenda. It later became "pervrerted" by groups with a gnostic agenda.

St. Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) founded the Society of Jesus (the Jesuit priesthood) in the year 1534.

To lump ALL Jesuit priests in with the current evil "Illuminati" is not only to do an injustice to all of the good, God-fearing Jesuit priests in the world - but also to border on slander.

I personally know of many good Jesuit priests - from those Jesuits who taught the late NBC host of "Meet The Press" Tim Russert at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York . . . to my husband who was taught by the Jesuit theologan and philosopher, Father Vincent P. Miceli in the 1950's at St. John's Grade School in Shreveport, Lousiana. Father Miceli went on to become a famous author, with his nationwide best seller, "The Gods of Atheism" in 1971.

Yes, Sstan is alive and well and infiltrating ALL of our religions these days, but Satan does not discriminate. He is an equal opportunity offender and may be coming soon to a church near YOU!!!
Thanks SV and Joyce for the clarification. - Rudi

While we are on the topic of beastly technology. I believe it was Constance who said that she assumed there would be a physical side effect to these chips. I did a very small bit of looking and it appears there is, CANCER. Now considering how brief the amount of time will be between mandatory implants as described in Rev 13, and the first bowl judgement from 16, this must cause harm in a quick manner. I also assume if they are to make this mandatory studies like these will likely disappear and since they may be usefull in the future, one may want to archive them.



Verichip of course is denying this


Another incident:

"Sparks fly as 'gay' activist mob swarms Christians"
Residents of homosexual district: 'We're going to kill you. We know who you are'"

"Hundreds of homosexual activists rushed out of bars and swarmed a group of Christians who were singing songs
in San Francisco's Castro District – and some even threatened to kill the worshippers."

Article & Video:

Just to be clear;
I didn't mean to imply that Jesuits were
evil. That's why I said he (Weishaupt)
"was a Jesuit BEFORE he invented the

I do have to wonder about a society
which is secretive, when Jesus himself
wasn't secretive, though.
The Jesuits were and are famous for
their secretiveness. Why is that
necessary ?
Thanks for the microchip links.
The human body is hermetically sealed.
Of course it responds to any invasion !
Of course this info is lost on all the
silly people who get pierced and

Right again, Constance.
To Paul (7:29 AM):

See post from Anonymous (9:59 PM):
"Weishaupt was only educated by the Jesuits, had never been one himself, and was in fact pathologically hostile toward the Jesuits . . ."

As for the Jesuits' secretiveness:
It is obvious that an organization so vast (the largest in the Roman Catholic Church) covering the globe, and engaged in so many activities, some open and honorable, and others secret, delicate and 'jesuitical' would have to have a set of rules and regulations for its own internal control much more detailed and stringent than the conventional 'rules' or 'constitutions' of St. Benedict, St. Francis or the other orders and congregations.

It is also important to remember that every organization (religious, political, or otherwise) is made up of FLAWED human beings.

St. Ignatius Loyola would probably be turning over in his grave at the direction that SOME Jesuits have taken the religious order that he founded back in 1534.

For that matter, Christianity itself is moving far away from what Jesus intended over 2,000 years ago.

That's how we KNOW we are living in the "last days" and are awaiting His return.
the father of the New Age is considered by many to be Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. He was a Jesuit.

Malachi MArtin wrote about a sect of Jesuits that worshipped Lucifer and were invloved in the New World Order plan in Windswept House.

There are good and bad Jesuits. It's too bad Pope John Paul 2 didn't throw the bad ones out and put a stop to the Roman CAtholic Church's involvement in the Universal Church of MAn.Maybe the protestant churches would have then taken a cue from t hat good and godly man.

Pope John PAul 1 was murderd for knowing too much, although we were told he died from a heart attck.

Shades of Tim Russert?
To Anonymous (8:57 AM):

Most Catholics have long suspected that Pope John Paul I's death in September, 1978 (just one month into his papacy) was not of natural causes.

However, are you suggesting that Tim Russert was murdered? That's quite a stretch!!!
Actually, if you want to get "technical":

Satam (appearing in the form of a serpent to Eve) was really the "father" of the New Age Movement. That is where it all began when he tried to convince Eve, "Ye shall be as gods."
Correction on spelling:

That was "Satan" (in the Garden of Eden).
That's just a little sign of things to come. Last week's Torah portion ( read by Jews all over the world) was Sodom and Gomorrah...What's particularly striking about that passage is the militancy of the homosexuals..

Gen. 19:4-9 Before they lay down, athe men of the city, the men of Sodom, surrounded the house, both young and old, all the people from every quarter; and they called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have relations with them.” But Lot went out to them at the doorway, and shut the door behind him, and said, “Please, my brothers, do not act wickedly. “Now behold, I have two daughters who have not 1had relations with man; please let me bring them out to you, and do to them whatever you like; only do nothing to these men, inasmuch as they have come under the shelter of my roof.” But they said, “Stand aside.” Furthermore, they said, “This one came in as an alien, and already ahe is acting like a judge; now we will treat you worse than them.” So they pressed hard against Lot and came near to break the door.

It's the same spirit operating in this story as in the video. I know most of us know this, but reading the passage right after watching the video, really brings it home.

our hope is in what the Scriptures say...In the words of Shimon Kefa ( Peter):

2Pet. 2:4-11 For aif God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to pits of darkness, reserved for judgment; and did not spare athe ancient world, but preserved Noah, a preacher of righteousness, with seven others, when He brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly; and if He condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to destruction by reducing them to ashes, having made them an bexample to those who would live ungodly lives thereafter; and if He rescued righteous Lot, oppressed by the sensual conduct of unprincipled men(for by what he saw and heard that righteous man, while living among them, felt his righteous soul tormented day after day by their lawless deeds), then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from temptation, and to keep the unrighteous under punishment for the bday of judgment, and especially those who indulge the flesh in its corrupt desires and despise authority. Daring, self-willed, they do not tremble when they revile angelic majesties, whereas angels who are greater in might and power do not bring a reviling judgment against them before the Lord.

I expect things will get much worse in this regard...especially with the very "tolerant" administration...We will be guilty of hate crimes if we try to stand for righteousness. Kids will be subjected to learning about alternative "marriages" in schools. Religious institutions will lose their tax-exempt status if they don't hire homosexuals, etc, etc.

If there are still ten righteousness men in the US, Lord, will you spare us? It's time for us to intercede as Abraham did because the demonic spirit behind all of this is what is gaining control. If these people will not come to repentance, they will be judged, but if we don't cry out for our cities and nations then we have lost our saltiness and are good for nothing, but being trampled under foot..

The risk in all of this is that we feel so overwhelmed and defeated that we no longer feel as though are prayers are being heard. Even though God judged, Sodom and Gomorrah, for the sake of Abraham, He removed Lot and Lot's family. They continued to make poor choices, but nonetheless, Ruth is a descendant of Lot...For the sake of His name, we need to keep interceding for our cities and pray for God's mercy, and for His protection on the righteous. I know lots of wonderful believers in California which was on fire this week.. I couldn't help wondering if Arnold Schwarzzeneger's call to the gays to "keep fighting" did not bring judgement. I won't say that, but every time he opens his mouth on this subject, I have noticed fires. Fire is a sign of the judgement to come..Without saying I know this is reason for the fires, because I don't I just find the timing interesting. We all need to realize that He has strategically called us for "such a time as this" and go boldly to His throne of grace.


Thank you for the link to the World Net Daily story out of San Francisco.
I thought it was curious that the Christian group that was attacked by the gays is from IHOP, the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. I wanted to point that out.

Herescope has had a lot of negative things to say about IHOP, so I'm glad this article shows that those people from IHOP are willing to take risks for Jesus, in spite of the fact they are considered heretics by some.

Once before I think I mentioned here that too often we grieve the Holy Spirit when we are quick to point fingers at other Christian churches whose theologies don't mesh perfectly with our own.

After re-reading the following article from Herescope, I once again came away with the conclusion that many evangelical churches are doing far more good than bad these days, but they are being tagged with great big H'S in much the same way that Hester Prynne was tagged with a great big "A".

The devil has certainly penetrated many churches with false doctrine and now sadly, the baby gets thrown out with the bath water. But if we are careful to not allow ourselves to fall into the enemy's own camp by continually pointing fingers and passing judgment, I think there is great power in Christian unity.

Mark 9: 38-41 reminds us that Jesus told his apostles that the man who was not part of their group, but who was casting out demons in the name of Jesus, should not be rebuked. He said that whoever is not against us if FOR US!

I don't know what the solution is, since we certainly also need to be on guard against grievous heresies within our churches. But it is certainly obvious that the devil is having a hey day in trying to prevent good Christians from spreading the seeds of the kingdom, through using the words that other good Christians use against their own brethren.

Herescope link to IHOP is here:


I just realized this important
new acronym:
Identification =ID,
+Internet of Things= IoT
which adds up to what they
perceive us to be.

_Though "Citizen of World" ( COW )
would do just as well.

Thanks also for the information on Aviad Cohen's article.

As I tried to point out yesterday in my 8:59 comment, at the blog that calls itself Barack Obama the Antichrist?, I noticed that the blog's administrator had posted Aviad's story on NOVEMBER 7th!

I left a comment on the blog (comment moderation is imposed there), that basically asked him how he could post an article 7 days before it supposedly came out in the Maariv newspaper? Today I noticed that the post of November 7th has been removed from his blog.

I have been suspicious of that blog for a long time, now I am almost convinced that there might be intentional dis-information being spread on blogs like that. And if enough Christians read stories like Aviad's and believe them, and pass them to their friends who pass them to other friends- well- sooner or later it makes us Christians look like a bunch of kooks. I think that's the intention.

Let's be careful.

Interesting article from the WSJ. Atheists want to swell their membership:


It seems that the Godless have become quite emboldened lately!

Hi Joyce (and Rudi),

Everyone, please forgive me for the length of this post...

My family was one of those in the midst of those fires. We evacuated when the flames got into the neighbor's trees across from our house, it was 3:40 Sunday morning. The Lord has placed a fairly substantial burden on my heart as a result of the weekend's "adventures", something I need to still ponder over more and drive deeply into my spirit, for appreciation and understanding.

We have been meeting with the 2 additional families that live at the end of the street, as we do, meeting to pray for our nation, our leaders, and to thank the Lord for His plan and protection, to submit ourselves to His will being done. Many things.

On the day the fires started, we became alert, but they were many miles away. We all live in an area where those remote hills are our backyard. We regularly hiked up to a knoll to watch the progress of smoke to the west. Through the day that smoke continued to the west, but we remained watchful. Mid-afternoon the fire marshals expressed concern that the fire was spreading somewhat laterally, so we made decisions to prepare ourselves to evacuate, but to make a stand until that point. But as we continued to watch, the fires and smoke continued to go west. We packed up everything of value, and in our case it meant preparing quite a few critters also, not a small task. We loaded up, and then watered and watched and waited. If we left right away, it would easily be several days before we would be allowed back in. We preferred to stay.

At midnight one of the families left. We remained, and the family across from us had also chosen to stay. By 2 a.m. we were now seeing a strong pink glow coming from behind our neighbor's house, but we still smelled no smoke, and the winds were quite calm for us. We made our last walk up the hill and now saw that the ridges were obscured by a solid wall of pink smoke. BUT, it was still heading west. At 3 a.m. we noticed the wind had picked up and now we were getting the smoke and ash. (Connecting with a neighbor down the hill later, he said that when he left around midnight, the smoke and ash was blowing straight down the street and he knew it was time to leave, but we above were not aware of that).

At 3:00 a.m. the fires turned north, and we watched as rapidly billowing pink/orange smoke turned into rapidly coiling 20' flames behind our neighbor hold-out, and then the trees in his backyard caught fire. At this point, those folks were unable to leave because the firecrews had parked them in. We knew we now had to go, our horses were calm, but should the tree above them catch, things could have gotten worse. And it was now obvious that we had stayed as long as we could, and needed to leave it to the professionals.

All that day we didn't know if we had homes to return to. We had our most valuable things, our kids and our critters, and the other mandatories we had already packed, but we also knew there were many others that had already lost their homes. Late that afternoon, we were informed that there had been no structures lost in our area. We wept.

That evening we were allowed back on temporary emergency passes, but it was 9:30 at night, and we couldn't see what had been touched by flame. We all showered and slept, it had been a long 40 hours without. How grateful we were for warm water and beds!

In the morning we walked out astonished, as we gathered with the family that had been blocked in, and surveyed what had taken place. We were surrounded by a moonscape, right up to our property lines. And the most amazing thing was that none of us had lost a tree, a twig, a bush, we had suffered no loss of any sort.

We gathered together that evening with several of the families to have a prayer gathering of thanks to the Lord for His protection.

I am sorry that this is so long, perhaps it's part of the catharsis needed for the type of experience, but the stronger lesson seemed to be that, first, it was, and is, wise to prepare for the approaching storms, to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. Second, we had been praying for the Lord's protection for some time, and as believers He has promised His presence to be always with us, but at this time we made special petitions to Him. He seemed to answer that from the reality that everything we have been "stewards" of was also saved and preserved unharmed (I was even running down the street to toss a toad into our front yard, he was trying to escape the firetrucks). I have thought about Rahab, who brought into her small room all her family and their households, and they all were saved. That has lately seemed to be a strongly-impressed account that I am going to ponder for quite some time. We strongly feel that God spread His wings over us, and protected us, and all that He has put into our hands to care for. So many times we have prayed to Him on that very subject.

I guess my closing thoughts are these...we can do our best, to look ahead, speculate what is coming, how best to prepare, try to cover all the contingencies, and even with all that "preparation" you have no idea until you are looking it in the teeth. Things can change shape so quickly, change direction so fast, come upon you so suddenly, that you can never be prepared for all the possibilities. The only thing we can truly do is trust the Lord, and we don't really know how to do that until we are thrown into a situation beyond our scope or scale. In the midst of all the increasing upheaval and birth throes that this world is going to endure (and that is painfully, frighteningly apparent from the current information I come to this site to receive), He really is our Rock and our Refuge. He really is our shelter in the storm. Were we frightened? Probably, I don't know really, but I know we were intensely focused and purposeful in moving as fast as possible. I don't know if we had the luxury of time to feel fright. We will all need to do what our individual circumstances dictate, but God is in the midst of each one of those situations. He truly, truly is, I don't know how to express any stronger. As we are seeing, it seems literally all hell is breaking out, and yet He is so "right there", even in the midst of the turmoil.

I am still extracting the nuggets out of this experience, so am sure there is even more that is important, but right now I wanted to share with you on the thought of judgment on California. If it was an act of judgment, which I don't deny and also agree with, the Lord still is faithful to His children in the midst of it.

hugs to all

Lovely testimony. I am often in awe of the way the Lord will protect us and show Himself in the face of catastrophic circumstances. In your case it was by not allowing even one blade of grass to be singed by what in all right should have been a certain catastrophy. His mercy surely endures forever.


The groups 2nd in comand has reportedly released a statement in which he calls Obama a "house negro", saying he does the bidding of whites. Is it just me or does this set funny with antone else?


It makes no difference how many
African Americans become Muslim.
Islam has always been and always
will be racist. Blacks are considered
lower and lesser than Arabs. Unless
you think that there hasn't really
been any trouble in Darfur, or that
it's not racially motivated.
Yeah, right.
To Sarah (11:37 AM):

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

My husband and I can certainly relate. In September, we evacuated Hurricane "Ike" (here in the Houston area) and spent 2 weeks with friends in Dallas.

We were also fortunate to return home to discover no damage to our home (even though other homes in our subdivision had roof damage).

We got down on our knees and thanked God for being so good to us.

During an evacuation, your priorities become very clear about what really matters in life.

The EU is launching a digital library, in what is being touted as an attempt to compete with Google. Europeana digital library users will be able to browse film, paintings, sound files, maps, manuscripts, newspapers, documents, and books from the "privacy" of their home.



These are issues that simple brief overview of Islamic history will show. This however has went largely ignored by MSM. It just strikes me funny that this one comment is making circulation, with yet still no mention of this history. Add this to the first 100 days of office threat we have all heard so much about, as well as the recent "threats" this group has made, and it begins at least with me to set rather odd.

Paul & Mike H:

Maybe consider getting your nose out of your crossword puzzles or Tim LaHaye novels or whatever else you read (when your not reading the Bible)--if you actually read--and study up on some history of the Christian religion.

Ignatius of Loyola, a convert to Christianity, is one of the great saints of the Church, in the same vein as Augustine or Paul (two other converts, incidentally).

One can learn a great deal from studying the lives of these spiritual warriors, and how they lived their faith, in response to their calling.

We miss you.
Mike H,

You linked to an article about Count Hans Kolvenbach, that claims the the Jesuit General is in complete control of the entire international intelligence community, including the CIA, Mossad, etc. You also stated they control both sides in order to maintain control.

Right after I read through some of the article on Kolvenbach I heard on CNN that Obama is being encouraged by the Democrats to prosecute Bush and the CIA for torture and war crimes against prisoners. Obama replied that he did not want his first year in office to be tied up with that.

Certainly makes at least some of what you said seem legitimate.

However the connection of Jesuits to the NWO crowd seems pretty far-fetched.
Dear Sarah,
Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony.
Makes me think of my favorite hymn:
"Then sings my soul, my Savior, God to thee, how great Thou art! How great Thou art!"
Rejoicing that you and your family are safe and sound!

Joyce- Excellent points. As it was in the days of Noah…days of Lot - same spirit. “Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short."

Hi YG-
I went back to look at the blog you mentioned in your 8:59 comment,
and surprise, surprise, it no longer exists. About the video and article I gave the link for last night. Ever since I woke up this morning (before I read your comment at 11:13 AM) my spirit has been troubled as I thought about the account and what we as believers may miss when we focus on the two sides involved – (actually three counting the police). The reaction of the “'gay' activist mob” to the “group of Christians” may offer us more than just another example of hostilities between two opposing groups. Rather than the obvious, I’m trying to step back and look at what happened here from another perspective. This incident is very different in some important ways from the account in Michigan.
The Christians in Michigan were ambushed and unprovoked, an attempt was made to defile their place of worship and intimidate them and their families.
The young Christians in this more recent account had spent several days in San Francisco. They entered a well know sanctuary of perversion, the Castro District no less. The inevitable
response after several days of relative peace occurred at NIGHT. Something is very wrong with this picture. The more I thought about it, the more I find troubling. It has to do with a lack of wisdom on the part of the young Christians, There is a difference between faith and presumption. Could the young people have been in an area God had not told them to go? Could they have been operating under the assumption that they had the authority to trample on serpents and the evil would have to submit because they were “children of the king”. I don’t know all the answers, but I know something is wrong with the picture of what they did. For instance,
Unless I was absolutely certain I was walking in obedience to something the Lord had specifically told me to do, I would NEVER just assume His protection and go for an evening stroll down a dark alley because His word says, I should not be afraid for the terror by night or because I
Am promised he will give his angels charge over me, to keep me in all my ways. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and a haughty spirit before a fall. We are all going to have to practice on a personal level walking in obedience, and recognizing His voice. Being able to discern between His voice and that of a false shepherd who is merely quoting from His Word.
Awesome testimony. Evidence of Him, in whom we who believe, testify.
A powerful, personal, account revealing a faith that isn’t found by reading the
latest Christian best seller on the subject, or watching the most popular Christian tv teacher.
A faith that goes way beyond human understanding. Faith because we know Him.
HE is the substance of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen. The evidence of your faith in Him is not proved because He spared your home and shrubbery. The evidence of your faith is in knowing HIM and trusting Him before, during and after the trial. Even if you would have come back to an empty, smoldering, lot... HE still is. Before all things, holding all things together, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Thank you Sarah for your testimony. A little oil to add to our lamps. –Rudi

With all the sad and depressing news getting me down, I thought I would share some great news on the home front.

My daughter loose tooth came out this afternoon!! This was only the second (of 5) to come out by itself. Not only that it saved us about $100 (we had to have other pulled because of the placement of permanent teeth)!!!

Also, is anyone else having problems reaching fulfilled prophecy?
It is important to read and grasp this
Text of H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007


Passed -

Sorry, in court all day -- first chance to look in. I went to Aviad Cohen site and it appears he denies reports that Israel is making hand implants possible. Here is text from his website:

"welcome to AviadCohen.com

For those of you on my mailing list, the translated article will appear online within the next 24 hours or less. There is no news on any mandatory chip implants (yet). I sincerly apologize for any initial mistranslation. I am currently paying out of my pocket to have someone translate the article from Hebrew to English., since nobody has translated this article as of yet, that I have known about. Please note that there was some possible mentioning of RFID chip implants being done on items and animals. Will it eventually be done on people? It's already happening in Spain, the USA and many other countries (see Verichip), but from what I gather, it might eventually soon become mandatory. Look around at what is going on in this world. It doesn't take a genius to figure out where things are heading."

Dear Rudi,
Your insight was brilliantly stated! Thanks for sharing, I agree wholeheartedly!

In His Love,
Hi Dawn- Hurray on the tooth good news! :~D FP must be down. I can't access it this afternoon either. :~(
To Mike H:

Although the Jesuits have had their share of bad problems, the people calling all "a Jesuit plot" are by and large New Agers and/or drawing their inspiration from New Agers such as Eric Jon Phelps. The strategy of the New Age was to pit all target groups off against each other. Eric Jon Phelps relies heavily on Madame Blavatsky herself for inspiration and admitted he was published by a New Age outfit. Madame Blavatsky was an open admitted LUCIFERIAN. It is doubtful that something named SOCIETY OF JESUS is although there has been plenty of infiltration of that order as has been the case with about everything else.

Dear Sarah:

I am moved, touched, and rejoicing over your beautiful story of deliverance from the flames. The scripture impressed upon me when I began my work in 1981 was from Isaiah 43 here is how it goes:

"But now thus saith the Lord that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee and the rivers shall not overflow thee. When thou walketh through the fire, thou shalt not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. For I am the Lord thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour; I gave Egypt for thy ransom, Ethiopia and Seba for thee. Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honorable, and I have loved thee: therefore will I give men for thee and people for thy life. Fear not: For I am with thee . . . Even every one that is called by my name: for I ahve created him for my glory . . ."

It sounds like that precious promise was abundantly kept in your very sight! This gives me great encouragement!


Once again you have proven quite astute. Over on Bjorn's blog, you posted a comment, (I believe last Sunday), and asked where the post that I left went. You noted that our friend Paul had made a reference to it. I went back over to Farmer's blog today to see if there were any responses to my posting and was surprised to read your comment and find that mine had vanished, as if it never existed.

I copied the same post here, under Constance's "suicide thread". I have never done a duplicate blog posting before, but for some reason I was not comfortable just posting that info on Bjorn's site. I'm pretty sure Farmer didn't have anything to do with the disappearing act mind you, but posting certain information such as the coordinates for Pedralbes, and my insinuation that it was a demonically appropriate venue to house the new HQ of the Union of the Mediterranean, (i.e. see street view Dragon's Gate), may not be welcome info published so close to home. Of course I'm speculating about all this. It's probably just a coincidence that my post on the pagan nature of the Palace of Pedralbes vanished into thin air.

Yeah right. Beam me up Scotty.
Hi Rudi,

This is really troubling and scary stuff.

Regarding your comment of 4:14,- you are not the only one troubled, my friend.

I am very worried about the taking down of the ObamaAntichrist blog and here are some of the reasons.

#1 Whoever that blog administrator was, he remained anonymous the entire time he had the blog, with no way that anyone could contact him or determine who he was.

#2- That blog was always first or second in google's search engine, something that I thought was very weird, since in the early days of that blog, he had few readers.

#3- Why did he post the same article that was posted here by someone calling himself Aviad Cohen, a week before Cohen claimed the article came out in the newspaper? Do they think we Christians are stupid? Is it to pre-condition people to the idea of accepting National ID cards?

Back to my thoughts...
There was no way to contact him, where even I, under "Young Grasshopper" provided an email address where I could be contacted, for readers of my blog.

This person (the Obama Antichrist blog administrator) visited me once in the early stages of my blog. He commented on my blog, saying, "great minds think alike", or something like that. I then went to his blog and asked him in the comment section if he would consider adding my blog to his sidebar, (where he had some incredibly stupid links, like Glenn Beck asking Rev. Hagee if he thought Obama was the Antichrist), and there was no response whatsoever. I thought that like minded people would want to help each other out with readership, but evidently I was wrong.

I was struck by the fact that there was little analysis or thoughtful writing by the blog administrator, just a reposting of the most controversial Obama articles of the day, with lots of controversial comments to foment fear. In addition, whenever there were relevant comments , especially with links provided, that I thought were really significant- they were taken down. The hateful comments remained. I challenged the blog administrator a couple times on this and he/she never responded. I even asked Dorothy to check out the sight and she agreed with my suspicions. That's when I stopped visiting the blog altogether until the other day when I found the blog linked to Aviad Cohen's article through a google search.

Anyhow, the blog administrator may just be afraid, or feel his blog is no longer relevant since Obama won the election. However, the blog was still up and running when I checked it earlier today and noticed the Aviad Cohen article had been removed. So what do I think? I am hoping against hope that that was not a place where innocent people with fear in their hearts about Obama came to voice their fears and confusion, only to not know that Google was tracking their IP addresses to see who the anti-Obama people were. I feel it's truly likely in view of the fact that they took the blog down today after I caught them passing along dis-information.

This is truly upsetting, though not at all surprising.

My next thoughts, and I hope you'll bear with me, is that I took my blog down Sunday thanks to my husband planting fear in my head that THEY were going to come after me. It is also curious that Primegood was frightened and took his very informative blog down at about the same time.

Nonetheless, Sarah has blessed me today, and helped me know what I already knew- that the blood of Jesus covers me.

I was also very frightened by the increased traffic to my blog, right after the election. It seemed odd to go from approximately 1-200 hits a day to 600! In addition, I received two really scary emails to the email address that links to my blog in the past week. Both of the emails came from me! The first one said in the subject line: "Obama's children kidnapped!" The second one said, "McCain killed in car crash!"

Now I know I did not send myself these emails so someone has once again hacked into my account.

I saved one of them but never opened either. If anyone wants me to forward them the email, just let me know, so I can find out what's in it!

Back to the scenario in San Francisco- I belong to a church with IHOP leanings, as you may or may not know. I was especially distraught 2 Sundays ago by something that happened that day and I walked out. Yet, I love the people in that church and know I need the fellowship.

I truly do not know what to think anymore. You may be right about those kids not thinking clearly about danger because they have not received proper guidance from their church leaders.

When I get confused I paint. That's what I've been doing today.

Yet, I feel that painting is not what I should be doing if time is short, and based on what I know- time is very short.

Anyhow, thank-you for your comments. I am going to go and finish my painting because I really don't know what else to do.

Joyce said: “The risk in all of this is that we feel so overwhelmed and defeated that we no longer feel as though are prayers are being heard.”
Sarah’s family under the wings of the Lord gives us a time for thanks and faith.
When the Lord sets us in the cleft of the rock and passes by with an experience undeniable, I, we place the treasure in the jewelry box of I know that I know, and sometimes we let others in on it, and God is magnified; thus is Sarah’s story.
Rudi, your joy in Sarah, your rejoicing is inspiring; beautifully said; thank you. If you have not read Thomas Sowell today, you mike like is commentary.
Here is a quote: “The worst of all the reactions from people who act as if they have a right to win have come from gay activists in the wake of voter rejection of so-called "gay marriage," which is to say, redefining what marriage has meant for centuries.
Dear Old Man,

Hope that you'll read my long comment to Rudi that I just posted, especially regarding the emails I have been getting from myself!

I am afraid that we are really being watched and tracked to a much greater extent than before.

But we knew this would happen and we need only know that as Sarah, has said, that God is looking out for us.

Sarah, thank-you so much for your testimony!


WASHINGTON: "A last-minute Bush administration plan to grant sweeping new protections to health care providers who oppose abortion and other procedures on religious or moral grounds has provoked a torrent of objections, including a strenuous protest from the government agency that enforces job-discrimination laws.
The proposed rule would prohibit recipients of federal money from discriminating against doctors, nurses and other health care workers who refuse to perform or to assist in the performance of abortions or sterilization procedures because of their "religious beliefs or moral convictions."
It would also prevent hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices and drugstores from requiring employees with religious or moral objections to "assist in the performance of any part of a health service program or research activity" financed by the Department of Health and Human Services."

Link to full article-

I don't hold out much hope that this will hold for long with the new administration, but praying for it just the same. My husband worked for a well known pharmacy for years, and he refused to dispense the "morning after" pill due to his faith.

"Javier SOLANA, European Union High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), will visit the US from Wednesday, 19 November to Saturday, 22 November 2008 to meet US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and to take part in the event at the Brookings Institution 'Managing Global Insecurity'."




Old Man,

In addition, now I need to go back and review every single link that you posted! My husband has been teasing me since you got me hooked on Google earth. He says I am addicted!

I'm glad I found your links on this site after they disappeared from Bjorn's.

Seriously though, you are definitely right on in thinking that the symbology of these EU buildings is linked to world events!

Just as an side- I was in an art show over the weekend and things were getting slow and boring and I got talking to someone about the elections. This guy out of the blue mentioned that the architect's rendering of the EU parliament building in Strasbourg looked just like the Tower of Babel!

Thanks to you, I knew exactly what he was talking about!

Young Grasshopper,
Painting is a good thing. Chin up!
You make me smile. -Rudi

Setterman & SV - Both of you - always so encouraging. Such a blessing!

"Let us not give up meeting together, (here!) as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching." Hebrews 10
Brussels, 19 November 2008
16032/08 (Presse 336)
(CME 08)
To be conducted from 24 November to 5 December 2008

The European Union will conduct its fourth crisis management exercise (CME 08) 1 from 24 November to 5 December 2008 in the framework of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP).


CME 08 will provide an opportunity, for the first time, to undertake simultaneously, in an exercise, operational planning for a military operation and a reconfigured civilian ESDP mission engaged in the same theatre. The headquarters for this exercise will be the HQ at Mont Valérien (France), which also has responsibility for the operation EUFOR Tchad/RCA. The Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability (CPCC) will be participating in an EU crisis-management exercise for the first time.

Although generic, the CME 08 scenario contains fictitious elements to support the objectives and the decision-making process of the exercise. It will emphasise the need for a commitment by the EU, including the Community, and the deployment of the full range of the EU's instruments (e.g. a military force, police mission with rule of law elements, etc.).

CME 08 will be conducted in Brussels and in capitals. There will be no deployment on the
ground, in accordance with the European Union's exercise policy.

The exercise will involve Member States (capitals and delegations), the Secretary-General/High Representative, relevant EU Council bodies, including the Civilian Commander and the CPCC, the Operation Commander and the HQ, the European Commission and the EU Satellite Centre at Torrejón (Spain)."


France wants post-EU presidency financial summit
19.11.2008 @ 09:28 CET

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - France has unveiled plans for a post-French EU presidency financial summit, despite the Czech Republic's sensitivity over its upcoming chairmanship of the EU.

The Elysee Palace on Tuesday (18 November) formally announced an "international summit" to be held in Paris on 8 January, entitled "New World: Values, Development and Regulation," continuing France's ambition to create a "new model" for capitalism in the wake of the global financial crisis.

The meeting is to bring together international leaders as well as intellectuals such as economist Joseph Stiglitz and philosopher Francis Fukuyama and will be co-chaired by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and former British PM Tony Blair.



I posted over a half dozen times to your Obama-Nation blogspot, each time the post stayed up for awhile and appeared to be there when I closed my browser, but I couldn't find them when I went back in. I mentioned this a few weeks ago on this blogspot but chalked it up to me making some kind of error in the posting process. At least now I feel vindicated.
French Socialists mull leadership decision
Published: Wednesday 19 November 2008


Boosting EU defence policy

Finally, Lebranchu called on France and the UK to give up their seats in the United Nations Security Council, which would allow EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana to take a seat on behalf of the entire bloc instead.




Really enjoyed Sarah's radio program last night on fractals. There is definitely more there to be studied and understood. I'd like to hear it again!

Do you have a link to an archived copy so I can post it on the www.worldofprophecy.com forum with a review of the info covered?

Thanks for all you do.

May the Lord bless and keep you!

I'm sure the secret service is monitoring any blogspot with anti-obama leanings, and may have even put up a few sites of their own to draw in and identify the kind of kooks who may want to do the President harm. That's perfectly understandable, and I really have no problem with them doing that.

But interfering with political and religious free speech by making inconvenient information disappear is much more of a concern. Somebody besides the secret service must be very worried about what we've been posting. Ya think?
So sorry I missed the radio show, do the fractals have anything to do with the so called sacred geometry???
I will obtain a copy in mp3 form!

Yes, He is faithful. I know that the God doesn't always spare His children from loss and difficulty, but I also know what the Psalmist says is true:

Psa. 34:7 The aangel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him,
And rescues them.

Even if we go through hard things, He will never ever abandon us.

I heard about believers who did lose their homes, in some of the other fires....Even if the Lord allows us to go through painful, difficult experience, as His children we will be in a place of "face to face" dwelling with Him...This is so important for all of us to remember in the days we live in. Again this year with some sad things, I was reminded that God's children do go through difficult things.

I rejoice with you Sarah, that your home was spared. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I have been praying as I watched the flames on tv.

We will continue to intercede for California. I'm not saying the fires were because of the push for homosexual marriage...I'm not in the place of God to do that.. Today, this issue is coming before the CA Supreme Court. I am praying today that Prop 8 would stand and not be overturned.

May the Lord bless you and your family. Thanks especially for taking the time to write after all that you've been through. It's a great encouragement for us in these days.

Blessings in Yeshua,

I would be extremely leary of those emails you received. My guess given the false nature of the titles would be that they are encoded with either a virus (propably one your anti-virus won't detect) or some other spyware or tracking cookie.

As far as the fear you feel associated with the authorities coming for you. I hope this helps, it is from the letter to the church in Smyrna from Rev. 2:10 but feel it relevant to your situation.
" Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer for ten days. But be faithful, even if you have to die, and I will give you the crown of life."

In uncertain times we have a tendency to want to follow our gut instinct, which in dire circumstances is usually fear. However, we must always remember to cast our fear aside for if the Lord is calling us to be imprisoned or even killed, then we should still continue to follow where ever He leads us. There is no greater honor the Lord could bestow upon us than to have us lose our lives in service to Him. I pray none of us will lose faith to the point where we would deny the greatest blessing He could give.

Hey Roma -
now that is a subject I have not heard anyone ask about in years -
brings back memories of the movie "lawnmower man" - filled with it.

Anonymous 1:24
Whatever I've posted in these comments
has my name attached to it.
If you are a fan of the Jesuits, fine.
If you don't believe that they could
possibly have done anything wrong,
But if you're the scholar of Christian
history that you claim to be, maybe
you should come out from behind
your anonymity and help us all out.
Are you saying that Weishaupt was
in no way connected to the Jesuits?
Are you saying that the Jesuits have
never done anything wrong?
Or are you just insulting me to
make yourself feel good?
I don't do crossword puzzles and I'm
on the record as really not liking
Tim Lahayes books, which I could
only stand for about two chapters
before I tossed it.
Oh well, no matter to you. You can
ridicule away and be all wrong
because you're anonymous.
Good luck with that.
Old Man,

I had thought it rather odd that you never commented to my posts on the Eye of Horus, and other posts about symbology attached to significant landmarks you'd pointed out to us here. I'm glad you feel vindicated though obviously there are those that don't want your astuteness getting around!

I am very leary of the emails, that's why I didn't open them. More worrisome is that the email was sent from me (not) to me. That tells me someone is capable of sending this BS out to others using my name, as though I had written and sent them!

To Anonymous 11:17 P.M.

In response to your comment:

I personally know of many good Jesuit priests - from those Jesuits who taught the late NBC host of "Meet The Press" Tim Russert at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York . . . to my husband who was taught by the Jesuit theologan and philosopher, Father Vincent P. Miceli in the 1950's at St. John's Grade School in Shreveport, Lousiana. Father Miceli went on to become a famous author, with his nationwide best seller, "The Gods of Atheism" in 1971.

I am also an admirer of the late Father Vincent Miceli, S.J.. Father Miceli also taught theology and philosophy at several universities including Gregorian University in Rome.

His 1971 book, GODS OF ATHEISM, soon received tremendous praise - especially from the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen who called his book "as complete a study of atheism as exists in any language."

In GODS OF ATHEISM,Father Miceli is quoted as saying:

“In an age of unprecedented and proliferating crises, there is scarcely a turmoil anywhere in the world in which the catalyzing power of communism may not be discovered. Atheistic communism is a sword of division; it cuts asunder families, communities, nations, and empires. It has, indeed, succeeded, directly or indirectly, by action or example, in keeping the world in a state of military conflict since its seizure of power in 1917”.

In addition to THE GODS OF ATHEISM, Father Miceli also wrote an excellent book - his last - entitled THE ANTICHRIST which was published in 1991.

It is still available from Amazon and Ignatius Press.
There's always going to be resistance to the truth getting out. Somebody didn't like the additional info I posted on your site, as well as on Farmer's blog. I'm glad Constance's site appears to be un-tampered with. All my posts, opinionated and other worldly as they sometimes are, are still here and in the archives.

Feel free to email me at oldmanoftheski@gmail.com

I will keep an "eye" on that email account until it gets spammed. My older Yahoo account quickly became unusable- I was getting over 200 spams a day.

Paul, as far as the anon postings go, that's the nature of the beast. I've used the same moniker for couple of years now on several blog sites, including Deprogram Program, basically to hold myself accountable. We are all accountable for our words, if not to others, than to God. That includes when posting anonymous. And besides, I can be you and you can be me, at least in cyberspace. See follow up post...
To Paul (9:08 AM):

WOW, Paul. You know, if you weren't such an emotional person, who constantly over reacts to Catholics, maybe you could calm down long enough to think things through logically.

In a previous post on this thread, I explained to you that "Weishaupt was only educated by the Jesuits, had never been one himself, and was in fact pathologically hostile toward the Jesuits . . ."

And I know you don't want to imagine that there could be more than ONE Catholic posting on CC's blog (besides Susanna). . . but I am NOT the poster (from 1:24 PM re: "cross word puzzels and Tim LeHay"?). That was obviously someone else.

FYI: Constance herself posted the following to Mike H. at 5:49 PM:
"Although the Jesuits have had their share of bad problems, the people calling all "a Jesuit plot" are by and large New Agers and/or drawing their inspiration from New Agers such as Eric Jon Phelps. The strategy of the New Age was to pit all target groups off against each other. Eric Jon Phelps relies heavily on Madame Blavatsky herself for inspiration and admitted he was published by a New Age outfit. Madame Blavatsky was an open admitted LUCIFERIAN. It is doubtful that something named SOCIETY OF JESUS is although there has been plenty of infiltration of that order as has been the case with about everything else."

Also I really don't feel that I have to apologize or explain why I choose to remain "Anonymous" - any more than you have to prove to me that you are really "Paul."

You might pray and ssk God to help you work on your deep-seated ANGER toward Catholics . . . as it has reached a "toxic level" that jumps out of everything you post!!!

A TRUE Christian follows Jesus's commnand to "love thy neighbor as thyself" -- not "love only those who are Protestant Christians rather than Catholic Christians.

Tske a break from your anger and venom, Paul . . . and please (for your sake) take a long look in the mirror.

May God help you and bless you just the ssme.
To Mike,

Not only was Georgetown Professor Carroll Quigley NOT a lay or clerical member of the Jesuit order, but he was also the author of TRAGEDY AND HOPE in which he wrote:

"There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960's, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies (notably to its belief that England was an Atlantic rather than a European Power and must be allied, or even federated, with the United States and must remain isolated from Europe), but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known. [Pg. 950.]

The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can "throw the rascals out" at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy. [Pg. 1247-1248.]


If he were the Jesuit "no-goodnik" he is being made out to be, it sounds to me like he more or less stepped on his own airhose by writing some of the books he wrote exposing the New World Order.

Having said that, it is nevertheless true that SOME "Judas" Jesuits have betrayed Jesus Christ after whom their order is named.

By remaining in the Church, they, like Judas, have not only done the equivalent of betraying our lord "with a kiss," but also, like Judas, have disguised their betrayal, their treachery and their iniquity behind a hypocritical "concern for the poor" as in the case of so-called "Liberation Theology" which has about as little to do with "liberation" as it has to with "theology."

Here in Massachusetts, moreover, we had the scandal of the late politicking Jesuit priest Father Robert Drinan, S.J. who bears a heavy responsibility for turning the Democratic Party into the "party of abortion" (a.k.a. "the party of death"). Murdering the unborn was apparently Fr. Drinan's spin on "concern for the poor."


As for Weishaupt, he was Jesuit-educated, but there is no conclusive evidence to indicate that he was ever a Jesuit himself. However, he did try to imitate the Jesuit order in the way he organized the Illuminati.

I think that the confusion about whether or not Weishaupt was member of the Jesuit order arises from the fact that
" After Pope Clement XIV’s suppression of the Society of Jesus in 1773, Weishaupt became a professor of canon law,[17] a position that was held exclusively by the Jesuits until that time.


Unfortunately, in spite of all the good that has been done by the members of the Society of Jesus - especially by those who were martyred while bringing the Gospel to hostile pagan civilizations (i.e. North American Martyrs including St. Isaac Jogues) -


the "Judases" among the Jesuits have nevertheless managed to succeed in giving all Jesuits a bad name.
Dear Susanna (10:47 AM)

Thank you for your support -- it gets lonely on this blog. ;~)

Also, thank you for shsring the additional information on Father Miceli. My husband was greatly influenced by his teachings in his early Catholic school years and has such fond memories of him.

And I still enjoy watching old tapes of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen on EWTN (cable channel).
Hi guys, it's me, Dorothy.


No it's me anonymous, er, no just kidding, it's old man...

Paul, do you get it now? I can create a post, sign your name, first and last, and tell my life story, a musician from..... indeed, I can swear I am you, and it don't mean squat.

We know you by the consistency of your thoughts, your writing style, your brashness, and your witty intelligence.

Only those who have a Google Blogger account have a cyberspace "right" to a blog name. And even that's not a secure ID. That's the nature of the beast. Everyone who's name appears with a blue link, as YG's used to, links to their own blog page. And that can create problems as we have seen. We just have to use our discernment, and realize the system is the system.

Furthermore, I've learned not to respond to every kooky posting, and I'm sure there are many who think some of my posts are kooky. We bring to the table what we bring, you don't have to eat somebody else's junk food. Dorothy taught us that.
Paul 11:51 was me. But you don't know for sure, do you. Just have to take my word for it.
To Susanna (11:45 AM):

And Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was the greatest "Judas" of all of the Jesuits -- as everyting he believed and taught was contrary to traditional Catholic Church teachings.

When people refer to him as "the father of the New Age Movement" -- they think that he was a Jesuit priest im good standing -- but he was NOT!!!

That's why it is so important for people to take the time to carefully do their research before rushing to judgement in believing everything that is out there in print.
Just a reminder:

Protestant have their church "leaders" like Robert Schuller, Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren and Joel Osteen -- who deviate away from the true Christian gospel into New Age teachings -- but we Catholics don't go off on a rampage blasting ALL Protestants and putting everyone in one big box with a label on it!!!
Anon 12:46,

The difference being that us "protestants" don't claim any of the aforementioned group, (most of whom we readily admit are new age heretics), to be speaking for God with absolute authority as "the vicar of Christ". We've been admonished to check what our leaders tell us is "truth" against the scriptures. If we fail to do so, being led astray becomes our own fault.
Yet, it is a fact that thousands of Christians: Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, etc. (who do fall under the "Protestant" umbrella) do faithfully attend church services at Joel Osteen's Church in Houston, Texas every single Sunday.
To Anonymous 12:23,

I agree. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was among the greatest "Judases" of all the Jesuits and is indeed called the "father of the New Age Movement."

The errors he espoused and propagated included a kind of "evolutionary pantheism".... similar to the gnostic "emanationist" myth.

Once you cut through all the "carefully nuanced" neologistic twaddle (he even made up new words/labels to describe his old errors) the so-called Teilhardian "Omega Point" is the point in the evolutionary process where man becomes God.

Similar to what the gnostics have always taught but without the "scientific" pretensions.

Teilhard's position was opposed by his church superiors, and his work was denied publication during his lifetime by the Roman Holy Office. The 1950 encyclical Humani generis condemned several of Teilhard's opinions, while leaving other questions open.

A 1962 "monitum" (reprimand) from the Holy Office reads:

"The above-mentioned works abound in such ambiguities and indeed even serious errors, as to offend Catholic doctrine... For this reason, the most eminent and most revered Fathers of the Holy Office exhort all Ordinaries as well as the superiors of Religious institutes, rectors of seminaries and presidents of universities, effectively to protect the minds, particularly of the youth, against the dangers presented by the works of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin and of his followers.".[2]

This 1962 statement remains as official Church policy to this day.
Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the truth.
Paul @9:08

Despite your numerous so-called "friends" at this blog, your reputation precedes you. I have observed your mean-spiritdness over many, many months. You are a nasty and gratuitiously cruel individual who needs to a serious moral inventory of yourself. Your "enablers" here at this blog are part of the problem.

A true "follower of Christ" would never exhibit the depraved and unrepentant nastiness that you have embodied here on repeated occasions.

Based on your fruits, your faith appears to be a sham, and I hope Jesus Christ wakes you up before it's too late and you continue to inflict your sick depraved antics on more innocent individuals.

Anonymous Coward (of the Silent Lurking majority)
To Susanna (3:42 PM):

Yes, and it's just unfortunate that his 1962 "monitum" (reprimand) from the Holy Office came 7 years after Pierre
Teilhard de Chardin's death
in 1955 (although we can be sure that he received his "reprimand" in the afterlife.)
Since you say I've displayed
mean spiritedness,
nastiness, and cruelty, then
maybe you could give me an
example. Where? When?
I don't have anything against
the Roman Catholic Church.
No ifs ands or buts. I never have.
I particularly love my Roman
Catholic father and my Roman
Catholic aunt and of course
my Roman Catholic friends.
Your rabid attack on me is
really strange but also really
familiar. It's almost the exact
same rant that you unleashed
on me many months ago. Same
pattern of using my name to prove
a point, and even the same use of
Old Man's name.
Then you put Dorothy's name
in there too. Hmmm.

The difference is this time I'm
accused of Catholic bashing.
The last time I was an anti-
You're wrong on both counts.
You know you're wrong but
you just hate me sooo much.
Again, I have to say,
good luck with that.

Get well soon.
To Paul @5:06

I don't see the words "Catholic," "Old Man," "Dorothy," or "bashing" in the post to which you allegedly refer.
Anonymous 4:56

Actually, the "posthumous" monitum was the climax of a series of Church condemnations that began as early as 1925.

But despite the condemnations, Chardin's works continued to be privately circulated among certain Jesuits, theologians and scholars.

Here is an interesting article for anyone who might be interested:


Uhhh, Paul I hate to break it to you, but I think that you're lumping about 3 different posters into one . . . but try not to get too paranoid.
Hey Paul ("Goldfish Memory"), who asks:

"Since you say I've displayed
mean spiritedness,
nastiness, and cruelty, then
maybe you could give me an
example. Where? When? then maybe you could give me an

Uh, Paul, maybe you should go re-read some of what you've posted at this blog over the last several months, since it's all there in black and white.

Your total lack of self-awareness or remorse with regard to your own capacity for selectively inflicting harm on people, with some of the words you have written here, is really quite remarkable.

You care nothing about the harm you inflict, take no responbility whatsoever for it, yet you continue to come here repeatedly to claim how much you love the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Ironic" doesn't even begin to describe it.

You may fool a lot of people here, Paul, but you don't fool me.
To Susanna (5:32 PM):

Thanks so much for sharing. I printed it out to show to some close friends.
Yes, he or she (who posted at 5:50 PM) has a very valid point, Paul.

I don't mean to "pile on" but
declaring yourself a "Christian" is not just about quoting words from Scripture. It's also about how you treat others on a daily basis.
To Anonymous 5:56 P.M.

You are entirely welcome.

I have had Teilhard de Chardin in my crosshairs for quite some time and am only too glad to share - whether it be with my Catholic brethren or my Protestant brethren.
Yes thank you Young Grasshopper
aka Marianne aka anonymous.

And thanks for the severe
judgement of my immortal soul.

As Anonymous you've got a ton of nerve,
and a complete lack of discernment.
As Marianne or YG, you're a most humble
servant, if a bit shrill, and scattered. How
the heck would you know how I treat
people on a daily basis ? You wouldn't.

The worst part of all is that way back
a year ago I thought it was Dorothy
who was viciously attacking me, as
an "anonymous". but it was YG.
Please accept my apology.
It never made sense until now.
When I heard Dorothy with
Constance on the radio I realized
that she was way above backbiting and

You may have ADD but you don't
have a license to slander, Anonymously
or otherwise.
It wasn't that hard to figure out.
Please leave me alone. I never hurt
Well, Paul - now you can add YK / Maryanne to your list of people you need to apologize to (besides Dorothy).

And you should also apologize to both me and the other "anonymous" poster for (if nothing else) constantly misinterpreting and misquoting our posts.

You are the antagonist who just wont' let go and drop a subject. How about "leaving US alone"?

What are you going to be when you grow up, Paul?

We have more important issues to discuss on this blog besides your childish rants.
the heck would you know how I treat
people on a daily basis ? You wouldn't."

To Paul:

Your treatment of certain people on this blog is, and has been, the ONLY issue under discussion. If you are kind and caring to your friends, family, and neighbors, well, bully for you.

Your obligation to act in a Christian manner extends to ALL people, and that includes certain individuals who post at this blog.
To Anonymous @6:54

Paul has shown that he derives pleasure from gratuiutosly "twisting the knife" from time to time in the backs of certain select individuals whom he has targeted for reasons known only to him. He has gotten "backup" and "affirmation" from other people here for these mean-spirited actions.

Holding him accountable is an important first step, but this is a "character problem." Whether Paul chooses to take responsibility for it is ultimately his own decision, and something over which you and I have absolutely no control.
Okey how's this,
Dear Anonymous 1,2 & 3;
I am indeed very sorry if I've
said anything that hurt your
feelings. REALLY.
Since I've asked repeatedly
for an example of what you
mean, and gotten no answer back,
I have to say I don't know
where or when I said anything
unkind .
Just cut and paste an example
so I can understand what
you're talking about.
Twist the knife ??
What are you talking about?
I really don't know.

Again I'm VERY SORRY. The last
thing I want to do is hurt
anyone's feelings.
I just don't know where or when
I did, so show me, okey ?

Paul Farrar
Hi Paul (9:04),

Well, how about your post on this very thread where you accuse Mary Ann of having a "complete lack of discernment," of being "a bit shrill" and "scatterbrained," and of having "ADD."

Good grief, brother, take a look in the mirror and try mastering the obvious. Think about the effects your words have on other people.
Paul -

I really don't have time to hold your hand and go back and "cut and paste."

Do your OWN homework and research some of the more recent threads. Tske the time to carefully READ each post addressed to you and FROM you.

The problem is even when we give direct examples, you still "don't get it" and continue to rant and misinterpret what we say.

I'll give you a big "hint" - it's all about your relentless "pit bull" attacks on Catholics who post on CC's blog.

I really do think that you have a good heart, Paul. It's just that your prejudice (toward Catholics and Jews) gets in the way big time.

Also, you have gently been admonished by Constance and (not so gently by) Dorothy in the past.

May God grant you the wisdom to see yourself as others see you.
Paul and anonymous,

Okay, well, I found just found Paul's accusations towards me, and I am terribly hurt.

I have made it a point to not get involved in fights here between Jews and Christians and Catholics and protestants. I did follow some of the thread in which Paul accuses me of being anonymous, and I will throw my ADD thoughts into the mix. In my opinion, it was either Dorothy or Susanna that was fighting with Paul, based upon the information they had, which is way more than I could possibly possess since I only began coming here since July of this year.

I truly hope that whoever anonymous is, will have the decency to make themselves known, since I am now the innocent victim of attacks here.

I have felt for a very long time that Constance does not like me- ever since I inadvertently dropped the dreaded Kah word here, however, I never thought anyone else here had it in for me. That being said I had thought Rudi was ridiculing me recently and I was dead wrong about that.

I have been avoiding this blog because there is so much negativity here. I need to stay away as God has definitely warned me that this place, while a good source of information, is also deadly to the sensitive spirit.

Paul, I really know little about you other than that you have a sense of humor, are a musician, and seem extremely bright.

I would have no reason to carry on a long anonymous discourse with you about subjects that I know literally nothing about- i.e. - Catholic history.

I'm off to church to hopefully get over this.

Maryanne, who writes:

"I truly hope that whoever anonymous is, will have the decency to make themselves known, since I am now the innocent victim of attacks here."


The person responsible for attacking you is Paul, and only Paul, not "Anonymous."

People have their own reasons for choosing to remain "Anonymous" and these reasons, although they differ from your own point of view, should be respected.

As you have seen today, "Anonymous" (or Anonymi) has defended you, expressed concern for your welfare by coming to your defense, and tried to hold Paul to account. Pointing out the negative needs to be done, but you have received a lot of positive support here over the last few weeks, including the support today.

There are people of good will who have been left out on a limb here and have not been defended.

Thankfully you are not in this category.
To Paul,

After returning home from church I just went back and re-read this entire thread. I want to thank you first off for giving me credit for having more brains, or knowledge, than I actually have. I would definitely say that it appears from all the information that at least two of the anonymous posters have written regarding Catholicism and St. Ignacius of Loyola, whose history I wouldn't know if it fell across me, that two of the above posters are staunch Catholics.

I would like to just say that although I was born and raised a Catholic, I left the Catholic church in the early 1990's when I needed spiritual help and couldn't get it from within the Roman Catholic church. I even wrote about that incident here on this blog, when a pagan Wiccan teacher from my dance school was infiltrating my students with New Age theology and I went under spiritual warfare. I believe that I first wrote about the incident back in July when I FIRST CAME TO THIS BLOG thanks to Dorothy, who had found my blog, the Obama Nation and contacted me. Dorothy befriended me and it's obvious to me (because I recognize her writing style), that she is one of the anonymous posters currently sticking up for me here. Thanks Dorothy, by the way.

That being said I have been an evangelical Christian ever since, and went from an Assembly of God church in Pa. to a small non- denominational evangelical church here in Florida.

Ironically, I have been reprimanded more than once by Susanna that some of the things I had said here offended her faith, and since that time I have tried to be much more sensitive of what I say. However, I have also been more than a little upset with some of the Miriam Franklin followers on this blog who sometimes seem to me as if they are looking for bogeyman in every single evangelical church that's still left standing true to the word of God. Laying hands on people for healing, speaking in tongues, and being slain in the spirit are very "normal" things in my church, so I take a little offense when people call it mysticism. However, as the Todd Bentley situation has shown me, I do need to be wary of heresy within the evangelical churches, but to some extent I feel that the finger-pointing has gone overboard, and that is what I have meant when I cautioned Christians to not "grieve the spirit".

In addition ,in re-reading the comments it appears as though your antagonizer was once upon a time in another argument with you and accused you of being anti-semetic.

There again, the ironic thing about this is that Constance pretty much alluded to me being anti-semetic just for mentioning a book here that I'd read , and which she disagreed with because the author had cited a source in his bibliography of someone who was definitely anti-semetic.

So the crazy thing is, you come out and accuse me of things that are totally antithetical to my character. In addition, you accuse me of accusing you of being anti- Catholic and anti-semetic, when I've basically been accused of the exact same things at some point or other here on this blog.

Does that really make sense, Paul?

#1. I have not considered myself Catholic in almost 20 years, so why would I be defending Ignacious of Loyola whose name I only know because Loyola Hall was the name of the cafeteria of the Catholic school I attended 50 years ago when I was 7?

#2. I remember another Catholic-Protestant fight that went back and forth here for weeks during the summer and I remember I stopped reading the blog at that time because I had absolutely NO INTEREST in the topic. Truth is I have skipped right past all the dopey stuff that has transpired between you and the anonymi commenters here over the past few days, because I was still not interested. Therefore, I was very shocked to see my name come up here in conjunction with you when I read this blog early this morning.

#3. Why did you pick me out of all the posters here? That is the most puzzling of all, since I thought you were a good guy, who gave me some advice about sound when I had the haunted house experience. That frankly, Paul, was how I related to you- the good guy that gave me advice and seems to have a dry sense of humor. Where in the world did you come to the conclusion that I'd waste the time to get into a horrendously nasty fight with you- even calling you a gold fish brain and accuse you of doing crossword puzzles? Do I actually sound like that???!!!!

I'll also venture to say, at the risk of getting attacked myself, that I actually agreed with your comment somewhere above, and have always thought the Jesuits were a little too secretive, too. I also will bring up the dreaded Gary Kah name again and say that basically all I know about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is what I learned from Kah's book, and it did cite him as being a Jesuit. That being said I certainly would not link all Jesuits in with him, but he was certainly a vile character, and I hope my former church has renounced him by now.

In conclusion, I think that Constance might want to consider eliminating anonymous posting altogether, since this causes hurt feelings, mis-understandings, and false accusations. I explained at length why I had begun posting anonymously just this past week, and I am not going to repeat it here. However, even when I posted under anonymous I signed my initials or my name at the end of the post with maybe 1 exception.

I am not asking for an apology, but I really do want to know how in the world you came up with such a nonsensical analysis of who your antagonizer actually was!

I am baffled- totally baffled.
To YG (3:17 PM)

Just to clarify: Dorothy is NOT one of the anonymous posters (or as you expressed it so eloquently: one of Paul's "antagonizers" . . . who write "all the dopey stuff").

The reason that I know this is because I am one of the anonymous posters and I happen to know who the other one is.

I am happy that I came to your defense earlier today just the same, as it bothered me greatly that Paul was making false accusations agsinst you.

I'm sure that you and Paul will kiss and make up, especially when he has time to realize that you fall into the "former Catholic" category.
Dear Anonymous 3:17,

I am very glad to know Dorothy was not part of this hostile banter. I did assume she was one the ones that had defended me, because she has consistently been a friend, even when we've had our differences of opinion here.

You, on the other hand , have given yourself away, and I think it's rather plain to see for anyone who knows anything about human behavior.

As far as Paul is considered, as hurt as I am right now about his senseless accusations and derogatory adjectives, I agree with him in that it is far too easy to hide behind the word anonymous.

You cleared Dorothy's name without any reservation, albeit still hiding under the cover of anonymity, which gives it less valor, frankly. If you had really wanted to come to my defense, you could have revealed yourself to everyone here to clear my name as well, as I did a few threads back when Susanna called me out for saying something that she had totally misunderstood and taken the wrong way.
Well, it looks like in terms of targets, "Anonymous Christians", not the Emerging Church, can be the "new black" at this blog!

Flame away, gang!
To YG (4:51 PM)

Yes, well Dorothy is also MY friend. I am very happy to be included on her e-mail distribution list.

Your comment below doesn't really make any sense. Please explain.
"You, on the other hand, have given yourself away, and I think it's rather plain to see for anyone who knows anything about human behavior."

Whether I choose to remain anonymous is not the issue here. What if I demanded that you prove that you are really "young grasshopper"? This argument makes no sense at all. We can "sign" whatever "name" we want to. The content of our posts is what matters.

The fact that I and the other "anonymous" poster decide to stand up and say we've had enough of Paul's obnoxious verbal bullying behavior (going back a long time - way before you got her by the way) should not even be an issue with you or anyone else. This is betweem US and Paul - period!!!

Just a reminder: Paul's paranoia dragged you into this and WE defended you. You're welcome!!!
To anonymous 5:14,

I am only here to defend my good name, what's your excuse?

You said:
Whether I choose to remain anonymous is not the issue here. What if I demanded that you prove that you are really "young grasshopper"? This argument makes no sense at all. We can "sign" whatever "name" we want to. The content of our posts is what matters.

Answer: My name links back to my blog. Therefore I am who I said I am.

I am done with this. The devil is certainly in control here.
To YG (5:51 PM)

"I am done with this. The devil is certainly in control here."

WOW, so let me get this straight: anyone who disagrees with YG is the "devil"???

Well, for a change, I am left utterly speechless. LOL
I'm not sure but maybe what she meant was that "those who post anonymously are the devil!"

No, I think what she really means is that all of the united-against-Catholics brigade will label ANYONE who debates or disagrees with them as "the devil."

And it really wouldn't matter if the anonymous posters "came out" and called themselves, "XYZ" or "Ralph" - the "Pauls" and "YGs" would still remain hostile toward them.

It's interesting that Paul still has not apologized to YG - but (oh, I forgot) this is ALL the fault of the two "anonymous" posters. LOL

--From a third anonymous poster


We're surrounded by divils!

I said I was sorry before, but it
bears saying again, I am sorry.
I am very sorry.
I'll say it seventy times seven
if I have to.
You and I are being "played"

The thing about the comments from
this anonymous is that they
are so over-the-top vicious,
that they read like a joke.
No reasonable person would
think these things and the
person who wrote them doesn't
even believe them. They couldn't.
Therefore it could only be the
work of an agitator; someone
with an agenda to divide and
steal and pit one Christian against
another. Nice try.
I mean, the superlatives: they
almost used up all their best
negatives in just a few posts.
What a silly little man is this
anonymous. And such a childish
pointless agenda. Somebody must
really want to wreck this blogsite
and make the people in it stop
what they're saying.

God bless you and keep you.
I AM VERY Sorry. Even if I were
correct before, and it was you,
I'm sorry.

It doesn't matter one bit what
anonymous says.
God knows our hearts.
That's all that matters.
I love my Catholic brethren.
I don't hate anyone, not even
this (or these) enemies
CHRIST, through which we
have eternal victory, and
it's because of Jesus
that I can't stay angry at
Praise God from whom all
blessings flow.
Hi Paul,

I am not sure where else you said you were sorry but it really doesn't matter. I accept your apology and I am very grateful for it as well, as it's never an easy thing to do.

You said:

"The thing about the comments from
this anonymous is that they
are so over-the-top vicious,
that they read like a joke.
No reasonable person would
think these things and the
person who wrote them doesn't
even believe them. They couldn't.
Therefore it could only be the
work of an agitator; someone
with an agenda to divide and
steal and pit one Christian against
another. Nice try."

I definitely agree with you there. I too, recognized a very, vicious divisive spirit in that poster , which is why I refused to respond, and if that person is a devout Catholic, then he/she certainly isn't setting a very good example for the church.

That being said, I have had a very heavy feeling about this blog for quite a while now, in spite of the many good people here like SV, Joyce, JD, Rudi, Sarah and others. I will certainly be attacked again for agreeing with you, but I really have no reason to spend any time here anymore, as I can do my own research about world events. So let it be known that whatever this anonymous/anonymi decides to write in response to my response to your apology- I am not interested in allowing that person/persons to propagate more divisiveness here. So I won't respond no matter how much they try to provoke me.

Paul you said:
God bless you and keep you.
I AM VERY Sorry. Even if I were
correct before, and it was you,
I'm sorry.

Paul, it was NOT ME. It never was me. If someone signed my initials somewhere on an anonymous post that may have led you to think that, I hope you'll point me to the post.

I still am very troubled that you came to that conclusion. If I said anything here to give the impression that I am like anonymous/anonymi, that would lead you to that conclusion, I would hope you would draw my attention to it, so I can understand how you would think that, and so I can repent.

In the final analysis , it seems pretty obvious to me who two of the people are, based on knowledge and writing style. Do yourself a favor Paul, and look at the comment left at 2:56 under the thread "Tune in to hear Caryl Matrisciana", where someone starts to address you by saying, "Playing Dumb Again". Here you find the same mean divisive spirit that is apparent in the comments directed at me, and left right above your last comment to me here. Now notice something else about that comment. The poster uses Italics in the comment. Evidently if you use certain html code here you can change the print to italics. I do not know how to do that, do you?

Actually, does any one here on this blog, other than the instigator, use italics?

I can think of only one person who uses italics fairly regularly in her comments. Go back to the thread about the Lansing church (which is also where I explained why I was posting under anonymous instead of "young Grasshopper") and in the last 20 or so comments read comment 5:25 addressed to you.

What do you see in that comment? Italics. Bingo. Read the rest of the comments in that area and you'll see a pattern that coincides with the attack on you and I .

As I stated already, I do not wish to spend time here anymore because I don't find this kind of mischief very funny. On my own blog, in spite of the political content, I only received a handful of negative comments over the 6 months that I had the blog. So, if you want some peace and serenity, come over and visit my blog. Hopefully the agitators won't follow you over there.

Peace and blessings in Jesus precious name,

To YG/MaryAnn

Actually, does any one here on this blog, other than the instigator, use italics?

Please do not misunderstand what I am about to say. I am not in any way taking offense over what you just wrote, but just for the record, YG, I frequently use italics when quoting articles, etc., but as I have said before, I sign my comments....and the times I have mistakenly failed to do so, I came back on and identified myself as the author of the comment I failed to sign.

Another thing, isn't there a way that the host/hostess of a blog can detect trolls?

P.S. If you ever want to learn how to do italics, just contact me and I will teach you how. You still have my e-mail address, don't you?
To YG and Paul:

Nice "detective work" - YG, but neither of us "anonymous" posters uses italics.

YG, I noticed that you didn't mention Dorothy, Constance, or Susanna when you were saying good-bye to all of the "terrific people" on this blog. Any reason?

I am surprised that one of you didn't try to accuse the lovely Susanna (another devout Catholic) of being one of your "agitators."

You are both revealing so much -- both paranoia and narcissism -- when you decide to toss both reason and LOGIC right out the window and play the "victim" card.

And now, Paul (on the most recent thread) you seem to not-so-subtly be "hinting" that we are "paid agitators"? WOW, just how desperate can you get, Paul? (Well, I just want to know one thing -- where are all of my pay checks? LOL)

Let's see exactly WHO are the true "victims" here? Well certainly not either of you - YG and Paul - that's for sure!!!

When Catholics are willing to stand up and defend their Catholic faith and are called "vicious" for their efforts . . . and also try to defend and reason with someone who has been falsely accused . . . then there is something very disturbing happening here and it's not with US, that's for sure!!!

It's time for US to now step up to the plate as Catholic Christians and TURN THE OTHER CHEEK - since trying to "reason" with either one of you two is both pointless and hopeless!!!
I'm sorry I didn't look in on this thread earlier. Preoccupied with other research last few days -- not to mention my practice. I would hope the mutual Catholic and Jew bashing would promptly end. I would like for YG, Dorothy, Susanna, SV feel welcome to continue making their valuable inputs here .. . . "If we bite and devour one another . . . " is how I rcall the warning scriptures.

Dear YG:

Just a spot of humor. You are "in the grass" -- not infrequently lately I have had to defend folks in court accused of smoking "grass."

Good grief!

I thought the discussion on this ended when we went on to new posts and here I thought all the demons were on the road like a Stephen King movie telling the same man they saID to end his life to try it in front of my car . . .

I've got a fancy migraine just reading the tempest on this board -- I'm reading backwards from the bottom to try to get to the bottom of this squabble, BUT I DON'T LIKE IT!


We need to grow up and wake up! Everybody please reread chapter 1 of HIDDEN DANGERS where I discussed just this type of "Christian" name calling and how it allowed the New Age thing to sneak in undetected.


While all of this squabbling is going on, Doug of MI has made a truly valuable contribution by directing us to HR 1955 of 2007 which I just read with a mounting sense of horror!

Here's it again as it was passed on to us by Doug of MI:

"It is important to read and grasp this
Text of H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007


Passed -


Dear Susanna,

I had the honor of meeting Fr. Miceli several times -- we shared lecture platforms on the subjects of "The Antichrist" and "The New Age Movement" throughout the 80s. The last time I saw him alive was at Iron Mt. Alabama. Mother Angelica had invited me to do a 90 minute special with her on the New Age Movement. Fr. Miceli was the next day's guest. They timed it so we could have lunch together. I understand he was then dying of cancer and it was the last time I saw that brilliant and dedicated man who told me that the Jesuits had gone very much New Age and he had taken much ire for the stands he had taken. I heard very much the same thing from Malachi Martin whom I also met in my travels.

Dear Constance,

What a privilege it must have been to be able to discuss the New Age Movement with the late Father Vincent Miceli, S.J.

It is my understanding that for all intents and purposes, Father Miceli was "exiled" to Rome on account of his orthodoxy and his faithfulness.

For that matter, Mother Angelica, who hosted programs on which Father Miceli (and you) appeared as her guests, took a few hits for her orthodoxy and faithfulness from clerics like former Archbishop Rembart Weakland of Milwaukee, Wisconsn. Need I say more???

As for the late Father Malachi Martin, I have mentioned before that I have read every one of his books and while I don't necessarily agree with every jot and tittle of what he said, (I don't have to as a condition for gratefully admiring his work) I have gained many valuable insights from them - especially from his book THE JESUITS.

Have you ever read Father Martin's book HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL in which Father Martin claims to be describing five authentic cases of demonic possession?

Each case of possession described in Father Martin's book is said to embody a particular facet of evil that was already beginning to make significant encroachments into our modern culture.

At least one case of possession is directly the result of involvement in New Age meditation techniques.
Dear Constance:

I very humbly do accept full responsibility for any part I have played in the "Catholic-Protestant" squabbles.

That's why in my last post, I said I was now going to "turn the other cheek" (against various bloggers labeling me with unfair and untrue comments like, "paid agitator," "devil, "vicious," and "troll").

Even though I have been a very frequent contributor to your blog (for several years now) with countless articles of information helping you in exposing as much about the New Age Movement as I could research - I feel that it is because I choose to remain "anonymous" that I am not acknowledged or accepted.

Meanwhile, Paul (who is accepted as "family") is allowed to continue to pounce on Catholics at will with his verbal "droppings" of accusations without being held accountable.

And people on the outside are left wondering just who the "Christians" and who the "lions" really are.

We Catholic are very much aware that the New Age Movement has infiltrated our church - just as it has infiltrated Protestant sects (Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.).

We all need to remember why we are here (participating on this particular blog) - and try to remain focused on these long term goals.

Meanwhile, may God continue to bless you in doing your tremendous and most valuable research.

To Anon(1:35),

Although not inevitable, I say, with a heavy heart, that I think these "firefights" will continue to erupt here from time to time, unless and until people begin to police themselves.

John Grasmeier, who moderates AngelQueen, won't put up with certain types of behavior from his participants. He enforces standards when individuals, after "kind warnings," refuse to police themselves.

Had Paul been put in a virtual "Contemplative Monastery" many months ago, or at the very least been admonished by his Protestant pals here for his some of his more outrageous, "bolshie," and deeply offensive Anti-Catholic statements, I doubt the "pent up" anger of Catholics here would have emerged in the way it very unfortunately has. A "conspiracy of silence," however, often gives "tacit approval" to behavior that is damaging both to one's self, and to others.

Here's a link to the virtual Contemplative Monastery. It's a lot of fun, but also gives us all something to think about--namely, that actions have consequences, and that our words are capable of harming people:


Hopefully, reading Serv's commentary about some of the AngelQueen "penitents" will encourage ALL of us to lighten up a little bit.

I know that at this moment, I certainly need to!
That's so rich.
An anonymous sniper telling us that
accountability is the key.
That is a laugh riot.
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