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"Rudi" (Ruth Pappas) a frequent contributor to the discussion forum on this blogspot has frequently with deep concern mentioned "The Elders."  I am still endeavoring to finish that Part VI of "The Hi Jacking" of Evangelicalism and discover the layers are getting deeper and deeper with Frank Buchman appearing to have nourished Theosophical roots in India as early as 1905.  Faith at Work was started by Buchman's disciple, Sam Shoemaker who then worked with Abram Vereide to establish "International Christian Leadership."  Core group member, Paul N. Temple, hooked up with Vereide in 1944, immediately upon graduation from Harvard Law School, it appears and went on to later co-found the Institute of Noetic Sciences.  It is certainly deeper and even more intertwined than I suspected, making it more difficult to finish as succinctly as I would have liked.  In the mean time, I found this fascinating piece about "The Elders" and thought in view of Ruth's frequent citings of this particular New Age thrust, might be helpful background for all of us.  If Ruth has already put it in the comments section and I have missed it, I apologize.  It appears that Frank Buchman's legacy is Caux, Switzerland based Initiatives of Change and MRA (Moral Rearmament) and further that both are linked heavily to even Lucis Trust itself.

I was led down this particular rabbit hole looking at MRA and seeing Scilla Elworthy's name on a conference participated in by both "Initiatives of Change" and Javier Solana.  Even more interesting:  I found an article by Scilla Elworthy opening by quoting Javier Solana in a Gaian education publication which, if you hurry fast before they bury it, you can still read on line.  It is on page 166 of that cumbersome document.  (In case they bury it, I have already archived it, so in any event, you should still be able to read it!)  Interestingly enough, she spelled his name "Xavier Solana" in that article -- is that their new trick to slow down our searches or is that how Scilla likes to spell things?

Stay tuned!


Building the European Empire
While it is important to see what is happening in Europe on this blog which deals with the international community, nevertheless what is happening in America under the noses of the people who post here is extremely important. My sister called my attention to this article and said information about it should be spread. I agree. or

"As you all know, the Los Angeles Times is holding hostage a tape of Barack Obama at a 2003 Arab American Action Network (AAAN) dinner at which his friends, Rashid Khalidi, William Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn were in attendance. It's the story I started when Los Angeles Times plagiarist/"reporter" Peter Wallsten ripped off my January column on Barack Obama's Nation of Islam staffers and friendship with AAAN founder Ali Abunimah.

"But here's what you haven't yet heard: that a kids' dance troupe that appeared at the event has a history of simulating beheadings and stomping on American, Israeli, and British flags."
(more at link)

Tie that in with Obama's call for a civilian military police force.

Break the spell. Know what is going on. Don't pretend that you don't know what Obama is about.


The previous story also came from the website Atlas Shrugs. We have covered part of the story of the loss of freedom on the internet, but here is an update. or

"If 57 nations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference have their way in the United Nations, and the "Defamation of Religions resolution" is approved, it may be a crime, soon, to publish material on the internet deemed to advocate "religious hatred".

While it looks as if only mentions of Islam will be censored, from what we know of the AOC the attack will be much broader.

So we have a choice on Tuesday:
A.The Moslem Brotherhood or
B. The Freemason Brotherhood
Check out the story on Fulfilled Prophecies website. Solana is now on the seen of the financial crisis. The guy gets around.

Regarding the election: it should be interesting to see what transpires over the course of the next few days. A lot of rubbage is coming out on Obama and FOX is airing contradictions of Obama's tax plan that affect people making a little over 100,000 per yr. It sounds like Obama's veil is being removed. Hopefully people will make an educated decision on Tuesday.
Anonymous 8:31 AM:

What makes you think you have a choice?

You're right Doug.
Funny thing is, I googled Xavier Solana and it returned 97,000 links. That's interesting.
Just like they take Christ out of Christmas and replace with an X they took the J out of Javier and replaced with an X
Very compelling posts. Passing the links on to my family and friends.
Thanks. I don't know how you find this stuff, but keep up the amazing work.
I just discovered another terrific site which lends much insight into the 3 successive generations of apostasy from 1919 through the present:


This is a Christian site and I don't analyze the differences in Christian groups. I'm on the mailing list as his columns appear at Renew America.

Today the introduction was to a column written by an academic on how the left operates in Brazil. Please read all of it and be prepared for that here in the US.

I have found that there is no more reliable warning about the Left than that from a country that has been taken over by the Left, and there is no more valuable source of insight about the strategy and tactics of the Left than a former leftist who has been redeemed. I say that as a former leftist who has been redeemed.

Brazil is a country that has fallen into the clutches of the hard Left. There is almost no alternate news source there.

Mr. de Carvalho has repeatedly pointed out that, prior to the last presidential elections, the Brazilian news media had refused to mention that Brazilian President Lula was one of the founders of the far-left, terrorist-ridden Forum of Sao Paolo. In the early years, anyone who even admitted the existence of this forum was considered an insane rightwing hate monger.

Sound familiar?

Phillip Berg’s lawsuit that no one mentions in the media? The L.A. Times videos that will not be shown? The silence over Obama’s involvement with radical leftist Odinga in Kenya? De Carvalho has already pointed out the eerie similarity between these (and many other) hush-ups and the way the leftwing suppressed the truth in his country before Lula’s election.

Later, after the damage was irreversible, Lula himself not only publicly admitted the Sao Paolo Forum existed, but in fact, spoke proudly of how much he had personally achieved for the Left in South America by participating in it. He even brazenly bragged how he had pulled the wool over the eyes of naïve Brazilian citizens.

Will Barack Obama some day brazenly brag that he has deceived you as well?

There is only one thing standing in the way of that possibility: you.

This coming Tuesday, November 4.

Donald Hank

Please read the column referred to and see the parallels with what is happening in America right now.

'Xavier' comes much more close to savior, don't you think? Most would pronounce it so.....just a thought.~ sleeples in seattle
Just discovered which has lots of critical information about the EU, New World Order, New Age Movement. It is a gold mine resource and I am going to edit my blogspot template to provide a link to it. In the meantime, here's how you can get there:

It seems the newest link you provided hints of antisemitism as discussed recently in older threads on this blog about international jew conspiracy theories .

Daniel Taylor states:
"Utopian ideals of a world civilization and a world government have always existed. No matter how well meaning and egalitarian they may sound, history has shown us that centralized systems almost always lead to corruption and abuse of power. Given the actions of the Rockefeller family in providing support to the Bolshevik revolution, [4] their instrumental role in the spread of eugenics policies to Nazi Germany, [5] and David Rockefeller's proud exclamation, "Some.. believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others... to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it," [6] it would seem that the solution of world government is rising out of crises that the proponents of such a system are fostering."

Evidently many believe that the Rockefellers were of German/ Jewish descent. See following link which states:


"David Rockefeller was born in 1915 and youngest son of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Descendant of the German-Jewish Roggenfelder family which came to the United States in 1722. "

Just an observation.
Thanks Dorothy, I too have e-mailed the links you have provided to friends and family. Up until now I'm still struggling with voting for Ron Paul, but when I think that my vote could be the one that allows Obama to gain power, I just cringe. So I will probably go Palin.
The fate of the "Useful Idiots"?
After looking t some of the company Taylor keeps, I think you are right. While no one can control who uses their material, I think the connections go further. Thanks for the information.

I became familiar with Bezmenov's statements and agree with them. I hope others take the time to read the information at your link. His statements are very clear about what goes on in the world, not filled with froth, speculation or wishful thinking. It's a report of the kind of talk that goes on among people who take control of governments.


Moral ReArmament changed into Initiatives Of Change in 2001; they do not run side by side. I have never been in either but have friends who were closely involved with MRA. MRA was explicitly Christian, although it had some exclusivist features (a harsh word would be 'cult'). It did very good reconciliation work in postwar Europe. In parallel with the name change it unfortunately appears to be going multifaith.

What have you found to connect either organisation to Lucis, please? I know a committed Christian who is still involved and who would be horrified.

I am an English evangelical Christian; please call me by the name...

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