Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Does the Zimbawean Crisis = "The Elders" Opportunity?

I was just looking at the Yahoo slide show pictures of the Zimbabwean cholera epidemic amidst the health system breakdown. It was tugging at my heartstrings when I noticed:

1) The World Food Programme inputs (headed by Moonie Josette Sheeran, a political appointee to the UN position by the Bush Administration -- an obvious payoff to Rev. Moon for financial and other favors granted)



I cannot now help but wonder if this is a "three-fer" (3 for the price of one):

1 Something to help the UN gain extra control
2. Something to advance the New Age agenda as embodied in "The Elders"
3. Something to cause additional global population reduction!


God help this crew if this was in any way a politically maneuvered crisis to give the global governance folk this great opportunity!

Happy Thanksgiving for the freedoms we have left!


I am worried about Dorothy. Does anyone know if she is okay?
Dorothy is fine. I received an e-mail from her yesterday.
Breaking news from CNN and the Drudge Report . . .

Ongoing: 7 terrorist attacks taking place in Mumbai (Bombay) India

55-80 killed
250 injured

Various groups of gunmen using grenades, machine guns, etc.

Their targets:
Train station
2 5-star hotels
police station
lobby of the Taj Mahal

There could be a hostage situation.

Also, explosions have been heard.
CNN reports that the city appears to be under siege and the military has been called in.
Constance said:
“God help this crew if this was in any way a politically maneuvered crisis to give the global governance folk this great opportunity!”
That is exactly what I meant in the last tread, but grace has helped you to think of others; thank you for refocusing my attention to broaden my prayers.
There will be a terrible judgment to come to those who market away our liberties: Revelation 17.
CNN is now reporting that American and British citizens have possibly been targeted.

There is also a hostage situation, but no one knows yet just WHO is being held hostage.
There is a strong link between President Bush's brother, Neil and Rev. Sun Myong Moon

The following was a story (reported by the Associated Press) back on March 4, 2008:

Rev. Moon-allied group hosts Bush brothrr in Paraguary

ASUNCION, Paraguay (AP) — Neil Bush, younger brother of President Bush, called on Paraguay’s president as the guest of a business federation founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. A presidential press office source, who spoke on condition of not being named, confirmed the younger Bush met President Nicanor Duarte on Thursday along with a delegation from the Universal Peace Federation, a group associated with Moon.

Duarte had no statement on the meeting. Antonio Betancourt, a spokesman for the federation, said that Bush visited Duarte and later met with an opposition congressional leader, Sen. Miguel Abdon Saguier, and that both expressed interest in the Bush family and discussed local matters. Betancourt said Bush later attended a leadership seminar sponsored by the federation. The federation’s Web site says it is trying to promote peace in the Middle East, South Asia and other regions, as well as proposing a 50 mile (85-kilometer), $200 billion tunnel linking Siberia and Alaska.

A leading Paraguayan newspaper, ABC Color, reported Friday that Bush spoke at the leadership seminar about instilling a “culture of service” and better uniting individuals and organizations behind objectives that serve peace and the common good. It said the seminar, held at an Asuncion hotel, was entitled “Toward a New Paradigm of Leadership and Government in Times of World Crisis.” The newspaper said other participants included Jose Maria Sanguinetti, the former Uruguayan president. Groups allied with Moon publish a newspaper, operate businesses and have large land holdings in Paraguay, South America’s second-poorest country. (The Associated Press)
MUMBAI, India (AP) - A media report says a little-known group, the Deccan Mujahideen, has claimed responsibility for the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

The Press Trust of India news agency said Thursday the group sent emails to several media outlets.
There is talk on the Internet that these very well coordinated attacks on MUMBAI, India may be blamed on Obama target, Pakistan.

Stay tuned, everyone!!!
I just spoke with Dorothy -- she is fine and working on a new turkey recipe for tomorrow.

Thanks to both Anonymouses. See my comments in the last thread. It's nice to know I'm missed.

ORDER PIZZA IN 2010. . .

This is funny, but the scary part about it is that we all know it's probably not too far away from being reality.
Want to know how to order a pizza in 2010?
Follow the link...

This seems so true, it's frightening!

Sorry about that..... I thought we could use some comic relief... Happy Thanksgiving all~!
Hi All,
I posted this on Farmer's site and I recommend you all take a lot there at the connections from Karen Armstrong's new organization. The interfaith movement is growing and getting more bizarre by the moment.. Here's an article off of one of the links about the "prayer" for Obama:

You are right. Sometimes it's best to release the tension. After all, in the Bible we see "Comfort me with apples..." We need to make an effort to bring the information down to our everyday lives, and your bit of humor was great.

On this AM's Drudge Report:

There is heightened security in place at Penn Station - an attack could paralyze transit between Boston and Washington.

In times of international crisis, just remember to "let go; let God."
Over at Atlas Shrugs Pamela Geller reports on censorship of her blog by Google. See:

Also read the comments for more information. Google people were tied in with Obama's campaign and don't like to see any negative information about him out there.

As was said about information in the Former Soviet Union, there was so much information available that people didn't know what was missing. No big deal I guess. Just the important information is missing.


Joyce- I just got a page w/ newscarrier's heading but no story.

Israel Must Resist the Oncoming Obama-Clinton Onslaught

at Mac's other blog. Holly has an article posted on the same thing, only her source encourages the Obama-Clinton team. (I'm not saying Holly is encouraging them, however, just to set the record straight.}
Dorothy’s warning concerning Atlas is VERY important. Please visit this site for serious red flags of strong-arming the alternative media, and censorship. It is not enough that the MSM ignores important issues of our time, but even the wee voice of those who care for our national sovereignty and Constitutional government, they ostensibly believe, must be silenced. Dorothy, your link came back as an “error”, so I’ll give it again. Good to hear from you.
Hi Joyce, I just checked out the Aspen gathering referred to and clearly it is NEW AGE in all of its non-glory, starting with Fr. Thomaa Keating, whom I have been looking closely at for the past 25 years. He is every bit as bad as Matthew Fox and Basil Pennington.

The title is Religious leaders unite around Obama, and it's in the Chicago Sun Times, but try this link:,CST-NWS-fals12.article

I was able to open it, so I'm not sure what the problem is?

I searched one of her terms (Obama Birth Certificate) that she mentioned. I was patience and he site finally showed up...on page 18.

Snopes came up 5th (which I am sure debunked the whole thing). The top four were
Then a News Results header appears with this link

A World net Daily article was 6th.

Constance's own blog came up before Atlas' did.
I just read Franky Schaeffer's new book, CRAZY FOR GOD. Very depressing but not without some interesting insights. Many hypocrisies and inconsistencies I had noticed from those such as Pat Robertson, Gary North, Rousas John Rushdoony, etc. are in the book. Unfortunately, Franky Schaeffer threw the baby out with the bath water and it appears sadly that he has lost his faith. It is further sad that he dishonored his parents by revealing intimate details of their personal life that should have been kept to himself. At one point he converted to Greek Orthodoxy which he said brought him peace, but it is obvious from the reading and the context that he was not a Seraphim Rose style convert.

Very sad. Pray for him . . . and it may well be a preliminary wave in a larger one to come of those falling away from the faith and betraying one another . . .
I don't always agree with Phyllis Schafly, but her new video is MUST VIEWING. I am downloading it and suggest you do likewise:
The Schafly video is about Global Governance as a "quiet war" against the USA.
This Thanksgiving I'm grateful that my husband and I lived to reach our fortieth anniversary this month. We have lived through Protestantism, Catholicism, New Ageism, Messianicism (is that a word?) and now are just waiting at home for the Lord, rarely going to any church. But we have studied our Bible on tape and with many groups. We miss a good fellowship but have given up looking.
I'm also grateful for Constance and what she has done for many years. And for the organic chicken rolled with cranberry stuffing we ate, just the two of us, for dinner. Thank God for a warm dry (too dry in New Mexico) home on this day when many are in extremis. Come soon, Lord Jesus.


Constance, I watched most of the video but it seems like it was made in the 1990's under the Clinton admin. Was it made that long ago or is it current?
By the way, I really enjoy your blog and am getting some VERY good information. It's keeping me on my toes and closer to the Lord. Thank you.
I am particularly interested to see how the new ecumenic unity will line up with the antimessiah against Jerusalem. You have to destroy Scripture in order to find a political solution to the Arab/Israeli crisis. All these ecumenic organizations like the World Council of Churches ( a less extreme version of the Aspen Institute...) will gather against Jerusalem.

When we are called to come out of Babylon, we must understand what Babylon represents..It's confusion. The confusion today is that people try to explain away the promises of the Land to Israel ( I mean all Israel, not only 15 million Jews that we can identify but those hidden in the nations, that God knows about). In order to solve the problem spiritual Babylon is being created..

God's Word is very simple, and He gave the Land to Israel. Yes , He punished us for our disobedience, but He's bring us back today and writing His Torah on the hearts of many. ( Eze 37, Jer 31, Amos 9, Hosea 1:11,etc, etc. )

There are thousands of yet unfulfilled prophecies about the restoration of Israel. The true "interfaith movement or I should say, the Biblical one" is to attach oneself to the God of Israel and His people like Ruth did, or as Paul said:

Rom. 11:25 For I do not wish you to be ignorant, brethren, of this secret — that ye may not be wise in your own conceits — that hardness in part to Israel hath happened till the fulness of the nations may come in....

The "fulness of the nations is a very specific expression that refers back to the blessing given to Ephraim in Gen 48:19b "However, his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his descendants shall become a multitude of nations.”

multitude of nations or melo hagoyim can be also translated as "fulness of the nations"

The hardening that came to Israel in part was not only that the Jewish leadership of Israel rejected Messiah, but Ephraim or the Northern Kingdom became the fulness of the nations. This is the mystery of scattering of the seed of Israel and the regathering that takes place. Judah, the visible remnant has preserved Torah. Yeshua was from Judah, so as these "two sticks" or "two branches" become one we will see the restoration of all Israel.

This is a mystery of the Scriptures that many overlook that when Yeshua said, "on this Rock ( i.e. on Himself) I will build my ekklesia, a word used to describe the assembly in the Wilderness....people don't realize that God has never stopped building His ekklesia. It is His called out assembly that He has never stopped building. We were always supposed to join ourselves to "Israel" whether we are Jewish or not. The aliens can and must dwell with Israel or attach themselves to God's olive tree.

We must understand what God says about Israel:

Jer. 33:25 “Thus says the LORD, ‘If My acovenant for day and night stand not, and the fixed patterns of heaven and earth I have not established,
Jer. 33:26 then I would reject the descendants of Jacob and David My servant, not taking from his descendants rulers over the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But I will restore their fortunes and will have mercy on them.’”

All this to say, the false ecumenic movement, spiritual Babylon will line up with the antimessiah against God's true plans and purposes for restoring all Israel.. The good news is He is still on the throne, and this will not succeed.

Congratulations Mariel on your 40th!
Anders has a very interesting blog today:

It's not only at Durban that Israel is equated with Apartheid, but Jimmy Carter, whose ex-foreign policy advisor was Zbegniew Brzezinski has been advising Obama...

As I stated earlier, our stand on Israel is very important. I don't think the secular state of Israel has arrived, but I do think God's prophetic plan visa via Israel is on course and we must be sure not to oppose God's plans...The world will line up against them..

Right now Israel is not a nation operating under God's Torah, when the Torah is written on their hearts and Yeshua is reigning from Jerusalem we will understand that God is not a man that He should lie!

I think it is an older video. Still very pertinent.
Also, keep in mind that Obama has mostly Clinton staff.

Thank you for your many years of tireless advocacy on behalf of the truth.
We are members of a community who depend on each other to carry the ball so to speak. We may not know each other by name and location in every case, and we may not thank each other for every valuable contribution, but as for me, every one of you is a firefighter, a policeman, a crossing guard or a member of the intelligence community who works to preserve the safety of the community.

I appreciate those who continue to acknowledge the work of others who actively contribute because sitting by the computer by ourselves can be a very lonely experience. In particular, thanks for knowing me by name.

If you haven't posted before but are a regular reader, pick out a newbie poster and thank them anonymously. They will really appreciate this and you may be working for the continuation of this website.

Okay, Joyce, this time I got it. Thanks. Very inspiring! (Haha, just kidding.)
Dear Dorothy,
Thanks for the link to Atlas Shrugs. Very valuable information. I hope that everyone takes the time to read her post(s) because I think that this will be an important battle to fight and to win.

Blessings to you,
Dear Mariel,
Happy 40th Anniversary! Many blessings are wished for you and your husband!

In His Love,
Rich Peterson has an important new
article up addressing censorship.

November 26, 2008
"Is The Central Wisconsin Star News Practicing Censorship?"

Although the video is dated, it is still pertinent because Obama can sign on to the UN treaties on hhis own and they would take on the force of law. Previous presidents have resisted signing on to these treaties.

After watching the Schlafly video I started reading about the late Jeane Kirkpatrick. Was saddened to read that one of her sons, Stuart, is a a "Buddhist Lama" named Traktung Rinpoche.

You just can't make this stuff up.
Hi Constance,

You are right about Father Thomas Keating.

He is a Trappist monk who was reportedly one of the founders of the so-called "Centering Prayer Movement" at St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer Massachusetts - the other two founders being Fr. William Meninger, Fr. M. Basil Pennington.

Here is a very good article from Catholic culture that backs up what you are saying.

I have read the writings of St. Teresa of Avila and there is nothing in her writings to indicate that her classical "Way of Prayer" involved any mystical experiences that might have led her to think that she was God.

The "Centering Prayer" advocates try to portray CP as squaring with the writings of St. Teresa of Avila. However as the aforementioned article explains, this is not so:

Throughout their books, Fr. Keating and Fr. Pennington mention St. Teresa of Avila, implying that she is an advocate of their prayer techniques. However, after reading her books, I have found that her teachings on prayer are the opposite of what Keating and Pennington are teaching. First of all, she says that contemplation is a gift from God, and no technique can make it happen. She says it is usually given to people who have a deep prayer life and are practicing many virtues, although God can give it to anyone he chooses. She repeatedly insists that contemplation is divinely produced. She said that entering into the prayer of quiet or that of union whenever she wanted it "was out of the question"8 She also said in her book, Interior Mansion, "For it to be prayer at all, the mind must take a part in it."9 Cardinal Ratzinger, in his booklet, also quotes St. Teresa as saying "the very care not to think about anything will arouse the mind to think a great deal", and that the separation of the mystery of Christ from Christian meditation is always a form of "betrayal"10 St. Teresa advised her nuns to meditate or think about the Passion of Christ as a preparation for contemplation. The Catechism describes contemplation as "a gaze of faith, fixed on Jesus" (#2715). The focus is Jesus and the heart is involved. more....

While the article is from a Catholic perspective it should be of interest to Protestants insofar as it also explains how Father Keating misquotes some important Scriptures:

.....Keating quotes Jesus as saying in Mark 8:34, "Unless you deny your inmost self and take up the cross, you cannot be my disciple." He adds a word (inmost) that is not there. Then he says, on p.15 of Open Mind, Open Heart, "Denial of our inmost self includes detachment from the habitual functioning of our intellect and will, which are our inmost faculties." The meaning of this scripture is to carry our crosses and deny ourselves. It has nothing to do with mind-emptying.

Keating also adds two new sentences to Luke 10:20 in Invitation to Love, p. 129. He quotes Jesus as saying, "Do not get excited about that kind of success. Anybody can work miracles with a little psychic energy and the divine assistance. What you should rejoice over is that your names are written in heaven." These first two sentences do not exist; and Jesus would never suggest the use of psychic energy.

In another article about Fr. Thomas Keating from a more Protestant perspective entitled KEATING, KUNDALINI AND CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER, we read:

Is the practice of kundalini and contemplative prayer the same? Father Thomas Keating, who has inspired many evangelical contemplatives like Henri Nouwen, Richard Foster, and Brennan Manning, wrote the foreword to Philip St. Romain's book, Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality. In the forward, Keating acknowledges that Kundalini is the same as Christian contemplation. He states:

Since this energy [kundalini] is also at work today in numerous persons who are devoting themselves to contemplative prayer, this book is an important contribution to the renewal of the Christian contemplative tradition. It will be a great consolation to those who have experienced physical symptoms arising from the awakening of kundalini in the course of their spiritual journey ... Most spiritual disciplines world-wide insist on some kind of serious discipline before techniques of awakening kundalini are communicated. In Christian tradition ... the regular practice of the stages of Christian prayer ... contemplation are the essential disciplines...

Keating explains that the reason spiritual directors are needed is to help guide the Christian contemplative is because of the powerful and dangerous nature of kundalini. He says that these "spiritual directors" may need to consult with "Eastern teachers in order to get a fuller understanding."

The disciples of Jesus Christ did not call upon Eastern teachers to guide them when praying to our Lord. Nor is there any warning in the Bible cautioning us about negative physical manifestations when engaging in simple Christian prayer. more....

Contrary to what Keating has reportedly said, kundalini is NOT the same as Christian contemplation. There is clearly NOTHING "Christian" about it.
An Integral Approach to Climate Change : November 12 - 14, 2009
Washington, D.C. Hilton Washington

Conference Overview:
"The election of Barack Obama ushers in a new era in human affairs."

"The Obama presidency and the next phase of world history ultimately will be defined by our collective response to global warming." 

"The opportunity Obama represents is framed by the reality that we are no longer approaching a chaos point in human affairs. We have entered the chaos point."

"What will be unique and innovative about the 2009 State of the World Forum is that it will employ an integral framework to identify those initiatives that President Obama and the international community can initiate to establish an effective and globally geostrategic response to climate change." 

The 09 Forum will have four central themes:

"1. Our lack of action on global warming is now threatening human civilization itself."

2. "Action on global warming will solve our economic crisis."

3. "Visionary leadership is now possible with the election of Barack Obama":

"The study in the United States is being conducted under the aegis of Wisdom University’s Institute for the Emerging Wisdom Culture, directed by Dr. Ray, which is also developing the global network of similar studies around the world."

4. "We are not in a crisis without solutions. We are in a crisis because we are not implementing solutions already here."

"At the heart of the Forum will be the launch of a Global Solutions Wiki.
Solutions Wiki would attempt for global problem solving what Wikipedia has done for information. "

Some of the familiar names on the partial list of speakers:

*Ervin Laszlo - President, The Club of Budapest; Founder and University Chancellor, The Institute at GlobalShift University.
*Jean Houston
*Lester Brown,- Founder, Earth Policy Institute, World Watch Institute
*Johannes Heimrath, Executive Director, Club of Budapest
*Ken Wilber
*Amory Lovins
*Hunter Lovins
*Caroline Myss,
*Paul Ray

State of the World Forum was founded in 1995 by Jim Garrison with Mikhail Gorbachev.
The "PURPOSE" was to create a global leadership network comprised of eminent individuals.
The "MISSON" of the State of the World Forum is "to establish a global network of leaders, citizens and institutions committed to discerning and implementing those principles, values and actions necessary to guide humanity wisely as it gives shape to an increasingly global and interdependent civilization."
"WISEREARTH" was launched to catalog the movement of "the largest movement of the world, that no-body saw coming" "WISEREARTH is a project of "THE NATURAL CAPITAL INSTITUTE"
"THE NATURAL CAPITAL INSTITUTE" is a non-profit organization founded and directed by Paul Hawkins.

I was deeply saddened to hear on MSNBC today that two of the Americans killed in Mumbai, India had been attending a meditation retreat based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.

More from CNN (11/28/08):
A Virginia man and his daughter who had gone to Mumbai as part of a meditation trip have been killed in the terror attack, the meditation group which organized the program said. Five other members of the group were injured.The US State Department has confirmed the deaths of Virginia residents Alan Scherr, 58and his daughter, Naomi, 13.

The Synchronicity Foundation, the meditation group which organized the program, said in a posting on its website: “It is with great sadness that we have learned of the passing of two of our loved community members Alan and Naomi Scherr who were tragically killed in the recent events at the Oberoi in Mumbai.”

Alan and his daughter lived at the Synchronicity monastery near Wintergreen resort in Nelson County, Virginia. The spiritual group had sent 25 people, including 16 Americans, four Canadians and five Australians as part of the meditation trip to India.

They were staying at the Oberoi Trident. The father-daughter duo was reported missing after the terrorists attacked the hotel.

The Synchronicity Foundation said Alan Scherr was a passionate Vedic astrologer and meditation teacher. He inspired many people to begin a journey of self-awareness and meditation, it said.

“He was committed to making a positive difference in the world and devoted himself to the community he lived in,” the foundation sa id in its posting on the web. The foundation has also set up a site to pay tribute to Alan and Naomi.

Other members of the foundation were also injured or killed. Prominent among them was Montreal-based actor Michael Rudder, who was shot when terrorists stormed one of the hotels in Mumbai. Rudder underwent surgery in an intensive care unit after three gunshot wounds.

The foundation earlier said two of its American and two Canadian participants received gunshot wounds. “One remains in intensive care with three bullet wounds but is conscious and believed to be out of danger,” it said in a posting Thursday.

“Two others are recovering after surgery and the fourth has been released having been treated for a flesh wound,” the statement said.
George Soros, the major force behind Obama's campaign is going to be there, not to mention the Jordanian royal family. That's under Global Leadership Netowrk. There is something interesting when you go on the site. The links are from right to left, which is how Arabic is read.. Hebrew is also read that way and I don't want to make too much out of it, but I've never seen that on an English language website.

Three Faiths Forum is mentioned which is also mentioned on Karen Armstrong's new Compassion Charter. It looks like all the same people show up at these kind of meetings.

On the 2003 program was the World Federalist Movement which is a globalist organization dating back to the 30s.

Then you have the corporate players like Unilever ,Procter and Gamble. I even saw Bear Stearns on one list, too bad they don't exist anymore..

Thanks Rudi for this....very enlightening.


Gordon Brown's government employment fascist tactics against the opposition:

Will we see the same tactics used by the new Obama administration?

thanks for posting that link to Rich's blog. Rich, thank you for all the fine work you continue to do on the AOC. Please let us know if there are any developments from your local newspaper.


Thank you for that excellent expose on Thomas Keating. Hard (and distressing) to believe this heretic who is deceiving so many is still operating under the guise of Catholicism (or Christianity of any stripe for that matter).
This place is a gold mine of information.
Thank you all so much.
Constance, Rudi, Joyce, SV, Dorothy,
Dawn, Susanna, Setterman, etc.
Anonymous 6:39 A.M.

Thank you for your kind words, Anonymous.

People like Father Thomas Keating have done a great deal of harm not only to the Catholic community, but also to those members of the Protestant community who may not be well informed about what Catholics are actually required to believe - or even about what THEY are actually required to believe.

Upon reading the informative article Joyce linked us to (Thank you, Joyce!), I happened to notice that along with Fr. Thomas Keating, Sister Joan Chittister, OSB was also among the participants in the Aspen conference.

In her prioress's "Pickwickian" definition of "obedience" - redolent of the kind of "newspeak" found in George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM - Chittister's agenda has been described as "disloyalty/disobedience as obedience."

According to Chittister's biography:

In 2007, Chittister received the Hans Küng Award from the ARCC and the Outstanding Leadership Award from the LCWR. She has also received eleven honorary doctorates and numerous awards, including the US Catholic magazine award for Furthering the Cause of Women in the Church, the Thomas Merton Award by the Merton Center, the Distinguished Alumni Award from Penn State University, and the Thomas Dooley Award from the alumni association of the University of Notre Dame......

.......The Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Pennsylvania's homepage has received a "danger!" rating on fidelity from the website, a private organization not endorsed that rates the web pages of various Catholic organizations for orthodoxy and fidelity to Catholic teaching. Criticisms include its alleged New Age content, and a note on the actions taken by Sister Christine Vladimiroff, Chittister's prioress, against the Vatican directive related to Chittister's attendance at the Ordination Conference in 2000. more....

Hans Kund Award. Hmmmmmmmm....

Chittister is also infamous for her involvement in the notorious Catholic dissent group "Call to Action." In fact, she may be skating on thin ice due to the ACTION taken by Lincoln, Nebraska Bishop Fabian Bruskiewicz and supported by the Vatican:

Call To Action (C.T.A.) is the largest dissenter group to plague the Church in the United States - so I find my self asking in the course of my research: how is it that they have such great influence here?

Call To Action is the archetypal ‘Catholic’ dissent group that is pro-abortion, pro-women’s ordination, recognising homosexuality as a valid choice, anti-tradition etc as well as linked to the neo-pagan movement. In fact they come across as so anti-Catholic, that some observers, both within and outside the Church, have asked the question - why do they stay in the Church?

The answer is given by Rosemary Radford Ruether in 1986 at a Call to Action Conference as stated by Donna Steichen in her book “Ungodly Rage”:

She advised Chicago Call To Action members to maintain Church membership as camouflage while revolutionizing from within

To another Call To Action conference Ruether stated:

Religious Revolutionaries should stay in the Church and use what ever parts they can get their hands on

In 1994 Bishop Bruskewitz of Lincoln Diocese, Nebraska USA, excommunicated every member of Call To Action, as well as a number of other groups, within his Diocese as they were deemed "perilous to the Catholic Faith." 12 years later on the 11th of December 2006 Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, Prefect of the Vatican Congregation for Bishops stated Bishop Bruskewitz’s order of excommunication "was properly taken within your competence as pastor of that diocese." He added "Thus to be a member of this association or to support it is irreconcilable with a coherent living of the Catholic faith." This poses serious questions about the status of the group in other dioceses. entire article.....

Call to Action = "ecclesiastical looters?" Hmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Last but certainlty not least, it is also to be observed that Sister Joan Chittister is also co-chair of the Global Peace Initiative of Women.

Have a good read! :-)

Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for your input here as well!

It is indeed a pleasure knowing and communicating with you and all my fellow Christians here on this blog.
Dear Paul,
My contributions are small by comparison to some of the dynamic and longstanding faithful of this blog, but I thank you for your kindness. :-)
I hope that all of you here had a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Lets all keep praying for the families affected by loss from this terror in India. My heart is especially breaking for the little toddler whose precious Rabbi daddy and mommy were both murdered. May the Lord comfort the widows and widowers, and may he bless and keep the little ones who have suffered the terrible loss of both parents.

In His Love and Grace,
Obama elevates the UN Ambassador position back to cabinet level position...Certainly makes you wish Ron Paul won for President.

That's a very strong signal that Obama is sending that he will value the UN. As one who has no use at all for the UN, I'm not surprised, but saddened. This just confirms some of my worst fears about where an Obama Presidency is going to take us.

p.s. not that I thought for a minute that Ron Paul had a chance of winning.
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