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Saturday, November 01, 2008

EU Set to Move 'Internet of Things' Closer to Reality
An Orwellian future in store for the internet

Old-Thinker News | October 31, 2008
Reprinted from Old Thinker News

By Daniel Taylor

If the world-wide trend continues, 'Web 3.0' will be tightly monitored, and will become an unprecedented tool for surveillance. The "Internet of Things", a digital representation of real world objects and people tagged with RFID chips, and increased censorship are two main themes for the future of the web.

The future of the internet, according to author and "web critic" Andrew Keen, will be monitored by "gatekeepers" to verify the accuracy of information posted on the web. The "Outlook 2009" report from the November-December issue of The Futurist reports that,

"Internet entrepreneur Andrew Keen believes that the anonymity of today's internet 2.0 will give way to a more open internet 3.0 in which third party gatekeepers monitor the information posted on Web sites to verify its accuracy."

Keen stated during his early 2008 interview with The Futurist that the internet, in its current form, has undermined mainline media and empowered untrustworthy "amateurs", two trends that he wants reversed. "Rather than the empowerment of the amateur, Web 3.0 will show the resurgence of the professional," states Keen.

Australia has now joined China in implementing mandatory internet censorship, furthering the trend towards a locked down and monitored web.

The Internet of Things

Now, the European Union has announced that it will pursue the main component of Web 3.0, the Internet of Things (IoT).

According to Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society and Media for the EU, "The Internet of the future will radically change our society." Ultimately, the EU is aiming to "lead the way" in the transformation to Web 3.0.

Reporting on the European Union's pursuit of the IoT, IBLS reports,

"New technology applications will need ubiquitous Internet coverage. The Internet of Things means that wireless interaction between machines, vehicles, appliances, sensors and many other devices will take place using the Internet. It already makes electronic travel cards possible, and will allow mobile devices to exchange information to pay for things or get information from billboards."

The Internet of Things consists of objects that are 'tagged' with Radio Frequency Identification Chips (RFID) that communicate their position, history, and other information to an RFID reader or wireless network. Most, if not all major computer companies and technology developers (HP, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, etc.) are putting large amounts of time and money into the Internet of Things.

Cisco and Sun Microsystems have founded an alliance to promote the Internet of Things and further its implementation.

South Korea is at the forefront in implementing ubiquitous technology and the Internet of Things. An entire city, New Songdo, is being built in South Korea that fully utilizes the technology. Ubiquitous computing proponents in the United States admit that while a large portion of the technology is being developed in the U.S., it is being tested in South Korea where there are less traditional, ethical and social blockades to prevent its acceptance and use. As the New York Times reports,

"Much of this technology was developed in U.S. research labs, but there are fewer social and regulatory obstacles to implementing them in Korea," said Mr. Townsend [a research director at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, California], who consulted on Seoul's own U-city plan, known as Digital Media City. 'There is an historical expectation of less privacy. Korea is willing to put off the hard questions to take the early lead and set standards.'"

An April 2008 report from the National Intelligence Council discussed the Internet of Things and its possible implications.

A timeline shown in the April 2008 NIC report

The report outlines uses for the technology:

"Sensor networks need not be connected to the Internet and indeed often reside in remote sites, vehicles, and buildings having no Internet connection. Smart dust is a term that some have used to express a vision of tiny, wireless-connected sensors; more recently, others use the term to describe any of several technologies that range from the size of a pack of gum to a pack of cigarettes, and that are widely available to system developers.

Ubiquitous positioning describes technologies for locating objects that may reside anywhere, including indoors and underground locations where satellite signals may be unavailable or otherwise inadequate.

Biometrics enables technology to recognize people and other living things, rather than inanimate objects. Connected everyday objects could recognize authorized users by means of fingerprint, voiceprint, iris scan, or other biometric technology."

These trends towards internet censorship and the internet of things are undoubtedly going to continue, but restricting your free speech and violating your privacy will be harder with your outspoken resistance.

Watch Ubiquitous Computing: Big Brother's All-Seeing Eye, a video report from Old-Thinker News regarding the Internet of Things.

The original story by Mr. Taylor has links. I suggest you go there and view them. Things are moving very fast now! 


Carried over from the previous thread. or

"If 57 nations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference have their way in the United Nations, and the "Defamation of Religions resolution" is approved, it may be a crime, soon, to publish material on the internet deemed to advocate "religious hatred".

While it looks as if only mentions of Islam will be censored, from what we know of the AOC the attack will be much broader.

Additional quote from Atlas Shrugs
"Simple, on October 28, 2008 the Global Network Initiative was publically announced, in their own words "a consortium of companies, civil society organizations, investors and academics" with a "comprehensive collaborative approach to regulate the Information & Communications Infrastructures worldwide for the express purpose of protecting and advancing freedom of expression."

"This organization has quietly met for 2 years hammering out an agreement binding upon their members. These members include Microsoft, Yahoo and Google and other major IT players on the world stage."

I was forwarded the following links about Obama using hypnotism and I believe they are important to pass around.
It might make one motivated to tell others and be utterly serious about this election when compiled with all of the other info out there.
Even if it is too late, the information is valuable for the days ahead.

Please see this short video:
I think a video would get people to understand how they were manipulated than the link I gave earlier, but just in case you didn't catch it, here are my comments again.

After reading the above, it's interesting to analyze how Obama's
speeches have their effect on the masses. I should warn you that the first 20 or so pages are rather boring and are lead-ins rather than giving concrete examples. The wording, the pauses, tone
are all tools used to get the listener to focus and act and to vote him in as president while ignoring that they are not getting any specific information. He cannot use these techniques when he has to be spontaneous which is probably why he avoided townhall meetings and preferred speech making. There are many youtube videos that show how these techniques work as well as information on who is selling how to use these techniques.

Maybe others would find the paper interesting after seeing the video you linked to.

With just HOURS left to go until the election, why isn't McCain / Palin, Fox News, etc. screaming from the rooftops about Obama's refusal to provide his original birth certificate (the vault copy)?

To become President of the U.S., there are 3 requirements:
-One has to be born in the U.S.
-One has to be 35 years of age.
-One has to be a resident of the U.S. for 14 years.

If Obama was born in a hospital in Kenya on August 4, 1961 -- he only meets 2 of those 3 requirements.

Where is the outrage? This could throw out country into a constituional crisis???

Why isn't Philip Berg being taken seriously? Will the Supreme Court just ignore or dismiss this case?

I am just so angry over this; I am having troube sleeping.
I've been trying to get this message out and finally I noticed this on Druge report headlined Obama vows to create civilian national security force:
Well, now we know where the StormTroopers are going to come from - they will be our neighbors.

mike in colo
Beginning with Dorothy’s link and following through with the following you will find yourself making a complete circle leading back to Constance’s current blog.
( I'll follow this long comment with a separate link) Dorothy brought to our attention information regarding
THE GLOBAL NETWORK INITIATIVE. I found the actual homepage for the GNI to be extremely evasive in addressing the issue at hand - that being, how the application of the initiative would, rather than protect freedom of expression and privacy of individuals as it purports, instead have the opposite effect. Even a FAQ section the site offers makes use of, what in my opinion is intentionally ambiguous language to conceal information. However, by prominently featuring Mary Robinson (former President of Ireland) and her unabashed welcome to their effort, it literally triggered a virtual avalanche of pertinent associations and information. I’m not being dramatic in my use of the word avalanche. There is way too much information to address at one time in this forum, so I will do my best to focus my comments regarding Mary Robinson around three specific areas. Here is the

Next,take a look at Mary’s “Realizing Rights” home page and the logo that is nearly identical to the Alliance of Civilizations. Take note of those who are on the team, board and partners. Also of special interest is the “Leaders Call To Action” section.

Alliance of Civilization site


Mary Robinson , along with Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter and 7 others – total of 12 make up the Council of Elders. Additional information can be read at The Elders website..

Mary Robinson was also one of the attendees who spoke at a very recent conference. The conference hosted by, The Foundation for Dialogue among Civilizations (chaired by Seyed Mohammad Khatami- ex-President of Iran) and The Club of Madrid was called, “Religion in the Modern World” . It was convened in Tehran, Iran. Among those who attended and addressed the conference besides Robinson were Romano Prodi, (EU Commission President), Kofi Annan, and Jorge Sampaio UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations.
Also attending was former UNESCO director general Federico Mayor.
Take a look at point # 4 in this article on Romano Prodi’s site. It addresses the “problem” resulting from “brands of Christianity “ when combined with other “extreme behaviours” (voluntary martyrdom) that result in a trend which is “a threat to democracy” .


Not surprisingly, I haven’t been able to locate a full transcript of the conference but this AP article provided somewhat of a decent overview. Note the name given the writer of the piece.

These photographs from the conference show Mary Robinson respectfully wearing her head covering. Read the material here and note the scary translation of a part of Seyed Mohammad Khatami’s speech and tell me if you think he’s saying what I think he’s saying. Khatami is also a member of the Alliance of Civilizations High Level Group.
Additional information about the conference from the Club of Madrid website including a
“Final Declaration” pdf doc. Here you can read the agreed upon practical measures to be taken individually and collectively by the participants.

Objective #7.) - “To establish a partnership and collaborate closely with the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilization in a mutually complimentary process of advancing common objectives.”
You can view the full list of those who constitute the Club of Madrid membership, but as it relates here, Mary Robinson is listed as a Full Member while Jimmy Carter is an Honorary Member.
The following is a write-up about the conference from the Club of Madrid Website.

I realize this is a lot to digest as it, so I’ll put the brakes on. This information is all related to the initiative Dorothy pointed out to us as well as The Elders, Alliance of Civilizations and a World Religious Body.

The people involved are all members of many interlocking organizations. For reasons many of us understand, the direction this is leading is not a pretty picture. On the bright side it’ll make doing research a whole lot easier when they’re all gathered in one location under one banner instead of having to track them down in a hundred places to find information. -Rudi
These links go along with Constance's current blog posting:


“We have a clear vision – to create a world where every object - from jumbo jets to sewing needles – is linked to the Internet. Compelling as this vision is, it is only achievable if this system is adopted by everyone everywhere – Success will be nothing less than global adoption".
Helen Duce

The following was a March 2006 preliminary report of what is coming together now as seen in the link above.

I need a break. This is too much to take in in one afternoon. Thanks a bunch Constance! :~)
Thanks for posting the entire article Constance. When I tried to access the site one of my security programs blocked it and alerted me that it was unsafe due to spyware/malware concerns. Probably nothing worse than some tracking cookies, but I've had so many computer problems last two years that I don't ignore the warnings. Maybe somebody more computer savvy could examine that site and post what type of spyware or other bug tries to load. Probably nothing to be concerned about, but still, makes you wonder who's monitoring the information flow.
I have been posting this all over on various talk radio web sites hoping someone picks up on it. They usually have a "contact us" section where you can submit info or questions. If anyone would like to assist, I'd appreciate the help.

This evening the Drudge Report linked to a video of Obama calling for a Civilian National Security Force that is just as powerful as the military.

This is a security doctrine called “Shared Security” which is being called for by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Initiative. It implements a military strategy called CIMIC, or “Civilian Military Co-operation”.

Obama supports the Alliance of Civilizations initiative.

And he has said he will spend $5 billion annually implementing Shared Security.

Obama is ignoring organizations such as the Heritage Foundation which has said the US should oppose the Alliance of Civilizations initiative as it is dangerous.

Even the Jean Monnet Chair of European Economic Integration Angelo Santagostino has described the Alliance of Civilizations as “offensive and unjustifiably hostile” towards religion. He concludes his remarks with “the UN has been often under attack as a useless institution. This time it has shown itself to be not so much useless but actually dangerous.”

Event the Russian Church has warns of the “Shared Security” doctrine that 'this conception as well as the idea of human security related to it, was put forward as 'smooth' alternative to the idea of national security and is to submerge it giving priority to the security of individuals or groups of citizens instead of the state security'
If you are the questioning type, you might want to ask why Hawaii all of a sudden said they have a birth certificate for Obama. or
Here Andy Martin, investigator says Hawaii admits no one has seen the birth certificate and therefore the posted one is phoney. or
Here Hawaii official admits there is a birth certificate period.

Until now I had respect for the website Little Green Footballs, but they have handled the issue like a third world dictator would. Charles has said he will not allow any discussion of the issue unless it is one that supports his position that the issue is a phoney conspiracy one. He has even called Cashill's analysis of Obama's book a conspiracy theory, refusing to take into account the analysis that has been done.

I just wonder if we are seeing a Coup d'état using silencing instead of a military to do a takeover. Something is going on that ain't kosher.


Up during the night and found this draft of an Arizona professor's analysis of Javier Solana's speeches -- VERY INTERESTING AND REVEALING.

Constance, I want to thank you for the reference to Truly eyeopening. Doesn't the sticker RFID that Ms. Cho makes reference to in the video sound like what the mark would be in Revelation 13:6? The ironic thing in this for me is that I just joined an Internet marketing business to make a little money, but it looks like I won't be in it for long because it is certainly not worth my salvation in the eternal Kingdom of God! And my thanks to Dorothy too, for her tireless efforts.
Correction: Revelation 13:16
Coup D'Etat is the word Dorothy.
It's a kinder gentler invasion.
Coup D'Etat is the word Dorothy.
It's a kinder gentler invasion.
CNN will be using holographic imagery of an Obama campaign spokesperson to provide "live" commentary on election night.
First Hand from a Clinton Township Police Lieutenant

I do believe this email as it comes from a retired cop and his relative is a Clinton Twp cop. I had heard this before about Obama and how it happened right in our own backyard and from very reliable sources.

For those of you who know me, I rarely talk Politics.
Those are private matters for the most part, but I just have to vent a little.
I would call myself a conservative as 99% of Policeman are, and almost always vote Republican, but I also know that they are all Politicians.
We are stuck in a quagmire of a two party system and the non politician, independent has no chance to change this country or run this country.
I am not trying at all to dissuade your vote, but Obama has really
cheesed me off. I have read a few articles and have heard that he does not support anyone in uniform. That goes from our Military to our Police and probably the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts for all I know.
I have heard these stories of Obama making the Police and Secret Service (who protect his dumb butt) stay out of his
Well, I learned it well Thursday October 9th. Michelle Obama was in Clinton Twp. Mi Thursday for a rally at our biggest High School. My department had a small role in protecting her.About 8 Officers were detailed to the School for HER security. I was offered the overtime but turned it down.
One of my Sergeants, and best buddies was assigned there. He came back infuriated. The rumors are true!!!
My Sergeant was providing security in a hallway as Mrs. Obama was moving from room to room for different reasons. He was told by the SS that when she came down his hall, he had to duck behind the corner and not allow her to see him. He questioned this several times to be sure he heard it right, and the SS agent (embarrassed of c ourse) had to hide from her view too.
It is outrageous that the persons running for the President
of our country on the Democratic side, has so much disdain for men and woman in uniform, they demand that they are kept from their view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets be clear. This was not in the public. This was not a Honor Guard detail standing behind her on stage in front of thousands. This was in a hallway, out of the public eye, and the Obama's refuse to even see an Officer or Soldier in their view. The Police have to hide!!!!!!!
WHY???????????? That's the scary question! What else is going on here?
No wonder he refuses to wear the flag on his suit or salute the flag.
It will be a terrible day if Obama is elected to run our country I love so much.
It is so sad that these people are the few who we have to choose from for the most powerful position in the world!!!!!!!!!?
It's almost unbelievable!!
Thanks for letting me vent!!!!!!!!

I already heard about this straight from the mouths of the Michigan State Police that are on their Motor Unit. They were told to "hide" behind the bus when Obama exited it so that he couldn't see them. Our (the Macomb County Sheriff's Office) Motor Unit, along with the State Police, escorted McCain when he was in town, and we were right out front, where we could proudly be seen. I don't know how you think, but the only people I have known in my career that don't want to be seen near cops are
criminals....thats scary!
At 2:11 am I said I no longer respected that blog. Little did I know that lgf has decided to scrub its site of any view of which he disapproves. Here are a few links showing what is going on.
"...Disclaimers are not enough. Absolute purity of association is required! And the Grand Lizard is the one who decides what is pure and what isn’t — the judge, jury, and executioner all rolled into one.

"This time last year Charles was holding forth about who could rightfully be allowed in the Counterjihad. First Pamela was thrown off the sled, then Gates of Vienna and Brussels Journal, with Fjordman following in short order. Later on Diana West and Richard Miniter were ejected, and more recently Andy Bostom. Now we have reached the logical conclusion to all these purges, and Robert Spencer has to go."
Furthermore, anyone questioning Johnson on his black balling is quickly struck by the incredible arrogance and inflated ego that he has ... not to mention some of his groupies. Johnson and his following believe that they are at the center ... nay, at the pointy tip of blogging on the right ... that the rest of us (as I've been told by them), can't be without them ... that we "need" LGF. I suppose that this superciliousness is a result of creating a blog that is likely the greatest echo-chamber on the right. Dissent is not tolerated and those who quibble are expelled ... it's all rather weird."

To Dorothy (@ 2:11 AM):

It is also my understanding there is no record of Barack Obama's birth at any of the hospitals in Hawaii on August 4, 1961 (or any other date, for that matter).

The same can not be said about hospitals in Kenya. However, questioning reporters have been met with a "wall of silence" in their attempts to obtain this information.

You would think that Obama would WANT to clear this up once and for all . . . UNLESS he has something to hide.

But, then feeling so "protected" by the powers that be . . . he probably feels that he doesn't have to worry about such things (like swatting pesky flies at a picnic?).
As readers here and at EUreferendum know, the laws are being made in Brussels and Strausberg rather than in the capitals of the various countries.

So, what to do with the politicians! They have to pretend there is government in charge of the countries. From EUreferendum:

"Political parties have, in addition, contributed to the emasculation of the House through the candidate selection process in seeking only safe, amenable and malleable candidates who will do the Party's bidding on all occasions and frequently without question, whatever their own views might be.

"They must all be "on message". Individuals with a mind of their own, strong views, a real experience of life and with independent leaning are not welcome. Party officials and whips describe them as the "awkward squad", but thank goodness there are still a few who have slipped through the net and who enliven the House from time to time."

I think I should buy stock in the company that makes those small clear, see-through teleprompters that Obama uses. You know, about 11x16, eye-level, off to one side.

Just in the news today is the death of Marilyn Ferguson at age 70 from an apparent heart attack. She died on Oct. 19.
Just in the news today is the death of Marilyn Ferguson at age 70 from an apparent heart attack. She died on Oct. 19.
David Axelrod is compared to Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s master propagandist in article from Family Security Matters.

Also, lump-in -the -throat Obama lovers use popular evangelical Christian song "Sanctuary" as background music in their video showing people using New Age affirmation techniques to visualize Obama as president.
To the Clinton Twp Police Lt:

Right in my back yard! If you can get in touch with me by phone, I would like to hear more about your observations!

My skypein line is 248-686-1409 and until my lost cell phone replacement is delivered, that is probably the best way to leave word for me. I can be emailed at

There are some good large pictures of the teleprompter I was talking about at
Scroll down.

Heard Obama giving an interview this afternoon. He was saying nice things about Republicans, saying he hoped he could work together with moderate Republicans. He was all for free-market capitalism. He wanted to rebuild our infrastructure. He sounded so good.

History repeats itself.

Dear Constance,
So how do you like Saturday night radio ?
Congrats on the time change.
I actually caught some of it for a change.
Super show. Great time slot.
I'm thinking quantum leap in listnership,
not to make you nervous or anything.

I was up late last night, flipping around the television. I started watching this show and a Duracell commercial came up.

Here is Brickhouse website:

and a MSNBC article (shock) about it:
“When words are many, sin is not absent.” Proverbs 10:19
Rudi, I am constantly struck by all the ethos that clutters the speeches of men in committee, of men in institutions; when it is stated as it was in point 4 of Conference on Religions in the Modern World: “This trend is a threat to democracy, even more when politics and region push together to extreme behaviours (the most extreme example is voluntary martyrdom).” The reference concerns Christian fundamentalism, not radical Islam. No wonder that Jesus was silent, and the Apostle Paul said: “For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.
Thanks for the link and the time you spend helping to warn those who have ears to hear.
I had a very nice email from Daniel Taylor thanking us for reprinting his article.

Hi Paul,

My radio program is now on 8 p.m. (Eastern) TUESDAY and THURSDAY. Must have been a rerun on Saturday. To keep a sense of humor about it: "You know you've been recycled when your reruns have been reran."

Thanks for listening!

Dear Rich of Medford:

Thanks for the links! As regards the Russian Orthodox Church and Greek Orthodox Church, et al, I am NOT SURPRISED that they are alert and awake over this. They have already experienced persecution and seem to take the prophecies more literally than most sleeping Americans. The Greek Orthodox (or the best among them) have been warning about Schengen System as part of the Beast system of Revelation.

If anyone's interested, I made some delicious cupcakes (yellow cake mix, vanilla frosting) today. You all are welcome to come and share them with me before this Ubiquitous Technology applies itself to my kitchen chairs and automatically weighs me, then denies me access to my own Kitchen-Aid! I figure if the table knows my height, then the chairs are going to be on to the discrepancy between my height and my weight!
;-) Just needed a little humor to break the solemnity of the day.
Hey Constance, have you belittled any one lately by asking them "what are you!" (as if they are not human)....

Just wondering if you're still "loving" others into the kingdom.....

You and your group of sycophants are doing a great job of preparing the body for the coming dark days!

Just wondering, do you ever get a bloody nose ridng your high horse?

I tried joining your group and got nothing but rejection and belittlement. You asked me "what are you" as if I was a monster or inhuman...

I just wanted to say, you hurt me a lot, and I almost gave up on God because of you (especially when I'm surrounded by OTHER such mean and unloving christians such as yourself)...

I tried sharing something I learned from God with you and you belittled me and treated me without respect. You taught me a lesson about Christian celebrities and how they can be empty and shallow AND VERY UNLOVING and mostly full of themselves...

Thanks for nothing....
To the last anonymous:

I don't recall belittling anybody and certainly all are welcome here. I have no idea what you have reference to -- can you point me to what you posted? I certainly had no intent whatsoever to frighten anybody away from here -- What was the context that I allegedly responded to in an offensive manner? I want to know.

I am sorry to hear about Marilyn Ferguson's death. I had become acquainted with her and had many conversations and even some personal meetings. I always hoped she would come around -- her mother was deeply troubled over her New Age Movement involvement.

To Anonymous 9:04:

I am hardly a "Christian celebrity" -- I have taken more rejection than you will ever know. I certainly apologize if I gave you that impression -- I do know how rejection feels!

Hi Constance, I've been following your blog and have found it very interesting! I know that you have mentioned the peace treaty that Javier Solana put together with Israel and that it may be THE big 7 year peace treaty talked about in scripture. I wondered what you thought about the Temple being rebuilt and the one world government etc.... and how these might fit in to this step of the end times process. I mean none of these things have happened yet and they seem a long way off from happening.
I really appreciate your insights and the research that you do to keep people informed about what's happening in the world. Thanks!
Sorry, are we supposed to feel your pain? This blog is not a confessional or a one-on-one with a local pastor. This blog is geared to factual information whether New Age or end-times.

Anyone with common sense would know that you don't go to a pharmacy to buy furniture and then complain that the pharmacist is not sensitive to your need for furniture.

There is a time and place for everything. Find the correct time and place for your needs. Don't just badmouth the people here.

RFID & WEB 3.0

Thank You Constance for posting this article.

For anyone interested in the US/Korea financed SongDo city -

Another interesting technological RFID breakthrough can be seen at /technology.html where they have developed silicon-based inks to print integrated circuits, sensors and displays. This will bring the cost of RFID on lower priced products into a commercially feasible price bracket.

As a web retailer, copyright owner and someone who does all their work on the puter I do understand the need for some kind of regulations (or should that be directives) to try and protect global, national, business and personal data and users but whether Governments can actually 'catch up' with the speed with which technology is moving, let alone get ahead of it, I remain highly sceptical - it seems as if many were perhaps sleeping while the internet era advanced ... I admit I was and am! It seems I'm not alone in this thinking too;

As an online retailer I do need to be transparent in my business dealings. As a copyright owner I do want to be able to identify and stop violations of my IP as and when they come to my attention and as a web user I do appreciate knowing the authority or profesionalism of the person writing an article I might be reading, especially as there is so much nonsense on the web to sift through. For these reasons I too would like to see a "resurgence of the professional" but not to the dtriment of the amateur. Thank you Constance that you do identify yourself and the authority with which you speak on this blog.

My biggest personal concern with web 3.0 is the shift towards 'clouds computing'.

The concept of POSSIBLY having to pay ongoing RENT to yet another provider for the software I need to do my job, run my business and store my data, makes me nervous! It's bad enough being at the mercy of my phone company, ISP and web host!

Audio Slideshow: 'Babylon' - myth and reality

nick in taiwan

There is an article in today's 11/02/08 publication, "Nigerian Tribune" (which has been in business for 59 years since November, 1949) titled:
"Obama: 72 Hours to History."

In one paragraph, he is identified as "Kenyan-born Senator Barack Obama".

It seems this must be common knowledge to many people living outside of the United States.
Here's the link to the above article referenced by Anon 11:50...
Also in the article:"Obama" 72 Hours to History", the writer states that Obama's victory will usher in a New World Order. He also likens the outcome of Obama's victory to "spiritual rebirth".
Sunday morning we all listen to the pastor preach that righteousness extends to our vote, and as Christians he wanted us to remember those who cannot defend themselves and to vote to protect the unborn as best we can. We sang this song “In Christ Alone”. I marvel how in the Word of Prophecy which is Christ He knew me before I was, He defended me, and let me become a witness and partaker of the glorious knowledge of our creator.
In Christ Alone
by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend
IN CHRIST ALONE my hope is found,
He is my light, my strength, my song;
This Cornerstone, this solid Ground,
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm.
What heights of love, what depths of peace,
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease!
My Comforter, my All in All,
Here in the love of Christ I stand.
In Christ alone! - who took on flesh,
Fullness of God in helpless babe!
This gift of love and righteousness,
Scorned by the ones He came to save:
Till on that cross as Jesus died,
The wrath of God was satisfied –
For every sin on Him was laid;
Here in the death of Christ I live.
There in the ground His body lay,
Light of the world by darkness slain:
Then bursting forth in glorious Day
Up from the grave He rose again!
And as He stands in victory
Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me,
For I am His and He is mine –
Bought with the precious blood of Christ.
No guilt in life, no fear in death,
This is the power of Christ in me;
From life’s first cry to final breath,
Jesus commands my destiny.
No power of hell, no scheme of man,
Can ever pluck me from His hand;
Till He returns or calls me home,
Here in the power of Christ I’ll stand!
Keith Getty & Stuart Townend
Copyright © 2001 Thankyou Music

Dorothy, you got me looking into the Nigerian Tribune, and I have quotes to share with you, vignettes with an interesting angle.

One has to wonder how disappointed she (Ann Dunham Obama Sutoro reflecting on Dreams From my Father) must have been to learn it was about a father who abandoned him (Obama) as an infant, and not about the strong and pioneering women who raised him.

Mama Sarah, Obama’s grandmother said: "Barack may become president of the world."

Mary Kemundo Ogala, a family friend and public health nurse at the Kogelo district drug dispensary, where there is a pharmacist but no doctor, said: “Barack Obama, I think, has a magical effect on all Africans. Maybe, in a way, he has that effect on the whole world,"

With only three years in the U.S Senate, Obama's thunderbolt (Very Interesting Word) rise seems almost metaphysical and a remarkably unique political moment in America to win the Democratic nomination and became the first African American with a credible, viable and realistic chance of winning the presidency of the United States.

Second, it offers many developing countries a clear lesson that political contentions are not do-or-die affairs, settled only by guns, missiles and macthetes sic. (I wonder if things have changed in the US)

Obama kicked off his address with the expression of the traditional humility of the average African. (The abortion of babies is ‘below my pay grade’ is humility?)
Thanks to Constance for finding us OldThinker News!

On their home page is found an article on the Rothchilds' contributions to John McCain's campaign, which are now being investigated. Apparently McCain attended a 500pound a head dinner in London hosted by Nat Rothschild at his mansion in London, Spencer House.

A very interesting article, and certainly shows that neither of the candidates can be trusted .
Dorothy and others,

As I am not familiar with LGF I cannot comment on their censorship. I have however noticed a large rise in censorship regarding Obama and anything EU, NA or globalization related by news outlets that would not be considered main stream. It seems that this is happening within the sites that do not put the truth of the Lord first. There definitely seems to be a "if you can't beat em, join em" mentality coming about. I encourage all to push on ever more vigilantly as it appears that this has struck a nerve. The time is fast approaching when they won't just want to silence people through censorship, but permanently. Your work, as well as that of countless others has value beyond measure at this juncture. We are at a pivotal point, in 24 hours the people of this nation go to the polls. I don't know if enough have listened to derail Obama. Even if elected, we must not cease in the work that has been started. More must be educated even as Barack begins his reign over this land. As a few have eluded to, his first 100 days may be crucial, not just in what he does but in reaching others. During this time, I can safely assume that pressure will begin to mount for us to conform. This will come not only in the form of media, but some of the sources we consider reliable, as well as friends and family. Many see how blindly and ignorantly people follow Barack, this will come to a fever pitch if he is elected. Civil unrest, international incidents, as well as racial tension have been spoken of by his own, if any of these things happen we can be sure these statements will be spun to vindicate decisions made by him, as if to say Barack was right all along. Showing others the truth will become all the more difficult. Our only hope is our faith. All of our work without this is dead. Only the Most High can reveal the things that will truly change peoples hearts. May He pour out His mercy and grace on us all, so that we might adhere to His will.

Forgot to add the link to the article:

To go along with the conversation of censorship. It seems someone has gotten on youtube and set up a handfull of fake identities, this user is then posting everything from racial remarks to other yt t&c violations getting users suspended as a result. This attack is only happening to users with anti-global governance videos and content. I am not familiar with the views of all the users that have been suspended but know enough to see the common thread. A general search of youtube on this will bring up a lot of user videos each with their own take on what is happening, but all see the common similarity of suspended users.

To All:

If and when we do have censorship and restrictions of our Internet use, "our glass will still be half full". The good news is that we have had all of this time to have developed the necessary "skills" to put the pieces of the puzzle together regarding the NWO, etc.

We may be left with just quietly communicatng with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - which requires no computer and no electricity.

Who knows? In those quiet moments, we may end up hearig and retrieving much more information and feedback than we ever thought possible.

Credit goes to another poster. I didn't do that one.


Here's an old article from Feb of this year:

It deals with the youTube shut down that Pakistan was able to accomplish with fair ease. The uptake being it was a simple mistake, but the future is clear as crystal. Fore-warned is fore-armed.

The prudent sees the evil and hides himself, but the naive go on, and are punished for it. - Proverbs 22:3

This is a little off topic of usual here, but I thought others might want to see it. A New Jersey 8th grader was sent home to change out of his costume because Jesus was deemed inappropriate. The article flip-flops on the true reason several times but the message is clear. (Be whatever pagan or unholy thing you want, but anything holy or righteous is off limits)

Only computer techies would be interested in this.Sorry so long.

Regarding internet freedom- I have had suspicions that the internet was being meddled with ever since I was hacked in June, and I talked about this extensively in a post on my blog sometime back.

For whatever it's worth, (since my thoughts and ideas have been marginalized on more than one occasion here), I mentioned in my blog that I thought that Microsoft was entering into agreements with the EU since 2007 that might have some vehicles of censorship built into new software. I am not a techie by any stretch of the imagination but I found this statement on Wikipedia under Microsoft Office and thought it curious:

# Microsoft Office 2007 was released in 2007. On May 21, 2008 Microsoft announced that Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 will add native support for the Open Document Format.[7] EU announced it is going to investigate Microsoft Office Open Document Format support.[8]

Note that I did not have trouble publishing to my blog through WORD until my computer crashed in June and I had to re-load Microsoft Office, which may have included this service Pack of May 2008.

Today again I was reminded of something being wrong with Microsoft Word 2007 when I tried to cut and paste from Microsoft word and post to my blog. (I have gotten into the habit of writing directly on the blog to avoid problems with publishing.)

I received an error message that basically says that my html cannot be accepted because of words embedded in the content. I actually tried pasting the exact words into this comment but blogger would not allow me to post the comment. I took a picture of the code right from the computer monitor and posted the code as a jpg file on my blog in the hopes someone would explain what it was and how it got there. So far nothing satisfactory has emerged.

This only occurs when I take a document I have written from Microsoft word and try to cut and paste it into the blog. I also get a warning from my spy ware when I try to publish the blog that says something to the effect that the spy ware has blocked the downloading of an add-on called "ietag.dll" from Microsoft Corporation.

It might be possible that the addition of tags or red flag words trigger the blocking of the post. Either that or my Microsoft word 2007 has some sort of worm embedded in the registry that triggers when I try to post to the internet. This does not happen when I post to my art blog, which is why I am suspicious.

Just curious if anyone else who has a blog through blogger has encountered anything like this.
A lot of important mews coming out of Europe today.Netherlands wants the IMF transformed into a global financial supervisor, relations between Russians and EU monitors are reported to be strained as Russia is not permitting observers into South Ossetia, not to mention Georgian troops are now being accused of war crimes during the skirmish, and to top it off Czech's are continuing to cry foul as Sarkozy looks to extend his presidency into 2010.

Try to use Open Office --
or GNU Emacs --
P.S. I also encountered problems posting this.
Syrian Government Newspapers Back Obama
Monday, November 03, 2008
By Julie Stahl
It would appear the EU seeks to influence Israel's police and judiciary [similar to how it already influences Israel's politics and economy through the 7-year European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP)].

Following is an excerpt from article entitled "Building the Roman Empire," dated 10/31/08:

"From now on, the Moroccan minister of Foreign Affairs will be allowed to participate in the EU Foreign Affairs Council of Ministers and in other EU institutions such as Europol, the European Police Office, and Eurojust, the EU body dealing with judicial cooperation. Israel is said to be the next candidate to obtain a "special association status" with the EU."
What is a bit "creepy" about the EU influencing Israel's police and judiciary is that 100 U.S. police trainers are currently under E.U. supervision in EULEX Kosovo (see #58):
"Israel is said to be the next candidate to obtain a 'special association status' with the EU."

Lucky Israel (not).
Article from AP.GOOGLE by Jane Wardell-
"DOHA, Qatar (AP) — British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Sunday he is confident that Saudi Arabia will contribute to the International Monetary Fund's bailout reserves after he promised business leaders in the Gulf that they would have a say in any future new world economic order."
"Brown is using a four-day tour of the Gulf to call on oil-rich Middle Eastern countries to be among the biggest donors to the IMF's coffers to rescue failing nations, which at $250 billion have already been depleted by emergency cash calls from Iceland, Hungary and the Ukraine totaling some $30 billion."
"The Saudis will I think contribute so we can have a bigger fund worldwide," he said after a meeting with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah late Saturday and business leaders early Sunday."
"The British leader told reporters traveling with him that he wants "hundreds of billions" of extra dollars pledged to the IMF fund, noting that the Middle East and Asia, particularly China, have significant foreign exchange reserves."
"A senior British government source, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment, said that during talks the Saudis had been concerned about becoming a "milk cow" to prop up "basket case" economies in other parts of the world."


The Nigerian Tribune article about Obama (the one that says he is "Kenyan-born")has just vanished into the ethers, folks! Anyone surprised?

This isn't the first article about Obama that has disappeared off the 'net in the last few days.
Obama Most Secretive Candidate Ever: by David A. Patten
"Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign says his campaign will bring a new level of honesty and transparency to the White House. Obama proudly touts that he and Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla, passed a law requiring more transparency via a public database of all federal spending."

"But when it comes to offering the public documents about his own public and private activities, Obama’s record for openness gets an "F" grade."

"During the heated Democratic primary, Obama complained of the Bush White House being “one of the most secretive administrations in our history” and chided Sen. Hillary Clinton for not releasing her White House schedules."

"Ironically, Obama, just days away from possibly being elected president, continues to stonewall a growing chorus of information requests for documents about his legislative, personal health, education, financing, and background -- leaving many voters to cast ballots based on incomplete information."
"Among the examples:
*Obama has released just one brief document detailing his personal health. McCain, on the other hands, released what he said was his complete medical file totaling more than 1500 pages. After criticism on the matter, last week the Obama campaign also released some routine lab-test results and electrocardiograms for Obama. All test results appeared normal, but many details about his health remain a mystery.
*Obama has refused to offer his official papers as a state legislator in Illinois, and has been unable to produce correspondence, such as letters from lobbyists and other correspondence from his days in the Illinois state senate. There are also no appointment calendars available of his official activities. “It could have been thrown out,” Obama said while on the campaign trail during the Democratic primary. “I haven’t been in the state Senate now for quite some time.”
*Obama has not released his client list as an attorney or his billing records. Obama has maintained that he only performed a few hours of legal work for a nonprofit organization with ties to Tony Rezko, the Chicago businessman convicted of fraud in June. But he has not released billing records that would prove this assertion.
*Obama won’t release his college records from Occidental College where he studied for two years before transferring to Columbia.
*Obama’s campaign refuses to give Columbia University, where he earned an undergraduate degree in political science, permission to release his transcripts. Such transcripts would list the courses Obama took, and his grades. President George W. Bush, and presidential contenders Al Gore and John Kerry, all released their college transcripts. (McCain has refused to release his Naval Academy transcript.)
*Obama’s college dissertation has simply disappeared from Columbia Universities archives. In July, in response to a flurry of requests to review Obama’s senior thesis at the Ivy League school, reportedly titled “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament,” Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt told NBC News “We do not have a copy of the course paper you requested and neither does Columbia University.”
*The senator has not agreed to the release of his application to the Illinois state bar, which would clear up intermittent allegations that his application to the bar may have been inaccurate.
*Jim Geraghty of the National Review has written extensively about Obama’s unwillingness to release records related to clients he represented while he was an attorney with the Chicago law firm of Davis, Miner, Barnhill, and Gallard. Obama was required to list his clients during his years in the Illinois senate. “Obama listed every client of the firm,” Geraghty reported, making it impossible to discern which clients he represented.
*Obama has never released records from his time at Harvard Law School.
*Obama also has not disclosed the names of small donors giving $200 or less to his campaign. An exception to the finance-reporting laws exempts the campaign from reporting those who donate less than $200, but that law never envisioned the more than $300 million that has been raised by Obama in small amounts. The Republican National Committee has released its small donors, as well as McCain’s, on a public database."
Link to article-

I think I'll save this one to my HD before it disappears, too...
Dear Constance, Have you considered producing a DVD, or DVD series on theosophy, the NWO,the new age movement,and Javier Solana, the EU, and recommendation 666? If we can not use the internet someday soon, we can still present this knowledge to those who are in the dark about these things. Which as far as i can tell is the majority of believers, and certaintly most unbelievers.
THe Nairobi article is still up.I just read it.
Ah, so it is, Anon 5:16. When I previously posted about it, I was getting blanks from both browsers, no problems with any other web pages. Well, NOW I'm going to save it! ;-)
Maybe I’m just seeing things again, but anyone interested in knowing where Obama’s team came up with his symbol, can find a precise match hiding in plain sight….

Google Earth



No shifting or spinning of the image is necessary. Just zoom in. I'd recommend opening Obama’s campaign website in another window to compare the symbols side by side. They are identical.

It may be of interest to some that this particlar "Obama" symbol is located near the Campo de las Naciones, the site of the AOC conference in Madrid. Some of you regular bloggers here may remember my AOC/ Campo de las Naciones / concentric circles within a Thaumaturgic Triangle/Masonic Compass/ Parque de Juan Carlos/Point within a Circle/Emblematic Hand and Eye of Horus postings. Well, this is the same kind of “coincidence”. If you are a Google Earth user, check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.
Old Man,

You are amazing!

This is really weird stuff, but as I think I said about week ago, Obama may be the perfect candidate to be elected to be the AoC's director-in-chief- in which case this is a coincidence that can't be ignored.

I've posted some of the stuff you've pointed out to us on my blog in recent posts in case you didn't know. But you are way ahead of the curve in terms of finding these strange coincidences!

Isn't it incredibly exciting that we are living in these times when we may actually see our Lord return ?

I'm still guessing that Obama is one of the beasts, in which case time is short!
Dear Shem,

I do have some I have put together but I have not so far commercialized them -- I have passed, for example, my CD presentation on Solana and encouraged people to burn copies and pass them on -- "Solana Shareware" so to speak.

YG, glad to know you're still lurking...

I guess the question is, “Is Obama’s symbol just part of some clever marketing scheme? Or is there a much deeper global/historic/spiritual significance?”

Consider these selected excerpts from:

American Osiris Rising: Obama Symbol of Transformation

Dinesh Sharma/Contributing Writer

Issue date: 9/14/08 Section: Cover

"In a society that has mythologized itself from its earliest days the president is the high priest of the national identity," note Ted Anthony and Ron Fournier. During significant turning points in history a charismatic leader driven by his archetypes can mobilize a generation of people into a transformational grassroots movement.”

“Perhaps, Obama's symbols of transformation, his campaign signs, posters and Web site suggest another mythic undercurrent, more archaic or Near Eastern in origin. His marketing materials designed by the Chicago-based Sol Sender present Obama as the modern day sun-god. "We were looking at the "O" of his name and had the idea of a rising sun and a new day," Sender said. "The sun rising over the horizon evoked a new
sense of hope."”

“The letter 'O' symbolically represents Obama as the white hot sun, rising above the blue sky with the waves of red and white stripes representing the American flag over the plains. It is not that Obama does not know the dangers of flying too close to the sun, rather he has become the sun.”

”The 'O' then symbolizes Obama as well as the mythological figure of Osiris, the sun-god personified in the Near Eastern religions of life, death and fertility; Apollo may be the Greek equivalent of Osiris. The Obamas represent or most closely resemble the Osiris-Isis pair, the power couple of Egyptian mythology; if you think these ancient figures have lost cultural meaning, see the latest spoof on African American identity in "Tropic Thunder" represented by the character of Sgt. Osiris. The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago houses one of the significant collections of Egyptian artifacts in this country, not too far from the Obama residence.”

”Obama's soaring rhetoric while designed to be consistent with the progressive message of "hope and change" represents a break with the hegemonic discourse of "politics as usual." Like the sun-god, he plans to bring peace and prosperity to the land, move marginal voices to the center, and usher in a new American morning.”

Read entire article here:


Marketing is certainly in play here. Barry Soetero for President simply doesn’t have the same ring to it. But I somehow doubt that an Obama presidency represents the “sun rising over America”. I find it more plausible to believe that the sun in Obama's logo is actually setting. Depends on your particular viewpoint I suppose.
The following two articles are long and rather academic. They show there are agent provateurs who are agents of the elite, in this case on the left. Constance has been writing about how these individuals operate in the Christian community, and I've written about their presence on the right. We who identify wih more conservative views may not realize how the left is also controlled.

Don't ask me who the elite are. That is a very complicated topic. the disinformation people have a field day with this topic.

This is a good time to analyze how the left is manipulated and used and how the Obama campaign for the presidency fits into this picture.

Read the
Daniel J. Flynn
The Ghosts in Grant Park
Obama plans a party where his radical friends once ran wild.

Obama and Ayers: The Provocateur Exhumed
by Jared Israel, [Nov. 2, 2008]

No matter who wins, this background material will help anyone understand how cultural change takes place. A long time ago I posted a piece called "Revolution is too important to be left to the revolutionaries."

Some highly accurate insight, from across the pond...

The usual rhetorical question, not looking for an answer....Why is it so obvious everywhere else, and yet so ignored here, where it is happening...?

Happy voting..

Dorothy, if one knows the philosophy, the ideas behind the radical elites, that understanding more than helps; I think that is why Christians are so sensitive to error. “Hereby know you the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. . . “In the sixties I remember Richard Albert and Timothy Leary of Harvard taking two approaches of iconoclasm to dismember a staid and too materialistic society that was reflexive and too often removed from the issues young people where facing; the snake was but shedding its skin, and had been reborn with a spit-shine and fork tongue.
Dorothy, the radio talk-show host I’ve been sending your links to is a product of the sixties, but, a big but, is that he loves our Constitution and understands the brilliance of those who designed it, and the patriotism of those who through the years died for it.
I stand amazed that we too are fighting for our country and our culture, that some sense we are on the same side; I’m glad to see the brilliance and dedication of Susanna, Farmer, Rudi, Deanne, Oldman, Johnny, Constance, Primegood, Joyce, Mary, and not last, forgive me if I left Rich Peterson of Medford, or Mac or Paul or Doug, or DaveinMI out or the many caring people who contribute so much here, but last Dorothy, who in some strange way keeps everyone honest, slaps our senses and says get-up, GET UP, the war is raging all around.
Anti-intellectualism is all around, but not here. At times it rules in the Church, feelings have come before fact and faith; “Our sins are forgiven us for His name sake.” It comes back to the preeminence of God; it is not to minimize His love for us, but to see that God is about God and He invites us to sup with Him; how blessed was Mephibosheth?
I am not a researcher, but I want to be as informed as I can be, so this is my first stop for information, however I still have my reflections of what is going down and am glad to have this forum to express them.
Thanks Constance.
When I just read your comment, I heard the boxing match bell go DING! DING!, as in, CORRECT!, you got it.
Not to sound like a Limbaughite, but DITTO.

That story about the kid getting sent home was ironic because Halloween was originally
intended to be the "evening before All Saints Day", a Christian celebration.

Anon. 10:44
That's very true and it probably won't be long now.
Is Obama’s narcissism pathological?

Excerpts from:
Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer
By Ali Sina

“Often, people, tired of the status quo, do not have the patience to examine the nature of the proposed change. All they want is change. During 1979, when the Iranians were tired of the dictatorial regime of the late Shah, they embraced Khomeini, not because they wanted Islam, but because he promised them change. The word in the street was, “anything is better than the Shah.” They found their error when it was too late.”

From the footnotes:

“Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet and the founder of Faith Freedom International, the movement of ex-Muslims created to eliminate hate through knowledge and foster amity among all mankind.”

With those credentials, you’d think Sina would be in favor of the things Obama says he represents. I find it very interesting that someone who wants to foster “amity among all mankind” views Obama’s rise as the biggest threat on the horizon.
Here's the link to Ali Sina article:
Dear Setterman,

Thank you for your kind words. Coming from a brilliant and dedicated person such as yourself, they are high praise indeed!

Your comment "anti-intellectualism is all around..." especially got my attention.

Sometimes,as you are probably aware, even Christians erroneously fall into the habit of thinking that they have to park their brains at the door before they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

It was a Jewish friend of mine who once told me the following story that he had heard from a Rabbi.

One day, a devout Jewish gentleman once rode his camel into the city on business.

Once he arrived, he was about to tie up his camel when the thought occurred to him that tying up his camel might imply a lack of faith in God.

Should he not just allow his camel to stand there untied thereby demonstrating his faith in God?

This question bothered the devout Jewish gentlemen so much that he decided to consult a wise Rabbi who happened to live in the city where he was doing business.

He told the Rabbi about his dilemna and awaited the answer.

The Rabbi sat in deep thought without speaking for several minutes.

Finally he looked up at the Jewish gentlemen and replied;

My son, have faith in the Lord AND tie up your camel.

The moral: "Who do you think gave you brains enough to tie up your camel in the first place???"
Dear Anonymous 1:02 P.M.

In response to your comment:

I already heard about this straight from the mouths of the Michigan State Police that are on their Motor Unit. They were told to "hide" behind the bus when Obama exited it so that he couldn't see them.

Maybe Obama's obsession with "hidin' the heat" is a sign of Obama's guilty conscience......and as my mother used to always say "A guilty conscience needs no accuser."
Inevitably, they rat themselves out.

That is a great song. I like old-fashioned traditional hymns more, but that is a good contemporary song. It's very powerful, especially around Easter.

When it comes to Halloween, I'm like Scrooge, "Bah, Humbug!"

Just a thought, maybe Obama not wanting police within his eyesight has less to do with his disdain for police and more to do with the view of police by some african americans. Police and military are not thought of highly by racially driven african americans. They also are not thought of to highly by liberals who claim bias and racism run rampant through these departments. This may be more of a case of Barack not wanting to be seen in the same light as other politicians by these groups. He may be sending a message, as I don't recall ever seeing a single police officer or member of the military in uniform during any clips from his campaign speeches. By not being seen with service men or women he is not associated with either of these groups, which bodes well for him with the more extreme groups. He may have some animosity towards people who serve in these ways but would venture to say that not being seen with them is more about the perception of those that support him.

"With those credentials, you’d think Sina would be in favor of the things Obama says he represents. I find it very interesting that someone who wants to foster “amity among all mankind” views Obama’s rise as the biggest threat on the horizon."

Actually it's easy to understand. Amity is quite distinct from unity. Unity is Imperialist. Because those irregulars who don't want to be part of the great unity get stuffed. So amity is better.

Your article reminded me of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World Revisited where he addresses Propaganda Under a Dictatorship.

"Let us see what Hitler thought of the masses he moved and how he did the moving. The first principle from which he started was a value judgement: the masses are utterly contemptible. They are incapable of abstract thinking and uninterested in any fact outside the circle of their immediate experience. Their behaviour is determined, not by knowledge and reason, but by feelings and unconcsious drives. To be successful a propagandist must learn how to manipulate these instincts and emotions."

I think this quote reveals Senator Obama's contempt for the masses:

"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Then Huxley continues:

"The masses of whom he speaks were these bewildered, frustrated and chronically anxious millions. To make them more masslike, more homogeneously subhuman, he assembled them, by the thousands and tens of thousands, in vast halls and arenas, where individuals could lose their personal identity, even their elementary humanity, and be merged with the crowd. Groups are capable of being as moral and intelligent as the individuals who form them, a crowd is chaotric, has no purpose of its own and is capable of anything except intelligent action and realistic thinking. Assembled in a crowd, people lose their powers of reasoning and their capability for moral choice. Their suggestibility is increased to the point where they cease to have any judgement or will of their own. They become very excitable, they lose all sense of individual or collective responsibility, they are subject to sudden accesses of rage, enthusiasm and panic. In a word, a man in a crowd behaves as though he had swallowed a large dose of some powerful intoxicant."

Back to Senator Obama:

"Standing under the Gateway Arch, Sen. Barack Obama spoke this afternoon before a crowd his campaign said totaled 100,000, a new U.S. record for his presidential bid."

read article and see picture at:


Huxley continues:

"Unlike the masses, the intellectuals have a taste for rationality and an interest in facts. Their critical habit of mind makes them resistant to the kind of propaganda that works so well on the majority. Among the masses "instinct is supreme, and from instict comes faith...While the healthy common folk instictily close their ranks to form a community of the people (under the leader it goes without saying) intellectuals run this way and that, like hens in a poultry yeard. With them one cannot make history they cnanot be used as elements composing a community". Intellectuals are the kind of people who demand evidence and are shocked by logical inconsistencies and fallacies.......In Hitler's words, the propagandist should adopt "a systematically one-sided attitude towards every problem that has to be dealt with. He must never admit that he might be wrong or that people with a different point of view might be even partially right. Opposnents should not be argued with, they should be attacked, shouted down, or if they become too much of a nuisance, liquidiated.....But the subhuman mindlessness to which the demogogue makes his appeal, the moral imbecility on which he relies when he goads his victims into action, are characteristic not of men and women as individuals, not of men and women in masses. Mindlessness and moral idiocy are not characteristically human attributes, they are symptoms of herd poisoning.

Back to Senator Obama:

need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors,” Barack Obama told a crowd in Elko, Nev. “I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.” Actually, Obama supporters are doing a lot more than getting into people’s faces. They seem determined to shut people up.

Read the entire article "The Coming Obama Thugocracy" at NRO:

I could go on, but you get the point. Many others have drawn the parallels between Senator Obama and Hitler. Huxley was quoting directly from Hitler himself. Finally, you should see this entry on Berit's site from a German woman who lived through Hitler's reign:

I hope you're all well. In Him,

Sorry for my misspellings. I didn't spell check. I think I need to cut my fingernails if I'm going to type long posts. My apologies. Deannie
Hi to all:

I am at the polls today, helping two worthy judicial candidates. Joe McNeil will do my radio program tonight. I tried to draft Dorothy, but she is at polls today too! Back Thursday night on, God willing!

Interesting, I tried to post to Setterman thanking him for his fine post -- didn't make it up there for some mysterious reason.

For the record, as my election assistance is at the Orion Twp public library and they are a hot internet spot, I am taking a small break to rest my weary feet on what is thankfully a gorgeous, unseasonably warm November election day. JUST FOUND this story on internet -- do not discount Europe in all the excitement over Obama --- Biden was probably right about mettle being tested and probably Biden/Lugar's good buddy Solana will be pulling puppet strings behind same: CHECK THIS:

EU wants to be equals with Washington in meeting global challenges 2008-11-04 03:42:10 Print

MARSEILLE, France, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- The 27-nation European Union took advantage of the U.S. general elections for a change in its relationship with the United States, as its foreign ministers agreed here on Monday to jointly and courageously send a letter to the next U.S. president calling for a partnership as equals in dealing with major global challenges.

The idea to develop new relationship with Washington was initiated by France, the current EU presidency, at the September informal meeting of EU foreign ministers in Avignon, France.

The reason for establishing an equal transatlantic partnership is that "the world has changed", as French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner put it at the last meeting and Monday's meeting.

"The world has changed, because we have realized that a great country, which will remain a great country, is not the only one concerned by the world's problems," he said. "The European Union has become more resolute."

Kouchner cited the leading role the EU played in brokering a cease-fire between Russia and Georgia in August and in coping with the global financial turmoil.

"We will play our full role for partnership," Kouchner said more frankly at a press conference after the three-hour informal meeting. "We don't want to play a secondary role any more."

Benita Ferrero-Waldner, EU commissioner for external relations, echoed him by saying on the same occasion that the EU would try to "take the advantage of the period of transition" to simply try to define priorities with the United States.

She insisted that relations with Washington should reflect Europe's new "leadership" in world affairs.

"We want to have an even stronger relationship with the United States, and for that reason I think it's important that we say what we think is important for us. I think it should be a more balanced relationship," she said.

Britain, the die-hard supporter and follower of U.S. policies, also voices its determination to stand up to challenge the elder brotherhood of the United States.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband said the EU could work with Washington to set "an inclusive global agenda that responds to the changing economic and social and political times", adding "This isn't just about asking America to do things. It's about Europe stepping up as well," he told reporters upon his arrival for the meeting.

Miliband said "make sure that our contribution in the Middle East, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in responding to the global financial crisis, is strong and clear and in close alliance both with this American administration but also with the new one."

Javier Solana, EU foreign and security policy chief, also thought the U.S. general elections, which will take place on Tuesday, was an opportunity to start a new transatlantic relationship.

"Concerning the United States, we are on the eve of crucial elections. Europeans and Americans alike, seem keen to begin a new chapter," he said on Oct. 30 at the annual conference of the Institute for Security Studies of the European Union in Paris.

"I have been and remain a firm believer in the power of the U.S. and Europe to act as a force for good around the world," he said.

Analyst here say the Europeans have good reasons for taking the opportunity of the transition of the U.S. administration for a change of partnership.

They did not have the chance or gut to call for standing on the same footing with the George W. Bush administration, as the outgoing U.S. president never took seriously the Europeans during his first term. He practiced unilateralism.

Neglecting strong opposition from most EU nations, especially France and Germany, the Bush administration lodged the Iraqi war in 2003, throwing transatlantic ties into a nadir.

The thaw began as Germany and France changed governments respectively in 2005 and 2007.

Pro-American Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy offered to improve relations with Washington, not the other way around.

Bush demonstrated friendliness and regret over his foreign policy towards Europe only during his farewell visit to the continent this year because he needed the help of the Europeans in Afghanistan.

On the EU side, the EU had never before played more leading roles than under the French presidency this year.

The French leaders repeatedly boasted the EU role in stopping the Georgia-Russia conflict and in tackling the financial storm.

The EU is eager to show its leadership by set an agenda with the United States in stopping conflict in the Middle East, in helping Afghanistan and Pakistan, to name a few.

Ambitious as it is, analysts say the EU presidency is going to a weak and inexperienced hand at the beginning of next year, the Czech Republic.

Also, with its own problems such as the stalled Lisbon Treaty, whether the EU can really stand as equals with its U.S. partner will be a big question mark.

Here's another important story from the
European Voice:

What Bush will hand over
By Christiane Höhn
30.10.2008 / 09:02 CET
The past four years have seen a rapprochement between the EU and the US and considerable co-operation across the globe.
The next US president will have to address many major challenges: the financial/economic crisis, the Middle East peace process, Iran, non-proliferation, terrorism, Russia, Balkans, Afghanistan, climate change, energy policy and international trade are just a few of the many. In all these areas, both the US and the EU will be more successful by working out joint strategies and pulling in the same direction.

It may have seemed unlikely in the run-up to and early aftermath of the war in Iraq, but US President George W. Bush has left a legacy of transatlantic co-operation that can be built upon and strengthened further. After Iraq, many in the policy-making communities on both sides of the Atlantic felt that EU-US relations had to improve, that the tone had to change. It has. When, in 2005, Bush became the first US president to visit the EU's institutions in Brussels, it was a reflection of a deeper change.

The US has become more open to multilateral solutions, which are at the core of the EU's foreign-policy philosophy: multilateral solutions may be slower to reach, but they tend to be more legitimate, lasting and hence more successful. Given the emergence of other important players such as China, India and Russia, it is essential that the EU and US work together if they are to succeed internationally.

The US has generally returned to its traditional policy of embracing and reaching out to the EU, trying first to bring the EU as a whole on board. This is important, because it must be possible for member states to be good allies of the US and good partners in the EU at the same time. The US and EU have also worked to “define the mission together” regarding international issues, doing so in a strategic dialogue to develop approaches backed by both sides.

The EU too has responded, replacing the internal divisions over Iraq with unity. It has become more pro-active and capable in its foreign policy, taking the lead on some issues and developing its military and civilian capabilities generally. The EU has put boots on the ground, deploying some 20 crisis-management operations on three continents.

These changes – greater US openness to multilateralism, and an EU more unified and more active – have produced a new climate and track record of co-operation on global issues.

In 2005, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the EU's foreign-policy chief, Javier Solana, agreed that the focus should be on what EU and US can do together in the rest of the world, instead of constantly taking the temperature of the relationship itself.

Foreign policy
That re-focusing has been apparent in co-operation on major foreign-policy challenges, with both sides trying to develop joint or complementary strategies. They have worked out a joint package to Iran and co-ordinated sanctions. In the Balkans, co-operation has been coupled with the EU assuming a more active role, taking over the military operation in Bosnia from NATO and supplying most of the troops in NATO's KFOR force in Kosovo. EU enlargement as the strongest incentive is the backdrop to EU policy towards the region. The EU's 2000 strong rule of law and police mission in Kosovo is another milestone, the first EU operation with US participation. In Georgia, EU and US were in constant touch during the crisis and are working together to reach a political solution.

There was also much co-operation on counter-terrorism and justice and home affairs (homeland security), as well as the conclusion of a crisis-management workplan and security agreement on the exchange of classified information, an agreement that could allow for more strategic exchanges.

Difficult issues remain, but the temperature of the disputes has been reduced by talking about them. A strategic dialogue on East Asia, including questions of arms export controls, was started in 2005, and, since early 2006, EU and US legal advisers have been engaged in an in-depth dialogue, producing a better understanding of each other's interpretations of international law in the context of fighting terrorism, including issues such as the treatment of detainees and the continued existence of the detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, which go to the core of our common transatlantic values and resonate strongly with European citizens. EU and US also discussed the International Criminal Court, another area of different approach.

Business and the economy
On the economic front, the creation of the Transatlantic Economic Council in 2007 stands out, producing progress on issues such as investment, accounting standards, alternatives to animal testing and the certification of electrical equipment. The aggregate savings on both sides of the Atlantic of closer co-operation on economic issues could be substantial, $10 billion by the Commission's estimate. The financial crisis has been placed at the centre of EU-US cooperation, as shown by the recent visit of the president of the European Council, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Commission President José Manuel Barroso to Camp David, and the upcoming summit on financial markets and the world economy in Washington.

On two other major challenges – climate change and energy security – there has been some progress, but much remains to be done.

The long transatlantic agenda that the next US president will take over is, then, one that both sides have been working actively to push forward over the past four years. At the last EU-US Summit, President Bush said: "I am confident that whoever succeeds me as president will understand the importance of the EU in regards to United States foreign policy, and will work hard to make sure ties remain strong." Both John McCain and Barack Obama have stressed their support for a strong and confident European Union actively engaged in dealing with international challenges. The great interest in Europe about these US elections shows how deeply Europeans care about the US and how much they want a good and strong relationship.

Christiane Höhn has been working on transatlantic relations at the Council of the European Union since 2004. The views expressed in this article are personal and do not represent an official position of the Council or any of its officers.


Barcelona has become the official HQ, not just in name sake. A palace in Barcelona, Spain has been chosen for the headquarters. Also the name has been changed as the title of the Barcelona Process has been dropped and it will now be reffered to as the Union for the Mediterranean. A thought has occured to me that if peace is reached via this union, the dropping of the Barcelona Process from the name may keep some from finding the 7 year treaty. So they can say this isn't the peace that was prophecied.

Hi JD,

I was half-kidding in my comment, but your point is well taken.

It might also be valid if most African Americans are in the habit of assuming that nearly all law enforcement professionals and most or all members of our military are of caucasian descent.

I don't know what it is like in other parts of the country, but there are a significant number of African Americans working as law enforcement professionals with our Massachusetts State Police as well as in many our municipal police departments.

In fact, the Massachusetts State Police is one of the few State Police Departments in the US where the percentage of African American officers (11%) is significantly greater than that of the state population (6.97%).

But if I have understood your point correctly, it may very well be that at the end of the day, perception of the facts often trumps the facts themselves.
Islamic Financial Law coming to USA

JB in CO
I am been away but have been reading Dorothy's e-mail's intently. I am not sure if this has has been posted before but, The Canadian Human Rights Commission refused to act on a complaint about music lyrics that urged listeners to "kill the Christian"

The 2003 case was that of "Quintin Johnson vs. Music World." Johnson, the complainant, was browsing for CDs at a Music World shop in Red Deer, Alberta, and found an album from the group "Deicide" containing a track called "Kill the Christian."

Song lyrics began, "Kill The Christian/You are the one we despise/Day in day out your words compromise lies/I will love watching you die."

As a Christian, Alberta resident Quintin Johnson brought a complaint against the store saying he had been discriminated against.

Blogger, lawyer and democratic activist Ezra Levant has revealed that Alberta Human Rights Commissioner Lori Andreachuk, who in a ruling earlier this year ordered a Christian pastor to publish a renunciation of his Christian views in the local newspaper, in 2003 dismissed a complaint against a rock music group who used lyrics in one of their recordings that urged listeners to "kill the Christian."

Andreachuk dismissed the case saying that Christians are not "vulnerable" enough and the group in question not a "credible" threat.

Here's more on Barcelona location and palace. I'll tell you now, the Spanish location was a real coup for Solana!

"Barcelona to host Mediterranean Union: Solana
04 November 2008, 14:35 CET
"(MARSEILLE) - Mediterranean and European ministers have agreed that Barcelona will host the seat of their new Mediterranean Union, breaking a four-month deadlock, the EU's foreign policy chief said Tuesday.

"Foreign ministers from the 43 member states are holding a two-day summit in the French port of Marseille aimed at ending the tug-of-war over where to base the secretariat of the newly-launched forum.

"Asked to confirm whether the Spanish city would host the seat, European Union foreign policy envoy Javier Solana said: "Yes. I am happy to say that."

""This is a great delight for me," the EU official, told reporters as ministers headed into a second day of talks.

"The northeastern Spanish city was the seat of the EU's 13-year-old Barcelona Process, a previous attempt to unite the region foundered largely due to disputes between Israel and its Arab neighbours.

"Under French impetus, the project has now been replaced by the Union for the Mediterranean.

"A Spanish diplomat said earlier there was a "broad consensus" on Barcelona, although as yet no official agreement.

"The Union's French and Egyptian co-chairs are expected to formally announced their decision at a closing press conference at 2:30 pm (1330 GMT).

"The secretariat question has sparked a row pitting European cities against southern Mediterranean rivals, threatening to hamstring the union.

"A Moroccan diplomat confirmed that ministers had agreed to back Barcelona's candidacy in exchange for the post of secretary-general going to a country from the Mediterranean's southern rim.

"She said ministers were struggling however to resolve tensions surrounding the observer status granted to the Arab League, with Arab countries seeking full participation for the body in the face of Israeli opposition.

"Launched in July, the new union brings together European Union members with states from north Africa, the Balkans, the Arab world and Israel in a bid to foster cooperation in one of the world's most volatile regions.

"France had hoped that by basing the new union on modest regional projects, such as cleaning up pollution in the Mediterranean, it would be able to sidestep the trap of regional disputes"
Dear Susanna:

DISTURBING information about the Canadian HRC. Looks like our persecution is very much underway!

Mac, thanks for the link by Michael O'brien; a worthy and thoughtful commentary.
Interesting...but I wouldn't give it much weight.
Dear Constance,

Here are a couple of articles that you might wish to check out.

October 31, 2008


By Hilary White, via

Note: Following site accessible in cached version only.


“Canada does not have freedom of speech, and I have already spoken, putting me in a special class and at risk.” says US Christian author.


If anyone thinks that this same thing cannot happen to us here in this country, he had better think again,

It has already begun to happen.

For example, just two years ago, Catholic Charities in Boston opted out of its adoption services on account of its refusal to go along with state requirements that gays be allowed to adopt children.


By Patricia Wen, Globe Staff | March 11, 2006


By Steve LeBlanc, Associated Press Writer | March 10, 2006

BOSTON --The Boston Archdiocese's Catholic Charities said Friday it would stop providing adoption services because state law allows gays and lesbians to adopt children.

The social services arm of the Roman Catholic archdiocese has provided adoption services for the state for about two decades, but said it would discontinue once it completes its current state contract. It said that the state law allowing gays to adopt runs counter to church teachings on homosexuality.

"The world was very different when Charities began this ministry at the threshold of the 20th century," the Rev. J. Bryan Hehir, president of Catholic Charities, and trustees chairman Jeffrey Kaneb said in a joint statement. "The world changed often and we adapted the ministry to meet changing times and needs. At all times we sought to place the welfare of children at the heart of our work.

"But now, we have encountered a dilemma we cannot resolve," they said.

Boston Archbishop Sean O'Malley, who had sought an exemption from the law, said the church was faced with a choice between its faith and the state law.

"Sadly, we have come to a moment when Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Boston must withdraw from the work of adoptions, in order to exercise the religious freedom that was the prompting for having begun adoptions many years ago," O'Malley said in a statement.
read more.....
Change has come to America Obama says. He is right. He and his network have the power now. It scares me that the only a fascist right movement has the drive to go against the evil power of the Obama movement. And that fascist right is evil itself. The followers of Obama have no intellectual understanding of what is happening and are like children who are emotionally happy that there is a leader who will take care of them.

So we will have a fascist left against a fascist right, and since it's roughly half of the population against the other half, the times ahead will be very dangerous. The middle will join one side or another because the middle has no leadership whether political, religious or academic.

End times can only be happiness compared to what may lay ahead if end times does not come about.

I am listening to Fox and the music in the background brings to mind the Wagner themes. Do the people in Grant Park in Chicago get to hear the background music while Obama speaks and is announced and talked about by the talking heads that is being played on almost all of the channels, or is it just a television thing. It is like the music at the finale of fireworks shows.

Now Fox is talking about Emmet Till lying in his casket as if Obama is an Afro-American.

USA is spelled out on a building in the background. American flags are waving around the platform where Obama spoke. People are waving as the camera pans across the mob.

This is major manipulation by the media. What does this have to do with the problems America faces right now?

I don't think we're in Kansas any more , Dorothy
There is no place like home, there's no place like home.
Paul, thanks for the smile you put on my face.
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