Thursday, October 13, 2005


Considering the totality of circumstances of Javier Solana's ten day public rise to global power in November, 1995, a rereading of "Our Global Neighborhood: The Report of The Commission on Global Governance" (1995) is EXTREMELY INTERESTING. For a fun exercise, take the names of the various commission members and do searches in tandem with "Javier Solana."
Over at Herb's I was reading

I was intrigued by this comment at the end of the article.
"In the American Enterprise Institute, the group in charge of writing the presidential program of George W. Bush, the Project for a New American Century, was discreetly disbanded last week. It was replaced with the American Committee for a Strong Europe. “Strong Europe” actually means a Europe that can do the work that US troops currently do around the world and one that can defeat any anti-globalization efforts on its own continent."

Just what work do our troops do around the world that can be taken up by the EU? Does that mean they will use troops to go against any anti-globalization efforts on their own continent?
I googled as you suggested. What do we have here? Some kind of ruling clique?
Only for those who have a long attention span and want to find out how changes are coming about.

While those who concentrate only on end times are dear sweet souls who may be right in the long run, there are those who have have taken it upon themselves to mind the store to work at learning what is happening and passing the information on. Sorry folks, but there are only a handful of us who are trying to protect the lazy masses of you.
is an excellent source. In particular you can learn how the public school system has been turning out global thinking children year after year.

Unless you who have children in school take the time to learn what is happening in your school system and the make efforts to modify or change things, you are fighting a losing battle for your children's souls.

Again, I think people need to be reminded that Bush may have won the presidential election, but the vote was roughly 58 million to 56 million. That means that fundamentalist Christians and Orthodox Jews are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the future generations because it was the Republicans with whom they identified. Figuring that at least 50 percent of the Republicans are fiscal conservatives rather than social conservatives, it means that those who are trying to hold on to belief in a country that holds to moral principles, as found in the Bible, are definitely becoming losers.

From what little I see posted at this website, I am correct. Social Conservatives seem to be losers who are waiting for somebody to carry their water, waiting to see if someone will do their work, waiting to see if someone else is researching the New Age movement and doing the work for them or hoping that end times are coming soon so that they don't have to do anything more than dream of the days when responsibility is taken from them acting as adults. Dream on. Enough Christians and Jews acted this way prior to the disaster in Germany in WWII.

The globalists are counting on your passive behavior just as Hitler did.
And remember that Hitler was out to kill the Christians after the Jews were gone. The Jews were taken on because they were a smaller community. If globalists are reading these comments, and I presume they are, they are probably smirking at what a good job they have done to neutralize the resistance.

Again, get a copy of Like A Mighty Army by George Shuster, written in 1936 which showed how a small community of Christians were fighting the Nazis because they recognized the paganism of the movement.

Do you recognize the paganism in the globalist agenda? Do you care? Are you willing to do anything to fight it?

From what I have seen you are sucking your thumbs and saying "Probably not."






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