Sunday, December 10, 2023

It looks like Trump might be returning to Presidency until and unless Evangelicals and "patriots" come to their senses -- I am terrified!

By now, unless one has completely ignored Donald Trump's plain language in his many rally speeches, it should be clear that Trump's aims are to install an autocracy -- one nation, solely under him.  Perhaps also with the help of his friends, one world under him.   Joseph Biden, of whom I am no fan, looks determined to stay in the Presidential race.  The concerns about Biden's age and health are not going  away.  If the race were between only Trump and Biden, I will tell you now and you might get angry -- I will vote for Biden over Trump, for one major reason.  Biden does not appear to have dictatorial aspirations.  Trump very clearly does.  He will after being elected -- indictments and all -- turn on Christians, just as he has turned against anybody else ever raising an eyebrow against him.  The world is so very "lucky" to have had two perfect men in its history:

    1.  Jesus Christ.

    2.  Donald John Trump

Why Donald J. Trump?  Because he claims he has never needed to go to God for forgiveness.  There are many places you can view him making such claims on the  Youtube channel on the Internet.  One is below

Frankly speaking, given what I have seen from large media reports recently, I would speculate that perhaps Pope Francis might  be a "False Prophet" and Donald John Trump, THE ANTICHRIST.  Pope Francis has recently removed two important Church officials for their opposition to his very relaxed church standards against LGBTQ.  Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas and Rome based Cardinal Burke.  If Trump comes back and implements his oft stated agenda of "totally obliterating" his enemies, and is not the biblically prophesied antichrist, he will certainly give a jolly good excuse for the real Antichrist to take over.  Regarding Trump's claims to punish "fake news", his advisor Kash Patel recently said.

Trump appears to be more emboldened all the time.  We have been warned by former Trump top staffers (e.g. General Kelly) that Trump has expressed admiration for Hitler.  Trump's recent speeches comparing his opposition to vermin infesting American flood was hardly original with him -- Hitler and his Nazi troupe expressed this.

Youtube channeler, Brother Paul, has produced some compelling videos about Donald Trump and his belief that Trump may well be the antichrist, as in THE ANTICHRIST.  Trump has turned, usually  viciously, against any and all raising eyebrows against him -- whether Democrat, Libertarian and/or Republican ("RINO's").  Rupert Murdoch kept Trump going on Fox News for the past several years.  Trump has recently came out against him, calling him "a Globalist" in the worst sense of that word.        

I have saved, catalogued, and indexed hundreds of  videos I have pulled down with help of REAL DOWNLOAD to my computer and backed up same.  For now, I have the reports and videos about Trump and others as "antichrist" filed as "Antichrist theories."

There is too much going on with Donald Trump and his cult-like Evangelical/MAGA following to ignore.  I strongly suspect he is coming back for a second term.  I also strongly suspect that when does, he will not be OUR FRIEND.

I know there are many Trump loyalists hanging out on this blogspot.  I sincerely hope I am wrong and that the day will not come when I have to say "I TOLD YOU SO."'      

I will soon have an extremely interesting book review up here for you shortly.  It is by author Mark Satin who was the 1980's author of NEW AGE POLITICS. His new book which I recently completed reading on my Kindle is UP FROM SOCIALISM.  There are many fascinating and candid reports inside its covers by Mr. Satin (I also have the paperback edition) on dynamics and divisions in the NEW AGE MOVEMENT, some of which extremely disillusioned Mr. Satin himself.  There is fascinating coverage of the Eco-Fascist movement, for example.

Stay tuned!



Constance Cumbey said...

I just sent Brother Paul's "Go Fund Me" page a $50 contribution. You might prayerfully consider doing the same.


Anonymous said...

Did this one leave everybody speechless?


Anonymous said...

Constance 8:17 PM,

I don't hate Paul. I see him as the Balaam of the New Testament. Balaam started out on a road to curse Israel but God allowed him to speak only words of blessing to Israel. He uttered true prophecies. But later Balaam became apostate by teaching Israel to eat meat sacrificed to idols and to fornicate. He still remains in the Bible in the Old Testament. The words God gave him to say before his apostasy can still be honored.

All kinds of people study Paul critically, and that includes many more types than New Agers. It includes liberal Christians, Muslims, Jewish Roots Christians, and the "Jesus' Words Only" movement. It's actually quite diverse, and one needs to be very careful with sources. The issue can't be decided only by looking at who is associated with it.

Paul's words that "woman is the glory of man" were quoted in a Southern Baptist Convention resolution, with the exclamation point at the end, not having been edited out. It was quite vehemently quoted. It followed the words to the effect that the woman was created for the man, but the man was not created for the woman. These words are written in 1 Corinthians 11.

I tried to find where those words had ever appeared in the Old Testament about woman being the "glory of man" because I was baffled about what they meant. I traced them back to 1 Esdras, a "wisdom literature" writing of Jewish Second Temple literature. It is non-canonical. In this book is a speech about women, and if you read it, you will see that it is saying the opposite of what the Southern Baptist Convention elders hierarchy had seemed to imagine.

Scholars have deduced that Paul was trying to get across a point about the interdependency of men and women without doing away with social hierarchies of his time and place. They have seen in his words a tension, just as they have seen it in his many recastings of the Roman Household Codes about wives, slaves and children, to which he added Christian love--which played no part in Roman law, needless to say.

The sad part, Constance, is that Paul diminished the law of Moses while elevating the law of Rome. The Catholics and Orthodox distinguished between civil, moral and ceremonial law, but Paul never did. I know what Southern Baptist pastors say about being under grace, not under the law. And I know they mean even the ten commandments. I know they mean the entire law. I've had conversations with them. These were men who had been pastors and who had taught at seminaries.

These are the very same men who make Roman Household Codes binding for Christian wives, while they themselves do not feel bound even by the Ten Commandments. I know this very well, and I don't need to be a New Ager to know it.

Anonymous said...

While we are on the topic of women, we need to speak of abortion, too. You may not know that Christian women get abortions as often as non-Christian women. When surveyed many of them say they know it's wrong, but they expect they can repent and be forgiven afterwards. But isn't this consistent with being "under grace, not under the law?" They seem to think it is. Where did they get this idea?

I personally know a converted Christian man who, for years, carried on an affair and kept on repenting in church after each visit to his other woman in the next town. He is devout. He really, really believes in disciplining his adult son and nephew who live in his basement. He can quote the Old Testament about it.

Are you seeing a pattern here? The pattern is: grace for me, but not for thee. He is right that his adult son and nephew need "discipline" but really they needed a good role model in their childhood first. He absolutely did not provide a good role model, and he still doesn't.

Where did all this confusion and hypocrisy come from? I'll tell you: we can't live with each other without "being under the law." We absolutely can give love, forgiveness and mercy to each other. But we sure need to live "under the law."

The Torah is really the path through the wilderness to get to the promised land. Righteousness is being on the path. Wickedness is straying from the path. The promised land is of grace, not of merit. But obedience is still a part of walking the path. It is absolutely not opposed to grace, although grace is involved in being helped back onto the path, being lost and then found, being blind but then seeing.

Anonymous said...

I will turn to commenting on the topic, Donald Trump. He is one of a long line of rulers who represent everything that 666 and King Solomon represented. 666 and wisdom are both associated with Solomon. Solomon multiplied women, horses and gold. He received 666 talents of gold yearly. He had 700 wives who exposed him to idolatry and cemented trade alliances. He enslaved his own people. He built the temple, but he spent more time and money building his own palace. His kingdom was the peak of the golden age but went severely into decline. Following the apostasy and oppression of King Solomon, Israel split from Judah in a civil war. If King Solomon's behaviors did not bless Israel, it's hard to see how Donald Trump's behaviors could bless America. In fact, America could be even more divided now than it was in the sixties. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Putin and others are sure hoping so, anyway.

The topic of Paul is actually relevant to the topic of Trump. The same people who are selfish in their theology, seeing it only as their own personal salvation that comes to them because of their blind faith--and asks nothing of them except to believe that they have been graced with favoritism--and to continue in blind faith no matter what--can easily become a habit of mind that is transferred to a demagogue like Trump.

In contrast, following Torah and Jesus--and the personalities and voices of Old and New Testament revelations of God are the same in Hebrew--as even the Psalms can show in Greek or English translation--it would be inconceivable to put blind faith in a man like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is an idol. Would idolatry be taken more seriously if we were not overly influenced by the New Testament Balaam? The New Testament Balaam is Paul, who taught that eating meat that has been sacrificed to idols is okay, as long as you don't do it in front of a believer who does not think it's okay. Jesus in Revelation had something to say about this. He seemed to disagree with Paul about it.

Anonymous said...

6:12 AM

We were all just waiting for Balaam's Ass to speak ( - :

Anonymous said...

"You remind me that the apostle Paul told women to be silent in church. I would remind you of the word of this same apostle that in Christ there is no longer male nor female [Gal. 3:28 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] ] and of the prophecy of Joel [2:28-9]: ‘I will pour forth my spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy.’ I do not pretend to be John the Baptist rebuking the Pharisees. I do not claim to be Nathan, upbraiding David. I aspire only to be Balaam’s ass, castigating his master."

--Katherina Schutz Zell, wife of Matthew Zell, a former Catholic priest turned Lutheran, in response to being told to be silent when she called out the immoral behavior of Catholic clergy, who had just excommunicated her husband

(Back when the Reformers didn't ignore Jesus' words under the influence of Dispensationalism.)

Constance Cumbey said...

To 7:49 AM

I agree with your arguments that Donald Trump is being treated as an idol by too many Christians. I vehemently disagree with your position on the sainted Apostle Paul!


Anonymous said...

Apparently Balaam's ass was a he-ass; which makes sense speaking out like that, but here's the thing; Christ's colt was a she-ass. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

6:12 AM


It's the same old rot, just a different day.

I believe it is God who will reveal these things, this person. Not Constance and her 'Pope Paul'.

Anonymous said...

9:28 AM

Please don't insult Balaam's ass like that ;).
He was a ton more righteous than Balaam. We already know x is a Balaam by his loudmouth bogus-ity. He's a "say one thing, do another" fake.

Anonymous said...

Constance 11:10 AM,

I'm the one you were responding to. I'm not 11:33 AM. I didn't say that you have a 'Pope Paul.'

I really never expected you to agree with me. Nobody agrees with me. I don't hold my beliefs out of conformity, expectation of popularity, or expectation of people pleasing.

I'm not going to belabor the points any more. You responded to me under the last comment thread, so responded enough to clarify my own position, since you seemed to be writing under the assumption that I am a New Ager who hates Paul. I've clarified myself and that's enough.

I'm going to follow the example of Jesus, who was direct and honest even if it didn't involve people pleasing, but who slipped away and didn't continue to provoke a crowd. He allowed their wrath to cool down and did not strive away arguing with them, unless they were the Pharisees and Sadducees, with whom He did strive and argue but really not endlessly. He was always pithy.

I have rethought the way I behaved in the last comment thread and decided not to keep striving in argument.

Anonymous said...

Here's something cheerful. . .

DOMINIQUE - Debbie Reynolds/Mary Ford - by Paul Siddall

The Singing Nun got's a motorscooter instead of a donkey ( - :

Reminds me of WWJD

Constance Cumbey said...

What about Trump's I have had/have no need to go to God for repentance video?


Anonymous said...

11:25 AM,

Actually, Balaam's ass was a she-ass. When the ass saw the angel of the Lord, she fell down under Balaam.

Anonymous said...

Constance 1:21 PM,

Trump made a statement way back in 2015 that he didn't need to ask for forgiveness. It was during a Sunday with CNN interview. It was quite widely reported on.

Then at a National Prayer Breakfast in 2020 he openly disagreed with Arthur Brooks, who had just asked people around the room to raise their hands if they loved somebody they disagreed with politically. People around the room had raised their hands, but Trump had not raised his hands.

This hasn't been secret at all, any of this kind of thing, about Trump not really being Christian. Even Mike Pence openly joked about it.

It almost makes one wonder if Trump's voters want a strong man more than they want a good man to be the president.

But I suppose there is always the old "lesser evil" argument to trot out one more time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Constance, do not feel terrified.

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;

Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Selah."

Anonymous said...

If I listened to the whacked media and the biased sources Constance swears by I'd be terrified too.

Good advice 7:35 PM.

Anonymous said...

The terror being infected on the populous is coming from the miscreants who Trump would have hanging from every DC lamp post (that most Middle American would cheer).

Law bidding God fearing citizens have nothing to fear except that things get out of hand.

Disclaimer: if Trump is indeed a Christian - vengeance is Mine sayeth the Lord

Anonymous said...

"This war is certainly changing the way armies will fight in the future."

Cost effective

Anonymous said...

Trump will be instrumental in the imminent downfall of the USA, which will end nuclear blasts up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Then, Javier Solana will take the AntiChrist Mantel to attempt to crush the Jews - who will convert to Catholicism. Then the end will come.

That is how I see things currently.

Anonymous said...

Constance I'm sure you've been following Jack Smith, Fani Willis and more. Why don't you think their work will make any difference? Is it because you are convinced that Trump fulfills prophecies about the beast of Revelation? (There is no Antichrist in Revelation. There are two beast kingdoms, one beast man, and one false prophet man.)

Revelation had two beasts. One was the sea beast, the Roman beast. The other was the land beast, the Israel beast, with two horns. This land beast is associated with the false prophet. The sea beast and the land beast worked together. Rome worked with the royal house of Herod, the Herodian Jews, who were not considered true Jews. Herodian Jews had Roman citizenship. They were loyal to Rome, and they appointed the high priests of the Jerusalem temple.

Anybody godless and predatory who persecutes God's people is a beast. A beast is just an animal, and the beasts were all predatory types of animals. Their bodies were their followers, while their heads were their leaders. Trump is godless and predatory, but he has not yet persecuted God's people. He has said anti-Semitic things, but he has claimed to be Israel's best American president ever. He would have to be persecuting modern day Israeli citizens somehow, wouldn't he, Constance? To fulfill Revelation, if it is supposed to be a double fulfillment? Isn't that a stretch?

Did you see this news, Constance?

Court filing by Jack Smith regarding three expert witnesses on Trump's cell phone data:

Special counsel to disclose Trump’s phone data at election interference trial

Filing suggests experts could connect former president’s tweets with the movements of January 6 rioters who stormed the Capitol

Anonymous said...

Devil Cumbey is "terrified"!!!

You have to ask yourself how a 'christian' woman like Cumbey should be "terrified"?

We haven't been given a spirit of fear! Who keeps the coals of fear butning in Cumbey's diseased mind? Oh wait,,,, I think I know!

Does Cumbey think we can start a CINO/RINO revolution to overthrow the current, installed dictatorship? Maybe delaying the AC's appearance? Liz Cheney could ride into DC on a white horse. Cumbey's 'heart' would swoon! "I'd vote for Liz Cheney if she were running for president", stated the sound minded Cumbey!

For someone who is anti NAR etc., Cumbey sure puts big hopes in a political solution to our current antichrist governance.

We should all truly care about "What Constance Thinks". Even though it seems so greatly contrary to scripture!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Constance works for these guys? Demonic X as well! They are both seemingly void of a Holy Spirit, and have both feet firmly planted in this world, and its Beastly System.

CIA, Gun Control & MK Ultra

Anonymous said...

Biden family members and Biden business-linked entities received more than $15 million from individuals in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, and China.
Joe Biden spoke with Hunter Biden’s business associates at least 22 times.
Joe Biden lied about his involvement in the business.
Joe Biden received “direct monthly payments” from Hunter Biden’s “Owasco PC” business account, which received “payments from Chinese-state linked companies and other foreign nationals and companies.”
Investigators flagged the Justice Department’s “deviations” in the five-year investigation into Hunter Biden.
An FBI FD-1023 form alleges Joe Biden accepted a $5 million bribe while vice president.

JoBama has seen to it that we are no longer a country for Trump to govern.
Our Sovereignty is toast and has been for a while now. The government was closet carrying out this garbage even while Trump was trying to openly save the nation. And who has reversed all he did to turn the ship around? Jo!Bama! (Soros fostered, fueled, and funded, in many arenas to give them that leg up as state, local, and federal level both sides of the aisle took his nasty dollars with nary a word from Constance). The New Age/New World Order is coming into it's own as we speak with D.C. sellouts generous help! Our Culture and Society as a whole brought under an evil spell.

Just goin' through the motions now--slow motion death rattle - picking up speed and getting louder--everything is being transferred into foreign/globalist hands. Signed, sold, delivered! courtesy of JoBama and all the foreign and domestic political hacks that went along.

And Constance is terrified of a possibility-when these are the actuals-that went on under her nose (and lots of others asleep at the wheel).......

Anonymous said...

Antisemitic white nationalist Christian fascist Nick Fuentes (who dined with former President Donald Trump last year) says that when his America First movement takes power, all non-Christians will be executed: "When we take power, they need to be given the death penalty ... They must be absolutely annihilated when we take power."

For a video of the statement:

If you are wondering whether Fuentes is really a Christian or more like RayB...

Previously... a viewer asked Fuentes how he'd respond to his wife "getting out of line."

Fuentes, who has received support from Congressman Paul Gosar, responded: "Why don't you smack her across the face?"

And then there's the Heritage Foundation, the extremist roman catholic, opus dei and knight of malta's organization with arms reaching into the highest echelons of our government defending the "America First" movement...

The Truth About the America First Movement

Excerpt: ... Although the term “America First” has been resurrected in the 2016 presidential campaign, its historical origins have been buried under years of American politics and sketchy history. The America First movement has been described as isolationist, anti-interventionist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, and a bunch of know-nothings. That narrative fails on several levels....

Added eye-popping bonus involving Michael Voris, Kanye West, Fuentes and Trump and roman catholic ambitions and militantcy.:

Ye's Trump dinner is a high point for Catholic nationalists' influence campaign


Anonymous said...

I may need to rethink Paul, due to evidence of corruption of his letters. Further research is showing that I may need to attribute the Biblically contradictory aspects of Paul's epistles to Marcionite and early Catholic additions that were made to the original letters. The phrase "in the likeness of sinful flesh" is Marcionite. That phrase had given me pause. The part of Galatians that said that the law of Moses had been given by an angel through a mediator looks to be an early Catholic addition to the letter. That's very strange. It was the teaching that bothered me most of all, across all of the Pauline epistles.

If this source below is completely unreliable, then I'm back to finding Pauline epistles unreliable. The source consists of translations from Joseph Turmel, an excommunicated Catholic who was a French historian of Christian dogmas. Either Paul was unreliable or some of the early manuscript editors were unreliable. It's one or the other.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Peterson's brain fog must have cleared up the other day. . .

A Podcast About the End of the World | Dr. Niall Ferguson | EP 404

Reminds me of a MEME I saw today

"Oh look, the government caused another problem.

Guess we need some more government!"

Compliments of Alfa Bravo

Anonymous said...

At this link is an analysis of the book of Revelation.

It makes more sense of the book of Revelation than anything else I've ever read before. The author believes that at the time the book was written, the Jews believed Simon Bar Kokhba was their promised Messiah who would lead them to military victory against the Romans. At the same time a popular belief about Nero Caesar was that either he had not really died and he would return, or he had died and was resurrected. Either way for decades after he died, the popular imagination kept on seeing him kind of like Elvis sightings.

The Jews believed that Nero Caesar would return and burn Rome, like he had already started to do. He would come from the east with ten generals. The Euphrates River would be dried up providentially to allow him to easily march upon Rome.

Simon Bar Kokhba had a trick of breathing fire out of his mouth like Gene Simmons. It was known by some skeptics to be a magic trick, but the crowds loved it. He was the witness who could call fire down from heaven as often as he wished.

Later when Simon Bar Kokhba died, Revelation was rewritten so that he went to heaven and was going to return to save the Jews and kill the Romans very soon.

Then the early church got ahold of the document and Christianized it. It was originally completely Jewish. The Christian additions were added later. The church loved the part about the New Jerusalem being lowered down to earth but didn't understand hardly anything else about the manuscript.

If this were really true, it would mean that it's just a tragic distraction to keep thinking that Revelation is going to unfold and to try to guess who is the Antichrist whose name adds up to 666 and to try to guess what the mark of the beast will be.

It would not mean that Jesus will never return for the final judgement, of which He spoke in many parables in the Gospels. The order of parables in the gospels can't be taken chronologically, though, because the ancients didn't think that way. They were more likely to order things according to geographical location or according to theme. They didn't take it for granted that everything should be told chronologically to the same extent that we assume.

The original Apostles Creed would still be left intact. The early confessional creeds of the church would remain intact. The only thing that there would be to lose would be the distraction of watching for Antichrist rather than following Christ so that you know you are living right whenever you should happen to meet Him, whether after death and resurrection, or whether upon His return for the final judgement.

Anonymous said...


I think Catholic nationalists, for whatever their faults, are much much less a threat to this nation, which at this time is swirling down the toilet bowl, thanks to our installed Manchurian puppet Biden. Who, on day one became Dictator in Chief, when he signed the Executive Orders drawn up for him by Obama and company! He has been relentlessly destroying any last hope for this country, and will do his handlers bidding until the very end.

Yet you X, nazi Christ hater, and your devilish Pharisee partner, go so far into your Luciferian possession, to be worried, even "terrified" of Donald Trump!

Certainly you X, and Constance, have little grasp of reality, and are centered in the cult of secular religionism that only advances evil. You both have a veil over your faces, and your darkened minds refuse to ask the Good Lord to give you eye salve, that you might see. You prefer the sad, dark world you fearfully imprison yourselves in!


Anonymous said...

11:25 AM

I'd have to agree with you about 'There's Never Been A War I Didn't Like' Joe Biden. He's been hanging around Washington DC 51 years for one reason, war.

Anonymous said...

Pretty scary stuff! What would we do without the internet. . .

Leave The World Behind Movie Ending - INTENSE!

. . .go back to watching TV ) - : sneaky B*****ds

Anonymous said...

If you are really a saved Christian you are not terrified of anything. Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Paul Ryan and Mike pence are all liars until they confess that the 2020 election was rigged (stolen) and Joe Biden was installed instead of Trump (the winner). You can look in the eyes of Jack Smith and plainly see that he is possessed by Lucifer. Satan is also a liar. Trump had ISIS (and Hamas) on the run after drone striking a terrorist general in Iran and they were afraid of him.

It's Christmas time!! Shame on Constance Cumbey.

Anonymous said...

What should terrify people more than Trump more are the terrorists, drug cartels (organ harvesting), gangs and jihadists coming across the southern border along with "anchor babies". Trump was making that stop and they were afraid of him. The armies (soldiers) coming across the border are being given cell phone and $5000.00 gift cards.

Are you planning on anymore booster shots Constance? They have plenty of abortion fetus and plenty of reasons Christians should refuse them. They also cause brain fog.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Constance Cumbey! Liz Cheney appears on Stephen Cobert and speaks about What It's Like To Be "embraced By The left". Everyone know that Cobert and the left demon possessed and in line with Lucifer. What in the world went wrong with you?!!

Anonymous said...

When you vote you have to compare the candidates against each other, not against Jesus Christ. I'd vote Trump over Biden without hesitation. Both are flawed and I'd rather have a younger, more rightist Republican candidate, but to suggest that Trump is the Antichrist is to take too Americocentric a view of world politics. I am grateful to Constance for her years of work warning about the New Age but for more than a decade I used to read heavy hints here that Javier Solana was the Antichrist, and clearly he isn't.

Anonymous said...

IF the election were stolen, what makes the idiot think there will be a different result this time around? Because he really doesn't believe it was stolen.

Anonymous said...

Our election system is still broken 6:26 AM.
"Election officials" in, still, too many places, in key areas, are corrupt and nobody is cleaning up the corruption.
Illegals and dead people can "vote" (even more than once).
Voting in America is done. You're crippled too high for crutches if you can't see that by now.

Anonymous said...

6:26 am

Because Trump knows they rigged the election for him in 2016 and tried to again, albeit unsuccessfully, in 2020. They did not anticipate the landslide of voters that would turn out against Trump in PA, GA, MI, NM, etc on new voting machines with backup paper ballots they could not control nor manipulate like the opus dei controlled ESS digital voting machines.

Anonymous said...

12:16 pm

Yes...a shocking number of GOP election officials are still being prosecuted for their corruption regarding the 2020 election.

Biden won by millions of votes in a practical landslide...have any substantial number of "illegals" been prosecuted for actually voting in 2020? As I recall, most of the dozen or so "dead people" who may have tried to vote were Trump supporter family members voting on behalf of their dead spouses/relatives.

So weird anyone believes this crap anymore.

Anonymous said...

12:24 PM

Donald Trump believes it and I don't think he's lying.

Anonymous said...

Oh how you do go on, sitting there in your dirty diaper, 12:24 PM

Anonymous said...

Expose on luciferian Dems, and their perverted demonic thinking!. Like the satanic Pharessee Death Cult leader here!

"He Will Unravel The Institutions Of Our Democracy!" Supercut Of Dramatic Dems Freaking Out Over 'Dictator' Trump

Anonymous said...

Pro-Vaccine Canadian Journalist Who Advocated for Vaxx Passport and Called for Unvaccinated to be Fired Dies at Age 33

Anonymous said...

12:24 PM
Re: "So weird anyone believes this crap anymore."


'So weird' that there is any SANE person living on this planet who doesn't KNOW that the 2020 election was STOLEN, STOLEN, STOLEN!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Constance @ 11:10 AM

Re: "Donald Trump is being treated as an idol by too many Christians."


Having read comment after comment here on this blog over the past few years... I can say that no one here treats Trump like an 'idol'. However, the fact that you remain OBSESSED with Trump speaks volumes... that YOU yourself are placing him in the 'idol' category.

Anonymous said...

3:55 PM

No kidding.
Idol status means somebody is really fixated, (consumed!) on something or someone, either in a good way or bad way makes no difference, but that said --- nobody here is fixated on Trump like Constance (& X).

While the world crumbles to hell they're having a meltdown over him. Go figure..

Anonymous said...

Border Patrol Agent Says America Is Being Destroyed

Anonymous said...

Constance now lives in a fantasy world of her own making, aided by false teachers such as 'brother paul.' It is very revealing that Constance falls for such a religious charlatan, so much so that she actually sends this fraud money.

Trump can never become a dictator. The military, which Biden himself says stands as a vanguard, will never allow it. How would Trump be able to take over the entire government without the military? He can't. It is impossible. Yet, Constance actually writes that it is a distinct possibility!

All this fear and obsession regarding Trump by Constance reveals a very serious spiritual, and at the very least, a mental delusion.

To make matters worse, Constance now supports Biden, who has allowed an invasion to take place on our southern border. His monumental corruption, his incompetence, his lies, etc., etc. means nothing to her.

Personally, I lost respect for her quite a long time ago. She's gotten so bad that I actually read her posts with a great deal of humor. Laughing at what someone, when they are attempting to make serious statements, is the ultimate insult. She has literally morphed into a very silly person that cannot be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion politics is a foolish thing to get embroiled in in the first place but I still value wise opinions

Anonymous said...

11:12 AM

America isn't being destroyed it's being dismantled

Anonymous said...

Homelessness Soars To Record High In America

"In Joe Biden's America, it's almost impossible to pay rent or afford a home"

Anonymous said...

Constance was livid that the shrine to Luciferian Illumination(The Capitol Building), was 'desecrated' by the J6 protestors. I wonder what she thinks of this??? Not that anyone should care.

Sodomy in the Senate

Anonymous said...

x's G-G-G Grandpappy?

( - :

Anonymous said...

The Monkees - Riu Chiu (Official HD Music Video)

Feliz Navidad!

Anonymous said...

'Magic, Wonder and Joy' in the White House!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Trump will have to call in an Exorcist, again.

Anonymous said...

America is being dismantled like a mechanic dismantles a motor to replace pistons & bearing, (or bushings and brushes). It matters not to the Powers where the replacement parts come from, as long as they work to drive the engines of industry.

Anonymous said...

UFO investigations carried out by the Pentagon and British Ministry of Defence were hampered by the religious beliefs of senior staff. . .
Some Pentagon officials believe that some UFOs may be "demonic" in origin
“I was aware that Pentagon pushback on UFO research was in part due to the religious belief of some of those involved,” he said. “It was an odd irony that UFO investigations were being hampered because some people’s belief in God meant that they either didn’t believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life or that they regarded UFOs and extraterrestrials as demonic.”

Anonymous said...

While Constance continues her deranged, crazy rants about her imagined dangers of Trump, this is going on right under her nose in Dearborn, Michigan. Have you heard a single word from Constance about this?

From the New York Post:

Why is Michigan hate preacher Ahmad Musa Jibril allowed to call for the murder of Americans?

Ahmad Musa Jibril, a radical Islamist preacher from Michigan, wants American Muslims to go on jihad.

“Jihad must be a common, normal term on your tongues, on your social media, and in the mosques and elsewhere,” he said in a video.

And: “If you can’t raise your child telling him you want him to be mujahid and martyr, then you are the root of the problem.”

Sure sounds like incitement to us.

Especially since Jibril, while ranting against Biden, said that the United States “is more to blame for the genocide in Palestine than the occupying Jews.”

The man’s clearly, deliberately painting a target on the backs of Jews and Americans.

But even if his words don’t rise to the level of legal incitement, the man at the very least needs to be deplatformed.

He has no business occupying a position like imam, one totally central to Muslim life; these religious leaders are supposed to dispense wisdom and good guidance.

Not vile hate and calls to violence.

And he does preach direct violence: He’s called for young people to travel to Syria to fight alongside the barbarians of ISIS, and he faxed an ugly fan letter to CNN after a terror bombing in Riyadh in 1995.

Indeed, a perpetrator of the London Bridge 2017 terror attack, which killed eight and injured dozens, reportedly was a listener.

Jibril’s an ex-con, to boot: He was sentenced to six-plus years of hard time for financial and gun crimes.

The real shame here is that he’s an American, from Dearborn.

If we can’t kick him out, let’s at least make sure few people can listen to his trash.

Anonymous said...

I know it's probably a lost cause, but, Constance needs to see this. It just might be enough to get her to think outside the corporate, mainstream media propaganda box:

Rolling Thunder Global Propaganda – Mark Crispin Miller (video)

The documentary mentioned by Mr. Miller can be viewed here for free:

The Fall of Minneapolis

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Minneapolis, and Minnesota:

Erasing the past

Anonymous said...

(This happened while we were distracted by the COVID vaccine. I don't know if mandating by law that Sunday is a day of rest for the entire world will be the mark of the beast, but it seems to reminiscent of what the book of Daniel said about thinking to change times and laws. It would be a culmination of what Constantine started.)

Something PROPHETIC Is Happening May 14, 2020 !!!

Pope Francis recently invited world leaders to meet him in Rome and sign a compact to fight climate change. His solutions for fighting climate change are outlined in his encyclical, "Laudato Si". They include things like cutting down on carbon emissions and recycling, among other things. Those sound fine, but there is one solution that is not so good. There is one solution that is going to lead the world into the mark of the beast. Find out what that is by watching this video!

Anonymous said...

WATCH: The Brandon Entity Reminisces Over 'Taking Care' of Little Girls Ears on Airplane

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Apostasy at warp speed. Where's Constance?

Pope approves blessings for same-sex couples if they don't resemble marriage

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis has formally approved allowing priests to bless same-sex couples, with a new document explaining a radical change in Vatican policy by insisting that people seeking God’s love and mercy shouldn’t be subject to “an exhaustive moral analysis” to receive it.

The document from the Vatican’s doctrine office, released Monday, elaborates on a letter Francis sent to two conservative cardinals that was published in October. In that preliminary response, Francis suggested such blessings could be offered under some circumstances if they didn’t confuse the ritual with the sacrament of marriage.

The new document repeats that condition and elaborates on it, reaffirming that marriage is a lifelong sacrament between a man and a woman. And it stresses that blessings in question must be non-liturgical in nature and should not be conferred at the same time as a civil union, using set rituals or even with the clothing and gestures that belong in a wedding.

But it says requests for such blessings for same-sex couples should not be denied full stop. It offers an extensive and broad definition of the term “blessing” in Scripture to insist that people seeking a transcendent relationship with God and looking for his love and mercy should not be subject to “an exhaustive moral analysis” as a precondition for receiving it.

Anonymous said...


“Ultimately, a blessing offers people a means to increase their trust in God,” the document said. “The request for a blessing, thus, expresses and nurtures openness to the transcendence, mercy, and closeness to God in a thousand concrete circumstances of life, which is no small thing in the world in which we live.”

He added: "It is a seed of the Holy Spirit that must be nurtured, not hindered.”

The document marks the latest gesture of outreach from a pope who has made welcoming LGBTQ+ Catholics a hallmark of his papacy. From his 2013 quip, “Who am I to judge?” about a purportedly gay priest, to his 2023 comment to The Associated Press that “Being homosexual is not a crime,” Francis has distinguished himself from all his predecessors with his message of welcome.

“The significance of this news cannot be overstated,” said Francis DeBernardo of New Ways Ministry, which supports LGBTQ+ Catholics. “It is one thing to formally approve same-gender blessings, which he had already pastorally permitted, but to say that people should not be subjected to “an exhaustive moral analysis” to receive God’s love and mercy is an even more significant step.”

The Vatican holds that marriage is an indissoluble union between man and woman. As a result, it has long opposed same-sex marriage.

And in 2021, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said flat-out that the church couldn’t bless the unions of two men or two women because “God cannot bless sin.”

Anonymous said...


That document created an outcry, one it appeared even Francis was blindsided by even though he had technically approved its publication. Soon after it was published, he removed the official responsible for it and set about laying the groundwork for a reversal.

In the new document, the Vatican said the church must shy away from “doctrinal or disciplinary schemes, especially when they lead to a narcissistic and authoritarian elitism whereby instead of evangelizing, one analyzes and classifies others, and instead of opening the door to grace, one exhausts his or her energies in inspecting and verifying."

It stressed that people in “irregular” unions of extramarital sex — gay or straight — are in a state of sin. But it said that shouldn’t deprive them of God’s love or mercy. “Even when a person’s relationship with God is clouded by sin, he can always ask for a blessing, stretching out his hand to God,” the document said.

Offering such a blessing isn't legitimizing anything. But at the same time, the church shouldn't judge, he said.

“Thus, when people ask for a blessing, an exhaustive moral analysis should not be placed as a precondition for conferring it,” the document said.

The Rev. James Martin, who advocates for a greater welcome for LGBTQ+ Catholics, praised the new document as a “huge step forward” and a “dramatic shift” from the Vatican's 2021 policy.

The new document “recognizes the deep desire in many Catholic same-sex couples for God’s presence and help in their committed relationships,” he said in an email. "Along with many Catholic priests, I will now be delighted to bless my friends in same-sex marriages.”

Traditionalists, however, were outraged. The traditionalist blogger Luigi Casalini of Messa in Latino (Latin Mass) blog wrote that the document appeared to be a form of heresy.

“The church is crumbling,” he wrote.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis clarifies his position on same sex couples...

Pope Francis formally approves letting priests bless same-sex couples - but reaffirms marriage is between a man and a woman

A document released today explains the radical change in Vatican policy. . .

Anonymous said...

Constance Cumbey wrote last week - "What about Trump's I have had/have no need to go to God for repentance video?"

Gee, I really hate listening to politicians but I found nothing terribly wrong with what insufficiently catechesised Trump said. Of course one could twist it anyway one wishes if one cared to ( - :

PS: I think George Patton has a similar outlook and look at what happened to him. Take care Don. Say your prayers.

Anonymous said...

A 'blessing' is condoning the sin of homosexuality.

Try to imagine offering a 'blessing' to a couple that is engaged in adultery ... it will never happen.

The RCC is attempting to replace old, dying, conservatives with young people, that polls indicate, support the LGBTQ agenda. It's all about money and power. The RCC never has, and never will, care about what the Bible declares to be truth.

Anonymous said...

The Truth about George Floyd's Death | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter

Anonymous said...

Simon Magus and the Origins of the Catholic Church

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about William Tapley the Rosary suy this morning.

Why did David pick five smooth stones when only one was needed?

Anonymous said...

The Syriac Clementine Recognitions and Homilies: The First Complete Translation of the Text

This volume contains the first translation into any modern language of
a work from the oldest dated manuscript (MS) in the world, British
Library Additional Manuscript 12150 (BL Add. 12150), having a
date corresponding to 411/412 CE written on it, based on facsimiles obtained
from the British Library. The work, whose title was cut away from the MS at
some unknown time, is one of the last surviving remnants of ancient Judeo-
Christian philosophy and purports to be written by a first-century Roman
philosopher named Clement, reputed to have been appointed bishop of Rome
by the Apostle Peter. The text is in Syriac, a dialect of Aramaic (the language
of Jesus and his Apostles), and has Hebraisms pointing to a Palestinian origin.1
This recension of the text has never before been translated into English,
although portions of it have along with other versions, notably the Latin
Recognitions of Clement and the Greek Clementine Homilies—commonly
designated Clementines2—with which the Syriac has considerable divergences
in content, some of which has never been translated prior to this current
volume. The text presented here is intermediate in form to these other
recensions, which according to the ordinary laws of literary genealogy would
make it their likely ancestor.

The story the work tells is presented in the autobiographical form of letters
written by Clement of Rome to James, the brother of Jesus and head of the
early Jerusalem congregation. The letters assume the form of a travelogue and
contain discourses, dialogues, and debates. The first letter is the longest and
explains how Clement grew weary of his philosophical studies in Rome and
followed a Hebrew named Barnabas to Judea, where he befriends the Apostle
Peter who instructs him in Jesus’ teachings and the recent history of Jesus’
followers. He records how the twelve disciples engaged in public debates on the
temple steps for seven days, until an unnamed enemy storms into the temple,
incites a riot, violently attacking James and throwing him down the steps,
leaving him nearly dead, and Jesus’ followers escape to Jericho. Clement relates
subsequently about Peter’s preparation to debate a Samaritan sorcerer called
Simon of Gitthonin, and the debates are recorded during a period of three
days at Caesarea Straton on the coast of Judea. Simon is defeated in argument,
being exposed as a deceiver and impostor claiming to be the resurrected Jesus,
and he flees northward with the goal of traveling to Rome and promulgating
a false religion. Peter follows after him with Clement as his travel companion
and scribe.

Anonymous said...

Obama plays "Skinny Santa/Satan" evoking I Pet Goat II - Decoding the UPMC Eye of Horus

Constance Cumbey said...

Well, did everybody see what Pope Francis did yesterday??!! I'm sure the Rainbow LGBTQ flags were flying vigorously worldwide. How can one "bless" what God has explicitly condemned in many Scriptural passages -- both Old and New Testament?


Constance Cumbey said...

"Insufficiently catechized Trump" -- What a poor excuse and what a joke! Patton believed in reincarnation -- bad enough. I have no idea what his thoughts on repentance were, but I doubt that even he would have claimed to have no sins needing repentance. Well, if Trump is that clean, as all used to joke back in the 60s and 70s of my younger years -- PLENTY OF LATITUDE for all the rest of us!


Anonymous said...

Random thoughts. . .

Re: Patton

PS: the article also covers a little on Pope Fwanciss' idea of the Church as a field hospital treating casualties of the 60s & 70s. As my mother would say - this to shall pass.


And if you care to watch a movie this one is also based of some Catholic Sisters in a very similar scenario as those in the above article. Hmmm.

Come To The Stable (1949)

Anonymous said...

Craig & Mrs Cumbey,

Want to take a dive into what actions Opus Dei is currently taking to undermine & destroy our government?

Get familiar with the SEC v Jarkesy case coming out of mostly Trumps 5th Circuit Court.

This lady on tik tok does a nice job summarizing the implications:


LSWA said...

Meanwhile, Baric said during a panel in 2016 that his colleagues in China were doing engineering on “killer viruses,” and the University of North Carolina has repeatedly stonewalled efforts to acquire more information about his work there. Baric met personally with Fauci in the early days of the pandemic, USRTK previously revealed.

Hm. 2016.

And carried on under wraps to do GoF research that Fauci denied.

Anonymous said...

But Trump and Make America Great Again is the real danger...

Virginia school board chairman sworn in on stack of graphic LGBT books instead of Bible

Fairfax GOP wrote on social media that the new chairman 'went out of his way to insult Fairfax County's people of faith Wednesday night.'

Democrat Karl Frisch participated in the swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday for the Fairfax County, Virginia school board by using five books that contain offensive and sometimes extremely graphic sexual depictions including “Gender Queer,” “Flamer,” and “All Boys Aren’t Blue.”

Anonymous said...

Had to go to Beaverton for a funeral last June. What a sight. Hundreds of those flags lining the street with menacing looking people standing here and there eyeing the cars driving by. I'll never forget the uneasy feeling it gave me and thinking about it this morning I wondered just what was keeping Lot from packing up and moving away from all those 'Gay' (there's a misnomer) people?

PS: my favorite dumb joke is - 'Beaverton; the place were you can get a ticket for driving a dirty car. For some reason nobody has ever laughed at my joke but me, nevertheless I always wash the car before going to Beaverton.

Anonymous said...

PSS: my sister described Long Island (NY) as Beaverton on a island (I guess I'm not the only one with a dumb Beaverton joke) - :

Anonymous said...

Constance 4:40 PM

No President is squeaky clean. There is a dossier on all high level officials regardless of the magnitude of wrong doings.

No one here ever gave Trump a pass for his. You slander us without cause. There are no Trump worshipers here. He is just a small fraction as vile as Biden!

Why nothing on Biden? The worst, and dirtiest President in U.S. history? If you could "vote for Biden" you must be worshiping a false christ! I have the Holy Spirit, and Biden makes me sick to my stomach. Truly you are a child of the devil as Christ pointed out your Pharisee brethren are! You're a fraud, and no one who cares about truth should follow you!

How can you be anti New Age, and anti Globalist when you took the satanic shots!!!! How foolish! No wonder you have never spoken against, or corrected your fellow Luciferian X. You are of the same spirit as he.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, nobody really cares what Constance thinks.
All the biases and fears have taken over.

So many posters have vacated the premises and coming back here I see they aren't likely to return.
It was good here at one time but now gone to seed, I guess.

Anyway, Constance and X can have this barren patch.

Anonymous said...

Constance Cumbey @ 4:40 PM

Madame, it pleases me greatly that I gave you a chuckle.

Sincerely ( - :

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

1:52 PM


Anonymous said...

Constance claims that she'll vote for the Demoncrat Biden if the choice is between Biden and Trump.

This is what she is supporting:

Democrats Force 16-Year-Old Girl to Change in Locker Room With Men

Anonymous said...

@ 4:36 PM
Well.....those who voted for and even those say they might vote for Biden next time around do "bless" that.
Those willfully, or compromised to do that, are accountable.

Anonymous said...

7:13 PM "Democrats Force 16-Year-Old Girl to Change in Locker Room With Men"

Apparently you don't remember when Donald Trump said he walked in the dressing room of his pageant so he could see naked girls as young as 15. You support and bless that, and don't think Trump should be accountable?

The actions of both Biden and Trump are unacceptable. They both deserve to be in jail.

Anonymous said...

Where's your proof (you know, real proof) of that 8:57 PM?

Cough it up or it's just hearsay.

Anonymous said...

9:48 PM Donald Trump boasted about meeting semi-naked teenagers in beauty pageants

Mr Trump said on Howard Stern’s radio show in 2005 that he could ‘get away’ with walking into the dressing room to ‘inspect’ beautiful women.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

That is a two way street 7:14 AM.

Hollyweird and showbiz coast to coast, are still full of exhibitionists who are gladly posing and parading themselves for onlookers.

Try harder.
That wasn't a criminal act, especially since it was welcomed. Trump's bragging is gross but he is not the criminal you suppose.

Would you welcome this? Talking about real criminality....the OBiden's, your heroes, who have your every blessing.

The daily news is crawling with their latest corruptions. I doubt anything will be done about it because too many like you welcome the debauchery and destruction in their wake. You win. Evil is off the charts now---evil continually---and you helped. You are of this world and you can have it.

Anonymous said...

Timothy Gordon is cool. Got canned for not burning incense at the globalist altar unlike Pope Fwanciss.

Yeah I know these Catholics are too legalistic, (I can even remember mom telling me that Catholics were to political when I was just a little kid), but It is what it is.

Constance Cumbey said...

WELL, WELL, WELL - Friday morning Trump released a video from his own Truth Social Account entitled GOD MADE TRUMP and declaring among other things that Trump will "never leave us nor forsake us" -- If Trump isn't the antichrist he certainly is doing a good job of impersonating him. I'm starting to think that maybe I should send a letter of apology to Javier Solana -- Trump looks like he might, unfortunately be the REAL man of Perdition! Here's one of many links where you can view it.

How much more evidence do you need????!!!!


Constance Cumbey said...

NOW THE END BEGINS website, traditionally supportive of Trump appears to be awakening to his HIDDEN DANGERS -- becoming increasingly open.


myalabasterbox said...

I have followed you silently for years
At first in the early days of Trump-mania ..for a while I took ran with it. although I live here in Canada..he has quite a following here too
I remember when early truth speakers on line briefly started to speak out..suddenly they changed their first you wonder it was odd. But then there is a lot of activity going on in the background. I don't know if it's a gift from God to discern spirits or it my mind... I remember once looking at a pic of Trump on line. And his face just morphed into a a dragon's. That popped the illusion right away
I have an opinion that what if..wen he got into power the masses where half and half accepting him..what if he knew and losing the elections was all part of the "game"
To turning the majority of resisters toward him
It just didn't make sense Biden and his female vice President made it to the White House the way they did
Watch how quicky the current...especially black, Hispanic, Asians etc are quickly switching
Th ere is a pic out on the internet with Trump. Clinton's and top RCC clergy all smiling up pally wally
I just don't buy it that they are at logger heads with each other
One big nasty game ton pull people through trickery
I am scared too.

Matt said...

I understand your concerns regarding Pope Francis. He panders to climate alarmism, among other things. His leadership has long been questionable. Nonetheless, be careful of trusting trad media. There are a lot of excesses & mischaracterizations there.

Whatever Pope Francis's shortcomings, I highly doubt the false prophet of Bible prophecy will be sitting on the rock of Peter when the time comes. Scripture explicitly tells us "The gates of hell will not prevail" upon the rock of Peter. It doesn't say he'll always be perfect, holy & immaculate. It does say the gates of hell will not prevail over the chair of Peter.

Think about it. Can you honestly imagine Evangelical Christians following the advice of a Catholic pope? Most of them probably believe a future pope will be THE Antichrist of bible prophesy.

So "no", I don't believe this scenario you fear is a realistic possibility. I get where you're coming from, of course. You certainly have valid concerns about Francis. Let's hope the next Catholic pope is much more faithful to Christ's calling & doesn't spend so much of his time pandering to the deceptions of our age.

God bless.