Saturday, August 08, 2020

Please pray for me, my family, and my health!

Dear Friends:  

This Covid19 (novel coronavirus) crisis has brought much of our world to a crashing halt.   I have been under treatment for wet type macular eye degeneration since late 2017.  My retinal specialist told me today that my eye scans are showing progress and for that I rejoice.

However, I am fearing new health issues that may be of more severity.  I had blood tests taken in February.  I was not told of any results.  My husband asked me to stop by our doctor's office and pick something up -- I thought he meant his own recent test results for which I asked and was given.  I then asked if I could please have my own report of the February tests.  Most results were normal and unremarkable.  However, I noticed one highlighted item that was a greatly elevated eosinophil count.

I placed an inquiring account to my doctor after I googled and learned for the first time a new term, "eosinophil."  That call has not been returned.  I understand.  Our doctor like about everybody else has been more than overworked through this pandemic season.

However, recently, I have noticed my facial skin getting dryer and dryer.  Today, I noticed that in parts it was nearly bright red including portions of my upper front neck.  I did some googling to seek what that might be a possible symptom of.  To my horror, I came up with many references to it being an indication of eosinophilic disorders--some possibly serious, even fatal.

I have been more fatigued than usual lately.   I am still doing limited amounts of court work for my past clients who still seek me out for their personal emergencies.

I do not know what lies ahead, but I will confess that I am more than a little apprehensive.  My husband Barry is severely disabled and I have had some mobility issues lately.  I have outlived 3 of my younger siblings already who died of natural causes.

I do not know exactly medically is in store for me, but I will confess apprehension and possibly fright tonight.  Hopefully, it is nothing significant, as I feel still have much to do in my work in informing and warning of significant developments on the now re-burgeoning New Age/Mindfulness/Occupy Movements scene.

Please, please keep me and my family personally in your prayers.  I am praying the Lord will show me His will and give me the grace to accept what may come.





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Craig said...

I've been refreshing Millie Weaver's video on the Tore Says channel (linked at 5:39 PM above) off and on, and I've just that it's removed with the following note:

This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country.

Anonymous said...

"The very words of Jesus Himself speaks of giving His body and blood in the PRESENT TENSE: “THIS IS MY BODY WHICH IS GIVEN TO YOU” (Luke 22:19); “THE CUP WHICH IS POURED OUT FOR YOU” (Luke 22:20; Mark 14:24; Matt. 26:28)."

Yes, present tense.
Bread and wine literally that evening in the upper room.
Jesus still with them there, very much alive as He spoke those particular words, right?
This is My body and My blood while He is still with them was not His body and His blood because He is still in His could what He was holding in His hands in that upper room literally His body and blood while He was standing there saying those words?

Because the words and tokens to go with them are speaking something deeply spiritual.. those particular words at that present time, while He was still present with them can only be a representation and symbolic..not actual...and He added to that, do this in remembrance of ME.
When I am remembering something it is because it refers to something past. I have to go back in my memory, the act I am remembering cannot be replicated, because the moment has passed, has already happened and I am no longer in that moment as it was left to my mind and heart to cherish.
But and important point is...when on the cross...He said it is finished. That was very much in the moment, the present tense. And done. Fini.
Now we put that all together.
It is about remembering what He told them was about to happen (and as much as said that right there in the upper room and told them at the time they would not understand rigth then, and they did not understand...but--later--when He was raised from the dead, all the things He spoke became understandable to them...and that was what they would carry with them in remembrance...because now He is gone, He was raised, no longer present, His body now changed, His blood had been spilt.
That supper. Those elements. The reason He was about to go to the cross as He told them those very things, that He had completed His mission.
He did it right that one and only time..and needs no do-overs, no repeats, no reenactments with more blood letting, no more broken body, because He is now in a glorious one!

Honestly, why? Why leave Him hanging, when He left the cross, left the tomb, and left us a beautiful way to remember...?

Will be so wonderful when we see Him, then we will fully and truly understand...

Anonymous said...

To RayB @ 8:02 PM and Craig @ 8:04 PM

You two just don't get it, do you?

You would both have to go back about 15 years to see where ALL of this began.

Ultimately, the Protestants have never respected or accepted our RIGHT to our Catholic beliefs... and have let us know it loud and clear... constantly taking a superior, condescending 'tone' with us... and yes an OBSESSIVE attempt to convince us that you are 'right' and we are 'wrong'... and making arrogant demands that we show 'proof'... then when we show that our beliefs are in FACT supported by scripture... you ignore, dismiss, and trash our response.

This lack of respect toward our Catholic beliefs began with the Evangelicals... and we would just like for it to END with the Envanglicals.

You both just want to keep on 'rehashing' the same old boring arguments (which I have absolutely zero patience for).

Here is a suggestion: Maybe you should just talk to each other... since you both evidently enjoy reading your own posts so much.

Bottom line: Constance Cumbey has always showed us Catholics respect... and has welcomed us here on this blog. (She is a woman, whose example is worth following. You all should try it some time.)

Good night...

Anonymous said...

Millie Weaver, widely known as Millennial Millie, a 29-year old conservative new media video and print journalist with a large following online, was arrested AT HER HOME IN OHIO on Friday morning. Police officers apparently from a local SWAT team took Weaver to the Portage County Jail in Ravenna, Ohio where she is being held without bail until at least Monday for a “tentative status hearing.” A short video captured on her cell phone as she was being taken away was posted online.

Craig said...

Laudato "see":

THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump

From the Editor’s Desk, Michael Matt takes a look at some good news regarding the Covid recovery rate before exploring what’s really going on with the global pandemic.

To understand this, he takes us to Switzerland—to the World Economic Forum—where the movers and shakers of the world have been meeting on a regular basis, especially since January 2020, to plan ‘The Great Reset’ at the Davos 2021 Summit in January.

Using multiple video clips, Michael shows how everyone from Soros, to Gates, to Schwab, to Al Gore and the Secretary-General of the United Nations are only too eager to admit that Covid offers them a rare opportunity to reset the world economy, population control, global commerce, climate change regulation, education and the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to “reorder,” “reimagine” and fundamentally transform every aspect of life as we know it.

Is this the rest of the story behind the Russia hoax, Ukraine, the phony impeachment and all the other deep state attempts to cripple Trump’s efforts to ‘make America great again"?

The folks at Davos want a new world order, and the only thing standing in their way at the moment is US. And if they get their New Normal, nothing will be the same ever again...unless, perhaps, if Donald Trump wins in November.

Craig said...

Here is a conversation (two parts) between Tore and Millie, with Millie still at jail. It was uploaded earlier this AM:

Millie Weaver phone call from jail

Millie Weaver phone call from jail [2]

Thought the video has been taken down from multiple channels on YouTube, you can find in on BitChute:

ShadowGate: What They Don't Want You To See (Draft)

Here's more on Millie Weaver in general:

Millie Weaver on BitChute

Craig said...

BitChute is an interesting site. I came across this guy. I was aware of this story before I saw his vlog. Anyone else here heard of it?

John Doyle: Media Ignore White Child Murdered By Black Man

Craig said...

I'm surprised ABC would air this:

Man saves family of 4 from floodwaters caused by Tropical Storm Isaias

Dan Di Gregorio and three other men, all strangers, were able to rescue the family by making a human chain and holding onto each other

RayB said...

CNN's Don Lemon's statement regarding Jesus Christ:

“Here’s the thing, Jesus Christ, if you believe– if that’s who you believe in– Jesus Christ, admittedly, was not perfect when he was here on this earth,” Lemon said. “So, why are we deifying the founders of this country?”

PS: I just stumbled upon this website (The Caldron Pool) ... looks very interesting.

RayB said...

‘Africa’s Role in the Slave Trade Has Been Deliberately Forgotten… They Created a Myth That We Were Innocent,’ African Historian Says

Very few people are aware of this, (from the article): "Tragically, there are approximately 9 million men, women, and children still living in modern slavery throughout Africa to this day."

Keep this in mind, this is Black on Black slavery that is going on right now, a fact that you will never hear repeated from the likes of the "revs" Sharpton and Jackson ! Of course, there is no way to "shake down" the slave trade folks in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Millie Weaver's arrest was supposedly over a family dispute with her mom over a $50 phone.

Mom was secretly recording Millie and they didn't like it.

Nothing to do with her documentary; but I still think it was staged to make it appear connected. These people aren't normal.

More to follow

Craig said...

In light of the Kamal-chameleon choice for VP, I thought it'd be fun to rewind the Juicy Smolliet hoax:

Dave Chappelle on the Jussie Smollett Incident | Netflix Is A Joke

Craig said...

Ezra Levant just posted this update on the gofundme:

“BREAKING NEWS! I just received this text from Millie Weaver's friend Matt at the courthouse — Millie will be free & united with her kids by dinner! Thank you to everyone who crowdfunded her lawyers. When I speak with her I’ll arrange the transfer of funds. She still needs help — this was only round one. The bigger legal battle is still to come.”

The snippet of the text reads:

…The kids will stay with Millie and Gavin. Everybody should be reunited by dinner! All great news!

I just finished speaking with the attorneys a few minutes ago…

I’m also heard—from his own mouth—that Robert Barnes may represent her, depending on the legal basis for the case.

Anonymous said...

Continuing on the theory that the conspiracy is the conspiracy.

Did a bit of a shallow dive on Millie Weaver and considering the overriding topic of this blog, somebody may look to dive deeper.

I first found it interesting that some referred to Gavin Wince as her boyfriend and others her husband. They have two children and she's supposedly a pastor's daughter (False Teacher- Pastor Charlie Weaver on Twitter) so I thought that odd. Then I saw that Gavin was born in 1974, they've been dating/together since at least 2012. Millie was born in 1991. In 2012 Millie turned 21 and Wince 38. That is creepy. A 38 year old man dating a 21 year old is beyond creepy. It shatters the "Crazy 8 Creeper Rule" --- [man's age divide by 2 add 8 is the youngest any man can date without being a creeper]. Having worked with married couples for years, I have found these creepy more extreme may/dec relationships, largely suspect. So I dug more.

Then I discover a couple sources claiming that Millie was a former escort in Los Angeles. It was suggested she may have even married Gavin or some other man for money (so he could get a green card).

The NEW AGE tie-in comes through the creepy boyfriend/baby daddy husband, Gavin Scott Wince. I believe he travels with her as her cameraman and producer but I'm guessing she's just his puppet. He's likely CIA or a foreign agent. Perhaps Millie's mom has deep concerns over her daughter's relationship with Gavin but is afraid to say anything about it. Millie's mother, Felicia McCarron, probably tried to record some of the weird crap that goes on in that household between Millie and Gavin and they took and destroyed her phone (destruction of evidence). This LA couple certainly doesn't fit into Diamond, OH culture, that is for certain. But their home is titled in Gavin's name supposedly with his mother, Patricia L. Beal.
Considering also the arrest warrant is months old and they are in rural Trump country, her supposed phone call from Jail sounding fake and the video she posted of the arrest not showing faces or Gavin at all, makes the entire thing look like a publicity stunt to push her (Gavin's) psyche-ops documentary, shadow ghost.

Gavin S. Wince got a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.A in "Conscientiousness Studies" from the University of Philosophical Research (founded by Manly P. Hall). He studied under H. Dean Brown [ post-mortem biography --> ] Supposedly, H. Dean Brown was quoted as saying "Gavin's the greatest mathematician I've ever met". Gavin founded and supported his own new age website [ ] and a youtube channel with 24.5 thousand followers supporting video like this 2013 gem (he looks so creepy):
[ ].

Craig said...

Anon 2:57 PM (J?),

Whew! Wow that's a lot of syllogistic assumptions based on supposition! Let's see, we've got the genetic fallacy, ad hominem, and red herrings. Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Does ANYONE know if American citizens can collectively and/or personally SUE a politician? For example, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler?


Anonymous said...

"Media Ignore Five-Year-Old White Boy Executed By Black Man

This is so obvious, it is almost nonsensical to even have to ask the question; if the MURDERER was White and the victim was Black, what do you think the media response would be?"

And the Negro who tossed a White child from a balcony in a MN mall.

The day is coming for these news channel corporations.

Anonymous said...


I have no idea what it exactly means and I didn't expect any such connections. Mrs. Cumbey has written about Manly P. Hall and RayB has referenced him at least one time over the years (I search this blog for incidences of his name). Such association is interesting considering this blog. I can only guess their/his motivations based upon such associations but at some point they are either with God or against God. Also - A 38-year-old pursuing a 21-year-old IS creepy to me. Such relationships are overwhelmingly dysfunctional. Who you choose to follow and put your faith and trust in is up to you. I've just providing a few details for you to consider as these two run around the country stoking fears and fires of injustice.

Gavin is creepy. Millie, is likely, his victim.

Though Millie is an adult and aware of Gavin's associations:

She wrote this on his website way back in 2013 about Gavin:

Millie's rise to fame at infowars was suspicious. Qanon believers think she (and he, I presume) are Massod agents. Gavin's youth prior to minimal fame as a skateboarder is sketchy.

Another interesting fact: Gavin produced and directed a movie (and Patricia Beal - who is supposedly his mother, was the Executive Producer) about code-breaking and the possibility of 2 Messiah's that, near the end, takes place in University of Philosophical Research library with the President of UPR, Obadiah Harris.

If you have Amazon Prime you can watch it free.

Anonymous said...

(J?) -

don't know who you think I am (Justina???) but I promise I have posted under no other name than anonymous.

I am a Christian conservative Anti-Trumper who believes 4 more years of Trump is going to result in a civil (race) war and the needless premature deaths of thousands of young men (before they've been evangelized).

These "journalists" are part of the war-machine's operation to instigate and motivate such war.

Anonymous said...

Did not Jesse Ventura allow Somalian Blacks to enter Minnesota?
Who should pay for this crime?

Craig said...

Anon 4:49 PM (J?),

You wrote: Who you choose to follow and put your faith and trust in is up to you.

I don't "follow" Millie. I have, however, seen a number of her on-the-scene interviews and another documentary. She goes pretty in-depth. She seems to do good work.

You wrote: A 38-year-old pursuing a 21-year-old IS creepy to me

Maybe it was the other way around?--just supposin'. I'm constantly surprised by what folks do. I see many couples that I just don't think 'match', on the surface. But, I'm not them. Opposites attract. Whatever.

Just because "QAnon" followers claim Jones/InfoWars are/is "Massad agents" (I heard that earlier) doesn't mean they are. And, for the record, I have never cared much for Alex Jones (too bombastic) or his material, though that doesn't mean he hasn't done some credible reporting. But, he adds so much supposition into much of his work that I just don't take it seriously. And Jones has said that he doesn’t look over what she does, for what that’s worth.

There's so much disinformation, it's difficult to know WHAT is truth. So, one does his/her best in determining what seems reasonable and credible. I find Millie credible. She shows much restraint when interacting with crazed Leftists. Much more restraint than I could muster, I'm sure.

I follow and put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ, our Savior. All humans are fallible. Including me.

I don't know a thing about Gavin. I don't even know if the person you link to is the right "Gavin". Maybe it is. Doesn't matter to me. For me, this isn't at all about him. And I'm not going to go down your rabbit hole. You may, of course, feel free to do so.

Incidentally, I do my best NOT to support Amazon; therefore, I don't have Amazon Prime.

So, what did you think of Shadow Gate documentary?

Craig said...

@ 5:01 PM,

Your writing style reminds me of one who posted months ago as "J". I assumed you were the same 'anti-Trumper' who has posted before and interacted with me.

Do you think the Biden/Harris ticket is the way to go? Do you not see that as the means by which to quickly usher in 'global governance'?

Can't you see that Trump, for all his many faults, is non-NWO? The evidence includes pulling out of the Paris accord, getting tough on China, and pulling out of the Iran deal.

Craig said...

Addendum to my 5:32 PM,

I didn't mean to imply that "J" was/is an anti-Trumper, by placing those two sentences in the same paragraph. I don't know that she (J) is.

I must say, all these Anonymous posters makes it VERY DIFFICULT to interact. It becomes impossible to discern which previous post belongs to another commentator. One need not give away any of their identity, for something as simple as a single letter a humorous name, etc. would work. I appreciated the fact that J had at least assigned some sort of moniker that I could follow her lines of thought throughout various threads. That same applies to all others who use a name of some sort--alias or not.

Anonymous said...

Shadow Gate is juvenile political tripe.

If all these people are getting killed to cover up the story why aren’t these people dead? It doesn’t make sense that they deployed all the social media weapons for Hillary but wanted her to lose so they used it for Trump then used it against him to get impeached. Nor that Trump was so BRILLIANT that he saw right through the charade (thereby avoiding the honeypot) versus his New York mafia experience taught him to distance himself from the corruption by giving his "team" the green light on anything they can and want to do to win as long as they don't involve or tell him about it. The Tore character seems like she was making a lot of claims but didn’t really back them up with anything. Her continual repeating of “Barack HUSSIEN Obama” doesn’t really make me think she’s just there to give a balanced narrative. Some of the stuff said raised a lot of good points but it is clearly done by people with a political agenda as well. Government spying on the public or making money using/selling psy-ops software isn't new info and isn'that shocking. It doesn't surprise me as I find this video to be entirely in the sphere of doing that exact thing. Trying to frame it like it's all on-sided when we all experienced largely being done by the Trump campaign in 2016. Hillary didn't resort to it much because they thought they had the election in the bag so why risk it (when her emails and campaign were hacked making it even more risky for a leading candidate).

Simply put -- it not news. Its just pandering FEAR. The greatest motivational force known in advertising and to politicians is FEAR. FEAR sells.

The extreme left uses it too --- fear of racists, fear of someone being offended, fear of inequality, fear of trump, fear of fascists, etc --

But the rights is so much more insidious because it is directed at the less intelligent among us and created/spread by supposed Christians that ought to know better than that. The protests really aren't that big a deal. Nothing to instigate a reactionary race war over.

Yes...I'll be voting for Biden. Even though he's a roman catholic, at least I know he's not Opus Dei. Roe v. Wade is much more likely to be overturned with Biden in office than Trump. Opus Dei likes the power to holding the carrot of Abortion reform out in front of Evangelicals every election while one of their own (Roberts) switches his vote just in time to save Roe v. Wade and we need ANOTHER election cycle to get just one more "conservative" Supreme Court justice to FINALLY overturn Roe V. Wade. We don't need Trump appointing more Opus Dei catholics to the bench and the supreme court might overturn Roe v. Wade once they realize that it doesn't work to trick Christians voting for their stooges anymore.

Craig said...

Anon 7:26 PM,

I’m not sure you completely follow what Shadow Gate was all about. Trump was NOT supposed to get elected. They felt Hillary was in the bag. When we factor in the phony dossier used as the basis for the FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, then see how psy-ops were employed to further the Trump-Russia hoax (thereby diminishing Trump’s effectiveness), the impeachment (same), etc., the picture becomes more in focus. Trump was and is in the way of the NWO.

Biden, like Obama, will further the NWO. We will be one step closing to losing national sovereignty—if not lose it completely during a Biden presidency. Welcome the Green New Deal (after rejoining the Paris Accord), gun control (confiscation?), more violence due to police ‘defunding’, etc.

Like I said, Trump has faults. He can be a real jerk. He says really dumb stuff at times. But he most definitely has an ‘America-first’ attitude, over against the NWO. Then again, maybe if he wasn’t constantly hammered in the media, etc., he might not be such a jerk. Frankly, it’s amazing what he’s accomplished—goals he’d campaigned on—given the strength and tenacity of his opposition.

Roe v. Wade is NEVER going to be repealed. I don’t know if Trump was sincere in his campaign push for this, or if he was naïve, or what-have-you. And it is FAR less likely under Biden to happen. Biden is weak; he’s a puppet. What has he actually accomplished over his political career?

Much as we might like, we cannot legislate morality. Even if abortion were illegal, there’d still be individuals aborting babies. As Christians, the best we can do is educate individuals. But we also must realize that this battle, like all moral values, is a spiritual one.

Biden is as much a Roman Catholic as much as Manly P. Hall is. If he (and Pelosi) were Catholics, they certainly would have said SOMETHING about the statues being taken down—as but one example. And have you ever heard Biden express any sort of Pro-Life stance?

Well, I’m sure I won’t change your mind as far as your voting preference. But I am curious: Do you think Trump is racist? If so, why? I ask because you wrote, “4 more years of Trump is going to result in a civil (race) war.”

Anonymous said...

"But the rights is so much more insidious because it is directed at the less intelligent among us and created/spread by supposed Christians that ought to know better than that."

Thank you for sharing your deep knowledge with 'us rights'

Craig said...

anon 7:26 PM,

I forgot...I wanted to ask you about this: The protests really aren't that big a deal. Nothing to instigate a reactionary race war over.

The "protests" are RIOTS in some areas. Every night for ~80 nights in Portland, e.g. And who is it instigating "a reactionary race war over" it?

Craig said...

Ben Shapiro calls out media silence on Harris' laughter regarding her words to Biden during Presidential debates ("It was a debate!"):

Media Ignore Kamala’s SUPER Awkward Admission On Late Night Show

Even Colbert wasn't sure if he should let her off the hook.


Following is some of Robert Barnes' thoughts on the Millie Weaver/Shadow Gate thing, comparing it to Snowden and Assange, and etc.:

SPYGATE - An Overview of Government Corruption - Viva & Barnes HIGHLIGHT

Craig said...

I just thought of a simple way to express the gist of Shadow Gate by using an analogy: intelligence laundering. It's not merely the fact that our information is being siphoned off from NSA (though it's supposed to be dumped after 72 hours) and provided to companies functioning as independent contractors (worldwide); it's that this concurrently provides cover for the abc organizations who they are in cahoots with.

Anonymous said...

"I’m not sure you completely follow what Shadow Gate was all about. Trump was NOT supposed to get elected. They felt Hillary was in the bag. When we factor in the phony dossier used as the basis for the FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, then see how psy-ops were employed to further the Trump-Russia hoax (thereby diminishing Trump’s effectiveness), the impeachment (same), etc., the picture becomes more in focus. Trump was and is in the way of the NWO."

Or...the FBI wanted Trump to win (why "investigate" Hillary for a supposed crime she was far less connected to and involved with than Trump is with 170,000 U.S. Covid deaths) just a couple weeks prior to an election unless set in motion to sway an election?). There are/were certainly others in government that wanted Hillary or Trump. Opus Dei wanted Trump to win and ran their own crap psy-ops. Rumors, dossiers, whatever might have been manufactured on loose information and, likely some lies, due to serious rumors of Trump's team colluding with Russia (which, the scariest part of all this is THEY DID, not unlike Nixon conspiring with the Viet Cong). They may have doctored up a dossier much like the evidence used to WMD in Iraq to get permission to investigate what they suspected was happening. Doesn't mean Obama knew it was made up or "they" were "spying" on Trump's campaign versus carrying out an investigation...a successful investigation that result in numerous arrest and convictions. The Mueller Report actually found collusion so it wasn't a hoax. The dossier could be 100% fake --doesn't exonerate Trump's teams behavior.

The shadow paradox seemed to imply manafort, et al were actually trying to entrap Trump in their Russian plan as a way to "own him" for the NWO. So either they are innocent of any and all crimes and Trump doesn't need distance from them or they are criminals that Trump didn't fall for???

Craig said...

I've been watching this guy off and on for a couple months now, and here's his take on the Weaver et al affidavit, warrant, arrest, etc:

Millie Weaver SECRET Indictment - Lawyer Explains - Viva Frei Vlawg

"This smells fishier than a pike in summer."

It's all about the timing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 8:44 PM, I noticed that great depth, too. ;)

Craig said...

Anon 10:18 PM,

If the FBI supposedly wanted Trump to win, then why did Trump fire Comey? Were you aware that

James Comey said “one of the mistakes I made” in connection to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server was his choice of words.

“I should've worked harder to find a way to convey that it's more than just the ordinary mistake, but it's not criminal behavior, and find different words to describe that,” Comey said.

…In the statement he delivered on July 5, 2016, he described [Clinton’s] email practices as “extremely careless.” He initially considered using “gross negligence,” but told Stephanopoulos that was a “lawyer term.”

Comey admits 'mistakes' in describing Clinton's 'really sloppy' handling of classified info

Yeah, right—having a private email server for CONFIDENTIAL information is not a big deal, just "extremely careless". Sure. I used to have a security clearance when I served in the military. It’s a BIG deal to potentially compromise ANY classified information. Had I done anything like this, I’d have gone to military jail in Leavenworth, KS.

Given this, I’m inclined to believe the discovery of more Hillary emails on Weiner’s laptop—emails he must have received FROM Clinton—induced Comey to pretend to be tougher this time, in an effort to cover for his previous “mistake” in “his choice of words”, which effectively exonerated her. She was, in fact, grossly negligent and should have prosecuted.


What should Trump have done differently in regards to CV19 and the purported 170,000 deaths?

Anonymous said...

No evidence of illegal spying on the Trump Campaign.

Hillary was the leader, who also, intended to run for President while working for the American people. I can understand her want for personal control of her communications. Careless is not criminal. No evidence Hillary's private server was ever hacked, whereas, her government and/or democratic party servers were vulnerable and DID get hacked.

Trump was accused of similar behaviors such as hiding the self-dealing phone call recordings with Ukraine president and his family's use of inappropriate unapproved apps to communicate with foreign gov officials (like Whatsapp).

Every Trump administration member accused of using personal emails for work

They all do it.

Rayb --- there are thousands upon thousands of rural white men across the US gearing up, stockpiling ammo and prepping just itching for a race war under the illusion that a few thousand, mostly peaceful (certainly some not) protestors in Portland and other cities. These men are much more militant, armed and prone to terrorist actions than some kids with bricks or sharpened PVC piping as weapons. The irony is that there are WAY more towns and cities in this country where completely 100% peaceful BLM protestors, wouldn't be able to march at all without getting beat up and physically harassed than cities where they can protest. I'm not protesting myself and I find it completely counter-productive to any hope of getting rid of bunker trump but it's not as large scale as the live camera feeds seem to suggest. Often times --- both sides are on the streets yelling at each other and a few fights break out here and there (see Kalamazoo -- a bunch of nothing). Even in Portland -- it's a couple of blocks of trouble but the coverage makes it appear to be overwhelming. So the bigger problem is the hyperbolic perception that feeds fear that leads to the violence that will inevitably, it seems, result in a race war of some kind that rural white men should win in two seconds over 99% of the territory of this country.

Trump, in his longshot bid to beat Hillary allowed Bannon and his campaign to play the race card as though he was the last great white hope and every white person who ever lost a job ever came out of the back woods to vote for him because he was the first politician to tell them it was that dang Mexican's or Chinaman's fault. If it quacks like a racist duck, it's a racist duck. He's provided just enough white supremacist support and signaling to convince "them" he's with them. He can denounce racism all he wants but neither black persons nor rural white racists believe him. There is no denying the racist sure do love him for some reason and it's not his tan. Even the suburd kids think it's funny to mount huge trump flags on their trucks and head downtown to be provocative. That didn't happen with Bush or any other republican or democrat president.

Anonymous said...

As far as Covid. He could have led instead of denying it and trying to use Norman Vincent Peale's "Power of Positive Thinking" to bring it's disappearance into existence like he is Kenneth Copeland or something.

Covid is way beyond stopping now absent a vaccine but had the entire county behaved like Ohio and Michigan at the beginning and for few weeks longer in May and June, there may have been a chance to control it and fight small outbreaks with good contact tracing. I watched Whitmer's speech today and despite all the criticism, she has taken Michigan from 3rd to somewhere like 18th or 19th in total number of cases.

He could have led wearing a mask. I am sick and tired of masks being considered liberal. It's not forever and it's not that hard. Trump politicized Covid from the outset and instead of leading, without any direction or assistance just left it all to the Governors. Then demanded all the Governors to reopen (too early) which Republican Governors did and destroyed any benefit obtained by the lockdown and blaiming everyone else for his failure to lead. 170,000 or whatever number you want to use (I've lost a few facebook friends myself so it IS real) deaths and counting -- more than every other country --- if Trump is the leader -- who else could you possibly blame?

The whole snowflake complaints that Trump's presidency was ruined by the press and liberals is nonsense. He had two years of Republican Congressional control and wasted it. Again - he was the elected leader so the responsibility for failing was his. He was and is over is head. His complete lack of governmental experience is what cost him (and us) his presidency. Wasted way to much political capital on the stupid wall and trying to eliminate Obamacare. Turns out -- Obamacare saved healthcare as millions of unemployed were able to go into the marketplace and obtain affordable insurance for their family. Rates substantially lower and continuing than COBRA.

Craig said...

Anon 3:48 AM,

You reference an article well over a year old to ‘prove’ Trump’s campaign wasn’t spied on? Have you not heard about the Durham investigation? Have you not seen that Sally Yates has been called in to ask why she signed off on the Steele dossier, which she admits she was wrong in doing? Have you not seen anything about this: The First Guilty Plea of the Durham Probe Is Here

And you use a year-old article that alleges Trump team members used personal emails for work in an attempt to compare this with the fact that Clinton had a wholly separate email server dedicated to communication within her own little group?


The media have been fomenting racial hatred for quite a while now in their biased and misleading reporting. Obama unnecessarily pontificated on high profile cases (Brown, Trayvon [“If I had a son”] Martin, etc.)—as an attorney he well-knows you shouldn’t ‘litigate’ cases outside the courtroom—which further divided the nation. All to advance the collectivistic and racist Critical Race Theory and the oppression olympics.

Your last paragraph is so full of hyperbole and leaps that I’m not going to further address it.

@ 4:06 AM,

If Trump adhered to NVP, then why did he start taking—and promoting—HCQ?

Two words: Herd Immunity (HI). Death rates are going down generally, and in places like NY and MI HI is likely achieved or nearly achieved. No vaccine required. That doesn’t mean more people aren’t going to get sick and perish until HI is fully achieved all over. Those countries like NZ that imposed draconian lockdown policies have merely postponed the inevitable. No vaccine has ever worked against coronaviruses. No vaccine was ever made for SARS-cov, yet we have few, if any, contractions. Why? HI. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made.

You and I’ve already had the mask debate. In short, masks are a mixed bag at best. Minimally effective. Unless you wear an N95, if you are in a closed space with an infected person, then you are at risk of contracting it. If you are relatively healthy, your chance of survival is excellent; in fact, your chance of getting mild to moderate symptoms are pretty good.

You wrote: [Trump] had two years of Republican Congressional control and wasted it. One word: RINOs. Folks like McCain, Romney, etc. frustrated efforts. The ACA dramatically raised EVERYONE’s rates. And those who have the cheap plans can’t afford the corresponding co-pays and deductibles, so they don’t really provide much protection.

Craig said...

BREAKING: The First Guilty Plea of the Durham Probe Is Here"

Craig said...

Gov Cuomo:

Watch Gov. Andrew Cuomo call COVID-19 the 'European virus'

"The European virus infected the northeast, while the White House was still fixated on China."

Allllllriiiiiiiiiiighty, then!

Anonymous said...


My friends and I have been discussing the Postal Service CRISIS (which has been going on for a long time now). For example, there have been reports of senior citizens not receiving their prescription medications on time (often waiting for weeks for their much needed heart, blood pressure, or Diabetes medicine!); postal workers caught stealing mail (a Federal offense!) -- and getting fired (thus creating a shortage of workers to sort and deliver the mail); strikes at Amazon; people stealing Fed Ex packages off their neighbors' porches (I had one stolen 2 months ago!); people defacing mail boxes (a Federal offense!)... right here in my subdivision (of about 500 homes). Incidents have been reported all over the U.S.

However, the American people have not stopped to imagine the nightmare scenario that COULD happen this election year in the middle of this Postal Service crisis... since at least 100 MILLION ballots will be mailed out to registered voters, who will then fill them out and mail them back. (This is 100 MILLION pieces of additional mail, added to the mail that the Post Office can't seem to handle now!) The nightmare scenario is that it could possibly take MONTHS to count them all and determine a winner.

Just consider this possibility...

Since Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is third in line for the Presidency... she COULD hypothetically become POTUS... and this is what could likely happen if the January 20th Inauguration DATE comes and goes with no clear cut winner... because President Trump and Vice President Pence would have to vacate their offices effective January 20, 2021... and Nancy (who is still in office!) would then become the next President of the United States (by default)... not Trump or Biden!!!

Craig said...

This Black man gets it:

Where IsThe Out Cry For 5-Year Old Cannon Hinnant

This is so sad, a little boy has tragically been gunned down in front of his family while riding his bike. What kind of monster does this? Where is the outrage in the media? I'm so tired of the media playing us against each other when it suites their narrative. We all need to come together and put race aside, because evil comes in many colors and coming together is the only way we can remove this evil from our communities. Subscribe and share this channel.


Anonymous said...

4:06 AM

Bitter much?

RayB said...

Anonymous said @ 3:48 AM (in part):

"Rayb --- there are thousands upon thousands of rural white men across the US gearing up, stockpiling ammo and prepping just itching for a race war ..."

NOTE: Can you offer any proof for your statement, or is this something that just took root in the soil of your imagination?

"Trump, in his longshot bid to beat Hillary allowed Bannon and his campaign to play the race card as though he was the last great white hope ..."

NOTE: How about citing some SPECIFIC examples of the Trump campaign playing "the race card?"

"He can denounce racism all he wants but neither black persons nor rural white racists believe him."

NOTE: How do you explain the fact that Trump is polling as high as 35% among Black voters for the 2020 election?

"Even in Portland -- it's a couple of blocks of trouble ..."

NOTE: REALLY? How about 80+ days of non stop mayhem, with countless stores looted, many businesses destroyed, Police attacked, innocent people randomly attacked, some raped and even murdered, etc., etc. And you refer to it as a "couple of blocks of trouble?"

Final question, please be honest. Do you really, REALLY like watching Rachel Maddow?

Craig said...

DNC Focus Group

RayB said...

Anonymous said (in part) @ 7:26 PM:

"Roe v. Wade is much more likely to be overturned with Biden in office than Trump."

NOTE: I don't believe Roe v Wade will be overturned, but to think that the Democrat Biden would nominate Supreme Court Justices that had a track record for being AGAINST abortion is as nuts as it gets. I've said it for years, the Democrats and the Republicans (for the most part), are two wings flapping on the same bird, but at least with the Republicans, their base of voters occasionally get them to do what they CLAIM to stand for. Whereas, with the Democrats, YOU KNOW what you are going to get because that is what they are promising. There is no chance, as in NONE, that Biden OR ANY DEMOCRAT President, would ever nominate anyone to the USSC that is not a radical, pro-abortionist.

Normally, I don't respond to such utter stupidity, but this one I just couldn't pass up.

RayB said...

Reporter On Ground in Portland Pushes Back on 'Peaceful Protest' Narrative

You'd have be in complete denial to believe that these people are "peaceful."

Craig said...


Global temperature record set in Death Valley, California

The hottest air temperature recorded anywhere on the planet in at least a century, and possibly ever, was reached in Death Valley in California's Mojave Desert on Sunday afternoon where it soared to 130F (54.4C).


This Week in Weather History: July 10, 1913 - the hottest temperature on record

13News Now
You think it gets hot in July, be glad you weren't in Death Valley, California on July 10, 1913!

Though the text above doesn't provide the temp, the weathercaster states it was 134 degrees on that date.

This is confirmed here:

Death Valley High Of 130 Degrees May Be Hottest Day In 107 Years

Death Valley, often the hottest place on the planet, hasn't been this hot since 1913.

According to the National Weather Service, the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth was 134 degrees, also recorded in Death Valley in 1913. However, the World Meteorological Organization refutes that record, noting a temperature of 131 degrees was recorded in Tunisia in 1931.

"This would be the hottest global temperature officially recorded since 1931," the World Meteorological Organization tweeted.

The National Weather Service cast doubt on the Tunisian heat record.

"If validate the 130° F yesterday would tie for the 3rd most reliably measured, all-time global high temperature and will be the hottest temperature officially verified since July of 1913, also at Death Valley," the weather service countered.

According to the National Weather Service, the previous records — all in Death Valley — are:

134°F - Jul 10, 1913
131°F - Jul 13, 1913
130°F - Jul 12, 1913

I've not yet been able to find Tony Heller's video in which he stated that Death Valley was the world record-holder from a ca. 1880s (per my memory) reading. I don't know if this factored in this 134 degree day or not.

Anonymous said...

My claim is the court as it's currently configured with 5 Republican Justices is that those 5 Justices are more likely to take a Roe v Wade case and overturn it during a Biden presidency than another Trump presidency. Sure Biden might get to replace 87-year-old Ginsburg's seat or 82-year-old Beyer's seat with another liberal justice but the oldest republican justice is 72 year old Thomas, so the republican majority will very likely survive a 4 year Biden presidency.

Recall, in 1973, a republican packed court, with a 6-3 republican majority gave us Roe v Wade in the first place. 5 of 6 Republican justices voted for it and just 2 or 3 Democrats supported the landmark 7-2 decision. There has been a republican majority on the supreme court since the 1950's. It's nearing 50 years since Roe v Wade, numerous republican administration some that even had control of congress and still no change. The catholic found Right to Life is an ecumenical movement which does not, in fact, want Roe v Wade overturned. Only God can overturn Roe v. Wade, not republicans, democrats, or right to lifers. Until then, both parties seem content with keeping it motivating their base.

Overturning Roe v Wade during a Biden presidency would be way to make Biden have to pivot and choose. To focus his presidency on that divisive issue or not. It would make him appear a failed leader to his base. However, Biden at one time was Pro-life so he could switchback.

"Mr. Biden entered the Senate in 1973 as a 30-year-old practicing Catholic who soon concluded that the Supreme Court went “too far” on abortion rights in the Roe case. He told an interviewer the following year that a woman shouldn’t have the “sole right to say what should happen to her body.”

Whereas if Trump wins, and even if he appoints another pro-corporatons, homosexual loving supposed "conservative" roman catholic justice or two, they will always find a way to avoid ruling on Roe v Wade or affirming it ---- because running against Roe V Wade is an essential platform of the republican party. Just like the whites in the south abandoned the democratic party after the success of bi-party civil rights legislation, once fighting Roe v Wade is over, the Republican party pro-corporate white billionaire platform will be seen for what it is.

If Biden wins I will very likely be a republican again in 2024. If Trump wins, I don't think the republican party can withstand another 4 years of his divisiveness and I'd predict the advent of a new 3rd party alternative.

Anonymous said...

Here is my favorite comment of the day:

"Trump is behind in the polls; it reminds me of the night he won the 2016 election."

Anonymous said...

An interesting analysis of the Trump campaign and the race card and it's political effects and fallout.

Anonymous said...

"If Biden wins I will very likely be a republican again in 2024."

I see you stand on principles....NOT!
How shallow.

You are showing your true colors..double-minded and easily manipulated (or perhaps you are the manipulative one?)..or maybe is just simple hatred which is never reasonable.

Talk about divisive, look no further than yourself. You should "have your people get in touch with your people"..

Anonymous said...

** One does not ACCIDENTALLY call one's wife 'Michael' during an interview. **

Craig said...

Anon 1:10 PM,

From the Newsweek article:

By declaring Mexican immigrants "rapists" on the first day of his campaign, he promoted an us-vs.-them worldview and found a political vein other politicians had not dared tap—or, if they had, only gingerly: whiteness. Trump won over millions of Americans whose attitudes could be summed up in the words of one supporter after his election: "He said things that people were thinking, not saying," Rhode Island's Eileen Grossman told USA Today.

What they were "not saying," of course, had mostly to do with race. And Trump has said quite a bit over the past two years, from defending the "very fine people" at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, to disparaging the "shithole countries" to shutting down the government and declaring a national emergency over an "invasion" of migrants that could "infest our country."

I’ll let Brandon Tatum set the Skewedspeak article and you straight on the Charlottesville thing:


I heard Trump when he initially spoke those words IN CONTEXT. Tatum is right.

The media certainly skew the news, but they are consistent at one thing: Casting Trump as racist to the extent of taking him out of context by dishonestly removing whole sentences, eliminating important modifying words, juxtaposing/conflating one phrase/context with another, etc.

Trump makes a distinction between legal immigants and those arriving illegally. He did not ever make a blanket statement that ALL Mexican immigrants are rapists.

I live in the San Antonio area. My Mexican-American neighbors came from Del Rio, TX. They are FOR the wall. They are AGAINST immigrants coming here ILLEGALLY. They DON’T think Trump is racist. My first generation Mexican-American neighbors—both of whom were trained as abogados (lawyers) in Mexico, one also an attorney here—are both in favor of the wall, and neither think Trump is racist. They see through the media games to divide us. Like most Mexican-Americans here, they have a Roman Catholic background, and, though not observant, retain basic Judeo-Christian values.

For a while I was hanging out with a Latina whose parents were from Matamoros. She was very much concerned for their safety, telling her mother to move to the US side after her father passed. You may recall the grisly cartel-related murders of a few decades ago, placing that town on the international map. Matamoros is just across the border from Brownsville. Most of the folks on our southern border—especially those with property right on the border—are very much in favor of the wall.

In my experience, those that view Trump as racist here are mostly the young WHITE folk—all because of their skewedspeak and scholastic indoctrination. However, I do know one Mexican-American guy who STRONGLY thinks Trump is racist, etc. because of skewedspeak. And I know a liberal/Leftist group of vegetarians (Latinos and Whites) who have a skewed view of Trump because of the media. [For the record, I’m not vegetarian.] It’s disappointing.

Anonymous said...

The following article from Life News is dated November 4, 2019...

Joe Biden, the Democrat presidential candidate insists that he is a practicing Catholic, even though he advocates for abortion in violation of his faith’s teachings about the sanctity of human life. Last week, Biden became the subject of national controversy after a Catholic priest denied him communion because of his pro-abortion stance.

“It’s not a position that I’ve found anywhere else, including from the Holy Father, who gives me Communion,” Biden told PBS this week, the Daily Wire reports.

He said the situation at the South Carolina church was “the only time it’s ever happened,” and he accused the Rev. Robert E. Morey of St. Anthony Catholic Church of making it a public issue.

The Daily Wire responded:
While it is true that Father Morey told reporters about the encounter, it is possible that he told them of it only after they reached out being that people in attendance, or those close with Joe Biden, might have spread word of it.

During every Mass, Catholic doctrine states that the wafer and wine become the literal body and blood of Jesus Christ when a priest consecrates it. In order for a Catholic to receive Communion, they must be in a state of grace after having attended the Sacrament of Confession. If a Catholic, usually by way of conscience, determines that they are not in a state of grace, they must refrain from receiving Holy Communion. When it comes to individuals who publicly oppose Catholic teaching (such as politicians who support abortion), bishops and priests are given full license under Canon Law to deny the person Holy Communion until they repent, lest they commit the sin of sacrilege if they receive what Catholics believe to be the body and blood of Christ unworthily.

Last week, Morey said Biden attended Mass at his church. Morey told the Florence Morning News that he refused to give Biden communion because he does not follow church teachings on abortion.

“Sadly, this past Sunday, I had to refuse Holy Communion to former Vice President Joe Biden,” the priest said. “Holy Communion signifies we are one with God, each other and the Church. Our actions should reflect that. Any public figure who advocates for abortion places himself or herself outside of Church teaching.” Morey also said he is praying for Biden.

Craig said...

Anon 3:25 PM,

Though I, of course, disagree with the RCC on many issues, I very much respect Morey for taking a stance against Biden here, thereby remaining consistent with his beliefs. It must have been very difficult to stand firm in this case. Conviction.

Anonymous said...

If the American people ever took the time to do their research and found out about this...

Craig said...

Tony Heller laying it out:

Democrat COVID Politics

The level of subterfuge and cynicism by Democrats and the press has gone completely off-scale.

He sources an AP article, and even IT recognizes Cuomo's deception--and possibly hiding eldercide:

New York’s true nursing home death toll cloaked in secrecy

...New York’s coronavirus death toll in nursing homes, already among the highest in the nation, could actually be a significant undercount. Unlike every other state with major outbreaks, New York only counts residents who died on nursing home property and not those who were transported to hospitals and died there.

That statistic could add thousands to the state’s official care home death toll of just over 6,600. But so far the administration of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has refused to divulge the number, leading to speculation the state is manipulating the figures to make it appear it is doing better than other states and to make a tragic situation less dire.

“That’s a problem, bro,” state Sen. Gustavo Rivera, a Democrat, told New York Health Commissioner Howard Zucker during a legislative hearing on nursing homes earlier this month. “It seems, sir, that in this case you are choosing to define it differently so that you can look better.”

Looks like Cuomo has "alternate facts".

RayB said...

Just when you might have thought PF couldn't get any weirder ...

From LIfeSiteNews:

Pope Francis praises nun for opening ‘trans home’ for men claiming to be women, calls them ‘girls’

The Pope wrote to the "Trans Nun":

“Dear Monica, God who did not go to the seminary or study theology will repay you abundantly. I pray for you and your girls.”

The Supreme Pontiff, according to the nun, referred to the males, reported to be between 40 and 70 years old, as “girls.”

“Do not forget to pray for me. May Jesus blesses (sic) you and may the Holy Virgin take care of you,” he added, according to a report by Newsflare.

Anonymous said...

Dear Constance:

When you get a chance, please give us an update on your health.

Please know that we are all praying for you.

God bless you.

RayB said...

More from LifeSiteNews:

Pro-LGBT Fr. James Martin to offer prayer at pro-abort Dem convention, says it’ll be for ‘sanctity of life’

NOTE: Early on, during the time period when Archbishop Vigano was revealing what he knew about the Vatican cover-up, enabling, etc. of the pedophile/homosexuality/priest scandals, there was a Catholic Priest by the name of Mark Goring that was equally outspoken on his youtube channel. I watched a number of his videos. Of course, out of fear for his life, the defiant Vigano continues to be in hiding. On the other hand, Mark Goring was ordered into "silence," whereby, he no longer could say anything more about the pedophile/priest/homosexuality scandals. All of his youtube videos, which were numerous, that covered these scandals. Goring has been completely silenced by the hierarchy of his church.

Here is why I mention this; the Vatican could order "Fr." James Martin into "silence" as well. Why don't they? BECAUSE THEY AGREE WITH the RADICAL, pro-LGBTQ+ agenda that Martin is a tireless advocate of. Homosexuality officially remains a "sin" in RC theology. Martin is ADVOCATING sin, yet the Vatican actually ENDORSES his "ministry."

This is very serious. We are on a slippery slope of evil and it is showing no signs of letting up any time soon.

Anonymous said...


Tatum is wrong about Charlottesville and he's not showing Trump in full context either.

Here's the press conference (I think)

Trump's disclaimer doesn't count when everyone .... I mean EVERYONE on one of the two sides that Trump referred to as "having good people among them" were made up completely of white supremacists (and militia's geared up to fight in support of them).

Trump even acknowledges watching them the night before marching peacefully around the campus (the night they were carrying torches while chanting "Jews will not replace us"). Trump was hell-bent on supporting his white supremacist supporters no matter what. He certainly could have chosen his words more carefully, even, perhaps saying there were "BAD" people on both sides or not said much at all other than expressing sympathy and dismay. Or just hid in his bunker again. Calling anyone affiliated with the racist neo-nazi's good was a political mistake he made while clearly trying not to upset his white (closet racist) supporters. It was and is really an indication that man was/is in way over his head.

And this whole Robert E. Lee was a great general crap is white virtue signaling too. Can you think of any white person you know that is not a racist that would ever be so motivated to save Robert E. Lee statutes that they would travel to and show up a "unite the right" rally and walk alongside neo=nazi's to protest against such statute coming down? There MAY be some preserving history arguments to be made but, absent being a racist, there is no reason to take to the streets or really even get that upset over such. Plus it's irrelevant bullcrap. Charlottesville can do whatever they locally decide to do with statues in their town square. Republicans are SUPPOSED to be about state and local law rule. Their decision to take that down doesn't in any way imply they have any power or ability to take down the George Washington or Thomas Jefferson memorials --- but if Congress and/or DC voted to do that -- that would be their right as well. Things change. It's not a big deal. I've never been to the George Washington monument but I still know all about him. It's not erasing history. It's democratic change.

I'm in my 50's and hold a doctorate degree. It's been a long time since I got indoctrinated in college but I know a racist duck when I see one. He may very well not be all that racist himself historically (like his father) but he got elected by sparking enough racial bigotry running a campaign fraught with white fear signaling to draw out every closet racist in the country fearing those rapists Mexicans and other people of color are gonna take over.

Anonymous said...


I wonder if Reagan appointed, now-retired former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, a "devout roman catholic" is denied the eucharist anywhere???

You'd think after writing the majority opinion in Obergfell v. Hodges he'd be subject to such discipline as well.

Maybe appointing all these roman catholics is a bad idea, no? (both of trump's appointments are "devout" roman catholics when there was a "devout" Christian on the short list he could have chosen = Raymond Kethledge from the 6th Circuit)

It should likewise be alarming that it is very likely if Trump wins a 2nd term (God -forbid) that he'll be choosing another roman catholic who happens to be a charismatic catholic that belong to the cult, "People of Praise" to fill the likely opening made when Ruth Ginsberg retires (or passes away trying to outlive such event). Amy Cohen Barret isn't even 50 yet and if she were put on the bench she'd make 7 of 9 justices roman catholic. How did that happen?? All in the name of Roe V. Wade and the presumption roman catholic judges could be counted on to overturn it. They can't (see Justice Roberts).

I don't know who Biden is nominating but I'd speculate a very qualified and experienced Jewish judge would replace the Jewish, Ginsberg. Whoever it is, at least I'll know it won't be an Opus Dei hand-selected roman catholic justice and that's a lot better than Barrett. Kethledge I like. His writing is excellent and a proven conservative and evangelical. I'd have a lot less to complain about if he had been selected and deemed the next choice, but he appears to be a token.

Anonymous said...

I said if Biden wins [thereby repudiating Trump, hopefully in a landside] I'd likely vote republican in 2024.

Someone said: "I see you stand on principles....NOT! How shallow".

First off, I'm an independent who thinks both parties suck and are evil. Neither party deserves anyone's loyalty. So anticipating 2024 is just a guess on my part but whole based upon my principles. Trump is a coward, a liar and an unrepentant adulterer (if he actively cheats on the person he sleeps next to --- he doesn't give a crap about anyone but himself). I didn't support him in the republican primaries and from day one said he is unfit to be president. I thought his candidacy a joke. If he is defeated and repudiated I am hopeful the republicans can distance themselves from his toxicity and get back to being republicans. I hope in 2024 they will nominate an actual conservative who is polished and actually a Christian candidate who will promise and deliver fiscal responsibility and just be normal -- not a bombastic racist (after it's proven that being racist doesn't work).

I'll take my guidance through prayer from God, shallow as that may be.

Anonymous said...

Comment of the day...

"Trump is behind in the polls; it reminds me of the night he WON the 2016 election."

Anonymous said...

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. destroys Big Pharma, Fauci and the pro-vaccine movement

RFK Jr. warns parents about danger of using largely untested Covid vaccines on kids

RFK Jr. and Dr. Ron Paul come out against Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates

RFK Jr. slams CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta over vaccine misinformation

Anonymous said...

Craig said: "The "protests" are RIOTS in some areas. Every night for ~80 nights in Portland, e.g. And who is it instigating "a reactionary race war over" it?"

Again...there were many protests and there were some riots. Even though George Floyd was a pretty messed up and awful human being who was on drugs and being difficult and somewhat non-compliant, he didn't deserve that and his murder was very disturbing to watch. So protests were inevitable and justified. Whenever a mob of people convenes human behavior degrades, so angry peaceful protestors degrading and converting (many NEW faces joining in while the more law-abiding protestors head for safety as the crowd is obviously getting more young and more stupid and more hostile, until under cover of darkness a certain amount of violence results. It happens the same way at multi-day rock festivals too. But these riots in New York and Chicago appeared to be more like preplanned gang robberies versus anything related to any real armed rebellion or cohesive movement. The world isn't melting down because the very liberal and very white city of portland can't seem to stop protesting. The pacific northwest has always had an anti-federal government bias a lot of that played in (and was taken advantage of by Trump) when federal agents were sent in (to restoke the flames of "antifa" discontent.

Here is a description of how NOT scary the situation really is in Portland.

You want to know who to be actually scared of???

All the mobilizing independent militias:

1. The Oathkeepers -

2. The 3%'ers - here's a standoff that could have resulted in a rampage.

Here is one of numerous general discussion about militias mobilizing, there conflicting views and presenting clashes and flashpoints of values. This is where it (a race war) starts and every gun-loving rural white prepper with a pickup truck is going to be storming toward the action as soon as anything happens. *They believe Trump is on their side and he needs them to step up. They likely think he will pardon them too so they can murder anyone they want in the name of Trumpism.

Anonymous said...

RFK is also the one that sold out the environment by leading protests to shut down coal-burning electric plants in favor of expensive new wood-burning (BIOMASS) plants that actually do much more harm to the environment than just keeping the cheaper coal plants. It's just a feel-good misdirection effort for money while our forests burn.

Thus RFK lacks credibility as another silly anti-vax'er as well. Wonder who is paying him now. Mercola dot com??

Anonymous said...

Rayb said:

"NOTE: How do you explain the fact that Trump is polling as high as 35% among Black voters for the 2020 election?"

Dream on -- there may have been polls prior to George Floyd's death with black men poling closer to 20% but there is no way in November anywhere near even 20% of blacks are going to be voting for him.

in 2016 Trump received only 6% of the black votes broken down to 14% of Black men and less than 0.5% of Black Women voters. Despite being a racist, if he could somehow pull off doubling that --- it would still only be 12% of the black vote. I think Trump's only shot is increasing the number of non-college whites he can attract to actually vote for him again. They amazingly still like him even though he didn't save their jobs or get them new real jobs and he killed a couple of their friends with a failed covid response....but will they get off their butts and vote for him again? It's likely. He got 64% of them last time and he's hooked them with Qanon so there his best hope.

Anonymous said...

You wrote: [Trump] had two years of Republican Congressional control and wasted it. One word: RINOs. Folks like McCain, Romney, etc. frustrated efforts. The ACA dramatically raised EVERYONE’s rates. And those who have the cheap plans can’t afford the corresponding co-pays and deductibles, so they don’t really provide much protection.

Patently untrue. My personal rates dropped dramatically and my coverage far exceeded anything I had prior. Plus...I will actually continue to HAVE insurance no matter what happens to my businesses. The old scheme where you got insurance through your job and the self-employed were left out in the cold, those relatively cheap plans were simply the ILLUSION of insurance. They covered only people that were and remained healthy enough to keep a job. Once you couldn't due to health concerns or a family members health concern (self-insuring companies always find ways to get rid of anyone who long-term health insurance burden) good luck paying huge COVID rates for a short term fix and then being uninsurable on the open market with such pre-existing condition(s). Right now MILLIONS of Americans are finding out just how important Obamacare is as a backstop to complete financial ruin.

My plan has a $5000 family deductible and just $30 office visits for primary (one physical free per person yearly), free eye exam and glasses/contacts, and $90 co-pay for specialists. Emergency room $250 copay and $100 for an ambulance ride. It is not one of those you pay for everything until you spend $5000. My wife was hesitant to switch to an HMO but we actually love our HMO primary doctors. Family of 4 is less than $1000/month. The first couple years this silver HMO plan was less than $700 a month. but the republican interference and eliminating the mandate made all the plans more expensive -- so not really obama's fault. Perhaps I got lucky with this provider --- there are Gold plans with other companies that not compare to my silver plan. We are and remain healthy but my wife and I both had very minor "pre-existing conditions" that precluded us from getting anything other than the states backup insurance of last resort policies. Prior to Obamacare I/we were paying about $12000 in premiums annually for catastrophic coverage only with a $5000 deductible before they paid a penny (80/20 thereafter). Office visits were out of pocket --- and not even reduced to insured price. It was ridiculous and what most"insured" people would have been facing had they got sick and lost their jobs and insurance.

*I'm not looking up my policy or the exact numbers of my old policy but I'm in the ballpark on each

Anonymous said...

This is scary:

Former Chief of Staff of Trump's DHS is the newest Republican Voter Against Trump

Anonymous said...

2:07 AM

RFK Jr. speaks the TRUTH about vaccines. He has risked the anger of his own LIBERAL Kennedy family members by speaking out on the danger of vaccines. But, keep right on believing the LIES from the mainstream media. I only hope that your children or grandchildren don't end up paying the ultimate price for your stupidity and failure to learn everything you possibly can about what is actually contained in these vaccines. You owe it to THEM to do as much research as possible.

Anonymous said...

Texas will punish cities and towns that defund their police by BANNING them from raising property taxes after state officials say Austin 'bowed to cancel culture' when it voted to slash $150M from their cops

~ Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, spoke on Tuesday to announce the policy

~ All towns and cities that defund police departments will be affected

~ They will not be able to increase property tax in their jurisdictions
Abbott's announcement came after Austin cut $150m from their police budget

Reuben G. said... we go...the anti-building protestants on patrol. So much hatred for buildings even though they do so much good for humanity.

I’m going to let you in on a little Catholic secret...we know the ecclesia is the people. Language has a funny way of adapting, and some words have more than one meaning. Church is principally the people, secondarily it is a building within which people gather. St. Peter’s Basilica and even Rome itself could be totally destroyed, not a stone left stacked on the other, and the church would still exist. In fact, every church building in the whole world could be destroyed and the Catholic Church would still exist.

Note the pictures of battlefield masses from the World Wars or Korea. No building required. However, buildings are great for keeping the weather off of yourself, and we like the idea of the most beautiful and excellent buildings we have being dedicated to the worship of God.

I know, I know, it’s idolatrous and we worship the building. Such beauty should only be reserved to government buildings, post offices, old hotels, etc. and worship should take place somewhere with drop ceiling and fluorescent light and carpet.

Anonymous said...

Good point, 4:48 PM!!!

Ultimately the Catholic Church IS the people (it's never been 'about' a building)... and we traditionalists will continue to preserve our Catholic faith that Jesus created for us nearly 2,000 years ago ("and the gates of Hell shall NOT prevail against it"). AMEN!!!

Anonymous said...

Axios and Public Citizen have obtained new documents suggesting that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) owns half of the key patent on Moderna’s up-and-coming vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Should the vaccine come to market, the NIH will reportedly collect half of the royalties associated with its distribution. At the same time, four NIH scientists have filed provisional patents on their own claiming to be “co-inventors” of the experimental jab.

Many people do not know this, but the current cap on royalties for agency scientists who help develop a vaccine is set at $150,000. This means that there is a financial incentive to attach one’s name to vaccine development, incentivizing the creation of potentially useless and dangerous new drugs.

Anonymous said...

Was Millie Weaver secretly declared an “enemy combatant” by Obama's stay-behind deep state actors and arrested under the NDAA? Hodges asks key questions…

Anonymous said...

Is Black Lives Run By Witches?

Craig said...

Reuben G.,

First, let me state that I appreciate that you use a screen name. In doing so, you make your posts distinguishable from other Anonymous posters. Thanks.

Second, as for me, I can appreciate art. I’m not opposed to buildings or even statues (though I’ve been very vocal about ‘Jesus’ statues). But, as with anything, it depends on the extent to which one places significance on buildings (and statues). If they in any supplant worship to God—as opposed to supplementing it—then the individual is wrong.

But we must ask ourselves how the NT “church” worshiped. And we must ponder the fact that Jesus analogized the Temple with his own body, and, similarly, how Paul and others have characterized the human body as the temple of the Spirit. Moreover, we should consider that the Jerusalem Temple was allowed to be destroyed.

Broadening the horizon further, somewhat coincidental to your post (though also purposed in view of other recent discussions), I just finished an article I’d had in the works for over six months. I’d put it aside but was induced to finish it, altering its trajectory a bit. It discusses the very issue of the word “church” and its convoluted etymology and faulty, anachronistic application to the word ekklēsia. The article shows the proper contextual meaning/application of the term in the NT, as well as the way the etymology of “church” apparently went awry.

In one sense the article is critical (in providing critique and analysis), in another it’s ecumenical:

Re-Assembly Required

People: the focus is entirely on people not physical structures, not institutional structures, not ornaments. Jesus built, and is still building, his people-group!

RayB said...

Just another night of "mostly peaceful protests" conducted by BLM & ANTIFA in Portland ...

RayB said...

Do recall all of the "protests," aka, riots and looting that occurred after the MURDER of the Australian woman Justine Damon who was shot dead by a black officer from the same Minnesota police force that killed George Floyd? If you can't recall those "protests," relax. Your memory isn't failing. Those "protests" never happened.

Watch this VERY interesting video, whereby a "person of color" asks "woke" Australians if they knew anything about the Police murder of Justine Damon:

PS: Brainwashing of the Sheeple is a Global Movement ... it is taking place EVERYWHERE !

Craig said...

Anon 3:01 AM,

I was being a bit hyperbolic with my EVERYONE, but the main point stands. Most everyone’s policies increased in $$$ and/or decreased in service. This is because, for all insurance companies, the ACA: (a) raised administrative costs; (b) raised mandatory coverage (contraceptives, e.g.); and, (c) added risk by increasing the risk pool.

Anon 2:32 AM,

You wrote re Trump: … Despite being a racist…. Absolute proof of that, please—not supposition. I find it interesting that this was never an issue prior to his candidacy, even though he’d been in the spotlight for decades.

Anon 12:32 AM,

First, this is not the first time you’ve attributed my posts to RayB. I’ve no idea how one can do this, but OK…

You wrote: Trump's disclaimer doesn't count when everyone .... I mean EVERYONE on one of the two sides that Trump referred to as "having good people among them" were made up completely of white supremacists (and militia's geared up to fight in support of them).

Even if your assertion that the statue-defenders “were made up completely of white supremacists” were true, the mere fact that Trump specifically DENOUNCED them means he thought there were individuals there who were not white supremacists. That fact alone should induce you to stop your allegations.

For comparison: So let me see if I have this right. In the current situation, you reluctantly agree there are (very few, to your mind) rioters, though the overwhelming majority (to your mind) are peaceful protestors. But you cannot fathom that there were even a few peaceful, non-White supremacist, advocates for the non-removal of the Lee statue in Charlottesville—that all HAD to have been either flat-out Nazis or White supremacists? And you are absolutely SURE of this?

I saw some of what happened before Trump spoke. I heard Trump speak those words Tatum recorded. In essence he said there good and bad on ‘both sides’. This means there were four groups: Good folks (not White supremacists, which Trump CLEARLY and explicitly denounced) protesting to retain the monument, bad folks protesting to retain the monument, good folks protesting to remove the monument, and bad folks protesting to remove the monument. It’s not that hard. Really.

I’ve watched tens of hours of footage of the Charlottesville event, to include aerial footage. I saw four groups, as I’ve outlined above. But I’m sure I’m not going to persuade you.

And I feel pretty sure this video of a Seattle police officer will fail to dissuade you of your positions:

RAW: Seattle police officer describes SODO riot that injured 6 officers, led to 18 arrests

RayB said...

Interview of three Portland Police Officers, regarding the "mostly peaceful protests."

I'm sure that our "in my 50's and hold a doctorate degree" Anonymous friend would simply disregard what these officers have to say.

'The most horrific displays of hate I've ever seen' | Portland police describe protests (full video)

Craig said...

RayB @ 11:10 AM,

The following applies to the sheep—a real experiment by Milgram: Peter Gabriel - We Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37) MILGRAM'S VISUALS

Avi Yemani consistently gets to the root of the problems. LOGIC! But, it’s actually worse than that. I do believe the root of that root is spiritual.

I was rereading a ten year old post I wrote and came across the following quotes from Alice Bailey’s From Bethlehem to Calvary (Lucis Trust [Albany, NY: Fort Orange Press, 1937); some emphasis added:

…the motive must be the one that incited Christ to all His divine activity – the founding of the new kingdom and the attainment of that state of consciousness on a universal and human scale which will make out of the human being a citizen of the kingdom, consciously functioning therein, voluntarily subject to its laws and striving steadfastly for its extension on earth(pp 271-272).

The true Church is the kingdom of God on earth, divorced from all clerical government and composed of all, regardless of race or creed, who live by the light within, who have discovered the fact of the mystical Christ in their hearts, and are preparing to tread the Way of Initiation. The kingdom is not composed of orthodox theologically minded people. Its citizenship is wider than that, and includes every human being who is thinking in larger terms than the individual, the orthodox, the national and the racial. The members of the coming kingdom will think in terms of humanity as a whole; and as being as they are separative or nationalistic, or religiously bigoted, or commercially selfish, they have no place in the kingdom. The word spiritual will be given a far wider connotation than that which has been given in the old age which is fortunately now passing…(p 273).

How will this condition of God’s kingdom materialize on earth?…by men and women everywhere cultivating the wider consciousness, and becoming more and more inclusive (p 274).

Those “religiously bigoted” have “no place in the ‘kingdom’” even though this ‘kingdom’ is for those who think “in larger terms than the individual, the orthodox, the national and the racial”. Its all-inclusive, yet simultaneously exclusive. Tolerant, but intolerant. Has its own orthodoxy, yet rejects orthodoxy.

Craig said...

Forgot to hyperlink:

Peter Gabriel - We Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37) MILGRAM'S VISUALS

Craig said...

Woke New York

Anonymous said...

All These People Should Be In Prison

The decision to place COVID+ individuals in nursing homes will go down as the most morally reprehensible public policy failure of this era.

Video from May 27, 2020...

Anonymous said...

To RayB @ 12:29 PM

Re: Those “religiously bigoted” have “no place in the ‘kingdom’”


Well, RayB: IF this statement is true... I guess you (who is an extremely 'bigoted' man toward Catholics) will never get to go to Heaven.

Back to reality though...
Ultimately, neither YOU (nor ANYONE else) has the RIGHT to place yourselves above others... and make such blanket statements / judgments about ANY of us, who are God's children. HE is the ultimate decider, judge and jury. (That's why HE is God... and you are NOT!!!)

Please repent of your HUBRIS before it's too late (for your sake anyway).

(With outrageous arrogant attitudes such as yours... it is no wonder that so many of Constance Cumbey's followers have left this blog in disgust over the years.)

Craig said...

Anon 2:57 PM,

I'm actually dumbfounded. First you erroneously attribute MY comment to RayB, just as our "in my 50's and hold a doctorate degree" Anonymous person had done earlier. Then you COMPLETELY miss the entire point of the post. These were quotes of Alice Bailey which were/are against any and all who do not align with the New Age ideology/religion. The post had NOTHING to do with any sort of "Protestant" vs. Catholic thing. The New Agers want to persecute BOTH camps--those not aligning with their ideals, at least.

It seems you read through such a distorted lens you are unable to ferret out even the most obvious details.

Anonymous said...

Craig @ 3:17 PM

Thank you for clarifying.

In my haste while reading that previous post, I now realize that you are right... and I was absolutely wrong.

I sincerely apologize to both you and RayB.

Craig said...

Anon 3:17 PM,

I wasn't at all offended, but I do sincerely appreciate the apology, and respect the fact that you have the integrity to acknowledge your error. Thank you.

Might I ask you to read the post I finished very early this AM? You may want to skim it the first time, then reread to catch some of the details--at least those that aren't too time-consuming. It took me quite a while to do the research, and I'm not sure if I've conveyed the contents well enough. I referenced it @ 9:52 AM. Here it is is again:

Re-Assembly Required

Craig said...

Anon 4:48 PM,

Could you define "white trash" for me? I want to see if I am also.

Anonymous said...

To Craig @ 3:47 PM

Just some observations that I have made to the link you provided . . .

1) We traditional Catholics definitely see ourselves... not only as Christ's followers, but His 'servants' too.

I still remember my very first lesson in second grade Catechism class...
Q Why did God make you?
A God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world... and to be happy with Him in the next.

Regarding the subject of 'congregating' . . .

2) The pastor of my Catholic Church parish (here in a suburb of Houston, TX) says Mass every day ~ which is also available online (for those who do not feel comfortable attending Mass at the Church building during this lockdown period). He regularly sends group e-mails to all of us parishioners, and has been communicating with us on a regular basis (sending out church bulletins and messages of inspiration) over these past 5 months. He has called me personally on more than one occasion, and he has also had members of his staff call and check on me several times.

We Catholics also have EWTN (the Eternal Word Television Network), which is televised in every country, on every continent in the world. Mass is available 4 times a day, 7 days a week... along with many other inspirational programs.

Therefore, we are all able to 'congregate' in one way or the other (even during a pandemic).

3) Kryia . . .

We Catholics are more familiar with the following Greek prayer + English translation said during Mass . . .

Kyrie Eleison: Lord have mercy on us.

Christi Eleison: Christ have mercy on us.

The prayer, "Kyrie, eleison," "Lord, have mercy" derives from a Biblical phrase. Greek ἐλέησόν με κύριε "have mercy on me, Lord" is the Septuagint translation of the phrase חָנֵּנִי יְהוָה found often in Psalms (4:1, 6:2, 9:13, 25:16, 27:7, 30:10, 31:9, 51:1, 86:16, 123:3)

Anonymous said...

Hey, 4:48 PM

I would also love to know why you would label Millie Weaver 'trash'?

Also, it would be helpful if you left emotion out of the equation and just provided calm arguments instead.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig -- sorry I attributed one of my responses to something RayB said as something you said. There were a lot of questions and responses and going back and forth between them all trying to answer or address many items. I don't think it was the biggest mistake in the's just a blog.

I'm catching up now (reading backward) so maybe you weren't all that offended.

Craig wrote: "Despite being a racist…. Absolute proof of that, please—not supposition. I find it interesting that this was never an issue prior to his candidacy, even though he’d been in the spotlight for decades."

My response - "Absolute truth" is an impossible standard to meet in the era of fake news and politics. But IMO it's not a new revelation. He is not suddenly being referred to as "a racist" for political purposes. He and his family have a long history of racism. As Seth Myers said in 2011: "Donald Trump said recently he has a great relationship with the blacks, but unless the Blacks are a family of white people, I bet he is mistaken." I'm gonna read your articles and I hope you read this one to understand how Trump has shown many individual persons he's a racist and utilized racism deliberately to further his political career.

X (I'll try to remember to sign my posts with an X)

RayB said...

Craig @ !2:29 PM ...

You brought up a very interesting subject re: Milgram.

I recall seeing a documentary on the Milgram Experiment for the first time ... way back ... I'm guessing, early 70's. You may recall that during the Nuremberg Trials, the Nazi defendants (except for Albert Speer) used as a defense that they "were OBLIGATED to obey orders," thereby shifting of course their guilt to their superiors. I believe the Milgram Experiment was conducted, partially at any rate, in an attempt to try to understand how it was that the Nazis were able to get so many people to perpetrate such evil against their fellow human beings. The Germans were an educated people. They had a sophisticated culture with a long history. Yet, many of these seemingly "normal" people participated in carrying out incredible atrocities. (Of course, the same can be said for Russia. Stalin didn't murder all those millions by himself).

You probably know that there have been other "Milgram" type experiments that have been conducted at various times which have yielded very similar results, indicating that mankind has not advanced in the slightest. My perception is that mankind has become increasingly more violent. Even the Nazis didn't practice infanticide, least not on the massive scale in which it is being LEGALLY conducted here in this country, and most of the so called "civilized" world.

It is possible, that what may lie in the future could make what the Nazis did pail in comparison.

Anonymous said...

RayB said: "Watch this VERY interesting video, whereby a "person of color" asks "woke" Australians if they knew anything about the Police murder of Justine Damon"

An interesting example of whataaboutism. No-knock Warrants are risky business for the public and the cops and I salute the police officers willing to step up to facilitate those warrants. It's a disgraceful tragedy for mistakes to be made like in the Justine Damon case. Like Airline Pilots -- the judicial system doesn't have room for mistakes like this. There is no "do over". It is not like the "practice" of medicine or even the "practice" of law -- the proper execution of warrants should be an exact perfect function or not done at all.

That said - It is readily apparent that Justine wasn't killed by a black officer due to the color of her skin. It was an obvious mistake. That officer, racist against whites or not, isn't the one that made the mistake. It's a false equivalent. Plus -- there wasn't a graphic video implying racist and murderous intent. Was George Floyd killed because of the color of his skin? I think most would say absolutely, yes. I agree, but I can see both sides too...Floyd was a very large man the officer may have known as a bouncer at the bar they both worked at and Floyd was on drugs and agitated. I, personally, could NEVER have arrested him and /or neutralized him as a threat to myself and fellow officers. I, again, salute the men that do that job and go towards the unlawfulness and handle these types of situations. But at some point, IMO, Floyd was obviously out cold and limp and that officer just lost it and chose not to take his knee off his neck FOR MANY minutes thereafter. It wasn't a mistake or in any way accidental.

If you feel outraged by Justina Damon's death, you are free to protest all you want. I'm sure if one or two other Australian white women end up "mistakenly" killed in the coming year or so -- you'll be joined by some ticked off Australians and Australian media. Why are white Aussie women being targeted by the police? Why does this only happen to Aussie and not the German or even Canadian women?

As a Christian, I pray for all sides while also I condemning any lawlessness and hate exhibited by the anarchists on the far right and the far left and, from time to time by the police (while recognizing they are human too and mostly doing their job - I don't think they need to hand out cookies and milk or be defunded).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 6:07 PM

Re: "As Seth Myers said in 2011: "Donald Trump said recently he has a great relationship with the blacks, but unless the Blacks are a family of white people, I bet he is mistaken."


Ahhh, LIBERAL Democrat Seth Myers (the former writer and SNL regular who USED to be funny) has never missed an opportunity to verbally 'slice and dice' Trump for the past 3 1/2 years.

Before Trump was President... he was Donald Trump, the successful wealthy businessman (as in 'the art of the deal'). Here's the thing: When you live in a 'melting pot' like New York City... the natives can smell a racist a mile away. Over the years, Trump has had to deal with people of all races, nationalities and religions. Everyone who really KNEW Trump said that he was a lot of things (SOB, bully, loved his family, funny)... but 'racist' was not one of them!!!

Anonymous said...

I just looked up to see if there was actually a video of Justina's death and there was. As you watch it I'll offer up a spoiler that is actually kind of telling about this whole Black Live Matter movement:

A jury found officer Noor guilty on April 30, 2019 of 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter. He is the first police officer in the State of Minnesota ever convicted in an on-duty fatal shooting.

I thought it was a no-knock warrant case. It wasn't. But watching the video you could see he (Officer Noor) was distraught. The other officer was "spooked" too and drew his gun. It's just a little telling that a jury was finally willing to convict a cop of an accidentally shooting on murder charges when it's a black officer shooting a white woman. Any black person watching that video would see and feel the injustice in that conviction. Same situation - had it been a white cop accidentally shooting a black woman that ran out of an alley --- historically -- he wouldn't even be brought up on charges.

some sad stories and a lot of lives destroyed.

Anonymous said...

SCAMDEMIC SCIENCE: Coronavirus “cases” are medically meaningless, yet being used to justify weaponized lockdowns to destroy humanity

J said...

Craig 5:32 PM,

Hi. I am not an anti-Trumper. I do, however, have a strong tendency to think through all things issue by issue and point by point. I see Trump as having a proven track record as being good for the American economy. I do not personally like him; however, historically many a-holes have been good leaders.

Thanks for taking an interest in my opinions.

I don't have a lot of time to participate anymore.

Have a nice day.

RayB said...

Another night of "mostly peaceful protests" in Portland ....

Craig said...

Tony Heller once again doing investigative reporting:

CDC : COVID 19 Cures The Flu

He notes that the CDC influenza site indicates 24,000 to 62,000 flu deaths (quite a large range!) for 2019-2020 season of October 1, 2019 through April 4, 2020:

2019-2020 U.S. Flu Season: Preliminary Burden Estimates

The 2017--2018 flu season was larger than normal at about 80,000 deaths.

Though I cannot find the webpage Heller displays, it shows (starting @ 1:36 in video) only 6605 flu deaths for time period 2/01/20 through 8/08/20. Of course, we don't know which portion of the 6605 should be counted in the 24,000 to 62,000 above (02/01--04/04), though we DO know that some MUST be. I'd really like to see 'real' correlative data.

And while Tony shows an NYT article indicating 80,000 died of flu in the 2017-2018 season, the CDC site has significantly revised this number downward--to the point they provide reasoning:

Estimated Influenza Illnesses, Medical visits, Hospitalizations, and Deaths in the United States — 2017–2018 influenza season

Scroll down to find this:

Can you explain why the estimates on this page are different from previously published and reported estimates for 2017-2018? (For example, total flu-related deaths during 2017-2018 was previously estimated to be 79,000, but the current estimate is 61,000)?

The estimates on this page have been updated from an earlier report published in December 2018 based on more recently available information...

I'm sure the revised data has NOTHING to do with CV19...

Craig said...


Thanks for your comment and for stating your position on Trump, thereby providing overall clarity (for me, anyway). It seems we agree re Trump.


I will respond to some of the other comments directed to me in a bit.

RayB said...

Does the group "Black Lives Matter" really care about the lives of Black people? The obvious question is this; why don't they "protest" against rampant drug abuse, gang violence, crime and shootings that all take place on a massive scale in Black communities?

Is the group "Black Lives Matter" concerned about their fellow Blacks in Africa? Don't THEIR lives matter?

Currently, there are over 9 MILLION Blacks wallowing away as SLAVES in Africa RIGHT NOW. This may shock you; their slave masters are not evil White people. The slave masters of Africa are Blacks. That's right. Black on Black slavery is happening right now in Africa.

Isn't this "news"? Doesn't the mainstream media care enough to report this? Instead, they keep pounding away that America has a "disease," and that disease is "systemic racism." (Funny thing ... in all my life, I have only known ONE true racist ... and the jerk hates EVERYONE).

BLM is not concerned about the Black lives in Africa because their entire movement is a reuse. They are nothing other than a Communist front organization that is being used to foment revolution here in America.

Communism has the blood of over 100 Million innocent victims on its collective hands. if you don't think it can happen here, you are greatly mistaken.

J said...

Craig 9:59 AM,

I am going to be busy for a few days. I'll try to check back and read any further comments you make. I thought your response to be sufficient.

RayB said...

The Chutzpa Award for the DNC has to go to Hunter Biden.

Hunter's vouching for his Daddy's "honesty" defines the meaning of chutzpa. That's kind of like Bernie Madoff saying to his investors; "Trust me. You'll make tons of money. You can't go wrong."

Hunter Biden has a lifetime littered with crooked dealings that are connected to the influential hand of Daddy Joe Biden, including of course, his $80,000 per month to sit on the *Board of a notoriously crooked Ukrainian Energy company (Burisma Holdings), along with a massive $1.5 BILLION deal with the Communist Chinese. Joe Biden in the mean time, expressed a "complete lack of knowledge regarding any business dealings concerning his son." Sure thing Joe.

Hunter's "honesty" also cropped up when he was named in a paternity suit involving a Washington, DC stripper. Hunter vehemently denied having any relations with the stripper. Unfortunately for him, the court ordered a DNA test that proved that Hunter was in fact the "father" of the newborn. Hunter then attempted to establish that he could not help out financially for his child because he was "indigent." While denying a court order to disclose his financials, it was found that Biden was renting a $3.8 Million designer home in Hollyweird that ran $12,000 per month. Under court pressure, Biden finally reached a child support agreement for an undisclosed amount.

* Hunter Biden sat on the Board of Directors in a country (Ukraine) in which he did not speak the language, nor did he have even an ounce of experience or expertise in the energy field. However, then VP Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 Billion in USA funds to Ukraine if they DID NOT fire a Ukrainian Prosecutor that was investigating Burisma Holdings. Not doubt, that investigation would have uncovered the Bidens' connection to Burisma!

PS: the Bidens represent a lot of things and honesty is not one of them. They are typical political crooks that know how to game the system.

Anonymous said...

Was in Walmart yesterday, and the self serve checkout no longer accepts cash, and you have to bring your own bags. It's for our own good, cuz the central banks love, love, love us!

Anonymous said...

GERMANY: Migrant Rapes 11-Year-Old, Gets Released After 12 Days, Then Rapes 13-Year-Old


Anonymous said...

"I Have A Right To Make Sure That My Home Is Secure":

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Defends Ban On Protesters On Her Block

Anonymous said...


Coronavirus lockdowns used to justify Australia’s big four banks shutting down branches and removing ATMs

August 20, 2020
Natural News

At least 2,150 terminals have been removed in the recent June quarter alone.

Anonymous said...

NJ Detention Officer Suspended for Joking About Cannon Hinnant's Murder

Anonymous said...

And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown(corona) was given unto him, and he went forth conquering, and to conquer

Anonymous said...

And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown(corona) was given unto him, and he went forth conquering, and to conquer

Craig said...

Anon 5:40 PM,

Thanks for taking the time to read through the article “Re-Assembly Required”. I’ll respond per your numbers:

1 I figured as such. There are some ‘Christian’ groups attempting to claim we are to rule over non-Christians. Nope.

2 There are a number of local pastors (~3 hours west of you via I-10) who have been doing videos, some even before the current health ‘situation’. It’s good we are both able to ‘congregate’ in some form.

3 Kyrie is the vocative form (direct address) of LORD.

I should have made this equivalence in order to further explain my point:

As theios, Divine (2Peter 1:3; 'God-like'), is to theos, God,
kyriakos / kyriakē is to kyrios / kyria (Kyrie), Lord.

These are adjective to noun comparisons/relationships. So, while English doesn’t have a good translation for Kyriakos/ē, we could think of it as similar to ‘Lord-like’, or ~‘Lordly’.

With that comparison made, one can see that kyriakē cannot mean “church” as we understand it. Sure words evolve over time, but this word is an adjective, not a noun.

To compare further, let’s take the two NT examples of the uses of this word (in the masculine form, appropriately). First is 1Cor 11:20: “Lord’s Supper”, Kyriakos deipnon. We should better think of it as akin to ‘Divine [theios] Supper’, but the more accurate ‘Lord-like Supper’. In Greek, to make it “Lord’s Supper” it should be more literally with Kyrios in the genitive: deipnon [tou] Kyriou (Supper of [the] Lord).

In Rev 1:10, “the Lord’s Day”, tē kyriakē hēmera, we should think of it more as akin to ‘the Divine Day’ or, the more accurate ‘the Lord-like Day’. As we did just above, we could compare by using Kyrios in the genitive again. We’d have hēmera tou Kyriou, “day of the Lord”; tēs hēmera Kyriou, “the day of Lord”; tēs hēmera tou Kyriou, “the day of the Lord”.

For the eschatological “Day of [the] Lord” the LXX uses either hēmera Kyriou (“day of Lord”) or hēmera tou Kyriou (“day of the Lord”).

I hope the above illustration clarifies. To recap: kyriakos / kyriakē means ‘Lord-like’ or ~‘Lordly’. Thus, we could hardly take this adjective and turn it into the noun we know as “church”.

Just like Darwinism, there’s something missing in the evolution.

Tangentially, interestingly, at some point the Greeks adopted kyriakē to represent the first day of the week (Sunday), perhaps in view of the word’s use in Rev 1:10.


Craig said...


Now, it would certainly be unfair to say that the New Advent site represents the RCC, but it seems pretty traditional (and exhaustive) to my eyes. The site is at pains to defend “church” in its current understandings via a faulty etymology—whatever the motivations—and in doing so states things that just aren’t so.>The Church

The first paragraph begins fine in the explanation, but then goes awry: “It is now agreed that [‘church’] is derived from the Greek kyriakon (cyriacon), i.e. the Lord's house, a term which from the third century was used, as well as ekklesia, to signify a Christian place of worship.” Who agrees? I don’t (the bold). As I’ve shown just above and in the article, this isn’t correct. And, unless the LSJ just didn’t go back far enough (which would be curious), ekklēsia wasn’t used as ‘the Lord’s house’ until the 6th century. Upon this faulty premise, the article continues (I’ve italicized the entire thing instead of italicizing per original—too much work!):

In order to understand the precise force of this word, something must first be said as to its employment by the Septuagint translators of the Old Testament. Although in one or two places (Psalm 25:5; Judith 6:21; etc.) the word is used without religious signification, merely in the sense of "an assembly", this is not usually the case. Ordinarily it is employed as the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew qahal, i.e., the entire community of the children of Israel viewed in their religious aspect. Two Hebrew words are employed in the Old Testament to signify the congregation of Israel, viz. qahal 'êdah. In the Septuagint these are rendered, respectively, ekklesia and synagoge. Thus in Proverbs 5:14, where the words occur together, "in the midst of the church and the congregation", the Greek rendering is en meso ekklesias kai synagoges. The distinction is indeed not rigidly observed — thus in Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers, both words are regularly represented by synagoge — but it is adhered to in the great majority of cases, and may be regarded as an established rule. In the writings of the New Testament the words are sharply distinguished. With them ecclesia denotes the Church of Christ; synagoga, the Jews still adhering to the worship of the Old Covenant. Occasionally, it is true, ecclesia is employed in its general significance of "assembly" (Acts 19:32; 1 Corinthians 14:19); and synagoga occurs once in reference to a gathering of Christians, though apparently of a non-religious character (James 2:2) But ecclesia is never used by the Apostles to denote the Jewish Church. The word as a technical expression had been transferred to the community of Christian believers.

Using “church” for Proverbs 5:14 is certainly anachronistic. The evidence of LXX usage seems inconsistent, and therefore unhelpful for the NT. In Joshua 18:1 the LXX uses a verbal form of ekklēsia (verbal from of Hebrew qahal) plus synagogē (but these need to be switched in translation): “And the whole sons of Israel congregation (synagogē) assembled (exekklēsiazō / yiqqahalu)…” This same pattern is found again in Judges 20:1. Note that in the verb the initial “ex”—“ek” is the same except used before consonants—means “from” or “out of”. Thus, the synagogē is the larger community, and those assembled from this community are a subset of it.


Craig said...


The book of James may provide the best comparative. Note first that the book is addressed “James, a slave of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes in the diaspora.” These are Jewish Christians he is addressing. In 2:2 synagogē is used (“If a [rich-looking man] comes into your synagogē…”). This then must be compared to the use of ekklēsia in 5:14: “Is a certain one among you sick? He should summon the presbyters of the ekklēsia…” Both terms address Jewish Christians. And I submit that the latter does not refer to a building, though the former may.

Evidence for the ‘may’ is found in John 9:22 in which the formerly-blind man’s parents were afraid they would become excommunicate (aposynagogōgos—the prefix apo means “from”). The way I see synagogē in the NT it surely means Jewish congregation, but it may well also mean the place of congregation. Further evidence for this possibility is found in Acts 6:9 (“of the synagogē”), 9:22 (“in the synagogēs”), Acts 13:5 (“in the synagogēs of the Jews”), 13:14 (“and they entered {[eis]elthontes} INTO {eis} the synagogē”) Though I won’t make a firm stance on this, it is absolutely clear that ekklēsia NEVER refers to a building in the NT.

I propose we ditch “church” altogether. It comes from a convoluted, incomplete etymology, not even directly associated with ekklēsia. The latter never means “a physical building” in the NT. It causes both confusion and division.

Craig said...

First link above should be:

The Church

Anonymous said...

Anyone who didn't think to click on the 3:56 PM link please do!

Anonymous said...

These arrests of Bannon, Kolfage & Co. seem very... uh, "interesting," because surely they would have HAD to know that their highly publicized (and highly polarizing) We Build The Wall doings would therefore be under CONSTANT SCRUTINY. So, 'Devil's Advocate', how could they POSSIBLY think that they could get away with these alleged financial shenanigans? And does the timing of the arrests before the election have any bearing on this matter?

Anonymous said...


These arrests of Bannon, Kolfage & Co. seem very... uh, "interesting," because surely they would have HAD to know that because We Build The Wall was highly publicized (and highly polarizing) all their WBTW doings would therefore be under CONSTANT SCRUTINY!

So, 'Devil's Advocate', how could they POSSIBLY think that they could get away with these alleged financial shenanigans?

Anonymous said...

Of course let's not forget things like the fact that...

'Newman’s Own' CEO made $270,000 per year!

Anonymous said...

To Craig @ 8:34 PM

Just to clarify... I don't feel that the pastor of my Catholic Church is one who is trying 'to rule over us.' He is simply making himself available to his parishoners ~ especially during this lockdown period. I feel very comfortable picking up the phone and calling him or e-mailing him. He is highly respected and beloved by all of his church members... and we feel very grateful that he is there for us.

Craig said...

Anon 7:25 AM,

I didn't meant to give you that impression. Sorry to have somehow come off that way. My reply was meant to implicitly refute that notion, in case you had been thinking that. I've never thought the RCC explicitly tries to rule over its members or others.

I only wanted to mention that some apparently do think that, given how ekklēsia had been used in the secular world (legislative body), 'Christians' should somehow rule over non-Christians. I came across one website in particular--one not affiliated with RCC or any other group--that was advancing such an idea. I thought it was a really odd twist.

Craig said...

RayB @ 6:37 PM,

The reason I brought up Milgram was manifold. Glad you saw the implications.

I used to enjoy watching Law & Order (yes, I'm aware it advances, at least implicitly, Leftist ideology). In one episode Robin Williams played an individual who'd killed a doctor because he was careless in the treatment of William's character's wife, killing her. The character/Williams had gone against his gut feeling, allowing the doctor to perform a procedure that killed her. Consumed with guilt and ashamed for feeling like a sheep, he went on a campaign to get folks to think for themselves--doing so in rather odd ways.

At the end of the episode, after he was implicated in the doctor's murder, Williams kidnaps Olivia Benson, placing her in some sort of studio that had been set up similar to the Milgram experiment. (Yeah, the episode was riddled with implausibilities.) When Elliot Stabler figures out where Benson is kidnapped, he goes inside to find Williams holding a button that, when pushed, Benson is heard screaming. Williams then puts Stabler to the test. I don't recall how it was done exactly, but Williams was somehow trying to coerce Stabler to let Williams go in exchange for her freedom. Stabler wasn't havin' it, and after apprehending Williams and wresting the button from him, was congratulated by Williams for not being a sheep.

I was hopeful that some viewers would be induced to think through the ramifications of just being sheep in everyday situations. To get folks to think for themselves.

I tend towards skepticism. It started early, in high school. I grew up near the Three Mile Island nuclear plant. You may recall that one of its reactors nearly melted down. In high school at the time, we were told that those who normally walk to school (such as myself) should put our jackets over our heads as we went home. I thought, "Really?!" I recalled that fallout shelters were made of 17' concrete walls--and my jacket was going to provide some sort of shield? Sure. This furthered my natural inclinations to skepticism.

Craig said...

Anon 6:07 PM / X,

I appreciate that you plan to use an identifier, a moniker. You could try this: instead of selecting the “Anonymous” button before posting, select “Name/URL” instead, inserting “X” into the ”Name” slot. You don’t have to input a URL or an email address or anything else. Just use whatever “Name” you prefer.

I wasn’t at all offended by your misattribution of my post. I just thought it a bit odd. And it caused me to ponder how carefully you might read any and all sources.

Given that I’m quite sure it was you who called Millie “white trash”, I’d really like your definition of this term and the reason you are applying it to her. Also, given your self-description, I’d wager you are a therapist of some sort (“Having worked with married couples for years, I have found these creepy more extreme may/dec relationships, largely suspect.”). Though it would be wrong to categorize all as such, it’s been my experience that not a few therapists have an inclination to diagnose others, even when not ‘on the couch’. In general, I think one should see online personalities as somewhat one-dimensional, or at least not fully indicative of how the individual(s) act in real life. And we all hide things from others, even those closest to us.

As re Trump’s purported racism, I think one should not make the charge absent absolute proof. You may say, ‘I think he’s a racist because this-and-such’, providing evidence. But evidence is not proof. Making absolute assertions without proof is irresponsible.

I read through the link (The Atlantic) you provided. The Seth Myers’ quote merely states that Trump may have a wrong view on how Blacks see him. It’s not indicative of Trump’s racism—though the quote could be indicative of Myers’ bias against Trump for whatever reason.

One cannot just assume racism because Trump put out full page ads implicitly asserting guilt and asking to reinstate the death penalty when in the case in question the accused are non-White while the victim was White. Though it’s certainly possible Trump assumed their guilt because of their races, this is far from proof. It may have been entirely due to the heinous nature of the crime, having nothing to do with race. We could assume the same in the Tawana Brawley cause re Sharpton, and that would be equally wrong. However, in distinction, in the Brawley case Sharpton explicitly accused the wrongly-accused perpetrators of racism. This is wrong all the way around.

When Obama interjected himself in the Trayvon (“If I had a son”) Martin and Brown cases (among others) he was also wrong. Some took that to mean he thought the perpetrators were racist and that this was a motivating factor in their deaths. This is very wrong, and furthered the racial divide in our country (among some).

I do think the Noor case outcome seems like miscarriage of justice to Noor. The evidence seems to support that he did not kill the woman on purpose; it sure seemed accidental. But the outcome of this one case is not necessarily indicative of the outcome of other cases.

I’ve already stated my position re Charlottesville. I took a special interest in the goings-on there. For me there are a lot of unanswered questions, a lot of ‘hmmmms’. But of this I’m sure: There were four different groups—two sides with good and bad on each side. And Trump specifically made a disclaimer.

Anonymous said...

9:06 AM: Oh ye of little faith...

Duck and Cover!


Craig said...

Anon 11:03 AM,

That South Park bitis funny!

Anonymous said...

Uh, ...o-kay...

Bitis is a genus of venomous vipers found in Africa and the southern Arabian Peninsula. It includes the largest and the smallest vipers in the world. Members are known for their characteristic threat displays that involve inflating and deflating their bodies while hissing and puffing loudly. The type species for this genus is B. arietans, which is also the most widely distributed viper in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Ducked & Covered!

Craig said...

This guy is good!


What about those Gates connections?

Craig said...

Local Portland, Oregon KOIN 6 on the streets talking to those supporting the police after ~80 days nonstop protesting/rioting:

'We're here to support the police, take back our streets'

Helen Heller said she was at the protest to support the police and take back the streets

And below is KOIN 6 again talking to the other side. Why didn't this CBS correspondent ask this person's name, while she asked the other? She isn't hoping Heller gets targeted, I hope.

'This crowd feels so angry and so threatened'

A counter-protester said she felt sad because "this other side" doesn't understand why "Black Lives Matter"

Perhaps if the media wouldn't continually stoke an 'us vs. them' fire, one side might understand the other better. Agreeing that black lives matter is not mutually exclusive with supporting police--and vice versa.

And supporting BLM must not necessarily entail being against ALL police. But this seems like how the BLM/Antifa side thinks. "ACAB" and all that.

Craig said...

Didn't get the first link right:

'We're here to support the police, take back our streets'

Anonymous said...

All Lives Can't Matter unless Black Lives Matter according to the Ad Council...

So, just like the so-called 'war on terror' we are given a phrase that inherently has defacto infinite life:

As long as there is ONE instance of that happening against that very specific target of racial discrimination left on the entire globe:

All Lives CAN'T matter!


Just great.

Anonymous said...

Family Guy about black on black crime and the BLM narrative backed by media

RayB said...

Craig @ 5:27 PM & 5:29 PM ....

It is outrageous that the reporter asked for the name of the Police supporter. It's even worse that it wasn't edited out. I pray God's protection upon her and her family ... considering how violent BLM & ANTIFA can be, she absolutely needs it.

BLM & ANTIFA are communist front groups that want nothing short of a violent revolution, and the media is aiding and abetting them in their efforts. For quite some time now, the media has consistently reported a bias against the Police whereby ANY Black that is involved in any shooting is always portrayed as being a "victims" of the Police. The Police are depicted as brutal racists that are just itching to find a Black to shoot. Witness that when leftists make ridiculous claims such as "every day, the Police are killing Black men," the media never corrects these insane statements with the statistical facts.

Case in point regarding media bias; the entire media portrayal of the Michael Brown shooting. For weeks, the "hands up don't shoot" fictional narrative continued to be repeated by the media, even after the forensics and autopsy proved, beyond any doubt, that Michael Brown was NOT shot in the back. It was only after all of the rioting/looting/violence/destruction, that the media began to pull back on their completely false narrative. As a result, to this day, many people of the left continue to believe Michael Brown was "executed like a dog" with his "hands up" by the evil white Cop.

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman is another classic case in which the media went so far as to edit Zimmerman's call to the Police to make it sound as if Zimmerman was targeting Martin was "Black ..... and up to no good." Then, they even edited the photos of Zimmerman's head injuries to make them appear to be far less serious than they really were. Over and over again, the media continued to show Trayvon's "young boy in the football uniform" photo, while NEVER showing the menacing thug photos of him holding a gun while he showed off his "gold teeth/grill." Many, many more examples of media bias can be cited.

What the media is doing is purposeful and it is being done by design. Just as Goebbels used his Nazi Propaganda Ministry to shape public opinion, so goes our mainstream media. The question I have is this; how and where does this all end?

RayB said...

Just one other somewhat related comment ....

Black Lives Matter supporters painted huge signs on public streets in various areas of the country stating: Black Lives Matter.
The mainstream media celebrated these social justice messages that packed a punch.

In front of the Washington, DC headquarters of Planned Parenthood, Pro-Life supporters painted, on the street, a sign stating that "Unborn Black Lives Matter."

Those that defaced city streets with BLM were roundly supported and applauded.

Not so for the Pro-Life painters; they were rounded up and arrested.

So goes AmeriKa in the year 2020.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

RayB, your last sentence reminded me of something that I hadn't thought about for years!



"Miniseries produced in 1987 describing life after the United States is conquered by the [communists] (with the aid of a compliant and effective United Nations).

"The [communists] explode[d] Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons over the United States, leading to a breakdown in communications and an end to US military capability."

"America has been bloodlessly taken over by the Soviet Union, leading to slave-labor camps for some, collaboration for others and rebellion for yet others."

AMERIKA Mini-Series Channel


RED DAWN (1984) Movie Channel

RayB said...

Tucker Carlson critiques the Democratic Convention. Also answers the question: Has Life Improved in Democrat-run Cities?

As usual, he hits this one out of the park:

Craig said...

RayB @ 8:47 PM,

Also, BLM implicitly uses the Trayvon Martin case against supposed wholesale police brutality against Blacks, though the police had nothing to do with it. And the media never corrects this. Also, recall how Zimmerman was reported as White, and when corrected that he was/is more accurately Hispanic, the media called him “White Hispanic”.



The following clip showing Biden during his ’88 Presidential run is very damaging. I’ve timestamped at just over 3 minutes to make a short, less-than-2-minute clip, skipping over his numerous instances of plagiarism and lies to show the very condemning media aftermath. This was back when the media had less bias:

BRUTAL: Resurfaced Video of Joe Biden Should Destroy His Campaign

Dinesh D’Souza: This is BAD for Joe biden. If the media actually covered the race fairly, Joe would have probably dropped out by now.

RayB said...

Former Soviet KGB operative, defector to the West, Yuri Bezmenov lectures on the tactics that the KGB used in subversion operations of western societies.

Watch this, and draw your own conclusions as to how it relates to what is happening, on a global scale, right now.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

7:12 am last sunday, why do you include me in your remarks? I am one of those who support the real presence doctrine. I am Eastern Orthodox by conversion.

RayB sure we don't hear a lot from Jesus Himself, but let's go one thing at a time. (several points in your list of Roman errors ARE errors, but real presence and the hail Mary are not among them. I studied this a long time, and I am Orthodox BY CONVERSION FROM GENERIC PROTESTANTISM, it is not my background.)

Luke's Gospel records that when Mary was told she was to have a child, her reaction was NOT that of a normal girl who is engaged. Such would assume that some after they came together, she and her husband would have this Great Man as her son. And be thrilled. Mary's reaction shows she had no intention of having sex. This was to be a marriage in name only. The legend has her hymen miraculously preserved through childbirth, and her ever virginity would support the virgin conception and virgin birth, since a midwife could examine her at any time to refute denials of this.

(One protestant writer didn't understand what "non puerperal " meant thought it meant she showed evidence of childbirth. on the contrary. it meant she showed no evidence of childbirth in the legend of her examination afterwards.)

Scripture shows Joseph disappears early, he is not mentioned after the trip to the Temple where Jesus stayed behind, and he is not at the wedding at Cana, so is already dead or dying (would they leave him on his death bed to attend a party? he was already dead) and Mary was a widow without support when Jesus handed her off to His Apostle John to care for her, obviously her husband was dead and his other sons and daughters didn't believe Jesus.

A lot of time is wasted on the issue of the presence or lack of a term for "cousin." Tht is ot the issue. HALF SIBLING is the issue, Joseph's children by an earlier wife. And such are routinely in the Bible called brothers and sisters.

The core of the Hail Mary is to be found in the statement of the angel and the statement of Elizabeth when Mary visited her and Mary's own words.

Craig, your either/or stance on symbol vs. reality misses the point and shows a (perhaps unrecognized by yourself) materialist bias.

Anonymous said...

To Christine @ 2:00 PM . . .

Re: "7:12 am last Sunday, why do you include me in your remarks? I am one of those who support the real presence doctrine. I am Eastern Orthodox by conversion."


Christine, you are correct... I should not have including you in my remarks last Sunday. I apologize.

Also, I am most grateful to have a non-Catholic supporting our belief in 'the real presence' of Jesus in the Eucharist. Thank you.

And, in regarding Mary, the words of the following "Hail Mary" prayer speak for itself:

Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.

Matthew 11:28-30

Anonymous said...

Christine, here is more in support of Mary . . .

26 And in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God into a city of Galilee, called Nazareth,

27 To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin's name was Mary.

28 And the angel being come in, said unto her: Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.

29 Who having heard, was troubled at his saying, and thought with herself what manner of salutation this should be.

30 And the angel said to her: Fear not, Mary, for thou hast found grace with God.

31 Behold thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and shalt bring forth a son; and thou shalt call his name Jesus.

32 He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the most High; and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of David his father; and he shall reign in the house of Jacob for ever.

33 And of his kingdom there shall be no end.

34 And Mary said to the angel: How shall this be done, because I know not man?

35 And the angel answering, said to her: The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the most High shall overshadow thee. And therefore also the Holy which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.

36 And behold thy cousin Elizabeth, she also hath conceived a son in her old age; and this is the sixth month with her that is called barren:

37 Because no word shall be impossible with God.

38 And Mary said: Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

Luke 1:26-38 (Douay Rheims)

Anonymous said...

More . . .

18 Now the generation of Christ was in this wise. When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child, of the Holy Ghost.

19 Whereupon Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing publicly to expose her, was minded to put her away privately.

20 But while he thought on these things, behold the angel of the Lord appeared to him in his sleep, saying: Joseph, son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in her, is of the Holy Ghost.

21 And she shall bring forth a son: and thou shalt call his name JESUS. For he shall save his people from their sins.

22 Now all this was done that it might be fulfilled which the Lord spoke by the prophet, saying:

23 Behold a virgin shall be with child, and bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.

24 And Joseph rising up from sleep, did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him, and took unto him his wife.

Matthew 1:18-24 (Douay Rheims)

RayB said...

Plandemic II: Indoctornation (FULL MOVIE)

RayB said...

Yale Study To Manipulate Americans Into Taking C0VlD Vaccine

Anonymous said...

It is definitely a PLANNED-demic!!! The great deception?

Craig said...


You wrote: Craig, your either/or stance on symbol vs. reality misses the point and shows a (perhaps unrecognized by yourself) materialist bias.

Thanks for stating your position without imputing mal-intent upon me. This is the way we all should endeavor to argue.

That said, I remain unmoved, still disagreeing on your interpretation. What opened my eyes to this was a string of blog posts by a former Roman Catholic. Ignatius was such a fan for the flourish and therefore fancied metaphorical language such that he so overburdened his verbiage with verbosity that he himself felt compelled to sometimes explain his meanings, realizing readers may fail to recognize these figurative renderings:

Eating Ignatius

I found this a few years ago while engaging on a completely different blog. The author’s work fueled my own research. But I’ve not delved into this subject nearly as deeply as he did/does.

But Scripture is where we should begin, interpreting from there.


Craig said...


John 1:29: Behold the Lamb of God who carries away the sins of the world

4:31 Disciples urge Jesus to eat
4:32 Jesus says he has food they know nothing about
4:33 Disciples wonder if someone brought Jesus food
4:34 Jesus says his ‘food’ is to the do will of the Father

6:5 Disciples ask where they can get bread for so many people
6:6-13 Jesus multiplies the existing bread such that all ate and there was more leftover than what they’d begun with
6:28 The work of God is this: believe in the one he has sent.
6:30-31 Jews ask what miraculous sign Jesus would do so they could believe, mentioning Moses’ manna.
6:32-33 Jesus tells them the Father provides ‘true bread’ in the form of the one who came from heaven—himself
6:35-36 Jesus declares himself the bread of life. Anyone coming to him will never hunger, and anyone believing in him will never thirst. Yet most do not believe.
6:40 Everyone who looks to and believes in the Son will have eternal life and be raised up on the last day. The ‘looks to and believes’ alludes to the bronze snake of Numbers 21:8-9, which Jesus had compared to himself in John 3:14-15. In other words, the physical salvation provided by the bronze snake is fully realized in the spiritual salvation provided by Jesus’ Crucifixion.
6:41-50 the dialogue continues
6:51 Jesus declares that those ‘eating’ his flesh—the flesh which HE WILL GIVE (then-future)—will live forever
6:52-58 They are confused. Jesus continues. ‘Eat’ Jesus’ flesh and ‘drink’ his blood to gain eternal life. He compares himself with the manna in which partakers died physically, but if one ‘eats’ this bread they will spiritually live forever. Note this continued theme of comparing the inferior physical to the superior spiritual.
6:60 confusion ensues.
6:62 Jesus asks, “What if you see me ascend?” Obviously, the Ascension followed the Crucifixion. Jesus had been talking about the Crucifixion—not some literal ‘eating’ of his actual flesh.
6:63: The Spirit is that which brings life; the flesh gains nothing. The WORDS which I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life. Jesus explains that it’s not about literally ‘eating’ his flesh, this is instead a spiritual teaching/understanding providing life. (He would die as the Paschal Lamb they would symbolically eat via belief in his death and subsequent resurrection, which would provide eternal life.)
6:64-66 Those who don’t believe are those whom the Father didn’t draw, and Jesus knew which of them weren’t drawn. Many leave.
6:67 Jesus asks if the Twelve might want to leave, too.
6:68 Peter responds, speaking for them, saying he knows Jesus has the WORDS of eternal life. Peter and the rest may not have understood, but they believed in Jesus’s WORDS.

19:19 Therefore they shouted, “Carry away, carry away; crucify him!”

The same verb John the Baptizer uses to announce the Lamb of God as carrying away the sins of the world ‘the Jews’ proclaim to have the Lamb crucified. The Paschal Lamb provides ‘food’ for all. Those who partake of this ‘food’ do so via their belief in his self-sacrifice as atoning for our sins, thus providing eternal life.

It was only in retrospect that they fully understood (see paraclete’s functions in John 14:15—16:15). This is evident in John 2:19-22. This is somewhat correlative to Thomas’ belief in John 20:26-30.

Craig said...

Anon X,

Besides Officer Tatum whom I'd referenced earlier, and a host of other newly-conservative Blacks (e.g. Candace Owens), here's a young lady I came across today. She notes that after listening to Trump at a rally she saw how the media took him out of context to further their false narratives. From woke to based:

I'm Done

Here's her WalkAway story:

#WalkAway Why I’m no longer a democrat

Craig said...

Anon X,

More on Portland and Nadler’s ‘mythical’ “Antifa”:

Police Officer confirming rioting fake press - they are there to partake in the criminal acts

What this officer says about “Antifa” using people in front as shields for those in the back is EXACTLY what I started noticing three years or so ago. Women and the smaller, more effeminate men/boys are placed in the front so that the other side doesn’t want to hit them or even defend themselves. When some of the more butch women in the front get aggressive to the point of assaulting others, and with the others returning the favor in response, then the “Antifa” side cries, “they hit a girl.” It’s all calculated.

If anyone recalls the bike lock attack perpetrated by Eric Clanton, this is precisely how he did it—shielded by people in the front over which he struck out, sucker-striking the other guy. While I do believe vengeance belongs to the Lord, I will lose no sleep upon seeing “Antifa” receiving their just desserts.

The people in Portland have had enough. There was an assembly in support of police with “Antifa” showing up, of course:

Face off between Proud Boys and Antifa soyboys ends in violent confrontation - PDX is boiling

Earlier this week:

Homeland Security pushing back rioters with munition - escorting them away from ICE, using tear gas

Craig said...

From almost a year ago (Nov 4, 2019):

Andy Ngo reacts to Antifa activist sentenced for brutal attack in Portland

An Antifa activist has been sentenced to nearly 6 years in jail for a violent attack on a conservative demonstrator in Portland. Journalist Andy Ngo, who was also targeted during the rally, reacts.

Eric Clanton, who merely received probation, is mentioned here.

Anonymous said...

I inadvertently addressed RayB himself when I earlier mentioned that his last sentence (which had the word 'AmeriKa' in it) had reminded me of the mini-series by the same name (and Red Dawn). I really meant to address all with that post (i.e. "RayB's last sentence reminded me of something that I hadn't thought of for years...").

So, then, to all:

Understand that those movies are good to see just to get a taste of what awaits us if we allow totalitarianists (by whatever name) to take over our country (by whatever method).

Including insidiously...

Nolte: If You Think the NBA Sucks Up to China, Wait Till You Meet Hollywood

John Nolte

There was a national uproar...when the National Basketball Association (NBA) sided with the monstrous Chinese government over pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong — which is great. But where the hell were these people when Hollywood literally sold its artistic soul to the Communist Chinese?

I am baffled over this NBA uproar. You mean people really care about all the terrible human rights abuses committed by the ChiComs?

Because you could have fooled me.

Hey, hey — over here! Remember this? Breitbart News has been reporting on this going back at least seven years.

Oh, wait — eight years…

You see, some of us figured out something was terribly wrong with Hollywood, terribly misguided, terribly illiberal, when 2012′ s Red Dawn remake, which had already been shot, was forced to digitally scrub every reference to the Chinese as the bad guys. Instead of Red China successfully invading a chunk of America, which is at least somewhat plausible, digital magic told us the North Koreans had done it, which is absurd. Yes, the starving, tiny, hapless North Koreans beat the United States Marines.

This is just how anti-art Hollywood has become in its effort to suck up to a government currently engaging in human rights abuses on par with Hitler. Forget about China’s past. Forget about Mao and Year Zero and 45 million deaths. As I write this, the Chinese government is using appalling violence to repress its own people, and not just the Hong Kong protesters.

China, like Cuba, is a massive prison, a giant concentration camp, and Hollywood does not care because Hollywood is, above all, insatiably greedy.

If Hollywood wants access to China’s massive movie-going public, to thousands and thousands of movie screens, China forces Hollywood to toe the line, lick its boots, censor itself, and — worst of all — depict the Chinese government as heroic and noble, which is no different than depicting the Nazis as heroic and noble.

And we are not just talking about the movies Hollywood wants to distribute in China.

You remember that Red Dawn remake I was just talking about? It never left the country. Red Dawn wasn’t censored and twisted into something laughable because Hollywood wanted to distribute it in China. Even though there was no foreign distribution whatsoever; even though it was produced for American consumption only, it was still censored so it wouldn’t offend the Chinese government.

This was a key moment for Hollywood, this was back in 2011 when the film industry was desperate to gain admission to all those Chinese screens, when the film industry was sniveling and groveling to its Chinese masters purely out of greed.

Anonymous said...

Here’s what happened…

The Chinese government leveraged Hollywood’s desperation to gain a frightening amount of control over all of Hollywood’s content. The Red Chinese, these mass-murdering fiends, now have veto power over [what the author believes is] America’s greatest art form>

And it is not just the movies. Because of all this consolidation over the past thirty years, because big companies continue to get bigger and bigger as they gobble up other companies, the very same multi-nationals that own the movie business also own the television and news business.

So not only do the Chinese have control over the content of our movies, that control also extends to television and the news media. These massive, multinational companies don’t allow their TV shows or news outlets to expose or criticize China’s human rights abuses out of the fear China will retaliate against its film product.

Listen, you cannot even begin to count how this censorship damages our movies and television shows because most of that censorship is what we don’t see, which is anything things that might offend China’s merciless censors.

Didn’t you find it odd how the 30th anniversary of Tiananmen Square was almost completely ignored? Where was the big, Oscar bait movie? In a moral world, that would be in theaters right now.
But it’s not just what we don’t see. Again and again we have watched Hollywood openly smooch ChiCom ass.

The big, disaster epic '2012' portrayed the Chinese government as humanity’s literal saviors.

Alfonso Cuaron laid some love on the Chinese in Gravity by inventing a space station they do not have.

While the book World War Z depicted the zombie plague as having begun at the hands of an incompetent and corrupt Chinese government, the movie moved the origin story to North Korea.

Transformers 2 set much of its actions in the gleaming, modern, and pristine city of Shanghai — no squalor there!

The upcoming Top Gun: Maverick is so concerned with offending its Chinese masters, Tom Cruise’s iconic flight jacket was stripped of its Japanese and Taiwanese flags.

And on and on and on…
So why does Hollywood get a pass for completely retooling its entire industry to appease the Chinese, for offenses that make the NBA’s recent PR disaster look like a stubbed toe?

Well, Hollywood is run by hardcore leftists and the NBA is a male institution.

Silicon Valley is even worse than Hollywood. Google actively participates is China’s information repression of its own people, and no one cares because Silicon Valley is also a left-wing institution.

RayB said...

This is really, REALLY sick. It is in fact, outright Satanic. More evidence that our culture is slipping further into the abyss.

Do you subscribe to Netflix? If you do, your subscription is helping a company that is now in the business of peddling child pornography, along with pedophilia.

From two news accounts that are posted currently on the Caldron Pool website:

"Netflix Animation Pushes Gross Pedophilia and Child Pornography"

"Netflix’s Latest Film Features Sexualized 11-Year-Olds Twerking for a Mature Audience"

I am purposely not posting the links as the articles are quite graphic in content. If you wish to check it out for yourself, do so.

RayB said...

"Twitter Says, Pedophiles Are Permitted to Discuss ‘Attraction Towards Minors’ and Share Some Depictions of Nude Children"

Anonymous said...

The Normalization of Pedophilia is Underway

September 16, 2019
By Brandon Morse

The social justice left has been trying to normalize pedophilia for some time:

Articles would appear in places like, which were then quietly unpublished a couple of years later. However, the BBC then picked up the torch by trying to soften people’s look at pedophiles. Not long ago, the sexualization of children continued with the push for child drag queens in a video that sexualized young boys. Young boys in drag would go on to appear in photos next to naked men, which were openly passed around Twitter with zero reaction from the network.

I could go on, but you get the idea. The sexualization of children is well underway, and now they’re trying to teach it in colleges.

According to a tweet by Alex Mazzara, a student in San Diego, the topic of pedophilia as a sexual orientation was being brought up. According to Mazzara, his class began discussing this as a topic after they were put through watching an eight-minute video from Vice News that featured a “showcasing” of “self-identified pedophiles.”

“An actual topic we discussed in class today at a State University after watching an 8 minute Vice News video showcasing self identified pedophiles. This is going to be mainstreamed,” tweeted Mazzara.

Mazzara went on to say how some of the students described pedophilia in class.

“Some people agreed that it was a sexual orientation because they “were born that way and can’t help it” others disagreed only because they feared that labeling pedophilia a sexual orientation would harm gays and lesbians because they would then be on the same level,” he responded.

Mazzara also tweeted that his tweet attracted the anger of a lot of pedophiles, who had been dominating his mentions since the tweet went out.

“I’ve had out and proud pedophiles in my mentions for 2 days now. There are entire communities of these people who promote their filth publicly. Sadly I’d predict this is going mainstream in the next 10 years,” said Mazzara.

The frightening thing is that I predict the same. With the mainstream media and colleges now attempting to push pedophilia as a “sexual orientation,” I imagine it won’t be long until people begin to openly declare themselves pedophiles and their community becomes defended as part of the LGBT community.

What is being overlooked is that our children will become more in danger than they ever were. Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation, it’s a predatory sickness. Normalizing it is to normalize rape and abuse.
[P]edophilia is evil [and] those who are pedophiles need to be studied and profiled in the same way we did with serial killers. They’re definitely sick, and...need to be treated as [having] a sickness, not [having] 'just another' sexual preference!

RayB said...

To Anon @ 11:14 AM ...

Normalizing pedophilia seems preposterous, until you analyze where society has changed incrementally over the past 50 years.
First we had the "sexual revolution" and the "pill," etc. which "liberated women" in such a way that that they were able to sin as if they were promiscuous male heathens ... all to the applause of the left in academia, the entertainment industry and the mainstream media.

Next, homosexuality, came "out of the closet," degenerating to the point of openly celebrating their perversions, as in "gay pride parades" etc. Again, with full support of the radical left. Increasingly, liberal "churches" continue to announce their support of the LGBTQ agenda. On the other side of the aisle, the Vatican, along with the "pope," along with many "bishops," "cardinals," "priests," esc. have also shown their support via countless statements and actions.

What sane person would have ever thought that the ridiculous concept of "gay marriage" would ever become a reality? (When I first heard of this, I literally laughed, foolishly thinking "that will NEVER happen." I heard Rush Limbaugh say that he had the same response.) Yet, here we are.

The 19th. Century English Preacher/Writer Charles Spurgeon spoke of the "downward spiral" (the Down-Grade Controversy) during his lifetime, in which he proposed that each generation that comes along finds new depths of depravity by simply making slight moves downward from the previous older generation. Spurgeon was vehemently attacked by many in the Christian community over this, to the point that it actually took a toll on his health. Yet, Spurgeon was absolutely correct; either society moves closer to God, or it continues to move further away, That is precisely, IMO, where we are now. We have much "religious" activity ... we are saturated with "Christian" radio, music, TV networks, movies, etc.,etc. Yet, where is the effect of all of this "activity" on society? Why isn't God "healing the land?" The reason? Most of it is not pleasing to Him in the slightest.

I think of our current generation when reading such verses:

"There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness." Proverbs 30:12

"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away." 2 Timothy 3:1-5

Anonymous said...

Yes, well said!

The Dangers of the Last Days

"You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God. They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!

"They are the kind who work their way into people’s homes and win the confidence of vulnerable women who are burdened with the guilt of sin and controlled by various desires. (Such women are forever following new teachings, but they are never able to understand the truth.) These teachers oppose the truth just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses. They have depraved minds and a counterfeit faith. But they won’t get away with this for long. Someday everyone will recognize what fools they are, just as with Jannes and Jambres."

Paul’s Charge to Timothy

"But you, Timothy, certainly know what I teach, and how I live, and what my purpose in life is. You know my faith, my patience, my love, and my endurance. You know how much persecution and suffering I have endured. You know all about how I was persecuted in Antioch, Iconium, and Lystra—but the Lord rescued me from all of it. Yes, and everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. But evil people and impostors will flourish. They will deceive others and will themselves be deceived.

"But you must remain faithful to the things you have been taught. You know they are true, for you know you can trust those who taught you. You have been taught the holy Scriptures from childhood, and they have given you the wisdom to receive the salvation that comes by trusting in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work!"

2 Timothy 3

KC said...

KC said...

Anonymous said...

"Nolte: If You Think the NBA Sucks Up to China, Wait Till You Meet Hollywood"

Who really cares about this sport or any sport where players make millions?
Get out and play the damn game if you like it so much.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well the article (had you actually taken the time to read it) was about communist China's undue influence in media.

But thanks for your on-target input.

Craig said...

Anon X (and all):

Here's yet another Black supporting Trump--this one a current Democratic Representative:

Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones on why he's voting for Donald Trump

Vernon Jones, a Democratic state representative from Georgia, speaks during the 2020 Republican National Convention about why he's voting for President Donald Trump.

RayB said...

Former NFL Player Herschel Walker: ‘I Have Seen Racism … and It Isn’t Donald Trump’

Herschel Walker has been friends with Donald Trump for 37 years. I think if Trump was a racist (of course, he isn't), Walker would have known.

RayB said...

If this doesn't move you, nothing will. It defines what America is all about.

Take it from a man that LIVED under the Communist Dictatorship of Fidel Castro and saw first hand the evil of Communism.

I saw this exact same passion when speaking with people that lived under Communism in the USSR and in Europe. Way back in the 80's, those that I spoke with were saying "America is going down the same road that we saw and fled." I heard many say "how could Americans be so stupid?"

WATCH: Maximo Alvarez’s full speech at the Republican National Convention

PS: the lines have been drawn and they are very clear; the Democrats have morphed into a pseudo Communist party that will continue down the road to a Communist totalitarianism. The old guard Democrats are passing away and are being replaced by radicals such as AOC, etc. whose supporters are the anarchists that have taken over the streets in Portland, Seattle, etc. We are in a very dangerous spot, with at least several USSC nominations that will probably be in play during the next term. The puppet Biden will no doubt nominate radical, anti-Constitutionalists, not only to the USSC, but also to the Federal bench, along with numerous extremely important appointments at Justice. The outcome of this election has the potential to define our nation for the next 25+ years.

RayB said...

Families Reportedly Trapped in Building Set on Fire By Black Lives Matter Rioters in Kenosha

NOTE: Personally, I find the use of the word "Rioters" to be offensive. They should have used the words "Peaceful Protestors."

3 Officers Shot After Suspects Retreated to Car, Opened Doors On Same Day as Kenosha Shooting

RayB said...

You cannot make this stuff up.

Teen Who Punched, KILLED Man over $ Sentenced to 'Anger Management', Probation

A White, 17 Year Old Teenage Girl Was Brutally Murdered by Four Black Teenagers in Raleigh, NC.

Have you read or heard ANYTHING from the mainstream media on this horrific crime? I didn't think so.

Did you see this one being reported by the mainstream media?

PHOTOS: Epstein Victim Messages Bill Clinton

Craig said...

Obviously, most don't know yet--Trump has his own YouTube channel. Here's a recent post:

Radical Left

In Joe Biden's America the Radical Left get whatever they want, and you get to pay for it.

Don't let it happen.

Tellingly, he allows for comments: Free Speech.

Anonymous said...


Ray said: "What sane person would have ever thought that the ridiculous concept of "gay marriage" would ever become a reality? (When I first heard of this, I literally laughed, foolishly thinking "that will NEVER happen." I heard Rush Limbaugh say that he had the same response.) Yet, here we are."

Much more of this 'normalization' of deviant abnormal behavior has occurred thanks to the Republican-controlled Supreme Court.

The first No-Fault divorce laws were passed in California and signed into law by lifelong adulterer, Republican, Ronald Reagan. The Republican's controlled also controlled both houses of the legislature. "Liberal" New York was the last state to adopt such in 2010.

In 1970, New York was the first major state (outside of Hawaii) to legalize abortion prior to 5 of 6 Republican Supreme Court Justices approving/supporting Roe v. Wade in 1972). At that time New York had a Republican governor then, Nelson A. Rockefeller, and Republicans controlled both houses of the Legislature.

The republican-controlled supreme court found the Clinton Defense of Marriage Act defining marriage as between a man a woman unconstitutional and also decided gay marriage was ultimately OK.

In March 2020, the Republican party decriminalized polygamy in Utah under a bill signed into law by Republican Governor, Gary Herberts (after it passing the Utah senate 70-3). It reduces the crime of bigamy among consenting adults to an infraction -- on par with a traffic ticket. Pretty obvious there in no longer any threat of 'republican' conservative pushback anymore.

Republican's had a parade of adulterer speakers. Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Melania Trump, Nikki Haley see- , notorious cheater, Mark Sanford, the Chair of the Republican National Party, Ronna Romney McDaniel (mormon niece of Mitt Romney who is the daughter of an adulteress, Ronna Romney (now 3 times married) and adulterer, Scott Romney (now 4 times married) though it might have just been polygamy.

Republicans have given us a long string of adulterous candidates. Reagan, both Bushes, Trump, McCain and even Newt Gindrich. Nixon is even rumored to have had an affair with a man.

Sure Republicans can point to Bill Clinton...but both Jimmy Carter and Obama loved their wives and never cheated.

A study done of the Ashley Madison adultery hook up website that had its database hacked a few years ago found a significantly larger amount of libertarian and republican cheaters over democratic members.

My point is: a conservative Republican Party no longer exists. They certainly don't have the high road. They have long abandoned free trade and zero deficits, let alone decency. The "Party of conservative values" nominated and elected a string of serial adulterers and participated largely in the destruction of the american family while PRETENDING not to all along. There is no Conservative Party anymore it is a [white] nationalist bunker trump party now.


Craig said...

I watched the above one more time, and I noticed he used the term "illegal immigrants" in the advertisement. This is considered "hate speech" on YouTube, so it's very possible the vlog will get flagged. I've a feeling President Trump did this on purpose, in order to spotlight it. It's WAY past time to strip these social media "platforms" of some of their protections, since they are acting like publishers (limiting content as they deem fit) as opposed to free speech platforms.

Anonymous said...

Joan Rivers said in an off-the-cuff comment that "everyone knows" that Barack is gay less than a month before the actress' death.

"Obama loved his wife and never cheated"

Anonymous said...

The ex-president's sex secrets before he married are set out in a 1,078 page biography, Rising Star. It details his thoughts of turning gay, drugs and sex with one girl and cheating on Michelle.

Anonymous said...

(By the way the point is simply that the 100% accuracy of the assertion of Obama's fidelity to Michelle is, let's say, not necessarily an open and shut case but rather something that perhaps needs more investigation to ascertain its validity.)

Anonymous said...

"I watched the above one more time, and I noticed he used the term "illegal immigrants" in the advertisement. This is considered "hate speech" on YouTube, so it's very possible the vlog will get flagged. I've a feeling President Trump did this on purpose, in order to spotlight it. It's WAY past time to strip these social media "platforms" of some of their protections, since they are acting like publishers (limiting content as they deem fit) as opposed to free speech platforms."

I miss the days of republicans standing for limited government and economic freedom. The internet is a free market, if you don't like the rules an owner places on his property (while simply trying to keep things civilized) you can take your business elsewhere. I hear bunkdertrump might be cool.

I'm not one to police words myself but I can see where some could deem the term "illegal immigrant" as offensive, especially when used by white nationalists as code words versus civil discourse. When you label someone an illegal immigrant or illegal alien or just plain "illegal" you are effectively saying the individual, as opposed to the actions the person has taken, is unlawful. The terms imply the very existence of an unauthorized migrant in America is criminal. It dehumanizes them, which as a Christina is actually pretty offensive In this country, there is still a presumption of innocence that requires a jury to convict someone of a crime. If you don't pay your taxes, are you an illegal? What if you get a speeding ticket? Whan a patriot militiaman assaults a journalist in Portland? No. You're still not an illegal. Even alleged terrorists (like patriot militia) and child molesters aren't labeled "illegals".


Anonymous said...

I should have selected my words a little more carefully. Cheating while dating is NOT adultery. That's actually what "dating" is. By all appearances, and at this point absent any specific allegations to the contrary, it appears thus far, neither Michelle or Barrack Obama are (or were) adulterers.

Reagan, McCain, Trump were all known unrepentant adulterers nominated for President by the republican party. Even Bill Clinton's alleged affair(s), prior to nomination, were just rumors and the fact he's still married today may be an indication of repentance (and, thus, no longer an adulterer). In contrast, Reagan, McCain, and Trump all abandoned the wives of their youth.


Craig said...

X @ 3:25 PM (and etc.),

I’m going to be direct in my comment. You’ve habitually demonstrated both your bias and your lack of understanding of relevant underlying issues, leading you to draw half-baked conclusions. You make assertions based partially on facts and the rest on speculations, picking and choosing these two relative to your biases.

You apparently have no idea about the ‘platform vs. publisher’ debate. Social media ‘platforms’ such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter are enjoying the benefits afforded to a platform while effectively operating as independent publishers in the way they limit speech. While they have protections specifically provided under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which assumes they are a platform, they act as publishers instead, limiting political speech. In fairness, they need to make a choice between the two; they can no longer claim protections via Section 230, while simultaneously excluding the speech it specifically includes as part of its provisions/caveats.

From this article Platform, or Publisher?: If Big Tech firms want to retain valuable government protections, then they need to get out of the censorship business.

As Cruz properly understands, Section 230 encourages Internet platforms to moderate “offensive” speech, but the law was not intended to facilitate political censorship. Online platforms should receive immunity only if they maintain viewpoint neutrality, consistent with traditional legal norms for distributors of information. Before the Internet, common law held that newsstands, bookstores, and libraries had no duty to ensure that each book and newspaper they distributed was not defamatory. Courts initially extended this principle to online platforms. Then, in 1995, a federal judge found Prodigy, an early online service, liable for content on its message boards because the company had advertised that it removed obscene posts. The court reasoned that “utilizing technology and the manpower to delete” objectionable content made Prodigy more like a publisher than a library.

Congress responded by enacting Section 230, establishing that platforms could not be held liable as publishers of user-generated content and clarifying that they could not be held liable for removing any content that they believed in good faith to be “obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable.” This provision does not allow platforms to remove whatever they wish, however. Courts have held that “otherwise objectionable” does not mean whatever a social media company objects to, but “must, at a minimum, involve or be similar” to obscenity, violence, or harassment. Political viewpoints, no matter how extreme or unpopular, do not fall under this category.

I can’t say I’m a fan of “illegal immigrant” from a semantic standpoint, but I understand what it conveys; it’s much simpler than “an immigrant here illegally”. And it’s quite simple: Either an immigrant arrives via legal methods, or the immigrant arrives illegally.

You wrote: The terms imply the very existence of an unauthorized migrant in America is criminal. It dehumanizes them, which as a Christina is actually pretty offensive In this country, there is still a presumption of innocence that requires a jury to convict someone of a crime.

When someone ignores the laws set forth and cross the border illegally without even attempting to become a citizen, that person has broken the law. By definition, that’s illegal. That’s criminal.

And, I’m still waiting on your explanation of “white trash”.

Craig said...

X @ 1:33 PM,

By what means and measure is Melania Trump an adulteress?

Craig said...

Watch the presto-chango banner. Somebody OBVIOUSLY goofed by telling the truth, so CNN had to replace it with a sanitized version. So apropos in this Covid19 season

CNN Ends The Violence In Wisconsin

It only took CNN 15 seconds to end the violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Love Tony’s deadpan humor!

Anonymous said...

In any event it's better to have an adulterer who governs better than a non-adulterer who governs worse in public office. The adultery is simply between them and their spouse and God.

Anonymous said...

bunker trump met and started dating melania in 1998 while still married to Marla Maples whom he divorced in 1999.

She was not a victim. She knew he was marrid and didn't care. Not that Marla deservd loyalty as she cheated on Trump too. Still adultery. (he wasn't hanging around her because of her brain -- she barely spoke english)

Craig said...

9:26 PM,

I see. So you're certain of the facts you've laid out? You're certain the two engaged in sex? Are you omniscient? Omnipresent? Psychic?

Re: he wasn't hanging around her because of her brain -- she barely spoke english: Do we equate relative proficiency with the English language to intelligence?

In how many languages do you have some level of proficiency? Any besides English?

Anonymous said...

White Trash Millie

1. Former call girl from Los Angeles (still dresses like a call girl)
2. Dating a man that could be her dad
3. two children born out of wedlock
4. pretends she is a Christian
5. (I can't verify this one which means it is probably correct) she pretends to have a journalism degree having only maybe studied journalism in her community high school.
5. assaults and robs her own mother and conspires to destroy evidence

6. lies to the police (instead of staying silent)
7. gets arrested in front of her kids
8. Solicits ever-increasing "emergency legal defense" donation goals on Go-fund-me despite the arrest having nothing to do with shadowgate
9. has refused to return donations to people that donated believing she was actually being arrested by the deep state
10. lives in portage county, Ohio (I've been to Akron - nothing but kettle rocks and buckeyes -- not an SEC fan to be found anywhere)
11. loves trump & white nationalism. (I get how some people can vote Trump because he's republican or because he's NOT a democrat but to actually LIKE trump????

Also --- I get Section 230. "A platforms could not be held liable as publishers of user-generated content and clarifying that they could not be held liable for removing any content that they believed in good faith to be “obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable.” This provision does not allow platforms to remove whatever they wish, however. Courts have held that “otherwise objectionable” does not mean whatever a social media company objects to, but “must, at a minimum, involve or be similar” to obscenity, violence, or harassment. Political viewpoints, no matter how extreme or unpopular, do not fall under this category."

Not everything uttered by anyone on the internet is a "Political viewpoints". Lies, hate speech and ungrounded conspiracy theories aren't "political viewpoints". They may be political propaganda but they are not legitimate "viewpoints". go on Reddit and start your own topic for that. Further, just because a "Political viewpoint" maybe doesn't fit under the "otherwise objectionable" standard it can still be "lewd, obscene, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent (that catches promoting and celebrating violence) and harassing. It's kind of similar to public libraries being able to prohibit people from watching porn on the library computers. If you know you can't swear or say racists things or even mean things on a platform just don't do it. If you don't like the way any particular platform decides, in good faith, to define those terms on their own platform, then find another platform.

Anonymous said...

sorry --- that was X

Anonymous said...


You want to bet on it? Amazing to hear anyone defend trump when it comes to adultery.

You may want to give adultery a deeper dive. I take a less popular but more biblical view. I know many others have less stringent beliefs.

Jesus states in all three synoptic Gospels (Matt 19, Mark 10 & Luke 16) that once a man and woman marry, they have become "one flesh" and that "no man" can separate this bond. Should the couple divorce, except on biblical grounds, and then either remarry's or have sexual relations with another person, they commit adultery because they violate that one-flesh relationship. Furthermore, anyone who marries a divorcee is likewise committing adultery by violating the existing one-flesh relationship.

Craig said...

Anon 11:07 PM (X?),

I am constantly baffled by comments and responses. How in the world did you get the idea I am defending Donald Trump and adultery? Now, placing your standards—your view of what constitutes adultery—then he (and Melania) did by the mere fact that Donald had previously been married. But I’ve not commented on just what constitutes adultery. It is for the very fact that I’m aware that folks differ on what is considered to be adultery that I inquired of X “by what means and measure” did Melania—not Donald—commit adultery. And then based on X's response I would understand her standard for 'adultery' and go from there.

One can go even further than your stance regarding “adultery”. A case can be made that Adam and Eve’s “one-flesh” deemed them married—sans any sort of ceremony. Additional support is found in 1Cor 6:16.

I’d studied this issue at quite some length about 10 years ago. Though I don’t recall the name for those adhering to a view similar to yours, there are some within that group advocating for divorce in any marriage in which one spouse (or both) was previously married and subsequently divorced for what they considered unbiblical reasons. According to this logic, both are living in perpetual adultery and can only truly repent by divorcing. This then has other ramifications depending on the situation—and I don’t plan on having a discussion on the particulars.

See here: Question: What constitutes marriage according to the Bible?"

Craig said...

X @ 10:41 PM,

I’ll respond via your numbering:

1 Was she really a ‘call girl’ (and what does that entail exactly?), and to what extent did she perform duties as a ‘call girl’? Once again, assertions are not facts. In any case, I understand your position is such that any White ‘call girl’ is “White trash”, so I’m curious what non-White ‘call girls’ are called in your view.

2 OK, your opinion—which you are entitled to. But, what does this make, e.g., the non-White Kamala Harris?
3 Was it the mere fact that she engaged in premarital sex or that she also had the children? If the latter is included, would abortions have been better? But, going all the way back to your premise, are you positive she wasn’t married before the children were born? It’s not uncommon for a woman to retain her family name after marriage. What do we call non-Whites who have children out of wedlock?
4 There are many folks who claim to be Christians who aren’t. But are you certain she isn’t? And what would you call a non-White ‘pretend Christian’?
5 What evidence can you provide that she “pretends to have a journalism degree”? Did she say, “I have a degree in Journalism” or something to that effect? Or do you mean she calls herself a journalist while she may/does not have a degree in journalism, then OK (but whatever). And what kind of logic is “I can't verify this one which means it is probably correct”? So, absence of evidence you consider proof? Wow.
5 This one at least has the most credibility so far. But we don’t know all the facts in the case. Destroying what evidence exactly? But obviously something happened.
6 What lie(s)?
7 As if she could had any control on this. Now you’re really reachin’.
8 She allowed someone else to fund it on her behalf. You cannot possibly know if this did or didn’t have anything to do with the documentary. The timing sure is an interesting coincidence, if nothing else. The initial report in April, the warrant four weeks prior to arrest, and they show up on a Friday in order to keep her over the weekend. Why no notice to appear in court first? I find it curious you are an advocate for giving “illegal aliens” their day in court, their presumption of innocence, but not Millie? Interesting.
9 I am completely unaware of this. Can you cite an example? Nonetheless, and more importantly, I note you called her “White trash” prior to this.
10 I see. In your view, you are where you live. Classist much?
11 On what evidence does Millie “love” “white nationalism”? As to your parenthetical statement, are you intimating that all or most Whites who attend Trump rallies are “White trash”?

Regarding Section 230, you are not seeing the broader implications. There is clear evidence that conservative content is being suppressed (“shadow banned”) on social media, which obviously violates 230. Trump may be pushing the envelope in an effort to further expose this conservative suppression.

See here for Project Veritas videos exposing it. And they’re not the only ones.

RayB said...


WATCH: President Trump pardons Jon Ponder who will be speaking at the RNC tonight along with the FBI Agent that arrested him!

RayB said...

I guess I'm a born sceptic, but, after 80+ days of rioting in Democrat controlled Portland, why is it that the Portland Police have suddenly changed their tactics (see below)? NO DOUBT, they have been ordered to do so. Why? Because these endless riots are, according to CNN leftie Don Lemon, "hurting" the Democrats.

Craig said...

RayB @ 10:22 PM,

That clip is SO SATISFYING!

Anonymous said...


more like you're the pinky peach colored kinda trash. hubris filled trash, but certainly trash. no matter the color and stuff.


Craig said...


Clearly so.

RayB said...


RNC 2020 Highlights - Nicholas Sandman - Covington

Anonymous said...

It's not any one particular item that paints Millie as "white trash" in my opinion, it's the amalgamation of what little I have come to know of her and her acquaintances these last few weeks.

1. I wasn't there and she doesn't have it listed on her LinkedIn. There are rumors from people that knew her back in the days of her "Hollywood Girls Club". Her sister, Minna Valance, also spoke about dangers her and Millie experienced in LA meeting up with strangers off of craigslist. Her dating an old man to this day relates to possible sugar daddy'ing experiences.
2. Why does it matter that Kamala Harris is non-white? I'm disappointed she was selected particularly because of her background as a one-time (that I know of) adulteress with the creeper, Willie Brown. Even though Willie's wife knew and supposedly it wasn't a secret to anyone, it was still adultery and I commend Kamala for having ended it in 1995 and distancing herself from him thereafter. It was trashy unsophisticated unbecoming behavior.
3. Not just ONE illegitimate child but, two of them. She's supposedly a conservative Christian --- so get married or put the kid(s) up for adoption before creepy dad that dates children can abuse them.
4. From what I've seen and read she does not appear to have a legitimate relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Non-white pretend Christians would be called Charismaniacs or Pentecostals.
5. If she had graduated from a college I'd have likely found something alluding to such. She graduated high school around 2009 and she's all over the internet from 2010 forward and college is not mentioned or discussed anywhere. No institutions of higher learning or degrees listed anywhere. There's not even a "I studied journalism at UCLA" which is saying I went to UCLA for one or two semesters and dropped out. I could be's just one factor and she's really an entertainer not a journalist.
5.6. - The link provided the info about the lies:
7. She overdramatized the situation and unnecessarily scared her kids. She then released the video that included her children. That's on her and further evidence of self-centered trashy parents. Someday her/their kids are going to be older and embarrassed about their mother and bio father's support of the most hateful, corrupt, divisive President ever and this video of their mother getting hauled off to jail in front of them is on the internet FOREVER.
8. Due to covid the whole court system and legal system is completely out of whack. Nothing is normal anywhere. I believe Friday arrests are common in domestic assault cases. The police don't like being lied to and disrespected. They know the prosecutor is going to drop the charges after mom recants therefore a weekend in jail is quite likely the only punishment these trashy lying out of town LA celebrities are going to get.
9. Read the emotional plea for "emergency" legal funds needed by Millie. It's now at $175,000 for a case that her mom just drops the charges and it disappears. She and her brother and boyfriend are not going to be convicted of this crime. It's not like they are black. But I'm guessing some attorney will make a big deal out of this and try to turn it into an Alex Jones-like conspiracy circus further disrespecting the sheriff's office and wasting county taxpayer dollars. I'm sure somewhere in Portage County is a democrat or black woman they can denigrate or just accuse of being a Soros paid actor.
10. I'm originally from Tennessee - half my extended family is white trash. Many are Trump supporters. I don't think any of them went over to McKenzie Arena back in 2018 when Trump came through. Our family is multi-cultural - mixed races and colors so maybe a few went but didn't really talk about it. I do not think all trump supporters are white trash; but, to a great extent, those that go to his rally's appear to be.


LSWA said...
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Craig said...


I do appreciate the fact that you at least addressed the “White trash” issue. I don’t think it will be fruitful to continue much further, but I will address a few things.

Yet first I need to bring up one thing I’d intended to mention before. Regarding the social media issue, Facebook, YouTube (and Google) and Twitter are effectively monopolies. It’s not as if some new start-up is going to be able to compete—at least not very quickly. We’ll see how Parler and BitChute end up doing. Thus, as virtual monopolies, and as platforms acting as publishers that are surely discriminating against right-leaning content, something must be done. It’s well past time for it.

Now, back to the other: It seems to me you are over-fixating on race. This, of course, is what our controlled media wants—an ‘us vs. them’ situation, in which the masses are more easily controlled. Unfortunately, too many are falling for this bait, feeling as though they must conform to one ‘side’ or the ‘other’. Some of these are taking extreme views, fueled by media outright lies and lies by omission. Things aren’t so ‘black and white’.

Responding again by number:

4 I have my view of what Christianity is and should be, but I also know that others have varying views. I may think some are not adhering to the faith as I think they should, but I’m generally not going to question their faith.

5 It’s apparently not uncommon for independent reporters—Right, Left, Center—to be called and/or to call themselves “journalists”. I don’t think that is necessarily misleading or wrong. There are plenty of supposed "journalists”, those who’ve purportedly been to school for this, who are political activists instead of journalists. What do we call Rachel Maddow, for example? She’s obviously intelligent, but she seems to just run on conspiracy theories pro-Left and anti-Right/Trump. It certainly sells—or at least used to.

8-9 The DA’s office cannot just drop charges in cases like this. They have to ensure that the mother hasn’t been forced to back down due to some coercion. Once started, they must proceed in some fashion. The rest of what you wrote is so speculative and conspiratorial that I will refrain from commenting except to reiterate your over-fixation on race. Thus, the money and more may well be used for defense. Time will tell. And gofundme will NOT allow the funds to not go to what it was designed for.

10 Given what you outlined above—your statement that it’s the amalgamation of evidence leading you to conclude that Millie is “White trash”—then you cannot possibly know to what extent ANY rally attendee is same. Your bias is showing again.

I wanted to place this by itself re Trump: “the most hateful, corrupt, divisive President ever”. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I see the media as the ones that have characterized the President as divisive. In a sense, his refusal to play their games, and his attempts to show their games, has led to the division. A person should have the opportunity to defend themselves against mischaracterizations, half-truths, out-of-context verbiage, etc.

Anonymous said...

Man Executes White Family, Shoots Bystander Over Argument Following Fender Bender

Craig said...

12 years ago a father killed his own teenage daughters. The reporter says the motive was unclear, but I feel pretty confident these are what are known in the Muslim world as "honor killings".

Capital Murder Suspect In Taxicab Killings Of 2 Daughters, Yaser Abdel Said Captured

Yaser Abdel Said, a capital murder suspect wanted in connection with the homicide of his two teenaged daughters Amina and Sarah, was taken into custody without incident.

Anonymous said...

Crunch, crash, Trump trash, your wayward ways have had their days, the neon lit Neo Nazi waltz in the White House is over!

RayB said...

Boston Catholic Priest Endorses Joe Biden for President ... Because 'Biden is Pro-Life'

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