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TMERadio Break for Studio Equipment Repairs & Upgrading next two Saturdays

Dear Readers:

Many of you regularly listen to my internet radio program on  It is also known as  The program has been a tremendous bully pulpit for me for the past eight years since April 2007 when Joe McNeill, the network owner, first offered me a program of my own.  Previous to that, I had been interviewed by some of his other then hosts.  

Joe runs an amazing operation in Kamiah, Idaho.  He has made brilliant use of "recycled" computers combined with other technology that is "beyond my pay grade" to reach an international audience.  I have had people call in to my program from as far away as New Zealand.  I have used the program to lay out detailed expository information that I have not yet had time to reduce to the printed page.  I have also used it to share critical information on what is currently transpiring in the New Age Movement as well as overlooked history accessible to me through my private library, but not readily sitting on most conventional public library shelves.

For the last four years or so, I have done the program for two hours each and every Saturday morning.  Occasionally I have used guest hosts including the late Dr. Stanley Momteith, John Loeffler, and Sarah Leslie.  

There are many other hosts on Joe's network from which my own world views radically diverge.  Joe McNeill tells me that he believes in "Freedom of Speech" and  he believes that listeners can do their own research and sort it out for themselves.  But at any rate, Joe gave me a platform when many who professed to be cult experts tried to muzzle me.  You might want to review my past articles on "The Hi-Jacking of Evangelicalism," both here and on NEWSWITHVIEWS.COM.  

TMERadio is revamping its studios and equipment.  New broadband lines are scheduled for installation and the provider has notified Joe that it will take two weeks to properly install and test the equipment.  Therefore, we will be off the air for the next two Saturdays.  I had a guest scheduled for this coming Saturday, David Livingstone.  I have interviewed him successfully in the past about his own extensive research and writing on the New Age Movement and its impact.  He has now written a brilliant new book on TRANSHUMANISM.  He sent me a .pdf review copy that I am still reading, but the depth and breadth of his research amazes me, just as Lee Penn and Cliff Kincaid's work never cease to humble me.

I'm still working on Part 3 of my series on General Paul E. Vallely and military New Age and Satanism with possible tentacles reaching into the Tea Party Movement.  I've also been doing extensive research lately on the obvious continuation of the 1970's Weathermen Movement, a violent branch of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society).  

I did my radio program last Saturday on that, reviewing a book long in my library on DIANA:  THE MAKING OF A TERRORIST (Thomas Powers, Houghton Mifflin Publishers, 1971.)  My particular copy was purchased several years ago at a Baldwin (Birmingham, Michigan) Public Library used book sale.  It was discontinued by the library for reasons I do now understand. 

 The book should be required reading and it gives deep insights into ideological radicalization similar to that we are seeing now.  Bill Ayers, the same Bill Ayers now married to Weatherman leader, Bernadein Dohrn, was Diana's then boyfriend.  That young woman, Diana Oughton was killed on March 6, 1970,by a bomb she was helping to make misfired and destroyed a Greenwich Village townhouse where she was located.  She was the beautiful daughter of a wealthy and prominent Illinois family.  She became radicalised probably by her finest and best motives after witnessing extreme Guatemalan poverty.  She was also co-running a New Age school in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Bill Ayers.  The school was based on the beliefs of Alexander Sutherland Neill who believed that the student should shape learning, not the teachers.  

The school Diana and Bill Ayers ran in Ann Arbor, Michigan, it developed, never taught a single one of its many students to read.  That was discovered when third grade children started begging their parents to teach them to read.  Diana's radicalisation then went on to more violent manifestations, including a belief that they were making war on all USA citizens.

Many believe this to have been a Marxist operation.  There was Marxist indoctrination and ideology there.  But, there were even heavier New Age aspects, including free love, sexual experimentation, "smash monogamy", group sex, "free love" and beyond.  LSD, drugs, and the like were heavily employed by those in the Weatherman operation.  There was extreme violence by this group that included bombings of several government buildings, including the United States Capitol Building.  

It is relevant now because of the current links of the unrepentant leadermen leaders (Dohrn and Ayers, now a married couple) who have been publicly advising OCCUPY members on the stages they can expectg in their movements, including violence.  

Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers at Occupy rally, 
I will have much more to say on this later.  

Stay tuned!



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Constance Cumbey said...

OK, I WANT TRUE CONFESSIONS!!!!!!!!!! Who put this blogspot together and who maintains it -- it gives the impression that it might be mine, but it definitely is not. For one thing, I do not recommend Gary Kay's works as he shamelessly promoted Eustace Mullins after I showed him the very clear evidence of his vicious anti-Semitism and New Age ideology, e.g. Mullins' book MY LIFE IN CHRIST where he told all about his pro Aquarian Age beliefs.

Interestingly, I couldn't get into this site to place my own questions/comments!


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

gail riplinger's segment gives the same impression, vis a vis herself. it is
a rather odd almost deceptive style, and the Internet Explorer tab put your
name in your case, and hers in her on the tab. odd. I think this style might
be to ensure that fans of the various people presented this way, would then be
exposed to whatever else the website offers they might not look at otherwise,
thinking this has the bait person's endorsement.

the way it is structured with a dash between parenting and it is rejected
on the whois type search engines, one only showed it was registered in Canada

Domain name:
Domain status: registered
Creation date: 2003/11/03
Expiry date: 2019/11/03
Updated date: 2014/11/04
DNSSEC: Unsigned

Name: Can Reg (Infinet Communications Group Inc.)
Number: 146

Name servers:

% WHOIS look-up made at 2015-10-15 12:03:45 (GMT)
% Use of CIRA's WHOIS service is governed by the Terms of Use in its Legal
% Notice, available at
% (c) 2015 Canadian Internet Registration Authority, ( this is the registrar's contact info,
maybe you can call them up and find out more.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

some here have complained about disappearing posts, not deleted by Constance. For
the first time I have run into this myself. I had a post here commenting that the
site itself is kind of weird, seems to mix craziness with legitimate father's rights
in child custody issues whether this is the actual perspective of the site owner,
or an attempt to make a legitimate issue look crazy I don't know.

the post disappeared with no notice of it having been deleted on purpose.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said... seems to be the email contact for the site, I forgot to check
the tabs above the initial info

Marko said...

Constance, you said:

"Many believe this to have been a Marxist operation. There was Marxist indoctrination and ideology there. But, there were even heavier New Age aspects, including free love, sexual experimentation, "smash monogamy", group sex, "free love" and beyond. LSD, drugs, and the like were heavily employed by those in the Weatherman operation. There was extreme violence by this group that included bombings of several government buildings, including the United States Capitol Building."

I would be one of those who believe Ayers/Dohrn/etc to be primarily a Marxist operation. They were certainly "fellow travelers" with the Soviet Union, if not direct agents. These people are more motivated by violent revolutionary impulses that aligned with our political enemies' strategies for grinding America down, than with the "peace-mongering" New Agers of that time. Of course, I would say they were fellow travelers with the New Agers as well, because of the reasons you listed, but Marxist philosophy was what motivated them the most.

One area in which I disagree with you (and others here) is your tendency to stick the "New Age" label on every nefarious thing that comes along, especially if it is anti-Christian. There are many vehicles that the enemy of our souls has created to destroy God's work here on Earth. The New Age Movement is but one. It may (and probably will) end up being the most vicious and terrible vehicle of the enemy's hatred of the followers of Christ that the world will experience before Christ's return, but there have been, and will be others.

Marko said...

Of course, if Marxism/Communism is the political arm of the New age movement, as Susanna has described, then you are correct.

I am not yet convinced that such is the case.

As I see it now, if I were to try and find a "unified" theory of the Bad Things in the World, it would start with the idea that Satan is the root of it all, and he is doing whatever he can, through whoever he can, to destroy God's creation. This would include:

--trying to replace the real God with a false one (all kinds of isms for that one)
--trying to get rid of God altogether (atheism)
--destroying His Church through direct persecution (Communism, Nazism, Islamism, other groups throughout history)
--destroying His Church through distraction and deception
--destroying His creation (pollution, over-industrialization, poor use of resources)

The list goes on and on. Somewhere in that list is where the New Age fits in. If you want to stretch the definition (too far, in my opinion) to include all the above, then I guess you've got your definition, and I've got another.

We can agree though, that the plans the New Agers have for us followers of Christ are not pretty, and if they come to fruition, it will be a dark age for us. But no matter how dark, our desire should be the same as Paul's was for the Philippians, when he hoped that they "...may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life."

Stars shine their brightest when the sky is darkest.

Anonymous said...

Marko, now you are telling Constance what the New Age movement is about. WOW!

Well Constance, you wanted to be a one man band in spreading information about the New Age movement. I guess the band hasn't been heard loud enough.

Anonymous said...

Try shutting up about this Christine. The way you stick your nose into everything it's a wonder you don't trip on it.

Constance, in connection to your upcoming show on transhumanism which I called to your attention a long time ago, Limbaugh talked about this on his show today so I checked out who else wrote about it. Best article I came across...

Just one of the very interesting facts in the article.
"The study was done in collaboration with UCLA’s Dr. Colin Holbrook, whose interests include “Threat-detection, Morality, Aggression, Group prejudice, Evolutionary psychology, Social neuroscience.” Dr. Holbrook, by the way, just received a $360,000 grant from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory for work on “Group Bias and the Attribution of Mental Properties to Allies, Antagonists, and Automata.” Great."

A side thought - what a way to present religion as needed but without God. Straight one world religion New Age style.

You might ask your guest about the antisemitic connection to the transhumanism movement. It's there and factual.

Constance Cumbey said...

Marko and the somewhat acrimonious "anonymous"

>>Marko, now you are telling Constance what the New Age movement is about. WOW!

>>Well Constance, you wanted to be a one man band in spreading information about the New >>Age movement. I guess the band hasn't been heard loud enough.

To the both of you, one with friendlier motives, I suspect than the other. I appreciate your inputs. What you fail to understand about the "New Age" is that it is considered the "grand synthesis" -- you are right about it being Satanic -- one doesn't need to be a theological genius to see that clear trail. I recommend you watch the video found at this link and then you will see the clear intersections of both New Age and Marxist influences. Summerhill was a New Age social experiment. The Ann Arbor "experimental school" ran by Diana Oughton and Bill Ayers was a Summerhill one.

I have had a volume on Summerhill in my library since 1981. It was acknowledged as "New Age" in English New Age circles of the 1920s.

As for anonymous acrominous -- I have never sought to be a "one man band" -- I have also never claimed to be more than one person working on a small budget. My upcoming guest on the Transhumanist Movement is also clearly an expert on the New Age Movement and he caught many aspects of it I had initially missed.

And Marko, regarding the "destroying His Creation" aspect -- you are much younger than me and you need to take a very good long look at the Earth worshipping elements of the Deep Ecology / New Age Movement and then do a long thoughtful reading of Revelation 13. I',m convinced the Biblical "image of the Beast" might be the image of the Earth itself. The New Agers have been bragging as long as I have tracked them that they now have their image -- that of the WHOLE EARTH." My fear for you is that possibly you are influenced by the "Christian Environmental Movement" (so-called). But I do appreciate your work, thoughts, and dedication to finding the truth even though we have our disagreements, as I have also sometimes had with anonymous who accuses me (wrongfully) of wanting to be a "one man band."

Anonymous One Man Band -- Yes you spoke to me about the transhumanist movement long ago and I was aware of it even longer ago -- not to discount your important research on that subject.

I'll give a few sample paragraphs from his new book in another comment as I will exceed space limitations by using all here. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Had a dental procedure today that leaves my mouth blood and I can't eat, rinse or spit until tomorrow when I can rinse with salt water, so everybody please forgive my impatience with the word in general and some of you in particular.


Constance Cumbey said...

These are paragraphs from Livingstone's new book on Transhumanism. One thing about Livingstone that many from all affected New Age targets fail to understand is that JEWS, CHRISTIANS, and yes, MOSLEMS are all clearly defined targets of the New Age planners. The strategy is to infiltrate all to the hilt and then pit the remaining stubborn "fundamentalist" of each other against the world and against each other. THen, the grand plan is to build the "New World Religion" and rebuild the world as they, the Phoenix, arises from our planned ashes.

Transhumanism is an extension of the dangerous belief in human perfectibility
derived Social Darwinism and eugenics, which flourished in the early twentieth
century under the sponsorship of the Rockefeller Foundation, before achieving
notoriety through the horrors of the Nazi regime. After World War II, when
these practices were imported into the United States, the study of what is known
as cybernetics, which sought advanced methods of population control, evolved
in two directions: the development of the personal computer and a covert CIA
“mind-control” project known as MK-Ultra, which fostered the proliferation of
psychedelic drugs, in an effort to transform society following the blueprint of
Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.
The very strange truth is that both these trajectories represented a combined
mission inspired by the age-old belief in magic and mysticism, referred to as the occult,
adapted from Freemasonry and its popular manifestation, the New Age movement.
Despite the veneer of scientific rationalism that transhumanism attempts to portray,
it is an occult philosophy based on an interpretation of the story of the Book of Genesis,
where the devil promised that if Adam and Eve partook of the fruit of the “Tree
of Knowledge” they would “become as gods.” Their model is the ancient shaman
of Central Asia, who partook of the forbidden fruit that could “make one wise,” or
psychoactive substances, which are now being termed “entheogens,” that allowed
them to communicate with the spirit world or “gods.” The combined significance
is that computers are seen as the equal of the “apple” of the Tree of Knowledge,
contributing to the creation of a collective consciousness, by way of a global network
of personal computers, or the Internet, by which humanity becomes God, or the
Masonic “all-seeing eye” of the reserve side of the American dollar bill.
The transhumanists view the attainment of such supreme artificial intelligence
as heralding the advent of what they call the “singularity.” An important exponent of
the idea is Ray Kurzweil, head of engineering at Google, under whose stewardship
the company, which normally subscribes to the dictum of “don’t do evil,” has
recently broadened the scope of its business to cover the gamut of transhumanist
interests, including artificial intelligence (AI) and even longevity. The so-called
singularity, according to transhumanists, will mark the moment when man will
have evolved into a post-human existence through “mind uploading,” having
achieved immortality by being merged with the Internet, being likened to the New
Age concept of a “collective consciousness,” or “global brain.”

There is much, much more. It is a carefully researched book by a young, dedicated researcher who delves deeply into his subject matter -- as do I and many of you.


Constance Cumbey said...

Constance has deleted a lot of posts lately for varying reasons -- usually to keep the conversation on topic and free from complained of too frequent rambling by some of our contributors. I have also deleted some that were just plain nasty.

Most of the posts I deleted were from Christina and I have usually told her why -- not always, but I gave fair warning that I wanted good spelling, punctuation, lack of slang, etc., etc.

It is possible that some posts have been labeled as "spam" and I will check those to see if they were placed there by the blog filters. If so, I can move them here.

Unfair accusations against me by those who well know or should know better have sometimes also incurred my own human perhaps thin skinned and yes, sometimes I have not hesitated to do deletions. There are only so many false accusations of "one man band" that I can take without resorting to the convenient wastecan icon.



Constance Cumbey said...


I deleted your post that the site was "a little weird" -- I thought it inappropriate commentary and their motives for the site may have been perfectly fine. I just wanted it clear that it was not my own site and some I looked gave an impression that it may have been. But I would not call the blogspot owner "crazy" and/or "weird" or hurl other insults without a better foundation.


Marko said...


Thank you for your patience with me, especially as I post things that might seem peripheral, at best, to central New Age themes. If I was you, I'd probably have given the boot to myself along with a few others here as well long ago.

I think for the past decade or so, I've been focusing more on the possible events that will lead up to the war or wars that create the ashes from which the New Age phoenix plans to rise, because those events are, to me, the more immediate threat to life and limb.

But this is your blog, not mine, and there are other places that focus more on the Russian and Chinese threat, so I'm going to back off from posting so much about it here.

I like to quote Jeff Nyquist a lot here, because he has researched better than anyone else I've read the political threats aligning themselves against the West and in particular America, but has mostly ignored the underlying religious aspects of these evil alignments, and hence, in my opinion, his analysis falls short.

And while they are different in many ways, there *are* more similarities between the New Age belief system and Marxism/Communism than most people think. Susanna has documented well here the Gnostic roots of both, and nobody I am aware of knows that area of study better than her.

I agree with you on the Deep Ecology / Green movement being very New Age. That is one BIG difference between Marxism/Communism and New Age - the first has shown itself to be a destroyer of the environment, and the second is just the opposite.

MUCH younger, I am? More and more are the days, it seems, that I don't feel like it! :^)

Thanks for the link to the film... I'm off to watch it now.

Unknown said...

the link between the New Age is overlap: Both reject traditional values and God.

Orwell observed:
One sometimes gets the impression that the mere words ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ draw towards them with magnetic force every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, ‘Nature Cure’ quack, pacifist, and feminist in England.

Constance Cumbey said...

To all:

Why might this new campaign theme by Marco Rubio bother me so much. Recently, his father was scheduled to appear and speak to the Women Defending America group that I declined a directorship for after learning of the Paul E. Vallely cum Michael Aquino influences. I haven't talked to the local leader because she obviously is not speaking currently to me, but I have to wonder if Marco Rubio has taken General Vallely up on his LEGACY program to inform all presidential candidates of all parties on national security issues. When I heard Rubio's father was coming here to speak, that was my initial reaction. Then I heard Rubio's ads promoting him as the CANDIDATE FOR THE NEW AGE. Very bold and large on national television the other day.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
paul said...

About that:
I've got to say, I'm an arborist; licensed and insured, and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
blesses me with a blessing every single day. There is no other way to say it.
And sometimes that blessing has no other way to express itself than in an emotional way.
It may be that a percentage of my faith is of the emotional variety, but God gave us emotions too,
along with intellect. I wouldn't totally discount emotions when they are turned into praise
and profuse thanksgiving.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

that is not about believing in God, which is already present in order to have love
for Him and praise to Him.

and for some people "believing in God" may as a question have more to do with how
they feel about Him (love and gratitude or lack thereof) than whether they think
He exists or not. Exactly how the questions were framed that were given the test
subjects would be important, were they open to more than one interpretation?

if someone's loyalty to God depends on blessings, or belief in His existence
depends on blessings, this complicates things. and if some of these test subjects'
idea of God is not the biblical idea but a more new agey idea than you could question
whether they ever believed in Him or not.

God is an infinite Person without beginning and without end. not mere Concept.

Anonymous said...


I hope you will keep commenting about Russia and China. As Dorothy and Constance have pointed out repeatedly, the New Age has both a political wing and a religious wing. Russia and China are major players on the world stage moreover they figure largely in prophecy (at least in some Catholic private revelation). Much has been written here and elsewhere about the occult roots of the Russian Revolution (thank you, Susanna). Debate about the exact parameters of what constitutes "New Age" is very educational when it is done respectflly by knowledgeable people like yourself. This type of discussion should be encouraged here not discouraged, particularly when this blog has been filled to the brim, as it has been in recent years, with just so much pointless and unedifying distraction.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Project for a New American Century and the whole neocon thing American hegemony American empire American run monopolar NEW WORLD ORDER all these people are CFR
and/or Bohemian Grove and/or Skull and Bones etc., can't you see the whole
NWO political New AGe is primarily AMERICAN? sure it has other fronts and connections. But anything that opposes America is rejected out of hand and all its
occult connections highlighted, and American occult connections from Revolutionary
times to now swept under the rug.

the problem is on all sides. which one of the sides to play or favor depends on
where and what and how it interferes with New Age elites or doesn't. That means
no steady loyalty to anyone (beyond what is minimal legal requirement) USA or
Russia or China or anyone else. no unlimited loyalty. strictly limited, pragmatic.

and what does The Apostle Paul say? we are citizens of heaven not of our homelands.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 11:46 AM.
I agree with you and think Marko's contributions are excellent, also.
Glad for him and the few others that counter all of the nonsense by the one person here who feels entitled to overwhelm and takeover every single thread of this blog. And her lack bad sentencing, etc, is not the problem. It is her often wrong slants on the subjects, her need to go too deep into the underbelly-the underside-than is necessary to make a clear point with thinking and interested people, topped off with a generally anti-social attitude.
She must (and should) decrease (sharply) and others increase here so the truth can get out unhindered.

Constance Cumbey said...


Way too many posts! I'm starting to think that "Christian environmentalism" Loren Wilkinson has had far too much influence in the undiscerning Christian world who failed to notice the concomitant calls of that "branch of Christianity" for population reduction, praise and quoting of Matthew Fox, Thomas Merton, etc. One would think it had been SAINT Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. The agenda on that propaganda was to secure Christian support or lack of opposition thereof to New World Order (global governance? World government?) structures.

Yes, we are all "environmentalist" and rightfully so when it comes to the safety of our food, our waters, unnecessary mass cutting of mountains leaving them vulnerable3 for land slides when the rains come. BUT, I am recognizing the same arguments advanced to denigrate "speciesism" (belief that people perhaps have a greater right to be here over "protected species" (e.g. bats, rattle snakes, cougars on the attack, coyotes plaguing our neighborhoods, snail darters, rats, etc, ad nauseum.

Christine, you are way off base when you think the New Age Movement, NWO is PRIMARILIY USA/


Constance Cumbey said...

THIS WAS THE POST OF CHRISTINA to which I was specifically addressing in my last comment:


while destroying God's creation does sound a tad "environmentalistic," the kind of
actions involved have bad affects on human health, usually. New Agers exploit both
aesthetic and health concerns, but the health concerns are real. China without
air quality controls has cities where you often have to go about with masks to
breathe at times, while this hasn't happened in decades in this country. deaths
from black lung for instance and other industrial related diseases used to be a lot
more common in the bad old days, and not just from working in but living around it.
The recent cyanide and other spills are hardly harmless events concern for which is
New Age or symptomatic of environmentalist influence.

Rev. 11:18 "And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; AND SHOULDEST DESTROY THEM WHICH DESTROY THE EARTH."

Psalms mentions the mountains and forests being for the animals and many things
exist that are of no conceivable even indirect use to mankind, but must be pleasing
to God. Things are more complicated than they seem.

If God can use Babylonia to enforce the land Sabbaths Lev. 26:34, 35 II Chron. 36:11
He can use various other kinds of heathens to do things the Church won't but
should. Genesis depicts mankind as given dominion over the earth and to tend the
garden and keep it. Sounds like we were supposed to be something like a mix between
a gardener and a forest ranger. each of us individually.

2:05 AM

Constance Cumbey said...

Continuing, it sounds like it could have been included in Loren Wilkinson's EARTHKEEPING. Unfortunately, it is very small steps between that and Dave Foreman's EARTH FIRST!

I remind all of Barbara Marx Hubbard's justified boast in Seattle at her Unity Church speech there in 1988 (boasting, inter alia, of the previous Fall's Gold Lake Conference, that "now we have OUR ISSUE -- the ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT."

If you want to be a tree-hugging, earth worshipping accomplice, so be it. I choose not to.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

by leftist I refer to the nazoid side of leftism. and the occult was all over the map, water dowsers, card readers, astrology soaked newspapers and almanacs.

Constance Cumbey said...

Christine, you completely misread and mischaracterize me. I also think you did not read my last comment carefully enough. I certainly did not speak in support of clear cut logging nor animal cruelty. Certainly, there are Scriptural passages that show God's concern for His other creatures:

-- "Not one sparrow that falls from heaven that God does not notice . . .
-- "A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast . . .
-- "Creation groans for the manifestation of the Sons of God (so often taken out of context by the MSOG Movement.

BUT your premise that God is using the New Agers to do his will on "protecting creation" when their obvious clear agenda is destroying us, using the agenda as a pretext to justify earth worship and human destruction is far more than I can swallow!


Constance Cumbey said...


Me doth think thou may have resided in New Age California too long!


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Constance, I do not say the new age influenced environmentalists are being used
in any across the board way merely on some few specific points.

you do not have to mention clear cutting or anything. a blanket rejection of
environmentalism will be read by the typical person as including an acceptance
of anything they reject, and clear cutting is just one example as is air quality.

yes their agenda is destroying us, and PETA wants to destroy our relationship with
animals, eventually no pets! in the process of this, some things are from their
perspective accidentally accomplished that help us.

meanwhile if the churches had taken note of some issues instead of preaching
man's dominion as a stomp down thing we wouldn't have a problem for the damn
environmentalists to exploit. Someone once said cults are the unpaid bills of
the church and this is a case in point.

God said to have the land lie fallow, unploughed unused, one year out of seven.
Because "we are not under law but grace" the protestants at least don't even
consider maybe this is a good idea. the present practice of crop rotation and
letting some fields lie fallow every three years was developed by pragmatic
observation in a largely non Christian context. permaculture was developed by
new agers, but the methods are certainly sound.

this is not a big focus of my mind normally, I run across petition about some
cruelty or nature or agriculture or worker mismanagedment and either sign it
or reject it depending on what specific individual thing it is about and then
forget it.

Agenda 21 is one of the biggest scams yet, some of its projects actually harm
the environment. about the only good thing I've seen is the greenbelts in

and the planned tiny apartments look ominous - a typical plan involves a bunk
bed and ladder and storage under that. where is there room for a pet, for an infant,
and how does a cripple or an elderly person climb that ladder or what if you fall
out and are crippled and killed?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


It would be nice to see if people could remain on the blogs topic.
Gosh you have even got me off topic now.
As a fairly recent reader the blog seems to be dominated by certain people who consistantly go on about matters not in the original post.
Guess what..... I believe I am speaking for many who come to visit the Blog in good faith and are completely put off by it, having to wade through almost hundreds of rubbish comments.
It makes us disinterested and end up moving away from the page which is a shame given Constance makes so many good points.
I do wonder if certain commentators are in gainfull employment at all ... why?
Because unless you can type a thousand words in sixty seconds you must be spending far to much time watching and waiting to write comments of little value.
If I was a conspiracy theorist I would come to the conclusion that these particular commentators are New Age agents sent to wreck the blog or the alternative thought and most likely is that people need real meaningfull fellowship, someone there in person for deeper dialog ,to bounce things off... unfortunately this blog cant bring that reality you have to leave the blogsphere for that.

God bless

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

okay back to the topic, ayers and Dohrn. the whole counterculture and filthy hippy
peacenik antiwar movement was created by the CIA unleashing LSD and some half
brainwashed relatives of military brass in order to discredit the original
opponents to the Viet Nam war who were much more conservative and respectable. scroll down to laurel canyon information

How the CIA's MK-Ultra program created the counter culture and the drug wars. LSD, mushrooms. Gordon Wasson, Leary, Bernays, Tavistock, Esalen.

your tax dollars at work for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ruth in Exeter, do you agree with me (another Brit) how anomalous it is that a couple of months ago all of the media were talking about how the paedophiles in high places in Britain were about to be exposed, interviewing named people who said that they had been abused by named politicians, interviewing retired senior policemen who said that they had been told decades ago to drop investigations, and pointing out that key dossiers vanished; but now suddenly all of the whistleblowers are being mocked and the claim is that there is no evidence and the police did investigate and cleared everybody very promptly? It stinks!

Constance Cumbey said...

Repression of Christian beliefs is growing worse. The distinguished Atlanta Fire Chief Cochran was fired because of his authorship of a book on sexual morality entitled "Who Told You That You Were Naked? A "gay" member of the Atlanta City Council complained. The wonderful Christian man who never discriminated against anybody in his long and distinguished career that included a one year term as a Barack Obama appointed one year term as U.S. Fire Administrator. He has been fired for his beliefs and city leadership had the nerve to say in court proceedings that one had to check their beliefs at the door. He has litigation pending against the City of Atlanta. He needs our prayers and support. There is an outstanding article and video about it at this link:



Constance Cumbey said...


I spoke against clear cutting and animal cruelty -- so does my bible and I haven't ran into churches advocating cruelty against animals. "Cults are the unpaid bills of the Church" is a code phrase cooked up by those who were fighting resistance to the New Age Movement. Yes, if the Church earlier adopted the New Age Agenda, the New Agers would have little or nothing to do, would they? I suggest you review my articles on the Hi-Jacking of Evangelicalism. I fear you do not know how insidious the New Age infiltration has been.


Constance Cumbey said...


I wrote two books -- I certainly don't have to show you what should be obvious here. Certainly, the USA is not innocent, but to say that the NWO is the direct heir of it, is far from accurate. The Bible speaks of "Mystery Babylon" that permeated and corrupted all tribes, races, etc. That certainly predates the USA. Nazi Germany was thoroughly corrupted by occultism and Nazism was the logical end of where that Theosophical/Thule society/Anthroposophical beliefs systems were headed. Read James Webb's brilliant and important books, THE OCCULT ESTABLISHMENT and THE OCCULT UNDERGROUND.


Constance Cumbey said...

Christine, I just went to the site you suggested. It has interesting information that invites further investigation from my perspective, BUT the editorial bias of that site is itself CLEARLY NEW AGE.

You've got to look to see where people are as we said in the 1960's "coming from?"


Constance Cumbey said...

Some of my readers and perhaps Christine may have been influenced by the Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips books TRANCEFORMATION and ACCESS DENIED. You need to know that despite their superficial talk against "New Age" and friendships with people I knew to be trustworthy anti-New Age (Dale Griffis), OBRIE3N AND PHILLIPS betray themselves as New Age believers and/or highly influenced by their enthusiastic recommendation of THE CELESTING PROPHECIES. See Chapter 42 of ACCESS DENIED, starting in the book I own at page 316.


Anonymous said...

I am not convinced about the phrase "Mystery Babylon" that many anti-New Age Bible commentators use. It comes from Revelation 17 but the Greek simply says "written on her forehead a mystery, Babylon the Great..."

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

O'Brien etc. are classic examples of a problem with these revelations of evil
mind control sex cult etc. that I am too tired to deal with and no one here wants
a lecture anyway.

basically, you only get part of the truth and usually some lies or a reflection
of their own partly deceived condition from EVERYONE. and look to yourselves.
there are people here who adhere to notions that have their origins in occult
agenda driven movements, either the persons themselves who started it or they
were deemed useful and financed by such.

that doesn't invalidate the overview presented by such people or some details but
does make some details open to question.

you cannot take anyone as your leader, the man or woman of God for this time.
There isn't such. so don't look for any and be on guard with everything.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

oops that should read attempt on John Paul II's life and more about that than
anything else, but more than just that. Much of the terrorism like Red Brigades
and so forth were (whether individuals in it knew it or not) the work of the
right wing they thought they fought.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

of course the US wasn't the origin of New AGe and NWO but in our time
in our lifetimes and for a bit before, it is the primary driver the
primary host of that parasite. The UN and its predecessor were constructed
HERE. that's just a visual starter.

Constance, I don't remember everything you or anyone wrote, and I dont'
remember clear cutting or animal cruelty being mentioned here before.
that is my fault. but neither will anyone else.

your articles about hijacking evangelicalism are not new to me, only new
info in terms of several specific names. neither is your concern about

but these are new to a great many people and while something may be alive
in your mind as if yesterday, it is totally new ground for many here,
some maybe not even alive in those days you mentioned these.

and I applaud and urge you to continue your work in these directions, because
too many trust anything with the very pedigree that should put them on guard.

I do not rely on churches or anyone I look at what is presented and judge it.

take PETA. for a while they were the only people (that I knew of) doing
surveillance video exposes and so forth on cruelty in agriculture and transport
and elsewhere, so I supported them, knowing their long term agenda, because
AT THAT POINT their initial process was still compatible with righteousness,
but now there are other groups doing this and PETA is moving dangerously near
the next phase, so I don't support them anymore.

this is an example of how I deal with anyone. The infiltration of churches is partly
back to the reformation itself, and partly back to 800s AD and so forth. there are
key problems in reformation thinking which make it possible. Even in Paul's time it
was starting, he had to deal with heresies beginning and infiltration of perverts
and gnostics and those who wanted to restore mosaic ritual law like circumcision
and food laws (don't eat this and that ever).

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie, into Gray Magic manipulation again. Just who is Christine. We are left to figure it out on our own given all of the clues we have.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Focus Admits To Their Legal Positivism

Focus on the Family has now explicitly admitted their commitment to legal positivism in their February 2006 Citizen Magazine. Dr. Dobson actually approves of a ruling to keep partial birth abortion legal on process grounds. His justification is that the legal process takes precedence over Do Not Murder. "

now routine (shouldn't have to be routine but I guess it will have to be routine)
disclaimer: posting this is not an advocacy for anything on the site or the opinions
actions or associates of the writer or space provider most of which I know nothing
about usually anyway.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 11:17 Treblinka

"the inspiring story of 600 Jews who revolted against their murderers and burned a
Nazi death camp to the ground."

sounds like by the time these measures are appropriate its a bit too late. yes I know
about how people can get into going along with things.

aha! new age warning! introduction by Simone de Beauvoir, associate of Claude Levi-Strauss and lover of Sartre. feminist also (one of the saner ones but she
undoubtedly had some problems I haven't read The Second Sex in decades). dig more
you will undoubtedly find all the dirt you can stomach on everyone involved with
the book including the publisher. I am not going to attempt this.

which has no bearing on the material in the book, the sole relevant question is,
is THIS material factual or not? secondly, is it applicable to what we are talking
about here or not?

Anonymous said...

Get off the lecture circuit here at what Constance thinks and go get educated yourself, Christine.

We don't need every single idea or question popping into your head either. Use your own personal time for that. It is distracting and the number of your posts are running between 1/4 and 1/3 of postings here. Yes, that is way too many.

Clean up your act and get better informed with actual knowledge-sharpened, and more brief information that is even more important than your style of writing which is abrupt and often disjointed but mainly inconsiderate.
Be a good neighbor and there is a chance someone might listen to you.

Constance Cumbey said...

Quick observation, Christine, just starting to read your probably too long post

>>"I do not concern myself with the reading of the rest of the site . . ."

THAT is probably your biggest mistake. If you take isolated segments at face value, you very likely will miss the AGENDA of those operating the site!


Constance Cumbey said...

Well, between ACRIMONIOUS and CHRISTINE, I think I have a splitting headache. ACRIMONIOUS is clearly not the team player he/she rightfully thinks we need.

I'm not sure who is worse?! Or who is better?


Marko said...

"THAT is probably your biggest mistake. If you take isolated segments at face value, you very likely will miss the AGENDA of those operating the site!"


This is also how people operate who, instead of doing proper research (gathering facts and looking at the context of how those facts are presented and by whom they are presented to know in part how those facts should be interpreted), "cherry pick" facts and ideas and thoughts to match what they already know to be "true". Cherry picking isn't a valid method for research, but it IS a valid method to support an argument you are trying to make about a particular topic. And those are two entirely different things, yes?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

okay Constance, I am going to shut up for at least 24 hours maybe more. I don't
want to give you a headache.

regarding "the agenda of the site" my whole point is screw the agenda, what can
be used regarding a matter? quite frankly, if I follow your approach (but I guess
have to post disclaimers every time) I am not going to be able to post anything
at all.

a lot of ex hippies hate some of the same things we hate. so you got a tree hugger
atheist on assorted drugs who hates gummint interference. so he does some research
on the history of suppression of marijuana, and finds it overlaps to all kinds of
schemes that have nothing to do with the valid mental concerns he denies. and he
digs farther and finds all the other dirt that we need to look at. that isn't going
to make him less of a tree hugger. If he figures out that Agenda 21 is going to
end small farming and individual back to the land schemes, he is going to fight it,
but he is not going to stop wanting to grow marijuana, have sex orgies, or engage
in occult rituals or meditation. And he might get wise to the New World Order and
globalism which is about all that greed he hated (and God hates), and will attack
that, but he won't thereby become a lover of God.

and that won't make his research links site and overview lecture any less useful,
and that won't make his or his friends' votes against such NEw Age stuff as you
can get them to vote against any less valid.

something I just wrote. okay, 11:20 am here in California, I shut up for at least
24 hours.

Anonymous said...

So, Chrisitine, are you going to set your clock so you can after the 24 hours is up?

Constance Cumbey said...

Well, if we "screw the agenda" we will most likely miss the entire point which is THE AGENDA. Right!?


Anonymous said...

Cute Constance. Should I come up with an adjective for you? I'd rather not. I've been around since before your book came out. I've done as much research on my own as you have. My files and library is full. You told me about the antisemitism in the New Age movement at the very beginning. I haven't stopped researching since. That's the most important thing I learned from you. The second was the Kevorkian connection which tied into my research on euthanasia and the abortion movement. I never dropped out of the research. Little did I understand for several decades what your connections were going back to the beginning. Of course you would like to see me drop out. Every time I mention Jew hating, part of New Age, it makes others wonder about the Microeffect.

The fight against New Age exposure is dangerous. It takes serious effort, not just occasional exposure. I haven't stopped since 1982.

Why haven't I done more in my own name? I've tried but the market for information is tied up with the Christian connection, not that the Christian community itself has done much to expose the movement. It's individuals who link it to end times that have kept some information going on. The very small Jewish community, which I am part of, is in the kind of denial that went on, except for the Orthodox, before the Holocaust. No one wants to expose the community's weakness prior to full exposure of what went on in the killing camps. For them the Holocaust is violence, not exposure of the philosophy behind it. New Age is the philosophy behind it. The few who understand what I talk about don't want to look like foolish people to the others. And they do look foolish because no one, except for a few academics, is writing about the movement. Jews don't go into academic writings any more than Christians do.

The Jew haters have come regularly to this blog, probably coming over from the Microeffect. Because there is no crude, primitive hatred being shown here, they disappear after showing their fangs. They never learn how close their beliefs are to the New Age movement.

I'm not going away from here. I have provided much serious research and will not stop even though I have to do it anonymously now. I do it anonymously because I do not want my name associated with Microeffect in any way. Either a few people here want to expose what is going on or others want to just talk about end times. It doesn't matter to me. I share what is going on anywhere I can. In general New Age information has been associated with the name Constance Cumbey. It's a hurdle anyone has to overcome who wants to look at it objectively.

Anonymous said...

Christine...more exposure? A Jew hating New Ager?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Christine and Anonymous are one and the same, working jointly to muddy Constance's brain?

Can't help but wonder . . .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:10 I was the one who exposed Christine's postings which were line with White Magic and then pointed out the Gray Magic connection. It's your kind of thinking which muddies the waters of New Age research. If you are unable to separate who is posting what by the writing style, understanding New Age is way over your head.

Marko said...

"so you got a tree hugger atheist on assorted drugs who hates gummint interference."

This is exactly the kind of person that I would consider ripe for influencing with disinformation, and should be the kind of person whose information should be suspected of being tainted, because it most likely wasn't relayed completely and accurately. This person you describe is already viewing data through filtered lenses (and a drug-addled brain, to boot), so it is easy (if I'm a good disinformation agent) to place some false info amongst a bunch of good info that this person will swallow. It only takes a little poison to poison the whole bowlful. This is how disinformation works, and it is how so many conspiracy theorists (to use but one group as an example) get so far off track, or go "down the rabbit hole" as they say, often never to find their way back out.

There are people who are good at spotting disinformation and misinformation. I don't consider myself one of them, but I try. One of the "greats" in the field whose name I recently ran across was Natalie Grant-Wraga. There's not a lot to find on her, except obits praising her for being one of the greatest disinfo specialists ever. She was also mentioned in an article celled "Marxists Roots of the Global Warming Scare" (which is an interesting read), so that usually shows up high in the search results as well.

She wrote an article in National Review in 1960 called "Disinformation", which was part of a series of articles in a special supplement investigating whether the Soviet-Sino split was real or contrived. She proved pretty conclusively that it was contrived, a ruse for Western consumption to further the worldwide Marxist-Leninist revolution, which is still going on to this day. (And as I've mentioned before, the collapse of the Soviet Union itself was another ruse to achieve the same purpose.)

Because of the dangers that can arise when "taking the bait" of disinformation (national security gaffs leading to growing national security threats, in the example above), studying disinformation, and how it is used by an enemy, is important. I've been trying to do quite a bit of reading about it lately. There's not a lot of in-depth writings on the topic, because, well, why tell the enemy the tactics you use to figure out HIS tactics?

The masters of disinformation are the Kremlin planners in Moscow. New Age strategists no doubt have done the same, although there is far less research on this aspect of New Age strategy. As far as Communism goes, Natalie Grant says this: "Communism capitalizes on wishful thinking, that weakness shared by all men, who believe what they wish to believe more readily than the truth. It was wishful thinking that led public opinion, inspired by Moscow, to view the New Economic Policy of the twenties as evidence that Russia had abandoned Communism, and the Stalinism of the thirties as a rejection of world revolution in favor of a nation state. It was wishful thinking again which during World War II was largely responsible for the idea that after the war was over a liberal form of government would replace the Soviet totalitarian system.

"The best evidence for the effectiveness Soviet strategic deception is the fact that many leading American analysts believe Soviet deceptions never succeed. To state categorically that one has never been fooled is nothing but an admission that one is fooled on a regular basis." --from p. 211, "Origins of the Fourth World War," by Jeff Nuquist.

We must always be on guard against self-deception.

"If anyone imagines that he knows something, he does not yet know as he ought to know." -- 1 Corinthians 8:2

"Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and shrewd in their own sight!" -- Isaiah 5:21

"...a deluded heart has led him astray, and he cannot deliver himself or say, “Is there not a lie in my right hand?” -- Isaiah 44:20

Marko said...

I really need to proofread my posts before posting them....

2nd para: "called" not "celled"

5th para: There should be a close quotation after the quote from Natalie Grant.

6th para: Nyquist, not Nuquist

Sure wish there was a way to edit comments....

Constance Cumbey said...


Obviously you have not listened to my TMERadio broadcasts. I have always corrected any manifestation or expression of anti-Semitism that was expressed on my program. I've praised your work on that network, but obviously you don't want me to do that anymore, so I shall reluctantly oblige you.


Constance Cumbey said...


I have sometimes edited my own comments, but I had to do it by cutting and pasting what I had composed into a program such as Evernote or Word, doing the editing and then deleting the original and pasting the correct version. I probably need to do it tonight on mine, but I'm just too tired and tonight you see me with human and editorial flaws. Forgive!


Constance Cumbey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Constance Cumbey said...

Constance Cumbey said...
Well, Dorothy, I read this -- I doubt if you have done as much research as I have, but I know and have always credited you for doing extremely substantial and valuable research. I have always given you credit, sometimes radio time, and recognition. Every time I did, I received bitterness in return. That has been hard for me to understand. You were happy about me doing NewswithViews columns until you got into a quarrel with Paul Walters, the publisher. It was my understanding from him that you sent letters to various of his columnists urging them not to publish for him any more. I successfully dissuaded him from filing his threatened lawsuit against you. Thereafter, every time I wrote a column for him, I received threats and sulks from you. Again, I didn't understand. It would be wonderful if ABC, NBC, THE WASHINGTON POST, THE NEW YORK TIMES gave me space, but that doesn't appear to be the case. I have always fought anti-Semitism as you very well know. Our first encounter was you shooting from the hip and wrongfully accusing me before TV 39 in Chicago of anti-Semitism because information I was given had also been given by anti-Semites. Astounded at hearing of the accusation, I asked the Station and was given your name and number. I asked you in that conversation in March 1983, as I recall, how you could ever accuse me of anti-Semitism when I had diligently fought it all my life. You said that a Ron Miller of Lonsdale, Minnesota had quoted Alice Bailey and he was anti-Semitic. I then told you I had never read Ron Miller and I had done my own research for which I had spent my own considerable money. Finally, I said to you, as I recall, "if that's what he said, he lied. The Jews are clearly a target of the New Age Movement."

You told me you would check me out and if I had told the truth, you would be the best friend I ever had. If I had lied, you would be the worst enemy I ever had.

Fortunately, at least for a time, the former was true. I don't think you have perceived the extent of the opposition I incurred, nor of the money I spent. I think you have perceived what I had as "fame" rather than the true persecution that was there.

You have blown hot and cold on me for the past few years that has made it clearly difficult to confide in you. The MicroEffect has kept me on not because I keep them from criticism of their other programs nor that they fully agree with me, but because I have one of the most substantial listener base on their network.

It is do that program or be dependent on guest interviews over which I have far less control.

I've never suggested that you leave here. BUT, you have chased away others such as Ruby, Joyce and others sometimes with unfair accusations especially as to Joyce because you disapproved of her Messianic Judaism.

I also note that you must have unfriended me on Facebook because I suddenly could no longer access what you had on your page.

I don't know what to call it but unfounded jealousy for reasons I don't fully understand. You are hurt? It has been much more on my end!

Sorry to air it all here and I could say much more, but my stamina is slipping and I have much more to accomplish before I can go to bed for the night.

You are more than welcome to stay and I wish that I could call you and chat freely as we once did. But your backbiting has made me more than a little cautious. You say you have a thousand books and your research has been impressive and diligent. I think you have no present idea what the size of my library is -- I'm certain it exceeds yours 100 fold. Nor do you know the vast amount of much time I invested on research and preserving my materials for next generational researchers.

Constance Cumbey said...

To Marko and others interested:

I just found this little gem in my collection of back New Age magazines, this one being Co-Evolution Quarterly, Winter 1983:

from page 29 on a list of recommended books:

"8. The Romance of American Communism by Vivian Gornick ($6.45 postpaid from Basic Books, 10 E. 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022, 1978). Josh Baran of Sorting It Out recommends this as the best book on the subject of belonging, heart and soul, to a Group."


Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

The following is a review of THE ROMANCE OF AMERICAN COMMUNISM that appears at Amazon where the book can still be purchased.

By Harold Goodman on July 15, 2012

Format: Paperback
I have read this book twice and will probably read it again.

What Vivian Gornick does is to bring alive the many people who sincerely believed that building Communism in America would lead to a better life.

I have known some of these people and was always curious to learn more about who they were, how they came to their actions and what became of them after the collapse of their dream.

Most of them were deeply idealistic on one hand and on the other hand they also could be very difficult to be with. Communism became their religion and they could be quite insistent that it was the only way. This black and white view of life comes through in the book.

The book could very well be describing the lives of religious fanatics and, in a way, they were. Their church was the Communist Party, USA and their holy land was the USSR. Neither could do any wrong.

This belief led to an even more overwhelming collapse when the truth of how they had not only been lied to by the party, the USSR, and others they worshipped but, more so, how they lied to themselves and those they loved, became evident.

This chapter is also beautifully covered.

I love that this book exists.


When it comes to the subject of "belonging, heart and soul to a Group," I am reminded of an essay once written by the late, great C.S. Lewis entitled THE INNER RING.

By C.S. Lewis

Anonymous said...

Constance, I'm not going to dialogue with you. Having known you for as long as I have, it is useless to try and do so. There are many things I could correct in that little post of yours, but I won't do so. It would serve no good purpose. If you disrespect me in the future, I will respond, just as I have now. In past decades I just kept quiet knowing that any effort to expose the New Age movement was important. In the past five years or so I recognized I had to face things that truly bothered me; therefore, I did. You have a following. Whatever you do to help expose the New Age movement is helpful.

Susanna said...



Case in point...Kim Philby, who happened to be one of the Cambridge Spies for the former Soviet Union.

Kim Philby and the Inner Ring

.....What’s striking in this age of CRB checks and psychometric evaluations is just how unprofessional the secret service was in Philby and Elliott’s day. In an age where the intelligence services did not officially exist, entry and promotion depended on who one knew, who one’s father was, where one had been to school, whose club one belonged to – the Deputy Chief of MI6 backed Philby purely because ‘I knew his people’. (Spy games back then seem also to be drenched in a ton of booze: Philby himself made Don Draper look like a model of moderation.) Things happened because of signals and gestures, intonation, phrasing, tradecraft, arrangement and code – the Enigma of the English class system. When Philby made up his mind to become a communist spy, he simply asked his supervisor, a Marxist economist, how best he could ‘devote his life to the communist cause.’ The supervisor hooked him up with a Comintern agent in Paris. Simple as......

.....One question remains: why did he do it? According to MacIntyre, Philby ‘wore his convictions so lightly they were all but invisible. With the £14 he was awarded for his degree, he bought the collected works of Karl Marx. But there is no evidence he studied them in depth, or even read them.’ What motivated Philby, MacIntyre said, was something deeper and yet more prosaic and fatally English.

In a brilliant lecture written in 1944, C.S. Lewis described the fatal British obsession with the ‘inner ring’, the belief that somewhere, just beyond reach, is an exclusive group holding real power and influence, which a certain sort of Englishman constantly aspires to find and join. Westminster School and Cambridge University are elite clubs; MI6 is an even more exclusive fellowship; working secretly for the NKVD within MI6 placed Philby in a club of one, the most elite member of a secret inner ring. ‘Of all the passions,’ wrote Lewis, ‘the passion for the Inner Ring is most skilful in making a man who is not yet a very bad man do very bad things.’....
read more.....

I don't know that such a motivation was exclusively English. I am sure that the CPUSA ( Communist Party USA ) had more than its fair share of "Inner Ringers."

Constance Cumbey said...

To "Anonymous":

"Dialogue" is a code word for the compromise I have assiduously avoided over the 34 years I have been diligently studying and warning about the New Age Movement in all of its manifestations, including astrology, the mind sciences, the "new politics", the "radical center", the religious cults and the like.

If there has been "disrespect" shown here it has been one direction only and the direction was not from me. If the "disrespect" was taking advantage of the only available and offered media time, that was not "disrespect, at least as I understand the terminology. If the disrespect was allowing Joyce, Ruby and some of the other contributors I enjoyed over the years to make their inputs, I guess I'm guilty, but the disrespect was of me and the intelligence of our other participants to read and evaluate. If the "disrespect" was to take advantage of the NewswithViews forum, I wish I had "disrespected" more as I can get word to far more in one of those articles. I let you hold me back in fear of your sulking and even on-line tantrums for that.

Until you started this cycle of intensified rudeness with comments such as "one man band" toward me, I refrained and continued to give you credit.

Yes, I always valued your work. I think you thought it possible by now that I would have had donors raise millions of dollars to fight the monster we know as the New Age Movement. Slim as the resources were, we managed to get the word out and you definitely helped at critical points. You also vastly slowed me down with confusion and deipression over your demands and sulking and outright unfair accusations.

The disrespect was from you only. If you are going to continue to lambaste, attack, "get up gangs" against contributors such as Joyce who gave some opinions we both disagreed with here, but also gave many VALUABLE links and contributions, then I feel my readers have a right to the entire picture. They may well consider my silence to be acquiescence. It is not.


Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Susanna,

Thank you for your excellent as usual information. As you can tell, I had very little sleep and arising early and reading your post, just went to Amazon and ordered my personal copy of THE ROMANCE OF CONMUNISM. I suspect I also will be reading it with interest.


Constance Cumbey said...

Going through my magazine collection, I ran across this review of a How To channeling tape by Barbara Marx Hubbard. It refers to a Body Mind Spirit Convention in Los Angeles in 1987. Mae Eye, Lanette Irwin and myself had the opportunity to go and observe that very decisively New Age in every worst sense of the word event in early October 1987. Three weeks later the infamous Gold Lake Conference was held in Boulder, Colorado at the Gold Lake Ranch owned by Paul N. Temple, a "core" activist with International Christian Leadership, the group founded by Abraham (Abram) Vereide in 1943. The myth perpetrated by the Christian "dialoguers" (compromisers-sell outs) who were present was that it was organized by Evangelicals to reach New Agers with the Gospel. In reality, it was organized by Paul N. Temple, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Doug Coe to compromise Christians to the "New Age." All should review my articles on the Hi-Jacking of Evangelicalism available both here and at Paul N. Temple is the co-founder and a primary financial benefactor of Institute of Noetic Sciences. Here is the text of the BMH review in the 1989 Body Mind Science magazine:

The Complete Guide to Channeling with Barbara Marx Hubbard (Penny
Price Production ).; $39.95 plus $3.00 postage and handling. Also available in
audio, $10.00 plus $3.00 postage and handling. This video was made during and after the 1987 Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles. Barbara Marx Hubbard interviews
four major figure involved with the phenomenon of channeling. Jach Pursel channels Lazaris and presents an overview and explanation of channeling "do's and don't's." Marcel Vogel explains and demonstrates the use of crystals as a channeling aid. Terry Cole Whittaker explains channeling your own Higher Self. Ken Carey explains the process he use for channeling, the part imagination play in the process and
leads a fascinating do-it-yourself exercise. Because one channel follows fast
upon the heels of another in this video, the viewer is able to see the great variety
and individualism that channeling encompasses. This helps to demystify the process and make it more accessible and self-empowering.
-Paul Simon

Constance Cumbey said...

To all:

I have had a death of a close relative (my closest in age first cousin -- the other half of a pair of identical twins, the other who predeceased him in death two years ago). We are one month apart to the day in age. I will be traveling to Fort Wayne, Indiana for James Butler's funeral. Pray for me and for the Butler family. I was the first born on both sides of my parents' families. Jimmy & Johnnie Butler came along 30 days later. I am saddened at the family loss. I will take my traveling computer with me, but may be relatively inactive on line those three days this coming week.


Constance Cumbey said...

To all:

Potentially dangerous New Obama initiative. If it is terrorists they are going after, I'm equally apprehensive of the dangers. BUT the potential to define "fundamentalist" Christians as threats appears all too real to me. The case of the very cultish and abusive New York State Church, Word of Life Christian Church, will no doubt be used as justification to broaden the search to include Fundamentalist Christians.

Read about it here:



Anonymous said...

Hi all,

2 Timothy 3:7 says "always learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.".
I read some boasts in the comments from some who claim huge amounts of knowledge (and I am not referring to Constance).
What is the point of professing to know so much here and doing absolutely nothing with it.
What about the masses blissfully unaware of just a fraction of the info some people claim to hold in this blog.
Do something with it.
I can boast ( not that I want to but in the hope it stirs people to action) that myself and a few others have worked together and very successfully reached millions of people through Youtube and the web about false teachiing and cults (and thats verified stats not wishful thinking).
Get with the times and do something before its to late.
Theres more than enough room for the truth just get it out there (but make sure it is the truth).
I respect Constance as one of the first to blow the whistle on the New Age at least she got out of the trench to lead a charge, that was and is bold action.

God bless

Constance Cumbey said...

To Anonymous 7:47 AM,

Thank you!


Marko said...


My condolences to you and your family. You will be in my prayers.

Thank you for the book reference, and thanks to Susanne for the review.

At Amazon, there was a link to another book by the same author called "Emma Goldman: Revolution as a Way of Life (Jewish Lives Series)".

Emma Goldman was apparently more of an anarchist than a communist, though the roots of both are closely intertwined. Most importantly, she was a rebel. This is the main factor in a syncretistic overview of New Age, Communism, Marxism, the Occupy movement, the "radical" middle - they all are dissatisfied with God, the fallen world they find themselves in, and their state of being. So they rebel.

The need to belong to a part of something larger or more powerful, which the C.S. Lewis lecture Susanne linked to hints at, in an attempt to "overthrow" the imperfect world and create a better, more perfect world, is what is behind most, if not all of the bad people and movements we see in history. Ironically, the radicals and rebels and tyrants, in attempts to make things better for themselves and for the world, usually end up making things much, much worse.


Marko said...


From a review of "Emma Goldman: Revolution as a Way of Life" on Amazon:

Legacy of Red Emma.
By F. Braueron February 1, 2012
Format: Hardcover

Emma Goldman: Revolution as a Way of Life by Vivian Gornick, though only 142 pages, turns out to be an interesting and educating book. The tumultuous life and turbulent times of Red Emma, as she was nicknamed by the press, are skillfully shaped by the biographer into an engaging narrative. Possessing good command of history, Vivian Gornick explains Emma Goldman's ideological make-up. With eloquent brevity she presents the tenets of Anarchism and sketches the political profiles of its founding fathers- Proudhon, Bakunin and Kropotkin. Nor does she skip Chernyshevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov or Maxim Gorky - the luminaries of Russian literature, who filled the minds of Emma Goldman's generation with a mélange of romantic ideas from self-improvement and free love to struggle against the czarist regime. A feminist leader in her own right, Vivian Gornick did not hesitate to criticize Goldman's unorthodox views on marriage and free love.

Emma Goldman was born a rebel. Possessed from childhood by a dibbuk of defiance, she was seeking fulfillment in any struggle - be it against capitalist exploitation of workers, oppression by state bureaucracy, military conscription, or inequality of women. She helped her comrade-in-arms Sasha Berkman to organize the revenge assassination of H.C. Frick in 1892. Frick survived, Berkamn was imprisoned for 14 years, but Goldman got off for the lack of evidence. The anarchist assassin of President McKinley, L. Czolgosz, was inspired by the fiery rhetoric of Goldman's and Berkman's speeches. After organizing a campaign against military conscription in 1917 the couple was imprisoned for two years. Upon release from prison, in December 1919, they were deported to Soviet Russia.

That deportation turned to be a blessing in disguise. Horrified by the coercive nature and genocidal politics of the Soviet regime, Goldman and Berkman became among the few revolutionaries who not only understood the evil nature of Bolshevism, but had the courage to tell the truth about it to the rest of the world. The book "My Disillusionment in Russia" published in 1924 is a powerful document which, at least to some degree, vindicated Red Emma's legacy as an anarchist agitator and preacher of free love. Unfortunately, Vivian Gornick, following the earlier biographers, criticizes Goldman's "...negative...depiction of what was still revolution in trouble" failing to realize that it was the Russian people who were in trouble. The mass executions in Petrograd were already a routine by October 1918.

It is logical to assume that to qualify for inclusion in the Jewish Lives series, the biographer should have examined the effect the 'revolutionary life' of Emma Goldman had on the Jewish People. Sadly, that part, arguably the most tragic part of Goldman's legacy, is missing.

Having enough of the anti-American activities of red goldmans and berkmans, the US authorities introduced the Immigration Act of 1924, which reflected the discriminatory sentiments [that] surfaced in the public during the Red Scare of 1919-1920. This Act, reversing the policy of unlimited immigration from Eastern Europe, resulted in de-facto cessation of Jewish immigration. Hundreds of thousands of Jews, who were later trapped in Nazi dominated Europe and eventually perished in Holocaust, could have been saved had the gates of the USA remain open.


Marko said...


Emma appears to have tried to warn other fellow travelers of the dangers of what was happening in Russia, but her warnings fell on deaf ears. From another book review of "Emma Goldman: Revolution as a Way of Life" by a more sympathetic-to-the-red-cause reviewer:

In 1923, Emma’s book, My Disillusionment with Russia, was published to virtually everyone’s dismay–including her own. The publisher had changed the name from My Two Years in Russia, and had omitted the most crucial material: her analysis of what had gone wrong. This analysis, in Gornick’s estimation, was too “overwhelmingly negative–a black-and-white depiction of what was still only a revolution in trouble, not yet a full formed totalitarian state.” Ultimately, she claims, the book provided ammunition for deeply counter-revolutionary forces.

Soon after its publication, a grand dinner was given for Emma, attended by much of London’s intelligentsia –including Bertrand Russell, Havelock Ellis, Edward Carpenter, Rebecca West, H.G. Wells–who mostly hadn’t read her book. During her talk, almost everyone rose and left the room, one by one. From then on, Emma found herself largely alienated from a weakened American and European left. Despite the brutality of the Spanish Civil War, Emma was happiest when she was welcomed to Catalonia, once it, and surrounding regions, had experienced a genuine workers revolution by a united left.

(Link to review:

I wonder how many New Agers will realize the mistake they made in signing onto that program when they see the horrors that will be inflicted upon the world by the Antichrist and his system? There were those who left the ranks of Nazism, and of Communism. One may never know, but a hopeful thought here: When fighting the New Age now, we may never know the influence we have until those times. There may be those who turn against the horrors of the system in place at that time, and who may even be a part of an influential "anti-Antichrist" movement, who read books warning of the dangers of the New Age movement, or who maybe even read some of the postings here.

Because something may seem "inevitable" as we see it in our limited understanding, and even as we understand it as fitting into what the Bible says must happen to fulfill prophecy, is no reason to not oppose it with whatever means we have, yes?

An always interesting subject for me has been: When is it right to rebel, and when not? Rebellion, after all, was the first sin against God, and He does not take kindly to it. There are only certain times and places when it is right in God's eyes to rebel. Knowing what those are is important.

Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

Please accept my sincerest condolences on the passing of your first cousin, James Butler. May he rest in peace.

I will certainly keep you and the Butler family in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Constance, more false information isn't helpful. As I said, you have a following who will stick by you. No problem. You solely exposed the New Age movement as far as I know. No matter what, you brought it to public attention thirty five years ago. It was a major service that deserves major credit.

No one here knows what I've done on my own. No problem. I don't brag. I don't talk about what I've overcome. I don't talk about my personal problems that get in the way of exposing what is going on. With me it stopped being personal a long time ago. I don't brag on this blog in detail about my actions and work behind the scenes. It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is how much information about the New Age movement gets out so that we are all protected from the loss of freedom.
I wish I knew more fighters by name or cover name. I haven't found any except for individuals who pick away at surface manifestations such as Common Core. They have a huge following at places like Invisible Serfs Collar. Check it out. There are many individuals who have come and gone after exposing what is going on. They couldn't get past the lack of support they were seeking. Others never tie their cause to the larger New Age movement because they don't know it exists or deny it exists. Even Marko, trooper that he is, is not familiar with the New Age history. He could fight better if he knew what is involved, but what he does is OK.

Read the book Trebinka to see what has to be overcome in exposing the New Age network which has a parallel with the Nazi movement.

Susanna said...


Good post!

Re:Possessing good command of history, Vivian Gornick explains Emma Goldman's ideological make-up. With eloquent brevity she presents the tenets of Anarchism and sketches the political profiles of its founding fathers- Proudhon, Bakunin and Kropotkin.

FYI, Proudhon and Bakunin were satanists!!!

Pierre Proudhon, the father of anarchism, is probably best remembered for writings like his “Hymn to Satan”! Anarchy is technically the absence of law, but also the idealized final phase of Marxism......when the state "withers away."

Ultimately, Satan is a perfect symbol of the mission of socialism, as well as Marxism and Fascism — which is to remake the world of mankind without any reference to God. An echo of the rebellion which took place in the Garden of Eden.

Mikhail Bakunin, who described Marx’s beloved Hegelian political theory (the materialist version Marx concocted to replace Hegel's "idealist" version) as the “Algebra of Revolution” was a self-professed Satanist and given that he had a colossal problem with authority figures — starting with God - he was also an anarchist, albeit a "mystical anarchist."

In his book GOD AND THE STATE, Bakunin wrote:

...The Evil One is the satanic revolt against divine authority, revolt in which we see the fecund germ of all human emancipation, the revolution. Socialists recognize each other by the words “In the name of the one to whom a great wrong has been done.” Satan [is] the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds. He makes man ashamed of his bestial ignorance and obedience; he emancipates him, stamps upon his brow the seal of liberty and humanity, in urging him to disobey and eat of the fruit of knowledge.......

Bakunin also wrote:

...In this revolution we will have to awaken the Devil in the people, to stir up the basest passions. Our mission is to destroy, not to edify. The passion of destruction is a creative passion......

Sergei Nechayev was a disciple of Bakunin and his book CATECHISM OF A REVOLUTONARY (1868) served as an inspiration for Saul Alinsky's RULES FOR RADICALS. The main principle of the "Catechism" — "the ends justify the means" — became Nechayev's slogan throughout his revolutionary career. It was rumored that at the time of their Geneva exile (and has been claimed by some contemporary writers) that the 55-year-old Bakunin became infatuated with the young Nechayev, and the two secretly became lovers.

Nechaev founded a small revolutionary group known as The People's Retribution (Narodnaya rasprava), which was outlawed in Russia after the murder of one of its own members in 1869 by Nechayev and several comrades.


Susanna said...


In Dostoyevsky's novel THE DEVILS ( a.k.a. THE POSSESSED ) this incident was fictionalized and Nechayev became the model for the Pyotr Stepanovich Verkhovensky character who murders his revolutionary associate Shatov.

In THE DEVILS, Verkhovensky tries, as part of his strategy, to persuade a nobleman named Stavrogin to assume the role of "Ivan the Crown Prince," a kind of Russian messianic "lost king" analogous to the British King Arthur or some of the 19th-century post revolutionary pretenders to the French throne ( i.e. Louis XVII ) that the socialist-oriented occultists tried to set up as "Le Grand Monarch."

Even during the French Revolution, the revolutionaries, knowing that their biggest problem was that of legitimacy, depicted King Louis XVI as wear the "Bonnet Rouge" ( Phrygian Cap/Liberty Cap/Bonnet Phrygien)and tried to set him up as the mouthpiece for the Revolution in order to legitimize it. In 1792, when Louis XVI was induced to sign a constitution, popular prints of the king were doctored to show him wearing the bonnet rouge.

By way of analogy, this has certain similarities to the section of THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA entitled THE LAST BATTLE in which the "enlightened ape" named "Shift" and his simian comrades use an old lion skin to disguise a donkey named "Puzzle" as the REAL lion Aslan with a view to making Puzzle serve as Shift % Co.'s mouthpiece.

When Shift discovered the skin of a lion in Caldron Pool, he had Puzzle retrieve it at great peril and later wear it. The loyal donkey originally didn't want to wear the skin, but nevertheless was tricked into imitating Aslan, and Shift used him to gain control over his fellow Narnians, and later hand them over to the Calormenes.

As Shift's actions became increasingly evil, he also became increasingly human in his appearance and in the way he presented himself. He donned human clothing and explained that he was not an ape, and that if he appeared as one, it was only because he was "so very old: hundreds and hundreds of years old."

Shift gained the power to pursue these actions by tricking Puzzle into impersonating Aslan, the true ruler of Narnia, using his claimed humanity as 'evidence' of his great wisdom to justify how he was the only one who could speak to Aslan. Later, to secure the assistance of the neighboring country Calorman, he insisted that their god Tash and Aslan were one of the same (syncretism).....calling him "Tashlan."

Shift met his end when he was thrown into the stable by Tirian, where Tash ate him.

"You know you're no good at thinking Puzzle, so why don't you let me do your thinking for you?" ―Shift talking to Puzzle

Sound familiar????

paul said...

I'll never understand how people can equate Christian fundamentalists with Muslim fundamentalists. The only way it could be, is that virtually no one in this country is aware of the ongoing genocide of Christians at the hands of Muslims. Our media refuse to report it !
They torture and rape and murder Christians on a DAILY BASIS in Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, North Korea, Somalia and other places. Our network and cable media not only refuse to report any of it, but when they do report murders, they fail to mention that the murder is of Christians for the sole reason that they are Christian. All this is done in the name of Mumm'it their leader who himself was a murderous thieving megalomaniac.

paul said...

_But then you get a glimpse of how they raise their children and things almost make a (kind of) sense:

Anonymous said...

Let's get down to business. The she said she said of past information gets those fighting New Age no further. Constance has posted a link based on her research dealing with those pretending to fight what is going on. The link dealing with Marc Rubio is very important. It shows how far the infiltration has gone. I will admit I liked his presentation, but now I am troubled. This is the very important link Constance posted.

Here New Age is spoken about very openly. Can it get any more open?

What are you going to do to get this information out. Do you consider it important enough to share with others based on what you can tell them about the New Age movement? If you can't connect it with end times is it of any value to you?

Anonymous said...


Agreed that Christians suffer as you say in all those places, but North Korea isn't Islamic; it is run by a would-be Antichrist type.

paul said...

Thanks, but as I understand it, Islam is really just an extention of the Semiramis /Ashtar/ Baal/ Molech, etc., religion of old which
goes all the way back to Nimrod of the Bible.
The crescent moon and star run all the way from Babylon to now and Islam is just the latest incarnation.
Islam is anti-Christ through and through.
That's how old the "New Age" is. What they all have in common is a desire to replace the one true God with the heros and
exploits of mankind.
Your point is taken though; Kim Jong Il is just another garden variety megalomaniac with no Izlummox pretentions.

Anonymous said...

This is Anon/3.06pm. Islam did not in fact use the crescent moon as a symbol for many centuries. It is a creator-god monotheistic religion in which the personality attributed to the creator is grotesquely distorted from that revealed in the Bible. So it is not New Age but it assuredly has the same source, for we know who is behind that distortion. you can see the antipathy between the two unGodly systems, New Age and Islam, on the India/Pakistan border where Hindus and Muslims have shed huge amounts of blood fighting each other in the last 13 centuries.

paul said...

Amen 6:08,
I remember seeing the movie Gandhi, which to my shame is about all I know about India, other than the fact that they joined the billion club in population about ten years ago.
I've also seen the movie A Passage To India, twice, which is was an awesome flick, and did shed a lot of light on that subcontinent
for me.
I did read somewhat about India in the history books by Will Durant years ago but I can't remember; did Buddism grow out of Hinduism, or did Hinduism grow out of Buddism?

Anonymous said...


About that new Obama czar to target "fundamentalism", we have the same problem here in Britain - a Prime Minister who speaks of taking robust measures against "extremism" because he hasn't the guts to say "Islamic extremism" which we all know is the threat. Within weeks we were told that denying gay marriage in a school context is "extremism".

Anonymous said...

"No one here knows what I've done on my own. No problem. I don't brag. I don't talk about what I've overcome"
That is commendable.
Good on ya.

The bitterness that comes through your words to Constance, though?
Not good on ya.
You should make that right and patch that up. Constance is your friend, and ours, in the new age battle. She is still fighting a good fight, and not your enemy. Perhaps you have lost sight of that.

Anonymous said...
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Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I think that Dorothy's focus on the New is Nazi related and anti semitic related only. this IS a core issue, but not the only one. when it comes to serious efforts
to relocate Jews and Christians and anyone interfering with humanity's "ascension"
to some other realm of manifestation more suitable to them (as Constance described
was the terminology in use) this Nazi extermination and manipulation of the
perpetrators and the victims would be OF CRITICAL IMPORTANCE.

What she can't manage is the idea that anything else has any relevance. But it does.
the most idiotic stuff out of Agenda 21 and environmentalism and free trade is all
part of the picture that would lead there to defend itself.

Another blind spot for her of course is that she in adhering to Judaism doesn't
get some of the stuff that only a Christian can understand, though I do not see
this whole thing as anything but a doomed to fail effort to install the antichrist.
mass possession and massacre could indeed happen, however. The implications of
the meditation thing and various undermining of Christian doctrine of course are
off her radar.

Dorothy has a big piece of the puzzle, and would do well to give analyses based on
some books like Treblinka instead of telling people to read a book (first reference
I think she's made) or mostly just complaining.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
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Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

The introduction takes issue with the Bruno Bettelheim (who being an early survivor should know)
and the Steiner thesis that the Jews went to their deaths passively. Frankly given that only two places
saw a revolt, only 600 in Treblinka of which only about 40 or more survived, I am not sure it does
disprove this. yes there were these networks and ways of dealing with things, but this was not about
revolt. 600 or more and whatever the amount at Sobibor out of 6,000,000 isn't much of a disproof of this thesis.

There is also something called "learned helplessness" which is not quite the same as the agentic
response, but figures in brainwashing and abusive families and whatnot, so does the agentic response
to a gre at extent. The victims were apparently more in the learned helplessness category and the
perpetrators in the agentic response category, aside from those who liked it and believed in it.

Of course the book doesn't deal with that, I am throwing that in from my years of reading.

It is also pointed out, that the young and puzzled sabras did not realize that heroism is not innate
to humanity, but what they took for granted as part of human nature had been inculcated in them

the victims were often in a state where they cooperated as a way of prolonging their lives. The victimizers
included Jews themselves, the sonderkommander or kapos who as the introduction writer puts it
figured they might as well cooperate in helping manage all this, because if not they would die and
die for nothing. and no one would be likely to resist with him, so "Foreseeing the submission of
the others, each man resigned himself to submit too."

yeah, okay, this book is more than just "by the time these sort of measures are appropriate it is a bit
too late."

there is also in the partial view discussion of how the Jews were managed on the ground outside of camps by figuring out their mentality and how to exploit it. I would recommend reading what there is of this even if you don't buy the book,
because next step is examine your own, and your various social circles' etc.
mentality, and see what is in it that could be exploited. Don't think such weaknesses are not there. It is this analysis, identification of drivers, and exploitation of these, that were a major part of why most Jews didn't resist.

Anonymous said...
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Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

riled because I presented with additional backup information what you couldn't get
out of your black blur to do?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

You made a really major statement when refering to Dorothy ...

"Another blind spot for her of course is that she in adhering to Judaism doesn't
get some of the stuff that only a Christian can understand, though I do not see
this whole thing as anything but a doomed to fail effort to install the antichrist.
mass possession and massacre could indeed happen, however. The implications of 
the meditation thing and various undermining of Christian doctrine of course are
off her radar."

Rightly so the only frame work to hold the New Age etc up to scrutiny is the Bible.
This is why so many unbelievers have a problem with the concept of the New Age and New World Order being an organised and planned movement.
They look at how old it is and look for proof of connections and central leadership to its various manifestations (branches) and cant find it (you only find the same or very similar tenants and practises are evident).
People are unwilling or unable to accept the truth that New Ages central leadership and command is spiritual (satanic).
To acknowledge that then means that sin and satan is real and they require saving by the One who is only True who warned us about this which is Jesus Christ.
Constance has seen many New Ages come to the Lord when then come to realise the truth.
Lets all pray for more to be saved as its the desire of God for people to repent and come to Him.

God Bless,

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

Point well made.
Hopefully people will not lose site of what the New Agers ultimate agenda is ... the installing of the antichrist.
All the rest is puff and wind.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

7:11 Which Bailey book was that in? Or did it come out of the Theosophical Society publications? Or are you talking about some other kind of New Age movement? Some imaginary one you made up in your head.

Anonymous said...

Christine is back. No learning will take place.

Anonymous said...
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Constance Cumbey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Constance Cumbey said...

I had a surprise package in my mail today. It was a review advance copy of the 40th Anniversary Edition Updated and Condensed by the Author MARK SATIN. The foreword is by David Spangler. There was a personal letter to me from Mark Satin. I'm reading it to see what is happening now. Not surprisingly, given my own observations on General Paul E. Vallely and his relationship to Michael Aquino AND the Tea Party, the letter to me interestingly reads:

"Probably none of your readers will "agree" with New Age Politics. But I suspect they'll find it challenging, fascinating, and stimulating, and Tea Party activists may find a surprising amount to agree with here . . . ."

I'll keep you posted. The book is to be published by Lorian Press, David Spangler's company. I'm certainly happy I didn't have to buy my copy. For those of you who want to look at it for yourselves, it will sell for $16.99 for the paperback and $9.99 for the Kindle edition.

A Kindle Edition? Maybe it's time for me to update my own book and Kindle would be a good way to go. Also, I need to do a book on what I went through in the process of exposing the New Age Movement between 1981 and the present time. I've been at it longer than the religious wars lasted in Europe. ("The 30 year war")


Constance Cumbey said...

The NEW AGE MOVEMENT by whatever moniker is as defined by its adherents, A NETWORK OF NETWORKS. Marilyn Ferguson, a participant leader, encapsulated it well in her book THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY (Tarcher, 1980). See page 216:

Luther Gerlach and Virgjnia Hine, anthropologists who have
studied social-protest networks since the 1960s, have christened
the contemporary networks SPINs (Segmented Polycentric
Integrated Networks). A SPIN gains its energy from coalitions,
from the combining and recombining of talents, tools,
strategies, numbers, contacts. It is Gandhi's "grouping of unities."
Like a brain, the SPIN is capable of simultaneous connection
at many points. Its segments are the small groups, which
hang together loosely on the basis of shared values. Occasionally,
by a kind of friendly fission, the SPIN has a spin-off. The
multiplicity of groups strengthens the movement.
Whereas a conventional organization chart would show
neatly linked boxes, the organization chart of a SPIN would
look like "a badly knotted fishnet with a multitude of nodes of
varying sizes, each linked to all the others, directly or indirectly."
These cells or nodes, in the social-protest movement,
arc local groups ranging from a handful o members to hundreds.
Many form for a single task and are here today, gone
Each segment of a SPIN is self-sufficient. You can't destroy
the network by destroying a single leader or some vital organ.
The center-the heart-of the network is everywhere.

Constance Cumbey said...
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Constance Cumbey said...

More from THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY that describes the thing known to us as "The New Age Movement". This is from page 217 and continues with Gerlach and Hines analyses combined with Marilyn Ferguson's.

These networks, Gerlach has suggested, produce valuable
local mutations. News of successful experiments travels swiftly
across the movement linkages, and they are widely adopted.
When the anthropologists first observed the networks, they
thought they were leaderless. In reality, Gerlach said, ''There is
not a dearth of leadership but an embarrassment of riches."
The leadership passes from person to person, depending on
the needs of the moment.
Because SPINs are so qualitatively different in organization
and impact from bureaucracies, Hine said, most people don't
see them-or think they are conspiracies. Often networks take
similar action without conferring with each other simply because
they share so many assumptions. It might also be said
that the shared assumptions are the collusion.
The Aquarian Conspiracy is, in effect, a SPIN of SPINs, a
network of many networks aimed at social transformation. The
Aquarian Conspiracy is indeed loose, segmented, evolutionary,
redundant. Its center is everywhere. Although many
social movements and mutual-help groups are represented in
its alliances, its life does not hinge on any of them.

Constance Cumbey said...

Christine, too many words. SHORTEN AND ENCAPSULATE.

Anonymous: TOO nasty towards Christine. Let's be charitable despite our differences.


Susanna said...

Constance, 10:05 P.M.

Re: Each segment of a SPIN is self-sufficient. You can't destroy
the network by destroying a single leader or some vital organ.
The center-the heart-of the network is everywhere.

Interestingly, this was - and perhaps still is - the organizational principle of liberation theology in Central and South America. Each individual unit of the network was called a "base community" and it was autonomous.

Constance Cumbey said...

To all: Dorothy does have a lot of expertise and she clearly sees more than the anti-Semitic aspects of the New Age Movement. I think we could all be much kinder to each other.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


its an effective means of organizing and not unlike tribal society trading networks,
especially once they break free of bloodlines and operate with a more individualistic
streak. Also the early church was like this as you look at the New Testament, highly

The Internet is the same way, designed to survive nuclear war, if one node went
down others remained.

Susanna said...

Christine, 10:29 P.M.

Re: its an effective means of organizing

You are right. It is an effective means of organizing, and in and of itself, there is really nothing wrong with such an organizational strategy.

But when used by shady characters for shady purposes, the means becomes tainted in view of its evil end.

Constance has discussed the networking strategy of the new Age Movement in her book HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW. This strategy has certain similarities to the networking strategy of Marxist liberation theology. Most of the New Agers are politically socialist.

I don't pretend to be the last word, but my educated guess as to the reason why New Agers favor socialism is because the collectivism inherent in socialism and communism is compatible with the monist view of reality inherent in the philosophy of the New Age Movement.

Insofar as Marx was a materialist, his view of reality was monist.

Here is an excellent and relevant article by Peter Kreeft.

The Pillars of Unbelief—Karl Marx

One of my favorite lines of the essay is as follows:

All Marx has been able to do is to play Moses and lead fools backward into the slavery of Egypt (worldliness). The real Liberator is waiting in the wings for the jester who now "struts and frets his hour upon the stage" to lead his fellow "fools to dusty death" the one topic Marxist philosophers refuse to face.

The so-called "Liberator," of course is Satan.

Susanna said...



One of the chief arguments against materialism is that if the human brain and all its functions are exclusively material, then how is it that the human mind is capable of considering immaterial concepts such as justice, love, universals, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Anyone reading what Christine posts should remember the lines,
A Little Learning by Alexander Pope
"A little learning is a dangerous thing ;
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring :
There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
And drinking largely sobers us again......"

Bettelheim was exposed as a liar, a cruel individual whose information should not be trusted. Those who were conned by him have reason to support his work and memory.

Christine is far from an expert on either Christians or Jews. Her comments about Jews and the Holocaust fall into the category of a little learning. They are best described as disinformation. If anyone wants to know my opinions on any New Age topic, ask me. Simple as that. I can deal with criticism of Jews and Israel, but I will not respond logically to what is clearly antisemitism.

New Age is a resurgence of the Nazi philosophy and that is of importance to both Jews and Christians. Hitler and his followers, including Muslims, had hatred of Christians. Christians were needed to be meat for his army. They were to be disposed of or used as servants for the Nazis who were to be given the land that the Nazis took over.

The extent of the New Age movement is described in the book Whole Again Resource Guide. The first edition had 1500 listings in 1982. A few years later the second edition had over 3200 listings. Mark Satin said of the first book, "This is one of the major guidebooks to the emerging new age culture, maybe the major guidebook. Over 1500 publications are described concisely, accurately and sensitively." Spend a few bucks and buy a used copy. The book is New Age at the popular level. It does not go into the political international level. Being blunt there is no movement exposing New Age anywhere. There is no Christian group exposing it. What is out there is mostly salesmanship by Christian salesmen.

What I think is happening is that the term is becoming more popular and open again, just as it was during the early '80s. The public has forgotten what was exposed by Constance in the early '80's.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


interesting point about monism. whether from a material is all there is and spirit is an illusion,
or spirit is all there is material is illusion it is still monism. most people
don't get all this philosophy, socialism appeals to both ambition and legitimate
complaints and can get a mass movement going easier than elitism.

from the elite perspective the monism adds up to something like the legal view of
a wife in the old days, she and the husband are one person and that person is
the husband, (confuses one flesh with one person) in this case the people are all one and that one is the ruler or
elite class the rest are hypnotized by. Elites were always key factors in getting
revolution and socialism and whatnot going.

Anonymous said...

The Whole Again Resource Guide describes itself as a Guide to magazines, newspapers, journals, newsletters, sourcebooks, directories,bibliographies.

Featuring these major topics which are further divided on the table of contents : "animals, anti-nuclear, appropriate technology, astrology, birth, bodywork, channeling, communications, community, conservation, cooperatives, death, diet, directories, drugs, economics, ecotopics, exercise, feminist, gay, holistic health, homesteading, human rights, mindwork, native people, new age, nature religions, paths of devotion, peace and social justice, public interest, psychic studies, sex roles, solar energy, spiritual growth, ufo and fortean, yoga."

Thirty three contributors are listed. This large size book uses pages 283-315 for the locations of these sources and the index.

This is the kind of research I've done on the New Age movement. These are the kinds of books I have. I made it a point of documenting what I learned. The commandment is a warning not to bear false witness. It is not a suggestion.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
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Constance Cumbey said...

Dorothy, much more of a movement than you think, but as the lines of communication have been down between us for so long, I don't feel free to share.


Constance Cumbey said...

Dorothy, there are other important resources out there. The Whole Again Resource Guide that has been in my own library since the beginning is a useful reference for sure. But it isn't the only one. There is no movement in the Christian world because there was bluntly an organized movement to tell Christians there was nothing to the New Age Movement. "Experts" such as Walter Martin and J. Gordon Melton worked jointly to confuse the Christian community and make them think the entire threat was Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons. There was active collusion between that crowd and New Age leadership. Paul Temple and Mark Hatfield played serious roles in the confusion as did CHRISTIANITY TODAY. Seminary students were threatened not to quote my books in their papers and dissertations, unless they were to dismiss me as a "conspiracy theory." You fail to see the extent of the persecution and the last few years, bluntly, I haven't felt free to share with you what has transpired. I operate on a shoestring but had well funded opposition. BUT, I do believe God was my/our side and that was all I needed., The word on the New Age Movement did go out on a world wide scale. Yes, it is resurfacing big time now and the themes are pretty much the same as when I started. There will come a time when the New Agers or their successors will prevail, but then again, you seem to not want to hear from Christians talking about "End Times."

That might be an impediment to your own full understanding.


Anonymous said...

Constance I know all of that. As my entire extended family is Catholic and I have many Catholic friends with whom I share information about the New Age movement, the idea that I don't want to hear from Christians is quite far fetched. You know all of that. Yes, I do expect everyone who wants to talk about New Age to get past "end times as the sole piece of information about the New Age movement. It is basically an excuse to avoid learning and warning others but which makes people feel good about themselves. People who know absolutely nothing about the New Age movement, have never encountered a sentence of information talking about end times is understandable. If a person cares about others, about family, about neighbors there is an obligation to warn others what is going on.

What I hoped others could pick up from the book Treblinka was courage to act even when things seem hopeless and dark, when no one seems to be doing anything to fight back. The courage to speak out even when others think the information is stupid is important.

There were Christians and Jews who took a stand, who fought back, who were courageous during the 30s and 40s. They risked their lives. Now no one has to risk their lives, yet so very, very few, Christians or Jews speak out about what is going on around us. I've seen people try to warn others, only to drop out after becoming more and more hopeless. I know only too well how many sacrifices I've had to make over the last 35 years. I know how it is to be attacked, insulted, ignored by both Christians and Jews when trying to make others aware. There is absolutely nothing I've gained personally from everything that I've done. I can identify with those portrayed in the book. There were many times I encountered new information only to realize there was no one I could talk to who knew more than some basics.
You aren't the only one who can say been there done that.

That's enough feeling sorry for myself. It gets boring even for me to point it out.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

a critical issue is raised in that kindle view of the book Treblinka, that the
sabras were puzzled how non heroic people were, they thought heroism was innate
to human nature, but it isn't. it was ingrained in them from infancy, just like
many things (incl. supposedly sex linked inclinations to courage or fearfulness,
honesty or manipulation male and female respectively and many traits thought to be
racially linked turn out to be ingrained from infancy, not childhood INFANCY in
a culture, extract the child young enough it will grow differently).

Dorothy, I think you were the one who was constantly on the warpath about Christian
issues being discussed here in the past few years.

And if you want people to get an idea then SAY it like you did now.

somehow the idea of courage and of NOT going along to get along needs to be

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
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Anonymous said...


Re Hearing from Christians
The Bible's prophetic warnings are the very reason we were and are on the lookout for the New Age.
I think you must not obsess on the New Age movements progress as it will not garner more respect from the average hearer, their more likely to class you as a looney... one merely needs "enough" info to convince people of its danger and purpose.
Given the New Age's spiritual nature and purpose how can you not allude to the Bibles warnings....
under the caveat of a good delivery (not bible bashing) people fully expect it ... to not do so smites of bias or maybe lack of confidence and sincerity.
Constances first book was a best seller to christian and non christian alike.... (what was surpriseing was the vehement reaction from some religious people).

God Bless,

Ruth of Exeter said...

Thank you Constance and everyone for highly stimulating and informative posts. To my fellow Brit - on the subject of elite paedophilia being exposed- yes, absolutely. Why should these folks let us any where near what is a standard method of entrapment?

I know of two news sources who cover this subject - the UK Column and Field McConnells's Abel Danger website. I look at both websites, and both Brian Gerrish and Field McConnell are Christians. Yet it distresses me that the glittering alternative to the current global system, aka the New Age, and it's spiritual source, is not discussed on either site. And I know that many of the young enthusiastic supporters of the Column and its allied speakers and writers are New Age to the core. I know that Brian wants to reach as many people as possible and will happily talk to all sorts of groups, including Muslims of good will, but he needs to be told who he is associating with. He recently spoke at a conference which included the egregious Zen Gardener. We could do with some more Christian commentators on the UK Column Forums.

I would be interested to hear opinions on Field's website by the much more experienced commentators here. He and his colleague David Hawkins are talking about the British Empire's 'Great Game' or 'The Grand Chessboard' of Brezhinski fame, and the alleged vileness exposed on the site is breathtaking and barely credible, though it is of a piece with the vileness personified by Michael Aquino and his associates.

CS Lewis is a fascinating character. I loved his Narnia books as a child and they very definitely gave me and glimpse of the Christian world view, and he had a huge impact as an apologist to the educated, and yet. And yet. His work is being used in some strange and disturbing ways.

Everyone should read or retread 'That Hideous Strength'. It's no great shakes as a novel but is very revealing of the Freemasonic method of entrapment by initiation, of the glamour of being invited towards that Inner Circle mentioned above.

I have also been rereading Wurmbrand's 'Marx and Satan', so was thrilled to see the information on Bakunin et al.

Question to our Catholic researchers: in his Novel 'Vatican', Malachi Martin refers to a power grouping known as 'The Northern Aliiance'. I t includes a very British Church of England couple who sound like they are working for 'The Plan'. Are we talking Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry with its roots in the Reformation? I would love to hear views on this....

Thank you as always, Constance, and condolences to you and your relatives.

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Ruth of Exeter,

Thank YOU for your own very excellent inputs. You ask about C. S. Lewis. Susanna and I may be of differing minds as to some aspects of his work. I am not so quick to clear him of occult tendencies based on my personal research and experiences with some of his present day followers, including but not limited to Art Lindsley of the C. S. Lewis Institute in Washington, D.C. Lindsley played a heavy role along with Doug Coe and Paul N. Temple in the entire Gold Lake fiasco of October 1987.

C.S. Lewis had very close associations with Owen Barfield, a major leader of the Anthroposophical Movement of Rudolf Steiner. Steiner was bluntly an ardent Luciferian and actually wrote that when Jesus promised to send his the Holy Spirit he actually meant "the Lucifer Spirit."

Worse yet, Steiner's version of the Trinity was "Christ, Lucifer and Ahriman." It has been over 20 years since I viewed some of those books. An internet available paper found at this link will give you references:


The English scholar, James Webb, author of THE OCCULT UNDERGROUND, THE OCCULT ESTABLISHMENT, and THE HARMONIOUS CIRCLE viewed all of the Inklings group as occult. The information I first read 30 years ago on this is found in THE OCCULT ESTABLISHMENT, the middle work of Webb's series on occult subjects.

Interestingly and disturbingly, Lucis Trust made boasts that C. S. Lewis was one of their forerunners:

The article I read was in the November - December 1983 issue of the Beacon. The Beacon is Lucis Trust's official magazine. The article is on page 178 of the November/December 1983 issue and is by Hope Kirkpatrick. It is entitled "C. S. Lewis, Dispeller of Glamour: A Forerunner." There are other approving references to C. S. Lewis in other Beacons.

Where Lewis was coming from or where his heart truly was, only God knows. But it is interesting that supposedly Christian Wheaton College located in Wheaton, Illinois (also the American headquarter city of the Theosophical Society) has a virtual shrine dedicated to C. S. Lewis and Owen Barfield. Furthermore, Owen Barfield did on some occasions speak at Wheaton College about his friendship with C. S. Lewis and used the opportunity to tell the students all about their "higher self." See OWEN BARFIELD ON C.S. LEWIS, Barfield Press. That book opens with the first printing of an address Barfield gave to Wheaton College on October 16, 1964, the year of Lewis' death.

Interestingly, a large share of the opposition I received to my work against the New Age Movement came from people from that section of Illinois. It is virtually impossible to miss the New Age Movement and its Mother-ship the Theosophical Society if one is in Wheaton, Illinois, population approximately 57,000. The Theosophical Society building and grounds are a very prominent part of the landscape of that town.

Well, I've probably raised more questions than answers. Now, I've got to get moving. It's a long drive to Fort Wayne, Indiana from Lake Orion, Michigan where I have to go for the family funeral.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I think Lewis was a classic case of coming into Christianity with some pagan baggage.
The whole British and American intellectual scene was heavily shaped by a revival
of interest in "pre Christian" better known as pagan philosophy, art, values of
the more civilized sort. Various ominous things were reduced to the cute. This
began in the Renaissance and only got worse. the Brothers Grimm collected folk tales
many of which had to be cleaned up when presented to children. all this is the
groundwork for pagan revival.

some of the occult revival crowd, being born and bred in Victorian propriety, drew
the line at more extreme and vicious stuff, considering it "left hand path" or
negative entities or nonhuman elementals whose nature and values are different and
inimical and if they are incarnate in someone can be seductive but tend to solve
the resulting problem by running off to party with someone else. I am drawing on
Dion Fortune's views here as I recall them. that something can be inherently
unhealthy for humans because incompatible with them, like predators and prey
but it isn't demons. the latter were recognized as existing and opposed but the
artistically nice and great civilization connected false gods of Egypt were
considered okay.

a couple of generations later and all hell breaks loose as the influence of these
things admitted to people cause more and more trouble.

A slightly deranged person on the street in Palo Alto was of the opinion that
witchcraft was being practiced in churches. I thought it was nutty, not knowing
in the 1990s how things were, but now I think he was right, but it was not
Christianity to blame but the infiltrators.

But he and I worked out in conversation (I figured out what he was trying to say
and he agreed that was what he was trying to say) that whenever someone does ANY
kind of magic, even socalled white magic, no matter how good the intent, a rift
is created, and something evil slips through to mess around with other people for
a while. Also, that mind reading (apparently the invasive kind) done to children
causes brain damage to them. Given what I've been through I think he is right.

unfortunately last heard from he thought "the mother goddess" was okay and didn't
realize she was the problem. But this would be a case of some decency and recognizing
some of a problem while failing to ditch all of it and failing to investigate
Christianity more and rejecting the twisted version he ran into while assuming it
was the real thing.

Anonymous said...

People who read what Christine writes: Treblinka was a concentration camp in Poland. Sabra was a term used to describe native born and was first used in 1945. They were not talking about sabras in Treblinka. Correcting what Christine writes is a major distraction from sharing information about the New Age movement and what is going on now. Did anyone notice she claims to know more about New Age than Mark Satin? Given she comes out with so much bull, she holds back research on New Age more than any single individual in decades, that is because here is the most prominent place to share information on the topic.

For others, remember the Bible had a development history of several thousand years before the New Testament was added. Somehow that part gets forgotten.

Yes Constance, I know there are many books with information about the New Age movement. I have a huge number of them. I brought up Whole Again for two reasons. One, it shows what was already known about New Age in 1982 when your book came out. Your summary went far beyond what was allowed out at the time. As you yourself said, the movement began to resurface in the late '70s when it was hoped the Nazi connection with the occult was forgotten. Second to challenge the charge that I only knew the Nazi and antisemitic parts of the New Age movement, a very stupid comment from the local white magic, gray magic disinformation queen who continues to make false charges. Unfortunately so many early readers of this blog have dropped off or they would have supported what I knew. I do believe it has been Christine's game to kick away any serious researchers who might otherwise post here. It is clear to see why.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
"I think Lewis was a classic case of coming into Christianity with some pagan baggage."

Would you be open to being told that folks here could readily say the same thing of you, perhaps even more so?
Not trying to be ugly, but simply suggest that you should be in your prayer closet before the Lord to see if that is true or not. If a real christian, this would not offend you and you would make your own private effort before God and his word, to see where issues turn up.
And would find yourself grateful for others insights and discernment where yours in terribly lacking.....that is, if you are humble and true in relationship to Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 13:5

Anonymous said...

Between Christine's White Magic, Gray Magic and disinformation added to the history of disappearing posts, this isn't exactly the most trustworthy of sites. I'll have to recreate my last one and start writing again on notepad before I transfer the post over.

To those who read what Christine writes. No, she doesn't know more about where New Age infiltration can be found than Mark Satin did in 1982. Sabra us a term used to describe native born Israelis. "According to the The Dictionary of Slang (Hebrew) by Israeli linguist Ruvik Rosenthal, Jewish immigrants to Palestine began using the term in the early 1930s. The term was used by the Zionist movement, to celebrate the "New Jew" that emerged in Israel. Unlike the bourgeois "old Jew" born in the Jewish diaspora, the "New Jew" was a kibbutz member or a farmer. The "Old Jew" often spoke broken Hebrew with a heavy accent, while the sabra spoke the language as a mother tongue. Unlike the "Old Jew" who did not fight for his self-defense, the Sabra fought in the Jewish resistance movements, in the Palmach and after the establishment of Israel in the Israel Defense Forces. Wikipedia They were not talking about Sabras in the book Treblinka which was in Poland.

Constance, I am well aware of the many books written that refer mostly erroneously to the New Age movement.. Huge numbers of them appeared in the Christian bookstores just after your first book came out for two reasons. The first was to distract from valid information on the New Age movement which appeared in your book and the second was to cash in on the market. I visited many of those bookstores in the Chicago area to see if somewhere, some place, valid information was coming out. As I had attended the University of Chicago I was familiar with Powells, a used bookstore near the university campus which professors used to get rid of books they were sent. I regularly went to Powells over three decades to see and buy what professors were getting on the topic.

I posted information on Whole Again to show what was available in the way of information in 1982 as your book came out. As you know the New Age movement went public again in the late '70s when they believed the public had forgotten the Nazi occult connection which had shocked me earlier when I ran across occasional references in places such as the 1938 book The House That Hitler Built. I also posted that information to show what I knew of the extent of the New Age movement. Although it was suggested I write my own book, I didn't because there was no market for it in the Jewish community which is quite small and tight knit. Only in the Christian community was there a market for the information, probably thanks to all of the publicity that came with your two books. The strictly secular community found information primarily in the New Age bookstores where the information centered around the "spiritual" side. Most of the academics also wrote about it as a new religion. To get information about the political side was difficult. As more and more New Age ideas have been absorbed by the general culture, New Age bookstores have tended to get much fewer in number. The old type occult bookstores or the santaria ones didn't carry much New Age information.

Does that give a better idea of what I know about the topic? I've been very respectful of Christian authors such as Lee Penn, having traveled to get to read copies of his academic writings before his book came out and before such information was available on the internet. I even bought a bulk quantity of his book to hand out. Unfortunately when it comes to the topic of religion and serious research, the Christian community can also be very tight knit.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"To those who read what Christine writes. No, she doesn't know more about where New Age infiltration can be found than Mark Satin did in 1982."

I didn't say anything remotely resembling that, nor was I referring to Mark Satin or even thinking of him when I wrote that in the 1990s I didn't know what I know

" Sabra us a term used to describe native born Israelis." I thought everyone knew
that. the introductory remarks in that book you can find in the partial view you
can for free at DOES mention them, as wondering how could Jews go so
passively to their deaths, the sabras not realizing that heroism is not innate to
human nature but instilled in them, the sabras, from infancy.

It would be nice if you would check your facts before you criticize.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said... the Rainbow Swastika details New Age
hostility to Jews. (as distinct from the pink swastika which details the hidden
homosexuals in Nazism. Rainbow here refers to the New Age and pagan use of the term.) online book several chapters.

Susanna said...


Despite the fact that C.S. Lewis and Owen Barfield were life long friends, Lewis heartily disagreed with Barfield's Anthroposophical beliefs.

The Great War (CS Lewis, Owen Barfield, and—Anthroposophy)

CS Lewis, when speaking about Owen Barfield, once said that there are two kinds of best friends a person can have. One was the type of friend Lewis had during his younger years in Arthur Greeves, and this was the kind of person with whom you had everything in common. The other was the kind of friend he had in Owen Barfield, and this was the type of friend with whom you disagree about everything: "He has read all the right books but has got the wrong thing out of every one... How can he be so nearly right and yet, invariably, just not right? He is as fascinating (and infuriating) as a woman."

Owen Barfield was a lifelong friend to CS Lewis despite their differences in opinion. They were introduced during their days as students at Oxford by another student, Leo Baker. Baker was a priest with the Anthroposophical Christian Community and taught at one of the early schools started by the Anthroposophical Society to promote the spiritual philosophy of Rudolf Steiner widely referred to as Anthroposophy.

Anthroposophy itself would become a lifelong point of contention between Jack and Owen. Barfield was enticed into joining the Anthroposophical Society in the early 1920's after hearing Steiner lecture on the subject.

Steiner's spiritual philosophy was based on mankind being a part of the creative thought behind the development of the world, both spiritually and materially, that man's will was there from creation, and that will took part in all decisions that would influence the evolution of the whole world and man's place in it. Like many spiritualists groups of the day, Steiner introduced meditative techniques involving visualization and concentration of the will in bringing man back into a conscious state whereby he could regain his lost knowledge of those latent creative forces which a devotion to materialism had made him to forget. He believed that when enough people had regained this knowledge of themselves and their capabilities that mankind would enter a new evolutionary stage of consciousness. Anthroposophical teaching, along with various apocalyptical prophecies from the Mayan; the Hopi Indians; and several other sources including the Bible itself, were the basis for the New Age movement of the early 1970's. Steiner was careful not to espouse a pantheistic philosophy that replaced God with a super-consciousness that encompassed every living thing. In his mind, God was still the chief architect, but he allowed man to have a much larger part in running the world than traditional Christianity had taught.

Lewis, however, was not convinced and once described Anthroposophy as "a kind of Gnosticism". The Catholic Church agreed and denounced Anthroposophy condemning it as far back as 1919.....
read more....

Susanna said...


My sources also indicate that when C.S. Lewis definitively became a Christian, he rejected his former occult beliefs. When he did allude to the occult in his writings, it was to warn people of the dangers awaiting them should they choose to go over to "the dark side."

One very interesting friend that C.S. Lewis made in the course of his literary career was a Roman Catholic priest named Father Don Giovanni Calabria, manager of an orphanage in Verona, Italy. He started a series of homes throughout Italy for abandoned adolescents, and was the founder of the Congregation of the Poor Servants of Divine Providence.

Father Calabria first wrote to C.S. Lewis in 1947 after reading The Screwtape Letters. From this came an earnest exchange of letters with particular emphasis on all matters theological. As Father Calabria did not know English and Lewis did not know Italian, the two corresponded exclusively in Latin.

C.S. Lewis and Father Calabria corresponded periodically over the course of seven years, from Father Calabria’s first letter to C.S. Lewis until Father Calabria’s death in 1954. After Father Calabria's death, C.S. Lewis continued writing now and then to another member of Calabria’s congregation, Don Luigi Pedrollo.

Read more:

The book in which the aforementioned letters between C.S. Lewis and Don Giovanni Calabria have been published are entitled THE LATIN LETTERS and are available at Amazon.


As for Father Don Giovanni Calabria, he was beatified on April 17, 1988 and canonized on April 18, 1999 by Pope Saint John Paul II and is now known as Saint Giovanni Calabria.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

You made to comments....

1) "whenever someone does ANY kind of magic, even so called white magic, no matter how good the intent, a rift
is created, and something evil slips through to mess around with other people for a while.
Also, that mind reading (apparently the invasive kind) done to children causes brain damage to them.
Given what I've been through I think he is right."

2) "something can be inherently unhealthy for humans because incompatible with them, like predators and prey 
but it isn't demons".

Its not very clear are you saying that you don't believe in the exsistance of demons and that mind reading abuse from childhood has damaged your brain

Anonymous said...

Third attempt to post this information. This time broken down into several sections. This is the first of three parts.

Between Christine's White Magic, Gray Magic and disinformation added to the history of disappearing posts, this isn't exactly the most trustworthy of sites. I'll have to recreate my last one and start writing again on notepad before I transfer the post over.

To those who read what Christine writes. No, she doesn't know more about where New Age infiltration can be found than Mark Satin did in 1982. Sabra us a term used to describe native born Israelis. "According to the The Dictionary of Slang (Hebrew) by Israeli linguist Ruvik Rosenthal, Jewish immigrants to Palestine began using the term in the early 1930s. The term was used by the Zionist movement, to celebrate the "New Jew" that emerged in Israel. Unlike the bourgeois "old Jew" born in the Jewish diaspora, the "New Jew" was a kibbutz member or a farmer. The "Old Jew" often spoke broken Hebrew with a heavy accent, while the sabra spoke the language as a mother tongue. Unlike the "Old Jew" who did not fight for his self-defense, the Sabra fought in the Jewish resistance movements, in the Palmach and after the establishment of Israel in the Israel Defense Forces. Wikipedia They were not talking about Sabras in the book Treblinka which was in Poland.

Constance, I am well aware of the many books written that refer mostly erroneously to the New Age movement.. Huge numbers of them appeared in the Christian bookstores just after your first book came out for two reasons. The first was to distract from valid information on the New Age movement which appeared in your book and the second was to cash in on the market. I visited many of those bookstores in the Chicago area to see if somewhere, some place, valid information was coming out. As I had attended the University of Chicago I was familiar with Powells, a used bookstore near the university campus which professors used to get rid of books they were sent. I regularly went to Powells over three decades to see and buy what professors were getting on the topic.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 3 on the repost
I posted information on Whole Again to show what was available in the way of information in 1982 as your book came out. As you know the New Age movement went public again in the late '70s when they believed the public had forgotten the Nazi occult connection which had shocked me earlier when I ran across occasional references in places such as the 1938 book The House That Hitler Built. I also posted that information to show what I knew of the extent of the New Age movement. Although it was suggested I write my own book, I didn't because there was no market for it in the Jewish community which is quite small and tight knit. Only in the Christian community was there a market for the information, probably thanks to all of the publicity that came with your two books. The strictly secular community found information primarily in the New Age bookstores where the information centered around the "spiritual" side. Most of the academics also wrote about it as a new religion. To get information about the political side was difficult. As more and more New Age ideas have been absorbed by the general culture, New Age bookstores have tended to get much fewer in number. The old type occult bookstores or the santaria ones didn't carry much New Age information.

Anonymous said...

Part 3 of 3 of the third time repost.
Does that give a better idea of what I know about the topic? I've been very respectful of Christian authors such as Lee Penn, having traveled to get to read copies of his academic writings before his book came out and before such information was available on the internet. I even bought a bulk quantity of his book to hand out. Unfortunately when it comes to the topic of religion and serious research, the Christian community can also be very tight knit.

Anonymous said...

Adding to Anonymous 5.38pm...

The "Truth" is the only way to set someone free... being Jesus Christ who is the way the truth and the life.
Christine have you considered possibly the dangers of focussing to much on the New Age.
Spending much more time in the Bible and solid biblical teaching and prayer is the only safe way to not get caught up in deception from reading material by the New Age and occultists.
The Bible gives ample warning of those things done in darkness.
When you find obsession with these matters its a sure sign of a demonic foothold in a person.
(This by the way its not from a novice but from someone who has seen people set free).

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 5:38

I made it clear that I was reporting the attitude of Victorian magicians who had Victorian morals embedded in them keeping them from accepting some evils.

yes I think there was psychic invasion of me ongoing from childhood. I have detailed
all this in my posts about my biological so called mother.

Craig said...

Herescope just posted this article by Lanette Irwin:

Parliament of the World's Religions 2015: An Eyewitness Account

See in the following how they denigrate the three monotheistic religions (see October 17th seminar here:

Kill them (Qu’ran), Do Not Spare Them (Torah), and Cast Them Into Everlasting Fire (New Testament): Context of Difficult Religious Texts:

While public opinion polls put the established religions among the most respected institutions in the society, there is a persistent notion that religion is a force which divides people instead of them together. For this reason, the interfaith movement has taken the Hans Kung quote as a mantra, “No Peace Among Nations until Peace Among the Religions.” Some of the criticism of religion is driven by the abuse of the sacred texts by extremists. It is therefore of high importance that interfaith movements understand the actual context of the difficult passages in the scriptures and how they are understood by different groups; only then can they be truly effective in developing harmony between faith communities.

From Irwin’s article:

… I attended several sessions to get a grasp on the coming agenda of attacks on the Bible-believing church. I attended these sessions reluctantly, biting my tongue, but I noticed several phrases repeated over and over - to the point I stopped attending the third day as I could recite the chant by heart!

The Christian view of “salvation” has the inclusion/exclusion message of “we are in - they are not.” The interfaith movement cites this as an evil. In other words, to say Salvation is by Christ alone, and there is a Hell and there is a Heaven is not accepting of other faiths. It is exclusive, unaccepting of other religions, especially because they believe “God accepts all, God is in all.” The Christian orthodox view of Heaven and Hell will no longer be tolerated as they says [sic] it divides humanity….

Anonymous said...

So I gather that your mother was into the occult and even up to now you are still carrying that baggage.
You won't get free of it till you forgive her and get clean of it yourself.
It surrounds your thinking in your posts here because you keep going back to it.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I pray for her soul now and then. that's all the forgiveness required since she
did not repent as far as I know certainly never apologized. Read the Bible better.

Anonymous said...

Too late to pray for her soul as she is already in eternity, but not too late to forgive her for your own soul's peace with the Lord. I read the Bible just fine and obey it too, not perfectly but go to the Lord when convicted (that is often) to make sure I am keeping a short account with Him. Have forgiven a good number of people who never asked for it because I needed to be free myself to be able to move on and operate in love and forgiveness myself. Because Jesus forgave us fully we should do as He said to do and if grateful for our salvation we will want to obey. Obviously you are not free so you should obey it. Either obey it or quit talking about it, because it isn't real in you if not put into shoeleather.....
By the way, there are many people here you have never apologized too. I have had to do that many times myself and up until I draw my last breath, will need to make sure as much as lies within me to live at peace with others. Forgiveness both ways is key to that. You should know this already but don't seem to.

Constance Cumbey said...

To Susanna:

I'm interested in your inputs on somebody I consider to be a not so good fruit of C. S. Lewis: Fr. Bede Griffiths.

I'm writing from my sister's living room in beautiful Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

No you don't read the Bible just fine.

Matt. 18:15-17 ends with (after efforts to get repentance have failed)

"let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican."

these were people His audience rigorously avoided, excluded, ostracized.

get it?

As for her final condition in eternity, that is not settled until the Last
Judgement, as Rev. 22:11 context shows. If it does not refer to the time after
the Last Judgement, then there is no repentance from John's time to now. Often
misused to deny any chance after death. Jesus said all things are possible with
God, and that He Jesus has the keys of death and of hades (which is all the unseen
world especially of the dead, both nice section and uncomfortable section).

I reject her and what she did. period.

2 Tim 1:16-18 and 4:19 Paul speaks of Onesiphorus, but never as if he is alive,
rather his household is referred to and "The Lord give mercy unto the house of Onesiphorus,...." and then "The Lord grant unto him that he may find mercy of the Lord in that day:"

this is how the Macabeans prayed for sinful dead, that the Lord give them mercy
on the Day of the Lord, the Last Judgement. this shows how it was customary for
Jews to do at that time. the rejection of prayers for the dead originated with
the Reformation, an overreaction to RC making a racket out of masses for the dead
and the unbiblical purgatory doctrine (as distinct from the possibility of escape
from hell before the Last Judgement).

Onesiphorus is never mentioned WITH his household only separately and mercy asked
for him "on that day." Prayers for the dead even unbelieving dead go back to
the days of the early martyrs, when martyr St. Perpetua prayed for her dead brother
in hell while waiting to die, clearly she received no teaching that the dead do
not benefit from prayer for them.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ is the Yes and the Amen of God so what He did and says about forgiveness stands.
Saint so and so and you yourself are not the authority on these subjects of forgiveness or praying for the dead. Jesus is.
We are to ask for forgiveness and we are to give it is taught in the Bible and many examples given to demonstrate that. You seem to fail in both aspects of this according to what you've said.
And you botched the teaching in Philemon so bad I have no words..
You have had no mercy for your mom and Jesus said blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. Your rejection words are very hard because no sorrow in them. That is troubling--for you.
Matt 5:38-42 states Jesus' own words about forgiveness and 43-48 His words about loving one's enemies.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Anon 9:59

how could I botch a teaching in Philemon when I didn't even reference that letter?
don't talk to me about the Bible when all you got is New Age unconditional
forgiveness new age unconditional love and you can't even tell 2 Timothy which
I cited as such, or Matthew 18 which I cited as such from Philemon!


I have quoted you chapter and verse on that over and over and you cling to your
traditions of men that contradict Jesus' words!

Jesus' words are also the reason I started praying for the dead when I was
still protestant.

By the way, Luther considered that the Body and Blood of Christ ARE literally
present in the Eucharist, it was more blasphemous and more heretical Calvin who
denied this.

Paul's words stand on their own also, it is obvious he is talking about a dead
PRAY FOR THE DEAD. its not a question of her authority, but of her actions as
testimony to what the early church believed and taught.

now since you refuse to listen to Jesus' words,

and you can't tell Philemon unmentioned from 2 Timothy and Matt. 18 mentioned,

don't talk to me till you've read the Bible for yourself, straight through
Matthew's Gospel at one sitting, straight through an Epistle a day at one sitting,
and stop relying on whatever half baked emergent or charismatic or insipid whatnot
pastor you are running to.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Matthew chapter 18 verses 15-17. READ THEM FOR YOURSELF. NOW.

Anonymous said...

Onesiphorus was the slave of Philemon and that book is all about forgiveness. And your point about whether is he is alive or dead is not clear at all, does not make your point so you missed it on both topics. Read the Bible and no cherry picking either. If you are humble with these hard topics you will read them correctly and might be where you have gotten so off track, ya think?

Sorry, botched is exactly the word for your "teaching" this evening.
We are the sinners and God is the judge and He reserves that for His great white throne judgment, meanwhile we are to live forgiven and forgiving......but that is if, if is the operative word for you to note, if you are actually in the faith to begin with.
It has been suggested you go get that whole issue right before God in your prayer closet.
Now is a good time.

Anonymous said...

How about you don't speak at all? Especially since you are taking over this thread just like you do all of them.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

You are right!
And now you are wrong,,,,because in my mistake I actually made the point about forgiveness that you can't stand.
Forgiveness is unconditional.
Behaviors are another story and can have conditions/accountability held to them and that is why you are wrong. Lovelessness and forgiveness go hand in hand. Your disdain shown here and especially to your dead mom is case in point, that you have missed that theme entirely.
Not good for you, all this bad stuff in your heart, and posted widely here.

Maybe you need these words tonight...Jesus loves you.

Anonymous said...

Pardon. Lovelessness and unforgiveness is what I meant to say.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 10:51

"Forgiveness is unconditional."

in your New Age emergent heretical liberal unbiblical church maybe.


Matt. 18:15-17.

Marko said...

May we consider that just because someone evil thought well of C.S. Lewis and even cites Lewis as an influence in their thinking, does not make C.S. Lewis himself evil?

I have no doubt that Lewis's writings have brought people to Christ - maybe as many or more than were taken to the Dark Side from the same.

Just my two cents.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


than you. The Narnia series is not so good and has the most paganism in it, though
it has some good warnings in some parts.

the rest of his writings are far less problematical, and the Screwtape Letters
are priceless, not only for advice (reverse read it) but for humor. Some very
funny scenes are in it.

And that advice to Wormwood, to get everybody to work on such "unselfishness" that
instead of being honest about preferences, tea indoors or on the patio, they
are "unselfish" and argue for what they think the other person wants and end up
in a big fight.

Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

Re: I'm interested in your inputs on somebody I consider to be a not so good fruit of C. S. Lewis: Fr. Bede Griffiths.

I don't think it is quite accurate to categorize Fr. Bede Griffiths as a "not so good fruit of C.S. Lewis." For one thing, unlike C.S. Lewis who reconverted to Anglicanism, Griffiths, who was originally Anglican, converted to Roman Catholicism in spite of his anti-Catholic mother. One is left to wonder what that was all about.

Randy England discusses Dom Bede Griffiths on pages 70 to 72 of his book The Unicorn in the Sanctuary: The Impact of the New Age on the Catholic Church(Rockford, Illinois, TAN Books and Publishers, Inc., 1991.)

According to Randy England, Bede Griffiths tried to blend Hinduism with Roman Catholic Christianity. He was a student of C.S. Lewis at Oxford and converted from unbelief to Catholicism at about the same time Lewis was undergoing his own conversion to Anglican Christianity. At Oxford as an undergraduate he formed a 40-year friendship with CS Lewis who said of him that he was 'one of the toughest dialecticians of my acquaintance'.

According to Randy England, "The initial religious formation of Dom Bede Griffiths, O.S.B. was minimally Anglican. Of immense influence upon him was his early reading of the Hindu Bhagavad Gita and other books of Eastern spiritual wisdom introduced to him by a friend of his mother. This friend, who was to have such a strong effect on him, was a Theosophist....."

It would appear that although C.S. Lewis and Griffiths became life long friends after Griffith's days at Oxford, it wasn't Lewis who influenced Griffiths in his ambition to become a "Christian guru/"swami".

Apparently, Bede ran afoul of the Catholic hierarchy after "going native in India:

'Going native' created tensions with the Catholic hierarchy as did Bede Griffiths' remarkably progressive views. These included believing that homosexual love was "as normal and natural as love betwen people of the opposite sex". He advocated inter-faith communities and wanted a Church that was more concerned with love than sin. He realised that God was feminine as well as masculine and was one of the first advocates of married clergy and ministries for women. Like that other great Catholic mystic Thomas Merton who also travelled to the East Griffiths believed that meditation should take a central place in worship.


Susanna said...


More than a decade after his death Bede Griffiths' teachings are still creating controversy. The headline for this article is taken from a February 2005 article in the National Catholic Reporter which opens with these words:

'This man, Bede Griffiths, is dangerous. That the Benedictine monk died at his Shantivanam (Forest of Peace) ashram in India in 1993 at the fine age of 86 does not alter the fact--except to the extent his death intensifies our understanding of our own situation.

Griffiths, this Hindu sannyasi (ascetic), a Catholic priest, elegant in his writing, in person charming, in death could too easily be diminished into icon-only status. His is a pleasing lithograph of shoulder-length flowing hair, neatly trimmed swami beard, handsome face, kindly if penetrating eyes bordered by haloes and swirling smoke of incense.

His writings belie the image. They are danger-daring prods, cautions, lures, inducements, challenges, barbs, warnings and reassurances from a man who found nature first, and through nature God, and through God Catholicism, and through Catholicism Benedictinism, and through the monastic life, Eastern mysticism.'

Although heresy for some post-Vatican 2 Catholics Bede Griffiths views were remarkably in tune with the zeitgeist of the late 60s. He was, apparently celibate, and said that 'when I was young I might have been a homosexual' but towards the end of his life formed close relationships with several female students. His progressive views found an audience and in the 1980s he became a leading figure in Christian-Hindu dialogue and often visited the U.S. where his talks drew large audiences. He died at Shantivanam in 1993 and his work is continued today by the Bede Griffiths Trust, part of the Camaldolese Institute for East-West Dialogue based in California. Visit their website for related audio files, there are audio interviews with Griffiths on the BBC website......


Susanna said...


The following article at EWTN sums things up quite well:

In conclusion: It would seem that the contemporary Catholic approach to India is far better exemplified by the work of Mother Teresa of Calcutta than by the accommodation to Hindu theology and polytheistic religious practices exemplified by Dom Bede Griffiths. And it is clear that the work of Mother Teresa is inspired by the ideal of the corporal works of mercy which Christopher Dawson was giving voice to in the letter we have just quoted. It is ironic that Dom Bede seemed unaware of the value of the work of Mother Teresa and how it manifested the value of an authentic Catholic spirituality which found its center in adoration of our Eucharistic Lord.

Susanna said...

Dear Marko,

Re:May we consider that just because someone evil thought well of C.S. Lewis and even cites Lewis as an influence in their thinking, does not make C.S. Lewis himself evil?

Excellent point. it would seem, moreover, that C.S. Lewis didn't have to own anyone's opinion as a condition of friendship.

Anonymous said...

If anyone actually wants to see how changes are rapidly taking place in the culture, changing things quite rapidly in both politics and the culture, daily check the huge number of articles linked to at

During the 30s and 40s there were many Nazi front groups working in the US. Many businesses worked with the Nazis. Many newspapers wrote favorable stories about Hitler.

Same song second verse. Recognize New Age changes when you see them.

Anonymous said...

Just because you are losing your freedoms, Christians are being killed, America is going downhill thanks to the New Age networks, do take into account that it's all being done by really nice guys, smiling females like Hillary, well meaning jokers like Biden, well meaning blowhards like Trump, Muslim little kid tricksters like that clock maker who only had to pull apart an old electrical kit to get an invite to the White House. Illegal invaders? What illegal invaders who happen to kill Americans who make them mad. Just what is all the complaining about? It must all must be some kind of misunderstanding. or maybe

Anonymous said...

Islam is not New Age, 2.03am. There is one enemy but many forms of evil.

Anonymous said...

Charles Williams was a lot darker than Owen Barfield among CS Lewis' friends in the Inklings.

Anonymous said...

Christine, forgiveness is absolutely unconditional in the New Testament. The passage you quote, Matthew 18:15-17, is about order in the church, not attitudes of the heart. The point of forgiveness is to prevent oneself from becoming bitter.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


the attitude of the heart in considering a person a heathen and publican to be
avoided is clear. you cling emotionally to someone bad you risk getting sucked into
whatever is wrong, including such states of mind as they want you in so they can
prey on you (and even if they are gone others can prey on you).

your misinterpretation of the Bible facilitates evil.

there is NO UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS in the Bible it is conditioned on repentance,
and sometimes God shows mercy in overlooking things He will get us out of later.

your separation between personal and "order in the church" is false. Jesus spoke
to people who lived in community and who operated in community and when you
couldn't get a person to quit and then tried again with witnesses to establish what
was said, so no one could lie or forget who said what, and this still didn't work,
then the next step was to STRIKE the evil doer at the level of his social identity
"where he lives" so to speak, with one more chance for repentance built in.

The matter was to be taken to the congregation (Jewish in that case Christian later)
and the priests and elders and people to decide, and the evil doer still doesn't
repent, still refuses to admit he or she is wrong despite now hearing from people
who he or she can't kid him or herself are just biased or people he or she has
to respect instead of exalting him or herself,

and they declare that person is wrong,

then that person is excluded from their society. from their company. and also
likely from their economic activities (the person runs a business? do business
with someone else.)

Anonymous said...

4:41 am The internet makes it so easy to show to others documentation. Try it.
Secret Tradition of Islam "By LIFE SCIENCE FELLOWSHIP
"The initiatic journey to Islamic soil has been a repeated theme of European esotericism, ever since the Templars settled in Jerusalem and the mythical Christian Rosenkreuz learnt his trade in "Damcar" (Damascus). We find it in the lives of Paracelsus and Cagliostro, then, as travel became easier, in a whole host that includes P. B. Randolph, H. P. Blavatsky, Max Theon, G. I. Gurdjieff, Aleister Crowley, Rene Guenon, R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, and Henry Corbin. There was very likely some element of this in Napoleon's Egyptian campaign of 1797, when he announced to an astounded audience that he, too, was a Muslim.."
- Joscelyn Godwin1 (check the footnotes for authoritative sources

This does not mean every Muslim studies the core of their religion. Most accept religion as a matter of family inheritance on a popular level. This does explain why Muslims were able to work so well with the Nazis and what is the core of Muslim political action now.

Anonymous said...


"the attitude of the heart in considering a person a heathen and publican to be
avoided is clear."

And how does the Bible say a Christian should treat such people? With love or hatred?

"there is NO UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS in the Bible it is conditioned on repentance"

Salvation is conditioned on repentance, but that is God's business not ours. What did Jesus pray about the persons nailing him to the cross?

"your misinterpretation of the Bible facilitates evil."

Yours facilitates bitterness, a terrible thing that eats the soul.

Anonymous said...

Forgiveness is love the sinner. (unconditional)
Accountability is hating the sin. (punishment that fits the crime)
Chrsitine practices neither and her bitter posts are proof.
Forgiveness is freedom...release. She won't release her deceased mom in still despising her so that bitterness clings to her.
No religion or ism gets this right.
Only Christ-----and He taught us from His word what this is-what it means-what it looks like.
His nail scars are His proof-the crown on His head says He alone could do this and why we are all subject to Him to receive (that freedom and release) asking & repenting (the humbling part) is proof that we can then give out what we freely received to others who are the same sinners as we ourselves know we are.
Her version of forgiveness and accountability are unbiblical and fit all of her many isms instead.
Sorry, Christine, no exceptions to Jesus' standard for this.
If you have been humbled in this already where is your humility in practicing it now?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
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Anonymous said...

Christine it's not clear whether you are addressing me (10.53am) or 11.00am, but we have to forgive people we might never see again, so as to keep from becoming bitter. Don't you agree?

paul said...

Thanks for those links.
Or should I say thanks for the horrible lousy news.
I guess I'd rather know about the flood which is washing over us all.
It's a flood of paganism washing over even the churches.
Paganism was always so scattered and undefined or multi-defined
for hundreds and thousands of years but these days it's organized
and interconnected and gigantic, and aggressive, and angry.

Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Loving somebody does not necessarily mean even liking them much and especially what they have done (or may keep doing). A relationship that is loving (from my end and the only one I am responsible for)) may have to be in spirit only and from a distance because have only few ways to come alongside a difficult somebody any closer than that. Civility is foundational in love and emotions can be expressed in varying degrees from there.
Christine your emotions betray you. Where is the civility toward your deceased mom's memory as in obeying the fifth commandment?
And how civil are you to folks here?
You need to be resolved in these matters.
Just saying......

Susanna said...

Anonymous, 4:45 A.M.

Re: Charles Williams was a lot darker than Owen Barfield among CS Lewis' friends in the Inklings.

This is true. In fact, he has been called "the oddest Inkling."


Anonymous said...

...for such a time as this. The last holdout to stand with Israel was Harper of Canada. Now he is out and in his place is this man who will be no friend to Israel. How timely and prophetic is this......

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

In reply to your comment at 11:53.

Read Romans 13:8-12.

You won't find exceptions towards loveing in that passage its very clear.

The commandment to honour your Father and Mother is clear also... using the term bitch in your comment when referenceing your Mother certainly isn't honouring.
Honour is due by virtue of your birth... honouring is not condoneing your Mums past actions... its more about respecting God, doing His will, the highest good for others,and your highest good... look at the promise He makes to those whom honour their parents "your days will be long and prosperous".

I know this is hard to hear and I wish it was not such a public forum but ... have you considered that you may be harbouring unforgiveness towards God because of your Mum.
I say this because over many years of ministering to fellow Christians aberrant biblical views are usually rooted in unforgiveness towards God.
Satan tempts people to get back at God by attacking the Word and yet they will confess to be Christian... its a very deep seated unforgiveing blame game at work ... it needs to be de throned for the person to walk in the fullness of what God wants for them.
Still more importantly to move from causes to the cure.
(Please do not think that I am against you dear sister in Christ thats not my intention... I want you to be healed.)

Heres a very helpful website check out its contents (like any website this does mean I endorse everything on it ).

Its American based so that should be easier for followup.

With love in Christ,
New Zealand

Anonymous said...


Correction to my last post... I meant to say "like any website it does not mean I endorse everything on it."

New Zealand

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

GRant and everyone,

you don't go by just one passage. you go by ALL passages and figure what fits
your situation.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

checking those verses they aren't even relevant to the argument

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

they are claiming the church of the Holy Sepulchre. this is going to put them
on Russia's radar. I think the "Palestinians" are going to face the wrath of a
combined Russian Jewish force one of these days. Either that or God is going to
blast them when they try to interfere with the Holy Fire Ceremony.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said... the Turban and the Swastika
English subtitles. seems the Grand Mufti's family was one of those who
profited from sales of land to Jews. then decided to make trouble.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:28 PM

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
7:29 PM

You are oo right. You pay no attention to other posters. You would never give a hat tip. You just babble on to yourself endlessly

Constance Cumbey said...

Christine, as I have said before TOO MANY WORDS -- too many posts and you are monopolizing the conversation by so doing. I'm in Indiana and just home from the funeral viewing. I am reluctantly going to delete several of your posts.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you Chrsitine but unconditional love is in the bible.
It is called agape (greek) and is given with no thought of whether it is deserved.
This is the love of God freely given to us (the undeserving) because it is simply the nature of this love to do so.
And we are to give this freely because to us it has been freely given. (if we have by faith actually received it in our hearts).

Your constraints on the text don't match up to what Jesus said, demonstrated, and taught.
John and James, whom Jesus called the sons of thunder, were changed by it after his death and resurrection, and no longer sons of thunder---but became fully men of God and fishers of men, who loved others (even when persecuted) the way their Master taught them.

You could not be more wrong about this topic and in need a heart check.
Especially since you admit to being numb. Not a good sign.

Anonymous said...

I was wrong about this too years ago. Didn't know about it because I thought the Lord only wanted to judge me, so.........@ 12:26 AM I made a mistake because I'm not sorry to tell you about unconditional love, I'm glad to tell you about it!

That agape love of God (that is the love demonstrated the cross of my Lord, Romans 5: 8) changed my life!!!

And can change yours too.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Christine, can you prove from the Bible that it was the people, rather than the thick-hided animals they owned, whom Jesus whipped out of the Temple courts?

As for the whip, I've seen Monty Roberts keep a horse moving round the perimeter of a small circular area by standing at the center and flicking out something like what the NT describes and, very deliberately, it wouldn't have hurt a human let alone a thick-hided animal.

Ruth of Exeter said...

"The masses are therefore to disappear. The body is to become all head. The human race is to become all Technocracy."
"I see," said Mark. "I had thought that the intelligent nucleus would be extended by education."
"That is a pure chimera. The great majority of the human race cannot be educated. Even if they could, the day for a large population has passed. It has served its function as a kind of cocoon for Technocratic and Objective Man. Now, the macrobes, and the selected humans who co-operate with them, have no further use for it."
"The last two wars, then, were not disasters in your view?
"On the contrary, they were simply the first two of the sixteen major wars which are scheduled to take place in this century."
Mark sat with his eyes fixed on the floor. He was occupied with the conflict between his resolution not to trust these men, and the terrible strength of an opposite emotion. For here, here surely at last (so his desire whispered him) was the true inner circle of all, the circle whose centre was outside the human race-the ultimate secret, the supreme power, the last initiation. The fact that it was almost completely horrible did not in the least diminish its attraction. Nothing that lacked the tang of horror would have been quite strong enough to satisfy the delirious excitement which now set his temples hammering.

CS Lewis, 'That Hideous Strength, Chapter 12


Anonymous said...

 Hi Christine,

You wrote "checking those verses they aren't even relevant to the argument" at 7:11 PM.

I qouted Romans 13:8-13 (see below) in reference to the need for us to love and said quote "You won't find exceptions towards loveing in that passage its very clear".
It may not be relevant to what ever arguement you are speaking of but it is relevent to how you spoke and feel about your mother.
Could you please reflect on this and consider it in the light of what I have just said.
Its not uncommon for someone who has suffered as much as you have to find it hard receiveing and giving love but I venture theres a great deal more of Gods love waiting to be poured out in your life.
We were accepted in the Beloved when we repented and turned to Him... we all owe people love because He loved us first.
May God bless you to overcome in Him.

Roman 13:
8  Owe no one anything, except to love one another; for he who loves his neighbour has fulfilled the law. 
9  For the commandments, “You shall not commit adultery,” “You shall not murder,” “You shall not steal,” note “You shall not covet,” and whatever other commandments there are, are all summed up in this saying, namely, “You shall love your neighbour as yourself.”
 10  Love doesn’t harm a neighbour. Love therefore is the fulfilment of the law.
 11  Do this, knowing the time, that it is already time for you to awaken out of sleep, for salvation is now nearer to us than when we first believed.
 12  The night is far gone, and the day is near. Let’s therefore throw off the deeds of darkness, and let’s put on the armour of light.

God bless,
New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Only by the indwelling Holy Spirit (who comes at the moment of salvation) can people have received, (that faith to repent and believe) and then in turn, give agape love (that will not even count this life dear for the sake of the Lord and others).
Somehow Christine you have missed this in all of your bible reading.
Grant is spelling it out very carefully and wonderfully for you.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


loving ones neighbor is not relevant to the mess I have talking about. Jesus in one
place warns against hating your brother without a cause and when asked who your
neighbor is gives the example of the Good Samaritan, who was neighbor to the Jew
he helped by virtue of having helped him, while high ranking members of his own
people disqualified themselves as neighbors.

a general benevolence is one thing. blindly clinging to some affection that ignores
reality is another thing.

the Matt. 18:15-17 passage is not about "order in the church" as opposed to personal
attitude it is precisely about a process that, absent repentance, ends in
giving up on and rejecting, by the individual harmed, that individual who refuses
to repent.

anon 4:17 CLEANSING THE TEMPLE MArk 11:15"...Jesus went into the temple and began to
cast them that sold and bought in the temple..." do you think they would leave without a fight?

John 2:15, 16 "And when He had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all
out of the temple," who is "them?" read prior verse "those that sold....."

note that first and THEN "and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the
changer's money, and overthrew tables;" violent scene, but not an out of control
rage look next

"And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence;..." dove cages not
hurled which would unnecessarily terrorize maybe harm the innocent doves.
Wrath of God but selective. no harm done sheep and cattle to move them along, and
the sin was that of the humans not the animals. the violence fell more on the

"meek" is not milktoast namby pamby mildness and mopraggery. do you think He would
whine "oh, don't do these things?" NO. this was a violent scene with punishment
as well as practical desired effect built in.

you don't need a "scourge" to drive animals a single stick and some waving and
yelling will do.

granted knotted cords might not be a classic knots throughout the cords to give
an extra impact, but this device was always explicitly designed for use on humans.

Anonymous said...

As always the "yabut" MCE.
Excuses and deflections, rather than real comebacks in toe to toe honesty, with what was said.

Grant, at least you tried.
She is granite.....but not greater than God's truth.

and so goes another thread............

Anonymous said...

anon 4:17 CLEANSING THE TEMPLE MArk 11:15"...Jesus went into the temple and began to
cast them that sold and bought in the temple..." do you think they would leave without a fight?
John 2:15, 16 "And when He had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all
out of the temple," who is "them?" read prior verse "those that sold....." note that first and THEN "and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the
changer's money, and overthrew tables;"

I take the synoptic gospels as filling out John. If Jesus drove out the animals then their owners would have had to follow them or else they would have lost their most valuable asset and be at risk of liability for the damage caused by rampaging beasts. I obviously accept that Jesus overturned the tables.

This debate could run on some time fruitlessly so can we agree that the passage does not give decisive information selecting between your understanding of it and mine?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
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Anonymous said...

No, you don't.
You just major in the minors, Christine Erikson, filling up this blog comments section (going against Constance while you do it).
That is the unreality you live in or you would become a real neighbor here.

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