Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas - Hope all survived the Ice Storm better than us

Winter has hit hard and awful here in Michigan.  We are victims of the ice storm and have been without power since Sunday morning.  There were downed wires along with downed trees in our Southeast Michigan subdivision.

Given what happened to others, including the Tennessee - Arkansas tornados, we still can't complain.  I am praying that God will spare us other extreme weather during this holiday season, especially for those traveling.

And, I am shamelessly praying that our power is soon restored.  Hotels here are filled with refugees from the county to the north of ours which caught the ice storm far more severely than us -- and we caught it bad enough.  A generous spirited client loaned us a generator which has warmed the house today along with the one lamp.  I have Verizon 4 g portable internet which is what is enabling me to post now in our one lamp outlet along with the furnace connected.   I had to make a rare use of my health club to take a badly needed shower and hair wash today.   I'm not opening the deep freeze which hopefully will remain that during the power outage.  Our turkey has been thawing since Saturday  and is in the refrigerator which is not reconnected.  I pray our power is restored as predicted, before 11:30 p.m. Christmas Eve.

At any rate, we are thankful for Jesus Christ and his birthing family enduring far more onerous and primitive conditions than those of which I complain today.

Merry Christmas to all and good night!



April said...

Hello Constance.

Merry Christmas to you and your Family!

I know you mentioned a concern about the ICE storm on your Saturday broadcast. I am glad your spirit is up, and you still have a sense of humor about it.

I was evacuated last June for three nights when we had a fire out here in the mountains of Southern California. It was very interesting how I just had to surrender and let God decide how things were going to work out. We did not have a lot of time to leave, and I was still in disbelief as I drove out of it all.

I found a very nice couple who let me bring my van over, and I was able to board my pets during this time. One day at a time.

I guess one of the best things about it is the memorable realization that I had received a special kindness from a few very good friends who were willing to go through something with me. God brings gifts through the storm.
Take care, Constance. God Bless You!


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

so much for global warming eh?

Glory to God for getting you guys through all the varied things. Maybe during the day at some point you could switch the generator over to power the freezer for an hour and back to the furnace? what kind of furnace do you have? I have a gas furnace and uses electricity only for the initial startup of a run to ignite the fire, after that it runs on its own until turned off.

a new Ice Age may be coming, global warming preceded previous ice ages.

anon 5:35 last blog, your taxes are not decreased automatically because of austerity measures. might even go up. your thinking is running on false assumptions.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Godly AD 2014 to all.

yay! I had a phone conversation with an old junior high school friend of mine I haven't seen since the 1960s!

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from a ghost of the past. New generations can take over from the ghosts of the past because nothing lives forever. Joy to the world as the new learns and takes over as a gift from the past It is a gift from the past that makes the new generation smile.

Anonymous said...


You are in our prayers. I hope that this resolves itself so that you and yours can enjoy the Christmas Season.

Wishing you and yours a Merry (warm and well lighted!) Christmas and all of God's best for the New year.

Dave in CA

Anonymous said...

Watch them say that it is due to global warming! Having failed to demonstrate that the mean (the average) temperature is rising, they now claim that there are more extreme events, so that now even extreme cold can be used to prove global warming. It's brilliant isn't it?

There are a few subtle effects in science which increase the standard deviation (the variation) without increasing the mean, but there is no evidence either theoretically or experimentally that the global weather system is like that. This argument is sheer propaganda. In fact there is not a rise in extreme events; we just hear about them more through better media.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

amen, Physicist. for once we are on the same page.

Much higher temperatures have been recorded in centuries before the Industrial Revoluion, it is just cycles nature goes through. Nothing more. I think an addiction to adrenaline being worried or gung ho and of course money addiction by those who gain from all this, is back of these scares.

Anonymous said...

Christine, I agree; in a little more detail nobody is denying that CO2 is a greenhouse gas - the question is by how much in an atmosphere that also contains abundant water vapour. The only honest answer from the theoreticians is that nobody knows, and the observations suggest not much at all. I am sorry to say that climate science has been corrupted by filthy lucre. Follow the money; all research is funded by someone, and there is no more reason to give a free pass to government-funded research as to privately funded research.


Craig said...

You "climate deniers"! (sarcasm)

Just this morning I happened upon the following, stating that those who deny so-called "global warming" are funded by "dark money":

The usual tactic of vilifying and ridiculing the opposition.

C said...

Merry Christmas to all!

Constance, I hope that very soon electrical power is restored to you, and other Michigan residents, in order to warm your homes.

In any case, let your hearts be warmed by the real reason for the season - that Jesus Christ, Immanuel, God with us, came to redeem those who accept His free gift of salvation. (Keeping in mind that He was likely born in September, rather than December.)

Craig said...

That was me above...

Constance Cumbey said...

Update: Power is still out. The generator is still on. The interactive DTE power outage map projects "estimated restoration time" as 11:30 tonight, BUT I'm nervous as nobody has shown up to our yellow taped line yet which did have downed wires. The generator is handling our furnace and one electrical strip only. My husband used it for coffee, the one lamp and charging this computer allowing me to write this using my portable 4G Verizon hot spot.

Nothing makes one as grateful for what they enjoy than doing without for awhile!


Susanna said...


I will keep you in my prayers over Christmas. I know what it is like to be without power for an extended period of time......for more than a week.

FYI When we lost power during the blizzard of 2011, we filled trash bags with clean newly fallen snow and packed them in our freezer. We did not lose any food. If you have snow on the ground, you might want to try this.

After the power came back, any food that began to thaw in our upstairs freezer, I simply cooked and refroze after cooking.

When all is said and done, that is what you get in many frozen dinners you buy in the grocery store......cooked meat that has been frozen after cooking. It keeps very well after it is cooked.

Anonymous said...

At the very least Constance you have been close to reliving that first Silent Night when everything was quiet. Such a night could make many value the people around them.

To those who come to this blog, realize you are a special group who are either making the world a better place or who can learn how to make it a better place for everyone who lives on.

Enjoy the yearly identification with all of the thoughts this day can bring.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

everybody if you have a gas stove, even though the modern ones rely on an electric spark to light them, it is not electricity that pumps the gas.

if you have a power failure, you can light the gas burners on the stove with a match, and cook and keep warm that way.

THE PRIMARY HEAT LOSS POINTS are head, hands, and feet. keep these covered at all times.

Constance Cumbey said...

Our power just came back on! Thanks be to God! Merry Christmas to all!


Anonymous said...

Festive greetings all! Regards, Javier Solana, SMOM.

Anonymous said...

9. "Associate yourselves (with the One World System), O ye people, and ye shall be broken in pieces; and give ear, all ye of far countries: gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces; gird yourselves (do all you can do), and ye shall be broken in pieces; gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces (emphatic).

10. "Take counsel together, and it shall come to nought (having minds of babes); speak the word, and it shall not stand: for GOD is with us.

11. " For the LORD spake thus to me with a strong hand, and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of thisi People, saying,

12. "Say ye not, 'A Confederacy (conspiracy or association), to all them to whom this People shall say, 'A Confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid.

13."Sanctify (regard as Holy) the LORD of hosts Himself; and let HIM be your fear, and let HIM be your dread.

14. "And He shall be for a sanctuary; but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offense to to both the houses of Israel, for a gin (trap) and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem (to all who live in these places who are deceived to not want God).

15. "And many among them shall stumble and fall and be broken, and be snared, and be taken (into their deception).

16. "Bind up the testimony, seal the law among My disciples (those disciplined in My Word, and who love Me).

17. "And I will wait upon the LORD, That hideth His face from the house of Jacob (those who have turned away from Him), and I will look for Him."

Isaiah 8: 9 - 17
Romans 13:

12. "The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.

13. "Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying."

Romans 14:

8. "For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord's."


Dear Lord God,

Thank you for your Word and your Truth, and for the blessing of knowing the true meaning of Christ's birth on this earth. Please bless Constance and her home, and protect her from those who want her to be afraid. Thank you for her life, as her love for you has been a blessing to many.
In Jesus Precious Name,

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

This is something recommended by who had to deal without a furnace and no power this is an emergency or RV or whatever propane heater.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Ruth Allan said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Constance from the UK (and a little late).

Thank you for all your hard labour over the years to waken people up. May your 2014 be blessed.

Oh and the same to my compatriot, Physicist, he of the wise and measured words.

And same to all the good folks here who love the Lord and are doing His work. And swift repentance to those who are not!

Christian Erikson (aka Juustin) said...

10:04 AM, stated: 'for once we're on the same page'.

Oh the irony!

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

10:04 AM .. you sure can tell 'em!

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

10:04 AM, you sure can tell 'em!

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

Was more blah n blither of yours you deleted or was it one of those trade-mark tantrums of yours?

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

Did you discuss any NAM or Pharmacutia counter-culture experiences of those flower-poison days? Or did you tell him about all the damage done to this blog due to a certain unmentionable posting incessant verbal diarrhea here on a daily ... no... hourly no... almost minutely basis, for the last year or two?

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

'for once we are on the same page.'

Oh the irony!

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...


A little patronizing, n'est pas?

Ruth Allan said...

Merry Christmas Christine!

Ruth Allan said...

Merry Christmas Christian!

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

A very Merry Christmas to you too Ruth.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 11:20 I see you have gone from vomiting to diarrhea. I do hope you get well soon.

what blog hogs, more space is spent yammering about my posts existence rather than addressing content intelligently, than I spend (or waste from some perspectives) posting.

I wonder who is really jamming here.....

meanwhile, Physicist has admitted that agendas can direct science, something he was loath to admit in another science context a few months ago.

paul said...

35,000 Mainers still without power and here comes more snow.
Oh well at least the temp is up to 15 degrees now.

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

'I do hope you get well soon'... touche, touche! Do keep taking the meds!

You have been jamming this blog for two years now by vomiting your diarrhea all over it! You‘ve given no heed to Constance‘s reasonable request that you cease and desist from overwhelming her blog with your hogging and your streams of pig dung here.

Physicist has a Phd in his field, what do you have - access to google? Lol!

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

See reply at 1.13 PM, and keep taking your ( BPD ?) meds!

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

Talking of degrees, Physicist has at least 3, ... that leaves Christine the blog-hog out in the cold somewhat as I'm sure you'd agree!

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

Spamming -
Nonsense -


Jamming -

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 1:13 access to google means access to a LOT of people with PhDs, some of whom are not in agreement with standard views.

Peace to all you blog hogs who vomit all over this place taking up space with your complaints.

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

Inquiry -
Spamming -
Nonsense -

Always ...

Jamming -

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...


Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

'... blog hogs who vomit all over this place taking up space...'

Muttering to yourself?

There, there now, do take your meds Christine ... and GET LOST!

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

my posts = 13 1/2 inches on this page.

heckler posts = 27 inches on this page.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Bergoglio's (Pope Francis)New Age doctor:

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

Oh those 'other people with Phds' relate a Sketch of information so that the ill educated lay-person (THAT'S YOU Christine!) can understand the BASIC premise/s of an argument.

'Merely googling', as you admit to being your avenue of ... erhem... 'research' does neither equip you nor entitle you to claim any real ability to dismiss the arguments of our resident Physicist (who is also well aware of the NWO, NAM, and, from what I understand, is a born-again Christian well versed in Holy Writ). He also has earned his Phd from Cambridge, which in 2012 ranked fifth in the World for physics and probably still does! Don't believe me? Google it!

(Internal monologue, as opposed to her external diatribe: I do hope she understands satirical irony ~ maybe she can google that too!)

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I really don't care about his credentials in physics. There are other PhDs out there who are working in oddball physics and antigravity and whathaveyou. All his credentials show is that the standard crew has issued an approval of his understanding of their position, which is 99% correct, but that 1% difference is what I am interested in.

I also am versed in Holy Writ, and from the start of my walk in Christ on only superficial reading of Scripture before I read it through three times, I could see that not only RC but the protestant denominations have deviations, in their official not optional positions, from Holy Writ.

Google will put you to many scholarly articles from .edu sites and so forth (.edu means it is a university usually) and I mostly use it here to make a quick reference to give some backup to my statements not just arrogantly saying them on my own, and to point you all here to more reading.

BTW there are serious problems with the radiometric dating systems, and the speed of light, outright fraud in some cases.

I won't give you links, find them yourselves.

Christian Erikson (aka Justin) said...

She's actually got the ruler out!

I wonder what the comparative measurements in miles would be were one to measure all her vomit over the last two years here contrasted with all other posters?

Christine you hypocrite! Take the plank out of your own eye first, then you'll see clearly to help remove the speck in others!

You devilishly refuse to respect Constance‘s pleas that YOU CHRISTINE post no more than once daily - respect then, the majority wish of others regarding you and POST NO MORE!

When you go, so will the far-to-often need to correct and rebuke you cease!

Anon again said...

Anonymous 2.38

Sorry Christine chose to post her crap bad-mouthing Physicist in response to my defense of him straight after your post, rather than use the reply function beneath my post. I may seem heavy on her but I am sick and tired of her rudely destroying this blog and smothering other people's research such as yours. I chose to mimic her name and behavior of incessant posts to prove a point to her... she noted by motions but not my motives, as I had obviously overrated her abilities for self-reflexion. It is now clear to all she is a clinically selfish sociopath.

I shall try and repost your link for you, unless you or another does so first.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Bergoglio's (Pope Francis) New Age Doctor:

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Begoglio's (Pope Francis) New Age Doctor:

Anonymous said...

Christine, just because your points are obtusely nonsensical and academically irrelevant does not mean they're interesting or elucidating.

Let us hope noone wastes time chasing after links related to your distractions here but rather all research and continue to post here despite your hogging and ludicrous streams of consciousness which YOU SHOULD STOP!

The Lord rebuke you!

Anonymous said...

Furthermore Christine,

You state:

‘ I mostly use it [sic: Google] here to ... point you all here to more reading.'

Yet you then contradict this by sneeringly asserting:

'I won't give you links, find them yourselves.'

Therefore CHRISTINE, you have once again shown yourself to be a LIAR and a HYPOCRITE full of vain pride. Your ignorance is outdone
only by your arrogance!

There is seldom anything leading to insight yet often much to incite in your ramblings and senseless wanderings, and if any should follow you then both of you will no doubt fall into a ditch!

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I have shown no such thing, but you have shown your desperation to accuse me how full of hate you are.

I said that about Google in context of what I have been doing and might do again but mostly past up to now.

the next statement is a slap to you people who don't appreciate the effort and complain of either educative lectures with facts or just posting links without comment.


I already showed that my posts were up to that point taking up only 13 1/2 inches on this one page, and the heckler posts were TWENTY SEVEN INCHES OF SPACE ON THIS BLOG.

WHY DON'T YOU SHUT UP? what do you contribute? NOTHING THAT YOU CAN PROVE YOU CONTRIBUTED since you are anon.

I remember when my statements about the NAM which were EXACTLY the same position as Constance's drew scorn and fire.

YOU ARE THE JAMMER. Did you post all the spam that used to clutter this blog up in the first few years? hmmmm?

May Jesus Christ rebuke you and reform you. What an ungodly mess you are.

Constance Cumbey said...


1 PER DAY FROM Christine

1 per day panning Christine.

Everybody gets "brownie points" for being nice and not panning Christine. I don't like rambling, but I like bullying and unkindness even less!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Constance, but she‘s brought it all upon herself! Still, perhaps folks could go a little easier on her as she's clearly unwell.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Begoglio's (Pope Francis) New Age Doctor:

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Bergoglio's (Pope Francis)New Age doctor:

Anonymous said...

This is Physicist, back from Christmas break. Please all, don't waste time discussing me; this blog is about the politicized New Age. Where I deviate from that blog agenda it is as briefly as I can manage in order to prevent people from falling from some deeply misleading statements about physical science that have been made here.

Never have I denied that science can be distorted. We all know about Lysenko. But distortion is the exception rather than the rule. As for the 1% of anomalous results, experimental error is the usual explanation. If it doesn't go away then you publish it and get others to check it out. If it still doesn't go away then you have new physics, congratulations. But it is very rare and anomalies in decades-old work involving experiments that have never been reliably reproduced and have long been superseded by more accurate technology prove nothing. Christine thinks otherwise. She is entitled to her opinion. Whether a blog on New Age is an appropriate place to air it is another matter.

"BTW there are serious problems with the radiometric dating systems, and the speed of light, outright fraud in some cases. I won't give you links, find them yourselves."

The truth is that there are well-known ASSUMPTIONS in dating, which can be discussed in specific examples. As for the speed of light, construct a graph of this speed versus the date of the experiment and you might think you detect a slight nonconstant trend - until you put in the error bars, which started out large in the 19th century and get ever smaller as technology improves. No trend visible. To the best of our knowledge, lightspeed is constant.

Finally, can Christine perceive how selfdefeating it is to make a scientifically controversial statement and then explicitly refuse to back it up with any references? Let us respect her choice not to.


Constance Cumbey said...

Just going on the air for last show of 2013. Please join us at

or, better still

Give yourself a handle (name) and a password and join the conversation
or call in to 888-747-1968.


Innocent Bystander said...

Very gently and well put Physicist! It is clear that your credentials are, well, credentials. A gentleman and a scholar indeed!

My own concerns with those who get hung up in supporting such erroneous anomolies, which you have rightly dismissed, is that such supporters of the nonsensical are overwhelmingly New Agers, which leads one to conclude that any exceptions must be erroneous anomolies themselves.

Anonymous said...

"Finally, can Christine perceive how selfdefeating it is to make a scientifically controversial statement and then explicitly refuse to back it up with any references? Let us respect her choice not to."

No, she cannot seem to detect that in herself or her approach to many topics that she poorly substantiates, and yes we can call it like we see it when she does. Oh yes. We can and we will--albeit should be with a certain amount of respect for her and other readers (and the blog owner as well).

Anonymous said...

If we continue to judge and pounce on Christine, it will make it impossible for her to look at what is hurting us.

Any of us would do the same. Just think about it: If someone judges you for, say, drinking too much, and gives you a hard time, what are you going to do?

If you're like me, you'll just go out and get good and drunk!

Let's try to turn the tables here and set an example of what we would like in a blog. It is, after all, Constance's blog.

Who is Edward Berneys?

Anonymous said...

Hello Anon 711, I do see what you're saying, however if you were drunk and brawling always, vomiting all over the place and fighting with the bar owner when he'd called time and told you you'd had enough already, and still did not let up then surely people would be right to stand up and say enough is enough and would do all they could to throw you out until you'd sobered up and learned to behave yourself! Sure, we should welcome you with open arms and not bring up how you were if we see you trying. So, dare I say, is it with Christine.

Anonymous said...

Nevertheless Anon 711, I myself shall ease off her a little in as much as she affords me to do so, especially as she has at least for now eased off with her posts, for which I commend her.

Anonymous said...

see Christmas post - scary

Anonymous said...

Certain groups want Israel out of the picture in the Mideast. It has nothing to do with religion. It would give control of the entire Mideast over to the the Muslims as a base for terrorist attacks around the world.

Innocent Bystander said...

Anon 4:33 AM, with respect, your assertion, 'It has nothing to do with religion', is contradicted by your following claim as to whom, '... to the Muslims...', control of the Middle East would be given.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 7:46 from Dec. 27, "if you were drunk and brawling always, vomiting all over the place and fighting with the bar owner when he'd called time and told you you'd had enough already"

who made YOU the bar owner eh? sounds like your presumption is showing. Also
your libelous tendencies, nothing I did fits that description.

anon 9:57 re anon 4:33 Muslims not just rel. but power bloc. But not just one bloc.

correct on what I know, adds stuff I didn't or forgot. though he doesn't say it, Israel's presence keeps Middle East from regional war.

EDWARD BERNAYS - who is this guy?
I dug this up for you.

developed propaganda aka PR overview of Bernays, Lippman etc.

Physicist, post links for people who complain if given lecture or only links? Why throw pearls of hard work to swine? Yes you DID deny scientists had agendas, Supposedly their nature is to share
and publicize. ridiculous not if risk to career or money or took security oaths
(By the way, a polumath one of his PhDs in math I asked about your refusal to try to identify the formula and evade by pretending the issue was solving it, said your behavior makes you look like a fraud to him.)

you are correct re New Age presence in fringe science. But also true of science in general. The only solid Christian I can
find so far as a backbone to standard and fringe science is Michael Faraday, more recent people equate the
ether or "physical medium itself" or whatever with God (and a very
conveniently manipulatable and amoral non demanding god indeed!) grandiose notions about "humanity"
Some anomalous activity if it were in context of occult practices
or sourced from it MIGHT be dismissible as demonic nothing more.But you can't write it all off as that. Hutchison Effect, unreliable enough to easily debunk, unpredictable,
dangerous, BUT some guys
from Dept. of Defense said it had no application but only as a weapon, and
tot unreliable for primary weapon only force multiplier.
This same
guy with someone twists ancient music harmonics to make
mind altering sound sequences shows unwholesome bias.
scroll to 2:16 time point.)

Meanwhile, El Hierro is acting up.

on the other hand, it did this last year and quieted down.

El Hierro could trigger a catastrophic earthquake and landslide in La Palma.

The resulting tsunami would be 50- 150 feet high on US east coast 6 - 8 hours later maybe what DHS FEMA is prepping for.

Cumbre vieja is part of the Canary Islands volcanic scene on La Palma, the activity is next door on El Hierro.

Pray a lot. Maybe God will grant more venting offshore, even build a new island out of it, and the main islands won't blow up after all.
read last paragraph

Anonymous said...

Christine, you have just called at least some of us swine.


Anonymous said...

Christine 11:07 AM, the bar owner is Constance in this case, and she has repeatedly and humbly requested you to stop rambling streams of consciousness and for you to limit your posts to one a day. You have consistantly refused to respect her pleas. Moreover, you have continually trampled over others pearls with your heavy rambling and blog hogging.

I myself am but a visitor to Constance's welcoming and precious establishment and aim to respect it: you should do likewise!

Yet you do not, therefore it is necessary to rebuke your rebellious and selfish spirit until you learn to respect others around you. Furthermore, many of your posts smack of a New Age tendency, such as your pseudo-scientific and highly erroneous claims in your above post at 3:08 PM.

It would therefore be fair to say that such claims of yours have far more in common with deadly night-shade berries than pearls.

I hope that helps clarify things for you.

Sadly you have not afforded me any gentler response.

Anon 7:46 PM and 8:02 PM respectively.

Anonymous said...

So, who's "The Cheese" in this situation? "The Cheese" stands alone.

The blog has become a New Age Mess because it has turned into a psycho-babble blog.

It doesn't do any good to take other people's inventory. It only keeps things going....

If this is just a therapy dump place, we are surely lost.

Is there any interesting topic regarding the Apostasy we are in? Does anyone really care?

Most of the churches are out dog-paddling in the New Age Muck, and they don't even know it.
How did that all start?
They don't even read The Bible anymore, and most of the time if they do, it is not the KJV, which is not good.

There is a great analysis of the KJV, and compares it to how other versions are fraudulent. No Joke. Check this out. Take the time to listen to the whole thing. Just listen for the facts and the truth, and let the other stuff that bothers you just go by.
It will test your strength. It did mine. It is very valuable to know. Anti-Christ's spirit is definitely here. We have got to pay attention to what we are reading.

That is all for now.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


anon 12:21, excellent point. this has caused me to overhaul this post I'm pre

KJV is the best basic translation, because based on Westerm/Byzantine
Text from the original core geography where originals were, so fewer errors
uncorrectable by good copies nearby. Many translations are really bad, paraphrases
belong in the trash. But the key doctrines of faith are preserved, if not in the verses
you are used to looking for them in, then in others in most. Proliferation of translations
is bad.

A case can and has been made that agendas existed in some cases.

KJV translators expected better translations in future,sometimes drew
on Septuagint. KJBO invented by partly demonized nut case in the mid 1900s,
earliest ref. to taking KJV as only right translation from a church in the 1830s is
irrelevant, because it was the ONLY English translation that was not from heresy
suspected translators (Roman Catholic and Quaker) and done by several scholars
not just one. writer prefers KJV but disproves KJBO.

Physicist - perhaps swine is too strong a word, but with all the vomiting
and diarrhea like an enraged chimpanzee throwing you know what....
remember my mention of synthetic telepathy? of course you dismissed it out of
hand, I couldn't find original URLs, this is better. IT IS ALSO VERY NEW
separate experiments using rats. using a human
(actually sounds more like possession than telepathy.)

anon 3:37 - you and your crew hog more than I do. Why not stop spewing and
venting, just post contrary link "re Christine at [whatever time] [add link]" and
leave it at that or go vent and spew at

BTW re A Possible History of Life on Mars the discovery of The Face, and
determination of its artificiality was led by the man who invented the photoprocessing
system for NASA in the first place, either Molinaar or DiPietro I forget which. Hoagland
is a johnny come lately, maybe a disinfo agent. My book addresses those who
already consider it artificial but fits alien life into a 6 day Creationist perspective
with all life starting on earth, incl. "aliens." Not the usual nephilim idea. Nor does it
dismiss the demonic explanation, since that doesn't rule out a physical alien being
involved as well. And given how ET life intelligent or otherwise is used to argue
for evolution and against The Bible, and the ETs may have their own pagan or
deist-atheist cult themselves, this book could be important in countering them if
they do go public - or if some NAM/NWO crew in govt. rogue conspiracy stages
a fake ET arrival.

This link is important to the control freak issues of the New World Order and
some dreams of transhumanist type New Agers. It also is why I think that "aliens"
originated as genetically engineered humans with insect, animal, etc. DNA to work
in extreme environments offworld.


EXCELLENT BLOG by a woman who came out of the charismatic deception of
new apostles, dominionism, etc.

Mark said...

Happy New Year to all who read this.

Where I live we have so far missed out on the ice but the cold is bone chilling. I heard on the news last night that a homeless man was found dead from exposure. Please pray for him and all others who don't have a heated place to call home this winter.

Anonymous said...

Christine, your last 2 posts are not worthy of any scientific reply. Also there is no non-natural rock formation on Mars that looks like a face. The one you talk about looks nothing like it under improved magnification.


Anonymous said...

Dear Constance,

Christine Erikson has, in the past 48 hours, referred to various contributors here as "swine" and one as an "enraged chimpanzee" who manifests "vomiting and diarrhea". This is not the rough and tumble of vigorous intellectual debate but merely crude invective. Are you going to permit your guests on your blog to continue to be insulted in this way?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

This is a classic example of statements that can't be left alone for 24 hours.

Physicist, I already linked to both the originals (TWO from different light effect angles) and the "improved magnification" one, and the latter is very obviously facelike, and also very obviously subjected to erosion and maybe some other damage incl. something that induced a slide.

The strong possibility of fraud on the part of NASA can't be ruled out, since the photos are owned by one man running one agency.

But that later photo is still clearly a face.

In addition I linked to a page showing that the air pressure is too low. Also, the types of clouds there CANNOT FORM AT SUCH LOW PRESSURE. Period. End of discussion. AND DUST DEVILS CANNOT FORM AT SUCH LOW PRESSURES. Period. End of discussion. If you have any curiousity or integrity you will be ready to go back to the drawing board so to speak.

And there are photos of the same rocks and things around them, taken a few minutes apart and.....


Anonymous said...

Here you are Christine, from this link you're bound to learn something of yourself and science:

Anonymous said...

Swine, chimpanzees and diarrhea? I was taught that people resort to insults when they run out of arguments. Etiquette prevents better mannered people from replying in kind, and we may reasonably look to Constance to ensure that posters at her blog do not face personal insults, so that those of us who wish to discuss matters without facing insults can do so.

Anonymous said...

"Swine, chimpanzees and diarrhea?"

Typical Christine fare, served up heartily, profusely. Devoid of respect and common courtesy but she excessively demands that of others.

Even if she makes a good point (on that rare occasion) who wants to hear from someone so arrogant?

Amazing the gall.....

Anonymous said...

Christine talked of casting her pearls before swine. So far people here have objected to being labeled by her as swine. I'd like to object also to the description of her output as pearls. We now know that that is how she thinks of her own output. Others may take a different view.

If I recall correctly we discussed here the impossibility of air currents at present Martian pressures some time ago and it didn't lead to any radical conclusions about intelligent life. I'm too busy with real research just now to revisit that discussion but you can google for it yourself. You say "Period. End of discussion". Yes please!

I'm not going to get into Yes-it-is-No-it-isn't with you about the so-called face on Mars. Here's the higher resolution image. Let Constance's readers decide for themselves.


PS You wrote "This is a classic example of statements that can't be left alone for 24 hours." What you mean is that you can't be silent for 24 hours even when politely asked by the blog owner.

Anonymous said...

When will anyone hold Constance responsible for what has become of the fight against the New Age movement. God gave her the gift of leadership, and she has squandered it. While it brought her pride in leadership, she took pride in not sharing it. Where is the army fighting the battle now? I could say much more, but what's the use.

Those who expected her to lead the fight and do all of the research by herself while they sat and said thank you are the big losers. Those who tried to join the fight encountered excessive pride on her part. Just try and name the people who did research. There were many, but whose names do any of you know.

What is left? Constance who is worn out and a Christine who equals herself to Constance. That's an army of no value.

pal said...

In the state of New Hampshire there was a
rock formation near the top of a mountain which could be seen from many many miles away.
This rock formation looked so much like a man's face that it was even called the Old Man On The Mountain.
In fact it became a symbol of the state itself, on all sorts of travel brochures and souvenirs and even on the commemorative coins.
Then one day about ten years ago, the face just fell off the mountain and now lies in pieces and chunks at the bottom of the mountain.

Christine, I'm absolutely certain that that face was
carved there by ancient aliens, and that it was they that destroyed it, by technology unknown to us and completely in defiance of all known constants of the universe, such as the so-called speed of light and the so called big bang and all other such
so-called scientific facts, which we know, are only meant to be broken. Furthermore I think that the aliens may have felt that they needed to cover their tracks, possibly as a direct result of your research.

You go, girl.

paul said...

Seriously though;
The only thing more shrill than
Christy's Believe It Or Not is the hysterical outcry from, for instance, 3:49PM directly above.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you've hung around here for years without contributing anything. Time to start pitching in.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You sound very much like that traitor of old, Dorothy. Are you?

Anonymous said...

Or is that Christine gone undercover as she's rightly coming under fire? Whoever you are, even if just some other New Age troll than Christine or Dorothy with her Kabbalist leanings, you are not worth one iota of Constance's hard work! What WORTHWHILE piece of information have you provided lately? Certainly not this!

Anonymous said...

...There's klingons on the starboard bow, Jim.

Analysis Mr Spock: It's life Jim but not as we know it, Captain!

Scotty: It's trying to bend space and time...

All on board the Enterprise: There's definitely something warped about it.

It seems to exist within a vortex of its own making
It's the Queen of the New Age Borg vomit, Christine aka the legend in her own delirium!

Anonymous said...

I think there both as bad and as low as each other. I wouldn't be surprised if it's that jealous and bitter old woman, Dorothy, though it is just as likely to be Doolally Christine... then again perhaps it is one of either of their NAM sycophants, hoodwinked by the Seraphot or the Ancient Aliens trash spewed out by the pair of them.

Anonymous said...

Now it is either the dreaded D or the Crackpot C that has attacked Paul in this way! WHAT, pray tell, HAVE YOU, Anon 6:13 PM, OFFERED OF VALUE LATELY? Accuser of the brethren! You hypocrite! Take the forest out of your own eye first before you try to get the speck out of Paul's!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Physicist! It is clear, as her actions and trollish trantrums show decorated by her NAM tendencies that she, Christine, is here only to cause upset and diversion. I hope her IP address has been truly noted by Constance so that an injunction of sorts may be applied to stop Christine's unChristian disregard and distruction!

Anonymous said...

That should read, 'destruction', (no doubt synonymous with Christine aka Justina)

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

you people are the ones doing the destruction. Dorothy a traitor? she's not Christian to begin with so can't be called a "traitor," did excellent work on the Nazi angle. But she is clearly one of the anons screaming here.

"Swine, chimpanzees and diarrhea? I was taught that people resort to insults
when they run out of arguments."

You people don't do arguments, you sling insults. "vomiting all over this blog" and lately "verbal diarrhea," I admitted the term "swine" was a bit rough. but the behavior is like chimps throwing poop.

Run out of arguments? Really? Physicist is the only one who even ATTEMPTS
any reasoned arguments. (Fails but at least tries. Latest failure dismissing

Your behavior says you don't want any discussion that actually
gives weapons to fight New Age ideas, like that bilocation does not prove
reincarnation, or that aliens are from Earth and pre Flood civilization was
evil (specific in Bible) and tech advanced (not excluded by Bible) or that
the aether is a creature of God and not God Himself.

I think you just want to complain about the New Age not figure how to answer it and cripple it. Incl. reject Agenda 21 warning.

OLD MAN IN THE MOUNTAIN photo NOT comparable to The Face, mountain fractured obvious cause of form and collapse, no surrounding fracturing to explain The Face, collapse side by hole like something blew up there. NOT ANCIENT aliens. Real recent, not peaceful. looks like The Face was a victim of war between alien factions.

Atmospheric issues means life is POSSIBLE, Also means NASA is
lying or incompetent.

Anon 3:49 Dec. 30, just when did Constance arrogantly shut down a researcher?
It was people like you attacking them that drove some out. Now with your attack
on Constance, your game is out in the open. Derail this blog. Or jealous but wanting
someone else to do all the work?

speed of light.....its been slowing down over the centuries.

A half life is time it takes half the atoms of a radioactive chunk to decay, which
means the other half did NOT decay during that time, which means ALL ATOMS
period, end of discussion. This fact should have prevented the use of radiometric
dating in the first place, because we don't know why some atoms decay slow and
some fast same element or what might cause change in this in the past.
radioactive decay varies with seasons. Minor but it means anything is possible.
And known date lava flows and fresh clams have been dated at millions of years old.
Something is wrong here, but slow evolution concept is so entrenched it is
defended even when facts must be thrown out. Some few honest
scientists ARE speaking up and many are jumping ship from Darwinism.

would only knock 700,000 years off geological processes, but its a step in the right
direction. young C14 dates not explained by contamination.

Of course, Creationism is New Age isn't it? Must be because I support it. (sarcasm.)

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't attack Paul. It's just that this blog needs some good new information to keep it going. He's interested enough to hang around when others have left. What do I do? I share my own research concerning the dangers of New Age with my email list and I post at least several times a week the information I've gathered on the New Age movement. When appropriate I tell others about this blog as I keep up with what is going on here. I don't intend to share here what I post elsewhere. Constance has her followers and I have mine. There is enough information available on New Age going on to keep several places busy.

Anonymous said...

Christine, I stopped posting here a while back and concentrated on using my time more productively. I'm not one of your attackers and haven't been for quite some time. When I first realized how rapidly this blog was going downhill, I tried to stop the destruction. I stopped my efforts when I realized it was a waste of time and energy.

Anonymous said...

Dear All here

Please ignore Christine on matters of physics. She literally doesn't know what she is talking about. If any readers wish to ask me specific questions about the wrong physics in her posts then I'll gladly respond. To most of the things she is now coming up with, I *have* in fact replied here already, but she just trots it out again a few months later with cosmetic changes. I need to get on with some proper physics at the moment; in the past I would gladly have helped Christine to learn the basics of the subject had she been willing to listen, but she proved unwilling to. (I still am willing for others here.) My explanations of physics in partial establishment of my credentials can be verified by googling my posts at this blog.


Some very brief responses to Christine's last post:

"A half life is time it takes half the atoms of a radioactive chunk to decay, which means the other half did NOT decay during that time, which means ALL ATOMS OF THE SAME RADIOACTIVE ELEMENT DO NOT DECAY AT THE SAME RATE, period, end of discussion."

Christine, you would do well to consider what you mean by the word "rate" that you use here. The 'rate' of decay of a radioactive isotope of an element is simply the inverse of the half-life, which you *have* defined correctly. For any individual atom there is no such thing as a rate; it either decays in a particular interval or it does not. Like half-life, rate is a concept relating to a collection of a large number of atoms of the same isotope. (Period, end of discussion?)

"OLD MAN IN THE MOUNTAIN photo NOT comparable to The Face, mountain fractured obvious cause of form and collapse, no surrounding fracturing to explain The Face, collapse side by hole like something blew up there. NOT ANCIENT aliens. Real recent, not peaceful. looks like The Face was a victim of war between alien factions."

No doubt if you look more closely you can see the shell holes from the battle...

As for the speed of light, last time I looked at Setterfield's nonsensical physical commentary on the subject it was adequately refuted by the comment I made about error bars higher up this thread. In the first place, there is no decent experimental evidence for any variation in lightspeed. In the second, if there were, physics would undergo more modification than just replacing "c" (the conventional symbol for the speed of light) by c(t) in the equations, where t denotes time since the Big Bang, on which c is now assumed to depend. The derivation of today's equations *assumes* that c is constant, so you have to start a lot farther back (probably with a 'variational principle'). Joao Magueijo tried that a decade ago and it isn't easy. Do feel free to improve on his work.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

you miss the point as usual, Physicist.

why do not all atoms of the same element decay at the same time?

they don't and we don't know why.

since we don't know why we cannot be sure that in the past the number of atoms decaying at a certain time was greater than it is now. or for that matter slower.

meanwhile dinos with soft tissue have been found. Google the tarasque, there is a photo of this medieval monster in France, which terrorized a town, was tamed by a saint but killed anyway.

now google ankylosaurus.

now take a shot of whiskey. a double shot.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I mean photo of the statue of the monster

Anonymous said...

"you miss the point as usual, Physicist. why do not all atoms of the same element decay at the same time? they don't and we don't know why. since we don't know why we cannot be sure that in the past the number of atoms decaying at a certain time was greater than it is now. or for that matter slower."

Actually we do know why. Physics long since reached the point that we know what information about the internal state of a nucleus we would need to have in order to predict its decay. The difficulty is in accessing that information. It's rather like a crowd of 100,000 persons confined in a football stadium for 90 minutes. You know that about 30% of them are going to use the toilet during the course of the game because of their bladder %age fullness and blood dilution on arrival, and how much they drink during the intervals - but you don't know which 30% without detailed info about each individual.

So we *do* know what causes radioactive decay, and we have no reason to suppose that halflives have been different in the past.

If you subject an atomic nucleus to incredibly strong electromagnetic fields then you can influence the halflife, but the fields found on earth are many factors of 10 weaker than those necessary.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

1. bladders are not atoms. cute comparison but not good enough. Until you can get a visual on the whole thing, you only have a theory. Also, you don't know whether the atom internal processes for some reason change, just as individual bladder rates change.

As for atoms, most of the subatomic particles don't have proof outside of catastrophic events (atom smashers and cosmic events) which means they may not even normally exist, in a healthy atom, only as fragments of the atom, or solidifications of force fields within the atom when traumatized. This means that any theory presupposing their existence in a healthy unsmashed atom is on slippery ground.

2. sure those fields are NORMALLY weaker. but what if it snot just a matter of fields but frequency as well, and what if at various times some cloud of cosmic dust, or a particularly weird heavy duty solar storm greatly enhanced this?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

research links about the New Age and Politics and Education, a few at the end about alternative physics.

Agenda 21 for Dummies incl. Common Core type education proof from UN document
that dumbing down is DELIBERATE.

problems with standard red shift and velocity theory
scroll down to alternative redshift theories
and other things here defending his findings

Marko said...

Christine said:

"why do not all atoms of the same element decay at the same time?

they don't and we don't know why."


Isn't it for the same reason (randomness) that a person who flips a coin 100 times doesn't always get the same number of heads and tails for each set of 100 flips? That is, for the first 100, I might get 45 heads, and 55 tails. The next 100 I might get 53 heads and 47 tails. If I do this repeatedly over a long period of time, the average number of heads vs. tails will approach 50-50. This is basic probability and statistics.

If the coin flipping analogy is being incorrectly applied to radioactive decay (and obviously, radioactive decay has many more variables to take into account than coin-flipping, but the concept of randomness is what I'm getting at), then I guess I don't know enough about physics to say anything more. I will defer to Physicist who may be able to explain it better.

paul said...

OMG Christine.

Christine listen very carefully:
You have no credibility. None.
It's a hard thing to swallow for sure.
For most people ( like me for instance ), who realize that fact about themselves, they initially have hurt feelings but eventually get over it and humble themselves, which is a good thing.
Not you.
You forge ahead completely oblivious without even a hiccup.
Unless you are a card carrying sociopath without
any sense of right or wrong, the only reasonable explanation for your comments is, as I've repeated before, that you are an agent of confusion.
It's called "jamming" and THAT is what you're up to.
It's intentional and it's systematic.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Marko, on the surface that looks good. But the reason the coin flips is that someone is flipping it.

that someone is the driver of the coin flip in itself.

so what is the driver of the atom breakdown? dismissing it as built in nature doesn't help, since the issue is, why do not all break down at the same time? built in nature, to break down in for argument's sake 1 to 200 years. or more.

That's quite a time frame. something else must be in play than just the thing's nature. Or, included in it, susceptibility to triggers we know nothing about.

JUST THOUGHT OF THIS. The trigger might involve proximity to other elements especially radioactive ones. I don't mean chain fission but some kind of quantum signalling or something.

That makes the whole thing more dicey.

Meanwhile, you use two different radioactive elements to date something, they come back with radically different dates. something is wrong here.

Leaning back in faith upon vastness of ages ("Darwin said it, I believe it, that's that") is based on less solid evidence than ruins and writings by eywitnesses however redacted they might be such as The Bible, which means when you say "The Bible says it, I believe it, that's that" you are on at least somewhat more solid ground than relying on Darwin & Co
because no one ever saw the processes they describe. Fossil record doesn't show real transition forms, just similar things and lots of animals are similar to each other now.

Or are we going to argue that the monkfish is the ancestor to human monastics? The sea horse had descendants that went on land and became horses?

Anonymous said...

Christine @ 2.14pm, I@m sorry but your comments show that you are out of your depth. The bladder explanation was an ANALOGY and it is accurate enough to make the point, although sadly not to you. There is no such thing as "alternative physics" because there is not alternative set of laws of physics - there is only one such set. If you want credibility on the subject, learn about them. NB Any emag field strong enough to significantly alter halflives of radioactive isotopes would destroy all life.


Anonymous said...

Dear Constance

Christine Erikson has made six posts here in the last 160 minutes. She has failed repeatedly to comply with your very reasonable request that she restrict herself to one post per 24 hours. She also calls people diarrhea-sodden monkeys and swine, which makes this blog toxic to those who wish to discuss New Age. Will you take action, please?


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Physicist, I did not miss the point of analogy rather, that it is not a good enough analogy.

And no such thing as "alternative physics" because only one physics is not what the term is about.

the physics you are used would have been called "alternative" in the days of the four elements and four humors and phlogiston.

It means alternative to the present dominant theories, either more correct, or a new angle but not some separate thing.

anon 2:35 do you mind? I've been having a conversation here. I also posted several valuable anti new age links more than anyone here the past few days.

and I never called any one diarrhea sodden monkeys. you or someone repeatedly said I vomit and spew verbal diarrhea. I said you (who vomit venom) remind me of chimps throwing poop the shoe's on your foot.

now I am done talking. please study the agenda 21 links, it is a very occultist, nazi, globalist type thing disguising itself as boring local politics.

Anonymous said...

Christine, I see you have DELIBERATELY ignored Paul's exposure of you, YOU DEVIL! However, I cannot in all honesty make a distinction as Paul has at 2:19 PM, to me you are both a card carrying sociopath AND an agent of confusion!

Anonymous said...

"Physicist, I did not miss the point of analogy rather, that it is not a good enough analogy."

Good enough for what? It's not changed your mind, Christine, but that depends on you as well as me.

"And no such thing as "alternative physics"..."

Well YOU used the term without explaining what you meant.

It took me years to learn physics to research level, you cannot hope to get there by reading a few books containing anomalous results that have never been reliably reproduced and don't give any of the mathematical details. Show a little respect to Him who ordained the laws of physics and made us enough like Him to understand them, but also so much less intelligent that it takes years of intensive study simply to follow in His tracks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Constance

Christine Erikson has made seven posts here in the last 240 minutes. She has failed repeatedly to comply with your very reasonable request that she restrict herself to one post per 24 hours. She also calls people diarrhea-sodden monkeys and swine, which makes this blog toxic to those who wish to discuss New Age. Will you take action, please?


Anonymous said...

"Physicist, I did not miss the point of analogy rather, that it is not a good enough analogy."

I gave you an analogy because I believe that that you do not know enough physics for the full technical explanation. But as you reject the analogy, please read the three volumes of Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg's excellent exposition "The quantum theory of fields". If you don't understand any of the mathematical details, do let me know.


paul said...

On this night in 1862 a lot of people didn't believe that the Emancipation Proclamation was actually going to take effect the next day.

Happy Watch Night everyone

Anonymous said...

Christine. Since you are so interested in helping to get the message out about the dangers of the new age wouldn't it be better to bow out graciously here and let your own blog build up it's on credibility on the merits of what you find? That would hush your critics here and lighten the load on this blog while providing another good place to for real useable material to fight the good fight against the new age. The word will get out and your credibility will skyrocket.
If you cannot do this for the sake of getting the truth out, then you have shown your hand and prove yourself someone who is here to create static and distort the truth. And if the weight of your research does not hold up then it is because it was all built on a false premise anyway.
Let the truth be served and you and I be only servants to it's high calling. To let this continue this way in making yourself an issue here will prove you do not serve the truth and actually an enemy to it.
Be honest, which way will you let it be?

Anonymous said...

May God bless all here richly in 2014. May He humble where necessary and build up where needed!

Anonymous said...

To Paul at 2:19 PM:

I completely agree with your very accurate assessment of Christine!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish a very HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR to all of you!!!

Innocent Bystander said...

Happy new year, Anon 9:36 AM!

I am sure most of us agree with Paul's spot on analysis of Christine at 2:19 PM.

Let us hope she heeds the wise advice of Anon 6:31 PM, and humbles herself enough to bow out gracefully .

Happy new year Christine!

Please take time to seriously and calmly reflect upon Anon 6:31's gentle words of wisdom. I would humbly suggest you would be in a far stronger position to hold your own meritously were you to apply such advice and employ your time by thoroughly studying a given area in depth, which by and large takes AT LEAST several years! For example, study History and read PLENTY of very old history books about Illuminism and the French Revolution written around the early 1800's. Or study Babylonian & Sumerian or Meso-American archeology, and see whether your ideas about high-tech ancient civilizations holds water. Or try geology or even physics to Ph.D level, so you can truly hold your own and express clear arguments which would then be difficult for even our Res. Phys. to refute!

Do take such advice humbly and heartily, do the Christian thing, and leave this blog (even for your own sake; why waste your time?). Yes, go away and build a reputation for yourself, build up your own blog and look to educate yourself wisely and thoroughly.

All the best in choosing the right decision: The meek shall inherit the Earth!

Innocent Bystander said...

Post Scriptum (10:56 AM).

Moreover Christine, with respect, it would take a good ten years with focused, and determined singlemindedness and thoroughness of hard work to reach a level where you could hope to hold your own in a debate about physics with physicist. If you want to give him a run for his money or truly convince anybody worth their salt of something, then go away, follow the regimin, and put in the hard work. Be Berean in your enquiries, test everything thoroughly and use the formula provided.

If it looks New Age, such as 'ancient aliens', smells New Age, such as evidenceless supposed high-tech ancient societies or unfounded claims about faces on Mars being more than optical illusions, then you can bet your bobble hat, your woolly mittens and your thick cotton socks that it is nothing more than a load of New Age mumbo-jumbo designed to bamboozle the unsuspecting, and deceive those with itching ears by it's lies and illusions straight from the Devil himself!

Therefore, Christine, I hope that you make the right decision and prove yourself a Christian worth her salt, for why would you want to promote lies and sow discord here? Surely such controlling and domineering behaviour is not fitting of a loving member if the Eastern Orthodox creed!

Innocent Bystander said...

Regimin should read regimen.

Innocent Bystander said...

A very happy and joyous new year to you, Anon 9:38 PM,

And a very happy and joyous new year to everyone!

Innocent Bystander said...


Even the smallest details can sometimes shock no matter how battle-hardened one thinks one is.

I have just discovered that the office for the UK branch of Lucis Press and Lucis Trust is at Suite 54, 3 Whitehall Court, London. SW1A 2EF.

Right by Horse Guards Parade. Whitehall is at the heart of where the British Government is located. As a Brit, I am shocked and saddened though certainly not surprised that this vile organisation (which once had its headquarters at 666 United Nations Plaza, NYC) sbould be so blatant as to advertise its address in Whitechapel.

God help us all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Innocent Bystander, that is certainly a prestigious London address and its proximity to government is suggestive although formally it proves nothing - more legwork would need to be done to demonstrate connections. To see the location, put the UK postcode (SW1A 2EF) into

NB Whitechapel is a different part of London, 2-3 miles east of Whitehall, and is where Jack the Ripper operated.

Innocent Bystander said...

Thank you anon 6:20 PM,

How careless of me! I am not thinking clearly, due to having the flu. I meant to write: '... to advertise its address in Whitehall'!

Still, I'd say Lucis Trust and Jack the Ripper have alot in common.

I have just seen the street view- very prestigious indeed, and not just the postcode. I agree more legwork is needed yet I do not think it coincidental that Lucis Trust / Press has its office bang in the heart of the Government district.

Innocent Bystander said...

Indeed, Anon 6:20 PM, it appears to be a private building. Yet with rents of 70,000 pounds sterling per annum for a mere suite, and I reiterate the location (between Horseguards Avenue and Whitehall Place) at the heart of where one finds the buildings of the various departments of the UK Government (with what we know about Lucis Trust and is its UN connections) is very telling indeed!

Thank you once again for encouraging me to take another look.,-3-Whitehall-Court/westminsterofficetolet/property.vtx?p=5222E102-4698-4905-B7D2-FDA11100DAED

Anonymous said...

Hi Constance, have you read any part of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2014 (passed on Dec. 20 2013)? There seems to be alot of fear about it giving draconian powers to the President and Government.

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