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The Spread of Occupy Wall Street

This academic paper may be downloaded from this linked site.
Merry Christmas to all.  If the 12-21-2012 New Age / Occupy Wall Street contingent gets its way, including those calling for our respective "Karmageddons" (Shirley Maclaine, et al), future celebrations may become problematic.  In the meantime, enjoy the season with your families and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!

Here is a copy of the abstract of the academic paper shown on the Occupy Wall Street Movement spread -- at least its Facebook aspects.  It would be interesting to see an update.  There are 3,180,000 google hits on the "Occupy Movement" as of the time of this blogspot posting:

Since Occupy Wall Street began in New York City on September 17th, the movement has spread offline to hundreds of locations around the globe. Social networking sites have been critical for linking potential supporters and distributing information. In addition to Facebook pages on the Wall Street Occupation, more than 400 unique pages have been established in order to spread the movement across the US, including at least one page in each of the 50 states. These Facebook pages facilitate the creation of local encampments and the organization of protests and marches to oppose the existing economic and political system. '

Based on data acquired from Facebook, we find that Occupy groups have recruited over 170,000 active Facebook users and more than 1.4 million “likes” in support of Occupations. By October 22, Facebook pages related to the Wall Street Occupation had accumulated more than 390,000 “likes”, while almost twice that number, more than 770,000, have been expressed for the 324 local sites. Most new Occupation pages were started between September 23th and October 5th. On October 11th, occupy activity on Facebook peaked with 73,812 posts and comments to an occupy page in a day. By October 22nd, there had been 1,170,626 total posts or comments associated with Occupation pages. The density of Facebook activism is highest in college towns and in state capitals. Major uses for Facebook within the movement include the recruitment of people and resources to local occupations; information sharing and story telling; and across-group exchanges. While the focus of Occupy Wall Street is on mobilizing individual’s offline, online activities greatly facilitate these efforts.

Number of Pages in PDF File: 20
Keywords: Occupy Wall Street, Social Networks, Social Movements
Working Paper Series

Date posted: October 22, 2011 ; Last revised: October 24, 2011

Also, we have New Zealand participants.  Their lovely country has suffered a new round of Christchurch earthquakes.  Our condolences and prayers for you.

Stay tuned!



John Rupp, Jr. said...

Another bizzare report. False Christs seem to be showing up everywhere, even in Siberia...

Anonymous said...

So what will the Occupiers do next? Even if they shiver through a winter, all they do is sit there and make a few parks malodorous. If they are the tip of the iceberg then let's put more attention into looking at the iceberg and less at the tip.

Anonymous said...

Putin: US seeks to enslave world

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

at the risk of looking unamerican and unpatriotic, Putin is right. Most Christian critics of the NWO at least in the USA, see the NWO as a menace to the USA. Well, define USA. Certainly it is menace to what the average American wants and thinks of the USA, but the fact is that the NWO is the Anglo American empire, with Nazi ridealong and part time driver, and always has been. Historically, all the drives for it have come from Anglo and/or American sources. That these may have no interest in the well being of the average American or Brit is irrelevant. "America" from the perspective of any foreigner not in a close chummy relationship with us, and even some who are, is a predatory, trigger happy, perversion and degeneracy and corruption promoting and practicing greedy, ambitious (that was always a bad word until the past two or three centuries), and empire disguised as something else seeking organization, armed to the teeth and up to no good, hypocritically spouting high ideals.
It isn't our freedoms people hate. Its what "the ugly american" as a writer in the 1960s called it, does abroad.
Go watch or read Eisenhower's warning about the military industrial complex, and now think in terms of what he warned against having come to pass, WHICH IT HAS.
I understand he originally wanted to call it the military industrial congressional complex, but the speech writer persuaded him not to.

Anonymous said...


I grew up in an island off the coast of Europe that, but for the American nuclear umbrella, would have been part of the Soviet Empire - because Western Europe was militarily indefensible by conventional weapons, and because archives available since the fall of the Iron Curtain have confirmed what was always obvious to everybody but ridiculous peaceniks, that the Soviet Union DID have plans to invade Western europe if it thought it could get away with it. I for one am profoundly grateful to the USA for my freedom. "Better red than dead" proved to be false dichotomy, as some wise men understood at the time.

The USA is a large and powerful country that has thrown its economic weight around somewhat, and made a silly decision to invade Iraq, but it has withdrawn again and it never was remotely as aggressive and expansionist as the USSR; nor, despite some nasties in Washington, is it today. Perspective please!

Anonymous said...

Settling the 'debate' over where Jesus was actually born...

paul said...

Merry Christmas everyone.


Angels we have heard on high
Sweetly singing o'er the plain
And the mountains in reply
Echoing the joyous strains

Glo_ria in excelcious deio !

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Anonymous from the almost iron curtain, that was a long time ago. and the only reason it was a problem, is because of the containment rather than eradication policy decision at the end of WW II, when we were out of nuclear bombs, Russia didn't have any, the war would have been conventional, and it would have been easy to turn on them and run them to defeat.

there were those who wanted this, but the containment policy was decided by such State Department wonderfuls as McCloy and Kennan (sp?) who were in bed with Nazis and so forth.

the whole Cold War, and your problems, and the threat to Europe, was the creation of our military industrial complex and the Nazi adoptees of us and of Russia who played us off against each other while they grew stronger, working several games to see which would work best, simultaneously.

So the problem the US solved for you, was partly created or least maintained by it. to make money you need an enemy, "the best enemy money can buy" as Sutton described it, when he started looking into American direct and indirect financing of our enemy.

If JFK had lived, things just might have been worked out in a way that involved the scaling back of all activities on both sides, he even wanted to work together with USSR in space after an initial win in the race to the moon, but that was anathema to military contractors and others who want nothing but endless war, or immediate potential which brings in the money.

And money not only for them in the obvious way, but for whatever that unaccountable and unaccounted for billions in black budge and off record operations goes.

finally, perspective, well, your perspective is a tad out of date anyway.

Anonymous said...


Granted that the situation is not today as it was in the 1980s, but your comment,

"the whole Cold War, and your problems, and the threat to Europe, was the creation of our military industrial complex"

is unmitigated nonsense. The Cold War arose because Stalin wanted more of Europe and NATO came into being with a doctrine that all member countries, including USA with its nukes, would regard an attack on one as an attack on all. But for that the Soviet Union would have continued its expansion westward, country by country. Speaking as a Brit, thank you USA. It suited you too, but it suited us a lot more and we are grateful.

Or do you think Stalin, the man who never withdrew the Red Army from the eastern European countries, was Mr Nice Guy just trying to defend himself from US aggression, as your comment suggests?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:28

See the new TIME Magazine about the "Man of the Year," "The Protestor."

They ARE a very substantial part of THE ICEBERG. Maybe you are part of it yourself. Maybe even you might be Thomas Dahlheimer!

Another Anonymous

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Anonymous, I am not implying anythng like you said, neither am I thinking it.

What I am SAYING is that Stalin was too useful to some of our people, to take down.

you need to do the research into what Peter Dale Scott calls "deep politics" and a lot of other researchers start with Christopher Simpson's "Blowback" and John Loftus "The Belarus Secret" and dig into information Dave Emory (whatever his faults) made available during years of broadcasting.

Anonymous said...

vis a vis Russia, Putin, et al

GORBACHEV has joined with the mass protestors (Occupy Moscow??) movement there in demanding that PUTIN step down.

For the record, GORBACHEV is a long time NEW AGER openly believing in a MAITREYA as "Christ."



Marko said...

Thank you Anons 2:28pm and 8:50pm!

Christine, your perspective of history is horribly tainted (by seeing the US as somehow more of an enemy than Russia or the former Soviet Union or the KGB/FSB who runs Russia Today as an Anti-American propaganda outfit), and I'm afraid you'll never see eye-to-eye with those of us who see the US as the greatest protector and guarantor of freedom in the 20th century.

You say that our perspectives are out of date. Not so much. Anatoly Golitsyn, when he defected from the Soviet Union in 1961, told of a long-range strategic plan to defeat the West, and when reading through the list of events planned as part of that strategy, which are an extension of the Cold War, almost all of them have come to pass, which seems to tell me that he was right about that long-range strategy. When one cares to look into it, things look rather like that strategy is still in place.

Believe this: Russia still wants to destroy the US. They have missiles targeted on US cities as I type this. Putin is doing his dead level best to denigrate and ostracize the US in the eyes of the world and in his own perverted mind, so that if (when?) he lets fly those missiles, he will feel justified in doing so, and he hopes that the rest of the world will think he has done them a favor.

You can agree with Putin, but in my book, that makes you just as much an enemy of the US as he is. In spite of our faults as a country (which are NOT rooted in the military-industrial complex which you seem to fixate on), we are still the best darn country on this planet! I'm sorry if my statements offend you, but I find it offensive to have to listen to the endless "blame America first" blather which has been a part of Leftist drivel since the Nuclear Freeze Movement in the 80s and even before (mostly orchestrated by the KGB), and I would have thought that this blog would have been free of it. Sadly, and frustratingly, it is not.

I have no desire to turn this into a shouting match with you, Christine, because I know I'm not going to change your mind, so that's all I'm going to say about it now. I've written enough on this topic in past threads..... go read some of them if you want to know why I think as I do.

Please try to focus on criticizing the groups that need criticizing, like those trying to bring us all into a New Age of "Let's all sing Kumbayah and let's all put our weapons down and be nice to each other now, ok?" Ha. Like that will ever happen. Stupid peacenik hippies that inhaled too much, that's what they are. And Jesus loves them just as much as He loves you and I. Amazing Grace, indeed. And occasionally, wonderfully, that grace cuts through all the nonsense in their heads and hearts.

[Sat, Dec. 24]

Marko said...

I've had my moments when I thought Gorbachev might be a candidate for the Antichrist. There's at least one book that proposes that he is:

I might just get that back out and reread it.

Anonymous said...

In less than 90 minutes, we will all be celebrating the birthday of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Please let's all stop 'fighting' at least until December 26th.

Thank you.

Peace to all . . . and to all a good night!!!

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Believe this: Russia still wants to destroy the US. They have missiles targeted on US cities as I type this."
sure I believe it. and why are we going out of our way to provoke them? you are looking at America as per a place to live. I am looking at what the powers that be (which all the conspiracy research incl. Cumbey's should have told you by now are heavily illuminized and pride and greed are drivers and behind them whether pretending for peace and mindless bliss or for open war are entities that feed on soul energy, whether of bloodshed or of the blurred out situation)
that run this country, and have for decades, and were making inroads through the J P Morgan group 100 years ago, do in the world. THAT is the face the outsiders see, not what it is like to live here. Sure some of those countries and peoples and cultures aren't too nice to live in, but the main reason the USA does anything is OIL, never mind all the idealistic talk. that is real for many, but it is a cover.

I used to think like you do, until I dug a little more.

Meanwhile, if you want to see us destroyed, just keep beating war drums and push for a strike on Iran.

Russia, China and Pakistan and North Korea and Brazil and some others by now will split us up into provinces of their respective countries when the dust settles.

All we need is an EMP attack from high altitude nuclear bombs set off, not even frying a single city on the ground, and millions more will die from the loss of infrastructure that depends TOTALLY
ON ELECTRICITY, and on what Americans many of whom are rabid animals under a veneer, like any other nationality is, when under stress.

Big money needed Stalin, or we would have swept him and weakened war weary Soviet Russia like Gen.
Patton and others wanted to do at the end of WW II.

Anyway, let there be peace between us. I do NOT want to see us occupied, but if we keep on this course I fear it would be prudent to brush up on your Chinese if you are on the west coast, Russian on
the north and east and I have no
idea what to expect for the south and center. Spanish?

If you don't want this, and I don't, pray we don't engage Iran, because that will bring their friends in against us.

ever hear of the BRIC nations? originally just a trading agreement thing between Brazil, Russia, Iran and China, they were holding joint military exercizes back in the 1990s.

Marko said...

Basically, Christine, we just disagree on who the bugaboos are. I don't believe all that silliness about a handful of people running the world. I used to, but when I dug a little deeper, I changed my way of thinking.

I guess it depends on what you read, and who you study.

I choose to reject the "conspiratorial" view of history, other than to believe that Satan is conspiring to steal, kill and destroy what God has created.

Look for the article "Not All Conspiracy Theories Are Created Equal" by J. R. Nyquist, which explains some of the possible faults with conspiracy theory.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I think I have read that, and I don't buy the idea of a few running the world, but an interesting experiment was done somewhere recently where all the big corporations, banks, etc. directors and major stock holders (some of which are themselves companies) were tracked, and it narrows down considerably.
meanwhile try this one. just for starters.

Anonymous said...


If the main reason America does anything is oil, why is it not going ahead wth the pipeline to Canada which would assure a supply of oil from a stable and nearby ally, rather than Islamic ratholes in the mideast and failed socialist utopias like Venezuela, both of which hate USA?

I am the anonymous Brit who has been expressing gratitude to the USA on this thread, and my advice is this: you are undergoing the soul-searching that always happens when a powerful nation loses some of its relative power in the world. Don't panic, that's all. And try, at both political and personal level, to bolster the strength of the stable family as an institution.

Anonymous said...

PS Christine, I know what you mean about the military-industrial complex, but because America has its faults doesn't prevent comparison with the Soviet Union, which was far worse.

As for it suiting the MI complex not to "deal with Stalin", just how would you have advocated dealing with him? Order US troops to keep fighting when they met the Red Army in 1945? Apart from the fact they'd probably have lost due to relative length of supply lines, that would have been treachery against a war ally on a par with Hitler. (Yes it is possible to recognise the difference between an ally and a friend.) Or launch an unprovoked nuclear attack on another country during peacetime, worse than the one which America suffered in December 1941? Your implication, your call...

Jonny said...

I think all of you people in this Cold War argument are partially right and partially wrong.

But all of you seem to lump America into monolithic categories, rather than seeing America as the site of competing historical visions that have grappled back and forth for about a century. And, since the Vietnam War, the momentum has shifted in favor of the leftist-secular-globalist forces.

Arguing about the relative goodness of America is pointless.

What matters are the powerbrokers and politicos who run the country. And who are neither patriotic or pro-American in their orientation. These are internationalist leftist progressives who dream of transforming the world from a Judeo-Christian dominated one dominated by the state and materialism.

America was doomed from the first day of its existence, because... of the very same reasons that doom every nation and empire that has ever existed. Why, the founders betrayed themselves before the Constitution was ever written.

Jonny said...

I might add that it is useless to
look at America as the center of the universe. America isn't, and never was. It was once viewed that way because it took center stage in leading the cold war from a military standpoint.

The NWO is the work of the Western intelligesia and globalist elites of all stripes from other spheres who are dedicated to creating a one world governmental system. America is only a component of that effort.

Mariel said...

I have read over the controversy on this thread, and I have this response: consider that the Tribulation (Judgment) is coming. The hope is that Jesus will remove those who long for Him from the premises while WWIII, plague, and earth changes rage. Those who long for Him, in my somewhat minority opinion, include a lot of people we would not ordinarily recognize as His, and for us to try to pinpoint who they are is too big a job for our puny minds. The Bible tells us that He will return after the Tribulation to reside on earth for a thousand years of relative peace, only relative, but much better than anything we have yet seen. We who are Christians hope we will be with HIm, and the Jews also hope to be members of His kingdom, although they have not named Him King yet, being blinded for a long time. This is the Biblical gospel.

Those who are left on earth to fight it out will include some whom we have named in this controversy, including many of the Rich Men of the Earth. So today perhaps we should consider the gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed in the Old and New Testaments as a guide for what is coming. And "fear not, for I bring you tidings of great joy!" the angel cried out at the first Christmas.

Mariel said...

I was just reading an archived article by Constance concerning a "beyond weird" book by Barbara Hand Clow.

Mrs. Clow was the main editor of Bear and Company some years ago, and was considering publishing my manuscript, Recovering from Excesses of the New Age. She had come to visit me and we had extensive back and forth correspondence, with suggestions for revision. Then she said she wanted to append an article by her on astrology. I said as politely as I could that I didn't want to mix astrology with the message of this book. This proved the end of our relationship. Since then she has become a well known author, and I am a nonentity. But I'd just as soon remain that way and have no plans to publish my book myself, because since I wrote it many years ago I have grown in the Lord and I don't feel "improving" the New Age would help it. However, the exercises on recovering from kundalini crisis which I had in the book were good and helpful to those who read the manuscript. I included a lot of material from ancient Hindu manuscripts and from some modern yogis who did more to help than hurt their students, such as Swami Satchidananda. The Satchidananda people who read my book in my home town were very angry at me for including Swami as one of the people referenced, who personally helped me to recover from this idiotic affliction.

Publishing anything means people will attack you. I am too old to court attack.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

The idea of eliminating the USSR was
broached AFTER the conquest of Germany was over. As for launching a nuclear attack, we were out of bombs. All we had had been dropped on Japan, a real bluff at that, because they assumed we had more, and we didn't.

Patton and Wisner of the OSS were not fools and were all for this.
McCloy and others in the state department (always a nest of vipers) were against it, and played a role in getting Nazi war criminals into our employ, in some cases into the US, with incriminating files altered (originals kept under wraps, federal prosecutor John Loftus got at them anyway, see The Belarus Secret).

Yes, Jesus comes after the Tribulation, and THAT is when the Rapture is, to meet Him at His coming, stay with Him there while He rains his wrath on the antichrist and then staying with Him always as The Bible says, we descend to earth to rule with Him.

His rule won't be for a mere thousand years but forever, that thousand years is only the time in which the devil will be totally bound, unable even to telepathically tempt the nations.
Then he will be released briefly to tempt mankind one more time, those who follow him will do a revolt but it will be put down, and Jesus Christ's rule will continue forever, with the general resurrection and the Last Judgement, then a new heavens and a new earth and the New Jerusalem.

That scenario is the only thing that makes all Scripture fit together, without allegories, typology and other subjectively adjustable things that can be tweaked to fit anything, and without apparent self contradictions.

As for oil and the pipeline, the pipeline has millions of people opposed and writing and emailing in to oppose it, putting pressure to stop it, myself included. Why? That
thing is going to go through prime cropland and critical water ways and can like pipelines do already in other places, break and leak, poisoning water that will run into major rivers and be an infrastructure nightmare, and we don't need productive crop land ruined either.

Tar sand oil is more toxic, requires more processing and is higher sulfur than normal crude. This is a real bad idea. (Why not process it in Canada and tanker truck the results in? petroleum products tankers run all over the place all the time anyway.)

Mariel said...

Christine, thanks for you thoughts on the pipeline. I've been divided, as I heard various "sides". Yes we could tanker in what we need from Canada, no need to again threaten the environment. We think we can control what happens to what science and engineering makes, but history shows that we can't. Right now, the worst threat I am aware of in science and technology is the CERN large hadron collider. Science's ultimate claim that they can control the ferocious reactions of nature.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

A note on project Bluebeam. critics have pointed out, that this looks like some spooks on purpose cobbled together stuff already out in Star Trek episodes and a sci fi book, and fed it to Serge Monast, who broke the story, to set him up as a fool.

The false miracles of the antichrist would not need high tech to do, considering what demons did in the ancient world and occasionally more recently. (A lot of alien abduction may be demon activity, to judge by research of such people as Guy Malone, who stopped his abductions by calling on the Name of Jesus and increasingly abductees are finding that this works, if you believe in the historic biblical Jesus not the new age ascended master type Jesus which is a false Christ. A lot of alien abduction and suchlike is definitely flesh and blood and nuts and bolts type stuff however, and Jesus can still help you block telepaths and demons that may be partnered with the aliens.)

Serge Monast died suddenly of a heart attack, after a lot of stress, as did someone I don't know the name who was like him an early researcher on the subject of American plans for concentration camps. Monast had written a book drawing on classified and other documents to prove this, a couple of years before his death, and my guess is, that Project Blue Beam was a fraud fed to him to make him look foolish, once they knew he was beginning to work on this concentration camp plan thing, so the CC plan writing would be ignored along with his sci fi scenario.

A plan the CIA had for Cuba was to use images of Jesus and Mary suspended from balloons to look like miraculous support for revolt. In Iraq during Desert Storm or the later war, some of the opposition fighters were hearing God telling them to surrender, and the microwave technology to cause vibration in the ear surrounding skull bones that will translate to words exists, has been tested, and is patented. It is more likely we got to worry about false input from
"God" through microwaves than from holograms in a sky without adequate
material to make a convincing stable hologram in.

paul said...

More from the world of Islam:

Anonymous said...

Mariel: You wrote: "the worst threat I am aware of in science and technology is the CERN large hadron collider."

I am one of the Anons on this thread and hold a doctorate in theoretical physics. I know of no threat to anything from the LHC. What do you mean, please?

Anonymous said...

Erhem, 'Brit' at 8:50 PM, we the UK have had the Atom bomb since 1952, the Russians since 1949, we've had thermo-nukes since 1955, the Russians since 1953. I don't think in the 1980's, as you put it, GB would have been at the mercy of russia without the yanks... we too could've made Moscow glow in the dark just as well as they could London.

Christine is right about the military industrial complex warned of by Eisenhower.

Anonymous said...

Queen's Christmas Day message focuses on family, forgiveness, and God's Love through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Marko said...

Anon. 6:55 pm,

Am I totally bonkers for being skeptical of the direction quantum physics has taken since the time of Einstein?

Or asked another way, am I crazy for believing that even before I open the box, I believe that Schroedinger's cat is *already* either dead or alive? Or that reality is what it is and is not dependent upon my perception of it?

Does quantum theory *really* describe reality? If so, then has the New Age taken it and incorrectly applied it to the spiritual realm?

I have the book "Schroedinger's Cat" which was printed by Bantam Books on an imprint called "New Age Books", and as I got to the end, I could not bring myself to agree with the conclusions of the book, which were based on observed phenomenon that seemed to prove quantum theory. I don't know if it's the conclusions that were wrong, or the theory itself. As far as I know, very few, if any, scientists question the theory anymore, is that correct?

Hmmmm.... perhaps this is not the place for a discussion like this, but I think quantum theory and quantum physics will have a major role to play in the coming deception - a way to "legitimize" the New Age view of reality. What say you?

Constance Cumbey said...

Reporter Ron Seigel who writes for many papers over the years, including Christian Science Monitor, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Our Sunday Visitor has told me that he considers the Hadron Collider project dangerous. I'm not all that scientifically literate, so I have to defer to others on this. I'll ask Ron for a guest column on his perspective on it.


Jonny said...

Marko, here's an interesting book I've read. "Who's afraid of Shrodinger's Cat".

I think the discussion is still wide open, and I'm suspicious of pretty much any proposition that "99 out of 100 scientists" don't question ANY particular scientific theory anymore, at least in some part. Anti-theists want to build and bolster the idea that science is the nemesis of God, and that science always diminishes theistic worldviews. Nothing could be further from the truth. There's too much political involvement in science.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Fellow Brit of
9.43pm, yes we have nukes too for deterrence (no thanks to CND), but we didn't have them during the early cold war when Germany was packed with US troops and Stalin knew the USA had the Bomb. Furthermore, if the Soviet Union, in the absence of US nukes, had played the domino game with Western Europe, Britain could not have stood alone against a continent united under Stalin. It would have been 1940 all over again only worse. We would have been starved into submission, and nuking Moscow unless a blockade is lifted would have led to the response: we will nuke you back and you would have started a nuclear war even though not one Soviet soldier is on your soil, the entire world will turn on you. What would you do then?

To another (?) Anon, the Queen's Christmas speech is the only speech that she writes herself, and it is invariably explicitly Christian. It is clear that she is a genuine believer - more so than many of the bishops in the Church of England, in fact! She has signed into law much godless parliamentary legislation, eg abortion, but she is in an invidious position of having responsibility without power (the opposite of the 1970s trade unions) and we don't know what she has quietly let it be known in advance that she would not have signed. God will be her judge, not us, and he knows all the facts

Anonymous said...

Constance - I look forward to Ron Seigel's guest post about the LHC machine at CERN. As both a committed Christian and a research theoretical physicist with 10 years of postdoctoral research in three universities under my belt I can assure your readers that the LHC is no threat to anything. On that thread I'll post under my real name for verisimilitude.

Anonymous said...


A pipeline does no more damage and needs no more maintenance than a railway line. Trucking oil in from Canada needs continual further expenditure of energy and clogs up the roads with vehicles. There is only one valid reason for preferring to truck it in, namely the disruptive effects of terrorist attacks on the pipeline. And Canada will simply sell its oil from its bituminous sands to China if the USA doesn't want it. That would lead to a situation in which the USA gets its oil from its political enemies (Chavez's Venezuela and Islamic lands) thousands of miles away while a friendly and stable nation on its doorstep sells the same product across the pacific ocean. It is grotesque to prefer that scenario. Only the Saudis, Chavez and the 300 million dollar ccorporation known as Greenpeace want it that way, plus those who have been taken in by their propaganda.

Anonymous said...


This is the Anon Christian research physicist (see recent posts above). No you are not bonkers for your skepticism and bewilderment re the mysteries of quantum mechanics, but you have been ill served by philosophers and popular writers on the subject. In all physics before quantum theory, every term in every equation of physics specified something in the physical world. (Technically, there was a 1:1 correspondence between epistemology and ontology.) Also, every previous theory in physics had been deterministic, ie it predicted the outcome of experiments with certainty, whereas quantum theory did not do better in some cases than predict the probabilities of the outcome - which could be tested by repeating the experiment many times and seeing if the proportions of the outcomes matched the probabilities. So far they always have, and quantum theory allows us to address questions which defeated previous generations of physicists. But how you respond to these two big differences between quantum theory and earlier theories depends on your philosophical outlook, over which there is no unanimity among physicists and the philosophers that were given leave to enter the discccussions by the nature of the theory. Not to mention irresponsible popularisers.

The big question is: in an experiment in which quantum theory predicts only probabilities of outcomes, can we find a deeper theory that will tell us what hsppens in each individual run of the experiment? To my distress, the mainstream of 20th century physics said: "Don't even try." There were some apparently good reasons but my view is that it is the task of scientists to ask questions, not censor them. Several decades lster, John Bell showed that any such deeper theory must have some screwy qualities, but my attitude to that is OK, it's time to start thinking about screwy theories.

I have kept the buzzwords out of this (Copenhagen interpetation, hidden variables) but that is a summary - or at least my summary - of the situation.

Because of the probabiliistic aspects of quantum theory, some people speculate that human free will and consciousness is what determines experimental outcomes. That is where you get the writings about New Age and quantum theory from. But I think it is based on a category error, for unless consciousness can be defined in terms of the variables that enter the equations of quantum mechanics then nothing has been said.

Popular expositions of Schroedinger's Cat also involve a category error, for nobody has defined biological life and death in terms of the variables used in quanum descriptions of a system.

Marko said...

Anon 6:34, you said:

The big question is: in an experiment in which quantum theory predicts only probabilities of outcomes, can we find a deeper theory that will tell us what happens in each individual run of the experiment? To my distress, the mainstream of 20th century physics said: "Don't even try."

I think this is what bugs me most about quantum theory - that it has left the realm of hard science and has done so as a matter of "faith", not traditional scientific inquiry.

I was kind of upset too when watching parts of the recent Nova special on PBS called "The Fabric of the Cosmos". It was irritating on the same level as that Schroedinger's Cat book.

Did you watch it?

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch it - I'm not in North America! All I can say is that media science has an agenda which puts a semi-New Age geewhizz on much of physics nowadays. Some scientista are New Age in their private lives - but not in their work, which is rooted in the belief that there *is* objective order in the cosmos which man can comprehend - just as the Bible says, and Buddhism denies...

SheldonC said...

People once thought the telescope was dangerous. People started coming out saying the world was round and not the center of everything. Is it dangerous to know how the seasons come and go? Is it dangerous to know how the Earth revolves around the sun? Is it dangerous to know the sun is not being pushed around the sky by some mythical creature? Knowledge isn't dangerous. Ignorance is. (Most of us are end users of these discoveries by physicists, i.e. smartphones, wi fi, television. Why aren't you all Amish if this stuff scares you so much?) Just because you don't fully understand something, doesn't make it dangerous. Why do I feel this blog is sometimes a scene out of the Crucible? Ron Siegel may be a journalist, but that doesn't make him an expert in physics. Or an expert on the Hadron collider. Jim Parsons may play an autistic physicist on TV, but that doesn't make him an expert either.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Margraf has written before that the coming One World Religion will be one that can be proven scientifically.

It is wise to keep in mind that there are those who would use science to advance an agenda.

Marko said...

Anon. 10:48,

I agree completely. If there was anything I would be "frightened" about from the LHC, it would be that experimental results from there will be used to advance an agenda - a New Age, "it's time to take the quantum leap forward" religious agenda. Science and religion married in a relationship that will sweep the world.


I am not afraid of technology, but like any tool, it has tremendous potential for being used to advance evil purposes, as well as good ones. So far, it has been a net positive thing. But in the future.... well, I live around lots of Amish and Mennonite, so it will be easy to "disappear into the background"..... ;^)

Susanna said...

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

And a happy, healthy, prosperous and holy New Year!!!


Mariel said...

Sheldon, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a step beyond normal science, just as atomic energy was a step beyond normal science in the 1940's when the atomic bomb was assembled (it was also under assembly in Japan and Germany, so the US assembly effort was as much defense as offense).
Please see that science has advanced beyond what you learned in college, unless you are very young.
It is a New Age in this specific. Many scientists trust that science can keep new improvements in control. We did not keep the atomic bomb in control.

Mariel said...

Anon 6:34, thanks for your explication of quantum physics. Very well done. I am not a scientist but I have read some of the quantum physics-based New Age books. I am interested in the possibility that human thought can influence outcomes, but I believe as a Christian that this can only happen by God acting in response to prayers. I have had miraculous healings (need one now, but God is not choosing to respond) and I know He can do this. I do not understand why He would do it in response to a God-denying New Ager "thinking" a change into the expression of DNA. Why would he respond to that kind of thing? Some claim he has, although I know of no cases personally where this worked. There are plenty of "case studies" in books. I have seen and experienced Christian healing through prayer so I know it is real.

paul said...

Whether science is benign or not is
not the problem
Mankind, including scientists, are
most certainly at enmity with God.
Science itself is, hopefully, an honest
search for true facts and data, and
better ways of doing things,
but there's no separating that nobel
pursuit from the nature of it's
masters, teachers and students.

Psalms 53:2&3 says:
2) God looked down from heaven
upon the children of men to see
if there were any that did
understand, that did seek God.
3) Every one of them has gone
astray; they are altogether
become filthy; there is none
that does good, not one.

John Rupp, Jr. said...

I found this link interesting on how some of the occupy protesters interpret what is happening in the protests in Russia.

Anonymous said...

Mariel: Thank you for your kind comments about my outline of quantum mechanics. I can assure you that the New Age books you have read on the subject are very far from the mainstream of of what researchers in quantum physics actually write. The popularisers, who are the only people that intelligent non-scientists can read, have their own agenda.

The LHC at CERN is not a paradigm shift. It is conceptually identical to earlier particle accelerators, but with a bit more under the hood - that is all.

Changing the subject, I do believe that God can and sometimes does abrogate the scientifc laws he put in place by which his creation runs. I liken it to a playwright stepping onto the stage during a performance of his own play. It happens when God has higher priorities.

Susanna said...

Anon.2:28 P.M.

Well said.

Just for the record, in case anyone isn't aware of it, the close alliance between the UK and the USA is such that it was - and still is - called a "special relationship."

As an American, I am grateful for all the sacrifices made during World War II by the British people
for the benefit of the free world as we know it. Dunkirk is one battle that comes to mind.

Moreover, along with their continuing attempts to sink NATO, the Russians have never stopped trying to undermine the Anglo-American "special relationship" -
even as they continue to try to forge their own "special relationship" with the European Union - quite probably with the assistance of "Mr. Europe" himself (Javier Solana) and his "new best friend" Strobe Talbott.


Marko, here are some links that echo what you posted earlier.

April 29, 2010

From the OCW

Constance Cumbey said...

To Susanna,

THANK YOU for the posting about the Communist infiltration of the Russian Orthodox Church and its possible/probable survival after the fall of Communism in the early 1990's as "the new man." Extremely important and disturbing information. I just read and archived the entire article.


amanda said...

Has anyone seen this? from ANONYMOUS

Calling all d0xers, hax0rs, phreaks and social engineers: Do you value the free exchange of information? Would you fight for the internet? Do we share common oppressors? January 1st 2012 @ 12:00 A.M. every last piece of information we have acquired through our individual skills will be leaked all across the web… EVERYWHERE, chat spam, fb, twitter, myspace, mocospace, tinychat, dating sites, youtube…. EVERYWHERE.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

okayyyy, Russian Orthodoxy and communism. first regarding the first
article linked, the fact that the CIA knew of Communist infiltration even in its own ranks and did nothing (there was a "paranoid" element in the CIA always looking for moles, but apparently they were restrained) fits very well my earlier floated theses, drawn from many other writers' decades of research, that something other than
normal usa vs. ussr was in the works. As I said, the nazi element adopted by both sides pushed both sides to war as much as they could, and the Arab networks the Russians infiltrated were first built by the Nazis and before them pre Nazi Germans, Arabs having respect for Germans before the 20th century.

Now, ROC and Commies.

The realities the article discusses, and the persecution given to the Catacomb Church as Orthodox who refused to go with the legal above ground church was called, are precisely why there was uproar in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) when the reunion was brought up. It was accomplished, with some independence provisos for ROCOR, and leaving 3 Russian derived jurisdictions the MP (a few churches), ROCOR (with a schism that wouldn't rejoin), and the OCA that had got a tomos of autocephaly from Moscow long before that.

complaints against the Moscow Patriarchate incl. that priests sometimes took stories from confession to the KGB. However, the same thing had occurred in the days of the tsarist Okhrana, where I guess they felt they were reporting to the holy anointed tsar of God.

When Constantinople fell I think AD 1453, Moscow became considered by many mostly itself, as the Third Rome, and a certain imperialistic attitude dates from that time. While Lyndon LaRouche is nothing to pay attention to much, he was on target in suggesting that Soviet imperialism actually dates to ingrained attitudes of Roman imperialism from before Communism.

Of course, that imperialism in turn was partly driven by reactions to Mongol and other invasions and problems on the borders, best solved by annexation. Russian history is long and complex.

The Moscow Patriarchate was created by Stalin, however tsar Peter the Great in his modernizing efforts, had dissolved the original Moscow Patriarchate, and made it an organ of the state, or a department of the state. Thus instead of the classical Orthodox concept of a symphony between church and state, the state now ruled the church, though the church dictated certain terms.

Some of the observed behavior of Soviet and post Soviet Russia, has as much to do with stuff long preceding it, as it has to do with communism.

Current three way split of the Orthodox church in the Ukraine, one loyal to Moscow, and the drive of the Moscow Patriarchate to assert authority in the Ukraine, would be consistent with a desire to recover the old soviet empire, and with the KGB empire minded background of the consecration of bishop there.

Now, that empire took the form of something like a united states set up, the united socialist republics of Russia. Originally they were less distinct than that, being the tsar's empire and just districts in that. Having been brought under Moscow's control a long time ago,
the USSR worked to keep it, and the modern Russia works to regain it as much as possible.

Communism was a blip well, a BIG blip in their semi barbarian history. the patterns go back farther. That doesn't make them less dangerous. So why provoke them? Right now we can still be friends.

If American drive to spread democracy was sincere, we'd have been overthrowing dictators right and left and installing reformist pro western governments, which of course we didn't. Our drive is empire and has been ever since "Manifest Destiny" was trumpetted.

So we got two competing empires, basically. Both need to stand down.

Anonymous said...


The Russian Orthodox church had the option to tell Peter the Great: "We hope to agree with you about most things, but where we don't we will do what we think is right, not what you think is right, and we are willing to accept persecution from you for it, just like Christ did from Caesar's agent Pilate". Too bad this didn't happen. If Russian Orthodoxy had stood up for civil rights for the Russian peasantry in the 19th century, comparable to the rights granted to the working class in Western countries, then the communist revolution which it deplored and disavowed need never have happened.

(Bishop Sylvester of Rome should have said the same thing to Emperor Constantine in the 4th century, by the way...)

Read the chapter on the church in The Mitrokhin Archive to see that 80% of Orthodox priests in Russia and the ENTIRE hierarchy reported to the KGB. Mitrokhin comprises extracts from the KGB's own archives which have never been disputed. Honour to the 20% of priests who refused, but that is a disgraceful statistic.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

The opinion of the Russian Church holy men was that the Revolution had come as punishment for the sins of Russia. drunkenness, unchastity, violence and hypocrisy at all levels of society. As for Tsar Peter, you must remember that the Tsar was the anointed holy emperor of God. This is not the sort of view about a ruler that easily facilitates revolt, even now regicide is considered the crowning sin of Russia.

However, if it weren't for I think it was Tsar Alexander's intervention we wouldn't even be here. The Southern traitors would have won, launched their Golden Circle plan of conquest, found their British allies turned on them having conquered the northern states weakened by war, and then probably inveighled the targets of Golden Circle imperialism (caribbean Mexico and South America) to revolt and by now we would have been several generations British colonies again. The Tsar told Britain if they backed the South, they would face a Russian blockade. Also lent troops which we paid for by buying Alaska.

Anonymous said...

If Russian Orthodoxy had stood up for civil rights for the Russian peasantry in the 19th century, comparable to the rights granted to the working class in Western countries, then the communist revolution which it deplored and disavowed need never have happened.

Yes. And there is a lesson here to be learned for the prosperous middle and upper classes of the West. But the human race has a very short memory.

Anonymous said...


The NT never tells Christians to overthrow rulers, bad or good. I never said it did; I am no Liberation Theologian. But it does imply that churchmen should tell home truths to rulers fearlessly, like John the Baptist did. Russian Orthodox church leaders failed to do that and stand up for the peasantry, a failure that undoubtedly played a part in the communist revolution.

Anonymous said...

You think that Russian forces could have conquered half of the Americas Christine? They couldn't even defeat Japan at that time.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"You think that Russian forces could have conquered half of the Americas Christine? They couldn't even defeat Japan at that time."

I am not sure what post you are referring to. I never said or thought anything like that regarding the end of WW II, BUT THAT IS THE PICTURE OUR GOVT. AND MEDIA FED THE US CITIZENRY FOR DECADES.

I think you are confusing my take on what could happen NOW with China and Iran and Brazil backing them, with their pathetic and vulnerable condition I pointed out regarding the end of WW II. THAT was when Patton and others wanted to attack after WW II dust settled, but were prevented. Containment instead of eradication prevailed, in that nest of vipers the State Department, and the Wall Street controlled OSS/later CIA, and that is why we had the Cold War.

USSR never had serious designs on the US just Europe. And the creation of buffer states between western Europe and Russia, instead of restoring the Austro Hungarian Empire and making a shorter buffer zone, and sorting out justice between them and Russia, was a bad idea.

All scenarios involved Russian advance through Europe to America. The only real potential threat was the failed premier candidate Zhrinovsky, whose proposition to invade gave me a chill, because there for the first time was the only approach any serious invasion would take.

Across the Behring Straits, down the coast of Canada and into the northwest and so forth.

We do have a near border with them, remember? I doubt that clown Palin could see Russia from her house, but winter accustomed troops mopping up after a few minor nuclear strikes on military bases on the ground, and a couple of major high altitute thermonuclear blasts that would not affect the ground blast or heat wise, but fry all our electronics with the dreaded Electro Magnetic Pulse no one on any side is adequately prepared to deal with, perhaps in fall, coming across Alaska and on ships to the coasts, makes far more sense. This scenario was never discussed as far as I know during the Cold War, which shows that nobody was serious about anything....much.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Before you get too chummy with Islam for not being officially occultist type New Age and whatnot....

Anonymous said...

"Before you get too chummy with Islam for not being officially occultist type New Age"

I don't know which poster you have in mind Christine, but some of us have spent a lot of effort on this blog pointing out that the koran denies the divine sonship of Jesus Christ, so that its author cannot be Yahuweh, and the deceptive claim of the koran's author to be the Creator is therefore a lie. Not rocket science but too much for the liberal Christian mentality.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Before you get too chummy with Islam for not being officially occultist type New Age"

I don't know which poster you have in mind Christine,

I address my posts to whoever reads them unless I am answering a particular poster. the attitude that Islam is not New Age and is a target of the New Agers being a monotheistic and "intolerant" religion therefore not so bad, pops up here and there.

John Rupp, Jr. said...

How about this? A new software program called Maitreya you can download on Winzip. All the astrology you want. Also I found it interesting that our Oregon State Hospital here in Salem and Portland just converted their entire computer system over to a software called "Avatar". You look up Avatar in the dictionary and it means a diety that intentionally descends from heaven to earth.

Anonymous said...

Anon Physicist (it's easier than digging through variant time stamps)

Given your position, and said understanding of what the quantum fields are supposed to represent. How does one in your field balance a man like Amit Goswami? On one hand the man literally wrote the book on quantum mechanics, as in a large percentage of text books that those entering the field are using to learn said craft. While on the other, he is easily the largest proponent for human consciousness as a related variable in the field.

How can one see a proper balance concerning direction of the field, when one of the leading names on the subject is vehemently mucking the waters. I do not fully expect you to be able to handle all questions I could have on the subject, I am just interested in your interpretation of how this works long run for the integrity of the field.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I am not sure to who the quantum question is addressed, but I have some ideas.
Firstly, keep what is physics and dismiss the rest. whatever truth there is to a potential overlap between the electric fields of the brain, or the less material mind, and the quantum fields around it, it is not relevant to the physics of everything else, and since the average person has different views of self than others do of them and vice versa and a range of beliefs and impressions and ideas about things, it is obvious that THE MIND DOES NOT NORMALLY IMPACT THE QUANTUM FIELDS OR WHATEVER, or we would have shifting chaos all the time around us, instead of the orderly universe and immediate world and environment we see, we do not make our own reality except in a very limited sense, far below the threshhold that these mystics are talking about.

Secondly, there is an earlier scientific view of things, that was displaced by Einstein and Quantum stuff, after the michelson-morley experiement, the ether or electric universe theory. (which has as many potential occultic abuses as does quantum theory, though a lot less supposed omnipresence of individual consciousness or whatever), and the michelson-morley experiment is not all it is cracked up to be.

one experiment no ether. another experiment, ambiguous results (we don't hear about that one in class) and another similar experiment by one Sagnac, got the opposite result of the michelson-morley experiment, confirming the ether or electric universe! the problem was positioning of the things in their experiment. They were looking for a flow in the wrong direction.

There is a lot more to all this, with Maxwell's mathematical theorems originally in quaternion notation, and a mystical bent in himself. These were rewritten in normal algebraic or whatever notation, the difference being that we are taught them as straight line effects so to speak, while a quarternion is always an angle of rotation or something like that.

when you work with physics in terms of Maxwell's theorems done up in quarternion notation, and the electric universe theory, things get outstandingly wierd and dangerous. free energy or over unity devices begin to make sense. you also are on the track of how to blow yourself up. So it may be just as well those equations were rewritten, the reason for doing so was to eliminate the mystical bent but the effect was to produce a less useful but perhaps safer physics.

Meanwhile, the HAARP technology and some off the record stuff in the military scene partakes to some extent of all this, as HAARP depends on several patents some of which are Tesla's and Tesla's stranger stuff only fits a Maxwell in quarternion kind of universe as the reality.

Meanwhile, those of an overly poetic or mystical or delusional bent, and overt New Agers and popularizers of occultism, will jump on ANY bandwagon (and have, relativity and normal electromagnetic stuff included) to
promote their agenda, and the less it is understandable by the masses the easier it is to use to that purpose.

A good block to all this is simple obedience to God. Never mind can it be done, might it be true enough to put into practice, whatever.

The issue is, SHOULD it be done?

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your query. There are literally dozens of textbooks on quatum mechanics, running from freshman to advanced levels, and Goswami's is to my knowledge the only one to discuss consciousness. It is not an acknowledged market leader. You can find a minority of unrepresentative people in any subject. 30 years ago my favourite book for a first course was Dicke and Wittke and my fave advanced text was Schiff. Albert Messiah's book was another good one. For really advanced quantum Field Theory there is Itzykson and Zuber, or Weinberg's 3-volume work. None mentions consciousness, because such discussions do not generate any prediction that can be tested in a physics experiment.

Anonymous said...


"Firstly, keep what is physics and dismiss the rest."

I couldn't agree more. This is the physicist who has contributed to this thread. Your first paragraph is spot-on.

Re Michelson-Morley experiments and others, keep in mind that experiments are done right at the limits of the technology in each era, and those that you no longer hear of are the ones that turned out to be wrong, ie everybody else who subsequently tried it agreed with M-M and not with the other. Also, whenever new technology comes on stream it is used to improve the results of previous experiments, and while M-M got their result to an accuracy of a few percent, it has nowadays been confirmed to an accuracy of .0001%. Aether is dead, and Einstein built his brilliant work (and now verified) on the supposition of its absence, or at least its unobservableness and superfluousness.

Quaternions are simply the Clifford Algebra of 3-dimensional space. Whether you phrase Maxwell's equations describing the electromagnetic field using quaternions or using conventional vector notation, the physical content of the theory is the same. It's like whether you describe an elephant using French or English - it's still an elephant.

Jenna said...

@John Rupp, Jr.

Somewhat related... My aunt who is a nurse at a smaller hospital in the Midwest told me that they just changed their entire computer system over too. The system tracks all people within every department and saves all of the information that they access on the computers. For identifying personnel, they changed the system from scanning fingerprints to badges with rfid chips in them. She is saying she knows the inevitable will happen, people will start losing their badges, then they will make people start getting the rfid chips implanted for security. I asked her what she will do at that point. She (being a believer) said, "Well, I'll have to lose my job."

Mariel said...

I am interested in your historical perspectives, Christine, about Russia, England, the US, Mexico, and the Golden Circle. But I am among those who sees all of this as political rubbish and greed, the things that Our Lord will come to abolish. When I think of the Tsar of Russia, I think of his many palaces and serfs, not of a person who even COULD be good....he probably tried, but considering such weights, he would have had to depend solely on Jesus for justification of anything he did. I ended up on a website called Alexander Palace, which is about Tsarist life, including that of the Germanic nobility who married into the Russian royal family, and who brought with them "my" disease, Porphyria (that's how I found the site, because I do research on Porphyria descent). Anything these people did was under a great weight of sin, just as our own lives are, whether small or great.

This is why I look to the harpazo as our only hope. What is coming in the world will not be good, whatever it is. We can speculate about how it ought to be, if men could change it and make it better, but experience shows we are becoming worse and worse. I don't mean each individual is worse, I mean our organizations and nations are becoming more and more embroiled in hopeless activity, such as today's threat from Iran to block the Straight of Hormuz, countered by a NATO general saying they don't dare, and then the Saudis saying they'll make up with more oil what does not come from Iran....we are locked into a fight with these oil people and no one wins. To think that we are actually beholden to the Saudi Arabian princes for our economic survival--the people who kill women for suspicion of adultery, torture them if they drive cars without a male relative present....and so forth. From our point of view, people who are uncivilized. And these Arabian
monsters are NOT New Age. They even recently killed a woman they said was a witch, who was accepting money to heal people with spells...while in the West we have big business in witchcraft of this nature. No wonder Saudis think we are idolaters. All will lose until Jesus comes for us. If he does not come soon, all civility and civilization will be gone.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Quaternions are simply the Clifford Algebra of 3-dimensional space. Whether you phrase Maxwell's equations describing the electromagnetic field using quaternions or using conventional vector notation, the physical content of the theory is the same. It's like whether you describe an elephant using French or English - it's still an elephant."

To a large extent true, a guy who I don't like to drive traffic to for various reasons so shall remain unnamed pointed out in one of his books, what comes out as zero in vector notation becomes something else in quarternion, giving a mathematical basis to work on regarding ether physics or whatever, and as I pointed out, making some very wierd things that work but shouldn't explanable. Also it seems there are variations in some things' performance and even in nuclear yields that are small enough to ignore, large enough to be noted, that are more explanable if as per the quarternion approach, there is more to electromagnetic physics than vector equations can show.

Anonymous said...


Do you understand quaternions to the extent of being able to do mathematical calculations of them? Perhaps you remember the superior book-keeping of complex analysis, in which you add a real number and an imaginary number (ie, a real multiple of the square root of minus one) to get a complex number. Multiplying and adding complex numbers is a much faster way of doing the same calculations as 2-dimensional vector analysis. The answers are always the same, because it is not a different calculation but a more economical and efficient way of doing the same calculation.

Quaternions are simply the generalisation of that superior neatness from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions. (Technically, complex analysis is the Clifford Algebra of 2D space; quaternions make up that of 3D space.) Because of the higher dimensionality, you lose the commutativity property that you had between real and imaginary numbers in two dimensions. But, once you have learned to take account of non-commutativity, the superior economy of the quaternion description manifests itself. Again, no physics differs or can differ - just the way the physics is described.

Quaternions are isomorphic to the Pauli spin matrices in non-relativistic quantum mechanics, and this is not a coincidence give that non-relativistic QM takes place in three spatial dimensions. And the Dirac matrices of the relativistic electron theory behave like the basis vectors of a space with 3 spacelike dimensions and one timelike dimension.

In Clifford algebras you can have null vectors, defined as things which are nonzero but whose square is zero. You don't give enough information for me to tell, but I suspect that that is what you mean when you mention something that is zero in one mathematical description but nonzero in another.

If you believe that there is any difference in the physics, based on what you have read, then you have been taken in by an irresponsible populariser. Such people also often resurrect ancient anomalies that were due to one sloppy experiment, subsequently and definitively disconfirmed in multiple independent repeats of the experiment by other groups, and build castles in the air.

If you wish to give me more specfic details, I will gladly comment. I have worked on this stuff while I was a physics postdoc.

paul said...

Oh yeah ?
I don't see what's so great
about that...

But seriously,
Do you think that all the hoopla
about Tesla is, as you say,
long since disproved and only
a buzz among web surfing
idio..people like, uh, me ?
I mean has science disproved
all the grand things that they
say he was working on ?

Anonymous said...

Paul: Physics has long since assimilated what was good in Tesla's work and rejected the bad. If you wish to take this further, plesae be specific. His Wikipedia page is pretty accurate.

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