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Occupy Movement - How some New Agers view Moscow developments

I had inquiries in our forum ("comments") section about how whether I thought the recent Moscow mass demonstrations were connected in any way with the Occupy Movement (including but not limited to Occupy Wall Street).  My answer was "yes."  It is my firm belief that the Occupy Movement is tied to New Age expectations for their "Ascension" date of 12-21-2012 and our supposed "Karmageddon" (Shirley Maclaine et al).  Here is one New Ager "Occupy" perspective on it.  There are many others:

As you can see, this site is typical of the "witches' brew" that is the Occupy Movement:  Mayan calendar expectations tied in with spiritualism and political changes (i.e. chaos) sought by those hoping this will help usher in their "New Age."  You may explore the whole ugly site by clicking here:

UPDATE:  One of our forum (comment section) participants disputes that the current demonstrations inRussia have any connection to the "Occupy Movement" in particular and New Age Movement in general.  Since a picture is generally considered worth a thousand words, here's one of the Facebook page of "Occupy Russia."  There is another page for "Occupy Moscow":

"Occupy Russia" from Facebook.

Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

12/21/2012 not 2112

Anonymous said...

Is there any actual evidence that the Moscow protestors are anything other than people disgruntled with Putin and electoral malpractice?

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 5:11 AM,


I've not seen a shred of evidence to suggest any link with the OWS and the Anti-Putin protesters. Just hearsay and speculation here.

Is every protest in the world instigated by some shadowy OWS influence? Ridiculous!

Constance Cumbey said...

To Anonymous 2:42

You are so right -- I had a nearly sleepless night before and I guess that was a fruit which I am now off to correct. Sorry and thanks!


Constance Cumbey said...

I rather suspect that Anoymous 5:11 and 5:54 may be one and the same poster, HOWEVER, here is another piece of evidence of which a simple google search yields many of OCCUPY MOSCOW movement (which by the way has its own facebook site):

Query, what is YOUR ANGLE AND MOTIVE(s) in not having people examine New Age influences and strategy for this "OCCUPY" MOVEMENT?


Constance Cumbey said...

FOREIGN POLICY featured an article about Putin and his discounting of fears about the then known "Occupy Moscow" movement -- clearly part of the global "Occupy Movement." The following in an October 26th article was clearly prescient of what has since transpired:

Maybe he was being too brazen, failing to factor in the risk of an Occupy Moscow movement, which Russia's leadership is of course all too aware of. As Putin's comments to foreign investors illustrate, the government still courts public opinion (authoritarian tendencies notwithstanding), and there's a deep-seated fear among officials at all levels of a public backlash that would undermine the system. But the likelihood of such an uprising is very low, particularly without Kudrin to keep spending in check. And with the premium Moscow is paying for social stability, Kudrin's concern -- the health of the Russian economy -- is the more worrisome one.

Jenia Ustinova is an analyst in Eurasia Group's Eurasia practice.

or tinyurl

Again, it appears to me that it is coming from two sides of the New Age Movement: those seeking "global governance" and those believing in the 2012 'prophecies' the Movement has been pushing the last several years.

The denial here reminds me so very much of the very denial of the New Age Movement itself I experienced when bringing out the facts in the 1980s with those in the Christian world who were fellow-travelers with the NAM people frantic to stop me. Read my articles on the "Hi-Jacking of Evangelicalism."


Constance Cumbey said...

Please refresh your browser page. I've added more material and pictures to the original blogpost.


Constance Cumbey said...

From the same Occupy Russia facebook page:

Next rally in MOSCOW - 24 of December at Vasilievsky Spusk!!


Anonymous said...

Sarkozy: We need Britain, but there are now 'two Europes'

PARIS - French President Nicolas Sarkozy admitted on Monday that the European Union was now a two-speed alliance but insisted that Britain would not be forced out of the bloc's single market.
Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel fell out with Prime Minister David Cameron at last week's EU summit, when London refused to sign up to a pact imposing closer economic coordination between member states.
"We did everything, the chancellor and I, to allow the British to take part in the agreement. But there are now clearly two Europes," Sarkozy said in an interview with the French daily Le Monde.
"One wants more solidarity between its members and more regulation. The other is attached only to the logic of the single market," he said.
But, asked whether Britain, which has refused to join the single currency and opposed last week's fiscal pact, could still remain inside the EU single market, Sarkozy said: "We need Great Britain."
"We'd be greatly impoverished if we allowed its departure which, luckily, is not on the agenda," he insisted.
Separately, the head of France's financial regulator branded Cameron's Conservatives "the stupidest" right-wing party in the world for pushing its leader into confrontation with Europe.
"It's rare to see a European country truly refuse to reach a deal because of, to put it crudely, pressure from the finance lobby," Jean-Pierre Jouyet, chairman of the AMF market regulator, told France Inter radio.
"For a long time we have thought the French right the stupidest in the world," he continued.
"I think, in this case, the British right has shown that it can be the stupidest, in that it has served not its national interest but purely the interests of high finance," he declared.
"I think that's a shame because we need our British friends in Europe," he said, arguing that Cameron's centre-left predecessors Tony Blair and Gordon Brown would not have made "the same mistake".

OccupyAquarius? said...

About the 2012 page. Whoa! Scrowl down to an article called "Archangel Michael on 12/12/2011". There's a video concerning this day. It's beyond bizarre. The airhead, Linda Dillon (someone I've never heard of), narrating calls this day "connection day." Apparently, that's today! She is a spokesperson of some kind for the Archangel Michael or he speaks through her, supposedly. It's totally nuts!

Anonymous said...

I am the (Brit) Anon of 5:11AM and I am not the Anon of 5:54AM, as IP addresses should reveeal to Constance if she wishes to check. I am however the Anon who responded to Constance's comment, on a previous thread, that

"The Middle East "Arab Spring", Occupy Wall Street, Occupy London and just about everywhere else are most clearly related. Their own websites attest to that. They are all "cells" in their global apparatus."

I asked: Who oversees and is in charge of that 'global apparatus' of cells please? I would love to know.

paul said...

If there weren't so many people
who buy into this stuff I'd have
no choice but to burst out
It sounds like the angel Michael's
channeler has a case of asthma.
Too bad.
It also sounds like the angel michael's
channeler is a flakey hippie with
high self asteem but unfortunately
not so high intelligence, or at
least not so high wisdom, or
none at all.
The fear of the Lord is the beginning
of wisdom.
Mediums, channelers, mystics, seers,
all play a foolish game of "lets pretend
we represent" ( God ), since they
apparently don't believe that there
is a God.

Why do the heathen rage, and the
people imagine a vain thing ?

John Rupp, Jr. said...

There is much more to the protests in Russia than just voter fraud. Russia is going through the same New Age/ New World Order debate we have been going through in the United States. The main debate is over national soveriegnty. Just as we have given up our own national soveriegnty to the New World Order pressure is being put on Russia by the United Nations to give up theirs'. It became obvious to me after reading the latest speech by Medvedev to the Russian people on the Russian Times website. His whole speech was on the topic of the US missile sheild being put up in Europe as a threat to Russian Soveriegnty. Part of the protests are aimed at Putin and Medvedev to give in to the New Age one world theme. The New World Order needs Russia to give up their national soveriegnty and join in the worldwide disarmament movement. The missile threat Medvedev issued toward the US in his speech greatly sparked concern among the New Agers in Russia and has become part of the protest against the Medvedev/Putin regeme. It is exactly the same thing going on here in the US. It is very obvious from their own statements that OWS isn't just about Wall Street. It is also about disarmament, world peace, a one world community, etc. The key to the success for the New Age/ New World Order is every nation on earth giving up it's national soveriegnty.

Constance Cumbey said...

The OCCUPY MOVEMENT is a NETWORKING MOVEMENT. That has always been a synonym for the New Age Movement which was a synonym for the NETWORKING MOVEMENT.

The "cells" are sharing intelligence, resources, websites, speakers.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to the words of this song - so scary: "The marching song of the covert battalions"

John Rupp, Jr. said...

What an interesting link! There should be no doubt that just as Constance said The occupy movement is a part of this entire worldwide protest movement and is part of the New Age Movement (Networking Movement). I haven't just seen it in this one website, I am seeing this in hundreds of websites. Just look at some of the speakers the occupiers are inviting to talk to them and what they stand for.

Anonymous said...

Constance saw it years ago and even I, a nobody, can see all the connections. All you need to do is open your eyes. It is all connected. Years ago, when I began to study the sneaky things going on in public schools that were intended to brainwash all the children (Mastery Learning, Outcome Based Education, Bloom's Taxonomies, etc.) and I learned how the U.N. was behind it and how the New Age gurus were involved... The U.N. (actually the power elite behind it and the unseen powers that are behind them) is involved in it all. Sustainable Development, Zero Population Growth, normalizing homosexual behavior, it's all part of the whole. The radical changing of America's government from a Constitutional Republic to a Marxist/Socialist one to fit into a Global Government, it is all part of The Plan. The Planners have a big smorgasbord for the world from which each person can choose his favorites but at the end all will end up with the Planners devouring them.

Anonymous said...

Constance, have you been made aware of patrick wood, and his reporting on " Smart-Grid ", energy credits etc.? google it, that goes for you all............... its part of the plan......, tony/ vt.

Anonymous said...

CERN announcement expected soon.

Constance Cumbey said...

Here's another weird 2012 - Mayan Prophecies - Occupy Movement "all together now" website:


Anonymous said...

"They are all "cells" in their global apparatus."

to whom does "their" refer? I wojuld be glad of names and *direct* evidence that those names are coordinating Moscow and the other Occupy movements.

Anonymous said...

"The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola"


Anonymous said...

Another way they get to you.
I went to see a gastroenterologist. A nice guy practicing with other doctors at a respectable "Catholic" hospital in my capital city. To help me he asked me to read a book authored by his co-worker and another doctor. It is titled IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME AND THE MINDBODYSPIRIT CONNECTION. It has helpful information but is also full of New Age philosophy. It is endorsed by well-known New Agers and quotes some very questionable people. One of them is Alberto Villoldo - Shaman, Healer, Sage. I did a little research on that guy and he, too, is pushing the Mayan 2012 stuff. I'm sure he is a conman but why are medical doctors so gullible? This book tells that reader all basic religions lead to the same good place. What is a Christian who believes there is only one way to salvation supposed to do when their doctor pushes this stuff at them?

Jenna said...

WHOA Constance, that site is seriously insane!!!

I found this shocking statement on "To Know God is the Purpose of Life" page:

"At each level, God meets God until at last I awaken to the fact that I am God and “I” disappears."

This is very.. um, interesting stuff to read up about. I guess it will be useful in conversations with people who seem to be coming out of the woodwork with this New Age way of thinking. I'm glad to at least get the gist of what they believe.

Jenna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenna said...

@John Rupp, Jr.

Thank you for posting this- seems that Satan has his own "archangel" counterfeit. Wow.

And clearly sanat kumara is SATAN.


Just the letters jumbled a bit. I'm glad we have discernment. Thank you, Lord!

I'll be praying for these mislead people.

Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking and disturbing path that our country is taking and allowing, normalizing and promoting our children to take.

Boston Globe celebrates sex-changes for children by major hospital on front page of Sunday edition.

Pray for this family and others like them who are so confused - That they would come to know the Truth and the truth would set them free and that they may turn from darkness to light and power of satan to the Lord that they each may receive forgiveness for sin and live to glorify His name.


paul said...

"Santa" is also satan.

Susanna said...

Anonymous 9:28 A.M.

Re: What is a Christian who believes there is only one way to salvation supposed to do when their doctor pushes this stuff at them?


Anonymous said...

I find this read interesting. Though I do not agree entirely.

Anonymous said...

To: Anon. 9:28
From: One Catholic Christian to another Christian

Why not speak honestly to your doctor about the parts of the book that were helpful and then politely instruct him on the offensive areas. Most people are unaware of all the New-Age trappings. Also explain how the book might reach a larger audience, therefore bringing in more money.

We as Christians, from various religious demoninations, must have courage to speak the Truth at all times and in all matters. If we can't stand up on little things, we'll never endure the bigger.

Remember, just because your doctor works at a Catholic hospital doesn't mean HE'S Catholic, nor are the authors of the actual material. Catholic health care providers don't exclude highly skilled doctors from their hospitals because of the doctor's religious beliefs, or lack there of.

Moreover, hospital administrators are too busy to micro-manage every reported work produced by their staff or subcontracted employees.

Finally, why not see this as a opportunity from God to fast and pray for the conversion of all involved. I've been doing this for the past 13 years for my doctor and the progress has been slow, really slow, but steady. Not everyone has a conversion like St. Paul. Just remember, it took St. Monica at least 17 years worth of prayer for the conversion of St. Augustine, and even longer for her husband and mother-in-law.

Viva Christos Rey,


John Rupp, Jr. said...

More evidence of the New Age spirituality involved with the OWS.
Notice they are calling on people from ALL FAITHS and CREEDS to join them in COLLECTIVE PRAYER.

Anonymous said...

Strange Meeting

It seemed that out of battle I escaped
Down some profound dull tunnel, long since scooped
Through granites which titanic wars had groined.

Yet also there encumbered sleepers groaned,
Too fast in thought or death to be bestirred.
Then ,as I probed them, one sprang up, and stared
With piteous recognition in fixed eyes,
Lifting distressful hands, as if to bless.
And by his smile, I knew that sullen hall, -
By his dead smile I knew we stood in Hell.

With a thousand pains that vision's face was grained;
Yet no blood reached there from the upper ground,
And no guns thumped, or down the flues made moan.
'Strange friend,' I said, 'here is no cause to mourn.'
'None,' said that other, 'save the undone years,
The hopelessness. Whatever hope is yours,
Was my life also; I went hunting wild
After the wildest beauty in the world,
Which lies not calm in eyes, or braided hair,
But mocks the steady running of the hour,
And if it grieves, grieves richlier than here.
For by my glee might many men have laughed,
And of my weeping something had been left,
Which must die now. I mean the truth untold,
The pity of war, the pity war distilled.
Now men will go content with what we spoiled,
Or, discontent, boil bloody, and be spilled.
They will be swift with swiftness of the tigress.
None will break ranks, though nations trek from progress.
Courage was mine, and I had mystery,
Wisdom was mine, and I had mastery:
To miss the march of this retreating world
Into vain citadels that are not walled.
Then, when much blood had clogged their chariot-wheels,
I would go up and wash them from sweet wells,
Even with truths that lie too deep for taint.
I would have poured my spirit without stint
But not through wounds; not on the cess of war.
Foreheads of men have bled where no wounds were.

I am the enemy you killed, my friend.
I knew you in this dark: for so you frowned
Yesterday through me as you jabbed and killed.
I parried; but my hands were loath and cold.
Let us sleep now...'


Wilfred Owen (1893 - 1918)

Anonymous said...

The American Vicar of Bray

When Royal George rul'd o'er this land,
And loyalty no harm meant,
For church and king I made a stand,
And so I got preferment.
I still opposed all party tricks,
For reasons I thought clear ones,
And swore it was their politics,
To make us Presbyterians.

And this is law I will maintain,
Until my dying day, sir,
Let whatsoever king will reign,
I'll be the Vicar of Bray, sir.

When Stamp Act pas'd the Parliament,
To bring some grist to mill, sir,
To back it was my firm intent,
But soon there came repeal, sir.
I quickly join'd the common cry,
That we should all be slaves, sir,
The House of Commons was a sty,
The King and Lords were knaves, sir.

Now all went smooth as smooth could be,
I strutted and look'd big, sir;
And when they laid a tax on tea,
I was believed a Whig, sir.
I laugh'd at all the vain pretence
Of taxing at this distance,
And swore before I'd pay my pence,
I'd make a firm resistance.

A Congress now was quickly call'd,
That we might act together;
I thought that Britain would apall'd
Be glad to make fair weather,
And soon repeal th' obnoxious bill,
As she had done before, sir,
That we may gather wealth at will,
And so be tax'd no more, sir.

But Britain was not quickly scar'd,
She told another story;
When independence was declar'd,
I figur'd as a Tory;
Declar'd it was rebellion base,
To take up arms -- I curs'd it--
For faith it seemed a settled case,
That we should soon be worsted.

When penal laws were pass'd by vote,
I thought the test a grievance,
Yet sooner than I'd loose a goat,
I swore the State allegiance.
The then disguise could hardly pass,
For I was much suspected;
I felt myself much like the ass
In lion's skin detected.

The French alliance now came forth,
The papists flocked in shoals, sir,
Frizeur Marquises, Valets of birth,
And priests to save our souls, sir.
Our "good ally," with tow'ring wing,
Embrac'd the flattering hope, sir,
That we should own him for our king,
And then invite the Pope, sir.

When Howe, with drums and great parade,
March'd through this famous town, sir,
I cried, "May Fame his temples shade
"With laurels for a crown, sir."
With zeal I swore to make ammends
To good old constitution,
And drank confusion to the friends
Of our late revolution.

But poor Burgoyne's denounced my fate,
The Whigs began to glory,
I now bewail'd my wretched state,
That I was e'er a Tory,
By night the British left the shore,
Nor car'd for friends a fig, sir,
I turn'd the cat in pan once more,
And so became a Whig, sir.

I call'd the army butch'ring dogs,
A bloody tyrant King, sir,
The Commons, Lords, a set of rogues,
That all deserved to swing, sir.
Since fate has made us great and free,
And Providence can't falter,
So long till death my king shall be,
Unless the times should alter.

Anonymous said...

The Rebels

Ye brave honest subjects who dare to be loyal,
And have stood the brunt of every trial,
Of hunting shirts and rifle guns;
Come listen awhile and I'll tell you a song;
I'll show you those Yankees are all in the wrong,
Who, with blustering look and most awkward gait,
'Gainst their lawful sovereign dare for to prate,
With their hunting shirts and rifle guns.

The arch-rebels, barefooted tatterdemalions,
In baseness exceed all other rebellions,
With their hunting shirts and rifle guns:
To rend the empire, the most infamous lies,
Their mock-patriot Congress, do always devise;
Independence, like the first rebels, they claim,
But their plots will be damned in the annals of fame,
With their hunting shirts and rifle guns.

Forgetting the mercies of Great Britain's King,
Who saved their forefathers' necks from the string,
With their hunting shirts and rifle guns,
They renounce all allegiance and take up their arms,
Assemble together like hornets in swarms,
So dirty their backs, and so wretched their show,
That carrion-crow follows wherever they go,
With their hunting shirts and rifle guns.

With loud peels of laughter, you sides, sirs, would crack,
To see General Convict and Colonel Shoe-Black,
With their hunting shirts and rifle guns.
See cobblers and quacks, rebel priests and the like,
Pettifoggers and barbers, with sword and with pike,
All strutting the standard of Satan beside,
And honest names using, their black deeds to hide,
With their hunting shirts and rifle guns.

This perjured banditti, now ruin this land,
And o'er its poor people claim lawless command,
With their hunting shirts and rifle guns.
Their pasteboard dollars prove a common curse,
They don't chink like silver and gold in our purse,
With nothing their leaders have paid their debts off,
Their honor's, dishonor, and justice they scoff,
With their hunting shirts and rifle guns.

For one lawful ruler, many tyrants we've got,
Who force young and old to their wars, to be shot,
With their hunting shirts and rifle guns.
Our good King, God speed him! never used men so,
We then could speak, act, and like freemen could go,
But committees enslave us, our liberty's gone,
Our trade and church murdered; our country's undone,
By hunting shirts and rifle guns.

Come take up you glasses, each true loyal heart,
And may every rebel meet his due dessert,
With his hunting shirt and rifle gun.
May Congress, Conventions, those damned inquisitions,
Be fed with hot sulphur from Lucifer's kitchens,
May commerce and peace again be restored,
And Americans own their true sovereign lord,
Then oblivion to shirts and rifle guns.

Leana said...

Anon 6:29- who posted about Mastery learning.

Was that the title of an educational movement? I went to school during the time they were introducing Outcome based education, so I am familiar with that one. I teach homeschool and I stress learning to mastery when I choose curriculum. It works better for us than using spiral curricula, especially in math. What would be wrong with it?

Thanks, Leana

Anonymous said...

To Leana: Yes. Mastery Learning is a term applied to one of the deceptive programs put in place in the schools. If you cannot find reliable information about what it is I can supply you with some sources.


Anonymous said...

Here for starts.


Anonymous said...

Mariel said...

There are so many Anons I can't keep track. In any case, I have run into books like you did, intended to heal your internal organs by relaxation, visualization, even now even divination. There are books out there which say you can change your genes by thinking. After my husband's death, the only available recommended counselor was a very nice New Age lady. She did help me just as a sounding board for my grief.

However, she was also really into this divination where you can think your genes into another state. As a person whose genes have really crucified her, I simply reject this concept. I have prayed for their change for a long time, to no avail. I have been miraculously healed of some parts of my illess, in seconds. Instead of having one disease healed, however, two more came to join up, diseases which probably have a genetic component as the first one definitely has a genetic component.

I do believe in miraculous healing and so I do encourage everyone to keep praying. thinking your genes into changing, however, will not happen.

And as Susanna states, best to "just say no" to that stuff. I managed to keep the acquaintance of my counselor even after "just saying no" to her magic gene change book. However, I must say that books on this subject are a new important part of the New Age. I see them at my new Natural Foods Co-op, along with magazines for young girls who are into Goddess worship....yes, teen magazines for Beginning Goddesses. The irony is that some of the people who push this stuff are much nicer than the Christians in my town. They have a tendency to be spiritual, to seek God (they have not all rejected God outright or think they are God) but they have no guidance. I try to provide some hints when I can, but I am not in a position to do much.

Please God, change our genes that got out of whack, and stop those who are whacking them some more with their lamentable scientific experiments on the order of CERN, GMO seeds,
and false information about medical treatments.

Mariel said...

Anon 5:04AM. I too would be interested to know who "they" are. The ones behind the ones who make the New Age run. I believe no one here knows, isn't that right? Asking us is asking Balaam's ass. We do not know, although some speculate on various hereditary groups as being the in-source of this. I think that the "royal families" are among those most often suspected.
You can read tons of stuff on why various Princes of Britain are the ac, and I think they are false, but I do to know for sure. You can also read about banking families who got "in bed" with royalty, often marrying noble ladies to get more money and power. Are they the culprits? I am not sure, but surely they are lower echelon players to say the least. I do think it is possible that certain hereditary families are the actual powers but their first rule is obfuscation. They do not let their cats out of their bags. Or if they do it's with that joking attitude that they can do what they want in plain sight.

And to another anon, we believe that these people will be ground to dust by Satan. Some even believe they will the the first to be ground to dust, as Satan has used them, and will throw them away as "untrustworthy" because they betrayed their own people. I just heard that on a prophetic tape today, the concept that Satan can't even trust them because they betrayed their own.

Bottom line, though, we don't know who they are.

Constance Cumbey said...

Reports on internet that Javier Solana may be the next leader of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE).

or tinyurl

Not sure yet what it means. It definitely means he is NOT RETIRED.


Anonymous said...

TIME Magazine has named "The Protester as the Person of the Year."

Spare us oh, Lord !!!!


Anonymous said...

"Anon 5:04AM. I too would be interested to know who "they" are. The ones behind the ones who make the New Age run."

It's the Pope, the papal bloodlines, the Jesuiit General, the 'Grand Master' of the SMOM (Knights of Malta) and their minions, including the royal families and US presidential bloodlines (most US pres's are related somehow to one anotherand to the European royal houses).

Behind these, however, is the real enemy power, i.e., Satan and his demons.

Anonymous said...


The passive tense has a lot to answer for. I read endlessly that these groups and cells "are coordinated" and then I ask by whom and am told "them" so then I ask for names and am informed that they are bankers and royalty and so on - but never names together with proof that those names are coordinating everything. This is why I believe that, at the present stage in human history, no human has the full picture of evil in this world - only Satan does, the lord of this world permitted by God for a season. We are obviously moving toward the prophesied 1-world government and dictator of total evil, but we are not there yet and I am sceptical that the Big Names who are touted worship him. They worship themselves. The point is that if you don't do what God says then you are manipulated unknowingly by Satan. New Ager Alice Bailey's weird phrase 'The externalisation of the hierarchy' means the realisation on earth of a hierarchy of people of evil; at present the hierarchy jumps to Satan's realms. It is coming, but it is not here yet - or we should already have an openly declared world government.

Anonymous said...


Although God can do anything I doubt that he will change somebody's genes. What you might not be aware of is that genes may or may not be 'expressed' - in lay terms, active. There is far more to that than recessive/dominant and we are learning more all the time. Whether a particular gene is expressed or not depends on other genes and also on the person's environment. Where God heals sufferers from genetically inherited diseases I think it is more likely to be by these means than by altering the DNA itself.

Marko said...


I recommend listening to the following interview with Johanna Michaelsen, who was into New Age thinking (Silva Mind Control, for one, and psychic healings, and all kinds of other "miraculous" works), but through God's grace came out of it. She has some very strong warnings about anyone seeking "the miraculous" and warns that all that glitters is not gold, so to speak.

The interview is on a site run by Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, and Frances Swaggart has a radio show that has been doing lots of good research into the New Age Movement among other things. Here's a link to the available shows for download, find the one called "An Interview with Johanna Michaelsen - 11/04/11" (toward the bottom):

It is a very sobering interview.

[Thu, Dec. 15]

Mariel said...

Anon 6:52 I am very aware of gene non-expression, and how expression can be triggered by the environment. This is how I became an active "porph" (person with Porphyria) when I went to a bad environment, Stanford. Stanford had several triggers for my disease, including formaldehyde in the lab, herbicide on the tall grass, mold and mold retardant in the dorm, and bad food with many additives. The experimental farm was across the street from my dorm. Once triggered into expression, the disease is henceforth active for life. No one at Stanford was aware of this as far as I know.

Mariel said...

Marko, I read The Beautiful Side of Evil by Joanna Michaelson some years ago. Good book.

Mariel said...

Anon 6:47: I agree that no one knows the full extent of which humans are behind it all. We have partial pictures--"through a glass darkly."

Anon 2:32: I suppose some Vatican-related organizations could be in on it. The papal bloodlines, what is that? I suppose you mean those families who have produced a lot of popes, like the Colonna's. An interesting family. The Duke of Kent (father of Queen Victoria) had several illegitimate children with his French-Italian mistress, who was descended from the Colonnas. He could not marry her because she was Catholic, and several of his brothers had the same problem with their Catholic mistresses--hence: Queen Victoria, the only heir to the throne. Victoria suppressed knowledge of her illegitimate siblings. I researched this (not a lot on it) when studying genetic transfer of Porphyria. The Duke of Kent probably got Porphyria from his dad, George III, famous for being "mad", but Victoria could also have inherited it from her German nobility mother--who had to be Protestant, of course.

Well anyway, we have one Knight of Malta running for President right now, but not high in the polls so far.

Anonymous said...

Military given go-ahead to detain US terrorist suspects without trial

Civil rights groups dismayed as Barack Obama abandons commitment to veto new security law contained in defense bill

Americans can be arrested on home soil and taken to Guantánamo Bay under a provision inserted into the bill that funds the US military.

Barack Obama has abandoned a commitment to veto a new security law that allows the military to indefinitely detain without trial American terrorism suspects arrested on US soil who could then be shipped to Guantánamo Bay.
Human rights groups accused the president of deserting his principles and disregarding the long-established principle that the military is not used in domestic policing. The legislation has also been strongly criticized by libertarians on the right angered at the stripping of individual rights for the duration of "a war that appears to have no end".
The law, contained in the defense authorization bill that funds the US military, effectively extends the battlefield in the "war on terror" to the US and applies the established principle that combatants in any war are subject to military detention.
The legislation's supporters in Congress say it simply codifies existing practice, such as the indefinite detention of alleged terrorists at Guantánamo Bay. But the law's critics describe it as a draconian piece of legislation that extends the reach of detention without trial to include US citizens arrested in their own country.
"It's something so radical that it would have been considered crazy had it been pushed by the Bush administration," said Tom Malinowski of Human Rights Watch. "It establishes precisely the kind of system that the United States has consistently urged other countries not to adopt. At a time when the United States is urging Egypt, for example, to scrap its emergency law and military courts, this is not consistent."

For more...

John Rupp, Jr. said...

Even Putin himself is accusing Hillary Clinton and the West in general of being behind the protest in Russia to attempt to destabilize his country. Also interesting that Senator John McCain tweeted a post telling Putin "The Arab Spring is coming to a neighborhood near you".

Anonymous said...

Mariel, here are families of the Saturnalian Brotherhood- the Papal bloodlines:

House of Borja
House of Breakspeare
House of Somaglia
House of Orsini
House of Conti
House of Chigi
House of Colonna
House of Farnese
House of Medici
House of Gaetani
House of Pamphili
House of Este

Also see the Pallavicini family.

The Orsini [little bear] family, also called Orso [bear], and originally the Maximus family. Pay attention to Pepe Orsini [The Grey Pope]. He is said to be the most powerful man of the bloodlines.

God bless.

Constance Cumbey said...

I'm not sure I agree with some of the posts on "bloodlines" behind New Age Movement. In many, many families, you will find segments on both sides of the issue.


Constance Cumbey said...

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

while you can have family members who are pro God rather than anti God like the rest, or seeing through the falsity of their perversion of how to be pro God, you cannot identify evil and so forth with one simple thing like world government. and if the antichrist is to be identified with one of the kings of the north in Daniel's prophecy, he won't get there by these means, he will be on a conquest roll.

while world government is not a good idea, for many reasons, many good people have supported it thinking it would eliminate war or
cause a sharing of resources and food, while others the selfish exemplars of Calvinist predatory capitalism, use it as a means of
plunder. predatory capitalism is not small business and family farms. quite the contrary, all the supposed creeping socialism and so forth, and government as oppressor, are actually these predatory capitalists who have control of government and of a lot of the watchdog instutitions making it work for them. Communism is another version of the same game.

Under the controlled and directed markets of communism you had shortages and people in line for bread for hours. but when the Heritage Foundation played advisor and tried to turn Russia overnight into entrepreneurial capitalism, you had food dumped by the roads because the market wasn't good enough to ship it to where it would
normally go, and people with nothing to line up to get, especially meat, and the mafia equivalent getting rich and all kinds of weapons incl. nuclear going onto the black market. It was a disaster.

The people at least didn't lose their homes to foreclosure because the government owned the homes which were assigned to them, and had no motive to throw them into the street in the winter to freeze to death in droves.

Obviously experience should show, that we need to use a mix of these economic systems, to abandon unscriptural notions of what is godly economics and what isn't because there just isn't any such declaration in Scripture.

It wasn't just that their economic system failed on its own, it was the corruption in the system, it was the inefficiency because the central planning was too remote from the realities of the locals, and the stress put on it by the Cold War.

The Cold War in turn, and the whole containment approach, was the product of Nazi advisors on both sides, and their fellow travellers in place in our state department dating from before Nazism but part of the mentality, values and social elite networks that gave rise to it.

marko said...


You said: "Obviously experience should show, that we need to use a mix of these economic systems..."

Isn't that what the New Agers are saying? That we need to find a new way that is just and equitable for everyone?

Capitalism is the best system for the distribution of goods in a fair and just manner for the greatest number of people, as long as the free market is allowed to work unfettered by various systems of control and interference.

To alter a famous quote about democracy by Churchill:

Capitalism is the worst economic system except all those other systems that have been tried from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Re: the book I was told to read when I saw my doctor (IBS...). I learned about the Relaxation Response. Evidently it's like Yoga/Transcental Meditation/New Thought/Emergenent Christianity/etc. all rolled into one. I'm supposed to pick a word or phrase (a spiritual one) and I'm to repeat it over and over and over for a period of time, several times a day, and when any thought comes into my mind I'm to push that thought out and keep repeating my word or phrase. Isn't that a Mantra? And I'm supposed to do a breathing exercise by slowly breathing in through my nose for 8 seconds, hold my breath for 8 seconds, then slowly breathe out through my mouth for 8 seconds. Option: holding breath and breathing out for 16 seconds. Two M.D.s wrote this book. But lots of this stuff I've read about before in New Age books and in exposes of New Age/Pagan religions.
(the word I must type in for verification is: unsanes)

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 9:32 AM:

Re: "Isn't that a mantra?"

Yes, it is....and I would consider changing doctors!!!

John Rupp, Jr. said...

Years ago I read the book "New Age Politics" by Mark Satin (if I have the name right of the author) and he stressed in his book that the New Age political system would be an alternative to Marxism and Capitolism.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

to Marko, just because New Agers are saying something similar doesn't make it wrong. They will say anything that will work. Ultimately the ones back of predatory capitalism fit the New Age category in a way themselves.

The Bible DOES NOT MANDATE any form of economics, and no, capitalism is not the best way to distribute goods and services unless ALL you care about is justice and not mercy, and God made it clear that giving away one tenth (at least) of your profit to the poor and useless was MANDATORY and even had a public scene where everyone who had to do this gave an accounting to be sure they did do this. Welfare statism merely makes it easier and no, the private sector is not that more efficient.

90% of all businesses fail in the first year, I forget where I got that estimate from.

It might be just that those who can't pay the mortgage get to die in winter. It isn't mercy and it isn't good for them or pleasing to God, so obviously what saved their lives and health in Russia is better than what we got here.

Part of the New Age thing is pride and vainglory, the real drivers in the capitalist (as distinct from small businesses and family farms) scene, which is actually doing a lot to ruin small businesses and family farms.

And pride and vainglory are what are appealed to in textbooks of history talking about captains of industry, building business empires, etc. etc. and appealed to in those make your own business and tell your boss to fuck off sort of ads also.

This is sin.

As one earlier poster put it, controlled in some stuff incl. real estate, free in others.

The New Agers, often in order to promote the sin of pride and snootiness so look down at regular medicine, and often as bait to reel you into the rest of their garbage, support alternative medicine, a big part of which is herbs and mega dosing supplements, which works, and which is God's creation, and which (the herbs at least) is what all the modern medicine started out using in past centuries and big pharma synthesized the key components (missing some others).

check out Antipas Ministries online, and you will see that the spirit behind capitalism is as evil as the spirit behind rigid mechanistic communism.

Anonymous said...

Christina E., very well said indeed.

God bless you greatly.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Capitalism as Agrabusiness has destroyed a lot of family farms, and converted many smaller farmers into growing cash crops only.

The reason we have starvation staring us in the face with an economic collapse, is because we DO NOT have backyard farming as standard, we have too many restrictive zoning laws that keep farming, living and working places too far apart to walk to or use some inadequate mass transit, and because most of us are not part of either an extended family that includes a non cash crop farmer who can help or preferably several, there is in other words no fallback except the government welfare system which in a worst case scenario will be bankrupt also, and begging is considered disreputable and day workers can't congregate in public easy access places to meet people who want to hire them, rents are too high, and fees are too high. The courts require filing fees, doctors accept too much pay from the front organizations they work for that charge an arm and a leg, sliding scale charges per ability and haggling and barter are now rare to unheard of while generations ago were normative, and strangers do not feel any sense of responsibility to each other.

the famous failure in the collectivist effort in Jamestown was because of unchristian selfishness, pride and bad attitudes in general. Capitalism helps people survive in spite of this, but provides no incentive to not cultivate such attitudes, especially once it gets in control of the government.

Calvinism by taking some things in Proverbs out of the larger context, and ignoring some points in Job, assumes that wealth proves virtue and poverty the lack thereof and makes acquisition of wealth a virtue for the first time in Christian history!

"usury" used to mean taking ANY interest AT ALL, now it means only
"excessive interest," but compounding interest (interest on unpaid interest) makes it excessive but okay.

the love of money is the root of all evil.

we own nothing, all is on loan to us, we are whether we realize it or not, merely transients on earth, as God warned the Israelites that they were, from His perspective, sojourners (tramps, squatters, transients) on the land, and as St. Paul warns, naked we came into the world and naked we go out, and if we have food and clothing and shelter we should be satisfied with that.

But how many people's food, clothing and shelter is dependent on the luxury trade? and is not even met by their paychecks? It is not because of the amount of money circulating, that definition of inflation is dependent on a disputed mathematical formula. It is the raising of prices because of greed not just necessity, and the real estate market is a hidden driver in inflation, because mortgages and taxes increase the cost of living on your own land, and of doing business on your rented business property or owned
business property.

Constance Cumbey said...

To 9:32 p.m.

THE RELAXATION RESPONSE by Herbert Benson is a NEW AGE book by a NEW AGE author. It is a tool to induce the altered state making you bluntly open to POSSESSION.


Anonymous said...

I'd be VERY WARY of Antipas if I were any of you. Do some deeper research on that bunch.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Antipas has its problems, which I
address in my blog at
look among the older posts.

I only recommend some of it. But he is right on target in his rebukes of the American cult of money and some of who are to blame theologically.

i alrady knew a lot of this stuff, but Antipas presents this in one piece in a way I don't see elsewhere or not much.

Anonymous said...

Smae goes for "Rich Christians in an age of hunger" by Ronald Sider. Sider is excessively Statist, wrong on Israel, but makes some criticisms of the US church that deserve to he heard.

Anonymous said...

Christine Erickson,

I am with you all the way on the question of Capitalism!

"You can never design a system so perfect that nobody needs to be good." -- Thomas Stearns Eliot

May you have a blessed Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I have come across people with few things who are a lot happier than us with our affluence. Money does not buy happiness. Both extreme poverty and extreme richness can turn one away from God.

My Mum, always used to say, 'pray for your daily bread, and be content'

I have come across Christians with the mentality that if someone is poor, they are cursed, but one day when all things things are stripped away, what are they going to do.


Anonymous said...

The Soros Plot To Destroy Israel (12/17/11):

Anonymous said...

P.S. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

This was reported a few months ago. Is this a way Russia & China could move men & machinery in any future attack...

"Return to London please, via Moscow: Kremlin paves way for East to West rail link after after 'approving' $99bn Bering Strait tunnel"

"Trip of a lifetime would take the best part of three weeks through picturesque Alaska and Siberia
Russia set to complete extension of rail network to tip of Siberia by 2030"

"$99 billion plan would see 65-mile tunnel bored under Bering Strait and linking East and West"

"The prospect of an epic train journey from New York to London might seem like a distant dream for those seeking the ultimate railway holiday."

"But booking a ticket from Grand Central to St Pancras Station could be a step closer after Russia gave the green light for plans for a 65-mile tunnel under the Bering Strait."

"The Kremlin this week gave its support for a $99billion scheme that would link Asia and North America and allow for a potential once-in-a-lifetime train journey."

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
people really need to read this.

the problems Antipas has in my view are a touch of pride, too keen on a sense of community, and the flight to Canada thing is probably not viable. America as Babylon the Great, well, the correlations are too close for
comfort. Did you know that of all the countries that have cities built on seven hills, we have at least TWELVE of them? Many of them major players in all this.

The New World Order is not a threat to the USA, IT IS THE ANGLO AMERICAN EMPIRE, and always has been, and the satanic counterfeit of Christianity has been a problem here for a long time.

People tewwibwy afwaid of Roman Catholicism, should take a look at their own selves. The motives here are the same as RC ever had, only we replace mariolatry and a rigid identification of the Kingdom of Heaven as allegiance to the pope, with a heart level worship of money and power and status in the world, and "America" as the chosen nation of God.

The problem is probably partly what someone called inductive Bible study, which being offered to derail biblical teaching on salvation is probably something therefore that assumes what is to be proven, is therefore circular reasoning, and READS INTO the Bible
instead of reading out of it.

That is easy to do when one only focusses on this here and that there, and misses context not to mention the big picture of the whole Bible and everything said everywhere in The Bible about whatever is at issue. And that isn't gotten by simply coding in a word into a concordance or relying on study Bible link notes in the margins either, though that is a good start.

Even if this is not the end times
(which Paul says we have been in since Christ anyway), if this is not the END of the end times, and it turns out therefore that America is not THE Babylon the Great, America is ACTING like Babylon the Great, and if it is a dry run or partial fulfillment you don't want to be part of its sins, by approval or whatever, or in the way of the wrath that WILL come down.

Right now, in angling to attack Iran, we risk war with Russia and China, which means, guess what, nuking and occupation and elimination of the USA as anything but Russian and Chinese provinces or departments or whatever they call it.

That bit about drawing out Gog and Magog which relate to the uttermost north, well, consider this. If this is the end, we might be Gog and Magog, because the Turkish (Scythian) tribes of the old USSR lands consider the American Indians to be lost relatives, and the patterns on Turk rugs and Amerindian baskets and blankets are similar.

If you take the world map flat, and Jerusalem as the center of the geographic land mass, and go north, or approximate north, you hit the north pole, and you keep going, keep going....where do you end?


If this is not THE end, the fact that we are acting like Babylon the Great, and that the ploy of drawing someone out to their destruction is a game played in smaller moves in the past by military strategists, and God is smarter than all such and smarter than everyone everywhere at all times, then there is no reason this picture wouldn't fit anyway.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Anonymous said...

Here's a dubious looking author. not had time to research Hugh Hood properly yet. His opus magnus is 12 volume novel-series (The New Age).

Anonymous said...

Christine, I don't think that inductive bible study is meant to read INTO the bible but to use God's word - The Bible as a whole to interpret itself. Looking to see what The Bible itself says rather than depending on mans interpretations and what man would like for the Bible to say.

How exactly does inductive Bible Study change teaching on salvation?

In my opinion Precepts for Life offers great instruction on inductive bible study.


Anonymous said...


Here is a list of cities built on 7hills:

Remember that New Babylon has to be on or near the coast according to the description of its destruction in Rev 18. My best guess is Istanbul, once known as New Rome, on the strategic border between the heartlands of Islam and secular humanism, the two godless belief systems that contend for the world, and sometime capital of each region.

Whenever a land influenced by institutional Christianity has had great political power it has claimed to be a "Christian country" or "Christian nation" but that is merely hubris, whether mediaeval Europe, Victorian Britain or 20th century USA. The new covenant is with the *individual*. Yes, a few good men who are committed Christians can make a big difference, but these were mostly places where people believed that the Bible was factually true rather than loved Jesus Christ with all their hearts. That is why they all contained many things that would have horrified Him. (On a smaller scale, the same issue arises with the Amish, who claim to be a Christian community - but if one of their teenagers does not wish to conform to their way of life even though he lives soberly and loves Jesus Christ then he is expelled from his community and must leave his family, which is very unChristian behaviour.)

America's sins outside its own borders are frankly negligible compared to those of many past empires which God did not prevent. If Americans are worried about divine judgement on their nation then they should look at their sins inside their borders, eg the promiscuity and divorce rate (which Jesus says is due to hard-heartedness) that is wrecking family life. Every nation to lose family stability has soon declined - that was the invariable finding of JD Unwin in Sex And Culture (1934; Unwin's tentative Freudian explanation can be set aside without damaging his findings).

"If you take the world map flat, and Jerusalem as the center of the geographic land mass, and go north, or approximate north, you hit the north pole, and you keep going, keep going....where do you end? Here [USA]."

But scripture speaks of a land to the north of the Holy Land, and you are not going north any more once you reach the pole and carry on; you are going south again. And why do you 'end' in the USA - you can equally well keep going and end up in South America. As you said yourself, beware of eisegesis!

Marko said...

Vaclav Havel has passed from this life to the next.

Interesting that he is being hailed as one of the anti-Communist heroes, when it was the Communist Party that endorsed his presidency in Czechoslovakia.

He was one of the founders of Charter 77, and was a member of the World Futurist Society. Charter 77 was a human rights declarative document and was based largely on the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Further research I'm sure would show that he's a fellow traveler with the "human rights" advocates around the world that are solidly in the New Age camp for a "better world", including the Occupy crowds.

I'll bet a steak dinner that the Occupy movement will claim solidarity with Havel and his work.

Mariel said...

"The Relaxation Response" by Benson was written by a Transcendental Meditation advocate. It is an old book which was popular when I was doing TM decades ago. The TM proponents tried to get a meditation program introduced into public schools on the premise that it was not "religion" but was a scientific way to improve blood pressure and other health parameters, including mental health. I myself got into TM because one of my students in Community college had improved her blood pressure by using it. I was quite sick and constantly trying to be well enough to continue teaching, so I thought it a good thing to try.

I believe TM mantras CAN lower blood pressure and produce a state of calm IF the person does not move beyond the initial stages of the exercise. My student who lowered her blood pressure was not interested in the religious philosophies taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, nor did she ever go on to the advanced or Siddhis courses which the movement fostered.
I unfortunately got enough interested to go on to the advanced courses. When one gets into those one can be absorbed into a cult which aims to control all aspects of one's life. I could see the cult problems so I quit, but it took a number of years for me to do this.

The breathing exercises taught in yoga are, at a basic level, helpful to many people. However, as one moves on to the more advanced techniques, danger lurks. Neurovisceral changes can occur, in fact, the occurrence of these is one of the main goals of yoga. It is not compatible in any way with an active western lifestyle. It requires total dedication, and it's why yogis in the far east generally retired into caves and rejected sex.

The goal of combining a western lifestyle with hath a yoga, including mantras and breathing techniques, is a false one and eventually descended into the goal of making money and security for the "advanced teachers".

TM was the main group which advanced the concept, for the public, that their basic techniques were scientific and not religious.
Other yoga groups are generally more upfront that theirs is a religious or philosophical "way", as well as a physical technique.

There are other techniques which claim they should be taught to nurses and health practitioners. Touch for Health is one of these.
Touch for Health may be more generally helpful than Yoga. I have experienced it as very helpful.
But individual practitioners may start adding their own "techniques," mantras, prayers, talismans, etc. to Touch for Health and other popular healing techniques.

Reiki is particularly interwoven with eastern practices. Jin Shin Jyutsu when practiced in a pure form is less interwoven, and is akin to acupressure. I became certified in Jin Shin and I still think it's good if you don't succumb to any hierarchical blandishments, and don't spend the big bucks which are usually asked for to "learn the techniques." You can learn it from a book.

Anonymous said...

Alliance of Civilzations and the Occupy movement:

Wish Rich Peterson would take a look at some of this. He must be busy.

Anonymous said...

Off the same Alliance of Civilizations site:

This is the group is infiltrating our education system through the charter schools:

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Christine, I don't think that inductive bible study is meant to read INTO the bible but to use God's word - The Bible as a whole to interpret itself. Looking to see what The Bible itself says rather than depending on mans interpretations and what man would like for the Bible to say.

How exactly does inductive Bible Study change teaching on salvation?"

I doubt it is originally designed to do that. However, despite Christ's repeated warnings that some believers might end up cast out with the unbelievers, "inductive bible study" was suggested to me to get me to see that The Bible teaches once saved always saved no matter what, which it doesn't.

here are some comparisons.

another article seems to confuse them, and both induction and deduction are in use in investigations like it gives as an example.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

santa is not satan except in some twisted minds, either pro satanist or anti satanist. Santa is a French or
Spanish or derived word meaning saint.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

TM and lowering blood pressure -
some smart ass once said that anything would do as a mantra for this, "toilet tissue, toilet tissue, toilet tissue tissue tissue."

I agree with you on the difference
between Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki.

However the problem with TM is that the mantras are each names of some
Hindu false god, and the initiation
ritual is a worship ritual so the
participant is being tricked into
a form of Hinduism.

besides, if blood pressure goes down but the mind goes unfocussed and you get vulnerable to spirits and telepaths, what good is that?

Constance Cumbey said...

REQUIRED READING: SHEER GENIUS by Ervin Laszlo (Autobiographical with everything we every suspected and more!)

The Kindle edition is available on Amazon.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Marko, regarding Vlaclav Havel
and the UN Declaration of Human Rights, have you actually READ this
document? here it is

except for validating social security
and any kind of economic assurances and public education at the elementary level, there is nothing here in conflict with the US Constitution or the ideals of the founders of the USA, and it is an open question in my mind whether the aforementioned deviations would
have been obnoxious to them or to all of them, and nothing that opposes Christian morality.

The religious equality thing is unavoidable for such a multi national document, and though it can be used to support non Christian incursions, it also could be used to protect Christians where persecuted.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:15 and 6:19
Donna Garner has written much on the Harmony schools with the Gulen connection. 35 of these charter schools of the 137 in the US are down in Texas. More are planned. Gulen lives here in the US, having been kicked out of Turkey. Dangerous group. Put the appropriate words in a websearch.

Marko said...


The UN Declaration of Human Rights is pretty much a declaration that we all, as humans, have a right to Utopia - a "perfect" life. It also states that everything is subject to the goals and purposes of the UN, which I can guarantee you, is not going to favor Christians at some point.

I would posit that the UN Declaration of Human Rights, or something very much like it, will be used as the legal document to eliminate Christians from the face of the Earth, in Man's search for a Utopia.

Sure, there are good parts in it. But take the following statement: "All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination."

This is one of those "sneaky" clauses that will be used to outlaw preaching against sin, and to outlaw other things that Christians do out of duty and service to a Holy God, that might make people feel "persecuted" or "discriminated against".

And really, what rights does a Christian have, anyway? When we come to Christ, He demands that we lay down our rights - even our very lives - and follow Him. When we give up this idea that we have a "right" to something, true joy comes a lot easier. That explains how a persecuted Christian in a Chinese prison, who has been stripped of all rights, all dignity, all possessions, and all that he or she has held dear other than Christ Jesus, can still be joyful.

"To live is Christ, to die is gain."

[Mon, Dec. 19]

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Marko, given that there is nothing spexific about sexual orientation or things like that in the declaration, I doubt that sneaky clause can be used outside of a pre existing pro gay situation (such as is developing here), and there is in another clause something about promoting or protecting or allowing things that protect "morality." This delcaration was written in the days when abortion and homosexuality and promiscuity were officially at least considered not cool by a great many people, probably some of the writers of the declaration.

Anonymous said...

Mariel, Christine (in particular),

When scrutinising New Age practices I always look for the point at which someone, if they do it, they are liable to get themselves demonized or cursed. If it is something like Reiki, in which you consult a practitioner, then I read the training material for practitioners. Reiki pratitioners are actually taught to silently invoke spirits as they pass their hand over the skin of the client. Steer clear!

I check up on these things because my Bible tells me that I am part of a royal priesthood and I do not intend to live my life in fear. By the Holy Spirit I have authority over evil spirits and all I need to do is not be tricked into granting them any authority over me. So I want to know what is secular and what is demonic.

Two questions, then:

1. Is mind clearance really an open door to the demonic? Each evening I relax and spend time doing and thinking nothing. Why does conscious effort to do the same supposedly give a spirit the right to enter you?

2. The Ennegram has me beat. I am in no doubt that it demonises - Christians I know have had to seek ministry - but I have been unable to find the demonic entry point or cursing point, and I have read all about its origins and its practice. It looks to me like a rather arbitrary categorisation of personality types. But that is silly, not sinister. At what point does somebody doing the enneagram get demonised or cursed, and why?

Please note how specific the latter question is. to save respondents' time, I already know plenty about the enneagram.

paul said...

Thanks for the instruction Erika,
Very authoritative.
I don't consider myself to be a
twisted mind, though, and I
am aware that "Santa Claus" is
just the end result of kids
saying "Saint Nicholas" too fast,
but the point that I was
responding to had to do with
word jumbles or just words
made by jumbling letters of
other words.
At least you didn't put your
correction in all caps this time.
Thanks for that.
I'll try to be more careful in the
future, here on your blog.

Mariel said...

I was unaware that i was being secretly initiated into a Hindu cult, when I did TM. Since I was not aware, I do not think I was taken over. That is, one can't be initiated into something without giving consent of the will, and I did not give any assent of will to a Hindu god to take me over. However, I do think the advanced techniques should not be practiced. The basic technique is a hook to get one involved in a cult. So avoid it is my advice.

Enneagram is a real rip off. It was taught by some nuns I met, who used it to make money, as they were not cloistered and therefore were making their own way in the world. They were attached to a bad Catholic parish which existed in a diocese which had forgotten its Christian mission. This is not true of all dioceses. I happened to "luck out" and be in this decaying diocese. That was decades ago; perhaps they changed, but I doubt it. This is an example of how the Catholic church is various. It has good dioceses and parishes and bad ones. My opinion based on experience. Not the final word, which I would not feel qualified to give.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Mariel, being taken over and being influenced are not the same thing, though one can lead to another. The human mind especially if Christian has a capacity to say "thus far and no farther" but the step by step lure process can get you to where you don't put limits on the trusted practice and its sources.

HOWEVER, willingly or otherwise, in knowledge or in ignorance, you CAN open doors by doing these things, plus you have been tricked into a sin, which you should explicitly repudiate in confession to God and apologize, this should break whatever links were made. Also, if you are going to use TM techniques, only use what is available to the public in books and DO NOT use the mantras, because you are reciting the short forms of names of false gods, or syllables that are connected to them in theory and in theory represent them.

God may have protected you entirely, or you may have some mild
influence in your life you don't notice, or somewhere between the two. What you believe about all this, and what the reported experiences of some people are, are not entirely the same thing. It might be true in your case, what you think, but if an object slipped into your pocket you don't notice or a physical contact made on some pretext, can be the means of further action by spells or psychic vampirism or whatever, though in many cases this doesn't work on Christians, in other cases it does, then yes, your experience with TM might have opened a door OR God might have kept it closed.

Just make sure it is closed. The issue you raise of knowledge and will is more relevant to culpability in sin than to the physics of this stuff.

Jenna said...

Okay Paul, but you responded to my post, in which I stated that sanat kumara is satan. Not just because of the jumble of letters, because of research I have done. Very simple research, yet it got the job done. Truth exposed.

It is definitely worth reading the original article I commented on, which John Rupp had posted:

Google sanat kumara, and a bunch of pictures pop up of this "angel of light". He is called the "ancient of days".

Not very hard to see if you just take a peek around at the resources.

Anonymous said...

Christine ... why do you use so much coarse language, i.e., swear so much?

Please be careful as this distracts from any serious points you may make.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Christine Erikson (aka Justina), you wrote:

"Marko, regarding Vlaclav Havel
and the UN Declaration of Human Rights, have you actually READ this
document? here it is"

"except for validating social security
and any kind of economic assurances and public education at the elementary level, there is nothing here in conflict with the US Constitution or the ideals of the founders of the USA, and it is an open question in my mind whether the aforementioned deviations would
have been obnoxious to them or to all of them... ",

I suggest you watch, 'The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers 2010', you will find there is much in the beliefs of such and their Constitution that defiantly "opposes Christian morality" with their spirit of Anti-Christ.

America is the 'ideal' Illuminati society. There is little that is Christian about it.

And to the poster who wrote,

"America's sins outside its own borders are frankly negligible compared to those of many past empires which God did not prevent."

Tell that to those who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam from agent orange and napalm, Panama and the burning of people in their cars en mass through some new weaponry ... and the list goes on and on and on.

The USA is the only country to have passed from barbarism to decedance without having passed through civilization! There are good and bad Americans as anyone but the Government of the USA is an anathema to most of the World.

Constance Cumbey said...

Vaclav Havel was a BIG NEW AGER fully in line and sympathy and on the boards of other New Agers such as Ernest Laszlo. There is considerable material on him in Laszlo's latest book, SHEER GENIUS, an autobiographical account by Laszlo.


Constance Cumbey said...

The enneagram has at its very least been an entry point to deeper New Age levels. It is a form of divination. Oscar Ichazo, a Gurdjieffian (Russian Theosophist) practitioner did the main popularizing of it.


Constance Cumbey said...

I agree with Jenna. "Sanat Kumara" most likely is Satan himself. Not so much from the scrambling of letters (although I suspect that this sometimes gives Lucifer himself the 'giggles', but the qualities claimed to him in the Alice Bailey and other occult books.


Anonymous said...


I am the enneagram querier. I agree that the enneagram provides an open door to still nastier New Age stuff. But if it is divination then so is calling people extroverts and introverts and having a conversation with your friends in which they ask you which they think you are. I believe that doing that is stupid but harmless. Yet I believe that 'doing the enneagram' *itself* brings demons or curses. So something doesn't add up for me. Can you see the question I am asking, which is a very specific one? If so, I'm glad of all answers.

Anonymous said...

Vaclav Havel was a man who rebelled against the materialist view aspoused by communism ('dialectical materialism'), so he wanted a spirituality yet was not a Christian. Whether that makes him "a big New Ager" is a matter of definition. He did the Czech people a lot of good by standing up for their freedom both before and after the Iron Curtain came down.

Anonymous said...


ALERT!!!!!! SEE:

The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers 2010

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

why do I use so much coarse language?
So far I hve found one thing that resembles that, "smart ass" though I
haven't read everything in this
thread. Are you that delicate that one statement not even technically in the category of obscenity can put you
off? why do you say "so much"? you
sound like I am cursing every paragraph or at best every post.

Anonymous said...


You use the "f word" in one of your posts. Once is enough. Sounding like a drunken sailor seems to be a contradiction and undermines your otherwise highly perceptive posts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Christine,

My concern is that some may not take your posts or yourself seriously if you persist in using such coarse language here.

I refer you to the end of the sixth paragraph of your second post here, which you posted at 3:39 PM, as one example. I have duplicated the paragraph in question below. I have, however, removed the part some may take offense to and replaced it with expletive deleted.

"And pride and vainglory are what are appealed to in textbooks of history talking about captains of industry, building business empires, etc. etc. and appealed to in those make your own business and tell your boss to [EXPLETIVE DELETED] sort of ads also."

Anonymous said...

Deqar Christine,

I am the Anon author of the last 11:49AM and 6:07 PM posts. It is not my intention to undermine, embarrass or anger you. It is in love that I have written this because such language, as the Anon poster of 6:05 PM (not me) states, "undermines your otherwise highly perceptive posts."

Anonymous said...

Demons Are Real! Make NO Mistake About It!

Mariel said...

Christine, I did not know that my TM mantra is the name of a Hindu god when I started TM. So it was not anything that could affect me, in my opinion, since there is no such Hindu god. Now I suppose you might say there is an evil spirit with that name. Yes, possibly. The mantra I had I have never been able to connect to any Hindu god,anyway. Later I became more familiar with their names, at least of the well known ones.

I got rid of all talismans and pictures from the New Age period in my house. I even threw away an expensive painting by a Hindu artist. I threw it in the dump. I threw away the instruction books for doing Reiki, first and second degree.
I threw away pictures of "gods" I picked up on Hawaii when we lived there, and that hurt because these were beautiful pictures which to me were not religious objects. However, I followed the rules enunciated by the preachers on TV. (I had no church which would preach to me in that way at that time). I hope that helped us. Our life went on as before, a big struggle and ill health and not knowing what made sense. Nothing changed before or after. We were just more educated in what nonsense and perversity is out there.

I pray daily for protection from all evil. I pray for cutting off of any ancestral curses which I may have. I have had others pray for me and with me. I have done all I can.

Marko said...

I may seem to be overly-critical of people like Havel, etc, so I have a question for you all to discuss. I'm really wanting input, so I'll probably not add to the discussion, just listen.

One of the ways that the New Age will try to legitimize itself, and criticize those of us who will reject it, will be to say to us (and the world) "Look at all the good things we do! How can you be critical of us?? We are fulfilling the mission of Christ! (And Buddha, and <list of religious prophets, etc)".

Indeed. There is much good that the New Agers will be involved in. It will be an entirely works-based religion, which is what I see more and more in the mega-churches and in what people like Rick Warren preach.

And might the works being performed even include miracles? Yes, I think so.

A different Jesus will be preached. A different gospel.

So, here are a few questions: Do you think the true Christians will, at some point, be faced with the difficult decision of rejecting this rising New-Age "New Christianity"? If so, what do you think will be the most difficult aspect of it? And what should we be doing now to prepare for that moment of separation?

Perhaps Constance will address these questions in her book. I hope so.

[Thu, Dec. 22]

Anonymous said...


There is no doubt that there will be deception in the endtime church - think of the quote in Matt 24 about "deceiving the very elect - if that were possible".

However I am unhappy with labelling named individuals such as Vaslav Havel as "New Age" as if that alone is enough to damn them. Who would rather have lived under Moscow's Prague than Havel's?

A "New Age" person seems sometimes to have the de facto definition of somebody who acknowledges that man has a spiritual as well as a material life, yet is not a Jew, Christian or Muslim. I find a definition by exclusion unsatisfactory. (Also just because Islam isn't NA doesn't mean it is OK... Satan has more than one plot going on at once against God's people - read suras 8&9 of the koran and consider that if Allah were Jehovah then the koran would not deny his Son's divinity).

Anonymous said...

Interesting article giving a biblical perspective on Santa Claus.

You may not agree but it is something to consider.


John Rupp, Jr. said...

Constance and everyone, you have got to see this! Leave it to Porltand, Oregon here. The 4 aliens are standing in the place of the 3 wisemen and they represent the 4 elements of earth. Instead of a baby in the manger it is a mirror so you can see yourself and the potential and divinity you have within you. You realize you are the Christ. And their is a santa clause present which is actually a shaman santa clause. And by the way speaking of 3-D, this is a 3-D experience you walk into to view this.

Marko said...

Anon. 9:18,

I am willing to go so far as to ask this:

Was it a good thing, or a bad thing, in an eternal and salvific sense, that the Iron Curtain fell? Yes, the opportunity for preaching the Gospel went up when that happened. (It would be interesting to see where that's at currently - I've heard that it isn't as easy now as it once was to go into Russia, the Czech Republic, etc, and preach the Gospel.)

And, people are free that otherwise wouldn't be, but now they are more focused on what this world has to offer, and are not so concerned about their souls. There's something about living under totalitarianism that clarifies thought and focuses the heart on the things that really matter - eternal things like the destiny of one's soul. How else to explain the strength of the Church in such places as Communist China or Iran where you can lose your life for being a Christian?

The New Age is against the old order of things - it is against the West and the East, and has a long list of reasons why. It proposes a better way for all, but it requires abandoning all the old ways of thinking about human nature.

So yes, even though Havel fought against a monster, if it was to introduce an even worse one, is that a good thing?

Better the devil you know, than the one you don't.

[Fri, Dec. 23]

Anonymous said...


I don't believe that Havel personally brought a worse thing to his people, rather a better one. That he was not a Christian and that he therefore died with his sins unforgiven is between him and God and nothing to do with me.

I have actually preached persecution as the cure for the Western church, so we have plenty in common. I believe that god is saying: "If YOU won't purify my Son's future bride, I will have to do it."

Totalitarianism - not always bad, it all depends on the dictator at the top. Jesus Christ is not going to run a democracy in the Millennium, is he? Communist totalitarianism - ghastly. Ask anyone who lived under it and had a mind as well as a mouth to feed.

The fall of the Iron Curtain brought freedom, and with freedom comes the responsibility to make the right choices. Surely a good responsibility to have.

Mariel said...

Marko, you ask a worthy question about whether New Age people in the coming years will be able to break away to accept Christ, as their New Age way seems to offer good things. I already went through experiencing the good and seeing the bad underneath. However, I agree it might be more difficult, much more difficult, to see that when the whole society is that way. It is choosing a radical separation in that case.

I was talking to a New Age psychologist (very into all aspects) and I said that a certain boy was not a conformist because he didn't like Harry Potter very well--all the kids like Harry, it's their culture, but not this boy. I could see she was shocked, because she realized that Potterism has become the cultural norm, not the inspired rising above that norm which she might once have thought.

Yes it will be hard. But the Holy Spirit is here for doing the job of making people wake up. There still will be hope, I think, since God is the author of every salvation in any case.

Anonymous said...

Re John Rupp Jr's link-

Huh? It's not April 1, is it? Yikes! Pretty stupid.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

enneagram querier, the ennagram is NOT a form of divination, unless you spin a 3D form and see what comes up and assign that and the relevant future to someone, which isn't how it is done, as far as I know which isn't much I wouldn't be surprised if someone did do this. But the point is, it is a mode of classifying and describing.

But if it has opened bad doors then something else is seriously wrong with it. perhaps it channels something by its design.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Mariel, if you truly repent of all things dubious or wrong, which it sounds like you have, and EXPLICITLY
naming each thing renounce it in Jesus' Name, you should be okay.

Some things in life happen anyway. At least now you will have less deception etc. in dealing with it.

There is an ancient exorcistic formula which, when written around a cross and hung in a house, makes it harder for the devil or his agents to work. A bunch of witches busted in the 1600s who had been doing a lot of harm, said they could do nothing to a certain church, because of crosses there. On those crosses was written this
"back off satan, drink your own poison." A similar form is on the
St. Benedict Medal, in the form of an acronym, the first letters of each word in Latin meaning, "begone satan, show me not your vain [worthless, empty] things, your cup is full of poison, drink your own cup" and "may the cross be my light, let not the dragon be my guide."

St. Benedict was a pre Schism saint revered by RC and Orthodox and this medal especially if blessed by a priest (I have had ones with RC and Orthodox blessing though medals aren't the usual Orthodox style, but his being a pre schism saint and this effectively an icon, this did get done), is effective to limit or remove demonic and other attacks. You can get them online from several sources, start with The fully written out statement is probably best. As you go through the day mutter "Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me" or "have mercy on me a sinner" or "have mercy and defend me" don't go into a trance by repetitions.

use ammonia in your laundry and ammonium chloride containing disinfectant sprays around the house, this breaks up etheric residua, and anything you might be subconsciously producing yourself because of memories, also if there is any mold problem in the house, entities can build themselves using such detritus. I had a serious problem once that got better.

also, check online with herbal medical and food as medicine type sites, some physical problems might be resolved with some of this.

Marko said...

Anon. 10:35, et al,

I don't want anyone to think I favor totalitarianism of any kind. I agree completely that to live in freedom is better than to live in bondage. After all, how many times do we read in the Bible that God wants us to come to the aid of the oppressed?

Earlier I spoke against the notion of us having rights. Well then, what about these verses:

Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. -- Psalm 82:3

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy. -- Proverbs 31:8,9

There is an unseverable connection between being a servant of a just, loving and merciful God and a duty to maximize the amount of that same justice, love and mercy here in this imperfect world. We stray from the good path of fulfilling that duty when we forget that we cannot through our own efforts correct all imperfections that exist. All kinds of errors of tyranny and deception arise from replacing the Creator with something else that springs from His creation - man-made things, things of the earth, creatures of the earth and the heavens - in the attempt to bring about Heaven on Earth before the appointed time.

I am reminded of two well-known prayers: The Serenity Prayer, and the prayer of St. Francis:


God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is darkness, light.
Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,
grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive.
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.



Is it a contradiction to say that as a follower of Jesus Christ, I must lay down my rights, while at the same time defend the rights of others?

Anonymous said...

To Mariel @ 8:50 PM:
Re: "I pray for cutting off of any ancestral curses which I may have."

FYI: I would like to recommend an outstanding book on this subject: "Healing Your Family Tree"
by Rev. John H. Hampsch, C.M.F.

Published in 1986 by Queenship Publishing Company: 1-800-647-9882

You might also be able to order it through the Catholic website

Constance Cumbey said...

Mariel and Christine,

The conversation about the devil and the cross brings to mind a funny story about a saint whose name I never registered, but I heard it from a now dead priest from whom I would have been comfortable buying a used car:

The saint was tormented repeatedly by the devil. It was in a more primitive era and outhouses were employed. The saint would go in the outhouse and say his prayers while performing his excretory functions. The devil appeared to him and said, "you can't pray here." The saint reportedly retorted, "Oh yes, I can. My prayers, they ascend to God. What goes down is for you."

Reportedly, the Devil never bothered him again after that exchange.

Don't know if it is true or not, but it reflects a proper attitude on the part of the one praying!


Anonymous said...


You wrote: "All kinds of errors of tyranny and deception arise from replacing the Creator with something else that springs from His creation... in the attempt to bring about Heaven on Earth before the appointed time."

Well said!

You ask: "Is it a contradiction to say that as a follower of Jesus Christ, I must lay down my rights, while at the same time defend the rights of others?"

In my opinion that depends on which rights and who gave them to you. One example: Jews had God-given right to demand lex talionis (eye for an eye etc) in Mosaic Law, but Jesus asked his followers not to insist on it. For that particular right, the answer to your question is No. On the other hand you have certain civil rights under the law of the land in which you live, and sometimes the cause of righteousness is furthered by insisting on them.

Anonymous said...

Does baptism of a new convert deal with ancestral curses? If not, why not?

Anonymous said...


I am the enneagram querier and I agree with your comments at 9.54pm above. I am still looking for how the enneagram curses or demonises unsuspecting people who 'do it', and I welcome all suggestions.

I wouldn't take the word of witches that a piece of wood in the shape of a cross has magic powers. And I certainly don't believe that specific cleaning chemicals dispel 'etheric residue', whatever that means. But I do accept that mould in a house might be related to the demonic - there is something in Mosaic Law about tearing down mouldy houses which suggests that.

Disembodied evil spirits can do no harm to the committed Christian. We have total authority over them. We do not, however, have total authority over humans who might contain demons, who are certainly capable of harming us.

Anonymous said...

We stray from the good path of fulfilling that duty when we forget that we cannot through our own efforts correct all imperfections that exist.

Marko has set up a false dichotomy in my opinion.

Does anyone who practices charity regularly (whether through giving money, or time, or both) actually believe that they can "correct all imperfections that exist?" For anyone who looks squarely at suffering in this world distorted by sin, I think Marko's proposition is a ridiculous notion far-removed from reality.

For example, I just made a large donation to an animal rescue agency, yet every day on the internet I am presented with images and stories of innocent little animals suffering cruelly at the hands of evil people. Even if emptied my savings to give to some of the charitable groups that help these animals, such abuses would continue.

If I visit a sick friend in hospital, I am acutely aware the hospital wards in my city are filled with those, both young and old, who have no visitors.

What we do to help others is merely a drop in the bucket. This world is not "perfectable" by anyone but God, yet knowing this does not alleviate us of the personal responsibility to alleviate suffering when and where we can.

Robert said...

After taking a moment, albeit a brief one, to scroll through the website you linked, it seems to me that this is a new ager website which linked a story about the OWS movement and shared support for the movement. NOT an OWS movement site which supports new age ideology, as you are suggesting. By your wording it would seem that the global Occupation movement and all involved are part of a larger new world order conspiracy, and that there is proof in this pudding you have provided. This seems a little bit flaky to me.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

baptism and ancestral curses - I suspect that a personal retention or reconnection might be a problem.

First, what form was your baptism? Jesus only or Trinitarian? Second, i assume it was not Eastern Orthodox which would include chrismation, anointing with an oil that is compounded while praying that The Holy Spirit work through it to be imparted through it, and in my experience, though The Holy Spirit was in my life, as I got too caught up in the world and politics and being too weak in some ways of dealing with people, too passive and giveupitis, not seeking wisdom for everything all the time, I may
have driven Christ back out of parts of my life, and quenched The Holy Spirit.

Now, RC and EO both include many many people who are so trapped in a social milieu that, while technically Orthodox or technically Roman Catholic, includes too much of this world.

So it is possible you may have unconsciously reconnected to something you had left behind. This can happen in life aside from having any religious attachment at all.

Second, in the baptism as done in the ancient church, and continued in the EO and RC, a convert makes a formal explicit renunciation of satan, of all his service, of all his pride and of all his pomps, you spit on him three times to the west, then turn to the east and announce your desire to be with Christ and accept Christ as King and God.

When you are baptised as an infant. these statements are made for you, and your parents and god parents are expected to make sure you live up to this. But how many of them are fit to do this?

And how much of their and your daily life and cultural matrix and taken for granted suppositions are examined and sorted through to be rejected in toto or in part? NONE.

At the baptisms of others, however, all present engage in repeating these baptismal statements, so they have the opportunity to renew themselves in Christ.

In an Orthodox egroup, it was mentioned that some parents are wondering if they can do without the spitting on satan part. I suspect they don't take him seriously as a real being and a real problem, one that stalks the believer throughout his or her life, regardless of how simple or complex his or her baptism was.

So keep working on this. Spiritual struggles have been reported by the greatest. reject satan and accept Jesus at least once a month, if not more often.

watch for states of mind that are too depressed, or too passive, or hard to describe but blurry, foggy.
Look at them mentally, identify them as the enemy and crush them
in Jesus Name with an attitude of your mind. All this can be done in a matter of seconds, unnoticed by anyone, silently in your mind. Speaking out loud is a good idea also.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

heh heh, case in point about some kind of double game in the anticommunist scene.

and these people helped shape the American right wing, Christian especially (wasn't much else back then, at least not out of the broom closet so to speak and I don't mean gays).

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I might add, I am talking about that first statement. the rest of it is a bit anti Jewish biassed, but the point is well taken, and the complaints and suspicions about Robert Welch surfaced elsewhere before.

C.R. SHEEHAN said...


Susanna said...

Dear Marko,

I am pretty much in agreement with you.

In this world, there is never going to be a perfect,utopian political or economic system....a.k.a. "heaven on earth."

Since our first parents were expelled from Eden, every attempt to build a man made "heaven on earth" has resulted in an earthly "hell."

Recall the passage from Scriptures which says, "Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it. Unless the Lord keep the city, he watcheth in vain that keepeth it." Psalms 127:1

Without any intention of being overly simplistic, I would point out that historically, the economy of this country which has come to be called "one nation under God," - while not perfect to be sure - has tended toward a moderate form of capitalism (as opposed to laissez faire capitalism).

The moderate capitalism to which I am referring, and which is perhaps best embodied in the economic system that has come to be known as THE AMERICAN SCHOOL, allows for both freedom to earn, create, produce and manage wealth along with a social safety net called "welfare" intended for those who, through no fault of their own, have become impoverished to such a degree that they are unable to provide for themselves the bare necessities of life such as food clothing and shelter.

Of course, welfare is NOT charity, but welfare has not always been in such direct competition with charity either.

It is instructive to read about the economic system known as THE AMERICAN SCHOOL.


Unfortunately, a creeping socialism has been progressively poisoning the economic well in this country insofar as the law-abiding entrepreneurs and producers of wealth are being punished with confiscatory taxes (a.k.a. "looting") and hyper government regulation while ablebodied slackers, radicals and miscreants who are unwilling to work are rewarded. Charities that are unwilling to toe the radical liberal "party line" ( i.e. Catholic adoption agencies that will not adopt out to homosexuals )are being forced to close

The aforementioned slackers and miscreants have been laughing up their sleeves over the notion that they are getting a "free ride" at the expense of the entrepreneurs and producers of wealth whom they pejoratively refer to as "fat cats."

These fools either can not nor will not wise up to the fact that Roman Emperors were not the only ones who have made use of "bread and circuses" (panem et circenses) with a view to recruiting "useful idiots" and manipulating them into forgetting about the loss of their freedom.

Their modern counterparts have accomplished the same thing as the Roman Emperors by encouraging what has morphed into generational dependence on statist largesse.

As famous American author Robert Heinlein said, "Once the monkeys learn they can vote themselves bananas, they'll never climb another tree."

Anonymous said...

Dear Christine,

Are you under the authority of and/or a supporter of Metropolitan

Susanna said...

Pardon me, Christine. I meant to sign my last post. I am the one who asked you about Metropolitan Jonah

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Susanna hi, I just checked this thread out of curiosity I usually don't go back to a thread once Mrs. Cumbey posts a new article. Sorry I didn't answer before.

I was originally with the OCA and under the jurisdiction of Metropolitan Jonah, but I moved and now attend a church in the Greek Orthodox jurisdiction, I forget who is the Archbishop here and I think they answer directly to what is left of Constantinople Patriarchate. The OCA is totally independent of both the Moscow Patriarchate (who gave them a tomos of autocephaly in the 1970s) and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

I don't keep track of church politics much unless there is a reason to. Feel free to email me.

Di said...

Hi All,
After weeks of viewing many doomsday scenarios i became very anxious indeed. Then is came across the clips on Constance's book 'Hidden Dangers...' - finally it is making more sense to me - the pieces are coming together. Thank you Constance.
One question i would like to ask you all - have you heard of a group called Preppers - see . In spite of my understanding i still feel a need to prepare in some way. What are your views?

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