Thursday, June 24, 2010

JD will join me tonight on MY PERSPECTIVE Internet radio: TOPIC - U.S. SOCIAL FORUM

J.D., blog forum participant par excellence, and owner of the blogspot THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS phoned me to ask what I knew about "U.S. Social Forum" which is having a big doing in at least Detroit, Michigan this week.  I commented on a radio program the other day how very similar that sounded to the old Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose organizing tactics used by Donald F Keys and company in the 1980's.   I have invited J.D. on tonight to discuss it on the air.  Please join us and be sure to call in at 888-747-1968 and/or join us in the chatroom at  Click "listen live" to listen to the broadcast through your headphones, ear pieces and/or speakers.  Click on the chatroom to assign yourself a user name and password and input  your questions there.

Tune in tonight and stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

Wow, I looked over at 51 Reasons to Say No to Global Government, and I saw such crazy books being advertised in the side bar. I know this website from time to time seems anti-Semetic, but these books are over the top. I don't know if they are just ads stuck on the site, or if the site owner is endorsing them. And then to read the comments listed on the articles with the books. Too sad.

JD said...


Thanks for having me on your program tonight. It is always interesting to be able to discuss this subject with someone who knows the underlying principles so well.

Anonymous said...


Enjoyed listening to you on tonight's program.

It's nice to finally put a voice with a familiar name.


Anonymous said...

And Bjorn connections surface again.

JD said...


Thanks, I am more than happy any time Constance asks me to do a spot on her show with her. This subject is very complex and is often hard to properly discuss in a hour long format. I am glad I was able to keep everything pulled together into a structure that was followable.

Anon 10:59

??? Sorry, I don't get what you mean here.

Dawn said...

rats! I am sorry I missed it. I will have to wait for the rebroadcast.

Pervaiz said...

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