Monday, June 07, 2010

Dr. Stanley Monteith is my radio guest tomorrow night

UPDATE:  Important news regarding EU-Med / Barcelona Process / European Neighbourhood Policy which I missed.  Thanks to the anonymous poster who gave links to a Finnish analysis of its meaning.

Dr. Stanley Monteith is guest hosting me on his radio program   tomorrow at 4  p.m.. Pacific time and I am guest hosting him on mine one hour later at  my THEMICROEFFECT program, "MY PERSPECTIVE."  Dr. Monteith and I will also be talking on the air Wednesday, 7 a.m. Pacific time which is 10  a.m. Eastern time.

The New York stock market appears to be reverberating to European distress.  This is a current Reuters video about the situation from a European perspective.   Italy is now facing the same distress as many of the other EU countries.  It is more than fascinating to me that all these developments seem to have developed since December, 2009.  One might ask, which came first, the chicken, or the egg?

Here's wondering to whom this crisis might  equal opportunity?  I have my personal suspicions.

Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

Euro finance ministers set to finalize Eurozone aid...

Anonymous said...

Details emerge on the surprise new EU-Russia committee initiative...

Anonymous said...

U.S.'s $13 TRILLION debt poised to overtake GDP...for the very first time in the history of our country!!!

Anonymous said...

Bilderberg 2010: Between the Sword and the Wall

(The Bilderberg Meeting was held in Sitges, Spain this past weekend - June 3-6, 2010)

Anonymous said...

As the Sun Awakens, NASA Keeps a Wary Eye on Space Weather...

June 4, 2010: Earth and space are about to come into contact in a way that's new to human history.

To make preparations, authorities in Washington DC are holding a meeting: The Space Weather Enterprise Forum at the National Press Club on June 8th.

For more...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 7:02,

Yes, and quite the guest list. Solana, Gates, Schmidt, Holbrooke, Kissenger, the usual cast of characters, plus a lot of new names/faces. The complete list of
attendees is published over at Estulin's site.
All the US citizens should be charged with violating the Logan Act at the very least.

Anonymous said...

From an European think tank:

"The cancellation of the biannual Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) summit leaves EU policies in its southern neighbourhood in disarray. To prevent the further disintegration of its regional policy, the EU needs to act now rather than wait for the outcome of indirect Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, which stand little chance of being a success."


Thank to "borntowatch" for the link.

Susanna said...

Anonymous 6:54 P.M.

Very interesting article!

Here is one about the EU - Russia Summit

Pragmatism prevails at EU-Russia summit

June 1, 2010

Russia pushes visa-free Russia-EU travel

June 2, 2010

Susanna said...

Bonhomie All Around At EU-Russia Summit

Susanna said...

The EU-Russia gas connection: Pipes, politics
and problems

Susanna said...

Russia, EU demand flotilla inquiry, Gaza opening

Susanna said...

Police crush protests as Russia-EU summit opens

Anonymous said...

Police Let Arabs Display Turkish Flag on Temple Mount:


Constance Cumbey said...

Turkey hosts Eurasian summit amid Israel storm
Sun Jun 6, 2010 6:23am EDT

Turkey's PM flays Israel as ties hang by thread
Fri, Jun 4 2010

"Israel tension boosts Turkey's popularity with Arabs

Wed, Jun 2 2010
(Reuters) - Turkey, seething with anger after an Israeli raid on an aid ship bound for Gaza, hosts leaders from Russia, Iran, the Arab world and beyond this week for a Eurasian security summit that may further isolate Israel.

"The guest list for the meeting in Istanbul of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), reads like a "who's who" of leaders from world hot spots, with participants from the Middle East, South Asia and the Korean Peninsula.



Constance Cumbey said...

Please refresh your browser. Thanks to the earlier anonymous poster giving me the link to the Finnish analysis of this development:


Susanna said...

Ahmadinejad Stresses Need for New World Order

Anonymous said...


EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - EU finance ministers have reached broad agreement on a controversial plan to review each others' national budgets, together with earlier sanctions for member states that break the bloc's fiscal rules.

Also meeting in Luxembourg on Monday (7 June), an earlier gathering of euro area finance ministers approved the principle component of the zone's unprecedented €750 billion rescue mechanism.

For more...

Anonymous said...


By Jonathan Fowlie, Vancouver Sun June 8, 2010

Premier Gordon Campbell spent his weekend rubbing shoulders with some of the world's leading political and business figures at the 58th annual Bilderberg Meeting in Sitges, Spain.

The secretive invitation-only meeting -- dubbed by London's The Independent newspaper as an "annual cabal of the world's elite" -- pulls together top international names to discuss issues such as foreign affairs and the economy.

"We talked about the economy, we talked about trade, we talked about health care and the challenges that health care presents to all economies with the changing demographic," Campbell said Monday, not going into detail about what was discussed.

"We talked about how is it possible to feed the world and what are the barriers that are in the way of us actually accomplishing that goal.

"Everybody is connected now with international trade. Everyone will be affected by what happens with the European currencies and that's a significant issue everyone is concerned about."

A list posted on the website www.bilderbergmeetings.orgshows other attendees at this year's meeting included Bill Gates, former U.S. treasury secretary Robert Rubin and former U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger.

Campbell said: "I think I was probably invited because British Columbia is seen as a province that's leading Canada -- doing a lot of interesting things.

"Our economy is one of the best in the country and has been for a number of years now."

Campbell's trip was paid for by the provincial government.

Read more:

Re: "We talked about how is it possible to feed the world and what are the barriers that are in the way of us actually accomplishing that goal."

(Yes, and wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall to hear their suggestions for 'accomplishing that goal' . . . as in maybe getting rid of all of the 'useless eaters' in the world???)

Susanna said...

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi heckled by Code Pink at an event in Washington D.C......

Anonymous said...

The danger of acupuncture (along with other holistic health practices)...

Susanna said...

Russia, Iran in joint venture for nuclear plant

In several ways, we may have Strobe Talbott to thank for this scary development.

According to Canadian lawyer, author and blogger Robert Amsterdam,

....Serving as deputy secretary of state in the Clinton Administration from 94-01, Talbott is accused by some of downplaying Russia's transfer of missile technology to Iran, hiding certain intelligence, pushing a number of dead-end aid programs, and, at least rhetorically, being an apologist for Russia's slide toward entire article.....

Anonymous said...

"I was recently surprised to read that Rick Warren is calling other Christians fake and calling for phony Christians to leave his church. He is targeting in particular those who fail to help his multimillion dollar Saddleback megachurch grow. Is the narrow way passé for the finger-pointing pastor?..."
(more at the link)


Anonymous said...

Well, anyone who does not obey the word of God and who obeys the Holy Spirit by faith is a false Christian.

We cannot simply point fingers at Rick Warren (who is certainly living in error). The Bible commands that we all examine ourselves to see if we are of the faith.

We may point out the evils of this world all day and night, but if we do not turn to God, we are just as guilty as the globalists.

Anonymous said...


"... and who does NOT OBEY the Holy Spirit by faith is a false Christian"

It is impossible to always obey the Spirit of God, but when we make mistakes, we are only to confess our sins and correct our mistakes in sincere an humble repentance before God and men.

Anonymous said...

How Socialists have taken control of the greatest nation on earth...

Anonymous said...

NOW = New World Order (NWO)

SV said...

On the skirts of the Helen Thomas remarks, I stood alongside an elder at our church this week. He rebuked a cantankerous elderly person with Scripture who was perpetuating wrong thinking under the influence of the manipulated media. It is so important to have a sound, Biblical perspective of who is actually persecuting who in this generation.

"And the Lord said to Satan, 'The Lord rebuke you, O Satan! The Lord who has chosen JERUSALEM rebuke you!'"-Zechariah 3:2 [EMPHASIS MINE]

Ahmadinejad to Turkish crowd: Flotilla raid sign Israel's end near.
The Israeli attack on the Gaza-bound flotilla sounded "the death knell of the Zionist regime,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told an enthusiastic crowd at Istanbul's Abou Ayyoub Ansari Mosque on Tuesday.

He accused Israel of “unmatched crimes in the course of sixty some years of its history, that have been unprecedented in the history of mankind, the last of which has been invading the Gaza Peace Flotilla,” IRNA reported, added that the crowd responded with "Allahu akbar"
Ahmadinejad was in Turkey for the summit of a 20-member group of Asian countries – CICA – at which Turkey intended to propose a resolution condemning Israel's flotilla raid.
The Iranian president said the two nations were the “standard bearers of humanity and moralities” emphasizing, “everyone should know that the relations between the two countries are friendly, brotherly and deep rooted today and that the two countries would stand side by side till the end of the line,” IRNA reported.

"For thus said the Lord of hosts, after his glory sent me to the nations who plundered you, for he who touches you touches the apple of his eye: 'Behold, I will shake my hand over them, and they shall become plunder for those who served them. Then you will know that the Lord of hosts has sent me.'" -Zechariah 2:8,9

Link to Article-

By His Grace,

Anonymous said...
Christians' for the separation of church and state?

The "separation of church and state." I could be reading from the constitution of the former Soviet Union, a decision by Ruth Bader Ginsburg or a fundraising letter from the ACLU. But instead, I'm repeating a philosophy of "Christian" groups like Discernment Ministries and their website, "Herescope."

(More nasty stuff at the link)

It doesn't look like Porter did any research before she wrote her opinion piece.


Anonymous said...

America today: Medicated drivers, toxic foods and counterfeit money supply...

Anonymous said...


Benefits, tax credits and public sector pensions have been formally earmarked for potential cuts for the first time under Government plans to avert a Greek-style debt crisis, the Chancellor has disclosed.

SV said...

It is unfortunate that individuals, such as Porter, choose simply to 'punch back' when they feel as though they have been injured. Such 'mud slinging' seems to result in the discharge of pent up emotion with very little wisdom being applied from God's Word.

We have learned from the example of Esther, chapter 4:13-17, that the Lord warned her through Mordecai NOT to remain silent. If she had chosen to do nothing, Mordecai stated that God would bring deliverance to Israel by another, but the consequence for her and her family would be death. Esther was discerning and wise; she immediately called Israel to fast, along with her, for she would choose to obey the command of the Lord to take action and go to the king.

There is a time for action:
"But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a DOER WHO ACTS, he will be blessed in his doing."
-James 1:25; yet there is also a time to bridle the tongue, "If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person's religion is worthless. Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself UNSTAINED from the world." -James 1:26,27.

There is a place for "discernment ministries" for they challenge us to continue to seek the truth, and not to act hastily. The objective of anyone who considers that they are called to be in ministry to "discern" should always be this: to build up the church community, to rightly divide the Word of God, to exhort the church with a humble and loving spirit, to speak gently and NEVER in unbridled wrath, and to forgive generously as Christ has forgiven those who are redeemed by His blood.

The first action taken by Esther was to fast and pray. She requested that Israel do the same for three days and nights.

As the Day of the Lord approaches, we must understand the instructions of the Lord in the book of Joel, "'Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning.' So rend your heart and not your garments; return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness; and He relents from doing harm." -Joel 2:12b-13

Fasting, praying, weeping, and turning to the Lord: these are the first actions.

Porter has no idea if the ministries, that she tore into with her fierce words, in question are taking action faithfully before the Lord in these first actions.

I know with certainty that God directs the further action for those who prepare their hearts before Him with these first actions we are commanded to do.

By His Grace,

Susanna said...


Re:The Israeli attack on the Gaza-bound flotilla sounded "the death knell of the Zionist regime,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told an enthusiastic crowd at Istanbul's Abou Ayyoub Ansari Mosque on Tuesday.

Apparently Ahmadinejad doesn't know ( or care ) that there also happens to be a little passage in Scripture where God says to Israel "I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee." Genesis 12: 1-3

All one has to do is to look at history in order to see just how true this prophecy is......right up to this very day.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy said-

It doesn't look like Porter did any research before she wrote her opinion piece.

Janet Porter said-

For the rock-throwers, any effort at building unity among Christians is treated with contempt. But as Christ said, and Lincoln reiterated: "United we stand, divided we fall." They were right.


I said-

Huh, where did Christ say that? I know there are some modern englilsh versions which do a lot of paraphrasing, but I've never come across that quote that I can recall.

Unknown said...

Jesus at one point did say a house divided among itself will not stand. This was in response to those who accused him of healing the sick because he had the spirit of Beelzebub.

Mark 21-26:
21 And when his friends heard of it, they went out to lay hold on him: for they said, He is beside himself.

22 And the scribes which came down from Jerusalem said, He hath Beelzebub, and by the prince of the devils casteth he out devils.

23 And he called them unto him, and said unto them in parables, How can Satan cast out Satan?

24 And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.

25 And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

26 And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end.

Anonymous said...

For those who insist on attempting to cause division on this blog (and you know who you are)...

you are making the New World Order very PROUD indeed (since one of their goals is to divide and conquer).

Anonymous said...


June 9, 2010

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have urged Brussels to speed up proposals for tougher regulation of certain financial products and trading practices.

In a two-page letter to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, dated 8 June, the two leaders ask the EU executive to come forward with plans to clamp down on naked short-selling and Credit Default Swaps (CDSs) by the middle of next month, rather than October as originally planned.

Presenting a united front after months of squabbling on how to solve the eurozone's debt crisis, the two leaders say "recent market developments" mean there is now an "urgent need" for the commission to accelerate the pace of its work.

For more...

JD said...

This article by Porter is dishonest, as Porter never gives her true reasoning for going after Discernment Ministries. Lately Discernment and Herescope have been refuting the teachings of The Emergent church and New Apostolic Reformation including their involvement in Tea parties and the "Patriot Movement".

Some examination shows Porter is a spokesperson for Faith 2 Action, and upon examination of said group we find that they are FULL SUPPORTERS of NAR/Emergent groups as well as their involvement with Tea Party and Patriot causes. Essentially what Porter is doing is accusing Discernment of dividing Christians while never answering the specific objections raised or informing the reader that her position is biased due to associations with the very groups in question including a influx of money from them. As I said this tactic is dishonest as she presents herself as a third party observer who is objecting to the actions of a particular group, while never informing the reader that she has a under lined motive for the article.

Simply examine who she links to and supports, and you will see exactly what I mean.

JD said...

Obama Likes Alphabet Soup

In its new National Security Strategy Report, or NSS, the Obama administration has finally and fully embraced the importance of international institutions. And not a moment too soon. With neoconservatives advocating an outdated and rigid concept of sovereignty, the administration needs to bolster its case for strong engagement in international architecture.

When it comes to closing Guantanamo and the war in Afghanistan, the Obama administration is saying all the right things but implementation has fallen short. It's been exactly the opposite with international institutions. Especially when compared to the Bush administration, this team has been frenentic—paying our dues at the United Nations and joining its Human Rights Council, finding more money for the International Monetary Fund, cooperating with the International Criminal Court (though not yet joining), and making the G-20 permanent.

But until his West Point speech last week that previewed the National Security Strategy Report, the words "international institution" never appeared in any Obama speech. That absence has been surprising, given that institution-building had been a priority for progressive presidents past, and a major necessity now.

The new National Security Strategy Report not only discusses international institutions, but makes "international order" one of four major goals of American foreign policy, along with security, prosperity, and values. That is a welcome shift because if the administration does not start educating Americans about the importance of international institutions, the champions of a rigid 19th century sovereignty will continue to dominate the debate.

How many Americans could tell you what the International Atomic Energy Agency, International Monetary Fund, or World Health Organization do? It is telling that that polling data itself doesn't seem to exist, but my guess is: few. There is reason to think that if Americans did know about their critical work in tracking nuclear material (IAEA), staving off financial crises (IMF), and battling pandemics (WHO), they would be supportive; strong majorities of Americans for decades have told pollsters that the United States is better off when it works with other countries and through the United Nations.
more at link

JD said...

New Security Strategy Addresses Homegrown Terrorism

The country's National Security Strategy was released this past week. It emphasizes international cooperation over preemptive military strikes and, for the first time, pointedly addresses the threat of homegrown terrorism. Host Guy Raz speaks with Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, the principal author of the National Security Strategy.

RAZ: Given that the relationship between the United States and the United Nations was, at best, strained over the past 10 years, is this document, in a sense, a call for a renewal of the relationship and maybe even partnership between the United States and the United Nations and other international institutions?

Mr. RHODES: Yes, absolutely. I think what we've seen happen is we have an international architecture that was largely built with the leadership of the United States in the 20th century. However, there are new threats and new challenges in the 21st century that that international architecture wasn't designed for, whether it's climate change, terrorism, nuclear proliferation and other issues.

And what we can do face with those challenges is say, we're going to abandon this international architecture. Step outside of it. Essentially deal with these challenges ourselves. Or we are going to invest American leadership, our strengthen influences and trying to make those institutions work better. And I think that's what this document is about.

RAZ: But doesn't that constrain American power to some extent when you work within that order?

Mr. RHODES: No. Quite on the contrary, it amplifies American power. When we step outside of the international order, we bear all the burden. Just to take one example: there's no way that the United States could dismantle every terrorist safe haven around the world if we wanted to. It's simply not possible with an organization like al-Qaida that metastasizes to other countries. We certainly can't deal with an issue like climate change, which is inherently global in nature by ourselves.

So the only way to amplify our power to deal with challenges that are borderless in the 21st century is to make these institutions work better and to invest American time and effort in doing so.

RAZ: Ben Rhodes, for the first time, the National Security Strategy pointedly discusses homegrown terror. What are the worries here in the policy prescriptions?

Mr. RHODES: Yes. Well, the worries are very much that al-Qaida has shifted tactics to try to inspire other individuals who they may not even be in direct contact with to engage in terrorist activity, and that specifically includes American citizens. So I think what it's going to take is a strategy that, on the one hand, has effective security measures to ensure that we're able to detect those individuals who may get into contact with al-Qaida, may even try to travel to these regions to get them to contact with them, but also they were working with communities across the country to try to ensure that individuals don't go through that radicalization process.
more at link

JD said...

Sins of Omission in Obama’s National Security Strategy

Is it possible to defeat an enemy we don’t understand? That is only one of the questions that ought to occur to anyone reading President Obama’s new National Security Strategy (NSS).

Administration officials and loyalists have been trying to put the best possible face on the congressionally mandated 52-page document. But anyone who glances at so much as a page will see that it is rife with platitudes, wishful thinking, and self-delusion. It requires a bit more effort to see how unserious and self-contradictory it is. But let me give that a go.

Start with this: Who do you think is to blame for the most deadly terrorist attack ever on American soil? According to the NSS, the answer is “globalization,” the current buzzword for integrated economies, networked transnational communications, and the outrage of selling McDonald’s hamburgers to Parisians. The NSS states: “The dark side of this globalized world came to the forefront for the American people on September 11, 2001.” Is it possible that policymakers in the White House sincerely believe that’s what happened?

The NSS asserts: “To succeed, we must face the world as it is.” It then immediately goes on to claim: “Wars over ideology have given way to wars over religious, ethnic, and tribal identity.”

Are we to believe that al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Khomeinists, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood are without ideologies? And if the fight is over “religious, ethnic, and tribal identity,” which religious, ethnic, and tribal identity might that be? Presbyterianism, perhaps?

more at link

JD said...

Obama's National Security Strategy (NSS): A New Direction or Continuity

JD said...

PositiveID Corporation Announced as Presenting Sponsor for 2010 Alzheimer's Educational Conference

Company Partners with Center for Health Transformation to Bring Newt Gingrich as Keynote Speaker
PositiveID's Chairman and CEO Scott R. Silverman Named Conference Co-Chair
DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Jun 01, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- PositiveID Corporation ("PositiveID" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: PSID) announced today that it is the presenting and celebrity keynote sponsor of the 2010 Alzheimer's Educational Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida.
PositiveID's Chairman and CEO, Scott R. Silverman, has been selected as co-chair of the conference. In this role, Mr. Silverman and PositiveID partnered with the Center for Health Transformation to bring Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and Founder, Center for Health Transformation, Newt Gingrich as the keynote speaker. Mr. Gingrich was co-chair of the Alzheimer's Study Group, a bipartisan taskforce assembled in 2007 to develop and advance strategies to overcome Alzheimer's disease, and presented testimony to a hearing of the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging. In addition, he originated the Alzheimer's Solutions Project, which is dedicated to accelerating and focusing national efforts to reengineer dementia care delivery and ultimately prevent Alzheimer's disease.
The 2010 Alzheimer's Educational Conference will take place at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, on June 3 and 4. The annual conference attracts speakers from across the United States to educate family caregivers and healthcare professionals about the latest research and standards of care for those with Alzheimer's and related disorders.
The Center for Health Transformation is a collaboration of private and public sector leaders committed to creating a 21st Century Intelligent Health System that saves lives and saves money for all Americans.

paul said...

Dorothy 1:32

Maybe Mr Warren missed the
Sermon on the Mount, where
Jesus says "blessed are the
poor in spirit."

Constance Cumbey said...

Thanks to those of you digging out the Much more interesting to me than whom was invited was the list of who was not invited:

I could not help but notice that Javier Solana and Carl Bildt were on the list BUT CATHERINE ASHTON was not!


Unknown said...

It almost makes it seem like Catherine Ashton is a nobody. I guess she's not influential enough. Maybe she would be better off giving tours of the London Eye.

Anonymous said...

What may be helpful is if we were all to agree to pray for these lost souls. We know the corruption, now what are we going to do about it? Only God can stop the evil exposed here so let's join together and pray for devine intervention. Let us pray that more people will come to Jesus Christ and be saved before it is too late. As we can see, the end is near and more people need to get "right" with God, indluding all those involved in the NWO agenda.

Anonymous said...


By PAUL QUINLAN AND JOSH VOORHEES of Greenwire (06/08/10)

Vast underwater concentrations of oil sprawling for miles in the Gulf of Mexico from the damaged, crude-belching BP PLC well are unprecedented in "human history" and threaten to wreak havoc on marine life, a team of scientists said today, a finding confirmed for the first time by federal officials.

Researchers aboard the F.G. Walton Smith vessel briefed reporters on a two-week cruise in which they traced an underwater oil plum 15 miles wide, 3 miles long and about 600 feet thick. The plume's core is 1,100 to 1,300 meters below the surface, they said.

"It's an infusion of oil and gas unlike anything else that has ever been seen anywhere, certainly in human history," said Samantha Joye of the University of Georgia, the expedition leader.

Bacteria are breaking down the oil's hydrocarbons in a massive, microorganism feeding frenzy that has sent oxygen levels plunging close to what is considered "dead zone" conditions, at which most marine life are smothered for a lack of dissolved oxygen.

For more...

Anonymous said...

May the Lord protect the marine life there and end the corruption of politicians and oil companies. May the Lord grant peace to everyone who can see the evil workings of the world system knowing that Jesus Christ is Lord and will correct all these issues by His mighty power.

SV said...

Dear Susanna,
Re: Apparently Ahmadinejad doesn't know ( or care ) that there also happens to be a little passage in Scripture where God says to Israel "I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee." Genesis 12: 1-3

Amen, sister!!!

I'm sorry to say that I had such a hard time being patient with the ignorant thinking of some fellow churchmembers this week. Replacement 'theology' is a cancerous root that needs to be weeded out of Christendom. Period.

I'm so grateful to know you. You bless me with your knowledge and friendship.
Just thought I'd mention it. :)

By His Grace,

Anonymous said...

The Bible teaches us not to agrue about doctrines outside of the gospel. It helps to know that Christians are on different tiers of spiritual understanding. The one who is more advanced is to be loving and patient with those who are not. Jesus said that Christians are known by their love and by the fruit of the Spirit. It is hard to be patient with those we disagree with, but it is part of being a godly person. And a godly person is effective in prayer and enough godly Christians can change the world.

Constance Cumbey said...

This is an interesting article on alleged EU backing of Middle East terrorism:


SV said...

Dear Anony 7:59,
I have no idea what you're talking about.
But I comprehend the sarcasm.
I'm not saying Christians are to stand around in church and be fainthearted and passive by any means.
I'm righteously angry at those who KNOW the gospel and still choose foolish prejudices.

"He must hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to REBUKE those who contradict it." -Titus 1:9

"Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a person's ENEMIES will be those of his own household." -Matthew 10:34-36

By His Grace,

Anonymous said...

May the Lord open the eyes and spiritual understanding of the EU so they will bless Israel and not bring judgement upon themselves. The time will come. All the nations of this world will become the kingdoms of my Lord and of His Christ. And He shall reign forever and ever!

Anonymous said...

The price of gold has hit at an all-time high of $1,250 an ounce!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, SV, I wish I knew you in person, not because you've said nice things about me, but because what you say and do is a mirror of what kind of person you are inside. You are not only insightful but are very kind to all. These are lessons I hope I can learn from you.


SV said...

Dear Dorothy,
What a joy it would be to meet you! I love that God has made you a warrior for truth in this generation! I have met too many people in my life who are the kind who "tickle the ears" and say what others want to hear rather than speak the truth boldly.
This is why I respect you and your faithful research so very much.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

You are busted Constance!
Dr. Stanley Monteith M.D., self-styled expert on AIDS, Santa Cruz radio talk show host, a member of the Council for National Policy
Brad Phillips - former staff member of Dana Rodabacher, M.C.

I should have figured. CNP members on your show! And I thought you were a Patriot! You are nothing but a WOLF in Sheeps clothing!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Stanley Monteith - CNP Membership Directory (1996, 1999). On August 17, 2009, Stan Monteith went public with his personal belief that Christians have been deceived through the New Covenant/New Testament. Also that Christianity has been teaching the lie that the Lord Jesus is God, that there is no Trinity, that there is no Holy Spirit, but a 'Hailey Spirit' which is the feminine part of God who comforts us and is calling us back to her bosom. Agreeing with his guest, Craig Winn, "we have been deceived by the writings and agenda of that imposter of the true assembly, the man Paul who poisoned and corrupted the Scriptures by corrupting the Hebrew and Greek, especially through the book of Galatians." Stan's commented, "I've always questioned Paul's writings. and so did Thomas Jefferson."

Stan Monteith told his audience that he and his guest believe that only the Jews have Yahweh's plan of salvation, that there is NO GOSPEL and that according to Yahweh, the ONLY Scripture is, "Torah, Prophet and Psalms;" also that Christians must be adopted by Yahweh and become Yuda. Stan Monteith agreed with his guest, Craig Winn, that the entire New Testament has been a fake...

Constance Cumbey said...

To Louis Turner:

"Busted" by somebody proclaiming this about himself:

"Commander of the Authors of the North, creator of numerous graphics, disloyal servant to the true emperor - Barack Hussein Obama, father to none, husband to a murdered computer, and I will have my vengeance in this life or the next. I will win the crowd. I will give them something they have never seen before."

Dr. Monteith resigned from CNP MANY years ago. I do not know what your claimed source of information is on the rest. Barbara Aho whose work I deeply respected for many years published those allegations. As she changed course drastically, adopting some of the worst of the worst occult antisemitic theories, I cannot take that as my source.

While Dr. Stanley Monteith and I do not always agree, I would never, based on my personal knowledge, question his loyalty to his Creator and whole hearted submission of will to God.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Cumbey. What proof or links do you have showing that Dr. Stanley Monteith is no longer a CNP Member, or even a JBS member for that matter? And Yes. Barbara Aho is where I got my information. And what do you mean by anti-Semitic theories? What part of this do you call a theory Mam? "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan....Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee." - Rev. 2:9, 3:9 KJV

"...the State of Israel was created by the United Nations in 1948. Its symbol, the six-pointed star, adorns the Israeli Knesset and flies on the flag of Israel. In retrospect the six-pointed star was an Egyptian occult symbol which King Solomon adopted when he went into idolatry and witchcraft and built an altar for Ashteroth (star). It was seen in Arab magic and occultism and cabalism with very rare associations with Jews (and these were obviously cabalists) till the 16th century and the influence of the Cabalist Isaac Luria to the 17th century when Mayer Amschel Bauer used it on his door. Then he changed his family's name to Rothschild, meaning red shield, incorporating it into the family's coat of arms. Finally, it became the insignia of Zionism." - 211:51-2/Source:

I hope this information answers your questions about Zionism.

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