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Managing Global Insecurity per German Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier



Click on pictures to enlarge for full page views on the audience Steinmeier was speaking to with EU Foreign policy chief Javier Solana sitting in audience.

This was a telling speech given to the latest "Managing Global Insecurity" conference. It was delivered at the Berlin site of the MGI July 14-15 Conference co-held by the Brookings Institution and the Bertelsmann Foundation. It was given by German Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier. As it says, they are now 'singing from the same sheet." Having read and listened so very many times to Javier Solana's launching speech delivered
March 21, 2007 in Washington, D.C., I cannot help but notice the deep similarities to the speech given now by one of the constituent foreign ministries to Javier Solana's European wide one. You may read Solana's launching speech last year by clicking here. As a former political speech writer, I wonder who composed this one? As you can see from the context, they have BIG PLANS for 2009. Stay tuned!

"Responsible Sovereignty in an Era of Transnational Threats", Rede von
Bundesaußenminister Steinmeier anlässlich der Konferenz "Managing Global
Insecurity" der Bertelsmann Stiftung, Berlin

"--Check against delivery--

"Mr. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Mr. Pachauri, Javier [Solana], Mr. [Strobe] Talbott, Mr Thielen, Mr. Ischinger, Excellencies, distinguished friends,

"First of all, I would like to thank you most warmly for this opportunity to speak to you this evening. And I would like to extend a special welcome to our guests from abroad. I am delighted to welcome you to Berlin! This really is an impressive gathering of foreign and security experts tonight!

"Ladies and gentlemen,

"If we look back only 20 years, nobody could have predicted what this place, this area would look like today:

"This used to be a place of division, the Berlin Wall just a couple of hundred metres down the road. Now exchanges of free thoughts and ideas - such as ours tonight - are possible just across the street from where some of the most important institutions of communist East Germany used to have their seat: the Central Committee in the building now occupied by the Federal Foreign Office, the People"s Chamber and the State Council.

"There are signs that 20 years from now the world will have changed dramatically again. And I share with you, Mr Talbott, and your partners in the Managing Global Insecurity Project, the strong conviction that today we have an opportunity and a duty to try to shape this future.

"I really appreciate the undertaking led by the Brookings Institution and I am looking forward to the results and proposals you present.

"Ladies and gentlemen,

"As we all know now, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the world did not enter a phase of "capitalist peace". Neither did it mean the end of history, as some analysts and prophets used to put it.

"Instead, from the early nineties to the present day globalization has been the name of the game, shifting the traditional patterns of geo-economic and geo-political realities.

"The tragic events of 11 September 2001 and the ongoing struggle against fundamentalism [emphasis added] and international terrorism in Afghanistan and beyond is a constant reminder of the threats we still face today.

"And it seems that the scope of threats undermining peace and stability is widening. International terrorism has been joined by a new cluster of challenges, jolting the very basis of our system of global governance.

"Food insecurity, climate change, growing competition for resources as well as global financial turmoil are undermining global stability, international law and democratic transition worldwide. That has rarely been more obvious than in the last few months.
"And what these last few months have shown is that our current system of global governance is not sufficiently prepared to deal with these new challenges.

"We are in the midst of a global reorientation, a collective process of adjustment
in reaction to these new challenges. We need to come up with new concepts to
master them.

"'Responsible Sovereignty' - as you term it in your project - refers to the most important part of this new approach: shared responsibility among the members of the international community, maximizing the opportunities and minimizing the risks brought about by the changed international situation.

"Indeed, we are singing from the same sheet. I have called in my recent speeches for a Global Responsibility Partnership in the world’s search for a new global order.

"· A Global Responsibility Partnership aimed at equitable and fair access to global public goods.

"· A Global Responsibility Partnership that contributes to crisis prevention, conflict management and post-conflict reconstruction.

"· And a Global Responsibility Partnership that is more inclusive and fills regulatory and institutional gaps in the international system.

"One thing is clear: no country and none of the traditional alliances - present or future - can shoulder these tremendous tasks alone.

"By global we mean truly global. We cannot manage the new challenges without integrating the emerging powers of Asia, Latin America and Africa into rules-based global regimes.

"We need to think about possible designs for a renewed international framework of institutions. A framework that can handle both old and new threats, hard and so-called soft security issues.

"In all these challenges we either win together or we fail together. Therefore, we need to come up with a way to not only link up our capacities to anticipate and prevent threats but also to identify our joint political interests, to forge global consensus and to strengthen international cooperation.

"Responsibility and Cooperation - these are the key terms for shaping the 21st century.

"Ladies and gentlemen,

"This world needs a fresh approach to global governance - an approach that is more holistic, more inclusive, more proactive and more focused on the real challenges of the 21st century.

"And, ladies and gentlemen, the time is ripe to work towards such a new approach: 2009 is the year of opportunities.

"A newly elected President in Russia, a new US President, China after the Olympics: all these changes push open a window of opportunity to create a legitimate and effective world order for the 21st century.

"Let me just make one brief remark regarding the G8. In the coming year, the G8 plus 5 Heiligendamm process will be reviewed during Italy"s G8 Presidency. I have said before that we need to both deepen and broaden the outreach process. I advocate making the outreach format more inclusive - let’s make it a G 13! - and, at the same time, strengthening the conclave character of the G8.

"Ladies and gentlemen,

"If we want to seize the opportunity ahead of us, the transatlantic relationship will be absolutely crucial. It is therefore vital that we renew and reform the transatlantic
partnership in order to shape the global age together.

"That"s why I have been arguing for a renewed transatlantic agenda. However, we must not stop at this point. We have to take Russia, China, India on board as well as other emerging powers such as Brazil, Mexico, South Africa to mention only a few. We have to find a global agenda that enables us to tackle the great challenges of
our time together: energy security and climate change, financial markets,
non-proliferation and disarmament - and the transformation of global governance
structures by means of a Global Responsibility Partnership.

"Thank you very much."

URL: http://www.pressrelations.de/new/standard/dereferrer.cfm?rurl=http://www.auswaertiges-amt.de Berlin - Veröffentlicht von
Link zur Pressemitteilung: http://www.pressrelations.de/new/standard/dereferrer.cfm?r=331792


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Homophobic Horse said...

"The tragic events of 11 September 2001 and the ongoing struggle against fundamentalism"

Do we call the KKK extremists? Or do we just call them clansmen? Do we call the Marxist guerillas of South America extremists, or just Marxist Guerillas? Do we call Jihadists what Jihadists call themselves, or do we call them extremists?

All this talk of "fundamentalism" and "extremism" is a shill designed to psychologically annex the whole world i.e. all things are permitted, to the extent the world government will "tolerate" them.

Anonymous said...

Setterman’s diatribe on Walter Steinmeier, will follow in the tracks of a horseman:
What first caught my eye was: “rules-based global regimes.” For some years America has stopped leading by example, the fruit of which is lowering the American experiment to the lowest common cultural denominator. Do you think that China will ever shuck its heritage? Certainly its materialistic view of man and society will not be let go of, but its pride at being Chinese will not. As America is forced by the Christ denying ivory towers, mass media, and the courts to plunge head first into the river of materialism some of us have awoken to just how third world we have become. I’m sure Carl Yung would consider my view as archetypical, but the hope of a City On a Hill, though somewhat fanciful, should never have been discarded. Yet with such abandon do the Jesus haters race pell mell to their destruction; I’ve mentioned before just how ludicrous the women’s rights movement was to turn on the culture which is its birthplace. Jesus was for women’s rights. Where, without the Christian influence, is women’s rights, Africa, Islam, where? Women’s rights in the West was curtailed by other forces, yes, but not because of Christianity, but by a misinterpretation of familial order.
I believe the thread of the American dream is being weakened, and when the monetary dept catches up to us the “conversion” will be complete.
Well, back to “rules-based global regimes.” Whose rules?

Anonymous said...

He uses the term "our system of global governance"
two times.
These people are so elitist and conceited !
Someone should have dropped a stink bomb in that
meeting. It would have been appropriate.

Anonymous said...

From www.worldnetdaily.com

Big Brother wants every single e-mail, text
Plan would create huge expansion of government surveillance

LONDON -- Britain's MI5 intelligence service has persuaded the Home Office to get government approval for a massive increase in surveillance in Britain, already the most-watched nation in the West, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

In London, every citizen already is captured on camera an average of 400 times a day. An increasing number of the cameras are directly linked to MI5's state-of-the-art computers in the basement of headquarters overlooking the Thames. Billions of images are already stored there.

But now secret plans by the Security Service and Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist command want to detail every phone call, e-mail, text message and online purchase to aid the fight against terrorism. Four billion e-mails are sent every day in the UK. Last year 67 billion text messages were transmitted.

The new plans, if ratified by Parliament in the autumn, would allow the police and intelligence services to access the precise time a phone call was made, the number dialed, the length of the call and, in the case of cell phones, the location of the handset to within an accuracy of a few hundred yards. MI5 scientists, working with post office technicians, have now provided equipment that could handle the new demands.

At the same time Britain's DNA database, already the world's largest, would be updated. Anyone who is arrested – even if proven to be innocent later – will have their DNA not only stored "forever," but also circulated "on a need to know basis" to all law enforcement agencies and "all those entitled under the Investigating Powers Act." The act allows local authorities to investigate minor issues such as litter dumping.

Computers already positioned on all Britain's major roads will be updated so they can check every car within four seconds as it travels anywhere in the country. The details will be transmitted to all local police stations to stop a suspect car. The stations are automatically linked to armed anti-terrorist teams now present in increasing numbers around the UK.

Anonymous said...

For me it's all over.

Some woman saw a cheeto that shows Jesus on the cross!

It's time we all get ready for the rapture, because Jesus and Mary are showing up in food more and more.

Any guess as to what denomination she is from.

What kind of news reporting is this? The sheeple are ready for slaughter.

I for one cannot stomach mainstream media anymore and don't bother to read them, they are full of false info., lack substance, and are for entertainment.

JB in CO

Anonymous said...

"...more holistic, more inclusive, more proactive and more focused..."

I think I hear a song coming on.
Ah yes the modern choral ensemble
doing octaves with tympani for Ultimate Drama. No thirds or sevenths, just that scary heavy handed choral piledriver that's all the Wagneresque rage.

Anonymous said...

Pope invited and considering a visit to Bahrain:


Anonymous said...

I keep hearing the term materialistic from Christians all the time. Our culture is not materialistic, but spiritualist. The New Age considers matter to be evil. A materialist is someone who would normally subscribe to objectivity. We are too subjective. Even our atheists are spiritualists.

The radical feminist movement is anti-body. An anti-body culture that promotes abortion and death.
It's easier to kill someone if we think doing so will free their souls, since their bodies are a trap.

I would recommend reading "Against the Protestant Gnostics" a book written by an Episcopalian, Philip Lee.


Carrie said...

An anti-body culture that promotes abortion and death.
It's easier to kill someone if we think doing so will free their souls, since their bodies are a trap.

In reading occult literature, I, too, have come to the conclusion that this shift in philosophy is fueling a lot of the changes in our culture that Christians believe are immoral. But I also think a lot of people pick up the slogans without thinking about their implications. "Green is good", "Keep your theology off my biology." "Fundamentalism is a source of evil."

There is another reality that can flow from this new mindset claiming materialism is evil--it makes government sponsored murder acceptable for a "greater good" as defined by those in control. Could it have made 911 a government plot? A lot of people seem to think so. The seed of this idea was planted long ago in the Star Trek TV series. Remember Spok's deference to the "good of the many" outweighing the "good of the one"?

John Grisham's book THE BRETHREN presents this very scenerio of a government casually willing to kill to further its agenda. I'm currently reading the book, and have shuttered to realize that I find the plot line to be believable.

Constance Cumbey said...


That was lyrically good! You're talented!


Constance Cumbey said...

Hi Carrie,

I share your suspicions and concerns -- what is going on now would have failed for lack of a plausible plot in the past.

Thanks for posting here -- I always enjoy your own blogspot and insights.


Constance Cumbey said...


Good insights and I'll check out your reading suggestion.


Homophobic Horse said...

"The New Age considers matter to be evil."

"The radical feminist movement is anti-body." (In direct contradiction of I Corinthians 6:19)

I've been think about this outpouring of gnosticism.

In The Devils by Dostoyevsky is found a description of the personality types and cultural atmospheres that enable the demonic:

" [Diabolical characters don't come from nowhere], Pyotr's father is a vain and silly old man, who loves to think of himself as a daring revolutionary writer; Nikolai's mother is an equally silly woman, caught up in a whole complex of self-deceit. For years she has looked after Pyotr's father (they are both widowed), as if there is a sort of imitation marriage between them, one without either sex or love. The message is clear: the demonic evil of the two younger men comes from this sterile, fantasy-ridden atmosphere, full of large talk about change and progress, but with absolutely no spiritual or moral substance. One generation's flabby fashions become destructive horrors in the next generation. You can see why Dostoevsky's novel was so unpopular with progressives in Russia at the time.

Can there be redemption for people like these, people whose emptiness invites the devil in?"

Everybody has religious desires because everybody is fallen into a state of fleshly limitation and distance from God. Without sure ministry these desires run amok and eventually traffic with demons.

Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future:

Jonestown was not the isolated act of a madman; it is something very close to all of us who live in these times. One Journalist sensed this when he wrote of Jones (with whom he had some personal contact in San Francisco): "His almost religious and definitely mystical power, it's evil well concealed, must somehow be construed as a clue to the mystery that is the 1970s" (Herb Caen, The Suicide Cult)

The source of this mystical power is not far to seek. The religion of the "People's Temple" was not even remotely Christian (even though Jim Jones, its founder, was an ordained minister of the Disciples of Christ); it owed much more to Jones' spiritualist experience of the 1950s, when he was forming his worldview. He claimed not merely to be the "reincarnation" of Jesus, Buddha, and Lenin; he openly stated that he was an "oracle or medium for discarnate entities from another galaxy." In other words, he gave himself over into the power of evil spirits, who doubtless inspired his final act of "logical" madness. Jonestown cannot be understood apart from the inspiration and activity of demons; this, indeed, is why secular journalists cannot understand it.


No, the New-Age movement is not materialistic, nor is the coming totalitarian World Government, the New-Age conspiracy is ultimately manifested primarily on a demonic level - it is an outpouring of the demonic pentecost. The devils speak to, and infiltrate the open mind who believes it can "discover" the meaning of life when the meaning of life has already been made clear by God.

Like a flame burning everything it encounters, or a plague spreading through city, demonic language utters chaos and annihilation. It is clear to us here that the New-Age is the doom of nations, the doom of religions, the doom of all humanity. Because at the origin of a demonic statement lies its speakers original confusion and exile. If a good angel is the linguistic statement connecting a speaker with his interlocutor, a devil is the memorial of a perennial exclusion from meaning.

Anonymous said...

Traditional Catholics fear that Obama may be considering selecting Virginia Governor Tim Kaine as his Vice Presidential running mate.

Even though Governor Kaine, who is a Catholic, supported a BAN on partial birth abortion, he has also made it clear that he is totally committed to protecting the right to kill unborn children, in direct opposition to his Catholic Church's teachings. So, if Obama's strategy is to "market" Kaine as a pro-life candidate, the reality is that Governor Kane is pro-choice, and NOT pro-life.

In November 2004, traditional Catholics were strongly encouraged to cast their vote for George W. Bush over John Kerry, due to Bush's pro-life views over Kerry's pro-choice views. To this day, John Kerry (also a Catholic) must wonder about the exact total number of Catholic votes that he lost 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Heads up on the "Fair Use Doctrine", Constance.

Although, I am better at writing fiction. There are too many books already out there on this subject.

Carrie, have you read Pope John Paul 2's "Theology of the Body", it's teachings for our times. It describes the whole human struggle between materialism that rejects the spirit and spiritualism that rejects the material-body.

Angels are persons with an intellect and will, but do not possess bodies, animals have bodies, but are not spiritual. Human beings are the only body-spirits.

Homophobic Horse,

The Global Consciousness Project is about opening our minds to manipulation,once people's minds are numb like Zombies,they can be made to kill on instruction.I shudder to think about what those who accept the Luciferian initiation might do to those who dont.


Anonymous said...

Young Grasshopper of
was an excellent guest on Constance's show yesterday. If you have access to Microeffect's archives (cost involved), make sure you hear this show. While her blog focuses on the occult connection, her research was solidly on the reality of his connections.
There were a number of things I wasn't familiar with, showing his corrupt environment.

This story goes back to February, but a followup just appeared today at WND.

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/us_elections/article3433485.ece?token=null&offset=0&page=1 or
Here Obama is linked to a huge corruption scandal in Europe.

Obama tied to Iraqi government fraud? Hundreds of millions in deals with candidate's associates
Posted: July 30, 2008

YG stated that Obama's mother was studying Microfinance which Constance said she has been following as something New Age is interested in.

There was information about David Balducci and Perception Management
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0011UCPM4/ref=cm_rdp_product or

There was information about American Thinker's article titled Obama, Black Liberation Theology and Karl Marx.

There was information on Obama and Muslim Bridges.

Every step into New Age is coreographed in many ways through a number of organizations that we don't know about or consider important.

Over the years people have asked me who heads the NA movement or what's the name of the organization that is bringing it in because they have focused on Hitler and Nazism as the only way things happen. When I can't give a simple answer, they run off. I hope enough people reading here understand that NA comes about through a change in perceptions so that each person sees himself in a new way.


Carrie said...

Leadership in NA can't be pinned down because the leader is spiritual. There is a reason so much of NA depends upon spiritualism, and it's the same reason Christians are forbidden to embrace it. Need I spell it out?

Anonymous said...

Obama's latest eyebrow raising statement:

"This is the moment that the world is waiting for. I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions."

Anonymous said...

Carrie, I doubt if all NA people are channeling from a top down leadership. While a disregard of the effect of evil on human nature may have brought the plan forward, it's in the hands of human networks now, many of them.


Carrie said...

Agreed, Dorothy. Many of those networks have a channeler at the head of them.

Anonymous said...

Off topic:


WND article about a bill before Congress requiring mental health screening for new mothers.

Anonymous said...

SYDNEY, Australia — In his final address to hundreds of thousands of young Catholics gathered in Australia, Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday sharply criticized the violence and materialism of the modern age. Oops!

Anonymous said...

Savvy 2:40 p.m.

In your comment you rightly pointed out:

"Angels are persons with an intellect and will, but do not possess bodies, animals have bodies, but are not spiritual. Human beings are the only body-spirits."

Because he was a former Manichaean gnostic (believer) before his dramatic conversion to Christianity, St. Augustine was well aware that a "spiritualism" which rejected the human body (especially Christ's human body!) was probably demonic in origin - especially when he said:

"Since human nature is so united to God as to become one person,(Jesus Christ) let not these proud spirits dare to prefer themselves to man because they have no bodies" (De Trin. xiii, 17 - as quoted in the Summa)

While I am here, I want to say good luck on your book! I will certainly keep you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I said I doubt they have a channeler at the top of the network.

Hubris can be defined as overbearing pride or presumption, arrogance, and it is responsible for the growth of evil. The New Agers, leaders or followers, are utopians who believe they can rule the world through a system they have developed based solely on human intelligence.

While it's the old Lucifer or Morning Star tale showing it has happened in the past and failed, it doesn't mean the leaders are in direct contact with a demon named Lucifer. Some may be into rituals contacting demons, but I don't think they are getting instructions for taking over that way. I doubt a demon is saying, "This is the way the campaign will go today." We do not need to know who and if anyone is into rituals to understand how evil is spreading.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:49 P.M.

In response to the Obama quote you posted:

"This is the moment that the world is waiting for. I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.

The picture alone at the following link is worth a thousand words...


Rudi said...

Washington residents Congressional Candidate Alert:

Until yesterday, I had never heard of Mark A. Goldman. I was looking for some follow-up information about Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich.
Not surprisingly, I found myself reading on The Network of Spiritual Progressives website. The following caught my attention: “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: a Spiritual Path” (Posted Tuesday, July 01 2008) - According to this writer, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is "the true word of God." Here is a link to the article written by Mark A. Goldman.


The writer of the article, Mark A. Goldman, is an author and activist from the State of Washington. On June 11, 2008 he officially introduced himself as a Candidate
for Congress. (7th District WA State). ( In March 2007 he had announced his candidacy for President of the United States, but no longer views this as a realistic goal) From the looks of things, he makes bids for public office a hobby of sorts. I’ve come across recent linkages of this man with “Constitutional” and “Patriotic” political sites. You can read his June 11, 2008 announcement here:


Photo of Goldman:

Goldman says his mother is Jewish, but much of what he writes sounds anti-Semitic.


additional commentary by Mark A. Goldman:

We’ve seen some of the hidden dangers of the “religious right” The “religious left” may be even more insidious. -Rudi

Anonymous said...

The only will, that I am aware of concerning angels, is the willing of God in them. If a scripture can be found other than the time of the fall of angels, when will was allowed them, I'd like to know.

Carrie said...

Anonymous, my concordance has 41 entries for Satan. Perhaps the most striking and most familiar is Matt. 16:23, also covered by Mark 8:33 and Luke 4:8--"Get thee behind me Satan."

Perverse spirit is mentioned in Isa 19:14.

Unclean spirit is mentioned in Zech 13:2, Mat. 12:43, Luke 11:24, Mark 1:23, 1:26, 3:30, 5:2, 7:25, Luke 8:29, and 9:42.

Evil spirit(s) are mentioned in Judg 9:23, 1 Sam. 16:14, 15, 23, 18:10 and 19:9, Luke 7:21, 8:2, Acts 19:12, 13, 15, 16.

Anonymous said...


Rabbi Lerner is leftist, and as a result of that is connected with the leftist branch of New Age. He does not address the things we write about here regarding New Age.

Mark Goldman is part of that community.

Because of their leftist connections, they are used as conduits to the leftist Jewish community by individuals in politics. Lerner was a regular at the Clinton White House.

There are many foolish people who think they can participate in one branch of the New Age movement while ignoring other branches as powerful. They may not even know what the New Age network is.

When someone comes to this blog they step outside of their own world of information where Christians only listen to other Christians in their neighborhood, liberal Jews only listen to other liberal Jews, Democrats only listen to other Democrats and Republicans listen to other Republicans. It's a rare thing in the world and we need to remember that when we look at those who have no clue about the larger New Age network and know nothing to contrast with their beliefs.

Anonymous said...

There is no argument that these things exist.

I prefer to document my accusations.

You can say there are parallels between the behavior of those who lead New Age groups and those who are seduced by evil. That would be fair. But you cannot say that the New Age leadership has been seduced by evil spirits without showing who, what, when, where, why and sometimes how.

At all times the commandment not to bear false witness needs to be kept in mind.


Anonymous said...

Paul 10:41 and JB 10:01


Carrie said...

Dorothy, I assume that people researching the New Age are already familiar with the channelers who are leading it. But if not, these seven are an example of what I mean:

New Age Leaders and the channelers and familiar spirit that motivate them--

Fr. Matthew Fox - channeler Barbara Hand Clow - entities: inhabitants of the Pleiades.

Helen Schucman (A Course in Miracles) - channeled an entity she claimed to be Jesus

Nancy Ann Tappe (Indigo Children) - channeler Lee Carroll - entity: Kryon

A.R.E. - channeler: Edgar Cayce - the sleeping prophet

Hwee-Yong Jang - channeler

Alice Bailey, channeler - Entity Djwhall Khul

H. P. Blavatsky - channeler - Entity The Tibetan

There are many more, but it's late and I have to be up early, so this will have to do for now.

Anonymous said...

I could also list channeled material. New Age bookstores are full of channeled material.

This does not show that all of those or even a minority in positions of New Age leadership are channeling anything or are engaged in ritual behavior. For instance Robert Muller with his Lucis Trust connection is paralleling Lucis Trust ideas, but there is nothing showing he is engaged in ritual behavior. The same for the hundreds of names found in links of major New Age organizations. We can show the organizations found on the lists of New Group of World Servers, but we cannot show even show that leaders of these organizations have read the Lucis Trust books.

A long time ago Constance wrote about memes.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme and said that New Age ideas are deliberately spread through the culture this way. In this way New Age beliefs would parallel those found in channeled works. This does not make them less dangerous than channeled material.

People who post here and you on your blog are generally very careful in keeping information accurate and factual. There are individuals who would want to skip the details and say New Age leadership is demon connected. This would make those of us who are careful look foolish in their company.


Anonymous said...

"Steinmeier and Obama: agreement on foreign policy issues- Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier met with the presumptive presidential candidate of the US Democratic Party, Barack Obama, today. On emerging from the talks, Steinmeier expressed his satisfaction with the meeting."

Birds of a feather build a global order together.

Anonymous said...


I looked briefly at the Mark Goldman material. SO... he would be running against Jim McDermott? the 7th district encompasses all of the Seattle area. I could not find if he was running as a democrat against McDermott or as a Republican in the main election since he filed his application WAY after the primary.

Seems like a longshot though, thanks for the heads up,


Anonymous said...

Paul, 7:43 a.m.

I must have been half asleep when I first read your comment.

But I agree even as I am roaring with laughter now that I "get it"....you are spot on in pointing out how arrogant these global elitists are in presuming to speak for everyone.....i.e. what's this OUR and WE business???

Anonymous said...

JB in CO

In response to your comment:

"Some woman saw a cheeto that shows Jesus on the cross!

It's time we all get ready for the rapture, because Jesus and Mary are showing up in food more and more.

Any guess as to what denomination she is from."

You are right to be sarcastic, JB.

Next thing you know, the "sacred Cheeto" will be for sale on e-Bay!

This person is probably one of those "apparition-chasers" who do what they do in the name of the Roman Catholic Church - implying, of course, that they speak for all Roman Catholics - looking to make a name for for themselves by claiming that Jesus and Mary are showing up under every rock.

Don't worry, they are already good to go with their "I-am-a-victim theology" when and if their Bishop drops the hammer on their claims as in the case of a couple of other recent bogus "seers."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Susanna,

I am not sure if, I am going to write the book, like I said there's a lot of good material already out there. I personally think Catholics should make an effort to become more incarnational in their life, work, art etc. It helps shatter the myth that matter is an illusion. This precept is closely linked to moral relativism. People have been conditioned to think a certain way, we need to undo the lies.


Anonymous said...


Even though there is a lot of information available for Catholics there is a lot that people still don't know. And even if they do, some things bear repeating. You might even be able to display a piece of information from a unique perspective that no one has ever considered.

If you need any help with lookups, I would be only to happy to help if you were willing to share your e-mail address.

As I have said before, one of my special areas of research has been the gnostic "tradition" with special focus on the occult revival in 19th-century France where "utopian socialism" had its modern origins.

Anonymous said...

Carrie wrote (way back near the beginning of this list of comments but I just saw it today):

There is another reality that can flow from this new mindset claiming materialism is evil--it makes government sponsored murder acceptable for a "greater good" as defined by those in control. Could it have made 911 a government plot? A lot of people seem to think so. The seed of this idea was planted long ago in the Star Trek TV series. Remember Spok's deference to the "good of the many" outweighing the "good of the one"?

I remember that- it was when Spock gave his life to save the crew of the Enterprise at the end of the second movie (but don't fret- he came back to life...)

But that always reminded me of Caiphas in John 12,starting at verse 49-

And one of them, Caiphas, being high priest that year, said to them, "You know nothing at all,

"nor do you consider that it is expedient for us that one man should die for the people, and not that the whole nation should perish."

Now he did not say this on his own [authority]; but being high priest that year he prophesied that Jesus would die for the nation,

and not for that nation only, but also that He would gather together in one the children of God who were scattered abroad.

Then, from that day on, they plotted to put Him to death.


(And so this pragmatic approach I think we see so much these days on the world scene. I believe it is prevelant in the NA, and slso I remember reading that JS is a pragmatist...)

Anonymous said...


The Gnostics are the most direct among the New Agers, because they see two creators. One created matter- the God of the Jews and the other Lucifer or the serpent trying to get people to transcend matter,to achieve enlightment, to kill the body-created by Yahweh and free the spirit.

The NA seeks a similar tactic to kill matter, esp.our bodies by changing our perception or manipulating our minds.

Scripture says "Their eyes were opened and they realized they were naked".They knew they were naked before, what changed was their perception about their bodies/matter.

Untwisting NA lies about our bodies is the way to win this battle that began in Eden.

Pope John Paul 2 was a genius!


Anonymous said...

If you need any help with lookups, I would be only to happy to help if you were willing to share your e-mail address.
My e-mail address is saviadcunha@yahoo.com

As I have said before, one of my special areas of research has been the gnostic "tradition" with special focus on the occult revival in 19th-century France where "utopian socialism" had its modern origins.
Catholcism is based on two principles the Divine Law and the Natural law.i.e. something is good or bad because of the nature of the act, itself. Protestant refomers struck out the Natural law in favour of the divine law. ie. something is good or bad, because God wills it. The Enlightment further struck at the divine law, by saying something is good or bad,because human reason deems so.

The Natural law is rooted in objective morality and objective truth, which you can't have without objective reality i.e.matter existing.


Anonymous said...


Got your e-mail. I will be in touch later today.

You are correct. In fact gnosticism has been the invariable element in EVERY major Christian and Jewish heresy.

You are also correct about the gnostics teaching that there are "two gods" and that "matter is evil."

To reject matter is to indirectly enter into the spirit of the antichrist, because the logical conclusion of rejecting matter is to reject the human nature of Jesus Christ.

Hinduism and Buddhism teach something similar....i.e.
the material world is an illusion. This is why the eastern religions are compatible with the gnosticism of the west.

Plato's "Idealism" is also similar, but those teachings of Aristotle incorporated into the SUMMA THEOLOGICA by St. Thomas Aquinas dropped the hammer on the philosophical errors of Plato. In fact, Aquinas claimed that all the errors of his time could be distilled into one error and could be traced all the way back to Plato. This error consisted (and still consists) in the failure to consider BEING from a truly unified point of view.....that is, from the point of view of BEING itself.

Unfortunately, the SUMMA THEOLOGICA was ditched by the neo-modernists after Vatican II. However, it has never been successfully overthrown. The only way neo-modernists can "deal with" the SUMMA THEOLOGICA is by way of omission and not by way of sound rational arguments.

St. Augustine once said that if a reasonable person truly understood what God meant when he revealed His name to Moses as "JAHVEH" atop Mount Horeb, he could never be a dualist!

Anonymous said...


In terms of the Natural Law, "all knowledge is rooted in sense experience." Grace builds upon nature.

Anonymous said...

Regarding "modern" music:
I think it's worth noting that harmony is the opposite of dissonance. Harmony is the result of two or more notes which sound pleasant, or blend together without a clash of vibrations. Mathematically, two harmonious notes are evenly divisible, like thirds, fourths and fifths,when their respective frequencies don't "argue" or "beat against" each other so to speak.
J.S. Bach would write an entire Concerto without any dissonance at all until perhaps the little trill at the very end of a section. That was the Baroque period.
Then came Classical with it's flowery chromaticism.
But Chopin and Beethoven weren't interested in throwing out the baby with the bathwater either.
In spite of the use of all the half-steps and the fleeting use of dissonance, the aim was still beauty
and the attainment of "perfection". Harmony still ruled. A piece of music still had a tonal center, or key. Nobody would have given a hoot about music which had two or more different keys at the same time because it sounds like Crap.
By the time we get to the Gershwins and the Bernsteins, dissonance was in use in every piece of music BUT the intent was still beauty. There was still melody and order. Jazz was the pinnacle of American music. It's been downhill ever since.
Now we have to listen to Post Modern trash.

My point is this: Any idiot can throw together random notes and rhythms. There are infinitely more dissonant combinations of notes than harmonious ones.
Just spread your fingers out and push down on a piano keyboard. Voila!, modern music. And there is no shortage of eggheads who will inform you that
this music requires multiple listenings in order to appreciate it. As if it's much "deeper" than the music of the past. It's deep alright...
I'm not throwing a blanket condemnation over all post modern music, just most of it. The Emperor is wearing a paisley dress shirt with lime green polyester slacks, a plastic bolo string tie, pink flip flops and an orange stove pipe top hat with smiley face buttons.

But that's just modern music.
What has happened to education, and medicine ?

Anonymous said...


I studied music. You are right. Music is "organized sound" while noise is "disorganized sound."

Applying these definitions to what you said showcases all the more how right you are.

Moreover, the way I learned it in general "valid art imitates nature."

Now THERE is something one might also want to consider thinking about.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss hearing about Javiar Solana's birthday present this year? (July 14th)

Had you heard anything?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the SUMMA THEOLOGICA was ditched by the neo-modernists after Vatican II. However, it has never been successfully overthrown. The only way neo-modernists can "deal with" the SUMMA THEOLOGICA is by way of omission and not by way of sound rational arguments.

I do not worship matter," Saint John Damascene explains. "I worship the Creator of matter who became matter for my sake, who willed to take His abode in matter; who worked out my salvation through matter. Never will I cease honoring the matter which wrought my salvation!"

Vatican II's directives on art in Sacrosanctum Concilium, share Saint John's view.

It's interesting to note that Islam forbids drawing human figures in art.



Anonymous said...

Our pastor went to a "pastors" convention (Calvary Chapel). When he got back, he sort of had this arrogant way about him. He made a rude comment about "guys with towels on their heads" and in the same breathe said we as christians have to show by example the love of Jesus.

He started talking about bringing in more people to convert to Christ. This was smack with emergent, and that was the reason why we left our last church and started going to a calvary.

Sorry to vent. Is there no church that isn't going this route?

JB in CO

Anonymous said...

JB in CO-
Few and far between are the faithful bodies of Christ who seek to rightly divide the Word of Truth. This is a time for somber prayer-for the church, for this country, and for our neighbors and families.

I come and read the postings here a few times a week. I enjoy the insight and knowledge of the people here. I must say, however, I hope we all remember that the time is short to share the Word of God/YHWH and my hope is that each of us are motivated to share the hope of the Messiah with everyone we can.

Not wanting to be ignorant here, but I want to understand the difference between those who are leaders -who became leaders in the bizarre movement known as NA specifically through the channeling of demonic spirits- and those who are followers, supporters, sympathizers, promoters,etc... but haven't specifically channeled the teachings of demons. The Scriptures teach that a little leaven leavens the whole lump (I Cor 5:6). How is it possible that the whole lump of all that is NA isn't demonic momentum towards the end goal- Satan believes that he is a god, he's arrogant enough to believe that he will win the battle, he's seeking the aid of humanity towards the designated goal; the NA movement is doing their part to help him because, simply stated, they believe that they've been given the knowledge to transform into gods themselves (or believe they are gods already) right along with him. It seems as though they are following, through various NA venues, the very same path toward the very same end. Since the lies the serpent spoke to Eve, he has perpetuated the very same lies throughout all of history toward the same end goal. Seems- to me- as though the movement is demonically motivated whether by direct or indirect "channeling".

Anonymous said...


It appears that Benjamin Netanyahu is ready to step into Olmert's place. Dorothy, Joyce, etc., what do you know about him that might not be common knowledge from our press?

Anonymous said...

JB in CO
Connecting someone with Satan, Lucifer and/or demons is a very serious accusation.

What if I came and told you that your family was demon inspired if one of your relatives got in trouble due to lack of judgment? What if you went to your boss and told him he was following demons if he didn't give you the raise you were entitled to?

Then what if I went and told your neighbors that your family is demon inspired and so is your boss. That whatever you say is demon inspired.

You'd get upset and your neighbors might turn around if they saw me coming.

Oh sure it's easy if you don't know the people you are talking about to make accusations about them, but it's just as wrong.

The people involved with the Alliance of Civilizations for instance are bringing forth New Age ideas. Condemning their ideas is one thing. Assuming each individual involved is aware of the historical occult ideas is something else. We can challenge their judgment. We can say someone is known by the company they keep. We can say that if they accept idea one they will probably accept idea two. We can say that if people belong to an organization it's because they like the organization's ideas. We cannot say each and every individual connected with an organization has freely chosen to promote occult and pagan ideas.

It's easy to say something is a pagan and occult idea so it's bad and goes against your beliefs. Throughout history people have been killed because of such simplistic thinking. Right now in the world people are being killed because one group of people assumes others are evil and must be eliminated so the world will be pure. Go after the ideas and let God worry about the people promoting them.


Anonymous said...

JB, so sorry for your (our) situation; good thing the body of Christ is an “organism” and not an organization. We are “fitted together” by the Holy Spirit and nothing “can separate us from the love of God. . .” I have found some of that church brother and sisterhood right here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, can you send me a picture of that guy?

JB, it can be difficult to find a church that has not at least "experimented" with some of the non sense that seems to pass for some form of Christianity that is the "flavor of the day" ....some have seen their errant way, turned and seek to teach what the Lord says as opposed to some sort of socially appealing gospel. Others, while seeming to hold fast to what is true, can be influenced by the individual who is speakings own persona, which once again, can steer away from straight and narrow.
One issue regarding that observation, we are all human and are subject to participating in this same action, sometimes whithout realizing the fact until later. So judgement in my eyes regarding this, begins with me searching me, while I listen closely to what is being spoken of through the only filter we have, the Word.


Dawn said...


USA Today ran an article on how Oprah is concerning some Christians.


Anonymous said...


Pass this message on to everyone you know

Rudi said...

Hi Carrie- My Concordance and scripture references line up with yours. You are right on the mark, clearly seeing the true nature of the battle. I've read your blog for a couple of years,and I appreciate your research and the effort you've made to sound the alarm. Thanks for listing seven of the hundreds/thousands who could be included on the list of those who historically and currently invoke non-human entities (demons) as their source for the "wisdom" they then impart to an unsuspecting world. -Rudi

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Ephesians 6:10-13

Rudi said...

Hi Leana- Goldman states No Party Preference. I agree, a total longshot...snowballs chance in ...
Here is a page showing 2008 Primary Candidates Who Have Filed U.S. Congressional District 7 (King*county)
Representative Partisan office
(2 Year Term)




Rudi said...

Hi oldmanoftheski- Good to see you writing again. I sent you an email a couple weeks ago with a question I had. Maybe it ended up in your junk mail. -Rudi

Anonymous said...

The Financial Times reports that Moscow is re-nationalizing all grain exports.


Constance Cumbey said...

DOROTHY MARGRAF will be my radio guest Friday afternoon at 5 p.m Eastern time, 2 p.m. Pacific Time. She will be discussing her research on New Age organizations who are supporting Barack Obama. IT IS HEAVY INFORMATION.

Tuesday will be equally heavy. CARYL MATRISCIANA observed a Todd Bentley rally and his later interaction with pastors which she said was an unbelievable exercise in mass possession.


Also, refresh your browser page from time to time as I sometimes update my articles.

Constance Cumbey said...

Carrie, Dorothy,

I am willing to bet my bottom dollar that Robert Muller is clearly engaged in New Age / Lucis Trust ritual behavior -- at least a recitation of the creepy [NOT SO] GREAT INVOCATION.


Constance Cumbey said...

Hi Dorothy, Carrie

One of the most impelling things I noticed about the New Age Movement right from the beginning was the rush to get people into consciousness altering "psychotechnologies" -- it was considered "vital" for meaningful participation. The company seminars many of which were mandatory in the 1980s: "Kroning" (Gurdjieff); EST (Werner Erhard); NEW AGE THINKING (Lou Tice/Pacific Institute) which recommended RAM DASS's GRIST FOR THE MILL and opened "Welcome to an evening under the breast of the Divine Mother . . ." etc., etc., ad nauseum were all "entrances" to 'THERE' the mysterious 'transformation.'

I do believe, Dorothy, although many later tried to cover their tracks, when they came out or when they were in if you asked the proper questions and they believed you, the asker, were a 'true believer,' it would come out in the wash.

I have to vote with Carrie on this one. i believe and always have that we are looking at a movement of mass possession. They call it "initiation" and they consider people at various levels.

I have also found out that many New Agers are charming, inveterate liars.

Catching them with the Lucifer and Nazi stuff before they are to the level of "initiation" is often a key to them recovering and leaving the Movement.


Constance Cumbey said...

They want you. IMHO, out of your mind (detached?) because nobody in their right mind would want to go "THERE."


Constance Cumbey said...

Re Solana's birthday party. The event where Walter Steinmeier was speaking was as I recall on July 14th. It probably was a giftwrapping of javier Solana's present of expedited global government, ooops, global governance.


Anonymous said...

The New Age Movement sure ain't ANGELIC. This leaves DEMONIC!

Constance Cumbey said...

Hi Susanna,

I would question the presumption that the angels lack physical bodies. God sternly warned the Israelites that they were to make no graven images. BUT, they were to make images of the cherubim and seraphim with designated number of wings for each. I believe that may be to defeat the argument I consider pure gnostic that angels had no physical body and hence could not suffer physical agonies of hellfire as Dave Hunt tried to advance in his book WHATEVER HAPPENED TO HEAVEN. My question to Dave Hunt was "whatever happened to Hell?"


Constance Cumbey said...

It wasn't only Christians warned against the occult. The Jewish people had the sternest of warnings contained in the Torah, Deuteronomy, chapter 18, THERE SHALL NOT BE FOUND AMONG YOU. It had a list of forbidden spiritual practices, all of which are in active play in the modern New Age Movement.

Why would a loving God give us those rules? Is He some type of a cosmic kill joy who didn't want us to have a good time at parties with tarot cards and "what's your sign" and/or channelings for the evening?

No, our creator knows our limits and put those boundaries in place to protect us from the demonic forces posing sometimes as 'angels' who would destroy us.

If one has not seen the sunlight, a flashlight could look most impressive. Not having seen God, New Agers dabbling in these techniques (Caryl Matrisciana will be sharing much of importance with us on the air next Tuesday) are convinced when they have an experience that is out of the realm of their normal ones that they have seen God They have no present basis for comparison.

Us dabbling in the occult is analogous to Eve taking the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. It puts all at eternal risk and jeopardy.

Now I'm leaving my office and going home to bed where I belong!


Constance Cumbey said...


with all that being said, I don't rush out and tell people they are demon possessed. Most New Agers are innocently involved for their better motives which is one powerful reason when confronted rationally with the truth, they jumped ship (unlike the Evangelical leaders consorting respectively with Rev. Moon and/or Paul Temple and his INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES and beyond . ." You are correct about that being a bad approach. My approach is to meet people where they are, given them the evidence most likely to get them thinking and they usually tell me what was wrong with it.

But, for those enamored with David Spangler, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Barbara Clowe, Matthew Fox, you shouldn't have to dig too deep to find convincing evidence that these are malign, not benign spirits.


Constance Cumbey said...

Please refresh your browser to get latest information and pictures on the story to which these comments are attached.



Anonymous said...

Leana, Washington, by voter approval, has a top two primary,so 2 dems could win,2 Reps or one of each, or even 3rd party candidates could get to the General election. Our ballots are going out now for the primary...

björn said...

New Age "Temple of Love" praising Obama and AoC and attacking Christians with
"You are gambling the fate of life on earth on a plagiarized fairy tale"


Anonymous said...

Well, I'll disagree with you. Saying the Great Invocation is not ritual behavior. If that was so, every one of us who research the NA and read silently the Great Invocation could be accused of participating in ritual behavior. Having heard Muller speak at the opening session of the Parliament of World Religions here in Chicago, it is obvious that he holds some very strange beliefs.

Do I think he is politically dangerous? Yes. Can I assume without proof that he has engaged in ritual behavior? No. Cult activity has been used as a cover for political activity for a very long time. Cult activity by nature is secret and only open to the initiated or acceptable. What better way to keep nosy people away than to set up barriers they cannot cross. In addition getting people involved in occult ritual activity puts them in a situation where they can be blackmailed. They participate to get in and then can be blackmailed if they refuse to cooperate. It's how the homosexual rings operated and how the sex rings were used to pull women into cooperation.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Srw3YSda1XY&feature=related or
This is a video on the KGB's interest in those fascinated by yoga. Now we know that yoga is based on pagan Hinduism. If someone is taken in by yoga practices which leads to political activity, do we say the political activity is demon inspired? Or do we say that the individual's weaknesses led him to be used by others with ulterior motives?

At this point I don't even know if someone writes a book saying the information is coming from ascended masters or space ships are they telling the truth or is it part of a cultural change agenda. Are they in it for commercial reasons, cashing in on a craze? Are they operating something behind the scenes? Have they blatantly written something to disparage monotheistic beliefs because they want to promote cultural New Age change?

What I do know is that what they are promoting has historically led to destruction in one form or another.

I am aware of the concept of total possession and believe it exists. I have seen people through pride buy into belief systems that are destructive. I know there is an organized New Age movement that has an enormous secretive network.

I draw the line at saying something is demon inspired before it can be explained as being a result of man's foolish pride. Evil only has the power we give it, and to attribute too much change to its nature is to give it too much power.


Anonymous said...

Constance Cumbey said...
Hi Dorothy, Carrie

One of the most impelling things I noticed about the New Age Movement right from the beginning was the rush to get people into consciousness altering "psychotechnologies" -- it was considered "vital" for meaningful participation.
This is another proof of what you have said:
Carlos Castaneda “creator” of Don Juan the shaman of Mexico and the Southwest, influenced hundreds of thousands; the fisrt thing these people learned to do is “STOP” the world by the use of DRUGS for the purpose of finding spirit alies.

Anonymous said...

Farmer, Karen Fish reminds me of the infamous women pictured arguing with Isaac Chang of the Minuteman Project, it looks as if he may be eaten by this women defending SAN FRANCISCO’s city's sanctuary policy.

But to get real, is this site for real?
After reading I wanted to vote for Obama today (NOT).
What I found interesting was that Christianity is a myth, and Islam is wonderfully leading the charge for peace and equality in the world. No mention of when Saudi Arabia would become a “sanctuary” country.
I also found it interesting that she quoted a myth when she said: “Jesus Christ said, “A prophet is not without honor, except in his own home.” Well, when one is referring to Obama, that’s okay!
Well, the Temple of love may still grow even with the insults thrown at Paris Hilton.

Anonymous said...

Hi Constance,

In his book, EVIDENCE OF SATAN IN THE MODERN WORLD, (Tan Books, c. 1974, p. 161) in a section entitled A MEDIUM OF SATAN, Msgr. Leon Cristiani quoted a work entitled SATAN written by Dom Alois Mager and published by the "Etudes carmelitaines" (Desclee, 1948): (Emphasis mine)

"The medium," he (Dom Mager) writes, "through whom Satan was beginning to overthrow all norms of law and morality, which had hitherto, in spite of a progressive dechristianization, been generally respected, this medium was Adolf Hitler. There is no shorter, apter, clearer definition of Hitler's character than the comprehensive epithet" "medium of Satan." If it is characteristic,without exception of all mediums that they are of low moral calibre, both in character and personality, this is "a fortiori" true for a medium of the Devil. No one who is not a prey to phantasmagoria can consider Hitler a great personality from the point of view of character and morality. At the Nuremburg trials General Jodl said of him: "He was a great men, but an infernal great man." '

LYING AND HOMICIDE; we find both these characteristics fully developed in the career of a man like Hitler. Could we not say the same, or even more, of his rival Stalin?

The presence of Satan in our age and time, and the COLLECTIVE POSSESSION of whole peoples, can hardly be doubted on the evidence of NAZISM, which was fortunately ephemeral in Germany, and more formidably because more lasting, menacing and arrogant, on the evidence of COMMUNISM in immense countries, such as Russia and the Peoples' Republic of China.

We may believe that Satan is engaged in preparing the most terrifying catastrophe that can be imagined. All the more so in that lies, nowadays, are backed by hitherto unknown instruments of mass homicide."

On page 165, Msgr Cristiani goes on to say:

"At the present time the country in which we perceive the presence of Satan to the highest degree, that is, to the extent of creating a "collective possession," is, we must state it frankly, the People's Republic of China. All that we learn of this country, and of what is taking place behind the "bamboo curtain" is literally diabolical; a vast country, containing within its borders one third of mankind; a vast coun try, subjected to a regime of incredible hardness and power and efficiency; a vast country where falsehood and the contempt for human life, the two indications of the presence of Satan, ravage and destroy with a generalized violence greater than anywhere else............"

It is to be noted that these were written long before China's draconian "one child per family" law was imposed upon the people.

One of the consequences of this law is that there is a serious gender imbalance on account of sex selection abortions. Soon, there will not be enough women for men to marry. But have no fear. China is encouraging homosexuality as a "solution."

Anonymous said...

I meant to sign the above quotes from Msgr Cristiani.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Psychotechnologies:


I grew up virtually on the "campus" of this stuff.
Scroll down to National Training Labs.
It's stiiiiil going on there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Constance for the name lead. At first I wished you would have provided a link to the event you mentioned re: solana’s birthday present, I realize it was late for you and you were answering a lot of people’s comments.

I wasn’t familiar with Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

When looking for the event you mentioned (I haven’t found it) but what I did find could just as well fall into the category of “giftwrap” in my understanding and it looks like they’re going for the juglar – Israel! (2009 is very time sensitive to the UN)

“The EarthTimes” news story below comes “one month” prior to Omert’s resignation.

Article titled: German foreign minister optimistic on Israeli-Palestinian deal
Tue, 17 Jun 2008

“Steinmeier expressed optimism that a peace deal could be struck between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, "The preconditions for a peaceful solution are today better than they have been in the past 10 years," Steinmeier said told participants in the ninth European-Israeli Dialogue in Berlin.
Since the conference called by US President George W Bush in Annapolis, Maryland, in November last year, the Israeli government and the government of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have been engaged in talks aimed at creating a “framework” [buz word] for the Palestinians to establish a state on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Steinmeier referred to remarks by Abbas that 80 per cent of the outstanding issues between the two sides had been cleared up. The Annapolis process aims for a solution by the end of the year.
[2009 sensitive]

Issues yet to be resolved include the status of East Jerusalem, which the Palestinians want as their capital, and the right of Arab refugees from successive conflicts to return to their previous homes within Israel. Israel opposes both.”
"There are no grounds for euphoria," Steinmeier said, pointing to a half-century of effort to resolve the Middle East conflict. "But equally, there are no grounds for “resignation” [hmmm]."

“Germany is hosting an international conference on boosting the Palestinian “police and security forces” [bzzz see Omert’s response below] next week, with representatives from more than 40 countries expected.”
(This could be considered “gift wrap” wouldn’t you say?)


[Omert’s response in the “Guardian.co.uk” article 7/31/08 reads:

“Israel's beleaguered prime minister, Ehud Olmert, threw his country and the Middle East into political turmoil last night when he announced he was “resigning” [better than assassinating him] after months of mounting pressure over corruption allegations.

Last night's announcement came as a surprise but hardly a shock, given the accumulating weight of comment that he could not go on in the face of a slew of “police and judicial inquiries” [bzzz].

"I will step aside properly in an honourable and responsible way, and afterwards I will prove my innocence," Olmert told reporters from a podium outside his Jerusalem office. "I want to make it clear - I am proud to be a citizen of a country where the prime minister can be investigated like a regular citizen. It is the duty of the police to investigate, and the duty of the prosecution to instruct the police. The prime minister is not above the law."]


I’m probably WAY off on this but when I heard about Omert’s resignation I thought… could this be considered one of the three horns spoken about in Daniel 7:20 “And of the ten horns that [were] in his head, and [of] the other which came up, and before whom three fell;” ??

Vs 24 reads “And the ten horns out of this kingdom [are] ten kings [that] shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and HE SHALL SUBDUE THREE KINGS.”

Are these 3 (that fall) apart of the 10 or are they three other ones outside the 10?

I welcome anyone’s comment on this.

I also read that Ireland and Abkhazia are putting up a good fight too!

[emphasis my own]

Shalom, Barb of Milwaukee

*drugs (street or pharmaceutical) can be used to open one up to demon (inspiration) possession.
The initiation of the 60's & 70's was used in this way, as well as now in which the medical assoc. is handing them out to the masses with ease.

IMO (strongholds of the ememy can lie dormant in one's soul undetected - let God do His refining work in you so that the enemy has nothing in you)

Eph.5:16 "Redeeming the time, because the days are evil."

Young Grasshopper said...


Just wondering if you are having trouble with your server? I cannot access the microeffect from either of the 2 links in your blog's sidebar, but wanted to listen to Dorothy today. Also, the blog link at the top of this post does not work either.

Anonymous said...

Before Nazism even existed, there was Adam and Eve being tempted by the serpent (Satan) in the Garden of Eden. Satan tempted Eve (who then tempted Adam) to disobey God and eat that forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. He succeeded by lying to them and convincing them: "Ye shall be as Gods" and "Ye shall not surely die."

Therefore, Satan is the true origin and beginning of the New Age Movement.

Young Grasshopper said...

Fascinating conversation on this thread, and thanks Farmer for the informative link , re: Karen Fish/BO article.

This is off topic but does anyone have any recommendations for a book that is bible -based that has to do with the paranormal?

I had one of the strangest experiences of my life 2 weeks ago when I went up North, and it was so strange I didn't even want to talk about it afterward, (and neither did my hubby who also experienced it and went into a state of cognitive dissonance immediately afterward.) Though I did mention it to Dorothy, who believes me. IMO, it was not really related to New Age, but more towards paranormal activity, although it was similar to some of the phenomena I experienced when I had my battle with a New Age witch back in the 90's. So maybe it is related to the occult and NA.

Anyhow, I don't like to read garbage that will confuse my mind, but i am still troubled by this event even though I've tried to forget about it, so I am just wondering if anyone here can recommend any legitimate bible-based books on paranormal activity? Since I trust the people who post here, I'd appreciate any literature you can point me towards to help me understand this event.


Anonymous said...

Anon 1:51

Thanks, I am aware of the top two primary, but I don't know much about how it applies, whether that is all the federal, state and county or just federal. I will have to look into it more. Does anyone know if we can still write in the other candidates? I wonder how they will handle the presidential election- usually we have like 20 running.


Thanks for the link. I guess I should have thought to look that up myself, I am pretty preoccupied, that I didn't even think to do that. Some researcher I am....

Hopefully see you guys today at the ME.


Anonymous said...


LYING AND HOMICIDE; we find both these characteristics fully developed in the career of a man like Hitler. Could we not say the same, or even more, of his rival Stalin?

Have you read "Marx and Satan" by Richard Wurmbrand (founder of Voice of the Martyrs)?

Anonymous said...

Meant to address my last comment to Constance
by way of Setterman

Anonymous said...

Constance and Annonymous,

Angels don't have human bodies. Human beings don't have wings. Angels are often feirce warriors not cuddly bears. They (fallen angels)were sent to hell, because unlike human beings they were aware of what they were doing and had full knowledge of the consequences of their actions. They are smarter than humans.

Graven images were forbidden, because nobody had seen God. Jesus became God in flesh, so matter became holy or incarnate. At the core of the NA rejecting matter is the main thing. A rejection of matter eventually leads to moral relevatism, because reality is no longer objective, but is based on perception. If people are convinced that right or wrong are only figments of our imagination, they can become indifferent to both good and evil and will fail to recognize both.

I am currently listening to audio lectures of Thomas Aquainas views on Angels. It's available here on Dr. Peter Kreeft's website. He's a philosophy Professor at Boston College and an excellent thinker.



Young Grasshopper said...

Thanks to Paul for this excellent link regarding Tavistock:


No wonder this country is in such a state!

The article mentions David Ickes in the second paragraph. How do people here feel about Ickes' works in view of his reptilian stuff?

Young Grasshopper said...

Hate to be annoying, but will someone else check and see if they can get into The Microeffect website? I cannot access the website at all, and wondered if it's my computer.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the new McCain ad? It mocks the Obama as Messiah idea. It ends with Charlton Heston as Moses parting the Red Sea and from the Sea rises the Obama "Presidential" seal.

Constance Cumbey said...


Don't have unlimited time to look in and compose today, but Robert Muller is an unabashed Lucis Trust / Arcane School and beyond activist. Secret about these things? Yes, for the most part, Lucis Trust advocates such as himself were PRE 1975 but after 1975 they were to take all public, no holds barred. The timelines are spelled out extremely clearly in THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY by Alice Ann Bailey. Marilyn Ferguson and Mark Satin both wrote of how much had transpired STARTING IN 1975.


Constance Cumbey said...

Maybe Dorothy and Carrie, we should spell out what is meant by RITUAL BEHAVIOR. Let's define our terms . . .


Constance Cumbey said...

Important links into Tavistock:

Sir Kenneth Grubb (brother of Norman Grubb).
Bruce Larson (was Doug Groothuis and Tom Sine's Seattle pastor), in later years went on to be an assistant pastor to Robert Schuller at the Crystal Cathedral.

Lots and lots of rot around that one!


Constance Cumbey said...

Important links into Tavistock:

Sir Kenneth Grubb (brother of Norman Grubb).
Bruce Larson (was Doug Groothuis and Tom Sine's Seattle pastor), in later years went on to be an assistant pastor to Robert Schuller at the Crystal Cathedral.

Lots and lots of rot around that one!


Anonymous said...

Anony 2:31pm
The link please.

Anonymous said...

Anony 2:31pm
The link please.

Young Grasshopper said...

Well, I tried the husband's computer but can't access the micro effect there either. Keep getting a message saying the blog you are trying to access can't be found.

Guess I'm the only one having a problem here since no one has responded. If I need to say abbracadabra can someone please let me know?

Anonymous said...


Link to new McCain video

Anonymous said...

Both links on front page of My Perspective are not working.

I tried google search and that is not working for me either.

Wish I could've been of more help.

Young Grasshopper said...

Thanks anonymous. Wanted to make sure it wasn't just me. Hope it gets fixed before 5PM.

The utube video gets stuck as soon as the oceans begin to rise. What a pity.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see oldmanoftheski back, I very much enjoy his insight.
Also, Happy Birthday to Leana!

Anonymous said...

To Dorothy (4:07):

An excellent response. Many NA'ers don't have a clue about the true origins/foundations of many of these practices. Some NA'ers are very, very good people. Some of them are not.

There are people who go around wreaking havoc and ruination in the lives of others through selfish, narcisstic, and immoral (read: SINFUL) behavior. Some of these people attend Christian churches (various demoninations) and who wouldn't touch NA practices with a 10-foot pole.

It doesn't break down that easily into "us" and "them."

One dangers of breaking things down by "us" and "them" is it builds a vehicle for focusing on the problems "out there." It can be a convenient way of avoiding examining our own hearts and consicences (something all of us should do on a regular basis). It can also lead to mass murder.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should read:

One danger of breaking things down by "us" and "them" is it builds a vehicle for focusing almost EXCLUSIVELY on the problems "out there."

Anonymous said...

Young Grasshopper,

I can not access the microeffect either, this is a new problem for me, as I usually can always get on. Have you tried to access through paltalk, and then search for the microeffect radio broadcast.

Thanks Bev/Mom... I appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

The Microeffect is down and I can't reach the website even though my internet is running...message is that there is no connection!!!

Anonymous said...

http://themicroeffect.com worked fine last week, but not today. I am unable to access it. This is very frustrating to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Great show Constance and Dorothy.

Anonymous said...


I respect your beliefs and I understand if you disagree, but I have been taught that while angels can assume bodies, they are, by definition "bodiless spirits made to love and adore God in heaven." (Baltimore Catechism).

I have also learned that it is a mistake to confuse abstract "masculine' and "feminine" with concrete "male" and "female."

From abstract "masculine" and "feminine" I have been taught to infer "masculine" = "higher" "feminine" = "lower"; "masculine" = "active"
"feminine" = "passive"; "masculine" = "giver"
"feminine" = "receiver."

Before God became man in history, God was always referred to in masculine terms....as "He." Also as "the Most High."

C.S. Lewis once wrote that God is so wholly masculine ( in abstract terms) that everything in relation to God is "feminine" by comparison.

In the Bible, angels are always referred to in abstract masculine terms because in the order of nature, the angelic nature is higher than the human nature. This is why they have usually appeared to human beings as men and are usually depicted as men .

This is what is meant when Christ is referred to as being made "a little lower than the angels Psalms 8:5 Hebrews 2:7. We are speaking here strictly in terms of Christ's human nature.

I have also been taught that the angelic suffering in hell is primarily in their pride and goes way beyond anything that we understand as physical suffering. That the horrendous fires of hell are simply God's own loving light as experienced by those who have rejected it.

The sin of the angels is believed to be one of envy and pride.......on account of God's decision to become a man instead of an angel. (Suarez)

"To which of the angels did God say thou art my son???.....

Again, I am simply sharing what I have been taught.

Anonymous said...


NYT article about internet environment. It's shocking to see this destructive, coarsening of society.

Anonymous said...

I really worked to make the presentation logical and easy to follow. I'm going to put all of the links into a comment so that those who didn't hear the show can take the information and work it on their own. If someone (I think it was Joyce) hadn't posted a certain link here, I wouldn't have picked up from that link. There is so much to try and follow that we need every set of hands who are willing to pitch hay into the pile of information.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:59 A.M.

I have never read MARX AND SATAN by Richard Wurmbrand.

However, having read most of the late Father Malachi Martin's books,
I think it was in Fr. Martin's book entitled THE FINAL CONCLAVE that he described Karl Marx as having been a satanist who belonged to the infamous "Doktorklub" in Germany. Fr. Martin said that Karl Marx's poems to "Oulanem" were the work of a dedicated Satanist.

Interestingly, I found corroborating evidence for what Fr. Martin said about Marx in one of the least likely places...namely in dissenting priest Father Hans Kung's book DOES GOD EXIST?

Kung also mentions Marx's involvement in the Doktorklub - although he makes light of it as a dissenting liberal priest who probably doesn't even believe in the devil might be expected to do.

I will have to put Wurmbrand's MARX AND SATAN on my list of books to read. Thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...

Wake up before it is too late!


Pass this on please

Anonymous said...

Young Grasshopper,

I wasn't able to access the Microeffect site either. Looks like you are not alone. :-(

Anonymous said...

Who says angels are smarter than humans ?

Anonymous said...

I too believe that angels are body-less spirits.

However, over the years, there have been unexplained testimonies of angels possibly being allowed to temporarily "inhabit" a human form in order to suddenly appear on the scene to save another human (such as a child) from danger (a tornado, a fire, an automobile accident, etc.)

These accounts have been too numerous to discount or dismiss. Yet, these "angels" (in human form) seem to disappear from the scene afterward and to be a complete mystery to other local witnesses.

Only God knows!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't access microeffect either - tried several ways.

Anonymous said...


I obviously didn't read the original post first, thanks for the link (hee hee).

Shalom, Barb of Milwaukee

Anonymous said...


Joe has had some problems. Here is a alternative site that he gave over at pal talk

I got to listen the first part of the show and it was really informative.


I wanted to let you know that as Dorothy always is encouraging us to get the information out, she did just that.

Around 5 days ago, both to the members of this blog and her email ring, she sent an article about kids becoming "Climate Nazis" that was posted at http://eureferendum.blogspot.com/

A few days later, I saw a similar article at WND

Later, I found out that Dorothy had e-mailed them about it and they ran the story!

What a simple thing to do and it got great results.

Thanks again Dorothy for getting the information out there. Don't give up! What you do matters!

Constance Cumbey said...

Hi Susanna,

As much as I respect the Baltimore Catechism and the motives of those who wrote it, I do believe the Old Testament descriptions must trump it -- clear physical descriptions were given and Moses was instructed by God how to fashion the images of angels for the temple to be transported in the wilderness. But for the present, neither of us knows for sure, but I suspect they have bodies, chemically composed of much better stuff than our present carbon units!

Time and events will tell -- however God has it set up, it's in His perfect will.


Young Grasshopper said...

To Dorothy:

Thank-you so much for your very thorough detective work today in bringing us truth about one of our presidential candidates! I for one took many notes! The show was excellent and I want to thank Dorothy's son Michael for helping me to listen to the show today, as I could not have accessed the show without him.

I think it interesting that there were broadcast problems on the Microeffect today, when in fact Constance advertised that Dorothy would be discussing Obama's ties to the New Age. I have had trouble since day one talking about Obama's connection to the occult on my blog and finally it's a little more obvious that there is a common denominator here between computer problems and Anti-Obama info!

I posted this a while back but it's worth mentioning once again that Obama has geeks at MIT and who knows where else who really know how to hack blogs and computers and insert malicious code into various windows processes. Be very careful if you use google desktop. They tell you that your info is private but don't believe it. I know for a fact that it is not. Also be aware that blogger and statcounter know all of our computer IP addresses whether we like it or not and I believe that they are tracking our browser histories.

Anyhow, I think the olympic opening ceremonies will be interesting to watch next week. Although, people don't feel that China is hanging on to JS's coattails, China holds the key to America's economic downfall and there is no way that the NWO can come to fruition without China on board. In recent years, I have hated watching the Olympic opening ceremonies because they have become so New Age. With a godless country like China hosting the olympics we can only hope and pray that America's athletes be protected. The olympics is just another extension of one-worldism. I think it will be interesting to watch the thing unfold and see what hidden truths might be revealed through one world sportsmanship.

Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Aono 8:13
I went to your link and advised them, if they will listen with this e-mail:

In The Hidden dangers of The Rainbow (1982) Constance Cumbey warned that Muslim would be pitted against Christian and Jew to discredit them. Who is behind this? All our politicians have tacitly or overtly supported the rise of Islam through petrodollars and a restrained response to afore mentioned assaults on American interests. Without exposing those in the New Age-political machinery, those who are willing to see the "OLD ORDER" pass in chaos, your efforts will only help THIER cause; expose them and some headway may WAKE UP AMERICANS. I pray for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Constance,

You wrote;

"Time and events will tell -- however God has it set up, it's in His perfect will."

Very true.

To be honest with you, I simply was not aware that Protestants believed angels had physical bodies or I would have avoided mentioning this beginning with a quote from St. Augustine's treatise ON THE TRINITY (xiii,17).

Apparently, I assumed wrongly, and for this, I beg your pardon.

This is a matter of differences in Biblical interpretation/Rule of Faith, and until God enables us to actually see what the real deal is, I think we are both justified in sincerely and respectfully agreeing to disagree. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...


An interesting item at Chris Perver's site today. The son of a top Hamas leader announces he became a Christian. Before he helped plot attacks on Israel, now he finds he has a love for the Jewish people.
Chris often has interesting articles.

Anonymous said...

Hal Lindsey has a good report for the week of July 25, all about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. (Company came and I didn't get to see it all yet.)

Anonymous said...

Young Grasshopper.
Personally I think David Ickes is a large baloney which has shape-shifted into the form of a man, in order to mislead people. People have itchy ears these days and Mr Ickes knows just how to scratch them. Besides, as I watched him speaking in one of his videos, I noticed his face sort of change color and I could have sworn I saw the corner of a rectangular piece of paper, like a label, on his right cheek on which I'm sure I saw the words "Oscar-Mayer"
But as far as your looking for a "book which is Bible based which has to do with the paranormal", I personally think that your question is questionable.
I mean to say that the Bible is the book that you're looking for. All four Gospels reveal Jesus as Lord of
all the laws of "nature": the wind, the rain, the sun, the fish in the sea, diseases, blindness, and yes demon possession. By the way I looked up the word "demon" in Strongs' Concordance and it isn't found in the O.T. The word is "devil(s). The word "devil"
(Hebrew#7700, pronounced "shade") comes from H#7736 which means "to swell up" as in "insolence" and "to devestate". The Greek word "daemon" (Greek 1140), is the one used in the New Testament.
But the first use of the term is in Leviticus 17:7 and
is the Hebrew word (#8163) pronounced saw-eer,
and refers to "shaggy" as a he-goat, a kid, a faun, and the word "satyr", which originally comes from the word (8175) pronounced saw-ar, which goes to
"to storm or to shiver, i.e. fear, be horribly afraid,
tempestuous, and "a whirlwind".
There's no mention of reptiles.
Perhaps the "goat' reference brings light to the prophesy in Daniel about the he-goat, though?

Just my two cents.

Shabbat Shalom all,

Anonymous said...


I recommend you do some research on the topic of "spiritual warfare," and be judicious and discerning when evaluating what you find. There is sound information out there.

I apologize that I cannot be more specific at the moment.

I will keep you in my prayers.

Young Grasshopper said...

Hi Paul,

Your description of Ickes cracked me up. I personally thought the guy was a nut case when I read an Online article about his reptilian theory, which is why I was confused by the fact that the Tavistock link that you gave us seemed to site Ickes in a credible way. Thanks for the laugh.

I know my question seems questionable which is why it has troubled me. Jesus repeatedly cast out demons from people, sent them into swine, etc., so I guess I can deduce from there that there can be demonic spirits in houses even today.

I actually told my son, who we had dinner with us right after our "incident" to search no further than the bible for the evidence of demons, so I suppose I'd already answered my own question. But in truth it was a comment that you left about music that left me thinking about the whole incident again.

Although I studied piano for many years you obviously are a world of information about music. Do you happen to know how sound is created? Can a house make a loud bellowing groan in the lowest bass levels imaginable that grew lower and louder over the 30 seconds that it lasted on a day when there was not a breath of wind anywhere, and the house was completely empty?

My husband and I looked at the house for rental purposes, but we were alone when we went there. The owner of the house left a key in an outbuilding and told us to let ourselves in. The house was built in 1750 on 36 acres and was very charming. I was not expecting anything out of the ordinary and was actually picturing my furniture in some of the rooms when we both heard the sound coming directly from the house. (We were both standing in the garden directly behind the house at the time)

Needless to say, we got out of there as quickly as possible and will not be renting that place! Afterwards , we looked at the pictures we had taken while we were in the house and discovered a lot of strange floating objects in the pictures that had not been visible with our eyes. (I did send some of the pictures to Dorothy, who can attest that I'm not making this up!)

So that was the experience. I obviously knew from the bible that people can become possessed by evil spirits, but a house? That is why I asked the question.

I am considering talking to the pastor of my church about it, because it has troubled both my husband and I since we have returned home, because neither one of us has ever believed or acknowledged the existance of "ghosts" or paranormal phenomena.

Thanks in advance for not judging me on this bizarre tale.

Carrie said...

Constance wrote: Maybe Dorothy and Carrie, we should spell out what is meant by RITUAL BEHAVIOR. Let's define our terms . . .

Yes, lets define them.

First of all, I don't believe engagement in ritual behavior is a standard of measurement for judging any but the leader who is being followed when I make the claim that channeling is at the heart of New Age.

Just as in Christianity, for anyone but the purist, one does not have to belong to the Roman Catholic Church and attend Catholic Mass in order to be a Christian, in occult philosophy (theology?) one does not have to engage in ritual to adopt the philosophy promulgated by spirit entities. One merely accepts and/or promotes the philosophy delivered by a channeler.

It might even be said that one does not have to believe it. One has merely to embrace it for some personal purpose.

Occult philosophy is the philosophy communicated by disembodied spirits. It is a belief system in opposition to Christianity. It is gnosticism, the synthesis of all heresies, brought into the 21st century. It has been conveyed through occult spirit contact which Scripture discusses and forbids. It was communicated to Blavatsky and Bailey and other channelers. Bailey founded a publishing house--Lucifer Publishing Company--as an outlet for her channeled books and ideas. Others took up the books and promoted the philosophy. Blavatsky was not the first channeler. The philosophy does not become less occult because the people promoting it do not necessarily engage in rituals. The source remains the same no matter the practice, or lack of it, of its current promoters.

When I claim that channeling is at the heart of New Age, the philosophy is what I'm referring to, not a ritualistic practice employed by every believer.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous 9:03,

The above link is for Walid Shoebat. He's also a former PLO terrorist who has become a Christian. He now speaks openly for Israel but also is in great danger. He has a friend named Zach Anani who is a former Lebanese terrorist, now also a Christian. You can read about him here:


They've both been interviewed on Fox often.

Young Grasshopper said...

Carrie said: "Occult philosophy is the philosophy communicated by disembodied spirits. "

I never really thought much about the existence of disembodied spirits, but Carrie actually unwittingly answered my own questions in my last comment, when she just replied to Constance. Certainly, if we are to believe in the existence of evil through the perpetration of occult theology or theosophy, then it stands to reason that there are disembodied spirits out there capable of attack.

I truly appreciate your prayers, Anonymous 10:41. I had not connected our recent experience with spiritual warfare, but after thinking about it- that makes sense.

Truth is, I no longer feel troubled about it either now that there is an explanation.

This is a wonderful group of warriors here on Constance's forum. We are blessed to have a little online place of refuge to go to in these troubled times!

Anonymous said...

Ritual behavior?
Has anyone ever read about what the Skull&Bones
members do at an initiation ritual of a new member ?

Never mind.
And they take pictures.

Anonymous said...


Yes I have read about the initiation of Skull & Bones members.

Moreover, if the lore is to be believed, Skull & Bones is said to be a branch of a German secret society.

Among the more interesting accounts of the Bonesmen is to be found in AMERICA'S SECRET ESTABLISHMENT by Anthony C. Sutton.

For what it's worth - while I don't necessarily buy everything at the Rense site, here is an interesting March 19, 2000 interview of Mr. Sutton by Jeff Rense - just a little more than two years before Mr. Sutton died.


Anonymous said...


Meant to say "posted by Jeff Rense."

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


Both of these men have made amazing claims on British TV to be 'messiah' and have pretty much become the brunt of many jokes.

From a public perspective both men seemed to 'change' dramatically OVERNIGHT! Both seem to be very good talkers and their talk seems somewhat similar ... and each appear to have attracted their own 'cult' followings!!!


Sky TVs David Shayler story;



BBC David Icke coverage on the respected Wogan Show;


Hope this helps in some small way.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Susanna for the interview with Antony Sutton. I thought this quote might interest some of the readers.

“AS - Depends what you want to find. You could explore the 10(?) volume works of Dewey... outrageous Hegelianism, the state is supreme, the individual merely a pawn to be trained. This is the basis of our 'educational system"...or you could go and explore the members of S&B who brought the system to the US. This trained "sausage mind" outlook has thoroughly permeated our universities--that's why we have the peer review system...we are all supposed to think alike and find the same answers. This political correctness garbage is another”

Anonymous said...

11:48, I looked at the two links about the former Moslem terrorists, and especially the second one- it might be a cliche by now, but it is very sad how crazy the world is getting. I noticed in Denmark that some emergency law was used to quiet the SIAD. Hmm, is that a preview of Recommendation 666's emergency clause being used? (Actually, I am half expecting that the Gog/Magog war will happen, after all the interfaith love and peace being promoted through the AoC. Then JS or someone else will realize this AoC isn't working, so plan B will begin, under the emergency powers, and that will be to make a common religion to unite the world and so solve the probem of religious wars. The head of the probably humanist religion will be worshipped and brand the people who have done their loyal deed of "burning incense to Ceasar" to show they are loyal citizens who don't want to cause trouble.)

Anonymous said...

Carrie, you wrote: "Occult philosophy is the philosophy communicated by disembodied spirits. It is a belief system in opposition to Christianity."

That's a pretty broad statement that I don't think can be supported by documentation. It's like saying everything found in the Christian theology section in every college and used bookstore is found in the Bible. I don't think you can even say that everything that isn't Christian is occult.

Voodun isn't Santaria. Rosacrucianism, Blavatsky, Giordano Bruno, Alliance of Civilizations, pro-abortion, animal rights, euthanasia, European Union, Secret Teachings of the Ages, Crowley, Golden Dawn, Radical Middle, David Icke, witchcraft, Psychometry, Psychic Naval Cord, etc...all different, all complex, all with different historical bases, yet in some way part of the occult, New Age stew. What they have in common is that if you concentrate on being a good Christian you stay away from them because you are too busy being a good Christian. It isn't because all of the information in these topics has been channeled. There may be some thing in each of these that opposes monotheistic beliefs. We need to trust those who have studied these practices, beliefs, ideas, philosophies and can show how they are opposed to and destructive of monotheism as a culture that is productive.

Simplistic ideas can be dangerous as followers of cult leaders have learned. Charismatic individuals who are power hungry are very willing to tell the gullible what is pure and what is impure, what is and isn't part of the occult.

A ritual is an organized activity with a historical basis meant to contact and/or control supernatural forces. Clothing, tools, incantations, patterned activity with purposeful intent are involved in ritual practices.

People who engage in ritual behavior are generally seeking power over the material world and are willing to engage in behaviors outside of the ordinary to achieve it.

While some in the New Age movement are open about their involvement in rituals and others probably are not, it is improper to assume that anyone promoting the New Age movement does so. Being labled as someone who engages in ritual behavior working to control the energies of the supernatural for one's own benefit is destructive to people who are not involved in that.

It may take a lot more work to show why a New Age idea and its promoter are destructive than just saying the idea is occult and opposed to Christianity. But if we are to be the moral people we see ourselves to be, that's what we must do.


Anonymous said...

Dorothy, you are so focused lately. I should copy and paste many insightful statements that you have made, but they are too many and complex; however I just wanted to thank you for the constructive, and brilliant reflections you have been sharing with all who would read and listen. You have a talent for cutting to the chase, and when I begin with “Dorothy” I know I may pay the price, but for holding “us” accountable we owe you.
Christians might meditate on what Jesus meant referring to the children of the world as wiser than the children of the light.
You said: “It's like saying everything found in the Christian theology section in every college and used bookstore is found in the Bible.” Well said. I’ll never forget, it was 1981, picking up a book by Agnes Sanford in a Bible bookstore; I was shocked at the “witchcraft” I found in that little book. Getting control of the material world is a major goal of circumventing God’s authority. Funny how “little” books sell so well! One of my favorite writers says that “Sermonettes begets christianettes.”

Carrie said...

Dorothy, to some extent you have already embraced an aspect of the New Age philosophy which claims that there are many religious ways up the mountain to God and all are equally good.

Cosmologies in gnostic theology are many and varied. Their common denominator is that they reject the Christian cosmology. Thus they propose a lightgiver frequently but not always called Lucifer. The lightgiver is frequently called an angel, sometimes referred to as a "guardian angel". They go by other names such as "The Tibetan" or "Ascended Masters" or "The Great White Brotherhood". I'm sure I could unearth other names by taking time to research it, but there is really no point in doing that. Bottom line, they are not Jesus Christ as a Christian knows Him.

Since I am a Christian, I embrace Christian cosmology. In Christian cosmology, there is God Who is superior to all created matter Who is Triune. There are angels who were created by God, some of whom chose to oppose Him. And there is man.

When a New Ager proposes a being that is superior to man, and when I look at what the being teaches, I can place the being and the teaching in one of only three categories because I accept the cosmology of Scripture. Those three categories are God, angels, and man.

From the perspective of the Christian cosmology, what could be the source of a cosmology that is opposed, or separate, or just different from the Christian cosmology? Could it be God?

If I believe it is God, enormous questions arise. Why did He say in the Old Testament that He is One if He is now saying that He is many? Why did Christ claim to be a part of the Jewish cosmology which claimed that God is one? Why did He lie to us when He claimed His was the path to eternal life in heaven. To believe that there are other paths to heaven is to reject the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Could the source be man? Yes, man is capable of deception. Man can take a strange cosmology, give it Christian names as Rudolf Steiner did. But can man create a cosmology out of wholecloth? I believe that to do so takes a superior intelligence to man.

That leaves angels as the only other source of a cosmology that is not Christian.

When I look at New Age, I find multiple references to channeling. My faith has always taught that channeling is wrong, and the reason it is wrong is that it makes contact with the spiritual world in ways that are forbidden. My listing of biblical references to entities who are evil is the source for my belief that the spiritual world contains them.

In Christian cosmology there are good angels and fallen angels. Good angels do the work of God and would send messages to mankind that are in unity with the work of God. Several are mentioned in Scripture.

Fallen angels would like man to embrace a cosmology that places them on the god-seat. They oppose God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit--the Trinity. They would like man to see them as a replacement. That is what it means when Lucifer said "I will not serve".

Of the three choices contained in Christian cosmology that can explain who the disembodied entity might be who is speaking through a channeler, I must choose between God, angels, and man. The choice that I have made--the choice that I believe Scripture defends--is fallen angels. It is for these reasons that I claim that channeling is at the heart of New Age and that the New Age leader is not human.

Anonymous said...

Young Grasshopper,
I believe that God has put into place universal laws which cannot be broken. The N.A. has stolen the term Cosmic Law, so I hesitate to use that, but as far as angelic beings, both good and bad , I believe that there are certain laws in place which they cannot break. I believe that one of those laws is that no angel may live on the surface of the earth, unless it has a host body to live in. I do not believe that a spirit can inhabit a building, for instance.
We see in the Gospels devils speaking, imploring Jesus not to kick them out of their host body, because they know that they would have to return immediately to hell, which is their true home.
Also, it's worth noting that in Biblical symbolism, the word "house" often refers to a persons fleshly body, and it can refer to a persons entire family, as in the "House of David".
Your description of the house that you went to look at sure has had me wondering. I occurs to me that
no one ever knows what is directly below a given building; at twenty feet depth, at one hundred feet
depth, and so on. Who's to say that there couldn't be a huge sinkhole, or cavity down there somewhere, and that natural earth vibrations couldn't be playing the earth above it and the wooden framed building like a big bass fiddle.
Everything has what's called a resonant frequency,
at which it begins to vibrate, like a bass string when the musician passes the rosin coated bow
over it.
I also thought of a relatively new type of audio speaker, which is called a subwoofer, which is plugged into an electrical outlet and unlike traditional speakers, this one drives the low bass frequencies into the floor, which in turn drives the
lemming- like dancers at the dance club into a almost involuntary frenzy. One would only need to leave the subwoofer plugged in and feed any source of low end frequencies into it. The whole house would indeed vibrate sympathetically.

But whatever the reason for the groaning house,
you are indeed fighting a spritual battle.

two more cents worth


Carrie said...

Paul, what do you believe is meant by the "Prince of this world"?

Anonymous said...

I guess I would normally consider that a title of Satan.
He's also referred to as the prince of the power of the air, Beelzabub, Lucifer, El Diablo, The enemy, Mephistopheles, The deceiver, the accuser of the brethren, and quite a few other names in different cultures.

Anonymous said...

You are so busy defending your thesis that you don't read what I've written. Being Jewish and not Christian, I believe tht Judaism is the basic religion inspired by God. If accepting that God has, for his own reasons, allowed Christianity, which is based on Judaism, to grow, develop and pass on the lessons of Judaism, makes me a New Ager in your eyes, then I can't change your perception. If you wish to reject the part of Christianity based on Judaism, saying that Judaism is not a valid religion, saying you can only believe Christianity is separate and apart from Judaism, then you really need to look at the company you are keeping.

It's not clear to me, but you might be saying all branches of the New Age movement are based on Theosophy or/or Theosophy is solely based on some occult belief in the past that was channeled, rather like a very large tree with a single root. It then becomes up to you to show how something like the Radical Middle has developed from that single source and how Radical Middle is therefore gnostic, pagan, occult or whatever.

We could go further and say this is the Tree of Knowledge of good and Evil and we are not to eat of its fruits, examples of which I gave in the previous comment. If so, God is the creator of this tree and not an angel or demon. The lesson is that we are not to delve deeply (or eat) of the knowledege of good and evil but follow the word of God.

Human beings, being the curious creatures they are, keep delving into the knowledge of good and evil and setting up their new systems of good and evil while ignoring the Word.

Carrie, you want to throw a blanket over a ton of material and demonize everything under it. End of discussion. You're happy. No need to look under the blanket.
Everything under the blanket has been channeled from demons.

For me your argument leads nowhere, is not informative, and is incapable of changing anything. I think it is dangerous in that it is emotionally based and ignores the use of the brain got has given us.

In case you didn't get the message earlier, I have been warning others about the New Age movement since 1982 as information about it was a continuation of things I started looking at in 1979.


Constance Cumbey said...

Before we get too deep into the "ritual behavior" and carrier, I respectfully remind all that I have always divided the New Agers into the "hypnotizers" and the hypnotized, with the vast majority being the latter. Also, we have the merchandisers, the carriers for profit, the carriers for cowardice, and those willing to say, "but he isn't wearing anything" are unfortunately few and far between."

Leaving for a picnic.


Anonymous said...

The pictures she shared have small translucent whiteish bubbles which look like snot bubbles. I can see why they would appear in photographs while not calling attention to themselves to a person in the room. It was a very clean, attractive looking house on the inside. Whoever was selling it made it very appealing with bright, clear colors. much space, etc.


Rudi said...

"Thus saith the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God." Isaiah 44:6

“We have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us. This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words.”
1 Corinthians 2:12-13

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”
Psalm 119:105

I know some of the readers have seen the following information but for those who have not, here are two charts, the first, compiled by Sarah Leslie, who was Constance’s July 22, 2008 guest on “My Perspective”. This chart is a glossary of New Age Terms in the Church and define the “Traditional, Misleading, and Real Meaning” of terms that are being “transformed” to give them new meaning and make them acceptable to all faiths.


The second chart is done by Berit Kjos. It is similar, but compares the beliefs of Biblical Christianity, and the transition of those beliefs into the “New Spirituality” -Rudi.


Also the page with Online Resources from “Discernment-Ministries” with other helpful articles.


Anonymous said...

I also believe that mankind is made in the image of God. Man is a trinity: body (flesh), mind (soul), and spirit (spirit).


Carrie said...

Carrie, you want to throw a blanket over a ton of material and demonize everything under it. End of discussion. You're happy. No need to look under the blanket.
Everything under the blanket has been channeled from demons.

On the contrary, Dorothy, it is because I have been looking under the blanket since the mid-seventies that I make the statement that what is lurking under the blanket is channeled and thus fits into Christian cosmology in only one place--the work of the fallen angels. What's more, you read my blog, so you know full well that I have been looking under the blanket in extensive detail.

There may be remnants of Christianity still lurking in places because Satan's trick is to come as close to the truth as possible while still perverting it, but it is in the process of transformation; and the transformation will take it further into the realm of Satan.

For me your argument leads nowhere, is not informative, and is incapable of changing anything. I think it is dangerous in that it is emotionally based and ignores the use of the brain got has given us.

Since you are not a Christian, that comes as no surprise to me.

My brain has been fully engaged for a long time. Again, I have read the material, have spent a great deal of time thinking about it over many years, and have finally come to the conclusion I've written here. I did not begin with that conclusion, but rather began at the place where you seem to be now--believing that truth is pluriform. We are essentially in disagreement, and it does look as though we are going to stay that way.

If accepting that God has, for his own reasons, allowed Christianity, which is based on Judaism, to grow, develop and pass on the lessons of Judaism, makes me a New Ager in your eyes, then I can't change your perception.

Since I accept the Old Testament as my heritage, this is a ridiculous statement on your part.

If you wish to reject the part of Christianity based on Judaism, saying that Judaism is not a valid religion, saying you can only believe Christianity is separate and apart from Judaism, then you really need to look at the company you are keeping.

I believe that Jesus Christ was Jewish, that He practiced the Jewish religion, that my Christian faith has a foundation in Jewish faith.

I also believe, as Gershom Scholem tells us, that Gnosticism invaded Judaism (MAJOR TRENDS IN JEWISH MYSTICISM, p. 41, 50, 55, 74 and 115) and is particularly lodged in the Kabbalah. (MAJOR TRENDS, pp. 175 and 177) It is the Kabbalah that fuels much of the New Age belief, and channeling is a part of it.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish community cannot be held responsible for what the Christian community did with the Kabbalah from the Italian Renaissance on down, just as the Jewish community cannot be held responsible for what the Christians and pagans did with it in the 19th century. There is no copyright on the material. The Jewish Kabbalah and the Christian one are two different worlds.

"Cabalists [followers of the Christian Cabala, largely a Renaissance phenomenon] and Qabbalists have largely ignored the traditions of the kabbalah. Much in the qabbalistic tradition gives the air of having been made up on the fly, primarily with the goal of mystification. This [willful] neglect of authentic kabbalistic sources and commentaries is indicative of a general anti-Judaism and, more specifically, antisemitism found in qabbalistic circles. Typical of this attitude is the totally indefensible remarks made by Aleister Crowley, and reprinted by both Israel Regardie and David Godwin, in the preface to the SEPHER SEPHIROT....

"For the Victorian and Edwardian imperialist esotericist, not only was God an Englishman, but any Englishman knew better than an Indian [I'm being polite] how to interpret the sacred texts of Hinduism and Buddhism, better than any Moslem how to interpret the sacred texts of Islam and better than an Jew how to interpret either the Hebrew Scriptures [pejoratively called the 'Old' Testament] or the entire corpus of Jewish religious writing, including in particular the kabbalah. Mme. Blavatsky and the Theosophists were not immune from this disease. It is appalling to see that it continues to flourish, particularly in groups having to do with channeled knowledge from the Descended Masters of the White Brotherhood....

"Oddly enough, perhaps the one outstanding exception to this, at least as far as Judaism is concerned, is the Catholic Church. In its "Guidelines on Religious Relations with the Jews" enacted by Vatican Council II on 1 December 1974, she states, in part:

"Christians must therefore strive to aquire a better knowledge of the basic components of the religious tradition of Judaism; they must strive to learn by what essential traits the Jews define themselves in light of their own religious experience." (Documents of Vatican II, Austin P. Flannery, Ed., page 744."

Carrie you ungraciously wrote:
"Dorothy, to some extent you have already embraced an aspect of the New Age philosophy which claims that there are many religious ways up the mountain to God and all are equally good."

Since the only two religions I have accepted as having validity are Judaism and by extension Christianity, I could only assume that you believed anyone taking that position would be a New Ager. Since you say you are opposed to New Age and are a Christian, I could only assume you gave credence only to Christianity as you must have defined it, that is without an element of Judaism. Thanks for the clarification.

It would be interesting to see how you show the Radical Middle or New Age Politics has developed through channeling demons. You do have an out if you want to say that you are only following the "spiritual" or occult side of the New Age movement and are not aware of the cultural change and political sides of the New Age movement.


Rudi said...

I picked up several “buzz words” from the Ervin Lazio video link Constance
Gave us in her Up-date.


“Macro-Shift” is a term used by Lazio in his writings and most recently documented in his 2001 book,“Macroshift: Navigating the Transformation to a Sustainable World” According to Lazio there are “Four Phases” of a Macroshift.

The "Four Phases" are as follows:
1.The Trigger Phase
2.The Transformation Phase
3.The Critical (or “Chaos”) Phase
4 (a).The Breakdown Phase
(b).The Breakthrough Phase

An apparently "hypnotized" blogger, who goes by the name "Igniter" gives his summary of the "Four Phases" at the website below:

http://igniter.tumblr.com/post/ 17689481/four-phases-of-a-macroshift

Another “buzz-phrase” is “a rising tide (of consciousness) lifts all boats”
This phrase can be found used by hundreds of individuals, but all uses seem to have their roots in some aspect of “sustainable development“ (economic, enviornmental,social etc.) One of several intriguing ways this interconnects with the “worldshift” spirit invoked and encouraged by Ervin Lazio & Co. is by way of
Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies(a leading center for research and teaching on international affairs), Thomas G.Weiss (8 yrs research professor at Brown U.
Watson Institute for International Studies, Co-director, UNIHP; Director, Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies and other high level UN projects), and Ralph Bunch ((b.1903 d.1971), 1950 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, chief troubleshooter for peace, called upon by Secretaries-General Trygve Lie, Dag Hammarskjöld, and U Thant). Ralph Bunche along with Eleanor Roosevelt were considered instrumental in the creation and adoption of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights. This is where (call it “guilty-by-association” if you wish) I see the clearest direct link to those following the Bailey writings/Lucis Trust/Aquarian Age Community and the UN.

Watson Institute for International Studies:


Thomas G.Weiss:


Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies:


***Ralph Bunche/Eleanor Roosevelt:


***Further details of the Aquarian Age Community /
FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt / UN:


***Additional “same Luciferic spirit” theme can be found in information documenting last summers Maitreya Sangha Conference sponsored by and through Grand Lodge Ancient Universal Mysteries:


Rudi said...

Note: The long links I gave above will work if you "copy and paste" them in two pieces. -Rudi

Young Grasshopper said...

Just found an article that states that Hitler created the ceremony for the lighting of the Olympic torch...
I wonder if it's true?

Also noticed that the theme for the summer 2008 Olympics is "One world, One Dream". 2012 Olympics slated to be held in London, theme will be "Zion". HMMMMMMMM....

Weird New Age blog talks about Olympics and phoenix and occult history of Olympics here:

Warning: seriously weird stuff.

I think I'll watch the opening ceremony this year, just to see the NWO symbolism.

To Paul,

Thank you for your hypothesis on sound from within the old house. I think the answer that the house could sit on a well of some sort could be a possibility. That area is well known to be associated with old houses having secret passages to the underground railroad. I did discuss the experience with the pastor of my church today, who has had some experience with exorcism. He felt that there could be a demon that was invited by a previous owner that is trapped in the house. The sound seemed to be saying "Goooooooooooo" so thankfully it didn't want me there!

I don't want to think about it anymore. Bad migraines all week.Though Dorothy you did make me smile. Snot is a good word to describe the orbs in the photos!

These links to the buzzwords are very helpful in staying on top of these people's activities. The fact that sustainable development reared its head again made me laugh. I can't seem to get away from it these days! On my art blog, which is linked to an online gallery that recently pushed to promote sustainable development as its August theme, I made a point today of giving our Creator the credit for the beautiful planet. More and more I am arguing with all my liberal friends about these things. SIGH...

Did anyone catch the Larry King show last night? Only caught the last few minutes but just in time to hear 2 New Agers telling the audience that they have the power to live forever through enlightenment. The fact that this stuff has become so main-stream is very disturbing.

Carrie said...

I have been attempting to seek out a better knowledge of Judaism. My sources have been Gershom Scholem, and Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. You want to claim that the present corruption that is the New Age which comes from the Kabbalah is the work of Catholic misinterpretation of the Kabbalah. The following indicates otherwise:

From ON THE KABBALAH AND ITS SYMBOLISM by Gershom Scholem, p. 91-92:

No less astonishing than this assertion that evil is a principle or quality within God himself is the following exegesis...:

Rabbi Amora sat and lectured: What is the meaning of the verse [Ps. 87:2]:"The Lord loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob'? The 'gates of Zion'--these are the 'gates of the the (sic) world'; for gate means an opening, as it is written [Ps. 118:19]: 'Open to me the gates of righteousness.' Thus God said: I love the gates of Zion when they are open. Why? Because they are on the side of evil; but if Israel does good in the sight of God and is worthy that [the gates] be opened, He loves it more than all the "dwellings of Jacob," where there is always peace.'

This much is certain: the last thing we should expect to find in a work of Jewish piety is the notion that the 'gates of Zion,' through which, to the Jewish mind, the creative energy of Israel is communicated and in which it is concentrated are 'on the side' of Evil. The fundamental views of Kabbalistic theosophy are set forth in a form that is often paradoxical, usually unintelligible to us, and always surprising.

The mythical nature of these conceptions is most clearly exemplified by the distinction between the masculine and feminine, begetting and receiving potencies in God. This mythical element recurs, with rising intensity, in several pairs of sefiroth, and is expressed most forcefully in the symbolism of the last two. The ninth sefirah, yesod, is the male potency, described with clearly phallic symbolism, the 'foundation' of all life, which guarantees and consummates the hieros gamos, the holy union of male and female powers. (ibid. p. 104)

In the Zohar these themes are already brought into relation with the exile of the Shekhinah. At midnight God remembers 'the hind that lies in the dust' and sheds two tears 'which burn more than all the fire in the world' and fall into the great sea. At this hour He breaks out in lamentations which shake all 390 worlds. That in (sic) why in the middle watch of the night the angels sing hymns of praise for only two hours and then fall silent. For these angels are named Avele Zion, those who lament for Zion--a highly remarkable transference of the name of a group of Jewish ascetics in the early Middle Ages to a class of angels. According to certain passages, all this seems to happen before the north wind rises in Paradise. At midnight the Shekhinah, who is in exile, sings songs and hymns to her spouse, and according to others a dialogue or even a hieros gamos is enacted between God and the Shekhinah. (ibid. p. 148)

There is no feminine conception of God in Catholicism.

Catholicism teaches that God loves all of His creation and seeks its goodness. While we believe that the Catholic religion is the one true religion, we also believe that Catholic men and women are sinners.

Here is what Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz has to say about the Jewish soul:

But even in the animal, biological sense, the Jewish soul is a species unto itself. Just as living things are a unique genre in creation, and the human being is a unique species of animal, so is the Jew a unique species of human (and so, as we shall see, is the tzaddik a unique species of Jew). Just as man is born human, the Jew is born Jewish. ...

This, in keeping with the Talmudic statement, "Three distinguishing features mark this people; they are compassionate, bashful, and charitable." So integral are these qualities to the Jewish character that it was said that whoever does not exhibit these traits is not of the seed of Israel.

Obviously, a non-Jew can also be charitable, compassionate, or bashful; in a non-Jew, however, these are not natural traits but traits that must be acquired and cultivated through education and training, just as the Jew must cultivate many positive traits (humility, joy in serving God, and so on) that are not natural to him, for they are not part of his biological self and must be acquired through education and hard work and often only by vanquishing his natural instincts....

In the Jew, this dynamic might be more sophisticated and possessive of a higher consciousness, but it is essentially similar to that of every other natural soul.
(ibid. pp 66-67)

The Godly soul of the Jew (as opposed to the animal soul) is not just a creation generated by the divine will but an integral part of the divine manifestation itself. This is the level of the soul that is called yechidah ("singularity"), the point at which all souls of Israel constitute a single unit. On this level of being, the soul has no individual identity: its essence as a "part of God above" is manifest, so all individual souls coalesce and self-abnegate in face of the revealed divine unity.

Hasidic teaching has a concept called d'veikut ("attachment"). D'veikut is the process by which a person retraces the phases of his own creation until he reaches the point at which he ceases to be a separate entity. This is the state that the Zohar refers to as "being drawn into the body of the King": to be "sucked in and nullified within the divine essence.
(ibid. p. 77)

The Godly soul of the Jew is "a part of God above," a spark of the divine essence. (ibid. p. 80)

The soul of David, which is the fourth leg of the "divine chariot," and the soul of the Messiah, which is "lofty, exalted, and exceedingly high," are the loftiest of souls but are imprisoned in the depths of kelipah and have to pass through the twilight zone between holiness and profanity to be extracted from captivity. (ibid. p. 94)

Sound like the belief that matter is evil and we must shed our materialistic forms in order to attain enlightenment?

In the chain of being, everything is magically contained in everything else. (Scholem, p. 122)

Many of the Kabbalistic rites, needless to say, were strictly esoteric in character and could only be performed by groups of initiates. Some of these were very old, going back to the mystics who were the precursors of the thirteenth-century Kabbalists. In the oldest literature we find descriptions of rites bearing the character of special initiations. (Scholem, p. 135)

In fact the entire chapter on "The Idea of the Golem" in the above cited book sounds much more like New Age than like Christianity.

I could go on quoting passages until the cows come home, but this is Constance's blog and my doing so would hardly be fair to her.

Carrie said...

Here is an article by Steve Rother titled "Teaching Channeling at the United Nations"

Anonymous said...

Rituals help human beings organize and make sense of the world. Indeed, all of human history is packed full of ritualized behavior. The Word of God does not expressly condemn rituals. The OT temple ordinances as well as the NT communion table are examples of rituals approved of by God.

An informal ritual can be merely a repetitive habit which may involve a variety of benign activities unrelated to the supernatural realm. One does not have to have a diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder to be guilty of engaging in ritualistic behaviors on a daily basis.

Formal rituals can be defined as a practice or discipline involving language, action, symbols, that are designed to teach, indoctrinate, ingrain, instill, introduce, strengthen, promulgate, evoke or promote specific patterns of thought and/or influence the behavior of those participating in, or witnessing an event.

All religions contain rituals designed to either interpret some aspect of, or interact directly with, the supernatural realm. A ritual, in and of itself, is neither good nor bad. Context and intent define whether something is good or evil. While a formalized ritual is often used as an “introduction” or “gateway” to the occult, rituals are not a necessary precedent for demonic activity, which by the way, is something that is occurring all around us all the time, whether we are cognizant of it or not.

“Channeling” on the other hand, is a specific activity whereby the “channeler” invites demonic entities to visit, communicate, indwell, participate, empower, or in some other way influence or have impact on either the participants or on some specific event. Playing with a quija board, attending a séance, or seeking guidance from some supernatural “helper” other than God are all forms of “channeling”. Some type of formal ritual is almost always congruent with the activities of channeling. As we all know, these activities are expressly forbidden by the Word of God.

Bottom line….although mankind had eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, knowledge of such things has proven insufficient.

There’s a tree of life out there, eat of that fruit.

Anonymous said...

Centering Prayer
Fire Walking

All and much more part of those forbidden spiritual practices of Deuteronomy 18 of which Constance spoke. All leading to the same infernal destination!

Anonymous said...

I agree that not all ritual is bad . . . depends on the motivation and the end destination. Catholic ritual of the Apostle's Creed/Nicene Creed is good, ditto Orthodox . . .

Now, Wiccan ritual Lucis trust . . . [NOT SO] 'GREAT INVOCATION' b a d ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Don't know about the rest of you, but I respect both Carrie and Dorothy, and am getting tired of having Carrie's motives impugned!

Anonymous said...

Young Grasshopper,

I don't know all the details about the paranormal phenomena you may have experienced, but I hope that the following is something you might find helpful.


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the idea that I tied Christian Kabbalah in with Catholicism?

There is Catholic mysticism which I know nothing about. I tried learning about Kabbalah, even getting one of Scholem's books, but never got very far as it was just too speculative for me. These things are way over the IQ I live with. I'm much more interested in the morality taught by monotheism.

Carrie, I respect the efforts you've put into your blog even though we have had our disagreements. The fact that you care so much about Catholicism says that you are focused on a very important part of monotheism. While I recognize that parts of the New Age movement are openly infused with pagan and occult ideas, it is important for me to be specific when it comes to speaking about a specific person or organization involved with New Age. You describe a broad picture. I am trying to be accurate and detailed so I do not bear false witness.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I read in the past where there is an ongoing occult group in operation at the UN. Lucis Trust had its NY headquarters in the UN Plaza in a building with embassies when Robert Muller was second in command. Barry Chamish was contacted by a woman who told him there was much occult activity taking place at the EU headquarters in Brussels.

I didn't follow up because I felt the information was more than I could handle both spiritually and intellectually at the time. I've learned my limits and don't go beyond them.


Carrie said...

Dorothy, you asked:

Where did you get the idea that I tied Christian Kabbalah in with Catholicism?

In a previous post you wrote:

"Cabalists [followers of the Christian Cabala, largely a Renaissance phenomenon] and Qabbalists have largely ignored the traditions of the kabbalah.

The Renaissance spanned the 14th through the 17th centuries.

The early Christian Hebrew Scholars writing on Kabbalah (or Cabala) were Reuchlin (1455 - 1522) and Mirandola (1463 - 1494).

Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the church door in 1517. Hence, these early Christian Cabalists had to be either Catholic or Orthodox, and in fact were Catholic.

It wasn't necessary for you to say it. The facts speak for themselves. The facts also indicate that the Catholic Church ultimately rejected the Cabala.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could understand why you asked me about "The prince of this world" .

my email: pfarrar@maine.rr.com

Carrie said...


I asked the question because you had written:

as far as angelic beings, both good and bad , I believe that there are certain laws in place which they cannot break. I believe that one of those laws is that no angel may live on the surface of the earth, unless it has a host body to live in. I do not believe that a spirit can inhabit a building, for instance.

Lucifer--Satan--is a fallen angelic being. In John 12 he is referred to as the Prince of this World. To be a prince is to rule. To rule requires some sort of presence permitting interaction with the subjects. I take the phrase to mean that Satan can live in this world in some fashion, and I wondered how you saw his presence to be accomplished. Is he always inhabiting a human body, for instance? Or is there some other way you believe that he can have dominion over the world?

Anonymous said...

I got my information from sources such as these and didn't look up the name.
"At the time of the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century, the Kabala found an audience among Protestant biblical scholars who turned to the Hebrew text for their biblical translations. From writers such as Johannes Reuchlin, Old Testament professor at Wittenburg, a Christian Kabala (usually spelled Cabala or Qabala) developed and was passed into non-Jewish occult circles."

"Occult Kabbalah
By the 19th century the occultists of the French magician revival, such as Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant; 1810-1875) and Papus (Gerard Encausse; 1868-1916) had lost all understanding of the original Jewish meaning of Kabbalah, and brought in various extraneous elements such as Tarot. Levi was an influential figure both on the Theosophy of Blavatsky and even more so the Golden Dawn Order of Mathers and Westcott, with it's unique Kabbalistic (or Qabalistic, to use the prefered spelling) formulation of Sefirot and paths, through which Kabbalah established itself in the contemporary Western Occult Tradition."

If you want to pronounce the beginnings of Christian Cabala as a Catholic thing, OK. Just know that by the time it reached the occult, it lost all connection with Judaism.


Rudi said...

young grasshopper-
Glad to hear you found the links helpful. You asked about Larry King last night. I tuned in 15 minutes into the start of the 9pm showing and when I saw the topic and who was on I set my DVR to record the program at 12AM. Just finished watching it. The program was titled, "Change Your Mind, Change Your Life" First up on the panel of "experts" was Ramtha channeler JZ Knight. Larry referred to her as one of his "frequent and favorite" guests.
The three other featured guest who joined JZ on the panel were Dr. Dean Radin, Sr. Research Fellow on The Institute of Noetic Sciences faculty; Dr.Candace B. Pert (best selling “mind/body author, conference speaker at IONS and Hay House events. Her most recent book is titled,
"To Feel Go(o)d,"… tap your own body’s unlimited natural capacity for living in joy and connecting to the divine.) and Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., known as “Dr. Quantum”. Separate short interview with IONS' founder Edgar Mitchell. All in all a VERY informative program. I’ll be putting it on a dvd for future reference.

There were numerous clips from “What The Bleep Do We Know” and every guest on the program was a participant in the film. Definitely a promotional program for the film, its message and the participating scientists. According to Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN Chief Medical Correspondent/Practicing Neurosurgeon)
“I think this idea of spirituality, this idea of religion meeting science, how we can hope for improvements, all that is fascinating to me.” Yeah…right. –Rudi


Thanks oldmanoftheski, for sharing your insightful,(as always) comments! You too Setterman and Paul (Loved the harmony/dissonance thingy Paul...I got it!). -Rudi

Carrie said...

Dorothy, you yourself have told me repeatedly that Judaism is not monolithic. I am not claiming that all of Judaism espouses gnosticism as its own, though Scholem does make the claim. According to Scholem, there is at least one school of gnostic beliefs that is firmly entrenched within Judaism--that of Rabbi Isaac Luria. Scholem writes:

...students of Gnosticism may have something to learn from the Lurianic system which, in my opinion is a perfect example of Gnostical thought, both in principle and in detail. (MAJOR TRENDS, p. 280)

The fulfilment of man's task in this world is connected by Luria, as well as by all the other Safed Kabbalists, with the doctrine of metempsychosis, or transmigration of the soul. In the later developments of the school of Safed, Hayim Vital's Sefer Ha-Gilgulim, or "Book of Transmigrations," in which he gave a systematic description of Luria's doctrine of metempsychosis, is the final product of a long and important development in Kabbalistic thought. (ibid. p. 280-81)

Pure retribution is indeed implied by the idea of transmigration into other spheres of nature, such as animals, plants and stones. This banishment into the prison of strange forms of existence, into wild beasts, into plants and stones, is regarded as a particularly dreadful form of exile. (ibid. p. 282)

Everybody carries the secret trace of the transmigrations of his soul in the lineaments of his forehead and his hands, and in the aura which radiates from his body. (ibid. p. 283)

The influence of the Lurianic Kabbalah, which from about 1630 onwards became something like the true theologia mystica of Judaism, can hardly be exaggerated....Luria himself believed the end to be near and that he "entertained the hope that the year 1575 was the year of Redemption." (ibid. p. 284)

The Lurianic Kabbalah was the last religious movement in Judaism the influence of which became preponderant among all sections of the Jewish people and in every country of the diaspora, without exception. It was the last movement in the history of rabbinic Judaism which gave expression to a world of religious reality common to the whole people. To the philosopher of Jewish history it may seem surprising that the doctrine which achieved this result was deeply related to Gnosticism, but such are the dialectics of history. (ibid. p. 286)

The Gnostic Society, Stephan Hoeller's organization, lists among its lectures:

April 11: Myths of Gnosis: The Kabbalah of the Soul. Zoharic and Lurianic Kabbalah as myths of Gnostic insight. The Tree of Life as a mythic structure and map of the soul.

The New World Encyclopedia tells us:

Luria's teachings have recently become popular among some Gentiles as well as Jews, as a result of interest arising from the culture of New Age mysticism.

Rudi said...

Breaking News (approx. 9:30 pm Pacific Time 8/3/08)

·Grenade attack kills 16 in China ahead of Games


I was just thinking tonight as I saw the pre-views advertising the opening ceremonies, and reflecting on what I had read earlier today about Olympics protesters having to apply for and obtain official permits 5 days’ in advance of intent to protest, and China's
broad ban against gatherings deemed “harmful” to national interests.
“Assembling to march and protest is a citizen’s right. But it must be stressed that when exercising this right, citizens must respect and not harm others’ freedoms and rights and must not harm national, social and collective interests,” It made me wonder why Beijing was chosen in the first place with all the known restrictions. Also, how similiar sounding the above quote is to what I read in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. -Rudi


Anonymous said...

Scholem is not a Jewish pope. He is only a scholar who took on the task of writing about Kabalah in English. As there were no major scholars in that field, he had little competition. Jewish literature has no imprimaturs.


"...The greatest scholar and historian of kabbalah in this century was the late Professor Gershom Scholem of Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Scholem, himself a nonobservant Jew, was fond of explaining how he became attracted to so esoteric a discipline: "My decision to study Jewish mysticism came the day I visited the home of a famous German rabbi, a person with a reputation for scholarship in the kabbalah.... Seeing on his shelf some mystical texts with intriguing titles, I had, with all the enthusiasm of youth, asked the rabbi about them. 'This junk,' the rabbi had laughed at me. 'I should waste time reading nonsense like this?' It was then . . . that I decided here was a field in which I could make an impression. If this man can become an authority without reading the text, then what might I become if I actually read the books?"

"As a rule, mekubbalim (people who actively study and practice kabbalah) are skeptical of men like Scholem, who studied kabbalah as a university discipline and not from a personal conviction of its truth. One mekubbal, Rabbi Abraham Chen, declared on one occasion before a seminar of Scholem's students: "A scholar of mysticism is like an accountant: He may know where all the treasure is, but he is not free to use it." A precisely opposite view on the value of kabbalah was taken by the late Professor Saul Lieberman, the great Talmud scholar of the Jewish Theological Seminary. In an introduction to a lecture Scholem delivered at the seminary, Lieberman said that several years earlier, some students asked to have a course here in which they could study kabbalistic texts. He had told them that it was not possible, but if they wished they could have a course on the history of kabbalah. For at a university, Lieberman said, "it is forbidden to have a course in nonsense. But the history of nonsense, that is scholarship."

In general Orthodox Jews who study Kabbalah write in Hebrew rather than in English. There is little respect for Scholem as I was told by one of my friends who is Orthodox.

There is no concensus in the Jewish community about Kabbalah.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gershom_Scholem In addition Scholem may be intelligent, but he's not a role model for the Orthodox Jews.

Having to look up all of this information to document it here is teaching me more about Scholem than I want to know. As it says at one of the links, the history of nonsense is scholarship.


Anonymous said...

Rudi, your report was the first I heard of the ostensibly Islamic terrorist attack in China; I wonder if the Chinese Supreme court will give the two attackers who were arrested lawyers and civil rights? Also, if the weapons used were from Iran, what new pressure might the Chinese require from the UN?
Thanks for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...

More on the merging of the occult, music, science:


Anonymous said...

Southern Baptist, Rep. Chet Edwards of Texas is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s dark horse in the Democratic veepstakes. A friend of mine once warned me that the Masons were almost untouchable in SBC, I don’t know if Rep. Edwards is, but the sad reality of “Christians” supporting Obama is troubling.

Anonymous said...

What does he need with a body if he commands a third of the angels that fell from grace? (Like lightning) . Who needs a body ? Who wants a body ?
I'll be glad to get out of this one myself.

Also, I meant to say that the old S&B bro's always remember to bring the camera whenever someone new, like a potential future potentate gets rushed.
What I meant to say was "They take pictures for framing"


Carrie said...

Jewish Virtual Library says of Scholem:

Originally a student of mathematics and philosophy, he transferred to oriental languages in the early 1920s. His doctoral thesis was a translation and commentary on an obscure kabbalistic text: this and other studies led to the Kabbalah becoming an established academic discipline....

He wrote a number of texts on Kabbalah and mysticism: his studies, essays and speeches, which have been collected On Kabbalah and Its Symbolism, 1965), have had a major impact on the knowledge of Jewish mysticism by non-Jews.

His scholarship is marked by painstaking analysis, deep philosophical insight and profound historical understanding. He was awarded the Israel Prize in 1958. In 1962 he was elected vice-President, and in 1968, President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Dorothy, you may be happy dismissing the Kabbalah as nonsence. Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz does not do so. Instead he has written a book on discovering the moral & mystical teachings of a classic work of Kabbalah.

Steinsaltz is taken seriously. He was elected President of the Sanhedrin in 2005. He has received the Israel Prize, Israel's highest honor. The STEINSALTZ TALMUD is part of his body of work.

In the introduction to his book THE THIRTEEN PETALLED ROSE Steinsaltz writes:

To my mind, kabbalah is the theology of the Jewish people. The Rose is not so much about what others have to say about kabbalah. The book describes what I think is the true picture of kabbalah, in most of its forms otherwise so hidden.

He opens chapter 1 with the following:

The physical world in which we live, the objectively observed universe around us, is only a part of an inconceivably vast system of worlds. Most of these worlds are spiritual in their essence; they are of a different order from our known world....What is more, the various worlds interpenetrate and interact in such a way that they can be considered counterparts of one another...

In speaking of higher or lower worlds, I do not mean to describe actual physical relation; for in the realm of the spiritual there is no such division, the words "high" and "low" refer only to the place of any particular world on the ladder of causality.

Sound like a New Age website?

On page 7 of the book he tells us:

More precisely, the person who performs a mitzvah, who prays or directs his mind toward the Divine, in so doing creates an angel, which is a sort of reaching out on the part of man to the higher worlds. Such an angel, however, connected in its essence to the man who created it, still lives, on the whole, in a different dimention of being, namely in the world of formation. And it is in this world of formation that the mitzvah acquires substance. This is the process by which the specific message or offering to God that is intrinsic in the mitzvah rises upward and introduces changes in the system of the higher worlds--foremost in the world of formation. From here, in turn, they influence the worlds above them. So we see that a supreme act is performed when what is done below becomes detached from particular physical place, time, and person becomes an angel. (p. 8)

...just as there are holy angels, built into and created by the sacred system, there are also destructive angels, called "devils" or "demons," who are the emanations of the connection of man with those aspects of reality which are the opposite of holiness. Here, too, the actions of man and his modes of existence, in all their forms, create angels, but angels of another sort, from another level and a different reality. There are hostile angels that may be part of a lower world or even of a higher, more spiritual world--this last because even though they do not belong to the realm of holiness, as in all worlds and systems of being, there is a mutual interpenetration and influence between the holy and the not-holy. (p. 12)

Only in the world of emanation is there no hiding of the revealed divinity by every fence or screen that sets things apart. This is why one may say that the world of emanation is no longer a world, but is itself the Godhead. (p. 16-17)

...although in itself the world of action is neutral, in terms of its Gnostic implication it belongs to the worlds of evil, to one of the levels of the outer shell called Kelipah Noga. (p. 19)

...every act of malice or evil creates an abstract Gnostic being, who is a bad angel, an angel belonging to the plane of evil corresponding to the state of mind that brought it into being....

Whatever man does in turn creates and gives forth an abundance of life; his whole spiritual being is involved in each act, and the angel formed thereby accompanies him as his handiwork, as a part of the existence encircling him. Like the angels of holiness, the angels of destruction are, to a degree channels to transfer the plenty that, as it is transmuted from our world, descends the stairs of corruption, level after level, to the lowest depths of the worlds of abomination.
(p. 20)

He explains reincarnation on page 47, when the soul inhabits another body in order to complete its purpose, and explains that "Almost every person bears the legacy of previous existences."

On p. 48 he tells us "the destiny of a person is connected not only with those things he himself creates and does, but also with what happens to the soul in its previous incarnations."

Tell me this doesn't sound like the New Age:

...this struggle of the souls is also the struggle and way of the world toward its redemption. As the souls return and strive to correct the world and vindicate themselves, at a certain level of this overall Tikkun or correction they reach their highest peak. Then the greatest obstacles are behind the human race, and it can go forward toward its perfection with sure steps and without the legacy of suffering inherited from previous existences and previous sins--this is the beginning of Salvation, which is the time of the Messiah. (p. 48)

Those are some of the high points of the first two chapters. There is much more in the book. It could almost be called a New Age bible. You ought to read it Dorothy.

Judaism.com is selling the book. Their review of it is interesting.

Carrie said...


Who needs a body ? Who wants a body ?
I'll be glad to get out of this one myself.

The Incarnation tells us that the body and the material world is good. Christ would not have inhabited something that is evil.

If we are supposed to be God's hands and feet how can we reject the body He gave us with which to do that work? Evangelization, one of the requirements of Christianity, requires a body.

Anonymous said...

So you found Jewish scholars who agree with you. That really doesn't impress me. It's not how the Jewish community works. There are no overall authorities as there are in the Catholic church.

Do you have any clue as to how this new Sanhedrin was set up? It's as if a group of politicians here in the US decided to set up a new House of Representatives. It is very controversial.

His work with the Talmud was that of translating it into other languages, and that's primarily what he is known for.

Yes, reincarnation is written about by some Jewish mystics. So? Should someone stop them from speculating and interpreting as they see fit? There is no body of "Wise Men" in the Jewish community who make the final decision as to what should be taught to all Jews. Don't confuse the Catholic set up with what happens in the Jewish community.

There are many Jewish communities, each with their own set of authorities who make decisions for their followers. The Lubavitchers don't make decisions for the Satmars. The Hasidic leaders don't determine what is going to be taught at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Bnei Brak does not determine how Jerusalem is to be governed. Even now the Orthodox hardly interact with Reform, much more rarely with Reconstructionists even on a leadership level. The average Orthodox individual has no clue what's happening in the Reconstructionist community. Their lives are very full with their own interests.

Has there been infiltration into the various Jewish communities by New Age promoters? Yes. Does that mean the whole of the Jewish community has accepted New Age ideas? Nonsense.

If you are going to talk about Jewish writers, I would suggest you take the time to learn about the Jewish community. It's obvious you know very little about that.


Carrie said...

One thing I have discovered from the comments you have made over the last year is that Judaism comes much closer to what is called "cafeteria Catholicism" than to anything like Catholics perceive as the religion of the Old Testament.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about that Carrie.
The Incarnation would seem to me to indicate that the physical aspect of mankind is hopelessly corrupt and that it took a Savior like Jesus to redeem it. Nor did Jesus leave us to the hollow sad hope that the flesh and blood world has something good to look forward to, but rather that He is the Firstfruits of a new creation which will not be at enmity with God because of sin. Jesus didn't show us a way of purification, at least not as an end in itself, like L.Ron Hubbard or someone, but rather a way to die to the flesh and live for a body like his resurrected one.
As far as what I said about the body, I was thinking of the Centurion (Matt. 8:5-13), and how it was only necessary for Jesus to speak the word, not be there in person, in order to heal a dying boy.
Carrie don't get me wrong, I'm ( I think ) on your side, or that is I'm on the side of believing in the Bible as God's Word, as you do. No ifs, ands or buts.


Anonymous said...

You are incorrigible, as in incapable of being corrected or amended. You made up your mind about the Jewish community and then looked for things that supported your position.

Have I written anything to lead you to believe that all positions are equally valid to all Jews and that Selection A is equal to Selection B, subject only to the whim of the chooser? At the very least I would suggest you go to classical Catholic sources on Judaism and learn what they have to say.

Since you are so concerned about New Age teachings, why don't you analyze the New Age teachings found here:
Your knowledge of Catholicism will help you.


Carrie said...

I delved into Traditionalism a few years ago. I've read Sedgwick, Guenon and Upton, and lots of websites. Didn't find anything there that looked good to me.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy and Carrie:
Whether you are a child of God by birthright as a Jew or by redemption by the blood of Jesus Christ, you both can agree on the first thirty-nine books of the Bible! Psalm 121:5-8- "The Lord shall preserve you from ALL evil; He shall preserve your soul. The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth and even forevermore."
Psalms 37:27,28-"Depart from evil and do good; and dwell forevermore. For the Lord loves justice, and does not forsake His saints; they are preserved forever. But the descendants of the wicked shall be cut off."
What good does all of the knowledge and mounting evidence of evil at work against the saints of the Lord (for it is a spiritual warfare- Ephesians 6:12),that you both so meticulously dig up and present here on this site, do for anyone if the understanding of hope and preservation from it all is MIA? I have personally presented much information to my friends and family regarding the evidence of the foul intent of NA movement but no ears will hear it at all if I don't share the whole gospel message along side with it. They need to hear a message of hope, or they are too overwhelmed and will not digest any of it.
I Peter 5:8-10 "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may DEVOUR. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world. But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you."
Give them hope as well or all of this disputing amounts to little or nothing.
I appreciate you both and I have come to respect your integrity and diligence, yet, I beg you, share the evidence of a Sovereign God alongside your research -for the wisdom of God is above our own wisdom. Proverbs 2:6 "For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding;" From His mouth-not ours.

Anonymous said...

SV - Anonymous 5:02 pm
I know you mean well, but please consider that there are thousands of churches and synagogues in the US. Every single person has access to one. There are religious magazines, television shows, websites, newspaper ads and stories. People who are ready to listen to a religious message will encounter one.

There are very few places where an individual, religious or not, can learn about the New Age movement. When the churches and synagogues starting warning the people in the pews about the New Age movement, then I'll take time off to preach religion. Until then, to each his own.


Anonymous said...


Check out SF's proposal to fine people who recycle incorrectly ($1,000). I thought of you after your post regarding the climate cops.



Anonymous said...

To all:

The following article from WORLD NET DAILY was posted today on the SPIRIT DAILY SITE:

Old Testament 'proof': Royal seal discovered

Archaeologists unearth ancient relic from prince mentioned in Jeremiah


Anonymous said...

Some interesting conversations which I won't join into since I've been out of the loop, so to speak, but wanted to post some links, one that is particularly troubling because it deals with young people. All of these links are connected either directly or indirectly to Laszlo, so this is relevant...



This organization is sponsoring the the manifest station, which is interesting because I posted it a couple of blogs ago along with its connections to the Malta Discovery, but people were busy with other "conversations" which can be a distraction when something significant is being posted, so I will repost it. Keep in mind, there are links that can be traced back to Shift in Action, Ervin Laszlo's site.



If anyone has time to do some more research on these sites, there's probably a lot more there.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

As I was looking up Draco, Draconian in Wikipedia I stumbled on to this Anime' Japanese cartoon for kids.
It is chock full of new age and psychic propaganda.


Rudi said...

Hi Joyce- This is a long one, get ready.
The links you just gave are extremely valuable and are providing very important information related to everything we've been discussing here over the years. The Junior Attractors site is promoting an event which took place last weekend at The Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. The event was called, “Manifesting Awesomeness At Agape” The Agape Spiritual center is headed by Dr. Michael Beckwith.

“Since its doors opened in 1986, Agape’s active teaching and practice of the New Thought-Ancient Wisdom tradition of spirituality has expanded into a trans-denominational movement and community of 9,000 local members and 1,000,000 friends worldwide.”


"Junior Attractors" is a "medium" (means of transmitting "channeled" information via the internet) to youth. The "attractors" are the young people who are just beginners at learning to harness the "laws of attraction". To put this into a context to clearly discern it's roots as being Lucifer, I acknowledge the reader must first believe such a being even exists. I have read many of the occult history books such as those by James Webb and choose not to complicate what I'm writing with detailed information that would only succeed in clouding an issue that I can present here in simplier terms. My reason is to bring understanding rather than cause confusion. Those reading and researching the New Age Movement from a Biblical last days perspective as I do, will understand the implications of what I am pointing out. Those researching from another perspective will not discern the significance. Moving backwards, from what is now being presented as a "science based" method of "transforming" one's life:

6.) Youth are participating and incorporating the Universal Wisdom Teachings in their lives by learning to...

5.)Manifesting Awesomeness (The Universal Laws of Spirituality) This was the "secret" of The Secret. The Secret was one "tool" whose purpose is to bring about "awakening"..."consciousness evolution"

4.)Laws of Attraction ("Energy follows Thought" "Mind controls Matter") (I wrote a more detailed/with links comment on The
Secret –March 15, 2007)

3.)Modern day "transmission" (channeling) of information came through Esther Hicks by
envoking a NONPHYSICAL “teacher” by the name "Abraham©. (demon)...

2.)...Ancient Wisdom Teachings/Luciferic Traditions...

1.)...Father of Lies i.e. Lucifer

All of the current "new thought" "emerging consciousness" "awesomeness manifesting"
"scientific breakthrough for humanities" are rooted in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings (historically hidden i.e. occultic teachings of the Masters of Wisdom i.e. Luciferic Traditions).

This is the same “stuff” Larry King was promoting on his program the other night. Same information as we noted from Oprah, Emerging “church” Teachers, and well know New Age Teachers and Organizations. These are only several recent examples of innumerable that could be given. The Plan is designed to be “unexplainable” and “indefinable”.

The The Junior Attractors site and it’s two leaders (Teachers), Brad Morris and Matthew Ashdown are directly connected to The Manifest Station which is another internet based “medium” for transmitting more channeled information through other Emerging Teachers (Messengers) such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neal Donald Walsch, Riane Eisler, Dr. Michael Becwith etc. At the top of the page listing 45 of the “Messengers Biographies” we read the familiar words,

“It has been said that when the student is ready the teacher will appear…these are your teachers. The mere fact that you are here at this moment shows that you are ready.”


I know Constance is very aware of the source of those words. She has written two books exposing the Plan and has spent close to 30 years of her life in an effort to sound the alarm for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.
Someone here gave us the links to one of following articles written by Sarah McKechnie,President of The Lucis Trust.She gives the perfect example of what is replacing the Truth with a demonically inspired lie. Calling evil - good...bitter- sweet... and darkness – light. -Rudi

"The Esoteric Meaning of Lucifer and Descent and Sacrifice"



Anyone who still doesn't "get" the Lucifer demonic inspiration behind
the "New Thought" "New Spirituality" "Energy Follows Thought" "Law of Attraction" read the following information.
"Energy Follows Thought"



"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" Isaiah 5:20

"But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased...Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand." Daniel 12:4&10

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 11:18.

I don't know who you are but thanks for that link. It is actually the most believable piece of info that I have read regarding the identity of the Antichrist, though I actually didn't read the entire thing. I have heard others claim that the Antichrist was Prince William but this was much more thorough in showing how the New Age, goddess/New feminine worship fits into it. Now all the Diana adoration makes perfect sense. I didn't read the whole thing but what I read seemed very well documented and sensible.

Also means we have a few good year left until the Once and future King turns 33! Yay!

By the way, it mentions Benjamin Creme announcing that the antichrist had been born right after the Princes's birth in 1982. That makes sense, that he would know about it!

What does everyone else think?

(Guess that could still make Solana the false prophet and Obama just another phony politician!)

Rudi said...


The Micro Effect is down but you can access by this link:


Rudi said...

Anonymous 4:03 PM Perhaps Constance will explain in depth, but I don't put one smidge of my time into delving into a website that uses "Holy Blood Holy Grail" "Priory of Sion" or anything related as a basis for "information". Many who accept these two sources are not aware that they've been throughly debunked as the great hoaxes of the 20th century. Those who try to offer them as credible are steeped in propogating anti-Semitism and mis-information. -Rudi

Carrie said...

Since the Law of Attraction has turned up in this thread, some of you might find this book of interest:

Empowering Thoughts
The Secret of Rhonda Byrne or The Law of Attraction in The Torah, Talmud & Zohar
, by Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz

Anonymous said...

I'm picking up the Micro Effect just fine.
I did have to go to my music player (ITunes)
to access it, though because once I had gone to the Micro Effect originally, ITunes became my default radio browser.


Anonymous said...

To Anon. 4:18
I stumbled onto that website as I was looking back at some of the archives of this year.
I have been doing some research in the field of Freemasonry and realizing how steeped many of the world leaders are involved. This holygrail website made a lot of sense and does add to the pieces of the puzzle concerning the Knights Templar, Davinci Code stuff, which is a lie from the pit of hell assuming that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene had offspring and formed a royal bloodline from whence the new "Messiah" will come.
I have read one time that King Juan Carlos of Spain has this claim in his biography.

Anonymous said...

A number of years ago my husband and I made a trip to Branson, Missouri. It was before the place was extremely popular in the Christian community. As we were on the outskirts I saw a big restaurant sign that said "Kosher and Other Exotic Wonder Food."
Kosher foods are those that conform to the Jewish dietary laws.

To many people Jews are some sort of exotic strange people who have secret knowledge or claim to have secret knowledge about the world. Reading a book by a rabbi is supposedly an entre into secret information.

First of all, rabbi means teacher. Using the title may or may not mean something depending on how the title was obtained. Even if it was obtained through an academic process, one needs to know who is bestowing the title.

Jews have a tendency to write and talk a lot. Jews organize on a large scale; five Jews and a letterhead can seem like an organization. Here in Chicago the book listing organizations in Chicago area goes over 100 pages because there are descriptions of the organizations.

Individual Jews may not sound speculative about the things they believe. It can be a major cause or a minor cause, but if their heart is in it, they act positive. It doesn't matter if they have five or five thousand people who think as they do, the presentations is the same.

If a Jew is tolerant of others, their whole heart goes into that tolerance.

If they are part of the academic community, they will fit in while gently making their points.

It's a cultural thing.

If someone reads something written by a "rabbi", just know that the person is an ordinary guy with insights into human nature based on his learning and experience.

Jewish learning is no more above the ordinary than kosher food is exotic wonder food.


Anonymous said...

The Obama seal on the most expensive campaign plane in US history; it has been reported that at least one of his recliners has written on it “President of The United States.”


Anonymous said...

You got it. If you look at the Malta discovery link carefully, you will find it's tied to Theosophy and a large network of New Agers who link back to Laszlo.

It's so disturbing to see these people talking about Aryans and the "lost civilization" of Atlantis. The fact that they are Germans is particularly interesting and that they have some credentials that give them an air of credibility.

Is there anything new under the sun? I was wondering if eventually I'd find ties to Heinrich Eliyahu Benedict? There are some other interesting ties as you search to some artists that Bjorn mentioned a couple of blogs ago who link to Alex Gray, who links to Damanhur, which Laszlo is also involved with. His connections are all over the place. For those who haven't been tracking with all of this, it won't make a lot of sense, but I know you have been.


Anonymous said...

Anon. 11:18

Yes what an interesting website.
I can't believe I read most of it.

My first thought is Matthew 24:48, and how a saint might say to himself, "My Lord delayeth his coming".
I mean, the assumption that the Antichrist has to be 33 years old to begin his reign is nowhere in the Bible, so don't go back to sleep. If it's Prince William, he's old enough right now.
There MAY be truth to this website, but I guarantee
that it's written by a man (or woman) so it almost certainly has flaws and likely it has actual lies.

Rudi, I agree that anything that uses the Dan Brown heresy can be skipped over, but they clearly spell out, after a while, that the idea of Jesus having had children is a lie. It's the lie that the whole elaborate "Grail" myth is built on, and everything follows from that lie.
Nevertheless, this website really seems plausable to me. And young Willie is totally marinated in the occult.
Of course as Dorothy once pointed out , I'm simple minded and gullable.


Anonymous said...

I want to mention one thing about Judaism and rabbis that sometimes gets overlooked in these discussions. When we go back to Torah, God gave the nation of Israel His teachings. At Mt.Sinai, Moses was dealing with a nation that included 12 identifiable tribes and a mixed multitude that left Egypt with them.

Fast -forwarding to King David, the nation was pretty much whole. From the time of the two exiles, Assyria and Babylon, the nation was split, and by the time we get into the Second Temple period, there is no king, no ark of the covenant, a corrupt priesthood and different beliefs among different sects. Most of the nations is in diaspora. The 10 tribes have either lost their identity and are scattered or some have possibility blended in with the House of Judah, where we get the word "Jews" from ultimately.

Judaism is something that has developed over centuries, and particularly after the destruction of the Temple where the instructions that God gave a Mt.Sinai became impossible to carry out because there was no Temple and no more priesthood.

The nation of Israel had periods of listening to God and other periods of "mixing with the nations" including the occult practices in the lands where they were exiled to. This is no difference today. That's why we see a lot of mysticism and superstition mixed with Torah in certain parts of Judaism. I'm thinking particularly of some Sephardic Jews, I know, but not exclusively.

There were always prophets that were calling Israel back to repentance for a very simple reason. Israel was sinning, and Jews sin today too, but there are those that are wanting to listen to God's voice.

God promises that one day, He will make Israel a nation again, including the scattered tribes and Judah, so if we miss this very major theme of Scripture, we will not understand the big picture of what God is doing. He will restore Israel ( not just the Jews/the house of Judah) under a Davidic king. When the Bible uses a different word like Jacob v.s. Israel or Judah v.s House of Israel or Ephraim etc. we need to pay careful attention. When God changed Abram's name to Abraham, He was doing something very specific and if we don't pay attention to these details we won't see what God's redemption plan for the nations is.

People like to say that Abraham was a Jew, to which I say nonsense. I am a Jew and it has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. It has all to do with accuracy. Abraham was a Hebrew. The origins of the word Jew comes from Yehudi, which is only one tribe, that became a house ( Benjamin, Judah, Levi...Southern Kingdom).

Israel is a whole nation, from that nation we only recognize Jews now, but that doesn't mean that God doesn't know where the rest of His lost sheep are. We need to be careful to not say that the system of rabbinical Judaism in place today, which is very fragmented represents the same covenant that God gave a Mt. Sinai. I personally believe God has something much more complete in mind.

The word shalom means wholeness, and Israel has not yet realized it's covenant of shalom....

Make no mistake, that God is not done with Israel and when He puts Torah on their heart, which He is doing today, it will be a one time for all thing, and will not happen by human effort. When He gave Moses the 10 words at Sinai, He did it by His finger. Do you think He is capable of restoring the nation of Israel and putting Torah on their hearts? That's exactly what Scripture says He's going to do...but do we believe Scripture?

Many Orthodox Jews know that they don't represent the whole nation, but there is a certain fear of admitting that some group that now practices Islam or Christianity, might actually be scattered Israelites( Maranos, the Pashtuns, Ethiopians, Indians who say they are Manasseh and many more) who assimilated and converted over the centuries, either by force or by choice.

The nation of Israel will be as big as the sands of the see, when God is done with His perfect restoration plan.

The rabbis have to have a lot of opinions ( 2 rabbis, 5 opinions) because they do not have a human explanation of how God is going to accomplish what He said He will, so they try to figure it out. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong. I don't see too many Isaiahs nowadays.

Yehoshua/ Joshua brought Israel into the Promised Land and Yeshua ( same name which means God is salvation ) will bring all Israel together under Himself. This is not accomplished by politicians or peace plans, but when the Ruach HaKodesh ( Spirit of God) will reveal this and bring all to teshuvah (repentance).


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