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Tomorrow, July 13th, 2008, on the very eve of Javier Solana's 66th birthday, his Barcelona Process sees great enhancement and enlargement. According to the EUBusiness, "[H]eads of state and government from the 27 EU nations and an arc of countries running from Morocco to the Balkans-- representing some 756 million people -- will endorse the new forum at the Grand Palais on Paris's Champs Elysee."

The conference will feature Syria's president Bashir Al-Assad and Israel's Ehud Olmert sitting at the same table. Just like November 27-28, 1995 when Javier Solana launched the process, Libya's president will not be there.

The updated Mediterranean initiative is said to be concentrating on what Javier Solana usually calls "confidence building measures -- "modest regional projects."

"The new forum will concentrate on a series of modest regional projects.They
will focus on cleaning up pollution in the Mediterranean, building highways and
sea lanes, disaster response, developing solar energy, boosting education and
research, and helping to foster business. 'It is by working together around
concrete projects that the Mediterraneans will get to know each other, to
understand each other, respect each other and perhaps like each other,' Henri
Guaino, one of the architects of the union, told Saturday's Le Monde newspaper . . ."

This new phase of the Barcelona Process, which Sarkozy calls the "Mediterranean Union" is building on Barcelona. It is according to its planners, "putting the participants on a more equal footing. Evidently Libya's Muammar Khaddafy does not see it that way. In 1995, he boycotted the original Barcelona Conference. The weekend before he prophetically told Arab League participants, "Can't you see this is a blatant European attempt to gain hegemony over our region." However, in 2000, he was reportedly panicked at being left out of the 'European Club' and signed on with reportedly humiliating conditions given him for his earlier attempted obstruction. For whatever reason, which remains to be publicly reported, he has evidently decided that perhaps the threat of European hegemony is a real and present danger and he is having none of it.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is given much credit for putting this together. My present opinion is that it is still Javier Solana working behind, as he has in the past, the present holder of the six month rotating presidency of the European Union, which for now is France, who has been the real mover and shaker.

Speaking of Javier Solana, I found this startling statement he gave as part of a London Financial Times interview:

As time goes by I do whatever I want. I know what people think. I pursue my own agenda. I don’t have to check everything with everyone. I would rather have forgiveness than permission. If you ask permission, you never do anything’.<1>

A secretariat will be appointed to supervise these projects. My educated guess is that Javier Solana's word processor complete with "chain of command" will once again be used and that this will come under Javier Solana's remit.

A nice present for Javier Solana's 66th birthday? Time will tell. Stay tuned!

<1>The quote is contained on pages 14-15 of that pdf report "The Foreign Minister of Europe."


Constance Cumbey said...

I did an important update on my last article on the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Please read this and many thanks to Bjorn (Farmer) and Joyce for the heads up on this one! Thanks to Dorothy, too, for helping me review it and acting as a sounding board while I was analyzing it!


Anonymous said...

On a more mundane level, it appears that the Catholic Church is on a collision course with Zapatero.
Church, Zapatero on collision course
Web posted at: 7/13/2008 1:44:41
Source ::: The Times
Madrid •
"Plans to relax strict abortion and euthanasia laws and a proposed ban on Catholic symbols at state events have put Spain's Socialist Government on course for a showdown with the Roman Catholic Church.

"Against expectations the country's ruling party has adopted a slate of proposals from rank-and-file members at its annual conference that are likely to enrage the Vatican.

"We are going to do these things, and we'll start soon," the Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, said. "We won't take a step backwards."

"The country's Left-leaning Prime Minister, a self-declared agnostic, became a bête noire of the Catholic Church during his first term in office by legalising same-sex marriage, introducing fast-track divorce and allowing embryonic stem-cell research.
(more at link)

Doesn't this opposition parallel what happened in Nazi Germany? New Age...resurgence of Nazism.


Anonymous said...

Like it or not, religious organizations are businesses. Preachers in sandals are not the main carriers of the message these days. If you want your religious organization to support the message you believe in, you had better make sure that it financially can.

This is a rather interesting analysis of the Church of England's financial situation with a satire from the Financial Times reporting on the CE as if it were a business.

When we ask why a church or a synagogue doesn't do this or that, many things must be taken into account. Talk to your local priest, minister or rabbi to see what is going on. It's one way to fight the New Age movement.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Anonymous at 6:14 in the previous thread got us to the Global Consciousnes Project at Princeton.

"Hi Constance,

"The Advisory Board of IONS includes Maurice Strong, Desmond Tutu, Peter Russell, Deepak Chopra and Satish Kumar. They are closely linked to the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality, and also fund Princeton University's Global Consciousness Project...."

Thanks for the research.

What is going on is huge, and it is impossible for any one individual to keep everything in mind at all times. Every contributor is so very valuable.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article in today's JP with a picture of Sarko:

They pull articles pretty quickly so...


Anonymous said...

You'll be glad to note that even I don't want to bother with silly accusations by anonymous people on this very worthwhile blog anymore.
But I have to say this one more time: It's the leadership of the Catholic Church that I question, not the people in the pews. For that matter I have strong reservations about the leadership of my own denomination and the leadership of my own country as well.

Anonymous said...

For a little comic relief, Sarko's new wife who has dated everyone from Mick Jagger to Eric Clapton has some talent. See far right hand side for video of Carla Bruni singing "steamy songs" Only a French President could get away with having a wife whose nude photo was auctioned off for a cool 90 million at Soetheby's on the same day she was visiting the Queen of England:

Can a man like this unite the Mediterranean and solve the Mideast crisis?

The main article on the page is about the Dead Sea water which is receding. When Yeshua comes, He'll take care of that:

Zech. 14:8 ¶ And in that day living waters will flow out of Jerusalem, half of them toward the eastern sea and the other half toward the western sea; it will be in summer as well as in winter.

He is the only one who can truly fix the Mideast problems once and for all..but the world leaders cannot see this....

Carla reminds me of the woman at the well in Samaria, who Yeshua understood very well. She had 5 husbands, as Yeshua pointed out...but she didn't know the gift of God.....I love what He says to her:

Jesus answered and said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.”
John 4:13-14

Apart from Yeshua, there is no peace in the Middle East, but when He comes:

In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrians will come into Egypt and the Egyptians into Assyria, and the Egyptians will worship with the Assyrians. In that day Israel will be the third party with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth, whom the LORD of hosts has blessed, saying, “Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.” Is 19:23-25



Anonymous said...

The Barcelona Process will launch Med Union July 13, JS's birthday....what a gift :

See Holly Pivic's site:


Anonymous said...

.....which happens to be Bastille Day...

Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce, Got a problem with "Bastille Day"?


Anonymous said... Sarko is going to have a big military parade for Solana's birthday...

with the masonic symbols and slogans of the French Republic.....

Constance Cumbey said...

Good morning Dorothy,

Excellent information on the Zapatero - Spain - Catholic Church collision. From the sounds of that, it doesn't sound as if the Vatican is exactly taking over Europe. It sounds far more like the Alice Bailey projections of the New Age putting the "Roman Church" down!


Constance Cumbey said...

This is shades of what happened in Mexico 1926-1938 and Spain 1936-1939.


Constance Cumbey said...

Javier Solana was born on July 14, 1942.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Solana is a powerful supernatural being. He got himself born on Bastille Day.

"Bastille Day is the most important French national holiday. It commemorates the storming of the Bastille, which took place on 14 Jul 1789 and marked the beginning of the French Revolution."


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to us Savvy...our thread over at or

A Report on Nazism in the New Age movement has had over 15,467 views since it was started in April of 2007. Not bad considering the two of us were the main contributors to it. When I started contributing to the thread you started, I never thought it would get the attention it has gotten. I just wanted to get in touch with you through the website as I thought you were Jewish and knew about the New Age movement.



Anonymous said...

To Paul (8:23 AM):

OK, Paul going on the assumption that your statement is true that "it's the leadership of the Catholic Church that I question, not the people in the pews" . . . why is it that, in several of your previous posts over these many months, you have complained about people who post as "Anonymous?"

Because it seems to me (as well as to a few others) that you want those "Anonymous" posters to give themselves a name for one reason only. You want to be able to put a "label" (Catholic, Protestant, Jew) on each one of us and put us in a "box." Perhaps you're getting a little paranoid(?)-- as in "I wonder how many of 'them' are out there waiting to jump in and defend their precious Catholic faith?"

It really shouldn't matter whether we call ourselves "Anonymous" or "Tweedle-dee" or "Tweedle-dum." And, for that matter, how do any of us really know whether "Paul" and "Joyce" are really who they say they are? They could be "Fred" and "Ethel" for all we know (or care). It doesn't matter. What should matter is the "text" (or message) of the comments -- whether it be from "Anonymous" or "John" or "Mary."

Also, a big "red flag" is that you clearly do not show much RESPECT for "the people in the pews." Actions speak louder than words, Paul. So, in the future, please kindly put your actions where your mouth is. Thank you, and may God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Some more info about Sarko and the Masons:

For more about the connection to French Freemasonry and America's beginnings, I'll post the film that I posted on a previous blog:

EU tower of Babel:


Anonymous said...


The Catholic Church teaches us that we MUST vote for a Pro-Life Presidential candidate over a Pro-Choice candidate -- even if we believe that a particular Pro-Choice candidate may have many OTHER desirable qualities over that Pro-Life candidate.

Since Catholics make up 1/6 of the world's population, I have often wondered what was the final total of the Catholic vote that George W. Bush ended up receiving over John Kerry in November, 2004.

The same pressure will again be on us Catholics this coming November to vote for a Pro-Life candidate. So, we know who that choice will be -- even if that particular Pro-Life candidate may not be exactly who we WANT to occupy the Oval Office!!!

(To be honest, I not happy with either choice this year.)

Anonymous said...

Going back through time there have been many efforts to eliminate monotheism. Followers of all religious groups have been conned when the operation is in bloom, operations to subvert the religion from the inside. When the conners have been exposed, the religious establishment's leaders put a silencer on the history and it is quickly forgotten as an embarrassment.

This is why the general religious public, Christian or Jewish, is not prepared to repulse new efforts to destroy monotheism.

What happened to the Catholic church through Vatican II was done to the Jewish community in the early 1800s.

Rabbi Marvin Antelman's two books are not known by the general Jewish public, so if you ask someone Jewish if there are such Jews, they are insulted that anyone could think any Jews could be so subversive. So it is with Protestants and Catholics. And yet if we do not accept that such things have been done in the past, we cannot protect ourselves in the present.

Here is an interview that Tamar Yonah did on Israel National Radio with Rabbi Marvin Antelman. Some Jews might say to me why expose such dirty laundry. I say because exposing corruption cannot stop when it starts being inconvenient.

Tamar interviews (in a classic interview from 2006) Scientist and Rabbi, Marvin Antelman, about - not conspiracy theory, but conspiracy FACT.

To Eliminate The Opiate vol. I & II happens to be one of the most powerful resource of truth of all times. Here Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman confronts the evil empire with the revelation of truth, and defies all the conspiracy theories and transforms those theories into reality. These books will leave the reader shocked and awed as the cloak of secrecy is stripped off of the organizations and individuals who actively sought to bring harm to the Torah of G-d, and its followers. To see this MUST READ book, click HERE .

Click HERE to listen to the interview.
Or, click here:


Anonymous said...


I bought Rabbi Antelman's books TO ELIMINATE THE OPIATE and you are right!!! What Rabbi Antelman describes is very similar to what happened with the Catholic Church -and even possibly to other Christian communions as well.

Rabbi Antelman's two-part book is definitely a MUST READ! In fact, I am going to read it again because I want to make sure I didn't miss anything the first time around.

Dorothy, sometime, you and I must discuss the origins of gnosticism( now going by the name "New Age") which was NOT from authentic Judaism, but from the SAMARITANS who officially broke off with Israel during the Maccabean war of independence.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the fact that we can trace the "New Age" all the way back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Susanna, you are knowledgeable about gnostic history. I'm not. I couldn't contribute anything to the discussion. My hands are full with trying to understand what is happening today.

By the way, there are two Antelman books, Volumes I and II.


Anonymous said...

Yes Paul, we already know you question the leadership of the Catholic Church. We already know you think Catholicism is "wrong doctrine." We already know you are grateful to have escaped the evil apostate clutches of Roman Catholicism.

Well that's very nice FOR YOU but it doesn't belong at this blog. Here are a couple of ideas:

1. Why don't you and Joyce start another blog. You could call it, "Saved: So Happy I am Not a Roman Catholic." Maybe Constance, in her generosity of spirit towards all, would even link to it if you asked her. You could even monitor the comments section and "keep out" posts from people you don't like.

2. Why don't you try and tell us something here at this blog that we haven't already heard from you, like something interesting about the New Age movement? Now there's an idea....

Anonymous said... - A bible for the new age if anyone is interested. I kind of skimmed over it with an attitude of how dumb do they think we are.....

Anonymous said...

Elfie and Susanna,

Thanks for all the info regarding the Pope. I was just curious if there was an obvious successor.



Anonymous said...

In his book Jesus of Nazareth (pp. 30-41), Pope Benedict XVI mentions a fascinating short story on the antichrist written by Russian author Vladimir Soloviev (1850-1900).

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, who delivered in 2007 a lenten meditation to pope Benedict and the leaders of the Roman Curia on the subject of Soloviev's antichrist, noted that:

the Antichrist will be a "convinced spiritualist,"

Soloviev says, an admirable philanthropist, a committed, active pacifist, a practicing vegetarian, a determined defender of animal rights.

He will not be hostile "in principle" to Christ. Indeed, he will appreciate Christ's teaching. But he will reject the teaching that Christ is unique, and will deny that Christ is risen and alive today. (Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, Soloviev and Our Time)


Anonymous said...

Interesting link.

This is an amazing picture which might not be on the first page of International Herald tribune for long, so worth taking a quick look:

In case you miss it, it's Sarko, Abbas and Olmert......and more talk about the "Mediterranean Union". All we need is a plan to build the 3rd Temple and we're all set...


Unknown said...


Deeply-researched paper about how science-fiction and science have merged to promote the myth of our salvation by past/future space alien masters. It long (288 pp.); but appears well worth the read (must order to read in entirety).

Herrick, James A.
Scientific mythologies : how science and science fiction forge new religious beliefs
Publisher Downers Grove, Ill. : IVP Academic, c2008.

Introduction -- New myths for a New Age -- The myth of the extraterrestrial -- The myth of space -- The myth of the new humanity -- The myth of the future -- The myth of the spiritual race -- The myth of space religions -- The myth of alien gnosis -- Conclusion.
ISBN 9780830825882 (pbk.)
DDC -Subject 201.65
LCC -Subject BL240.3. .H47 2007
Location British Library : DSC : m08/.24984

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ,
Who's "we" ?
I say the same Apostles Creed that all Christians say.
If you mean Roman Catholic, yes I have differences of opinion, but I am catholic. Catholic means "general".
I adhere to the general Apostles creed.
Roman Catholicism is a brand of Christianity which I no longer observe because of it's many erroneous
( in my opinion ) practices.
Is this venomous? Is this vicious ?
No, it isn't

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Oh and thanks for the words of advice.
Yes I will try to be a better person from now on.

Young Grasshopper said...

Just received this link to the forthcoming Newsweek cover story, and commented on it in my newest blog post at the-obama-nation.blogspot.

If this is not the most blatant attempt to include every single world religion into one man's facade, then I am a crepe myrtle tree.

I really believe more and more each day that Obama is looking much further than the American stage in his power grab. This article frightened me because it attempts to 'reach out and touch everyone's hand, and make the world a better place... if HE can'.

I'm not buying the pious monk thing at all.

Anonymous said...


Thanks Dorothy. You have done a good job on Israel Forum, too. I was a bit intimidated at first, since I was all by myself. I hope Jews as well as members of the New Age are reading the thread.


Anonymous said...


Catholic means Universal. The Term was coined by a Bishop of Rome, named Ignatius of Antioch in the year 110 A.D. He was also a disciple of John.

As much as you hate to admit it, the Jewish-Christians who were martyred for their faith and who were fed to the lions, were Catholic, not Protestant.

Protestants got the Nicene Creed, the canon of the Bible from the Catholic Church. You would not have known what books should be in the Bible otherwise, because the Bible does not tell you what books should be in the Bible.

Kicking your own Mother is the height of arrogance and ignorance.


Anonymous said...

Middle East to be WMD-free zone.

The EU/Union for the Mediterranean will help monitor all parties.

Anonymous said...


Here is one way in which Zapatero is reportedly acting out his "covenant with death." It has to do with one of the ways in which he was acused by his enemies of padding his party membership list:

"Zapatero was himself accused of irregularities. For example, his enemies, those who were falsifying new memberships, stated that he kept dead people as real members in the sections of the party supporting him."

One is reminded of Nicolai Gogol's Russian novel DEAD SOULS.

Anonymous said...

After reading the following September, 2007 article at A TIME, TIMES AND HALF A TIME blogspot, I have to ask what ever happened to the Monroe Doctrine???

"Religion is not the only aspect Zapatero has involved himself. He has also been effecting political and civilizational change. In 2005, he was given participant status in South America’s integration process in the Guayana Summit. One objective of that summit was to use oil as an axis to redraw the geopolitical map. Two noteworthy items came out of the summit:

Zapatero was able to embed the Alliance of Civilizations initiative into the summit’s outcome document—the Ciudad Guayana Declaration; and
The creation of a civilization alliance with Latin America and the Arab League.
The civilization alliance resulted in the signing of the Brasilia Declaration which included a condemnation of both Israel and the US. The purpose of the alliance is to counter the influence of the United States. This is interesting because it is consistent with the European Union’s 1995 Barcelona Conference objective to dislodge the United States as a competing superpower...."

Anonymous said...

More interesting news on the Mediterranean Union and the UN ....

I find this fascinating......anyone else?


Anonymous said...

To Joyce:

Don't you think Sarkozy has a little too much regard "for the love of women" to qualify as any AC candidate?

Just wondering out loud

Anonymous said...

Syrian President Assad is there:


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,
Never said Sarko was a candidate for antimessiah....just find his activities fascinating.

I do think he is helpful in the overall scenario however.. I'm not as sure as some who the antimessiah is. It might be JS, but I'm not willing wager money on that yet. I'm very cautious when it comes to prophecy. Accusing someone of being "the antimessiah" is a little different than saying someone has the spirit of antimessiah, so I will suspend judgement until I see a bit more evidence.


Rudi said...

Hi Joyce- I sure do find this Mediterranean Union/ Sarkozy/ EU topic interesting. I expect the days and weeks ahead will reveal further details. I was wondering if you or anyone here has a good "translate" link for International websites like the
Sarkozy (
link you gave earlier today. I don't see an "English" flag on the site to translate it from the French. I usually use this Yahoo web page translate link, but it wouldn't work on Sarkozy's site.
- Rudi

Unknown said...

Hi Dorothy/Constance,

I was the anonymous poster who mentioned the IONS/GCP link on the previous thread. Here are some quotes copied directly from the this GCP page:

"The Age of Nations is past. The task before us now, if we would not perish, is to build the Earth."

It is good to honor the Goddess. When she smiles upon you, all things are enriched and prosper.”

“Collective wisdom - wisdom larger than one individual's insight - draws near in such moments, as if to say, "Here is a fertile field of people. Here are tenders of spirit. Let's plant this creative possibility, so needed now on earth, right here."

“Breathe OUT love, light and gratitude, into Mother Earth, out to Father Sky, and into the hearts and minds of every living thing, friend and foe, experiencing the space in me and around me being conditioned by the love-light-gratitude as a gift from the I AM Presence.”

“Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness, the alpha and the omega of our existence. 'The field,' as Einstein once succinctly put it, 'is the only reality.”

"We are all beings of energy, and are connected to one another by this energy. Once we observe this energy, we can realize that it is on the same continuum as beauty. These are phenomena that cannot be studied unless you suspend or bracket your skepticism and try every way possible to perceive them."

“In becoming planetized, humanity is acquiring new physical powers that will enable it to super-organize matter. And, even more important, is it not possible that by the direct converging of its members it will be able, as though by resonance, to release psychic powers whose existence is still unsuspected?"

The page ends with this statement “It will in the end be poems, or beautiful photographs, that give some feeling for this quest to create a meaningful link to Mother Earth in the shape of scientific work.”

As I state on my site ..
"This famous project involving many PhD scientists, and run by one of the top universities in the United States, is just another New Age attempt to deceive people into believing that the earth is some sort of divine sentient organism. Even more frightening the project is closely linked to the Club of Rome. Remember who they are? Al Gore, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Ted Turner, George Soros, Bill Gates, Maurice Strong, Javier Solana, David Rockefeller, Mikhail Gorbachev etc."

If you check the GCP links page you will fing it is full of New Age partner sites.

Unknown said...

sorry... forgot to add this IONS link

MrCoffee said...

I do not know where else to put this, but you all need to read this book.

Islam, Prophecy and the Bible

Trailer here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Rudi,
Here's the English page:

Sorry, I didn't see it at first.

Anonymous said...

I've been a big fan of Lyndon LaRouche for a while now but I notice that he is into this "Noosphere" nonsense too.
Oh well.
Savvy, thanks for the lessons and chastisement.
The Whore of Babylon is called the Mother of Harlots.
There is false doctrine and pagan practice that has crept into all of Christiandom for sure.

Anonymous said...

just a little blurb from Barbara Marx Hubbard off Noosphere's site. I don't think you can send specific links off the site the way it's designed:

Our story is a birth. It is the birth of humankind as one body. . . We are one body, born into this universe.
. . .
It was a planetary smile - like the smile of a new born baby. . . . Now for the first time, we were seeing it together. Ecstatic joy rippled through the planetary body - and through me as one of its billions of members.

-- Barbara Marx Hubbard

..and more, but I haven't been able to open this link on the bottom:

Framing the Idea

Barbara Marx Hubbard suggests that there will come a time when "... an uncontrollable joy will ripple through the thinking layer of the earth. The co-creative systems, which are lying psychologically dormant in humanity will be activated. From within, all sensitive persons will feel the joy of the force, flooding their systems with love and this joy flashes through the nervous systems of the most sensitive peoples on earth, it will create a psycho magnetic field of empathy, which will align the next wave of people in synchrony, everywhere on Earth. This massive, sudden empathic alignment will cause a shift in the consciousness of Earth"

For a longer exposition of this idea, check out A message of hope.

It says to check it out but the link cannot be cut and pasted either.


Anonymous said...

The first and last sentence are mine only..Sorry for not putting the appropriate quotation marks.

Anonymous said...

To Joyce (12:59 AM)

Regarding your statement:
"Accusing someone of being "the antimessiah" is a little different than saying someone has the spirit of antimessiah, so I will suspend judgement until I see a bit more evidence."

And you have every right to do so. However, I don't believe that Constance ever "accused" J.S. of being the anti-Christ. She has merely carefully researched enough material to be able to educate all of us with the real possibility that currently, J.S. DOES meet a LOT of the biblical "criteria" -- too much criteria for any of us to either dismiss or ignore. ("By their fruits ye shall know them," etc.)

Constance is a very humble Christian who would be the first to admit that she is learning as we all are . . . and that she doesn't have all of the answers . . . or pretend to know what the future holds, as only God sees the "big picture."

I say, thank God for Constance; because unlike most of us, I believe she has been given special "gifts of wisdom" by The Holy Spirit. Evidence of this is that she was been guided and "led" to just the "right" research tools and information to help her write two very successful books exposing the New Age Movement. Without those books, people like you and me wouldn't have a "clue" or be able to gain such a wide perspective on the NA movement (how and where it began, what it means, with all of its "complexities").

She was the first -- the pioneer. Since then, many have followed and "taken up the baton" and done their own research into the movement and helped educate even more people throughout the world.

Sorry, Joyce . . . but your ego and arrogance are showing.

It would be wise for ALL of us to remember . . .
"He who humbles himself shall be exhaulted; and he who exhaults himself shall be humbled."

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,
I never said anything about Constance, so I'm not sure what you're accusing me of and why you are trying to sow seeds. I simply stated my position and I happen to think highly of Constance or I wouldn't be on the blog in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Green Agenda,
If you have a website, please let us know what it is. We don't get the information when we go through your name.

Thanks for the powerful information on Princeton. It's easy to give the wrong person credit for getting information here as there is so much going through in the comments section. The time frame suggests Joyce picked it up from you, but perhaps she did come up with it on her own.

I never saw that one before. For those just reading and not checking out the links, it it connected with IONS.

New information folks: At Shift in Action I see Men's Warehouse as the main financial sponsor. We get those commercials regularly on television in the Chicago area. They sell men's clothing. Are the New Age organizations going after commercial sponsorship now? Reaching into new territory?

Suggestion for everyone. As you did about Noosphere, if you have time add why you think the link is valuable. Based on the number of people who actually post here, I wonder how many people actually do the followup work.


Anonymous said...

Green Agenda gave us a link to Shift in Action. I went off a branch of it to
but didn't follow my own advice in saying why I posted the link. It is a list of people who are big in the New Age movement according to IONS, complete with their bios and websites.


Anonymous said...

A Report on Nazism in the New Age movement has had over 15,467 views since it was started in April of 2007.

Congratulations both Dorothy and Savvy on your trojan contributions to an internet thread which is both a tour de force and a work of art.

Anonymous said...

I am looking at that long list at shi*

I can't help wondering what is it that motivates these people, the"hypnotizers" I mean, who know exactly what they are doing.

Do they really want to spend eternity in Hell?

I'm serious.

I just don't get it.

Please help me to understand it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rudi,

Re. free, on-line translation, one option is (found it to be fairly comparable to babelfish, although text must be copied into a box).

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Another option for translation:

Rudi said...

Thank you anonymous! I'll check
the translate links out. -Rudi

Anonymous said...

Susanna, Savvy, Elfie, Anonymous:

I would be most grateful if, you when you have a few minutes, you could post a list of what you think are the most valuable links for Catholics who are concerned about NA infiltration into the Catholic Church, but are "beginners" in this area.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If the World Wisdom Council pooled it's wisdom
it wouldn't fill a thimble.

Anonymous said...


"Join our global Jedi community...

What have we here.....a little "propaganda art" pushing the Global Consciousness Project?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 2:17 P.M.

For starters, you could read Constance Cumbey's book HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW.

Although Mrs. Cumbey is a non-Catholic Christian, what she has to say about the New Age Movement pretty much applies as well to Roman Catholic Christians as it does to non-Catholic Christians. it also applies to our Jewish brethren, who, like us, believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

In fact, Mrs. Cumbey has appeared as a guest on Mother Angelica Live on EWTN.

But if you are looking for something specifically for Catholics by Catholics, here are some links that you might find helpful.

Several links on Lee Penn

"The URI supports efforts by Catholic dissident Hans Küng and others to
create a new Global Ethic, and has endorsed the push by Maurice Strong
and Mikhail Gorbachev, founders of Green Cross International, for an
Earth Charter. Gorbachev views the Earth Charter as "a kind of Ten
Commandments, a 'Sermon on the Mount,' that provides a guide for human
behavior toward the environment in the next century and beyond." The
"Green Cross Earth Charter Philosophy," prepared in Moscow and Geneva
in 1997 by Gorbachev's environmentalist organization, makes clear the
intent of these proposed codes: "The protection of the Biosphere, as
the Common Interest of Humanity, must not be subservient to the rules
of state sovereignty, demands of the free market or individual rights."

Bishop Swing has said, "The United Religions will not be a rejection
of ancient religion but will be found buried in the depths of these

If United Religions were "buried in the depths" of Christianity,
countless martyrs could have avoided death by burning incense before
the statue of the Roman Emperor, and today's martyrs in Sudan and
China could apostatize with a clear conscience. Maybe martyrs are
passé, anyhow: former URI Vice President Rankin said in 1998, "The
United Religions Initiative exists to bring people together from all
the religions of the world, to create a world where no one has to
die because of God, or for God, any more."

If I can be of any further assistance, let me know.

Anonymous said...

FYI, if I would have gotten that from anyone else, I would be more than happy to give credit to whoever found it. I found it on my own, but so what. That's not really important. We're all looking at the same things and no one has a monopoly information..It's just out there in cyberspace.


Anonymous said...

To: "still perplexed" (12:36 PM)
Re: "I can't help wondering what is it that motivates these people, the"hypnotizers" I mean, who know exactly what they are doing.
Do they really want to spend eternity in Hell? I'm serious. I just don't get it. Please help me to understand it. Thanks."

I will attempt to explain it the way I understand it . . .
What happens to the "hypnotizers" is that they too have become hypnotized. They have reached a "level" of false spirituality (New Age "consciousness") where they are no longer capable of using sound judgement and logic. Therefore, they don't even consider "consequences" in terms of heaven or hell. You might say that Satan has already taken possession of their minds, hearts and souls and taken over their once "free will" (that God gives each and everyone of us at birth). They then become almost "evangelical" in their attempts to convert others to abandon their traditional Christian faith and teachings . . . declaring it "old and obsolete" . . . "unacceptable" in the New World Order that is to come.

Those who are weak in their faith may become vulnerable . . . unsure how to combat this "new" way of thinking (which is really as old as Adam and Eve, who were tempted in the Garden of Eden). Our only "weapon" is to remain close to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ through daily prayer; and to do the necessary research to get yourself educated, so you will be warned -- and can then warn others.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to add that the New Age Movement is an "equal opportunity offender" invading and trying to occupy a "foot hold" in ALL religions: Protestant, Catholic and Jewish.

It is made up of an often complex world-wide network of networks --with the "upper levels" privy to their secret goals and agenda. The "lower levels" are often made up of innocent, sincere, well meaning people who don't have a "clue" as what that particular organization's REAL goals and agenda are . . . and are purposely kept in the dark so they don't find out!!! (The Masons are a classic example of this.)

That's why it is so IMPORTANT for us ALL to not only do the necessary research -- but to spread the word and WARN others!!!

Anonymous said...

European bishops discuss secularization, church's role in Europe

By Anna-Patrice Bitong
Catholic News Service

Anonymous said...

Oops. Meant to sign the above posting.

Anonymous said...

Yes and I acknowledged that. Since so much credit was being given to you, I thought it might be polite to acknowledge that the information came first from another poster who has a wonderful website which should be visited.

Green Agenda had posted the following several hours before you did:

"The Advisory Board of IONS includes Maurice Strong, Desmond Tutu, Peter Russell, Deepak Chopra and Satish Kumar. They are closely linked to the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality, and also fund Princeton University's Global Consciousness Project.

I was embarrassed that we all missed that and wanted to set the record straight.


Anonymous said...


The GCP/noosphere.princeton site is a 'frames' site ... be aware that it is possible to get 'locked' into a frames site so that all pages falsely appear to originate from the site ... especially helpful when viewing links.

In Internet Explorer browsers ... to get the address or check that the page being viewed is actually hosted at

Right click on the page you are viewing > click on 'Properties' in the drop down menu. A 'Properties' box will display and the 'address' of the web page can then be viewed.

Example without 'tiny';

Hope this helps. :)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps I didn't understand your I do.
Yes, very interesting board, I hadn't seen that so thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks. That's helpful.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 6:77 & 7:08

Thanks for your very insightful would be interesting to hear thoughts from others about these ideas.

Have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

See Revelation 3:16.
You see the names of active New Agers because most are people who think they can improve the world. They are unhappy with injustice, poverty, inequality, etc. They probably know very little about monotheism which they believe has failed to make the world a better place. Usually being quite intelligent, they question and aren't likely to do something because they are told to do it.

There are leaders at the top whose methods and beliefs can only lead to destruction. They are probably quite intelligent and charismatic, but having no curbs put on their passions by religious beliefs or life are full of pride. They do offer the same temptations to their followers as were said to Jesus who refused with reasons from the Bible. Since New Agers do not follow the Bible, they have no reason to refuse the temptation, believing it is truth.

Perplexed, if one doesn't believe something, one doesn't believe it's going to happen. While I am sure there are some deliberately evil people, most people rationalize the evil they do, thinking it works toward some good goal. New Age leaders and followers are first of all human beings, just as we all are, vulnerable without the guidelines of religion.

It is up to everyone who knows differently to actively oppose New Age plans, to let New Age believers know why their ideas will lead to destruction, not just tell them that they have to believe something else. If by nature they are people who are active in trying to make the world a better place, they will continue to be active but with the right tools.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dorothy, you make some very excellent points about human nature.

Could you explain how you see Revelation 3:16 fitting in to this thinking? I am seeing a few possible interpretations here, but I don't want to make any assumptions about yours.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll just leave the analysis to others. I've been a bit controversial these past few days and don't want to, as they say, overstay my welcome.


Anonymous said...

Aw, come on Dorothy, stop being so coy! :-)

Homophobic Horse said...

"the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob."

There is no such thing as the "God of Abraham", that is an ecumenical swindle. We we all worship the "God of Abraham" why bother with Christ?

Verily, The Scriptures reveal the one God is Three Persons -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit -- eternally sharing the one divine nature.

Jews and Muslims do not worship the Trinity, their conception of God is lop-sided.

Anonymous said...


Major U.S. city officially condemns Catholic Church

Going all the way back to H.G. Wells, the Catholic Church has targeted by the NA movement, primarily because believers will take their beliefs on morality from the church rather than the government. The homosexual establishment is NA.

Somewhere I recently read that the issue of homosexuality was developed as a battering ram against monotheistic religious beliefs. This would be evidence of that.

Criticism of homosexuality by that community is always presented as an attack on an individual helpless to fight same sex attraction. It seems everyone, even those opposed to the practice of homosexuality are afraid to take on an analysis of the larger homosexual culture which is decadent. There is no history of repudiation of that decadent culture by individuals that I've ever seen.

Acceptance of a subculture of homosexual into the larger culture results in the rotting of the larger culture. It's not a battle against a nice little couple who want to rent an apartment. It's a battle of whose values will be mainstream.

Thanks Rita for sending it on.


Anonymous said...

To Homophobic Horse:


Anonymous said...


You are spot on.

I think that up to this point there has been an unspoken "live and let live" attitude in this country with regard to the civil rights of the members of the homosexual community as long as they kept it out of our faces.

By "in your face" I mean things like "Gay Pride fests." I don't think that there have ever been any "Straight Pride Fests" that I know of.

In any case, the homosexual community is not content with tolerance and "live and let live."

Moreover, no sooner did our activist Massachusetts Supreme Court impose gay marriage on this state by "judicial fiat" than the schools started imposing their "diversity training" on children here as early as kindergarten......and often without parental notification.

In terms of violating parental rights, the most famous case here is that of David Parker, a Christian from Lexington, Massachusetts whose case may make it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mr. Parker is not giving up. He intends to fight the good fight to the finish.

Let's all pray hard that he wins. Hopefully, it will be "the shot heard 'round the world" in terms of bringing this country back to moral sanity.