Saturday, December 09, 2006

Meanwhile, back at the ranch!

Sorry to be off line for so long, but I just won a major family law case at the Michigan Court of Appeals for my client who had just about despaired of ever getting relief. If you are interested, here is the long awaited opinion. Yes, I did the work myself -- nobody wrote the underlying briefs for me.

My client is happy and I am relieved for him, but as you can see the Michigan Court of Appeals gave all concerned, judge and both attorneys, very little time to get things done. Hence, I have not been able to be with you as much as I would have liked.

But, BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING. The German press has announced that Javier Solana is the recipient of the 2007 Charlemagne award. This is no doubt a significant prelude to enhancing his powers to the level he wants to enjoy. Herb Peters has several links to it at his website,


Anonymous said...

congratulations Constance!
Good to have you back
and thanks for alerting!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the victory for your client, Mrs. Cumbey.

Have a nice day.

A Fellow Watcher.

Anonymous said...

Alliance of Civilizations HLG Defines Extremism, Reluctantly!

An endearing friend recently wrote me about the Alliance of Civilizations with the observation that their writings are as a “verbal dance”. I find this observation interesting because days earlier I had been thinking exactly the same thing. I find the AoC reports to contain a lot of double speak.

The following AoC event is called “The Doha Debates Special: Extremism”. This really should not be identified as a debate as the entire panel is on the same page. It is merely a question and answer session with the Alliance High Level Group. The moderator, Tim Sebastian, repeatedly asked for a definition of extremism. The panel danced around the issue so to avoid exposing their true opinions. Yet, despite their efforts, they were unable to fully conceal their motives.

First, rather than quoting question followed by answer, I am going to list several questions the moderator asked in an attempt to ascertain the definition of extremism. By doing this, it is my attempt to exhibit the panel’s reluctance to answer.

Q. “…can we get definitions of extremism and terrorism? We haven’t had much luck in doing that so far, have we?”
Q. “So being dogmatic is all that is extremism, is it, to that extent?”
Q. “Sshaykh Hamza Yusuf, do we need a definition?”
Q. “But without a definition of extremism, how do you know what you’re combating?”
Q. “But don’t we have to [define extremism] if we’re going to fight it?”
Q. “But it’s not an abstract concept, it’s propagated by people.”
Q. “But we can’t apparently come up with definitions, can we? This is the problem.”
Q. “But we have the Alliance of Civilizations High Level Group going to battle with them, so they have to have the definitions, don’t they?”

Yes, don’t they? Despite their attempts to dodge the question, some answers were revealing:

Answer by Desmond Tutu: “…but extremism is when I think you do not allow for a different point of view, and when you hold your view as being quite exclusive, when you don’t allow for the possibility of difference.”

Answer by John Esposito: “We can come up with an abstract definition but when we want to get specific, then we have to look at a specific political or religious context.”

Answer by John Esposito: I think the danger of religious extremism can be, even though it’s not necessarily violent, when it becomes exclusivist in which is basically says, “not only is my faith right, but your faith is absolutely wrong, and not only is my faith right, but my faith position within my faith is right, and so another Muslim who disagrees with me is wrong,” then you’re moving into a very dangerous position here because you’re bordering on what I would call theology of hate. That kind of mentality can easily be used by some, and it has been used by people like Osama Bin Laden, to legitimate military action at a certain point. You can easily slip over the line once you’re into that realm of what I would call theology of hate, and we see that with elements of the Christian right, the Jewish right, and with elements of the Muslim right. I’m avoiding the word fundamentalism here, but you know what I mean.”

There it is! Avoid the word “fundamentalism, John”? Looks to me like you just used it. John Esposito couldn’t have stated it more clearly.

The panel was also asked if the Israeli government is extremist. There was a little more song and dance, but here are some interesting answers:

Answer by Diana Buttu: “Yes, I do consider that the Israeli government is an extremist government in that it has maintained an occupation now over the Palestinians for close to 39 years…”

Answered by Hamza Yusuf: “Well, I think governments have municipalities…but certainly in their policies vis-à-vis the Palestinian state, I would have to absolutely assert that they’re an extreme government…”

These are just some of the highlights from the “debate”. The following link contains both the transcript and the broadcast. Both appear to have been edited for space purposes and each contains a little information that the other does not, so I recommend checking them both out:


Anonymous said...

You're right Constance, BIG things are happening and fast. Also, congrats on a job well done. That's what we've come to expect from you--giving your best.


Anonymous said...

Two sites you might want to look at until the comments section heats up. The first is not a particularly active site, but purports to show the direction religions are to go in the future.

This one is Robert Muller's vision of religion in 2010.

Rich, no comment about your post regarding the AOC now, but will comment in the future.


DavidinBattleCreek said...

Did you say Chameleon award? Oh, wait. I must have read that wrong. This is a geat victory for us Michiganians, though. I'm glad the Court of Appeals made such a decision. Congrats, Constance. I can't say I feel the same for a friend, Javier.

Anonymous said...


From the Drudge report:
Christmas cards are losing their religious message
Only one in 100 Christmas cards sold in Britain contains any religious imagery or message, a Daily Mail survey has revealed. (more at link)

Britain is several years ahead of us in absorbing the New Age movement, but several of the comments suggest this is happening in the US also.



Anonymous said...

"Christmas cards are losing their religious message
Only one in 100 Christmas cards sold in Britain contains any religious imagery or message, a Daily Mail survey has revealed."

This is further evidence of apostasy that most Christianity is falling into now. How long before they laws are passed here saying we have to say "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings" (Hello, It's Winter)?

I heard on "Politics and Religion" (Endtime Ministries, that churches in England cannot broadcast sermons in their own country, by AM or FM. For some reason, only satellite is acceptable. Some kind of anti-prosletyzing law they've got.

Anonymous said...

Jason, the people are not using the religious cards out of choice, not because of a law. Religion has gone dead in England. New Age is international and some countries are years ahead of ours in accepting it. What I see is that people have given up the internal struggle that makes religion understandable. To paraphrase, the problem is not with the law as much as it is with ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Christmas cards aren't all that will be rewritten if Robert Muller has his way. (check out the site on one of Dorothy's previous posts) According to his report, we'll be singing a new national anthem written in peaceful, global terms.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that God slowly gets taken out of the picture but when bad things happen He is the first to be cursed and blamed. The world is becoming a very sad place to live. I look forward to the rapture.

Anonymous said...

I am curious as to why this spot shows only "two comments" when there are obviously several more! What do you suppose the Google/Solana agenda might be?

Anonymous said...

There are 15 comments, but the spot under shows only two. Why!

Anonymous said...

That happened the other day. I saw four comments and when I entered, there were definitely more. And yes, I reloaded the screen before I saw the first number. My guess is that it's some smartass computer geek working for Google who is bored. As you know, Google decisions are slanted to the left politically.

Thre is also, "News broke earlier this week that Google has purchased Pyra Labs, the company behind the popular weblog creation tool and Blogspot, a weblog hosting service." 2003

Remember when someone at Google was linking Constance's name to hundreds of thousands of porno sites? When it was brought to light, somehow it stopped. When I called attention to the "you are forbidden" message, that stopped. My guess is that the correct number of comments will be there in the future.

Let's share information about strange glitches that are surely coincidences.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday as I clicked on the comments I continually received an error message for no domain found. This blogsite has been experiencing many quirks lately. So many unusual ones I've begun to wonder if it is deliberate.

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