Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Contribution from Reader, Rich of Medford

What is the Alliance of Civilizations?

An article by our reader and contributor affectionately known
to us as “Rich of Medford”

The final report of the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations (AoC) initiative was released last month. In addition to its usual goal of combating exclusivist ideology, the report contains some interesting elements:

1) Exclusivist ideology is defined as “those who feed on exclusion and claim
sole ownership of the truth. (Christians, read John 14:6 as you consider this

2) The core issue identified to be the bridge between the West and Islam is resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

3) The global and problematic players in this conflict have been identified as the adherents of the three monotheistic faiths.

4) Failure to resolve this conflict will result in a failed Alliance of Civilizations.

Also noteworthy is that the AoC has identified the European Union’s Barcelona Process as one of the frameworks in which it intends to operate. For those unfamiliar with the Process, it is the foundation of the EU’s political, economic, and social policy. The Process, also known as the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, is represented as the only platform that can solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The social dimension of the Process, with implementation facilitated by the Anna Lindh Foundation, cooperates with the AoC and shares the common goal to combat religious fundamentalism worldwide.So what happens to the adherents of the monotheistic faiths if the peace process fails? Lucis Trust, one of the contributors to the AoC initiative gives us an idea. In its publication The Rays and the Initiations, Lucis Trust says that those faiths are but three dead and gone religions with Judaism being old, obsolete, and separative. Christianity, they say, has served its purpose and the new age Christ will replace the Gospel with a new truth. As for Muslims, they will accept the new age Christ as their Imam Mahdi “who will lead them to light and to spiritual victory.”

The objective of the AoC, therefore, is “to enforce an Alliance of Civilizations against all those who…give prevalence…to a logic of division and confrontation.” Since the Alliance intends to be fully prepared to enforce its objectives by 2009, I suspect that’s when they will introduce their symbol. Timing is everything. The European Commission has just submitted a document to the author of the Barcelona Process that it is time to deliver.

If the planners of the AoC really mean what they say, may God help us all.


Constance Cumbey said...

Alice Bailey (Djwhal Khul) wrote that in the New Age the only sin would be the "sin of separation." That's pretty much how the Alliance of Civilizations sums it up as well! Gives one great pause when one considers that inspiration of "Lucis Trust" was directly imputed to none other than Lucifer, 'old slewfoot', himself!

Constance Cumbey said...



Robin said...

Perhaps the AoC will see some of the comments I've directed to Crabby Old Uncle Earl as "giving prevalence to a logic of division and confrontation." (grin)

Seriously, though, New Agers will use any excuse to push their one-world religion (including both my and his comments to this blog).

Anonymous said...

Way to go Rich. For all the work you've done, you deserve to see your name in big bold letters at the top of a commentary. I'll admit my eyes start to glaze over after a page or two of the report. Your analysis does a good job of keeping us focused.


Anonymous said...

What a surprise! Thank you Connie for the visibility. This is such important information that I try to post in multiple places as well as in my community newspaper, but this blog spot is by far where I prefer to go to share and read others' research.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich! I always appreciate your comments.

Keep up the good work!


Dawn said...

I have a confession. I was looking up Lee Penn and his book "False Dawn" on Amazon. There was something that I hadn't ever noticed before: "Customer Discussions". There was one person who posted some time ago. What they said there really bothered me. I am not sure if this person was "fishing to be flamed" or if this person really believed what they said. Here is a link and then the quote from that person. I guess that after all this time something like this shouldn't surprise me, yet here I am surprised.


"it's evident to me that in the mind of born-again, fundamentalist Christians, any suggestion that any other religion can lead to true spiritual fulfilment is automatically from that guy with two horns and a pointed tail who carries a pitchfork. Just how different is the fundamentalist Christian from the fundamentalist Muslim in this respect? How much longer are we going to continue this tradition of intolerance?

Here is a world movement that seeks to foster greater understanding and appreciation between different religious traditions, and folks like Mr Penn quickly come and decry it as something evil. Certainly there may be much faalsehood and hypocrisy in this movement -- as in anything else, including Christianity. Is our job, then, to find out what is best in each tradition and give it due recognition, or throw out the baby with the bathwater? (Oh, wait a minute; from a Christian fundamentalist's point of view there can be no baby in anything else, only bathwater...)

The three Abrahamic religions, if one is allowed to say it, are downright notorious for their singular inability to countenance the possible validity of other points of view. Mr Penn's great book is a case in point."

Anonymous said...

Frederico Mayor, the co-founder of the AofC, links up nicely with a number of New Agers. As the former Dir General of Unesco, he has his finger in every pie. He connects via the Club of Rome to Diaz-Hochleitner, a former CofRome president, and he's friendly with the rest of the Spanish socialist/futurist agenda. He's of interest to us in Washington State because Mayor mentored Larry Seaquist, a former Navy Rear Admirial gone UNESCO peace activist just elected to the Washington State Legislature. Seaquist has ties to Bob Muller and Ervin Lazlo. The AofC has an agenda, and it is to do in Christianity and nationality. Where does Solano fit in?? Look again at the Club of Rome.

Anonymous said...

"Alice Bailey (Djwhal Khul) wrote that in the New Age the only sin would be the "sin of separation."



You may need to run that by one of your pals here Constance...

Sounds to me like she considers SEPERATION A SIN as well.

Robin posted...[1:52 p.m.]

"There are some things we might even hold in common with Jews and Muslims, but the attitudes of some separatists get in the way of discovering just what that common ground is. That attitude of separationgoes way beyond believing that Jesus is the Savior of the world and that we have to accept Him as our Savior in order to get to heaven."

Some of you may want to try and keep your views a bit more consistent especially for the sake of your readers.

Anonymous said...

There is also a response on the other thread for you as well Constance.

Anonymous said...

FOR THE RECORD, OBVIOUSLY SPELLING IS NOT CRABBY OLD EARL'S STRONGEST SUIT. It is "separation" not "seperation". It is spelled "agreement", not "aggreement".

Anonymous said...


You're boring and tired.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dawn: You wrote, "It's evident to me that in the mind of born-again, fundamentalist Christians, any suggestion that any other religion can lead to true spiritual fulfilment is automatically from that guy with two horns and a pointed tail who carries a pitchfork. Just how different is the fundamentalist Christian from the fundamentalist Muslim in this respect? How much longer are we going to continue this tradition of intolerance?"

In reply, I hope that Christians will continue to uphold Jesus' own words, that "Nobody comes to [God] the Father but by me" (John 14:6) right up until the day He returns. To believe something is an issue of truth. Tolerance enters only when we consider attitudes to those of differing belief. Genuine biblical Christians will offer Christ while leaving open the freedom of people to reject Him. That was Christ's own example, and where people have behaved coercively while claiming to act in Christ's name it was in disobedience to Him. In contrast, Koran-following Muslims will propagate their faith by the sword. (If you doubt this, compare the New Testament and the Koran.) You can force somebody to do something, but you cannot force them to believe something; that is why the New Testament proclaims salvation by faith and the Koran proclaims it by works.

It is precisely because they love people of other faiths that Christians are against those other faiths. We wish to save people from the consequences of their sins in this life and the next, and only Christ can do that. This is why St Paul wrote that "Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against... the spiritual forces of evil" (Ephesians 6:12). God is so committed to human freedom of choice that He allows the world He created to be ravaged by sin, which is the consequence of wrong choice. I for one can't wait for Jesus to come back and put it right, and this is the climax that the ghastly politics of this present evil age are heading toward.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:28 PM, Earl?

You have quoted Dawn incorrectly. She posted someone else's analysis, those words were not her own. Why such a combative tone on this blog all the time? Are you perpetually offended?

Anonymous said...

Dear Dawn: I've just worked out that you gave an extended quote and that those weren't your views I was dissenting from. Glad we're on the same side (and glad I've learned not to get personal when disagreeing with a piece of writing!)

Anonymous said...

Dawn, doing a check on the author of that quote over at Amazon, K. T. Ong of Singapore. From his interest in the book "Oriental Enlightenment: The Encounter Between Asian and Western Thought", my guess is that he follows an Eastern religion and feels that his religion is being disrespected by those following the Western religions. Rather than missionizing people to his beliefs, he is looking for a way to get respect for his beliefs.

This has always been a problem in that there has always been disagreements between religious believers. It was best handled by people minding their own business on a personal level while the ecumenical organizations chattered away. How could it bother Earl what religion Ong in Singapore practiced?

The AOC and Islamic terrorists have brought the problem to a head. Now the AOC wants government to micromanage religion on behalf of the government. That will affect Earl, Ong, Moishe and Mohammed. As Constance has written, the goal of the New Agers is to turn groups against each other, leaving New Age leadership to formulate a compromise religion.

The problem is the weak-kneed religious leadership doesn't have the moral strength to tell the AOC to butt out. Let the governments solve the problems between themselves and let religious people believe what they choose to believe.

Anonymous said...

Pope calls for a new world order

"This year, John Paul directed his thoughts to continuing conflicts around the globe. But he stressed that to bring about peace, there needs to be a new respect for international law and the creation of a "new international order" based on the goals of the United Nations."

BENEDICT on the same game plan

The life-giving power of his light is an incentive for building a new world order based on just ethical and economic relationships. May his love guide every people on earth and strengthen their common consciousness of being a “family” called to foster relationships of trust and mutual support"


So Constance do you agree with the ABOVE written by the two last popes?


That is the answer I want, not an ad hominen or fantasty claims.

Here's you in your words some many years ago...

"There is no absolutely no way one can competently research the New Age Movement and not discover that its major purpose is bringing in a New World Order headed by the Antichrist."

p.2 A Planned Deception.

Ok how is the new world order of the Popes different from the new world order of the Alliance of Civilizations?

They hold many things in common...

1. all want religions to unite, including monotheistic ones.

2. all want to work via the UN [the first quote by JPII directly points to his desire for his NWO to be based on the goals of the UN]

I would love to see your take on this....

Anonymous said...

Earl, answer the previous questions asked of you before you go asking more of your own. Although you have a way to personally contact Cumbey, you've avoided it. Are you afraid she will start charging you by the inch for your advertisements?

Anonymous said...

Based on that list of ecumenical groups linked to earlier, we all know it is a Christian conspiracy to take over the world and not a Vatican one, no matter how much Catholic bashers try to trick others. More New Agers have come from Christian backgrounds than from any other group. The one known as Earl is an example of the way these Christians operate. They never stop pushing their agenda. I wonder which Christian New Age group Earl works for. Maybe it's

Earl doesn't come out against the New Age movement as much as he comes out against the Vatican.

If you can't prove you are against the New Age movement Earl, you must be for it.

Robin said...

Anonymous 3:38, I wish I knew your name and email addy; I'd thank you privately. This will have to do. You are absolutely right, and I hope Earl eavesdrops in on this comment.

He isn't against interfaithism so much as he's against Catholicism. Yes, he has paid lip service to the fact that some Protestants - like, for example, Pat Robertson - have had their New Age-like problems (as Constance has documented in places like A Planned Deception), but he returns to all the faults of Catholicism at the expense of the equally-real faults of some Protestants claiming the name of Christ. Only when painted into a corner will he even pay lip service to those Protestant problems.

No Christian group - Protestant or Catholic - is immune from New Age infiltration. Honest Catholics of my acquaintance readily admit it and want to work to correct the problems somehow. Constance has documented - in the comments section to her last entry, among other places - some of the problems she has had when confronting Protestants with the New Age heresies rife in certain evangelical circles.

I wish Crabby Old Uncle Earl would get with the program and pay more than lip service to the problems in the Protestant community. Otherwise, Constance will really have to take the suggestion of one of the commentors here seriously, and charge him by the inch for advertising his views.

Anonymous said...

Wolves in sheep's clothing in the Protestant/Christian/Evangelical camp.

Brian McLaren
Rick Warren
Robert Schuller
Benny Hinn
Bill Hybels
Pat Robertson
Paul Crouch
Kenneth Copeland
Joel Osteen

{this isnt an exhaustive list by any means, there are far many more}


Like the Popes, they support the interfaith movement, and decry Christians "fundamentalists" who believed Jesus is the only way.
Most are supporters of Catholicism as "another" Christian church. Some like Rick Warren whose P.E.A.C.E plan matches that of the UN's millennium goals point by point, also join the Pope's in their promotion of the United Nations Organization.

How come when it comes to the Vatican that all of you, make excuses and refuse to examine the evidence?

I'm still waiting for someone to answer how the Pope's NWO is different from the Alliance of Civilizations plans for the world?

Anonymous said...

I am personally getting tired of the verbal assaults and accusations made against all who post on this site. Earl, you need to get a hobby.

Anonymous said...




Pope warns terror, fundamentalism threaten peace

Sun. Jan. 1 2006 11:29 PM ET

Associated Press

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI warned Sunday that terrorism, nihilism and "fanatic fundamentalism" threatened world peace, and he called on individuals, governments and institutions to work together to combat them.

{that would include the Christian variety}


Warren predicts that fundamentalism, of all varieties, will be 'one of the big enemies of the 21st century.''Muslim fundamentalism, Christian fundamentalism, Jewish fundamentalism, secular fundamentalism - they're all motivated by fear. Fear of each other.'"


"On "Strengthening the United Nations System"

Archbishop Migliore Addresses U.N. General Assembly

NEW YORK, OCT. 6, 2004 ( Here is the address delivered Monday to the U.N. General Assembly by Archbishop Celestino Migliore, permanent observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, {snip}

* * *

Mr. President,

The Holy See looks at the process of strengthening the United Nations with hope, great interest and willingness to submit its contribution


has done speeches at UN, works through groups under UN auspices and P.E.A.C.E. plan matches UN millennium goals.

Anonymous said...

********I am personally getting tired of the verbal assaults and accusations made against all who post on this site. Earl, you need to get a hobby.

More ad hominens instead of examining the evidence.

Can you at least TRY, or is that too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

Check out Herb Peter's site. He has a revealing and thought provoking article.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone who has the power to starts editing some of these comments starts doing so. I hate saying this. Especially where there is open discussions here. However the more time goes on the more distruction happens to the love that Christ has shared. I like the openess but unfortunately someone is missrepresenting Christ's love to the extreme. There is nothing more destructive than it should be called tearing apart the body of Christ. Given enough time this web sight will be labeled as a hater page to non believers. I hope someone has the power to remove the trash.

Anonymous said...


Excellent posting! I do have a question. A quote from your comment.
As for Muslims, they will accept the new age Christ as their Imam Mahdi “who will lead them to light and to spiritual victory.”

This comment about the muslims makes you go hmmmmm.
I look at your comments about the Jews and we know where that is going, also the same for Christianity. It is headed for extreme persecution. But then I see the muslims being brought to the light and spiritual victory. Now I see this in a couple of different ways. First that the muslims will be so awe struck they will accept him. I don't see that happening unless it is Osama. But my other thought was the muslims rejoicing because thier religion is allowed to spread. If they achieve spiritual victory it is also a political victory to them. Political victory will lead to conversion by the sword. At least that will be the after affect to Christians in this country. This second thought is what hit me. Could you go into anymore detail on your comment? I would love to hear it.

Robin said...

You know, Child of God, you have a valid point. I'm all in favor of lively discussion myself, and I don't believe in unity at all costs. (Yes, I do have areas of agreement with other people, but there are areas and opinions which divide as well.) But these comments have become unnecessarily divisive, in my opinion. Jesus prayed something like "that they may all be one" when He wept over Jerusalem, meaning that He didn't like infighting and unnecessary argumentation Himself.

As far as I know, only Constance has the power to edit the comments section, and the only time she has chosen to assert that power is when comment spam infiltrates the place.

I, for one, do not mind being edited for content.

Anonymous said...

Matthew chapter 10 (Jesus' words)

34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

Robin said...

Anonymous 7:40 - Bible verses like the one you just quoted can be used to divide people unnecessarily. Yes, there are divisions within the Body of Christ, and there are times when even the most charitable defense of the truth will divide us from our neighbor. But those who find a truly charitable way to tell the truths of Christ - as opposed to those claiming the name of Christ who actually put themselves in a position in which they have to be right or in control, even when they're wrong - are not going out of their way to foment discord.

I do hope you're not Crabby Old Uncle Earl.

Anonymous said...

Matthew ch.10 seems to be a few verses that are used to try to justify starting an arguement. Jesus is using these verse to tell people that they are dividing or seperating from sin, not other believers! The seperation is when you leave sin behind at all costs. The division in these verses is NOT quarrels between believers! If that is uncle earl, you are taking it out of context.

3. If anyone teaches otherwise and does not consent to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which accords with godliness,

4 he is proud. knowing nothing, but is obsessed with disputes and arguements over words, from which come envy, strife, reviling, evil suspicions,

5 useless wranglings of men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself.

This is pretty staight forward. I for one am still up for the editing! We have already bean warned by the Bible to withdraw ourselves. Well... we have tried to do that peacefully through ignoring. It has not worked. I think its time for the hammer to come down. Whether or not some of the information is correct that is presented through this person is no longer relevant, it is not even trying to be communicated through all. Also the manipulation of scriptures to justify the reason to attack is completely wrong. It is absolutely against the word of God. It is a destructive force that is working against what this blog was designed for. It will eventually lead to others joining with a 'chip' on thier shoulder and destroy the image of Christ. There is no witness for Christ when there is no love. If you go back and re-read these postings, the love is gone because of the distractive distruction that is going on. There goes the opportunity for a witness. Sorry to take up so much space expressing this. I just had to say it.

Anonymous said...

Robin (Sherlock Holmes) - I do believe you hit the nail on the head, sounds like Earl to me.

Anonymous said...

I think the Solana website has an updated look. New pictures. New description (I think) of the doctor. See below:

Javier Solana
High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy,
Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union

Mr Solana assists the Council in foreign policy matters, through contributing to the formulation, preparation and implementation of European policy decisions. He acts on behalf of the Council in conducting political dialogue with third parties.

Also, the photos suggest he is loved by the crowds. Or is it just my perception?

Anonymous said...

What is the address for the Solana website?

Anonymous said...

Dear child of god (5.46pm):
Here is what I think will happen, based on my understanding of scriptural prophecy and world politics. Secular humanism and Islam - whose god denies that Jesus is divine and cannot therefore be the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - are squaring up to each other worldwide on every scale. I suspect Islam is God's judgement on the sins of secular humanism, principally the promiscuity that has led to rampant family breakdown. ('Sex and Culture' by JD Unwin, 1934, is an anthropological study showing that cultures rise and fall in line with their sexual continence; I take this to be God at work.) The
church will be caught between these two principalities, and will polarise into compromisers and a persecuted purified minority. The line between these two groups will run through all denominations, though the leaders of some church hierarchies will compromise their systems. The humanist-Islamic confrontation will intensify into World War 3 - Satan's world cup final. (Possibly Islam will get serious WMDs, rather than just nuisance value stuff, from taking over parts of Europe or the old Soviet arsenal.) Islam loses - probably it would lose steam if Mecca is nuked. Jerusalem survives the war because it is nothing to secular humanism and it is revered by Islam. Out of the aftermath of the war comes a man proclaiming peace if he is let rule the world, promising an end to competing nations and faiths. Humanity accepts the deal; even many Christians do not see what is coming and hail this man. But they are persecuted to death as dissidents in his worldwide totalitarian regime, which exploits technology. Dissent continues in Israel, and the dictator sends in a world army. The Jews in desperation have a change of heart and cry out to Jesus. He comes back, massacres the enemy army and institutes a 1000-year reign as absolute monarch from Jerusalem, a universal just regime. When? Too much has to happen for all this to come in just a year or two, but the pace of globalisation means it is far less than centuries, and Daniel said the end would come like a flood. I see the timescale as decades.

Anonymous said...

There is a link to the site on this blog labelled (appropriately enough) Javier Solana website.

Robin said...

Anonymous 9:23 PM - funny you should call me Sherlock Holmes. I've always harbored a secret admiration for his detective skills.

Anonymous said...

What're we goin' to do with the ...ers?
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Anonymous said...

Here is a link to an Alliance of Civilizations report that is crucial to have as a printout if you don't already have the copy. This disappeared from the AoC web site shortly after it was posted. This spells out how they intend to deal with Israel and us!


Anonymous said...

Rich, what strikes me is the presumption of universal power this group has taken on itself on behalf of the UN and EU. "Who made you king?" is what I want to ask. Since when is Israel supposed turn control over of its borders to a non-elected, put together group. Since when are the citizens of the US to accept the decisions of this big poobah "HIGH LEVEL GROUP"?

I supposed the giant in the corner is the growing European Army who are or will be under Solana's control who will be the enforcers.

It seems that like the North American Union, this is something going on that we aren't to know about or discuss.

Have I read this right?

Anonymous said...

I took a look at that report you linked to that you commented about how they will treat Israel. It is basically falling in line with Bible prophecy. Only this time it is in writing. All these years waiting for these events to unfold and here is the paper work for part of it. That was a good link! I think all it is going to take is one big event like a war or a collapse of an economy or oil being shut off or sabotaged. Any of those could happen at any moment.

Anonymous said...

Early on in these comments someone posted information about Larry Seaquist. In doing a Google search I can't verify the information given about him. Is it on paper only somewhere? What words should go into the search engine for verification?


Anonymous said...
"Connecting to Related Efforts
"A central goal of the Alliance of Civilizations is to identify similar initiatives engaged in bridging current global divides through dialogue and action.

"It is crucial to discover more about the positive impact already achieved by international actors dealing with predominantly Muslim societies and Western countries in order to devise the most useful recommendations.

"The following initiatives are some examples of endeavors of states and civil society involved in strengthening constructive linkages across cultures as well as addressing structural grievances."
I was looking for more information on the World Parliament, when I came across

And no. that's not an incorrect spelling. It is Glocal.
These are meetings related to the AOC. It is interesting how many take place in Spain.
This seems to be the closest to a start for the coming World Parliament featuring religious leaders.

So many people being made to feel special about their role in the NWO!


Anonymous said...

Child of God,

I do intend to answer your 5:46 PM question over this weekend when I have more time to sit down and write. Yours too Dorothy.


Anonymous said...


RE the AoC's intent to connect to related efforts, they already have done so. The biggest entity they have connected to is the Barcelona Process in the form of the Anna Lindh Foundation. The ALF, which was formed to give the social dimension of Barcelona Process a face, represents itself to be the "network of networks". I often tell people let them have their "network of networks", I much prefer my King of kings.


Anonymous said...

Because I've been concerned about Obama's run for the presidency, having watched his operation when he ran for the Senate out of Illinois, I have been looking at the Rick Warren connection. At A Slice of Laodicea, linked to on the front page of this blog, they carried a December 29 story titled:
How Barack's Winning the Evangelicals

This in turn leads to
blog/index.php?p=448&more=1&c=1 and a story titled
"Dissenters at Rick Warren's Church - shown the door over OBAMA"

Then in the middle of the story we find:
"According to Rick Warren, these people are resisters and are standing in the way of Purpose Driven progress. In a June 14th article written by Rick Warren on his website (What Do You Do When Your Church Hits a Plateau? ), Warren told pastors and church leaders not to be discouraged about slow change in their churches. He told them it would take time ... and in many cases it would take these resisters either leaving the church or simply dying. Warren stated:

" If your church has been plateaued for six months, it might take six months to get it going again. If it's been plateaued a year, it might take a year. If it's been plateaued for 20 years, you've got to set in for the duration! I'm saying some people are going to have to die or leave."
A comparison is made to Barbara Marx Hubbard's writings on dissenters. This should give you a taste of what it will be to live under a New Age regime.

Over at World Net Daily a forum is set up to allow people to discuss Warren.


Anonymous said...

I just read this when reading about Saddam's execution, and I think it may be important to understanding what may be coming next...

"The execution was carried out around the start of Eid al-Adha, the Islamic world's largest holiday, which marks the end of the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, the hajj. Many Muslims celebrate by sacrificing domestic animals, usually sheep."

The question that immediately popped into my mind was... Could this be the sacrifices prophecied in the Bible that will be abolished if and when the Islamics join with the AoC's new world religion?

DAN. 7:25
He shall speak against the Most High and oppress the holy ones of the Most High, thinking to change the feast days and the law. They shall be handed over to him for a year, two years, and a half-year.

Dan. 9:27
For one week he shall make a firm compact with the many; Half the week he shall abolish sacrifice and oblation; On the temple wing shall be the horrible abomination until the ruin that is decreed is poured out upon the horror."

Thoughts on this idea would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 1:47 AM
The Bible was never concerned with sacrifice made to other gods, so the passage surely refers to sacrifices made as God appointed in the Pentateuch. (If you think Allah is Yahuweh, consider that the Koran which Allah dictated to Muhammad denies that Jesus is divine and denies that he died on the cross.) Saddam Hussein is not on the scale of Antiochus IV 'Epiphanes' or the world dictator who is yet to emerge, whom Daniel refer to.

Ellis Skolfield has an interpretation that the "False Prophet" in Revelation refers to Muhammad - certainly the most notable false prophet yet - and that the blasphemy on the wing of the Temple refers to the Dome of the Rock, sited at a corner of Temple Mount and decorated with the most anti-Christian verses from the Koran (including those mentioned in the previous paragraph). Overall I disagree with Skolfield's endtime scenario, which does not have the whole world sucked into a humanist dictatorship and portrays Israel fighting for its life against an Islamic Middle East. But he makes some good points. Read God's word, read commentaries, pray, and decide for yourself what God is saying. Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

"Charlemagne prize 2007: Solana critics stand up
12.12.2006, 17:20 Aachen.
Nominating the new Charlemagne prize winner Javier Solana increasingly releases criticism in Aachen. A surprised Andreas's Mueller (from the left party) reacts to the decision communicated by the board of directors on Saturday.
Solana - at that time NATO Secretary-General – is to a large extent responsibile for the attacks, which were against international law, on targets in former Yugoslavia. Mueller calls him at the same time “chief ideologist of the concept of military interventions in the world”.
Otmar Steinbicker, chairman of the „peace prize”(farmer: another organisation), refers to the fact that the „peace prize” usually does not commentate on the Charlemagne prize. Despite this however he already practiced clear criticism on Solana before the publication of the Charlemagne prize decision. “He is an intellectual architect of the militarization of the European foreign policy”, says Steinbicker. The military part of the European Union condition is based to a large extent on a paper, which was written by Solana in the spring of 2003.
“For us Solana surely would not have been come into consideration”, so Steinbicker. Councilman Andreas Mueller already called up the people of Aachen, to express “their refusal both to the winner and to the policy of the military adventures” on the day of the award of the prize - at May 17th. To what extent the „peace price” will take part in the protests is still open, according to Steinbicker. For its attitude the left wing party and „peace prize” receive also cover from Berlin: Willy Wimmer, Member of the Bundestag (farmer: German parliament) and expert in regard to Foreign Policy of the CDU, expresses himself likewise “concerned” over the Charlemagne prize nomination. In a letter to Walter Eversheim, speaker of the Charlemagne prize board of directors, he wrote, that Solana at that time “whipped the German and the European public into the war contrary to international law against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia”. Wimmers conclusion: „To award Solana the Charlemagne prize as a peace price is not justified neither towards the Charlemagne prize nor towards the city of Aachen”."
farmers translation from:


Anonymous said...


RE your 1:55 PM post--I completely agree. They are self appointed and intend to impose their hellish ideas on the rest of us. Interesting how one sided the AoC is too. For example:

If the Muslims kill in response to cartoon depictions of the prophet Mohammed, that is considered "understandable" while the actions of the Western press is considered "incitement".

If Iran threatens Israel with a nuclear blast, that is considered "understandable" or "dialogue" while Western response is considered "aggression".


Anonymous said...


RE your 5:26 PM post, thank you for the information on how this AoC network continues to grow. My subsequent post on the Anna Lindh Foundation expands a little on how big this thing has grown. Your links show how this network keeps expanding beyond anything I could have ever imagined.


Anonymous said...

I saw some interesting comments on Saddam's execution here that got me thinking.
Jesus cast out demons from the man called 'Legion' and the demons cried for them not to be banished to the abyss. Instead they wanted to go into the pigs. But when the pigs died, where did those demons go? Not to hell or anywhere else. They are still on the loose until Jesus returns to lock them up forever. Now with Saddam claiming himself to be "Nebuchadnezzar 2" that is definately demonic where it is reflected at wiping out of the Jews and the desire to kill anyone for fun. Now the question is, where has the demon that Saddam had gone to? Its not destroyed, just displaced. I wonder where we will see it turn up.

Anonymous said...

Dorthy and Earl
Both of you need to get with the program on what is happening in the world.I am a FUNDAMENTALIST and I love the FUNDAMENTALS of the CHRISTIAN FAITH. I'm a SAVED BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN the problem is that you don't want to do things GOD'S way but your OWN way. I'm not motivated on fear. I'm motivated on the BIBLICAL TRUTHS OF THE BIBLE. Things in the world are comming to pass as scripture say's.
I'm praying for you that you'll get saved.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much anonymous 4:56 for your well-meant suggestion. We all have different roles to play in life. Yours is to do missionary work regarding Christianity. Mine is to teach about the New Age movement. I believe the role of this website is to teach about the New Age movement.


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:56 PM

I have read many of Dorothy's writings over a long period of time and have found her position to be one that fights for our (fundamentalists) rights to worship as we wish. She does appear to have a problem when others become disrespectful based on religious differences.

I agree with her position. I am of the mindset to live and let live and give glory to God that we do live in a country where we have the right to worship freely. When that right is violated for one, it is violated for all.

I have tremendous respect for the knowledge and perspective that Dorothy brings to this board.


Anonymous said...

Child of God,

Regarding your 5:46 question, I have been waiting to answer fully until I finish reading a book as I would like to incorporate some of it into my comments. The book is THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT. According to the book, they have studied all religious prophecies and intend to filfill those prophetic expectations for us, thus they will have managed prophetic expectations and can then move on to their next phase of creating their vision of a new "heaven and earth".

The way I see it is that all three monotheistic religions have mystical elements that will take the bait hook, line, and sinker. There are those of us who cannot as we know better. This is true for orthodox Muslims. Prophecy tells us that the antichrist will order the earth to worship an image. This violates the first and second commandments. Those with the most basic of scripture knowledge will understand that this is a big "no".

Hope this somewhat answers your question. I will post additional commentary once I complete the book.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Constance received an invitation to be interviewed on Israel National Radio. The show is the Tamar Yonah show. It can be heard in English worldwide over the internet. The interview may be at Midnight Monday morning, NY/Eastern Time or on Tuesday. The show will be archived for a short time. Topic: Alliance of Civilizations and one world religion. To hear it live, go to and hit the listen live button. If there is more specific information on the time, I'm sure Constance will post it.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that info! I can't wait to hear it. If there is a problem with archiving it, maybe I can help with that.

Anonymous said...

Jason, the station archives the shows for a period of time. Both you and I look forward to the show.

Anonymous said...

There was some confusion as to when Constance Cumbey would appear on the Tamar Yonah show because of the time difference between Israel and the US. The interview will actually take place in Israel on Tuesday, but late Monday night, 12 Eastern time, in the US. I apologize for any inconvenience.

There is an 800 call in number on the website.


James said...

2009, 3 years after 2007, which is this year. If any of you follow Herbs reports over at you already know a "covenent with the many" was confirmed.


Anonymous said...

The Pope IS Anti-Christ. There is
NO DOUBT in my mind. The greatest
persecuting geopolitical religious
instution ever known to mankind th-roughout all recorded history is
the Roman Catholic Church. The Popes of Rome have been the most
wicked lot of evil men ever to plague the world with ignorance,
darkness, and the bloodshed of innocents. VICARIVS FILII DEI is the official Latin title of the pope of Rome. VICARIVS FILII DEI=
666 when True Christians OBEY the
command of scripture in Rev 13:18 KJB. COUNT the number of HIS name.
It is the number of A man. That man is the leader of A religion that spawned many other harlot daughter religions from the womb
of the Mother(Rev. 17:5). The ecum-enical movement and the WCC, and
now the AOC are only mechanisms of
the Pope to bring the harlot daughters back into the fold of the RCC, and collectively persecute
those who resist. I am a Bloodwash-ed sinner saved by the grace of God
through my faith in the Blood of
God's son Jesus Christ, NOT MY WORKS. I love Jesus Christ and because I do I hate the Pope. Because I love Jesus Christ I stand
up now to proclaim that the Person-ification Of Pure Evil(POPE)from ther Realm Of Most Evil(Rome) IS IN
the Son Of Perdition(SOP). The Roman Catholic Church is responsib-le for the New Age Movement and the AOC(Leaven) and with the love of Jesus in my heart I would beg
any Catholic to go read in a King
James Bible 1st Timothy 2:15,
1st Corinthians 15 vss 1-4, Romans
chapters 3,4,5 and 10:13 Ask Jesus
Christ alone to save your soul
(FREE GIFT) Revelation 18:4 and
GET OUT OF THE Catholic Church or anything that is connected to it
politically, historically, ecumeni-cally,or in any other way it is connected. I have said this in Love
for the savior and for your soul.
At least I tried. One other thing
before I close as this may be of some help to someone who is reading this post, use any search
engine and watch
has it systematically removed from
the web.
Mandatory Reading...
DR. Gail Riplinger.
The Vatican's Holocaust, written by
Arvo Manhattan.
Vietnam, Why Did We Go ?, also by
Arvo Manhattan.
Go to Chick Publications and read
everything you can online for free
and I hope that you will trust in the FINISHED BLOOD ATTONEMENT of
Jesus Christ to wash away your sins
save your soul and give you an eternal home in heaven.
May POPE Benedict XVI soon ROAST in
HELL for eternity with all his predecessors.

G-d bless, from a sorry old saved
sinner washed in the blood of the Lamb.

Sincerely from Brandon Stone

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be harsh here but there are some comments that you made that make me go hmmm.

This statement you made is an oxymoron.

"I love Jesus Christ and because I do I hate the Pope."

That statement is like saying a positive plus a negative of the same number value is a positive. It amounts to nothing. They cancel each other out.

Here is some food for thought.
1 John 3:15
"Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him".

There are a lot of verses related to hate. I am not judging you by giving you this stuff. It's just you might want to reconsider some of the ways to express yoursef. Also wanting to condemn the pope to hell is a little on the hatefull side don't you think?

"May POPE Benedict XVI soon ROAST in
HELL for eternity with all his predecessors".

This seemed a little strong. I don't think this is loving our enemy. A lot of this kind of talk I hear from 7th day adventist as well as Jehova's witnesses. I am not advocating compromise.

Anonymous said...

If you think that was " a little
strong" please fasten your seat belt. First of all, I am a saved
sinner, second I am a Baptist. I
understand that Jesus Christ instructed 12 Jewish disciples
disciples to love their enemies, and pray for those who would despitefully use them. Those disciples were Jewish disciples sent to JEWS(Matthew 10:1-5) and
commanded by Jesus Christ...into
any city of the Gentiles or Samaritans enter you not. Paul whom Jesus Christ sent to the Gentiles tells Gentile Christians
like myself of ANOTHER KIND of enemy whose God is their belly and their glory is in their shame(Phillipians 3:18,19. Ephesians 4:18,19) and this kind of enemy is the one that IT IS A SIN TO PRAY FOR , and we are commanded by the dictates of Holy Scripture NOT TO
Pray for them and not to bid them
God speed for if we do we become partakers of their evil deeds(2nd
John 11,12. The dear saints at Ephesus in Rev 2:2 are commended
by Jesus Christ for trying some folks who claimed to be apostles and were not(Like Catholic Priests
and Tongues Babbling Sensous Carnal
Charismatics) who the saints at Ephesus found to be LIARS. Please remember the subtle woman in Proverbs 7 who decieves a STUPID young man VOID OF UNDERSTANDING with her much fair speech about LOVE with hugs and kisses included.
Her House is the way to HELL going
a picture indeed of the Catacombs
underneath the Vatican. She who talks so much about love your enemy
and lets put our differences aside and come to gether on the few things they have in common(LUST, Sensuality, Tolerance) because her
husband is SATAN. She calls him the GOODMAN of the house and says he TOOK A LONG JOURNEY, and TOOK A
BAG OF MONEY WITH HIM(Proverbs 7:19,20 a prophetic reference to
Judas Iscariot) and won't come home
to the time appointed. Proverbs 7
itself is a prophetic reference to
the GREAT WHORE and her husband the
POPE. Cross reference Proverbs Chapters 7,8 with Revelation 17,18.
Now I do love the folks who are decieved enough to tell them the
truth, yes even if it hurts their
feelings. Jesus Christ and the FINISHED BUSINESS HE PERFORMED on the CROSS SHEDDING HIS BLOOD ONE TIME TO ATTONE FOR SINS IS THE GOSPEL, How that Christ Died for our sins according to the scriptures, and was buried , and rode again the third day according to the scriptures(1st Corinthians
15 vss 1-4) IS THE GOSPEL OF THE
GRACE OF GOD, I beleived that, I confessed my sinful condition to
God and asked forgiveness of all
SAVE MY SOUL. Praise be to Jesus
Christ he saved my soul and gave me assurance of salvation that I couldn't loose if I tried to. Friend, that is being set free by recieving the free gift Jesus suffered on to the cross to give me for free. That is NOT what the
RCC teaches, and for that matter
that is NOT what is being taught in
most falsly so called churches today leavened with unscriptural
tolerance for evil. To love G-d is to hate evil so I love Jesus and I
hate the Pope for the POPE is the
is the falsly so called goodman who will come home to the 7 mountian city of Rome on the day appointed as the final ANTICHRIST.
Rome is nasty, Rome is vile Rome is the Mother of a Bastard Child. Rome be filthy Rome be rich, all who are yoked to the Pope of Rome
are blind people following blind
priests who will fall in a ditch.
The name of that ditch is HELL. I
at least love the dear precious souls they have decieved enough to
warn them that the Pope is ANTICHRIST and will lead them to
I am NOT a GOOD Christian. The Bible teaches us all that their IS NONE THAT DOETH GOOD(Romans 3:12). By the mercy of Jesus Christ and the Grace of God(Eph 2;8,9,10) I am only a saved sinner(1st Timothy
1:15) In my weakness Christ Jesus
my risen Lord and eternal Savior has given me strength and courage to call the Pope exactly what he is
Antichrist and a sodomite protector
Paedophile Sodomite Baalite priests
of Satans Favorite Religion(The Roman Catholic Mother of Harlots
and Abominations of the Earth.
book of Daniel. The only person on this earth who fulfills EVERY detail of the scriptural criteria
in the Bible to be the Antichrist
can be no other man on earth than the Pope. Better do what Jeremiah
said in Jeremiah 6:16, and seek out the OLD PATHS. All of the OLD
Baptists before my life began were
certain that the POPE is is the Antichrist, ALL of the Protestant
forerunners of my faith were CERTAIN that the Pope will be the FINAL ANTICHRIST. Gradually after
1906 with the Pentecostals invaded
infiltrated Protestant Christianity
for its whore mother who spawned it
and planted it in America to create
of sensual evil evolving into the
TBN,CBN,Etc, all holding hands with
Rome. Now the airwaves of America are completely polluted by Satanic
evangelicalism and the UNHOLY GHOST
eveidnced by tongues of fallen angels LICKING the POPES BEHIND and
talking all kind of crap about
Mitraeya is the Antichrist.
SMOKESCREENS to get people to buy
BOOKS written by gutless cowards
who aide and abed the the Antichrist, by their refusal to identify the Pope as ANTICHRIST.
I am glad my treasures are in heaven with Jesus Christ. I am glad
that I wont go to Hell working for
the Pope reaping the rewards of earhtly treasures$$$$writing New Age Conspiritorial CONJECTURE Books
helping the Man of Sin in Rome by
selling literature which points the finger to Antichrist towards some nonexistant figure(Fable) of
Mitreya . The Pope IS ANTICHRIST
and for saying so publicly I expect a full reward at the Judgement Seat of Christ.

G-d bless all those who love the
Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity and
truth, and give of his strength in your own weakness to call the most
evil man there ever has been exactly what he is. Benedict XVI is the VICAR OF HELL, and all who
refuse to call him what he is are
guilty of promoting the molestation
of prescious little children whom
My Lord and Risen Eternal Savior
Loves. Rome is THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS. In closing I beg the readers to read Jeremiah 6:16, and
1st Corinthians 6:16. READ it in the Book that the POPE and all New
AGERS passionately hate, The Book
God still Honors, and bears the witness of the Holy Spirit in its pages and the hearts of those who
believe it, The Authorized Version
1611 King James Bible. I dare you to read the Preface too!

Anonymous said...

If your brother whom you loved
got you to Hell, do you think you will still love him in Hell when
you come to the realization that due to believing the false gospel
he taught is the reason you got there? The Pope is not my brother
in Christ, nor did enter the world
through the same womb that I did.
Mr. Child of God: is Bim Laden your brother? Is Yassar Arafat your
brother? Was Roman Catholic Adolph
Hitler your brother. Was Madame Bl-avatski your sister? Was the false
prophetess E.G White your sister?
The Holy Bible tells us that there
man named Nimrod who got everyone
together to build a tower, like the
one in Brussels called the Tower
Building with a graven image of a
woman riding a beast parked right
outside the front door. Belgium is
a Roman Catholic country full of Mary worshippers. There exists one
empty seat in the building that is number 666. There is a MAN on this
earth whose official title in Latin
is VICARIVS FILII DEI and when the
ROMAN Numerals to HIS NAME total to
666 and the seat inside that building is spiritually molded to
fit his buttocks if you choose to
recognise him as a brother I am afraid you have seccumb to the tactics of evil men who were before of old ordained by God to
decieve those who never recieved a love for the truth that they may be saved(2nd Thess 2:7-12) like Jack Van Impe, Billy Graham, etc.,
who by their good words and fair speeches decieve the simple. Do you think God would have you to
LOVE Satan? Do you think God would
have you love child molesters whom
Jesus said that it would be better
for them that a millstone be hanged
about their neck and that they be drowned in the sea? Maybe I am just extremely stupid, but I think
I would do better by Jesus Christ to preach the truth to those who they have decieved and call them what they are, like the old hymn
THE DYING. Furhtermore Mr. Child of
God: When I said "because I love Jesus Christ I hate the Pope" that is not a statement that cancels itself out. The Popes official title in Latin is VICARIVS FILII DEI, let us do the math and OBEY
the dictates of the scripture and let him that hath understanding
C=100, L=50, I=1. The E,A,R,S, and
the F are not numerals so DROP them and ADD the others up and you get a perfect 666. Now how can this
be accomplished with some kind of Mitreaya crap. If it doesn't add up
something is wrong. The Popes of Rome are the only ones who claim to hold the place of God on earth.
The Popes of Rome are the only ones throughout history commit fornication with the Kings of the
earth. Rev 17:9 The Aventine,
Caelian, Capitoline, Palatine,
Quirinal, Viminal, Esquiline are
mountains of sin reaching unto heaven, Rome says they are only
hills, but Christ Jesus says they are MOUNTAINS(Rev 17 vs 9). Popes carried out INQUISITIONS against
BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS and JEWS. Popes are ultimately responsible for murdering 150,000,000+ Bible Believing Chris-tains . Puis XII and Adolph Hitler
Both Roman Catholic, Murdered 6,000,000 million Jews in the Holo-caust while millions of Roman Catholics were praying to Mary and
spluttering out the Ava Marias because the Pope and His Church taught them that it was the right thing to do. The Good Catholic
Adolph Hitler rose to Power in BAVARIA, JUST LIKE Joseph Ratsinger
Hitlers childhood nickname was WOLF,Joseph Ratsingers nickname before becoming Benedict XVI was the Popes Rottweiller. Now what would Jesus do? I sure dont think
Jesus Christ would have me to call
the Pope my Brother. I already KNOW
what Jesus would do because he gave me his WORDS. I know what Jesus would have me to do about being faithful to COUNT THE NUMBER
OF HIS NAME FOR IT IS THE NUMBER OF A MAN and warn others that he is not a Christian, but rather the
THE SON OF PERDITION. Remember Jesus said Judas Iscariot was a
DEVIL. Remember Jesus said TO WHOM
at the Last Supper. No wonder the
Vatican wants to own a place where
they claim the last supper took place.

I still hate the AntiChrist Pope.
I suppose I may suffer persecution
or maybe even imprisonment, perhaps even death for saying so.
Most of the world thinks the
Pope is a Good man contrary to Romans 3:12, but thats OK I suppose
because Jesus said the road to Hell
was a BROAD ROAD that leadeth to destruction and many there be that go in thereat. All roads to Rome, outside The King James Holy Bible,
converge to an interstate to the
Vatican decending through the catacombs underneath it through
volcanic rock into HELL. Go Read
Proverbs chapter 7 in the KJB one more time just for fun. You know
when Pope John Paul II did gave his
"Mea Culpa" in March 2000, most people were actually STUPID enough
to believe the lie written for JPII
by Joseph Ratsinger. Most people
are so STRONGLY DELUDED to believe
that the Roman Religion has finally
ceased from their 2000 year history
of Murdering Bible Believing Christains and Jews. Some people
never learn that HISTORY ALWAYS

I sure hope to meet Jesus Christ
in the air soon(1st Cor.15;45-52,
1st Thess.4:14-18.

Sincerely from a SORRY OLD BLOOD
Brandon Stone

Constance Cumbey said...

The last commentator used a questionable numbering system. Roman numerals are not counted that way -- there is subtraction and addition. For all his railing against Ellen G. White, that is a 7th Day Adventist theory commonly contained in their books!

Constance Cumbey said...

Gail Riplinger is a friend, but I don't believe she would concur in any theory of hate. Maybe Mr. Stone would like to call me on my Skype number and we could talk.

Anonymous said...

Brandon Stone, you have an interesting theory there. If the anti-Christ is the pope, then everything in the Christian religion from the first pope on down is a false religion as even the Reformation is derived from Catholicism. There is much argument as to who the first pope was. If you say it is only the last pope at any given time, then where is your supporting evidence to show which pope specifically was the anti-Christ.

The New Agers have their own Christ to promote. In fact Alice Bailey devotes a lot of her writings to the Christ. Anyone against this Christ could be said to be anti-Christ. All who fight the New Age movement could be anti the New Age Christ.

And you, by spending so much time fighting those who are anti the New Age Christ are helping the New Age movement.

Are you sure you aren't some kind of occultist? They speculate and endlessly use symbols and symbolic lanaguage and people go chasing the symbols rather than looking at what is right in front of them. As an example, how many people are twisting themselves into knots, trying to understand the Grail legends, as if it really mattered.


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Cumbey:

I never did say that Gail concured with my hatred for the Pope. The Book she wrote, New Age
Bible Versions, did however only
fuel my hatred for the Institution
we know as the Roman Catholic Church. The book prooves that one
institution on this earth is the one behind ALL the confusion of
perverted bibles.

Miss Cumbey on Israel National Radio maybe I misunderstood you, but you seemed to claim that the
New Age Movement pitted Catholics
against Protestants and Jews, and
Protestants against Catholics, etc.,etc. Here comes a a question
, and I would like to state here and now that I do not defend the
New Age Movement. What in the world did the New Age Movement have
to do with Roman Catholics extermination of of a group of people known as Anabaptists? What
did the New Age Movement have to do
St. Bartholomews Day Massacre? What
in the world did the New Age movement have to do with the Inquisitions? I know that the New
Age Movement is very dangerous, but
I also know that is is not near as
dangerous as the Roman Catholic
Church that is using the New Age
Movement to its own benefit to spread confusion and hatred in the
Body of Christ(Matthew 13:33,39)
More questions. What in the world
did the New Age Movement have to do
with burning Martin Luther, William
Tyndale and so many others? What did the New Age Movement have to do
with the death of Montezuma and co-ntless Aztecs who when presented
with the option ... baptise cathli-cos or die? What in the world did the New Age Movement have to do with murdering over 50 million Pro-testants because they refused to
aknowledge that the REAL presence
of Christ was in a piece of bread
and a "golden cup"(Rev.17:4)of wine
The Old Blackbacked Seven Sealed
Book teaches us that there is NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN.

Now as far as Love is concerned
I know God is love, but I also know
God HATES SIN. I know the Bible teaches us that the Jews are my enemy for the gospels sake, but that is the end of enemy part concerning Jews vss a Gentile Christian. I pray that more of them
will be saved before Jacobs Time of
Trouble begins. A Christian is su-pposed to try to love the Jew even if the Christ rejecting Jew hates
the Christian. That is not the approach that the Roman Catholic Church has taken towards the Jewish
people throughout history nor until this day. The Roman Catholic
Church still practices replacement theology until this present. The Roman Catholic Church even after the JP II "mea culpa"(fake apology
and set up for the sucker punch)
still believes that the RCC should
control Jerusalem and the Holy Sites. The RCC only utilises the alleged New Age Movement to leverage confusion in Apostate Christianity in order help them achieve this control. I would liken the New Age Movement to a tail on a dragon. Some Lizards I
have seen can have their tail cut off and grow a new one, they continue to live however. The surest way to kill the lizard though is to cut off its head. Since the Pope is the Head of a religious system the Bible likens to a beast, I believe much more
damage can be done to the beast by
attacking the HEAD with the double
edged SWORD OF THE WORD OF GOD. The New Age Movement seems to be a consistory of gullible Bible Rejecting Suckers who would have
all Apostate Christianity come back
home to their Mother in Rome and come together with Rome for continuation of inquisitions against all REAL PROTESTANTS WHO REALLY AND TRULY PROTEST AGINST ROME, and do not condider ourselves
seperated brethren of the RCC for
the Institution of ROME has never
been BRETHREN to us but rather
(Phil.3:18.19)masquerading themselves as Christians.

Miss Cumbey, I really and truly
Love Jesus Christ, and I love that
RACE of people(Jews) to whom Jesus
came to in the first place(JEWS).
I know God will never allow the
POPE(Satan) to completely exterminate them, but I have a great sorrow in my heart for the ones who are going to die when the
Pope picks up and continues where
Pius XII and Adolph left off. All the nations on earth are turning against Israel thanks to the OLD
appears to befriend the Jewish
People. When I stand at the Judge-ment seat of Christ for rewards or
loss of rewards I want it in the Lord's record that that I tried to
warn HIS Chosen People about their
Greatest Archenemy the Pope. I am only called not Chosen. Those of us who are called according to his
purpose(Romans 8:28)are supposed to PROVOKE the Jews to a JEALOUSY
for the dispensation of the grace
of God before the Great Tribulation
begins. There will be no salvation
by grace through faith in the Great
Tribulation, it will be by Faith in
That is going to be REAL HARD for
those Jews considering that the ones that do get saved will most likely have to loose their heads
or starve to death to stay saved, and they had better not take the Popes MARK. Strange that the German
currencey for many years was known
as the MARK. Strange Pius XII was
very connected to Hitler. Strange
the present Pope is from Germany.
Strange that ALL the countries in
WWII where the Jews were murdered
were predominantly Roman Catholic.
Strange that the vast majority of world leaders in the EU, UN, USA,
may have a little connection to the
New Age Movement, but stranger still is the Fact that they all have a larger connection to the Holy See and her scarlet robed pre-lates and most alledged Protestants
are mute on this issue but vocally
loud where the New Age Movement is concerned. Sickening and disgracef-ul is the fact that the Panzer Kardinal head of the inquisition who helped to protect paedophiles
and then becomes Pope may soon continue where where Pius XII and
Hitler left off and people who name
the name of Christ don't tell the
Jews whom God still loves that the
religion who murdered so many of them throughout documented history
remains the GREATEST THREAT to their existence as a race of people.

Miss Cumbey, I am a very poor man
financially speaking and cannot afford a long distance phone call.
I am however appreciative of the fact that you offered to let me call you. Thanks for letting me vent my frustration on your website
here. I have already said more than enough to spark a fire of more continued debate concerning the things of the which I have spoken. Please forgive me for my
rudeness and inarticulate ways with
which I express myself.
Jesus Christ saved my sorry old soul in 1972, to him I give all the
Praise and Glory for the suffering he did on the cross to save the most undeserving of sinners like myself. I am a sorry old saved sinner. I ain't no good, and I ain't no count. The only one who is good is who I am counting on to
KEEP my sorry ole soul saved his
GOOD THERE IS, and thats good enough for me. The Pope on the
other hand is not my Lords Vicar, but my Lords greatest archenemy.

From this point on I may come back and read the comments of
others. I will make an honest attempt toward letting the debate
continue without my interference.

Sincerely and with the love of Jesus in my heart.

Brandon Stone

Anonymous said...

To: anonymous
I am a saved sinner by the grace of God through my faith in Jesus
Christ. I am not an occultist and
and have not even seen my own daddy
in better than 10 years because he
is a Mason. I cannot fellowship with a devilworshopper who falsly
claims to be a Christian, even if he is my own daddy. I am very well
versed about the Harlot Daughter of
Rome that I properly call Slavemas-onry to Satan. I have a very compi-tent knowledge of what that harlot daughter of Rome has done to spread
doctrines of devils in the Southern
Baptist Church where I got saved,
and as time went on I witnessed with my own two eyes how the Masonic interference in the Southern Baptists was utilized to
adopt the SBC into the fold of the
Great Whore. Preachers quit preaching aginst Rome, an in came the tongues babbling holy rollers
hipocrites with their tongues of fallen angels as initial evidence
of the UNHOLY Ghost. Out went the final authority of King James Holy Bible, and in came the multiple perversions of fake Roman Catholic
bibles. Out went the old time
hymnals and in came the Africanized
Sex Jungle music, guitars, keyboards, women music leaders, women preachers ordained by Satan,
people worshipping the Devil with their hands stuck up in the air. singing jazzed up garbage off of a
projector screen. Preachers standing in the pulpit telling people like me with a KJB to take an ink pen and draw a line through
the word provoke and write the
word encourage in its place. Preachers always correcting the English with what they falsly socalled the original Greek all the
while creating more confusion and
distrust in the book their predecessors were certain were the very words of God(KJB). I witnessed
tolerance for all kinds of evil
and contempt for the TRUTH until
THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH that Jesus Christ sealed me with convicted me
to depart from the confines of Apostasy in the Southern Baptist
churches who quit preaching against
the RCC and started talking more
about the New Age Movement and how
they were against it. Funny thing
though the Fake preachers in the
pulpits who spouted the most garbage about the New Age Movement
Age Movement and also actively involved in drawing unsuspecting
suckers closer to the Roman Catholic Institution via eccumenical DIALOGUE with Childmolesting priests of Rome whom their predecessors in the faith took an ardent stand against.
Mr. or Miss anonymous , which ever the case may be, I am not an occultist, but the biggest cult in the world is the Roman Catholic institution that protects a cult of Sodomite Paedophile Priests who
enjoy some kind of sicko sensual
pleasure while they bugger little
children. The sickest part of it is it takes place within a religion
that claims the ability to perform exorcisms(Acts of The Apostles19:13), however for some strange reason they never have performed one on a priest so he would stop buggering little children but always sent the pervert to another parish so he could continue to bugger more little children unabated, but rather aided by Ratzinger. Some things are way over my head, like
Pentecostals who babble with the
vain babblings(2nd Timothy 2:16 that Bible Believers SHUN)unintelligable utterances of the
devil who also claim the ability to cast out devils. For some strange reason they never could cast out the devil of Deanna Laney, Andrea Yates, Lisa Montgomery,etc.,etc., all tongues
babbling as evidence of some Ghost
all those people have in common.
99% of Pentecostals will say THE
TOO, and accuse me of blaspheming the Holy Ghost is I make fun of them or Catholics for being led by
the Devil to do what they do . The Roman Catholic Woman in DeQueen AR
last year was a Charismatic Roman Catholic who could babble with the cream of the crop Pentecostals and
murdered her own children, I suppose the Priest couldn't do a good old fashioned exorcism on her.
I guess John Hagee couldn't cast the devil out of Paul Crouch either
before he had homosex with Lonnie Ford.

I am resolved that no Charismatic
Pentecostal Clown, nor their counterpart Cat-hole-licking priest
can either. ALL they can do is exchange devils with other.

this has been my response to ANONYMOUS
I shall if God permits move aside
and let the debate continue without
my presence interfering further as
I committed to do towards the end of my previous and last post.

Sincerely with the love of Jesus
my heart

Brandon Stone

Anonymous said...

I do understand the complete dicust about the priest. However you did bring up another issue, that is speaking in tongues. Is this something that you automatically believe is evil inspired? That it is fake? I have heard this from manny other people as well. I used to be a southern baptist. I left the churches that were not set on a life change for Christ and just set on saying a prayer for salvation. Do you understand the purpose of speaking in tongues or a tongue. Have you ever seen it truly in action for the purpose it was designed? If you do not believe in the modern day speaking in tongues do you also believe that the rest of the spiritual gifts are void as well? I know you said you are an old timer. I value all of what I have been taught by people like you. But too see the spiritual gifts in action will blow your mind away if you have not seen it or do not know that much about it. I do not say this stuff to anger you. I just have to understand a little bit more of where you are comming from. I used to know absolutely nothing about spiritual gifts whatsoever while I was still in the baptist churches. I can not speak in a tongue or tongues, as paul refers to. However the Bible does say to desire spiritual gifts. I would like to hear from you on this stuff. By the way my heats cry is for the salvation of the jews. I hope to hear back from you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Child of God it is getting close to my bed time, but I do want
to help you find out the TRUTH about the subject of tongues. Now
if you really and truly desire the
TRUTH and sometimes the TRUTH doesn't feeeeeeeeeeeel good, here is where to go to get the TRUTH about tongues.....

or just use any search engine and
type in these the following words

Fifty Things That You Should Know
About Tongues and Healing

by James L. Melton

Check every scripture Brother Melton gives in the context that
that God preserved those scriptures

I know if you really and truly want
truth and you will read that which I have suggested with an honest and
open heart you will truly be blessed.

Sincerely with the Love of Jesus in
my heart.

Brandon Stone

Anonymous said...

The truth does not hurt. Thank-you. However the article that you referenced puts the church age in the past. Back with the dinosours in the old testament. I'm sorry that you have not seen the gifts in action. It is mind blowing the knowledge that the Holy Spirit reveals through people. The knowledge to know all the names of someones sons and to tell them wich one was currently in prison. This man came to prophecy in the U.S. This is not an evil spirit. This example that I saw was absolutely incredible. This example was told to an atheist man. This man was basically told about his whole life and all of this mans son's names and the problems that they were having. Needless to say this atheistic man was converted and dropped to his nees and raising his hand unashamed and praising Jesus for opening his eyes to the saving grace. There were many many others that this happened to. It went for 3 hours. It was incredible. From Matthew to Jude and through Rev. ch. 3 is al present tense. There is specific warning to the 7 churches in Revelation. This is all present form. If you have not seen these gifts, pray to God to reveal them to you through the Holy Spirit. This article that you linked to is printed out and will be brought to my church to be shown. It will be studied and discarded as half truth I can assure you. I do not have faith in my church but faith in the Bible and I know that I have recieved some of the gifts. You have to desire them. None of the Bible in the new testament is past tense! It is all alive and well. Not one jot or tiddle will go away....Paul has specific instuctions as to currently desire to recieve the gifts. The article communicated that the speaking in tongues is not more important than the other gifts. So it verified that it does still exist. This article just vrified that it is a gift. Until you purpose to study up on the verses that tells you to recieve them you will be left in the dark. There are so many verses that I could go on with more than 50 counts to prove the reality of these. That article was half truths and so many verses could have been added to it to verify the gifts do still exist. It is all biblical. However I can not stand people who think that they are all high and mighty because they can speak in a tongue. I can't speak it. And there is a difference between speaking in tongue and speeking in tongues. One is singular the other is plural. The singular is the language of angels(not fallen ones) the plural form is the language of men. Paul is quite clear. Do not try to discredit what the Holy Spirit will do now as a past tense. The Holy Spirit is always with us and we are told to desire spiritual gifts. If you do not desire what God can give then how can you be used for the maximum gain for Christ? If you refuse the equipment that He has offered every believer, you will not be obeying the word of God. It says to "desire spiritual gifts". This does not mean because you desire them that it will be revealed that minute. Paul went and laid hands on Timothy to stir up the gift that was inside of him so that he may be established. Please re-read with an open mind on this stuff. It is biblical. But it has to be used out of love. I pray that you will see what the Bible describes. This does not mean that every believer speaks in tongues as Paul has clearly stated this. May God bless you with all that He has for you. This is not a health and wealth prosperity message as those are crap.

Anonymous said...

Child of god(2 cor 4.4 KJB)

I have seen this phenomena in action. The Apostle John told us
to TRY the the spirits(1 John 4:1)
Paul made it CLEAR that we are to
JUDGE 1Cor 6:1-5. I decided as a Babe in Christ many years ago that
since I will Judge Angels, I had better get some practice in the here and now. The tongues flapadoodles claim to speak in tongues of angels, and I have judg-ed that the ones who are not just
vain babbling are in fact speaking in tongues of FALLEN ANGELS. You misrepresented Brother Melton, because he knows and as does his article indicate we are at this present IN THE CHURCH AGE toward the end of the dispensation of Grace. I have carefully scrutinized
the tongues phenomena under the microscope of the scriptures with
the aide of the Holy Spirit(John 14:26). The Hastala shuandai untie
booboo bwasia didya didya dudya untie bowtie crew all clearly walk
in darkness always placing greater
emphasis on FEEEEEEEEEEELINGS(SENSUALITY, CARNALITY) than on scriptural facts. They are the first ones the devil sent to me to
try to screw up my mind two weeks
following my new birth. Thanks and
glory be to JESUS CHRIST who is the
fullness of the Godhead bodily and the Holy Ghost he sealed me with
on that morning in 1972, Satan failed to decieve me with his futile attempt using the tongues of the UNholy ghost crew. The Holy
Ghost always brings back to my rememberance the SCRIPTURE(John 14:
26). You DID NOT check the script-ures. In all my years fighting the good fight of faith holding fast the faithful word as I have been taught by the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, I was careful to take note of the fact that among the VAIN BABBLERS
the vast majority of those who claimed the ability to speak sylla-balistic jibber jabber that 99% were women, NOT GODLY LADIES. The scripture is clear that ladies were to keep silent not just at Corinth but ALL THE CHURCHES(plural
of the saints(1st Cor. 14:32-38)
A Pentecostal Clown when confronted with the facts without
fail for 35 years now always tells
me the holy ghost told them someth-ing else and they claim the KNOW
that it was the holy ghost because
it. I am sure they can feel it, andthe scripture does support what
I say in TRYING THE SPIRIT they cl-aim they can feel(Ephesians 4:18,19
Philippians 3:18,19). Among the
cohorts of charismania there exists
the purest forn of STRONG DELUSION
which I have had the sad misfortune
to witness with my own two eyes.
The Just shall live by faith. The
tongues crew always seek after a sign, and Satan is always present
among them to accomodate those who
reject the truth of scripture and
openthemselves up to seducing spir-its(2nd Thess. 2:7)Signs and lying
wonders. I AM SURE They Pentecostal
group is Satanic. They do not spend any time trying to win lost souls. They prey on peaple who are
already saved and try to convince them that they don't have all God has for them unless that can speak with the LONG FLOPPY TONGUE. They
claim that tongues is the initial evidence of the Baptism of the Holy
Ghost(BIG FAT LIE). The Holy Bible
assures me that Jesus Christ is the
fullness of the Godhead bodily and that I am COMPLETE IN HIM, not the
Holy Ghost. I do have the Holy Ghost as I was sealed with the Holy Ghost on that wonderful morning in 1972 at 11:55 a.m. BY
JESUS CHRIST who washed my sins away in his BLOOD(Titus 3:5-7).
Tongues Babblers all add works to
to salvation contrary to Ephesians
2:8,9 and Galatians 2:21. They, to
put it plainly have another Jesus,
another spirit, another gospel
(2Corinthians 11:4 and Galatians
ch 1vss 6-9. They are false apostles and decietful workers frustrating the grace of God with
their own evil works and fleshy
feely signs(Matthew 12:39)Satan
gives them a sign(2nd Thess 2:9)
they can feel it(Ephesians 4:18,19
Philippians 3:18,19). If you would be careful to sake note in Ephesians 4:11,12 the functioning
gifts still extant for the PERFECTING OF THE MINISTRY, you WILL NOT find TONGUES(1 Cor. 6:2. 1 Cor 13:8-13) If Cointh had followed the Commandments entrusted
by Jesus Christto Paul FOR ALL THE
CHURCHES OF THE SAINTS(Plural) there would be no need to firbid
the speaking in tongues(1st Cor14:
39) because if the women would obey
Jesus Christ and SHUT UP it would
only have taken 1 more meeting to
prove that tongues had in actuality
already CEASED. Ask Yourself why
when (1st Cor. 13:13) says....
"And now abideth faith, hope, and
charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity", TONGUES WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE 3
as STILL ABIDING, in the very passage that dealt with the cessation of the SIGN-GIFT of tongues.

You won't do it child of god(2Cor.

I will tell you something else with CHARITY. Go to Revelation
Chapter 16 vss 13,14. Read it and consider....unclean spirits LIKE
frogs...frogs make more noise in darkenss like Pentecostals, frogs
are slimy like the Bible perverting clowns on TBN holding hands with the Pope......Frogs have
LONG FLOPPY TONGUES with which they catch their prey. Like Satans
suckers gospel with tongues on the
hook for Bait.. Frogs Hop, Hop, Hop
like a Pentecostal dancing, or hopping over pews. A Dragon has a
long floppy tongue hanging out of its its mouth. The beast has a long floppy tongue hanging out of its mouth, and the FALSE PROPHET
has a long floppy tongue hanging out of his mouth and speaks as many
different LANGUAGES fluently as did
John Paul II, and as does Benedict
XVI. From 1906 when the Satanic
revival of tongues in the USA began
and up until now with all the emphasis on tongues and with all
the countries on the earth coming
against Israel at this present(READ
Rev 16:13,14,15 again slow)would you rather be clothed with the raiment of FAITH( The JUST
SHALL LIVE BY FAITH) or would you rather be found among the NAKED wearing only a TONGUE, 1st 1:22 and
1st Corinthains 14:22) seeking after a sign not given by God, but counterfieted by Satan .
Some even ignorantly declare it
TONGUES. I wholeheartedly agree with them on that point, for I know
from the REAL HOLY GHOST who brings scripture back to my rememberance that SATAN decieves
Bible Rejecting suckers with miracles just as Pharoah had magicians who could mimick most of
what Moses was invested with the
power of God to perform.

Read"Clownsville Carnival written
by Brother Peter S. Ruckman, a book
which may be purchased at
Bible Baptist Bookstore in
Pensacola Fl

P.S. Read
"Why I AM NOT a Charismatic"
also written by Dr. Peter S Ruckman

I love old Brother Ruckman because
I know that he really loves Jesus
in sincerity and truth. He makes
me laugh a lot too!

Sincerely Brandon

Anonymous said...

Child of god(2nd Cor.4:4)
The Bible is VERY CLEAR, and DID
the chronology of the New Testament.

The BIBLE IS VERY CLEAR, we are indeed insturcted to covet PROPHESY
and we ARE NOT TOLD IN THE NEW TESTMENT TO COVET TONGUES. You would fare well to read 1st Cor
REAL SLOW. Tongues when it was an operative gift to confirm something
to a JEW present, before the cessation of the SIGN-GIFT of Tongues. What was going on at Cor-inth was greedy and only edified the one claiming to do it. Tongues
at going on at was REBUKED by the
beloved Apostle Paul.
1st Corinthains 13 vss 11,12 GROW
UP child and be a man.

Dont waste time on me with the
book of Joel talking slop about former and latter rain, I am a sorry old saved sinner but I am NOT STUPID.(2nd Peter 3:14-18)

All charismatics refuse to answer the question in 1 Corinthians 12:30.

Laying on of the hands was LEFT
BEHIND by the people for whom
God in past time had intended it.
(HEBREWS 6 vs 1 and 2) ANYONE
claiming laying on hands is for today is clearly identified by
Jesus Christ as passing themselves off as something they are not
(Revelation 2:2, 2:6, 2:9), (2 Cor
12:12 Past tense),(Hebrews 2:1-4 P-
ast tense) and P.S. Paul NEVER
preached Acts 2:38 as the plan of salvation, and ALL SATANS Groups
preach Acts 2:38 as the formula of
salvation when IT IS NOT. It was
for the Jews but it AIN'T for them NO MORE baby! 1st Cor 15:1-4 does
not line up with Acts 2:38 because
GRACE OF GOD. Ephesians 2:3-7, and Romans 11:13-15. Paul did not get
saved from believing Acts 2:38, and
Guess what else? NEITHER DID

Anonymous said...

Brandon must be an old time Bible
preacher. He is telling the truth
and so is James Melton.

Pentecostals do spend a great deal
of their time attempting to defend
Roman Catholics just because they
also speak in tongues too.

Brandon also did point out the
correct scriptures to refute the
ungodly tongues heresy.

Sola Scriptura. Tongues is over except where the seed of the adulteror whore are concerned.

Anonymous said...

Wow! that is incredible that you would automatically think that I am a feelings type of sally falling for the different denominational feelings croud. You speek an awful lot about tongues but nothing about the physical healings that still happen. Does this mean it is non existant. When these people are healed they praise Jesus in and out. Don't tell me that satan healed them or some form of satan did. When these people magnify Christ, you can't deny that. I am talking about the people who recieve the healings that magnify Christ. Ungodly tongue heresy? Man shut up. Are you educated in that language? Are you able to understand it? NO! Nor will you until God might just grant it to you. Until then shut up about false speaking in tongues. You have no personal experience what so ever! Nor do you choose to. By the way deny the atheist who fell on his neese and worshipped Jesus Christ as his saviour in front of 5000 people and not suffer humiliation. Your eyes are not open to the miracles of God! You do not seek his prescence as David did. He felt the prescence of God because he seeked it. Now this tongue stuff is not fake although I believe there is some false stuff. You may claim it to be, but when someone walks up to someone else and just starts witnessing to them in another language when they don't know anything but english, it IS the power of the Holy Spirit. Claim it is not all you want.But when this happens in the witness of many it is conveyed to make believers out of people who know nothing about Jesus. They never even heard of Him. Are they touchy feely? I am not talking about the pope croud with there multiple language education stuff. I am talking about people who can't even read english! This is where my education ends with a lot of the older folk. I am sorry to say this. This is not a feelings type of person that you are talking to. I am not following some feeding frenzy. Deny the gifts of the spirit all you want, you might not ever see! What a joy it is to see them in action. May God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I also did not refer to Timothy speeking in tongues. His gift was stirred up! Whatever it was I don't know!

Anonymous said...

Brandon: I offer a corretion and appology. How did you judge that it was the language of fallen angels. I said maybe you didn't have any experience, maybe I am wrong. How do you Know? I have also been victom to the tongue croud as well. Some like to harras the people who are winning souls. My appologies again, forgive me. I do not speak in a tongue or tongues just my messed up english. However I do not seak for the gift of tongues. Whether or not it is used through me later for spreading the gospel who knows. However I will not refuse it if it is given to me. And yes I do agree that you should not speak in tongues unless there is someone to interperate it. Especially in church. I see that one broken in my church quite often. The interperatation is never given. However if God gave you the ability to witness one on one using the gift of tongues would you refuse it? Again forgive me for a slightly harsh responce to you.

Anonymous said...

Miss Cumbey:

The 7th day Adventists ARE NOT the
ones who discovered the ..........
please don't give them credit for
something they plagerized from
D.L. MOODY, C.H. Spurgeon, and
a converted priest by the last name of "Cronin"

source"The Mark of the Beast"
by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
page 71

If the 7th day Adventists, with whom dissagree on their doctrines,
picked up on something that IS A
FACT, and run with it themselves

Dear Lady I did add those numerals
up correctly too!, And You KNOW it!

Sincerely with the Love of Jesus in my heart.

Brandon Stone

Anonymous said...

Brandon: I noticed your posting on the mark of the beast with that book. I have read it. However have you heard of Javier Solana? I would bet to say that you have not looked into him to the extent of the traits of the anti-christ described by your beliefs. However his full name is Fransico Javier Solana Madariaga. His name means angel of light from the east(false light).
He WAS a member of the papacy! He now rules the E.U. and his constitution is called recomendation 666. Just about everything he touches turns to 666. This is not an added up figure of some sort. This is a litteral 666! Out of over a thousand aplications for the constitution his was in the slot 666. It was the document chosen over all the others. A lot of the constitutions workings are now hidden. His rules do not allow any form of religion unless it can be scientifically duplicated. Also there are 5 ways to determine the sex of a person, one of wich is what you are born with. It is discusting. He commanded the balkan war. It wiped out many Christian denominations when it was at first stopping crime. Cough cough. The vatican spoke out against the bombing campaign, but very quietly. You wonder why? Javier Solana was the man behind the war. He was a member of the papacy as an atheist. This man has all the dirt on the papacy from all the child molestations. But they cant speek out against each other as a rule. Ok I admit that is wrong. But now you have to understand why the vatican basically didn't speak out. Solana has the dirt! The only coutry in the world without an organised military is the vatican. If the vatican was to open their mouth to wide Solana would have inserted foot in a big way. It would have led to the colapse of the vatican. I know you have your views on the pope, but I won't go there for now. You see, I personally believe the Solana needs the vatican at this moment to push part of his agenda, so he is not going to destroy it right away. It will be a slow painful death. Now I am not saying this Solana guy is the anti-christ but a good candidate. I understand how the Bible in Revelation 13:18 it says calculate the number. Ok have you considered it to mean just figure it out? Not a formula? The Bible is not as complicated as all these formulas floating around. How about the literal 666. It is so plain it could slap you in the face and most people overlook it. People have been trying to figure this out many centuries and have got it wrong. Could that be because it was not the time of the end as Daniel refers to the sealing up of prophecy. Look at the name of the last book of the Bible. Revelation has a meaning, it means it will be revealed, but not 200 years ago. All these formulas are to complicated. Achild could not understand without an education with all these formulas. God said a child would understand his word. He didn't make it too complicated. This Solana guy has done peace treaties world wide. Many.many, many of them. He has run one coutries finances and another countries military all while still sitting in another. Explain this guys impact. He has accomplished political things that have been humanly impossible. As well as his education. He is a master at everything he touches including deceit. Now you can still argue about the pope as 666...fine. But you better be open to the revelation of Jesus Christ. Not man interperatation of it. There are endless things that could be posted about this man that would more than equal ALL past popes in experience except for the slautering of the Jews. But don't worry he is on the way to that as well. He is also commited to the 7 year peace agreement. He anounced this awhile ago. Here is a political cartoon listed on Hal Lindsey web site.
It describes exactly what the media did not report. You will be floored. And it deals with the 7 years. It is a litteral comment. When you see it,you will know exactly what I mean.

Good luck and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear child of god:

I mean you no harm either. I would
however recommend that you part co-mpany with those who have led you

I know that God can do what ever he wants to whomever he wants, when
ever he wants. But I also KNOW Jesus ain't going to make a liar
out of his own self. I know
go against a command of JESUS CHRIST.

If tongues had not ceased, and it is a JEWISH SIGN GIFT for an unbelieving JEW who required SIGNS
to authenticate that something was
truly of God, with all the lost
Jews over in Israel, why would someone be hiding their gift inside
a church building underneath a buschel instead of selling everything they have and moving to
Israel to evangelise those whom
Christ still loves and are lost.

Now as I said before I am a SAVED
CHRIST. The Bible tells me that
JESUS CHRIST is the fullness of the godhead bodily and I am complete in him. If that is true
(Colossians 2 vs 9) what in the world would anyone today want to do
with TONGUES, when NOWHERE in the
New Testament is any CHRISTIAN instructed to covet the least of
all gifts. I am also very aware of
how carnal charismatics grab 1st
Corinthians 13 vs 1 wresting it to their own destuction and start ran-ting "see there Paul said I speak with tongues of men and angels"
when that is NOT what the Holy Ghost(1st John 5:7) preserved in the scriptures. Look at the word
Though in Cor.13:1. Now go look up the word in Websters English dictionary, and see the explnation,
Paul, go to 13:2,3, 4. Did Paul
give his body to be burned. Did Paul move a MOUNTAIN with his faith. Is is very beneficial to
watch out and be ON GUARD when listening to a Pentecostal DOTE
about words. Paul DID NOT SAY "I DO
speak with tongues of men and angels" he did say THOUGH, Like EVEN IF I DID. Paul spoke a number
of LEARNED LANGUAGES before he ever
GOT SAVED in Acts of the Apostles
JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF not the 12 men in Acts 2. The Gospel Paul
preached was not the same thing
12 men in Acts were preaching. Here
comes further PROOF(Galatians Chapter 2, Please READ IT SLOW in its entirety. You would fair much
better to read ROMANS throught
Philemon 10 times before you mess
your mind up with Acts of the Apostles, and after you do that
of the Apostles. The knowledge you
gain from Romans to Philemon will
HELP you fill in the gaps in Acts of the Apostles. The last living Apostle was John whom Jesus Christ
had write the Book of Revelation.
Catholics and Charismatics believe
and teach unscriptural and Antichristain doctrine of devils
(Apostolic Succession).

If a phony healer really and truly
had the gift of healing what on
earth is he or she doing laying hands people in a church. If they
really and truly had CHARITY, they
would be walking through cancer wards and healing sick little children of cancer, or healing
aides victims free of charge. Every
thing in Mark 16:15-18 was left
behind in Hebrews 6:1,2. I still
believe in devine healing, Jesus
Christ has done it to me without
some nut laying their evil hands
on me. I am not trying to be mean
spirited, just honest. Sometimes
the TRUTH DOES HURT. Sometimes the
TRUTH IS OFFENSIVE. You had better
thank God that you never have spoke
with the devil possed long floppy
tongue, even though you have had
those people gather all around you
and press down on you hard with their hands and tell you JUST START
MOVING YOUR LIPS. Don't you call me
a Liar child, YOU NOW KNOW I AM

I have been physically attacked
on 3 occasions and beat up bloody
by Tongues Babbling Pentecostals
whose spirit inside them manifests
itself is very violent and evil when confronted with the facts of
scripture proving their heresy .
I know some of them may look nice,
smell nice, dress nice,etc., but I
KNOW Satan and his ministers are
already portrayed in the scriptures
(2nd Corinthains 11:11-15 whose end
will be according to their own works by which they deliberately
with malice and premeditation frus-trated the glorious Grace of Jesus
with their signs and lying wonders
and works Rev 20:11-15).

The Holy Ghost will not allow a
TRUE child of God to have pleasure
in unrighteousness.

The Holy Ghost always draws attention to JESUS CHRIST.

Charismatics place too much emphasis on what they fasly call the Holy Ghost becuase they have not the Sirit of Christ.

The Real Holy Spirit intercedes on
my behalf through Christ.........

With Charity let me tell you some-
thing child of god(Romans 8:26)


Sincerely with the love of Jesus in my heart.

Brandon Stone

Anonymous said...

first. That means he recognizes the
supremacy of THE POPE. You folks
will do anything you can to wiggle
out of the facts in front of your face. CATHOLIC KISS THE POPES RING
including Javier Salano. Quit kicking the slats out of your criband squiriting milk all over the walls from the baby bottle. And
child of god the bible speaks to in simpler terns than CALCULATE.
The Bible in Rev 13:18 says
COUNT. You folks complicate the simple and in so doing you you aide and abed the Man of sin and Son of Perdition, who already according to his own church claims
to hold the place of God on earth.
Javier Salano has not made that
Duck, dodge, squirm, slither, I
don't care what you do. The Facts
are Facts.

Shame on you for helping the old
Sodomite paedophile pervert child
molester protector hide his true

Find out if Solano is a married
man, and I mean married to a
WOMAN, that is important because
I hear tell Sodomite can marry each other legally in Spain.

I hear tell in the book of Daniel
man who sets up the abomination
that maketh desolate will have no regard or desire for a woman.

P.S. It seems like every country on earth where Roman Catholics
make up the majority in politics
queers are getting more rights.
Take Canada,Spain,France for just a few example. Never mind the Catholic church's false stand against Sodomites, because most
of their priests like molesting
little boys more than little girls.

Anonymous said...

Satan is not an Atheist, Satan
KNOWS he himself was greated by
God, Satan is JEALOUS of Jesus
Christ. Satan impersonates Jesus

An athiest alledgedly does not believe God exist.

James 4:4 Go read it!

That kind of rules out an Athiest
becoming Anti-Christ

Lay off the booze and dope and
start reading and believing the

Anonymous said...

child of god(2nd Cor4:4)

The Vatican has the Swiss Guard,
the Vatacan has UNIFIL troops at its disposal to protect the Pope from death threats of (ISLAM another harlot daughter of the RCC).
The Vatican minipulated the US army
Air force, Navy and Marines, to
protect their interests in Viet
Nam(VietNam Why did we go? written
by Manhattan, read online at Chick publications) I could go on and on
proving that the Vatican, controlled by the Pope, has many
armies at his disposal, to protect
his interests, just like Hitlers
Pope, Eugenio Pacelli who became
Pius XII had Hitler, Franco, Mussolini.

I am not talking about conjecture
here or conspiratorial theories, old wives tales, fairytales or


Good Day.
Good Bye,
and with to my absence you may
say good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Javier Solano is Married to one
Conception Gimenez Solano, a woman
not a man. Daniel 11:37 clearly
rules out Javier Solano as the

Brandons opponents are clearly
grasping at straws.

I for one am glad Brandon showed up
to help straighten out this mess.
I hope he comes back.

He does come across as mean spirited, but has made me stop and
think that the truth may need to
hurt a little to get more benefit
from it and take it more seriously.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why Jesus said in the end the love of many will grow cold. I will have no part of it.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 6:12
you are way behind on Solana. Sorry to tell you. Try a good few years behind. Keep going though. you are headed the right way. You will eventually see the unimaginable.

Anonymous said...

Child of god that was lame man.
You better get the first aide kit
out and bandage yourself. That
Brandon dude cut you up so bad man.
You had check and see if all your limbs are still attatched.
You used your defence of tongues
as a shoe horn slide your own feet
into your own mouth dude. I hope they didn't slide in too far man.
From your last two posts sounds
like your choking on your own feet.

Hope you washed your feet first.

Forget the first aide kit and dial

Anonymous said...

yeah! child of god should go back to that church and and try to get
those tongues and healing so he can
lick his own wounds and heal them
by the laying on the tongues.

This has been the most comical
posts I have read since I have
been here.

He is fortunate his opponent didn't
take his head like David did Goliath. Brandon may be mean but
but he also appears merciful.

Anonymous said...

to child of god

sure thing that the love of many
shall WAX cold. I think brandon
loves you alot, or else why would
he take the time to come back and
keep pointing you to the scriptures
after he said what he said yesterday, then committed to remain

You asked his response on your 4:24
P.M. Post. and he come back to you
at 10:36 P.M. told you where you
could find out what you asked of
him. At 9:14 A.M. you responded to
material he reccomended for you to
study, by diliberately misrepresen-ing said material by James Melton.
I know this is true because I have
that same material in print next to
me right now. I grew up in a Pentecostal family. I know for a
fact that James Meltons material is
scripturally accurate, and either
you chose not to read the very
scriptures contained therein or you
did not read it at all.

That Brandon must love you, because he kept refering you to
the scriptures, the scriptures,
the scriptures. Jesus gave us the

You just got a spanking,
Hebrews chapter 12:8, I am surprised he did not tell you to
read that one.

That man is not being mean, he is
just a real salty Christian.

I noticed in his posts how he kept
referring to himself as just a sorry old saved sinner, and no good
which demonstrates from the start
Biblical humility.

The saltiest Christians are sometimes the most sarcastic
just as Paul had to be so sarcastic
to the Corinthians because he loved
them so much.

I think the fellow really and truly
wanted to help you with the wisdom
God gave him for humbling himself
before God, and not man.

I may be wrong, but thats what I
really think. For whatever its

Constance Cumbey said...

>>Anonymous said...
Javier Solano is Married to one
Conception Gimenez Solano, a woman
not a man. Daniel 11:37 clearly
rules out Javier Solano as the

FOR THE RECORD, as the European Voice noted in that paper in its 1995 archives, Javier Solana and wife "called it quits" in early 1995, the same year he took over the 6 month dual coinciding presidencies of the EU and WEU. It has been an obvious "divorce, Spanish style" where the couple moves into separate residences and live separate lives. He did not move his family to Brussels and spends extremely little time with them. He asked his friends to help him build a new social life in Brussels when he went there for NATO assembly.

What else do you care to know about Senor 666? Ask me!

Constance Cumbey said...

>>Anonymous said...
>>Javier Salano IS a ROMAN CATHOLIC
>>first. That means he recognizes >>the supremacy of THE POPE. You >>folks will do anything you can to >>wiggle out of the facts in front >>of your face. CATHOLIC KISS THE >>POPES RING including Javier >>Salano.

WHAT TYPE OF DISINFORMATION AND CONFUSION ARE YOU TRYING TO SOW? Starting with the spelling of his name which is S - O - L - A - N - A,
NOT "Salano" you show you know remarkably little about this man and/or you have been kissing Ian Paisley's ring! Javier Solana is hardly a Catholic or Christian of any type, let alone a devout one. He is anti-clerical, anti-religious, and as far as I know, an ardent atheist who was officially a Marxist until September 29, 1979; HOWEVER, I have a picture of him raising the Marxist fist salute at a 1983 clearly Marxist-Leninist meeting! His grandfather was so anticlerical he would not permit his mother, Nieves Mathews to be baptized. I'm not saying Solana is necessarily THE DUDE, but the prophecies are that he would not regard the god of his fathers nor anything that was worshipped as god but would esteem himself above all. "

Now, what else would you like me to tell you about SENOR SOLANA aka Senor 666 (after the number of the bill creating his jobs and after his Recommendation 666 proposing boosting them, which he got at Nice, France in December 2000.

Constance Cumbey said...

Currently in the knowledge contest between Crabby Old Uncle Earl and Child of God, Child of God is so far running far ahead!

Constance Cumbey said...
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Constance Cumbey said...

Avro Manhattan, source for much of the Chick information was a shameless apologizer for Buddhism. Now, square that with 1 Corinthians, Chapter. Usually only Theosophists demonstrate so much Buddhist concern in their writings.

Anonymous said...

Daniel 11:37
Neither shall he regard the God
of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he
shall magnify himself above all.

Solana has at least BEEN married.
The gentle lady's depiction of the Spanish Style divorce seem to convey the possibility that that
the Pope refused to grant a divorce for the Solana, which if it
could be proven true would
demonstrate the Pope still weilds
the greater power position ,even magnifying himself above all
that is called God or worshipped,
even above Senor Solana. The Pope
has had no wife unless he has
"known" a woman in one those convents like only a few have
in time past. Can we produce the
666 with some title bestowed upon
Senor Solana by being faithful to
follow the instructions of scripture.

Revelation Chapter 13 verse 17
And that no man might buy or sell,
save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the NUMBER OF

Revelation Chapter 13 verse 18
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath
understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

May we all in the future dilligently consider the elements
of criteria with which to critique
our examination of the subject
which is before us.

1. The beast has a mark.
2. The beast has a name.
3. The beast has a number
which when counted comes to
a sum total of 666.
4. The number of the beast can
can only be counted by adding
up the number of his name.

5. The number of the beast is
not the number of man, but is
indeed the number of A man.

No one has to kiss Paisley's ring
or the Pope's ring, nor even the
ring of Senor Solana in order to
acquire the wisdom to fiugre the
it out.

We know for sure that celebates
of the Roman Catholic church do
in fact lay down flat before the
Pope before his feet. We know for
sure that priests under Pius XII
took his phone calls down on their knees. Hmmmmm
We know Latin is the official language of the Roman Catholic
Church. Latin in Greek is Latenios
and is 30+1+300+5+10+50+200=666
We know VICARIVS FILII DEI does indeed total up to 666. Some one
already gave a perfect illustration of how that works
above in their previous post.

Can we count that number by Senor
Solana's name or some official
title bestowed upon by the illus-trious organisation he represents.
If we obey the mandates of scripture we must rule out any
propisition or recommendation such
as the 666 recommondation for the recommendation 666 in itself only
measures up to one point out of the above five, and that only in
the number 666 itself, unless
perhaps the man who initiated
proposition 666 also measures up
to another of those 5 points by
counting the number of his name
and coming up with a sum total also
rendering the 666 by name or official title.

We also know that whoever this man
is he will indeed be the leader of
a woman clearly identified in
scriptures to be a great whore.
A woman who is drunken with the blood of saints and martyrs. A
woman whose colors are scarlet
and purple. A woman whose symbol
is a golden cup. A woman who has
ruled over kings of the earth.
A woman whose wine makes many
drunk in a spiritual sense.
A woman who is a political power.
A woman who is proud, mystical,
doomed and damned by God. A woman
who is also a city. We know this
city must have at first been built
on seven mountains.

From what we have ascertained thus
far, we should ask ourselves who
is the most likely candidate to become the Antichrist of scripture
between the Javier Solana and a

Think about it !

Unless Javier Solana becomes the
Pope himself it does indeed appear that contrary to popular opinion
the Holy Bible has declared A Pope
to be the winner in the race for Antichrist.

Anonymous said...

Constance Cumbey has already
proven beyond measure to be a
shameless apoligizer and
sympathizer for that dirty
old pervert protector in

Anonymous said...

VICARIVS FILII DEI - "Vicar of the Son of God" is not and has never been the title of the Bishop of Rome.

Whenever anyone trots out this old chestnut I know I am dealing with an intellectual lightweight.

Now since 666 is the number of 'its' name, let us find one that matches it.
Ellen = L+L=100,
White=a double 'U' = 2 'V's +1 =11.
Total these three numbers, and we have, 100 + 555 + 11 = 666.
So Ellen Gould White, the prophetess of Seventh Day Adventism, has a name that adds up to 666, and it is the number of a NANE and not of a supposed title.

I would say that the number '666' applies more readily to the prophetess of Seventh Day Adventism since it is the number of 'its' name, and not the name of a trumped up, non-existant title, wouldn't you? Who was it that came up with the quote about stones and glass houses?

For the doubters about the double 'U', I suggest you consult your dictionary for the origins of the letter 'W':

Ofcourse one can also PROVE that both Messrs Clinton & Bush along with a few other historical tyrants also fit the number.

A Freemason in Tolstoy's War and Peace writes out the phrase l'empereur Napoleon and triumphantly deciphers it as 666 by adapting the old Hebrew system of gematria (where every letter has an associated number) for the modern alphabet. When Gladstone was Prime Minister in the 19th century, some clever-clogs discovered that you could extract 666 from his full name by transliterating it into Greek. Martin Gardner's eccentric book The Magic Numbers of Dr Matrix shows how to nobble the 20th century's greatest beast by means of the deceptively simple code A=100, B=101, C=102 and so on. The six letters of HITLER then add up to you-know-what.

A failure to hit the jackpot with Martin Luther could be saved by side bets on Martinus Luther or Martinus Lutherus

So boast of Your Wisdom - and know that Your Wisdom is foolishness and vanity in the eyes of The Lord.

Constance Cumbey said...

Response to "Farmer"

>>Anonymous said...
"Charlemagne prize 2007: Solana critics stand up
12.12.2006, 17:20 Aachen.
Nominating the new Charlemagne prize winner Javier Solana increasingly releases criticism in Aachen. A surprised Andreas's Mueller (from the left party) reacts to the decision communicated by the board of directors on Saturday.
Solana - at that time NATO Secretary-General . . .


Constance Cumbey said...


>>Brandon said...
>>Dear Miss Cumbey:

>>I never did say that Gail concured with my hatred for the Pope. The Book she wrote, New Age
Bible Versions, did however only
fuel my hatred for the Institution
we know as the Roman Catholic Church. The book prooves that one
institution on this earth is the one behind ALL the confusion of
perverted bibles.

>>Miss Cumbey on Israel National Radio maybe I misunderstood you,

You have maybe heard only half of the news as was the case with me when I was a child (I was raised on those old anti-Jesuit theories by my Seventh Day Adventist mother). I now have learned of massive persecutions where massive number of Catholics too shed their blood at the hands of Moslems, Protestants (as was the case especially in Geneva, Switzerland and England), in Mexico from 1926 through 1938 (with Wycliffe extolled Cardenas being responsible for much of that persecution which also banned Spanish translations of the Bible while giving lip service to Cameron Townsend's translators into obscure languages) -- what good does it do to promote obscure translations which may or may not be accurate and at the same time ban the common language bibles for the masses? Mexico from 1926 to 1938 and Spain from at least 1936 to 1939 was bloody carnage for Christians starting with Catholics and then those anti-God laws and their enforcement being extended to all Christians except for apostate cooperators giving lip service to the persecuting Mexican regimes. What about the turning over of Catholic countries to the Communists by Allied Powers after WWII which led to many persecutions and sometimes wholesale slaughter? There is plenty of fault to go around on all sides. When Catholics were being persecuted in Mexico starting in the 1920s, about the only group in the USA to speak out loudly about it (the Catholics were afraid to say more for fear of precipitating even worse terror on their brothers south of the border) was a Jewish congress in NYC. It was sensitized because they were undergoing similar things in Europe. Little did both sides know that there was a common denominator to their persecutions called Theosophy too often aided by interdenominational and intradenominational hatreds which kept a blind eye just as the USA and Canada far too often kept a blind eye to the European slaughters of the Jews. There is plenty of blame to go around. Jesus wrote: "the day will come when men will kill you and this they will do because they have not known me, nor Him who sent me. . ."

Constance Cumbey said...


>> However his full name is >>Fransico Javier Solana Madariaga. >>His name means angel of light >>from the east(false light).
>>He WAS a member of the papacy

Javier Solana, to the very best of my knowledge, is not nor has he ever been a "member of the papacy." I apologize for not reading closer. Last night, AFTER I TOOK A SLEEPING PILL, I was called and told Child of God, an old time and valued member of this board was "being beat up on" ... I didn't get to read everything, especially in that limited time frame to work, and I posted a defense -- however, we all make mistakes and this is one. Child of God, sorry, but this one is a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody considered that perhaps "the Prince of the Covenant" that the antichrist temporarily defeats as said by the Prophet Daniel, might be the Pope?

Constance Cumbey said...

Reply to "junk yard dog"

Have you ever heard within the "gay community" of "cover marriages"?

Just asking

Constance Cumbey said...

>>Unless Javier Solana becomes the
Pope himself it does indeed appear that contrary to popular opinion
the Holy Bible has declared A Pope
to be the winner in the race for Antichrist

Well, I'm all ears. Please give me the Bible Scripture which says "The Pope is the Antichrist." I'm all ears and have my Bible open and ready to find this!

Constance Cumbey said...

In case you would like to know Lucis Trust's stance on the Vatican, here's references

(page 1 of 1)


Externalisation, 499:
in London and in Washington and elsewhere; the Vatican, that wealthy and reactionary ecclesiastical
Externalisation, 545:
includes the Christian faiths as well. That the Vatican cease its political scheming, its
Problems, 131:
and complete confidence in the priest and in the Vatican are regarded as spiritual duties. The
Rays, 623:
one case by decrees and prohibitions from the Vatican (via the organized priesthood) as to right
Rays, 625:
and only the continuing voice of the Vatican is left, but - curiously enough - receives less


" . . .and rivalries is equally urgent, and this statement includes the Christian faiths as well. That the Vatican cease its political scheming, its exploitation of the masses and its emphasis upon ignorance is as important; that the manifold divisions of the Protestant churches be bridged is imperative. If none of these things happen, humanity is headed towards a religious war which will make the past war appear like child's play; antagonisms and hatreds will embroil entire populations and the politicians of all the nations will take full advantage of the situation to precipitate a war which may well prove the end of humanity. There are [546] no hatreds so great or so deep as those fostered by religion. . . ."

That was one of the things that struck me when I started deep research on this in 1981 -- there was equal hatred of Christians, Jews and Moslems and particularly, the anti-Christian hatred focused in particular on Catholics and in general on the rest with special wrath being reserved for bible believing fundamentalists.

Personally, I choose to stay out of being a division of the Antichrist's 'Divide and Conquer' armies by civil war against other believers in Christ whose interpretations may or may not differ from mine. THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT by LeMesurier noted that they would not have to worry about the "old agers" as the massed divisions of the Old Age would enter a war of massive mutual venting against each other. Then, BINGO, the New Agers (under their more frequently acknowledged 'god' Lucifer) move in to be the phoenix arising from our ashes.'

Fortunately, God who knows all wrote a very different ending. We will lose some battles. They will lose the ultimate war as nobody can fight against God himself nad ultimately win!

Constance Cumbey said...

That "woman" could just as well be the New Age/Gnostic heresies which have been around since the Garden of Eden. The Catholic Church has only been around the last 2000 years.


Anonymous said...

The Pope is a a wolf, excuse me
wrong word I mean ROTTWEILLER wearing sheeps clothes. The Pope worships Mary whom the Instutit-ion he represents calls its self
the "Mother" of all religions.
I personally do not believe that
the Roman Catholic Religion Apostacised from scriptural Christianity for it NEVER WAS
Christian in the first place. It appears to me that the religion
has been around for alot longer
than 2000 years. It appears to me
that is is the same religion that
the Jews yoked themselves up with
in old Jeremiah's day whom God sent
to get them to repent of offering
up cakes to the "Queen Of Heaven",
and the pagan X-MASS thing(Jeremiah
ch.10 vss1-5). The Roman Religion
does worship their Mary as the
queen of heaven and mother of God.
1st Timothy 2:5 says
"For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men,the
man Christ Jesus;"
POPES have worn tripple tierras
crowns, My Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ wore a crown of thorns.
My Lord Jesus Christ was meek and
lowly, the line of Popes have all
been high and mighty sitting on
thrones and leading processions
with much pomp.
Pontifex Maximus was the title of
A man in Rome before Jesus Christ
was even born, Pontifex Maximus
today remains one of the Popes
ungodly titles.

Worshiping before a graven image
is forbidden in the scriptures.
The Pope has his own set of scriptures blatantly elavating his
own opinion to a higher authority
than the mind of Christ(EXODUS 21
verses 4 and 5)

The Pope teaches his version of
Mary is the "Queen of Heaven and
Mother of God"

Jesus Christ said in THE BOOK
of the RC version of Mary.......
"And upon her forehead was a name
Rev. 17 vs 5

Jesus Christ calls the religion
decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of
abominations and filthiness of her fornication, a great whore(Rev 17
vss 1-5), and the Holy spirit he
sealed me with had guided me to
say the Pope is her Pompous Pimp.

My Lord Jesus Christ calls
all those to who truly worship him
to come out of her my people.
(Rev. 18:4)
My Lord's enemies say don't listen to those preachers of doom and
gloom, they are intilectual light
weights making much ado about
nothing, take sides with us and

The Holy bible teaches us that
salvation of the soul is free
paid for in full by Jesus Christ
"IT IS FINISHED", its by the grace
of God thought faith in the blood
of Christ Jesus, NOT OF WORKS,NOT
2 vss 8,9,10)Lest any man should

The Pope proudly BOASTS and Boasts
and continues with his incessant
BOASTING that TRADITION supercedes
scripture and with a magnificant
loud voice reaching unto heaven
Christ, Not the scriptures, No man
cometh to the FATHER BUT BY ME.
Holy Father. I can make sure you
wont spend too long in PERGATORY
never mind the fact that PERGATORY
cannot be found in the SCRIPTURES.
The only way you get to hell is
by placing your faith in Christ
alone. That free gift buisiness
is a bunch of crap. Only through
MARY then through my PRIESTS, and THEN THROUGH ME is their forgiveness of sins.

Don't tell me that is not what they
teach because I KNOW FOR A FACT

Don't tell me that is not the
curriculum of THE ANTICHRIST, I don't have to be an intillectual
heavyweight to KNOW FOR SURE IT

and just open it up to First Corinthians 15 and read verses
1 through 4. BELIEVE WITH YOUR
HEART That Jesus died on the cross
to pay for your sins in full, to
keep you from going to HELL.
Admit to God that you are a SINNER
deserving to burn in a lake of fire forever and ASK Jesus to
wash all of your sins away RIGHT
ASK JESUS Dear Lord Jesus

Friend it is that easy.
Friend if you will do that and
sincerely mean it down deep in your heart when you ask Jesus
to save you from the penalty of your sins. You will before you
get up off your knees be a blood washed saved sinner, a child of
God through faith in the bood of
Jesus Christ, and Just a sorry old
saved sinner like me.

Time is running out real fast!
If you die with out Jesus Christ
washing your sins away in his


Anonymous said...

Forgive me I said Exodus 21
on the graven image thing, I meant to say EXODUS 20 vss 1-4.

Anonymous said...

Constance: thank-you for the correction. I am trying to rely a lot on memory of the posting of anti-christ watch part 3. I printed it out before he took it down. Unfortunately I gave away my only copy before the computer crashed.

To the others:
Now as far as this pope demanding worship of himself as some here claim to say. This pope is cleaning house! No I do not agree with everything he does and says. But he has come out and quite clearly stated that Jesus Christ is the only mediator and the only way to heaven. Maybe you find it convenient to not state this to conform others to the agenda. He has had an uphill battle trying to clean out the closets. I have also heard him say on a nightly program that he does not worship Mary. Now this is an about face for the vatican. There has been trash there. A whole lot of it. Why is it that you can not give credit where credit is due? Your foaming hatered gives you away. How can you say you love Christ but not be meek in your presentation to others. Telling me I need to be lick by my tongue slapping friends. That is hate as far as Jesus states. Don't claim to be a follower of Christ if you cant show love. Truth is love but your presentation is anything but.

Anonymous said...

thank-you for posting the message of salvation. I am saved by the blood of the Lamb. It is me you are concerned about, thank you. I have repented for the crap I have done over my whole life. It was like a sword being drawn on my heart. I believe people nowadays do not understand what it means to say it from the heart. With out repentence there is no change. Repentance is to throw away the garbage and your desires be changed. I have seen people profess to be believers and watched them say a prayer that looked like it was heart felt,but when they would not discard their old life style and almost ran full spead back to it, it made me wonder. But then I remembered the story of the fruit that Jesus said. You will know them by their fruits. You can not have bad fruit from a good tree, nor good fruit from a bad tree. Unfortunately by some of the comments hear I sometimes wonder about people. Jesus is my Lord and Saviour and I do not want to offend Him. At this point and probably forever, I do not care a whit about anything but the Bible. I have dyslexia and my reading absolutely stinks. However, there is one book I can read without screwing it all up. And the only Book is the Bible. I thank God for that gift.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

I hear the savior say ,
Thy strength indeed is small,
Child of weakness ,
watch and pray,
Find in me thine all in all.

Jesus paid it all,
all to him I owe,
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.

Lord, now indeed I find,
Thy power, and Thine alone,
can chanhange the leper's spots,
and melt the heart of stone.

Jesus paid it all,
All to him I owe;
sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.

For nothing good have I,
whereby thy grace to claim,
He washed my sins away,
in the blood of Calvary's Lamb.

Jesus paid it all,
All to him I owe;
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.

And when before the seat,
I stand in him complete,
I stand in him complete,
My lips shall still repeat.


This is Brandon's FAVORITE HYMN
and I cry like a baby evey time
time I sing it , much less even read it.



BYE BYE, I have to go before
I short circuit my keyboard
with tears.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Brandon, but you are attributing to Jesus Christ things he never said. You need to separate the things said by his followers from things said by him. In addition you are using books chosen by the Catholic church when the New Testament was put together. Some books were chosen and others rejected over the course of four centuries during the early years of the Catholic church. Why would the religious Catholic church establishment choose to use writings that were the direct opposite of their beliefs.

If you choose to be inspired by the words in the New Testament, do so, but do be aware of the source of those words.

The reference to the Papal Swiss Guard as defending the Pope cracked me up. Take a look at a picture of the Swiss Guard over at Wikipedia. Are you sure they are ready for modern day combat? Granted there may be some other training given behind the scenes, but until I see modern day military equipment in the square, I consider someone making comments here is just goofy.

And Brandon, you deserve the glossalalia award because even in English your long, long rants make as much sense as a lot of other glossalalia.

Anonymous said...

To: anonymous

Those funny looking axe ended
things the swiss guard carry,
appear to be about the right
size to behead tribulation saints.
Get real Mr. or Miss Anonymous.
Talking about THE BOOK, those WORDS in THE BOOK were not chosen
by the Catholic Church, Those Words in THE BOOK were CHOSEN
by THE "WORD" of God himself
(1st John 5:7, Revelation 19:13,
John 1:1)

Who do you think your kidding?

The RCC for centuries forbade their
own parishioners from even reading
the BIBLE. The Bible itself was
included on the Catholic INDEX
listed as a FORBIDDEN BOOK.

Come on and get real! I will try
to give you just a little bit
of help.

READ " History of the Reformation
of the Sixteenth Century"

Authored by


869 pages, I read it 2 times
so I reckon you could read it at least once.

The RCC has a very well documented
history of BURNING BIBLES, and
those whose faith was in those
did what I and so many others
have done Preach against the
the Institution of Roman Catholicism for we recognize it
before our face as to what it really and truly is.

Then for so many who did just exactly that THE RCC proved that
that we were right on target
by spilling our blood or burning us at the stake.

The Blood of The Saints and Martyrs
of Jesus Christ still cries out
from the ground as a testimony
for Jesus Christ himself against
The Roman Catholic Church.

Sincerely with the love of Jesus
in my Heart toward the Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Also to the anonymous one
another very helpful little book
would be


29 pages

By Dr. Peter S. Rukman

Sincerely with the love of Jesus in my heart

Brandon Stone

Anonymous said...

Cute Brandon, you read a book that agrees with your thinking and recommend it. That's not real scholarship. So, you're a Protestant and don't like Catholics. Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

You're just like everyone else who wants to justify their prejudices. Let us know when you've disected some Catholic scholarly writings.

"Throughout his writings, Merle emphasizes that the Reformation of the sixteenth century constitutes “the beginning of modern times.” In other words, it is the Reformation that constitutes the great watershed that divides the Middle Ages from the modern age; it is the Reformation that has determined the destiny and progress of the nations. Roman Catholicism has, both before and since the Reformation, retarded and degraded the nations in which it has held sway. This is all too evident in the history and development of nations such as Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Conversely, Protestantism has emancipated and enfranchised the human mind in those nations in which it has taken root. This is equally very evident in the history and development of nations such as England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and later, the United States of America."

Anonymous said...

Funny how a websearch on Ruckman leads us back to information on Bailey and Rick Warren.

Thanks for lead as to where you are coming from Brandon.

Anonymous said...

to: Anonymous

I certainly wouldn't call my self a
Scholar. I am a sorry old saved sinner by the Grace of God through
my Faith in The BLOOD of Jeuss
Christ who washed my sins away.
I am a Baptist 2nd. I had my convictions before I read the books I recommended. I certainly
had my convictions before I ever even heard of Brother Ruckman.
And I realize ROME is the one
who labled all Christains who refuse due biblical conviction
to agree with her as Protestants.
The RCC itself should truly be
called Protestant due to the fact
that she protests against the
Truth of Jesus Chist as his WORDS
manifest those Truths in The Holy
Bible. She Protests against God
superceeding his Authority by imposing her ungodly dogmas and
traditions of men above the TRUTH
found in THE HOLY BIBLE.

I do not hate Catholics,some of the sweetest people I have ever met
have been Catholic, even though
they unknowingly suffer the bondage
of the Religion which enslaves
their souls and sends them to the
pit Hell.(Proverbs 7:27)

Jesus Christ Loves them dearly so much that he wants to save their souls and set them free and tells
them in THE BOOK just how to escape
Revelation 18:4

If any man thinks himself to be something then he is nothing.
I am nothing, I ain't no good,
I ain't no count, the only one
that is good is who I am counting
on to keep his promise to keep me

John Chapter 10 vs 27, Rev. 18:4
John Chapter 10 vss 27,28

God bless
Sincerely with the love of Jesus
in my heart from the no good, no
count sorry old saved sinner
(1st Timothy 1 verse 15)

Anonymous said...

Brandon, I will agree with you. You are no scholar.
You write "if any man thinks himself to be something then he is nothing.
I am nothing..." Obviously you must hold a very high opinion of yourself because you recognize you are nothing.
Or else it is just double-talk.

With the trouble you've been trying to stir up here and the exaggerated breast beating routine, you've certainly tried to make yourself the center of attention, and humble people don't do that.

Anonymous said...

In desperation to defend a defensless position some post
comments diliberately twisting
a mans words to their own demise.
The proof rests in the previous post.

Constance Cumbey said...

I think that's about enough for comments on this post! Let's move on! Thanks to all for participating and let's move on to the later columns. I expect to have another article published Wednesday as well on NEWSWITHVIEWS.COM

James said...

As far as the number 666, it has always been a number that represented evil. Take notice of the description of Goliath (An Evil Figure in the Bible.) I believe it describes Him as being 6.6 Cubits tall (9 1/2'), with a spear head weighing 6 shekels (80-90 lbs.) Don't quote me on that, He may have been 6 Cubits tall with a spear head weighing 6.6 shekels. Regardless, my point is that the number 666 shows up. Numbers have a meaning in the Bible, 666 happens to represent Evil.

Anonymous said...

The Israel-Palestinian conflict was created by God Almighty.God gave Abraham Land 'flowing with milk and honey'... but that land belonged to other tribes before Abraham claimed it. You see. I do not forsee a human-solution to the conflict.The AoC seems to me as a precursor of a major world war or the start of a New Religious Order but not the solution to Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Anonymous said...

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