Sunday, June 12, 2005

Javier Solana -- Our man in Baghdad?

Post EU Constitution Rejection -- Our man in Baghdad? – Just What exactly is Javier Solana doing there? Why are we supporting it or is he supporting us? Is 'Barcelona' the payback?

Many of you have my educational, public domain CD Rom on Javier Solana. I opened it with commentary on the three pivotal meetings held in June of 2004 which would firm the role of the EU’s Barcelona Process in the Middle Peace Process. I wrote that the reason for this was that the USA was obviously in trouble over Iraq. The EU would lend us its support – but for a price. The price was USA concurrence in the EU’s Barcelona Process using its various Treaties of Association between the Mideast countries. The one with Israel was signed in Brussels by the EU’s Javier Solana and Israel’s Shimon Peres. This happened on November 20, 1995. Two days later, the largest earthquake in Israel’s history rocked that region. Epicentered at Eilat, it registered, per the US Geological Service, 7.2 on their measuring scale. Those of you who have my disk have viewed the actual S and P waves for that quake with an even larger 7.3 mw reading from the Ontario Earthquake Research Center. Only one week after the treaty with Israel was signed and five days after that momentous quake, Javier Solana opened the Barcelona Conference. His opening words targeted Catholics and the 1095 crusade called by Pope Urban II.

The Barcelona Conference had three agenda items per the preliminary news releases: (1) Battle religious fundamentalism – worldwide; (2) Favorable mutual trading terms for the basin “partners;” and (3) Get the USA out of the Mediterranean.

Two days after Solana achieved his treaty and the Barcelona Conference ended, he was unanimously, to the utter surprise of the Spanish press, made the new Secretary General of NATO. He was best known back home as the country’s leading opponent to NATO! He stayed on the NATO job approximately 3 years and 9 months. He left his 4 year NATO appointment a little early -- to take new posts as the Secretary General of the European Union, and the Office of the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Approximately 6 weeks after taking the new posts he was also handed whatever military command of Europe was not handed him in the CFSP post -- by being given control of the ten nation Western European Union, a military federation.

While still at NATO, Solana was given unusual powers by its constituent nations. He was given the sole say-so over whether Yugoslavia would be bombed or not. "Solana has the power and has had it since January 30th [1999] said Madeleine Albright. We are speaking with one voice through Javier Solana." When President Clinton went on American television the night of March 21, 1999 to tell the American public the bombing was about to begin, he said, "I agree with Javier Solana's decision to do this." Nobody, to my knowledge, in the popular media, ever asked, "who's Javier Solana." Pope John Paul II and Eastern Orthodox Patriarch Alexiye were rebuffed in their requests to have the bombing halt 'between the two Easters' so that they could mediate a settlement. Instead, a civilian train was bombed during that same time frame.

Now we fast forward to 2005 -- and we are coming up on the tenth anniversary of Barcelona.

We heard a lot in the past year about the EU’s role in the Middle East Peace Process. We heard relatively little about its role in Iraq. Now that is coming out of the closet as well. So is “global governance”. 2005 is planned as its make or break year. The UN’s 60th anniversary is per Gareth Evans a perfect time to act.

As in June 2004, there were significant conferences, the situation is likewise for 2005. The G-8 appears to be firming up a global redistribution process at the strong urging of co-Progressive Governance member, Tony Blair.[1] The European Union is hosting a “Donor’s Conference for Iraq.” Javier Solana was in Iraq this weekend meeting with Iraqi officials. Looking cynically at the situation, under the guise of “rescuing the USA in Iraq” with a quid pro quo of USA deferral to EU aims in the “Greater European Neighbourhood” which includes Israel, the Palestinian Union and Jordan, it appears that the EU just might pick up the oil we coveted as well. This would take it a long way towards achieving Jacques Santer’s adopted urging the EU to dislodge the USA as a global superpower in the 21st struggle for resources. I suspect Javier Solana’s recent call for merging of all EU military resources immediately won’t hurt that cause either.

Javier Solana looked so depressed after the EU constitution was voted down in France and Holland in the past two weeks that I almost felt sorry for him. A day or two later he was shown in jubilant mood with James Wolfensohn, outgoing World Bank president. Wolfensohn will now be serving as a special envoy to the Middle East by the “United States and its major allies.” He is to oversee the Israeli transfer to Palestinian Union. Troubled times are expected. I was especially concerned to see announcements that a known First Earth Battalion[2] tactic was possibly set for use against Israeli settlers reluctant to surrender their homes and property: “The Screamer.” Its proponents admit its long terms effects on victims are unknown. For current information on the First Earth Battalion and its current influence in government, read Jon Ronson's THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS.

Now Solana's dejection appears to be short lived. He appears to be recovered and back in full gear. Moreover, it looks as though the French rejection may have been advantageous to Solana's long term plans. A European Union think tank, TEPSA Friends Report[3] contains a statement from a self-confident observer, one Cécile Barbier that Tony Blair was the first to say he would hold a referendum. It was to Tony Blair’s advantage to have the French go first as Blair was certain the constitutional issue would be defeated in any British referendum. By having the French go first, Blair was off an embarrassing hook. The observers said Tony Blair was hoping the French would vote NO so he could suspend the referendum in the UK.[4]

Now for the Iraq part. Quoting a recent CNN story:

Thursday, a group of European Union members was in Baghdad, marking the first such high-level delegation visit to the country since the ouster of dictator Saddam Hussein. Javier Solana, the EU's top foreign policy official, and Britain's Foreign Secretary Jack Straw met with Iraqi officials to prepare for an international conference on Iraq. The EU and the United States are co-sponsors of the conference that will have "three main issues -- one that is related to politics in general. The second related to security, and the third related to what we may call rule of law," Solana said. The conference will be in Brussels, Belgium, on June 22. Solana said the delegation was meeting with "everybody," including government leaders and Sunni officials who "are not part of the mainstream of the political system." "We would like very much to see them incorporated. It will not be a successful transition without the participation of everybody," he said.[5]

A few days ago on Public Broadcast Television, a leading financial commentator came forward and warned the American public that they should not gloat over the voting down of the EU constitution by France and Holland. “The United States government needs and supports a strong Europe,” the speaker said. “Although the constitution is going down, there are parts that must and will be salvaged. They are the external diplomatic corps and the Foreign Minister.”

Now the Donor’s Conference is being held. Horrible weapons are being planned for use against reluctant to leave Israeli Gaza Strip residents. Javier Solana is making plans for the seven year renewal from 2007 to 2013 of his Treaty of Association with Israel and other “Greater European Neighbourhood” parties. The G-8 is doing what Benjamin Crème’s Share International has called for years – global redistribution – with strings attached, of course. The European Space Agency and USA “Homeland Security” are on track for radical changes in personal identification and personal tracking – by 2008.

It doesn’t appear to me that Javier Solana is going down. It looks to me like he might just be getting started – and so far, unfortunately, it appears that the USA is his partner, albeit a sucker one.

As usual, I hope I have read the situation wrong. As usual, I value your comments.

[1] The Progressive Governance Movement appears to be working closely with two institutes of higher learning: The New York University School of Law which provided the forum for “Progressive Governance in the 21st Century.” Interestingly recorded on page 666 of Sidney Blumenthal’s The Clinton Wars, the party held in their Villa La Pietra on November 20th, 1999, the same day Javier Solana was handed control of the 10 nation Western European Union. The other institute of higher learning is the London School of Economics. The Centre for the Study of Global Governance’s Study Group are usually chaired by Professor Mary Kaldor, clearly for the benefit and at the request of Javier Solana. A Brussels International Crisis Group director, Gareth Evans (also a former Australian foreign minister and now head of a Brussels centered think tank) , released a widely publicized paper, 2005: MAKE OR BREAK FOR GLOBAL GOVERNANCE. You may download it here:

[2] As part of my research on the New Age Movement which started in 1981, I discovered Jim Channon and his First Earth Battalion. An openly "New Age operation with planned allegiances to "Person/Planet" rather than to Nation State, they pioneered a number of bizarre techniques that were employed per Jon Ronson, author of the new THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS, in such diverse operations as Waco and Abu Ghraib. Now it appears that hapless Israeli settlers in the Gaza strip are about to be the recipients of their planetary pioneering!
[3] TEPSA is an acronym for TransEuropean Policy Study Association. Its website is

[4] Go to There is an option to download the report “The ratification process of the Constitutional Treaty: the cases of France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.” It is available both in French and English.


Anonymous said...

I see that the EU is opening a PERMANENT MISSION in Iraq. What gives there? See

Anonymous said...

Dear Constance,

I agree with your analysis on the EU and the upcoming events this month. The EU may be setting up the nations for the rebuilding of Babylon. I think we are approaching the time of Israel being divided to indefensible borders with Palestine, and their fence will be forced to come down. Thus the creation of unwalled villages.

I have an eerie feeling that in 2008 if the U.S. will still have a president by then, we will be foolish enough to vote in Hillary Clinton or some other liberal democrat/socialist for president. If not, then we know the EU will be taking over before that time.

This will likely be when the U.S. gives it's 'authority' over to the EU and Solana. Hillary is a socialist/communist/marxist at heart and would gladly hand over our sovereignty to a socialist EU with a foreign minister with all the answers for the world.

Solana will then have been given the power to make the world in his image.

If America is gutted with another terror attack or some other disaster due to our mingling to divide Israel, then the entire process will speed up dramatically.

This could also easily come into play if America or Israel attacks Iran, which could trigger a Russian counter offensive against Israel as the Bible indicates will happen.

Remember that China and their 200 million man army is building their military might and getting set for something big to come. The kings from the East may know what is coming somehow. Donald Rumsfeld even asked why they are in such a hurry to increase the size and scope of their military muscle.

All the elements are mysteriously setting up for the grand finale and His coming.

Anonymous said...

How do I get the CD Rom you spoke about? Is it still available?

Constance Cumbey said...

Yes, disk is still available, although it has been a burden to send, this is how you get it, as resources permit:

Email me at and request Javier Solana CD Rom Powerpoint Show Presentation and format your request as follows:

City, State Zip (or postal code)

If you are in a different country, please include the necessary mailing address.

Constance Cumbey said...

To my readers:

I composed this column in MicroSoft Word Version 2.03 and footnotes were created that appear in the text -- however, in clicking on the footnote, one is taken not to the footnote, but to a blog creation utility of some type. Best thing to do when encountering a footnote is to scroll to bottom, read footnote and whatever connecting link is there and then return to article. Sorry and thanks! Constance

Anonymous said...

Do a search on EUJUST LEX and you will find many leads showing just how extensive a structure Javier Solana has established in Iraq already! He has it set up along lines similar to paragraph 12 of his Year 2000 Assembly Recommendation 666! All power eventually goes to him through the PSC! See Cumbey's CD Rom for more background on this.

Anonymous said...

Two questions ...

1) Is there some Biblical connection with the great earthquake in Israel? I don't recall that piece in my Bible Prophecy study?

2) I would like to have your CD ROM ... also, I might be interested in helping make the distribution easier. Any comment on that?

Constance Cumbey said...

IF there is significance to the earthquake, it is that it occurred only two days after a treaty was signed between the European Union and Israel. The treaty was signed on November 20, 1995. The earthquake came two days later on November 22, 1995. It happened in a region of immense interest to three major world religions -- all three of those religions would have read something into a major quake coming in the wake of a treaty between the EU and Israel. They might have read different things, but for sure, all three religions -- Jews, Christians, and Moslems would have read a divine warning into the quake being so closely associated in time with the earthquake. The quake was so severe that heads rolled from royal mummies safely interred in the great pyramids of Egypt for thousands of years. A couple of days after the quake, it strangely and erroneously was called a 6.2 quake and local architects and engineers were taking the blame for designing and constructing buildings that could not withstand a 6.2 quake. A 7.2 quake is 100 times the magnitude of a 6.2 quake! I followed the original quake and the historical revisionism on same. I finally sent an email to the director of the Israeli Geological Service director, Dr Rami Hofstetter. After initial denials, he then reluctantly admitted after I confronted him with sufficient attached email exhibits to convince him I knew what I was talking about, that indeed he had personally measured the quake at 7.2 mw and it had 10,000 aftershocks! He said the various observers had measured it at between 7.1 and 7.3 mw. He went on to write me, "but the public perception of it is 6.2 and that is where the public perception shall remain!" Oh, yeah, we'll see buddy! That particular geological service, was, as I understand it, set up as part of the Israeli Peace Process to study Jordan Valley Rift phenomenon. Interestingly, the very thing is mentioned in THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT by Peter LeMesurier, as what would be used to know when to have their new Jungian archetypal 'messiah' in the Holy Land to play out this last great drama of human expectations. The pages on the Israeli Peace Process I reviewed contemporaneous in time with these events said that actually Javier Solana had been the true author of the Israeli Peace Process. He had told Israeli officials per the MFA pages that he had Arab friends and they should go and do likewise. I saw on one of his public speeches about the peace process earier this year that he said he had been involved in organizing the Madrid Peace Conference in the early 1990's. This was during the Bush the senior administration! I am personally dedicated to seeing that they do not get away with this historical revision. Their fear was that the earthquake could be construed as a divine warning and just maybe it was!

Constance Cumbey said...

Dave, to get my CD Rom, just email your request with name and mailing address to me at


Anonymous said...

Anybody seen SqueakBox lately? Maybe one of his cats got his tongue!

David Moore said...

Constance said,

"He [Javier Solana} is to oversee the Israeli transfer to Palestinian Union [Israeli Disengagement]. Troubled times are expected [Indeed: see Treaty of Hudaybiyah and "Miner's Canary"]. I was especially concerned to see announcements that a known First Earth Battalion[2] tactic was possibly set for use against Israeli settlers reluctant to surrender their homes and property: “The Screamer.” Its proponents admit its long terms effects on victims are unknown."

Okay Constance, when I read your mentioning of weapons being used against Israeli settlers the Waco thing came back to me because I did a in depth study on that last summer, and then a recent report that I skimmed came to me. You said above that the "proponents admit its long term effects on victims are unknown."

Well I did find out that the "Screamer" causes dizziness and nausea: "Israel is considering using an unusual new weapon against Jewish settlers who resist this summer's Gaza Strip evacuation - a device that emits penetrating bursts of sound that leaves targets reeling with dizziness and nausea. Security forces could employ the weapon to overcome resistance without resorting to force, their paramount aim. But experts warn that the effects of prolonged exposure are unknown....A military official said the device emits a special frequency that targets the inner ear. Exposure for several minutes at close range could cause auditory damage, but the noise is too intolerable for people to remain in the area for that long, he said. Another official, also speaking on condition of anonymity because of his sensitive position, said the device hasn't been tested on subjects for hours at a time, so he couldn't discuss effects from prolonged exposure." Source is here.

This confirms what you said about possible First Earth Battalion tactics being used during the Israeli Disengagement on August 15-17, 2005.

Israel is of great concern right now. Watch, August 14 (Potential Ark of Covenant discovery), and August 15-17. These days will be EXTREMELY crucial. And as we already know, Solana will be there for it all! As I've said, Ezekiel 38 is in the very near future (Can also see: "The Roadmap to Peace," I say " destruction.") For people who don't know what the Roadmap to peace is go here.

Anonymous said...

Now Solana has gained effective control of all Iraq judiciary, police, and law enforcement adminstrative systems as well because of a contract he has signed with the new Iraqi government due to go into effect on 7-1-2005. The program is called EUJUST LEX. He now has international armies -- he has signed up Argentina, Chile, and Ukraine to contribute soldiers to his EU cum global army.

David Moore said...

Just a thought that I'll substantiate later, but this 2007 aim for the EU budget seems really overly optimistic. The EU or Solana may be banking on ratification by this time if not sooner, but I just have a hunch that it's not gonna work out they way they want it to--in terms of their timeline preferences. It could be later than 2007 or sooner than 2007, but I don't think--and it appears already--that the EU 10 and Solana have a real strong grip on the reins of their government and its time of full implementation for signing a covenant "with many" for one "seven".

In other words, its just a random thought that struck and has strangely plagued me ever since this French-Dutch down vote of "NO!". I guess what I'm saying is that we have to remember God's sovereignty in all of this and that things don't pan out the way we think or in this case PLAN--THAT IS IN TERMS OF EU PLANS FOR THE WORLD.

Whoever the Antichrist is (and I believe he's alive and well) will inspite of current setbacks, will fight for his throne anyway possible and will pat himself on that back as if he did it himself. ...But, I know better: I recall Daniel's praise unto God saying,

"Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; HE SETS UP KINGS AND DEPOSES THEM. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning."

And Daniel offered up this praise before going into the details of Nebuchadnezzar's dream about the present form of the line of kings preceding the iron-clay kingdom.

Personally, I "discern" that given how the Rapture based on the doctrine of imminency and is therefore a signless event that cannot be pinpointed by dates or times, apart from the season of the end-times--which is this time that we live in--I read in the Bible pretty clearly that the the revealing of the Antichrist is shrouded in imminency just as much as Christ's (2 Thess. 2:7)--GIVEN that he is the ANTITYPE to Jesus of Nazareth. No other verse in the Bible explains any sign or event that wil precede "that which now holds it [secret power of lawlessness--holds back the antichrist]" until it [Holy Spirit] is taken out of the way. (Whether "it" is the personal permanent indwelling of the corporate body of Christ or just the Holy Spirit or not, some people debate. I won't go into it deeply by any means, but the former with much educated reason, makes the most sense in light of THE GREAT COMMISSION (Matthew 28:18-20) and Revelation 1:6).

With that said, the antichrist's kingdom, if it is the EU becomes all the more mysterious in terms of its final pre-tribulational manifestation. And Though the EU date is January 1, 2007, that means nothing in God's economy of sovereign will!

Let me drive my point home:

God in a box and the God of the Bible are mutually exclusive. One is real and the other is false.

I find that I often have to remind myself that God likes to "flip the script" on us (as my pastor likes to phrase it). Things don't always go in the direction initially appear to be going until something comes along and throws the world for a loop (i.e. September 11, 2001).

With love,


Anonymous said...

Reaching a wider audience for this blog, Constance has to more clearly reconcile the the aim of the blog. Is it to prove the validity of Christianity with supporting information about the EU and Solana or the danger to all communities posed by the secular actions of the EU leadership and Solana?

Must one accept Christian prophecy to understand the information or should the information lead to understanding Christian prophecy and why others value it?

Anonymous said...

I cannot speak for Constance, but it appears to me that she is a conscientious observer of key events and she is helped in "where to look" by the remarkable record of Bible prophecy which has been fulfilled in the past. As has always been the case down through history, secular people as well as believers have always gained a benefit (both temporal and eternal) when they heed the warnings and admonitions of the Bible. I think Constance's warnings are helpful whether you believe the Bible or not.

David Moore said...


"EU leaders meeting in Brussels have agreed a "period of reflection" on the constitution amid fears that a knock-on effect would mean the document would be rejected in countries still planning to have referendums.

Governments are to come together in one year, under the Austrian EU presidency, to take stock of the situation.

However, they stressed that the constitution itself will not be renegotiated and that ratification will continue.

Announcing the decision, Luxembourg prime minister and current head of the EU Jean-Claude Juncker said "we all believe that the constitution is the right answer to the many questions of the European people.

"We believe ratification must continue".

But it will be up to national governments when to ratify and how - with the process not likely to be ended before mid-2007, according to Mr Juncker.

The current deadline of end of October 2006 "is no longer tenable" said the prime minister who stressed that countries that want to ratify the document via their parliaments may do so while member states planning to have referendums "will decide autonomously when those referendums are to be organised"....

Europe will not stop

Legally, the constitution can only come into force if all 25 member states have ratified it - meaning that Paris and The Hague would have to put the document to their people once more.

While the rejections in both countries are still too fresh, there could be a possibility to put it to another referendum in France after the 2007 elections, when there may be a new French leader.

But Mr Juncker denied that this thought had figured when he mentioned that ratification wil take at least until mid-2007.

European commission president Jose Manuel Barroso said "Europe's not going to stop" adding that "the EU has to meet citizens' expectations in Europe".

The source is here

David Moore said...

"If the EU leaders do reach agreement in Brussels, is the 2007-13 financial perspective home and dry?

No. It then has to be approved by the European Parliament. The president of the parliament, Josep Borrell, has warned that MEPs will not pass a budget that makes big cuts in research or regional aid.

The upshot could be that the EU moves ahead without a financial perspective, agreeing budgets year by year."

Source is here

Anonymous said...

to theTruth,
I think you agree with me that the only hope for this world is to return to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.Believing and worshipping God and our Blessed Mother Virgin Mary ?

Anonymous said...

Is that what you really believe?

David Moore said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
David Moore said...

To the "anonymous" who asked if I think that the whole world should return to the one holy catholic and apostolic church.

1. I do not want to start off on a debate in THE LEAST on a protestant vs. holy mother church argument--even if it's civil simply because it's off topic for this blog thread. Email me and we can go from there.

2. I'm not sure I follow where you are going with your question.

3. I will, however, quickly answer your question with a decisive and assured no.

4. BUT, my only conclusion for warning ANY person about the EU, Solana, and the looming threat of a cowardly hudna attack on the nation of Israel is that the only means of hope and action...or the only solution rather, is a) true believers in Christ alone for salvation begin to up their efforts and really get the Gospel of Jesus Christ out there. b) non believers need to be saved. c) live life as usual make both long and short term plans, but don't act as if this world as it is, is headed for some strange notion of utopia, the age of aquarius or anything like that--all of which are by human efforts, which won't work. Jesus is the only one who can and will bring lasting peace--eternal peace.

Does that answer your question (in a nutshell of course) on what I believe in light of current geopolitical events?

As for the other "anonymous" question about Constance reaching a wider audience: I also cannot answer for her...but I would presume that she is seeking to offer formal, highly substantiated evidence of current world affairs via her focus on the new age movement and the EU and Javier Solana if not more. In so doing, she happens to show the breathtakingly lucid pattern of events with the patterns or prophecies written thousands of years ago by the Hebrew prophets. What she writes is not some newspaper exegesis! She's a top notch researcher that I greatly admire.

She has a wonderful balance between the two and has made an extremely wonderful contribution to the body of Christ with her ministry.

...but again, that is my presumptuous view of her blog.

I say what I say on her posts, but if anything I say must stand corrected then by all means...


David Moore said...

Oh, Constance I did get a copy of "The Men Who Stare At Goats" and it is really enlightening! Thank you

While I find a lot of what I've read so far disturbing, I was really taken aback by what appears to be further information for what the "Screamer" can really do.

I'm sure you've read it already, but on p. 51-51 it mentions a so called non-lethal weapon called that produces a "low-frequency Infrasound, which, according to the leaked report, 'easily pentrates most buildings and vehicles' and creates 'nausea, loss of bowels, disorientation, vomiting, potential internal organ damage or death." The book goes on to comment about these affects by saying that "(Jim Channon's successors seem more laissez-faire about their definition of the erm NON-LETHAL than he was.).

My reponse is that if this infrasound device is the Screamer than I'd have to say that it seems far from non-lethal.

Anonymous said...

There is no question that Constance is an extremely thorough and groundbreaking researcher and has been one since her first book came out. I have strong doubts that such thorough information on the New Age movement would have come out of the Christian community or anywhere else if she had not put the pieces of the puzzle together as she did. Even Melton, the academic New Ager, acknowledged that she set the New Age movement back several years by her expose. It is to the detriment of the reputation of other Christians who took her research and used it without giving her credit.

You must admit that many in the wider Christian community shoehorn bits of information into a Christian outline and form a thesis which most of the time falls apart, particularly regarding endtimes prophecy. This is not a criticism of Christians as everyone works to justify the beliefs they have.

What I am concerned about is that her valuable research on Solana can be sidelined by those who have seen the above happen in the past.

I would like to see her comment on the difference between herself and her search and the huge numbers of end-time Christians whose research is almost non-existant. Perhaps an overview of the the amount of research time she does each day, the types of sources she uses, her awareness of the EU websites, the newsfeeds she gets, her method of analysis, etc. would be valuable. She doesn't have to give it all away, but it would add to her credibility as an academic working without a sabbatical.

And, by the way, I think an autobiography detailing what she has encountered behind the scenes in her fight against the New Age movement over the past 25 years would sell. Anyone else want to encourage her in this?

David Moore said...



Constance Cumbey said...

I apologize to all for being off line for a few days. I was in northern part of the lower Michigan peninsula in what turned out to be a dead zone for wireless internet coverage which is the only type I have anymore. I am working on a new blogspot on Javier Solana's Global Army and the deal he cut with Iraq to train their judiciary and police -- a very good way to control any place where you are lucky enough to have both judges and policemen in your pocket. The program is called EUJUST LEX!

Squeakfox said...

Press the click here to watch newsnight site

after about 8 mins (you can change it) you get to see Javier (only valid till 10.30 pm UTC Junme 22nd)

David Moore said...

This is an old speech and some of you have probably already read it, but if not I'm just discovering this speech made by Javier Solana in April of this year in Paris.

In short he makes a heavy defense of the Constitution and in so many words lays an outline of reason for why it needs to be ratified post-haste.

What was most telling was this statement that he made:

"Some of us have criticised the Constitution for sacrificing the nation-state on the altar of European federalism. AND YET SOME AMERICAN NEO-CONSERVATIVES ARE HOSTILE TO THE CONSTITUTION, PRECISELY BECAUSE THEY SEE IT AS A SIGN OF A NEW RISE OF EUROPE'S POWER. How do we explain this paradox? Yet others want to denounce the Constitution in order to defend Europe better. BUT WITHOUT THE CONSTITUTION, THEIR REAL CIRITICISMS WILL NOT DISAPPEAR.But without the Constitution, their real criticisms will not disappear. Let me stress: by rejecting the Constitution, we run the risk of denying ourselves the hope for a better Europe and a more evenly balanced world.
For my part I say yes! To the doubters, I hold up the European dream. Because the Constitution will strengthen our solidarity and help to shape a common European
destiny. Because Europeans need Europe. Because the world needs Europe. Because it is for us, Europeans, to continue to hold the torch aloft, to keep our promise to the survivors of Buchenwald and to the new generations: to build a better world. Thank you very much."

He seems to have waxed exceedingly eloquent and honestly speaking stirs the heart with his lofty words, but the parts that I have in bold read like an idle threat that translates into "like or not and one way or another, this constitution will be ratified! The end justifies the means."

The question still remains for me is what is Solana's end for the means he has taken and may be willing to take?

David Moore said...

Oh, the link is here: Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris April 18, 2005

Anonymous said...

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