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Bill Moyers and George Monbiot -- Evangelists of a very different sort



April 2, 2005

Between my husband and myself, an extraordinary amount of reading is accomplished. Barry reads book reviews and mostly fiction. I read internet content and mostly non-fiction. We both read magazines. Barry listens sometimes sympathetically, sometimes not to my concerns. Occasionally, he hands me something substantiating them. This morning was one of those times. Barry handed me March 24th’s The New York Review. The number one featured story's headline read:


American Christians who take the Bible as gospel truth send “shivers down my back” reported Moyers. He took somebody else as ‘gospel truth’ – somebody I analyzed in an earlier column at George Monbiot. This is in addition to his true canon of occult scripture, the now dead Theosophist, Joseph Campbell, whose occult beliefs and ridicule of Christianity Moyers helped evangelize over nearly the whole of television – both major networks and public broadcast stations.

Moyers has now joined Monbiot (to whom he concedes he is ‘deeply indebted) in storming Christian ramparts in a growing crescendo of a song sung to the tune of a popular Christian one with a similar name: Backward Christian Soldiers! We must be defeated, or our world view eradicated at minimum, to

1. Make the world safe for Moyers’ five grandchildren;
2. To defeat potential environmental degradation;
3. To insure global mental health.

There were seven seals of Revelation. my studied opinion is that we may (as opposed to 'we are') be further along the prophetic timetable than even Tim LaHaye might guess – that we could possibly even be in the time of the very seals themselves. The first five seals were:

1. The Rider on the White Horse – the antichrist going forth to conquer.
2. The Rider on the Red Horse – fighting and killing breaking out across the earth.
3. The Rider on the Black Horse – inflation – luxury for some amid poverty and shortages for others (‘but touch not the oil and the wine.’)
4. The Rider on the Pale Horse – death, plagues, more fightings and killings, devastation;
5. The bodies under the altar crying out, “how long Lord, how long?” They were given white robes and told to rest a little longer until “their fellow servants should be killed as they were killed.”

Where Tim LaHaye and I might differ is that we are taken out of here before any of these events occur, including but not limited to the emergence of the anti-christ. Otherwise, why might the Bible prophets of old have saved their pity for our generation, living as they did in such barbaric times themselves?

Knowing the history of World War II and how the campaign of marginalization preceded the slaughter of the Jews, it is frightening to see the campaign shape up here. Moreover, I am well acquainted with the contents of an important New Age book by English esotericist Peter LeMesurier. Published initially by the Findhorn community's Thule Press (note that was also the name of Hitler's initial esoteric affiliation), LeMesurier's THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT, was complete with a fake staged second coming of ‘Christ’ with sufficient detail to convince the average Jew and Christian it was the expected thing. LeMesurier's 'script' had roles for even participating 'cosmically conscious' agnostics and atheists educated in Jungian psychology, determined to exorcise ‘Christian archetypes’ from the global collective conscious. I am starting to more than suspect this is precisely what we are leading up to: global revulsion and repulsion against us. It was prophesied, it is happening. I am also starting to suspect that some in the Christian Reconstruction Movement, so-called have a secret society mentality and are agents-provocateurs in our collective Christian midst, always ready to supply excuse to wage war on the 'fundamentalisms' of the rest of us.

As regards the entire jihad cum 'Christian Reconstruction' mentality, I revert to increasingly marginalized Scripture as set forth in part in John 16:2:

"They will put you out of the synagogues (churches), yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service. ..."

One more thing. THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT beautifully encapsulated a New Age strategy of which I have been aware for the last 24 years: pit the target groups off against each other, so that in a massive mutual venting of long pent up aggression, the ‘massed forces of the Old Age’ will go on to defeat each other.

What are these so-called ‘massed forces of the Old Age'? As defined in every New Age book I have ever read: Peoples of the Book – monotheistic worshippers. Jews, Christians, and yes, even Moslems. We point to extremist literature in their camp. All doing so should know about what we in the law call PRECEDENT. That precedent has now been established as our enemies just as gleefully point to our extremist literature with authors such as Rousas John Rushdoony, Gary Marrs, David Chilton, and Gary North calling for the extermination of all dissidents against their calls for physical slaughter of just about everybody disagreeing with them.

The book of Revelation, which yes, I do take unapologetically literally, reads: They overcame the beast by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death. Let us not play into the enemies hands in either a propaganda nor a physical war! We’ve got to trust God alone through this one – not what Gary North calls the “3 G’s” – gold, guns, and groceries.


Anonymous said...

I did hear Constance was the cult leader for a HATE GROUP towards Javier Solana, but now that I have read her blog I can see what a profoundly and truly deep person of depth is Constance. I am a great fan, and await the next episode with great anticipation and expectation . She really gives meaning to Javier Solana and his life. What a true scholar and clever woman who is clearly stunningly brilliant is our friend and spiritual advisor and great personal friend of jesus who utterly inspires millions of us her fans with every word she says. i wait with baited breath

Anonymous said...

I can assure you young person that we are not a HATE GROUP- Why would we be a HATE GROUP just devoted to HATING

Anonymous said...

Who is Javier Solana?

Anonymous said...

Utterly inspired by every word the old darling ever wrote. Solana as the Beast. Obvious ain't it. Something to do with 666

Anonymous said...

Well I did read about the HATE GROUP. Do they think she is the returned Christ or what?

Anonymous said...

I think Constance fraudently used Wikipedia to promote her own ideas

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Hi Blogger,
I was just passing looking for New Age Spiritual links on the blogger site and found your Bill Moyers and George Monbiot -- Evangelists of a very different sort blog. Your blog was not quite what I was looking for, but I enjoyed my visit all the same.

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found and thought that I would leave you a note for your efforts in creating Bill Moyers and George Monbiot -- Evangelists of a very different sort. It
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you ever done that?

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