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Why do THESE [Vatican Declaration] make me think of THAT [Rev. 13]?!

Declaration of Religious Leaders, Political Leaders, Business Leaders,
Scientists & Development Practitioners of 28 April 2015

Climate Change the Common Good - Demand for '
Transformative  Soilutions

Above sits the  the  Declaration of Religious Leaders, Political Leaders, Business Leaders, Scientists and Development Practitioners of April 28, 2015 .    As you can see, it is issued on Vatican stationery.  The Club of Rome, Paul and Anne Ehrlich, John P. Holdren, Maurice Strong, Lucis Trust people, Rosicrucians, Zero Population Growth, and other varied and assorted New Agers undoubtedly were literally and figuratively "dancing in the streets" after its literal reading.  Many of them were physically there at the featured conference from which it sprung.

They danced even better and faster after receiving the next day's document.  The entire document was bad.  The two separate DECLARATION paragraphs that gave me the most pause were these:

The world has within its technological grasp, financial means, and know-how the means to mitigate climate change while also ending extreme poverty, through the application of sustainable development solutions including the adoption of lowcarbon energy systems supported by information and communications technologies;
Climate-change mitigation will require a rapid world transformation to a world powered by renewable and other low-carbon energy and the sustainable management of ecosystems. These transformations should be carried out in the context of globally agreed Sustainable Development Goals, consistent with ending extreme poverty; ensuring universal access for healthcare, quality education, safe water, and sustainable energy; and cooperating to end human trafficking and all forms of modern slavery; 

Hmm, reminds me so very much of the ominous predictions of this Bible passage.  For the Protestants, it is below in the King James Version.  For the Catholics, it is below that in the Douay version.

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

16] And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads. [17] And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. [18] Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six. (Douay-Rheims) 

Maybe I'm just paranoid and reading too much into this.  Let me know!  I'm not particularly dreading "End Times"  (Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!), but I sure hate to see the New Agers and their long awaited nefarious schemes now in apparent execution make them so happy.

It would be so very nice if the Pope would think before issuing his expected Encyclical to the same effects.  Otherwise, I would have to start suspecting an Anti-Pope was occupying the Vatican with the real Pope (Ratzinger / Benedict XVI) suffering from a perhaps forced resignation  might be a virtual house prisoner.

Here's hoping I'm wrong.



Quake near Fukushima?

"application of sustainable development"

Here comes Agenda 21 with papal approval.

Oh my.

Balitimore same dates as first civil war?

Timothy McVeigh bombed Oklahoma City on April 19th too.
Come out of her my people!

The debate got shifted a while ago from “global warming” to “climate change”, hinting that all climate change is manmade. But that is nonsense: there have been many cycles in the earth’s climate in the centuries and millennia before the Industrial Revolution caused carbon dioxide levels to rise. Moreover, although there are winners and losers in any change, it is overall better for mankind when the earth warms; we were nearly wiped out in the last Ice Age, while if warming allows the barren tundra of Siberia and Canada to become breadbaskets then most of the tropics would warm far less because of the effects of water vapour. Carbon dioxide boosts crops growth, moreover, and may reduce the need for artificial fertiliser.

If you want reliable power in decent amounts and you want it fast and without carbon then there is no alternative to nuclear. The choices are nuclear, carbon or lights-out. There are no others. Who will decide, and how?


actually power companies that have solar supplementing into the network from people on the grid
with solar panels have been getting too much power to use and dump it so to speak. They should
use it to charge up storage batteries, like the off grid solar power systems do.

Another approach is rig an exercycle to an alternator to charge and battery and run an
inverter to use it for appliances.
Despite Elon Musk's best efforts the working life and energy storage density of even the best batteries today is far short of what is needed for temporal buffering between thesupply of electricity form natural means (tidal, wind, solar) and human demand.

Climate change could be political climate change. That is the change I believe is happening---globally.
well, if you gotta go nuclear the best bet is the real hot burning reactors sodium cooled I think
that will burn the stuff in rods the current ones can't use and leaves almost no results, and/or thorium.

Built on the proven success of eliminating drought in California and Brazil, no doubt. (hah!)

My bet is whatever they attempt just makes things worse, net result listed in Revelation 11:18b, where Christ returns to destroy those that destroy the earth.
I'm sure not ALL climate change is geo-engineered. The sun is also very large, but I have seen on a local level how excessive spraying changes weather:

In the last decade or so, there is an increase in aerosol spraying everywhere I've been. A few years ago a scientific journal spoke of cloud seeding and how it might help global warming. The article stated that they were thinking about doing this, but the truth is it someone had already been doing this for a long time when that article was written.

An Italian scientist said this spraying can create, drought or rain and has military uses and that they aid in electromagnetic transmission.

If the mark of the beast is controlled by worldwide satellites good electro-magnetic transmission might be another goal of this spraying.

Breathing, eating and drinking micronized aluminum and barium could be a neat and tidy way of pruning the population. So many people don't pay any attention to these bizarre lines which are not on traditional flight paths, so the majority of the public is unaware they exist.

Dr Blaylock a neurosurgeon talks about the effects of this spraying on the brain and on fertility.

There is a new generation of nuclear fission reactors; also, fast breeder reactors get much more electricity out of fission processes but have a bad name because they can be used to make the materials for nuclear bombs.

Choices lie ahead. The question is who will make them, and how.

PS To 1.14am: cloud seeding makes a significant difference only if rain was imminent, and it makes no difference to electromagnetic transmission at frequencies available to the military. Of course the large-scale spraying of noxious chemicals can have a major effect of human health. But "chemtrails" associated with air routes mainly involve nonsensical claims.


Physicist 5:17 A.M.

Just wanting the truth about 'chemtrails'.

I live in rural New England under a good amount of jet traffic. I have noticed on some days these commercial airliners emit nothing what so ever to the eye on the ground. Just a week ago nearly every jet that passed over head emitted nothing visible. But most days they nearly all do. I have seen the trails turned on, and off as well. I have also, on heavy traffic days noticed clouds form from the trails. So what are these trails that linger, and even form clouds, made of?

yes you need to have clouds to seed in the first place, but rain wouldn't be "imminent" just because
clouds are there.

as for chemtrails, I thought it was stupid also.....until I took a closer look, remembered how I
NEVER SAW SUCH THINGS AS A TEEN, and read a book and saw a video you can see on youtube, What On
Earth Are They Spraying?

and other stuff.

this incl. tests of soil underneath these. someone made a connection between this and Morgellon's
which I know the medical experts dismiss as psychosomatic nonsense.

who are either lying, or never saw the fibers under a microscope, or saw them react to
some stimuli.

the CHEMTRAILS ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH AIR ROUTES. that's the problem. sure some are in the vicinity of such,
but normal air route use doesn't CROSSHATCH.

Now, I am not going to argue about this. I've given you some good starting points ignore or
pursue if you want, but let's not tie up the blog with this. Some figure it is part of the NWO
plot. Some think it is part of an effort to change reflective features of the earth's
atmosphere per global warming fears. Because of organics incl. blood cells and pathogens in chemtrail
residuals, some think there is some bioengineering targeting us humans going on.
nuclear reactors other than thorium should all be shut down and anyone advocating their
reactivation maybe hung.

if you haven't learned anything from fukushima, then you are hopeless.

Insults are no substitute for argument, and when you try to sound authoritative when you have little understanding of what you are talking about you discredit only yourself.

Fukushima is a major disaster for one power plant but a negligible disaster in terms of loss of life, both at the time and expected loss. See this list:

Three Mile Island was in the same category; what misleading propaganda the anti-nuclear brigade use! Chernobyl is the biggie. And the tsunami, not the Fukushima incident which it triggered, was the real disaster for Japan.

As for chemtrails, anybody who wishes can see the exchange between Christine and me below the August 24, 2012 entry on this blog.


"I live in rural New England under a good amount of jet traffic. I have noticed on some days these commercial airliners emit nothing what so ever to the eye on the ground. Just a week ago nearly every jet that passed over head emitted nothing visible. But most days they nearly all do. I have seen the trails turned on, and off as well. I have also, on heavy traffic days noticed clouds form from the trails. So what are these trails that linger, and even form clouds, made of?"

Dear 9:56AM, it is to do with the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere through which the jet is flying. If it is very dry then there is no visible condensation. If it has a relative humidity of nearly 100% then the trail of condensation persists - and may even act as a nucleus for cloud formation.


Where did you find these documents Constance? I am certainly no expert but I do use a pdf software at work and it appears to me that the letterhead is scanned and the body of the document typed over the top. You can tell by how pixelated the insignia is compared to the rest. Just my observations.

Thanks - KC

It may just be a bad thumbnail image vs. a nicer resolution image on the doc..???
physicist 11:13,

unless the atmospheric conditions, the range they go through, has radically changed
since the 1960s, the vapor trails you speak of still exist in their normal range

but NOW and for a few decades a much different kind of vapor trail occurs, which I have seen,

This is not a papal pronouncement, it is the "undersigned" who are world
leaders, a meeting to create an advisory statement.

what the pope will do with it is another matter. however, if he is quoted correctly that we should
ACCEPT rather than that we should DO resources reallocation this looks like a preliminary
validation of some overarching authority making the changes for us.

While this in theory sounds nice, that tribal leaders and local leaders who are nepotists and
profiteers traditionally and other corrupt sorts won't gain or prevent the poor getting what they need without some nasty price
tags on it for them,

in fact such things are always a game to enrich the already rich at the expense of the poor, or at
least without their gain.
The flight path you are in, as you circle Mars, does not apply here, Christine.
I am watching a trend. I notice that most if not all of the Muslim attacks have been by Muslim converts, in other words Christians. I am wondering if Christians who come to the Mosque receive some sort of special training in the ways of Islam. Maybe Christians are so dense that they just can't understand that Islam is peace and it may be beyond their abilities.

Remember Obama's Cairo speech?

The period from the death of Muhammad through the 13th Century marks the glory days of the Islamic empire. It was a period of commerce, industry and intra-cultural synergies and a flourishing of the sciences, art, medicine and architecture. It was the epitome of what civilization should be. Just ask Obama. In his 2009 Cairo speech the president said that Islam "carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe's Renaissance and Enlightenment," and praised the "innovation in Muslim communities that developed the order of algebra; our magnetic compass and tools of navigation; our mastery of pens and printing; our understanding of how disease spreads and how it can be healed."
Just a side note, most US Christians are Zionists (fast going out of style now), and of course before that pesky 'Christian Zionism' (forget the Jewish originators it was probably some Christian's fault) and before the pesky Queen of Spain, Arabs and Jews ruled ..I mean go along just fine.
Readers should be aware that the difference Christine thinks she sees in later "chemtrails" were discussed in the exchange beneath the August 24, 2012 entry on this blog.


anon 2:14

perhaps you are speaking in jest?
"I am watching a trend. I notice that most if not all of the Muslim attacks have been by Muslim converts, in other words Christians."

No one is born a Christian. Christian does not mean white or brown or black or American. One becomes a Christian by baptism and upbringing, or by conversion from unbelief one fell into or grew up in and baptism.

One who repudiates Christ as God Incarnate and died for our sins and rose physically from the dead
never to die again, is no longer a Christian. As for the islam as religion of peace thing, what they
mean by peace, as not only ex moslems but some current teachers
of theirs have said, is acceptance of islam.

Proving this point, is that the dar al harb or house of war, is any country not under Shariah. dar al (whatever the word for peace is) or house of peace is any country under shariah.

All do not have to be moslem, merely to have submitted, accepting conquest, to islam, if
of a religion of the book, and be paying the jizzya tax, or if not
of such a category is dead or enslaved.

The behavior of "extremists" is that of Mohammed and his followers and of many reputable hadiths
or traditions of what mohammed did or said, and points in the Koran.

Now as for islam preserving knowledge, I just found out that the main players in THAT were not
proper moslems but those in some heretical category.

Converts often know more about their new faith than those raised in it, who go through the motions,
have some vague ideas of proper behavior to fellow moslems, and were raised in a context shaped
to some extent by western (i.e., Christian) values, even if those
values came through non Christian
(i.e., apostates, occultists, etc.) individuals, using up the capital of the original Christian
influence as Fr. Seraphim Rose would put it.
"and points in the Koran"

Proof the quran copied from the Jewish Talmud | allah swears by created things!
"some heretical category"

It's called Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism, Free Masonry,Illuminism or Babylon Mystery Schools

I usually just say Lucifarianism.

You could say Muslim "Brotherhood". Instead of Islam for example B'nai Brith vs Judaism.

Which matches ....Lucis Trust's philosophy.

At 4:49

and 42:50
anon 8:13koran copies from Jewish Talmud - okay, so? everyone knows that mohammed cobbled together a
bunch of stuff that he got from Jewish, Christian, Christian heretic and pagan sources.
Far more to the point is some hadith that he at one point was worried he was possessed, and the
description of the behavior of "Gabriel" does not fit that of an angel in the Bible. More likely a djinn.

demons will talk about "God" but only as a sole being not a Trinity and definitely not Jesus
as God Incarnate and the Koran uses gnostic influences when it claims Jesus didn't die on the Cross
but a phantom or Judas or someone took His place, and He was yanked up to heaven.
Aerosol spraying is observably different from contrails.

A number of years ago, I watched planes making horizontal and vertical lines from morning to evening on one side of the sky, while leaving the other part alone. That part of the sky became very white in stark contrast to the other side which remained very bright blue.

Since that time, I have seen many bizarre patterns which have nothing to do with flight routes do a variety of geometric patterns in the sky. Sometimes the have shadows, which stay for long periods of time. Vapor disappears. These sometimes form a series of little balls on the trails, sometimes they make shadows underneath them. Light must be hitting some particles which then cast a shadow. Vapor from a plane disappears quite quickly and doesn't change the entire sky.

They are unnatural and being used for some nefarious purpose, be it weather change or some kind of exotic weaponry or all of the above. I heard an Italian scientist speak on this with authority. There have been samples taken and tested proving the presence of aluminum and barium.

Protests are taking place all over because people are seeing what's going on.

I have watched the sky my whole life and can say that this has probably happened in the last decade. Aerosol spraying shields the suns rays and I believe it's another case of science dabbling in the domain of God, which is quite dangerous. We are eating, drinking and breathing neurotoxins. The only way to stay healthy is to do some type of chelation therapy.
Dear 12.27am,

This is Physicist. You wrote:

"A number of years ago, I watched planes making horizontal and vertical lines from morning to evening on one side of the sky, while leaving the other part alone. That part of the sky became very white in stark contrast to the other side which remained very bright blue."

You seem to be assuming the difference is because on one side the jet engines were emitting water vapour as a combustion product, as usual, whereas on the other side certain chemicals have been added to the water which cause the persistence of a visible trail.

Yet most noxious chemicals are not like that. They too would be invisible.

A routine explanation for your observation is that a weather front - whether an advancing cold front or an advancing warm front - exists somewhere between the two horizons. The air through which the planes pass on opposite sides of the sky is then at different temperatures and relative humidities, causing condensation trails to persist and not persist respectively.

The "little balls" you sometimes see is a common way for jet trail vortices to break up whether they are visible or not. If you create a vortex in dry air and then make it visible by sprinkling tiny reflective particles into it in a wind tunnel, you see the same thing. It is a routine aerodynamic effect and well understood on the basis of the equations governing gas flow.

"The only way to stay healthy is to do some type of chelation therapy."

But, like many people, I am healthy and in my 50s and have never take chelation therapy and have lived most of my life in a Western country whose skies are riddled with jet trails.


Physicist, your explanation is logical in its own context. It doesn't explain what I saw many years ago and never since. I started watching after a friend showed me pictures which she had taken just from her house in a far Chicago suburb. The "contrails" I then saw one morning were low level, big and very puffy, close together, in a parallel formation that appeared to go from west to east. There were seven at that time. There are very few planes that fly over this area, most are very high, and leave pencil thin lines behind them. The probability that there were that many planes flying in that direction at the same time is not believable. I saw this same kind of formation one day from a commuter train. Many years have passed and nothing like that has happened again. While I'm not into conspiracy theories, I've yet to see anything explaining what I saw with my own eyes. While I accept many of your explanations, this one doesn't fit with what I actually saw.

By the way, all of these new challenges I have to go through before posting a comment disturbs me. Why do I have to point out an ice cream picture or see a difficult picture before I'm allowed to post.
anon 11:14
don't worry about being "allowed to post." Physicist isn't the system operator or board manager.
Some people will set themselves up or act as if they are, but the
only one who can delete your post
is Constance or yourself, and the system accepts anything from intelligent to gibberish just hit
the button and ignore detractors
if they won't shut up.

Maybe you're new here but I've been through a couple of years of brawls that would erupt regardless
of what I posted.

I've seen the same stuff and CROSSHATCHING at that. And the difference between the contrails
that Physicist talks about, incl. some are longer and wider like a larger pencil and some very narrow like a real thin pencil and some last a bit and some disappear fast but "a bit" is like five minutes not half an hour
and the huge fluffy things that
disperse into bigger fluff not just evaporate is obvious.

Physicist lives in England where this may not be going on. And it seems to be mostly USA and also western Europe according to one map.
Noxious or non noxious chemicals are not automatically invisible, and their effect on the contrail
they are a part of, converting it to an abnormal contrail is the issue. Yes puffs would indicate something about the engine operation, but could indicate something about the action of dispersion in to the exhaust or a separate disperser on the wing.
"The "little balls" you sometimes see is a common way for jet trail vortices to break up whether they are visible or not. If you create a vortex in dry air and then make it visible by sprinkling tiny reflective particles into it in a wind tunnel, you see the same thing. "


thank you for making my point for me.

the noxiousness would be the content of the reflective stuff.

not everyone is affected by this some are. chelation is a good idea if your body can't throw it
off on its own. 51:31 a quote from a globalist that reminds me of today.
Dear 11.14am,

I can't comment on a single incident but have you considered the possibility of some kind of USAF exercise with jets flying in air at near-100% humidity?


"anon 11:14
don't worry about being "allowed to post." Physicist isn't the system operator or board manager.
Some people will set themselves up or act as if they are"

Christine, you have misunderstood Anon@11.14, who is talking about Blogger's upgraded security measures to prevent ads getting on here; not about meeting any standard of argumentation, although sometimes I wish that there were one...

"note: "MAKE IT VISIBLE BY SPRINKLLING TINY REFLECTIVE PARTICLES INTO IT" thank you for making my point for me. the noxiousness would be the content of the reflective stuff."

Most noxious chemicals dissolve in water and are invisible, and if you want to spray noxious chemicals clandestinely then you don't mix the solution with imaging particles, do you?



Christine's "science" is pretty much a joke.
As is her brand of "theology".
She should go practice her bad science and bad religion on Mars.

That is why she gets heat from folks. Fabrications and arrogance go together and she is unrepentantly and unashamedly guilty of spreading both.

She has systemically been trying to depopulate this blog so she can print her "stuff" here unchallenged but thank goodness for Physicist and others who do let her get away with it.

I don't think he is talking about that given what he said.

the noxiousness is not the purpose, it is the nature of the reflective stuff which is to lessen global warming.

given the pathogens and red blood cells found in detritus from it, I suspect someone with another
agenda has become a player in this and adds that.
Believe what you like, Christine, but don't delude others.
anon 5:30,

as far as I can see, it is you are deluded, and deluding others.
Physicist, here's an answer Grocho Marx style: "Nice try but no cigar." That many low flying planes in formation would have shaken the house off the foundation. I startle when a crop duster flies over. My friend who lives eight miles away, like me is not near any airport. Her pictures were taken on many different days. Me? I stopped looking toward the sky so if it happened again I wouldn't have noticed. I couldn't find any reasonable explanation on the internet so moved on to more explainable things.

Physicist, don't turn into a Christine who has a response to everything. It's OK to say "I don't know."

Christine, given the low level of information we have access to, we don't have to choose between a, b, c, d or e when all of the possibilities are weak answers. Propaganda becomes a useful tool of the manipulators who give us a, b, c, d and e to choose from.
The queen of the internet MCE can only come up with propaganda.
Her facts are tainted.
She also has a pretty vivid imagination.
Does not do people here one lick of good either way.
American Pharaoh
Monday, May 4, 2015 post
On the slight chance that there is someone reading here who is interested in finding more about the New Age movement, here's a lead. Remember Constance provided information for the general public in the early '80s.

Information provided earlier from New Age planners was less hidden than it is now. In 1980 a book was put out by the World Future Society titled Through the '80s. If you put that title in at Amazon, nothing comes up. However doing a search I found Amazon does sell used copies. 411 pages Ted Peters wrote the pages on the future of religion.

trying to find a free pdf copy of "Through the 80's" I focused on Ted Peters and came across this.

Seems he presents some nasty notions of Jesus having to incarnate in different species to save them also, without contradicting
this. Presents various ideas besides this, without any conclusion except that meeting ET
will result in a broadening of our theological sense without collapse of religion.

Tillich and Rahner apparently support this idea as does Davies as I read elsewhere. Wolfhart
Pannenberg considers one incarnation enough for all the universe, with which I concur.

now, two problems are present with Ted Peters. First, he opens the door to accepting "another Jesus"
who incarnated elsewhere. Second, he presents without condemnation the ideas of those who argue we
shouldn't be afraid of whatever religion the aliens have and it might increase our knowledge of God.

This latter seems exactly the take the Vatican (which is not identical with the pope) is taking.
(the pope saying he would baptize an alien, presupposes that he holds to the position that Jesus of Nazareth is the only Christ and that that one incarnation is enough.)

Now, I ask you. Would you consider the religion of some high tech very NON Christian
people somewhere on earth or of the Canaanites for that matter, something we don't have to be
"afraid" of and should consider would broaden our understanding of God?

Why should we accept any false religious notions, or atheism for that matter, simply because some
weird lookin' little guy with a crystal recording of all history says this history proves it? (think photoshop and cgi. i.e., phony.)
Or for that matter, a Nordic looking human type?

That this kind of talk could come from a Lutheran clergyman (which Peters is) shows what a wreck the
mainline denominations have become.

The Christians in the 1800s who heard of Christopher Lowell's idea there were Martians on Mars
had the right idea: get ready to send missionaries to Mars.

Romans 8:19-22 all creation waits for Christ Rev. 5:13 all creatures animals, fish, etc.
worship God in this scene. IF Christ is adequate for all life here and to renew all creation
including all life (and of course human life) then He is adequate for all life, if any, elsewhere.
oops, Percival Lowell.
You are welcome Christine. I know you appreciate learning. Now move on to the bigger picture that New Age is. There are five other writers on religion covering 25 pages in the book which has 411 pages.
Physicist, don't turn into a Christine who has a response to everything. It's OK to say "I don't know."

That's what I did, 5.53pm. I said above that I couldn't comment on a single incident. But "I don't know" cuts both ways; you don't know that it was something evil spreading noxious chemicals either.


Physicist, you said you couldn't comment but did come up with a specific possibility. I couldn't find an explanation that fit so I left it behind me. I never said or thought it was a noxious chemical. Until now I thought you were a careful researcher in your field. My bad. You do belong here after all.
"The Christians in the 1800s who heard of Christopher Lowell's idea there were Martians on Mars
had the right idea: get ready to send missionaries to Mars."

Answer the call, Christine.
You are need, you really are.
Mars would be a great fit for you.

'My Utmost for His Highest' from Oswald Chambers
for May 6

"Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free."
Galatians 5:1

A spiritually minded man will never come to you with the demand - "Believe this and that;" but with the demand that you square your life with the standards of Jesus. We are not asked to believe the Bible, but to believe the One Whom the Bible reveals (cf. John 5:39-40). We are called to present liberty of conscience, not liberty of view. If we are free with the liberty of Christ, others will be brought into that same liberty - the liberty of realizing the dominance of Jesus Christ.

Always keep your life measured by the standards of Jesus. Bow your neck to His yoke alone, and to no other yo ke whatever; and be careful to see that you never bind a yoke on others that is not placed by Jesus Christ. It takes God a long time to get us out of the way of thinking that unless everyone sees as we do, they must be wrong. That is never God's view. There is only one liberty, the liberty of Jesus at work in our conscience enabling us to do what is right.

Don't get impatient, remember how God dealt with you - with patience and with gentleness; but never water down the truth of God. Let it have its way and never apologize for it. Jesus said, "Go and make disciples," not "make converts to your opinions."

In Christine's case she needs to be a real disciple of Jesus in the first place and second place quit trying to force people to convert to her opinions.
Constance you said ...."Maybe I'm just paranoid and reading too much into this".
First off, your right, but then so are we ALL paranoid, that is the FIRST time, the second time it happens again, thus again SEEN is called a corroboration. In the "mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses"

"We are eating, drinking and breathing neurotoxins. The only way to stay healthy is to do some type of chelation therapy."

Is it the only way to stay healthy?
Are you a physician?

'Except as a treatment for lead poisoning, chelation therapy is controversial and unproved.
Some experts believe that EDTA could remove calcium from healthy bones, muscles, and other tissues, as well as from diseased arteries.'

Source, WebMD
Dear 10.29am, this is Physicist. You wrote of me: "I never said or thought it was a noxious chemical. Until now I thought you were a careful researcher in your field."

Perhaps you are not the poster who wrote "Aerosol spraying shields the suns rays and I believe it's another case of science dabbling in the domain of God, which is quite dangerous. We are eating, drinking and breathing neurotoxins." If you are not that poster, I had no way of knowing as the post and yours were both anonymous. If you are that poster, you are contradicting yourself.


To Anon 12:45am

From a few days ago posting the link to the article from Jeffery Sachs-

I read the article and it sounds great and makes perfect sense on the surface as we should all be "good stewards" of the planet.

Mr. Sachs is missing something crucial in his defense of the Pope's anticipated stance on climate control.

That, by the Pope joining in promoting this agenda, he is, in fact, joining hands with many of the world leaders, scientists and powers that be, that are responsible for the false information associated with the entire climate control agenda.

One only needs to take a look at those involved and their backgrounds to see that this is not a good thing.

With respect to Mr. Sachs, he should dig a little deeper and find out who the players are and what interests they really serve before he blindly believes in something just because the Pope is involved.
"With respect to Mr. Sachs, he should dig a little deeper and find out who the players are and what interests they really serve before he blindly believes in something just because the Pope is involved. "

yeah, he should take a look at the Renaissance popes to see how awful what a pope is involved in can be.
Christine, The mission on Mars is calling. You are desperately needed there. Don't neglect your duty for fear of disappointing folks here at the blog, so please don't worry about us. We will manage somehow without you.

A Fan
“Lone Actors- an Emerging Security Threat”

what is this?

wow, creepy to the max
"what is this?"

worries about ISIS while trying to be politically correct.

Physicist, No I didn't write that post. I did say nothing I saw on the internet fit. Those were the only explanations I saw in the internet and they didn't fit.
They invented isis. They are worried about regular Americans or they are planning to invent some created enemies such as these 'extremists' they talk about. They chase ghosts and create monsters to justify their evil desires to monitor and control others, mostly Christians.
anon 8:25 it doesn't matter they invented ISIS, ISIS/ISIL is running on its own steam now.
It is certainly not. It must be pumped up by Geller, Site and the controlled media. Even so I found almost no one lifts their heads off their electronic brain numbing devices over those. Most know these are false flag and legal propaganda activities. The dream of an easily provoked Christian Arab war which has been around at least since the Jewish founded Young Turks (masons) is not going to happen via the antics of anti shariaism and run-the-Muslims-are-comingism. Maybe the propagandists have viewed too many of their own videos and maybe they are victims of sucessfully silencing their critics. The emperors have no cloths. Maybe they mistake power and control to control expression of thought as a sign people believe their deceptions.
anon 10:05

why don't you go take a look at what's going on in Syria and Iraq.

Plenty of experts and scientists looking at the spraying.

That was not easliy provoked. It has taken tons of deception, lies and crimes to keep going.

She's life Jim but not as we know it, she opens her mouth or taps her fingers in a thoroughly illogical way!

There's Chritines on the starboard bow Dr. Spock.... watch out Scotty, she's opening the Gnostic nonsense box and trying to swallow us up in a galaxy of chakraaaaaaaah!!!!
Americans Should Prepare:


Same topic:
ISIS soldiers in 15 states
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what on Mars...! I didn't post the stuff at 2:38

UFO reported crashed in woods in South Wisconsin.... high radiation levels? WORMWOOD?
Really Christine? I thought they were running on their own crude oil these days...

Mind you, you'd know all about crude...

muslim brotherhood and lots of links
In US, Over 100,000 Muslim Immigrants Yearly

Israeli Jews don't like Christian Zionists blaming Muslims.

Is zionism emotional blackmail used to benifit one group?

Can the gov save us from its own plots?

refutation of all ten points given at nowtheendbegins as to why the Rapture is not the same
as the Second Coming.
Al Gore announces today that he could become Catholic because the Pope's stance on climate change.
In the end, the pope will be found in the midst of off all the Gore!!!
was it ted Montgomery or the guy at nowtheendbegins that falsely claimed the burning of the damned
in gehenna would not last forever and that one could therefore take the mark if one as
up to suffering for some time.

Despite the fact Rev. says the smoke of their torment ascends forever, so obviously the torment
must go on forever.
a little humor

kremlin analysts conclude Obama is a space lizard after pentagon concluded putin is autistic.
Another pathetic effort to separate the Second Coming from The Rapture, refuted.

at this site are 10 arguments for the pre trib rapture,
essentially for separating the rapture from the second
coming of Jesus Christ, when in fact these occur at
the same time. (Try reading Revelation straight
through and all of 2 Thess chapter 2 straight through
without Bible commentaries and prophecy experts to
guide you, let Scripture speak for itself.)

The effort to separate them into vastly different times,
is like trying to separate the elements of "she came back
from shopping" as if arrival in the driveway, getting out
of the car, taking groceries in the house and locking the
car were all done hours days or weeks apart from each

#1: The Rapture is the ‘blessed hope’ while the Second Coming is a Day to be greatly feared
#2: In the Rapture, Jesus comes for his Church, at His Second Coming He brings the Church with Him.
#3: In the Rapture, the Church is taken to Heaven, at the Second Coming Jesus sets up earthly rule.
#4: The Rapture happens before the Antichrist and the Tribulation, while the Second Coming happens after both.
#5: In the Rapture, only the born again Church sees the Lord come for them, at the Second Coming the whole world witnesses it.
#6: In the Rapture, no angels are sent to gather the Church. At the Second Coming, angels do all the gathering for judgment.
#7: The Judgment Seat of Christ follows the Rapture while the Judgment of Nations follows the Second Coming.
#8: Famine, war and pestilence follow the Rapture while 1,000 years of world peace follows the Second Coming.
#9: No one in the bible knew of the doctrine of the Rapture of the Church until it was revealed by the Lord to Paul.
#10: At the Rapture, believers are given a glorified body, at the Second Coming they remain in earthly bodies as they enter the Millennial Kingdom.

1. Day of The Lord is to be feared by God’s enemies not his friends.
2. Church that comes w. Jesus is those who died before Second Coming.
3. Church taken up to IMMEDIATE LOWEST HEAVEN, i.e., the clouds in the sky w. Jesus, to wait there w. Him there until wrath is over, then He
continues His descent to earth’s surface with us.
4. Rapture not till Jesus comes back to destroy antichrist, we are not
appointed to the wrath of God but will have tribulation from the devil.
5. ALL SEE JESUS, but only believers rise to join Him (which may go
unnoticed by the terrorized others)thief in the night is the surprise
factor re the unbelievers.
6. So what? both elements believers and unbelievers are separated at second coming also this can refer to the Last Judgement.
8. 1,000 years of peace is after the judgements on the world at the Second Coming, then there is a revolt later which is put down then the Last Judgement.
9. So what? the REsurrection of Jesus wasn’t spelled out in the OT either.
10. The glorified body is PHYSICAL but immortal and indestructible, and this is what the believers have, resurrected and coming back with Jesus or pulled up to Him and transformed, at the Second Coming, and enter the Kingdom with.
Says you @ 12:50 PM.
You are not the authority so you should back it all up with Scripture. at this point all you have is opinion.
Massively unimpressive when it is you doing all the talking instead of God's word.
I did the things that the fake Christine Erikson posted from elsewhere, but I didn't post them
here myself.

Back it up with Scripture? why are you so ignorant of Scripture that these points don't ring a
bell you can go looking for yourself? The folowinig are not the only verses but they are key.

#1 everywhere in OT prophecy you find reference to the Day of the Lord it is about judgement against
His enemies including nominal Jews of the time and nominal Christians in rebellion. The
Second coming will be happiness for the believers and terror for the unbelievers.

Matt. 24:30,31 for starters.

# I Cor. 15:51 I thess. 3:13

#3 the only solution that makes all available information together, 2 Thess. 2:18 Jesus
will destroy the antichrist with the brightness of His coming back
Matt. 24:26-34 note last two
verses relates to ALL events preceding the Second Coming being going on at once in one
generation or less, THAT is the generation that will live to see Him come back.

#4 Daniel 7:21, 22 Matt. 24:29, 30 2 Thess. chapter two Jesus Christ WILL NOT COME BACK, AT
ANTICHRIST vss. 2-4, 8 apparently someone had worried the Thessalonians with talk of a
secret rapture they had missed and Paul denies any such thing will happen.

#5 Matt. 24:30, 31

#6 believers and unbelievers separated at rapture of believers out of the way of wrath on unbelievers,
and at the Last Judgement there is separation also. previous verses and various parables of
judgement by returning boss in Gospels and explicit description of separation of goats and sheep
evil doers and righteous by Jesus

Matt. 24:43-51 matt. 25:1-30 Matt. 25:31-36 Luke 12:47, 48
Matt. 18:21-35

Matthew 7:21-23King James Version (KJV)

21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

#7 Rev. 20:3, 7-12


#8 the time frame for God's wrath given the patterns of the past in OT is not likely more than
several months, since this DIRECT SUPERNATURAL action, not action through human agents.
The PURPOSE of the "rapture" or "catching up" is to both greet the returning King Jesus, a routine
action in ancient times, but to get us out of the way of divine wrath. famine takes too long to
After the wrath Jesus brings us with Him the rest of the way down to earth and begins ruling earth with us.
Rev. chapters 19, 20, 21.

#9 self explanatory
#10 "#10: At the Rapture, believers are given a glorified body, at the Second Coming they
remain in earthly bodies as they enter the Millennial Kingdom."

re reading this it is even more insane than the usual pretrib ravings.
apparently you get a glorified body in the rapture, and then demoted to a mere earthly body in
the millennial kingdom. The writer of these ten points needs to get on meds.

aside from that, the glorified or spiritual body is NOT called ethereal or non material, but some
kind of new immortal indestructible kind of physicality LIKE JESUS' BODY AT
THE RESURRECTION. Or do you think it was not physical? a mere
spirit body ethereal and non material is NOT A RESURRECTION but a mere haunting, a fraud.

WE ARE PROMISED PHYSICAL RESURRECTION. the immortal indestructible bodies are given
to all, believers and unbelievers at the second resurrection, JESUS HAS ABOLISHED DEATH to be fulfilled later,

the issue of "salvation" from damnation is, not whether you get resurrected or not, that is a given

I Cor. 15:51 Phil. 3:20, 21 "Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned unto His
glorious body...." Luke 24:35-43
"handle Me and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye
see Me have." Jesus after the Resurrection.
"Back it up with Scripture? why are you so ignorant of Scripture that these points don't ring a
bell you can go looking for yourself?"

If you are going to post something the burden of it's proof is on you don't you get that that is your responsibility?

I'll read what you have posted and I'll take or leave whatever I see fit based on my own knowledge of scripture. I have no burden to prove to you what I do or do not believe or even know. You put yourself in this position so from here on out back it up at the time or don't post.
How 'bout that "teach"?

Just because you think this your bully pulpit doesn't mean we have to take your word for anything. How dare you assume such automatic authority here on this blog.
It's is not your blog!
Go pontificate at your own!

You try ride on Constance Cumbey's credibility.
Get your own.
burden of proof my responsibility - normally, yes, but you all and your teachers claim to be so biblicaly savvy, the points should ring a bell and you could find it fast.

Consider it a homework assignment.

Always remember what someone else called the 20-20 rule, read 20 verses prior and 20 verses after
any verse handed you, to be sure
in fact it is saying what it is being used for and is even
relevant. some stuff promoted by
these people isn't even relevant!

talk about requiring biblical proof, they will say that something just IS a type of the
rapture pre trib at that, or just IS an allegory, or just ISN'T about the rapture even if this is part of the context,

and you are supposed to take it on faith and they don't have to provide biblical proof about
whatever being a type of anything, let alone of the rapture!

try applying your standards to your teachers and see where it leaves them. Don't just read the
verse in the Bible to be sure they quoted it word for word right, read context to be sure
they APPLIED it right.

Now I suppose you will say I provided no Scriptural proof to back up that list of refutations?
this was falsely said after I went through Daniel 7 verse by verse some months ago.
bear in mind this fellow ignores that the arabs DO blaspheme Jesus by denying His divinity and the
scene of dead under the altar is in heaven and not relevant to something that happened long ago
on earth, when no dead body would
be allowed because defiling on Temple grounds, neither were the
human sacrifices made during apostasies to Canaanite gods done there but on "high places." But
in general this is good.
"Consider it a homework assignment."

Look "teach" you are not the one to assign homework. You have major gall for that attitude.
You have a 'god complex' that makes you think you can educate us better than the Holy Spirit of the Living God.

Holding your feet to the fire to back up what you post with the one and only authority there is (and news flash it is not you!) It is the holy word of God.

What is more you should do your homework.......since you---say---you believe it then live it!!! repent of your sloth and gossip and critical judging ways of people who differ from or with you, and fornication and appearances of evil in your unholy household, and you admix of new age to scripture and most certainly and last but not least.........your hateful unforgiving and very arrogant prideful spirit.

Your gall rises from the pit of hell. And your discordant ways make your words foul as you "teach".

more on that book against post trib, reading into the second part, I think he is going to get
to denying The Trinity, so obviously he is dead wrong on that. But the points he makes about the pretrib rapture teachers are historical fact.

you don't get that kind of history events of failure if your premises and style of analysis is correct.

apparently this is from a oneness Pentecostal source, but the details regarding the rapture stand
on their own and are correct as per the bible, check for yourself.
Why aren't you doing your homework, Christine?
You must be connected to the beast system! How easy its been for our 'handlers' to get us use to using plastic to pay for everything, right down to a pack of gum! People can't even carry five dollars anymore? The vast majority of people are compliant no matter how rediculous or blatantly evil the demand.

I see bumper stickers that tell us we should support our troops because they are keeping the 'homeland' safe and free! One says that " if we can't stand behind our troops, we should stand in front of them". Wow! Really? That's prophetic.

Pray for this lovely family in Kentucky who had their 10 children abducted because of their off grid lifestyle! This type of harassment will increase more and more.


isis attacks hamas, huh?

anon 1:18

from the article, the evidence shown IS medical support which Israel does for everybody, and
there is this:

"Supporting ISIS for Israel enables them to eliminate two issues at once, only once Syria is no longer a concern — a move which would in turn neutralize Iranian influence in the region — Israel then would turn its attention to ISIS, bolstered by other anti-ISIS forces from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States. That would take several more years, however, during which time ISIS would continue to grow in both size and power. By the time they turn their attention to ISIS, it is quite possible that ISIS would have toppled the nations which Israel is counting on for support of such an operation. Too little, too late."

The same sort of game US and UK has always played. not a good idea but not like ISIS is Israeli intelligence in disguise, just using one enemy against another, but not actually doing it that well.
This sort of thing is a dangerous game, and while radical islam has existed with a boost from UK over 100 years ago, and a lot of Nazi support at one point, the real boost came from US in Afghanistan.

Instead of letting Russia make social changes we claim we want done, educate girls, we used the
crazies, because as one CIA guy said back then crazies make good fighters, against them.

Then the original Taliban took over, which stopped all banditry and poppy growing (or most of
these) and started with the rescue by Sheikh Omar of a couple of kidnapped girls, and the
drug money being essential to parts of our economy and black operations and to the interests of Chase bank which is the a number one drug money launderer,
the Taliban were attacked and poppy production was restored.
Then the northern alliance of rapists and mass murderers and salafists who were more hadith than Koran (I think the Taliban were more Koran oriented, which is less dangerous than hadith oriented and I think were stamping
out the perversion culture to some extent,) took over.

And the people we trained to fight the Russians were off training jihadis everywhere.

why haven't you done your homework?

Rather than spraying graffiti and obscenities over headmistress Cumbey's wall, you should have spent more time researching thoroughly and preparing your work to an acceptable standard and not the shoddy attempts you've become known for!

You are banished to your own blog where you will write 2015 times: ' I will not disrupt the Constance's blog with gnostic hubris '.

This lesson in humility should be accompanied by several hours of daily Bible reading and hours in daily prayer.

Do not return until you can prove yourself a reformed character, regenerated, no longer a reprobate and willing to work as a humble and wiser member of the team!

what are you raving about? do your own homework. I speak of what action I followed as it went
on and plenty of others tell the same. you know nothing.

work as a member of the team? SHAME ON YOU! subhuman herd animal mentality promoter, a team

go wallow in some common core Delphi system facilitator manipulated group think new age
hive mind seeking swamp and stroke each other's backs instead of just getting the job done and getting out. Wallow in flattery


Christine your attitude is rebellion.
There is a good team to be part of but you fight that too. rebellion is your middle name and is also called witchcraft in the word of God.
Your maverick ideas and ways prove you are not desirous of the unity of the Spirit making you one playing for the other team. That is part of your 'god complex' --- the me against them spirit --- in you.

Actually, you have no business even posting here.

Except that you want to take full advantage and coast on the current of Constance Cumbey's work.

That makes you a leech on top of being utterly rebellious.

But stick around. Your lies can be easily pointed out so we can see them and learn together what not to believe.
I think she is talking to herself again.

Quick call Pam Geller!!
...oh never mind we know who she really works for.

Hate Crimes Laws make Christians criminals

Bible camps are terrorist camps says DHS. new

Power Quest - Book Two: The Ascendency of Antichrist in America [Kindle Edition]
S. Douglas Woodward
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what halpens when they run out of psycopaths for informants, infiltraitors and disinformation agents? Mass murder, I asume. I think they are begining to run low on buddies and slow at replacing them. I see they same goons running the same shows again. It's like a broken record.

If I wanted to shut down free speech. I would send out an army of haters who ran their mouths and insulted people. So much so, that maybe people died or terrorists became incensed.

Then I would call them a hate group and call for shutting down hate speakers. I would get an email and adress list of everyone who stood up with my invented hate groups and give the list tl my buddies at the DHS.

All the while people would never find out that I started these hate groups in the first place.

I would try and get Christians to put their names on these lists.

I would tell them BE afraid! Muslims want to kill you! And then I would tell the left that Christians are haters and even Nazis.
My media outlets would talk about Christians being murdered all over the world. My hate groups would call these Christians to form an army. My hate groups would have blog talk radio shows that beg them to "poke the bear".

This is how civil wars are made. These are the times that deceive even the elect.

Even if one fat unsophisticated slob figures it out. No one would believe them.

__Love each other children__ It is over now.

And yes this is on topic they plan to end climate change debate this way as well

A path of Torah or a path of pain. This technique will bring about a total destruction of the world in a third world war. The survivors will decide not to work for themselves more than is actually necessary and dedicate the remainder of their actions for the good of others. And if all the nations of the world consent that no man should care for himself but only for others, war shall cease to exist.

The Torah (also method) of equivalence of form. The Messiah will teach everyone to worship God through equivalence of form, meaning that he'll prove that if people follow his way they will be better off. However, if they do not take upon themselves the work of God, they will be led into a path of terrible pain and be destroyed by war. Then the nations of the world will seek advice on how to avoid wars, and they will come to the Messiah, to Jerusalem, and he will teach them this Torah.
Oprah Winfrey Becomes Stanford University’s “Office of Religious Life’s 2015 Rathburn Visiting Fellow”

This is an honor bestowed by Stanford’s Office of Religious Studies. She not only has special access to Stanford students through this coming year of 2015, she also delivered the annual Stanford lecture on “A Meaningful Life” this past April 20 at Stanford Memorial Church (which is on Stanford’s campus).

Oprah talked for 1 hour, with a Q & A at the end. Two highlights of her talk were:

1) Leading about 1000 Stanford students in a 5 minute meditation session (inhale, exhale, etc.) telling them to think of all the conscious choices they made up to this point, that determined their destiny, that led them to Stanford University.

2) Oprah: “I learned that I could control my life. You are the master of your fate . . . you are the captain of your soul. I took control and went to my space . . . My space . . . the universal energy . . . I tapped into that space of divine flow, where all beings, all things are connected. That space is real. You cannot have a meaningful life without having spiritual self-reflection. Know who you are and why you are here. When you tap into that space, divine flow, that universal energy, you become untouchable in what you are called to do.”

Dave in CA

more to the point would be to examine all the conscious choices that got you seated at Oprah's feet
so to speak, figure out the unconscious drivers behind them, and make sure this doesn't
happen again.

Interesting explination of some infiltration of the Evangelical Church and combining it with the Catholic Church.

interesting point made by Trey Smith in one of his videos, that according to the pictoral meaning
of the original letters of the Hebrew or proto Hebrew alphabet, when the High Priest said the Name
YHWH, he said "behold the hand, behold the nail."

I checked this, here's the link to the pictogram ancestors of the Hebrew alphabet. that statement
is correct.
I had a dream that Christine was a team of rotating grad students at Stanford who were training in cyber warfare against enemies of the state. I woke up feeling ashamed of what we allowed universities to teach our sweet or once sweet now not so sweet kids.
Moving closer….

How to end boom and bust: make cash illegal

Forcing everyone to spend only by electronic means from an account held at a government-run bank would give the authorities far better tools to deal with recessions and economic booms, writes Jim Leaviss…

and (my note) control every aspect of your life. Then replace the "contact-less" debit card with a mark on your hand or forehead. (The Telegraph)

Dave in CA

Naturally some of these documentaries contain propaganda or rewritten history.

I am only posting this one because it explores the part of the Spanish Civil war where they didn't use cash for a time and when they decided they needed to get cash, despite the 'workers' having murdered their factory owners-- still had to grovel at the feet of the banks.

I wonder if the so-called fascists were the Christian families living outside the city who were destroyed house by house. This film is told by the communists and anarchists. It is amazing and similar to see each group so controlled and obviously well funded pitted the army and then against each other. Like today we can see them forming, tea, occupy, unions, communists, progressives, etc. all controlled.

Jade Helm gives practice for the army maybe??

France, Germany, Spain, so why wouldn't we be next?

and so it ends here with a bark but no bite

just a reminder about who died in the last train crash, have no idea about today in Philly. ...speaking of cashless societies....
You said:
"work as a member of the team? SHAME ON YOU! subhuman herd animal mentality promoter, a team

go wallow in some common core Delphi system facilitator manipulated group think new age
hive mind seeking swamp and stroke each other's backs instead of just getting the job done and getting out."....

There are teams and there are teams.
It's a matter of which team you are on.

You're so sure that you are a free thinker and not influenced by anyone else, but that's impossible.

God says, through Soloman's Proverbs 6:6_
"Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways,
and be wise; Which having no guide or overseer,
or ruler, provides her meat in summer and gathers her food in the harvest.
How long wilt thou sleep O sluggard? When wilt thou arise out of thy sleep?"

_ Ants are maybe the ultimate team players.
But you like to use modern psychiatric-sounding terms and popular euphemisms while you dose at your computer, doing nothing constructive.

Again I say: VANISH!

In God's book He does not want the land He gave to Israel to be taken from them and not divided either. People who say they believe God should know this. This spells big trouble.
Christine @ 9:00

(hearing that jackass sound again..)
Pope Francis Signs Treaty From The Vatican Officially Recognizing The State Of Palestine
anon 8:02

looks like trouble for the Vatican. ISIS is looking to attack it and God might allow this, though
how much damage He might allow is another matter. This is not, however, an actual accomplished
division, which the Vatican has no power to do.

But Israel is already divided, there is already a Palestinian Authority zone effectively a
separate nation state within Israel's borders. it is not however entirely enough what the
so called "Palestinians" want.

Meanwhile, whatever end times scenario plays out, whether things are to get drastic soon
or 500 years hence, all the matters under discussion can have impact on ourselves or things we care about so are worth keeping an eye on.
I was never constructivist. I was always a believer and that is the only action that really counts.
Dear eh AP it was the Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain who started the young turks who slaughtered the Armenians. Why else would it have taken the ADL so long to admit it was genocide? I wonder if the ADL is behind all the propaganda calling the Catholic Church the mother or all harlots?
anon 10:24

didn't you know that identifying the RCC with Babylon the great and the pope with the antichrist
was traditional protestant thinking until the 20th century, dating from Luther?

you can hardly blame Alexander Hislop and his sloppy study Two Babylons on the ADL.

"Meanwhile, whatever end times scenario plays out, whether things are to get drastic soon
or 500 years hence,"

Your lack of understanding of this issue is severely lacking. Like a lot of what you think you know about and prove you don't.
Ok I need to edit better before I send a post but the point is still the same......Christine your understanding of this issue is severely lacking.

anon 10:54

the end times scenario of a revived Roman empire has existed several times already. the "holy roman empire," Napoleon's empire, Greater Germany, now the EU.

meanwhile no one seems to notice that IF the ten toes of the statue in Daniel have any relevance,
Rome's holdings were in Africa and Asia and a ten nation confederacy or an empire that
overran such old grounds need not have a single part of it in Europe!

the statue dream ends with the King of heaven being set up, not brought in in full power. The four
beasts dream/vision end with the Ancient of Days coming to end the
persecution of the saints, and the Last Judgement. (telescoped view, Revelation adds details.)

The Contemporaneous Beast View

while this doesn't identitfy them, once you are thinking along this line you can find others online
who do identify some of them. ALL agree the eagle winged lion is usa - Britain and the bear is Russia. I conclude the leopard is China or a future Kurdistan. the last empire doesn't exist yet, and its foundations might be boko haram, the LRA or none of these.
"the statue dream ends with the King of heaven being set up" oops should read "kingdom of heaven"

but if I delete correct and repost, someone will accuse me falsely as happened before, of having
posting hideous and obscene things that I then deleted.
@ 11:18 PM
This is just more of your jibber jabbber.

Can it.
anon 11:30

"He that answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame to him" Proverbs 18:13.

can it until you read the case for contemporaneous beasts.

The angel told Daniel these beasts were four kingdoms that SHALL arise (after Daniel.)

if any of them were the statue, the angel would have said they were three kingdoms to come, but he said four.
You've tried and tried to "teach' this and still get it wrong.
Can it.
Done hearing this matter from you but you will force it on the blog anyway.


Based on today's headlines that this Pope is recognizing a Palestinian State, I would say that the last question of your post is a resounding yes. This might be a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing.

If you have not read Tom Horn's "Petrus Romanus" I would recommend it. Tom Horn did absolutely predict with startling accuracy, the resignation of Benedikt in advance and the installation of possibly the last Pope, Peter the Roman.

I'm sure I'll catch plenty of flack for this, but too many things are falling into place.
It is quite possible we have the Antichrist in Obama, and the False Prophet in the Pope. They are for the same "Change".

The two great 'change agents' of the NA/New World Order.

whether you are preparing to avoid the antichrist or for world war 3 (far more likely) the measures
you need to contemplate are similar.

and if its ISIS etc. invading at some point, the issue will be the same as if facing the antichrist,
die rather than deny Christ die rather than worship a false god.

Constance and others (and I at one time) used to think that the moslem god is just a misunderstanding
about Abraham's God our God. No. not as simple. There is disguised paganism back of all this, at the
kaaba and definitely the revelation that mohammed had. acted like a demon not like an angel
and at one point he was worried he was possessed by a djinn.

the key thing is, to accept islam is to accept what they say about Jesus. which is they deny His divinity,
they deny He died on the Cross (caught up to heaven alive instead with judas or a phantom
taking His place on the Cross).
I think the main reason the Vatican was always friendly to the "Palestinians" is because
these include Christians. And with the Israeli tendency to lump all Arabs together as muslims those of us endemic to the place
have had some difficulties along with the muslim Arabs.
Lately, Israel has mandated a new ethnic group category, Aramaean, for Arabs who are Christian. This
is of course denounced by the muslim Arabs as an effort to divide the "Palestinian" cause and
move Christians out of it, which of course it is, but this is good because it takes the onus off the Christian population of being "arab."
"Lately, Israel has mandated a new ethnic group category, Aramaean, for Arabs who are Christian."

This is confused. If you speak Arabic you will regard yourself nowadays as Arab. Plenty of Christians in the Holy Land are native Arabic speakers. but there are also speakers of Aramaic, and these mostly identify religiously as Christian.

At least one sr. financial man died on the train. One reporter as well.

This death is haunting. Big time data mining here, the assesments, the money, the control. . . . .this one should make us think.
The last Pope, Peter the Roman, is probably Christ himself returned to earth. This makes Benedict XVI the last solely human pope.

Also, why is Christine speaking for Constance on what is believed or used to be believed by the same?
Tom Horn's Petrus Romanus is based on the prophecies of one Malachi which are faked, and here is why. They were claimed to be a prophetic list of the Popes written in the 12th century but discovered in the 16th. They list a certain number of Popes and this number is now up or very nearly up, hence the hysteria. But anybody with literary sensitivity can see that the fit of Popes is very accurate from the 12th to the 16th century and then becomes far more nebulous, as does the wording. The logical explanation is that these prophecies comprise a 16th century fake.

Sadly I do think that Muslim terrorists might do a nuclear spectacular in the foreseeable future that harms St Peter's and renders parts of Rome uninhabitable. The present Pope is not going to prevent that by recognising Palestine as an Arab State, as he has announced he is doing (and, together with the Vatican's pronouncements on climate change, pushed me off a 2-year fence regarding his pronouncements). He should remember: "Those who bless you, I will bless; those who curse you, I will curse" to Abraham and implicitly his descendants in the covenant, ie Israel.

5:50 Christians are the seed of Abraham. They will be slaughtered by the harlot in the name of stomping out extremism and for the planet followed by intense retaliation and the expulsion of Zionists back to UN Israel where they will be forced to deal with Lucifer. But then again we all have opinions and no one really knows, except Christine the expert of all time.

anon 5:28

if you think Peter the Roman is Christ Himself you are very confused indeed. And maybe even
not a Christian at all. Sounds like a new age scenario.

and I NEVER speak for anyone I read a subject matter and posted my opinion of it if you are talking about the post I think you are talking about, I started with "I think" or something like that.

anon 12:04
read the article itself.

While they've been there all along, those of Aramaean speech, they were not officially recognized
as anything but just another Arab. A quick language course should get any Arab into this
category who is Christian and freed hopefully from some of the restrictions in ISrael on non Jews.

The issues are a mix of religion and ethnicity, and a Jew in Israel or anywhere else who becomes
a Christian is no longer considered a Jew, though they can get away with atheism.
given that we are already at the last listed pope that is reason
enough to dismiss it, though there is an odd agreement between the descriptions and the popes
whose descriptions are vague, all of them fit such as "glory of the olives" and Benny 16 takes
Benedict's name and the olive is the symbol of the Benedictines and so forth back to the end of the specific popes.
Someone suggested there was a conspiracy on to make sure that whoever became pope fit that list in some way.

Tom Horn is a profiteering posturing liar.

It says the last pope would shepherd the church through a great persecution.

that doesn't sound like the antichrist or false prophet.
The googling googler Chritine is trying to sound authoritative but all I hear is EEEAWW EEEEAAAWWWWW.

She got her religion online. She practices it online. She shops for converts online. No one here wants to convert. There are lots of jackasses online so I can't figure out why she needs this place. She must not know either but she'll still keep up the donkey bray.
What else has she got?
The 2 Anon on Tom Horn and Peter the Roman.

1. Jesus is not a Pope. He's God who is coming back to reign from Jerusalem, not Rome. See the book of Zechariah and the book of Revelations.
In Zechariah it says in that day his name will be one. In Revelations he is clearly identified as Jesus.

2. Tom Horn addresses the issue of forgeries. I don't remember his explanation at the moment and don't have the book handy to look, but regardless, he nailed it and called Benedikt's resignation in advance. He's an excellent researcher but is not dogmatic and doesn't believe that Catholic prophecy is Biblical prophecy but believes that some in the Vatican might be following this script.

Islamic terrorists have threatened Rome and the Pope but I had not heard that the Pope acknowledge a PA State to try to thwart their plans. Appeasement doesn't work very well with these types, as I think we would all agree.

I think the Pope and all the European leaders, the US and probably most of the governments of the world are stupid enough or evil enough to think a PA State should come into existence.

They probably want to make Jerusalem the capital of this new entity. It's an idea that has existed in masonic circles for a long time.

Excuse me, meant to say International capital of this newly divided state. Hard to see Jordan giving up their status, so maybe Jordan will share it with the Pope and Israel and have an interfaith capital.

Whatever scenario they decide upon it will not be good. That you can count on.

anon 11:16
that is an interesting barrel of masonic worms you opened.

I used to think that their use of biblical phrasing and symbols (incl. the ladder symbol, stolen
from Jacob's dream) was, like with alchemical drawing on NT terms, a way of disguising heresy
and apostasy in Christian dominated
lands, but there is likely more to it than just that. Their focus on the temple would also fit getting
involved in trying to rebuild it. Those who argue it won't be rebuilt because God won't be accepting
the sacrifices, ignore that that is not the issue. If people exist who want to rebuild it (they do)
and the money exists to do it (it does) and the circumstances are
favorable (not at present)
and IF God is willing to allow it for His own reasons, then it will happen. Theological correctness of
the action has nothing to do with it.
What Islamic terrorists? Where? Most if the 911 hijackers were found alive in various places. Ok Ft Hood...look at that guys face..looks MK ultra like the Joker in CO movie theater hoax and the Sandy Hook hoax, funny...both dads there were sceduled to testify in the now swept under the rug libor case.
there are plenty of Islamic terrorists operating openly elsewhere and there have been
incidents called by other names in this country. My "favorite" is when some guy yelling the Islamic jihad slogan beheaded a woman at
work and tried to behead a second but she escaped.

Since he worked at the same place it was written up as "workplace violence." Europe is bending over
backwards to deny the Islamic predation in the form of street crime and rapes in countries that
had very little of this before the muslims arrived. Maybe this
reaction is partly to avoid the right wing Europe for Europeans crowd getting power from this, but that's happening anyway.
To anybody who thinks that Tom Horn has dealt successfully with the issue of forgery of the prophecies of Malachi: Just look at them for yourself and notice the obvious difference between the pre- and post-16th century prophecies, ie how much vaguer are the latter and how woolier the fit. (NB They were first publicised in the 16th century as a document supposedly from several centuries before.) Here they are:

the oddity is, however, that the later ones that don't match in the obvious way the earlier ones
match, DO match ALL of them in SOME little way in cryptic terms used. someone else is going to have to do the stats math
on that one.

Someone suggested a conspiracy was in play all those centuries maybe some secret society in the
cardinals and so forth, to make sure that the popes elected would all have some fit to the prophecy.

another possibility, is that the prophecy was so noted and believed in that selectors of popes
looked for those that did have some fit. However, sometimes the fit came AFTER the election, or
as a feature of how their rule worked out. Which is peculiar.
Christine, you are entitled to your opinion - which has changed since a discussion on the subject here many months ago in which you denied any difference in fit of Malachi's pre- and post-16th century prophecies. I urge others to decide for themselves too:

Radical Islam is being used by the perps. Islam is mostly the talmund verses mixed with other stuff. The brotherhood are masons. It is a hoax, period.

Deception even for the elect.

Islamic Terrorism or Whore of Babylon? Deception overload.

The office of the Pope stands at the head of this anti-Biblical religious/political institution. Here's a SHORT list of RC's unscriptural dogmas:

Prayers for the dead were introduced in 310
The lighting of candles in 320
The worship of saints about 375
The mass was adopted in 394
The worship of Mary began to develop about 432
Priests began to assume distinctive robes in 500
The doctrine of purgatory was introduced in 593
Worship in Latin (since repealed) was mandated in 600
Claims to Papal Supremacy took firm foot in 606
Feasts in honor of the Virgin Mary began in 650
The custom of kissing the Pope's foot was introduced in 709
The worship of images and relics was authorized in 788
The invention of holy water was about 850
The canonization of saints was formalized in 993
Feasts for the dead were introduced in 1003
The celibacy of the priesthood was declared in 1074
The dogma of Papal infallibility was announced in 1076
Prayer beads were introduced in 1090
The doctrine that there are seven sacraments was introduced in 1140
The sale of indulgences began in 1190
The wafer was substituted for the loaf in 1200
The dogma of transubstantiation was adopted in 1215
Confession was instituted in 1215
The adoration of the Wafer began in 1220
The Ave Maria was introduced in 1316
The cup was taken from the laity in 1415
Purgatory was officially decreed in 1439
Roman tradition was placed on the same level as Scripture in 1546
The Apocrypha was received into the Canon in 1546
The immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary was announced in 1854
The doctrine of the papal infallibility was proclaimed in 1864
The personal corporeal presence of the Virgin in heaven in 1950

really worth the watch
athiest vs Christian

Read Tom Horn's response to the forgery business:
So Tom Horn himself now accepts that the pre-16th century "prophecies" of Malachi were written a posteriori and argues the post-16th century prophecies on their own merits? But, unlike the pre-16th, these prophecies are nebulous and the fit to the actual Popes is wishful thinking. I'll bet random people could be fitted to them. This stuff isn't worth wasting time on.

where the fit exists, the possibility of deliberate selection of a pope to fit them

the one that comes to mind now, the pastor et nautonier (who was bishop of Venice I think ergo navigator)
before he was pope is John XXIII.

Now there are two things odd about him. 1. there is some good reason to believe he was either
a freemason, or a member of some Turkish secret occultic society. there are freemasonic lodges in turkey.
2. his label, John XXIII, according to someone I forget who, by implication validates
the existence of one John I forget the number, without who J23 would be J22. that John has
been denied existed since Protestants started mocking RC for being taken in by a woman,
Joan, who became a fake monk to follow her monk lover to Rome, was brilliant, and became pope.
But she was pregnant. and gave birth during a papal procession, and the people stoned her and the
infant to death and thereafter papal processions did not go through that street, which has
a statue of a woman and infant in it.

pope Joan is apparently also the reason that since then, or some time later, popes sit on a chair
with a hole in the seat, which allows a person to put his hand under and feel if there are balls or not,
while being vetted for or right after the election.
pope joan is possibly the prototype for the tarot card "priestess" and of some interest to some occultists.

pope john XXIII presided over Vatican II. Now the papers that came out of that allowed for
changes to be made to just about everything including the Mass, subject to approval of local bishops
where such changed versions were to be done. This would sound like it would prevent anything wrong.
But it doesn't, if already or later on (and this is anticipated)
bishops were (some of them) shall we say unreliable.

If the papal choice veto had not been exercised by whatshisname of what was left of the holy roman empire or the palatinate or something like that, rampolla - a secret satanist - would have been pope.

so what was going on there?

however, the traditionalists who malign the removal of anti-Semitism are on the wrong track.
Because the curse the Jews who yelled for Jesus' crucifixion and said they took His Blood guilt on them and their children,
suffered the results of their volunteering for this in AD 70 as did their children.

So its over. such is not relevant. And it wasn't just Jews involved either, and Jesus said
"forgive them Father, for they know not what they do." the traditional view of Jews as cursed
and Christ killers is therefore
very debatable as relevant now.

before some anti-Semite hollers they get involved in occultism and bad politics, everybody got involved
in occultism and bad politics, and as for the latter you can expect any suppressed group to jump
on any bandwagon and exploit any situation that will do them some good or appears to do so.

It would seem that somehow the occult conspiracy involving Malachy's prophecy failed in pope
Francis' case, because there is nothing about him to fit Peter the Roman. and Tom Horn's nonsense about antichrist and/or false prophet
based on Malachy is DISHONEST because the prophecy said Petrus Romanus would shepherd his flock
during a great persecution, which is not the way the antichrist or a false prophet is described.
Oh shut up Chritine!
Christine wants to be the pope next. She has lots of experience pontificating here at this blog!!!!
Christine wants to be the pope next. She has lots of experience pontificating here at this blog!!!

(borrowed comment @ 8:36 PM from another recent thread)

What do you think about this?
Pope Joan is a myth Christine, even though many Catholics formerly believed it; the earliest reference is from the 13th century but the story is set in the 9th. We too are fond of making up stories about event a few centuries ago and there are no gaps in the list of Popes. See:

As for John XXIII I regard him as the most saintly Pope of the 20th century - and I'm a protestant.

Chritine 'll believe anything! Even chakra driven vampires from Nebiru who've set up underground cities on Mars where tantric sex magic is all the rage!

Oh how lost and New Age you are Chritine, with your live in fornicator Aka resident Seer!

And on that note, get lost!
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