Friday, May 15, 2015

what björn (farmer) thinks...: Solana and others urge EU to hold Israel to accoun...

what björn (farmer) thinks...: Solana and others urge EU to hold Israel to accoun...: Former European leaders call for change in EU policy on Israel Europe must hold Israel to account for the way it maintains the ...


Constance Cumbey said...

I found this information, but was busy with a client's distress this week. "Farmer" beat me to the posting, so I'm "blogging" his blog article on this very important story.

CLIFF KINCAID is my radio guest tomorrow morning on Join us in the chatroom and/or LISTEN LIVE. You can call in questions and comments to 208-935-0094.


Anonymous said...

What Do the Germans Think? Solana's New ESS

Who says he is not still in the game?

Anonymous said...

Outside Europe...could mean USA....? I see intel contractors using NATO training.

RayB said...

The office of the Pope stands at the head of this anti-Biblical religious/political institution. Here's a SHORT list of RC's unscriptural dogmas:

Prayers for the dead were introduced in 310
The lighting of candles in 320
The worship of saints about 375
The mass was adopted in 394
The worship of Mary began to develop about 432
Priests began to assume distinctive robes in 500
The doctrine of purgatory was introduced in 593
Worship in Latin (since repealed) was mandated in 600
Claims to Papal Supremacy took firm foot in 606
Feasts in honor of the Virgin Mary began in 650
The custom of kissing the Pope's foot was introduced in 709
The worship of images and relics was authorized in 788
The invention of holy water was about 850
The canonization of saints was formalized in 993
Feasts for the dead were introduced in 1003
The celibacy of the priesthood was declared in 1074
The dogma of Papal infallibility was announced in 1076
Prayer beads were introduced in 1090
The doctrine that there are seven sacraments was introduced in 1140
The sale of indulgences began in 1190
The wafer was substituted for the loaf in 1200
The dogma of transubstantiation was adopted in 1215
Confession was instituted in 1215
The adoration of the Wafer began in 1220
The Ave Maria was introduced in 1316
The cup was taken from the laity in 1415
Purgatory was officially decreed in 1439
Roman tradition was placed on the same level as Scripture in 1546
The Apocrypha was received into the Canon in 1546
The immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary was announced in 1854
The doctrine of the papal infallibility was proclaimed in 1864
The personal corporeal presence of the Virgin in heaven in 1950

Anonymous said...

Yes, all those mentioned in 'Farmer's post, along with Obama, the Pope, and others, seeking to please their master Satan! Can the Lords return be far off?

Good read on the history of the Jesuits. 'Jesuits, One World Government & One Evil'

Craig said...

From the “threedeafwords” link from anon @ 9:31AM, second paragraph:

“The HIS, I think of as In His Service where ‘his’ refers to Lucifer.”

I suppose the author can make up what he thinks IHS means, but that doesn’t mean it’s anything approaching what is accurate. From Wikipedia:

A common Jesuit emblem depicts the mottos surrounding the initials IHS. IHS is a monogram for the name of Jesus Christ used since the 3rd century as an abbreviation. "St. Ignatius of Loyola adopted the monogram in his seal as general of the Society of Jesus (1541), and thus it became the emblem of his institute. IHS was sometimes wrongly understood as 'Jesus Hominum (or Hierosolymae) Salvator', i.e. Jesus, the Saviour of men (or of Jerusalem=Hierosolyma)” (bold added).

More specifically, IHS is an example of what are known as nomina sacra (Latin for “sacred names”). Christian writings, most especially Greek NT manuscripts, employed these in reverence. IHS denotes the first 3 letters (in uncial, or capital letters) of the Greek spelling of Jesus – iota, eta, and sigma – written in Greek as ΙΗΣ. These most usually contain a line over all the letters, indicating its contracted form.

The name of Jesus was also written, for example, as IC (with a line over it), a nomen sacrum (singular of nomina sacra), which uses the first and last letters of the nominative (noun) form of Jesus. The full nominative form is ΙΗΣOYC (in uncial lettering). The genitive (possessive) form, ΙΗΣOY, was contracted to IY.

From the 4th paragraph of the work cited @ 9:31:

“Both symbols above indicate SUN worship or Son of the Morning worship which refers to the Biblical Lucifer or Satan, the opposer of JESUS CHRIST and His true human followers on earth.”

Apparently, this author is unaware that Jesus Christ refers to Himself as the “Bright Morning Star”, or Bright Sun/Son of the Morning”, in Revelation 22:16. See Got Questions: "Why are both Jesus and Satan referred to as the morning star?" for commentary on this.

I didn’t bother reading any further in the link provided by anon 9:31.

Craig said...

Drat. I see that I didn't catch that my spell-check 'fixed' "IHS" to "HIS" in the following quote of anon 9:31's link. So this:

“The HIS, I think of as In His Service where ‘his’ refers to Lucifer.”

...should have been this:

“The IHS, I think of as In His Service where ‘his’ refers to Lucifer.”

Anonymous said...

anyway, back to the topic!

Anonymous said...

anyway, back to the topic!

Anonymous said...

Craig, Lucifer was the head of the choir, admired by all, an angel and possibly so powerful, perfect and intelligent, he was 'like a son' but not Jesus 'the son' of God. I think Lucifer was replaced. What if anything of the morman story Lucifer and Jesus were brothers...or rather Lucifer once was in some class near to Jesus and imagined it was more than it was? Could the morning star be an office a position a classification a level of importance in relation to God Himself?

Anonymous said...

Pope calls Abbas "angel of peace" during Vatican meeting.

Anonymous said...

"anyway, back to the topic!"

It's hilarious that you, Christine, the most frequent abuser of this blog, are telling others to get back to the topic.

But in your visions of grandeur you have assigned yourself as blog sheriff. LOL!

Maybe you keep the resident seer in handcuffs and leg irons?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:58pm,

Abbas is much more an angel of peace than the Masonic child-murderer Netanyahu that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Christine wants to be the pope next. She has lots of experience pontificating here at this blog!!!

(borrowed comment @ 8:36 PM from another recent thread)

Craig said...

The duplicated comments above are by the childish fake Christine, not by the actual Christine. Just hover over Christine's name in the last comment of hers in the previous thread and you'll see blogger profile ending in 98117, rather than the 69663 by the troll above.

Craig said...

Anon 7:12,

You wrote: Lucifer was the head of the choir, admired by all, an angel and possibly so powerful, perfect and intelligent, he was 'like a son' but not Jesus 'the son' of God…

As far as I recall, Scripture does not describe Lucifer (Satan) as “head of the choir” (he is described as one who “masquerades as an angel of light” in II Cor 11:14), though I’ve seen some use eisegesis (reading into the text) to try to ‘prove’ that the KJV of Isaiah 14 characterizes Lucifer as such. I suppose it’s possible he may be described this way in extrabiblical Jewish literature, though. Certainly, Lucifer was never described as ‘like a son’, at least not in Scripture or any other literature I’ve read. But, I’m certainly no expert on Lucifer.

You continued: I think Lucifer was replaced. What if anything of the morman story Lucifer and Jesus were brothers...or rather Lucifer once was in some class near to Jesus and imagined it was more than it was? Could the morning star be an office a position a classification a level of importance in relation to God Himself?

Myself, I prefer not to speculate on such things. The claim that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers in Mormonism is a whole other can of worms I don’t wish to open. And I don’t think there’s any merit to supposing that “morning star” was some sort of office.

Anonymous said...

Ok maybe no merit. I am not morman. Lucifer was admired, he was like a son, that is not a far out idea.

Craig said...

If Lucifer were "like a son", then what does this make Michael the Archangel who defeats Satan/Lucifer (Rev 12:7-9)?

paul said...

The Jehovah's Witnesses say that Michael the archangel is Jesus, or rather Jesus is Michael the archangel.
I don't believe it, and I don't believe the Mormons either; or the Christian Scientists, or the Scientologists, or The Unitarianists, etc etc, but
it's these unanswered questions, ( which we will understand bye and bye ) that are usually the stepping off point for cults, wherein they claim to have the hidden truth, which is the definition of Gnosticism and heresy. The original sin was Pride
and it's pride and conceit that forms cults.

Anonymous said...

For to which of the angels did God ever say, "You are my Son; this day have I begotten thee"? Or again, "I will be his Father, and he will be my Son"?

Hebrews 1:5

Anonymous said...

Craig, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Christine is using the fake account herself as an umbrella with which to post things a little more controversial than usual. After all, what better way to garner sympathy and hide from the flak that otherwise may result from her reckless attitude here?

I could be wrong but the timing of the new account certainly serves in her favor.

Anonymous said...

Girl Scouts Of America To Accept Cross-Dressing Boys As Members

Constance Cumbey said...

I just found this item from a Wikipedia current article on Pope Francis attributing anti-New Age sayings to him in 1999. For the sake of fairness, I'm posting it here and would welcome Susanna's comments:

"Religion a la carte"[edit]
In the book-length interview "El Jesuita", Sergio Rubin and Francesca Ambrogetti asked Cardinal Bergoglio in 1999 whether he thought modern people tended toward "religion a la carte,"[107] a phenomenon which has been called "Cafeteria Catholicism". Bergoglio noted that this "is a very common trend that corresponds to the modern consumerism. Some choose a mass by how the priest preaches. But two months later they say that what doesn't work well is the choir and then change again. There is a reduction of the religious to the aesthetic... They treat religion as a consumer product, and this is very linked, in my opinion, to some vague theism carried out within the parameters of the "New Age", where personal satisfaction, 'relaxation', and 'feeling good' are mixed in. This is being seen especially in large cities, but is not just a phenomenon that occurs among the educated. In poor areas, in the slums, sometimes they seek an evangelical pastor, because 'I get it.'" [107]
Jump up ^


Anonymous said...

What's all this nonsense about Occupied Territories? The "West Bank" is properly called JUDEA and is currently occupied by Fatah.

Anonymous said...

Pope Fran. embraces Muller's UN world core for it's global orphanages. The application for New Mexico Star Shine Academy praises the UN and calls it core standards (simply common core national UN standards-Muller's world core or rather Baily's education model). I will email Constance the document but you can probably find it. Gooogle Star Shine academy pdf, or application or state application etc.

These charters have to define their curriculum in detail of the applications to receive state approval. These charters as Iserbyt says are just state funded and controlled schools without school boards or any parent say. Like this one, most do even worse on assessments. Most charters are running on D and F ratings state by state and all take some form of common core, even the Barney Charter schools which use core knowledge ...another for of common core national UN standards but stealthily called 'classical' and run from a grant funded program at Hillsdale College. It's all New Age schools now.

Trish McCarty explains StarShine Academy.

Anonymous said...

correction ..another form..

I sent the email for Star Shine Academy documents to your email Constance.

Anonymous said...

Start Shine and the UN about as obvious as it can get really..

Anonymous said...

Star Shine Ratings.... 1 in 2012, looking for last year now..

Anonymous said...

2014 WELL below AZ state average scores.

Anonymous said...

So in the video from the first link above^^, Tracy tells us that when her Star Shine Academy school opened in Phoenix AZ their drive by shootings stopped in a month.

OK then you decide:

Here is the crime map (lots) around McDowell road where she has one school:

and on Camelback the other road she has a charter school...well here is a drive by shooting in April 2015:

StarShine Planet

3535 E McDowell Rd
Suite A, Phoenix, AZ
(602) 957-9557

Starshine Academy

4455 E Camelback Rd
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 956-0099

Are we missing some Vatican education oversight committee?

Anonymous said...

In this video Tracy from the Star Shine Academy praises Trinity Broadcasting Network (her next door neighbor) and based on what I hear Gates is funding her school or at least the peace light program...and of course Gates in funding lots of charters. So they have multiple religious people at this ecumenical event.

small world.

Anonymous said...

Ray B @ 6:43 AM

Go away, TROLL!!!

Anonymous said...

The Pope is trolling for souls for his master Satan.

Should be obvious by now.

Listen,,,,,hear the dragon speak!

Oh, that's right, with scales over the eyes, and no ears to hear, the shackles remain fixed.

Yahshua can remove those, and give you eyes that see, and ears that hear.

He sets the captives free!!!

No need for religious deception. No need for a building with stained glass, and idols.

Only thing we need to set us free is Christ!

Hallelujah!!! Come back soon Yahshua!

Anonymous said...

I just checked with my expert. The Italian student who came to attend high school here last semester described the same school-to-work soviet style Unesco junk in Italian public schools. So why not just use what the Italian public schools are using?

As in the USA with the final step Common Core States Standards Initiative, the Italian kids have to choose a career and attend community college or rather a specific trade at Junior year. We are the last country to go to this system, so basically these new agy charters are just taking inner city kids and putting them further behind because they consistantly perform worse than public schools and adding the spiritualism-one world goop as well as setting us up for a change from representative government to unelected boards, as Iserbyt describes. Again these charters have no school boards and no way to change curricula. Parents complaints fall on deaf ears.

Can we then say the Pope is taking a step toward full support of non representative global governance?

These charter schools, they do not have take disabled kids making their scores reflect a group of able children and thus making the low scores even more unacceptable.


Susanna said...

Dear Constance 1:29 P.M.,

In the article you cite entitled THE THEOLOGY OF POPE FRANCIS, you are correct in your inference that Pope Francis is certainly not putting his stamp of approval on those who

treat religion as a consumer product, and this is very linked, in my opinion, to some vague theism carried out within the parameters of the "New Age", where personal satisfaction, 'relaxation', and 'feeling good' are mixed in.

Pope Francis is simply describing things the way they are in terms of the behavior - or rather misbehavior - of many Catholics.

At the beginning of that same article, we read,

Pope Francis is the 266th and current Pope of the Catholic Church, elected on 13 March 2013. In his over 40 years as a Catholic priest, he has drawn "high marks as an accomplished intellectual, having studied theology in Germany." He is seen as someone who personally straddles the divide between the liberals and conservatives in the Catholic Church. Francis has supported the social justice ethos of Latin American Catholicism, including a robust defense of the poor. At the same time, he has generally tended to accent growth in personal holiness over efforts for structural reform. He is seen as "unwaveringly orthodox" on matters of sexual morality, staunchly opposing abortion, same-sex marriage, and entire article...

Pope Francis’ efforts to reach out to nonbelievers follow in the footsteps of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. During his pontificate, Benedict XVI founded the “Courtyard of the Gentiles,” a structure for permanent dialogue between believers and nonbelievers created by the Pontifical Council for Culture.


Having read your book HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, I recall your mentioning the possibility that honest pagans who did the best they could with what little knowledge they had might be the ones standing before the throne of God joyous and redeemed while certain so-called "Christians" would be the ones on the outside looking in.

I think Pope Francis would heartily agree with that sentiment.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you ask, what groups of religious people today are doing wonderful things in Jesus name; but are lost and on their way to Hell? Namely: Lutherans, Catholics, Church of Christ, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Scientology, Muslims, Judaism, Christian Science, Greek Orthodox, United Church of Christ, Russian Orthodox, Unitarian Universalists, Moonies, New Agers, Episcopal, the Lordship Salvation crowd and many more.

I think some in the quasi christian groups mentioned above "know the Lord". But in general this statement is true.

Its no wonder the Pope would hope to obtain heaven along with those mentioned above. He fellowships with them all.

Susanna,,,,, you have no need of any Pope, or religious organization, You just need Yahshua/Jesus.

Anonymous said...

...and the sacred name movement is heresy as well.

Anonymous said...

Claiming that various words or abbreviations in the bible manuscripts should be replaced by YHWH is certainly heresy. but the Sacred Name movement has done some good in focussing on this name - its meaning, how it should be pronounced and translated, and why it is totally absent from the New Testament. (It's not but, significantly, it appears only as part of the name of "Jesus" who is properly called Yashooa.)

Pronunciation - YAHUWEH (not YAHWEH), and don't believe anybody who says that the pronunciation was lost. Translation - it's a verb, and has connotations of eternal, so I'd translate it as "FOREVER-I-AM", so that "YHWH your God" means "I am Forever, your God."

Anonymous said...

Koran calls Jesus isa
Zohar calls Jesus yeshua
Bible calls Jesus JESUS Christ

Sacred name movement is bringing Kaballah to the churches.

If I was the ac I would come up with some other name for the sheeple to call me considering my distain for the name JESUS. Maybe yeshua would do the trick.

Rabbi names ....

Anonymous said...

Susanna, that last part is what I was taught in Catholic grammar school in the '40s. That God's standards were not man's standards. That what we did that was morally good was more important than what we believed because God gave us the Bible to teach us what to do. Then we should do what we are told to do because we believe. If we just do what we feel is right though we believe, we are not living up to God's words to us. Now pagans and others might learn what is right to do because of our example, so to teach them it is up to us to live the word and not just talk it.

Converts become convinced by what we do, not by what we say. The Bible gives us commandments. New Age people point to what they see monotheistic believers do which appears to them to destroy society and individuals as reasons not to follow Christianity or Judaism. That can be found in New Age writings.

Tell someone you believe in Jesus and then act like a jerk and bingo another New Age follower is born.

If you care, do kindly and take time to point out the evils that New Age believers do to others, for example, abortion and euthanasia being two of many things. Where New Age is concerned, learn the details and do not just read the bold words on the label. "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

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