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Looks as if UN/Vatican Collaboration on Climate Change is "Done Deal"

Maybe Pope Francis needs to read up on what the "Global Warming" cum "Climate Change" (and before that "New Ice Age")  pushers feel about his Church.  I suggest he carefully and prayerfully review THE POPULATION BOMB by Paul and Anne Ehrlich.    He would find this language included in that 1968 book that was seeking the same New Age/New World Order change as they do now.

Here are quotes and page numbers from that book to help him.  For the record, it was from the mass market edition:

In these largely Catholic countries politicians have generally been far behind those of India in recognizing the root of their problems in overpopulation. P. 41.
Turning to Colombia, we find an almost entirely Catholic country with a doubling time of 22 years. Death control did not reach Colombia until after World W.ar II. Before it arrived, a woman could expect to have two or three children survive to reproductive age if she went through ten pregnancies. Now, in spite of malnutrition, medical technology keeps seven or eight alive. P, 42
The Catholic Church recommends the rhythm method of contraception.  Unfortunately, people who practice this method of contraception are commonly called ''parents."  P, 82
All these are hopeful signs, but unhappily the Church hierarchy and certain conservative Catholic groups are still hard at work to raise the death rate by fighting effective moves to lower the birth rate. It takes a great deal of patience for a biologist familiar with the miseries of overpopulation to read through documents that represent the views of even "enlightened" Catholics.  P. 144
In short, Catholic witnesses are opposed even to attempts to institute inadequate federal programs of population control. Catholic politicians at home and abroad operate in many ways to obstruct population control. They often effectively block action on population control at the international level. And population control, of course, is the only solution to problems of population growth. Unless the Pope does a complete about-face, I think we can count on continuing and effective Catholic support for raising the death rate.  P. 146  
Basically, I think the Catholic situation is much more amenable to solution than that associated with our current views of economics. The winds of change are clearly blowing in religion -blowing too late, perhaps, but blowing. P. 148 
True, we must bring pressure to bear on the Pope in hope of getting a reversal of the Church's position.  Probably the best way is to support those American Catholics who already realize that opposition to birth control is automatically support for increased misery and death. If such a reversal can be obtained, mankind's chances for survival will improve somewhat, and millions upon millions of Catholics will be able to lead better lives. But the population problem will not be "solved."  P, 147  
Biologists must promote understanding of the facts . of reproductive biology which relate to matters of abortion and contraception. They must do more than simply reiterate the facts of population dynamics. They must point out the biological absurdity of equating a zygote (the cell created by joining of sperm and egg) or fetus (unborn child) with a human being.  P. 147  
Finally, if you are a Catholic, you should let your Church know that you strongly disapprove of its policies on birth control. You can withdraw your financial support from the diocese and channel it into liberal Catholic causes. Remember that any organized religion is also a political organization and therefore responsive to grassroots pressure. The Church has survived for almost two millenia by adjusting, under pressure, to the times. You can help it survive by pressuring it to change.  P, 181

Also, and even worse, Paul and Anne Ehrlich gave their scenario for a cheerful 1974 in that 1968 book:

SCENARIO III. In 1974 the United States government finally realizes that the food-population balance in much of Asia, Africa, and South America is such that most areas cannot attain self-sufficiency. American expeditionary forces are withdrawn from Vietnam and Thailand, and the United States announces it will no longer send food to India, Egypt, and some other countries which it considers beyond hope. A moderate food rationing program is instituted in the United States. It further announces that food production in the United States will be increased only so long as the increase can be accomplished without damage to the environment of the North American continent. Pope Pius XIll, yielding to pressure from enlightened Catholics, announces that all good Catholics have a responsibility to drastically restrict their reproductive activities. He gives his blessing to abortion and all methods of contraception.  Several cheap, long-term anticonception drugs are developed and made available for wide distribution.  PAGE 78
Well, it's a tough question, but somebody's got to ask it.  Did Paul Ehrlich, Anne Ehrlich, John P. Holdren, Maurice Strong, and the rest of their cohorts get what they wanted back in the 60s as their then "Impossible Dream" with this now Pope Francis?

May the Lord help us all.  Let your priest and bishop know.  Tweet the Vatican.  Tell them "you don't like it and you don't think God likes it either!"



Constance Cumbey said...

On another, equally onerous front: "Church Braces for Same Sex Marriage Decision"


You can bet there's persecution ahead for those resisting it, if the Supreme Court tilts as feared. Pray that Justice Kennedy will come down on the right side of this issue!


Anonymous said...

We will see who braces or embraces in this issue also,all across the board denominationally speaking, and should be very telling. The two issues are going to be packaged together, climate change and same-sex marriage, so that those who embrace one will embrace the other, and vise versa. I am sure you are right Constance, that persecution will come to those who resist.

Most definitely a change in climate......

Anonymous said...


I will post this one last time. Not sure if you saw my other 2 or 3 posts on this.


If you are already familiar with Patrick Wood, who co-authored with Tony Sutton please let me know.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting, on the internet of things:


Anonymous said...

and last on a subject that should interest you, reflexive law:


Anonymous said...

It has become very clear that Pope Francis is onboard with the Antichrist agenda for one world governance, and one world religion.

Anonymous said...


Bill Gates contraceptive microchip ready for release by 2018.

Anonymous said...

One does not have to be a eugenicist to wish that the Vatican would change its stance on at least barrier methods of contraception within marriage.

Anonymous said...


Brace hard for the thought police.

Anonymous said...

The wheels are coming off of everything so that the new normal chosen for the masses may now fully come in.
And 'fix it', it will. That thing is gonna drive.
We now have before us an open flood gate, so it will be a long hot summer headed into a fall harvest of extreme.

Be braced?
There is only one way.
Be standing on the immoveable.
The Solid Rock is Jesus.

Anonymous said...


Unit traded: The unit traded is most often an acre of habitat. Occasionally, due to specifics of an organism's ecology the unit may be a breeding pair or combination of habitat and the actual species, or in the case of fish and aquatic species the unit may be a liner foot of riparian habitat.

Under a "Conservation Banking Agreement", the sale of these units, or credits, is based on species conservation outcome rather than simply management action. This is to say, that a bank must demonstrate that the species are being conserved, not just that they are performing the habitat management thought be necessary. This is not necessarily the case for conservation banks established under the other agreements mentioned above.

Service Area: A conservation bank's service area is based on biological criteria of the species involved and often a recovery plan. The US Fish and Wildlife Service must approve service area determination.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


I am glad this got posted, I recall posting a video link about this and its history.

Of course my detractors started yelling and screaming the minute I showed up, generating so much
noise that the links I posted were probably lost to everyone's view. the potential for this effect is
so obvious,
that it has to be deliberate. In other words, deliberate jammers.

Unknown said...

The dirty little secret is that those who supported liberation theology in the past now are "Green" supporters.

here in the Philippines, the "green" types are embedded into the church bureaucracy. They oppose GM food and even opposed the US giving rice to the poor after one of our many disasters, because some of the rice might have been "GM rice". The gov't is pushing organic rice and growing, which is good except that to grow it costs more than growing with chemicals, so the poor end up eating rice imported from China or VietNam, which is cheaper.

The gov't is being pushed by the US gov't to give contraception (and eventually abortion) free for the poor in clinics and hospitals, but the poor don't get free antibiotics for their sick kids. If you deliver your child with a trained gov't paid midwife, she often wants a gift, so one third of ladies deliver at home with untrained "hilots", which is why maternal mortality is so high.

In the meanwhile, our Cardinal was quoted saying the Philippines needs to protect gay rights, ignoring the large gay tourism trade here that includes child prostitution, and the fact that gays are well integrated into society where people just shrug as long as they keep their hands to themselves.

The greens in the church oppose companies that mine or log claiming they pollute, but instead of letting companies work with environmental restrictions, they oppose any mining or logging period... the result is illegal mining and logging because the poor need jobs, and the politicians can always be bribed to look the other way.

But few bishops actually are willing to point fingers at the corrupt politicians and name names, because of the strict libel law. Archbishop Cruz once pointed out corruption and got taken to court. And besides, the rich politicians will give money to the church in return for a photo op.

In other words, this is a PC thing by the PC in the church, and the Pope should know better. The end result will be more people in the Philippines and Latin America joining Evangelical churches that stress moral living and support capitalism that brings in jobs.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure he was challenged, but attacked?
Don't know if true or not.

Anonymous said...

7:46 Propaganda fron the UK, naturally. Evil billionaires fight against evil billionaires behind the climate change scam. They control both sides.

Constance Cumbey said...

And if there isn't enough news tonight, I received a "Solana" google alert.

Canadian Underwriter
Global cyber governance framework inadequate for handling emerging technologies: Zurich
Canadian Underwriter
... cyberspace,” adds ESADEgeo president Javier Solana. “Developing an inclusive and reliable governance regime for the security of the cyber realm ..."

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

govern the internet? now he's gone too far! :(

Constance Cumbey said...

Here is a tiny url link to the Solana Esade global governance of internet story I just referenced:



Anonymous said...

*Ignore *

Anonymous said...


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


145 page pdf in small print, lectures by Fr. Seraphim Rose on history and philosophy and how the
modern age and its evils developed from the middle ages.

Anonymous said...

*Ignore *

Anonymous said...

Are the trolls back?

Anonymous said...

*Ignore *

Anonymous said...

Constance the internet created by DARPA has always been a planned global governance surveillance system. Now that most states have the UN global broadband in the ground and operating the natural next step is to put the fear of cyber attacks and loss of money er eh economic development into the banks and corporations and make them willing to apply more control. All the medical records and healthcare records combine with internet socail media on Amazon and Google servers via StateNet hubs and Internet 2 exchange points. Internet 2 parnters include international governments and corporations. This global internet grid makes it possible for hegalian attacks, ie China hacks med records in Oklahoma thus creating the call for cyber security, for our own good. Furthermore, transparency means top down, global masters looking at your local city budgets via the internet. Transparency is not meant to encourage the peole looking up, transparency up is not the goal. The goal is to rule the world via taxing undesirable behavior and thoughts, ie the top looks down and then determines how you run local government and directly and instantly taxes when the locals choose to spend on non state approved projects, all made possible by the tops being able to gather all data on the locals. Anyway, that is what I saw when I did the research.

People could not understand that stopping the broadband made Obamacare impossible. They were told broadband was for them and was a civil right, it was so medical records could be made basically, globally public.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 8:36,

The Internet was originally not supposed to be public at all, but it is possible that what developed was made possible by
people wanting what you describe. At first it was strictly military and scientists at several universities. The idea was to have a system that would survive
a nuclear attack, hence the network with nodes instead of a hierarchical system. If one or more nodes went down, the rest
would survive.
The number of kinds of scientists allowed access, and their students, increased, and students were lending their "Internet cards" to others.

Finally at some point Prodigy was involved and got permission or just did it, to sell its Internet access, and the
rest is history. I think the intention you are talking about, began around that time, not when it was first conceived.

Given prodigy's logo, an inverted pentagram, assuming that was always its logo, or that the switch from military
relevant only (in theory) to public accompanied the logo change from what it once was (if it was once different), that
raises interesting questions all around.

Prodigy and AOL were not exactly family friendly originally. And occultists have been in the business of computer science
building and the network from the start, some of whom were anarchistic and others would have been control freaks. DARPA (called just ARPA back then when it was Arpanet) was originally looking to deal with nuclear war issues.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

" This global internet grid makes it possible for hegalian attacks, ie China hacks med records in Oklahoma thus creating the call for cyber security, for our own good"

come to think of it, we only have "their" word for it that China hacked any medical records. Why would China be interested in
medical records in Oklahoma anyway? probably a lie. Google was created with NSA technology given to whatshisname.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


Anonymous said...

8:36 *Not stopping the broadband made obamacare fully possible

Richard said...

"Constance the internet created by DARPA has always been a planned global governance surveillance system."

Without any doubt. And why is it called a 'web', as in 'World Wide Web'?

There must be a spider nearby then.

Anonymous said...

*skip past and ignore*

Anonymous said...

*skip past and ignore *

Anonymous said...

*Ignore *

Anonymous said...

Naturally this is a gnostic-Platonian transformation:


In perfect detail, how the turned our educational system into a data mining classification operation


Anonymous said...

Climate Change Skeptics Tossed From UN Conference
By Edward Pentin
Thursday, 30 Apr 2015 11:07 AM

“They don’t want any dissent, and they certainly didn’t want me asking questions,” said Christopher Monckton of Pope Francis’ unambiguous endorsement of the science of climate change.

Lord Monckton of Brenchley, a former policy adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and a well-known climate change skeptic, was speaking just after being thrown out of a one-day Vatican workshop on the moral dimensions of climate change and sustainable humanity.

Opened by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the April 28 workshop was attended by climate scientists, five Nobel Prize winners, and religious leaders from around the world.

Hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the event’s publicized aim was to “raise awareness” of climate change and “build a consensus” between the “values of sustainable development” and those of religious traditions.

It was also meant to support Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on the environment which is to be published in the summer to coincide with the U.N.’s Conference on Climate Change in Paris in December.

Ban spoke of the urgency of tackling climate change, telling reporters the U.N. was aiming to secure an anti-climate change war chest of $100bn by 2020, followed by a further $100bn per annum.

He said he wants the “moral authority” of faith groups and claimed they are “fully aligned” with scientists on the issue. “Business leaders and all civil society are on board”, he said. “Now we want faith leaders. Then we can make

Another view is that the U.N. and the EU are welcoming the enormous amount of proposed financing to combating climate change as “manna from heaven” because it gives them a role and a purpose.

Furthermore, if the science is so convincing, it’s unclear why the conference organizers were so worried about having skeptics asking difficult questions. Both Monckton and Marc Morano of Climate Depot, a conservative think tank, were ejected from the hall when organizers discovered who they were.


Anonymous said...


Monckton was especially disappointed as he had taken part in a similar Vatican conference on climate change in 2007 which was open to all opinions. Asked if he had been excluded because the science had since moved on, he replied: “Indeed it has: there’s been no global warming since that time,” and cited a number of his own peer-reviewed papers to prove his point.

I asked Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, the long-serving chancellor of the Pontifical Academy and principal organizer of the workshop, why opponents of the science weren’t invited as in 2007. He responded by saying that event was hosted by another Vatican department, and added that when it comes to climate change science, “there’s only one side.”

Economist Jeffrey Sachs, a key figure at the conference who has contributed to the Pope’s new encyclical, told me climate change skeptics were “in very serious error” and that 2014 was the “warmest year in instrument record on the planet.” He said climate change science is long established, and skeptics don’t understand it. “The risks are enormous, the time is short and we have to move forward,” he said.

But Monckton, who says he is not financially backed by anyone, believes those promoting the agenda know “perfectly well” they are wrong, but “cannot stop the political momentum” that’s been built up. “They know they’re going to look foolish and will stave off that day until they retire,” he said. “That’s all it’s about now, a damage limitation exercise.”

He also sees the agenda as a push toward some kind of world government.

Morano said he was concerned that Pope Francis, unlike his predecessors, was “essentially lobbying” for a climate change treaty to be signed in Paris. This, he warned, puts him in danger of bringing into play a “whole host of issues that are diametrically opposed to Catholic teaching such as population control, abortion, contraception.”

Scientific questions surrounding climate change science aside, this is what chiefly concerns many Catholics. The Pope, they fear, is being misled on an issue seen by many as a Trojan horse for globally advancing policies radically opposed to church doctrine.

“There is a sort of pantheism in all this which is designed to, and will, weaken the church,” said Monckton. “Every time the church strays into science and gets it wrong, she weakens her spiritual authority."

Anonymous said...

Be careful with Old Monckton, he is a knight of the Roman Catholic SMOM: The successors to the Templars!

Anonymous said...

Climate Changes, But Facts Don't: Debunking Monckton


Anonymous said...


weird site

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

when Monckton's right, he's right. That doesn't mean he doesn't have other agendas.

The way he considers himself unfairly kept from a seat in Parliament because of some issue
about an ancestor is disingenuous, surely he knows about "corruption of blood," which
rules all relatives and descendants out of politics once someone has had this declared
against him for whatever reason. The Constitution mentions this, and limits it to operate only in the lifetime of the person who brought it on.
I doubt its ever been put in play. This of course, and the clause requiring you can confront your accuser in court, without
stipulating that a sworn deposition is good enough if the accuser is dead, are two points
that create a real good motive for murder (which has been done countless times to prevent testimony).
The French legal system is superior in some points, including the office of investigating judge, which is like
a prosecuting attorney but if the writer of an article on this decades ago had this right, can
instigate an investigation and prosecution without some complaint being brought before him.

Anonymous said...

We should be worried if there is any truth that skeptics on the climate issue were in fact asked to leave or left out.

Mr. Monckton's membership to any organizations, past or present should not be the focus. To focus on his past and not the truth at hand is to further cloud the climate control issue and those seeking to currently promote it at the UN and Vatican.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for cutting to the chase, leaving the rabbit trail out of the picture 1:31 PM.

Anonymous said...

So what should those who trust in Christ alone for their salvation expect from the pope? Should we expect the pope to speak as a sanctified one? His speach has given him away continually as one who is not set apart, but rather in step with, or worse, a leader within the kingdoms of this world. Not for better, but for worse. Giving his voice and so called authority to global agendas. Should we, those of us who are, set apart, concern ourselves with what the pope thinks about climate change? At this time when things will, and are "waxing worse and worse", should we hope in someone who may not even be in Christ to deliver us from this rapidly increasing evil all around us?

Let's rather set our minds and hearts on the hope of our soon coming king, who is our Rock, and not on a rolling stone.

Anonymous said...

*skip past and ignore *

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Should we, those of us who are, set apart, concern ourselves with what the pope thinks about climate change? At this time when things will, and are "waxing worse and worse", should we hope in someone who may not even be in Christ to deliver us from this rapidly increasing evil all around us?"

I think you totally miss the point. the issue is not whether the pope has a charism making him
someone to look to.

The issue is that a LOT of people view him in this light, and even those who don't have some respect
for him and for the RCC as a power bloc.

And that means that whatever side he weighs in on, has a little more power. The issue is, to watch
out for trouble brewing.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"We should be worried if there is any truth that skeptics on the climate issue were in fact asked to leave or left out. "

This isn't the first time. It may be the first time they were proactive enough to identify who
was a climate denier and not high profile like Monckton, who got refused entry to a conference some years back and parachuted in.

Anonymous said...

Questions about the AC and turning against Israel...hmm..

2009 Solano calls for two state solution:


"Defamation" Comes out in 2009 as well. You know these movies are usually well controlled events unlike your sort of homemade conspiracy video.


It just looks like the anti-Zionism you tube videos increase after 2009 on you tube, as if they knew it would take a few years to deprogram.

This is when also the pro-Isreal groups sort of began to peak and began to decline in 2012 (after gathering lots of names and addresses of supporters). I have no hard data, just watching the you tube. And I was inside for a bit. It was so controlled, like a slow moving train.



Anonymous said...

3 weeks old..


Talmundic Law replaces English Common Law.

Babylon rising or more hate-the-jews propaganda? I am inclined to think the latter. It reminds me of the anti shariah propaganda, although I am firmly for common law.

Anonymous said...


...and the similar style for Sharia Law...

propagand wars and fear porn

Anonymous said...

"The way he considers himself unfairly kept from a seat in Parliament because of some issue about an ancestor is disingenuous, surely he knows about "corruption of blood""

That comment is wholly inaccurate. Here (Christine) is what actually happened. The UK has the House of Commons for elected MPs, and the House of Lords. Until 1958 the House of Lords was essentially hereditary. After 1958 the government routinely created "life peers" who were persons it deemed meritorious enough to sit in the House of Lords together with the hereditaries. After 1999 the government began a clear-out of hereditaries. Not all were thrown out in that year, but it was declared that if you inherited a hereditary peerage after that date (ie, if you were the oldest son of a hereditary peer and your father had just died) then you could not automatically sit in the House of Lords. That is Christopher Monckton's situation and it has nothing to do with the character of his ancestors. A number of seats in the Lords were reserved for hereditary peers but there was heavy competition and he failed - more than once - to become one of those.

It is not in doubt that he may be called "Lord Monckton". But he enjoys riling the Left - who were behind the 1999 change - and he calls himself a "non-sitting member of the House of Lords" rather than a non-member. This has led to some entertaining exchanges of letters about protocol.

Be careful about badmouthing people's ancestors.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 3:46 am,

thank you for the clarification. the way he was explaining his situation was so confusing and dismissing it
I figured he had something about an ancestor as an issue. my mistake.

Anonymous said...

Mike Huckabee: Christianity Is on Brink of Becoming Criminalized

(Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee spoke at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference's annual gathering, held in Houston, Texas from April 28-30.)


Anonymous said...

Christians Must Go On The Offensive Against Gay Mafia


Craig said...

GoFundMe Removes Christian Grandma-Florist Barronelle Stutzman's Fundraising Page; 2nd Christian Business Facing 'Ruin' Removed From Site This Week

GoFundMe, an online fundraising website, has taken down the donation webpage for 70-year-old Christian grandma-florist Barronelle Stutzman, who is at risk of losing her flower shop and life savings after she declined to work a same-sex wedding because of her Christian beliefs.

After GoFundMe caved to LGBT-activist pressure and shut down another fundraising page earlier this week that supported the Oregon bakery Sweet Cakes by Melissa, which was court ordered to pay $135,000 to a gay couple after declining to bake a cake for their wedding, TheBlaze's Dana Loesch tweeted on Monday that GoFundMe discreetly removed Stutzman's campaign from its site, which had been operating for about two months.

Stutzman, who owns Arlene's Flowers in Richland, Washington, was ruled guilty of violating the state's anti-discrimination ordinance in late March, and was ordered to pay a fine of $1,001 and is also liable for paying court costs and legal fees incurred by the same-sex couple.

The amount of which Stutzman will be ordered to pay is yet to be determined, as the court will let the appeal process play out. However, Stutzman's lawyer, Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Kristen Waggoner, indicated on multiple occasions that the outcome could cause Stutzman "personal and financial ruin."

Before Stutzman's page was shut down, it had raised over $174,000. Although the shutting down of Stutzman's campaign did not come with an announcement from GoFundMe on why they took such action, GoFundMe's reasoning for removing the Sweet Cakes by Melissa campaign, which had raised over 109,000 in nine hours, was that the owners, Aaron and Melissa Klein, had been "formally charged by local authorities and found to be in violation of Oregon state law."

In a statement provided to the Daily Signal, a GoFundMe spokesperson said the decision to remove Stutzman's fundraising campaign was due to the fact that "she was in violation of GoFundMe terms."

"The same conclusion was recently reached in regards to the 'Sweet Cakes by Melissa' campaign based on a similar violation of terms," the spokesperson explained.

Even though Stutzman has employed and frequently served homosexual individuals in the past, including serving Robert Ingersoll — the gay man who sued Stutzman — for nearly a decade, she has been cast by LGBT activists as an intolerable bigot simply because she did not want to take part in a marriage ceremony that went against her sincerely held religious beliefs.


Craig said...


"What does this say for the future of religious freedom in America? If Americans are not free to decline to be involved in a specific activity that violates their beliefs, then we are not free," Family Research Council President Tony Perkins issued in a statement to The Christian Post. "In less than eight hours over $100K was raised for the Kleins until gay activists forced GoFundMe to pull the plug. This reveals two very important aspects of the redefinition of marriage: Americans are not going along with it, and the intolerance of those trying to redefine marriage is historically unprecedented."

In a statement to the Daily Signal, Waggoner called out GoFundMe, gay activists and other LGBT organizations for aiming to completely destroy the lives of those they don't agree with politically.

"The opponents of freedom have to ruin every aspect of the lives of those who disagree — denying them a living, the ability to feed their families and the opportunity to raise money to pay the so-called 'victims,'" Waggoner asserted. "This type of vindictive, hateful behavior is terrifying. Corporations like Apple, Salesforce, and GoFundMe want to make sure they can live and work consistent with their beliefs about marriage, but then deny that same right to people like Barronelle Stutzman who lovingly served her customer for nearly a decade but simply couldn't participate in the celebration of his same-sex wedding."

Although Stutzman's GoFundMe page was taken down, supporters can still offer their donations through an Alliance Defending Freedom online fundraising campaign. Likewise, Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse has set up an online fundraising avenue for Sweet Cakes by Melissa.

Waggoner and the rest of Stutzman's legal team filed an appeal of the Benton County Superior Court's guilty ruling on Monday. Stutzman's legal battle, which has gone on since 2013 when the state's attorney general's office first filed a lawsuit against her, will continue. Additionally, the gay couple filed a separate lawsuit against Stutzman and are being represented by the American Civil Liberties Union.

"The message that the attorney general and the ACLU have sent to the people of Washington in these two lawsuits is quite clear: surrender your religious liberty and freedom of speech, or face personal and professional ruin," Waggoner said in a statement. "The trial court's ruling affects all Americans who wish to remain free to live and work according to their faith without fear of punishment by the government,"Waggoner said. "For that reason and others, we are requesting that the Washington Supreme Court grant direct review of Barronelle's case."

Craig said...

What would happen if a gay man went into a Muslim bakery in Dearborn, MI requesting an overtly gay message on his wedding cake? Pretty much what you'd expect:

HIDDEN CAMERA: Gay Wedding Cake At Muslim Bakeries

Why the focus on Christians and not Muslims?

Craig said...

Vatican Burns with Global Warming Enthusiasm

“The Pontifical Academy of Sciences had its one-day global warming conference yesterday. Not unlike a certain synod, it ended with the issuing of an anticlimactic pre-prepared climatic document ‘Climate Change and The Common Good: A Statement Of The Problem And The Demand For Transformative Solutions.’

“Gist: we are soon doomed unless we ‘do something.’

“More on that in a moment. First, the Big Question. Why? Why is the Catholic Church entering into the fray of doubtful global warming science? Why now and why with such shrill apocalyptic exaggerated rhetoric? Why strident calls for supranational government control at the same time the actual evidence for doom grows weaker and weaker?

“…Now to the global warming conference. The reader should understand Yours Truly is a certified expert in these areas, a genuine climate scientist, with a specialty in the goodness and usefulness of models, the very kinds of models which predict our doom.

“The models are wrong. And have been for decades.

“How do I know this? Here’s a sentence from an open letter skeptics presented to the PAS (to hand to Pope Francis) at its conference (I am a signer of this letter):

[T]here has been a growing divergence between real-world temperature observations and model simulations. On average, models simulate more than twice the observed warming over the relevant period. Over 95% of the models simulate greater warming than has been observed, and only a tiny percentage come tolerably close.

“It is a logical truth, and a fact once known to all scientists, that models which make consistently lousy predictions imply the theories underlying them are false. Since the models make lousy forecasts, we know the theories upon which the models are based are wrong. And since these theories are wrong, they should not be believed. And since they should not be believed, we should not base decisions on them.

“Now you’d think these happy deductions would be welcome news to our political and spiritual betters. But they aren’t, because why? Because if there is no problem, there is no problem to solve. And if there is no problem to solve, there is no need to seek political power to solve the nonexistent problem...”

Craig said...

From the PONTIFICIA ACADEMIA SCIENTARIUM (Pontifical Academy of Sciences) document referenced in the above comment at 7:46 AM titled “Climate Change and The Common Good: A Statement Of The Problem And The Demand For Transformative Solutions”, a paper issued at the close of climate change conference on April 28th, is the following DECLARATION:

Unsustainable consumption coupled with a record human population and the uses of inappropriate technologies are causally linked with the destruction of the world’s sustainability and
Resilience. Widening inequalities of wealth and income, the worldwide disruption of the physical
climate system
and the loss of millions of species that sustain life are the grossest manifestations of
unsustainability. The continued extraction of coal, oil and gas following the “business-as-usual mode” will soon create grave existential risks for the poorest three billion, and for generations yet unborn. Climate change resulting largely from unsustainable consumption by about 15% of the world’s population has become a dominant moral and ethical issue for society. There is still time to mitigate unmanageable climate changes and repair ecosystem damages, provided we reorient our attitude toward nature and, thereby, toward ourselves. Climate change is a global problem whose solution will depend on our stepping beyond national affiliations and coming together for the common good. Such transformational changes in attitudes would help foster the necessary institutional reforms and technological innovations for providing the energy sources that have negligible effect on global climate, atmospheric pollution and eco-systems, thus protecting generations yet to be born. Religious institutions can and should take the lead in bringing about that change in attitude towards Creation.

Read the rest from the hyperlink above.

Craig said...

This just occurred to me. Unless I’m not fully comprehending something here, I notice some glaring inconsistencies with GoFundMe’s actions. In the above case involving the Kleins’, GoFundMe had removed the page because the Kleins’ were “formally charged by local authorities and found to be in violation of Oregon state law”:

Before Stutzman's page was shut down, it had raised over $174,000. Although the shutting down of Stutzman's campaign did not come with an announcement from GoFundMe on why they took such action, GoFundMe's reasoning for removing the Sweet Cakes by Melissa campaign, which had raised over 109,000 in nine hours, was that the owners, Aaron and Melissa Klein, had been "formally charged by local authorities and found to be in violation of Oregon state law."

Yet in the case of then 18 year old Kaitlyn Hunt in Florida, who was charged with having sexual relations with a minor in her relationship with a younger teenage girl (and 2 other federal crimes), GoFundMe did not shut down the family’s request for money to offset legal expenses:


See here, as well:

GoFundMe Yet To Clarify It’s Terms of Service

It’s been three days since I asked if GoFundMe supports the financial exploitation of child rape. The only response from GoFundMe was an automated email message from them saying they’re looking into it.

Does it really take that long to apply your own terms of service to an account?

[The Hunts do not] disagree a crime happened, what they disagree is whether the crime should be charged a felony or a misdmeanor.

Then while accepting donations at GoFundMe, Kaitlyn Hunt committed a third felony and sent pornography to the underaged victim of her sex crimes and 20,000 text messages violating court orders.

Apparently my first question was wrong and should have been; does GoFundMe support the financial exploitation of child rape and sending pornography to underage children?

I’ve asked GoFundMe for a public response as to whether #freekate violates their acceptable use policy or not and promised to reflect their position in future updates. I’ve yet to hear from them.

Why the disparity?

Anonymous said...

Brad Damphousse and Andrew Ballester started go-fund-me. They both look unimpressive to me and ideologically they come from the University at Urban Illinois (need I say more?) Here are their big fund raisers from Wiki:

Bucks for Bauman $804,500


Celeste & Sydney Recovery Fund $787,380


Glenn Beck starts his show this way: The Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Corporations like Apple"

one of the reasons I don't deal with Apple is that when a gay tolerance at work law came down,
Apple didn't merely comply with the law, it went out of its way to be gay friendly, with sensitivity
training and so forth. This isn't mere compliance with the letter of the law no farther than you
have to to stay out of trouble. This is pro gay.

Craig said...

From pages 7-8 of the PONTIFICIA ACADEMIA SCIENTIARUM document cited and hyperlinked above are the following words regarding “REQUIRED ECONOMIC REFORMS”:

…Recent estimates of movements in the wealth of nations have revealed that wealth per capita has declined in recent decades in a remarkable number of countries, even while their GDP per capita has increased. The move to a sustainable world will not be cost-free for all: the options we face are not “win-win”. Present economic systems have been accompanied by the development of unacceptable gaps between the rich and the poor, the latter still lacking access to most of the scientific and technical benefits that we have developed in the industrial world. We should be prepared to accept a reallocation of the benefits and burdens that accompany humanity’s activities both within nations and between nations.

Note the words “both within nations and between nations”.

Constance Cumbey said...

"There shall be earthquakes in divers[e] places . . ."

Literally true here in Michigan today, not to mention the extreme tragedy in Nepal. Today an unusual 4.2 magnitude earthquake struck near Kalamazoo, Michigan and was widely felt in 4 states.


Anonymous said...

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences document just issued, Climate Change and The Common Good: A Statement Of The Problem And The Demand For Transformative Solutions, is socialism disguised as environmentalism.

It does not have Pope Francis' name on it but it is unlikely that he did not okay it as he was present at least part of the time and the word is that he is going to pronounce on the issue. He is unlikely to contradict his own Academy.

Anonymous said...


Detailed video for internet surveillance.

Constance Cumbey said...

Maybe Susanna and the Boston parishes should have hosted Pope Francis for the winter -- he may then have had an entirely different perspective on "global warming".

Coming from South America, unless Tierra del Fugo -- global warming seems more real than if one were buried in snow in Massachusetts or semi-permanent "polar vortexes" such as we repeatedly experienced in Michigan.

He should read Paul Ehrlich & Co.'s earlier book which I referenced earlier. The bogeyman then was a "New Ice Age" if we didn't do everything exactly the way they said -- abortion, population reduction and all!


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Constance, The New Ice Age idea was correct, but they were way too early.

The proposed solutions make NO sense whatsoever as a response. population reduction pending an
Ice Age that would reduce growing season and starve animals we eat and eliminate much plants they and
we eat, would mean when it hit the human race would be an endangered species.

The same measures make some degree of sense if global warming were human caused, and going to cause

Which proves that the real goal is all these measures in themselves, and anything will do
as an excuse.

http://iceagenow.info makes the case for an impending ice age, maybe not as extreme as the classic
ones, but a drastic cooling such as existed in past centuries when you had very thick ice to skate on
in winter and you didn't hit weak points and fall through, even though some skates were knives that
cut tracks in the ice.

The Roman army used to march up the Danube, a natural autobahn, so to speak, in winter.

global warming is driven by the sun and so is global cooling, plus our orbit's drift at times closer
to the sun at times farther from the sun. Global warming precedes an ice age.

Constance Cumbey said...

I just pulled down and am halfway through reading the Pontifical Commission report.

UNBELLIEVABLY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This so much reminds me of where things were when I first stumbled on the scene where InterVarsity and Paulist Press were collaborating on New World Order acceptance issues. InterVarsity was reaching the Protestants -- Paulist Press (and the Maryknolls) were reaching the Catholics with the same propaganda drive for acceptance of radical redistributon schemes.

TIME MAGAZINE'S current cover was a picture of 1968 with 1968 crossed out and 2015 scrawled in.

Yes, all this history is repeating itself with the New Agers' (their 1980s umbrella word for the whole scene/scheme) long awaited Revolution, aided and abetted by "Crisis = Opportunity" on the urban scenes and organizers from the variouso Occupy Movements joining forces for what they think was "a long time coming."

Pray for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Catholics who have their eyes open now wish to shift to protestantism, let them be welcomed with love and with no triumphalism.

Anonymous said...

"global warming is driven by the sun and so is global cooling, plus our orbit's drift at times closer
to the sun at times farther from the sun. Global warming precedes an ice age."

Christine the truth is that nobody today understands global warming mechanisms properly; if they did then the models would match the observations. Possibly there are other factors including cosmic rays and oceanic currents. Please refrain from pronouncing on what is not known.


Anonymous said...

"If Catholics who have their eyes open now wish to shift to protestantism, let them be welcomed with love and with no triumphalism.

5:38 PM"

I hate this statement and I am what could be considered protestant, but above all I am a Christian and all that statement is is only more sectarianism.

Jesus calls followers to Himself-not to His "followers".
This is just more of the same confusion added when JESUS is clearly WHO we should have our eyes on. Not any other religious anything anybody about Him..........but HIM.

Jesus is the Savior. He has the Scars to prove it so when (any) denomination(alism) is taken too far and gets in the way!!! Becomes a replacement and merely a crutch when it is emphasized more than the LORD HIMSELF!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you hate that statement 6.13pm. I am not ashamed of it.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Physicist 5:46,

please refrain from pontificating on subjects you are not up to date on. The mechanisms ARE becoming
much better known, and the "observations" are in part outright fraud.

rather than posting brief overview stuff here that can sniped at because of something
about the writer or whatever, just get to work on the subject of the science behind climate change denial, and new ice age, and to avoid a brawl I won't even
mention electric universe or energetic universe theory, of course I just did mention it. But whatever its merits, you don't need it to deny global warming.

Meanwhile the shift from "global warming" to "climate change" means these people are into damage
control mode already, counting on the unending, omnipresent and reliable stupidity and short
memories of the average person and especially of politicians.

That way whatever happens they will have established themselves as saying "climate change" in the
memory of the people who live through it, instead of "global warming," so that they still have
credibility (and status and income as a result) when people freeze rather have heat stroke.

Anonymous said...


I have published papers on electron physics of the upper atmosphere and lectured at postgraduate level in a major British university on the equations underlying fluid flow - equations on which the models used in global warming research are based on. You, by your own admission at this blog, can't even manipulate basic equations.

So when I write about global warming and you respond "please refrain from pontificating on subjects you are not up to date on" you make only yourself look absurd.

I was critiquing your comment that "global warming is driven by the sun... plus our orbit's drift at times closer to the sun at times farther from the sun". Of course these are primary factors, but they are understood and included in the models, yet those models still fail to account for the extent that the atmosphere does (and does not) warm. So other significant factors must be at play which you failed to mention. I offered two, namely cosmic rays (which may promote cloud formation) and oceanic currents (the ocean can store much more energy without warming significantly than can the atmosphere).

You replied: "The mechanisms ARE becoming much better known..."

Not to you! Your suggestions were the "electric universe or energetic universe theory".

The equations describing electromagnetism, Maxwell's equations, are the best verified equations in physics; their quantum version has been verified to better than one part in a billion. Of the four forces known to exist - and any others must be incredibly weak - two are significant only in the atomic nucleus, because they get weaker with distance incredibly rapidly and the nucleus is tiny. That leaves electromagnetism and gravity. Emag is much stronger than gravity yet gravity dominates the cosmos. Why is that? Because gravity is always an attractive force between masses, whereas emag can be attractive (unlike charges) or repulsive (like charges), and our part of the universe at least is overall electrically neutral.

There have been theories that the whole universe is not electrically neutral. Those theories make definite predictions based on Einstein's general theory of relativity (for the universe) and Maxwell's equations (for electromagnetism). This is respectable research, but such theories do not appear to be confirmed.

The phrase "electric universe" is too broad to have much meaning, but its other meanings appear to involve claims which are inconsistent with what has been learned from the harmony of theory (Maxwell's equations) and experiment; and/or make claims that are simply incorrect. Se:


As we agree that global warming is largely a scam, Christine, I suggest you leave the science of it to scientists and stick to the politics.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"As we agree that global warming is largely a scam, Christine, I suggest you leave the science of it to scientists and stick to the politics."

I am drawing on what some scientists say. And the electric universe theory most basic premise is that the universe space is not electrically neutral as is thought. that a thin plasma which by definition is electrically active pervades it.

These people predicted the electric discharge when that probe landed on that comet, which
surprised the rest of you scientists.

Isn't the ability of a theory to predict something one of the tests of its validity?

but as I said, electric universe is not necessary to explain this stuff....but it helps. old fashioned issues of distance from heat source and internal cycles seeking a balance and self correcting will do.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

and I don't need to manipulate equations. convert your equations to a graph of sorts or a kind of interacting fluid mobile stuff, and I can manipulate that.

Or convert your graph mental visual into such and see where it goes.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

a comment on that debunking electric universe theory:

"WARNIG! I know the Electric Universe Theories quite good. This website is NOT a critism of Electric Universe as it doesn't represent the widely accepted Model!!!
An example: The new Sun model is very complex, not a simple Kathod!
Even the first Headline is a LIE!
January 2013 was a conference. I watched most of the Videos.

Here on this page everything that speaks AGAINST BigBang is excluded. You cannot pick out 5 points and explain the universe. You most see it as one full picture.

As I am quite familiar with both models, I can say the EU model looks much better."

Anonymous said...

"I don't need to manipulate equations. convert your equations to a graph"

To produce the graph you first need to solve the equations.

Saying you don't need to be able to manipulate the equations in order to understand the physics that they describe is like saying that you don't need to be able to play the piano in order to make music because you know that it involves simply depressing the keys with your fingers in a certain order.

"or a kind of interacting fluid mobile stuff, and I can manipulate that. Or convert your graph mental visual into such and see where it goes."


As "electric universe" is a bucket phrase meaning different things to different people, please provide an explanation of how it is supposedly relevant to global warming issues.


Constance Cumbey said...

I'm on the air now on www.TMERadio.com

Join us there in the chatroom and/or call in at 208-935-0094.



Constance Cumbey said...

Apology, drafted last and thought it was up -- was not and so I'm done, but this PROGRAM WAS IMPORTANT -- Joe will probably rerun it tomorrow sometime and the program will be available on TMERadio.com's archives.


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