Monday, July 04, 2011

NATO War Against Libya's Khaddafi is meeting resistance

The International Court of Justice has issued criminal arrest warrants against Muammar Khaddafi and his sons.  The African Union has said it will not assist in the execution of those warrants.  Russia has now demanded an immediate cease fire.

I don't know for sure what is happening there, but whatever it is, it does not appear to be good.  Maybe the old Hal Lindsey books about Ezekiel 38 prophecies need a fresh examination in light of current events.  A coalition of Russia, Libya, Ethiopia and Persia coming against Israel looks frighteningly plausible these days.

 1And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
 2Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him,
 3And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal:
 4And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords:
 5Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet:
 6Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee.
At any rate, American hegemony in that region appears to have stepped over some sensitive lines.  Something is stirring in those winds!

Stay tuned!

I can't vouch for the investment advice of this guy, but the recording is disturbingly interesting. I maintain healthy skepticism on those saying that 1. The sky is falling; 2. Your money is safe with me little girl.

With that being said, this still should be listened to -- with caution:
Constance what I find interesting is that the Libyan dictator `ptched` his tents at the UN and in Italy AND Russia on his his official visits. It is just amazing that God`s Word mentions the King of the South and the pitching of his tents. (not sure of the reference-will confirm) This `king of the south` wanted to unite the African continent under his leadership. (Our Brother Leader as `our` president Zuma worships him).

`our brother leader` also has a black badge of Africa as part of his display of medals on his clothing. The Word says he will come to nothing (destroyed) and no one will help him. Interesting times
As I commented earlier, it's good to know what an opponent is doing. Here is a list put out supposedly showing Obama's achievements while in office. If you look over the list, you'll see that some things are mentioned in several categories. If you know of a conservative source that has commented on this list, please post it as I haven't been able to find anything.

You also can use the list to point out the progressive/leftist/New Age slant to his agenda.
Could be that Israel has nothing whatsoever to do with end times eschatology where the church is concerned. Those who believe in Christ are Christians, those who don't are completely lost until they do. Why do you suppose God blesses a nation that curses Him?

He gave it the Savior He promised He would and a remnant was saved from it. They followed Christ by the thousands or hundreds of thousands. It's the 'behind the scenes' thing you can clearly see in the gospels. He fed the 5,000 (less women and children). Why were they there?

They were there because they were expecting the Messiah and they knew who he was. Throughout His ministry He was surrounded by crowds and even had to escape from them at times.

Our modern church was started by Jews...specifically 12 of them with thousands of followers and hundreds of thousands of converts (see Hebrews as an example). Can I suggest that these Jews were the remnant and that we're nation following presently?

The nation of Israel is an ungodly nation. They're ungodly because they do not believe in God. And if you think they love you as much as you love them, look up the word Goyim.

They're presently engaged in a battle with another ungodly group of people...muslims. If you can find the God of the Old Testament or the New Testament in this fight, please document it.

As a side note, why are Jews in the US siding against Israel? There are thousands of them and you can start with Rahm Emanuel. Go backward from there.

We are engaged in a perpetual state of nation worship...even the elect are 'being fooled'.

God may save every person in Israel. That will be His choice if that's what He does. Until then, they are not Christian.
Anonymous 4:41, are you so unaware of history that you don't realize that New Age is against Christianity just as the Nazis were? Jews are the first target. To sit back confidently thinking that you are so safe is absolute foolishness. Don't forget that the New Age Age of Aquarius says the age of Christianity is over with, and those people are very, very powerful. Just as they were unable to end the Age of Judaism, (Aries), they will be unable to end the Age of Christianity (Pisces, the fish). Christian arguments between the various belief systems won't influence the New Age people. They will attempt to take all Christians down.
To Anonymous @ 4:41 PM:

Dorothy is absolutely right.

To go a step further, many Protestant groups don't even realize how they are being 'used' as tools to go up against both the Jews and the Catholics.

Ultimately, the Protestants will be the final group to be persecuted.

Am watching this incredibly sophisticated video -- a long one -- that seems to be a sophisticated attack on Christianity with a "Share International" slant. I don't know if SI is behind this one, but the agenda appears the same.


I really don't have the time to spend almost two hours listening to the film. The above does give me some information however.

I hope others will take the time and report on the film.
I'm coming to the conclusion that people like the ones who post here believe in such outlandish conspiracies because they assume that there must exist some polar opposite to their own extreme incompetence and scatterbrained irrationality.
I have always thought that it is prudent to ask why a "former" enemy of the United States (namely, Russia), who is now supposedly our friend, would still support policies in foreign governments that are anti-US in their goals or effects.

There is no answer to that question that I have found that is comforting. In fact, the answers I have found are rather disturbing!

Russia is not our friend.
I have been posting quite a few articles on Bill Johnson and Bethel Church; however, this sort of thing just breaks my heart. They have a school specifically for children in which they teach 9-10 year olds how to "prophesy" (telepathy) speak in tongues, and ascend to heaven (astal travel). Listen to this 10 minute video/audio:

A very disturbing sign of the New Age times.

Bethel Church has worldwide influence as they post videos such as this on their site for anyone to view. And many are deceived into thinking this stuff is really of God.
In the above link, Deborah Reed mentions "fire tunnel." For those uneducated, here's an example showing the results:

Looks to be Kundalini manifestations; or, if not, something like it.
Thank you Craig
I share your heart breaking concern. Its as there is no distinction between the new age /pagan practices and this so called `christian` `rituals` . This can cause severe mental health problems if not costing their souls!
H, this is tony in vt. i just watched 2 hrs of an informative film, there are 20 mins. left to the finish of it. Keith Thompson produced it, Constance shows up on it as well as a few other researchers. the first 1.5 or so hrs. were a big refreshing review of all that i have come to know about the age of aquarius/new age mvmt/maitreya,etc. that i learned mostly during the yrs.,from Constances amazing books and from speaking w/ Dorothy who has scratched well beneath the surface of it all, to say the least. then the film gets further along revealing even more, about the hidden agenda of films like zeitgiest, and the 2012 deception and how it will be used to further their evil plan,... totally exciting to me. its called Aquarius- the age of evil. its worth seeing.
Hey, Anonymous @ 7:57 PM:

If those who post here are so 'incompetent and scatterbrained' - what are you (the 'superior' person that you imagine yourself to be) doing wasting your time posting here?
dear anom.@7:57 will you be my guru
Anonymous 7:57 is completely wrong. We just thrive on having some boogeyman to be fearful of. Like Stephen Colbert said, we must keep the fear. Besides, what are we gonna do with all our disaster supplies from the Y2K thing? We're prepared! If I was you, start buying all freeze-dried food. Mmm...I can't wait to taste the lime Jell-o.
MAN OF SIN - Prince Harry?
Tony in vt - Thanks for the link to the documentary 'Aquarius - The Age of Evil'.

Keith Thompson.

Researchers mentioned in opening sequence =
Chris White
Constance Cumbey
Dr Scott Johnson

Filmed by:
Eric Braine
Reyna Aza

In association with Hour of the Time.


I'm settling down to watch this.
enjoy "K", tony in will gain Perspective! God is Good!
I have been watching the interesting movements of Dalai Lama in his 13 day visit in Washington DC which started Tuesday. He is going to perform a Kalachakra Initiation. I also saw his welcome by John Beohner and Nancy Peloski. He will be adressing our lawmakers. This visit has been plastering the news media. John Beohner even adressed him as your Holliness. I know he has been here many times in the past but something seems like this time is bigger and more of an impact than before.
need wisdom... my son just started using an itouch. several of the apps scan your fingerprints. for example...a christmas game that says whether you are naughty or nice. if we all play the "game" does someone have our fingerprints stored somewhere? it is charged through my home computer. could that be gathereing other data about us?
I was just invited to join Dave Ramsey's "The Great Recovery". Does anyone know anything about it? It looks like I need to register on line to get any real information.
I dont know about the "Great Recovery." It looks like a new initiative and there is not much information on the website.

I do like Dave Ramsey's financial program, however. Ive never listened to his radio show but I own a couple of his books. I have never seen any New Age ideas there, whether explicit or stealth.

I would check it out with an open mind but use discernment of course. If Ramsey were to go New Age it would not really surprise me. He has had a lot of popular and financial success, and people who have achieved these things, including Christians, are very susceptible to New Age influences. Just take a look at Rick Warren.
Anon 10:46,

The information is ABSOLUTELY stored! All applications through iPhones, iTouches, iPads, etc store some forms of info. As to whether or not the info is sold, I would very carefully read all of the terms of service as well as any others terms referenced by it. If it is being sold there will be a reference to third party applications of some form regarding the info.

However, even if it doesn't have such a reference, this does not mean you are 100% safe. Unless it specifically states all info is kept private and/or confidential, you have a problem. As what typically happens is they tend to change the terms with little or vague notice of doing so. (see Facebook)
To John Rupp:

Thanks for the Dalai Lama information! That had missed my radar up to reading your post. He has long had a most significant role in international New Age / New World Religion circles.

Regarding the "smart phone" data in addition to internet, applications, and so on. Everyone is collecting data. In order to not have data "collected" you have to be "off the grid." Your email providers all keep data. Web searchs all do. This is part and parcel of the world we are in. So the question is live in fear, or use what is currently available to serve God. There has been stuff posted about being afraid, and they are collecting "data" to round everyone up. Well, let us say all that is accurate. So what. All in this world is but temporary anyway. If God wants me to be a martyr that will happen. If God moves to safe me from such, it will happen. Now that being said we are to use wisdom and discernment. Be sober minded and alert. For example a "naughty or nice" app based on fingerprints I would stay away from. Just does not feel right. It just has the feel of a hook to collect information all for a 5 second random spew.
To Craig:

Re 7:48 a.m. You are right, it does look most disturbingly like "kundalini force manifestations" or perhaps more accurately POSSESSION. In looking at that and related videos, I came upon another ministry of this sort, Steve Foss, which has much to alarm me on his own site,
I would want to ask my friend, Anne Trimble, for more information about Dave Ramsey and his alleged "Great Recovery," but for now the cynic is coming out in me and I would use the caution of the "watch out, Dave wants your money, until and unless he passes stringent inspection.

Not everybody is in it necessarily for New Age ideology. Some folks just want to get rich!

I would tend to doubt that Prince Harry is the biblical "Man of Sin" although like all of the rest of us, he is a sinner in need of saving by the Grace of God.

My sister and I went to a revival at a church with a friend of ours in 1999. As we listened to the man "preach" he started picking out people who had supposedly been touched the night before. When he asked them to tell the congregation what God had done for them, they would open their mouths but nothing would come out but laughter and it would get louder and louder until they fell down. It was every single person he went to. Then he started touching people in the crowd. I felt funny and began to pray to God that if it wasn't from him to make my and my sister invisable to this man. I prayed over and over. As he got to our pew he touched the man beside me, skipped me and my sister and touched the woman and man on her side. I calmly told her to get up we had to get out of there. Which we did. Our friend wouldn't believe me when I warned her not to go back.
I do not believe the spirit of laughter is of The Spirit of God.
Catholic program exposes deep Rockefeller eugenics agenda...

An online Catholic TV show dubbed the Catholic Investigative Agency (CIA) dedicated a recent episode to exposing the Rockefeller
Foundation’s ties to eugenics groups, population-control advocates, efforts at global governance, pro-abortion activities, and other highly controversial subjects.

The program, run by Catholic media personality Michael Voris, also highlights the Rockefeller dynasty’s assault against the church — one of the primary opponents of Rockefeller-backed schemes. From the Foundation’s efforts to “purify” humanity by manipulating the gene pool to population-control campaigns aimed at reducing the number of people on Earth, the Rockefellers’ agenda has been consistently at odds with church teachings.

The thesis of the CIA episode is presented early on. “The Rockefeller Foundation is actively undermining the Catholic Church and in the process attempting to erase man’s natural orientation to the eternal,” the show explains. Indeed, after watching the program, that fact becomes obvious.

For more...
look at, on the 7/9/11 post from Gary,concerning, "lots happening in 2011"/// also look at Pastor brian roberts 7/9/11 post concerning Sudan, and dan.11/ put together it is something to wonder about..??? wow, blessings, tony in vt

South Africa supports dear brother leader in Libya-look what ANC academia says at home in SA! (was a lecture at UNISA)

Not sure if any of you realize that SA has been upgraded by Genocide Watch to Level 6. There are 8 levels.

Another revolution to follow the Arab spring? We must remember that dear brother leader bank rolled(or still is)lots of ventures in SA! Also in Africa.
To 6:24

THANK YOU. I have the deepest of respect for MICHAEL VORIS. I once spoke, at his invitation, at one of his seminars to present information on the New Age Movement. He does fine work and is well motivated.

EU moves towards partial gag on ratings agencies

11 July 2011, 16:16 CET

(BRUSSELS) - Brussels on Monday urged a clampdown on the world's ratings agencies...

* * *

Bar code tattoo?

And what else does Michael Voris say:

n a recent episode, Michael Voris lays out the “Real Catholic” position on “Jews and Judaism” — a rather complex theological topic, as most people are aware. According to Voris:

"The Jews who accepted him became the Church. The Jews who rejected Him .. having voted themselves OUT of the covenant .. went off and started a man made religion. Rabbinical Judaism (today’s Jewish religion) is to authentic Judaism what Protestantism is to Catholicism."

So, I guess in his eyes the Protestants and Jews follow some man made inauthentic religions.

Well, he's entitled to his opinion as uninformed as it is. He sounds more like a rabblerouser than an academic.

His information on the New Age movement is quite shallow. It appears to equate with what his followers want to think the New Age movement is. It really wouldn't trouble anyone in power in the New Age movement. For him information about the New Age movement is a business.
this is me, present i'm floating far out in space...i think i see the Jesus out yonder and it appears that He's a comin' this-a-way!it's all good.

I came across this website doing some research. It's interesting to see how much information is gathered behind the obvious surface we see.

Since it's openly on the internet and is nothing confidential, I do believe you won't be bothered by my posting this link Constance.
Hi Tony, do you want one of us to pull the string to bring you down to earth? Are you having an out of body experience? I thought only New Agers tried that kind of thing. Always something new with you Tony. You are never boring when we talk.
obamas use of the term, dhimmitude, in his health care plan! hes COMITTED to islam. hi Dorothy, tony,... still here doing fine, thanks for your acknowledgement to my silly, but serious post. luv ya

I agree that Voris is not an academic. The fact that he asked people to leave the parishes if they disagree with the pastor's personal views, says a lot about his actual knowledge of Catholic theology.

It's an old saying...the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

And, as Constance said many, many years ago when she got it from one of them...they have something for everyone.

Maybe I'm just very cynical, but because I've been taken in I check out everything that I can. With the internet it's much easier than it was in the past.

It's very human to want to trust people who seem to think as we do. It's a search for community.
Michael Voris is not a theologian. He was a popular local TV personality who became disturbed at many of the same developments that motivated many of the rest of us. He sacrificed immensely career wise for what he calls "his apostalate." He is not perfect, and neither are any of us. I can and will talk to him about the elements Dorothy presented of which I was unaware.

So, how much money does he make selling his tapes. Ask him that. I'd like to know what exactly he sacrificed. It sounds good, but without specifics, what does it mean. He has a good sized audience, selling to Catholics who really don't have places to turn for information on New Age, particularly those individuals who are not happy with changes in the church.

If you didn't read the comments at the site, you should. One of them said,
"And I was flat out agog at the video arguing the “only” appropriate form of government for Catholics was the “benevolent dictatorship” (his words) of a Catholic monarch. Then there was the argument that democratic government can’t work because the franchise cannot be limited to faithful Catholics alone." A study of TFP, an organization that sounds like what Voris is selling.

I didn't bring these things up. I found Catholics who disagree with Voris who brought them up.
On your own check out Voris' connection with TFP. It's all on the internet.

Catholics have always faired better under a republic. Someone should tell Voris that.

If you find anybody perfect, please let me know.

If you find anybody perfect, please let me know. I seriously doubt that Michael Voris has gotten rich selling anybody anything. Like me, he has distributed most for free on the internet. He was a popular and well paid media personality in Detroit before he stepped down after taking his courageous stands.

Interesting question - just how far should one go in being publicly tolerant of imperfect people. As a lawyer, that question should be easy for you to answer.

How does one hate the sin and love the sinner if sin is just a result of the imperfection of not being "evolved" enough to know better?

Not my philosophy but one going around in New Age circles.
It sounds to me the minister you are talking about is or is a product of Rodney Howard-Browne. He started what has been known as the laughter reivival in Toronto known as the "Toronto Blessing" back in 1995. His so called revival has gone through 7000 churches in Hong Kong, Australia, Norway, Canada, South Africa and here in the United States. His home church is called The River in Tampa Bay, FL. One time I saw him on TBN with Kenneth Copeland and they were talking back and forth to each other in tongues. I personally think he has the same hypnotic power in audiences that Benjamin Creme has. Just a wave of the hand. You did good by getting out of there when you could. Rodney Browne is now doing the "Great Awakening Tour" he also calls the "Great Shake-up".
Constance what I find interesting is that the Libyan dictator ptched their tents at the United Nations and Italy and Russia on official visits. It's simply amazing that the Word of God `s mentions the king of the south and pitch their tents. (Not sure of the reference to confirm) `` The king wanted to unite South Africa under his leadership. (Our Brother Leader that `` our president Zuma loves him).
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