Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"There shall be earthquakes . . ." -- 400 in last 30 days!

Jesus' disciples asked him, "What shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world?" Jesus replied, "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places."

I carry a google news alert on "earthquakes." Today, I received a telling article. It asked if the earthquakes the world was recently experiencing were "related." It also reported that in the past 8 to 30 days more than 400 had been recorded. Last Friday, a small but unusual earthquake occurred near Fostoria and Tiffin, Ohio. I lived in Tiffin, Ohio for a year. It is 100 miles south of Detroit. The quake was small, but significant in that it was a first for that area where earthquakes were previously unknown.

Quoting a USGS (United States Geological Service) geologist, the article noticed the very unusual pattern of current earthquake actity:

USGS Seismologist Dr. Paul Earle says, "in a given year you get about 18 earthquakes that are magnitude 7 and larger. Unfortunately, this year we have had these large earthquakes impacting populated areas... There's potentially more earthquakes however we statistically have not seen an increase in earthquake activity over recent times."
Perhaps serious theologians have beaten serious scientists to the mark. We were clearly warned that there would be an increase in earthquake activity as the end advanced. Scientists are mystified by just that occurring. New Agers will undoubtedly tell us that it is happening because we fail to give "Gaia" proper respect.

We who are prayerfully watching have insights as to why these things might be happening. The Prophet Daniel conveyed a message from God that "the wise shall understand."

12:10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.
Undoubtedly, the "Dark Green Religion" crowd will continue to advance their agenda for giving "Gaia" her "propers." Those are pressures we must resist. The same Book which accurately foretold so much of what we see plainly happening warned us of the true significance of these early warning events:

Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.
We indeed are in very serious, even frightening times. There is one refuge only --the Lord! All ten virgins were sleeping. All ten eventually woke up. Five were prepared to meet their Lord -- five were not. It's time we all prepared!

Stay tuned!



agie95 said...

Carbon Dioxide reduction through population control. Listen to Bill Gates at the 4:40 mark of this TED video.



Constance Cumbey said...

THanks Agie95.

Very important article over at Laigle Forum on Global Warming hoax:


Anonymous said...


I thought you might like to see this update of Darrick T Evenson

He seems now to be a follower of Dr. Dahesh, the founder of Daheshism


Constance Cumbey said...

After some thought, prayer, and considering JD's comments to me, I have decided that Farmer's information is too important to us to ignore. "For whatever motive they are preaching the gospel, still the gospel is being preached."

I have readded his link to my links because he obviously has access to critical EU information that is more difficult for us to reach and it would be foolish to disregard it.

I continue to keep Farmer and his family in my prayers.


Constance Cumbey said...

NOTHING Darrick Evenson does or says would ever surprise me. Every time I hear about a rogue crime from Tacoma I start wondering where Darrick Evenson is and what he is doing. Fortunately, so far, it has not been him. I have not made up my mind whether he is schizophrenic, bi-polar, opportunistic, just-plain wicked, or deceived.

Of all the above, he CLEARLY is the last on the list -- DECEIVED!


Anonymous said...

Solana at ESADE:

"Prof. Solana called for global solutions to global problems, a profound change in mindset and the involvement of all new countries in world governance. “The G7 and G8 are obsolete, it is important to change the structure of governance to better reflect reality.” He noted that the institutions created post-war, particularly the IMF, World Bank and the WTO must be transformed. “Brazil, China, India, etc must be incorporated” he said, “it makes no sense, for example, for Belgium to have the same number of votes in the IMF, as China.”

Anonymous said...

Hi Constance,
I might be a new ager, but I enjoy reading your comments. I give my props to God, too, not just Gaia.

Anonymous said...

Professor Solana:

"but that now we must build a structure of governance that will protect peace throughout the world.
Prof. Solana called for global solutions to global problems, a profound change in mindset and the involvement of all new countries in world governance."


Anonymous said...

Constance et al. I use a browser add-on called Web of Trust to protect from bad websites. When I followed your link to Farmer's blog, not only is there not a blog there, but Web of Trust warns that the site has a bad reputation. Yesterday, when I was at the Fulfilled Prophecy message board at the thread "Herb, I Still Miss Him Very Much", Farmer started that thread a long time ago and has a user avatar on the site. My security software (Malwarebytes) blocks a malicious IP address and his avatar does not load. Something is wrong here, and I urge all of your readers to use caution. Constance, maybe you should remove the link. Farmer's site may have some malicious code on it. (Not sayin this is intentional on his part, just saying however it got there, it's bad.) When I google the IP that gets blocked, the information I come up with is that it leads to a malware site. There is also a link about avatars with Lycos accounts being blocked in this way, so it may have something to do with that as well.

Constance Cumbey said...

According to an "Uncommon Wisdom" item just in my email box -- don't know a lot about the source, but if even a 10th of the following is true, it is bad news indeed!

"The man who earned $1 billion in a single day betting against the British pound in 1992 has just raised his bet against the dollar and all paper currencies by a staggering 152%!

According to Bloomberg, George Soros has more than doubled his gold holdings in the last three months of 2009, increasing his stake in the yellow metal by 152%.

"The move is seen as a vote of "no confidence" in the greenback and other paper currencies, placed by one of the savviest currency traders on the planet."


Anonymous said...

Brown defends Big Brother.....

He said: 'You don't tackle the fear of crime by cultivating it, by ramping up a public sense of panic, by abusing the figures and claiming our society is broken.

'In the fight against crime, we must always be vigilant. But we must also be careful. There are those who spread fear with fiction. Today I want to talk about the facts.'

The Premier continued: 'I greatly resent those who seek to talk down what has been achieved in our communities. We will never accept the simplistic and defeatist argument that our communities are "broken".

'Let us go back once more to the facts: a society in which not just crime and anti-social behaviour but also child poverty, illiteracy, and ill health have all fallen, cannot be called a broken society.

'I know there are problems, but I also know that there is nothing bad in Britain that cannot be fixed by what is good in Britain. We have it within ourselves not just to reduce crime but to reduce the fear of crime in our society.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1254499/Brown-tells-police-Get-bobbies-beat--dont-blame-red-tape.html#ixzz0h373Mjb7


Constance Cumbey said...

I have watchers on my own system, and have received no warnings from them at Farmer's site, at least so far.

An excellent, reliable program to download and run to keep things clean is Ccleaner which is a free download (they gratefully accept contributions which they richly deserve!) from
www.ccleaner.com. You can do both a analysis and cleanup and a registry check. It has worked better for me than many more costly programs. A Staples technician put me on to it 3 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Last night on CNN, Anderson Cooper covered the story on the Chilean earthquake. A global chart displayed the top five places experts predict will be hit next. In the US, Los Angeles and Seattle are two out of five. Then Cooper said we are definitely going the see increased frequency and higher magnitudes of earthquakes in the very near future.

This morning CNN is reporting the earth's axis has shifted again because of Chile's earthquake and technically "shortened the day".


Constance Cumbey said...

The problem with the access to the Bjorn site was my defective typing of the link.

Needless to say, I will be watching carefully.

Take the wheat and leave the chaff!


JD said...


Soros would have some first hand knowledge if they were about to crash the current monetary system. This is a benefit you have when you have helped fund the new system and have the current administration in your pocket.

Anonymous said...


Interesting thingy at infowars (keeping in mind that Jones may be a purveyor of disinformation)

Anonymous said...


Gay rights activists in Netherlands are suing a Church for denying them communion. This comes dangerously close to state sanctioned religion.



Anonymous said...

Former EU official: "Europe MUST be the laboratory for World Government"

Video translated into English:


The former top official of the European Union Javier Solana has alerted in his first conference after leaving the post that Europe must be the laboratory for a World Government structure of international relations.

"With no doubt there is a growing multipolarity that is perceived every day. It is good, or it is bad? In the beginning, we would have to say it's good. It's good that there are more voices expressed, more participants in the solution of world's problems, but think about a little bit that a multipolar world without the instruments of a WORLD GOVERNMENT is something very risky. In today's world we have to be very careful about the world we already have entered as I said, the multipolar world, to have the capability, the political will of generate instruments of power of a WORLD GOVERNMENT absolutely fundamental to have a world in peace. We have given the first step constructing another "G", the G8, that have possibilities of giving solutions to economic and financial problems we are in, but it is not clear to have the capability of solving other kind of problems like, for example, world security problems. And therefore we are still on a very delicate transition phase. The role of Europe is fundamental. Europe can and must be - if my expression is allowed - some kind of laboratory of what a WORLD GOVERNMENT system could be. In Europe, countries have made voluntary transfers of sovereignty, ¡voluntary! No one has forced them, is the first time in history where transfers of sovereignty are freely made. To the level of freely transfer the currency. Is a place where problems today are solved by dialogue and consensus. They are not solved with violence. It is inconceivable in the context of the European Union to think there is violence and therefore I believe we have too much to say on the international scale if we do it right."

barerra said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Constance, I finally found your blog! I first saw a video of you when you spoke about sitting in the audience of a B. Creme [Maitreya's mouthpiece] lecture, reciting the Lord's Prayer, while they all recited
[you know... that other one] and your prayer managed to "undo" the planned trance channeling of the evening. I said to myself: "I like this lady. She has real spiritual hutzpa." So, pleased to find you.
I run assortment of blogs, but two may interest you specificially:

chronicles the ongoing Maitreya world fraud, and exposes theosophy for the luciferic hogwash that it is, and

chronicles earth changes, quakes, secret world government nefarious doings and keeps an end time watch as well.

I hope you will stop by. I'd like to subscribe to your blog. Where is the link please?


Chase K. Hunter
[a pen name, for my safety]

aion kinah said...

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