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S C O O P:

The Thomas More Law Center of Michigan headed by former Oakland County Prosecutor Richard Thompson today filed an action challenging the constitutionality of the Health Care Reform Act a/k/a "Affordable Health Care for America Act (HR 3962). This, one of many law suits filed about the country, was submitted to the Court only minutes after President Obama signed same. David Yerushalmi, Esq. of Arizona, is one of the attorneys on the case. I contacted him via his cell phone as he was leaving a court room in New York State. He has graciously agreed to be my internet radio guest TONIGHT to discuss the case on MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio on THEMICROEFFECT.COM, 8 p.m. Eastern time, 7 p.m. Central time, 6 p.m. Mountain time, and 5 p.m. Pacific time, 4 p.m. some parts of Alaska. You may read the Complaint filed in the Eastern District of Michigan today by clicking here.

For those of you wishing to follow this litigation, the case number is 2:10-cv-1156-GCS-RSW, Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division Court, Detroit, Michigan.

Tune in and STAY TUNED! Also, please consider joining us in the chatroom as well as listening live. You may call in questions or comment while the program is in progress by calling 1-888-747-1968.


State attorneys general sue over health bill
They say bill's requirement to buy health insurance is unconstitutional

The ink is still drying on the health care overhaul bill signed into law Tuesday by President Barack Obama, but attorneys general from at least 14 states have filed lawsuits to challenge the legislation.

Thirteen state attorneys general — 12 Republicans and one Democrat — signed onto one lawsuit against the U.S. departments of Health and Human Services, Treasury and Labor. The top state lawyers in Florida, South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, Utah, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Dakota, Louisiana, Idaho, Washington and Colorado joined in the complaint filed immediately after the president's signing ceremony

more at link


All of this and more is in the Thomas More Law Center / Law Offices of David Yerushalmi, P.C. pleadings.

Hope you can join me tonight and help formulate questions for my distinguished guest. Thanks!


I will make sure to thoroughly read through their filing, and will attempt to formualte some questions for your guest. I will definitely be listening!
I was checking on something else and pulled up the Temple of Understanding website.

It is a new Age organization of long standing. On November 7, 2008 they posted an article on Obama making him seem like the second coming.

http://templeofunderstanding.org/images/pdf/Karan_Singh_articles-2.pdf or


I know that serious researchers of New Age are aware of the organization, but it is worth reviewing because of the international involvement of its members as well as the UN connection.

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I use Firefox and have no issues.

After reading through the filing, I definitely have some questions I would like to get your guests opinion on. I look forward to the show tonight!
I have run into people of late, both Christian and non-Christian that are clamoring for more "internet" regulations due to things people do under anonymity. It is something to watch. Craig knows the interactions it was coming out of... It won't take much for freedom of expression on internet to be curtailed when the choose to get serious about doing so.
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Constance Don't want govenment involvement why because I have seizures. I worked for 20 years I don't get any SS or SSI from the government because there not severe enough to collect. I don't have any medical insurance for my condition and get my sample meds from my Dr. for the prescription to take. So I don't have another one. It's not easy with this condition believe me. I don't like have them I will admit I have had a break through seizure while on meds. I don't like a crazy lifestyle and never did. I don't want big brother government in my affairs.
Obama the IDIOT
Constance, your link to Microeffect is not working.
Thanks Cathy,

I examined it and hopefully it is corrected now.

22 minutes until airtime!

Great show!!! David was a excellent guest, very informative!
Interesting show Constance and guest - thanks.


JD - this UK news story caught my eye and might be of interest to you;

Broadband and personalised services online for all, says Brown

Announcing the launch of “MyGov”, the Prime Minister said that government services in 2020 would be akin to internet banking or online shopping. He said a single website would offer people the chance to “manage their pensions, tax credits or child benefits; pay their council tax; fix their doctors or hospital appointment and control their own treatment; apply for the schools of their choice and communicate with their children's teachers; or get a new passport or driving licence - all when and where they need it”.


JD you were too modest so I presented you as a good source. Good show Connie. Great guest and the questioning you did pulled out his information in good style.

Unfortunately, I always miss these programs because I'm getting the kids ready for bed.

Obama is a smart, smooth, calculating politician (maybe more than your average politician) and the real idiots are those caught up in his spell. What is it about him that leads people to be so captivated by him? What is it about him that also causes others to be repulsed by him? He is the most polarizing president in U.S. history. If he isn't the antichrist, he certainly is something. And it's not good.

Thank you to JD and Constance for your condolescenses. It's definitely appreciated.

Thanks for sharing this! I will add it to my ever growing list of documents and quotes. I will do a bit more looking at what Brown calls 'MyGov' and will update on what I find.


Thanks for your kind words about me, both here and during your call in. I did not intend to come across as overly modest, although I have been called worse.lol I actually did want David's opinion on the questions I asked and as such simply wanted to lay out what I understood of those sections and organizations without leading him too much, leaving him to give his unbiased opinion. That being said, his opinions on the subject reflected many of my concerns with a couple small differences.
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I previously wrote this. The message disappeared and there was no error message.

On the url line on the comments page, does anyone else have a box with blogger.com in white on a bright blue background preceded by a white B on a red background? All followed by the standard https://www.blogger.com/comment etc.

Several comments I've written get posted. Other sent comments get a 404 error message with the written message lost.

I don't have a blogger account and yet a line appears that says, "You can also use your Blogger account." I never noticed that before.

I've always marked the Anonymous line with no problem in the past.

Fourth written message or maybe fifth. Who knows!! I wrote another message. The third message went directly to a 404 error message screen and was lost.


I have never seen anything remotely like what you are describing. I get the typical blogger emblem of a red box with the white blogger style B inset followed by the URL. The only way I get a blue field highlighted is if I click on the URL line, obviously I sign in under my blogger account or my other google account. Both of your messages are displaying here now. I have had cases in the past of posts not immediately showing.

I get the same thing you do... I think later versions of Firefox will display the URL that way. It is nothing to be concerned about - everyone's browser would show that if they had up-to-date versions. It's simply a "fancier" icon that is displayed by certain websites when you visit them.

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I don't know why you are getting a 404 error though. Maybe a flaky internet connection, or something else. I don't think you need to be concerned. Ticked off maybe, but not concerned. ;^)

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(P.S. - If you think it would help, you can contact me by email and I can see what I can do to further diagnose the problem... I work in IT so maybe I can help.)

This blog is by far the best source for up-to-date monitoring of the ongoing deceptions within Christianity.

However, I've been looking around for a good book or two that will give a broad overview of what movements and philosophies are entering the Church in these last days which will most likely bring about the apostasy talked of in Thessalonians. Emergent Church, Rick Warren, etc - is there any one book that sort of "catalogs" the various heresies and points to them as saying "These are what are going to cause the great 'falling away'?"

Or is it best to just read online blogs who write about these things?

I'm old-fashioned - I like books that I can read through, take notes on, and pass on to others.

Is there any attempt by anyone to completely "catalog" and sort out all the various deceptions that are out there? Some kind of "defending the Truth project" or something. Or is it that trying to grasp the entire body of deception all at once is like trying to grasp a slippery snake with wet hands?
testing posting

Have you read "The Family"? Sharlet chronicles the intrusion of many of the new thought forms into the church. Including but not limited to Vereide, Coe, Finney, Edwards, and many others. There is also a book out on the Emergent Church, though the author currently escapes me.

I would like to give you all a dose of the hypocrisy running through Washington and the pundits these days. Below you will find a quote from Al Sharpton, I will add my comments post:

Al Sharpton:
"First of all, then we have to say the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama," Sharpton said. "Let's not act as though the president didn't tell the American people - the president offered the American people health reform when he ran. He was overwhelmingly elected running on that and he has delivered what he promised."
"I don't understand Republicans saying this is against the will of the American people," Sharpton said. "They voted for President Obama who said this was going to be one of the first things he would do and he has done the first hurdle of that tonight. So I think the American people was very loud and clear. This was not some concept the president introduced after he won. He ran on this and the American people won tonight because they got finally something from a president they voted for."

This is the same Sharpton who repeatedly called conservatives who stood up and shouted SOCIALISM vile racists! Now he wants to say that the people voted for socialism? You can't have it both ways Al!!



Go to

They have a lot of good books for you to choose from.
Two excellent books
I can recommend are:

1) Trojan Church-The New Age
Corruption of the Evangelical Faith
by Dr. Gregory Reid (by the
way Constance' book "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow" is included
in his recommended reading list...

2.) Deceived On Purpose: The New
Age Implications of the Purpose
Driven Church by Warren Smith


My two original books, HIDDEN DANGERS and A PLANNED DECEPTION can be downloaded free of charge to you by clicking on my blogspot link, "PRESENTATIONS FOR DOWNLOADING." You will want to round up my internet articles about "The Family" "The Hijacking of Evangelicalism" which was a 5 part News with Views series and was also published here on my blogspot.

Thanks for the information. You are on target. My son just installed the new version of Firefox. I never connected the two things.

Because of confusion on some places I've posted, I just highlight what I've written, do a ctrl-C (copy) and wait until I see if it posts. If not, I just go to the next open reply space and ctrl-V (paste) what I've written and do the same again. That's the way I save what I've written.

I never clicked on the icon for some reason to pull up all of that additional information on any website I visit. Everyone should experiment with that to learn what is going on.

I'll write you a note.

If you are looking for information on New Age other than the changes in the Protestant community, one overview book I'd recommend is Lee Penn's False Dawn.

Another overview of of the academic approach to New Age is
"New Age A Guide" by Daren Kemp. It's pretty pricey for a small paperback, so get it through interlibrary loan.

If you do a search for one New Age book at Amazon.com, they recommend many more along the same line. They do this for every book they carry.

If anyone needs more verification that JD is on target, Drudge carried a story from the Wall Street Journal today.

"Your Medical Records Aren't Secure
The president says electronic systems will reduce costs and improve quality, but they could undermine good care if people are afraid to confide in their doctors."

Sometimes it takes me a bit to catch on. Obama style health care means everyone, and I mean everyone, gets a record that can be used as a base for anything else they want to attach. I can't think of any other single thing that everyone is to do or have.

Dorothy, and others,

This article hits on some great points, but still misses some of my most basic points of concern that all should be aware of. For starters that your records would only be as safe as a WiFi connection, which loses up to 55% of it's transmission through line bleeding. That it has been openly admitted by the Department of Health and Human Services that these records would be held by corporations like GE, Cisco, and Microsoft, while using companies like Google as a information hub. These same companies are known for selling private information to third party corporations such as InQtel (if you are unfamiliar with this company I HIGHLY suggest a search) or advertisers of various bends.

Not to mention that the same branches of DHHS proposing these type of records, report information and statistics collected back to WHO. I hope the comments made by Joe Biden at the signing cremony (that this was the first girder in the social network the administration was looking to create), as well as the remarks by Sharpton that I posted in this thread will raise HUGE RED FLAGS.

I just recieved this from pay pal. I don't know if you are already aware of this program allowing individuals interested in microfinance to invest through paypal.


It is confusing though because it seems like the right thing to do is to help others escape poverty. Though I think that I understand through your articles that these programs are ways to get everyone connected technologically so that all financial interactions can be tracked and all people will be tracked. Am I in the ball park?

m in dallas
m in dallas,

I think you are part of the way there. Microcredit in it's most basic description is lending for Sustainable Development, or lending for the New Age if you will. This is not as well understood by Americans because microlending is just begining to become prominent here, although this is RAPIDLY changing. There are several pieces I have posted in the UPDATE comments section of my blog that I believe will go a long way in helping you understand this a little better. They range from the role microcredit has played in the situation in Gaza, the economic collapse, to other key subjects which you will no doubt be familiar with.
Out digital medical records will be easily accessible to law enforcement, or any other federal agency, just as our tax returns, phone records, browsing habits, personal emails, etc. already are.

Such a data base serves only one purpose. To provide information necessary for prosecution. And if there's not enough negative content in there, it can be easily enhanced.
m in dallas,

Looking at Microplace the first thing that immediately jumps out at me is that they are VeriSign secured. In case you were not aware VeriSign is a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions, think Positive ID or Verichip as they are sister companies.
Someone asked what books are worth reading to get an overview of New Age and apostasy. I think the books by anyone in the Jesus Seminar are Grade A in that respect. That is, they are not about apostasy, they ARE apostasy.
I have not looked at these people in so long, not even having a TV now, that I forget their names. Which may not be helpful,but they are easily found. The most juicy of these people is the Episcopal priest from Oregon who wrote various books including denying the Resurrection. He is, or was, a sought after speaker in many mainline churches who don't know what he believes until he comes and talks and then sells books to the unwary. Then there is the CAtholic priest Dominic Crosson, who seems to have a similar agenda to the Episcopal priest in Oregon, except that Crosson is more charming and fey as befits an Irish priest. These people are very emotive and persuasive writers.

Anyone remember the name of the Episcopal priest from Oregon?

I think now is the time to pass a law making every citizen buy a GM (Government Motors) car. It would be easy to justify such a law. It would go a long way to helping all Americans be happy and healthy and safe. After all, the cars, I am sure, are made to high governmental safety and green standards. This in turn will probably turn the whole US economy around. Oh, happy days are here again.

pps- I am not exactly a birther, but I would like to see more concrete proof about the birth certificate. But I keep thinking back to a few years ago when there was talk about amending the constitution so that one could run for President without being a citizen by birth. At the time some speculated this was because Schwarzenegger wanted to run for that office. Hmm, maybe it wasn't for Arnold's benefit...
I just sent in our census form.
What an invasion of privacy !
What a load of stupid socially
engineered Dialectic, designed
to be devisive and anti American
in so many ways; ( Eight different
types of South Pacific islanders, ten
different types of Hispanic, countless
different types of tiny minorities
but just one big type of "White").

Freemason double-agent Glen
Beck, whom I don't trust at all,
just spelled it all out to perfection:
Through the Hegalian Dialectic
technique,disbelief in AL Gore's
bull***t becomes;
"Why do you hate the planet?"
Disbelief in Obama's free money
bailout/orgy becomes:
"Why do you hate minorities?"
_and disagreement with the
Socialist Revolution becomes;
"Why do you hate health care for
poor people?"
This is how they've successfully
turned sincere Christianity into
"the enemy".

I didn't fill in everything in the
Census and I'll probably end up
in a detention camp somewhere.
This would be truly scary,
but my hope is in Jesus Christ.
My God can deliver his people out
of the clutches of a Pharoh or a
lions den or a fiery furnace or
an angry Herod or a raging
heathen mob, or the Fascist
New World Order.
He's done it countless times
before, and He'll do it again.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.
Anonymous 6:17:

As I just saw in a video documentation of a EU country's pervasive, anything anywhere technology, ALL information will be available to the "appropriate" people / authorities 24x7 on their hand-held PDA's. This isn't the future it's the present.

You could be walking in the mall and tripping all kinds of senors, having your face scanned, having video cameras follow you through the mall, etc. without even knowing it and being watched with full access to all the information that exists on you -- Didn't pay that parking ticket? Owe back taxes? Sent that flaming email to Obama? -- being used to bring you to "justice," or control your movement for the good of the public.

Several years ago, the technolgy was developed to assign an internet IP address to every, no matter how small, device to ensure total connectivity. That grain-sized chip under your dog's, or your, skin can have an IP address enabling it to be tracked by the internet of things.

Dave in CA

Nice analogy, unfortunately this is not too far off from what the actual desired end result is. Being that they want you to have a virtual identity which would be attached to your chip, just as every other item would have a similar identity. The sad part is much of this system is in place already. For example, I posted earlier about VerSign, anyone who has done online shopping to a large extent has dealt with this company whether they realized it or not. Next time you purchase a product over the internet check to see what system is used for security of the transaction, chances are it is VeriSign.

Another example, many people use credit or debit cards for transactions at stores. Many do not realize that many card readers and pinpad devices are products of VeriFone, another Applied Digital Solution subsidiary. Just as many of the scanners used for modern product inventory are made by Applied Digital. Most of these technologies use companies like Google as information hubs for routing, just as the digital medical records laid out in the healthcare reform bill will.

My point being, many think the Internet of Things, or a completely integrated technological society are still very far off. When the truth is that most of the system is already in place. Smart Meters are taking care of the aspects of your home, which are currently being massively implemented across the country. I know, I had one put on my house by the city (water) last week. What is left beyond that is for you and I to be connected to the system. This latest bill was step one of that process, step two will not be far behind as we are already hearing about it via the immigration bill and jobs bill.
Paul, its been some time since we had our own dialog, but since I quoted you in my blog post on the Declaration of Independence, I thought I might thank you for pointing out an extremely important concept too often ignored.
I feel like a ghost haunting this site!
Columbus has a very, very affluent suburb north and west of town. Upper Arlington. And UA has a very, very affluent "church" called First Community (with an annex in Dublin, Ohio which is a newer but equally affluent area NW of Columbus). First Community has been around a long time and its history is one of gathering the social-climbing nouveau riche. It is thoroughly New Age and ultra-liberal politically and socially and has classes in A COURSE IN MIRACLES. The man who is second in command is one of those Jesus Seminar guys.
Hi Mariel,

To the best of my internet knowledge. Dominic Crossan has not been a Catholic priest since 1969 when he resigned to marry. His apostasy is astounding. He says, for example, that the writers of the Gospels never meant to take them literally!


I just discovered your blogspot which I am reading with interest. I will confess to having personal serious reservations about Ann Coulter. Contrary to her declarations, not all Democrats are godless. In most American large cities, the only party with a prospect of electing people to public office is the Democratic Party. I was extremely active in the Democratic Party in my younger years, up until the time of my husband's serious accident (1979). Over the years, some of my staunchest supporters of my work against the New Age Movement were people I knew from those circles who defended me when my own then pastor, Joseph Stowell, who went on to become the head of Moody Seminary, turned his back on work, telling me that based on his research, there was NO NEW AGE MOVEMENT!

It was people I knew from Democratic Party circles in Detroit who came to my defense in the crucial incubator days of my pioneering work against the New Age Movement in Detroit. People such as Marianne Mahaffey, president of the Detroit City Council told inquiring media people that they had never known me to go off half-cocked on something unless I absolutely knew what I was talking about. Lowell Cauffiel, a popular Detroit radio personality, told me that when my name and witnessing about this had come up, Marianne Mahaffey had staunchly defended me, saying "I hate to say it, but if Connie says it's happening -- it's happening." John Conyers told me he had read and enjoyed both of my books. Periodically, his office would refer clients to me for legal services.

I have, of course, enjoyed support from the other side of the political aisle as I have taken my share of persecution from both sides over the past 29 years I have been actively engaged in this struggle of exposing and sometimes retarding the New Age Movement.

My most vicious opposition came from the Evangelical Christian Community. I did not initially know it, but what was behind it was New Ager Paul N. Temple, his money and his allies. Paul N. Temple was the co-founder, chief financial benefactor, and long time CEO of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Jesus said to go into ALL THE WORLD and tell ALL THE PEOPLE. That includes Democrats.

Ann Coulter says much that needs to be said, but in my opinion, she could and should say it much more tactfully. She gets lots of laughs, but makes few converts with her approach. For sure, she has made a LOT MORE MONEY than yours truly who became relatively financially impoverished by this work.

Thanks !
I was just shooting from the hip as
usual, and you know what they
say about opinions...
I just read some of your blog and I find
it very interesting. I'll be reading
more later today when I get home.

Manchester; that's not far at all.

Have a good day and keep on
thanking and praising God.

Chip implants causing cancerous tumors in dogs....

David in Battle Creek 9.24PM,
David, (and anyone else seriously concerned) your interest in Mr Obama may be heightened if you go here http://tiny.cc/ms68k
and scroll down to THE RAPTURE OF THE BRIDE. Ignoring the first two articles you will find close on 60 articles examining astonishing, mostly Biblical information about Mr Obama.
Good reading.
Constance, 1979 was 31 years ago. Time changes things. As a lawyer who has to work with public figures from all political sides, you are using the politician's style which goes "Obama is is really a good guy. Personally I like him. I just don't understand why he does the things he does, things I disagree with." It's the "Hate the sin, love the sinner" style.

With the ugly attacks on any opposition coming from the Democrats these days, we had better learn some new tactics and not play into their hands.

I think it is still premature to accuse anyone of being the antichrist.

With that said I recall the words of Jesus when He said, "A tree is known by the fruit it bears." In Revelation and other prophecy sources in the Bible we are given many descriptors of the fruit of the antichrist and his false prophet.

In regards to the 666 sign there are two worldly figures that seem to have an association with 666 in several ways. That would be Javier Solana and Barack Obama. Maybe there are others that I'm not aware of, but these two seem to have 666 follow them.

But, it's not just the 666 number, but it's the way these two are able to mesmerize a great many people. Does this mean they are the "gruesome twosome" from Revelation? I don't know for sure, but it sure is suspicious.
"With the ugly attacks on any opposition coming from the Democrats these days, we had better learn some new tactics and not play into their hands."


Very well stated Dorothy. Thank you for sharing your astute and absolutely correct observation.
I haven't posted in so long, I forgot to sign in as Rudi. The 5:16 PM was me Dorothy. -Rudi
Good to see you back Rudi. Your input was valuable in the past and many have commented that they missed you.

You guys will love this, since we are talking about O being the Antichrist, (You may have heard this before, but here it is again.)

The day after becoming our new president, he came back to Chicago to work on assembling his staff. Guess what the daily "Pick 3" lottery numbers were for Illinois that day? That's right - 6 6 6. I remember laughing and feeling kinda creeped out both at the same time when I heard that on News Radio 780, WBBM, during my lunch break.

And the evening Pick 4 was 7 7 7 9.

Have fun with those! :^)

Marko, that's one of the 666 moments I was referring to.

I have been watching intently the on-goings between Obama's cool treatment of Israel. This is extremely alarming. I can almost imagine Obama standing on the temple mount. This attitude towards Israel is even more concerning than the 666 phenomon.
my blog has some e-books and lots of links which you will find interesting.


God b;ess
David, Marko

Just my two cents, Obama does not a false messiah make. Granted some have went off the deep end proclaiming him a messianic figure, but his actions are not equivalent. If anything he has prostelyzed a false doctrine, which I might add he has gotten some to believe quite handily. His actions since taking office also reflect what one might expect out of a certain false preacher. Let's not forget either that this figure will also be associated with the numerals in question. I could lay out a heavily documented case supporting a theory of this nature, but I am not certain myself and don't want to speculate. All I can say for certain, is if I had to take a guess at what leader might force a mark of any form on people based on my research.....
I agree with JD, that while it's "tempting" to make much of all these apparent connections between Obama and 666, he doesn't seem to "fit the profile".

The past is replete with similar conclusions drawn for many US presidents and world leaders, and if I were to pick one from the past that made the most sense (and whom I haven't ruled out completely yet), it would be Gorbachev. He's very "New Age" in his thinking and philosophy, and has been doing things in the background ever since leaving the world stage as leader of the USSR.

Obama, to me, is more of a true Marxist/Communist, and may have even been groomed for this position so as to bring the US into the Communist fold. Communism is not dead, folks, not is it something to take off the radar regarding real threats to our well-being as a free country.

Anyway.... I really don't think the Antichrist will come from the US. For me, it's a toss-up between European leader or someone from the East - like Persia (Iran).

JD!! Why this penchant for leaving cliffhanger comments?? :^)
about the 5 doves website,
in my humble opinion, i would not believe anything written therein and this is why,

gematria, its an occult art that i learned to use when i was an unsaved pagan, i wouldn't go back to that occult art now that i am a christian.

to me, its not a solid thesis, to count so much on the name barack hussein obama is a misnomer, because that is his stage name or created name, he really is barry soetoro.

i also could not decipher if these ppl were into pre trib rapture, i am not a "pre triber"

just my opinion
Like I've said before in this same comments section, it's too soon to know who the gruesome twosome are. I have my suspicions, but that is based on what I have seen so far.

As for the Rapture of the Bride thing, I have serious doubts with anyone who claims they developed a mathematical formula to figure out future prophetic events. The ultimate prophetic barometer is the going-ons of Israel. Just like a barometer falls before a hurricane hits, so it is with Israel. And it won't be long before Mr. AC presents himself to the world, whoever he is. And it will happen exactly the way it's revealed in the Bible.

I agree completely that it is too soon to play pin the tail on the false messiah/prophet. This is largely why I let my comment trail off. The only thing I know for certain is one beast will be represented by 10 kings who will give power to another, 3 of them may not be as willing. While another beast represented by 2 others will sing the praises of the first and force all to bear a form of identification that represents the first. So the question remains, is this happening? I believe it is, but I will not claim such until I can properly lay out the evidence and certain events come to pass. Until then others will need to look at what I am laying out and draw their own conclusions.
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شركة تنظيف في ابوظبي
إمارة ابوظبي من الإمارات الكبيرة في الإمارات وتحتوي على عدد كبير من العمائر والمباني الشاهقة الارتفاع وعندما تكون لديك احد الشقق فى تلك العمائر فأنك لا تستطيع القيام بتنظيف واجهاتها بنفسك حيث أن المعدات اللازمة لا تتوفر لديك او المهارة والخبرة في عملية التنظيف ولكن قم على الفور بالاستعانة على خدمات شركة تنظيف في ابوظبي وسوف تجد احدث الآلات والأجهزة التي تصل إلى اعلي الأدوار والرافعات المؤمنة التي تقوم بحمل العمال والفنيين المتخصصين في عملية التنظيف وتتم عملية تنظيف واجهات السجاد للشقق في الفرات الصباحية او المسائية حتى تحصل عزيزي العميل على لمعان وجودة في العمل .
شركة تنظيف في الشارقة
عزيزي العميل اذا كنت من أصحاب المنازل الواسعة التي تحتاج إلى عملية تنظيف كل فترة للتخلص من الأوساخ التي تتواجد على المفروشات وعلى الكنب وعلى الجدران يجب ان تتواصل على شركة تنظيف في الشارقة حيث إننا نعمل على توفير خدمة نظافة على مدار اليوم وفى إي مناسبات فقط قم بالاتصال على الشركة وقم بطلب خدمة التنظيف التي ترغب فيها وخلال لحظات سوف تجد فريق من العمالة الفلبينية المدربة التي تقوم بعملية التنظيف خلال وقات قياسي وفى نفس الوقت سوف تجد مستوى جودة عالية في التخلص من الأتربة والغبار المتناثر في كل المكان .
شركة تنظيف في عجمان
الكنب من قطع الفرش الهامة التي تتواجد داخل الشقق والبيوت ولا يمكن ان يتم تنظيفه بشكل يومي باستخدام الماء او البخار لانه يعرض القطعة إلى التلف سواء الأنسجة المصنوع منها القماش او الأخشاب الداخلة في الصناعة ولكن يمكن ان يتم تنظيف قطعة الكنب كل 6 أشهر على الأكثر وذلك للمتواجد في المنازل والشقق والبيوت على يد العمالة الفنية من شركة تنظيف في عجمان حيث أننا متخصصون في عملية التنظيف ويتم استخدام احدث الطرق العالمية في التخلص من الأوساخ والبقع مع الحفاظ على نوعية النسيج وأيضا نستخدم تنظيف البخار والذي يعتبر الأفضل في عالم التنظيف الحديث .
شركة تنظيف في العين
شركات التنظيف اليوم أصبحت أكثر تخصصا من الماضي من حيث استخدام الآلات واستخدام مواد التنظيف حيث أصبحت عملية التنظيف تتم بناءا على تعليمات المصنع بالنسبة إلى القطعة التي يتم تنظيفها حتى لا يحدث ضرر من حيث استخدام مساحيق الغسيل وأيضا استخدام الماء او البخار إلى جانب استخدام المبيضات ومن خلال شركة تنظيف في العين يتم القيام بكل تلك الأمور إلى جانب استخدام تقنية النانو في التخلص من البقع وأيضا استخدام المنظفات الطبيعية والبعد عن إي عوامل صناعية بل ان الشركة أيضا قامت باستخدام المنظفات الخالية 100 % من الماء وذلك مع بعض أنواع المفروشات مثل الكنب المصنوع من الشمواه او المخمل للحفاظ على جودة القطع وأيضا السجاد المصنوع من الحرير .
زوروا موقعنا الان

شركة تنظيف في دبي
عندما تتعرضين إلى الإحراج أمام الضيوف نتيجة إلى اتساخ مفروشات المنزل لعدم وجود الوقت الكافي للعناية بها فأن الحل الأقرب والسريع هو شركة تنظيف في دبي فنحن نعمل على توفير طاقم من العمالة المدربة سوف تجدها فور طلب الخدمة حتى يعود الجمال والرونق إلى المنزل وتكوني فخورة به أمام الضيوف والجيران فداخل شركة تنظيف في دبي نعمل على التخلص من جميع أوساخ الكنب بكل أنواعه وأيضا إعادة السجاد إلى طبيعته والتخلص من البقع والمتراكمة دون الإضرار بالنسيج ونعمل على توفير أفضل أنواع المنظفات التي لا تحتوي على المواد الكاوية ويمكن استخدامها بواسطة ربة المنزل .
شركة تنظيف في ابوظبي
عندما تعيش في مكان صغير لا يتعدي الغرفة الواحدة ويتواجد بها غرفة المعيشة والمطبخ والنوم فان تلك المساحة يجب ان يتم تنظيفها على الفور حتى يستطيع الفرد العيش فيها وأيضا يجب ان يتم ترتيبها بعناية ويمكن ان تستفيد من نصائح شركة تنظيف في ابوظبي لترتيب وتنظيف المساحات الصغيرة أولا يجب ان يتم تهوية المكان يوميا حتى لا يتعرض إلى اختزان الروائح والعمل على تنظيف المطبخ بصفة دورية وأيضا العناية بكل قطع الأثاث من حيث تلميعها يوميا حتى لا تتراكم عليها الأوساخ وعندما يتعلق الأمر بالترتيب فأنه يجب استغلال المساحات تحت الكنب او الأسرة لحفظ إي قطع زائدة لديك من مفروشات او أدوات وأيضا يمكن استخدام الأثاث المتعدد الاستعمال .
شركة تنظيف في الشارقة
عزيزي العميل عندما تفكر في عملية تنظيف شاملة يجب على الفور ان تتواصل على شركة تنظيف في الشارقة فهي من الشركات الكبيرة التي تمنحك كزايا عديدة عند استخدام إي خدمة من خدمات تنظيف الشركة منها الأسعار المناسبة حيث أننا نعمل على تقليل مقدار التكاليف حتى يتناسب مع العميل وأيضا السرعة في انجاز إي مهمة تنظيف سواء للشقق الصغيرة او القصور الكبيرة ونعمل على توفير الآلات الحديثة والعمال المدربة من كل الجنسيات سواء الفلبينية او غيرها فقط كل ما يلزم هو التواصل على ارقام الشركة وسوف نصلك في الحال للقيام بعملية التنظيف التي لا تشوبها إي مشاكل .
شركة تنظيف في عجمان
الخزانات من الأدوات الهامة التي لا يمكن الاستغناء عنها تلك الأيام حيث أننا في المطاعم او الشركات او البيوت والشقق لا يمكن ان يتم الاستغناء عن المياه في حالة حدوث عطل لها وعندما يتم شراء احد الخزانات يجب ان تكون على تواصل مع شركة تنظيف في عجمان حيث انها توفر الفنيين المهرة صاحبي الريادة في تنظيف كل أشكال الخزانات سواء الأرضية والتي تكون في شكل خرسانة مسلحة او العلوية والتي تكون في الأغلب من البلاستيك او الفايبر جلاس وغيرها من المواد ونعمل على توفير مواد تنظيف مناسبة حتى يتم التخلص من أوساخ الخزانات والحماية من تكون الجراثيم فإذا أردت الحماية قم بطلبنا على الفور وسوف نقوم بتركيب احدث أجهزة الشركة في تنقية مياه الخزان حتى تكون في أمان تام على مدار اليوم .
شركة تنظيف في العين
الأثاث والتحف في حاجة إلى التنظيف ولكن على يد امهر العاملين حتى لا تترك عملية التنظيف إي اثر للخدوش او البهتان في اللون وعندما تتطلب شركة تنظيف في العين سوف يتم إرسال فريق من الأمهر لدينا حتى يتم تنظيف تلك القطع الثمينة وتتم عملية التنظيف باستخدام أفضل أنواع المنظفات والزيوت العطرة التي تقوم بإبعاد الآفات عن تلك القطع وأيضا نعمل على طلاء مادة لامعة تحافظ على الأثاث من التلف وأيضا يوف نعمل على تنظيف المجالس إلى جانب تنظيف الستائر وجلي الأرضيات وعندما تكون من أصحاب الفلل فأن لدينا عدد كبير من العمالة لتنظيف إي مكان بداخل حتى المسابح الكبيرة والصغيرة بالاعتماد على احدث التقنيات التي تحافظ على المياه في السبح لأطول فترة ممكنة مع التخلص من الأتربة والشوائب التي يمكن ان تتواجد في قاع المسابح .
كما يمكنكم زيارة موقعنا
شركة تنظيف في دبي
تنظيف السجاد عن طريق الغسيل يكون في الأغلب مرتين في العام للحفاظ عليه من المياه ولكن عندما يتعرض إلى الأوساخ فان شركة تنظيف في دبي تعمل على استخدام البخار في التخلص من البقع والأوساخ عن طريق البخار حيث انها من احدث التقنيات المستخدمة في عمليات التنظيف وهي تتم بناء على إصدار قوة من البخار بدرجة حرارة معينه تتماشي مع النسيج المصنوع منه السجاد حتى لا يتعرض إلى الانكماش وبعدها استخدام قطعة من القماش لتلميع قطعة السجاد وإزالة إي أوساخ وتتم عملية التنظيف باستخدام البخار في المكان دون نقل إلى مقرات الشركة .
شركة تنظيف في ابوظبي
الموكيت من القطع التي تغطي الأرضيات وتحافظ عليها من التلف حيث ان تغيير قطعة من الموكيت يكون أسهل من تغيير الأرضيات كلها وعليه فأن مساحات الموكيت كبيرة جدا ومن الممكن ان تغطي صالات كاملة مثل صالات الأفراح والمناسبات ولكن عندما تفكر في تنظيفه فأن العملية تحتاج إلى شركة تنظيف في ابوظبي حتى يتم الحصول على النتائج المرجوة من عملية التنظيف فيتم استخدام عدد كبير من الفنيين في فك قطع الموكيت التي يتم تثبيتها بالجدران وبعدها نقل إلى الشركة حتى يتم غسلها في الأماكن الواسعة وتجفيفها وتعطيرها وإعادتها مرة أخري جديدة تماما ويمكن ان يطلب العميل خدمة التنظيف بالبخار فهي الأسرع .
شركة تنظيف في الشارقة
جلي الأرضيات يحتاج إلى فنيين متخصصين وآلات حيث ان المواد الكاوية مثل حمض الكبريت لا تعطي النتائج المرجوة وأيضا يمكن ان تضر المستخدمين بالضيق في التنفس وعندما ترغب في التخلص من أوساخ الأرضيات في أسرع وقت دون الحاجة إلى الجلي باستخدام الصاروخ الكهربائي فأن الأفضل التواصل على شركة تنظيف في الشارقة فنحن نعمل على تقديم آلات البخار المزيلة للبقع والتي تعمل على إزالة أصعب البقع والتي تكون في ارتفاع بسيط ولا تصل إلى قاع الأرضيات وأيضا تعمل الشركة على جلي الجداران المصنوعة من السيراميك والجرانيت باستخدام تلك الآلات وإذا أردت الحصول على الخدمة تواصل على شركتنا في الحال .
شركة تنظيف في عجمان
الأجهزة الكهربائية الصغيرة او الكبيرة تحتاج إلى فنيين متخصصين في عملية التنظيف حتى يتم الحفاظ عليها أثناء التخلص من الأوساخ والزيوت والأتربة الملتصقة بها ومع استخدام شركة تنظيف في عجمان سوف يتم توفير طاقم فني من المختصين في تنظيف المكيفات وصيانتها وأيضا تنظيف باقي أرجاء المكان حيث أننا نعمل على تنظيف الستار المصنوعة من عدة طبقات دون ان يتم فك القطع ويكون ذلك بواسطة فريق مختص من العمالة المدربة على تلك العملية وسوف تري عزيزي العميل ان شركة تنظيف في عجمان من اكبر الشركات المتخصصة في عمليات التنظيف المنزلية سواء اليومية او الشهرية او السنوية .
شركة تنظيف في العين
تنظيف المطابخ يستهلك وقت كبير من ربات البيوت حيث ان بقع الزيوت تكون منتشرة في المكان سواء على الأخشاب او الرخام المصنوع من المطبخ وأيضا على الجدران وعلى الشفاط ويتم استخدام قدر كبير من المبيضات ومزيلات البقع حتى يتم التخلص من تلك الأوساخ وبعدها استخدام فرشاة خشنة حتى يتم فرك تلك البقع والتخلص منها وبعدها استخدام الماء حتى يتم إزالة الأوساخ الناتجة من التنظيف والتخلص منها وتلك العملية تستهلك اليوم بطوله ولكن بعد تعيين المختصين من شركة تنظيف في العين سوف يتم توفير عامل واحد وآلة بخار واحدة ويتم إزالة الأوساخ والبقع وتعقيم المكان خلال دقائق لا أكثر فأن سهولة عملية التنظيف أصبحت اليوم تكمن في استخدام التكنولوجيا وليس الطاقة والقوة الجسمانية عزيزي العميل تواصل معنا وسوف تحصل على الأفضل دائما .
يمكنكم زيارة موقعنا

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