Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bet they guess wrong on what I would buy!

Thanks to last poster on last thread who gave this link. It looks somewhat like it came from a sensationalist type paper, similar to "National Inquirer" for which I have little respect. Don't really know how accurate the report is, but would love to hear from Rob in London who might have been in a position to observe.


We know Google already applies similar technology. I clicked on the link you provided in the banner, which opened the Sun article to the smart billboard, and voila, ads appeared on the webpage that were obviously customized to MY ISP location and MY "perceived" interests, arising from a compilation of MY browsing habits archived over time.
Has anyone seen this video of the replica of the third temple being built?
Anon 5:00,

Google helped design much of the system which is emerging. I personally have documents showing how Google is to be used as a information hub in routing the information between information capture technologies (RFID biometrics) and particular service providers. One could think of tracking cookies as a form of foundation on this end.
Right JD, all the more reason to use a browser such as scroogle scraper or ixquick. Scroogle is preferable, but probably won't be around much longer since Google can shut it down by court order anytime. However I've used it for two years now, and will keep using it until....

Check out Scroogle's homepage for archived articles about Google's cookies and other bad stuff they do.
..."For Scroogle, SSL is used to hide your search terms from anyone who might be monitoring traffic between your browser and Scroogle's servers. This encryption happens when you send your search terms to Scroogle, and it also happens when Scroogle sends the results of your search back to you. No one snooping between your browser and Scroogle can figure out what you were looking for, because the information is encrypted and looks like gibberish. The connection between Scroogle and Google, which still must happen for every search, is not encrypted because Google doesn't use SSL. However, this connection is not associated with you at that point, and only Scroogle knows who entered those search terms. Your IP address is dropped before your search terms are sent to Google."...

Please check out the work and role of a person named "Hideo Saito" and any possible role he might have in this system.


I will do further digging on Saito but immediately I have come across some interesting information. For starters he has been heavily involved in holograghic imaging and virtual reality. He also has had a hand in different versions of facial recognition software as well as high speed imaging software, such as the type used to identify license plates of high speed vehicles. I will do some more digging in the morning and send what is relevant in a email.

As of now I am extremely tired after spending several hours in the ER with my brother, and have a early rise in front of me.
anon 9:25 & 9:30,

Thanks for the heads up on scroogle. I will have to check it out. Given that I have already spoken up quite a bit about Google and their intentions and have yet more to go, I have probably already made my bed here. I am interested to see if I get different results and so forth.
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