Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rich Peterson's Very Excellent Wisconsin Editorial -- Read it here!




EARLIER (SUNDAY, JULY 20, 2008):  To my readers:

The New Agers like to say that they 'think globally, act locally.'  Consequently many of their propaganda thrusts are on a local level in the local papers.  The following is Rich's response to a local New Ager's attacks against what she terms 'Christian fundamentalism,' while simultaneously aggressively pushing the most bizarre of New Age religion tenets.  Rich took it on with style and gusto and I thought more global exposure of what he had to say was in order.  Try hard not to laugh so hard you cry.  Rich has brilliantly summarized the religious ethos of many of the New World Order / New World Religion folk.  

I have posted this fairly quickly and I don't want to end the discussion on the last post.  Also, please go to my last post, click on the links for the Fr. Seraphim Rose material and enjoy the incredibly beautiful words and music.  In fact, just in case you don't want to exert that effort, at least click here!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Peterson [our Rich of Medford] warns of global plots to destroy America

"It looks as though Linda Osolkowski [author of the editorial Rich was responding to] wants to talk about religious extremism and silly beliefs. In her latest vox pops she ridiculed Dr. Uhri for having what she considers a ridiculous belief system. She goes as far as to sarcastically suggest Dr. Uhri believes gravity to be only a theory. It is not uncommon for Osolkowski to publicly mock Christians as in past posts she has ridiculed doctrines such as the rapture while touting her “goddess” worship as being firmly based in reason. So it is time to further examine her new age mindset and the theology which surrounds the goddess.

"The goddess identifiable by many names was known to the Egyptians as Isis, the Greeks as Demeter-Persephone, to the Romans Diana and, at present, is commonly known as Sophia-Gaia. Gaia is most recognizable to people as “Mother Earth.” Although the goddess’ theology varies amongst Sophiologists the core belief system remains common. Hence I will present the goddess from the perspectives of her story tellers, those credited with heralding in the new age and popularizing her in the west, namely H.P. Blavatsky and Rudolph Steiner.In the beginning God existed as one in the form of a polarity: the divine masculine and the divine feminine (Sophia). Together they co-created the universe. Each entity was a conjoined triune deity, the male being the Father, Logos and Holy Spirit and the female being the Mother, Daughter and World Soul. In the goddess’ zeal to create, she formed the cosmos independently of her male counterpart resulting in a mistake which caused the divine feminine to separate from the divine masculine. Upon her descent Ialdabaoth, the God of Israel, taunted her so she gave her light to the sun and became the earth where she remains in the depths of the under world longing to reunite to the divine masculine. The universal prayer to the goddess opens as “our Mother, who art in the depths of the under world.” Her only hope to reconnect to the divine masculine has been to facilitate humanity’s evolution to its final stage by emitting evolutionary impulse streams through her spiral vortexes. It is only when humanity becomes attuned to her impulses and by adopting a global consciousness—the World Soul—that the goddess will become redeemed and able to reunite to the divine masculine.

"The final earthly stage of human development is considered to be the most painful period in earth’s evolutionary process because not everyone is attuned to the goddess’ impulse streams. Those individuals, primarily monotheists and political dissenters, are considered to be the World Soul’s karmic opposites which inhibit the goddess’ redemption. Shirley McClain, among many, explains that their karmic opposites soon await their fate in “karmageddon.” 

"Once the 'World Soul' eliminates its karmic opposites, it will have become divine and transcend thereby bringing an end to time and death. This 'transcended humanity' will move forward to become 'co-creators' with the rejoined godhead culminating its journey partaking in the Vulcan stage of cosmic evolution wherein they will realign the cosmos by transforming the earth into a new sun.

"It would be remiss of me not to mention Mother Earth’s (Gaia’s) keeper—the Pleiadians—as they too emit impulses through her vortexes. The Pleiadians, from the planetary star Alcyone, are hosting in honor of Gaia’s redemption a cosmic party to commence on December 21, 2012. They have chosen to communicate their agenda by channeling their writings through Barbara Hand Clow’s Pleiadian Agenda. They do so as they recognize some goddess worshippers have been lazy and not adequately expanded their levels of consciousnesses by focusing their meditative energies into the reptilian forces.

"According to the 'Pleiadians,' not everyone has an invitation to the cosmic party—only those who recognize that Lucifer lives within them and are willing to undergo a Luciferic initiation. This is a common theme in new age literature and one which is problematic for the world’s monotheists as they recognize Lucifer to be none other than Satan. 

"As clearly presented throughout their writings, [Helena Petrovna] Blavatsky and [Rudolf] Steiner agree that Satan and Lucifer are the same.  They, however, exhibit great admiration for him. Per Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, “In this case it is but natural…to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind…” Blavatsky also identifies the goddess Sophia and Lucifer to be one and the same—Lucifer’s female persona. 

"Maybe the devil really does wear Prada.  The Pleiadians tell us how to recognize the start of the cosmic party—it will commence when their mother ship enters earth’s atmosphere. As one can see, “goddess” theology is based upon 'solid scientific inquiry.'  

"Although I disagree with theologies such as the goddess, I would defend anyone’s right to believe it.  It is when governments—such as the new global order and its governmental structures—demand that individuals shift their religious beliefs to one centered around earth-worship and the acceptance of their political-spiritual cosmic Christ that they have crossed the line into dictatorship and have themselves adopted an ideology of religious extremism. 

"Global governmental organizations such as the Alliance of Civilizations, Gorbachev’s Earth Charter, the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality, etc., etc. openly portray such a system. They have formulated a strategy to rid themselves of dissenters by identifying those individuals as religious extremists who are prone to violent radicalization. Osolkowski attempted to do the same in her latest vox pops. 

"The Alliance of Civilizations has said that it is a sovereign United States which presently stands in its way of globally deploying its new spirituality. It has further called for the abolition of national parliaments worldwide. At least in the United States, despite our flaws, we can voice our opinions without the threat of death. There are visible signs that this too is shifting as leadership in both the Republican and Democratic parties rush towards handing over our national sovereignty in the interest of global governance. So if Linda wishes to further discuss religious extremism and silly religious beliefs we too are willing to participate in that discussion. — Richard Peterson, Medford

July 17, 2008
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Anonymous said...

Osolkowski probably attends all the Star Trek conventions.

Great article, Rich. Thanks for your commitment to understanding the times and to presenting the truth so articulately.

Dave CA

Susanna said...

Great article, Rich! Bravo! You might be happy to know that you are following in the footsteps of the Church Fathers in "making merry over Babylon."

St Irenaeus was scathingly funny when writing about Achamoth (a.k.a. "Sophia")in his famous ADVERSUS HAERESES - especially in the part where he is referring to the gnostic teaching about the origins of the waters of the earth - which "mysteries" were made available only to those who had the wherewithal to pay:

"For who would not expend all that he possessed, if only he might learn in return, that from the tears of the enthymesis of the AEon (Achamoth) involved in passion, seas, and fountains, and rivers, and every liquid substance derived its origin; that light burst forth from her smile; and that from her perplexity and consternation the corporeal elements of the world had their formation?
4. I feel somewhat inclined myself to contribute a few hints towards the development of their system. For when I perceive that waters are in part fresh, such as fountains, rivers, showers, and so on, and in part salt; such as those in the sea, I reflect with myself that all such waters cannot be derived from her tears, inasmuch as these are of a saline quality only. It is clear, therefore, that the waters which are salt are alone those which are derived from her tears. But it is probable that she, in her intense agony and perplexity, was covered with perspiration. And hence, following out their notion, we may conceive that fountains and rivers, and all the fresh water in the world, are due to this source. For it is difficult, since we know that all tears are of the same quality, to believe that waters both salt and fresh proceeded from them. The more plausible supposition is, that some are from her tears, and some from her perspiration. And since there are also in the world certain waters which are hot and acrid in their nature, thou must be left to guess their origin, how and whence. Such are some of the results of their hypothesis.

Anonymous said...

Some waters are brachish. Thus some waters may come from both tears and sweat and lymphatics processes, or maybe something else . At any rate the goddess Gaiea has given us all a taste of her otherworldly amazingness.
Up in the sky!
It's a bird! It's a plane!
No it's Gaieiagal!
Yes Gaieagal.
Strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.
And who, disguised as Barack Obama; a mild mannered presidential candidate, fights the never ending battle for truth , justice and the magical WAY!!

CLEARLY the earth is a living creature rolled up in a ball up and sleeping but not for long, because soon she will awaken when all the vibrations are emanating from the chosen ones of the earth who possess the sensitivity and the spirit vibrational effervessence to come forward and announce the beginning of the New Age of wonderfulness and really cool anything but Christianity.



Susanna said...


Hey've got talent! :-)

Anonymous said...

Under a New Age system of government, the government determines the morality of the community.

Read the following and weep for our future. This is a section of an article now at

"The grainy picture above, of uncertain age, shows one of the delightful ancient traditions of the Chinese government – a firing squad for Tibetan prisoners. The rest are too horrific to show.

"But, of course, such barbaric rituals are now redundant. Instead, the government has acquired a fleet of modern "execution vans" – built with the aid of an Italian company. These are parked outside the courts ready to act the moment a verdict is handed down. The record is seven minutes between sentence and execution.

The merits of such a procedure are obvious. A lethal injection preserves the vital organs allowing the bodies to be rushed to the local hospitals where the organs are extracted for use in the growing trade in spare body parts, "donated" by their former owners to a health service which is not available to ordinary Chinese.

This is the country to which the great and the good will flock for the opening of the Olympics in a few weeks time and it is that self-same country which Booker highlights in his column today - the supporter of that bloody dictator in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe. (more at the link)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Susanna,
You must be one of those with the sensitivity to recognize the sublime unlimited specialness which emanates from every pore of those of US who are given the green light from Gaeia herself as an ambassador of the cosmic greenish light which flows unimpeded through space and time like a crystal river of sparkling cosmic chakra emanations.
It is neither/ nor.
It is unique in it's tender condescension.
Neither spelling nor grammer can override it's unique Cremeitude or it's PaulTempleesque interaction with the universal principles of harmony
brevity and swellness.
Alas, I am done.

paul of universal mystery

Anonymous said...

That is just such a repulsive fact, just mind dumbing.


Susanna said...

You are quite welcome Paul.

And do you know WHY we have been
"given the green light from Gaeia herself as an ambassador of the cosmic greenish light which flows unimpeded through space and time like a crystal river of sparkling cosmic chakra emanations?????"

Well I shall tell you why.

Because among the sublimities of the new alchemical paradigm soon to be realized in the collective global consciousness.....


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed Susanna
Green is the new red.
And now, since you were vibrationaly attenuated enough to actually quote me, I would like to make you one of my followers. All you need to do is Coe-operate.
Repeat this now:
We are oneitude
We reject any semblance of twoness
We are Gaian and sensitive to the disruption of our truth by totally uncool Truists.
We look forward to a global tax.
We actually want a global tax.
We believe that a global tax will cure all the problems caused by twoishness and threeishness, which we have suffered under for so long.
We will gladly pay the global tax to Maitria the Wonderful and Marianne Williamson, his handmaid.
She should get a good twenty percent. He should get the rest and give Al Gore a sizable kickback.
Yes, all that.
No one will know we're red because we'll be so green.

I must go away now
Don't dispair,
paul, again and again

Susanna said...

I'm repeating already.....

We are oneitude
We reject any semblance of twoness
We are Gaian and sensitive to the disruption of our truth by totally uncool Truists.
We look forward to a global tax.
We actually want a global tax.
We believe that a global tax will cure all the problems caused by twoishness and threeishness, which we have suffered under for so long.
We will gladly pay the global tax to Maitria the Wonderful and Marianne Williamson, his handmaid.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! Something isn't passing the smell test.

Will the taxes cover my Kool-ade fix?????.....didn't used to smell until they started using those hot acrid waters now plentiful on account of "global warming." And not a chip of ice to be found......

Adieu, adieu and you and you and you......and I am you and you are me together..........

Anonymous said...


I can't thank you enough for sharing that Fr. Seraphim Rose link so we could listen to that incredibly beautiful music. Those voices sound almost "other worldly" . . . from Heaven above?

What a wonderful stress reliever for everyone . . . I felt my blood pressure going back to normal!!!

Thank you again. I think that we all needed that today.

Rich Peterson - Medford said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rich Peterson - Medford said...

A little background on Dr. Uhri:

Dr. Uhri is a Christian who has presented the faith and Jesus as the way, truth and the life in past vox pops articles. Dr. Uhri has reached retirement age but says he will continue to practice medicine until he is no longer able. He was born in a communist country (which one I do not recall). My mother worked with him while she was employed in the hospital emergency room. She has told me he escaped communism by swimming to freedom.

For whatever reason, the new agers in this area have declared open season on Dr. Uhri. For various reasons I have felt compelled to be somewhat protective of him.


Constance Cumbey said...


Too funny!


I loved it!


Constance Cumbey said...

I would like to take Paul and Susanna on the road -- I perceive great profits from the Road Show which puts to shame anything ever dreamed of by Saturday Night Live!



Constance Cumbey said...


Thanks for sobering us up with the disturbing China info!


Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully the good Pope was not speaking ex cathedra about

1. The New Age
2. Unity in Diversity

Wonder who wrote that speech for him? Hopefully not himself.

Constance Cumbey said...

Personally, I'm going back and listening to the Seraphim Rose music again -- after watching the Pope's speech/homily on CNN, I need it!


Constance Cumbey said...

I would like to take Paul and Susanna on the road -- I perceive great profits from the Road Show which puts to shame anything ever dreamed of by Saturday Night Live!



Susanna said...


Thanks for the kudos on Paul's and my little reparte. As I said, the kid's got talent.

At your request, I have this to say about the Pope's speech.

I did not actually hear the Pope's speech, but this is from the National Cathlic Reporter which, although it is among the more liberal Catholic news publications, nevertheless treats the Pope pretty fairly in this article.

Pope Benedict is reportedly not talking about "new age" a la Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, but rather the following:

"In language that was at turns almost lyrical, Pope Benedict XVI today offered a paean to “new age” spirituality – though, to be sure, certainly not of the “tune in, turn on and drop out’ variety.

Instead, Benedict described a vision of the “new age” proclaimed by Christ, and animated by the Holy Spirit, in which:

• “Love is not greedy or self-seeking, but pure, faithful and genuinely free, open to others, respectful of their dignity, seeking their good, radiating joy and beauty”;
• “Hope liberates us from the shallowness, apathy and self-absorption which deaden our souls and poison our relationships”;
• “God’s gift of life is welcomed, respected and cherished – not rejected, feared as a threat and destroyed.”

The pope’s comments came in his homily for the closing Mass of World Youth Day in Australia, before an audience at Sydney’s Randwick Racecourse estimated at 400,000.

Benedict called upon the young pilgrims to be “prophets of this new age.” more.....

Why should neo-pagans and occultists be allowed to have a monopoly on the term "new age" when it is Christ who "makes all things new?"

Besides, I have been following the activities and the writings of Pope Benedict XVI for many years now and have never heard of him promoting anything that even remotely resembles New Age occultism.

Nevertheless, I am sure there will likely be some flap over the Pope's recent use of the term "new age" regardless of what he meant...just as there was at Regensburg.

I will be happy to post updates as they become available.

Constance Cumbey said...

The official Vatican site says he is offering the young people a different version of the "New Age" . . .

Hopefully that is his motivation . . . my jury is still out


Constance Cumbey said...

Sorry, I posted mine before reading Susanna's thoughtful post.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it. The Vatican is a political entity as well as a spiritual one, and I think the Pope was more into politics with his statement. The Vatican staff knows what the "New Age" is about. They wouldn't have called that major conference several years ago, after which no statement came out.

When the Vatican made deals with the Nazi movement while also fighting it, the bottom line was that the Catholic church had to continue no matter what so that the deal making was a form of survivalism.

The Pope using the term New Age was no accident. He was sending a signal to secular leadership that said "You're powerful enough to force me to cooperate." (See Windswept House)

It's a dangerous game because all of those young followers who don't know the dangers of New Age will now see no problem when ideas are tagged with the New Age label. After all the Pope used the term in a positive way.

It makes it more important for every Catholic who knows the dangers of the movement to go out there and warn other Catholics what is going on.


Anonymous said...


They wouldn't have called that major conference several years ago, after which no statement came out.

I'm a newbie to New Age and the Catholic thing. What conference?

Susanna said...

Hi again Constance,

Just wanted to say how I love that Father Seraphim Rose video. I have been involved in singing and my big dream has always been to sing with a Russian a capella Choir. If I am not mistaken the hymn that is playing is a variation of "Bless the Lord Oh My Soul."

As one who loves Russian Orthodox hymns and chants, I would like to share the following.

Anonymous said...

Until recently the comments posted were included in searches of the blog as well as at Google. Recently I discovered this is no longer the case. Everything posted in the comments section goes into the great beyond, never to be picked up again.

If you want to find something that was posted in comments in the past, you must do the equivalent of a manual search by going into each comments section day by day.


Anonymous said...

Back in February of '03 the Vatican did a report on the New Age movement. There was another conference held in June of '04. Here are some links.
"Representatives of the episcopal conferences of 22 countries and five continents, as well as members of the Roman Curia and a representative of the Union of Superiors-General, took part in the Vatican meeting."

I asked around but never found any report coming from the meeting.


Anonymous said...

There are more stories, but this should provide background.


mac said...

Very well articulated, Richard! I'd love to see a response.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your rigorous research. Things are happening so fast I can't keep up
I have been reading about 2012 in original post.
Many believe it is the return of...

Planet X which according to the Hubble telescope is due our way 2012 and will cause havoc on the earth.

Others call it Niburu, a planet due in 2012 that is inhabited by the Ananuki,
You can google video or youtube, Niburu or Planet X.

These both have something to do with the Mayan Calendar and the Sumerian clay tablets from an ancient secular perspective. But as I see it, if this brown dwarf star is heading our way, it easily aligns itself with the disasters spoken of in the book of Revelation when the wrath begins. If it arrives 2012 that can easily be the midpoint of the Great 7 year Tribulation or after the abomination that causes desolation.

About the topic of this thread and the New Age satanism (the god within) just reminds me that, this will be the philosophy of the antichrist (the devil incarnate) whose lie was from the beginning.
" You shall be as god"
" Has God really said?"
" I will be like the most high"

666 The mark of the beast, I think... 3 being the number of the trinity and 6 being the number of man, it could represent the deification of man, again a revival of the old lie, "You will become as god". Seems to fit the N/A agenda and how the enemies of this agenda seem to be those who believe and adhere on the one true God.
satan is up to his dirtiest deception yet, trying to exalt himself above God and to get Gods beloved creation to follow him (satan) in that very defiance. I guess humanity has not learned from Adam and Eve yet and are still believing "the lie" or the "Strong Delusion".

It is very important to be aware of these things that are coming together and sending the alarm because the time is drawing near, we need to be as the wise virgins, ready for the bridegroom. This word needs to be proclaimed from the rooftops. We all need to be in deep repentance and prayer, putting off ALL sin and worldliness and hating the things that hinder our communion with God. We are to love the things God loves (the sinner) and to hate the things God hates (sin).
Jesus said, "many will say unto me Lord Lord, did we not do this and that in your name? And I replied, depart from ME I never knew you."
It is most important that we KNOW Him, not just
about Him. Many will miss salvation by 18 inches because they only have an intellectual knowledge of God in the mind, but don't have a relationship with Him in the heart. He wants to know us individually and intimately and yes, He does see all the way to the center of every heart and He still loves us.
May we all "KNOW" Him in this way and make Him known.
I love all of you and long for the time when we will see Him face to face and finally meet eachother.

For Such a Time As This

Come Lord Jesus Come!!!

Green Agenda said...


Fascinating topic! I did quite a bit of research into the Catholic Church and the green movement.

A great place to start is:

I found the views expreseed to be quite contradictory. On the one hand there are articles very anti the Earth Charter and exposing its true intent:

While other articles talk about Mother Nature and Mary being the Reedemer of Creation:

JPII certainly said some very 'Gaian' things.


On a different topic ...

"Each year “the United Nations calls upon individual people of goodwill and groups to observe a Global Vigil of Meditation and Prayer. This year’s Vigil, held on September 21st, “aims to have individuals or groups commit themselves to spend specific 15 minute periods in prayer or meditation for a culture of peace and goodwill. Each 15 minute period begins and ends with a sounding of the Great Invocation.

This is Alice Bailey's Great Invocation that she 'received' from her spirit guide Djwhal Khul.


ps. for an article on the UN, Maurice Strong, Robert Muller, the Lucis Trust, the Aquarian Age Community and the Baha'i see ...

Anonymous said...

Constance (11:35 PM) who posted:
"The official Vatican site says he is offering the young people a different version of the "New Age" . . .


I believe that Pope Benedict XVI is referring to an "ALTERNATIVE' to the "New Age." However, I agree that he should clarify this in order to clear up any confusion.

The main reason for the Pope's choice to go to Sydney, Australia was because Australia (like most of Europe) is in a "spiritual vaccum" right now and has lost their way spiritually with many abandoning ALL religions.

However, as a devout Catholic, I was absolutely thrilled to see EWTN's LIVE 6 day coverage -- especially the aerial shots of the "sea of people" (500,000 or half a million) who attended the World Youth Day and responded to the Pope's message.

If "by their fruits ye shall know them" . . . so far, our Pope has shown himself to be a holy man of God, a humble "shepherd" (and successor to St. Peter) trying to do God's will and God's work here on earth.

As a devout Catholic, I am always open to the possibility that Satan can "enter" any one of us at any time. So, I can understand how you would want to be prudent in stating, "the jury is still out."

The Pope -- as well as ALL of Christianity -- needs to be in our daily prayers!!!


Anonymous said...

To green agenda (8:22)

From . . .

It seems out of place, the expression "going green." Now, they say Benedict is the "green Pope." You see this in Time and Newsweek, and especially because of the Pope's emphasis, during his trip to Australia, on forsaking greed and protecting what
God made around us.

The Pope is not "green" -- which conjures images of the far political left.

Benedict XVI is a conservationist. He is a conservative. He wants to conserve -- save, preserve. He is pro-life -- all kinds of life, and especially in favor of protecting the most vulnerable human life: that which is at risk in the womb.

It is a very consistent picture of which the world should take note: for decades, the Vatican has presented its opposition not only to anti-life practices such as abortion and contraception, but also capital punishment, euthanasia, drug use, crime, war, embryonic stem cell research, and anything else that can shorten or extinguish life, including lives affected by the degradation of nature.

All this presents a balanced picture -- which is quite in contrast to society at large, where liberals are pro-environment but also anti-life and where political conservatives are pro-life but often treat the ecology as if it's the competition or even -- as the Pope said in Sydney -- the enemy.

There is thus an imbalance -- a disconnect in the body politic -- and it is part of the reactionary mood of the times.

There are those who, like the Pope, want renewable energy (the Vatican has solar cells) but are also pro-choice, and those who are against abortion but for staying with fossil fuels, despite their effect on the environment (including the unborn child, which is most susceptible to toxic petrochemicals; never mind "global warming").

Since the same folks who would allow abortion are "green," many pro-lifers want nothing to do with the "green" movement, which has become a dirty word. Some are even alarmed that a concern for the environment will lead to a move for population control -- and thus more abortions.

One does have to be careful of this. Let us add that many "green" groups also tend toward the New Age -- and even outright occultism. They begin to worship the Creation, instead of the Creator.

But divisive times these are.

For balance, let us follow the Pope -- who is as astute and well-read as he is fair, unbiased, and courageous.

Global warming has been headlined as the main ecological issue when in fact there are dozens of Creation issues, many of which are far better supported, such as the massive extinction of certain fish species and the contamination of even the remote Pacific with plastic.

There are parts of the ocean that take seven days to reach by boat but where one can see plastic traffic cones and assorted other waste float by.

Is it wrong to be against that?

Looking at Rome, some are confused as to how a pontiff who gives Communion on the tongue and wants a return to Latin and other traditions could be pro-environment!

He isn't the "green Pope." He is not a member of Greenpeace. He is not a "tree hugger."

He is certainly not liberal.

He is simply a Christian.

He is simply a Catholic Pope.

And he is conservative -- pro-life -- in every sense of those terms.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends, let me conclude these reflections by drawing your attention to the great stained glass window in the chancel of this cathedral. There Our Lady, Queen of Heaven, is represented enthroned in majesty beside her divine Son. The artist has represented Mary, as the new Eve, offering an apple to Christ, the new Adam. This gesture symbolizes her reversal of our first parents’ disobedience, the rich fruit which God’s grace bore in her own life, and the first fruits of that redeemed and glorified humanity which she has preceded into the glory of heaven. Let us ask Mary, Help of Christians, to sustain the Church in Australia in fidelity to that grace by which the Crucified Lord even now "draws to himself" all creation and every human heart (cf. Jn 12:32).

Concluding remarks of Pope Benedict's sermon in the Cathedral of St. Mary in Sydney. Link:

Anonymous said...

Sorry to get off point to this article, but have you read the Israelinsider today re: Barack Obama'a birth certificate?
Here's the link:
Entitled: Document forensic expert: Obama "birth certificate" a "horrible forgery".
I'm not understanding why this evidence isn't being addressed legally? Not a U.S. born citizen-not a candidate for the presidency.

Anonymous said...

That's a .htm since it didn't show up very well.

Anonymous said...

Revelation 17
The Scarlet Woman and the Scarlet Beast

1 Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me, “Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters,
2 with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”
3 So he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
4 The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication.
5 And on her forehead a name was written:

6 I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement.

The Meaning of the Woman and the Beast

7 But the angel said to me, “Why did you marvel? I will tell you the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carries her, which has the seven heads and the ten horns.
8 The beast that you saw was, and is not, and will ascend out of the bottomless pit and go to perdition. And those who dwell on the earth will marvel, whose names are not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, when they see the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.
9 “Here is the mind which has wisdom: The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits.
10 There are also seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, and the other has not yet come. And when he comes, he must continue a short time.
11 The beast that was, and is not, is himself also the eighth, and is of the seven, and is going to perdition.
12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast.
13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast.
14 These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.”
15 Then he said to me, “The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues.
16 And the ten horns which you saw on the beast, these will hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire.
17 For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled.
18 And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.”

Anonymous said...

At JS website is a photo of JS signing an agreement with the European Space Agency on behalf of the EU for exchanging classified information.

Anonymous said...

At JS website is a photo of JS signing an agreement with the European Space Agency on behalf of the EU for exchanging classified information.

Anonymous said...

I didn't post the information on the conference to bash Catholics. I posted it to get Catholics up and moving. Get your parish priest to ask about the conference. Ask for a copy of the report. Make waves. Of course your local pastor doesn't want to make waves inside the establishment. He might get moved to some parish in the middle of cornfields. Recently I learned that in Illinois they are moving priests around so that the priest doesn't get too secure. Just when he makes friends, brings some good into the church, starts to feel at home, he's off to another parish. It's like losing your job and having to start over again every three years.

Another idea. Print up some literature which uses information from the Vatican's Feb. '03 statement on the New Age movement. Hand it out. Leave some at the back of the church. Don't accuse the church of anything. Just warn people about New Age. Leave a few at bingo each time you go. Refer to the commandment on idolatry.

You have got to help the priests who are concerned about the growing paganism.

I've got a new slogan:
Hold Back Evil. Do Something!


Susanna said...

In his homily, Pope Benedict envisioned a "new age" in which:

• “Love is not greedy or self-seeking, but pure, faithful and genuinely free, open to others, respectful of their dignity, seeking their good, radiating joy and beauty”;
• “Hope liberates us from the shallowness, apathy and self-absorption which deaden our souls and poison our relationships”;
• “God’s gift of life is welcomed, respected and cherished – not rejected, feared as a threat and destroyed.”

Perhaps the following is a perfect example of the kind of "spiritual desert" Pope Benedict XVI was urging people to reject in this Christ-centered "new age."
Italian outrage over Roma drowning photos

(CNN) -- Italian newspapers, an archbishop and civil liberties campaigners expressed shock and revulsion on Monday after photographs were published of sunbathers apparently enjoying a day at the beach just meters from where the bodies of two drowned Roma girls were laid out on the more....

Italian media appalled by Neapolitan tragedy

(CNN) -- The Archbishop of Naples barely disguised his disgust: "Indifference is not an emotion for human beings." Cardinal Crecenzio Seppe wrote in his parish Web site blog Sunday that "to turn the other way or to mind your own business can sometimes be more devastating than the events that occur." more...

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 8:22 AM

This is because the Catholic Church is not as monolithic as everybody thinks and also because there is political cowardice at or near the top -- also big time New Agers lurking there -- that's what Malachi Martin tried to warn us about in the WINDSWEPT HOUSE and KEYS OF THIS BLOOD . . .

Anonymous said...

Addressed to 2:17 PM Anonymous

Interesting verses that will surely be fulfilled, BUT

that it means the Roman Catholic Church and not a large political entity such as THE USA is far from settled. In fact, "the ships at sea bewailed her burning" saying in effect, "Now who is going to buy our merchandise . . ." hardly indicates it is the tiny acreage Vatican City. That prophecy sounds much closer to the USA or a similar power being taken out . . .

Interesting: The Catholics often say the "Whore of Babylon" is the Protestant world -- that they withstood civil government pressures to conform . . . The Protestants often say it is the Roman Catholic World . . . The Orthodox like to say it is Catholics and Protestants together


Anonymous said...

Today's Drudge Report gives details about the NY Times rejecting a McCain op-ed while publishing an Obama op-ed last week...

Anonymous said...

Dorothy I could not agree more about getting something in print - not only for catholics - the new age is on a full frontal assault - ok, has been for what - 2000 years? but a bit stronger that it has seemingly been with the advent of the global worship banner disguised as so many things they are hard to list without omitting important ones.
We all need to find a responsible way to get some eyes and ears opened up - there are those who do have a pulse and care, and they are not just those who visit here.


Anonymous said...

Other than Constance with her book, everyone I've seen who has made an impact started out on a small scale, writing up what they could, handing paper or tapes out where they could, working in their own community.

Early on I thought I could just pass what I found on to some big name organization and they would take over. I could just send $25 a year and they would do all of the work. I thought they have the contacts, the experience, the know how and I had been told they really cared about the community.

Don't make the problem so big you run from facing it. The NA movement started about 100 years ago. No one cares that it has roots over 2,000 years. You don't have to have every single link in your file or every theme on your sheet of paper. Don't get so philosophical that you lose any reader.

Pick something going on that interests you. Back it up with some facts. Say why it interests you. Say where the reader can go for more information, perhaps this blog. Have someone you trust read it for suggestions and mistakes. Make ten copies and leave them someplace where people can pick them up.

Rich Peterson says he started interest in his community by writing letters to the editor. When the letters didn't show in the paper, he went and talked to the editor. Now all of his letters appear and others in the community are talking with him about the topics he has chosen.

Think about something to do, then do it.



Anonymous said...

To Constance and everyone:

I sent an e-mail today at 1:07 PM (CDT) to Michael H. Brown who runs the popular Catholic web site:

I asked him: "Did the Pope talk about offering young people a different version of the 'New Age'?"

Michael repled to my e-mail today at 5:01 PM (CDT) with this statement:

"He was referring to 'a new time' not THE new age."


Anonymous said...

Thomas Moore thought he had a social prescription to create utopia, all would wear the same clothing, etc. What the communists and the New Agers will not understand, even Christians, is that if the community of the Garden of Eden fell, and since murder was there, we will not make it happen anytime soon here and now.
Since we must try, let us try, but a promise! I don’t mean try as an existential gesture, but as a commitment to one another even as a familial commitment. Let us understand that the New Age, the Aquarian promises physical and spiritual evolution, to entice the dreamer into a Faustian agreement. The internal motivation, [Personal] and the external motivation [Governmental] must somehow create an equilibrium by which the Adam Smiths and the pope Pauls can effect society for the better; it will, however be a constant tug of war. The world of John Lennon is no better than the world of Nicolai Lenin. Now becoming slaves to righteousness doesn’t sound like fun, but oh the joy in the Father’s pleasure of our surrender to His Spirit, the Spirit of love through the knowledge of His Son. If we compare the felicity of the best the Christian world has to offer to the best the Gnostic or the New Agers have to offer, I would not hesitate. Remember that song: “We’re all looking for someone?” He’s coming, the millions of testimonies will not be undone by the pretenders; He’s coming again. This is the promise of love, hope, and faith. The Lion of Judah is rumored to be on His way, and according to the working of His mighty power is ABLE to subdue all things unto Himself. He does this, it is a wonder to behold; we don’t do this, we can’t. But we will try, and that’s good and Okay, but only The Lamb that was slain can make peace, can bring Jew and Gentile together.
Thanks for putting up with my musing.

Anonymous said...

Article at Kjos ministries regarding a bill before Congress to correct "nature deficit disorder" by providing environmental "education" for our children. They will be environmentally literate by graduation, oh yeah.


Anonymous said...


Check out this article:

It's about an organization called Church Communication Network (CNN). They're bringing together several big name "Christian Leaders" for a conference. Once again, it's individual leaders, but I'm wondering what background you have on CNN. Are they affiliated with Coe, etc.?



Anonymous said...


I searched Constance's blog and Rudi had a bit of information on Bill Dallas, the CEO. Have you seen it or anyone else there connected with "The Fellowship"? I wonder who funded it? I've not seen any other names affiliated with it. The number of New Age influenced "Christian" speakers seems to increasing. I think they very cleverly mix them with "othodox" Christians to lend credibility to the New Age leaven. I know you're a tenacious researcher. I"m sure if there is a link, you will find it.


Anonymous said...

Deannie I can't come near what you've found on your own. I have very little knowledge of the Protestant community. Others here are knowledgeable and they should respond to you.

That education link is something else. As I read it I kept looking for signs that it was a satire of the education programs being used, but, wow, it was the real thing. How far can dumbing down go?


Dawn said...

DEANNIE--CCN & Lighthouse Trails

I think that is a definitely an organization to watch! It certainly has lots of names many readers would recognize as being the subject of this blog.

I looked at the original article as well. You will notice that Focus on the Family is listed. This is yet another thing to add to Focus list. They have been coming up a lot lately in doing things that are highly questionable. I am worried, really worried.

Now on to my question: This is about the "lighthouse trails" website. Are they a creditable site? Do they tend to take things out of context? Or are they just really meticulous on the information that they report?

I can not go into why I am asking yet. I appreciate any and all resopnse

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I don't think there's anything wrong with Lighthouse Trails. They issue a lot of warnings about new age creeping into the Christian church. In fact, they expressed concern about CCN.

Rudi said...

Hi Dawn- I've never heard anything negative about Lighthouse Trails. As a matter of fact they are the only Publishing Co. where I was able to find Warren Smiths books. They are very decerning about which authors and books they publish. I would highly recommend them to you with the ongoing research you're doing.
I respect this statement
from their website:
"Each of the books and DVDs we publish and/or distribute has been prayerfully chosen ... and we believe the message in each one will help equip Christian families and loved ones with biblical truth and inspiration to stand in courage and strength as you defend the faith and walk with Jesus Christ. We join you in that effort, knowing that it is only by His grace we are able to do so."



Anonymous said...

Rudi and Dawn,

Don't you wonder who is behind CCN. There is no information about investors, a board of directors - nothing. I wonder about the initial funding. How did they get such big names to sign on? Curiouser and curiouser said Alice.


Joyce said...

Wonder if anyone saw this this morning:

Holly Pivic posted it on her site.

joyce said...

....and this:


Joyce said...

Totally off subject, but...

These are all indirectly linked to the Crimson Circle that I posted the other day and to the site on Malta Discovery, which got buried in some other conversations.. It's worth taking a look at some of these.


Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous" (4:49 PM):

I also agree with your theory that the great "whore of Babylon" is in fact the USA. Even though only time will tell, I know there are many others who also agree.

Joyce said...

Another interesting site:,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/


Anonymous said...

Radovan Karadzic - NA Doctor

I'm pleased to see the capture of Radovan Karadzic and know he will now face trial for his war crimes. However I find it disturbing news to read that, Radovan Karadzic was able to become a celebrated New Age doctor in Belgrade using the false name of Dr Dragan Dabic.

The Times reports, "His arrest is likely to be a significant boost to Serbia's bid for European Union membership."

Javier Solana and David Milliband have each released comments to the press.

Full Times story;


Dawn said...


Here is there history page

You can also see there speakers, and ministry partners. Some were a surprise most were not.

I can't find anywhere that you can send off to get a financial statement.

Dawn said...


The CEO of CCN is Bill Dallas. Guess what? He was the co-founder of the Rethink conference!!

Although the above article states that the message of the rethink conference was not to rethink the gospel but the methods. Because of the speakers that were there, we can be highly suspicious of just that.

Susanna said...

Since there are ties between Lighthouse Trails and Focus on the Family, it might be interesting to run a search on the DeVos family's possible funding of Lighthouse Trails.

Richard DeVos was co-founder of Amway with Jay Van Andel - and Dick DeVos ran unsuccessfully for the office of Governor of Michigan in 2006.

Dick DeVos et al may have political ties with Doug Wead, an Amway kingpin with ties to Arizona State Senator Mark
Anderson who is a member of Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church.
Anderson - currently an Arizona State Senator - is reportedly considering a run for the U.S. Senate.

Susanna said...

There is a rumor I heard on my local news station very early this morning WWLP Channel 22 News that Obama is considering Governor Deval Patrick as nominee for thre U.S. Supreme Court!

Of course Patrick is denying this.

Susanna said...

Hi Dawn,

Have you seen the biography on CCN founder and President Bill Dallas?
Here it is if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...


I tried the link to the IHT editorials. I didn't know what you were pointing to. Maybe it was the editorial on the UN blue helmets. I loved this paragraph:

"However, UN member states have neglected making crucial investments in the support infrastructure for an expanding network of large peace operations with increasingly complex tasks, from protecting civilians to rebuilding defunct institutions in post-conflict states. As a result, the UN apparatus is severely overstretched, exhibiting increasingly serious pathologies ranging from sluggish deployments to shocking sexual abuse scandals."

So the UN "peacekeepers" are a victim of their great success therefore are overstretched and overdeployed. This of course, explains the sexual abuse of the very victims they are there to protect. It's so obvious, we all should have known that would happen. So the answer is......more money and resources for the UN blue helmet program.

It sounds like our Dept. of Education. Failure of the educational system to do its job is proof that it needs more money. By that reasoning, the greater the failure, the money to which they are entitled.


Constance Cumbey said...

My radio guest at WWW.THEMICROEFFECT.COM will be Sarah Leslie and we will be talking about the various streams of "Dominionism' or what some call "Christian Imperialism" -- what is it? What's wrong with it? How are enemies can use it to mischaracterize us, etc.

5 p.m. Eastern time, 2 p.m. Pacific time.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the bio on Bill Dallas. Could it be that he is just naive about the New Age infiltration of Christianity and how some of the speakers he helps to promote are corrupting it?


Susanna said...

Hi again Dawn,

In answer to what I interpreted as a request for a response regarding CCN and Lighthouse Trails, I have been running a search beginning with CCN. Here are some more links.

I don't know how the people named in these articles square with the orthodox Protestant community. I am just presenting what I believe to be an unbiased list of links which are the results of the search I ran.

I am sure that as a Protestant, you are far more qualified to enlighten me than I am to enlighten you about what squares with the Protestant community and what does not.

Here are some links:

The copyright (© 2006 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.) is interesting on the following link:

What is Robert Schuller 'rethinking'?
Crystal Cathedral conference accused of twisting biblical Christianity

Rethinking Robert Schuller

This is from Lighthouse Trail Research. They appear to be critical of the Rethink Conference sponsored by Schuller and Bill Dallas, CEO of CCN.

This is from Herescope and is entitled "Rethinking and Reinventing":

Here are some Google search pages you can go through at your own leisure.

Chapter 1 Update
A Course in Miracles
Robert Schuller and the Course
The widespread introduction of A Course in Miracles into the world is an accomplished fact. On his popular PBS television specials, New Age author and teacher Wayne Dyer often praises the teachings of “the Course.” A Course in Miracles is now available on compact disc. It is read by the friendly and familiar voice of Richard Thomas—“John Boy” Walton of the famous Walton family TV series. Meanwhile Oprah Winfrey continues to be a strong friend and supporter of both A Course in Miracles and its chief proponent, Marianne Williamson.

The teachings of A Course in Miracles have also been recently introduced on “Christian” television. New Age leader and A Course in Miracles advocate Gerald Jampolsky was Robert Schuller’s featured guest on his 10/17/04 Hour of Power television program. On that program Schuller endorsed all of Jampolsky’s “fabulous” books even though they were all completely based on the New Age teachings of A Course in Miracles.

A COURSE IN MIRACLES is NOT approved by the Catholic Church. I don't necessarily always agree with all of Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.'s Christian psychologizing, but the following article from EWTN is chilling. Father Groeschel doesn't appear to be "psychologizing" here!

The text of the book "A Course in Miracles" is the product of seven
years of trance spirit channeling of a Mrs. Helen Schucman. The
spirit that channeled a "new gospel" to Mrs. Schucman claimed to be
Jesus Christ. The "spirit" made contact with her to correct errors
in Sacred Scripture, and the teachings of the Church. The "spirit"
that channeled through Mrs. Schucman wrote that Sacred Scripture was
in error in teaching us that sin separates us from God, and that
Jesus Christ did not die on the cross for our sins. The book "A
Course in Miracles" contains a Text (the dictation's of Mrs.
Schucman), a Student Workbook, and an Instructors Manual (1).

Mrs. Schucman, a Columbia University professor and psychologist, was
an acquaintance of Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R. (seen on EWTN).
Fr. Groeschel gave a eulogy at her funeral. Fr. Groeschel wrote (2),
"This woman who had written so eloquently that suffering really did
not exist spent the last two years of her life in the blackest
psychotic depression I have ever witnessed." Fr. Groeschel is a holy,
practical, wise, no nonsense priest, and psychologist. During an
October 1994 lecture on "Discernment" given at Holy Cross Church,
Rumson, N.J., Fr. Groeschel stated that he believed that Helen
Shucman's experience with the channeled "spirit" was possibly a true
diabolic entire article....

Apparently, others agree with Father Groeschel's assessment.

"In 1992 Oprah began her promotion of A Course in Miracles. She was so taken by the book’s (occult) message that she bought a thousand copies and distributed them to her friends and others. The Course, as it is called, has undermined Christianity more than just about any other published work. Shockingly thousands of study groups have utilized the Course in churches around the globe.

Who wrote A Course In Miracles?

Dr. Helen Schucman, an atheist and psychologist, wrote the Course under the direction of an “inner voice” that purported to be Jesus. The Voice spoke to her one day and said, “This is a course in miracles. Please take notes.” The inner dictation came mentally and clearly. Almost daily she listened to the voice and took shorthand dictation. At every new session she was able to continue exactly where she left off. She admitted that the strange phenomenon made her uncomfortable, yet she chose to continue the dictation for seven years. You will not be surprised to learn that Dr. Schucman dabbled in New Thought metaphysics and the occult.

What does the Course teach?

“The Course simultaneously indoctrinates its students in Eastern metaphysics and human potential psychicism, while it specifically insulates them against biblical revelation and true Christianity. In achieving this end, its manipulation of psychological and emotional states is impressive, it offers carefully thought-out spiritual exercises, one for every day of the year.”

Marianne Williamson, prominent New Ager and senior pastor of Church of Today in Warren, Michigan, began teaching the Course on “Oprah and Friends” on XM Radio, January 1, 2008 and will cover 365 lessons. You might say it’s a devotional for New Agers. Former New Ager and author Warren Smith provides the following examples of what you’ll find in the lessons: “Lesson #29 asks you to go through your day affirming that ‘God is in everything I see.’ Lesson #61 tells each person to repeat the affirmation ‘I am the light of the world.’ Lesson #70 teaches the student to say and believe ‘My salvation comes from me.’” [2]

Note the biblical language. In the Course terms that are uniquely biblical are given completely different thoughts and meanings. In Course usage, Holy Spirit, atonement, salvation, miracle, sin and forgiveness have undergone drastic changes of purpose. “Often, the new meanings are the opposite of their biblical usage. For example, atonement no longer refers to Jesus Christ’s substitutionary death on the cross for sin. In biblical teaching, the Atonement is based on the fact that mans sinfulness separates him from God. Before man can be reconciled to God, there must be a divine judgment of sin. Christ sacrificed His own life on the cross He was judged in our place to accomplish this reconciliation. This is what Christians mean by the word atonement, or the atoning sacrifice of Christ (John 3:16, 18).” [3]

The Course has all but replaced Marilyn Ferguson’s 1980 manifesto The Aquarian Conspiracy that opened the floodgates to “the great irrevocable shift” into public acceptance of esoteric occult Theosophy. In her influential bestseller Ferguson denies that any one religion has the truth: “All religions are attempts by the ‘Spiritual Hierarchy’ to help humanity in evolving to greater perfection, and that each religion therefore has a portion of the truth.” Her writing impacted a number of people in high places. For example, while Al Gore was still a Senator he read The Aquarian Conspiracy and felt compelled to establish the Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future, an organization designed to alert policymakers in Washington to ideas and insights from the private sector. Until recently The Aquarian Conspiracy was considered the New Age more.....

I hope you find these links helpful.

Susanna said...


Of course it is always possible that Bill Dallas is naive and "clueless" about the infiltration of the New Age into Christianity, but given what he has co-sponsored with Robert Schuller, perhaps the best attitude to have is "the jury's still out."

BTW sorry about the length of the last post, but I wanted to make sure y'all saw the stuff about the COURSE IN MIRACLES.

Susanna said...

One more link on A COURSE IN MIRACLES.

Anonymous said...


Any information uncovered about Lighthouse Trails would be of great interest to me also.


Can you please fill us in on the story with SCP? Whatever you learned, there must be a lesson for us all in terms of how to determine what is, and what is not, "disinformation" and how to otherwise evaluate the credibility of sources.

Joyce said...

It is up on Holly Pivic's site, Fulfilled Prophecy and it's about the Alliance of Civilizations and the Mediterranean Union. The title is AoC High Rep lauds the Mediterranean Union..Hope you can open it.


Dawn said...


Did you mean CCN and Focus? I don't think Lighthouse trails would have any ties to Focus since they just ran a big piece about them going contemplative.

Rudi did some excellent research on the Rethink conference towards the end of last year and the first part of this year.

I haven't got a chance to run through all the links yet and I will try to connect the dots in another post.

I have heard Constance say that there are those who are hypnotized and those who are hypnotizers.
Mr. Dallas may be in the group of hypnotized rather than hypnotizer. Then using his resources promoting that to which he is hypnotized to.

Anonymous said...

Lighthouse Trails publishes several books by Warren Smith, Roger Oakland and Ray Yungen, that I have bought in bulk and given to friends to warn about the New Age. That is where I learned about the Course in Miracles (which was being taught at the Catholic church 3 doors down from our house in Australia - they prided themselves on bringing together Catholics and Protestants for that "study".)

So far, I would say that Lighthouse Trails, if anything, errors on the side of seeing the New Age behind every sermon. They even warned their readers about a few people in the AWANA leadership who were promoting a book regarding contemplative prayers.

Catholic readers of this blog will find offense in much of their work. But in the Protestant world I have found them spot on. That is where I learned of Sarah Leslie because they link to her work often. Maybe Constance can ask about them today?

For what it's worth.


Joyce said...

Malta discovery is supported by the Templeton foundation:


Dawn said...


Deannie said, "So far, I would say that Lighthouse Trails, if anything, errors on the side of seeing the New Age behind every sermon. "

I think this is what my pastor was alluding to, when he was warning me about them. This may have been in response to a fellow pastor in Calvary Chapel.

Dawn said...

CCN Partnerships

HP--It is obvious that CCN uses them exclusively. The question then becomes, how much influence do they have??

Here is another "ministry" that CCN has partnered with called Seismic Shift.
and here is their blog,

My intuition is going crazy on just the name of this organization alone. They have a book and series that will show your congregation "little changes that will set off a chain reaction transformation that will affect the biggest areas of our lives."

Anonymous said...

Susanna, also goes through A Course In Miracles and has a very interesting blog about it.

JB in CO

Susanna said...

Hi Dawn,

Sorry. My mistake. I was in a hurry. I should have said CCN and Focus on the Family. You are right. Lighthouse Trails is critical of Focus on the Family. Nevertheless, the DeVos family (AMWAY) is a supporter of Focus on the Family.

I don't know much about Lighthouse Trails or CCN, so that is why I am running a search on both.

I haven't gotten around to running an in depth search on Lighthouse Trails yet, but from what little I have read about Lighthouse Trails, it seems that they are also critical of the Rethink Conference co-sponsored by Robert Schuller and Bill Dallas who is the head of CCN.

The thing I find most surprising and unsettling is the fact that Robert Schuller would be having any truck whatsoever with something that smacks of the demonic as does A COURSE IN MIRACLES. It has reportedly all but replaced THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY as the "bible of the New Age Movement."

susanna said...

JB in CO,

For some reason, I cannot access the site with what you posted. Is that the entire URL?

Anonymous said...


I see former Senator Sam Nunn is on Senator Obama's VP list.,8599,1816620,00.html


Anonymous said...


Search google with Kim Olsen and Discern It. That should do it.

Also, Robert Schuller is Masonic to the core. He is very n/a from the start including mentoring Rick Warren and his emergent network. I use to love Schuller and those associated with him. I look back now and thank Jesus for coming into my life and giving me discernment of n/a tactics that have infiltrated christianity. SBC, Assembly of God- they've all been slimed, not every individual church mind you, but n/a exists in the top. I've seen it in Calvary Chapels as well even though Chuck Smith has literally told his pastors to steer clear of emergent.

JB in CO

Susanna said...

Hi JB in CO

Thank you very much, JB. You are right. That is a very interesting - and spot on - article about A COURSE IN MIRACLES.

Here is the exact URS to Kim Olsen's article so that anyone who is interested in reading it can access the particular article directly.

Kim Olsen links to this other article entitled:

What Marianne Williamson Believes About Jesus

A conversation between an itinerant writer and a spirituality guru. Subject? Jesus.

By William J. Elliott

This article seems also to embody one of the ways in which the New Age Movement is infiltrating Judaism - since Marianne Wilson claims to be "Jewish." If she is a follower of "Judaism," it is certainly a "Judaism" of her own devising and NOT the authentic Judaism of the divinely revealed Torah.

Anonymous said...

K at 9.58 am has brought our attention to the fact that Radovan Karadzich has been arrested.
He was said to be practising as a New Age quack as reported by one source.
All this after being on the run for 13 years. 13 years no less. Sounds very mich like Osama Bin Laden...who is still on the loose...if you can believe that!
Interesting though - New Age adherent brought in after 13 years. Could this all be part of a script? I mean, just two days after the pope expresses the need for a similar "New Age", a long grey haired and bearded person with a very high profile, now practicing New Age medicine is arrested after 13 years on the run.


Susanna said...


For what it's worth......

In a previous comment, you wrote:

"Lighthouse Trails publishes several books by Warren Smith, Roger Oakland and Ray Yungen, that I have bought in bulk and given to friends to warn about the New Age. That is where I learned about the Course in Miracles (which was being taught at the Catholic church 3 doors down from our house in Australia - they prided themselves on bringing together Catholics and Protestants for that "study".)"

If A COURSE IN MIRACLES is being taught in a Catholic Church near you, this is an outrage! Not only on account of the spiritual danger it represents for "clueless" Catholics, but also on account of the spiritual danger AND scandal it gives to our Protestant brethren - many of whom mistakenly suspect us Catholics of all manner of iniquity as it is.

A COURSE IN MIRACLES is NOT approved by the Catholic Church and does not in any way represent official Church teachings.

It seems to me that the people who are teaching "A COURSE IN MIRACLES" at that parish near you could hardly be doing so without the knowledge of the pastor of that church who, by the way, is subject to the authority of his bishop by virtue of the solemn vow of obedience he freely takes on the day of his ordination to the Roman Catholic priesthood.

Therefore, the Bishop should be notified by loyal Catholics, and if the Bishop doesn't do anything about it, then these concerned Catholics should take the matter up with Cardinal Pell and, if necessary, all the way to the Vatican via the St. Joseph Foundation. Catholics have a RIGHT to sound teaching from teachers who go by the name of Catholic. It is a matter of "truth in advertising." What we seem to have these days is the religious version of "bait and switch."

I am sure that being from Australia, you may have heard about our latest "bete noir," retired Bishop Geoffrey Robinson who has been barred from speaking in various dioceses here in the U.S. by U.S. bishops ( i.e. Cardinal Roger Mahoney of L.A.) in response to a Vatican directive.
To paraphrase a brilliant remark once made by my friend, Carrie Tomko, "if your heresies can't make it in L.A., you KNOW you are in deep doo doo."

Robinson is exploiting the sex abuse scandal as a means of peddling his own private vision of "brave new church." Robinson has ties to people like Ingrid Shafer and Leonard Swidler who would appear to be peddling ideas that go tandem with New Age teachings.

As a bishop, Robinson can and should speak out about the sex abuse crisis, but also as a bishop, Robinson has no right to exploit the scandal by deploying it in the service of his own "brave new church" agenda.

It would appear that the so-called "Catholic" news publication, CATHOlICA AUSTRALIA, is sympathetic to both Robinson and Swidler.

Susanna said...


If you have read the news articles and comments about the Pope's homily that people have gone to the trouble of posting to this thread, you might have learned that the Pope is NOT peddling a "new age" similar to the one espoused by Karadzich.

I sincerely hope that you are not a "Christian Mr. Enlightenment" whose "thinking" resembles that of the "Mr. Enlightenment" in C.S. Lewis' book PILGRIM'S REGRESS.

One example of this kind of "thinking" to paraphrase Mr. Lewis is "if you make the same wish often enough, it ceases to be a wish and becomes a historical fact."

In the last analysis, in so far as it occurs outside of the factual universe, such "thinking" isn't much different - except perhaps in terms of style - from the way New Agers think. Same circus different clowns!

Anonymous said...

Well, one is almost afraid to ask these days, but this is not the first reference I've run across to a connection between some NAR people and the Knights of Malt.

So what do you make of this?


Anonymous said...

Oops, that should be "Knights of Malta".

Susanna said...

Addressed to anonymous 4:49 P.M.

You wrote:


If the "Whore of Babylon" did not refer to a false church, what you say might indeed be a possibility......especially when you consider the messianic ambitions of men like Cecil Rhodes and the British Israelites....and Aleister Crowley's "Law of Thelema"
(lawlessness) which is increasingly becomong the "law of the land" here in the U.S.

The "Whore of Babylon" is more likely the false GNOSTIC CHURCH which will be radically opposed to the true Church which is described as the pure "BRIDE OF CHRIST."

According to the older edition of A CATHOLIC COMMENTARY ON SACRED SCRIPTURES, the two chief dangers to the church at the time of the writing of the Apocalypse (a.k.a. Book of Revelations) were EMPEROR WORSHIP and GNOSTICISM.

If the two have gone tandem down through the centuries, it is because of gnosticim's strong pantheistic strain according to which everything in the universe is somehow "all or a part of God."

The totalitanarianism of the twentieth-century is simply a modern form of "emperor worship."

The Book of Revelations describes a pattern that has been played out again and again in history - each with greater intensity - and each culminating in what the late Father Vincent Miceli describes as "mini-antichrists" in his book entitled ANTICHRIST.

And indeed, our Lord Himself did say that there would be many antichrists before THE son of perdition entered the stage of world history.

Anonymous said...


When I heard about the Catholic Church and that course, I didn't know what it was. Everyone was so excited about the fact that Catholics and Protestants were coming together to study. Since I lived and attended a Mom's playgroup nearby, someone had suggested it to me. I dismissed the idea since I already attended Bible study at my church.

Could it be the church just lets people use it's building but doesn't sanction the event? I don't know, as I said, I never followed up. It wasn't til I returned to the US that I found out what the Course on Miracles was about.

You may have to chalk this one up to same type of renegade parish that would install a labyrinth (like the woman on Holly's discussion forum).

I just began to read Windswept House because all the press it has gotten here. Not being Catholic, I'm having a hard time following the story. I had to skip more than half the prologue too. Yuck! If that novel is right though, maybe there is no will to correct errors?


Carrie said...

Interesting description of the cosmology of Pleiadians, Rich. Barbara Hand Clow is a channeler, though I've forgotten the identity of the entity she channels. She and her husband are publishers who publish, among others, Matthew Fox. You can read about Fox's involvement with them at the bottom of this website.

Theosophist Alice Bailey published her first book through the publishing company she and her husband, Foster Bailey, established and named Lucifer Press. Lucifer was soon changed to Lucis, and is the source of Lucis Trust, which is still active today.

It would be a mistake to conclude that all of the groups opposing Christianity and embracing goddess worship share the same cosmology. There is much variety, as occultism is structured by channeled entities and varies greatly depending upon which entity is in control. One of the more bizarre groups are the Discordians who use religion as comedy. The one thing shared by many occult groups is goddess worship in one form or another. The Discordians "revere" the goddess of discord named Eris. Another is grouped around the leadership of Tracy Twyman, who worked with musician Boyd Rice until they had a falling out. Sexual rites are common to many of them. The Pleiadians are one among many.

I have read some of Steiner's material, and he is closely associated with Blavatsky. However, the cause of the rift between them was Steiner's insistence on couching theosophy in Christian terminology. For that reason I'm puzzled by your association of Steiner with Clow's ideas, and wonder what your source is? Anthropologists comprise a worldwide religious association with headquarters in Switzerland, and branch headquarters in other countries including the U.S. They run the Waldorf Schools, and are major players in alternative medicine, among other things.

Sophiology is a radical branch of Russian Orthodoxy attributed primarily to priest Sergei Bulgakov. Of all the material I've read on Sophiology, the most radical and freightening was an essay by Mikhail Epstein titled "Daniil Andreev and the Mysticism of Femininity". The essay is contained in a compilation of articles on contemporary Russian occultism compiled by Fordham University Professor of History Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal, and published by Cornell University Press. The essay is also online here. Steiner's Anthroposophy comprises Chapter 6 of Rosenthal's book.

Susanna said...

Hi Carrie,

Good to have you here!

Anonymous said...

Dear Susanna-
I'm not trying to be contentious, just wondering if you were referring to a particular book of C.S.Lewis or if you were referring to John Bunyan who wrote Pilgrims Progress. I am a pastor's kid. Had to read alot of books.

Carrie said...

I share Constance's and Dorothy's skepticism about the use of the term New Age by the pope. It's playing with fire, though I do believe the New Age of the pope is a different animal altogether, at least up to now.

On the one hand, use of the term can seed discord among the New Agers. If Catholic New Agers who follow the pope's version of this theology infiltrate more secular New Age groups, greater discord might lead to schism which is invariably the downfall of occult groups. But this strategy can backfire. The pope's use of the term can also be cited by Catholics within the Church who have been attempting to undermine Catholic theology with New Age ideas.

Apart from the borrowing of New Age terminology, especially by the last pope, I have not found evidence that the pope was promoting what is commonly thought to be the New Age agenda.

When I encounter this terminology coming out of the mouth of a pope, I often think of Bella Dodd's SCHOOL OF DARKNESS. I believe the infiltration has occurred. What if one of the infiltrators rose to the level of pope?

Susanna said...

Anonymous 1:09

I am referring to a book by C.S. Lewis entitled THE PILGRIMS REGRESS which is a humorous revision of Paul Bunyan's PILGRIM'S PROGRESS.

Here is the lowdown on the book.

Susanna said...

Hi Deannie,

As far as I know, parish buildings are not supposed to be used to aid and abet the promotion of demonic heretical twaddle such as A COURSE IN MIRACLES.

The parish you mentioned certainly does sound like a renegade parish to me - similar to
St. Cronan's parish in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri which was ordered by Archbishop Burke to "disinvite" people who were invited to speak and participate in an Advent service in the wake of their recent involvement in a bogus ordination of women to the Roman Catholic priesthood. The St. Cronan parishioners decided to hold their Advent service off the St. Cronan parish grounds.

As for WINDSWEPT HOUSE, I have long been an avid reader of the late Father Malachi Martin's books, but you need to remember that although he claims to base his books on historical fact, his books are nevertheless works of fiction.

It would appear that the now-excommunicated Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo was the chief source of the information concerning the satanic rituals that had allegedly taken place at the Vatican.

Before his shady association with Sun Myung Moon, Milingo had been previously brought to Rome from Africa amidst allegations that he was mixing witchcraft with Catholic rites. It is hard, therefore, to determine whether his allegations were the warnings of a concerned selfless shepherd or the mere rantings of a wolf in sheeps clothing who was guilty of many of the very things he was accusing others of doing.

In other words, Milingo's allegations could have been merely a case of the pot calling the kettle black with the late Father Malachi Martin simply taking the word of an Archbishop in good faith.

To be perfectly honest, I don't know if a Satanic ritual such as that described by Father Martin and involving Cardinal Bernardin actually occurred.

I have not yet seen the kind of "take-it-to-the-bank" evidence that would convince me beyond a reasonable doubt that it had. Ergo, the jury is still out on this one.

But the way I see it, pedophilia is already implicitly "satanic" in its own right - most especially where members of the clergy are involved.......since sacrilege is added more or less automatically to the acting out of their perverted lust.

In other words, to coin a phrase, "they don't need no stinkin' ritual!"

Anonymous said...

Dear Susanna-
Thanks! :-)

Elfie said...

Susanna (12:42),

I share your reservations about Father Benedict Groeschel (to put it very mildly) but his information on Helen Schucman is credible, and a "must read."


Anonymous said...

TO RL 6:28



Constance Cumbey said...


Taking a brief look in the middle of a hectic day while clients are waiting on me . . .

Interestingly, the book on Fr. Seraphim Rose, the Orthdox Priest has Sophiology as a big heresy coming from what the book refers to as "the Parisian School," many of which were expatriates from Russia after the Communist takeover.

Brilliant info -- but you always do!


Dawn said...


Well I have spent the last few days looking over the links and seeing where the name comes up. Here is in short a summary.

Bill Dallas started this company and using HP products, he connects speakers with churches all over that want to put on conferences.

Mr. Dallas, earlier this year helped put on (with the help of his company) the Rethink conference.

The partners of CCN are mostly highly profiled ministries and the speakers are those in which this blog and other sites have researched and identified as New Age or Emergent.

CCN is a vehicle that is being used to spread a "New Age" emergent type of Christianity. Their partners and future partners need to be watched.

I have looked into some of there smaller type clients. The name of one is called, "Seismic Shifts". As someone who has studied the new age, my mouth just drops at the name of this ministry. I have only skimmed what Kevin Harvey (the speaker) has to say. He has two books published by Zondervan.

In Conclusion I don't know if the company itself, CCN, is the big bad New Age company we were looking for. However, I do believe that they are being used to bring the New Age and Emergent Church to churches all around the US and beyond. That makes them just as dangerous.

Anonymous said...

It is very inaccurate to call
Fr. Sergiy Bulgakov's Sophia
teachings "a radical branch of Russian Orthodoxy" -- Sophiology
is a heresy condemned by
the Church. Here is a quote from
a book review by Hieromonk Patapios:
"As is well known, Father Sergius Bulgakov was condemned by both the Moscow Patriarchate and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad for his heretical "Sophiology." He was also condemned in print by St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco and the Blessed Archbishop Seraphim (Sobolev) of Bogucharsk, the spiritual Father of the Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Bulgaria.
With regard to Father Sergiuss speculations on Sophia (Wisdom), Archimandrite Luke of Jordanville recently pointed out that there are some significant similarities between Sophiology and New Age philosophy. The heretical notion that Sophia, the Wisdom of God, is a fourth Hypostasis of the Trinity and a female entity in effect "divides the simple essence of God into two principles—the male and the female" ("New Age Philosophy, Orthodox Thought, and Marriage," Orthodox Life, Vol. XLVII, No. 3 [1997], p. 34)."

Anonymous said...

My previous post was addressed to
Carrie (spelling).

Carrie said...

Members of the Orthodox Church have condemned Sophiology. However, no one speaks for Orthodoxy as a "Church" in the way that the pope speaks for Catholicism. Each branch of Orthodoxy speaks for itself. One, or even several condemnations of Sophiology is no guarantee that there are not Orthodox Churches that embrace it. That is the reason I dubbed it a radical branch.

The SB Society provides many links to information on Bulgakov including a link to the essay from Rosenthal's book that I mentioned earlier.

Another name that turns up in Sophiology is Vladimir Soloviev. You will find Soloviev greatly admired by John Paul II, I presume for his story of the antichrist. But this admiration, once again, causes me to wonder what is taking place in Rome given Soloviev's Sophiology and his fascination with Kabbalah. I have longed for a clarification that has not been forthcoming.

William H. Kennedy, a Catholic, has written a little known book on the sexual abuse scandal titled LUCIFER'S LODGE which claims that a Satanic cabal exists within Roman Catholicism and was at the heart of the scandal. Strangely enough, Tracy Twyman wrote the introduction to this book, and Kennedy's articles have appeared at Twyman's website. Twyman is not sympathetic to Christianity, making the two of them a very strange combination.

Regarding Malachi Martin--I have read most of his books, and at least one of them twice. I was more convinced that he knew what he was talking about five years ago than I am today. Today he is a question mark in my mind with an unknown agenda. One aspect of that question mark is journalist Robert Blair Kaiser's claim that Martin committed adultery with Kaiser's wife.

I continue to be an admirer of Fr. Seraphim's books. He knew the intricacies of the New Age movement long before it was popular. Miracles have been attributed to his intercession, and it is said that his fingernails continue to grow in the casket and that his body remains incorrupt.

Anonymous said...

The book appears unavailable in the US. "Carrie" did a very interesting review at

Copies are available for over $100. The book can be read on line however.

Excellent work. Wonderful summary Dawn.

On this thread the research is operating on all four burners.


Susanna said...

Hi Dorothy,

There is a free e-book download of LUCIFER'S LODGE here in case anyone is interested.


Ditto on what Dorothy said. Great job!


Major Kudos to you as well.

Susanna said...


Here is a link to SCHOOL OF DARKNESS. You need to scroll down a little once site is accessed if you want to skip the intro.

Anonymous said...

I will try to explain my
objections to your terminology.
The Orthodox Faith is the authentic
Christian Faith which was given
by the Lord to his Apostles,
expounded by the Holy Fathers,
and affirmed at the Ecumenical
Councils. The writings of
Saint John (Maximovich) and
Saint Seraphim (Sobolev), (as well
as Fr. Seraphim Rose's works),
are consistent with the Consensus
of the Holy Fathers. Bulgakov's
Sophiology teachings are not.
Bulgakov's followers describing
themselves as "Orthodox" does
not make them Orthodox, because
they preach heresy. To quote
the Holy Apostle Paul in his
Epistle to the Galatians:
"I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of Christ and turning to a different gospel -- not that there is another gospel, but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be accursed."
If a certain group of
individuals "speaks for
itself" a teaching which is
contrary to the Gospel, the Apostles, and the Holy Fathers,
then it is a "branch" of heresy, not a
"branch of Orthodoxy",
and if they do not renounce
their heresy, they have severed
themselves from the Church of Christ. The Orthodox Church
does NOT teach Sophiology/"New Age".
If, say, tomorrow
a Priest (or a Bishop) of the
Orthodox Church,
were to teach the said
heresies/non-Christian doctrines, Christians
must know that this is NOT
Orthodoxy, that he is a heretic
and/or traitor, and, if he does
not repent for his heresy, they
must withdraw from communion
with him.

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

Good to hear from you Carrie,

I recognize there is a vast amount of "goddess" literature out there which has variations as well as similarities. The intent of this article--given the space limitations we are given in the local newspaper--served as a introductory for people to become familiar with the doctrine.

The individual I responded to has for years been ridiculing Christians and Catholics in particular. Her attacks getting more frequent and significantly more hostile. She usually concludes her ridicule stating that her belief system (the goddess) is rooted in science and logical even though she never reveals her doctrine.

I felt it was time to present an overall picture of the goddess doctrine and could not resist including the materials from Barbara Hand Clow.


Anonymous said...

I have a bone to pick here. Why discuss sophiology or goddess anything? To even start a dialogue about it, gives it some sort of weird, debatable merrit. It's like arguing over the false gospel of judas or "was da vinci code based on reality or not". To minister and witness is one thing, but preaching to the chior or those who are so wacked out of their brain, to me, is throwing our pearls to pigs.

Just 2 cents, all of you guys are great and thank you to Constance!

JB in CO

Anonymous said...

To All The Readers,

In case you're wondering what the Pope meant by "New Age". He was refering to a short period of the New Evangelization promised for the Church by it's saints and church fathers. The Church will be granted a time of grace or renewal, before the reign of the Anti-Christ and the final persecution of the Church,before the second coming of Christ.

Pope Benedict XVI obviously knows what times we live in.

Catholic Cardinal accuses Anglican Communion of 'spiritual Alzheimer's'

Dias told bishops the battle to bring Christ to the world must be placed in the "wider context of spiritual combat" with Satan. "If this context is ignored in favour of a myopic world-vision, Christ's salvation will be conveniently dismissed as irrelevant."

This "spiritual warfare" had continued since the fall of Adam, raging "aided and abetted by well-known secret sects, Satanic groups and New Age movements" that revealed the "many ugly heads of the hideous anti-God monster".


Anonymous said...

Did you see this??? From Rick Warrens letter to his 'Church home', this is quite concerning!-Linda

Tuesday Evening, July 22
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dear Saddleback Family,

I'm in Brazil right now on a multi-country tour of PEACE churches in Latin America.

Yesterday the New York Times broke a front page story (printed below) about an historic event coming up at Saddleback. It was picked up by all the major papers and media so you may have heard about it. I want you to know the story behind the story, why we are doing this, the problems, and how you can pray and help!

John McCain and Barack Obama have agreed to make their first ever appearance together as presidential candidates at our next Saddleback Civil Forum. I've been working with them and their staffs behind the scenes for a few weeks, and last Wednesday they both committed to participate on Saturday evening, August 16th.

Both men have been friends of mine since before either decided to run for president. (You don't have to agree on everything to be friends with someone.) Both taped video messages to our Global AIDS Summit last November. Both have supported the PEACE plan, both have written endorsements for the PEACE Coalition, and both have supported our effort to restore civility to civil discourse in America. During the primaries, several candidates (actually 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats) occasionally contacted us through calls, emails, and private meetings. You know that I never endorse, nor campaign for, political candidates. Neither is it my role to give political advice. But as a pastor and a cultural observer and I do understand the unique stresses and responsibilities of public leadership, so I try to help leaders when asked.

Last April, a "Compassion Forum" was held at Messiah College in Pennsylvania with some of the candidates. It was a good event. So when Katie Paris, the organizer of the event, asked us to help with a second forum, I offered Saddleback as a site. Katie went to work on the possibility, but conflicts over schedules, themes, and format kept delaying the idea.

So on July 2nd, I got involved directly and discovered what the candidates wanted to change: 1) They wanted a different format. 2) They wanted a broader agenda than just compassion issues. 3) They wanted me to be the only questioner, and 4) They wanted all the networks and national media to be allowed to use a live video feed from Saddleback.

I agreed to these requests so both candidates will be at Saddleback's Civil Forum on Leadership and Compassion, Saturday, August 16, from 5 PM to 7 PM. I'll interview each candidate for one hour. A flip of a coin determined that Barack Obama will be interviewed first.

Most debate, town hall, and media questions tend to be about hot political issues, or attempts to play "gotcha" for partisan points. In contrast, I intend to ask questions about factors that have historically determined presidential effectiveness. I'll ask about their understanding of the constitution, personal leadership convictions and style, philosophy of the role of government, America's role in the world, competence and character issues. They certainly won't be softball questions.

This is an unprecedented honor for our church. Since the founding of our nation, no church has ever been given this kind of opportunity. I am humbled that they wanted me to ask all the questions. We must view this event unselfishly, as our church's opportunity to serve the entire nation we love. It will be the historic first appearance of the candidates together, and millions of Americans will be introduced to Saddleback Church through the live media coverage.

Now, with every opportunity there are obstacles and we have two big ones to solve in 30 days:

1. How do we decide who gets to attend? With over 100,000 names on our church database and thousands of unchurched folks already calling in, plus VIPS and national leaders, how do we make the best use of 6,000 seats in all our venues? What would Jesus do?

2. Where will we get the money to buy the video equipment needed for this event? We've been asked to provide the nation's media with a high definition video feed because there is no way the media could fit all their multiple cameras into our Worship Center. For some time we've been planning to upgrade our 15 year old video cameras, lights, and mixing boards to high definition digital - but we haven't had the $2 million to purchase it. It is now about to die and we must install new equipment before this national broadcast. We need a miracle.

Can we raise $2 million in a special offering or should we charge for the tickets to cover the expenses? What do you think?

The Elders of our church have met and we want you to know the following:
1. Our two regular Saturday evening worships services are cancelled for August 16th. Saturday attenders need to attend Sunday night services that weekend.

2. We'll have to use a ticket system for this event. To meet the security requirements of the Secret Service, the only way anyone will be able to get on to the campus that evening is with a ticket to one of our video venues or to the Worship Center. People will need to arrive about 2 hours early to get through security. It will actually be more convenient and comfortable to watch from home on one of the networks.

3. This is NOT a political fundraiser and there will be no opportunity for autographs, handshakes, photographs, or meeting with either candidate.

The idea behind our Saddleback Civil Forums is to invite leaders in business, education, the arts, entertainment, government, health, or military to speak on subjects that our entire community would be interested in hearing about. These are not worship services and they are usually held on weeknights.

This particular Civil Forum however will be a forum for the entire nation, instead of for our church and community. That will require your famous servant-hearted spirit that has made Saddleback great. For 28 years the members of this church have unselfishly placed the needs of others ahead of their own. In fact, I am convinced that it is for this very reason - your consistent unselfishness - that God has singled out our church for this national privilege and has positioned Saddleback Church for national and world influence. I am so proud of you!

There's more to tell you but I'll put it in the next News & Views! IN THE MEANTIME DON'T CALL THE OFFICE! I'll let you know what we decide about tickets after hearing from you and praying about it.

If you are willing to help fund the costs of the equipment we need, please give a special offering this week by giving online, or bringing it by the Ministry Center or mailing it in. If you can help in a major way please contact Chris Goulard at (949) 609-8203.

I love you all. From Sao Paulo...

Rick Warren
Saddleback Church
Purpose Driven Network
The PEACE Coalition

McCain and Obama Agree to Megachurch Forum
July 21, 2008
It has taken a man of God, perhaps, to do what nobody else has been able to do since the general election season began: Get Barack Obama and John McCain together on the same stage before their party conventions later this summer.
The Rev. Rick Warren has persuaded the candidates to attend a Civil Forum at his Saddleback Church, in Lake Forest, Calif., on Aug. 16. In an interview, Mr. Warren said that the presidential candidates would appear together for a moment but that he would interview them in succession at his megachurch.
The forum still falls short of the kind of face-to-face, town-hall-style debates that Mr. McCain, of Arizona, has called for this summer before formal debates scheduled for this fall.
Mr. Warren, the author of the best-selling book "The Purpose-Driven Life," called each man personally to invite him to his event, which will focus on leadership, how they make decisions, and on some of Mr. Warren's areas of focus, like AIDS, poverty and the environment.
"I realized that these two guys had never been together on the same stage and thought it would be a great way to end the primary season before they both go to their conventions and things go dark for a couple of weeks," he said. "I've known both guys for some time, and both have been friends of mine since before they ran for office, so I just decided to invite them.." Both readily agreed, perhaps reflecting how each candidate is courting the evangelical audience to whom Mr. Warren ministers.
Mr. Warren's event will have as a co-sponsor Faith in Public Life, that held the Compassion Forum at Messiah College in Grantham, Pa., in April, featuring Mr. Obama and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in Pennsylvania ,Mr. Warren said he would devise his questions with input from the Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders.
"I'm not going to ambush them with 'gotcha' questions," Mr. Warren said, adding that a typical query might be, "What's the most difficult decision you've had to make, and what process did you use to make it?"
Mr. Warren said he would have Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama, of Illinois, appear on stage together momentarily at the event, though, he added, he would also see if they want to get a little personal time behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Rick Warren is a joke...playing on people's souls.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know what started the fires in California, the trees have revealed it to Dianne Robbins, and you can read about it here!!!
But before you get there, you have to work your way through many other articles, all strung together. And the home page of the earthrainbownetwork has lots of archives...
Not only that, but Shirley MacClaine endorses a work on Dianne's homepage...

Anonymous said...

Oops, wrong link...
This is where to read about the kinds of things trees talk about!

Anonymous said...

Oops, wrong link...
This is where to read about the kinds of things trees talk about!

Constance Cumbey said...

Ray Yungen, whom I had the joy of starting in his work writes on contemplative prayer, etc. and has done an excellent job. My first warnings about same, which I conveyed to Ray when I first met him when speaking in Salem, Oregon came from a Catholic lady psychologist who brought us all samples and warnings. The Course in Miracles infestation has hit Catholics and Protestants alike. The Catholics, for the most part, were quicker to acknowledge that they had been infested than the Protestants. Little did I know about how deep the infestation was in the Protestant world -- I was being fought by the deepest layers, I suspect in no small part, because of the Paul N. Temple and company layers. Robert Schuller's church had A COURSE IN MIRACLES. Seventh Day Adventist Churches were pushing Richard Foster and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). I had shocking videos from Lutheran churches with lady pastors pushing Goddess worship.

Plenty of blame to go around on this one, but I must confess I am deeply saddened by the Pope's usage of "New Age" terminology, which I am afraid is tantamount to flying the enemy's flag in the middle of the battle. The New Agers will take aid and comfort from it and it will add to the confusion.


Constance Cumbey said...

For Part I of the Paul Temple Story ("A Story in Pictures" had Part 2, read here:


P.S. If they hide it again, like they did the other, I've archived it and will do yet another "story in pictures"

Dawn said...

Ann 10:39 Thanks for the letter
"and 4) They wanted all the networks and national media to be allowed to use a live video feed from Saddleback."

Any bets that they won’t use CCN in some way for this? To help alleviate some of there problems, I would suspect that they may do what they did with the rethink conference and allow other churches around the US to video feed this as well. For a modest fee of course.

Rick Warren is very dangerous. In my opinion, I feel that (especially with this event) he is trying to propel himself as America’s Pastor taking the title from Billy Graham.

Here is a link about his PEACE plan that he is referring to:

By the way for those who aren’t aware you might want to read this

The author may not be aware but those 5 things are what PEACE stand for.

Dawn said...


Here are those links tiny-ed


Anonymous said...

One of the things that stops people from doing anything is the line that NA is a continuation of things that started thousands of years ago.

"Question? Why bother to do anything since life continues. It's a feather in the cap of the academics who can post all sorts of information about occult history, but after that what?

When I try to tell Jews about the antisemitism in the New Age movement, I get the line, "Well, there has always been antisemitism. Why get excited about this new outburst?"

Well, good for both groups. There is a long line of occult history. There has always been antisemitism.

Time to go back to sleep. Can't do anything about it. It will take its course. Some will survive. Others won't.

Why bother to do any research? For some future academic to get his doctorate?

Anonymous said...

Tiny URLs are helpful. But it would helpful to show where they lead to. Otherwise they are a tease as in, "You better follow the lead I've given you or you might miss out on a hot item." Some of us have lives to lead outside of this blog and tens of short urls are a pain.


Anonymous said...

was my comment.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Carrie said:
“It would be a mistake to conclude that all of the groups opposing Christianity and embracing goddess worship share the same cosmology.”

I take it for granted that each group embraces its own self-serving cosmology; it is enough that they hate Jesus Christ and His followers.

Anonymous said...


The Catholic Church is not right wing or left wing. The Pope talking about the earth may get right-wingers uneasy and when he talks about Pro-Life issues it gets left-wingers uneasy. Politics has become increasingly polarized. We need to look at words in the proper context of their meaning, rather than take words out of context.


Carrie said...

The Orthodox position on Sophiology is covered in an entry at Orthodox Wiki. It is indicated there that "Orthodox Reverend Archpastors, clergy and laity...have indiscretely embraced Byulgakov's teaching and ...have promoted it in their preaching and works." It is also stated that Sophiology is a heresy.

We have similar problems within Roman Catholicism.

There is a long article about Bulgakov at the Acton Institute website which requires subscription, but which is available in the cached version here. I have only scanned it rapidly, but it does appear to me that Acton approves of Bulgakov and does not condemn Sophiology. Given Acton's influence in the Mt. Peleran Society, this is significant.

While Bulgakov's Sophiology has been condemned as heresy, Bulgakov, himself, has not been branded a heretic and is mentioned in several Orthodox websites. Couple that with John Paul II's interest in Russian theology ala Berdyaev, Soloviev, Florensky and Florovsky (George Weigel, WITNESS TO HOPE, pp 568-69), I think Sophiology has not been consigned to the dustbin and must be addressed.

elfie said...

To Anonymous (2:52)

Please stop YELLING at RL. Do you really expect to elicit a response when you YELL at someone?

To Dawn, I echo Dorothy here, thanks for the great work on CCN. "Catchy" moniker they have isn't it? That's a name with unlimited scalability if I've ever heard one.

To Savvy, Welcome back!


Anonymous said...

Senator Obama's global citizen speech in Germany. It seems made to order for the AoC, tear down the walls between various entities.

Young Grasshopper said...

I just returned from a trip and I was happy to see that Constance had recently written a blog post about Obama.

I know this is off topic, but I'm going for it anyway.

Obama is speaking on TV right now and it is sending chills up my spine. His speech is all full of global rhetoric about world citizens and the global environmental crisis.

There is a nice chat going on here at this blog about Sophiology, while Obama is traipsing around the world making speeches and firmly entrenching himself as a world leader. Why aren't we discussing that?

I know there are people who believe that Solana is the Antichrist.
I don't. I agree that he is a powerful man, but he is too old and has no charisma to charm the world's audiences.

Dorothy sent me some very revealing pictures showing an artist from Israel painting Obama with a dove. As she said, you can't make this stuff up.

Obama was born in Honolulu, a city built on seven hills on an island in the middle of the sea. Think for a minute about the prophets Daniel and John of Revelation. They would have had a tough time describing America, because they were not aware of its existance and could hardly describe its location. Yet they describe a beast coming out of the sea. Daniel says the seven heads are the hills on which the woman sits. Allegorical for the woman giving birth to the Man of Lawlessness who rules the one world gov't in the end times?

I think people all around the world and especially in this country are part of the great delusion spoken of in Thessaloneans 2.

These are very frightening times in which we live.

We cannot change prophecy but we can certainly warn our loved ones to be on the look-out for prophecy being revealed.

Dorothy has done a wonderful job of bringing up alarming facts about Obama. I stumbled upon some strange things myself and that is how I came to realize that this man could very well be the Antichrist.

I hope Constance will continue to post about Obama, and Dorothy will continue her fine detective work.

This is the second time I tried to post a comment here in the last 10 minutes. The comment didn't show up the first time. Let's see if it does this time.

Rudi said...

All of us are witnessing, the blending of the world’s religions and the gradual merging of the The New Spirituality with our own personal faith. These changes have been so subtle they happen without our becoming uncomfortable enough to protest. Those of you who are Catholic understandably, may have a different perspective than mine. I’ll just share one thought on the topic related to Pope Benedicts WYD homily. I’ll base the point I’m making from something Savvy wrote earlier.

Savvy…”We need to look at words in the proper context of their meaning, rather than take words out of context.”

I agree. This should be especially important if it’s, Jesus Christ, whose words we’re basing our message on.

The theme of Pope Benedict’s message is the Holy Spirit and His work in the lives of believers for the young people present at World Youth Day. Towards the middle of the message is where is uses the phrase “new age”
Pope Benedict says, “In today's Gospel, Jesus proclaims that a new age has begun, in which the Holy Spirit will be poured out upon all humanity
(cf. Lk 4:21).

The verse from Luke 4:21 actually reads,

“And he (Jesus) began to say unto them, THIS DAY is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.”

We have been in “the time of evangelism” for over 2000 years. The “age to come” the time when believers will truly be “one in Christ” won’t be while this earth is in existence. The “new heaven /new earth” is after this earth is gone. Whatever the context, attributing the phrase “new age” to words Jesus says, when Jesus didn't say them makes no sense in light of what the Pope knows about the new age movement. Especially following the Vatican study done several years ago.
Pope Benedict does speak of the Risen Lord, the Gospel, the power of the Holy Spirit enabling believers to “proclaim the marvels of God and to call all nations and peoples to faith, hope and new life in Christ.”

His overall theme (the Holy Spirit and it’s “power” in the lives of the believers) is admirable. He clearly knows how to present the basic message of the gospel in a
manner which won’t offend “The Other”.
However, the further repetition of the phrase “new age” over and over again makes the danger connected to the word lose its edge.

“ A new age in which love is not greedy or self-seeking, but pure, faithful and genuinely free, open to others, respectful of their dignity, seeking their good, radiating joy and beauty.”

"A new age in which hope liberates us from the shallowness, apathy and self-absorption which deaden our souls and poison our relationships.”

“ Dear young friends, the Lord is asking you to be prophets of this new age, messengers of his love, drawing people to the Father and building a future of hope for all humanity.”

The overall theme (the Holy Spirit and it’s “power” in the lives of the believers) of the message, becomes blended with what are “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. You get a “two-in-one” message. The effect of which is, the impressionable recipients of the message are conditioned to blend in, offering no resistance to the counterfeit gospel of Oneness, the Planetary Pentecost, and the Alliance of Civilizations waiting who are more than happy to accommodate them. -Rudi

A Christian reflection
on the “New Age”

Anonymous said...

Has this ever happened before? I mean, here we have a presidential candidate who has not officially been given the nomination yet (through the convention process) and the media (from every outlet) is following him all over the place as if he were already President! (Just trying to make America feel very "comfortable" and used to the idea?)

One late, late night comedian made the comment that Obama was also going to be "stopping off in Bethlehem to visit the place of his birth." (Just laughing to keep from crying!)

leana said...

And Steven Colbert last night said we should join the EU,

quite the comedian, right!

LFK said...

Moon-walker claims alien contact cover-up

Are we getting close to a "global epiphany"?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Elfie.

Rudi, I don't know why the Pope uses the term " New Age" repeatedly, but then again he's not someone the NA likes at all.
The New Age is incompatible with Orthodox Catholicism. Regardless of one's ignorance on the subject,Orthodox Catholics sincerely trying to follow their faith, cannot be trapped into the New Age.

There's a Catholic Lady, I know. Whenever she comes into contact with people involved in occult activity, they tell her, her spirit is opposed to their's and that her spirit intimidates them.

Catholic interpretations on Revelation are different from Protestant ones. I would recommend reading Mark Mallet's blog, since he does a good job of explaining these concepts.


Anonymous said...

I would say the difficulty with "looking at words in their proper context",with regards to the Pope, is that he, of course, is both a political leader as well as a religious leader. Political figures continuously coin new meanings for relatable words or phrases in order to subtly persuade the masses towards the desired mindset. This is the very reason for concern when an extremely popular and persuasive leader such as the Pope, sends out a mixed message that will have a far reaching affect both in the political and religious sector.

Rudi said...

Anonymous 4:49 PM and Young grasshopper- There is a lot of astonishing Obama info out there. I saw the footage of him with Angela Merkel in Germany this morning. 200 or so people who were first in line behind a fence running as they were given early access so they could be part of the closest circle up where Obama would be speaking 3 1/2 hours later. In GERMANY! Several hundred more ran from the distance to crowd behind the gate and wait for the next 3 1/2 hours. I RAN :) to ask my husband the exact question you posed. Since when do Presidential CANDIDATES do what we're seeing Obama do?? He said we haven't seen it before. A Candidate has advisors they normally consult about foreign affairs. Some months back I mentioned Ervin Lazios' Globalshift University™ using the Obama inspired song, “Yes We Can”
as background music for Lazio’s introductory video on the site.
Coincidence ?? Maybe maybe not. The Association of Global New Thought has picked up two of Obama’s campaign slogans, “We Are The One’s We’ve Been Waiting For” and “Be the Change” as promotional tools for their fall 2008 conference. Last winter I
e-mailed numerous Native American educational organizations, trying to confirm The Elders,
Hopi Nation, People of Peace
Oraibi, Arizona (2003) for the origin of “We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for”
I received several replies acknowledging the Hopi is the only recorded original source for the saying.
With all the Obama “messiah” talk out there it’s hard not to notice. I still think it's far too early in the game to draw any conclusions about anyone. I won’t be surprised at all to see Obama become our next President. That’s as far as I’m looking for the time being. Keep us posted! -Rudi

Thanks Savvy for sharing your thoughts with me. -Rudi


Hopi Prophesy info:


mac said...

The scary thing is that the world at large appears to be enamoured with this man.

Obama Promises to 'Remake the World'

mac said...

From that article:

His 27-minute speech at the gold-topped Victory Column was interrupted by applause at least 30 times, with occasional audience chants of “O-ba-MA!”

Billed as a speech about Transatlantic relations, it turned out to be a manifesto for the planet, with an appeal to “the burdens of global citizenship.”

Setterman said...

Mac, as always you provide valuable information. In case others didn’t read the link, here is another excerpt.

The walls between races and tribes, natives and immigrants, Christians and Muslims and Jews cannot stand. These now are the walls we must tear down.”

Susanna said...

SV and all

For what it is worth, i am sure thast many people may not be aware of this, but much as some people try to make the Pope a politician, the Pope is NOT a political leader as such - although the things he says do effect things that may occur in the political sphere and this is why he must be very prudent about what he says - even when he is not officially proclaiming dogma "ex cathedra." The recent business over his use of the term "new age" is a perfect example as was the terminology he used in his speech in Regensberg not so long ago that put the Islamic community in a high snit.

The only tiny piece of land over which the Pope has any authority is Vatican City which is distinct from Rome.

In fact, it is contrary to canon law for a member of the Catholic clergy to exercise political office except in case of a dire emergency

Apart from some of the alleged "preist-politicians" in Latin America, a good example of a member of the Catholic clergy who disobeyed the Church in this matter was the late Father Robert Drinan who served as a Jesuit priest in our Massachusetts legislature as a State Representative. In fact, it is Father robert Drinan who is said to be largely responsible for transforming the Democratic Party into the "party of abortion' with his "personally opposed but" casuistry.
Here is the article entitled "The Strange Political Career of Father Drinan" that appeared in the July 1, 1996 issue of the CATHOLIC WORLD REPORT to which I am a charter subscriber. I still have every single back issue of CWR - including the July 1, 1996 issue with the report about the late Father Drinan. The question as to why Drinan was not declared excommunicated is too complicated to go into here. But here is the aforementioned CWR report.....

Susanna said...


Please forgive the typos. I am in a hurry this morning.....up to my eyeballs in alligators as the saying goes. :-)

Shalom said...

Rich from Medford and Rudi 4:38.
You both sum it up wonderfully!!

Dorothy I too agree with your comment about the Popes's usage of the word "new age". I don't believe he is ignorant of the devil's devices and a poor choice of words if he is.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,

Homophobic Horse said...

"The walls between races and tribes, natives and immigrants, Christians and Muslims and Jews cannot stand. These now are the walls we must tear down.”

Obama said that? It proves that he is a chiliast.

The motivation is behind such things is the religious desire for the infinite, but you only reach the infinite in heaven. To try and make things all "One" (i.e. infinite) on Earth means destroying everything.

Like creating a wilderness and calling it peace.

In the body of Christ in heaven we are indeed all 'One'.

But to make us all "one" on Earth effectively amounts to a program of pure destruction. Like breaking the walls of a plant cell kills the cell, if we break down the walls between between Jew and Christian we can no longer say that Christ is risen, and that God is three in one and so on..

To reiterate, this man is selling you pure destruction. The antichrist is the replacement for Christ, to placate religious desires in people who no longer believe in the real thing.

Anonymous said...

Your Welcome Rudi,

The New Age is basically a plagarist movement. The Devil is not a creative being who can come up with original content, so he takes what's good and distorts it's meaning. The NA uses a lot of Christian terminology to suit their purposes. Deconscructionism is a major theme running through Gnosticism, words have no real meaning, so Christ is Krishna is Buddha. The only real irony is that the New Age wants us to believe their words mean something.

Homophobic Horse,

Obama does seems like the perfect candidate for the Anti-Christ. He is all things to All people. He tells his audience what he knows they want to hear. .He prays to Hindu gods,worships at a Christian church,has a Muslim father,a Buddhist sister, and is promising peace in the Middle East.Deepak Chopra called Obama the next step in human consciousness.

God Help Us All.


Constance Cumbey said...

My poor head is swimming after this week
-- the Pope flies the flags of the enemy by asking us to bring in a "New Age" with "Unity in Diversity"
-- Barack Obama tells us to tear down the walls between the religions and so much more to rock star crowds in Europe
-- Barack Obama's advisor says we are not heeding Solana enough
-- John McCain is meeting today with the Dalai Lama

Oh, but the Prayer Breakfast network of Doug Coe/Paul Temple is probably praying for these evils to be held back . . . Ha! They are helping to usher it in whether for ideological conviction or in honor of Paul Temple's generous donations

So many of the ones not in bed with Paul Temple have climbed in bed with Rev. Moon

I have been re-reading Fr. Seraphim Rose all week for a dose of sanity.



Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Savvy:

Be VERY CAREFUL on the "devil can only counterfeit" -- that is a line I heard so very often from the Manifest Sons of God / Neopentecostal / Sonship people who teach that the second coming of Christ is Christ coming through us as the Manifestation of the Sons of God.

Satan has plenty of original ideas: rape, pillage, plunder, adultery, idolatry, etc.



Constance Cumbey said...

I agree the Pope is not a politician, and I have vigorously (until last Sunday) defended him, but I cannot understand, knowing he knows better than most exactly what the New Age and its connotations are:

1. The appointment of San Francisco's Cardinal Levada to his old job as Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Levada brought UNITED RELIGIONS on board and they have been crowing about it ever since.

2. Using the terms "New Age" and "Unity in Diversity" in the positive way he did.


Anonymous said...


The Pope word's were geared toward the Church alone and not the whole world. Although, I agree that the term "New Age" is a poor choice of words. The thing is the Vatican is only the guardian of the faith already handed down by the Apostles, so basically, a Pope cannot pass any new doctrines contary to already established Apostolic teachings,regardless of his personal views or the views of Bishops and priests. It hasn't happened for 2000 years.

Evil is a major distortion of the good. The Devil can't come up with a New 10 commandments, he can only turn them upside down or lie about them. To call him a creator would be putting him on par with God. Lucifer is a created being, a powerful angel, but still a created being. Only God can create something out of nothing.

Satan has plenty of original ideas: rape, pillage, plunder, adultery, idolatry, etc.
That's a violation of the 1st,6th and 7th commandment.It's distorting ideas that already exist.

The Pentecostals you mentioned are in error about the second coming, but that doesn't mean they can't say anything right. False religions always have truth mixed with lies. If they sold only lies, nobody would buy them.


Anonymous said...

Must read "article" from the The TimesOnline (UK). This is too funny. With all the talk of Senator Obama, the best antidote is a good laugh. Enjoy!

I'm sure Paul and Susanna and can do wonders with this one.


Carrie said...

A couple of thoughts...

The Catholic Church was the first globalist society. The pope as leader of that Catholic Church has a different perspective from those of us who identify with a single nation.

Joachim of Fiore was speaking of a new age centuries before Alice Bailey was born. Joachim was beatified. The new age (or third age) was that of the Holy Spirit. He also spoke of an age of the Father (Old Testament times) and an age of the Son (New Testament times).

I couldn't help but think of this when John Paul II dedicated each of the last three years of the previous century to one of the members of the Blessed Trinity.

Constance Cumbey said...

Savvy, Susanna, Carrie,

I am praying you are right. I still await information on Cardinal Levada. I heard Fr. Fessio say, off the record, at a Detroit area meeting, that he personally believed the pope may have made a mistake by appointing him. I know Lee Penn whom I respect also has deep concerns.


Constance Cumbey said...

For URI on Cardinal Levada, please read here:


Constance Cumbey said...

Young Grasshopper:

The prophecy on the antichrist was that he would come in peaceably with the aid of a few and obtain the kingdom by flatteries. He would be a vile person to whom they would not give the honor of the kingdom. While Obama is making the public speeches, Solana is working with the powerful to put in place the global governance structures that Obama/McCain (next prez of US) will be expected to implement. Obama is a very charismatic figure, but the prophecy was not necessarily that he would be charismatic.

But then again, as I've always said" Your guess is as good as mine." Javier Solana is an educated guess. Obama could be one too -- and with John McCain meeting today with the New Age pope, the Dalai Lama, he could be one too.


Constance Cumbey said...

To illustrate my point more adequately on the Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum nature of Obama/McCain both paying homage to the New World Order read anonymous/Linda'a full post at 12:26.

Also, unlike some here, I did watch the Pope's speech/homily, his facial expressions (he was looking around furtively like a scared rabbit at the very times he was delivering those portions. Also, he looked decidedly uncomfortable when what appeared to be a pagan war dance by aboriginal dancers (New Guinea?) were performing.

Again, I have admired Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI up until now with the exception of the Levada appointment. I tend to agree with Dorothy's analysis in this case . . . I can tell you right now, the New Agers were probably dancing and drinking champaign after they heard him. I doubt sincerely if anybody was in mourning at Lucis Trust.


Carrie said...

I share your concerns about Levada, Constance.

The way that you describe the Pope, looking like a scared rabbit, when delivering the portions of the new age speech is the way I thought he appeared in the Mosque after the Regensburg affair.

Anonymous said...

It's just that I think Barbara Aho/Watch until Prayer was right about some aspects of the Discernment Ministries Movement and to the extent that any elements of that are intertwined with any potentially sneaky elements of that Movement (assuming Aho was right) and with Doug Coe, I personally believe caution should be exercised as they too could be used although I think they have tried to do good work.

Out of curiosity, did they ever try to contact Constance to see if they could republish her, or were they influenced by elements of the So-called "discernment" ministries attempting to silence her and Aho?

Just wondering out loud after thinking for myself!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about any confusion -- I was writing specifically about Lighthouse Trails and CCN.

Constance Cumbey said...

For those requesting information on my experience on SCP, this is up on the web:


Rudi said...

The first time evil is mentioned in the Bible is in the Book of Genesis.
“And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.”
God said:
“But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”

This makes it clear, according to what God said, good and evil are separate. They exist.
Whatever they are. God created Man with the ability to think and reason and make
decisions. The only thing to decide was whether to trust what God had said or lean on his own understanding.
Evil existed, Adam and Eve just didn’t KNOW it…until they ate from the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil.

I know religious philosophers through the ages have come up with ideas trying to explain things that only God knows. That is called, “being wise in one’s own eyes” “leaning on one's own understanding”. "From evildoers come evil deeds" -Rudi

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding” Psalm 111

“For the LORD gives wisdom,
and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding” Proverbs 2:6

Thanks Shalom - I've missed reading your comments here! -Rudi

Anonymous said...

From Obama -- excerpts from The International Herald Tribune:

“I come to Berlin as so many of my countrymen have come before,” Obama said, confronting the delicate issue of campaigning abroad. “Tonight, I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen — a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world.”

Obama was warmly embraced by the German press, which frequently referred to his aura, or as the newspaper Bild put it in Thursday’s paper, the “political pop star.”

“Yes, there have been differences between America and Europe,” Obama said. “No doubt, there will be differences in the future. But the burdens of global citizenship continue to bind us together. A change of leadership in Washington will not lift this burden. In this new century, Americans and Europeans alike will be required to do more — not less. Partnership and cooperation among nations is not a choice; it is the one way, the only way, to protect our common security and advance our common humanity.”

Anonymous said...

Check out this breaking news story on

"Obama's $845 billion U.N. plan
forwarded to U.S. Senate floor
'Global Poverty Act' to cost
each citizen $2,500 or more"

(Posted: 7/25/08 @ 12:30 AM EDT)

Anonymous said...

Today Glenn Beck did an interesting analysis of Obama's speech on his radio show. If anybody gets a chance to hear it (maybe a delayed broadcast?), it is worth listening to it.
Also, a short interview on JS website about the EU maybe bringing in Serbia with 2014 as a timeframe. Asked about whether recognition of Kosovo is necessary for Serbia, he more or less declined to answer, but did say Serbia is expected to help in the practical issues concerning Kosovo...

Constance Cumbey said...

To Susanna:

The spiritual "Whore of Babylon" IMHO is the various branches of gnosticism, occultism, paganism, etc. uniting together with their fellow travelers in our various sects/denominations who unite with such as the Unification Church, Institute of Noetic Sciences whether for ideological conviction, for favor, or for money. That was the very point I was making in the Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow when I started the project in 1981.

"Mystery Babylon" which corrupted the entire world is how I recall the Scriptures put it.


Constance Cumbey said...


Thanks for the Barbara Hand Clow information. I understood that Matthew Fox had founded and owned Bear & Company. Then I read of Barbara Hand Clow's interest in the business on your website. Going to the link you just graciously provided, I now learn that all three of them co-founded the business and continue to work together.

Snakes of a feather slither together? Just in time for the Mayan serpent age?

Have a great weekend Carrie -- hope all is well with that new grandbaby!


Constance Cumbey said...

I don't know for a certainty about Cardinal Bernardin and "the dual enthronement" -- didn't hear until now about the Milingo source although Malachi Martin and I frequently talked.

I DO KNOW that Cardinal Bernardin as Bishop Bernardin of Cincinnati actively protected a vile New Age center by the name of Grailville in Loveland, Ohio. I do know that he was a patron and protector of Matthew Fox before Fox's 1993 ex-communication.


Constance Cumbey said...

I don't know for a certainty about Cardinal Bernardin and "the dual enthronement" -- didn't hear until now about the Milingo source although Malachi Martin and I frequently talked.

I DO KNOW that Cardinal Bernardin as Bishop Bernardin of Cincinnati actively protected a vile New Age center by the name of Grailville in Loveland, Ohio. I do know that he was a patron and protector of Matthew Fox before Fox's 1993 ex-communication.


Anonymous said...

Since Cardinal Joseph Bernardin is not around to defend himself . . .

Following the death of John Cardinal Cody of Chicago, Pope John Paul II chose Archbishop Joseph Bernardin to restore order and reputation to the diocese.

Beginning in 1983, he called for a "consistent ethic of life" in an age when modern technologies threatened the sanctity of all human life at every turn, be it abortion, euthanasia, modern warfare, or capital punishment.

Bernardin was also among the first U.S. Cardinals or Bishops to confront the issue of sexual abuse by clergy. He also adapted a strong stance on sexual abuse cases within the clergy by implementing the strongest, most comprehensive policy concerning priests accused of sexual misconduct with minors. Bernadin’s reforms concerning this issue soon served as a model for other dioceses across the nation.

He, himself, was accused of sexual misconduct. His accuser, former seminarian Stephen Cook, claimed to have been abused by Bernardin and another priest in the 1970s. However, Cook recanted and before he died in 1995 from AIDS, he and Bernardin had reconciled in a process which began in a meeting at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in suburban Philadelphia.

Ardently adhering to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, Cardinal Bernadin, first in Cincinnati, then in Chicago, was committed to ecumenical and interfaith dialogues. While Archbishop of Cincinnati, Bernardin maintained dialogues with local congregations of Jews, Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Lutherans. In Chicago, this dedication led to the formation of the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago in 1985. Cardinal Bernadin served as the council’s first president. Subsequently, under his leadership, the Archdiocese of Chicago established official covenants with both the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago and the Evangelical Lutheran Metropolitan Synod.

Cardinal Bernardin also participated in the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1993. During his interfaith pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1995, he met with Israeli, Palestinian, ecumenical, and interfaith leaders, and urged peace and mutual respect between Israelis and Palestinians.

Cardinal Bernadin consistently spoke out against the increasing violence in Lebanon, Israel, Northern Ireland, and elsewhere.
In 1989, Cardinal Bernardin was awarded the F. Sadlier Dinger Award by educational publisher William H. Sadlier, Inc., in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the ministry of religious education in America.

In June 1995, following a string of international visits and pilgrimages, Cardinal Bernardin underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer. Following the operation, Bernardin began his cancer ministry. Bernardin so touched the lives of cancer patients, relating to them on such a personal and spiritual level, that countless sick, dying and survivors of the terror of cancer wrote to him, expressing their thanks, admiration, love and hope.

On August 30, 1996, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin told his flock that the cancer had returned, was in his liver, and was inoperable. Shortly before his death, Cardinal Bernardin made a visit to Pope John Paul II. In his final weeks, he was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton.

Reflecting on Jesus in the Garden of Gesthemene, Bernardin chose to face death in the public eye: Bernardin tried to teach people how to die. In his last days, Cardinal Bernardin wrote to the United States Supreme Court against assisted suicide.

Years after his passing, he is widely regarded as a saintly, kind prelate who displayed manifest holiness. Both conservative and progressive Catholics respected his ideological vision, theological commitment and life.

Rudi said...

Anonymous 5:04 pm, Your comment began,
"Since Cardinal Joseph Bernardin is not around to defend himself . . ."

Your comment was meant to read as a defense???? hmmmm....-Rudi

Anonymous said...


According to the NA the Age of Aquarius marks the end of Christianity. The Pope by insisting that Orthodox Christianity is alive in the New Age and will re-evanglize the world,is like saying "You can't get rid of us". On one side there's falling away of many people from the church, corruption etc, on the other side there are programs for the New Evangelization moving ahead.The divide within the church is intensifying.


Evil tree and talking cat are allegory that point to a reality beyond the object. Only human's and angels are person's, trees are not. Good and evil are separate, When u distort good u end up with evil.I recommend reading the "Theology of the Body" analysis on Genesis. You'll love it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Constance,

With regard to your concerns about Cardinal Levada, I think we are singing off the same sheet of music on that score. One consolation is that he is only three years shy of the mandatory retirement age of 75.

I also agree with you about what the spiritual "Whore of Babylon" is referring to:

"the various branches of gnosticism, occultism, paganism, etc. uniting together with their fellow travelers in our various sects/denominations who unite with such as the Unification Church, Institute of Noetic Sciences whether for ideological conviction, for favor, or for money."

That pretty much sums it up.

I have spent many years studying the history of the Church as well as the history of gnosticism.

IMHO, the "New Age Movement" is the "left wing" of a much larger movement whose "right wing" is all the more dangerous on account of its "traditional" facade.

I can only speak from my own Catholic experience, but you may be just beginning to see this happening in the Protestant Community in terms of "Dominionism." In any case, you would be more knowledgable about that than I would.

In terms of the two perennial chief dangers to the Church - emperor worship and gnosticism - C.S. Lewis had it right when he said:

"Fascism and Communism, like all other evils, are potent because
of the good they contain or imitate.... And of course their
occasion is the failure of those who left humanity starved of
that particular good. This does not for me alter the conviction
that they are very bad indeed. One of the things we must guard
against is the penetration of both into Christianity.... Mark my
words: you will presently see both a Leftist and a Rightist
pseudo-theology developing -- the abomination will stand where
it ought not...."

--C.S. Lewis

A so-called "prophecy" ( probably channeled) about a "left wing" and a "right wing" in Christianity is to be found in R.Swinburne Clymer's 1939 republication of RAVALETTE:THE ROSICRUCIAN'S STORY in which Paschal Beverly Randolph enters a "trance" called the "sleep of sialam" before uttering his prognostications.

If these "prophecies" come to pass, it is because humans or demons were merely revealing their own course of action and not because it was an authentic prophecy.

In his book entitled BLOOD ON THE ALTAR, Craig Heimbichner describes an OTO strategy very similar to the "prophesied" one I read about many years ago in RAVALETTE: THE ROSICRUCIAN STORY.

"The Left wing of the OTO was breaking the Church down in part so that the Right wing of the OTO could rebuild it, by assuming control, behind the scenes of the anticipated backlash from the Traditionalist survivors of the Left-wing purge. The OTO as described in chapter three, is shaping the Right-wing reaction by putting their agents in place within the leadership of certain priestly fraternities pledged to restore the old ways."

(BLOOD ON THE ALTAR: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS SECRET SOCIETY by Carl Heimbichner c.2005 Independent History & Research Coeur d'Alene, Idaho p.106)

In closing I will say that with regard to corrupt priests and prelates of our time, I am reminded of the words of St. Catherine of Siena to those Cardinals who supported the anti-pope during the Great Western Schism and who didn't mince words:

"You are flowers who shed no perfume, but rather a stench that makes the whole world reek."

Susanna said...

Sorry, Constance. I meant to sign the above.


Anonymous said...

To anonymous 10:39,

Thanks for that unsettling information on Rick Warren and both presidential candidates. I won't sleep well at night for a couple of days, but I guess it's better than not knowing. This makes me want to write in a cartoon character for president. By the way, who's this John McCain. Oh, yeah, he's that other guy running for president. You really don't hear much about him these days.

Susanna said...

To all,

Thought some of you guys might appreciate this hilarious lampoonery on Obama's recent trip entitled:


The anointed one's pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a miracle in action - and a blessing to all his faithful followers.

Gerard Baker

"And it came to pass, in the eighth year of the reign of the evil Bush the Younger (The Ignorant), when the whole land from the Arabian desert to the shores of the Great Lakes had been laid barren, that a Child appeared in the wilderness.
The Child was blessed in looks and intellect. Scion of a simple family, offspring of a miraculous union, grandson of a typical white person and an African peasant. And yea, as he grew, the Child walked in the path of righteousness, with only the occasional detour into the odd weed and a little blow.

When he was twelve years old, they found him in the temple in the City of Chicago, arguing the finer points of community organisation with the Prophet Jeremiah and the Elders. And the Elders were astonished at what they heard and said among themselves: “Verily, who is this Child that he opens our hearts and minds to the audacity of hope?”

In the great Battles of Caucus and Primary he smote the conniving Hillary, wife of the deposed King Bill the Priapic and their barbarian hordes of Working Class Whites.

And so it was, in the fullness of time, before the harvest month of the appointed year, the Child ventured forth - for the first time - to bring the light unto all the world.

He travelled fleet of foot and light of camel, with a small retinue that consisted only of his loyal disciples from the tribe of the Media. He ventured first to the land of the Hindu Kush, where the
Taleban had harboured the viper of al-Qaeda in their bosom, raining terror on all the world.

And the Child spake and the tribes of Nato immediately loosed the Caveats that had previously bound them. And in the great battle that ensued the forces of the light were triumphant. For as long as the Child stood with his arms raised aloft, the enemy suffered great blows and the threat of terror was no more.


And lo, in Mesopotamia, a miracle occurred. Even though the Great Surge of Armour that the evil Bush had ordered had been a terrible mistake, a waste of vital military resources and doomed to end in disaster, the Child's very presence suddenly brought forth a great victory for the forces of the light.


From there the Child went up to the city of Jerusalem, and entered through the gate seated on an ass. The crowds of network anchors who had followed him from afar cheered “Hosanna” and waved great palm fronds and strewed them at his feet.

Around the world, global temperatures began to decline, and the ocean levels fell and the great warming was over.

The Great Prophet Algore of Nobel and Oscar, who many had believed was the anointed one, smiled and told his followers that the Child was the one generations had been waiting for.


And this is the testimony of one who speaks the truth and bears witness to the truth so that you might believe. And he knows it is the truth for he saw it all on CNN and the BBC and in the pages of The New York Times.


And suddenly, with the men appeared the archangel Gabriel and the whole host of the heavenly choir, ranks of cherubim and seraphim, all praising God and singing: “Yes, We Can.” (...Read entire article....)


Anonymous said...


Ever hear of SCAN?

JB in CO

Rudi said...

I don't understand the point you are making. I didn't say the tree was a person. Of course the tree wasn't evil. I'm not following if you are saying the creation account, and the fall of man as recorded in Genesis (according to what you believe) is allegory? How about the parting of the Red Sea?
The flood? Jonah? Just wondering.
Thanks. -Rudi


"Evil tree and talking cat are allegory that point to a reality beyond the object. Only human's and angels are person's, trees are not. Good and evil are separate, When u distort good u end up with evil.I recommend reading the "Theology of the Body" analysis on Genesis. You'll love it."

Anonymous said...


Some time ago you provided a link to an article that spoke of people "coming to Obama" in the same way Christians "come to the Lord."

I thought you might find this Washington Post article interesting.


Constance Cumbey said...

Had a fall tonight leaving a home a judge asked me to investigate as a guardian ad litem -- lovely home, lovely people, and then my heel caught in a rubber mat as I was leaving. I went down -- hard -- but fortunately all that appears to be hurt are my knees (skinned only) and my pride.

Kept me from going back to office to accomplish some things that needed doing -- glad I had my laptop with me for home work.


Constance Cumbey said...

Dorothy Margraf and "Young Grasshopper" are going to do my radio program with me next Tuesday afternoon, 5 p.m and we will be discussing Barack Obama's campaign. Dorothy Margraf has long since discussed deep concerns with me. Since hearing his pronouncements as to how we need to heed Solana more and the obvious Alliance of Civilizations lines on "the extremism that breeds terrorism," I agree the subject demands discussion.

Heads they win, tails they win. Today John McCain met with the Dalai Lama.


Constance Cumbey said...

Dorothy Margraf and "Young Grasshopper" are going to do my radio program with me next Tuesday afternoon, 5 p.m and we will be discussing Barack Obama's campaign. Dorothy Margraf has long since discussed deep concerns with me. Since hearing his pronouncements as to how we need to heed Solana more and the obvious Alliance of Civilizations lines on "the extremism that breeds terrorism," I agree the subject demands discussion.

Heads they win, tails they win. Today John McCain met with the Dalai Lama.


Anonymous said...

For you President Sarkozy and Senator Obama fans:

French President Sarkozy all but endorses Obama

The two leaders' joint news conference followed a private chat at the Elysee Palace. Both men emerged declaring "a great convergence of opinions," as Sarkozy put it, on everything from Iran and Afghanistan to the Middle East and climate change.

Constance Cumbey said...

Sorry, 5:04 p.m.

I personally know too much about Cardinal Bernardin -- much more than from my talks with Malachi Martin. My first observation started when he was actively fostering one of the worst New Age centers I have ever personally visited and witnessed: Grailville of Loveland, Ohio. They were a BLATANT center promoting homosexuality of both the male and female variety. They also promoted wicca, David Spangler, "St. Matthew Fox" (ha!) and beyond. In my archives (now with the University of Michigan). It was faithful Catholics from the Cincinnati area who decided I had to see it for myself -- they picked me up and took me there. Based on what I was looking at, the manager of the bookstore thought I was one of them (New Ager) and the leaflets in the store proudly proclaimed them to be a "New Age Center networking with other New Age Centers." They had lots of copies of Marilyn Ferguson's book. They were duly impressed when I told her I had personally met Marilyn Ferguson. She was doubly depressed when I paid for my $300 in research materials with my personal check CONSTANCE CUMBEY, ATTORNEY AT LAW". Even then my name was to the New Agers as Madeline Murray O'Hare's was to the Christians.

Anonymous said...

Catholic groups ask pope to end contraception ban (Reuters). Pressure on the Pope to liberalize.

Anonymous said...

Deannie posted a valuable link showing how the Obama campaign is using Christian missionary techniques to drum up support for him. I found the most telling sentence to be: "You go to his Web site, and he immediately invites you to become involved. He invites you to tell your story, and he trusts you to be okay."

All that's missing is the capitalized "He." As if each individual was going to have a personal, psychic connection to the great Obama.

I also find the stories about the possibility of his assassination to be appauling. It's as if the idea were being implanted in the minds of his followers that if he dies it will be for our sins. Does this crowd have no shame?


Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous" (12:52 AM):
"Catholic groups ask pope to end contraception ban (Reuters). Pressure on the Pope to liberalize."

Relax, because that is never going to happen. The Pope does not bow down to "pressure" from anyone.

He is not trying to win a popularity contest, but rather to do the will of God (which includes respect for life in all of its forms).

Susanna said...

Hi Constance,

First, I hope you are feeling OK after your fall. Thank God you didn't wind up with nothing more serious than a skinned knee!

Regarding the late Cardinal Bernardin, it was he who spearheaded the so-called "Catholic Common Ground Project."

Cardinal Bernardin's initiative was almost immediately criticized by at least three other U.S. Cardinals.

Therefore, given the things I have learned about the late Cardinal Bernardin, it does not surprise me to learn that he was promoting "one of the worst New Age centers you have ever personally visited and witnessed."

Here is a January 7, 2002 Catholic World News article on the late Cardinal Bernardin by James Hitchcock, a history professor at St. Louis University, a founder of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, and a frequent contributor to the CATHOLIC WORLD REPORT. This is a must-read article if you haven't already read it.


You may already be aware of this, but under canon law, national bishops conferences have no authority over individual diocesan bishops except in those instances when they receive a special mandate from the Pope. Prelates of Cardinal Bernardin's ilk had hoped that they could weaselword the meaning of "collegiality" in such a way as to enable the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) to usurp the authority not only of individual bishops but also of the Vatican!

Fortunately we do have some brave bishops who have no hesitation about acting independently of the USCCB. Bishop Fabian Bruskiewicz of Lincoln, Nebraska, Bishop Chaput of Denver, Colorado, Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis, Missouri....just to name a few.

Bishop Bruskiewicz especially has courageously faced down those who would deploy the sex abuse crisis in the service of their own "brave new church" agenda.


Anonymous said...

To Constance (12:42 AM):

I don't pretend to know everything concerning Cardinal Bernardin. However, it is also possible that he saw the "error" of his ways in his latter years after he was assigned to Chicago. Only God knows what was in this man's heart toward the end of his life.

For that matter, only God knows what is inside any of our hearts!!!

Anonymous said...

To Susanna (9:52 AM):
Re: Cardinal Bernardin

Maybe you'd like to explain why the "canonization process for his sainthood cause is now under way."

Susanna said...

To Anonymous 10:18 A.M.

Don't get my wrong, Anonymous. I hope Bernardin did receive the grace of final perseverance and made it to Heaven.

But as for the possibility of his being formally canonized on this side of eternity, I have absolutely no explanation as to why the cause for the late Cardinal Bernardin's canonization is underway....unless, as the article suggests, his cause for canonization has been entered by like-minded priests, prelates and lay "brave new church" crusaders. Otherwise, it is indeed a mystery to me!

Carrie said...

In RITE OF SODOMY, Randy Engel has some interesting things to say of Bernardin.

Regarding the Cook charges, she writes:

Suddenly, in February 1994, Cook withdrew his charges against Bernardin. Harsham remained a defendant in the case that was scheduled to go to trial May 9, 1994. Contrary to popular belief, Cook never retracted the charges. He simply stated that he couldn't trust his memory. Bernardin said he had no plans to counter-sue the dying Cook. (p. 910)

On December 30, 1994 Bernardin met privately with Cook in Philadelphia. The event was heavily publicized by the Chicago Chancery and made headlines around the world. Bernardin reportedly said Mass for Cook and his partner Kevin Nealy. Bernardin gave Cook an expensive chalice as a parting gift. (p. 911)

Stephen Cook died of AIDS-related complications in September 1995. The estate of the former penniless Cook, estimated to be in the range of $3 million, was divided between Cook's long-surffering mother who never gave up hope that her son would return to the Faith, his sister, and his lover.

Cardinal Bernardin followed Cook to the grave on November 14, 1996. The Windy City Gay Chorus sang at Bernardin's wake at Holy Name Cathedral--the first time that the male homosexual group was invited to perform on Church property. Thus, even in death, Cardinal Bernardin continued to promote the interests of the Homosexual Collective.
(p. 911)

And there is the following:

At an impromptu press conference held on November 12, 1993, Cardinal Bernardin surprisingly volunteered that in addition to the Cook charges, there were two other charges made against him in 1993--one involving his alleged participation in a Satanic ritual 35-years before, and the other, his alleged participation in a homosexual orgy at a seminary. Bernardin told the press and television reporters that he was innocent of all the charges.

For the record, the charge concerning Bernardin's connection to a Satanic cult was made by a woman using the pseudonym "Agnes." She charged Bernardin with sexually assaulting her using a consecrated host during occult ceremonies performed with Bishop John J. Russell in the fall of 1957 in Greenville, S.C. Agnes was interviewed by Father Charles Fiore and found to be credible. She has filed sworn affidavits with Vatican officials and passed several polygraph tests. She claims that Bernardin raped her when she was a child of 11 as part of an occult ceremony. She said that her father was a member of the cult and offered her to the group as part of a Satanic sacrifice.
(ibid. p. 908)

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder that the Dalai Lama is a political, as well as religious, figure.

Anonymous said...


Please check out Ingrid's Slice site when you get a chance. She has a post regarding Ken Silva's Apprising Ministries site being harrassed and shut down by a fellow Christian, Richard Abanes. I have heard Abanes on Hank Hanegraaf's show. I believe he may have even worked under Hanegraaf at CRI. I thought you might find it interesting given your past experiences with Christian "discernment" ministries.


Anonymous said...


I hope you're feeling better.


I misunderstood your point. Catholics interpret scripture in three ways: Literal, Allegorical and Anagalous. Adam and Eve, Jonah, the parting of the red sea etc, can all be interpreted this way. For example, Jonah can be a literal/historical event, or/and allegorical for "you can't escape from God, even in the belly of a fish" or/and analogous to foreshadow things to come.

Augustine views the story of Jonah as a figure for Christ. For example, he writes: "As, therefore, Jonah passed from the ship to the belly of the whale, so Christ passed from the cross to the sepulchre, or into the abyss of death. And as Jonah suffered this for the sake of those who were endangered by the storm, so Christ suffered for the sake of those who are tossed on the waves of this world."

Using these three methods often drives skeptics crazy, cause when they attack one, you can explain it away using another method.


Anonymous said...

The Church of Satan has been given legal status as a religion.


Anonymous said...

People seem to fall into three categories where paganism is concerned.
1. It's a bad thing
2. It's a good thing
3. It's just silliness

You would think any religious leader would be listed in the first category. If they don't want to publicly commit, it's category #3.

I agree with Constance that the New Agers thought they would have smooth sailing in the '80s as some were pretty bold.

Here's more information on Bernardin.

"...One of the seminarians indicated that some of the homosexual activities at the seminary were connected to occult and Satanic rituals. He and other seminarians also mentioned that on occasion Archbishop Bernardin arrived at the seminary with a young traveling companion, Steven Cook...."

Bernardin came to Chicago as Archbishop in July of 1982. He became a cardinal in July 1983.

At the time I had been telling my sister about New Age. She came back from a conference for 6,000 Catholic educators held at McCormick Place in Chicago. Title: Religion Enrichment Day --Discipleship for a New Age, March 5, 1985.

"Sharing of Bread: Bread will be broken and passed; it will be shared and eaten by all present - a sign of the nourishment we need to be disciples in this new age."

Homily was given by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin.

But even less explainable is the case of a group operating in the Chicago area at the time called Limina. It was sponsored by Chicago Call to Action, Women's Issues Committee, Mundelein College Graduate Program of Religious Studies.

From the brochure:
What Limina creates is that space between the ordinary and the holy where women can reclaim the sacredness within, where personal transformation again becomes possible. At the two GODDESSES AND WILDWOMEN days in March 1985, one hundred fifty women entered into a ritually framed experience that can be called neither "workshop" nor "conference" but "event." Through dramatized myth, meditation, image creation and discussion, they mined the personal and gendered past for precious metal. They celebrated in rite, dance and symbolic action the spring rebirth of their sisterhood and their souls." The huge 11 x 17 glossy brochure was filled with pagan goddess promotion for a series of programs on the Maiden, Mother. Crone to be held at Catholic colleges in the Chicago area.

When Bernardin was asked to respond by a group of Concerned Catholic Women, he said the Limina group had something to do with Jung.

If you look at the Wikipedia write up on Bernardin, you won't find any of this information. He was very good at acting like a simple, timid Christian cleric. He was on the hot list to become pope according to a priest I talked with. God had other ideas.


Constance Cumbey said...

Richard Abanes is a most interesting person -- in my opinion a double agent playing a most interesting game. He tried to paint me as somehow in league with the militia movements in one of his first books. He was active in Bruce Larson's church in Seattle. Larson was open about his unrepented involvements with Esalen and England's Tavistock (mind control) Institute. Then he wrote the book about Harry Potter. He used his book on the militias to gain his bona fides with the Jewish community as somebody supposedly against anti-semitism. Then he used his anti-Harry Potter book to give him bona fides against New Age/Neopaganism which he used in turn to give sanctity to his newest pastor, RICK WARREN.

I would never buy a used car from Rick Abanes!


Constance Cumbey said...

To JB in Colorado:

I am uninformed as to "SCAN". What is it?


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