Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rich Peterson's Very Excellent Wisconsin Editorial -- Read it here!




EARLIER (SUNDAY, JULY 20, 2008):  To my readers:

The New Agers like to say that they 'think globally, act locally.'  Consequently many of their propaganda thrusts are on a local level in the local papers.  The following is Rich's response to a local New Ager's attacks against what she terms 'Christian fundamentalism,' while simultaneously aggressively pushing the most bizarre of New Age religion tenets.  Rich took it on with style and gusto and I thought more global exposure of what he had to say was in order.  Try hard not to laugh so hard you cry.  Rich has brilliantly summarized the religious ethos of many of the New World Order / New World Religion folk.  

I have posted this fairly quickly and I don't want to end the discussion on the last post.  Also, please go to my last post, click on the links for the Fr. Seraphim Rose material and enjoy the incredibly beautiful words and music.  In fact, just in case you don't want to exert that effort, at least click here!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Peterson [our Rich of Medford] warns of global plots to destroy America

"It looks as though Linda Osolkowski [author of the editorial Rich was responding to] wants to talk about religious extremism and silly beliefs. In her latest vox pops she ridiculed Dr. Uhri for having what she considers a ridiculous belief system. She goes as far as to sarcastically suggest Dr. Uhri believes gravity to be only a theory. It is not uncommon for Osolkowski to publicly mock Christians as in past posts she has ridiculed doctrines such as the rapture while touting her “goddess” worship as being firmly based in reason. So it is time to further examine her new age mindset and the theology which surrounds the goddess.

"The goddess identifiable by many names was known to the Egyptians as Isis, the Greeks as Demeter-Persephone, to the Romans Diana and, at present, is commonly known as Sophia-Gaia. Gaia is most recognizable to people as “Mother Earth.” Although the goddess’ theology varies amongst Sophiologists the core belief system remains common. Hence I will present the goddess from the perspectives of her story tellers, those credited with heralding in the new age and popularizing her in the west, namely H.P. Blavatsky and Rudolph Steiner.In the beginning God existed as one in the form of a polarity: the divine masculine and the divine feminine (Sophia). Together they co-created the universe. Each entity was a conjoined triune deity, the male being the Father, Logos and Holy Spirit and the female being the Mother, Daughter and World Soul. In the goddess’ zeal to create, she formed the cosmos independently of her male counterpart resulting in a mistake which caused the divine feminine to separate from the divine masculine. Upon her descent Ialdabaoth, the God of Israel, taunted her so she gave her light to the sun and became the earth where she remains in the depths of the under world longing to reunite to the divine masculine. The universal prayer to the goddess opens as “our Mother, who art in the depths of the under world.” Her only hope to reconnect to the divine masculine has been to facilitate humanity’s evolution to its final stage by emitting evolutionary impulse streams through her spiral vortexes. It is only when humanity becomes attuned to her impulses and by adopting a global consciousness—the World Soul—that the goddess will become redeemed and able to reunite to the divine masculine.

"The final earthly stage of human development is considered to be the most painful period in earth’s evolutionary process because not everyone is attuned to the goddess’ impulse streams. Those individuals, primarily monotheists and political dissenters, are considered to be the World Soul’s karmic opposites which inhibit the goddess’ redemption. Shirley McClain, among many, explains that their karmic opposites soon await their fate in “karmageddon.” 

"Once the 'World Soul' eliminates its karmic opposites, it will have become divine and transcend thereby bringing an end to time and death. This 'transcended humanity' will move forward to become 'co-creators' with the rejoined godhead culminating its journey partaking in the Vulcan stage of cosmic evolution wherein they will realign the cosmos by transforming the earth into a new sun.

"It would be remiss of me not to mention Mother Earth’s (Gaia’s) keeper—the Pleiadians—as they too emit impulses through her vortexes. The Pleiadians, from the planetary star Alcyone, are hosting in honor of Gaia’s redemption a cosmic party to commence on December 21, 2012. They have chosen to communicate their agenda by channeling their writings through Barbara Hand Clow’s Pleiadian Agenda. They do so as they recognize some goddess worshippers have been lazy and not adequately expanded their levels of consciousnesses by focusing their meditative energies into the reptilian forces.

"According to the 'Pleiadians,' not everyone has an invitation to the cosmic party—only those who recognize that Lucifer lives within them and are willing to undergo a Luciferic initiation. This is a common theme in new age literature and one which is problematic for the world’s monotheists as they recognize Lucifer to be none other than Satan. 

"As clearly presented throughout their writings, [Helena Petrovna] Blavatsky and [Rudolf] Steiner agree that Satan and Lucifer are the same.  They, however, exhibit great admiration for him. Per Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, “In this case it is but natural…to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind…” Blavatsky also identifies the goddess Sophia and Lucifer to be one and the same—Lucifer’s female persona. 

"Maybe the devil really does wear Prada.  The Pleiadians tell us how to recognize the start of the cosmic party—it will commence when their mother ship enters earth’s atmosphere. As one can see, “goddess” theology is based upon 'solid scientific inquiry.'  

"Although I disagree with theologies such as the goddess, I would defend anyone’s right to believe it.  It is when governments—such as the new global order and its governmental structures—demand that individuals shift their religious beliefs to one centered around earth-worship and the acceptance of their political-spiritual cosmic Christ that they have crossed the line into dictatorship and have themselves adopted an ideology of religious extremism. 

"Global governmental organizations such as the Alliance of Civilizations, Gorbachev’s Earth Charter, the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality, etc., etc. openly portray such a system. They have formulated a strategy to rid themselves of dissenters by identifying those individuals as religious extremists who are prone to violent radicalization. Osolkowski attempted to do the same in her latest vox pops. 

"The Alliance of Civilizations has said that it is a sovereign United States which presently stands in its way of globally deploying its new spirituality. It has further called for the abolition of national parliaments worldwide. At least in the United States, despite our flaws, we can voice our opinions without the threat of death. There are visible signs that this too is shifting as leadership in both the Republican and Democratic parties rush towards handing over our national sovereignty in the interest of global governance. So if Linda wishes to further discuss religious extremism and silly religious beliefs we too are willing to participate in that discussion. — Richard Peterson, Medford

July 17, 2008
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Joan said...


Here is a link for information about the inviability of the EU, as an entity. There are also many other interesting topics on this webpage. I'm sure you'll find the information about UNESCO interesting and disturbing. I certainly did!


Carrie said...

Dorothy, I assume you know about the EarthSpirit Rising conferences in Cincinnati that so many Catholic nuns attended. Your Limina sounds a lot like them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Constance! I recv'd the e-mail from Ken with request for urgent prayer re: this situation with Richard Abanes, but I honestly wasn't sure who he is, and why he's persecuting Ken Silva's ministry.

Anonymous said...

I remember the flyers and stories of a really big conference with many orders of nums there, but I don't remember the name. I think these kind of meetings attracted many people because they were such novelties. They were pushed by people who wanted a large movement which they didn't get. Ordinary people weren't ready for such rapid changes.

Now as you document at your blog, changes are more subtle with the novelties appearing as ideas that are developed in each church and parish. Anything to get more people inside the door.

Only the pagans seem to have pagan festivals now.


Anonymous said...

There's a new post over at
with a link to Global Ethics people. I followed it to this list of links.

Sometimes I think every New Age leader needs his or her own set of letterheads and websites to make him or her proud. This one has 75 links, some old, some new. I think anyone making a list could come up with thousands and thousands, starting with the 3,200 over at Whole Again.

The bigger thing is to try and figure out which are really significant, which are vanity webs, which are dead in the water, which are set up to get foundation money, which makes professors seem important, etc.


Rudi said...

Rich Peterson has posted Constances'
January 10, 2007
News With Views article:

"Pillars of the "Alliance of Civilization" The Earth Charter"

Excellent article Constance! Thanks Rich. -Rudi

Susanna said...

To all:

It seems that Obama has a half brother living in China. Here is a July 27, 2008 article from the Sunday Times entitled:


Mark Ndesandjo: Barack Obama's Chinese Merchant Brother With His Own Worldnexus

Carrie said...

Dorothy, I assume you know about the EarthSpirit Rising conferences held in Cincinnati and attended by numerous Catholic nuns. It sounds like Limina was similar to ESR.

Anonymous said...

Limina left its Catholic connection many years ago thanks to a group of active Catholic women who made sure they got a lot of negative publicity. Now it seems to be a small group into connecting with goddess things.

Earthspirit has a much broader agenda, more New Age and much less pagan than Limina was. New Age is not solely blatently pagan. It pulls toward the pagan and occult on many tracks rather than throwing one right in the middle right from the start.


Anonymous said...

The way I see it is that change agents attempt to subvert an existing organization from the inside. Churches, schools, civic organizations, village boards, etc. all can be targeted.

Most people just want to be followers, leaving the hard work to those who want to be leaders. They don't want to make waves. They just want to get along.

That attitude works for the change agents who like power and have been trained in manipulative techniques or who just may be manipulative by nature.

Over the years I've been fortunate to run into some individuals who care enough about their neighbors and are willing to do more than just talk to expose the decivers. They pay a high price in their personal lives to do this.

Catholics who exposed Limina and Matthew Fox's activities here in Chicago did so because they believed in Catholicism. In fact most of the people I've met who care are people who take their religion seriously.

It's not monotheism that has failed when those connected are not honorable. It can make better persons of those who open their minds and hearts to it and really work at making it part of their lives. I see the good in Judaism and Christianity, and it's God's will where a person's faith lies.


Anonymous said...

Brotherhood of Darkness by Dr. Monteith taken from Constances videos.
Please watch this video, it is long but very worth the time. He sums up things beautifully.
Luciferian influence upon modern society.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to share this Jewish perspective of the coming Messiah whom we call the Anti-Christ.
He gives a discription of who they are hoping for .

Anonymous said...

I wanted to put the specific area of interest in that video from previous post at 7:05AM.
It is at 1:09:22 - 1:12 and on about the NWO

Anonymous said...

From the Drudge regarding Edgar Mitchell (Noetic Sciences)and UFOs:

Anonymous said...


I don't know much about it and cannot find anything on it any where, however it is supposed that SCAN is an ultra secret group like freemasons.

Just thought you or someone else might know.

God Bless you guys
JB in CO

Anonymous said...


You might be right about Cardinal Bernadin. I used to attend a church, where the priest was not open to things like more Masses, better faith programs for youth etc, but he allowed people in to teach Yoga, meditation and all that stuff. He was confronted many times, by parishoners, but to no avail. Many of them just left for more Orthodox parishes. In some churches the New Age is incorportated deceptively into liturgical practices. It often results in a showdown between those knowledgable about NA teachings and those not.

Pope Benedict has called for the Tridentine rite to be opened up in all Parishes, not many people are listening. The same with the mandatory teaching of Catholic philosophy in churches and Catholic schools. It is going to be up to the people to campaign for these things to be put in place, and bother Bishops and Priests until they comply.


Rudi said...

Hi JB in CO-
I had not heard specifically about SCAN either. You’ve given me a topic to do some serious digging this week. A five minute google search this morning produced a couple interesting items to look into. I have been gathering info about a program already being used in the EU. PRIME (Privacy and Identity Management for Europe) is a EU program already in effect.


Human Bar Code

Human vein-mapping technology

Setterman said...

The projected vein image has an eerie "SUPERMAN" symbol-like appearance. What a laugh! If all these efforts are not for "the children" they are for security. If we only had elected officials and judges that believed in the RULE of LAW we might not have these excuses to curtail our freedoms.

Susanna said...

To JB in CO and Rudi


This might be a lead.

The objectives of one group called "Social Cognitive and Affective Neuro Science" a.k.a. "SCAN" appear to be compatible with the objecives of the Institute of Noetic Sciences as well as the Global Consciousness Project. Here are some interesting links.







Richard G. Petty, MD
(Note: SCAN is listed at left in side bar.)


Richard G. Petty, MD



Bender Institute of Neuroimaging - ** Mitarbeiter **Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Advance Access published on ... The Role of Absorption for the Study of Yoga. Journal for Meditation and ...

(The following may have applications to GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS PROJECT - hit single arrow to proceed with slide show)

Anonymous said...


You provided this link:


Richard G. Petty, MD

He refers to PEAR at Princeton. If you go into their site you get this link:

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR)

Scientific Study of Consciousness-Related Physical Phenomena

Which brings you to the PEAR International Conciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL). Check out their link page:

One of the links on their page is for Earth Mysteries and Cognitive Archeology. There are some frighteningly bizarre links at ICRL.

My husband studied physics and engineering in college and graduate school. We noted that no longer is the New Age content with the social sciences. It has now infected the "hard" sciences too.

Someone should see if it has infected MIT, Standford and Cal Poly's engineering and psysics departments.

Anonymous said...

At one of the sites:
"Also available are a number of more philosophical essays that speculate about the broader cultural and spiritual ramifications."

I think it's darn clever how they can make paganism and the occult sound scientific. It's a word game challenge that's harder than a NYTimes crossword puzzle or Sodoku or whatever that is. These academics are just binding themselves up in knots. Too much money and too much time and too many academics with no other jobs.

It's the bringing it down to reality in the real world that would be even harder. Somehow the occult doesn't fit in with shopping at Walmart or raking grass. What are the real life applications of this research? Ley lines...LOL


Anonymous said...

To the anonymous that wrote about the Planet X thing:

After reading up on the internet and watching You tube videos on the matter, I think it's totally proposterous. Did I spell that right?

Planet X is suppose to be a brown dwarf star that's on a near collision course with the Earth. It was suppose to be here in 2003, now the new date is somewhere in 2012 because of the Mayan calendar thing. It is described as a brown dwarf star about 4 or 5 times the mass of the Earth. Which is ridiculous. The planet Jupiter is 11 times the mass of the Earth, yet it's not considered a brown dwarf. Supposedly it cannot be detected by any telescopes, yet it's suppose to be here in 4 years? A brown dwarf is not a black hole in which light cannot escape. It would still reflect light from the sun. It takes 2 years for a martian probe to land on Mars when launched from the Earth.

Some have suggested that Planet X is the Star Wormwood described in Revelation. The prophecy in Revelation describes it as a direct impact on the Earth and causes much water contamination. If this is suppose to be Planet X and Planet X is vastly more massive than Earth, a direct impact would totally destroy the Earth. Revelation doesn't say Wormwood would create total devastation.
"10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;

11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter."

So, the Planet X proponents, say that it will be a near passing, landing between Mars and Jupiter. Wouldn't it pull Mars into it's orbit? Planet X has supposedly made other close passings, and yet Mars is still there. Why doesn't Jupiter wreak havoc with the Earth considering it's strong gravitational pull. Once in a while Jupiter's massive electronmagnetic sphere interferes with radio signals here on Earth, be it hasn't yanked us off our axis.

Maybe there will be a collision with a celestial body, but it would more than likely be a comet or asteroid. This would more likely be Wormwood of Revelation. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But, I'm sure it's not Planet X.

And, there is a tenth planet, but it's only a dwarf planet a bit larger than Pluto. If we're looking for end time scenerios, lets not lose our heads in the process.

I suspect the whole notion of Planet X is somehow connected to the New Age Movement and meant to create a sense of panic. After the passing of Planet X a new era of man is suppose to begin. I guess 2012 is the new target date for the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

David in Battle Creek

Anonymous said...

It's interesting watching where the money flows. At the ICRL link given we find Lifebridge which has strong ties to Lucis Trust. Lifebridge doles out a lot of money to a lot of organizations. So then we find who is a board member of ICRL

"Barbara L. Valocore, Secretary of ICRL, is President and founder of the Lifebridge Foundation, Inc., which is associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations."

Other than the money, why do same people get associated with these current day alchemists? I know there is strong competition for jobs in the academic area, but really....


Anonymous said...

Princeton is where Peter Singer, the controversial animal rights activist has a chair. Animal rights, euthanasia, infanticide, eugenics = New Age. Put Princeton and "New Age" into a search and many things come up.

Is anyone out there familiar with Princeton and why it would be so connected to New Age outreach?


paul said...

David in Battle Creek,
You sound like a sensible man to me.
Good luck, buddy.

I think that the end of life on earth as we know it, is closer that some 2012. It's at the door step right now.

Where's Joyce?

Bring it on sister.
Hey! Hallelujah!

Anonymous said...

Joyce is at a seminar this week and thought she might not be able to check in much.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for checking out the ICRL site. The links are very bizarre and makes one rethink the price of an Ivy League education.

Susanna said...

Anonymous 5:16 P.M. and Dorothy

Dorothy, I know you were joking about the "Ley lines" but if you have ever checked out the sites having to do with the obsession with treasure hunting spawned by the book Holy Blood Holy Grail you will see that this "cognitive archaeology" (likely another name for "geomancy") has to do with so-called sacred sites that are, according to the "cognitive archaeologists" aligned with the earth's Ley lines. Ditto on the LOL! But I don't think these critters are as amused as we are. :-)

LEY LINES (Glossary)

PIERRE PLANTARD (wannabe "Grand Monarch" a la Nostradamus in HOLY BLOOD HOLY GRAIL)

In fact the "Earth Mysteries and Cognitive Archaeology" link on the ICRL site mentions Ley lines (a.k.a. "Dragon lines.") These are important divining elements in the form of occultism known as "geomancy."


Anonymous, you wrote;

"My husband studied physics and engineering in college and graduate school. We noted that no longer is the New Age content with the social sciences. It has now infected the "hard" sciences too."

You are absolutely right. In fact, if you haven't done so already, you might want to consider reading the third book of C.S. Lewis' science fiction trilogy entitled THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH!

As Mr. Lewis once pointed out, the devil loves a materialist as well as he does a magician. In THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH we get a picture of a kind of sinister scientism that combines both.

Carrie said...

We are certainly not the first generation that believed the world would end in our lifetimes. It is just possible that the world is going to be around here long after we are gone. We should not lose sight of that fact.

Anonymous said...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Can I be the only one more than a little disturbed by the latest campaign to be fronted by energy company npower?

Launched today with large colour ads in the Sundays, it appeals directly to children, urging them to enlist as "climate cops", to root out "climate crimes", and thus "save the planet".

In a luridly-designed website, mimicking the style of "yoof" cartoons, it offers a bundle of downloads, including a pack of "climate crime cards", urging its recruits to spy on families, friends and relatives, inviting each of them to build up a "climate crime case file" in order to help them ensure their putative criminals do not "commit those crimes again (or else)!"

There are a number of links to the story, including

which goes into very good detail on what is wrong with turning children against parents. These people are mad with power.


Anonymous said...


Perhaps that is similar to what Senator Obama has planned for his "Energy Corps."


Anonymous said...

Nice match of ideas. I didn't think of it. I'm glad you did.

It's wonderful how we cross-fertilize each others' interests. The Princeton link got me thinking about Princeton, the occult, New Age, etc., so I put in Princeton and Lucis into a search. The most important piece of information I found was the reminder about Bollingen, the Mellons and Princeton.

Way down the list I came across this link:

It's a summary of a one day conference this year that covered the area of alternative health. It's a cornacopia of buzz words, terms, practices, themes, etc. When your HMO doctor suggests some alternative health practice, check out the source and see how much of your mind you are being asked to give up in the hope of getting healthy.


Susanna said...


Bingo! Not only "how much of your mind you are being asked to give up
in the hope of getting healthy," but also... how much of your soul???

During the Middle Ages, a neo-Manichaean movement began in Albi, France. The "Albigensians," as they were called can reasonable be regarded as the "New Agers" of their day. In the middle ages, as well as from the start, it was common for these Manichaeans to practice medicine because in addition to preaching, Mani is said to have practiced medicine and healed the sick. Becoming a physician was one way of gaining access to the sick and the dying - especially where one had to practice one's religion secretly.

The Manichaeans were called a "menace to society" because they believed and taught that all the laws of Church and State were the "evil" ordinances of the "evil god." (They were dualists who believed in two equal but opposite in "Star Wars.")

Mikhail Bakunin, a self professed Satanist who had ascended to the, highest ranks of Freemasonry, taught something very similar that went by the name of "mystical anarchism."



Dostoyevsky's novel THE DEVILS - a.k.a. THE POSSESSED is based on a murder involving Sergey Nechayev, an associate of Bakunin.


In THE DEVILS, Dostoyevsky describes a fictional strategy according to which a bogus "Pretender" is going to be set up to serve as the mouthpiece for the revolutonaries in Russia. The petty nobleman, Stavrogin, is the potential equivalent of the "donkey named Puzzle" in the last book of the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA entitled THE LAST BATTLE.

Here is the free e-book. the chapter is entitled "IVAN THE TSAREVITCH."



In a Russian variation of the "lost king myth," Ivan the Tsarevitch, was going to be sold to the people of Russia as a great healer and wonder worker vis a vis propaganda that would be cooked up by the Revolutionaries. They would even portray the Tsarevitch as a man of peace - even as having come to an understanding with the Roman Catholic Church!

In the Middle Ages, Neo-Manichaeans (Albigensians) were forbidden to attend the deathbeds of Christians since that was when Manichaean initiation (consolamentum) was often received and the "endura" (suicide by starvation) begun if there was a chance a person might recover after receiving the "consolamentum."


Many of us tend to think that the strategy of the "antichrist" is going to be an obvious persecution.

What if the antichrist opts against openly making "martyrs?"

What if "martyrdom" winds up involving something far more subtle at the end of the day?

What if martyrdon involves the simple refusal of an offer made by Antichrist of a "benefit" at the expense of justice?

What if this offer/lie is something like "technoligical immortality" that all are simply free to accept or reject? What if this "technological immortality" comes at the expense of someone else's life? As in the case of organ transplants, stem cell research using human foetuses, etc.?

Again to paraphrase the much of your soul will you be willing to give up in the hope of getting healthy?

It is food for thought.

Anonymous said...


Speaking of the link between Princeton, health and surrendering your mind, the above link is one of those from ICRL.


Revelation speaks of those beheaded for their testimony of Jesus Christ. I think it will be overt persecution and very barbaric.

Anonymous said...

For the past 2 months, military operations at Camp Pendleton have increased to the point that the local news has had to respond with "sanitized" versions of these operations.

Check out this eyewitness interview (below) to the drills (which occurred at Red Beach).

Anonymous said...


SCAN is suppose to be a ultra secret society, however I cannot find any info. on them. I thought maybe you had heard of them.

JB in CO

Carrie said...

Revelation speaks of those beheaded for their testimony of Jesus Christ. I think it will be overt persecution and very barbaric.

Is it just coincidental that the Noahide Laws prescribe beheading for idolatry which would be the classification of the worship of Jesus Christ under the Noahide Laws.

Constance Cumbey said...


I am carefully watching the shooting at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, TN yesterday. It was being examined as a "hate crime." It seems the gunman was out of work and left an alleged letter in his car expressing his disgust at "liberals" and "liberal churches." The Krystalnacht of Nazi Germany was set in motion by somebody pushed to the edge killing a Nazi. As the Universalist-Unitarians, although ancient as the gnostics, are a clearly New Age Church, considering the Alliance of Civilizations various reports labeling USA evangelicalism as "extremism that breeds terrorism" and as such "a deeper concern than terrorism," and as Barack Obama recently said the nations of the world need to unite (parroting Solana who said it MUCH, MUCH EARLIERI) to defeat the extremism that breeds terrorism, this situation should be viewed by us with concern.

That there will be agents-provocateurs in our midst doing these deeds and imputing them to us is also a real possibility.


Constance Cumbey said...

Joyce left this link at Farmer's site. We all need to view it here as well:


Anonymous said...

Your Euro-Med website link was chock full of symbolism.
satanism, Freemasonry and Babylonian
I think they are all ONE

Anonymous said...

People who skim might think this is an official website because of the name, believing the occult symbolism is being openly used by the EU. No, this is a private Eurosceptic blog. The explanation of the symbolism appears on the website at the right in various languages.


Susanna said...

Anonymous 10:32

You wrote:

"Revelation speaks of those beheaded for their testimony of Jesus Christ. I think it will be overt persecution and very barbaric."

That is always a possibility too if Revelations 20:4 is referring to the future and not to the time of the writing of the Book of Revelations.

Actually, at that time, only Roman citizens - like St. Paul - were executed by way of beheading because it was regarded as a quick "humane" death. Romans didn't crucify Roman citizens.

The Book of Revelations could also be referring to pagan citizens of Rome who were beheaded on account of their conversion to Christianity....especially under Nero who claimed that he was equal to Apollo and was a type of antichrist in the days when Emperor worship was the law of the land....

"Privileges of Roman Citizenship:

Roman citizens had more legal rights: they could not be flogged or held in prison without trial (Acts 16:37-38)
Roman citizens could appeal to the Emperor (the "Supreme Court") if found guilty by a local court (25:10-12)
Roman citizens could only be executed by the sword (i.e., beheading), but not tortured (e.g., crucifixion)
Roman citizens were exempt from some taxes and other obligations, esp. local rules and regulations"

In any case, my intention was to suggest one example of the kinds of things that might powerfully tempt the world to follow the "son of perdition".....or one more of his predecessors.

Constance Cumbey said...

ERVIN LASZLO IS TODAY'S ONE MINUTE VIDEO ON THE INSTITE OF NOETIC SCIENCES. The subject: THE SHIFT (what else with this bunch?). Watch it complete with the creepy music by using this link:

Then go back and listen to the Fr. Seraphim Rose video with the beautiful chorale music to detox!


Krystal Barnett said...

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