Monday, July 28, 2008

Could this be a prelude to our "Krystallnacht"?

In 1938 a crazed Jewish young man, Peter Grynspan, distraught over his parent's deportation to a Polish ghetto, walked into a Nazi office and killed a German military official.  This was the incident the Nazis seized upon to rally mass violence against the Jews which culminated in the ugly Krystallnacht in which thousands of Jewish owned businesses had their glass shattered and shops destroyed.  Then the already victimized storeowners and other Jews were forced to pay reparations for the cleanup.   They were also forced to wear ugly yellow stars.

There was an ominous parallel here in the USA yesterday.  A  crazed out of work man,  with a media reported hatred of liberals and their churches allegedly walked into a Knoxville, Tennessee Unitarian Universalist Church and opened fire.  At least seven were wounded.  Two have so far died.  Because of a note left in the car, the matter is being investigated as a "hate crime."

What is ignored in the headline coverage are the statements of witnesses contained in the article:  He was angry at all religion.  He expressed anger two years ago at a neighbor who told him she graduated from Bible School.  He said his parents had forced him to go to church as a child.  His hatred of religion was certainly not confined to "liberal" ones.

The emphasis in the mainstream media coverage seems to be "hate crimes" against "liberal churches" -- not Christianity and the Bible in general.

I am fearful of the media spin being put upon this one.  I have collected many New Age books that say when people learn what the churches are all about, they will burn them down.  Edgar Cayce (A.R.E.) activist Gina Cerminara wrote one such book, Insights for the Age of Aquarius.

I rather suspect the Alliance of Civilizations will seize upon this as part of their implementation agenda.  They have already written at length that a greater threat than terrorism to the world was 'religious extremism' in the USA.  They spelled out with great exactitude that this was more dangerous than terrorism because it was the "extremism" that would breed terrorism.

Given the recent publicity characterizing Fellowship Foundation as Christian extremism and given that we know that at the very highest levels it was a New Age stalking horse with interlocking directorates with the highest leadership of powerful New Age groups such as Institute for Noetic Sciences and World Business Academy, I suspect that great hay will be made of this  with little or no attention paid to the assailant's total hatred of all religion.

The same tactic was tried   by New Age leadership after Jim Jones and his People's Temple blew up in 1977.  The New Agers promptly blamed the entire organization and final fatal episode on "Christian fundamentalism."  I am happy to have played some role, albeit perhaps small, in returning Jim Jones to the New Age community of which he was always such a stalwart part.

It would be very nice as the charges of "Christian extremism" advance to likewise hand them back Fellowship Foundation and the Prayer Breakfast Network.  Using psychological terms, what appears to be happening is called "projection."  The New Agers are busy projecting their own hateful agenda on to us, successfully using the religious subversion networks they created to marginalize and silence those of us sound the alarms!  Atheist websites continue to mischaracterize Jim Jones as "Christian" seeking "righteousness." I am certain by now they know he was not, but the lie is convenient for those seeking to put down monotheism in general and Christianity in particular.

We need to keep a close and wary eye on this one.


Anonymous said...

Constance ... where did you get your info that the gunman hated all religion? Do you have a link?

I'd like to use this info to refute those already condemning Christianity at other websites.


Anonymous said...


I really feel helpless. Things are advancing at a rapid rate. Is there anything we can ALL do, to get the word out about the NA now, something more public, than just our own blogs.


Constance Cumbey said...

The story that I took the information from you can reach by pressing the story headline and/or underined portions. It is plainly contained in the very body of the story -- it's just that the press predictably failed to emphasize it.

Anonymous said...

As far as “Christian extremism” watch for the move toward the unreasoned embracing by the public; then back your bags for who knows where.
“If they hated me they will hate you”

Anonymous said...

pack your bags

Anonymous said...

Many years ago a coworker and friend, several years my senior, gave me several books to read. Among the authors were Cerminara and Krishnamurti. She whispered to me that "K" was her greatest teacher.

She was a great person, very warm and caring, a gifted polyglot and polymath who held several advanced degrees with highest academic honors.

I could never square the sheer weirdness of her philosophical beliefs with other aspects of her character including her immense intelligence.

Anonymous said...

pay attention to waht Dorothy recommended previously.
Get something you are interested in - get the info into a digestable printed format that people will show interest in - hand them out, leave them places, speak with individuals.
It seems an overwhelmingly impossible task, but remember - with the help and guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ - 12 individuals set the world spinning. We still follow their footsteps in some respects.
Its been about 24 years (+) I have spoken with people - some listen, some do not, all I can do is heed the Master's call on who to speak with and who not to.


Anonymous said...


In addition to what DouginMI suggested:

If you are Catholic, remember the words of St. Padre Pio:

"Pray, hope, and don't worry."

Words to live by even if you are not Catholic.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 6:25

You wrote:

"I could never square the sheer weirdness of her philosophical beliefs with other aspects of her character including her immense intelligence."

This is probably one instance of someone being a better person than the system to which he/she adheres.

Anonymous said...

W.W.J.F.D?=What would Janet Folger do?
I've just about finished her book "The Criminalization of Christianity' and it couldn't be more timely.
As she says, " You have the right to remain silent, but that's not what God calls us to do."

They are indeed coming out against Christianity with all guns a'blazing, but who's surprised?

God give us all the faith to speak up as your Holy Spirit prompts us.

"Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid..."

Alf Cengia said...


Paper, rapped for outing Obama note, claims campaign pre-approved leak

Anonymous said...

Science writer for the Guardian makes the case for population control (with medical doctors).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reassurance DougInMI and Susanna. I have been working on a paper on Psudeo-Sciences, on how the NA is imapacting life and death issues. I guess I have to take it one step at a time.


Rudi said...

"Two Faiths Converge to Shun Religious Extremism"

CONNECTICUT // "Muslim theologians and their Evangelical counterparts are among the 150 delegates congregating at Yale University for what organisers hope will become a landmark union of two great faiths in the global battle against religious extremism.

Interfaith seminars have become commonplace nowadays, with initiatives being led by a bevy of statesmen from Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, but this low-key affair is being touted by insiders as “the one that counts”.

While other events have featured a similar cast of repeat speakers and conference-hoppers, the Yale meet unites a group of religious leaders who together command the opinions of enormous constituencies of worshippers."

On October 13, 2007, 138 Muslim scholars and clerics sent an open letter "to leaders of Christian churches, everywhere.", titled,
"A Common Word Between Us and You". A response to this letter was drafted by scholars at Yale Divinity School's Center for Faith and Culture. It was endorsed by almost 300 other Christian theologians and leaders.
On July 29-31, 2008 for the first time, Yale’s respondents “will meet en masse with the authors of A Common Word, a multi-denominational body of Muslims under Jordan’s Royal Aal al Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought, and test “how far that agreement really reaches”.

"Among them will be the Islamic spiritualist, Sheikh al Habib Ali al Jifri, founder and director of Abu Dhabi’s Tabah Foundation, together with Rick Warren, best-selling Evangelical author and pastor, and Jordan’s Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal."


The schedule for this event can be viewed through the following link:

Among the speakers are
U.S. Senator John F. Kerry, who will give a keynote address, and Rev. Dr. Robert Schuller.


Anonymous said...

Today I drove by a house (in California) that had a sign in its window encouraging people to vote against the proposed ban on gay marriage (consitutional amendment) and they flew a United Nations flag outside.

Jeff Sharlet said...

Constance -- this is an off-topic comment to thank you for your comments on my book, The Family, and to apologize for my delay in responding. I've left that blog as sort of a default for folks interested in the book. But I'm aware of your work and very happy you stopped by. If you'd like to communicate more, please shoot me an email at jeff dot sharlet at gmail dot com.

Homophobic Horse said...

This talk of "extremism" is a highly dishonest attempt at subverting religion to psychology. Anyone who uses "extremist" in this sense should be called out for their dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

Mac, Obama’s “prayer” reminds me of Bill Clinton on the beach of Normandy; sand all around, accept for a group of perfectly sized stones which he conveniently forms into a cross. There is a strange analogy to the beautiful Death-cap mushroom: it appears beautiful and edible, but one bite means death. I say this because an: “An instrument of your will," seems to include infanticide.

A photo-op is worth a thousand words, a thousand lies.

Anonymous said...

Back to Obama's prayer-
On the War Room radio show the one host was laughing because on the video it looks like the prayer, as Obama tries to stuff it into the wall, is being pushed back out again.
What is interesting is that I don't recall other politicians (except the Jewish ones) going to the Wall and putting in prayers. Huh, what will the politicians do once Israel gets a temple built!

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder. Don't people have any brains? Given Obama's associatuion with Minister Louis Farrakhan vis a vis his church and his harsh anti-Istraeli attitude, the spectacle of Obama at the Wailing Wall is more than a little hard to stomach.



Anonymous said...


I am busy, but saw that article and had the same thought. Here's another interesting link, which links to other links. Haven't reviewed it carefully though..

Another very interesting thing for people to play with is an interactive site called Muckety, where you can plug in names and see relationships. It can get a little complicated visually, but worth taking a look at:


Anonymous said...


I have a question for you. When you wrote your books was the Lucis Trust copyright in place?. I know they have one now. I want to put together a book for Catholics, on the NA war against the church which has been going on since the 3rd century. What will the ramifications of using NA material and quotes be?


Homophobic Horse said...

Anti-Christian persecution:

Report on Chastity Ring case : The President of the National Secular Society, said: "This is entirely the correct decision. The case was a manipulative attempt to impose a particular religious viewpoint on this school and, presumably, on other schools if this case had been won."

Report on Sikh Bangle case : "Our great British traditions of religious tolerance and race equality have been rightly upheld today.

Britain is dead - killed by the doom of nations.

Anonymous said...

Homophobic Horse,

See "Psyhology as Religion: The Cult of Self Worship" by Dr. Paul Vitz.

Mr. and Mrs. Bobgan at and Debbie Dewart at have also made enormous contributions in this area.

Anonymous said...

Found in Drudge today regarding Christianity in Indonesia.

Anonymous said...


Best of luck with your book -- it is much needed, and I believe there is a real audience for it.

I want to express thanks to you (and, as always, Dorothy) for your posts here and at Israel Forum -- I've benefited immensely from them all.

You have probably seen this article in California Catholic Daily on the watershed of 1968, but if not, you MUST read it.



Anonymous said...

Article about Speaker Pelosi:

"I’m trying to save the planet; I’m trying to save the planet,” she says impatiently when questioned. “I will not have this debate trivialized by their excuse for their failed policy.”

Let’s face it, Washington: This speaker is different. She’s the first woman ever to hold the post and a very tough one at that, with a penchant for the mystical."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose. The New Age is one beast that keeps rising up in every age.


Anonymous said...


Interesting site- muckety, but I was a little disappointed to see that Solana provided no search results. Neither did Maurice Strong, Paul Temple or Coe.

Thanks though, it was fun.


Anonymous said...

From CNN . . .

A magnitude-5.4 earthquake has struck just east of Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Officials say there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

The epicenter was 3 miles west-southwest of Chino Hills and 28 miles east-southeast of the Los Angeles Civic Center, which is in downtown Los Angeles, the USGS reports.

The epicenter was about 8.5 miles deep. In general, earthquakes closer to the surface produce stronger shaking and can cause more damage than those farther underground.

The quake struck at 11:42 a.m.
(2:42 p.m. ET), according to the USGS. Kate Hutton, a staff seismologist at Caltech, said 11 aftershocks followed, with 3.8 being the largest and the only one felt, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The quake's magnitude classification fluctuated as seismologists reviewed the data. Initially classified as a magnitude 5.8, the quake's intensity was reduced to a 5.6 and then to a 5.4. Because the earthquake magnitude scale is exponential, a 5.8 magnitude quake is four to five times more intense than a 5.4.

A 5.4 magnitude quake is considered by the USGS to be "moderate," which can cause slight damage to buildings and others structures. About 500 can happen globally each year, the survey says.

There were no immediate reports of injury or damage in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey told The Associated Press. San Bernardino County fire dispatch did not have reports of damage, AP said.

According to the USGS archives, it's the biggest California earthquake since September 28, 2004, when a 6.0 quake was recorded south of Parkfield, which is about 70 miles northwest of Bakersfield.

Constance Cumbey said...

Just getting ready to go on air.

My guest today is "Young Grasshopper" and we will be discussing her concerns over the Obama campaign.


Constance Cumbey said...

Southern california suffered a 5.4 earthquake at 11:42 Pacific time, (2:42 Eastern time). I have family there as do many of you. Pray for the affected residents.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen this info before? Obama and McCain are related. Interesting. Very difficult voting season this November.

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Savvy,

Check out "the Fair Use Doctrine" -- it should protect your use of selected quotations to illustrate your points.


Constance Cumbey said...

To Jeff Sharlet:

I'm honored that you paid a visit to my blogspot. Dr. Stanley Monteith told me you gave him a great interview and I am hoping to have one myself. I will communicate with the email address you gave and thanks very much for the visit and even more for your very important book, THE FAMILY.


Anonymous said...

It's not complete by any means, but I found some interesting connections the last few times I stumbled on it.

Anonymous said...

it's all social programming... pretty soon extremism will equal fundamentalism and they'll use the Islamic terrorists to euphemize all people of monotheistic faith...

this is all very predictable and secularists have no problem seeing this, it's when christians don't acknowledge this and the severity of the times we are living in that makes me worry... wake up

Albert Pike said WWIII was gonna be about making people turn against exclusionary religions...

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