Saturday, May 03, 2008

"Progressive," "inclusive" global governance?

Well friends, so much going on I almost missed this BIG April 4, 2008 event on "global governance." This one was with heads of state, trade commissioners and the like. Peter Mandelson was the chair. They are very unhappy about losing political popularity with the masses on their cherished long awaited "global governance." Here's what Peter Mandelson said in his opening remarks:

I don't want to abuse the prerogative of the chair, but perhaps I can just sketch out some starting points for our discussion. In fact, I want to sound a bit of a warning about our political direction – particularly, but not only, in Europe and America.
I think this is a defining time for progressive politics and globalisation. As a political and intellectual movement we have always defended globalisation and openness as a means of eroding global poverty and creating opportunity.
But the political ground it stands on, above all in the US and Europe, risks moving away from us. Our publics are more sceptical of globalisation, even as we are surrounded by the evidence of its benefits.

Javier Solana, of course, was there. There's the pictures conveniently available at his website to prove it. That's a screen shot of two pictures available. Anthony Giddens was there as well. That is another name that has popped up consistently with searches on Benjamin Creme and his activity.

Heads of state were there including Gordon Brown, the present British Prime Minister, New Zealand's, Chile, and of course "The High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy" / Secretary General of the Western European Union, etc., etc., Dr. Javier Solana.

A good, but obviously disturbed, time was had by all. You may read all about it by clicking the headline link above, but hurry. The videos already appear to have disappeared or did when I tried to access them.

Happy reading and stay tuned!

"Our publics are more sceptical of globalisation, even as we are surrounded by the evidence of its benefits."

If globalisation is so beneficial, why did my the steel of my Chinese Christian slave-made can opener break this afternoon?
you wanted to say "May" not April ?
Thanks a lot
Defining moments outlined in your lead article Constance.

News not available through the American press, but covered in a European paper.

A law was signed into effect in NY state protecting journalists from being sued by individuals from foreign countries if there is nothing in the laws of the foreign country protecting freedom of speech.

This law was necessary to protect American journalists who are reporting on the followers of Islam who are involved in terrorist activity. It is a shame that such a law is necessary to protect freedom of speech.

As someone said to me yesterday while we were talking about the Bible and quotations from the Bible, you need a Supreme Court and not just the Constitution to make things happen.

It is necesssary to actually fight unethical behavior and not just report that it is happening.
Here's the story from a European source:

It took a long time to come up.
Good for them, bad for us!

Heard Connie is going to be on John's starting next Saturday. Can't wait.

If Connie you can't link to the show I will share my name and password under John's guidelines. 3rd hour is great with John this week.

Do not believe globalist will allow US or Israel to bomb Iran. It would spoil PEACE being developed by Solana, Rice, Bush, Blair et al.

How can NA be connected to Islam? Other than it's not Biblical.

$200 + oil $7 gas within 2 years.

The conference was in April -- I did not notice it then. Peter Mandelson is also a BIG player on the globalisation / globalization / global governance scene. He is a British trade commissioner -- Here's a link to his Wikipedia article here. He reportedly wanted an 80,000 pound luxury vehicle as his EU official car. Reportedly extremely arrogant -- and openly homosexual.


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