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January 14, 2007

Dear Friends:

Below is the revolting latest on the "Real ID Act." None of it appears good! I am reprinting the release verbatim from the EPIC Identification and Surveillance Project." I am reproducing it verbatim and I am attempting to line up its author for my radio program Friday afternoon. Holly Peters Pivec, Herb Peters' daughter, and the manager of the popular prophecy website, will be on the air with me Tuesday afternoon and we will conducting the program conversation style rather than an interview format. You, of course, are cordially invited to join the conversation and Stay Tuned!

Update: The author of the posted article is suffering from laryngitis this week, but tells my secretary she will be delighted to join us as soon as recovered!


January 11, 2008
Melissa Ngo
Director, EPIC Identification and Surveillance Project
(202) 483-1140 ext. 123
ngo AT


WASHINGTON, DC - Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael
Chertoff today released the agency's final regulations for REAL ID, the
national identification system. The law was passed in 2005 and will
require the states to make significant changes to the state driver's
license. EPIC and other civil liberties and privacy organizations have
objected to the federal identification system, which will include the
sensitive information of 245 million license and state ID cardholders
across the country.
The proposal has drawn sharp criticism from state governments, members
of Congress, civil liberties advocates, and security experts. The
Secretary scaled back some of the requirements, reduced the cost, and
extended the deadline for state compliance. However, Secretary Chertoff
also indicated that the REAL ID card would be used for a wide variety of
purposes, unrelated to the law that authorized the system, including
employment verification and immigration determination. He also indicated
that the agency would not prevent the use of the card by private parties
for non-government purposes. As part of the cost-saving effort, Homeland
Security has decided not to encrypt the data that will be stored on the
Melissa Ngo, Director of the EPIC Identification and Surveillance
Project, said, "REAL ID creates a United States where individuals are
either 'approved' or 'suspect,' and that is a real danger to security
and civil rights."
The REAL ID proposal has been widely criticized. Seventeen states have
passed legislation against REAL ID, and Congress is debating its repeal.
The Department of Homeland Security has also been criticized for its own
poor security practices. In May 2007, a Homeland Security office lost
the personal data of 100,000 employees.
According to security expert Bruce Schneier, "Measures like REAL ID have
limited security benefit. Identification systems are complex, and the
unforgability of the plastic card is only a small part of the security
equation. Issuance procedures, verification procedures, and the
back-end database are far more vulnerable to abuse, and -- perversely --
a harder-to-forge card makes subverting the system even more valuable.
Good security doesn't try to divine intentionality from identification,
but instead provides for broad defenses regardless of identification."
EPIC is a public interest research center in Washington, D.C. EPIC was
established in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging civil
liberties issues and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and
constitutional values. In 2007, EPIC led a grassroots coalition of
organizations and bloggers that urged the Department of Homeland
Security to withdraw the REAL ID plan.
More information is available at:
Fascism comes to American shores:

Well, if it helps anyone who is not in the information security industry, and I am, having Bruce Schneier comments stating that this ID effort is nonsense really speaks to the truth of this gov'program. Schneier has been on the forefront of cryptography and transaction architectures for many years, and if he thinks this falls way short, then it probably does.
Here's another:
3,000 troops to Afgan.

Someone must be stealing the drugs.
I wondered why the rush to criminalize so much of our population and that of other countries. Perhaps this might explain some of it -- not just a concern for human safety -- a rush to make all of society one giant prison:

My head is spinning. This thing is coming down BIG faster than I ever thought it would. I saw an arrogant Michael Chertoff tell people who lived in states that bravely opposed the Read ID Act that they'd better put pressure on their states -- OR ELSE!

Stay tuned!
We are on brink of of real christian persecution in America.
Big brother Government wants to control us. Our own government wants us to submit to their real I.D. act. The Question I raise is this the maark of the beast. Without it there will be alot of thing we can't do. All this is remake of facism

In Missouri
Constance are we on our way to WW3 and everything is spinning out of control. Look at the middle east it's about ready to fall apart. Do you hear that President Bush want's peace in the middle east this year before he leaves office.
Why do I suddenly find myself envying all my dead friends and relatives? They have missed having to make these ugly choices!
I am 3/4 through a book that is so appropriate for what is coming. It is "The Righteous Man's Refuge" by John Flavel It is taken from Isiah 26:20 "Come my people, enter thou into they chambers and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast." The chapter I'm on is entitled, "The love of God as a resting-place to believing souls in evil times." The whole book is wonderful and encouraging but even more so because of all the evil we are encountering so rapidly.

I don't write much but thanks to all for your faithfulness in keeping track of things. Just wanted to give something to balance all the garbage!

They really seem to want to make
2008 THE year.
I also watched comrade Michael
( Lenin ) Chertoff .
I yi yi.
I would not expect anymore
large scale Christian revivals.
I was thinking how it says that
the end won't come until there
be "a great falling away first
and that son of perdition be
revealed, then the end
will come
Constance Cumby has been an
agent of God to this very prophesy.
She has revealed him.

There are no excuses anymore.
To anyone reading this:
Turn your life over to Jesus
or you will die in your sins.
Don't wait any longer !

Constance your article was intresting keep up the good work and your right the world is coming down real fast.

Eagle Eyes
Prisoners 'to be chipped like dogs'

This link is supposed to give live video of the Madrid AOC forum, but I just get a blank screen. Maybe they all went out for coffee and doughnuts?
I am just in awe daily of late at just the basic news headlines, and move over to or WND and read those, my goodness, the birth pains are becoming fast and intense. I agree with Charlotte, though watching and waiting, we must really know that safe place in HIS bosom, know His promises, know His word and pray for understanding and wisdom in troubled times. For awhile we were looking at prophecy from an aerial view, peak to peak; it is now as if we are in the trees and between mountains and valleys, and seeing can only come from divine help and discernment...oh how we need to see and hear! Bless you all, will pray for you as I go to bed.~South of Seattle
If you research closely, the REAL ID act while being a US initiative - is being used in a different variation in literally every country on the earth right now. There is not 1 single country that is being left out of this kind of system. While the other forms are not called REAL ID - the outcome is the same - in some it is much worse nad goess much farther. In some sense, we are on the back end of the system.

For your financial observers.

Another example of humor that is deadly accurate.

"But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If [the Lord’s] angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary."

James Madison, The Federalist No. 51 - February 6, 1788

Madison’s words ring just as true today as they did 220 years ago. Every day we see human behavior on the decline. Every morning the headlines document some further rise of the demonic forces working to consolidate their hellish authority over men. The degeneration of our own behavior calls out to the Beast, “Come, we need you, we desire you, we can’t live without you”.

“Choose this day whom you will serve.” [Joshua 24:15]
Thanks for the laugh. It's a great video.
Anonymous 12:26
I couldn't get the video either, but that list of participants and their pictures was defintely interesting.
Dorothy and anonymous 12:26 I saw the streaming live video late last night after 2:10 a.m. USA CST.

I saw the opening speakers and the audience.

They started showing people enter the building about 10-12 minutes after the first session was to begin. It was running late.

The AoC Forum actually started about 17-20 minutes after.

I caught it about 2:20 a.m. CST this morning. The opening speeches ended about 3:30 a.m.

Bjorn did you see it?

Did anybody else see it?

At times Zapatero had his hands clasped in front of his face when listening to the other speakers which covered a smiling face that looked surprised, kinda like, "I can't believe the whole event is actually going down".

Anybody else catch it this morning?
I haven't been able to find a link for the AOC forum video...YET.
I have been reading quite a bit of information at this particular AOC site. Actually,I've read more at this site than what I've found at the "Official" Forum website.

There are two key Alliance projects being announced at the Forum:

1)·"The AoC Rapid Response Media Mechanism, an online directory of experts on intercultural issues whom the media can turn to in times of international crises."
2)·"The Alliance of Civilizations Clearinghouse, an online educational tool on multiple issues aimed at improving cross-cultural understanding; the first clearinghouse, on media literacy education, will be launched at the Forum."

Through this site I was able to read a "Media Analysis" which includes more information on the two key Alliance projects listed above.


(Thanks Anon 12:26 for posting the link!)

No video yet, but while waiting, click on "participants", than "participant manual" and go to section 12 - "MAPS".

What do you see?

Symbols are so freaking important to these folks, eh?
oldmanoftheski said...

I'm watching the video now. Got it from the main (AOC) site under "multimedia"

Took about five minutes for the audio to "come in" so wait for it!
There were short "blurps" of sound coming through until the first speaker, José Luís Rodríguez Zapatero, President of Spain is introduced.
I am so curious to see the information you gave a link to in your last comment. Would you know of another link to view the "MAPS" with the symbols. The link you provided won't give access. -Rudi
On the same page above the video you just watched are links to some PDF files, Participants and Participant manual. Go to the manual, section 12.

Or you can go to http://www.madridespaciosycongresos.

and view "PLANS" Take a good look at the building's layout.

Then go to the GOOGLE maps link on that same page, zoom out a little bit and check out the "designed" location of the conference center.

Anybody see what I see?
Forgot to add it is helpful to print out the plans, the 5th floor is most interesting to me, and also print out the Google map of the conference location, then turn the map upside down and hold the two together. (Sort of like playing the Beatle's White album backwards, eh?)

Then compare to

Coincidence? Not.
If your having a hard time finding the conference location on Google Maps, use search term

"Campo de las Naciones, Madrid, Spain"


"Madrid Municipal Conference Center".
oldmanofthesky...could you please say what you see? I'm just not able to find what you are saying.
David in B.C. Thanks for the posting which confirms: Romans 8:14 "For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God."
Oldmanoftheski, I’m glad for your contributions.
Rudi, as usual, thanks for the links, your gentle spirit, and always bringing us back to The Word and its testimony of the Cross of Christ Jesus where all ordinances against us were nailed.
Has anyone noticed the commercial that says “Globalize your mind?” I wasn’t paying attention until that caught my ear, but by that time it was too late to get what the product was. I know IBM and some marketing co. use that kind of phrase-ology.
Charlotte, I’ll look for this book, and will reprint your post in case someone else is interested, thanks,
I am 3/4 through a book that is so appropriate for what is coming. It is "The Righteous Man's Refuge" by John Flavel It is taken from Isiah 26:20 "Come my people, enter thou into they chambers and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast." The chapter I'm on is entitled, "The love of God as a resting-place to believing souls in evil times." The whole book is wonderful and encouraging but even more so because of all the evil we are encountering so rapidly.

I don't write much but thanks to all for your faithfulness in keeping track of things. Just wanted to give something to balance all the garbage!

The Campo de las Naciones, in Madrid, Spain where the AOC is meeting is situated in a circular eye at the base of a triangle, the sides of which are made up of the Av del Parterenon, the Calle de la Ribera de la Sena, and the Via de Dublin. Look at a Google map of the site. As you zoom out, the later two streets continue to form longer legs. If you turn the map upside down it becomes a close replica of the Masonic Compass.

The large meeting halls of the Campo de las Naciones itself, (English- the Madrid Municipal Conference Center), are very obviously designed using that familiar Masonic symbol as well, just look at the floor plans.

According to

One of the most common symbols of Freemasonry is the symbol of the crossed compass and set-square. The compass and square are architect's tools, and symbolize God as the architect of the universe, among other things.

As measuring instruments, the tools represent judgement and discernment.
The compass, which is used to draw circles, represents the realm of the spiritual- eternity. It is symbolic of the defining and limiting principle, and also of infinite boundaries.
The angle measures the square, the symbol of earth and the realm of the material. The square reprents fairness, balance, firmness, etc., which is reflected in phrases such as "on the square" and "squared away." Something that is squared is something that is stable, a foundation for building upon.

Together, the compass and square represent the convergence of matter and spirit, and the convergence of earthly and spiritual responsibilities. The two symbols together form a hexagram, the union of earth with the heavens, matter and mind, etc.

Can this be a coincidence? I don’t think so.

There, I’ve said it. Now go check it out for yourself.
wow, thank you. I've studied a little about freemasonry & I did see the circle part on the map.
Sorry for taking up so much blog space here. I promise this will be my last post for awhile, but I found this design thing fascinating. By using Google map, satellite view, or hybrid, a few more symbolic features jumped out at me.

Right next door to the Campo de las Naciones, we have the Parque Juan Carlos I, which is constructed in a near perfect circular pattern. A water course divides it into two roughly equal, but not really very symmetric halves. The overall park design is reminiscent of the AOC’s own version of the yin yang symbol. (See the plethora of AOC commercials available on You Tube to see this symbol in motion.)

On the Parque’s official website there is a good sat photo of the two sites together…

There are some very interesting art elements in the park as well. I really like this one, a giant hand emerging from the earth, or maybe it’s the sea, you decide…

Oh mystery Babylon… thou art hid in plain sight!

Okay, maybe I’m just paranoid, but lets look at the parks design from yet another angle. Hmm, this is interesting…

Do you see the point within the circle?

According to

“The point within the circle is also one of the more complex and interesting of the symbols [of Freemasonry]. The emblem is a very old one, a solar-phallic symbol used in ancient Egypt to represent the eternal nature of the sun god Ra. The lines which enclose the circle call to mind the akhet, the ancient 'gate' of the sun, a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. In the Masonic Lodge, the emblem is associated with St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, whose feast days fall on the summer and winter solstices. To the Pythagoreans, the point and circle represented eternity, whose "centre is everywhere and the circumference nowhere." The point and the circle can be expressed as the same substance as potential (the point or monad) and as fully manifest (the circle.) Alchemically, the point in the circle represents the sun and philosophic gold.”

Okay, okay, maybe I’m just seeing a bunch of things that aren’t really there. I’ve probably been reading this blog page too much. Yeah, that’s it, all this nonsense about the Anti-Christ and his one world order are finally getting to me. I’ve gone over the edge, completely gonzo. Hello lunatic fringe.
Server in the Sky
I have found EVERY comment you've posted on this blog to be interesting beyond words. The information you've posted today has kept me busy at the computer since I started looking at the floor plans earlier today, and it's after 3:30 AM now, as I write this. I found using the satellite
feature on the Google maps clearly showed the symbols you were pointing out. Worked great to see the similarities of the park design to the AOC symbol also. That was uncanny to say the least. Initially, I was focusing on the floor plans (5th floor) and the only thing I was seeing clearly was the triangle shape:

I was comparing it to some diagrams

The complete website with this persons information is below this paragraph. However, I haven't actually examined this site fully, so I'm not necessarily recommending the research. I just found it to be interesting and worth taking a look at. I try not to reject or accept anything outright until I read and research it to the best of my ability. I don't think any of us are foolish, or "gonzo" or part of a lunatic fringe for examining
every piece of information. Truth may prove to be stranger than fiction. And as so much of what was formerly thought by many to be "conspiracy", is being proved to be true, I've got a feeling we haven't seen anything yet. There absolutely IS a luciferic web (to use your words) inter-connecting this entire unholy system. Constance wrote an excellent article on the Alliance of Civilizations. For any who haven't read it, here is the link:

“But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;”
2 Timothy 3:13

“And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.” Psalm 50:15
Hello all,
I've recently found a website of
a Messianic Jewish teacher/
I would urge any and all to read
his teachings and or listen
to his sermons. He brings
insight to the prophets that I
never knew, and it's all
Scriptural, sober, sound
reasoning by way of the Holy
I thank the Lord for Mr Prasch.


Thanks for the link. He writes a wonderful article about Rick Warren.
Dear Doug in MI:

I have to regretfully AGREE with you. It looks like they aspire to make the earth one giant prison camp!


Thanks for the links, DC is indeed a mysterious place with lots of occult symbolism. Are we feeling a bit like Nicholas Cage these days?

Go to

Compare the Campo de las Naciones floor plan with the 4th drawing and also the very last drawing on this Masonic Compass symbols page.

The last drawing is called the "Masonic Compass with Pillars". Without the square present it looks like a near perfect match of the Fifth floor plan. Also look at the "Eye in the Compass", which is the 4th drawing, also without the square. I think that is the most significant design of all.

The small circle at the top of all the Masonic Compass symbols mirrors precisely the street/sat photo of the Campo de las Naciones site. The av de la Capital de Espana Madrid froms a plumb line from the hinged center of the compass, which if you turn the map upside down, is at the top of the “instrument”. Follow the plumb line and it goes directly to the center of the Campo de las Naciones AOC conference site, which is exactly centered on the "point within the circle" which is centered on the baseline, or third leg of the triangle.

The Campo de las Naciones is perfectly situated as the center of the Eye in the Compass, otherwise known as the Point within the Circle.

I’ve found much more but will share later, still looking, but have to go to work and let others catch up and comment.
Hi Constance -
yes - sad but true - lets just say "tick tock - tick-tock"
I along with others (some who I do know that you know personally from thr mtero Detroit area - others in other states) have been tracking the ID systems since the early 90s as I have mentioned in the past. But - not until the past few years has the entire globe gotten on board with the plan - at least not publicly. There hav been numerous rumblings behind the scene, but it has now all been put (for the most part) in public view.
Yet no one seems to be crying foul except for a select group -

constance I do believe they want to make the earth a big prison camp and it looks like that to me also. The the real I.D. looks very scary to me. We are very close to the end of time. So close that its on the other side of the door with the a crack open.

Eagle Eyes
guys, I'm really sorry I drag behind---ya'll obviously are fast paced combined with a high intelligence level..picture me behind the ranks walking with a cane :) ...what blog date were the search words for the building of the "camps" again? I started looking at those before & just didn't have heart enough to I'd care to try again.
walking, but not fainting....
I am not familiar with John Christian Ryter (I’m sure you guys are), but a friend sent this to me and I thought I would add it to Rudi’s and Dorothy’s earlier postings; I hope it is not redundant.
I was sent this as well. Symbolism is scary on the stars on the “US FLAG” Scroll down to the bottom and view photos with flag having upside-down stars.
Those photos were from rapture alert. Another site that I'm not very familiar with.
I was talking about the Real ID with a co-worker and they are convinced that American citizens would revolt and that would put an end to the idea. Sad that one would think we have that much control.

This is from the "Revelations of Christ" book launch. A long video by Swami Kriyananda. And then click on the blog spot and there is a link to the "Revelations of Christ" homepage. Here we learn that Swami Kriyananda is a member of the Club of Budapest, along with such members as the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Gorbachev, Jane Goodall. The audience chuckles along with the guru as he speaks of his insights and his mildly spoken criticism of the church.
I llke some Tom Cruise movies, but it surprises me how some smart people can join the Church of Scientology. If you want to see Tom Cruise pushing it with lots of enthusiasm, and explaining how a Scientologist can't just go past a car wreck because he or she knows he is the only one who can help, see this video (which was in a story linked on Drudge)

Check your gmail for a link I sent you. Rather than mail you a CD, I'm putting some files on my upload server space.


There will be a total of 7 files once everything uploads.
oldmanoftheski said...
"I really like this one, a giant hand emerging from the earth, or maybe it’s the sea, you decide… "
Interesting comparison between the
link from the slideshow:(it's #26 out of the 84 slides)

and this: "The Emblematic Hand of the Mysteries"

This site is "The Philisophical Research Society" Explore. This takes what I thought I "knew" to a whole new level. -Rudi
Hi Setterman-
Thanks very much for the links you posted. The topic of the up-side-down stars was being discussed over in a thread on FP boards. My
initial feeling was that someone goofed posting the pictures- put them backwards or something- but looking at the photos here:

some of them look right, some look up-side-down. So I'm not sure what to make of it. But then again, even it is a photo image boo-boo
of the flag, (somebody messed with the picture) Hillary's worldview is still 100% the opposite of mine.
I find it ospicious how everything seems to get kick started in Madrid, like Don JS telling the aoc to start implamenting instead of talking..Who's running things anyway...
"(We) do not need new documents, but they need to be applied," Solana said, pointing out that many of the alliance's ideas were already contained in EU legislation.

The countries involved should not "just hold meetings, but the meetings need to serve to solve problems," Solana insisted.

Did you you notice the first word, I did. Such globalist these (We) are.

"7-year plan aligns U.S. with Europe's economy
Rules, regs to be integrated without congressional review"

Posted: January 16, 2008
1:00 a.m. Eastern
Connie, will you please invite Mark Lerner on your radio show. Listen to what he had to say here.

When I searched for Municipal Conference Centre Madrid Spain (Palacio Municipal de Congresos) in Spanish, I came up with this link:


On that webpage there is a picture of the conference center, a link to the center’s official home page, and a link to a Google sat/map page. The sat/map link opens a Google map with “Campo de las Naciones” placed in the center of the “eye”. That appears to be nothing more that a subway station, the nearest transportation node to the actual Conference Center.
When I use Google maps by itself, and search Muncipal Conference Centre, Madrid Spain, I bring up an accurate location. The Conference Center is NOT on the plumb line centered perfectly within the circle on the baseline of the triangle, but is off to one side. Please disregard that section of my previous post.

Sorry for the inaccuracy. The other Masonic occult design elements I mentioned previously do appear to be accurate.
Mark Lerner can be contacted at
He was on Baxter's program - will be going on Stan Johnson's soon.
He was directly involed with the ID systems and thier integration.
Currently fighting against it - he does need help in getting info out.

Rudi 10:26, thanks for the links. Good grief, just what we need eh, a whole new level of understanding of an ancient lie!

The Parque Juan Carlos is loaded with Masonic and occult symbology.

Here’s some more info on “The Emblematic Hand” from:

by Manly P. Hall
[1928, copyright not renewed]

Excerpts from the chapter, “The Human Body in Symbolism”:

“Artists, attempting to portray Divinity, often show only a hand emerging from an impenetrable cloud. The cloud signifies the Unknowable Divinity concealed from man by human limitation. The hand signifies the Divine activity, the only part of God which is cognizable to the lower senses.”

Regarding the “supreme” importance of the symbols of Freemasonry, Hall writes,
“The sanctum sanctorum of Freemasonry is ornamented with the gnostic jewels of a thousand ages; its rituals ring with the divinely inspired words of seers and sages. A hundred religious have brought their gifts of wisdom to its altar; arts and sciences unnumbered have contributed to its symbolism. Freemasonry is a world-wide university, teaching the liberal arts and sciences of the soul to all who will hearken to its words. Its chairs are seats of learning and its pillars uphold an arch of universal education. Its trestleboards are inscribed with the eternal verities of all ages and upon those who comprehend its sacred depths has dawned the realization that within the Freemasonic Mysteries lie hidden the long-lost arcana sought by all peoples since the genesis of human reason.”

Hall’s voluminous ramblings on the virtues of Freemasonry includes quotes from such luminaries as Madame Blavatsky and Albert Pike. In yet another chapter Hall again emphasizes: “The philosophic power of Freemasonry lies in its symbols--its priceless heritage from the Mystery schools of antiquity.”

In his concluding chapter, Hall actually warns of the rise of the secular elite, those who ignore the sacred symbols and disparage their theosophical meanings: “In the ranks of the so-called learned there is rising up a new order of thinkers, which may best be termed the School of the Worldly Wise Men. After arriving at the astounding conclusion that they are the intellectual salt of the earth, these gentlemen of letters have appointed themselves the final judges of all knowledge, both human and divine.”

It seems to me that the AOC is a blend of the absolute secular, what Hall termed the, “Worldly Wise Men”, and the occultists/theosophists, who, while operating in the shadows as usual, hold the real power. Their not-so-divine hand is setting the stage for the astonishing revelation and wholesale acceptance (on a global scale) of a demonically enhanced man.
oldmanoftheski- Thanks for clarifying, I still found it to be a very interesting birds-eye view of the area where the AOC Madrid Conference has taken place.

Going back to the topic of the "Re-think Conference" which begins today and runs through Saturday.
The conference itself over the past few months has been promoted by mainstream and emergent "church"
related organizations through all means of media. My belief is that the conference has been purposely designed to attract as wide an audience as possible. Thankfully, there have also been watchmen giving a clear warning to the church of the dangers there-in.

Over the past eight weeks or so there have been a number of on-going events which appear to be clearly connected. I'll list the various events and readers can draw their own conclusions.

1) Dec. 2007 a new book titled, "The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places on Earth is released and widely promoted through all media.

2) A "powerful new motion picture"
titled, "Living Luminaries" which features, "the insights of the consciously evolved A-list of stars in the Cultural Creative* movement." The list of "living luminaries" among others includes,
Marianne Williamson, (who as we know is currently "teaching" the "Course in Miracles" on Oprahs radio program)and Rev. Robert A. Schuller.(Son of Robert Shuller head of the Crysal Cathedral, he and his wife are among the list of speakers at the Re-Think Conference)List of "lumanaries" at link below. The movie features a young man searching for the meaning of life.

3)The Re-think Conference now occuring

4) The AOC Madrid Conference this week.

5) Starting Sunday January 20-23, 2008 The World Spirit Forum has it's 5th conference."(X)change consciousness" is the billing. Related to "The Great Re-Thinking"

Keep watching week by week. The UN has declared 2008 "The Year of Planet Earth". I'm expecting to see a continous barage of events to prepare the minds of the masses for what is yet to come.-Rudi
I knew he would seek to gain control again of U.S. troops. After Bush leaves he will it seems looking at this article
Regarding Rethink: It is advertised on the Frank Pastore Show who has a popular Christian radio show on 99.5 KKLA Los Angeles on at 4 to 7 pm. I wrote to Frank on Jan 9, his staff replied, but he has not responded to my inquiry. Either I am too little for him to care, or he does not want to answer the question. Time will tell. You can see the correspondence below:


We have forwarded your e-mail to appropriate people. Thanks for your concern.

Rest assured, Frank holds to solid doctrine.

Blessings, Staff
On Jan 9, 2008, at 11:30 PM, CJ wrote:

Hello Mr. Pastore,

I almost agree with everything you say, I am a huge fan. I am confused as to why you are endorsing an allegedly false teacher such as Robert Schuller who has such (once again alledged) compromised doctrine. Please prove me wrong that he is not a false teacher, and that is why you endorse this venue. I realize there are good people in this rethink forum. Something smells fishy however. I just hope they are not going to re think Christian doctrine,, that would be almost prophetic in the elect falling away. This would be pretty freaky stuff. You cannot reply that it is a secular forum, because by default it is a religious venue via Robert Schuller being a pastor. I listen to your show faithfully and live in Simi Valley CA. If your reason is because it is a paid commercial, I am ok with that honesty, but am losing sleep over this one Frank. You have a passion for what is pure….our Savior Jesus Christ. There are no compromises…you are brave and bold, I pray you stay that way and do not compromise. I do not want to listen to kfwb, and I bet I am not the only person freaked about rethink.

Confused Fan,
Respectfully your brother in Christ,

Simi Valley CA

Just so you know, I have 6 kids and they all end up listening to your show when I transport them home every night from the boys and girls club, so future fans are at stake here!
All, Mark Lerner's email address is

Sorry for my confusion.


Search definition of Thaumaturgic Triangle

Compare to Google map of the Madrid Munidipal Confernce Centre where the AOC conference is being held.
oldmanoftheski- Thank-you. I don't remember reading a definition for Thaumaturgic Triangle before. Very disturbing "birds-eye" view of the centre. I've been looking at various "strategic triangle" convergence information. Also going back to re-read "1000 points of light" George Bush SR. speeches. I hadn't gone much further than the Lucis Trust "Triangles" group. Rudi
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