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A real Solana - Sarkozy conflict? Who will come out on top?

Javier Solana does not like being upstaged on European military and foreign policy issues. It currently appears that the Prime Minister of France, may be doing just that. Nicolas Sarkozy has made a number of unilateral moves that currently appear NOT to be part of the "Common Foreign and Security Policy" long since agreed to between the European nations. Recently Sarkozy has announced intentions to set up a French military base in Saudi Arabia. He has proposed setting up a Mediterranean Union. It is currently hard to tell whether he is doing this in tandem with Javier Solana or at cross-purposes with Solana's agenda. From my perspective, Nicolas Sarkozy appears to be a loose cannon.

At any rate, it should be interesting to watch whether Sarkozy, who was reported to have been drunk at the last G-8 meeting, will advance or burn out. Anything France does needs to be treated with concern. They are a member of the nuclear club. The fusion energy project, ITER, has been stationed at Cadarache, also the site of French nuclear facilities. Angela Merkel has warned in the past that Sarkozy's actions could split the European Union.

There are prophecy watchers out there who believe that nothing can come together until the European Union unites. Interestingly, the Daniel 10 toes prophecy tells us that these nations -- some strong, some weak -- will not cleave together. But the Revelation prophecy says that ten nations will hand their power to one man. It also says that man will put "three kings" down.

Who is it? When is it? Your guess is as good as mine. Javier Solana has had his hands more than full as of late. It appears he may well have outsmarted himself on his efforts to strip the Serbian Orthodox of their religious center by proposals to soon grant Kosovo its independence. Kosovo is the equivalent of Jerusalem to orthodox Serbs. It is my opinion that an important precedent was set with Kosovo -- its ok to take somebody's religious capital. Those interested in the future of Jerusalem, Mecca, Vatican City, and maybe even Salt Lake City should watch carefully, maybe even with alarm.

The Serbs have not taken all of this lying down. It appears to me that they have embarrassed Javier Solana by negotiating a Gazprom deal with Russia. It appears that Javier Solana forgot about that factor in his apparent haste to wean the Serbs of their religiosity.

While Sarkozy is talking seemingly brash about independent French militarizations, Javier Solana is pressing methodically for his 2010 headline goal of consolidation of EU military operations.

It will be very interesting, not to mention disturbing, to watch all of this play out. May the least malevolent man win!
As I posted this article and then added the "hot links," refresh often. Thanks!

I posted this in the comments section several days ago. With Constance's comments here about Serbia, I decided to repost it for those who might have ignored the information the first time around. I included the first links for those like me who got easily confused about the geography of the area.

Watch the changes taking place in Serbia, a country in southern Europe.

By searching the blog, you can go back and see what Constance has written in detail regarding this place, what was the role of the US, how Solana was given power over NATO forces and how Christian Serbia was brought to its knees in favor of the Muslims in Kosovo, a part of the country Serbia.

Most of the historical pieces are slanted against Serbia.
"In Feb. 1998 the Yugoslav army and Serbian police began fighting against the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army, but their scorched-earth tactics were concentrated on ethnic Albanian civilians—Muslims who make up 90% of Kosovo's population. More than 900 Kosovars were killed in the fighting, and the hundreds of thousands forced to flee their homes were without adequate food and shelter. Although Serbs made up only 10% of Kosovo's population, the region figures strongly in Serbian nationalist mythology." (Nationalist mythology in this case means Christian churches, monastaries,

Now Kosovo is declaring its independence in a few days or weeks. This will provoke a strong reaction by nationalist Serbians. The US and EU are in favor of Kosovo's independence, but Russia is not. NATO's forces are going to be replaced by EU troops. EU in effect is bribing Serbian leadership to not fight Kosovo's independence. Serbian people will be deciding whether to be cut off from their Christian heritage and go under the EU hand or stay independent. A runoff election will be held at the beginning of February pitting a nationalist leader against one led by the nose by the EU and US.

Here are stories and commentary:
Serbia's Lessons to Neocons
Many stories from the region
or Here we have BBC happy talk on how Serbs and Albanians really like each other
One from the Economist --
No place else to go
Jan 24th 2008
Serbia should recognise that it has no alternative to the European Union

To understand the stories, when you see Serbian, read Christian. When you see Kosovo Albanians, read Muslims. It makes things so much clearer.

Fusion may be closer than you think:

Easy Low Cost No Radiation Fusion

Experiments are underway:

WB-7 First Plasma

The above reactor can burn Deuterium which is very abundant and produces lots of neutrons or it can burn a mixture of Hydrogen and abundant Boron 11 which does not.

The implication of it is that we will know in 3 to 6 months if the small reactors of that design are feasible.

If they are we could have fusion plants generating electricity in 10 years or less depending on how much we want to spend to compress the time frame. A much better investment than CO2 sequestration.

BTW Bussard is not the only thing going on in IEC. There are a few government programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory, MIT, the University of Wisconsin and at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana among others.

The Japanese and Australians also have programs.

If you want to get deeper into the technology visit:

IEC Fusion Technology blog

Start with the sidebar which has links to tutorials and other stuff.
hey all,

i am a fairly young person 35, and have been walking with The Lord for about 6 yrs. i have had the strong discerning heart for the last 4 yrs., starting with new age and freemasonry. i don't even recall how i came upon this site and want to thank constance and everyone else for your research. i would like to ask a paradoxical ques. i know satan knows every letter in the bible, and i am assuming he may try to parallel it. would this mean we might see a false fulfillment? or do you think that what ever plans he has will have to slide into place even if did try to pull off a parallel?
Thanks for reposting the information on Serbia/Kosovo.
I found some additional news articles today which should shed further light on the significance of what is occurring in this area.

***Russia warns U.S. and EU over Kosovo independence

"MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia warned the United States and European Union on Monday that it would take a series of unidentified measures if Serbia's breakaway province of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence..."

***EU Anxiously Watching Kosovo Move to Independence

"Some voices in Europe fear a Serb nationalist revival, almost nine years after NATO drove out Serb forces, and the UN took control of Kosovo. And EU countries are watching carefully, anxious to avoid regional conflict, and keep Serbia on the path towards eventual EU membership."

****Kosovo an 'EU Affair': UN Chief

"Ban said that he would take steps "at the right time" in the UN-run Serbian province to protect human life, but did not elaborate."

***Likely next steps to Kosovo independence

"The following are a few dates which appear pivotal to Kosovo's decision to declare independence, according to EU diplomats and officials, as EU foreign ministers met in Brussels Monday to discuss Serbia's future."
To Anon 1:29pm

Satan may know the Bible and his ultimate outcome, but I don't think he can stage a total false fulfillment. There were a number of types of antichrists in history, but none of it was while Israel was in their land. God is in control, even while satan with his limited power can try to stage a false fulfillment.

Sometimes I wonder if satan fully understands prophecy. If he did then he would have tried to prevent Jesus from being crucified. That moment in time was his greatest defeat. So I don't think we must worry to much about satan staging false fulfillment. All the signs around us points to the fulfillment of what our God and Father said.

My penny's worth...
Given that the EU (i.e., Dr. Solana) is somewhat desperate for dependable energy resources for the EU, might it also be interested in Serbia for its natural resources and energy potential (notably, copper, iron, timber, hydroelectric potential):

Also according to the article, Kosovo has significant reserves of lead and zinc.

Have a nice day.

A fellow watchwoman
Hi Anonymous at 1:29-
I have often wondered about false fulfillments as well. Are these red herrings from the enemy? Constance's recent Solano-Sarkosy column makes me pause to think this, for example.
It seems to me what is happening is this- As true Christians continue pressing toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit guides and reveals the genuine. All the pieces are coming together. Speaking of the time of Jacob's trouble, Daniel records this truth... "none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand." Even with all the plans of mice and men, it seems the wicked just don't get it.
Prophecy speaks the truth about what is going to happen, including attempts at false fulfillments - if they are relevant to what God wants us to know!
Another anony
Anon 1:29

Without the Holy Spirit, Satan can read all the prophecies he wants, but there will be no one to interpret them. I believe that is why prophecy is written in mysteries, so that only those whom God chooses will be able to benefit from God's word. Otherwise, unbelievers, disbelievers and make believers would be able to try and change things.

Rev 19: 10b ... For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy

For more about possible Biblically prophetic relationship between Dr. Solana and Serbia:

Also, a commentary on the danger of an independent Kosovo to Israel:

Apologies, the link for the commentary is no longer available. However, the text is included in the second post of the 1st post at:

"Second part of 1st post," that is.
Very interesting comments here today, especially as they relate to Constances' latest article.
A fellow watchwoman brought up the
issue about the EU/dependable energy resources part of the equation. After spending time today reviewing many of the EU/Mediterranean Partnerships,Policies,Alliances, and now Mediterranean Union information, the following quote from the
EU's Mediterranean & Middle East Policy page offers a statement that IMHO sums things up quite well.

"Creating an area of dialogue, cooperation and exchange"

The South and East Mediterranean and the Middle East is an area of vital strategic importance to the European Union, which both the EU Council and the European Commission have identified as key external relations priority for the EU.

The EU's proximity policy towards the Mediterranean region is governed by the global and comprehensive Euro-Mediterranean Partnership launched at the 1995 Barcelona Conference, between the European Union and its 12 Mediterranean Partners (hence called the Barcelona Process, overarching bilateral and multilateral EU relations).

The Middle East Peace Process is separate from, but complementary to the Barcelona Process.

In addition, the EU maintains relations with Middle Eastern countries situated around the Persian/Arabian Gulf (Gulf region).

To learn more about the EU’s relations to their partner countries within the European Neighborhood Policy framework, visit the individual country profiles which contain facts and figures on the political, economic and financial aid programs.

Partner countries in the Near East:

Egypt Syria
Israel Jordan
Lebanon West bank and Gaza strip

I think the key word here is
"complementary" From what I've read today about "The Mediterranean Union project" I don't think the Nicolas Sarkozy announcement was any surprise to Dr. Solana. Each of the EU/Mediterranean developments in recent years looks designed to “compliment” the next. This includes the "Mediterranean Union Project” "Sustainable Development" seems to be the over-riding message through all. To me this refers to oil.
If you read through the following pdf paper dated October 2007 you will find references not only to the ENP but also to the Anna Lindh Foundation which directly connects in to the Alliance of Civilizations. Because I have found it impossible to give a direct link or a tiny url for reading what I think is a VERY IMPORTANT pdf document I’ll post a new comment below this one directing exactly how to locate it for viewing.
"Sustainable Development" seems to be the over-riding message. To me this refers to oil. And please,
this is all way over my head so if I am in error with any of the information I've posted or have mis-represented anything, someone who has in depth knowlege help me to understand correctly-Rudi

Horizon 2020
Report of the expert group convened by the
Mediterranean Institute on the
Mediterranean Union project
(October 2007)
Institut de la Méditerranée
Palais du Pharo
58, Bd Charles Livon – 13007 Marseille – France
Tél (33) 0 491 31 51 95 – Fax (33) 0 491 31 50 38 –

Click on the word "documents" from list. Next click on:
"“Report of the expert group convened by the Mediterranean Institute on the Mediterranean Union Project” Download PDF

This is the actual url link for this pdf paper but I couldn't get pack to the page without going through the steps above.
Dear Anonymous 3:29

In the first place, it is S-O-L-A-N-A, not SOLANO. This is crucial as it will keep you from finding information on him. I am afraid the information on Dr. Solana is very voluminous and very real. I have seen other flash in the pans come and go over the years, but his progress so far seems to be straight line and he seems to be invisible even to prophecy watchers who misspell his name.

The gentleman who came to my office to view information the other day was dumbfounded. He too had assumed because I was the only one he heard speak of it that maybe it didn't exist.

I sure wish I had made it up because then I could make it go away!

Stick around, we enjoy having you in the conversation!



Thanks for being a watchman! Keep it up!

A question and an invitation:

Lately I have begun to notice the inordinate number of conections that run through Spain... Solana, the head of the AoC, the new Jesuit General and tonight I discovered 8 of the 75 active Club of Rome members are Spaniards (second only to Germany). Is it just me, or is there a particular Spaniard undercurrent?

For your readers who enjoy forums and discussing the prophetic connections, drop by the World of Prophecy at currently forwarded to a temporary server at

I look forward to your comments on the Spanish connections.


For information on Salvador de Madariaga's sufism and theosophical contacts.
Dear Pete,

In case are interested, there have been numerous threads at re. Spain, Spanish influence, etc. (i.e., the EU satellite center at Torrejon, Spain):

Have a nice day.

A fellow watchwoman
Rather than sustainable developement try Energy Security meaning oil.

Also Food Security, etc.

I could be wrong, but whatever happens will be within the next 24 months on the outside.

Look at the old Roman Empire map and compare that to Sarkozy Med.U.

Also the UN, read France is sending troops into African Union.

Have you been listening to BROWN? This guy is a mover and shaker and another reason I see the time table moving up.

With BROWN, BLAIR, and Sarkozy Solana must be shaking in is boots. Don't forget Prince Charles. Sarkozy is 1/2 Jewish. k
Bush looked like he swallowed the canary last night.

If bankers are outed about gold shanagins we could see dollar collapse soon, which would keep Bush in office if Marshall Law is inacted. Media shell game ensues.

Bird flu is getting out of hand and I expect dollar or bird flu to be pivot points in collapse of the US into the North American Union.
Satan is so powerful that even Gabriel the arch angel said, the "Lord rebuke you."

Satan knows his time is short and crime is up everywhere. God said the world will wax worse and worse and so it is as in your face! Look at our present national dilemma.

We assume an impossibility if we expect to see the forces of evil always working together in harmony doing things that make sense to us. Satan is full of pride and hate. His demonic realm is full of the same.

Think of a schizophrenic, who, by having two separate and identifiable wills in one body, is often perceived to be living in chaotic opposition within himself. But the schizophrenic usually manages to maintain just enough balance to continue taking one step after another. If you asked the schizophrenic which way he was going, you might get several different, even opposing answers.

One of the most important symbols in the occult, and in Free Masonry, is the white and black checkerboard pattern. This represents yin/yang, the two sided FORCE of Star Wars fame. Light and Dark are supposed to remain in perpetual “balance”, yet also in perpetual opposition. One cannot exist without the other, or so we are told. This is the concept of balance, SUSTAINABILITY, and the acceptance of perpetual toleration which is the underlying philosophy behind every political and religious move of our adversary. It is the philosophy we are being asked to swallow on every level of our lives.

“Fundamentalism” is decried as the enemy because fundamentalists believe in an absolute just and omnipotent God. Fundamentalists do not believe in a “balanced” universe. Our God is the Creator. He is The First and The Last, The Lord, The MESSIAH, THE KING OF KINGS, and The Judge of all.

There is no darkness in Him.

Choose this day whom you will serve.
All may find this interesting - Solana's debate on Iran.


I've heard some unconvincing stuff about Prince Charles being the A/C. Meh, I dunno...the microchips in the hands thing is pretty bad. The royal family has supposedly had quite a bit of satanic ritual surrounding it though.
Todd Rider is the A/C.
This is a topic that is near to my heart... Take care! Where are your contact details though?

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