Thursday, January 10, 2008


This is the second time I have attempted to interview Ray Gano, owner of the popular Prophezine website. Ray is an excellent bible scholar and an excellent reader of the signs of our times. I am looking forward to interviewing him. I am hoping you will join us and stay tuned!

The website to join us is The chatroom is lively and popular and now it is accessed through TheMicroeffect may have a link to it. The initial download is free if you want extended privileges to all radio stations and all chatroom on that site which includes videoconferencing capabilities, there is a small charge. I believe unlimited access to all sites and video conferencing is a little less than $60onst per year. But you can join us just fine by going there and accessing the free site.

Welcome aboard!

constance-on your radio show with ray gano you had mentioned something about changing agents & presidential candidates, but i believe the proram ended before you were able to elaborate on this;could you please explain what this is about


Hi Jim-
Maybe I can help a little to answer your question.
Yesterday during the program I brought up in the chat-room, that "Change Agent" is the buzz word being repeated by candidates on both sides. Friday morning I was listening to a news program interview with at least four of the Republican presidential candidates. All but one of them used the words, "I am a change agent" or "we must be agents of change". Also I mentioned reading a MSN news article yesterday where President Bush is using the same phrase. "“Oh, listen, if you're running for office, you can't run for office and not say, ‘I'm an agent of change,’" Bush told NBC News’ David Gregory. “That's just American politics. If I were running for office at this point I'd be saying, ‘Vote for me, I'm -- I'm gonna be an agent of change.’"

I ended my chat-room comment by saying,
'Shades of Bill Bowen,' "Globalism America's Demise"
This author (William Bowen, JR) wrote extensively on the topic of "change agents" in his 1984 book. IMHO a throughly researched and documented book which is more than worthy of mention and still available.

MY definition of change agent, in light of my personal, past and present observations is, a "change agent" is anyone who is intentionally positioned, to be one of many implementers of specific, strategic, maneuvers used in order to bring about the intended "new world order". The "change agent" him/herself became an effective candidate after being groomed throughout his/her lifetime, beginning with a public school education, and through further indoctrination by way of all means of media. They haven't come to have their particular "world-view" by mere chance. A 'change agent' as defined at Wikipedia:
"A change agent, or agent of change, is someone who intentionally or indirectly causes or accelerates social, cultural, or behavioral change."
I find it revealing that terminology known to be provocative, and cause those who initially heard it, to perk up their ears,
("global governance", "universal health care", "universal ID" "agents of change", global warming) is now common "wordspeak". Many who have grown accustomed to the repetitive droning no longer HEAR what is being said and have no concept of the change that is taking place.
Rudi, you are right about the term change agent. Thanks for sharing your information with those who don't know the history of the term.

Then there is my son who upon hearing Hillary keep talking about change said "Well, now I know where to go if I have to break a $20."

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