Monday, January 21, 2008

NSPD-51 - "Almost as bad as the Paranoia"?



Urgent update: A reader commented on Naomi Wolf's past warnings. I just read the link and think that it is excellent preparation for today's discussion. We are indeed in potentially disturbing times! You may read it by clicking here.

Today Detroit area reporter friend Ron Siegel contacted me. He asked me if I had heard of NSPD-51. Per Ron, it was contingency plans that in the event of a national emergency could cancel elections. It was a “plan for continuity” in the event of an emergency. Ron directed my attention to analyses by another reporter, Ron Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum, who reported on similar potentially sinister plans made by the Nixon administration prior to the discovery of Watergate has made an analysis of NSPD-51 (National Security Presidential Directive 51) and you may read it for yourself by
clicking here.

The actual directive may be read by
clicking here.

Needless to say, given recent events, we need to be aware of this presidential directive and its possible application in the event of even a natural disaster As author Ron Rosenberg says, “there’s nothing wrong with planning for ‘continuity of government,’ . . . “ However, we the people certainly have a right to know what the perimeters are and how they could potentially affect us.

This will be the subject of tomorrow’s show and it will be an on air conversation between Ron Siegel and myself. I hope that as many of you as possible will plan to join us live on air, call 1-888-747-1968 with your questions, and join us, if possible in the chat room. The Paltalk Chatroom can be accessed for free by going to You can donload the software for free and then access “Talk Radio” and then under the submenu, “TheMicroEffect.

Hope you will join us tomorrow as part of staying tuned!

Once again I find your timing right on. This was the topic of conversation today in light of the global market situation. I find it hard to believe that Bush is truly the idiot he portays himself to be on the global stage. Hmmm, an agenda? I've been watching & waiting, perhaps the time to act isn't so far off in the distant future. I pray I'm wrong about this one.
HK-91 says.....

Fasten you're seat belts, from what I have followed on the Presidential primaries, we have a Marxist, a Socialist/closet Islamist, and a legal extortionist, on the Democrapic side, and on the Redicklian side we have 3 dwarfs in pinstriped suits who are not qualified to run a Burger King. Roll all 6 into one and they are still not as competent as the "Poser-in Chief" we have now!

If THAT doesn't qualify as a REAL to life national emergency, I don't know what does.So WHAT could realistically be so tragic to have Bush declare openly what he acts like now anyway, that he is "King for life" or until he has enough money stashed away to buy himself a better country to live in.

Let's keep it real, the national emergency is that way too many people are either asleep, intoxicated, or deluded, by beer commercials, sports, and Victoria Secret commercials, to understand what real danger this country and the world are in.

THE "National albeit World Emergency" is spiritual darkness, the remedy is not NSPD-51 it is Jesus Christ.....

What I find interesting is that is exactly what I told my husband & mother just a couple of days ago - there will be a timely emergency just prior to the elections - so the Pres. can cancel the elections & continue holding "power".
They're angry w/me - I'm watching.
I saw the presidential directive a few months ago and thought for sometime now that the President could/would declare an emergency and continue on as president (dictator) indefinately. Congress is supposed to have a continuity of government plan too, but per an article I read several months ago, none of them knew about it, or how to implement it.

I agree with Bev, the President has too many people surrounding him for him not to know what is going on.

He has bled the country dry and now the tourniquet has been applied. Good luck everyone, this could get bumpy.

While many think the pariod is idefinite - it is not true.
There are limitations to it. The marshal law plan would give him 7 years but control over literally evrything - that is 1 reason he funded more camps in the UD in 1 od his recent E.O.s - as I have said in previous posts and for a few years now - I do not think Bush is leaving office, we shall all see - soon.

Ever since I first heard of this, I've kept that in the back of my my mind. I've been wondering if Bush was ever going to put that into effect.
I guess we shall see.
Because this is so important. I am re-posting this by Naomi Wolf. She and I disagree on many fronts. I feel that this information that she presented is important.

article here:

45 minute talk here:

I know in the video she says that the election year is crucial to invoke change before an election occurs.
This is interesting and I know its been mentioned previously -
Invisible RFID Tattoo Ink and yes -its readable


Pls post times of your radio program in CST and are you on Tuesdays and Fridays?

How much longer do you think the US has with the present economic meltdown?


I viewed the Naomi Wolf interview you posted a few weeks ago--I never had much time for her before. When I watched the interview though I was astounded by how the author of the insipid "Fire with Fire" has transformed over the years. I found myself marvelling at her powers of perception, and at her courage.

Wolf is a Yale graduate, a bestselling author, and former Rhodes scholar who was married to the editor of the "New Republic"--instant credibility one would think--yet this book appears to be sinking like a stone.

May the Lord bless and protect her, and fill her with His grace.
k-- in the central time she is on at 4pm-5pm Tuesday and Friday.

Dear Dawn,

Thanks ever so much for the Naomi Wolf references!


Well, the You-Tube video was viewed well over 300,000 times, so her message is getting out. That's good!

Dear Dug: Yor wriding is giving me a mygrane. Plees edit before posting and use standurd english ok thanx...?
Hi All,
George Bush is a German agent, the son of a German agent who was the son of a
German agent. He is a puppet who came
into the Presidency by stealth and
cheating and he has done everything
in his power to WRECK this country.
That's his mission.
Why don't we impeach the SOB ?
The Iraq war, open borders, No Child Educated,
Illegal Amnesty, The 9/11 inside job...what
more do we need?

Yours truly
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