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"Squeakbox" a/k/a "Richard Weiss" deifier of Haille Selassie and Javier Solana!


This is a Spanish genealogy of Nieves Hayat de Madariaga, married twice: the first time to Francisco Solana and the second time to N. Mathews. Now we know there has been blatant historical revisionism (much of it coming from "Squeakbox," shown in picture above) of Javier's parentage and Salvador de Madariaga was indeed grandpa and not "great uncle." It is my opinion that they were proud of that parentage until they decided we would look at the deep family occult connections (Nieves even reported she knew Krishnamurti, the 1920s candidate for "Maitreya.") and put two and two together.

Now, I think I'll go finish that book, JAVIER SOLANA: MYSTERY MAN OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER. This was the piece holding all up. I did not want to misstate his parentage!

Constance E. Cumbey

Nieves Hayat de Madariaga
1917 + 2003
Salvador de Madariaga y Rojo * 23.07.1886
Constance Archibald * 1878
Matrimonio I:
Francisco Solana

Matrimonio II:
N Mathews

Hijos del Matrimonio I:
Luis Solana de Madariaga
Javier Solana de Madariaga * 14.07.1942 Concepción Giménez Díaz-Oyuelos

Pasted from:


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


While I agree that this has been quite the mystery, I am not sure that it is completely solved...yet

I found an article in the International Who's who of Authors and Writers 2004 by Elizabeth Sleeman, the entry for Mathews, Nieves Hayat, (Nieves de Madariaga) b. 3 Dec 1917 Glasglow Scotland, writer, poet, married Paul William Mathews 23 APRIL 1939

If she married Mathews in 1939, this was before Javier was born, I don't see why he could have the name Solana, as he was born 1942.

However, based on my understanding of genealogy, The only way for Salvador to be his great uncle and Javier to still have the name de Madariaga would be that Salvador had a brother who then had a daughter (Solana's mother). So far I have found no confirmation of a brother for Salvador meeting these criteria, and this seems unlikely. Alternatively, if Nieves was his aunt, that would still make Madariaga his grandfather.

The most likely scenario is the simplest, Nieves being his mother.

One last thought. Would you start a foundation after the name of a great-uncle? That seems awfully far removed.

Ok, I've weighed in, thanks for the forum


If you wanted to research Salvador de Madariaga on, the did have him referenced many times, as well as the public family tree of Javier Solana listing his mother as Nieves Mathews de Madariaga.

björn said...

Constance, well written!

As I said: his father is Francisco.
(see my posts at FP in 2005:

My opinion was based on a link (not accessable any more) of a house "casa Solana" and in the desrciption they had written:

"Fue adquirida por Ezequiel Solana, un conocido pedagogo de los años 30, que compró la finca por recordarle a su pueblo Villarijo (Soria) y por las excelencias del clima de la Sierra. Las casas y el puente que dan acceso a la finca las construyó Francisco Solana, hijo de Ezequiel"

in short: the house was build by Francisco Solana son of writer and teacher Ezequiel Solana.
Ezequiel Solana Ramírez (10.04.1863-1931) is mentioned as Solanas (fatherside) grandfather here:

-The brother of Javier is
Luis Solana and the
son of brother Luis is: Pedro Luis Blasco Solana.
So we see here the tradition "name of the father is given to the son".
Javier's full name is Francisco Javier Solana de M.

-Then we have more children of grandfather Ezequiel: link translated (not accessable any more, see FP link above:)"Spanish school was born thanks to the effort and the pedagogical eagerness of the children of Ezequiel Solana: Ana, Joaquin and Luis, uncles of whom soon outside socialist minister of Education, Javier Solana"
(the Luis here is another than brother Luis and see it says to all three "UNCLES", as father Francisco is not listed here).

Concerning the mother line with grandfather Madariaga father to Nieves - this looks pretty neat.
Here is another link with an article from her and her Italian adress:

save it before also these are gone...


Constance Cumbey said...

Luis Solana's Christmas blogspot tells of other Solana siblings. Presumably, these are children of Solana's father and are half-brothers and a half-sister.


björn said...

Constance Cumbey said...

Every report of Solana by the Spanish press upon his NATO ascendancy stressed that Salvador de Madariaga was his "grandfather" (Nieto). Then after reports of Nieves' occultism started to hit the streets, suddenly, he because a "nieto-sobre"

I found this

Prensa de 16-diciembre-1934: Han casado en Madrid (Covadonga) don Luis Solana San Martín, Doctor en Ciencias; y Obdulia Madariaga.

I believe Luis Solana was born in 1934. I note the Who's Who of Authors and Writers was published in 2004. Nieves Mathews died in 2003. I don't know how accurate that registry is and how they compiled their facts.

At any rate, I am going to keep digging, but all indicators are that mom indeed is Nieves Mathews and it was convenient to say so THEN but not now. I don't know how long the marriage to Mr. Mathews lasted. Sometimes women revert to previous names. So many mysteries here. I wish Solana would write his book and tell us for himself! Why would he be silent about his parentage?


Constance Cumbey said...

This blogspot of Luis Solana deepens the mystery. If Solana's sister is 70, she is younger than Luis, but 5 years older than Javier Solana.


Constance Cumbey said...

Here's another source I found online about the family genealogy:

Madariaga, Salvador

Juán Madariaga. Natural da illa de San Fernando (Cádiz)
Casou con Dolores Castro. Natural de Lugo. Tiveron por fillo a:

José Madariaga Castro. Natural de Barcelona. Oficial de administración militar. Coronel.
Casou con Ascención Rojo Regi. Natural da Habana (Cuba). Filla de Francisco Rojo e Petra Regi. Naturais de A Coruña. Tiveron once fillos entre eles:

Salvador Madariaga. Nado na cidade de A Coruña no nº 16 da rúa Orzan o 23 de xullo de 1886 e falecido en Locarno (Suiza) o14 de decembre de 1978.
Casou en 1912 en Glasgow con Constance Archibald. Historiadora escocesa a que coñeceu a París. Tiveron por fillas a:

Nieves de Madariaga. Escritora. Nada en 1917 e falecida no ano 2003.
Casou con Francisco Solana. Fillo de Ezequiel Solana Ramirez. Nado en Villarijo (Soria) o 10 de abril de 1863. Falecido en 1931. Profesor de química. Tiveron por fillos a V.
Isabel de Madariaga. Profesora de estudios eslavos na universidade de Londres.

Luis Solana de Madariaga. Nado en Madrid en 1935. Licenciado en Dereito. Ex presidente de Telefónica. Ex director de RTVE. Deputado a Cortes.
Javier Solana de Madariaga. Nado en Madrid o 14 de xullo de 1942. Político.
Casou con Concepción Gimenez Diaz – Oyuelos. Teñen por fillos a:

Diego Solana Gimenez
Vega Solana Gimenez


Autor: Xosé Docampo
Fecha: 02-01-2006

Este artigo proven de - Genealogía de Galicia

A dirección desta noticia é:

björn said...

I guess the Obdulia record was invented to make it fit.
OK she married a Luis Solana San Martin (after this paper) in 1934. Brother Luis was born 1935. looks nice. But there are some reasons why after my opinion they are not the parents of the two brothers:

-brother Luis does not mention them as his parents in his blog.
-a Luis Solana is mentioned as Javiers UNCLE in the link I mentioned above, not as his father.
-all documents who point to Francisco as father suddenly cease to exist or vanish from the internet (and the three brothers of Franceso have good connections to the newspapers in Madrid)
-the Nieves necrologio. It mentiones her having two sons.

We can see the life of Nieves as such:
1912 Salvador de Madariaga marries Scottish Historian for Economics Constance Archibald. They have 2 daughters Nieves(1917) und Isabel.
1916-1921 Madariaga works for the Times in London.

After it he works as a writer freelancer.

1927 Madariaga goes to Oxford (with his daughters) as Prof for Spanish Literature.
1931 April 14, After the proclamation of the Spanish Republic he returns to Madrid (with the girls)
He is from Mai 1931 Spanish ambassador in Washington.
From 1932 bis 1934 Ambassador in Paris. Also:
1931 - 1936 Spanish Ambassador at League of Nations.
Daughter Nieves studies in Madrid
1935 Luis Solana born
1936 Spanish Civil War breaks out(- April 1939)
1936 Madariaga exile at Oxford with daughters, where he teaches at Oxford College (-1970.
1970 dies wife C.Archibald Madariaga marries Emilia Rauman.)

Javier born 1942.
Officially Nieves married,
stays with the two boys from
1939-1945 on the Island
and goes to Mexico in the begin of the 50'- there surrounded by many Spanish exiles
1954 she goes to Rome (Javier then 12 years) working for UN FAQ and stays there until 1974.
Javier visits catholic El Pillar College in MAdrid, after it Compultense, studies Physics, kicked out.
1963 Javier at Philips in Netherlands
after it London and USA
1972 GrandPapa Madariaga comes from Oxford to Locarno, Switzerland and dies 1978 there.
1975 Javier gets Profship at Compultense
1982 Javier Minister for Culture.


björn said...

Catalan Medical Dr. Josep Trueta i Raspall
knew Madariaga and Nieves at least since their time during the warexile in London and Oxford (time of Javier birth). They stayed in contact all life. Don't know this is significant.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I am curioud how far back this trail will lead and to where. If the possibilty exists of findin the broken pieces. Quite a find Constance.


johnny said...

The missing piece to this inquiry, which has perplexed me from the very beginning of his paradoxical genealogy, has to answer the following questions:

Who is Javier's father?
Where is Javier's father now?
Is Javier's father alive or dead?
Where does Javier's father genealogy ancestry lead us to?

Get this answer confirmed and the rest of the puzzle has to fall in place to one of the theories placed here.

Everything else are rabbit trails.

Remember in Spanish ancestry the father's history is significant.

I have yet to find conclusive answers to those questions.

The same paradoxical questions apply to Concepcion, Javier's wife,
who's father was one of the generals of Francisco Franco.

The question itself, "Who is Javier's father?", is spiritually important on many many levels.

This question transcends this inquiry and places prophetic historical significance.

I cannot find anything conclusive that answers these questions.

I join your investigation.

>>>Identify Javier's father.


Tangobutler said...

Has anyone researched for the census /telephone listing? They don't lie - but the spelling is sometimes off:-)

See also - England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index: 1837-1983 - check out Madariagas in Lancashire.

Constance's parents lived in /ran a boarding house - wonder who the other students were...

FYI: From the 1881 England Census:

Name: Edmund D. Archibald
Age: 30
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1851
Relation: Head
Spouse's Name: Mrs.
Gender: Male
Where born: Hampstead, Middlesex, England

Civil Parish: Tonbridge
County/Island: Kent
Country: England

Street address: Grovenor Hse
Condition as to marriage: Married
Education:Employment status: Subscribe now to see this information.
Occupation: Late Professor Of Mathematics In H M Bengal Educational Dept

Registration district: Tunbridge
Sub-registration district: Tunbridge Wells
ED, institution, or vessel: 18
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Constance Archibald 3
Edmund D. Archibald 30
Mrs. Archibald 31
Phyllis Archibald
Harriet Barber 42
Emily Bowles 18
W.G. Brown 20
W.A. Cowie 18
Mary J. Fowlger 20
Owen Harris 17
H.S.S. Harvey 19
J.E.H. Hasted 17
F.C. Jeubins 19
Mary Love 30
W.G. Loyd 17
O'de G. La Motle 19
L.H. Power 17
C.J. Ryder 17
Ada Smitherman 14
Cuthbert O. Venakes 17
Mary Ann Weston 32

Hayat is an Arabic name meaning life.

Theosophy Dictionary on Ab-e-Hayat, Ab-e-Zendegi

Ab-e-Hayat or Ab-e-Zendegi (Persian) (from Persian ab, Avestan ap, Pahlavi av, water, purity, brilliance, honor, bliss, fortune)

Water of life or immortality; it is believed that the Water of Life is hidden in the most northern part of the earth in the dark. He who finds and drinks of it will become immortal. Some Persian allegories say that Alexander the Great sought after it in vain. It is also said Khezr, the prophet, found it and that is how he became immortal. Esoterically it represents the universal self and life's principal substance. It corresponds to the use of "water" in Genesis 1:2. The ancient Iranians believed that the first created was Mithra (Mehr), the reflection of Being, the essence of light, in the water of life; so the creation was the synthesis of these two, named Mehrab. Mehrab later became the sacred place of worship in mosques among Moslems. It is noteworthy that the same letters are used in the words Abraham (ABRHM), Bahram (BHRAM), and Brahma (BRHMA).

Anonymous said...

Good point Johnny,

I thought of looking for the children, perhaps leading any other answers. Here is a possible reason we are not seeing too much on the daughter. I will post the Spanish language version first then a "rough" translation.


PONFERRADA.— El presidente del Gobienro, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, llega hoy a Ponferrada en pleno escándalo del proyecto Ciemat Bierzo. La Ciudad de la Energía, que ha sido la gran apuesta del PSOE y del propio Zapatero, se ha convertido en una «agencia de contratación» de personas afines a los socialistas, según denunciaron en más de una ocasión los partidos de la oposición. El 3 de octubre de 2006, este diario publicaba que en el Ciemat, de los 8.500 puestos de trabajo prometidos sólo se han creado 26 empleos y se había contratado a la hija del ex ministro Javier Solana. María de la Vega Solana Giménez ejerce como secretaria de relaciones internacionales de este organismo.
Además de esta contratación, el Ciemat impulsa la empresa que dirige el hijo del ex presidente del Gobierno Felipe González y el del propio responsable del organismo, Juan Antonio Rubio. Pero las contrataciones de personas vinculadas con altos dirigentes del PSOE no termina ahí. En el Ciemat también trabajan la hija del secretario general técnico, Rafael Caro Manso, y el hijo de la secretaria del propio director. El 7 de febrero de este año, el sindicato de funcionarios Manos Limpias saca a la luz un nuevo listado de «enchufados». Se trata de 18 «colocados» en el Ciemat, por lo que el sindicato presenta una denuncia por presunta prevaricación. El día 19 del mismo mes, los sindicatos, excepto UGT, denuncian hasta 53 «pases mágicos» (ascensos injustificados) dentro del organigrama «promovidos directamente por la junta de personal y ejecutados por la dirección». En este caso, uno de los sindicatos, la CGT, denuncia que informó al secretario de Estado de Universidades, Miguel Ángel Quintanilla, directamente, antes de que éste compareciese en la comisión del Senado para explicar las contrataciones «no justificadas de hijos, familiares y allegados de los directores».

Precisamente, en esta comparecencia en la Cámara Alta, Quintanilla reconoció las contrataciones denunciadas por los sindicatos y publicadas por este diario, cuya información calificó de «sensacionalista, intoxicadora, tendenciosa y amarillista».

Además del escándalo de las contrataciones, el gran proyecto de Rodríguez Zapatero, el Ciemat Bierzo, destinado a la captura y almacenamiento de dióxido de carbono (CO2) ha sido puesto en entredicho por un miembro del propio Ejecutivo de Zapatero. El ministro de Industria, Joan Clos, anunció el pasado 7 de febrero que el Gobierno apoyaba a Asturias para el proyecto estrella que Zapatero presentó para el Bierzo. En su visita al Principado, Clos expresó la predisposición del Gobierno de participar en el proyecto de investigación de la captura de CO2 que se realiza en el Instituto Nacional del Carbón (Incar) siempre que éste reúna las condiciones exigidas. Ante la lluvia de críticas, dos días después el ministro de Industria, en su visita a León, calificaba el plan de CO2 del Bierzo de «referente» y al de Asturias de «estrella». El propio Clos, a través de un comunicado, asegura que el centro de Ponferrada será «uno de los más importantes de Europa» y anuncia que el proyecto ya cuenta con un presupuesto de 12 millones de euros.

PONFERRADA. - The president of the Gobienro, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, today arrives at Ponferrada in the heat of scandal from the project Ciemat Bierzo. The City of the Energy, that has been the great bet of the PSOE and the own Zapatero, has become a "agency of hiring" of compatible people the Socialists, according to denounced in more than an occasion the opposition parties. The 3 of October of 2006, this newspaper published that in the Ciemat, of the 8,500 engaged jobs 26 uses have been only created and Solana had contracted itself the daughter of ex- minister Javier. Maria de la Vega Solana Giménez exerts like secretary of international relations of this organism. In addition to this hiring, the Ciemat impels the company that directs to the son of the ex- president of the Government Felipe González and the one of the own person in charge of the organism, Juan Blond Antonio. But the hirings of tie people with high leaders of the PSOE do not finish there. In the Ciemat also they work the daughter of technical the Secretary General, Tame Expensive Rafael, and the son of the secretary of the own director. The 7 of February of this year, the union of civil employees Clean Hands bring to light a new listing of "fitted". One is 18 "placed" in the Ciemat, reason why the union presents/displays a denunciation by presumed prevarication. Day 19 of the same month, the unions, except the UGT, they denounce up to 53 "you pass magicians" (injustificados ascents) within the organizational chart "promoted directly through the meeting of personnel and executed by the direction". In this case, one of the unions, the CGT, denunciation that informed to the Secretary of State into Universities, Miguel Quintanilla Angel, directly, before this one appeared in the commission of the Senate to explain the nonjust hirings "of children, relatives and close friends of the directors". Indeed, in this appearance in the Senate, Quintanilla recognized the hirings denounced by the unions and published by this newspaper, whose information described as "sensationalist, intoxicadora, tendenciosa and amarillista". In addition to the scandal of the hirings, the great project of Rodriguez Zapatero, the Ciemat Bierzo, destined to the capture and carbon dioxide storage (CO2) has been put in prohibition by a member of the own Executive of Zapatero. The minister of Industry, Joan Clos, announced past 7 of February that the Government supported to Asturias for the project star that Zapatero presented/displayed for the Bierzo. In its visit to the Principality, Clos expressed the predisposition of the Government to participate in the project of investigation of the CO2 capture that is made in the National Institute of the Coal (Incar) whenever this one reunites the demanded conditions. Before the rain of critics, two days later the minister of Industry, in his visit to Leon, described the plan as CO2 as the Bierzo as "referring" and to the one as Asturias as "star". The own Clos, through an official notice, assures that the center of Ponferrada will be "one of most important of Europe" and announces that the project already counts on a budget of 12 million euros.

Anonymous said...

To answer the question, "How far back can we go with this?"

Who knows. But I wouldn't be surprised if there was a direct line all the way back to Antiochus Epiphanes.

By the way, Constance, are you any relation to the Archibalds?

Just kidding.

Constance Cumbey said...


In fairness, I think that Luis Solana is referring to himself in the blog. Luis, Javier Solana's brother was a telecommunications company CEO. So there are still mysteries.


Constance Cumbey said...


"Constance Archibald" / "Constance Butler Cumbey" (who knows).

I claim direct lineage to everybody presently living through the line of Noah!

My mother named me after her maid of honor at her 1941 wedding. That "Constance" was later tragically killed in a murder/suicide committed by her own father.

When I was growing up, if my mother was angry, she would go "CONSTANCE ELIZABETH . . ." I didn't much like the name "Constance" until I started practicing law. Connies sometimes get pushed around. Constances seldom do!

All in good fun, I trust


Constance Cumbey said...

Nieves' "sanyasin" interview indicates the "Hayat" is a Sufi (mystical Islam)name given her either by her parents or the Inayat Khan who was a friend of her parents.

Anonymous said...

Ezequiel Solana (see earlier comment posted by Farmer)

I hereby wish to point out to those in the chatroom that I am not connected to the Solana family though I gave myself the screen name Ezuukiel which was a takeoff on Zuukie, a screen name I used for many years. Based on my birth name of Dorothy Ann Elizabeth I have always believed I was related to Queen Elizabeth. Nobody better argue with me.


PS - I agree that Solana's mother must have been a very lonely person to need to seek out a connection with even such a disgustingly evil person as Rajneesh. How can one trust a person such as Solana to make the entire world a better place when he can't even make his family world a good one?

Anonymous said...

Another NGO???

Madariaga foundation support and a pledge by Javier Solana....

Anonymous said...

What a research squadron you guys
are !
Nice work Constance, Bjorn, Leana,
Doug, johnny, tangobutler, and
Dorothy (long live Queen Elizabeth!)


Constance Cumbey said...
For information on Salvador de Madariaga's sufism and theosophical contacts.

Anonymous said...

If one throws one's head around in a
circle long enough, or throws one's
head back and forth like the "heavy metal'
rock music people do, one eventually
ends up in a state of shock or worse
and it doesn't really take long to do.
The spinal cord is not really made for
that, but that's what "heavy metal"
rockers do and that's what Sufis do.


Tangobutler said...

Here is the official EU site where a profile of Solana appears in an interview with La Clave, a Spanish weekly similar to Paris Match;

"Ser nieto de Salvador de Madariaga,
el intelectual, político republicano
y europeísta, ha marcado a Javier
Solana." (marcado = to mark, stamp).

Here is information from Solana's own Madariaga Foundation with photo of Salvador, in a pose similar to Solana.


Founder of the College of Europe
Salvador de Madariaga is the founder of the College of Europe. Passionate defender of liberty and tolerance, he wanted to construct a free and democratic Europe of continental scale. At the time when Europe is taking shape, and the College of Europe is pursuing its mission to educate young university graduates from all countries in order to build a unified continent, it was thought absolutely appropriate to name a new foundation, directed towards the future Europe, in memory of the remarkable European.


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Mathilde Archibald de Vega said...

I am the goddaughter of Nieves Mathews. This is all mindlessly erroneous. Nieves was NEVER married to Francisco Solana. Javier Solana is her cousin. Nieves married Paul Mathews in 1939. He was her only husband. They had a son, Christopher P. Mathews, who was born in Bristol, UK, on October 19, 1939. On February 1, 1943, Nieves's only daughter, Beatrice, was born. Those are her only two children. How the whole Solana confusion started is a mystery to Beatrice and Christopher, who are second cousins to Javier, not siblings. They are the direct and only grandchildren of Don Salvador de Madariaga--who is the great uncle of Javier Solana.

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Jose Madadriaga y Castro has a brother named Rogelio married to Obdulia Perez Gros. The result of this marriage are born five children: Maria Dolores, Enrique, Maria Teresa, Rogelio and Obdulia.
Obdulia marries Luis Solana San Martín who have Luis Solana Madariaga born in 1935, Francisco Javier born in 1942, Ignacio, Isabel and Jesus.

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