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Federico Mayor and Lucis Trust - Share International - Benjamin Creme

Dear Readers:
Since I posted most of this the other night, I discovered this 1997 "World Goodwill" newsletter on line in Acrobat (.pdf) file format. You may download it for yourself (provided they didn't remove it once they discover this article) by clicking here. He is a current month cover boy for Benjamin Creme's SHARE INTERNATIONAL. Federico Mayor is the Co-Chairman of the Alliance of Civilizations. He is interestingly, a member of Opus Dei. He is clearly a close ally of Javier Solana and the evidence screams that he has been in contact with Lucis Trust at least since giving this interview in 1997. However, I have materials from attempts to utilize the church in the 1968's with an interfaith commission led by a Fr. Joseph Gremillion. Both Federico Mayor and Theodore Hesburgh as well as Maurice Strong were involved even then.
Both the last and present pope have taken stands against Lucis Trust, Theosophy, and the New Age Movement. It is interesting to see how they might deal with the Federico Mayor situation now. I rather suspect that "evangelization" might be the last pretense of the apostasizer!

Here is a Catholic warning against the Focolari Movement which includes warnings against "subversive" religious activity of Senor Federico Mayor!
Can someone explain the transition from “His name” and a “simple man,” to Her advise?” This is making me realize the simple man I am, or is it woman! Hillary? Can't be!
Oh, this is one of the links Constance provided.
“This day, like no one before or after, Maitreya will provide an opportunity to reveal His name, title and purpose, as the Instructor of the World for a New Era, the leader of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Expected by all religious groups. As the friend and the instructor for all who need Your help him be presented itself, as a simple man who knows the pain and suffering of men and seeks to alleviate their plight, who loves all fully, unconditionally, and he has come to show us the steps towards happiness.
One such is about to show the world and give Her advice to all. We could have heard the words before. Now, with your blessing, understand its meaning, and we will act. “
Another thought, if JS is AC how will he jive his followers to forget Yugoslavia? I suppose cognitive dissonance could easily slide this by.
“The human structure is not built for such abuse. This will inflict themselves irreparable harm. How long will it take, therefore, the men understand the futility of war? The war does not solve problems, only create chaos and stop the progress of mankind”
"Power of Positive Prayer premiers in prime time"

Just thought I would let you know that I have found out that the last new episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Desperate Housewives" had focus on what is called "positive prayer".

I knew about "Grey's Anatomy" because I had seen the episode and was in the middle of writing a little blurb about it. It was just a run down of the series ratings, the episode in question, and the previous episode slanting toward that as well.

Then yesterday I saw a comment in our "TV Forum" section of our paper about how the person was so glad that "positive prayer" was portrayed on both shows. I have never seen "Desperate Housewives" but plan to view the episode in question so that I may add to my report.

By the way for those who are unaware "Positive Prayer" is "Christianized" term for what "The Secret" is promoting. The idea of taking "positive energy" or love from one thing or person and uses "the law of attraction" to fix what ever is broken.

More to come on this subject
The explosion of information here in the posts, comments and the two main linked blogs in the past few days is mind expanding on a huge scale.

Someone should do a short overview of the material given by Oldman, Constance, Rich, Bjorn, Terry and Rudi. Anyone of them could do an excellent introduction to the vast amount of detail.

An introduction such as a historical timeline of the information or an ideological pattern showing how these things fit together might help some of us undestand how this book's worth of information fits together. I'll try my hand at it and see how it goes, but would prefer seeing someone named take on the task.


Yugoslavia is a pretty good indication to me of where the NWO is going -- one currently that appears to have JS as a principal if NOT the principal player. "Who can make war with the beast . . . the beast that stamped, tore and made war with the saints and prevailed against them for a time, times, and anhalf a time. KOSOVO was an obvious foreshadowing of where Jerusalem is headed. What was established, principle wise at Kosovo was that its ok to take somebody's religious capital. Kosovo is to the Serbia Orthodox as Jerusalem is to the Jews.

Moreover, one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of WWII was that Hitler failed to reduce the Balkans before taking on the USA and Russia. Duh! Has anybody thought that Solana may well have used us to do it for him?

There are no biblical prophecies that the AC will be (1) charismatic; (2) without suspicion. He was to be a vile person who would come in peaceably with the aid of a few and then things would be overflown before him, "even to the Prince of the Covenant." Catholics think that may refer to the Pope being overthrown by the antichrist. Evangelicals think it refers to Israel and its leaders.

Time and events will tell! Your guess as to the AC identity is admittedly probably as good as mine, but HILLARY? Come on, the scriptures clearly say IT IS THE NUMBER OF A MAN!

Maybe something like repeated, fake humble lines like "Your excellencies, Excellencies . . ." and then they lap it up and yield all sorts of powers to him as I have seen given to this little man since I started watching him on November 22, 1995 . . .He has not gone away, but increased since then . . .
Dorothy, I'll give it my best shot.
PLEASE, don't anyone take my interpretation of this as an accurate assessment. I have no more information than anyone else and no way to be sure if I'm understanding these things- God is the only one who knows the REAL story. I'm just sharing my limited perspective, the way I'm trying to make sense of all this information.

1)We are seeing a definite pattern beginning to “emerge”
2)The UN, working with thousands of NGO’s such as Share International and UNESCO, the AOC, (and those who constitute the leadership there-of) and many other POLITICAL institutions are now working in concert in a very public way to bring about the necessary requirements of the UN Millennium Project. AT the Millennium Summit in September 2000 the largest group of world leaders in history adopted the UN Millennium Declaration , “setting out a series of time bound targets, with a deadline of 2025, that have become known as the Millennium Development Goals."
“The first seven goals are mutually reinforcing and are directed at reducing poverty in all its forms. The last goal -- global partnership for development -- is about the means to achieve the first seven. “
***Constance, I’m not sure if I understand this myself, because it looks like this had it’s origins WAY before 2000 and I haven’t yet read the World Goodwill 1997 Newsletter. (I’ve printed out a downloaded copy) They seem to have “midpoint goals” for 2010 with 2015 the deadline for all.

3)“Global Warming” is playing a key role in the “convergence” of the countries and citizens of the world to “Work as ONE” toward a common goal.
4)“SPIRITUAL” and Holistic Leadership in New Age circles (Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, BMH, Deepak Chopra etc.) are joining forces with “conventional” religious leadership (Robert Shuller, Emergent Church, Rick Warren, National Association of Evangelicals) by every means at their disposal to present a unified, “brotherhood” for the primary purpose of World Peace.
5)A picture is “emerging” that somehow, someway the “Ancient Mystery Religions” by way of “Wisdom Traditions” via Masonry / Theosophy/New Age Movement provide the “backbone” supporting the entire system.
I just finished listening to Kathleen Keating's new show where she mentions Edouard Balladur. I'd be very interested to hear the take of Constance and her astute listeners on what this man is proposing, and how it might fit into current movements in the EU:
Dear Rose,

Thanks for that. I met Kathleen Keating years ago and am encouraged that she is still diligently sounding alarms on our time. I would dearly love to talk with her soon -- I will have to try and figure out how to track her down.

EDOUARD BALLADUR and JAVIER SOLANA were working in tandem to promote a "two speed Europe" while Solana was still a Spanish cabinet official (Foreign Minister of Spain) before his NATO ascendancy. It appears to me that JS and Balladur remain close and I would assume they are still talking, perhaps scheming!

Thank you for bringing this important piece of intelligence to my attention. The Theosophical scheme which has been repeated many times by Dr. Solana is for the "New World Order" doing business as "global governance" to be a "system of continents."


I just noticed I mis-typed in regard to the Millennium Development Goals deadline. It should read 2015 not 2025. Also a note on my interpretation of the Share International Federico Mayor
story. Even in the English tranlation it was a bit hard to follow, but the main point as I understood it, (besides the incredible Lucis Trust connection)-
"Enough already!! Let's get this show on the road!! It is time to stop talking about and holding conferences on what has already been decided before it's too late." -Rudi
Hi Constance,

I would be delighted if you could get a hold of Kathleen. She mentioned on last night's show something she has been saying for over a year now--namely, the possibility (probability?) that we will not have an election. LIke yourself Kathleen is a true friend of Israel.

I would like to point your readers over to her show,which you can link to from

She's been having a lot of technical problems lately but you can get her at

I think your audience would get a lot out of her work--I am a long-time Keating listener who recently discovered your work, and I find myself so grateful for the two of you.

"Blessed be the name of Jesus Christ, true God and true Man."
Constance, I was not intimating that Hillary was or could be AC. BJ article, one of your earlier links, did have this confusing language which seemed to go from MALE to FEMALE. I think that Hillary could facilitate the rise to power. The EU needs American power.
Here is more on the "Power of Positive prayer premiering in Prime time".

I watched the "Desperate Housewives" episode. Thank goodness the praying occurred in the first 5 minutes.

On that show here is what happened.
A tornado had just struck. The older lady suggested that maybe they should just stop (taking jabs at each other) and ask God to look out for their loved ones. The ladies have a moment of silence. After this all the children and the husband is found alive. Ida, a grandmother type, didn't make it.

I am in disbelief that this is viewed as the same kind of prayer used on the last new episode of "Grey's Anatomy".

This episode contained a "faith healer". When I first read that, I thought it would be a religious evangelical healer that would be the brunt of all the jokes.

Instead this "healer" had to have all "bad energy" out of the room before she prayed for the person.

She also wanted to know the exact details of her own surgery so she could visualize it herself and heal herself in this way.

In a climatic scene the "healer" prayed for a main character's son and asked the parents (who had been fighting) to hold hand to make a circle and focus all their love for the boy to him.

It should be no surprise that everyone that she prayed for was healed. Even though it doesn't show us, we are led to believe that she heals herself as well.

To me, in my mind, these are two separate incidents. The "Grey's Anatomy" episode, is clearly what the "Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" teaches. The other show doesn't seem to use this same mentality.

Just an added note, Oprah loves both of these shows. I happen to catch about 5 minutes of her show in which everyone is encourage to use Ty Chi (sp) Where they take their smile in their heart and transfer it to an area of the body that is having trouble.
Hi Dawn- Thanks for posting this information. Great discernment on your
part. TV viewers who are "under the influence" of "another spirit" wouldn't have a clue that they were witnessing a perfect example of the "New Spirituality", “Global Mind Shift” in action. “The Secret” was a “tool”, just as “A Course In Miracles” is being used to bring about change. I just had a weird thought. It started by thinking about how the word “media” and “medium” are defined. Put simply, a medium (can be human) is a “format” for presenting information. So, “mass media” and “mass communication” is the use of some type of conduit to “feed” the information on a large scale to as many people as possible. Using whatever means of transmission is available to the one receiving it. (TV, internet, books, radio, human,) Everything we “take in” and accept as truth originated somewhere from someone. The “New Spirituality” and it’s concept of “prayer” you witnessed on two very popular programs originated with the evil one. Our enemy has found plenty of willing channelers through whom he communicates his counterfeit gospel. Rudi
Very interesting. Think it's spelled: Tai Chi
Ephesians 2:1,2 in my Lamsa
translation reads "And he has
quickened you also who were
dead because of your sins and
trespasses; In which you previously
walked according to the course
of this world, and according to
the will of the supreme ruler
of the air, the spirit which is
active in the children of

Yours truly,
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