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Update: Holly's statement on

Note: Herb and Linda Peters gave me the personally uprooting news on Wednesday that Herb had undiscovered cancer that is now in terminal stages. He is expected to have only two months to live. Since Herb and I have interacted so very deeply on the European Union and Javier Solana issues since November 1999, I feel I will be losing one of the few people that completely understands this very complex subject. We shared information completely since our mutual discoveries. Up until 1999, I had only the very brilliant Dorothy Margraf to discuss these discoveries with. When I discovered Herb via the internet, that gave me another kindred spirit with whom I could talk. Holly, however, is right. We must "stay tuned"! The following is written by Herb's brilliant and capable daughter, Holly, a Biola graduate, who has pledged to keep her father's necessary website alive! My blogspot and any website I am enabled to start will be open to you as well!

Fulfilled Prophecy -- Staying

by Holly (Herb Peters'

It's with deep sadness and tears that I, Holly, am writing this update for my father, Herb. This is the last thing in the world I want to be writing, and I'm not even sure how to say it. We got news on Tuesday that he has very advanced colon cancer that is terminal. The doctors have estimated that he has two to three months to live. I know this news will be a complete shock to many people, as it has been to my dad and our family. He was told previously that his condition was his gallbladder and that he simply needed surgery. But when he went into the emergency room hoping to speed up the process for the surgery, he learned his true condition. This explains the pain he has been experiencing now for many months that he had thought was related to his back condition. The cancer was symptomless, other than the increasing pain he recently began to have.

The one thing that has made all this news easier is my dad's incredibly positive attitude. He said that when he was first given the diagnosis he had no fear or panic. Instead, he felt a peace knowing that, if this is the Lord's will, then He knows what He's doing and He will walk with him the whole way -- as He's done through my dad's entire life. My dad said he's excited to meet Jesus. His strong faith during this difficult
trial has been so amazing to me, our family and friends. He's been such a strong witness for Christ to the healthcare workers and hospice people who've been helping us out. He wants me to tell you that, for some months before his diagnosis, he had been telling many people (including myself, my mother and brother, Constance and others) that he had a sense that the work God had called him to -- reporting on a series of events that appear to be the fulfillment of end-time Bible prophecies -- was done. He felt the entire end-time scenario is now in place. So, when he received the diagnosis, he felt like it was a confirmation of what God had already put in his heart. He feels a peace and excitement about the next stage -- though he isn't looking forward to the process between now and then. He knows many people have been praying for him, and he is grateful. His prayer request is that God will give him what he's calling "dying grace" -- the ability to face death with courage. He also really wants the information on FP to be preserved online so it will be available for people searching for the record of events this Web site has reported on since 2002 (events my dad has been following since 1992 and that are documented in his book and on this site). My dad has charged me with the task of preserving the information on the site -- a task I embrace humbly and with a deep sense of responsibility. I share his conviction that FP must be kept online, and I will be doing so with the continued support of all you who've followed FP. I will provide updates as time goes on, but ask for your continued support during this transition. My dad especially asks for continued financial support to keep FP going and also to help my mother, Linda, with all the unexpected costs the family will have during this time. Please keep him and our family in your prayers. Prayers for healing, of course, are also welcomed by my dad -- though he wants everyone to know that he has peace during this time and knows that, at the end of this difficult process, he will be with the Lord and in a much better place. As the apostle Paul says, to be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord, and it is far better to be with the Lord (2 Corinthians 5:8).
My dad wanted me to be sure and tell you what deep feelings of affection he has for all of those who've followed FP all these years, contacted him and supported him. Thank you from him, Linda and our entire family. He's also excited to know FP will go on and said that if he can see things on earth from where he's going, he'll enjoy watching how FP continues to be used by God. As events continue to unfold that appear to be fulfillments of ancient Bible prophecies, I know he wants everyone to "Stay Tuned!"

To my readers: Herb Peters continues to be gravely ill and will not be available for our radio program, "My Perspective" on this Saturday (2 p.m. Eastern time, 1 p.m. Central time, Noon, Mountain time, and 11 a.m. Pacific Time). I should have more information on Herb's condition by then and will tell my radio listeners on Saturday. God bless you all for reading, for listening, and your support for both my work and that of Herb Peters! In the meantime, this is what Cliff Kincaid, the distinguished Washington, D.C. political commentator and I will be discussing live on the air this forthcoming Saturday. The chatroom will be open for questions and there will be a call-in number which I shall post before the broadcast begins.


By Cliff Kincaid

June 2, 2007

With his record of defending American borders and national sovereignty in ruins, President Bush has decided to conclude his second term in office by making common cause with those who think America’s future lies in appeasing the “international community.” He apparently wants his “legacy” to be that he cared for the rest of the world. Watch your wallets—and your freedom.

The latest phase of this “legacy building” campaign began with a plea on Wednesday for more money to fight AIDS. This provided a photo opportunity for the President to pose with a black child. So far, about $200 billion has been spent by the federal government on AIDS, without any cure or vaccine being developed. But it looks “compassionate” to throw money at the problem. Tens of billions are now being spent, some of it provided by agreements brokered through Bill Clinton’s foundation, to fight AIDS with potentially toxic and lethal drugs.

On the eve of the G-8 meeting of major industrialized nations in Germany, Bush gave a global warming speech on Thursday at an event hosted by the U.S. Global Leadership Campaign. This is a coalition of business and non-government organizations that includes the pro-world government Citizens for Global Solutions, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Ted Turner’s U.N. Foundation, Planned Parenthood, the American Friends Service Committee, the Alliance for a Global Community, and the United Nations Association.

It looks like Bush is abandoning what’s left of his conservative base before they abandon him.

Bush told the group, “This is a fine organization and it’s an important organization. It’s rallying businesses and non-governmental organizations and faith-based and community and civic organizations across our country to advance a noble cause, ensuring that the United States leads the world in spreading hope and opportunity.”

Another part of this “legacy building” is his decision to seek ratification of the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), a dangerous document that transfers control of the oceans and much of the land area of the world as well to a U.N. bureaucracy. It finances its activities with a global tax. The pact is endorsed by some of the same groups and individuals involved in the Global Leadership Campaign.

UNCLOS charges American corporations a “fee” for exploiting ocean resources for the benefit of America and threatens these same corporations with global climate change litigation before an international court if they “pollute” the oceans from anywhere on the face of the earth.

U.S. Navy support for UNCLOS masks the sharp decline in U.S. Naval forces. The number of U.S. ships has declined under Bush to 276, from a high of 594 under President Reagan, who rejected UNCLOS. The Bush budget projects their further decline to 210. The American Shipbuilding Association says that, if present trends continue, the U.S. Naval Fleet will decline to 180 ships by 2024.

Those who haven’t been paying attention think that Bush’s policy for the last six years has been “unilateralist” and anti-U.N. He did keep us out of the global warming and International Criminal Court treaties. He also withdrew the U.S. from the ABM treaty so the nation could pursue national missile defense. But generally speaking, he has been pouring huge amounts of money into the U.N. and associated institutions. Office of Management and Budget figures show that U.S. financial contributions to the U.N. System under Bush have gone from $3.1 billion in fiscal year 2001 to $5.3 billion in fiscal year 2005.

The office of Senator Tom Coburn, who requested and released the information, commented in a press release that “According to the report, in 2005, the United States gave $5.3 billion to the U.N—a 30% increase from 2004 funding level of $4.1 billion. Almost every Department of the U.S. government plus several independent agencies fund the U.N. Although the U.N. does not track this information or at least does not make such information public, most experts say the total U.N. budget is between $15-20 billion. The U.S. funded portion is between 25% and 30%.”

But that’s not good enough for the Global Leadership Campaign. It thinks too little has been spent on international affairs.

In his speech to the group, Bush seemed to be proposing another and much-tougher global warming treaty. “By the end of next year, America and other nations will set a long-term global goal for reducing greenhouse gases,” he said. “To help develop this goal, the United States will convene a series of meetings of nations that produce most greenhouse gas emissions, including nations with rapidly growing economies like India and China.” He said each nation would develop a “national target” of reducing greenhouse gases.

With this speech, Bush has capitulated to the alarmists who blame man-made greenhouse gases for perceived changes in climate.

In the past, at the G-8 meetings, the Bush Administration has been opposed to measures by France and Britain to endorse global taxation schemes. One of them, an international tax on airline travel, was sold as a “solidarity contribution” to fight AIDS. A new bureaucracy, UNITAID, has been created to receive and spend the global tax revenue.

The U.N. has been pushing a global tax to fight global warming that amounts to a 35-cents-per-gallon gasoline tax hike.

This time, it can be anticipated that Bush Administration opposition to global taxes will completely collapse. After all, the White House has already endorsed a global tax scheme through the Law of the Sea Treaty.

All of this opens the door for Congress to promote and pass a carbon tax of some kind, perhaps as part of the new global warming treaty that Bush apparently envisions. It will be difficult for Bush to resist such a tax, in light of his recent rhetoric on the subject.

Bush is putting in place the New World Order his father talked about.

© 2007 Cliff Kincaid - All Rights Reserved

About our Saturday "My Perspective" guest:

Cliff Kincaid, a veteran journalist and media critic, Cliff concentrated in journalism and communications at the University of Toledo, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Cliff has written or co-authored nine books on media and cultural affairs and foreign policy issues. Cliff has appeared on Hannity & Colmes, The O’Reilly Factor, Crossfire and has been published in the Washington Post, Washington Times, Chronicles, Human Events and Insight.

Cliff's Web Site:


Please tell Herb he is in our prayers!
im praying for herb as well as evryone who can read this, Connie I am the one who posted the Brussels Forum video. Just thought you would like to know he is bring in the troops..Mylon
Thanks, again. I've been warning people about the UN since the 60s; a number of books which encluded the UN's constitution, were written, but relegated to kooksville. Mr. Kincaid, so able a writer, has taken my breath away! One's worldview matters.
Yours in Christ,
Herb is GRAVELY ill! I have promised Herb that I would hold my statement until my radio program on Saturday so he can notify his board administrators first.


Looking forward to Saturday's program. I appreciated the program overview you provided. It confirms my view that Bush is using his last few months in office to promote every globalist agenda item he can before leaving office. We've been played with and manipulated by him over the last six years and we are now seeing out in the open more of what he's been doing behind the scenes for several years. The Elitests must either be feeling pressure to quickly implement their plans before any more damage can be done to them, or are so sure they have everything "wrapped up" that they no longer care who knows what. I think it's probably both.

Thanks for your continued diligence. Your research is regularly shared with various groups I am part of.

Constance- That response sounded like a politician! All kidding aside, I have been praying for Herb and family. I am also looking forward to your radio show on Saturday.

I am also in the middle of your first book. It is very eye opening, I am about half way through. If anyone here has not read it, I would strongly advise to do so.
I feel like it provides the other side of the coin of what Fulfilled Prophecy has been reporting.
I also can't wait to get your second book, which is in transit to me as we speak.
To Rich of Medford:

The New Agers hoped to carry everything out in 1982 and Donald Keys was then working closely with the UN which passed a resolution on "religious toleration" in 1981 very similar to the Alliance of Civilization maneuvers in 2006. Successor resolutions were passed and then reaffirmed in 1993 language which reads as below:

Reaffirming its resolution 36/55 of 25 November 1981, by which it proclaimed the Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief,

Recalling its resolution 47/129 of 18 December 1992, in which it requested the Commission on Human Rights to continue its consideration of measures to implement the Declaration,

Taking note of Commission on Human Rights resolution 1993/25 of 5 March 1993,

Reaffirming the call of the World Conference on Human Rights for all Governments to take all appropriate measures in compliance with their international obligations and with due regard to their respective legal systems to counter intolerance and related violence based on religion or belief, including practices of discrimination against women and the desecration of religious sites, recognizing that every individual has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, expression and religion,

Recalling Commission on Human Rights resolution 1992/17 of 21 February 1992, in which the Commission decided to extend for three years the mandate of the Special Rapporteur appointed to examine incidents and governmental actions in all parts of the world that are incompatible with the provisions of the Declaration and to recommend remedial measures, as appropriate, and recalling also Economic and Social Council decision 1992/226 of 20 July 1992,

You may want to follow up on these
Just a note to anyone new to this blog. If the Cumbey biography, links and archives do not show up on the front page when you enter this website, hit the refresh button to get them to appear.
Thanks for the info Constance. I've read subsequent reaffirming resolutions as well as the special Rapporteur's findings. Some of the language by the Rapporteur has had the "exclusive ownership of truth" language. I will go through these and make sure I haven't missed anything.

i am very saddened to here about herb's cancer. we need soilders like him...please pray for healing.
Send my best to the entire Peter's family.
I'm praying, as you, for Herb's recovery. In the meantime, I am preparing for two speeches next week in Michigan. I am getting ready for my radio interview tomorrow on THEMICROEFFECT.COM of Cliff Kincaid. I've been re-reading and analyzing CRYPTS OF POWER, an autobiography by Sir Kenneth Grubb, brother of IVF founder, Norman Grubb. I'm astounded at his interactions both with the Tavistock Institute, Denis Healy (founder of Bilderbergs) and the IISS which is an important think tank to the seemingly ubiquitous Dr. Solana!
Const ance:

I don't want to miss any opportunity to hear you or to read / see your research. There are times when work may keep me from hearing your Saturday program. Are the programs recorded and accessible?

I will be praying for extraordinary insight and an impactful presentation of your two speeches next week.

Dear Dave (and others similarly situated):

I understand from producer Joe McNeil that the programs are up for a week for archiving at Donations to Joe McNeil who is doing a tremendous service for us all are greatly appreciated. There is a spot for that on his website. If he can afford more bandtime, the files can stay up longer or even permanently for archiving. In the meantime, take advantage of the window of opportunity that is there!

Thanks to all for listening!


P.S. Cliff Kincaid made a great guest!
Just found this on a Lucis Trust/Arcane School website -- interesting they were touring the CERN project, especially considering the role of Javier Solana's academic mentor, Nicolas Cabrera in that project. Sounds like its right out of a Dan Brown novel, but maybe for real. "The Rose" symbolism is also fascinating, considering the Rosicrucian/Theosophical/Luciferian connections in all of this!

The Law of Synthesis affirms that "All that is, is ever present", but it can’t be recognised, revealed, unless seen from the correct perspective. Last week in Geneva a few of us took a tour of an exhibit at CERN, where the Swiss particle accelerator (the world’s largest) is situated. One feature of the exhibit was an image of a rose, expanded in sequential stages, each time by a power of ten, which eventually extended the perspective on the rose to extraplanetary and even galactic dimensions. One could also examine the same rose in sequentially more microscopic levels, each reduction again by a power of ten, so that eventually one could see the DNA of a fly on the rose and even a single molecule. What was so striking about this exhibit was the way it incorporated a single rose within the planetary and systemic Life, and, at the same time, revealed the Life aspect present within a single rose. The Tibetan’s statement that the third eye reveals the light at the heart of every form of divine manifestation was beautifully demonstrated by that exhibit at CERN."

Cf "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown
IMPORTANT - IMPORTANT - IMPORTANT article on mandatory electronic tracking proposed in New York against all those for whom Personal Protection Orders have been issued.

Read about it here and then ask me about the nightmares I see with this "protection" system in my law practice.

President Bush received thunderous applause and a heroes welcome today in Albania over his pronouncement that Kosovo should be an independent nation. This means that the holy city equivalent of Jerusalem will be turned over to Moslem interests. Jews, Christians, and Moslems alike should take heed of this dangerous precedent of ripping somebody's holy city from them -- it means that Jerusalem, Vatican City, Salt Lake City, Mecca etc. are fair game to take and give to a majority that moves in and occupies. Watch for the same pressures to be put on Israel vis a vis Jerusalem! This is TRULY FASCINATING as only two people I know of have received this heroes' welcome: JAVIER SOLANA in 1999 and GEORGE W. BUSH in 2007. JAVIER SOLANA has long called for Kosovo independence. My educated guess is that he is the source of some of GWB's ideas on this!!!!!!!!!!
Constance, I pray for the Herb and his family. He has added so much to my understanding of the New World. Constance could you and/or your readers help me? I have a dear friend who will be attending the "Acts 16:5 Initiative" training inside the Presbyterian Church. From what I can see it looks like a globalist teaching of the "understanding of truth". Names mentioned are: Thomas R. Hawkins, Alan Roxburgh, Leonard Sweet. If you or your readers have an insight into this upcoming "teaching" I'd appreciate any comments pro or con. Thanks!
The Lucis Trust Arcane link not complete
Are you at that twelve spiritual festivals?
Is Satan Hiding At CERN? Is their logo 666--check it out.

There are a number of You Tubes about the LHC- Large Hadron Collider I had reported on several months ago to my prophecy class.

Some feel that an LHC accident could be a plausible explanation for the Rapture. All blog aside, the developing scientist is very determined to prove there is no God and intent on finding what some refer to as "the God particle."

Time travel and Star Gates aside, ironically the weapon element of the collider is completely "overlooked" by the media. Satan is always great at hiding in plain site. More alarming-- as if mini-black holes and strangelets weren't enough, the LHC can potentially produce an inexhaustible and quick amount of tritium for warheads using our friend Javier Salona's(head of EU) technology and coolant system bombarding helium-3 with neutrons (which incidentially he developed while at the University of Virginia way back in the day).

Much blog is out there but I submit the most convincing and interesting information is on the CERN website in the Employment Postings!

Was the US was asleep at the wheel in allowing this technology to be developed in Europe? Have they potentially allowed the balance of power of the planet to become shifted to the EU-- just like our Bible said? Allegedly the French- (predominantly Muslim) are tracking the safety protocols and quality assurance testing of this large hadron collider. Why doesn't that make me feel better?

I found it laughable on the CERN web site that they have a posting for an Environmental Research "Trainee" Assistant to study this! I guess on their 6 billion budget they don't have the money to hire real scientists to track the Tritium they create and are going to be releasing into the water tables of 1/4 of the countries of Europe! (Makes Chernobyl and any Savannah River Plant (just 45 minutes from my house) woes look like Sunday School)! They even help the "trainee" to get their PhD thesis work from the project. Cleverly only applicants from member states are accepted-- the US is not a member state:-) lol

I'm so glad we know Jesus. :-)
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