Monday, December 11, 2006

Javier Solana's about to be expanded fiefdom?

Javier Solana’s fiefdom is about to receive expanded powers over Kosovo

According to an article appearing in the Irish Telegraph, UN operations in Kosovo are about to be surrendered to the European Union. This says the writer of that article is a “risky path.” The EU will have authority to annul local laws that don’t conform to EU standards. Vesna Peric Zimonjic, author of the report says that the changed UN mandate will give the EU, and hence Solana, “sweeping powers.”

Quoting from today’on line story:

"Once that status is agreed the draft plan calls for the establishment of an International Civil Representative (ICR), much like that existing in Bosnia. They would then have the authority to annul Kosovo government decisions as well as laws adopted by the local parliament and to replace officials whose policy is not in tune with the demands of the EU.[1]

The same article makes it clear that it was Javier Solana who drafted those same plans which will be enhancing his already considerable powers.

Instead the only describes what happens once the status is decided, through negotiations undertaken by the UN's Finnish special envoy Martti Ahtisaari. However, the plan, which was created under the mandate provided by the EU security chief Javier Solana earlier this year, foresees the steps that will lead to the EU presence in Kosovo. :

I note with more than a small amount of interest (not to mention cynicism) that the Alliance of Civilizations (“Alliance of Civilisations” to our British and Canadian readers) is to have a “High Representative” appointed to implement that document. I note that that document calls for global registration of religious schools and regulation of their curriculums. That program, too, is clearly traced to Javier Solana’s proposals and work with the Anna Lindh Foundation “initiatives” as early as 2003-2004. I wonder if he’ll get that office under his “remit” as well? I can’t help but notice that this coincides with the beginning of his 7 year “European Neighbourhood Policy”.

I wonder what color that moon is getting to be? I wonder if I’m not reading too much into “innocent” things. Surely such a harmless looking man can have only good intentions! Or does he? We would do well to remember Lord Acton's admonition: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Javier Solana has already been handed a lot of power. It appears he is on the verge of getting more -- much more!

[1]Belfast Telegraph, December 11, 2006, as web published at
What is to be noted is that it is the UNITED NATIONS passing its current power TO Javier Solana and not VICE VERSA! The UN is ceding power to Solana and the EU vis a vis the Kosovo situation!
It is so nice to have you commenting on your blog again. I have not known about your work long but I became aware of your work from an interview off the Zeph show. The interesting thing is that in my journey to the Lord, I checked out so many new age movements... Mormonism – actually walked through the Mormon Temple in Montana before they opened it, Buddhism, New Age – Read the Celestine Prophecy… But God has a sense of humor and a reason for everything. The day after finishing the Celestine Prophecy (and being frustrated because I couldn’t make out the energy field around all living beings) I traveled to a place called the Medicine Wheel. This is actually where many of the American Indian tribes would travel to worship the “gods.” They told me that I could give an offering to the “gods” to. You know, it was at that moment… at the moment of offering to the gods that I know what the god was that I was offering to and I didn’t know what I should offer. Well, to make a very long story short and to put it right out there- I went to the medicine wheel as a lost, homosexual, broken, new age practicing, pot smoking human… At the moment I began to question in my mind who and what, the small voice I know now as the Holy Spirit said… The God of Jesus Christ and the chain (one of a yin yang) around your neck. So it was at that moment that I said, I offer this to the God of Jesus Christ… and I took it off my neck and placed it on that fence surrounding the Indian worship sight.

I appreciate how much compassion the Lord has given you. We all have our moments but when you speak I love how you push through things that people say about the new agers or lost folk… rude comments about them not being able to see. You always offer up scriptures that point out our job as followers Of Jesus… the slow to anger and all that profound stuff. The Lord really did cover me in His protection because for the most part, I only came across people like you-very knowledgeable and understanding. It has been 7 years that I actually gave my heart to the Lord but He has worked with me… Where I was once that girl I am now a quite healed girl living for the Truth. Where I graduated bottom of my class in grade school, I am now finishing a degree in Psychology with almost straight A’s (which was a slow process) every step and every mistake I have made in my life the Lord has turned around to use for His glory. People do not change overnight often… it does happen…but not often.

If I had not gone down the roads I had… I would not be able to listen to people who follow the things you do and have eyes to see how true they are. If I had not received the love and compassion from all those that the Lord put around me I may have never come to where I have come. If I would not have gone through the years of psychology classes that I have had and the 5 years of counseling (with a good Christian counselor) I would not understand why I ended up where I did. IT all seems to make sense but the only thing I wonder is “Why Me?” I do not come from a family of Bible reading or church going… in fact I come from very much the extreme opposite. This is a rhetorical question, because I understand that where much grace is given much is expected… and so that is where I come back to you. When I read your writings (and Herb Peters blogs… and some others), from the new age in the church to the end time events taking place before my eyes… I can confirm them with the things that I have seen in the places that I have been. Things become linked together that seemed to just an event here or there.
This has ended up being a little different letter than I wanted it to be… didn’t plan on sharing all that but there it is. So many things you point out are truth… I don’t know many people you talk about but some of the Christians you have mentioned like Texx Marrs have stood out to me… I have heard much truth but out of the same mouth come such rude comments toward lost people. That kind of fruit set in my stomach not long before I feel like I would if I ate bad fruit. It is very important to pay attention to what comes out of the mouths of people and to discern what is going on in the world. People – we can all be led astray so easy… even the ones that have followed so close the whole way… WE do not fight people but instead the principality that have gotten a hold of people… most are imprisoned and do not know it. One of my mentors always tell me… Hurting people hurt others. Oh, how true that is.

Well, I best end this now. I thank you for the time you spend keeping us all up to date… I thank you for standing up to your call… I thank you for being so full of grace and mercy (keep in mind we all have those ranting sessions) but most of all I thank the Lord for doing what He has done with you… we all know that our achievements are due to His Divine purpose.

God Bless You Constance
Doesn't Solana always get more power AFTER there are reports of him quitting in some reguard? First it was when there were rumors about him wanting to be mayor of some town in Spain. And now after his thinkng about "retirement".

Oh it was all probably planned. Now I wonder what will happen next.
Dear hjstoffel:

Thank you so much and GOD BLESS YOU! I treasure your comments!


Hello, Contance
Here a few days ago I heard about Jupiter alighned with Mars it only happens every 74 years. I heard this on our local radio station WWJ AM 950. It's kind of like the song by the 5th Deminsion who also sang the song up up and away in my beautiful balloon. If you can remember the words about Jupiter alighned with Mars and peace will guide the planet and love will stear the stars this is the dawning of the age of aquarius age of aquarius. In the begining ogf the song it talks about crystals and other things. This is clearly new age. With Javier Solana in power I think were going to see some intresting things in 2007 besides his presidency. America needs to beware here comes trouble. Got to go for now and keep up the good work.
Dear E.E.,

Interesting, I was wondering the same thing -- not that I put any stock in astrological "science," but that the New Agers in setting their time tables, often do.

The Alliance of Civilizations is much like Solana. When I first started looking at it, I was lucky to get 5 Google hits. Today, I get the following:

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,340,000 for alliance of civilizations.

It's interesting to note it is as invisible to the American public as is Solana.

To hjstoffel,

I'm glad you're in the body of Christ. Very powerful testimony.

I’ve provided much analysis of the Alliance of Civilizations on this blog space. I thought I’d post analysis coming from the other side. This one is from the Aquarian Age Community:

They see this alliance as the glue that will hold them together.

I’ve provided much analysis of the Alliance of Civilizations on this blog space. I thought I’d post analysis coming from the other side. This one is from the Aquarian Age Community:

They see this alliance as the glue that will hold them together.

quote: [i]"Here a few days ago I heard about Jupiter alighned with Mars it only happens every 74 years"[/i]
...before 74 years: this was at the brink to 1933, when Hitler became Reichskanzler in January...
"This is clearly new age."

Connie and Barry have once again become grandparents of a little boy. She was brimming with joy while she was letting others know. We all share their happiness I know.

Congratulations Constance!

There is a new book out obviously designed to further the agenda of the Alliance of Civilizations. It is called "A WORLD IGNITED" by former New York Times writer Martin Tolchin and his wife, Professor Susan Tolchin. I wrote a review of it that you may or may not enjoy (depending on your perspective -- friend or foe -- I'm sure I have as many enemies reading as friends). The review is on Amazon dot com and here is a link:
Nolan Dean Cumbey
born December 14, 2006
to Stephen and Charity Cumbey
Grand Rapids, Michigan
weight 7 lbs, 2 oz.
19 3/4"

Mother, dad and two older siblings are doing well! Thanks!

Rich wrote this brief letter on the Alliance of Civilizations for his community newspaper. Read it.

The AOC is a complex thing. If you know where we are on the timeline to a switchover to the URI you will understand the importance of their declaration. Some of you might be thinking it's a mighty leap and they will never accomplish their goal. Other may be thinking end times will come before they can accomplish their goals so why worry. Others may be thinking what can they do. Let's dialogue on this.


I'm taking a leap in stating that it is prophecy being fulfilled. Once the AOC is in place, the mass planetary initiations will begin. It's too much to be a coincidence. We are truly in an advent season. Fortunately for us, especially this time of year, we know there is a hope. Hope in a manger.
Constance Cumbey said...
Nolan Dean Cumbey
born December 14, 2006
to Stephen and Charity Cumbey
Grand Rapids, Michigan
weight 7 lbs, 2 oz.
19 3/4"

Congrats to all!

A Fellow Watcher
Congratulatons Constance and family!
Thanks for posting my article Dorothy. It should be available online through the Thursday afternoon of next week, December 21. If it has disappeared and anyone would like me to repost, please let me know.

Congrats Conny!
Thanks Rich and Dorothy!
Rich: Very good article which sums it all up! Just posted it at Herbs board.

Take a look at the upper left corner of this web site introducing the AoC and tell me if you see what I think I see or if I'm making a stretch?


What is it that you think you are seeing?

I've been looking at the corner for about five minutes now and I am not picking up anything peculiar.

David - The pattern appears to be intertwined sixes. There are several New Aged websites such as that contain triple sixes in there graphic design.

Rich in Medford
Thanks for the link. I didn't know there were sites as seriously screwed up as that one. They are lost souls we need to pray for.

On another note, I've read where some democrats have gone over to the middle east to see for themselves. John Kerry for instance has gone to talk to the Iranians and Syria. I bet he thinks he's the president.

Isn't This is how it happened before WWII, when high ranking people in government went to talk to Hitler?

Next year seems like it will come with many surprises, catching many unaware to what seems to be building in the Middle East.
Rich, it looks like the decoration is Middle Eastern. Similar woven patterns are found in Islamic art and decoration as well as in Bahai or Buddhist works. It seems to convey the idea of all things are interrelated and part of the whole.
Rich, I know I'm a bit late with this comment, but I took a look at the design you referenced. It reminded me personally of two things: Celtic knots, and a design featured on some of the early editions of Marilyn Ferguson's The Aquarian Conspiracy. I've always had trouble seeing the 666 in that design on the aforementioned book, but Constance has seen it.
That definitely looks Celtic in design.
The plan for turning control of Kosovo from the UN to the EU has been developing for some time. The development of an ICR is similar to what the UN and EU have done in Bosnia, with mixed review. Currently in Kosovo, the SRSG (Special Representative of the Secretary General) also has the authority to annul decision of the local government.

While Solana may have had a plan in generating this transitional plan for Kosovo, the tracks down which its running are very similar to those laid in Bosnia ten years ago.
There are some interesting conversations taking place over on Carrie Tomko's site -- whatever you do, GET A DESIGNATED DRIVER IF YOU TRY HER COOKIE RECIPE!!!!!

Remarks made by Dr. Solana in a 2005 speech given to an audience of French students to try to convince them of the "value" of the EU Constitution and his associated Foreign Minister post:

* * *

Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris
Paris, 18 April 2005


The Madrid bombings on 11 March proved the case: terrorists know how to align their agendas with our own political agendas. The world's major struggles are played out in the Middle East and Iraq, and tomorrow it may well be the Caucasus and Saharan Africa. Now that the great ideologies have been laid to rest, why do we face this radicalisation and why does democracy remain fragile? Why de we have this rising level of collective violence?


Our world is growing less safe and we do not have eternity before us. We have to act.


How many regions and countries admire the Franco-German reconciliation? This is no messianic posturing on my part but a statement of fact...


We quite simply have to bear in mind that today's Europe is not the one of 1957. The world has changed since then. Obviously, the baptism it received in Rome fifty years ago has to be consolidated.


Would economic globalisation and international insecurity wait while we re-open the text? Some of us have criticised the Constitution for sacrificing the nation-state on the altar of European federalism.


A Fellow Watcher
Earlier in the comments there was talk about astrology and the New Age movement. Today I came upon this website which covers the topic. It comes from a follower of Alice Bailey's writings.

On the lighter side of the post, the writer says,
"It could be said the Humanity as a being has a relatively enlightened mind, an awakening heart, but a closed wallet. We know that the proper sharing of the world's resources is necessary before the Reappearance can take place."

If this article is correct, the Reappearance may be a ways off.

It seems that a lot of the money promised by various countries never made it to the victims. Very few countries are as generous as Americans.

I have an article on Alliance of Civilizations and I want to thank Rich of Medford for keeping me focused on that subject and giving me many valuable leads for its writing. You may read it at It is entitled: The Alliance of Civilizations: War on Monotheistic Religions?
Thank you Constance. My motivation is to get the word out on this Alliance and, in the process, hopefully support people like you and Herb who reach far more people.

Thank you Constance. My motivation is to get the word out on this Alliance and, in the process, hopefully support people like you and Herb who reach far more people.

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