Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Javier Solana's tea party or was it a Coffee klatch?


Recently Javier Solana has issued a general invitation to the world’s press to come to coffee on June 29th at his offices in the EU's Justus Lipsius building in Brussels, Belgium. He has convened his diplomatic corps and those combining diplomatic with military hats such as Paddy Ashdowne for an apparent in-house motivational seminar. I don’t know how much British blood Solana has (he is clearly a quarter Scottish on his maternal grandmother’s side), but he clearly seems to be keeping a stiff upper lip. His remarks to his diplomatic corps are already posted on Solana’s own website. The website today also features an invitation to the media to come meet Solana’s diplomatic team:

"The European Union Special Representatives will gather on Wednesday 29 June for a seminar in Brussels. The seminar will provide the Special Representatives with an opportunity to discuss their work and to share their experiences. The EU High Representative will introduce the seminar with a few remarks. At this event, the first of its kind, the media is invited for a coffee meeting with all the EU Special Representatives at 14h45. The Special Representatives will be available for individual talks with journalists. The meeting will take place in the Justus Lipsius building press bar. "[1]

Solana’s words indicate he is giving his diplomatic corps (Special Representatives) a pep talk on how much the world is depending on a strong, confident Europe.

In the meantime, Solana pushes ahead full throttle with his growing European army. He has recruited soldiers from Chile and Argentina. He has signed a treaty with the Ukraine, “allowing” them to participate in EU peacekeeping and military operations. His chief cabinet officer for the military end of Solana’s duties is Nick Witney. It is sometimes alternatively spelled in the press as “Nick Whitney” as was the case with the Herald-Tribune yesterday.[2] Solana and Witney speak of having a ‘leaner’ EU military; however, the budget has grown much fatter since I released my latest version of my CD – from 165 billion Euros to now 180 Billion Euros for a total of $218 billion United States dollars equivalent. Considering that package along with Javier Solana’s long time statements that “the plan is to use NATO assets with European control of those assets”, we have a very formidable potential package for Dr. Solana.

But of course, since its all for ‘peacekeeping,’ nobody has to to worry. Or do we? As usual, I value your comments. Enjoy what is left of your day!



Anonymous said...

My immediate reaction to this is: Which media is being invited? Who are the journalists that will be doing the interviewing? This is clearly designed to be a rallying for support and will cover lots of bases. It will be interesting to see how it's reported.

Anonymous said...

You can find Solana's homepage here along with the press releases dealing with special representatives. As one can see by reading these releases, the service is growing under Solana's hand. At what point will the various websites and blogs start reporting on Solana's continuously growing role in the European Union Constance?

Anonymous said...

As I told Constance yesterday, what worries me is the fact that the EU is still growing BUT....the media is actively reporting them as "dead", "torpedoed", "failed", etc...

It is quite clear that the EU is still quit alive and growing....only the constitution is now in question.

This looks very much like a gentle introduction in order to prevent public backlash.

j23dog said...

"Of course, it's all for 'peacekeeping' so nobody has to worry."

-That's WHY we have to worry!

Anonymous said...

In the 1960's and 1970s while the Vietnam Peace Movement was going on, some people used to hold up the V sign and say, "peace,' you spell it your way -- I'll spell it mine." I wonder if Solana still spells it that way?!

Anonymous said...

AND THEN THERE'S TONY BLAIR -- who is pushing HARD to shove a computer chipped biometric passport with iris, fingerprint, etc etc detailed information. With that baby combined with Solana's Galileo Project circa 2008 plans (and USA is rapidly moving in same direction), you might as well take THE MARK -- far as I am concerned, it's one more form of it and a very pernicious one at that -- you'll never go anywhere in privacy again! Hopefully the privacy watchdogs are watching that and the interactions of the dynamic duo -- Tony Blair (a high level New Age initiate who got 'rebirthed along with wife Cheri in Mexico as they knelt to the 4 elements!) and Javier Solana. Hard to say which one's worse!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Pat Robertson who told people on his 700 Club through a professor on his Regent University staff -- "there's no theological risk in taking the chip -- as long as its 'VOLUNTARY'. Interesting his book NEW MILLENNIUM from 1990. Unlike his other books TOO ACCURATE as to what is happening now. Wonder if he was in on these plans. He is a friend of Jeremy Rifkin as are so many of the EU leaders, including Solana and Prodi. What is now so unholy converging? LEAD US NOT UNTO DECEPTION BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL, OH LORD WE PRAY!

Anonymous said...

Talk about end times -- Spain just legalized gay marriages 187 to 147 in its parliament. Gays may inherit and adopt children! Movies we used to watch about end time events weren't nearly THIS wild! I wonder what Solana thought of that. What would have been his vote had he still been in the Spanish parliament?

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that a "Representative" has his own representatives. It seems that he is more than a representative. He is almost like his own country or power. I will be in Europe soon. If he invites me for coffee, should I go? I think I would, .... but I would use a very long spoon (ref. Os Guiness)

Anonymous said...

I think all it takes for beast to rise to power is a global disaster.
If this global disaster will cause the removal of USA as a superpower, the EU will naturally be the next superpower, the stage is set.
The removal of USA as world power will trigger the reforming of UN security council.And the EU HR is set to have his seat, but then, he will need to subdue E3

This global disaster will transcend global consicousness and cause a ecumneical religious revival which the 2 horned religious leader will explain what happen and assure the world that everything is ok, all we need to do is to identify with the NWO of EU. And the 2 horned religious leader will say :"What better way to identify with HR NWO then to receive the mark? let the new humanity be interconnected in global peace"

Anonymous said...
Solana said he wanted to see how the hardline Ahmadinejad, a former mayor of Tehran, started his presidency before commenting on possible implications for EU-Iranian relations.

"At this point in time I am just in a waiting mood," he said. "I took note of the elections and I think the most important thing is to wait and see how the words are translated into action.

"I have my doubts about some of the
manner in which the election took place, but in any case I want to wait and see the actions more than the words."

Anonymous said...

"Frankly, gentlemen, we are at a loss for words after hearing the latest comments of Javier Solana, the EU foreign policy chief. Ahmadinejad is the infamous former chief of the Special Unit of Revolutionary Guards, the Mullahs' terror and assassination unit."
Not only did Iran pay no price for this behaviour, it continued to enjoy the EU’s flattering attentions, not least because European leaders were desperate to show that their softly-softly negotiation could be more successful in the Middle East than American “bellicosity”. The biggest victims of this process have been the democratic Iranian opposition, who have been rewarded for their bravery in standing up to fundamentalism by seeing their oppressors indulged by the EU.

Note - Solana is calling the shots on the EU's relationship with Iran.

David Moore said...

Anybody got some info on this new Iranian president. What's HIS criminal I mean curriculum vitae? lol

Anonymous said...

Check the links I posted. They give complete information on the new Iranian president.

Anonymous said...

Question for "anonymous" (6th comment) ... I've seen all the reports about the biochips in the ARM, but never anything about the right hand or forehead per Rev 13:16. Any comment on that? Do you have some good links for the Galileo project and the Tony Blair ID agenda?

Anonymous said...

Here is a portion of the article that I was reading that brings up my question.

We have a religious system whose history matches that of Papal Rome throughout the Dark Ages, together with a global economic system run by seven heads, [G-7] that dictates policy for the ten horns [WEU political-military] whose authority is derived from the WEU's Recommendation 666.

But no political leader conforming to John's image of the political beast linked to a MAN who is identifiable by 'the number of his name', 666.

That is because he isn't here yet. But there is an empty seat awaiting his arrival. The Tower Building (so named after the Tower of Babel) houses the Fifth Parliament of Europe.

The legislative amphitheater is arranged in a hemicircle and has 679 seats, each assigned to a particular lawmaker. For example, Seat 663 is assigned to Rep Souchet, 664 to Thomas-Mauro, 665 to Zizzener and 667 to Rep Cappato.

In between Zizzner and Cappato is an empty seat, unallocated and unfilled. Seat 666 has never been occupied.

But it will be.

I am just curious as to what everyone's thought on this is. This was written by Jack Kinsella on June 27th. Does Solana have a number for such a seat or could he fill these that they are talking about? For the entire article see the link below.

Anonymous said...

The original story about seat 666 originated with Ian Paley in 1999. Every story I checked referring to that seat number traced back to the Paley story. At that time there were only 626 seats in the European Parliament. In 2004, the number of seats went to 732 because of addition of new countries.
(If you want to copy the entire link, continue copying it if it goes outside of the comment box boundaries.) I was unable to find anything else about a seating chart.

It was worth checking out as I never knew of the wild world of information centering around the number 666 before. I would like to list some of the more interesting sites I found, but someone might take one of them seriously.

Constance Cumbey said...

To the last ANONYMOUS in general and to JACK KINSELLA in particular:

1. Javier Solana's name adds in the Hebrew to 666.

2. In the Bible Codes, Greek New Testament (Codefinder edition is what I saw) Javier Solana's name crosses EVERY prophecy in the Bible on the abomination of Desolation and the Man of Perdition, including the Revelation 13 prophecies (his first and last name string there directly together and running through both is "Here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man and that number is 666". It runs through all three gospels, Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 17 and 21 on the appropriate end time and abomination of desolation prophecies. Ditto with the Hebrew edition.

Solana's enabling job creation was "Section 666" of the Europa Code. He proposed and got expanded powers over Europe for himself with Assembly Recommendation 666. His posters on his job, "Europe -- Many tongues,One Voice -- use the unfinished Tower of Babel. He has FULL control over the European Space Agency project -- described by them as being so sophisticated that a blind European could go completed unaided by any external device through the subways of EU cities.

If anybody seriously thinks that a lowly parliament member who occupies an unoccupied Seat 666 (like the buildings where there is no number 13 because of superstition) has to be it and no other, they are either not reading the signs of the time nor the Bible itself correctly!

Ten countries handed Solana their power on November 20, 1999.

If he's not it, he sure is an excellent counterfeit for same. Frankly, I am shocked and appalled at Jack Kinsella in effect telling everybody to go back to sleep. For several years, I tried to hand the information on a virtual silver platter to him and Hal Lindsey with no response until they read the Wikipedia article and then started to first belatedly wake up and then yawn themselves and tell everybody else to go back to sleep.


Your beast of Revelation with 7 heads is most likely the G-7 which became the G-8 and is still 7 without Russia. Your ten horns are the ten EU nations. The little horn which arose which had a look more stout than his fellows (perhaps like an ordinary cabinet minister from an ordinary EU country such as Spain) and a mouth speaking great things -- a person to whom they did not give the honor of the kingdom -- he came in peaceably with the aid of a few and obtained the kingdom by flatteries -- most likely this is either Solana or his job successor.

Solana plans to have his Torrejon Space Project -- Galileo -- fully operational by 2008. That coincides with USA plans to have black boxes on cars, etc., etc., passports to go anywhere including Canada and Mexico operational by 2008.

We are living in perilous times and I am shocked and dismayed at Jack Kinsella telling you anything but --

I told people the truth about the New Age Movement and where it was going in the 1980s. I am trying to be truthful and honest with you now. It is time to wake up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Constance,

Thank you for responding to my question. The facts you present speak for themselves. I had no idea that Jack Kinsella was posting old information. I later found the same information posted by someone back in 1999 so I can see clearly that he is somehow trying to lead people away from believing Solana is the antichrist.

As you said ...

If anybody seriously thinks that a lowly parliament member who occupies an unoccupied Seat 666 (like the buildings where there is no number 13 because of superstition) has to be it and no other, they are either not reading the signs of the time nor the Bible itself correctly

This didn't make sense to me. I think that is where I was confused because I thought Herb and Hal and Jack were all on the same page. So I thought it was good information I was reading but Thank you again for answering my question it opens my eyes even more.

Thanks to anonymous too for telling me about the original story about seat 666 originated with Ian Paley in 1999.

Anonymous said...

Constance, I've been following your material for many, many years because your facts can be verified objectively. The background you can provide on the simplist statements can be verified.

The 666 chair statement coming from Paley cannot be verified but it has been picked up by numerous Christian websites. There was no chair 666 as there were only 626 seats in 1999.

Any search of the web will show that 666 is a hot topic. Christian writers, from the well-meaning to manipulators, often seem to use it to draw attention to messages they want to send as well as to cause other Christians to identify with them. It takes a sceptical eye to review those writings.

I am not saying there is definitely no valid link between prophecy and current events. There may be. I do not, however, need to accept the link as a truth in order to completely accept the validity of your other research.

What I have found to be more powerful are the links you have documented between occult New Age beliefs and the political power structure. The changes have affected cultures internationally, leading to attacks on Christianity and Judaism. Again, you have documented this.

Most people do not have a clue as to the nature of heavy occult beliefs. They look at pop New Age not realizing that what is promoted is watered down occult beliefs. Academic books like those of James Webb, The Occult Establishment and the Occult Underground, document a long history of believers in the occult in high places.

Over and over again we are warned in the Bible to avoid occult practices. The warning was important enough to be made part of the Ten Commandments. Following the path of the occult leads to the destruction of individuals and communities.

Your research over all of these years is showing that that conclusion is valid, that by becoming involved in occult practices and allowing ourselves to be led by those who are involved, we are on a path to destruction.

Constance Cumbey said...

Well said, last anonymous, thank you!


P.S. I do, however, believe the 666 is important and was placed in the Bible for a definite reason -- and it is NOT 616 as modernists trying to obscure plain events are now trying to say!

Anonymous said...

I can just see some people saying what does the European Union and Javier Solana have to do people in the US? They are over in Europe. It's nice that Bush and Solana meet, but does it have anything to do with me? Besides, I've read that the Constitution was voted down and that means the end of the EU.

Well, as adults you had better learn what is happening in your world on your own. Radio and televion talk show hosts pander to audiences at the broadest level of common knowledge. Only Michael Savage has mentioned Javier Solana in a negative way. The fact that you are reading this blogspot suggests you want to learn more.
Columbia International Affairs Online
Go to links and find
European Union in the US
Delegation of the European Commission to the USA
Then go to

I doubt if anyone has the time or patience to check any of these things out, but the volume of information should give you a clue that the European Union is not just a passing fad.

When you read of cooperation with the EU, know that it supercedes cooperation with any particular country. When you hear how the EU is building a military force in competition with the US, think of this list. When you hear of the economic competition with the US, think of this list. When you read of Solana's power, think of this list.

And know that all kinds of decisions about your future are being made at upper levels without your knowledge, and that includes your religious future.

Anonymous said...

Constance is still sending her CD on Javier Solana. Just email her and ask for it at She likes it formatted like this:

Jane Doe
123 Anywhere St.
Apt. 0000
Nowheresville, IL 09090, USA

Anonymous said...

The seven heads represents the gentile powers that have made up the age of gentiles. Every one of these seven nations have had a relationship with Israel. There are more nations than the seven, but God is concerned with the battle for right and wrong that is being fought and so he deals with what is connected to Israel. It was Egypt where the Israelites first became slaves, we have Assyria that carried off the Northern kingdoms, then you have Babylon that carried of the Southern kingdom, then we have Persia that took control of them, and then the Greeks conquered Persia and took control of them, then you have the Roman Empire, and then you have the final Roman Empire, and that is the seven heads that make up this dragon.

When God sees something, he sees it from begining to end.

Anonymous said...

Last anonymous,translation please.

Anonymous said...

Revelation 17:10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

Revelation 17:11-13 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

The Beast that was (it was the Roman Empire, that was alive in the time of Jesus)
And is not (it is not fully revive now, constitution dead, budget problem, conflict among members etc)
He is the eighth (the EU will be the eighth as leader of Global kingdom of the beast)
And is of the seven (The Global government has the same humanistic roots as the seven kingdoms before)

6.Ancient Rome
7.Revived Rome (EU) (With 10 core WEU and 3 that need to be subdue)
8.Global Government with 10 regional powers modeled after the EU. (note that UN is now talking about reform)

Rev 17:10 says five are fallen, during time of John’s writing, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia and Greek have fallen. The other is yet to come, the 7th Revived Rome is yet to come, but will rule a short space of 7 years as leader of Global Government, so the 7th is also the 8th.

10 horns are 10 kings, these have one mind and give power and strength unto beast. These ten kings have one mind with the Beast, but the 10 kings of WEU are not of one mind, so in my opinion it may not be the same 10 kings.

Anonymous said...

I guess we all see through glass darkly, don't we? Time and events will tell, as Constance likes to say.

David Moore said...

I truly apologize for the length ahead of time.

A point of clarification if I may. And I mean no contention here, but... I slowly and carefully reread Jack Kinsella's article. This is what I conclude based on what he said about the fact that "the man" of the hour is not here/revealed yet:

In truth, did Jack Kinsella tell a lie because I think that this is the heart of the matter. And, is Jack Kinsella wrong for "leading people away from believing that Solana is the Antichrist"? I think not. Also, his pre-tribulational rapture beliefs MUST be taken in to full consideration (more on this later). You know what? Let's see what the Bible indicated as the qualifications for knowing who the Antichrist is:

1. "For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he [Holy Spirit] is taken out of the way. AND THEN THE LAWLESS ONE WILL BE REVEALED." (2 Thessalonians 2:7-8)

2. After his revealing: "The ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom [beast of iron teeth and bronze claws--fourth kingdom]. AFTER THEM ANOTHER KING WILL ARISE, DIFFERENT FORM THE EARLIER ONES; HE WILL SUBDUE THREE KINGS." (Daniel 7:24-25)

3. "He will confirm a covenant with many for one 'seven.'" (Daniel 9:27)

Mmmmmm...let's see.

1. The Holy Spirit is definitely active. AND also seeing how I'm still here with the Spirit IN ME, well it seems that that which now holds the lawless one back is working. The Roman Empire was on a role up to and on through A.D. 70 inspite of a political disappearance, but then from 1945 to now here is the EU in all its glory, then WAM!! It hit an invisible, unforseeable wall in June, 2005. What was it? Oooh I know...A damn of believers in Christ who see the beast for what it is and won't vote yes on the referendum. So it seems the more believers in Christ there are spreading the Gospel of the true Kingdom the harder it is the the spirit of Antichrist and the kingdom that it promotes. Did you catch that? Spread Gospel + more believers = A kingdom of priests that are more than just a formidable foe against the Spirit of Antichrist. What shot an arrow in to the heart of the Roman Empire? The answer is 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. Poor Roman Empire *as violin plays in the back groun*. Now, What am I getting at. BELIEVERS IN CHRIST ARE IN THE WAY!--fasting, praying and intercessing petitioning Jesus on the throne boldly in the Holy of Holies from our prayer closets. Leading holy lives whether knowledge about governmental NWO'ers and globalisation is known or not.

Aaah, poor EU beast, how will it find and get its way. Maybe if he just wishes that the rebels will disappear then everything will be happy ever after. They should be careful what they wish for!

No check

2. Well there is the EU3, but wait they haven't been plucked up yet by any known individual who has risen on the world stage.

No check

3. The "covenant with many for one seven" [Barcelona Process?] has not happened. And seeing as how the Barcelona Process becomes active in lieu of the EU Constitution ratification--which has been delayed for a "time of reflection"--the future for the EU is UNKNOWN in no uncertain terms until *whatever--fill in the blank* comes to pass.

No check


Have you seen the Antichrist?

I haven't.

Yes, I see a man whose present political pursuits potentially fits the bill, but the requirements that God's word said would be the red flag-identifiers for the Antichrist's identity have not come. Also, on the flip side, it would be just as foolhardy to say that Solana is not the Antichrist. What is the solution: innocent until proven guilty.

To reiterate: So sure, fine, warn everbody about the potential powers of Javier Solana and the EU (that's cool), but don't go calling him the Antichrist until the pointers above have been met.

I will also quote something that I have already said: "

Personally, I "discern" that given how the Rapture based on the doctrine of imminency, is therefore a signless event that cannot be pinpointed by dates or times, apart from the season of the end-times--which is this time that we live in, I have read in the Bible where it clearly states that the the revealing of the Antichrist is shrouded in imminency just as much as Christ's (2 Thess. 2:7)--ESPECIALLY GIVEN that he is the ANTITYPE to Jesus of Nazareth. No other verse in the Bible explains any sign or event that is to precede "that which now holds it [it being the secret power of lawlessness--or the lawless one, the antichrist]" until he [the Holy Spirit] is taken out of the way. (Whether "it" is the personal permanent indwelling of the corporate body of Christ or just the Holy Spirit alone or not, some people debate. I won't go into it deeply by any means, but the former with much educated reason and biblical testimony, makes the most sense in light of THE GREAT COMMISSION (Matthew 28:18-20) and Revelation 1:6).

With that said, the antichrist's kingdom, if it is the EU becomes all the more mysterious in terms of its FINAL PRE-TRIBULATIONAL MANIFESTATION. And though the EU budget date is January 1, 2007, that means nothing in God's economy of sovereign will!"

Finally, looking through the lense of the pre-tribulation rapture, THIS view leads one to look toward the "blessed hope" of Christ's coming (Titus 2:13; 2 Tim. 4:1; 1 Tim. 6:14). Because of this, what blessed hope is there in telling people that they are going to go through 7 years of tribulation and if they're lucky they might make it through alive with the handful that remain after it's all over. This is a blasted hope. It is further believd that 2 Thessalonians 2:3 speaks of the rapture of the Church before the Antichrist can be revealed (in the literal Greek "apostasia" alone literally and accurately means "departure" or "departing" in SEVEN different English translations: Wycliffe (1384), Tyndale (1576), Coverdale (1535), Cranmer (1539), Breeches (1576), Beza (1583) and Geneva (1608) from H. Wayne House's, "Apostasia in 2 Thessalonians 2:3: Apostasy or Rapture?"). Also, one will notice that apostasia in context is not qualified with "from the faith" in Greek--rather it has nothing to do with faith). "Don't let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the [departure] occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed" (2 Thess. 2:3). Shortly after in verse 5 Paul then asks the question, "Don't you remember that when I was with you I used to tell you these things?" What things? I won't quote it here, but read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 concerning lies that Christ had come already--written to the Church in Thessalonica.

What does all this mean. Jack Kinsella leads away by virtue of his faith in the blessed promise of the biblical "blessed hope" of the coming of THE CHRIST, as opposed to the Antichrist! Christ said it time and time again, watch the signs the indicate the season of His coming, not the signs themselves and the Antichrist.

So, Read 2 Thessalonians carefully (in Greek if you can). No sign is prophesied to precede the revealing of the Antichrist, save the removing of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Hmmm, what ministry might that be since there's only one being put to task since Pentecost.

I, therefore conclude based on the dictates of the Word of the living God that Jack Kinsella is free of the charge of lying about the Antichrist not being identifiable as of yet. But he is guilty of leading people away from focusing on the coming of Antichrist, but on the blessed hope of Christ's coming--which by the way I presume he does not shy away from.

He is free to vanish without a trace.

Much love

Anonymous said...

Gibberish!! It may make you feel like an insider to speak cult languagae, but I wonder how many reading this have a clue what you are talking about and how it relates to politics in the real world.

Anonymous said...

I posted my comment on 8th kingdom being the Global goverment,I just like to share that if our mind is more preocuupied about Solana and EU then about Jesus Christ, then it is not a healthy spiritual life and I am sometimes guilty of it.
Sometimes it seems that what happens in EU excites me more than Jesus Christ.

David Moore said...

I'm not trying to be contentious at all, but I'm just making my opinion known about what I think about what Kinsella said. I happen to agree with him. However, I will admit that the whole 666th seat thing is a slightly flimsy argument without much substantial support. But his general message I agree with. If that makes me a cultist then that is harsh accusation without much support anonymous. Name-calling is not justififed here, again without support of that claim.

Gibberish? No comment

Lastly, how I feel has nothing to do with this. But, I did feel a little sick to my stomach when another anonymous asked Constance about what she thought of Kinsella's article. After Constance responded, the anonymous writer said,


Hi Constance,

Thank you for responding to my question. The facts you present speak for themselves. I had no idea that Jack Kinsella was posting old information. I later found the same information posted by someone back in 1999 so I CAN SEE CLEARLY THAT HE [Kinsella] IS SOMEHOW TRYING TO LEAD PEOPLE AWAY FROM BELIEVING SOLANA IS THE ANTICHRIST".

That prompted me to say something, cause I know that Constance HAS always said that she doesn't know whethe Solana is the Antichrist or not. But here, it is clear that this anonymous writer misunderstood. THAT is why I responded the way I did.

David Moore said...

The anonymous who said "gibberish"...are you European?

Anonymous said...

Christianity does not need prophecy interpreters to validate it. Every time some Christian decides to interpret prophecy without a real grounding in historical information and an awareness of what is happening now, it makes all Christians look foolish. While attempts pander to the pride of interpreters, it is at the price of respect for Christianity when the prophecy interpreters are wrong.

Herb Peters and Constance have a solid grounding in current events and if they might see correlations between prophecy and current events, they defintely realize how difficult interpretation really is and make allowances for that.

Yammering about ten horns and three horns as if no one else has read the Bible without actually sticking your neck out and giving specifics is only destructive of how others see Christians and even how Christians see themselves. God gave Christians brains to use to see the world around us. Leave the vague references to New Age psychics who ask questions like "Do you know someone named John?"

Anonymous said...

The "truth" wrote: "A damn of believers in Christ who see the beast for what it is and won't vote yes on the referendum."

From everything I've read, Europe's Christianity is extremely weak. If you really believe that it was the Christian community who saw "the beast for what it is" that stopped the European Constitution from being passed in France and Holland, please provide documentation. From what I've read at EUreferendum and other sites, the block was an inability to give up national identity to an international government that was unaccountable on a national level.

If you know anything about a Christian community active revolt against the EU with numbers large enough to represent the majority of the voters against the EU, please post it.

Anonymous said...

in my opinion we are all guilty to be quick to jump to conclusion.
Peter Herb says the 2 horns might be UK and USA. Constance says the beast of Revelation with 7 heads is most likely the G-7 which became the G-8 and is still 7 without Russia.

In my opinion the reason for such conclusion is the belief that 1 Jan 2007 is the beginning of tribulation. So we try to fit everything to that date.
It is better to look to Jesus Christ our blessed hope then to look to 1 Jan 2007 our blasted hope.
And further more 1 Jan 2007 cannot
be the beginning of tribulation unless we also see the appearance of the witnesses.(Rev 11:3)

It is important to watch for signs,
signs indicate His soon return,but our role is to preach the Gospel. There isn't many scriptural command to warn people about the beast, but there are many scriptural commands to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To me this is another indication of pre-tribulation rapture.

Anonymous said...

There was some anonymous up there somewhere who said something about "politics in the real world" ... he must be one of those silly naturalists that C.S. Lewis referred to who thinks that the 80 or so years we spend on this earth is the REAL WORLD. No, Mr. Anonymous, the REAL WORLD is ETERNITY, and will begin when you die, or when the CREATOR returns to renew His Creation. You should re-examine your evidence ... it is heavily in favor of those "cultists" who believe that "outdated book" the Bible. Don't ever forget that if you live in America or Europe, you are free because of those "cultist Bible thumpers" in the "real world" of the Roman Empire who were more concerned about the "kingdom which is not of this world" than of the "real world of politics." Go buy an old version of Halley's Bible Handbook and then study both it and the Bible ... you might be surprised what you learn!

Anonymous said...

Constance Wrote:


Straw / Ferrero make Joint Statement on Co-operation during UK Presidency

1 Jul 2005

The UK Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, met the EU Commissioner for External Relations and the European Neighbourhood Policy, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, today as part of the UK’s preparations for assuming the Presidency of the EU. The Foreign Secretary hosted Javier Solana, the CFSP High Representative, in London for pre-Presidency talks on 28 June. They reviewed the Commission’s external relations activity, and look forward to the next six months under the UK Presidency.

Jack Straw said, “I look forward to working closely with Benita Ferrero-Waldner over the six months of the UK Presidency. I am strongly committed to the principle that we can have a stronger foreign policy when the whole EU is working together. I believe we have demonstrated this through our work in Iran. There will be no higher priority in the next six months than working for peace in the Middle East.

“The Commission is working hand in hand with Quartet envoy Jim Wolfensohn on Gaza withdrawal, and as leading international donor of financial assistance, is developing a comprehensive governance strategy for the Palestinian Authority building on the results of the London conference earlier in the year.

“The European Neighbourhood Policyis central to promoting stability, security and prosperity in our region. The UK will work with the Commission to develop plans, and negotiate new plans with Egypt, Lebanon and the countries of the Southern Caucasus.

“The Commission has also made some excellent proposals to deepening relations with Mediterranean partners through the Barcelona Process, with a view to strengthening support for good governance and human rights, economic reform, and education; and we look forward to working with them in preparation of the Euromed tenth anniversary summit.

“The EU and Commission have an important, shared agenda where the actions, expertise, and leadership of the Commission make a substantial contribution to delivering the EU’s foreign policy priorities.”

Benita Ferrero-Waldner said, “We look forward to working with the UK Presidency to deliver on its ambitious programme for EU foreign policy. I am delighted to commit the full support of the Commission in delivering on our common goals.

David Moore said...

I apologize to everyone for clogging up the posts with this, but it has to be said.

Okay, to the anonymous who attacked me again, I have to ask why do you consistently attack me and yet you don't attack others who come in here "yammering" in a similar "cult language" (whatever that means) as you said? so confused right now about where in the past have I hurt you, slandered your name, attacked your character, and/or insulted your intelligence.

Why did I mention all these? Because these are the grounds on which you have treated me. Anonymous, can you cite a time where I have negatively labled you without true justification (you implicated me as a cultist, when that is, in America, a taboo and damaging accusation especially if you don't have support for that claim). You implied that I was arrogant in that I presume to know better than every body else about Bible prophecy and how to interpret it. Actually, I stated my interpretation of Acts 2:3 and suppported it leaving the burden of verifying my support on the reader. I strongly believe in its accuracy, but I was not dogmatic to the point of blatantly saying, everyone else is wrong. Instead, I let the facts speak for themselves once I laid them out there concerning 2 Thess. 2:3. You said, "Yammering about ten horns and three horns as if no one else has read the Bible without actually sticking your neck out and giving specifics is only destructive". On the contrary, I "yammered" about "ten horns and three horns" so tospeak, as if everyone else HAD READ THE BIBLE. And I DID identify in the past what those horns were.

I presumed in the positive giving people the benefit of the doubt for having read their bibles and followed along with Herb and Constance's websites. Whereas, when you attack me, you presume that I am arrogant, yet ignorant of the facts and an insider wannabe. In truth, I couldn't care less about being an insider. As a matter of fact this EU information is easy to find and very hard to not notice unless you live under a rock. I AM concerned about understanding what is going on "in the real world" and its relation to bible prophecy--I just don't give it much attention in conversation here. In general, why else would I hang out listening to Constance so much? Here and there I knowingly voice my opinions through "bible babble" because the real world correlations are already being dealt out by Constance and others. Is it so wrong to add (and I'll use your famous phrase again) "bible babble".

Anonymous, ever since I have posted on Mrs. Cumbey's blog you have assailed me continually, presumptuously labeling me with all kinds of negativity without asking questions. You accuse, accuse, accuse through attack and do not hesitate to tear down one's spirit.

From the very beginning all it would have taken was a simple question to clear all things up: "hey truth, I'm not sure I follow what you're trying to say because some of the things you have said are vague or other than what the political facts show. Also, most of what you say is from a biblical perspective, could you give a more seculary view of what you're trying to say. :)"

How does that verse go: "Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone." (Colossians 4:6)

Grace is far from your lips my friend.

Anonymous whether you're right or wrong in your convictions you have failed to see how you have slain respect at the altar of CONVICTION for the truth.

I have made attempts to meet your wise concession to substantiate my claims and have spoken more about things in the "real world" instead of only "bible babble".

In your heated zeal to correct me, you have in turn truly shown your behind on this blog and have shot yourself in the foot doing so. Your boorish behavior and tactless remarks are not a reflection of the love of Christ and I say that again, I remain turned off by your nastiness.

I will continue to speak my mind, just as Constance has said she always welcomes comments and surprisingly has not placed conditions on it (of course I interpret her invitation with reason)--yet you stand by like a roaring lion as if you're some kind of watchdog for imperfection. Your legalism has made you unpleasant to talk to and to appreciate. In all honesty, I am impressed by you and Constace together and both your zeal for the facts. But don't let your zeal blind you from seeing that people (like myself) come to the table with what abilities and gifts that they can use to add to the collective efforts. I heard a story once of a famous concert pianist who was in his dressing room awaitng time to go onstage to perform. Meanwhile, a child with his parents suprisingly jumped onto the stage and began to play chopsticks of all things. The haughty and upity audience of the house were shocked and outraged, but the concert pianist heard the trite tune and sat down next to the little boy and improvised a beautifying accompaniment an octave above the child. Grace was the call of the day. Love covers a multitude of sins.

I will not demand an apology, but you would remain everything I have described of you to not see that you owe one.

I did say that voting Christians were responsible for the voting block of the Referendum half cocked and cannot substantiate that. However, I do believe that in general prayer by those Christians (myself included) who do see the EU for what it is and will be, prayed for delay. This I at least know is true. I'm sorry to have offended you in any way, outside of expressing an opposing opinion (i.e. Jack Kinsella's article).

Again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience to you and everyone else with this long whatever you wanna call it. Sorry Constance.

Take care and God bless you anonymous.

Now let's get on with out lives and this blogspot topic!!!

Anonymous said...

Truth, you have taken many, many inches of space to draw attention to your feelings and unfounded speculations. I suppose that if others aren't bothered by your using the blog as a personal support group rather than a place to share information about the growth of the New Age movement and its dangers, I shouldn't care either.

Owe you an apology? Wait a long time for that. I learned what the dangers of the New Age movement are when I started to coldly analyze the people and organizations involved. I looked at what they were doing rather than what they were saying about themselves.

Perhaps it would be wiser for both of us to take the focus off you.

Anonymous said...

I've criticized your comments here, but I'll give you this Dave, you have a good blog.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be inceasing resentment of the USA's global arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Reading 2nd Thessalonians, I see these two things have to precede the 'gathering together' of Christians, i.e., the Rapture:

1. The apostasy (falling away).
2. The revelation of the man of perdition.

I say all teaching which says Christians are gathered together BEFORE the antichrist is deception. I further say this is the one teaching in the bible -- that we will be gone before the antichrist (man of perdition) is revealed) is characterized as deception.


Constance Cumbey said...

I don't KNOW if Solana is the antichrist or not. I have always said this. HOWEVER, I continue to maintain that he appears to me be a very educated guess -- one that given his substantial role in all prophesied fields cannot be ruled out. Sorry. I was in Grand Rapids for the weekend visiting my grandchildren and was offline! Looks like there was some excitement in my absence! I have to catch up on reading all posts!

Anonymous said...

Constance was interviewed in June. Here is the news story.

Anonymous said...

Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the UN, also of Lucis Trust fame is still around. An introduction to his speaking engagements includes the phrase:
"Today, thanks to the dream and effort of his compatriot Robert Schuman who similarly hated these borders, Robert Muller's passport reads, "European Union" with the sub-title France, and he is free to cross all western European borders."

What does a Peace Plan look like?
Now, theagelesswisdom is Michael Benner's website. Check out the reading list and look at Ruts and Grooves for more information on the Radical Middle which Constance has told us is another branch of New Age.

Muller himself has two websites.

And if you put Robert Muller and European Union into a google search, you'll see RM is as happy as can be with the EU.

All kinds of networking is going on behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...
The yahoo group connected with Benner is also interesting. Note the attack on Catholics in the Hitler's religion messages.

Benner's is not the only New Age website out there. Some changes in thinking here, some there and, as they said, this time the movement is taking its time.

Constance Cumbey said...

I have made an interesting find on Dr. Solana. Many of my hesitations on him as THE prophetic fulfillment were based on his marital status. His CV says he is married to the former Concepcion Gimenez and they have two children. He was indeed married with two children; but the EUROPEAN VOICE, archives of December 14, 1995, duly reported that he and his wife had "split up" six months before and he was looking for aid from his friends in establishing a "social life" in Brussels.

Anonymous said...

If that is interesting to you, you may also be interested in some other details found here:

"Solana is married to ConcepciĆ³n Solana, and they have two children, Diego and Vega, but he lives alone in Brussels, where his apartment has a reputation of being a focal point for Spanish politicians in or visiting this capital. He speaks fluent French, as well as English and Spanish. He has admitted that his family life has suffered as a result of his work.

"He has been said to eat little and sleep less,...
"He is a gun collector.

"General Wesley Clark once asked Solana the secret of his diplomatic success. He answered: "Make no enemies, and never ask a question to which you do not know or like the answer."
He has been described as a "squarer of circles".

The statement that Solana "eats little and sleeps less" seems oddly curious to me. It reminds me of a story by C.S.Lewis in which, as I vaguely recall, two evil men by evil means take over an institution, city, or whatever. One detail in the story that I do vividly recall is that these men never sleep. Lewis' story makes no explanation as to why the evil men never sleep, but it is apparently a result or an ability they derive from their occult powers. C.S.Lewis is well known as a Christian author. However, prior to becoming a Christian, he wrote that he was deeply intriqued by occult subjects, and so studied and acquired an extensive knowledge in things of the occult. So, this connection of "eating little and sleeping less" seems oddly curious to me.

His fascination with guns is also an interesting detail.

He is also described as a "behind the scenes consensus builder". This is exactly how Bush I was described, and it serves to reinforce the way these two men seem to remind me of each other.

Anonymous said...

Constance wrote the original bio of Javier Solana for Wikipedia. Many sites picked it up from there. Along came Squeakbox, a Solana groupie, (go to Wikipedia, Solana, article and then history), who under the guise of making it a "neutral" piece, stripped it of much meaningful information. The original bio can be read at who offered to host the original bio. See the first page for links. Squeakbox's loving write up of Solana appears on different blogs he set up so no one misses it. Modestly they are called:

Squeakbox borrowed heavily, and I mean heavily from Constance's original write-up, but continuously refers to it as Squeakbox's version.
He has involved himself in the comments section here, hoping to lure her back to Wikipedia, possibly to pump her for more of her research.

The role of Wikipedia in the networking of slanted information is a bit of research onto itself.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous' remark at 11:15...a disaster will likely propel him to the top, but not the removal of the US in military style...Solana is not dumb enough to even try that...only a Frenchman would say that...what will likely happen is the judgment of God on this nation....and when God Himself reduces our power...probably to the point that we will not even recognize our nation at all...he (Solana) will have the platform and opportunity he needs....not to mention, no accountability for reducing the US...our proud nation will find itself in dire need, and when we do, no doubt our eladers will run to Europe for help

Anonymous said...

I find it quite odd that Jews are attacking Jews now in Israel over the disengagement plan that the U.S. and the EU are pushing Sharon into after he changed his mind about the road map.

Read the Special Report From Jerusalem - Part 4 - Bill Koenig

"Many people in Israel are very concerned about the August 15 disengagement evacuation because this will be the first time in history Jews have evicted other Jews from God’s covenant land.

Tom Cooper with Bridges for Peace in Jerusalem told me on Wednesday, “It is very disheartening to see Jews so divided. Jews don’t attack each other, and that is why Israel’s streets don’t have violence problems. Throughout history, it has always been the world against the Jews; it has never been Jews against Jews. Now, for the first time in history, there is great division between Jews.”

I remember president Bush saying after 9/11 that we would turn our enemies "one against another." I certainly hope he didn't mean Israel too!

I also remember Bush was really pushing improvements for security through technology during the 2004 debates with John Kerry. That made the hair on my neck stand up.

The recent decision of the Supreme Court Jesters to give cities the right to take away property was mind-blowing. Bush said "we must respect the decisions of the court." He is also now going to appoint 2 new justices to the court that will likely give him whatever he wants. I think I should say here that I like Bush and voted for him, but things are getting strange indeed now and I'm beginning to question everything concerning US/EU policy.

The New Iranian terrorist president seems bent on Israel's destruction as he demands Iran continue their nuke production. Bush has vowed that Iran will not be allowed to have nukes.

Russia suddenly wants to build 6 more nuke plants for Iran.

China wants to buy American Oil companies now, and has warned US not to interfere. What gall!

Could it be possible that Bush for the US being a Christian nation is the false prophet, with the EU's Solana or even Blair being the Antichrist?

The G-8 summit comes at a critical time and things are happening at what seems to be an ever more rapid pace.

Everything is setting up just as described in scripture. Simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

Firstly I am convinced that Solana could be the man,but if 1 Jan 2007 is the beginning of tribulation, and the rapture does not take place before that, we have less than 1.5 year to consider dying for our faith. Any thought on whether we should give much of our savings now on church missions? since our money will be useless after 1 Jan 2007 unless we receive the 666 mark.
Any concrete plans for surviving the 7 years, like storing food supplies? and also looking for locations to hide from Solana's police? since we cannot buy or sell without the 666 mark.

I may have to die for my faith in Christ, but what about my baby daughter and my 70 yr old mom, what should I say to them and how can I protect them?
Are those who are post-trib really making serious plans for 1 Jan 2007 now?
If the post-tribbers are not doing anything now, then I am happier to stick to my pre-trib view and continue to share the Gospel to those around me :)

treesy said...

Matthew 10?

Persecutions Are Coming
16"Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. 17But beware of men, for they will deliver you up to councils and scourge you in their synagogues. 18You will be brought before governors and kings for My sake, as a testimony to them and to the Gentiles. 19But when they deliver you up, do not worry about how or what you should speak. For it will be given to you in that hour what you should speak; 20for it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you.
21"Now brother will deliver up brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death. 22And you will be hated by all for My name's sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved. 23When they persecute you in this city, flee to another. For assuredly, I say to you, you will not have gone through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes.

Anonymous said...

The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.
I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.

Anonymous said...

Folks,I agree with Constance we as belivers need to WAKE UP!!! At the same time we also need to keep our eye on world events, but most importantly keep ourselves in the word and keep our oil lamps lit. Remember the lord said," He was going to come like a thief in the night." Sunday morning in church I was listening to a hot and firey guest pastor he Said "We as believers need to be out sharing our faith with others so souls can be saved and not wind up in HELL"!!! Praise GOD for the ones who share thir faith. I also think Javier Solana is a good educated guess. Churches in this country are to busy sleeping on the job. When was the last time your Pastor talked about endtime events? PEOPLE IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP!!!

Anonymous said...

I see the events going on with the EU/Solana etc; and it amazes me that NOBODY I talk with has even heard of Solana!

I know that I always figured we'd see the events of the last days on the front pages of the newspapers. However, what we are seeing is a very stealthy progression of the end times template. I can't help but think the Lord was warning us of this when he implied we'd be "sleeping". Indeed, I think the church, for the most part, IS asleep.

I am beginning to think that the US is not mentioned by name in Revelation because it is part of the EU empire. I know I'm not the only one who has thought of this so, no big news there. However, in Revelation it says:

Rev 13:4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

While the military of the EU is formidable. Certainly the inclusion of America's nuclear subs, stealth fighters and bombers, ICBM's would indeed be a force that nobody would or could make war with. If indeed the Rapture occurs and leaves America essentially crippled one can imagine President Hillary ( God help us ) accepting the EU's invitation to join together. Certainly those left behind would be willing to do about anything at that point. This would now open up the US to receive the Mark of the Beast.

Anonymous said...

I may have to apologize to you, truth, dave, after all. From what I am seeing, the readers of this blog generally are more concerned with Biblical end times speculation than they are with learning what is happening regarding New Age, the European Union or Solana. End times speculation doesn't require any of this information or the work involved in documenting it is what it looks like after reading the comments. If so, I apologize.

Anonymous said...

End times speculation is interesting and it is NOT an idle pastime with no value to the temporal world. A prophecy was given to Noah (a real, historical figure who lived through a real, historical event--the Global Flood). Daniel, Isaiah, Micah and others gave prophecies which helped identify the Promised Messiah as Jesus of Nazareth--a real historical figure who is undoubtedly the Creator in human form and has literally changed our world for the better. No doubt Constance has been helped by Bible prophecy to know where to look to do her research on the New Age, Solana, etc. So, Mr. Anonymous @ 9:42, us "Cumbey Blog Readers" are concerned with BOTH - events in the temporal world AND the Biblical record. If all you care about is the temporal world, you are missing out!

Anonymous said...

An anonymous above said:

"I am beginning to think that the US is not mentioned by name in Revelation because it is part of the EU empire."

Well, of course, no nation is mentioned by name in The Revelation. But consider that perhaps the USA has not been slighted, but actually has a starring role. Not as the Beast, but as one who rides above the Beast in what looks like the superior position of a close relationship. (The Harlot riding the Beast as one would ride a horse, and so one is at the service of the other, and yet they function together) Read about her and her destiny in Rev 17 and 18. There may not be much time left.

Another anonymous poster said:

"...a disaster will likely propel him to the top, but not the removal of the US in military style...Solana is not dumb enough to even try that...what will likely happen is the judgment of God on this nation....and when God Himself reduces our power...probably to the point that we will not even recognize our nation at all...he (Solana) will have the platform and opportunity he needs....not to mention, no accountability for reducing the US..."

You may want to pay close attention to verses 17:16-18.

Peak-oil is coming soon. Oil is not only crucial for industry, it is absolutely essential as the energy to supply for the needs of the billions of earth's people. This includes heating as well as food production and distribution. This could mean that the resolution of the Peak-oil phenomena could ultimately come down to a matter of competition for national survival. The 4.5% of earth's population that is the USA consumes 25% of the total global oil supply, much of it simply squandered in a manner that can only be described as selfish, if not almost lascivious.
Dick Cheney speaks the sentiments of many Americans when he asserts: "The American lifestyle is not negotiable".

Rev. 18:7 "How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow."

Be sure to read verses 18:1-5. Read, think, pray.

You might also want to compare Isaiah 6:10-12

David Moore said...

Anonymous, the primary thrust behind what pre-tribbers believe concerning the coming 7-year tribulation is the biblical teaching that the Church and Israel are on two separate divine programs. This is the foundation of the pre-tribulational rapture doctrine (I won't get into it unless you want me to cite the clear biblical supports for this). This foundational teaching is as clear as day and logically brings one to the conclusion that the body of Christ which is the present temple of God (I'm not trying to insult your intelligence at all but explaining that this temple I speak of is a corporate body of true believers in Christ alone for salvation regardless of geographical location or denominational affiliation) cannot coexist when God has returned His FULL attention back to the nation of Israel (which is achieved in Ezekiel 38 following chapter 36 and 37 that explain chronologically the rebirth of Israel in latter days in vivid detail). Since this IS the case, we know definitively through clear biblical support that the Church must be raptured before the 7-year period of "Jacob's trouble."

Because this foundational teaching is so clear and undeniable without violently twisting the biblical texts, pre-tribbers AT LEAST know that they will not enter the tribulation even if they witness the signing of the covenant with many and then we will vanish. But again, like I've said concerning 2 Thess. 2 (particularly verse 3) the departure when read in the original New Testament language (Greek) is speaking of the Church having to be taken out of the way before the "lawless one" can be revealed. And for this man to sign a covenant "with MANY" for one 'seven,' he has to be revealed first--hence why pre-tribbers (i.e. Jack Kinsella, Tim Lahaye, Hal Lindsey, Thomas Ice) shy away from identifying any particulary date or time period as the start of the 7-year tribulation simply because we know based on Daniel 9:27 that the signing of the covenant with many kicks of the 7-year period. Not to mention the Bible's silence on the issue of the Church (by name or implication) having to ever face the Antichrist is telling, adding to the compelling spoken evidence in Scripture!

I'm just trying to make it clear where pre-tribbers are coming from.

But of course you've already stated your stance on that, and I respect your view. I just can't bring myself to agreement on it based on the large, unspiritualized, literally interpreted, biblical textual support for the pre-tribulation rapture.

David Moore said...

And, about what you said here anonymous:

"End times speculation doesn't require any of this information or the work involved in documenting it is what it looks like after reading the comments. If so, I apologize."

Don't apologize because I've been making the point that Solana or whomever will probably get his dictatorial powers through an emergency, just as preparations for such an event is laid out in Rec. 666. Also, I've been interjecting my belief that a closer danger is looming on horizon that will probably BRING the danger of the rec. 666 dictatorial powers to fruition. The catalyst that I speak of is the one that I have backed up with "real world" events here.

Anonymous, based on the current "real world" event of the Middleast Israeli-Palestinian peace deal that is about to go down August 15-17, I have come to the conclusion that this--more than any other potential time--puts Ezekiel 38 right on track to occur soon (how soon I don't know but the events and biblical backing is compelling). The Roadmap to Peace (I say to destruction) is right on track to bring purpose and necessity to signing a "covenant with many" for one seven and necessity for Jews worldwide to go home (Israel) to experience their spiritual regeneration that God promised to do "in latter days" and finally recognize their Messiah (Daniel 9:24)-- after having waited during a provision of salvation that has been made for the Gentiles and Jew through Christ Jesus: the Church or body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:12-13)(Cross-reference this with Romans 11:1-12 emphasis on v. 11-12 and Romans 11:25-36 and Acts 15:12-21 as well). This is where the Church's departure come into play before the tribulation period.

At this point in time, Ezekiel 38 appears to be a focal point that brings it all together--BASED ON CURRENT EVENTS.

With breathtaking specificity world events and biblical prophetic texts are coming together and fitting like a puzzle.

In this case anonymous, don't apologize!

Anonymous said...

Endless end-times speculation serves another purpose. It keeps intelligent Christians out of the hair of those bringing about the changes. Twenty five years ago, when I started to learn about the New Age movement, long before anyone knew anything about Javier Solana or the European Union, the response to New Age information by the Christians was, "Hallelujah, we are living in end times. No need to do anything as the end is coming soon. This information about New Age proves it." Sending in their dollars by the bushel basket, good Christians believed that Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, the Bakers and a host of other televangelists had it under control for them. No need to do anything more than pray and send their dollars in. Meanwhile the schools, television, the movies, the government libraries were getting worse. No need to do anything. It would soon be ending because we were living in end times. This time for sure.

Some time ago there was good up-to-date information out on CNP thanks to some lone researchers who weren't operating under the banner of groups connected with CNP. About a year ago I tried to get new information, only to learn how secretive they've become again. If only I could find something in end-time prophecy to link to CNP.....

David Moore said...

I looked up the Council for National Policy and what I've read so far is eye-popping information, but surely affiliations alone isn't grounds to condemn and reject the teachings of a man who has shown much good fruit (namely Tim LaHaye). It's like saying all politicians are corrupt when that is a broad brushstroke statement that slanders and marginalizes the names of those who truly aren't corrupt.

I think I know where you're going with this anonymous, and I was not previously aware of it. But, inspite of Tim Lahaye being the founder of this allegedly "secret" non-profit organization, and Hal Lindsey and D. James Kennedy's (whose church I live nearby) strong affiliations with the Council of National Policy, I don't think that it is grounds to condemn these men and what they say. Let their words and actions be proof of their authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

In short, the wheat and the tares look the same, but if I find that grain comes from these leading Bible prophecy teachers that I have mentioned and can verify their claims as true, then I couldn't care less about their alleged dangerous degrees of separation in regards to their teachings.

Give me some time to look deeper into this new information. I do appreciate it, but why did you wait this long to spill the beans about it?

David Moore said...

Excuse me, I made mistake when I said, "then I couldn't care less about their alleged dangerous degrees of separation in regards to their teachings."

I mean I couldn't care lessa bout their alleged dangerous degrees of separation in regards to their political affiliations with people who are truly new agers with an agenda.

Anonymous said...

The best information I have on CNP I received long before I started doing the internet. It's print. Over the years there have been many good independent researchers whose work was ignored by these CNP folks. If you are going to research, don't stop at what the left wrote about CNP as the left has its own agenda. Follow some names on your own. Anyone remember Barbara Morris? Why she dropped out after her years of excellent research is an interesting story. (Just a side comment...I dropped the next seven sentences I wrote because the comments were too hot. As somebody wrote...three steps ahead of the crowd and one is a leader; ten steps ahead and one is a martyr.)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm awake. I see that two nations of Europe have rejected the Constitution, and there is at least a chance that, in time, others will as well. Solana, clever chap that he is, knows he CAN'T register agitation over the losses, since that would itself excite interest and speculation. But who would have everpegged France, the cradle of the Revolution, to vote it down by 16%?

And, in parting, an ellyptical comment. Anybody remember what happenned in 1917, in October, I think, just outside Fatima, Portugal?

"But in the end my Immaculate Heart shall triumph, Russia will convert, and the world will be granted a time of peace."

Pacem in Terra, y'all.

Anonymous said...

Booch, Considering how many cults are operating in the FSU now, it may be end-times before we see conversion taking place. In that case it's good news and we are all safe for several hundred years. It's nice to have something to look forward to though. Keep the good thought.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Anonymous, do you KNOW what happened in 1917, in Fatima? It matters, y'know.

Anonymous said...

Yes Booch. There was a promise but no date given. I also know that in the Catholic faith the element of free will must be involved in a conversion. You can't convert a country. You can only convert the people in a country.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly my point. My point is that the "time of peace" and the conversion of Russia have not happened. This must play in some way into the end time prophesies.

Anonymous said...

Can I place an article here. It is several paragraphs long. New to Board.

Anonymous said...

Just a little tidbit nobody else seemed to notice Javier = savior in spanish. I thought that was interesting/disturbing.

Anonymous said...

The antichrist will have to be from the davidic bloodline. If not the Jews will never accept a peace treaty. The only family that claims to be of that bloodline is the Royal Family. This is important because one of Satan's goals will be to convince the jews that he is the messiah. More importantly, the antichrist spirit will try to convince God's chosen people (Those who have accepted Jesus Christ) that he is Christ. Javier Solona as well as George Bush, Tony Blair and the like have something in common but not being THE antichrist but rather his minions. I believe that the antichrist will come from the little horn of the 10 nation/Union world government. I believe that the 2 horns are the US and Great Britain as they stand in the way of an antichrist arrival. Because he comes out of the little horn, I believe this refers to Britain. I could be wrong but it makes the most sense to me.