Friday, June 24, 2005

I was offline for a few days, but now I'm back -- Sorry!


I've been offline a few days. I've been busy with my law practice. I've also updated my PowerPoint Show Presentation on Javier Solana. The disk is compatible with all versions of MicroSoft Windows Version 98, second edition or beyond (ME, 2000, XP Home and XP Pro). This is what has been added:

--Commentary on Solana's latest moves to structure a justice system for Iraq (EUJUST Lex). This is significant because it involves training all Iraqi judiciary, policemen, and administrators of that system. What more would I need to control a country? How much do you want to bet he will end up with the oil as well as the police and judiciary?

--Javier Solana has signed agreements with Argentina and Chile to send soldiers to his EU army. Query: What ever happened to the Monroe Doctrine? Is anybody in Washington watching? Does anybody care?

--Commentary on the coming evacuation of the Gaza strip by Israeli settlers.

--Material on Javier Solana's mother, Nieves Mathews, and her 'teacher,' Osho, better known to Americans as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

I did an "AskJeeves" (also search on Javier Solana today. I was surprised to see my own name, "Constance Cumbey" come up as THE related search. I clicked on that and the first reference was to a repeated lie Squeakbox has posted there attributing Reston, Virginia postings to me. He continues boldly and without substantiation to say that I visit there from time to time and post from there. I finally looked the area up on a map. I see that Reston, Virginia is the home of Dulles International Airport. I did ONCE in 1984 board a plane from Dulles to go to California for a speaking engagement. The internet didn't exist, to the best of my knowledge, in 1984. Maybe SqueakBox thinks I did it in a "different incarnation" -- we will wait with bated breath for his explanation -- but I doubt if he will make one. The favorite technique of those frantically trying to prevent honest dissemination of information on the New Age Movement (for the last 24 years in my experience) and now about what is transpiring with the EU's Javier Solana is to employ a big lie technique. Maybe I am being uncharitable. Squeakbox once recounted that he had suffered a closed head injury from a machete' attack in the jungles of his Central American home.
At any rate, I will watch with interest to see his response here, or more likely, he will continue to defame me with his fictitious allegations all over the internet. It is hard to say which is of more concern to him: his "I love Javier Solana" postings or his "I hate Constance Cumbey" ones!

I am working up a detailed article. If the demand is not too great, I can continue mailing my disk. One favor -- if you get a disk, don't tell your friends to write for their own. You are perfectly free and invited to burn a copy for them. I have placed my non-profit, educational work on this subject in the public domain. If and when I finish the book I have been working on since 1995, that might be a very different story, but the disk, you are free to copy and pass on!

To obtain the disk while my very limited resources still permit, email me with your name, mailing address at

Enjoy your summer weekend. I plan to! As usual, comments are welcome and invited.
Stephen White from the UK will be running the program for Dr. Solana. See
Hi Constance,

I finally obtained your "Hidden Dangers..." book and am reading it. It was on my list for some time. It was just the research I had been wanting to undertake, so thank you. Praying for you. We all can us it, huh? lol
I am thinking the Anti Christ's kingdom of 10 kings is a global kingdom and not confined to just Europe

The world may align into 10 Kingdoms, there will be end of nation state in favour of Regional powers like, African Union,Mercosur
Arab League,Asean, EU, South Asia,
Australia/NZ, East Asia etc..

Revelation 17:12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings,
which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings
one hour with the beast.

Rev 17:12 says the 10 kings will be in power together with the
beast, there is no mention of 3 kings being subdued in Rev 17:12,
so this 10 kings may not be the same 10 kings of WEU.
If anyone who reads this blog knows of any other site carrying original research about Solana, please comment here. Herb Peter's site, is linked here, but there needs to be a network of people following specifically Solana. Even should Solana be replaced, and I don't see that happening at all, the powers given to the position to represent 25 countries are a threat to be watched, particularly since the leadership of the US seems to be working hand in hand with Solana. Does anyone reading this blog understand power exercised behind the scenes does not surface in public pronouncements? Should all of this information be available only to insiders? Or can the average person be trusted to work with as much information as possible about the world around them!!! Please help with what you have learned thru your own research.
Anyone who edits anonbymously at wikipedia is a fool. Blame the person impersonating you from there, not me. it is he or she who is engaged in libellous etc activities. You are so full of hate you don't want to look at the truth. Your attitude toward my machetazo shows your complete lack of morality. Why not take a visit to yuor local hospital and tell the people how they are ill becauase they sinned asgainst God? as that is your style. The Monroe doctrine left the US in a state, but you are right to note that America ghas had it's day. I live in a city. Jungl;e. Sounds like your rascism. With people like you in it spewing out your yankee arrogance and your hatred the world will never be a happy or free place.
The Monroe Doctrine left Latin America in a state, I meant. This massive jungle of half a billion people (according to you) to the south of you.
Squeakbox, you post annonymously. Are you willing to come out and state who you are and your background? You certainly didn't want to do that at Wikipedia. If you did, it might show larger family connections than you want publicly acknowledged.

One of the reasons for posting annonymously is because many of us are aware of a long time tactic of the left, i.e, to demonize the carrier of the message. I became aware of the tactic over 25 years ago here in the US. It is used everywhere here in the US, from debates at the school district level to national debates. The messenger is demonized and the message ignored. People who are innocents are unable to withstand the attacks and so back off. Constance is an exception. Her research is in depth and her professional ethics as a responsible lawyer give us an opportunity to look at supporting information that can be checked out by any other researcher.

Squeakbox, are you now willing to out yourself by name, allowing us to post what we know about your family connections?
I don't post anonymously. I have given out substantial info about myself at wikipedia. In comparison to many editors there I am very open about myself, so your comment is simply not true (and was posted anonymously). Nor am I of the left. I would describe my politics as very central, middle of the road. And if you know anythinbg about my family connections that I don't please let me know.

Sorry if I got a bit het up Constance, but I find your posting attacks against me at wikipedia, like you did this morning, unpleasant.
You can write to me here:
That's the email address on the page, not the page itself, which does not belong to me.
To the third anonymous: I am thinking the beast of Revelation may be the G-7 which became the G-8 headed by the 10 horns which were the 10 EU nations which came together and so far appear to have handed their power to the very boastful speaking SG/HR.
So funny, Squeakbox. Under the name Billy Weiss (you are he, aren't you?) you write with perfectly spelled words and punctuated paragraphs. Is it that you have a good editor, or is the macheted SqueakBox a 'sockpuppet' to let you get away with character assassination and I love Solana stunts all over the internet?,5673,1514343,00.html
As I explained before, what you call bad English I call British English (hence your confusing me with David, another Englishman), but HTW is written in American English.

check this out. All nations have turned against Israel. It's official.

squeakbox: the world does not revolve around wikipedia.
The world doesn't, but my connection with Constance does. It is due to wikipedia that she writes about me in her blogs and I write here.

I was so sorry to hear about the passing away of your cat at such a great age. A very good friend of mine lived to be 18. Soledad is the tiny kitten we have here, and really makes Honduras feel like home.
Squeakbox, are you Billy Weiss, grandson of Robeto Weiss? What exactly is your role at Wikipedia? Why do you appear to be an insider with inside support who decides what goes into Wikipedia and what gets deleted? You speak with a sense of authority outside of the Solana confrontation where you play the simpleton.
if anything, wikipedia has proven to be little more than a playground. to consider that it's integrity must be guarded is ludicrous. it doesn't have any. regardless, there's a lot more value to alerting the world to the activities of the EU (Solana) than nobly "preserving" wikipedia.
treesy, as a side note wikipedia is setting itself up as a major source of information for the general public, and considering that it definitely leans to the left and is not neutral, it is important to note what is happening there. I recently got a new computer, a compaq. Under the five links pre-loaded for quick searches note Wikipedia is there, along with google, dictionary, stock symbol and urban dictionary. Wikipedia is not just any website. It is spinning off in many major "source of information" directions. The way information on Solana is being controlled on Wikipedia is the same way information on other topics can be controlled. Reading the many other threads at Wikipedia where the name Squeakbox appears, it is very obvious that he is more than a sweet little guy operating out of some backwater community. It would be great if someone undertook to do an expose of what is happening at Wikipedia, but no one has done that.
Treesy. I disagree strongly. For me the integrity of Wikipedia is more important than shenannigans about Solana allegedly being too powerful at the EU. In this Connie and I are in disagreement, as I believe she used Wikipedia to promote her own beliefs around Solana because she genuinely believes these issues and her beliefs are more important than Wikipedia. But that is just her viewpoint on Solana, which is not more relevant than the opinions of his supporters. I firmly believe the EU is a good thing, and Americans paranoid about losing geopolitical dominance, and therefore running down the EU, must be opposed. The only power I have at wikipedia is promoting it's policies. As I have said elsewhere, Roberto Weiss has been a great influence from way back. I remember him.
squeakbox, you are doing the same thing. you just THINK you're being objective. YOU think the EU is a good thing, but that don't make it so, and is no more relevant that the anti-EU view.
I agrere with your latest comment Treesy. Wikipedia should in no way promote the EU.
Hi Constance,
I posted the first "definition" of communitarianism at Wikipedia when I found it to be empty. Many months late my entry was entirely deleted and replaced with only the communitarian "party line." I made a comment about it in my blog and suddenly there reappeared a link to the ACL at the bottom of the Wiki page. There are about six other online "reference sites" that paste and copy Wiki's definition directly onto their sites.. which means the ACL link is on all of them now too.

I'm finding this blog's dialogue with squeakbox very interesting.
check out the language in this speech by Josep Borrell...amazing.
Constance, no matter what squeekbox say's you keep on going with your blog. Remember what the word of God say's "well done thou and faithfull servant enter into the joy of the Lord." The things of this world are only temporary and keep on focusing on things above.
squeakbox: i couldn't care less about the fate of wikipedia. it's just another website. once a person realizes how wikipedia works, it ceases to be of any value except to those pushing an agenda. whether i agree with the agenda of the author is irrelevant. it wants to be something it can never be. it's worthless, but my, isn't it pretty?!
Ms Cumbey,
My husband and I have also picked up on Javier Solana activities since about 3 yrs ago, we were watching CNN and saw his name and picture. We have also seen him on Hal Lindsey weekly show "Internation Intelligence Briefing". I, Elvia being HIspanic when I heard his name Javier Solana my hairs in the back of my head stood on end cause roughly translated into English means "Javier" means "Savior" and his last name "Solana" means One and only. My husband and I would love to hear from you if you can tell us his middle name I may be able to translate it also. In Christs name Elvia B. '
Has anybody seen Jack Kinsella's commentary this week, it's called ''A Woman Rides the Beast'', you can find it at
Anybody care to comment?
Dear Mrs. Cumbey:

Thought you and your readers might enjoy the following, expecially as it was thanks to your free C.D. was able to make the connection between the planned ten-year anniversary celebration date of the 1995 Barcelona Process this November and the very high probability of its coincidence with the Jewish festival, Hanukkah, date, according to the Jewish Abib (agricultural/barley harvest) calendar.

The Barcelona Process meeting in 1995 took place on the 27th and 28th of November. (For confirmation, see following website):

In 2005, the 27th of November falls on a Sunday. If the "powers that be" plan the celebration on the same date as the original Barcelona Process, it will, in all likelihood, coincide with the festival, Hanukkah, date, according to the Abib calendar.

As Mr. Herb Peters of once said, the Lord may be laughing up in heaven.

Psalms 2:1-6

1 Why are the nations in an uproar And the peoples devising a vain thing? 2 The kings of the earth take their stand And the rulers take counsel together Against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying, 3 "Let us tear their fetters apart And cast away their cords from us!" 4 He who sits in the heavens laughs, The Lord scoffs at them. (NAS)


P.S. As mentioned previously, Jesus/Yeshua observed Hanukkah (although it is not one of the seven festivals the Israelites were commanded to observe in Leviticus 23), as recorded in John 10:22-23 as the "feast of the dedication." (Jesus/Yeshua fulfilled the first three of the seven Jewish Levitical festivals in His first coming.)

His full name is Francisco Javier Solana de Madariaga
I asked Constance what she thought about Jack Kinsella's piece ruling out Solana as the AC and saying that the AC would eventually hold the Parliament seal 666. She said, "Kinsella, so far, just doesn't seem to get it."
Constance is doing a very good thing.......I am sure she has a hidden drive to expose the information on Solana.....She might not understand the orgin but it is something SHE MUST DO........
I UNDERSTAND BECAUSE I HAVE THE SAME DRIVE.......For those of you who look on to Scoff......God Help You..........Constance and all her efforts are well received by many of us.....who don't comment very often but we appericate you so much Constance....Thanx
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