Friday, April 29, 2005

Signs of the Times


I've had a couple of busy days in court. I have had a mountain of emailings to answer from the online activity of the past few days. The person who sent me the VATICAN ASSASSINS book was strongly offended by my critical analysis of it. He wrote me saying in a near threatening manner, "your days are numbered." I wrote him back saying that indeed my days were numbered as were the very hairs on my head -- by my Maker. Nothing could happen to me until it was God's time that such occur; if it was God's time, there was nothing I could do to stop it. Needless to say, there is something terribly wrong with even the spirit behind uncritical belief in the contents in what to me is an obviously bad book, if people feel they must make threats to increase its acceptance.

Then after I opened my email, I saw a Yahoo! headline telling me that the United Methodist Church had rescinded the firing of an open sexually active lesbian. Just when I thought it was safe to go back to the Methodist Church! (Shameless takeoff on "just when you thought it was safe to go back to the water . . .")

Next, blogspot Reader Tex Ayers emailed the following to me, saying "this should open your eyes." It certainly is an indicator of signs of the times:

The Top Public School Discipline Problems

1) Talking
2) Chewing gum
3) Making noise
4) Running in the halls
5) Getting out of turn in line
6) Wearing improper clothing
7) Not putting paper in wastebaskets

1) Drug Abuse
2) Alcohol Abuse
3) Pregnancy
4) Suicide
5) Rape
6) Robbery
7) Assault
(Source: Time Magazine, February 1, 1988)
Tex Ayers

Well, that's all folks! Enjoy your Friday night!

April 29, 2005

Exactly why we homeschool our children.
"Paul", if you were really listening to his voice/cry, was saying to you, that like Saul, one shouldn't throw spears at the Davids in the house that the Lord has raised up in this hour in order to help fight the good fight of faith with you. Saul, a type of the soul, didn't see that & his days became numbered. The e-mails CLEARLY state his concern for you.
Dear Brenda:

That would be fine if "Paul" were a David -- but he is not. He brought two binders of claimed Greek textual material that he claimed was his own work and then admitted to us that it was from the School of the Prophets and he had been sent. Since 1986, I did not hear from again until he emailed me to ask for a copy of my Solana diskette which I sent him -- as with everybody -- at my own expense and no charge -- then he wrote me suggesting I read everything from Barry Chamish. Since Chamish has used me as a source, I emailed that particular article back to Paul -- then he sent me the Eric Jon Phelps book and wrote something about this was the same thing as some material he had allegedly mailed me in the 1980s. I was shocked at the contents of the Phelps book, but wrote nothing until another blogspot reader wrote telling me I should go to THAT -- the Phelps book -- for "the truth." That was when I used the book which Paul had conveniently furnished the week before -- that is when Paul wrote me with the ever so anointed phrases of "well, you screwed me again" and "your days are numbered" and "I'm pissed." THOSE are not fruits of the Holy Spirit. Exposing the New Ageisms of the book and the evil for which it stood, in my humble opinion was. I am so very happy it is God judging me -- not Brenda, George Myers, and Paul.

May 1, 2005
You seem to betray your friends for the sake of your books & opinions.
You rail against anyone who disagrees with your findings, and interpert their actions FOR THEM, thinking you do God a Favor.
Paul clearly said he showed you "notes" from his friends church that she was going too and he attended only on a "few Sundays".
You have accused him of whatever spin you want to put on your statements about him Falsely. The e-mails suggest another story ENTIRELY!
You EVEN state that I am somehow tied in with "Paul, & "George"..... how arragorant do you think WE BLOG READERS you are?
The e-mails tell another story completly, even the page with 100+ comments suggest your VILE accuations towards him!
The defence of your being caught with your skirt down is plenty enough, ie...the E-mails, but your ever changing defence, on many other comments forms, of who "Paul" is & what really happened between the 2 of you, goes from bad lies on your EVEN more bad Lies in trying to defend yourself against the TRUTH of the situation between the BOTH OF YOU & your relationship you once had with this fellow....RE: READ YOUR OWN E-MAILS!
You should be ashamed of yourself, and ask for the forgiveness of the people who you OFFEND EVERYWHERE on APPARENTLY, a DAILY BASIS, and whatever you do, don't bring the "GOD THING IN" for why you do the things you do, YOU even give him a bad name when YOUR actions speak louder than "Pauls" words.
Brenda please, thats yesterdays news. I can speak for myself, and yes, the e-mails tell a story, but not the whole story.
Constance has added alot to the story that is just not there as far as I remember.
Let her deal with that, I refuse to slander, or call anyone a LIAR on this blog, nor do I accuse people of doing things I presume they do, I don't have to Defend myself.
I'm taking the advice that "The Truth" suggested and drop this rant.
If you want SOUND BIBLICAL ANSWERS to live a life of "LIGHT" and walk in forgiveness, consider this artical at my site:
Instead we, in this land of freedom of information, stand in the background and say "Duh".
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