Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI (the former Cardinal Ratzinger) vs. Alice Ann Bailey -- in his own words

Pope Benedict XVI (the former Cardinal Ratzinger) vs. cultural relativism including New Age Movement -- in his own words


I have heard from many who insist that the former Cardinal Ratzinger was somehow a New Age syncretist. Nothing could be further from the truth -- if he was, he hid it very well from my radar, which my critics generally say is overactive. I have a link to a 1996 paper by him on religious relativism, complete with a discussion of Alice Bailey. Why don't we all read it together? Have a very nice evening!
Translating Academic into English is why Cliff notes became big business. I had to read it in stages with coffee next to me, but I did get thru it. While ultimately we learn that Bailey is bad, I think we need a stepped down version.
The other woman I read who like you hated Alice Bailey was an earth loving very radical Scandinavian feminist living in the UK, accusing Bailey of being a fascist and therefore not truly of the new age. Unfortunately I forget her name, but she wrote a long book. I didn't agree with everything she said but could relate far more to her than to the predominantly upper middle class Bailey followers (tie and jacket brigade). You and this feminist would make unlikely bedfellows. Perhaps you could enlighten us as to why you are opposed to Bailey and her books/doctrines?
Dear SqueakBox,

I don't think I HATE anybody, not even you (and believe me you are making that task of love increasingly difficult), but as to why I think Alice Bailey's notions are dangerous:
1. They are anti-Semitic;
2. They are anti-Catholic
3. They are anti-Christian fundamentalism
4. They say very nice things about LUCIFER, yes, that's right, about Lucifer! (Where I grew up, SqueakBox, Lucifer was common regarded as the devil!)
There's lots of other issues, but I have to leave now and go give a speech.
I definitely do not favor the NEW AGE -- but evidently you have lots of friends who do. What is the name of your UK Scandinavian feminist writer friend?
SqueakBox, getting bored over at Wikipedia? Why don't you do a very long history of Lucis Trust based on your own research. Tell us what the organization was doing in the 20s, 30s, 40s, thru today. Tell us who belonged to the organization and with whom they networked. Tell us how they attracted all of the members of New Group of World Servers (ngws.org) and how World Goodwill gets to use the names of such important people? I looked to see what Wikipedia had on the Baileys, Lucis Trust and affiliated organizations, and they were a very weak piece of general information. Is it that you prefer to play around for months with things others have written or can you really do some hard work on your own? Any outsider with information on Lucis Trust or the Baileys would be a sucker to turn it over to Wikipedia at this point, but you, as an insider just might be able to show us your worth.
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