Thursday, April 21, 2005

Our "European Allies"

Our "European Allies" -- The World According to Javier Solana

Rather than have the earlier post disappear into the archives where they are relatively hidden, I decided to build upon my earlier one today and rename it. There are lots of surprises from Javier Solana this week. He has been complaining publicly about American neo-conservatives supposedly making his drive for the New EU constitution difficult.

Just a sudden thought, wondering out loud after reading the following:

" . . . Javier Solana, the head of foreign policy in the EU, told French students that "some American neoconservatives" are hostile to the constitution because it marked "a new rise in Europe's power."

In another surprise move, Solana even swallowed his secular, anti-clerical pride and issued public congratulations to the new Pope Benedict XVI, the former Cardinal Ratzinger, a man Solana would most likely define as thinking in "binary terms." Maybe the "High Representative" was stung by criticism about talking about "the disappearance" of the new pope's predecessor. And finally, he announced, per Reuters News Service, that most definitely the EU is going to lift its arms embargo on China.

In regards to Solana's complaints about US "neoconservatives" I wonder why Solana didn't tell the audience that many were not as nearly as worried about the Europeans having a single constitution as they were the fact that it put most of the power eggs in one basket -- and Solana's basket, at that?

But then, he has to blame somebody (other than himself), doesn't he? I predict, he will play another successful game of 'trust me.' I further predict, based on the Daniel prophecies (gasp!), that the EU Constitutional ratification may well go down as a NOT done deal.

The prophecy which is found in Daniel 2:42-43) -- referring to the ten toes "they shall not cleave one to another"). But they do, prophetically, end up handing over their power to the beast figure, whoever it ends up being. You bible scholars out there, look up Revelation 17:11-17). This is done to equalize those ten kings with another world power. It could well be the USA.

Is this how it will come down? Is Solana the one? Dunno -- time and events will tell, but again, he could be an educated guess.

Late for my day -- you have a good one!

Constance E. Cumbey
April 21, 2005

Constance E. Cumbey
Implementing the new Constitution even before it passes.
In other words, Plan B, in the event that the constitution is not ratified, is to carry on as if it had been ratified. Plan B is Plan A.
As Richard points out, this is nonsense, since the report says (among other things) “The European Parliament… Expresses the view that the spirit (and substance) of the provisions of the new Treaty regarding CFSP should be applied as of now".
Be afraid. These are the people who uphold the rule of law.
"For example," writes Kambeck, "the European Defence Agency is (legally) being set up, which was decided outside the Constitution negotiations." He also claims that the protocol to the Treaty calls upon member states, the Council and the Commission to prepare the blueprint of a European External Service. Another example he cites is that Javier Solana has already been named first European Foreign Minister, once the Treaty will be enacted.

However, his response give a good indication as to how the "colleagues" will try to react if the ratification process fails. They will simply "move forward with political agreements" – presumably on a piecemeal basis so that we do not notice.
Even Solana is noticing the US opposition to the EU structuring itself. In my opinion this verges on interference in our internal affairs. We need to unite our continent, and US attempts to stop that process because Americans are scared of potential European power needs to be firmly resisted. This: shows that it is far from only Biblical prophecy believers who are worried about Solana in the US. Reading your perspective this morning makes me think all that I am doing in trying to restore Solana's reputation is worthwhile. It is said that British propagandists were responsible for convincing America to enter the first world war, so what we are engaging in around the reputation of Solana is important work.
SqueakBox, you made my day. Discardedlies is a very Jewish site and as you well know, knowledgeable Jews know that Solana supports the Palestinians and is blackmailing Sharon. Anyone who wants to know what Discarded Lies thinks about Solana only needs to read

. Solana states: "The values of democracy and human rights are in our collective DNA." One should ask when was the last time that any manifestation of this deeply placed conviction was manifested? For the people of Eastern Europe, when they were under the yoke of dreadful communist regimes, it was the United States of America beaming rays of hope for eventual liberation through the Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. At the same time Mr. Solana's socialist comrades were marching against the American initiatives and in support of appeasement of communism. Even as late as 1988, the European leaders, with the exception of Margaret Thatcher, were calling President Reagan's famous Berlin Wall speech dangerously reckless.

SqueakBox, you tried selling your version of Solana and they sent you packing. They even attacked your claim that the article at Wikipedia was neutral. I would suggest that everyone read the comments after the article linked above for confirmation that knowledgeable people want to know where you keep your kneepads when you aren't writing about Solana.
Since posting the link is a problem, I would suggest going to and find the search engine just under the calendar in the column on the left. Put in Solana and hit both. You will find the link to Javier Solana and "spreading Democracy" where you can find SqueakBox's battle with others going on.
In regards to the first post "Anonymous said, a brilliant post". If you have your own blog or website, please give us all the address. Whoever this anonymous, thank you for the relevant and timely information!

You are one cool lady - keep up the excellent blogging!

-The Tyranny Response Unit
I have now put your link to the IH article in the wikipedia article. Even Solana is aware of the opposition to him, and this opposition is certainly notable. The point anon below my previous comment fails to understand is that while "the people of Eastern Europe, when they were under the yoke of dreadful communist regimes," and the USA was " beaming rays of hope for eventual liberation through the Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty" that Spain and Portugal were suffering from equally vicious, repressive dictatorships, that far from helping those in opposition and wanting democracy, the US supported these regimes (as they supported many Latin American dictatorships in the cold war period). Spain has not forgotten the failure of the US to support them in their hour of need. It has been the other EU countries who have supported Spain's transition into a moder, healthy democracy (mostly during González government, in which Solana played a very important role).
Squeakybox said "Even Solana is noticing the US opposition to the EU structuring itself. In my opinion this verges on interference in our internal affairs. We need to unite our continent, and US attempts to stop that process because Americans are scared of potential European power needs to be firmly resisted."

The European continent NEEDS to be united? Why? You got a problem with individual countries having sovereignty and the ability to make their own decisions and rule their own countries without the EU dictating what they can/can't will/won't do? Do you even LIVE in Europe? Or are you.....interfering?

No one said Solana was stupid, merely that what he is doing is very wrong. Intelligence does not equal good character, nor does intelligence equal good motives.
Of course he notices opposition. That doesn't suddenly make what he has been up to "good". It merely means he has eyes and ears.
Of course, since you seem to worship at his throne you probably think his ears are perfect shells and his eyes are limpid pools of wonderfulness.

Your opinion is that opposition verges on interference? Yeah, well perhaps you recall the slander campaigns that went on in Europe during the US elections. Slander from people JUST LIKE YOU!
Just an interfering busybody at heart, and then when someone from the US disagrees with you, or says "I don't like what I am seeing" you whine about their horrible horrible interference. Bit of a hypocrite, aren't you? You sit there in front of your little computer whinging about the big bad US like there is no tomorrow.
I know you are brainwashed into a state of catatonia that the US is The Evil Empire, but really, can't you have a THOUGHT once in a while?

As for US fears of potential European power - only a complete idiot would think that the amount of power that is now concentrated in ONE MAN is a good thing. Or have you forgotten Hitler and all the other dictators throughout history who, once in power, turned out to be less than fabulous and kind?

Here's a good one for you from Lord Acton: "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts

Not that you would understand that. I'm sure in the mind of someone like you, you'd be saying "Oh, but what if all the power was given to someone NICE, like Solana?"

Well Squeakbox, have a nice dictatorship!
The situation with the Pope has embarrassed me a little. There is no place for pride at all here. Why show it so clearly?
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